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A World of Adrenaline Travel.

LOADS OF EXCITING OPTIONS—XTREME & COOL On Koh Tao you have so many inclusions & options it might be a bit overwhelming. So we have made this brochure for you. It gives you the list of the different packs you can choose from during your time on Koh Tao: Xtreme Options to give the best travel experiences by pushing your confort zone. Cool options to do something active or uber chilled. 

X Cross Fit Muay Thai Freediving Open Water Yoga

As far as we know we are the only gap year company that has an office in Koh Tao and are physically represented there. You are not booking through a middleman. That is why our programmes such good value with loads of extra activities included. Have a read!

Cross Fit

Rock Climbing

Why do we call it Adrenaline Travel? We know that when you push your comfort zone just a little bit you CrossFit has taken the world by storm, and there is no better placecan get the most out of your travel experiences: personal development through overcoming your fears! to train than in Paradise. See what all the fuss is about with our intro The Xtreme Rock Climbing option is the perfect examto CrossFit. Three sessions throughout the week. If you have not done CrossFit before you need to come to the 3 different Foundationple of trying something exciting and new.

classes before you can do the regular classes. These 3 classes will teach you all the basic movements and techniques for CrossFit, soThe 2 day beginner course is designed for people that are interested in rock climbing and introduces them that you are able to do the movements safely and effectively. These classes are similar to personal training as our coach will spend lotstoofthe sport. No experience is necessary, but we are sure you will be onto a new addiction once you give it time helping them with the movements. go.

MUAY THAI Muay Thai training is a great way to get to Experience Thai culture. It is the national sport and seriously fun. It’s kickboxing non contact with Thai trainers.

Five sessions included. This is the most popular option.

Dive Course A full blown open water course. This is a qualification that enables you to dive throughout the world up to 18 metres. With four dives included the course takes about 2 1/2 days with the option to book extradites locally. Koh Tao is one of the best and cheapest places to dive in the world in the UK this course would cost up to ÂŁ500.

Yoga With the option to get spiritual and super relaxed under coconut groves by a turquoise sea and agorgeous white Sandy Beach the yoga option is really tempting. Especially if you are not so much into the xtreme activities. 5 sessions included.

Freediving Free diving is breath hold diving. Unlike scuba-diving there are no limits to depth. It is Xtreme but you are given the opportunity to train with Xtreme Gap’s world-class trainers.

The course last two days and covers the theory and techniques then gets you in the water to get you down to 12 meters. Fully supervised it is absolutely mental Discovering what you can achieve with Xtreme Gap’s free diving course.

Next to your options we always include in the Xtreme Thailand Experience and Thailand Entourage

Beach Clean Up Day /SUP/ Discover Scuba Dive and Island Trip Koh Nang Yuan Beach Clean Up: As part of this trip, we co-host an eco-day. This is split into two parts. A lecture by leading conservationists, on marine conservation, and a hands-on beach clean-up so you can make a physical real difference during your trip. It’s a fun day out, it’s a great way to see lots of out of the way beaches on Koh Tao, and feel good about yourself whilst making a positive difference on the island. In the evening we finish up with a barbecue, in one of Koh Tao’s hotspots by way of saying thanks for your efforts.

With crystal clear waters, water sports on Koh Tao are amazing! Included as part of the programme you get to try out scuba diving! And a lesson in Stand Up Paddling. Also Included: Boat Trip Koh Koh Nang Yuan

This island just 20 min by boat from Koh Tao can not be missed. It is picture perfect. We take up to an amazing look out point and you have time to chill on the beach or go snorkelling (there is a local payment of about 2 GBP to gain access to the island)

We think you will fall in love with this island, everyone always does‌

Why Koh Tao? Koh Tao is one of the most amazing Backpacker islands. Many people rave about Phi Phi & Koh Phangan but for those who have really experienced Thailand Koh Tao is where it’s at. This is why we are based here. And in between lots of different activities amazing nightlife and plenty of Beach time we promise you you will not be bored. In fact we do not include return transfer from Koh Tao because so many people booked to stay on afterwards. We do offer all Support needed for your transfer onwards or back to Bangkok!

Where we stay?

The Xtreme Gap Difference. Other gap year companies put you up in budget resorts. Not with Xtreme. Our resort rooms go for ÂŁ25 per night. Thats ÂŁ325 for accommodation in Koh Tao alone on the Xtreme Thailand Experience and Thailand Entourage. Source: Agoda April 2014.

Our base on Koh Tao is in Sairee Beach a 2 min walk to the Beach and nightlife. Stunning views, pool restaurant bar everything you could need. On arrival in Koh Tao you will be delivered to the resort and you have the services of our rep is located very close by. Rooms are on a twin share basis with options to upgrade to single rooms or larger rooms with air conditioning. Upgrades only available at the time of booking.

Xtreme Gap Year Koh Tao Options  

Check out the exciting gap year options for Xtreme gaps Koh Tao programmes. Whether you are joining the Xtreme Thailand Experience, Koh Tao...

Xtreme Gap Year Koh Tao Options  

Check out the exciting gap year options for Xtreme gaps Koh Tao programmes. Whether you are joining the Xtreme Thailand Experience, Koh Tao...