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imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

10/24/10 9:59 PM

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what's new Make Your Voice Heard |

Block out your calendars and pack your bags! We're heading to the US Social Forum (USSF) next week to stir things up and make things right… In fact, this entire issue of transform. is dedicated to highlighting the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit. You, Us and Them are ready to make change happen. We have an opportunity to move away from the old constructs of separation, scarcity and subjugation and shape new paradigms of connectedness, fairness and truth. But before we transform our old habits, we need to start from a personal place: transformation of ourselves. Because to effectively change the world, we must first change ourselves. CXC supports all USSF participants in creating essential shifts in their lives. We've got simple, accessible ingredients for you to create your own transformative change: fearlessYoga, fearlessMeditation, Jo Kata practice, and the Universal Form. Together with other workshops and experiences that await at the forum, these rich offerings for mind/body/spirit are the first steps on a path of personal RE-evolution.

transform. transform. is looking for ongoing contributors to the blog that publishes stories exclusively on the field of transformative social change, featuring exciting, fresh, and updated news, blogs, articles, stories, events, information and resources galore. The journal is the monthly wrap up and veritable 'best of' the month's submissions. Read more... contact transform.

Hot Off The Presses - almost | Framing Deep Change. So new we couldn't even show it here is the new booklet "Framing Deep Change: Essays on

Join CXC and 20,000 other social justice activists next week in Detroit for one of the most valuable gatherings in—and for—our lives. Together with the many important voices of the social justice movement, we can—and will—take charge of our reality. Another you is possible; another us is necessary.

Transformative Social Change." At just about 30 pages, it's a small, concise compilation of key essays written over the last few years that begin to frame different aspects of Transformative Social Change. It'll be available for free download and view here as soon as it's ready to go to print for the USSF -- by June 18th. Look

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imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

10/24/10 9:59 PM

ready to go to print for the USSF -- by June 18th. Look for it here... Framing Deep Change booklet...

in SIGHT U.S. Social Forum to Be Held in Detroit: Another World is Possible, Another US is Necessary

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Here is Democracy Now!'s program highlighting this year's US Social Forum (USSF). Adrienne Maree Brown, USSF national coordinator, talks about the history of USSF, what makes it different from other gatherings, and why Detroit was the perfect choice to hold this groundbreaking event. 2010 US Social Forum (USSF) Allied Media Conference Ruckus Society Detroit People's Movement Assembly: Marching to June 21st and USSF

imagining the world that's possible: canaries that bring change INcite with angel Kyodo williams Imagine a world that is not absent of injustice, but one in which the people that are treated unjustly are empowered with such a rich connection to their inherent value and self-worth through their sense of belonging in society, that to address the injustice is seen as a welcome aspect of life's work. Here, oppressed people are the canaries that help us all to identify unhealthy social structures that we commit to resolve at the root level of the injustice. We can look forward to a world in which people are inspired to be

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Maureen Taylor from the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, speaks at the Detroit People's Movement Assembly. She speaks about local community organizing, raising awareness to 'conscious activity,' and inspires a sustained effort towards lifting up

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imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

We can look forward to a world in which people are inspired to be present for their own liberation from oppressive forces, structures and institutions; no longer compelled by anger and separation, but by love and a desire for deeper connection; driven not by their wounds, but by their quest for healing. This new world will find us putting as much value on "recycling" people as we are beginning to put on recycling things. We will recognize that most, if not all, of the discordant behavior of individuals is a direct expression of a larger tear in our social fabric. To weave those people back in strengthens our resolve to address societal ills, rather than weakens us by casting all that is a mirror and difficult for us to bear, aside. I believe this different world is not only possible, but that it can be manifest by achieving a tipping point: one that is ushered in through the existing networks of individuals, informal groups, communities and organizations that are striving for justice in all arenas of society. The momentum for change that we are all suspended in in this historic chapter in our national—and global—story can be carried forth, made unstoppable by a fundamental shift in how we seek that change. In this new world, the role of the agent of progressive social change is one that is deeply admired as an honorable undertaking, regardless of one's political persuasion. The people that choose to commit their energy and time to hammer out a more just society are supported in equal measure by the individuals that have most benefited from past imbalance and injustice. The relationship of practitioner and funder of social change is best described as a true partnership rather than that of recipient and guardian of resources. "Reaching across the aisle" will be the rule, not the exception. "Cabinets of Rivals" will be chosen to find real solutions to our most seemingly intractable differences. Blueprints for the redistribution of power, wealth and resources will be designed leaving the humanity of those who would hoard resources intact, while still dismantling the systems that allow hoarding by anyone. This new world it not only possible, but necessary. And we, as agents of that change, will thrive in seeking it.

10/24/10 9:59 PM

quality of life, especially for the citizens of Detroit. What is a PMA? About Maureen Taylor Michigan Welfare Rights Organization Subscribe to CXC on YouTube

in TIME CXC: The Only Full Range of Practices Designed for Social Change Agents Dharma Talk with angel Kyodo williams Thursday | July 8th | 7:15pm williams is a social visionary that sees Transformative Social Change: applying inner awareness practice to broad-based social change, as America's next great movement. Calling for a paradigm shift that "changes the WAY change is done," angel envisions the building of a presence-centered social justice movement as the foundation for personal freedom, a just society and the healing of divisions of race, class, faith and politic. Universal Form: Meditation in Action fearlessYoga Sundays Jo Kata: 31 Moves to Center Community Thursdays Morning Practice: Yoga and Meditation Drop-In Sitting and Public Garden CXC Practice Schedule

in the CENTER changing the WAY change is done | USSF Transformative Practice Track Excitement is in the air as the Transformative Practice & Organizing Track debuts at the USSF. This track consists of various workshops,

THIS is a Transformative Social Change.

presentations, assemblies, gatherings, and deep

—yours in truth, aKw

entirety of the forum.

dedicated to the many, many people that have spent, hours, months and years to bring us together at the 2010 US Social Forum to build and strengthen our movements. may we all engage our greatest skill and capacity to express our collective fearlessness and grace.

practice opportunities that will be held during the

from the FIELD Akaya Windwood | "… but I won't be worried long."

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imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

10/24/10 9:59 PM

What is your relationship to worry? Akaya Windwood, President and CEO of Rockwood

angel Kyodo williams is founder of urbanPEACE and its Center for Transformative Change. A social visionary and leading voice for transformative social change, she is the author of Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace.

Leadership Institute, invites us to look at the impact that worry has on our inner and outer lives. There's a lot to be worried about these days, what with gulfs drowning in oil, economies failing, racial profiling, etc. Just one glance of any newspaper will offer plenty

Blog: new Dharma: live, love & lead from the heart

of fodder for worry. Perhaps you have some very

Facebook: Like angel here

personal worries about your family, finances or

Twitter: Follow angel for tweets of wisdom on Change

organizational survival.


Read more... Rockwood Leadership Institute May/June 2010

angel Kyodo williams' next public talk: Thursday, July 8th @ CXC


inner PRACTICE newDharma Talk

The Transformative Power Of Practice by Ng'ethe Maina &

True Community

Staci Haines

What are the things we need to do to really Be the Change we wish to see in the world? Solve political conflicts? Save the environment? Yes, and more than that we need to show up as we are and be seen. Listen to this new Dharma Talk to discover the value of being who you ARE in community.

A central component of any change process - personal change or organizational change - is the concept of practice. But what is practice and why is it so important? Read more...

"The difference between coasting along in the everyday world and developing relationship with true sangha (community) is that your sangha commits to not participating in the agreements that keep you in

outer ACTION USSF | Transformative Practice

your illusion. That doesn't mean that they fix you, (and) that doesn't mean that they have a right to interfere in your life. What it means is

Track Workshops There are over 1000 workshops

that they make an agreement to not put the blinders on whenever you ask them to. It means they break the covenant of "I won't say anything,

to be presented at the US Social Forum (USSF).Want to know what

if you don't say anything" by being willing to bear witness to the truth of how it is that we're showing up in the world." Listen to True Community Download text of True Community

workshops are being offered by the USSF Transformative Practice Canopy partners? Look no further‌ Here's a complete listing of their USSF offerings. Read more...

social CHANGE activists, allies & agents of change

Frameworks from the Field |

Transformative Intermediaries Group | Who are the TIGgers?

There are different frameworks

Out of the Spiritual Closet for understanding the connection

This month's Activists, Allies, and Agents of Social Change (3A) section highlights all of the organizations that make up the Transformative Practice Canopy at the US Social Forum (USSF).

Movement Strategy Center's report, "Out of the Spiritual

Currently, six organizations make up the TIGgers,


between spirituality and social justice. Read about them in

Read more... Page 4 of 7

imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

Transformative Intermediaries Group. They are CXC (Center for Transformative Change), Generative Somatics, Movement Strategy Center, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Social Justice Leadership, and Stone Circles. The TIGgers is a collective of organizations and individuals that have over the years built relationship and collaborations. Each TIGgers organization plays various intermediary roles in bringing transformative work and practice to social change and justice movements. Read more to learn more about each of these changemaking organizations. Read more...

10/24/10 9:59 PM

Read more... Out of the Spiritual Closet (full report)

in the MIND What is Transformational Change? by Robert Gass In recent years, many social change activists have been

Ai-Jen Poo | Organizing With Love Ai-Jen Poo has been organizing immigrant women workers in New York since 1996. From 2000-2009 she served as the first staff and Lead Organizer for Domestic Workers United (DWU), an organization of nannies, housekeepers and elderly caregivers in New York organizing for power, respect, fair labor standards and to help build a movement to end oppression for all. DWU helped to organize the first national meeting of domestic workers organizations at the US Social Forum in 2007, which resulted in the formation of the National Domestic Worker Alliance. Ai-Jen also serves on the Board of Social Justice Leadership, the Labor Advisory Board at Cornell ILR School, and the editorial board of the New Labor Forum. She is now the Director of National Domestic Workers Alliance. Ai-Jen Poo shares her views on transformative organizing, social justice movement work, collaborative dialogues, and important organizing principles and political lessons learned from over 15 years doing organizing work. This interview was reprinted from the Organizing Upgrade website. Read more... Original interview on Organizing Upgrade

resources for transformative change‌

exposed to principles, tools and practices loosely referred to as "transformational." Numbers of trainers, facilitators, consultants, coaches and other intermediaries use the word in their work, and there is a growing field of "social transformation." This term and field actually encompass a wide range of approaches, and there is as yet no agreement about what is and what is not "transformation." Read more fearless Meditation is a 3-part signature series that teaches practical meditation within a social justice framework. It's offered for no charge for agents of social change.

"the best workshop i've ever taken. radically changed my work." fearless Meditation I: July 2, 2010 & every 1st Friday | 7pm

in the BODY Twelve Months of Fearless

This month we are revisiting the core vision of Tikkun/Network of Spiritual Progressives. The NSP core vision is founded on giving central

Asana | Dvipada Pitham The fifth Asana (posture) in the

focus to a spiritual vision, a vision that creates a real alternative to the political Right, to the fundamentalists (religious and political), and to our society's ethos of selfishness, materialism and cynicism. Also included is YES Magazine's personal invitation to attend the USSF. Last, discover Motown's best eateries for your favorite vegetarian flavors. Great work requires great food! Glance over menus, reviews and maps for Detroit Restaurants at Urban Spoon Detroit. The Spiritual Dimension-Missing or Underemphasized in Social Change Movements Your personal invitation to the US Social Forum

fearlessYoga flow, is Dvipada Pitham (pronounced "DVEE-

padah PIT-tum") or "Two-Footed Desk." As we work towards creating another world, transforming from the inside out, we will likely encounter stress. Stress in our bodies, stress in our minds, stress in our relationships, and on and on. Practice Dvipada Pitham, Two-legged Desk, to help mitigate the current and future stress we may experience.. Read more...

Detroit Vegetarian Restaurants Detroit Restaurants

quote of the month "With the awareness that comes from being in relationship to one's inner life, we can sow the field in which our motivations grow, so that

wellness & being well Health, Healing & Environmental Justice at USSF The Health, Healing & Environmental Justice Group is a Page 5 of 7

imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

our good intentions for true justice will seed more solutions, rather than aggression; deeper connection, rather than separation; sustainability, rather than burnout. " —angel Kyodo williams, CXC Founder Learn more...

10/24/10 9:59 PM

collaboration made up of a national network of healers and healing justice organizers who have joined together for the purpose of promoting healing and wellness as integral to social justice work at the USSF. They are

support deep change transform. is published by the Center for Transformative Change (CXC) CXC is the first national center entirely dedicated to bridging the inner and outer lives of social change agents, activists and allies to support a more effective, more sustainable social justice movement. We name, frame and advance Transformative Social Change by both developing practices and programs for agents of social change and working in collaboration with leading organizations to help shape this emerging movement. Most importantly, CXC reflects the field and the movement back to itself by publishing the transform. blog and monthly journal, thus strengthening our collective identity, community, and shared vision. This long-term vision for shifting the paradigm of work for justice,

calling for volunteers, medical supply donations and general support. Read more... Faith and Spirituality at USSF Faith & Spirituality will be represented at the US Social Forum (USSF). The Faith & Spirituality group is a collective of different organizations and individuals that are interested in lifting up faith and spirituality as a path to transformation. Throughout the entirety of USSF a canopy will be set up with the purpose of providing a place for reflection and prayer through the sharing of traditions, engaging in dialogue, and space for individual practice. Read more...

june wallpaper

changing the WAY change is done, will fundamentally alter broadbased social change at its very core--from inner to outer--resulting in a more just, equitable society for all. Great vision takes great action and our work is not possible without the generous support and partnership of individuals like you. The publication of transform. is made possible by your direct contribution. No amount is too small‌so make your contribution to deep change today. Donate to CXC Visit the Center's website What is Transformative Change? Find out HERE

oak haze Towering in the Black Mountains of North Carolina, the oak tree is a symbol of power, authority, endurance and spiritual strength. White Oak [genus: quercus alba], the familiar and legendary fixture of northeastern US, also provides comfort. It's sturdy trunk soars towards the sky and umbrellas into a broad, lush canopy of green providing shade from Spring's increasingly warming sun. photo copyright 2009. angel Kyodo williams

Download this image as wallpaper with or without calendar for your desktop. Download with calendar... Download without calendar...

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imagining the world that's possible | transform. | june 2010

10/24/10 9:59 PM




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Center for Transformative Change is a project of urbanPEACE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization whose mission to inform, incite and empower a broad-based, presence-centered, transformative social change movement.

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