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MyChoice At Xplore we offer students a choice of study abroad high school placements that make a positive, long-lasting difference to their education and future prospects. Operating in the UK, USA, Germany and China, MyChoice academic year placements offer students aged between 14 and 18: • A high quality and rewarding study abroad experience • A broad choice of schools to study at • The opportunity to meet all their academic needs and future educational goals • Both boarding and homestay options, allowing cultural integration All our academic programmes provide authentic language immersion with high-level tuition across multiple subject areas. Students can apply through in-country ‘Educational Consultants’, who are select partner agents of Xplore.


Why choose MyChoice? 1

MyChoice offers a complete academic study abroad placement where students are given a level of control on the subjects they wish to study.


Our schools are selected for their range of subjects offered and the community in which they operate.


All students are supported on arrival, prepared for the journey ahead, and given the opportunity to meet other students who are in the same situation.



We recruit and select our host families through an intense selection process, so that we are sure they are suitable to host a student. Our teams provide round the clock support for the duration of the students’ placement; we regularly contact students, host families and agents to ensure all parties are happy.


England We offer academic placements for international students in the UK at a selection of high performing English schools, with the option of living with either a local host family or boarding on campus.

Who can join?

MyChoice UK accepts students aged between 14 and 18, placing them at one of two levels, based on their age before August 31st: • Students aged 14 to 16 join English students at a ‘Secondary School’ or ‘High School’ studying their compulsory GCSEs     (General Certificate of Secondary Education) • Students aged 16 to 18, study at a ‘Sixth Form’ or ‘College’,     working towards their ‘A Levels’ or a vocational qualification

What can they study? At GCSE level, core subjects plus one subject from each category are taken. At A Level, a combination of 3 to 4 subjects is chosen.* Core Subjects

English, Mathematics, Science


Geography, History, Religious Education


Information Technology, Design Technology


German, French, Spanish, Mandarin


Art, Music, Photography, Drama, Dance

• Available to non-EU and EU students


Sport Studies, Business Studies, Psychology, Media Studies, Economics, Law, Sociology

• Students have control of which subjects they would like to study

*Not all schools offer the same or all subjects

Progression to Higher Education

Students’ qualifications are transferred into UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) points, which are the basis for their university application.


Programme Highlights

• Eligible to take GCSE / A Level   qualifications which can assist progression to university • Academic holiday programme available to enhance study abroad experience

We place our students at schools across the UK, all of which are chosen for their high academic performance and excellent facilities. There are different types of schools that students can choose to carry out their placement and the school they choose will decide their type of residence whilst studying: Type of School


Type of Residence

Private (Boarding) Schools: (EU and nonEU students)

Often boarding schools, but some schools do offer a day school option. Tuition fees are charged at these schools and if boarding is chosen, residential costs will be incurred.

Students that choose to study at these schools can either board or stay with a local host family if the school accepts day school students.

High Schools: (EU students only)

Directly funded and controlled by the UK government, who not only control the admissions but also the curriculum studied in the school.

Academies: (EU students only)

Publicly funded schools, which operate outside of local authority control and have more freedom over their curriculum.

Free Schools: (EU students only)

Set up by groups of parents, teachers, charities and trusts, religious and voluntary groups. Funded directly from central government.

Academic Holiday Programme


Types of Schools

For international students, leaving the country during school holiday breaks can disturb studies and their progress in adjusting to the UK. Our Boarding+ programme provides supportive study sessions, cultural day trips and social activities, which can be very positive to a student’s learning and social development. It can also be less expensive than a flight home and far less unsettling than meeting a temporary host family.

Who can book a Boarding+ Programme? • International students attending UK Boarding Schools Students studying at a ‘State’ school will reside with a local host family who has been selected by Xplore.

• Language Schools and other academic placement providers


More Information Individual school profiles highlighting unique features and detailed background information are available. Please speak to your Xplore representative. 5

USA This F-1 academic high school programme is offered to students worldwide at our range of public and private schools in the United States of America.

Who can join?

MyChoice USA accepts students aged between 14 and 18. US high schools consist of four ‘grades’ beginning at 9th grade for students who are 14 to 15 years of age. The ‘grade’ that a student is placed in, is based on their age before August 31st.

What can they study?

Most US states require students to study ‘courses’ within the core subject areas as well as common elective subjects.* Core Subjects

English, Mathematics, Science

Social Studies

World History, Geography, US History, US Government


Computer Science (e.g. Computer Programming, Web Design, Music Production)


French, German, Italian, Spanish


Visual Arts (e.g. Drawing, Sculpting, Photography), Performing Art (e.g. Choir, Drama, Orchestra)


Debate, Journalism, Drama, Business Education

*Not all schools offer the same or all subjects

Progression to Higher Education US high schools provide an ideal platform for a student’s education. However, colleges and universities do not base acceptance on grades and testing alone, they will also consider a student’s involvement in both academic and athletic clubs and competitions included on a student’s application when making their decision.


Programme Highlights • Students can select their school district • Senior students can be awarded a high school diploma • Carefully screened schools     offering a variety of classes • Students often select sports, activities or subjects that they want to study

United States

Types of Schools MyChoice USA offers students the opportunity to attend a public or private school on a boarding or day school basis. Currently we work with more than 50 schools nationwide, offering strong academic programmes, extracurricular activities and advanced placement classes.

Public Schools

Due to necessary F-1 visa regulations, students may only attend public high school for one school year but may continue their education by either transferring to a private high school or a college or university.

Private Schools

Private schools value our relationship with public schools as students that have completed one year at public school are more prepared and have a higher success rate.

Type of School


Public Day High School

A maximum of two semesters (one school year) Location of students’ choice.

Private Day High School

Full school year or progression from public high school. Handpicked schools.

Public Boarding High School

Private Boarding High School

A maximum of two semesters (one school year). Location of students’ choice.

Full school year or progression from public high school. Handpicked schools.

Type of Residence

Students attending on a ‘day school’ basis reside in homestay accommodation with a carefully selected local host family.


More Information Students stay on campus in dormitory style accommodation with other students.

Individual school profiles highlighting unique features and detailed background information are available. Please speak to your Xplore representative. 7

Germany We offer academic placements for students in Germany at public high schools (German Gymnasium or Gesamtschulen) including accommodation with local host families. Upon request we also offer private school placements, including either boarding or homestay accommodation.

Who can join?

MyChoice Germany accepts students aged between 14 and 18. Students with no or limited knowledge of German have to attend a compulsory Xplore short-term language course which runs from 2 to 4 weeks and offers intensive language learning as well as excursions and an arrival orientation.

What can they study? Typical subjects offered at German Gymnasiums and Gesamtschulen:* Core Subjects

German, Mathematics, English


Geography, History, Religious Education, Philosophy


French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian


Art, Music, Drama


Science, Physical Education, Health and Social Care, Economics, Sociology, Psychology

* Not all schools offer the same or all subjects

Progression to Higher Education

Students studying at German public schools (Gymnasiums and Gesamtschulen) can graduate after two or three successful senior years with the German “Abitur” (University entrance qualification), which has a very high academic standard.


Programme Highlights • Students can select their school on regional request • Students have control of subjects they would like to study • Short-term language course provided prior to beginning the academic year • Recognised German university   entrance qualification possible after  successful completion of senior years


Types of Schools We place our students at schools across all 16 federal states; a regional choice is available on request. Most students request to be placed with host families so they are a vital part of our programme. Schools will be selected in the areas of where the host families live. High academic performance, location and subject choices are important for us when choosing the right school for each student.


China We offer academic placements for students in mainland China at a selection of private high schools in Shanghai, boarding on campus with added cultural immersion. China has already become the world’s second largest economy and ranks highly worldwide in terms of their education system and high performing grades, with many of their schools and universities climbing fast on international league tables.

Who can join?

MyChoice China accepts EU and non-EU students aged between 14 and 18 who are interested in studying in China. Most students will study in the international department following the British A Level or USA high school curriculum, which is taught in both English and Mandarin. Some students may choose to follow the Chinese “Gao-Kao” high school programme, which is highly competitive and more demanding but is an enjoyable challenge for dedicated and able students.

What can they study?

Prior knowledge of Mandarin is beneficial but not required. Mandarin is offered from beginner level and can be taken for a full term intensively or whilst integrated with other subjects. Being fully immersed in the environment can also help to improve language skills quickly.

Typical subjects offered:* Core Subjects

Mandarin, Mathematics, Science


Geography, Chinese History, World History


Computer Science, Internet Technology




Graphic Design, Fine Art, Fashion

* Not all schools offer the same or all subjects

Progression to Higher Education

Students who study within the international department following the British or US curriculum can apply to overseas universities or institutions in China where the qualifications are accepted.


Programme Highlights • Total immersion in a Mandarinspeaking environment • Opportunity to study international     qualifications in English • Students can select subjects they wish to study • Pathways to both Chinese and overseas higher education


Types of Schools We recommend students study in Shanghai where we partner with Jiao Tong University; one of the top five institutions in China. Jiao Tong University have several high schools in Shanghai and partner high schools in other cities. Students are accommodated residentially in boarding houses usually on campus with the option of staying at ‘twinning families’ whereby they reside at the home of a Chinese classmate at weekends (subject to availability).


Students can study on a shortterm basis for between 4 weeks and 3 months, starting dates are available on request. A long-term study option is also available.


Arrival & Orientation For students, living abroad can be challenging. This is why we go to great lengths to prepare them for living in a new environment. In each study abroad location, we welcome students, gently introduce them to their new country of residence; building their confidence and allowing them to meet one another. This approach also allows us to introduce students who are on a homestay residence with their new host families. We invite these families so that students can interact with them in a relaxed environment. Whilst students on a homestay programme leave with their new families, Xplore ensures students who are staying on campus, arrive, settle and meet their other boarding roommates at their new school.


Living Abroad

Living Abroad Students either reside with a native host family that has been selected by Xplore or will stay on campus at a boarding school. Both are different experiences; one is more communal and the other more family centred, but both have their advantages and it is the decision of the individual student and their preferred lifestyle.

Boarding The benefit of living in ‘on-campus’ housing is the accessibility to the school’s facilities and activities. Students living on-campus can easily walk to and make use of classroom buildings, computer labs, libraries, sports facilities, student centres, and cafeterias. Additionally, great boarding schools offer pupils a home, not just a place to sleep after studying. Staying on campus is a fun experience and friendships are formed quickly living in close proximity with other students. Boarding is perhaps more suited for the independent-minded student although supervision and support is still provided.

Homestay The advantage of living in ‘off-campus’ housing is the independence and opportunities for cultural exploration. Staying with a host family allows students to separate themselves from the academic environment and gives students a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves into a new culture and the language. Students participate as a natural family member in all aspects of family life, from family activities on a weekend to household chores. Although studying and achieving good grades is important, it is the everyday immersion into a country’s culture that can leave the biggest impression.


Guardianship & Student Welfare Each country is different in regards to legal guardianship of international students, however Xplore takes the same approach in all countries, ensuring that all relevant safety checks and procedures are carried out before a student embarks on their studies. Host families in all study locations are checked through a strict application process of interviews and check ups, including after the student has moved in and during their placement.


Support Network Throughout the programme our dedicated support network is in place to ensure that students feel secure in their new environment, and are getting the most out of their placement. Local Coordinators represent Xplore in the community in which our students reside, working to facilitate student placements with approved host families and then supporting both our host families and students whilst they are studying.


Working with Xplore MyChoice academic year placements are designed and operated by Xplore. We are an independent organisation with nearly 30 years experience in the student travel market.

Educational Consultants

Students apply to our programme through selected in-country partner agents who will then act as the communication pathway between Xplore, the student and their family.


If you are interested in becoming one of our Educational Consultants, please visit

More from Xplore We provide a full comprehensive service to our educational consultants including: • Marketing materials and support • Application and sales information • Organisation of school placement • Recruitment and selection of host families • Legal administration required for guardianship



Our International Offices:

Short-Term Junior Language Courses Designed to naturally improve language efficiency in an engaging and rewarding environment. • For students aged 6 to 17


• Language, culture and education

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• Spring & Summer Integrated Courses • Year Round School Group Travel • Term Time and School Integration • In-School Delivery

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Xplore academic year placements  

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