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MLM is like a huge heavy rock, which you need to get rolling.

The rock is very heavy and you need to work on it a long time without visible results.

Some people don´t know, that it needs effort too.

They started and wait for the big money is going to come automatically.

Or, that all is going to fly to.

Some have many concernings, but on that way the rock won´t go moving.

Good, if there is a competent Sponsor.

The sponsor have to cooperate as well, because work in a team is more comfortable.

Once the rock is rolling, the excitement is phantastic. The rock, which started to move, do it more easy, and when all is going well – even faster.

There are also lucky devils, who stem the rock without any efforts alone. They sign up without any problem 10 people a day without taking care on quality of trainings. All is easy going.

But suddenly if unexpected problems will appear ...

... they will throw all away and escape.

The persuasiveness of competitors are very enticing:

You should keep in view absolutly your business and your downline.

If we bear up, our effort will get rewarded:

Presented and translated by: Source: ŠMarkus Barnick

MLM Rocks  

MLM explained by a rock