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What caused the flood? According to Elwynn Taylor, State Meteorologist from Iowa State University, the wet spring of 2008 was traceable to relatively unusual warm and wet air over the winter. Eighty percent of moisture that falls in the Midwest is from the Gulf of Mexico, and the primary cause of it coming here is the Bermuda high pressure. Low pressure over New Mexico or high pressure over Bermuda are rare in winter but common in summer. Predictions in Meteorology are based on Chaos theory , which is a mathematical method for predicting the unpredictable things and capturing the infinite complexity of nature.






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Chaos fundamentally indicates that there are limits to knowledge and prediction. Some futures may be unknowable with any precision. Deterministic systems can produce wildly fluctuating and nonrepeating behavior. Interventions into a system may have unpredictable outcomes even if they initially change things only slightly, as these effects compound over time.

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