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Volume three, summer, two thousand and thirteen


Madinat Jumeirah Resort

Malakiya Villas

Gulf Summer House Ocean Suite

A blend of old world charm and contemporary comforts, Madinat Jumeirah resembles an ancient citadel that pays homage to the heritage of Dubai. Designed for the ultimate luxurious experience, the suites at Al Qasr and Mina A’Salam offer intimate retreats for those seeking absolute relaxation. Generous living spaces, marble-clad bathrooms, individual balconies, and in-room amenities are beautifully furnished in antique Arabian style, complemented by magnificent sea or resort views. The Dar Al Masyaf courtyard summer houses and the exclusive Malakiya Villas feature private pools, personalised 24-hour butler service, and a dedicated majlis for check-in.

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Where there’s a Will there’s a way Xclusive interview with the Hollywood heavyweight


A human touch Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt on his vision for the ground-breaking firm and the legend that was Steve Jobs


Xclusive’s rich list The world’s wealthiest, their rise to prominence and secrets to their success


Inspirational Emirates From two borrowed planes to the largest fleet in the Middle East - the incredible ascension of Emirates Airline




A limitless talent The rise and rise of film’s golden boy Bradley Cooper


All that jazz After four decades in the business, songsmith Bryan Ferry is now looking to the 1920s for inspiration


Net worth Tennis great Roger Federer on staying at the top of his game and how he turned tragedy to triumph


Such a big ego Make way for the Lamborghini Egoista

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Game on Must-have gadgets and cutting-edge technology Frank beyond football Chelsea’s Frank Lampard on the heartache of losing his mother and plans to play by the book The jet set Take off to ultimate luxury in your own private jet


Party central A stylish soiree in Hong Kong


First in class Private suites and exclusive airport lounges - flying high with commercial airlines



Sea bed Making waves at Dubai’s underwater hotel venture, The Discus



The face of ambition Necessity was the mother of invention for cosmetics doyenne Bobbi Brown


Smart fitness No-sweat slimming


A new direction East meets West for stylish results


A space odyssey Finding prosperity with the ancient art of Feng Shui


A feast for the senses French Riviera-style at 101 Dining Lounge and Bar


Final thoughts Words of wisdom to inspire

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Inspiration issue

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hroughout Xclusive’s inspirational summer issue we have delved into the realms of some of the most remarkable individuals, and through our relishing interviews have discovered the drive behind each success story. As the Founder of Xclusive I thoroughly adored this edition as we were able to interview personally a lot of role models that have existed in my life, and to capture the essence of a very few that have left behind a legacy in our time. We have made the decision to become a quarterly title because we feel we are allowing ourselves further time to collate quality information and to provide our readers with a larger and more exhilarating issue of Xclusive magazine. Shortly you will see us grow from a magazine into a brand which will cover all aspects of lifestyle to cater to our reader’s needs. I hope you are enjoying the journey with us, and we thank you for all your support.



elcome to Xclusive’s inspirational summer issue. Inspiration can be sought in many different places and in this very special edition, we have profiled some of the world’s most noteworthy entrepreneurs and prominent personalities. These exceptional individuals, from all walks of life, have accumulated vast wealth but were never driven to succeed because of it. Instead, there are seemingly two traits synonymous with them all. Firstly, it has only been by thoroughly enjoying their craft that they have enjoyed the greatest heights of success. Secondly these inspirational characters have shown humility and become leading lights to those around them. For Will Smith, our exclusive cover-story star, this ethos takes on an even deeper meaning as he aims to mould the careers of his children who hope to follow in his very successful footsteps. In our UAE exclusive interview, Smith reveals how balancing his work ethic coupled with parenthood brings about its own challenges. Find out more on page 12. Closer to home, there is no doubt Dubai has commanded the world’s attention having become a world leader in aspirational achievements. On page 42, discover one of the UAE’s biggest success stories Emirates Airline. From just two leased planes, it has evolved into a global leader in the travel industry. On the subject of travel, first-class experiences are no longer limited to chartering your own jet with commercial liners competing for the coveted title of best in the world for exclusive offerings. From luxurious lounges at airport terminals to private suites, even the most discerning traveller is sure to find the perfect start to any journey on page 118. We offer a little inspiration to achieve the ultimate body in time for a timely getaway from Dubai’s soaring heat on page 142. Or why not explore party capital Hong Kong for some serious rest and relaxation? Find your own inspiration in time for a rejuvenated autumn. Enjoy.

Jasmine Bandali



Where there’s a

Will there’s a way


e is one of the most successful actors on the planet earning four Grammy awards, two Oscar nominations, and four Golden Globes in a career that has spanned 24 years. Smith is one of very few in the entertainment industry to have enjoyed stellar success across multiple genres of television, film and music. From Fresh Prince to rap star and now credible film actor, the much-loved star now faces perhaps his greatest and most challenging role to date. As he prepares to guide his children through life in the spotlight, Smith shares his hopes for the future and the enduring inspirations he hopes to pass on to his family. Will Smith has worked hard to remain at the top of his game in a fiercely competitive industry. Bursting on to the entertainment scene in 1988 as the Fresh Prince he quickly garnered critical acclaim for his unique brand of radio friendly, clean rap


Will smith


CO V E R S T OR Y collaborating with childhood friend Jeffrey ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff’ Townes. The first ever Grammy award winners in the Rap category in 1988, they secured a foothold that meant Smith’s path to global fame was assured. Having come from a relatively modest upbringing in Philadelphia, Smith’s rise was meteoric and in 1990 television network NBC signed him to star in a new sitcom built around him, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The show was an overnight hit and its success spurned Smith on to even greater heights. The young star set about dedicating himself to become ‘the biggest movie star in the world’. His first major transition to the big screen came with a role in the critically acclaimed Six Degrees of Separation alongside Donald Sutherland in 1993. Action smash Bad Boys followed in 1995 and a year later alien invasion epic Independence Day affirmed Smith’s credentials as a major force in Hollywood. Having established himself as a major star, Smith included his children from marriage to fellow

film star Jada Pinkett-Smith in two movie endeavours which he both starred in and produced. His son Jaden gave an incredibly touching performance alongside his father in 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happyness while Smith’s daughter Willow shared screen time with her father in apocalyptic thriller I Am Legend. In 2008 Smith decided to take a hiatus from his screen pursuits to focus on establishing the fledgling careers of his kids. It would be four years before Smith returned to theatres with the reprisal of his role as Agent J in Men in Black III and Smith has again co-starred with son Jaden in this summer’s blockbuster After Earth. In an Xclusive interview, Will Smith explains how his greatest challenge no longer lies in simply furthering his own career but in becoming a good father and inspirational role model to his talented children. You always look happy, what’s your secret? During the last two or three years I’ve been asking people general questions about life and one guy told me something very powerful. He said, ‘There isn’t a person in the world that will ever be happy if they don’t really do what they want to do.’ It’s really that simple. Instead of working ourselves into a life where we have to do what

Will Smith with daughter Willow Smith


Will smith “Instead of a life where we have to do what we do, just do what you want to do! that really is the reason I’m so happy”

we do, just do what you want to do! It’s definitely not that easy but that really is the reason I’m so happy. I got lucky because I love making movies. Recently you said: I’m 44 years old, things are changing in my life... what’s changing? It really started about three years ago with my daughter, when I’ve been forced to challenge some of my stable ideas about the universe and about how to run a family. I was raised in a military household. So for me there is a commander and you do your part. But Willow is doing so well in the middle of this huge musical thing, and her career has taken off all around the world, but at the end of the day, she’s young, so she does a couple of shows and says, ‘Alright, I’m done. I’m ready to go home’. That alarmed me because I want her to be committed and it was a real crisis for me in the concept of parenting, ambition and survival. I am very much in the mindset that if we have said we are going to do something, we do it no matter what, in spite of being tired, or hungry or whatever. But if I had imposed my ideals on her, it would have ended badly, I had to accept that she had gotten everything out of singing and wanted to explore something different. She was only 10 then, so now I try to expand my consciousness to realising that there are other things that count as a win. It’s not all about being ‘Number One at the box office’ or having a ‘global hit’ that counts as a win. That was a huge mental shift for me. How do you feel about aging? I’m 44 now but when I turned 40 I reassessed my life and looked back and I feel like I’ve achieved all that I wanted to in my life. For me now, there is a higher level of sensitivity in interaction, specifically when you have a daughter that changes everything. She demands more from a place that you have to block off in order to work 19 hours a day. Now when I work I find that there is a higher level of interaction, human pleasure and love that goes with the territory and I don’t have to switch myself off to everything else.

Born: September 25, 1968 Full name: WILLARD CHRISTOPHER SMITH, JR Worth: around $200million with wife Jada Pinkett-Smith




Will smith Actors often say they don’t want their kids going into the business. Don’t you have any fears about that? I was raised in the family business. My father owned an icehouse so those bags of ice you see at the supermarket? We would bag and deliver them, get the money and go into the supermarket to buy food. I learnt everything about life by working with my father and I learnt the connection between survival and the lessons taught by my parents. I don’t know how else to parent. I can’t see how shipping my kids out for huge formative periods of their lives allows me to be an effective parent. When my son is with me all day, every day, I don’t see a better way to teach and parent your child than that.

“For many years I bumped into the idea in Hollywood that black people can’t translate a film internationally. To me that is just a ridiculous concept”

But at some point you have to let them go... Yes, and when we were working on After Earth, we experienced a parental-teenager collision very similar to our real lives. We were able to talk about it in the terms of our characters, Cipher and Kitay, but we were both voicing our opinions about Will and Jaden.

age of 11, I was very much the general taking control. I would drum it into him that ‘yes, you are 11, but you are an 11-year-old taking on a responsibility. All these people eat based on your ability to deliver these lines and show up on time and all of that. With After Earth I stepped back and allowed his own personality to show through. I treated him more as a costar than my son.

How difficult was it for your father to let you go? When I actually had to leave to carve out my career, I was on the road and my father was still working. It was good for me in those early stages of my career because he definitely would not approve of the decisions I was making! What are you most proud of in After Earth? I’m most proud of being able to take a movie like this, centered on a parent and child trying to survive the teenage years. Are you more demanding with Jaden on set than everyone else? I had to make some adjustments with this movie, because when Jaden was in China making The Karate Kid at the

Is that a tangible reward? It’s a huge reward. On The Karate Kid, when something went wrong, the last person he wanted to show up, was me, because he knew I was going to say ‘Hey, if you would had done it harder, we wouldn’t be here, so do it again’. With this movie, with me taking another approach, the only thing I concerned myself with was that he was okay, and if something went wrong, he himself would ask for me. He wanted his father there. Roland Emmerich said that you changed history by becoming the first African-American hero. Is this something that you see as your biggest achievement so far? It’s definitely been a huge achievement. For many years I bumped into the idea in Hollywood that black people can’t translate a film internationally. To me that is just a ridiculous concept: people are going to see things that are good – whether an actor is black or white. But I feel like the things that I’m going to truly be remembered for, I haven’t done yet. I’m still seeking, I’m in transition right now!

CREDITS: Phil Thompson/The Interview People and Jasmine Bandali


INFLUENCE Introducing some of the most influential minds of our time who have shaped our daily lives.




Eric Schmidt


Touch A human



oogle Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt undoubtedly played a crucial role in helping the company reach landmark revenues of $50billion last year. Schmidt’s ability to build the necessary corporate infrastructure to maintain Google’s rapid growth has seen him guide the innovative firm through challenging global economic times. His expertise is born of an illustrious career which has spanned 18 years. His accomplishments as an investment professional at leading US multi-national software company Novell Inc saw him take the reins as CEO from 1997 to 2001. Impressed by his leadership at Novell Inc, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page hired Schmidt in 2001 as the chairman of its board of directors to run their company.


InF L U E N C E “I remember thinking you shouldn’t take a job unless you know how to win. I had no clue how to do what steve Jobs did”

Google was already one of the world’s most successful search engines when Schmidt’s business and technical abilities saw him take over as CEO. Under his leadership the firm dramatically scaled up its infrastructure and diversified product offerings transforming from a Silicon Valley start-up to a global leader in technology. By building partnerships and broader business relationships such as involvement in government outreach projects, Schmidt was instrumental in Google going public in August 2004. In 2006 Schmidt was elected to Apple’s board of directors, working alongside Steve Jobs, one of the greatest technological innovators of our time. Jobs, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2011, was a major inspiration to Schmidt even before they worked together at Apple in the 1990s. Schmidt believes that Jobs’ passion and charisma were driving forces behind his success, despite the power struggle with the board of directors at Apple which saw Jobs leave his own company in 1985. Jobs returned to Apple in 1996 as the company faced possible bankruptcy and made it profitable once again by 1998. Schmidt says: “I remember thinking at the time that you shouldn’t take a job unless you know how to win. I had no clue how to do what Steve Jobs did. When somebody tells you they’re going to do something and you say, ‘I don’t understand how you’re going to do that,’ and they succeed? That is the


Sergey Brin, Google Inc. co-founder, left, Larry Page, Google Inc. co-founder, center, and Eric Schmidt, Google Inc. chairman and chief executive officer, attend a news conference inside the Sun Valley Inn

Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs worked together at Apple




ultimate humbling experience. My interactions with Steve were always like that. He was always ahead of me.” In 2009, Schmidt resigned from the board of directors at Apple due to a conflict of interest arising from growing competition between Google and the firm. However, his regard for Jobs has always remained the same. Schmidt says: “He had a level of perception about feelings and emotions that was far beyond anything I’ve met in my entire life. His legacy will last for many years.” In 2011 Schmidt made way for Larry Page as CEO, tweeting on the day of his removal that, “day-today adult supervision is no longer needed” citing “friction at the top,” along with remarks that Larry Page was finally “ready” to be CEO. Despite this, Schmidt remains executive chairman at Google. On a recent trip to New Delhi in India, his first since he joined the company, Schmidt addressed the growth issues of the internet in the country which remains stunted despite having the world’s third largest number of internet users. The country’s failure to invest in high-speed telecom networks and a complacency in making the internet more widely available to a population of 1.2 billion have contributed to a stalled progress. Sensing a gap in the market, Google’s plans for the country incorporate a high-quality language transfer from all 26 Indian languages to make information more easily accessible to what is currently a restricted audience.

“Google’s aspiration is to be your assistant, to know what you don’t know”

Was there a moment or two in the last 10 to 11 years when you thought search could change the world in a way you never thought before? I don’t think I fully understood how powerful the internet was until I began to see the use of Google in popular media. YouTube was a partner in the 2008 elections with CNN and when I went to this debate, I was really surprised by the arrival of technology in the

Some industries think Google’s intention is to be the master… Google defines its mission as a ranker-organiser and not a judge. We don’t want to restrict information. We want to give more choice.

mainstream. Today, we take it for granted. Google’s aspiration is to be your assistant, to know what you don’t know and to get that information to you as fast as possible and I think that is very powerful. You sat on the Apple board for some years. What was so distinct about it? There was no better product visionary in the world than Steve Jobs, in the choice of the unification of user experience, power, colour and style. He had a unique ability to build and run things, while understanding the technology and adding an unconventional design. Today when you look at the product you see Steve, you look at the storage you see Steve, you look at the brand you see Steve. That was his genius – he was certainly not a perfect man, but a great one. There are people you meet in life who are bigger and better than anyone else and he was exactly that. I think his impact on society and the world will be historical.

How is social media changing search? If Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are not in Google search, how will it affect Google? There is no monopoly on this kind

Eric Schmidt

of information. I think they will all continue to do very well. Competition is healthy and Google Plus is big enough to be a viable opponent to Facebook. From an advertisement point of view, broadcast media is a big market to crack. When do you see the market being disrupted the way other legacy media was in the past? Television has withstood many critics of it but it is highly popular with a very high market share. Over time I anticipate more multi-modal channels; more and more stuff done on YouTube and then brought to TV and viceversa. There will be economic disruption because of pricing, simply because prices are

high but I think television will still be there for the long-haul. India is probably the third-largest Iiternet user base, and will be second in two or three year’s time but so many languages can act as a barrier, and then there is the matter of literacy‌ Literacy is easily solved by mobile phones because it allows the user to read through the software on it. With language, there is no unified language in India and not everyone speaks English, however, our machine translation technology is

GOOGLE Founded: 1998 Staff: 53,891 Revenue: $50.18bn HQ: California


InF L U E N C E “By figuring out new markets and trends the focus has to be on how we can work together to configurate it all”

getting so good that it should be possible to co-ordinate a high-quality language transfer from all 26 languages in their entirety over time. We are at a point right now where you can speak in one language and the translation comes out in another language and it’s getting better all the time. Do you see voice as an enabler? We would argue that Google’s voice analysis software is the best in the world, better than (Apple’s) Siri and so forth. Google Glass is controlled by voice, you talk to it, and it is able to recognise it. Voice and image recognition are more important for languages that do not have good keyboard solutions. So Google as well as other companies are working on image recognition for these dialects. In two or three years, do you expect to see a non-English speaking Indian using a Google phone? Sure. And again I am assuming the language will be in the majority order. It will start with Hindi, and then move down the stack, and the 26th language will be the last. What does that mean for the business model of Google or any other search company if the market expands to that extent? Google’s model benefits from having more users and more broadband because narrowband users do not use Google as much. The main difference is that broadband users click on the ads more, they consume more and the whole model works better. In India, there are a lot of issues including e-commerce and distribution but we are on our way to solving these problems. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and we are investing heavily in this region. We are able to monetise a large audience, and if you have a billion Indians, you are bound to make money. What is the most important message for you to get across with big content generators? I think it is important for them to realise that the smartest people are building new kinds of platforms with partners which offer editing and


so forth, allowing them to deal with reality. By figuring out new markets and trends, like the consumption of information from tablets for example, the focus has to be on how we can work together to configurate it all. It’s important to keep an eye on these things as that is where the future is headed. Every big tech company is making the ‘next big bet’. What is Google’s bet on? Our bet is on innovation. We will innovate at the same pace, if not faster. The market is big enough for everyone. What will be your epitaph? He used Google to beat death and he failed.

CREDITS: Business Today/The Interview People and Jasmine Bandali


Rich list

RICH LIST The high five


fter extensive research into the lives and business activities of some of the world’s most wealthy, Xclusive has compiled a rundown of this year’s top five richest individuals on the planet. Based on their net worth and cumulative assets in US dollars, it gives an insight into the lives of the megarich. Discover the spending habits, investment decisions and relentless thirst for success that has driven some of the most accomplished achievers on earth.




Charles & David Koch Net Worth:


$44.3 billion respectively

harles and David are the sons of Fred C. Koch, a chemical engineer who developed an innovative crude oil refining method to facilitate a more effective way of producing gasoline, later founding what is now known as Koch Industries. A year before Koch Sr.’s death in 1967, Charles became president and took over the day-to-day running of the company. David joined three years later, and by 1979 became the president of Koch Engineering. Each brother has a 42 percent stake in the company making them the principle owners after buying out their other siblings’ stakes in the company for $1.1 billion in 1983. Together they expanded the business 2,600 times its inherited size. Koch Industries is the second largest privately held conglomerate in the USA, with approximate annual revenue of $115 billion.


Rich list Early life and growth of the business Charles was the second son of Fred Chase Koch and Mary Koch, born on November 1, 1935 in Wichita, Kansas. He grew up in a relatively privileged household and, unlike his older brother Frederick who studied humanities, Charles followed in his father’s footsteps and went on to study chemical engineering at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology gaining his Bachelor of Science in general engineering in 1957. A Masters degree in mechanical engineering followed in 1958 and finally a Master of science in chemical engineering in 1960. He went on to take his first job at international management consulting firm Arthur D. Little soon after leaving college but headed back to Wichita to join his father’s business in 1961 which at the time was known as the Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. Following his father’s death in 1967, Charles became chairman of the firm and changed the name to Koch Industries in honour of his late father. Charles attempted to take the medium-sized engineering firm and propel it to major league status by approaching Union Oil of California to buy their interest in Great Northern Oil Company and Pine Bend Refinery.At first the deal seemed unlikely with Union asking for a huge premium, however when business magnate J Howard Marshall II heard of Charles’ plight, he collaborated with him, and together they purchased a controlling interest in the plant in 1969.The acquisition of Pine Bend led to diversification of Koch Industries through new businesses. Included in the company’s vast subsidiary portfolio are Flint Hill Resources LC, a major refining and chemicals company that operates oil refineries in six states; Georgia-Pacific, a paper and pulp company that produces household paper products; and INVISTA, a polymer and fibre company acquired from DuPont, which manufactures Lycra and the ‘Stainmaster’ carpet. David was born on May 3, 1940. He too studied at MIT and like Charles earned both his bachelors and masters in chemical engineering there in 1962 and 1963 respectively. He joined the company as a technical services manager in 1970. By 1979, he had worked his way up to become president of the firm’s engineering division and is now the executive vice president of Koch Industries as a whole. Family feud Besides the success of Koch Industries, the Koch brothers are renowned for the lengthy court battle between Charles and David and their lesser known siblings; older brother Frederick and their youngest brother, Bill who is David’s fraternal twin, born just 19 minutes after his more famous brother. Frederick studied humanities and pursued a more creative career in the arts, going on to study playwriting at the Yale School of Drama and was therefore never an active member of Koch Industries. Bill, like his brothers, also attended MIT to study chemical engineering. While he too joined the family business in 1980, Bill assisted by Frederick, tried to take over the company leading an abortive coup against Charles complaining that too many of the profits were being reinvested back into the company instead of giving more to shareholders. This resulted in Bill being unceremoniously dismissed from the firm. In 1983, Charles and David offered a settlement of $1.1billion to William, Frederick and a small group of minority shareholders to sever ties with Koch Industries and relinquish their shares.



Main source of wealth:

Koch Industries

a diversified conglomerate ranging in everything from oil refining and chemicals to Lycra Bill and Frederick both received $325million each from this settlement. However, with the ink barely dry on the agreement, Bill and Frederick launched a number of lawsuits over the next 19 years against their brothers, feeling short-changed and claiming to have been cheated out of $2.3billion. Bill and Frederick even sued their mother at one point over the distribution of funds from a small charitable fund that she managed. After her death, they also contested her will after being disinherited but lost. In 2001, Koch Industries ended all litigation between the brothers, settling with Bill and Fred for a final sum of $25 million. Personal assets Little is known about the pair’s personal assets other than a number of homes owned in Palm Desert, Palm Beach, Southampton, New York and Aspen. However, both brothers are widely known for their philanthropic activities donating a large amount of their wealth to libertarian and free-market organisations. In the interests of their privacy, they prefer to donate to non-profit groups who do not disclose donors. They are also renowned for supporting Republican candidates, backing campaigns with millions of dollars. In July 2012, David hosted a fundraising dinner for Mitt Romney, at $50,000 a head. David who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992 and has lived with the disease for the last 21 years despite radiation, surgery and hormone therapy, has also donated approximately $400million to a variety of medical research projects.

After I pass on to another life, I would like people to think of David Koch and my brother Charles as people who did everything they could to make the world a better place to live 31



Amancio Ortego Gaona

Net Worth:


$53.8 billion

here is little known about this fiercely private businessman. So much so, that until 1999, there were no published photographs of him and his public appearance in 2000 made headline news in Spain, such was the intrigue about the man behind Zara. When the company officially went public in 2001, he announced his retirement as chairperson of the Inditex Group later the same year.


Rich list Early life and rise to prominence Ortega’s story is a true-life rags to riches tale, and seemingly a twist of fate. The youngest of four children born to a railway worker and a housemaid in 1936, Ortega grew up in poverty and a career on the railway tracks following in the footsteps of his father beckoned. Ortega’s long-time friend Covadonga O’Shea is author of Ortega’s sole authorised autobiography The Man From Zara. According to the book, one night in Ortega’s teens changed the course of his life forever. Walking home from school with his mother at the tender age of 13, the pair stopped at a local store where his mother asked for credit. The shopkeeper refused, saying, “Señora, I cannot give this to you. You have to pay for it,” says O’Shea. “He felt so humiliated, he decided he would never go back to school.” Shortly afterward Ortega got his first job working as a delivery boy for a local shirt maker Gala in his hometown of La Coruña, a small hamlet in Northern Spain. It was here that the young Ortega found his niche and learned the art of designing clothes and the basic principles of business, which along with his vow never to be insulted again because of his financial situation, paved the way for Ortega to become one of the richest men in the world. Journey to billionaire It is not known when he married his first wife, seamstress Rosalia Mera. After their marriage, she designed lingerie and robes at their home resulting in Ortega’s first thriving business venture GOA in 1972. The company mass produced quilted bathrobes, manufactured by thousands of women organised into sewing co-operatives. Three years later, Ortega and Rosalia co-founded Inditex, opening their first Zara store. By the 1990s, Zara had gone global. The couple had two children, Sandra and Marcos, but divorced in 1986. However, Rosalia still retains a seven percent stake in the company, making her the world’s wealthiest self-made female entrepreneur, with a net worth of $6.1billion. The secret to Ortega’s success appears to be in recognising that the high-end designer fashion market could be infiltrated. By keeping an eye on new and upcoming trends, his work ethic was to give customers what they want; faster and cheaper than anyone else. To date, there is a maximum turnaround of 48 hours from factory to store, with hundreds of designers creating three items a day, inspired not by the catwalk but from the streets where welltrained staffers keep an eye out for what people are wearing in restaurants, bars and clubs. Patternmakers then cut one sample of each for the scrutiny of the company’s regional sales executives.



Main source of wealth:

Inditex Group

whose fashion brands include Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho and Bershka

with acquaintances, wearing a uniform of grey trousers, white shirt and blue blazer and eating lunch alongside his workers in the company cafeteria. Ortega has however invested in a healthy real estate portfolio, picked up at bargain prices during the economic downturn, which is now worth an approximate $4billion. This includes Madrid’s iconic skyscraper, the Torre Picasso, as well as buildings in Barcelona, New York, London and San Francisco. Preferring to live in modest dwellings, Ortega owns a five-storey house in his home town of La Coruña on a busy street with second wife Flora Pérez Marcote. He has never had an office, maintaining a down to earth and approachable persona with his staff. Even in semi-retirement, Ortega rarely takes vacations. Instead, he likes to spend time at the factory, perched at the end of Zara Woman’s vast workspace, discussing new ideas.

Amancio Ortega and Marta Ortega Perez attend the Special Invitational 1m25 practice at Monaco International Jumping as part of Global Champion Tour on June 28, 2012 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Personal assets As a self-made billionaire with a thorough understanding for the value of hard-earned money, Ortega’s extravagances are few and he has never forgotten his humble beginnings. When he witnessed shoppers pouring out of one of his stores in Manhattan he reportedly locked himself in a bathroom to weep, he was so overwhelmed. He told his good friend O’Shea, “No one could see the tears streaming down my face. Can you imagine how I thought of my parents then? How proud they would have been of their son who had, so to speak, discovered America, starting from a little town lost in the sticks of northern Spain?” According to friends, he is a creature of habit and a workaholic, eating a breakfast of eggs and fries every morning




Warren Buffett

Net Worth:

$59.7 billion


s Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a publicly traded holding company managing the operations of a broad and diverse portfolio of businesses from insurance to energy, Warren Buffett is considered to be one of the greatest investors of the 20th century. He is often referred to as the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ or ‘Sage of Omaha’ – an appellation acquired due to his knack of investing in undervalued companies and as their stocks rise, becoming extremely rich as a result. Berkshire Hathaway also owns stakes in major household names such as Coca Cola, American Express, and most recently acquired HJ Heinz for $28billion. His incredible wealth aside, Buffett is probably the world’s greatest philanthropist. He made history in 2006 by pledging to give all his wealth to charity through millions of Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares, committing 85percent of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Each charity has received five percent of the total donation on an annualised basis each July since that time.


Rich list Early life and rise to prominence The middle child and only son of US congressman Howard Buffett and housewife Leila Stahl, Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 30, 1930. Growing up he displayed a special aptitude for numbers and was considered a mathematical genius by his peers. By the age of 11 he had made his first investment, buying three shares of Cities Service Preferred. By the age of 13, he was running his own business, delivering newspapers door to door and selling golf balls and stamps. By the time he left college at the age of 20, his childhood businesses had earned him $10,000. He went on to study for a Masters in Science of Economics at the Columbia Business School, and after graduating in 1956, opened his firm, Buffett Partnership in his hometown of Omaha. By 1957, Buffett had three partnerships operating which increased to seven by 1960. As a result of these partnerships, Buffett became a millionaire in 1962, with his worth calculated at $1,025,000 (the equivalent of almost $8million in 2013). He merged all the partnerships into one, and invested in textile firm Berkshire Hathaway, later taking control of the company. In 1966, he closed the partnership and moved the business to the insurance sector. Millionaire to billionaire It wasn’t until 1990 that Buffett became a billionaire on paper after class A shares in Berkshire Hathaway sold at $7,175 per share when the market closed in May that year. In June 2006, he pledged to give away his wealth to five foundations in annual gifts of stock, beginning in July that same year. In 2008, he was named the world’s richest man, with a total net worth of around $62billion. Personal life Although growing up he adored his father, Buffett has in the past divulged that his mother would “verbally lash” him, and his older sister, when they were children until they cried. When his mother died, Buffett said that he wept not out of sadness for the loss but “because of the waste. She had her good parts, but the bad parts kept me from having a relationship with her.” Buffett met his wife Susan at a young age, when she was the roommate of his younger sister at university. He relentlessly pursued her, the pair wed in 1952 and went on to have three children and a marriage that lasted 52 years. In 1977, when the children had grown up, Susan left to pursue her dreams as a singer leaving Buffett behind. She asked close friend Astrid Menks to look after him and although Buffett and Astrid struck up a relationship that Susan was aware of, the pair never divorced and the relationship between the three was so amiable they would send Christmas cards with all their names at the bottom. When Susan died in 2004 from oral cancer Buffett was devastated. He married Astrid two years later. He was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer in 2012, which has now gone into remission following radiation therapy. Personal assets Buffett is a simple man, not as consumed with spending wealth as accumulating it. He does not own a mobile phone, nor does he have a computer at his desk. His purchases are somewhat modest, and even at the peak of his wealth has only drawn a $100,000 salary from his company.



Main source of wealth:

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

A conglomerate with interests including diamonds and life insurance He owns a home in his native Omaha, where he still continues to live, purchased in 1958 for $31,500. It was last valued at approximately $700,000. It has five bedrooms, two bathrooms and no security cameras. Although he purchased a more lavish home in Laguna Beach, he sold it in 2005 for $4.3million last year. His only major expense is his private jet, first named ‘The Indefensible’ due to his criticism in the past of other corporate CEOs making similar purchases. However, after identifying the jet as a valuable business tool, he renamed it ‘The Indispensable’. Likewise, his car is a Cadillac DTS purchased in 2006. He drives everywhere himself and does not have a driver or security team.

With his second wife Astrid (below)

I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute 35



Carlos Slim Helú Net Worth:


$70 billion

or three consecutive years from 2010 he was the richest man in the world. New legislation implemented in Mexico allows regulators to break up or force anyone with more than 50 percent of the telecommunications market to share their networks. This has seen his wealth plummet by $3billion. However, 73-year-old Carlos Slim Helú is still pulling in some mammoth figures. Not bad for a man who doesn’t have a computer and whose fortune, engineered in the relatively poor backwaters of Mexico City, is the product of good old-fashioned business sense. For the unacquainted, Slim’s vast and diverse conglomeration of companies is so large that the average Mexican will be born in one of his hospitals, sleep in sheets bought from one of his retail outlets, buy morning bread from one of his bakeries and drive to work in a car insured by his company before lunching at one of his restaurants. However it is his telecommunications company, América Móvil, that is his most valuable holding to date worth $36.3billion, with 70 percent of the market share of mobile phone subscribers in Mexico and 80 percent of the country’s landlines.


Rich list Personal life and rise to prominence The fifth of six children born to immigrant Maronite Christian parents of Lebanese descent, Slim entered the world in Mexico in January 1940. Having been taught basic business practices by his father, and developing a passion for accounts, Slim acquired shares in the Bank of Mexico at the age of 12. A year later, his father died and the following years were difficult. However, he went on to study Civil Engineering at the National University of Mexico, teaching mathematics and linear programming on the side to fund his education. After refining his business acumen by becoming an equity trader, he founded his own stock brokerage, Inversora Bursátil, in 1965 which in the following years went on to invest in small businesses, retail, restaurants and construction. By 1966, he was already worth $40million and later the same year married Soumaya Domit Gemayel, regarded the love of his life. They raised six children together, remaining happily married until her untimely death in 1999 from kidney problems.



Main source of wealth:


A conglomerate of companies, various interests include telecommunications, restaurants and retail

Grupo Carso President Carlos Slim and family members attend the opening of Saks Fifth Avenue Store November 27, 2007 in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City, Mexico.

Millionaire to billionaire Combining the first letters of his and his wife’s names to create the name of his holding company, Grupo Carso, Slim went on to acquire companies he believed were undervalued, in turn accumulating a diverse portfolio which included real estate, construction equipment, mining, printing, tobacco (until recently when he sold back his 20 percent stake in Philip Morris Mexico (PMM) to Philip Morris International (PMI) for $700million) and retail stores. The most significant turning point came in 1982 when Mexico plunged into an economic crisis which saw several business owners sell otherwise sound companies at rock-bottom prices. Applying his expertise and holding firm in the belief that the economy would recover, Slim purchased a wide range of companies, from tyre manufacturers, to restaurants, stationery stores and hotels. He was right and as the country flourished, so did he. Later in 1990, Grupo Carso participated in the privatisation of Telmex, the Mexican France Telecom, taking a special interest in the company’s fledgling cellular service, pioneering prepaid phone cards. In 1995, he went on to do the same with América Móvil. Personal assets With a passion for art and sculpture inspired in him by his late wife, Slim built the Museo Soumaya in tribute to her. It exhibits over 66,000 pieces, featuring the works of Rodin, Renoir, Van Gogh and Da Vinci estimated at well over $700million. Other than this, the multi-billionaire leads a relatively frugal lifestyle, living in a modest six-bedroom home one mile from his office. He displays little or no interest in expensive yachts or palatial homes around the world, preferring to reside in hotels. Slim has been known to wear a $54 watch and light his cigar with a disposable lighter, such is his indifference to his massive wealth. The Slim family remains a close-knit one with all six of his children working within their father’s business. They also all have dinner together every Monday night.

You want to have a toy and another toy and that’s not maturity. The biggest things in life are not materials 37




Rich list

Bill Gates Net Worth:


$72.7 billion

he Microsoft founder and chairman has regained his crown of the world’s richest person, a title he lost to Mexican businessman Carlos Slim in 2007. This is as a result of his firm hitting a five-year high and Microsoft shares increasing by 28 percent this year due to a resurgence of financial markets in recent months. Surprisingly, only a quarter of his wealth is retained within Microsoft itself. The remainder comes from clever investments in stocks such as Cascade Investment LLC and the Canadian National railway. Although he remains Chairman of the board at Microsoft, Gates has devoted more and more of his time to philanthropic efforts since 2006, donating $28billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which aims to eradicate diseases like malaria and polio throughout the world.


INF L U E N C E Rise to prominence Despite coming from a well-heeled family and described as selfassured, competitive and successful at school, his parents enrolled him at the exclusive Lakeside Preparatory School in Seattle when he was 13 years old amid fears he was withdrawn and lonely. It was here Gates had his first exposure to computers and was soon engrossed. After writing a program shortly afterward that allowed users to play noughts and crosses against the computer, Gates met Paul Allen, who like himself, was a computer enthusiast and the pair became firm friends. In 1970, when Gates was 15, the duo devised a program that monitored the traffic in Seattle, netting $20,000 in the process. Despite a desire to open a company there and then, Gates’ parent’s insisted he finish school. He later enrolled at Harvard to study law but student life at the prestigious university was short-lived after he and Allen came across a new microcomputer called the Altair 8800 in 1973. Inspired by this new device, Gates and Allen approached the manufacturers, a small firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico called Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS). Gates and Allen contacted the company proclaiming they were working on a software program that would run the Altair computer. In reality, they didn’t have an Altair to work with or the code to run it. But they wanted to know if MITS was interested in developing such software. MITS was interested in the idea and president Ed Roberts asked the boys for a demonstration. Gates and Allen spent the next two months writing the software at Harvard’s computer lab. Allen then travelled to Albuquerque for the demo, and despite having never tried it out on an Altair computer, it worked perfectly. Following their success, Gates dropped out of Harvard a year later and in 1975 formed MicroSoft with Paul. By 1978, when Gates was 23, Microsoft (the hyphen having been dropped) grossed $2.5million. Millionaire to billionaire The company continued to grow at astronomical speed and in the three years from 1978 to 1981, Microsoft’s revenue quadrupled from $4 to $16million. In 1983 Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and resigned a year later. Following the launch of Windows in 1985 and Microsoft going public in 1986, Gates’ millions went from double to triple digits, and in 1987 he became a billionaire. In 1999, Gates’ wealth topped $101billion. Personal life Gates met Melinda French in 1989 when she arrived at Microsoft to work as a project manager developing multimedia products such as Publisher and Expedia. Their relationship developed, and in January 1994, the pair married in Hawaii in a wedding reported to have cost $1million. Tragedy struck later that year when Gates’ mother Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer. She succumbed to the disease in June 1994. It marked a major turning point in Gates’ life. As his mother had been heavily involved in charitable efforts, Gates decided to pick up where she left off. He established the William H. Gates Foundation in 1994 which pledged to invest in third-world countries to support education and improve health standards. In 2000, Gates and Melinda formed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and by 2006, the businessman announced he would be spending more time focused on his philanthropic efforts.




Main source of wealth:


An American multi-national software company that develops and manufactures computer software and products

Personal assets His main home is in Medina, Washington. Called Xanadu 2.0, it is valued at $147.5million. The 66,000 square foot home features seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, six kitchens, a large private library, Olympic-sized swimming pool, cinema and trampoline room complete with 20ft ceiling. Befitting the home of a technological king, Xanadu is equipped with hundreds of computers controlling everything from music delivered from speakers behind the wallpaper to lights and temperature to suit personal preferences. This feature extends to guests staying in the home who are given a pin upon arrival which allows a connection to the electronically controlled environment around them. Another passion appears to be cars, in particular favouring Porsches of which he has three – a 1999 Porsche 911 convertible, a Porsche 930 Turbo purchased during Microsoft’s early days, and a 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe. Gates is also an avid art lover and owns one of Leonardo da Vinci’s original notebooks, the Codex Leicester, bought at auction for a record $30.8million making it the most expensive book of all time. Other notable works of art purchased by Gates include ‘Lost on the Grand Banks’ an oil painting by Winslow Homer which he bought for $36million, ‘Polo Crowd’ a painting by George Bellows from 1910 acquired for $28million and ‘Room of Flowers’ by Frederick Childe Hassam which cost $20million.

If you’re born poor it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake

Rich list



Inspirational Emirates

42 42

The Emirates Story


iven the UAE’s worldwide reputation for delivering nothing but the best, the success of Emirates Airline could be viewed by some as just another project that coupled with forward thinking and limitless vision had huge financial backing to become a reality. In truth, the astonishing story behind the astounding growth of Emirate Airline is an inspirational one. Skytrax is a world- renowned consultancy whose annual awards ceremony is one of the most important events in the tourism industry calendar. The competition is fierce among airlines as each aspires to be the recipient of the accolades. At the 2013 ceremony, held in Paris in May, Emirates Airline was named Best Airline of the Year. The leaders in air travel also took home awards for Best Middle Eastern Airline and, for a record ninth consecutive year, World’s Best Inflight Entertainment. President Tim Clark said: “Being honoured with these awards is testament to our unrelenting effort to be the world’s best airline. The awards are widely regarded as the industry’s benchmark for excellence.



EMIRATES Created: 1985 Fleet: 200 Destinations: 132 Slogan: Hello Tomorrow

Emirates Airline President Tim Clark(above), former Emirates CEO Sir Maurice Flanagan(right)

“For us, the awards clearly reflect a vote of confidence from global travellers, who acknowledge and appreciate our continuous drive to deliver high-quality service. To be voted World’s Best Airline by millions of discerning travellers really is something for our 60,000 strong workforce to be proud of.” Conceived in March 1985, Emirates was founded as a result of Gulf Air reducing its services to Dubai, concerned that it was providing regional feeder flights for other carriers. The concept of a national airline was backed by the Dubai royal family, however, it was required to operate independent of government subsidies, and was given $10million as start-up capital and an ambitious five months to come to fruition.


Sir Maurice Flanagan, KBE, became a key figure in the airline’s launch. With a 25-year history working in a managerial capacity at the British Overseas Airways Corporation and British Airways, Sir Maurice was deployed to Dubai in 1978 to run the organisation, Dnata, which would control the nation’s travel and airport endeavours. He was one of a 10-man team tasked with producing the business plan for the airline. He soon became Emirates CEO, set to task by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice president of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. In 1985, the airline’s current chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Tim Clark, who would later become president, joined the team. After striking deals to fly to Karachi, New Delhi and Mumbai, the organisation leased two new planes from Pakistan International Airlines, the Boeing 737-300 and an Airbus 300B4-200, and two used Boeing 727200 Adv’s from Dubai’s Royal Air Wing. Emirates made its maiden voyage to Karachi, Pakistan on October 25 that same year. During its first year, Emirates carried approximately 260,000 passengers, 10,000 tonnes of freight and repaid its initial start-up capital debt highlighting an immediate success. In turn, this saw competitor Gulf Air report profit losses of 30 percent. By 1986, new routes to Amman, Cairo and Colombo were established, and despite posting losses for what would be the only time in its history, Emirates took a risk and invested in the company’s infrastructure and expansion, spurred on by early accomplishments. In 1987, Emirates took delivery of their first purchased aircraft, the Airbus 310-304.

The Emirates Story

Sir Maurice Flanagan, KBE


INF L U E N C E Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, CEO of Emirates Group(below)


Meeting the airline’s specifications, the plane finally allowed the fledgling firm to contend with their rivals by committing to deliver a superior flying experience. With two such examples, Emirates launched daily non-stop flights to London Gatwick and later signed deals to fly to Frankfurt and the Maldives. Two years later, the airline incorporated the Far East into its destination portfolio, adding Singapore, Manila and Bangkok. By the early 1990s Emirates was established as one of the world’s leading airlines with a revenue increase of approximately $100 million each year, carrying 1.6 million passengers and 68,000 tonnes of cargo. A series of ‘first’ achievements for the fleet followed during this time with the introduction of video systems installed into the seats and telecommunications on Airbuses across all three classes. In-flight fax facilities were also introduced and a $2million terminal exclusive to Emirates made its debut at Dubai International Airport. With 1995 came the airline’s 10th anniversary celebrations. Emirates by this point boasted flights to 34 destinations in the Middle East, Far East and Europe. A year later, the airline took delivery of its first Boeing 777-200 and became the first airline to show take-offs and landings live. The aircraft’s maiden voyage to London was followed by Emirates’ inaugural flight to Melbourne. By 1998 Emirates was voted the Best Airline in the World at the OAG awards, dubbed the Oscars of the Airline Industry. Almost unfathomable from its humble beginnings, in 2001 Emirates made aviation history by placing an order for 25 Boeing 777300s, eight Airbus A340-600s, three Airbus A330-200s and 22 A380s, the world’s largest

By the early 1990s Emirates was established as one of the world’s leading airlines passenger airliner, in a deal worth $15billion. This landmark moment in the airline’s history came in anticipation of an expansion that would see Emirates also conquer the east and west coasts of the United States. Later in 2005, the airline also announced the largest order for the Boeing 777, acquiring 42 additional planes for a further $9.7billion. At the 2011 Dubai Airshow, Emirates again broke records by placing the largest single aircraft order in Boeing’s history for $26billion. This included the purchase of 50 777300 ERs and 20 700-300 ERs. Today the incredible success story of Emirates Airline continues

The Emirates Story

to set the pace in the industry boasting over 230 aircraft at an estimated dollar value of $84billion. It is the largest operator of both the A380 and Boeing 777 and transports an approximately 34 million passengers and 1.8 million tonnes of cargo around the world. The inspirational force behind the airline’s successful team has steadily been Sir Maurice Flanagan whose exceptional leadership and relentless drive account for much of Emirates Airline’s success. In April, the respected businessman announced his retirement and as he did so, spoke fondly of the now worldclass airline’s early days. He recalled: “We started with two aircraft leased from PIA, and after three of four profitable years we were in the position

to buy our own planes. Now Emirates has overtaken Delta to become the second largest airline in the world measured by seat-miles, which still leaves US Air/American as the largest airline, although given that alliance’s inherent inefficiencies I’m sure that Emirates will overtake them very soon.” The innovative industry pioneer added: “The future outlook is marvellous, and growth is happening naturally from our lovely base in Dubai. Dubai Airport will peak at a maximum of 100 million passengers a year, which would limit Emirates’ growth, but the new Al Maktoum International Airport with its capacity for another 120 million passengers will allow us to continue growing.”



ENTERTAINMENT A personal insight into the celebrity world, chronicling the rise to fame of a silver screen legend in the making, the vocal veteran still making music and a tennis great.



Bradley Cooper



Limitless talent S

ince his debut as an actor in a 1999 episode of Sex and the City, Bradley Cooper has established himself as a bonafide star, nominated for Best Actor at this year’s Oscars for his role as a man suffering from bipolar disorder in Silver Linings Playbook. Huge success has come from humble beginnings and it wasn’t until 2011 that Cooper got the chance to prove he was capable of headlining a movie with his leading role in slick thriller Limitless. Cooper readily admits the commercial success of hit comedy The Hangover in 2009 paved the way as the success of the sharply scripted film brought with it new opportunities to display his acting prowess. Now lauded in Hollywood, Cooper remains refreshingly grounded, saying: “It’s the same. I mean, look, more doors have been opened for sure but it’s not like I sit back with a cigar on a Monday morning and go through the scripts that have been offered.”



“For me, Alan is one of the most incredible creations of a comedic character in decades”

Cooper has shown the ability to switch between serious roles and humorous ones with ease. It is a gift that has seen him transcend to superstar status. Recently reprising his role in the third instalment of the Hangover franchise as loveable trouble magnet Phil Wennock, the actor insists fame hasn’t changed his work ethic or his dynamic with the rest of the cast. “There’s no ownership at all and it feels more like a communal endeavor,” he says. “When we’re all filming and attacking a scene, it really is the four of us and that is what makes it so special. Ideas are thrown and shared, and while it all started in the first one, it manifested itself in a more economical way in the third.” Far from boasting about his own role, Cooper claims co-star, Zach Galifianakis steals the show. “For me, Alan (played by Zach)


is one of the most incredible creations of a comedic character in decades. The fact that this story revolves around just who the heck this guy is, and how can we tame the beast was a wonderful choice that as a director Todd Phillips made and hopefully one that the audience wants to see. I think it will be because this time, there is no more lost night or inebriated devastation. It’s more let’s take care of our friend.” With an established history of playing a wide variety of characters from a charismatic action hero in The A-Team to roles in movies such as star-studded romance Valentine’s Day, Cooper admits the wacky props and scenes in the Hangover III certainly made for a new kind of experience on set and helped enhance the overall comedy in the movie. “I couldn’t tell you what the weirdest moment on set was, there were so many,” he laughs. “Was it the baby in the closet? Was it the monkey in the thing? No, it wasn’t that. Was it the decapitated giraffe?” With joviality came a close knit cast who marked the final Hangover film in a somewhat low key manner compared to the debauched antics portrayed on screen. Always grounded, Cooper says of the last day of shooting Hangover III: “We were conscious about not making it a big deal, very conscious. There was no clapping or anything, we had a nice little party on stage at Warner Brothers but that was it.”

Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper arriving for ‹The Hangover Part III› European Premiere, London




Bradley Cooper “I don’t think that there is a big secret to what I have achieved so far. I credit my success to having been able to work with the best filmmakers”

FACTS Born: January 1975 Education: English degree, fluent in French Big break: Sex and The City

Caption style for images on them or near them Pore etur? Apis re nos mo volupitiunt officat am, natio

The down-to-earth star has learnt to deal with his fame well by keeping both feet firmly on the ground and evolving as an actor by fully understanding the vision of the filmmakers he chooses to surround himself with. The original Hangover was a success because of the creative processes involved both behind and in front of the camera, something Cooper consistently keeps himself aware of. “Todd has evolved through the trilogy as we all have. We’ve grown and learned from the first one. Warner Brothers gave him creative flexibility from the first one on, from the marketing to the trailers. It is his vision executed by everybody including us. I just think cinematically you’re watching this guy just blossom. He’s like a 110-piece orchestra scoring this third one as opposed to Kanye West scoring the first one.” With his next role challenging him once again in a serious role as an unhinged FBI agent in American Hustle, Cooper is certainly gifted,but attributes his growing accomplishments to surrounding himself with the best in the business on each of his projects. “I don’t see the movies I do as separate things. As much as a drama that Silver Linings Playbook was, there was a lot of comedy in in it too. When we were making it, we were very conscious of that. American Hustle is made by the same director as Silver Linings David O. Russell and again it is a perfect contrast of humour and drama, and that shows the gravity associated with making a movie like that believable, and in turn the best it possibly can be. I don’t think that there is a big secret to what I have achieved so far. I credit my success to having been able to work with the best filmmakers.”

CREDIT: Victor Draven/The Interview people and Jasmine Bandal




Jazz All that


ryan Ferry is renowned for a stylish sophistication and dreamy romantic musical repertoire that defined a generation. At the helm of Roxy Music in the early 1970s the talented musician remodeled rock into an artsy, urbane sound before spearheading the New Romantic style of the 1980s. Draped in crisp white dinner jackets and sleek tuxedos, his Lounge Lizard look made him one of the most photographed celebrities of his time, gracing the covers of countless iconic magazines from Interview and Rolling Stone to Vogue.


Bryan Ferry, CIRCA 1970


“It was a very unsophisticated world I grew up in. I would have fancied a house like Gatsby’s, big parties and the sea plane. He had it made”

Here, Ferry talks about his unique sense of style, his inspirations and why imitation is the best form of flattery.

With a successful career that has spanned over four decades, Ferry has been luckier in music than in love, with a string of high profile romances in his youth including a tryst with French singer and model Amanda Lear and a relationship with Jerry Hall (who left him for Mick Jagger in 1977). His marriage to socialite Lucy Helmore lasted 21 years and following his divorce in 2003, Ferry has found love again with new wife Amanda Sheppard, 36 years his junior who he married in January last year. Today, aged 67, Ferry is enjoying something of a renaissance with cuts from The Jazz Age, an instrumental album credited to The Bryan Ferry Orchestra featured in the year’s must-see movie The Great Gatsby. Given Ferry’s long-term fascination with the ‘roaring twenties’, the association is perhaps a perfect match. However, the decadence and luxury synonymous with the era were merely fantasy for Ferry who as a boy grew up in relative poverty, the son of a coal miner in the slums of Washington, England. So can he identify with Gatsby at all? Recently, Ferry said: “Yes, who wouldn’t if you came from a very poor background like mine?” But, he points out, “it was rich in many ways.” He added: “It was a very unsophisticated world I grew up in. I would have fancied a house like Gatsby’s, big parties and the sea plane. He had it made really, but the obsession will always get you in the end.”


The Jazz Age is a remarkable tribute to the 1920s. What is it about that period which appeals to you? I have always loved the aesthetics, the literature, and the music of that era. My favourite novel of that time is The Great Gatsby and F Scott Fitzgerald celebrated that period more than any other writer, he documents the 1920s with great panache. I love the sheer romanticism of the time as well as its dark side - crime, prohibition, and the gangsters who emerged from all that. There was a mystique to the time - a forbidden sense to it, too. Has jazz had a big influence on your music? Oh, very much so. Earlier in my career I explored the music of the 1930s and this time I felt like going back even farther to the roots of the music that I really love. In 1973 I covered a jazz standard, These Foolish Things, on my first solo album, and later, in 1999, I did an album of songs from the 1930s, As Time Goes By. So doing an album in the jazz style of the 1920s seemed like a natural progression for me. I thought it would be a cute idea to recall the atmosphere of celebration and excess that came after the end of The Great War. New York, Paris and Berlin went through an incredible creative phase which included much singing and dancing and even the fashions of the time were inspired by this newfound sense of freedom.

-Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry is not only known for his incredible musical talent but also his unique sense of style

Bryan Ferry Album Launch Party, Anabelles Nightclub, Berkeley Square, London



FACTS Born: September 1945 Roxy Music’s first hit: Virginia Plain in 1972 Worth: around $45million

Why did you decide not to sing on the album given that your vocals are so indelibly associated with your work? Well, there was a bit of pressure to do so. (Laughs) Or insinuations, at least. You know, ‘Couldn’t you sing on, maybe, one of them?’ But the whole point of the project was to see how well the songs could stand up without words and to put the spotlight, as it were, on the part of me that is a songwriter rather than the guy who stands on stage with a microphone. Of course if you’d told me 20 years ago I’d be doing this I’d have laughed. Although I was a big jazz fan as a young lad, once rock’n’roll music came into my life and took it over I pretty much stopped listening to jazz. What do you like in particular about the aesthetics of the 1920s? Men and women had such great style. It was a time of liberation for women who abandoned corsets in favour of flapper dresses. And men wore these sharp tuxedos and suits and these brilliant, highly stylised and detailed hats. You’ve long been hailed as a style icon ever since Roxy Music burst onto the music scene. How do you feel about that? You embrace it. It’s good to be appreciated by people. I’ve always been interested in the visual and trying to make music visually entertaining.

What turned you on to clothes? When I was 16, I worked for a tailor and I would spend hours after work reading style books and pouring over fashion photos and illustrations. It wasn’t long before I could identify every different style and accessory. Your personal sense of style incorporates a lot of suits… The suit is like a house. You live in it. It’s your armour and uniform. I suspect my love for the suit comes from the cinema. In the 1940s and 1950s men all wore suits in the movies whether Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, or Cary Grant. They always wore suits. You should never abandon that tradition. It’s something that will never be old-fashioned. What kind of impact did your time in Newcastle have on you in terms of your music? I went to Newcastle rather than London to study fine art and that was a very key decision in my life. I think the club culture of Newcastle then was a big part of everyone’s obsession with fashion and one of the places I frequented was the New Orleans Jazz Club where the standard of musicianship and clothing was extremely high. I met a lot of people my own age at that time and we were all interested in learning as much as we could about art and music.

Bryan Ferry with former wife Lucy Helmore


-Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry performing on stage at the 2012 Laureus World Sports Awards at Central Hall Westminster on February 6, 2012 in London, England

Roxy Music were renowned for the beautiful women who graced your album covers. In 2010 you followed suit by putting Kate Moss on the cover of your solo album Olympia. What was your reason for that? I wanted to pull out all the stops and do something really good visually for it. Since the album was called Olympia, I likened it to the famous painting from the 19th century by Édouard Manet of the same name because it was quite a scandalous portrait of a naked woman. With Kate’s rock ‘n’ roll history, being a beautiful model, I thought, ‘it can’t do any harm.’ (Laughs). She’s a great character, who has also been controversial in her career, I needed somebody who had the gravitas to pull that off on the cover. You’ve been given so many accolades not just for your music but also for your James Bond kind of aura. Why do you think women are so drawn to you? (Laughs) Oh dear. I think it’s probably because I’m so shy with them, actually. But honestly I’ve never really thought of myself as a ladies’ man. It’s more of a myth really, though it’s nice to hear it. I love being surrounded by beauty and I love women in general. For most of my life I’ve been very shy. I had no confidence with women. I was terrible at chatting girls up, dreadful. I’ve never been the guy in the nightclub who could go up to women and know what to say. But you exude something completely different on stage… Performing was also terrifying for me. Now I’m much more confident on stage and I gain great satisfaction from performing

because I’m much less nervous than I used to be. For a long time I would start off performing to one side of the stage, sitting at the piano. I had to be forced to stand in the front. The whole thing didn’t come naturally to me. The aspect of it I always liked best was the creative side - the look, the covers, the theme, the music - that was my comfort space. Where do you get your inspiration when it comes time to write songs? That’s the most difficult part of it, really. When I’m writing a song, I’m very much on my own. That first stage is a kind of lonely one, where you’re looking for something new to say. Most of the time you’re just thinking, ‘is this any good? Is this any different to what I’ve done before?’ I love writing my own stuff, but sometimes you get bored with your own thoughts and want to explore other songs that people have made. Do you get a kick when you hear other musicians cover your songs? I feel a sense of pride. You want your work to carry over and leave some sort of legacy. I like feeling that I’ve made a lasting contribution in my own way. I remember hearing Bill Murray sing More Than This in the Lost in Translation film. That was a beautiful moment and it was especially poignant because that’s where you see how the girl starts to fall for him.

CREDIT: Jan Janssen/The Interview People and Jasmine Bandali



Roger Federer


Net worth



urrently ranked world number three, Roger Federer is no stranger to success having consistently remained at the top of his game. Yet a tragic event gave the rising star a steely determination to make the most of each and every opportunity. When his coach and mentor Peter Carter died in a car accident in 2002, Federer was left devastated. Carter was credited with laying the foundations for Federer’s career. Even when he stopped coaching the young star, Carter and Federer remained firm friends. The tennis pro regularly sought out Carter for advice and pointers during his early struggles on tour. Speaking of the loss, Federer says: “Early in my career, I used to get really upset over a bad shot or something like that and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Since Peter’s death, I try to think about what I’m doing right now, and enjoy life.”


P U RS UI T S A year after Carter’s death, Federer, who had been labelled an ‘underachiever’ and ‘hothead’, gained a renewed focus and won his first grand slam at Wimbledon. He has since become an undisputed world-class tennis champion, celebrated throughout the sport. “The way Peter died, it was so unexpected,” Federer says of his driving force. “I have learned that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.” While tennis clearly still remains a focal point in his life, Federer is determined to live life to the full. Other passions lie in travelling and spending time with his family. He is father to twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and has been married to former Women’s Tennis Association player, Mirka Vavrinec since April 2009. Vavrinec has now retired from competitive tennis to take on the role of public relations manager for her husband and she travels with him all over the world with their children in tow. Here, Federer reveals the international destinations that inspire him, training in the searing heat of Dubai and his favourite ways to celebrate a big win. How many holidays do you take a year? Two or three. I have to fit holidays around tournaments, particularly the grand slams in Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. Do you take your family to tournaments? For now, yes. My twin daughters, Charlene and Myla, are only three so we still travel as a family, which will change when they start school. What is your favourite city? Rome. I am a sucker for old traditional places and Rome is as good as it gets, particularly when you throw in Italian food. Last time I was there I went on an open–top bus ride with my children, which was wonderful. You are admiring one beautiful old building, then you notice an even better one across the street. Your idea of a perfect holiday spot? A place where I can get away from it all with my family and enjoy some peace and privacy. The last family holiday I took was in the Maldives which fitted the bill perfectly. I think, if I did a non–physical office job, I would probably want to be a little bit more adventurous on holiday but, for now, I just want to relax and feel the sand between my toes. Where else have you visited recently? Mauritius, the Seychelles, Thailand, the Caribbean... As you can tell from that list, I like beautiful places with quiet beaches. So privacy is important to you? I don’t mind fans coming up in a friendly, respectful way. That’s all part of the fun of being a top tennis player. But if people take pictures without permission, particularly if my children are in the shot, it makes me feel uncomfortable.


Roger Federer

“I have learned that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone”

Where do you train between tournaments? I use Dubai as my training base as I own an apartment in the city. I have been visiting Dubai since 2004. In the winter, it offers the ideal climate for training. The heat can be intense – I have known temperatures as high as 48°C – but I don’t mind. It is also perfectly located for when I have to travel to Australia or the Far East.

Federer in action(pictured) and with friend and mentor Peter Carter(below)

What else do you like about Dubai? It’s a fun place. All those skyscrapers are amazing. A few years ago, Andre Agassi and I played a game of tennis on the highest court in the world, on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel. I recently had breakfast on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in the middle of a thunderstorm. That was pretty cool.

Caption style for images on them or near them Pore etur? Apis re nos mo volupitiunt officat am, natio Caption style for images on them or near them Pore etur? Apis re nos mo volupitiunt officat am, natio


P U RS UI T S Any favourite Dubai restaurants? French restaurant La Petite Maison is fabulous. There are also some great restaurants on Palm Jumierah including Voi, which serves French–influenced Vietnamese food. Where else in Asia appeals? So many places. It is an extraordinary part of the world. I always enjoy trips to China. My tennis schedule involves regular events in Shanghai and Beijing. I have also been to India with UNICEF, which was an incredible experience, and I really enjoyed Japan. Further down the line, I would love to go to Vietnam and Cambodia. How about Africa? My mother is South African but I haven’t seen many other African countries because she didn’t take me when I was a child. I am looking forward to exploring the continent properly when I have a bit more time on my hands. The top of my wish–list would probably be Botswana, the Victoria Falls and Egypt. Do you follow other sports while travelling? Wherever I am in the world, I take an interest in sports with which the locals are obsessed. In Australia, I follow cricket and in the United States I follow basketball and the NFL. Do you like shopping? If I go shopping for clothes, I am like most men – I don’t hang about. I get what I am after – say, a shirt, a pair of jeans and some trainers – and I’m done. I like to think I have a good, quick eye for fashion. I’ve outgrown the time when I did dumb things like dressing head to toe in white. Any favourite labels? I recently bought a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes that are the most comfortable I have ever owned. Where do you stay during tournaments? During Wimbledon, I rent a house in Wimbledon Village, otherwise – for example during the US Open in New York – I stay in city centre hotels. How does NYC compare to Wimbledon? There is so much to take in: shopping, theatres, restaurants, art galleries. I always feel super–happy when I arrive, but not too unhappy when I leave.


What do you do when a big game is over? Win or lose, I think it is important to thank the people who have come to support me. My entourage is much bigger than the one you see in the players’ box. There were 75 of us at last year’s French Open. So we will go out somewhere together, probably to a nice restaurant. I hate noisy nightclubs where you can’t chat. If you win, how do you celebrate? These days, it will be with a bottle of bubbly. I have recently become the brand ambassador for Moët & Chandon, following in the footsteps of Scarlett Johansson, which is quite an honour. I feel part of a glamorous tradition. Have you visited the Champagne region? Moët & Chandon took me on a tour of their vineyards last year and I stayed at the Château de Saran near Epernay where the company entertains VIPs. It was a wonderful experience.

CREDITS: Max Davidson/The Daily Telegraph/The Interview People and Jasmine Bandali

Federer’s wife Mirka Vavrinec with the couple’s daughters(below) and the star raises the Wimbledon trophy(right).

Roger Federer

Caption style for images on them or near them Pore etur? Apis re nos mo volupitiunt officat am, natio


PURSUITS The latest and most exclusive must-have inventions, the alpha-car money can’t buy and one star’s unstoppable drive.




Such a big


After half a century building some of the world’s most prestigious supercars, Lamborghini goes one step further with the Egoista


Lambo Egoista


he prestigious firm is renowned for delivering some of the world’s most powerful supercars, but Lamborghini’s 50-year history has been a turbulent one which began with the passion of one man, the firm’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. A successful entrepreneur who owned several businesses including Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A, the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in Italy, Lamborghini amassed huge wealth and indulged his love for luxury cars. He owned a number of fine automobiles including Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Maseratis, and a Mercedes-Benz. He purchased his first Ferrari, a 250GT, in 1958 and fond of the brand, went on to own several more. However, when Lamborghini discovered the clutch of his Ferrari was broken and it turned out to be the same clutch used in his tractors, he asked Ferrari for a replacement.




Lambo Egoista Ferrari responded that as a tractor manufacturer, Lamborghini couldn’t possibly understand the mechanics of a sports car. So he set out to prove them wrong by embarking on an automobile venture that would bring to life his vision of the perfect grand tourer. The Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A was born in 1963. The first Lamborghini, the 350GT, was designed and built within four months and unveiled at the Turin Motor Show in October the same year. It received a warm response from the media but initially had to be sold at a loss to compete with Ferrari. The turning point which saw the firm transformed from fledgling automobile manufacturer to leading supercar brand came in 1966 when the company unveiled the Lamborghini Miura model at the Geneva Motor Show. However, Lamborghini was plagued by financial woes in the years that followed owing to the 1973 financial crisis and despite delivering models like the Islero, Espada, Jarama, Urraco and the prototype for the Countach, Lamborghini was forced to sell his controlling stake in the company by 1972. Six years later and the company had entered bankruptcy and changed hands several times. From 1987 to 1993 American automakers Chrysler purchased the firm and took the company into motorsports for the first time. Chrysler was also behind the design of the Diablo, which was the world’s fastest supercar in 1990, to critical acclaim. However sales crashed in 1992 and Lamborghini was sold to MegaTech and V’Power, who retained control of the company for three years from 1994 to 1997. Still unable to turn the company around and with the financial crisis of

“The first Lamborghini was designed and built within four months”

1998 making it an unfeasible investment, Lamborghini was sold to Volkswagen subsidiary, Audi, for $110 million. Under German ownership, the company was reorganised and finally found stability after many years of financial turmoil. Focused on the rebirth of the company, Volkswagen set about creating the first new Lamborghini in more than a decade, the Murciélago in 2001, later followed by the smaller V10equipped Gallardo model in 2003. A number of revisions to both these models were made over the years leading to the reveal of Lamborghini’s most expensive car in 2008. The limited-edition Reventón was a derivative of the Murciélago and featured a newly designed body with more angular styling. Soon after reporting its highest ever sales figures in 2008, Lamborghini was struck with financial woes once more, due to the effect the global recession had on Lamborghini’s lucrative Asia Pacific Market. Sales dropped once again by 50 percent. Refusing to admit defeat, the firm set about creating a replacement for the Murciélago, and the Aventador became Lamborghini’s new flagship model. It was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show which again marked a turnaround in both sales and popularity for the firm. In March, to celebrate their 50th anniversary, Lamborghini created three Veneno models, ranging in price from $3.9million to $4.1million, making it their most expensive car every produced for commercial use. All were bought following its reveal at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.


P U RS UI T S “The Egoista is pure emotion, Never Never Land, which will always remain a dream”

Having begun the celebrations with a limited edition car available to the public, Lamborghini also unveiled an additional concept car, the Egoista. Following the Grande Giro, a rally in the north of Italy for the company’s birthday celebrations, the Egoista was revealed by the firm’s President and CEO Stephen Winkelmann at Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. It provided a show-stopping culmination to the festivities. However, it was received with mixed emotion. It appears the intention was to follow the styling of the Reventón but perhaps that like any supermodel gracing the catwalk, it sports more angles than curves and an androgynous beauty that remains questionable. Yet there is no doubt that this car makes a statement. Created for the alpha personality, the selfindulgent vehicle seats only one hence its name, ‘Egoista’ meaning ‘selfish’ in Italian. It is actually a birthday ‘gift’ to Lamborghini from the parent company Volkswagen. The inspiration for the Egoista was the Apache helicopter. Crafted


from aluminium, carbon fibre and antiradar material, the vehicle’s design culminates in elements like the canopy and turbine-like exhaust, as well as a cockpit that can be ejected in an emergency. It’s somewhat obvious though that the Egoista’s primary focus has been on its design aspect rather than its internal power having borrowed from Lamborghini’s Gallardo model a slightly modified version of its 5.2 litre V10 engine for the increased 600 brake horse power. Design chief Walter De Silva led the team behind this bold new car. Explaining the ethos behind this unique vehicle, De Silva explains: “This is a car made for one person only, to allow them to have fun and express their personality to the maximum. It is designed purely for hyper-sophisticated people who want only the most extreme and special things in the world. It represents hedonism taken to the extreme, it is a car without compromises, in a word: egoista.” In a nod to Lamborghini’s renowned logo, the side flanks were incorporated to represent “a bull preparing to charge, with its horns lowered.” Designed without aerodynamic appendages on top, a series of active flaps in the bodywork flip open and close automatically depending on driving conditions – two at the back to increase stability, and a series of intakes on the back of the engine hood to increase cooling functionality for the V10. Its single occupancy design is enhanced by the tiny cockpit set at the forefront, encased in antiglare glass with an orange gradation, able to be removed in its entirety. As De Silva puts it, this was to “represent a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect himself from external elements. We kept an eye on the future when designing the Egoista, with the idea that its cockpit could have been taken from a jet aircraft and integrated into a road vehicle to provide a different travel option.” The Egoista has been created to command attention even in the

Lambo Egoista

dark, with LED clearance lights for threedimensional definition at night which are typically reserved for spacecraft, ‘bull’s eyes’ orange side indicators and a light set that includes red rear lights and two more lights on the roof with two ‘eagle eyes’ hidden in the front intakes to cast a beam on the road ahead and “scan the darkness for great distances.” The Egoista’s interior is small but perfectly formed, housing a single racing seat with a four-point seatbelt and a headup display and steering wheel reminiscent of those found on jet fighters. However, there isn’t a door which means that getting in and out of the car requires technique, through the glass enclosure that opens electronically. The driver is required to remove the steering wheel and place it on the dashboard, stand up in their seat, swivel their legs over to sit on the labelled area of the body and literally jump out – avoiding the ‘do not walk zones’ also inspired by its aeronautical design. The Egoista is likely to command an audience wherever it goes, along with the owner’s privilege of being the only person in the world to have this one-ofa-kind supercar. According to De Silva: “It’s as if Ferruccio Lamborghini were saying: ‘I’m going to put the engine in the back, I don’t want a passenger. I want it for myself, and I want it as I imagine it to be’. It is a fanatical vehicle, Egoista fits it well.” However the most exclusive Lamborghini of all time will remain elusive, De Silva concludes: “If Lamborghinis are cars for the few, this one goes further. It is a car for itself, a gift from Lamborghini to Lamborghini, resplendent in its solitude. The Egoista is pure emotion, Never Never Land, which no one can ever possess, and which will always remain a dream, for everyone.”


p u rs ui t s

GAD G ETS & T ECH NO L O G Y Extreme gaming


t’s the most sought-after PlayStation 3 game. Released in May, it comes with a record-breaking price tag of $189,000. GRID 2:Mono Edition is the ultimate racing car game for the die-hard enthusiast who also enjoys exclusivity - there is just one available worldwide. That privileged owner won’t just be racing the gaming car but will also own the real-life supercar featured in the game, the BAC Mono. The British designed and manufactured racing car is made from high-strength carbon


fibre, housing a 2.3litre four-cylinder engine which is capable of delivering 280 break horse power and goes from 0-100km in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 272km per hour. In addition to the racing car, the accompanying bundle also includes a PlayStation 3, branded racing gear including helmet, boots and gloves and a trip to the BAC factory in England. It is unknown whether the game has been bought. Available from

-Will smith

In hot water


pending time in a hot tub is most people’s idea of a pleasant experience. When surrounded by the natural beauty of open water, it is even better. This electric boat measures 16 feet in length with a built in hot tub measuring eight feet by 24 inches. The hot tub is capable of holding a maximum load of 2,100lbs of water and six adult bathers. It also incorporates a rechargeable battery bank that provides up to 10 hours of cruising pleasure. The boat is propelled by a 24volt electric motor to achieve a speed of

eight kilometres per hour on calm water and the integrated diesel-powered boiler with adjustable thermostat heats the tub’s water to a maximum temperature of 104°F. A waterproof audio system delivers music from your MP3 player through two flush-mounted 50-watt speakers. For added convenience, four ice chests and additional storage have been built into the deck. A teak swim step for access to the surrounding water completes the experience, which is priced at $42,000. Available from


p u rs ui t s

Bowl me over


f you can’t score a strike with this game, there is definitely a problem. The Human Bowling Ball game is a complete set for home use. Players themselves take on the role of the ‘ball’ by becoming encased in a transparent PVC sphere that measures seven feet in diameter when fully inflated. A zip fastening ensures that participants are fully secure while playing, yet it opens quickly and easily for the next competitor. The basic principle is to run within the ball and gain enough momentum


to knock down the six, five-foot tall foam pins, which fall easy upon contact. The three feet high boundaries are consistently inflated via the included stationary air blower to provide confines to otherwise careering bowlers. Four stakes firmly secure the rip and tear resistant vinyl construction to the ground. Suitable for ages five to 12 years old, this is a wellspent $4,500 on family fun at its best. available from

-Will smith



hen a laptop is worth a million dollars, it’s a given that diamonds will feature somewhere within its design. However, the Luvaglio laptop claims to deliver more than just exclusive adornments for elite clientele. While a rare, coloured-diamond does indeed feature, it delivers the tri-functionality of being the power switch, the user’s security ID and a jewellery item. The diamond is housed within a ring which can be removed and worn when the computer is not in use for the upmost in robust security. According to the laptop’s creator Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, part of its continued success has been the its intelligent features. Diamonds are used to enhance the cutting-edge design of the product which includes a 17 inch LED widescreen with anti-reflective glare, integrated screen-cleaning device, 128GB disk space and Blu-ray drive. Creator Luvaglio says: “We have used diamonds elsewhere but have given

them purpose. Unlike many of the highly priced products being released, we took our time to develop something out of the ordinary with real attention to detail. I didn’t want us to simply re-house a laptop into a diamond studded casing, or diamond encrust the entire thing simply to make it expensive. We’ve put thought in all the way from the keyboard down to the power charger.” He adds: “Many claim to produce luxury goods but we believe that the true element of luxury is having something that says ‘you’ that money can’t buy.” As with any technology of this calibre, a range of bespoke options are also available to suit to all tastes with the Luvaglio laptop boasting a wide range of colour options and finishes.The company also claim to have access to some of the world’s rarest diamonds. A truly luxurious 21st century browsing experience awaits the most discerning of technology connoisseurs. available at


p u rs ui t s



ammacher Schlemmer are a US retailer who have been specialising in hard-to-find and brand new inventions in their catalogue and stores since 1930. Inevitably this means being on top of current trends, and recognising the appeal of epic underwater excursions. This personal submarine descends to a depth of 1,000 feet and is capable of seating two people. It travels at a maximum speed of three knots, powered by a 120 and 24-volt battery bank that allows passengers to remain submerged for up to six hours at a time. The


completely transparent 3 and a quarter inch thick acrylic pressure sphere completely encases passengers for 360 degree ocean views. It is also climate controlled and keeps its ocean adventurers safe, even when entering the mesopelagic zone, where the opportunity to witness abundant bioluminescent marine life presents itself in all its magnitude. During submersion, four external 150watt quart-halogen lamps illuminate ocean life, while a xenon strobe light and RF beacon have also been fitted to alert others of the submarine’s whereabouts. The craft’s 56 and

three quarter inch diameter offers comfortable upright seating for passengers and is equipped with a VHF radio and underwater telephone to communicate with the surface. Comprehensive training is included within the price, which once completed, means you are in control of the multiple journeys you may wish to take whenever the desire strikes. It’s a thoroughly secure and amazing journey into the deep, all for a cool $2million. available at

Gadgets & Technology

Gourmet chic


f you love to cook but rarely find the time to spend in the kitchen, the Turbochef 30” Double Wall Speedcook Oven is a revolutionary state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen appliance you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Available in a range of colours this exceptional oven will soon become the focal point in the kitchen with its hearth-shaped sculpted doors. However, the most remarkable element of the Turbochef is that it has been created with both technological and culinary foresight to cook multiple items 12 times faster than conventional ovens. Achieved using the company’s patented Airspeed Technology, the oven itself is ventless, meaning hot air consistently circulates to deliver results in a fraction of the time. A 12lb turkey which usually takes four hours to cook, is ready in 42 minutes, while a 2lb Chateaubriand takes just 11 minutes. Rather than set the temperature yourself, the Turbochef’s Cookwheel has seven functions to allow you to roast, grill, bake, dehydrate, air crisp, or toast with ease. The seventh option allows you to store your favourite settings and frequently used recipes in their own menu for one-touch cooking. In addition, the ‘Cook Navigator’ is an intelligent control system displayed on a state-of-the-art LCD screen with over 400 stored cooking profiles which you are able to automatically select based on the food type and portion size. This is a smart and convenient lifestyle solution for those who value the good nutrition of a home-cooked meal delivered with speed, all for around $10,000. available at


p u rs ui t s


On call

ince 1998, British manufacturer Vertu has maintained a consistent reputation for delivering luxury handsets. The latest addition to the Vertu family is the Ti, an android powered, hand-made smartphone signed by a single craftsman before being sent to one of over 500 stores worldwide. Available in titanium black leather, pure black, black alligator, or black titanium red gold its sleek design begs to be shown off. The added strength of its titanium casing, which is five times that of a traditional phone, coupled with a virtually scratchproof screen made from sapphire make this a timeless investment. Added technical elements include an eight megapixel camera at the rear with twin LED flash, 1.7 GHz processor, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and 64GB of memory. Even the most critical audiophiles will be impressed by the Ti’s sound quality which has been tested at Bang and Olufsen’s audio facilities in Denmark to deliver unrivalled clarity and volume. However the most invaluable aspect of this phone is the added concierge service. Through a single button, a live operator is on hand to take care of details like booking a dinner reservation or a luxury hotel. It’s convenience at your fingertips, for a starting price of $9,600. available from


-Will smith





beyond football F

or top-flight footballer Frank Lampard stepping beyond the well-established public persona of millionaire soccer star is an entirely new challenge and one that brings with it a very different goal. Behind the professional athlete at home among the grit and glamour of the football stadium is a highly intelligent thinker inspired to even greater heights by his daughters, a deep love for his late mother and one of Chelsea’s greatest managers. With a new contract at Chelsea firmly under his belt, Lampard could have simply continued to enjoy the benefits that come from being at the top of your game. But with an impressive IQ of 150, he instead took the surprising step of becoming a children’s author. Frankie vs. the Pirate Pillagers is the first in sixbook franchise, Frankie’s Magic Football which draws inspiration from his own glittering career.


P U RS UI T S Frank Lampard has been playing football for almost 20 years. He began his career at West Ham in 1994, the club at which his footballer father Frank Lampard Sr. made his name. Lampard Jr. was 16 years old and inclined towards puppy fat - fans called him Fat Frank. He recalls: “They criticised me a lot, and it was generally because my dad had been at the club and they thought it was nepotism. It really overpowered me, to the point that it was detrimental to me. It bothered me.” But Lampard proved himself and in 2001, when he was 22, signed for Chelsea where he has spent the past 12 years. His devoted service to the club has secured the fans’ adoration. Is it important to him that he’s adored? “It’s the one thing I will never ever tire of”, he says. Lampard worked hard at school and achieved 11 GCSEs, among them an A* in Latin. In 2009, when the Chelsea squad underwent IQ tests, Lampard scored 150 points: a genius, Mensaqualifying figure. Meanwhile, earlier this year, the UK’s Sunday Times Sporting Rich List cited his personal wealth at an estimated $53 million, and ranked him 26th among Britain’s 100 wealthiest sports stars. Fortunately it seems savvy Lampard has the sense to manage well the wealth and fame that comes with being at the top of his game. He says: “I’m not the sort of person who would ever scream from the rooftops about what I earn. It’s not for me. I am very much of a mindset of, the minute you show off or start overspending, it’s just tempting fate. However, in footballers’ defence, it’s not their fault. If a club’s prepared to pay, no one would probably ever say ‘no thanks’.” Now 34, and getting older in what Lampard himself refers to as “footballer years” he can bask in another year of adoration with a new contract. His old one, in the region of $233,000 a week, ran out at the end of the 2012-2013 season amid a flurry of speculation the star would leave his beloved Chelsea for pastures new. “My career was actually at a bit of a crossroads, up in the air,” he says. There was some doubt that he would remain at the club he has served for more than a decade with rumours he might head to the


Frank Lampard “My mum was my best friend. There’s an aftershock that comes through the rest of time” USA and join David Beckham’s former team, Los Angeles Galaxy. Chelsea supporters reacted furiously to the club’s refusal to recommit to the player and every time he scored fans chanted, “sign him up! sign him up!” They were vindicated when he ended the season as Chelsea’s all-time record goal scorer, securing 203 goals in 607 games including a brace against Aston Villa that helped Chelsea book a place in the Champions League next season. The day after Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Portuguese side Benfica in the Europa Cup, Lampard signed a new contract worth around $186,000 a week. Perhaps one reason fans’ favourite Lampard is so widely liked is that he is uncharacteristically level-headed for a representative of his profession. He is not noticeably egotistical. Does he think of himself as a big-name footballer? “I’d never say it out loud,” he says. “When I go on the pitch, I try to think like that. And then, when I come off the pitch, I try not to. You need confidence, and you need arrogance. Slightly. In a nice way. But there is a distinction. Afterwards. Switch it off.” Like many of football’s stars, Lampard’s life off the pitch has been the subject of a great deal of newspaper headlines with speculation on his personal life at times reaching fever pitch. Yet he has managed to retain a grounded

approach and is throughout a dedicated father. “I’d like to think I’m hands-on. Obviously, in an ideal world, it would be different,” he says, addressing his split from his children’s mother in 2008. “I am a better dad than I was before. I can give them much more of my time. My youngest was a year and a half when we split and to be a single dad takes some getting used to. We don’t deal with girls’ things all that well. My eldest now wants to play with make-up all the time, and there are still the teenage years to come, which scare me a bit. But we’ll deal with that.” Lampard is now in a relationship with Irish television presenter Christine Bleakley. The couple met in November 2009 and announced their engagement two years later. Is he a romantic? “I think so,” he says. “I’m quite loving.” With loved ones and family clearly a central force in his life, Lampard is still striving to come to terms with personal tragedy, the loss of his beloved mother Pat Lampard. In 2008, Pat died, quite suddenly, of pneumonia. Frankie vs. the Pirate Pillagers is dedicated to her. “I miss her voice. I miss her presence. I was 29 years old. So young. And it was so unexpected. I didn’t know. I was supposed to play a game. I got called back. I had about 15 to 20 minutes with her before she went into a coma. And that was it. And she was in pain; and piped and tubed up. So I didn’t have any time really. Just a hold of her hand,” recalls Lampard. “I can’t really remember the year that followed, I was playing a lot of important games at the time, kind of a robotic thing.” Lampard admits that he has since struggled to come to terms with losing Pat. The player was

Lampard credits his late mother Pat as a major influence in his life



extremely close to his mother whose passing left a great loss in his life. Steely Lampard decided against therapy to ease his pain, instead trying to come through the emotional turmoil alone. He says: “I try to therapise myself. Therapise. Is that a word? It was five years ago. My mum was my best friend. There’s an aftershock that comes through the rest of time. I’m a different person. I’m probably tougher, colder. It’s one of those things, where you’re hurt so badly. It’s the most I could have been hurt. And once that happens, a lot of things that hurt you before don’t hurt you so much.” Beyond the close relationship Lampard shared with his mother, another lasting influence on him has been Chelsea manager José Mourinho. “He has got a huge aura about him. He really is a man who walks into a room and everyone is aware he’s there. He was brilliant for me and gave me real self-confidence. I was very shy as a young boy, coming into football in the early years. He took me aside and said, ‘listen, you can be better than you are if you come out of yourself a bit more.’ He’s got this very infectious sort of a way, where he’s confident in himself and it makes you strive to be like that yourself.” Perhaps it is this confidence that has seen Lampard make the bold move into children’s books. The inspiration came two years ago from bedtime stories Lampard read to daughters, Luna, who is almost eight, and Isla, six, from his previous relationship with Spanish model Elen Rivas. “If I’m honest,” he says, “my youngest is kind of into football, she’s more interested in it but my oldest isn’t too much. So that’s why I wanted it to be about football, but with a sense of adventure so it wasn’t solely for boys.” The story sees a magic football breach the space-time continuum and takes Frankie and his friends into fantasy worlds where they play high-stakes matches against pillaging pirates. Lampard says: “All the characters were mine. I sat on them for a couple of years.


Frank Lampard


P U RS UI T S “I have a little diary because we spend hours travelling. Lots of people play computer games. I wrote them down. I had stories in my head and little messages I wanted to get across”

Frank Lampard has launched a career as a children’s author

I didn’t actually have the balls to do anything with it. Football’s been my life for so long. It could get panned! People could speak badly of it, or say ‘just because he’s a footballer, he’s had a chance to get this out’. But I made loads of notes. I have a little diary, which I always have, because we spend hours travelling. Lots of people play computer games. I don’t play computer games or golf. I wrote them down. A complete mishmash in the beginning. I had stories in my head and little messages I wanted to get across.” What about a life beyond football? “I’m chilled out about it,” he says, “you do tend to come to terms with it, with age. There’s an awareness which grows and you change. I’ve had phases. Phases where you want to be a manager. Phases where you get to 27 and you’re pi**ed off with things and you think, ‘I want to finish when I’m 32.’ And you go past 30 and you think: ‘I want to keep playing as long as I can.’ Funny how that happens with age. So it will be interesting. My life. Without… it.”

CREDITS: By Polly Vernon/The Times Magazine/The Interview People and Jasmine Bandali


Frank Lampard





Jet craft


here are clearly benefits to owning your own private aircraft, however when assessing the need for a personal jet, there are many factors to be considered. Besides the tens of millions it costs to purchase the plane itself, there are huge running costs incurred annually for maintenance, refuelling and hangar storage. Xclusive sat down with aircraft broker Mike Cappuccitti from Jetcraft. The successful firm’s main headquarters are located in the United States, but maintain a presence worldwide. Cappuccitti considers the factors associated with a purchase of this magnitude and what to consider before making that all-important investment.



“The greatest benefit of a private aircraft is without doubt the time saving”

Luxurioius private jet interiors can be customised to suit each owner’s individual preferences

Corporate Jets are used as a business tool, hence the cost is justified. What type of person should be looking for their own private jet for personal use? Private jets are for those high-networth individuals who consider time to be the ultimate luxury. The greatest benefit of a private aircraft is without doubt the time saving resulting from the following: a personalised schedule, minimised check-in and arrival delays and point-to-point travel. Security and safety is another important consideration because when you have your own plane, you have full control over the aircraft’s maintenance and crew quality, there are no ‘unknowns’ on board, and there is no schedule to keep. The added bonus lies of course in personal comfort, because owners’ preferences are known to the crew, like food, drinks, magazines, papers, films, music and also depending on the aircraft, a private cabin with a bed. Jets are expensive to run. Are there any c o s t - e f fe c t i ve o p t i o n s fo r t h o s e wanting to purchase a jet, who may not use it frequently? Yes. Many owners will off-set the cost by having the aircraft equipped for Part 135 (commercial/ charter) operations and make the aircraft available for revenue generating flights when not in personal use.


Jet craft


P U RS UI T S “Buyers will have the opportunity to select whatever options they want and can choose leathers, upholstery, carpets, woods”

aircraft’s specification. Is the aircraft equipped the way the owner wants? This can include factors such as satellite communications and the use of the internet for full communications whilst airborne.

What are the most important things to consider when purchasing a jet? The first thing to question is whether or not it fits your purpose. For example, can it do what the owner wants it to do in terms of performance? Thereafter, it’s the maintenance condition, which includes current condition and near-term scheduled maintenance inspections. Some maintenance inspections and events can be very costly such as engine and landing gear overhauls. Lastly I would say the


What is the most cost-effective jet you can purchase? If you are buying a jet purely for personal use, you probably have other reasons to do so rather than cost-effectiveness. Some people say ‘If you have to ask the question, you should not buy the aircraft’. The question is too broad to answer simply. It would depend on the anticipated use of the aircraft. It would also be a trade-off between the capital cost of ownership and the operating cost. For a specific aircraft, a low capital cost purchase would likely mean an older aircraft which would likely have higher operating costs like wear and tear, engine efficiency degradation with age, which in turn leads to higher fuel costs, and so on. To what extent can you customise your own jet? For new aircraft, the aircraft can be fully customised within the existing regulations. Buyers will have the opportunity to select whatever equipment options they want and can choose leathers,

Jet craft

upholstery, carpets, woods, sidewall materials, interior layout and a custom paint scheme. Some smaller new aircraft are restricted to a few layout options and any changes might incur excessive additional cost as changes would require additional engineering and certification. Pre-owned aircraft can also be refurbished and/or modified and upgraded at the buyer’s choice. Following the global recession, aircraft are being sold at lower prices. Has Jetcraft experienced an influx of buyers? The recession certainly impacted the price of

both new and pre-owned aircraft. While many owners were forced to sell their aircraft, I think it’s true to say that for every seller there is a buyer, and transactions continue but at lower prices. At the higher end of the market, prices are beginning to stabilise and for newer, recent models, prices are actually increasing. However at the same time it is worth noting that older, smaller aircraft prices are still in decline, so if that fits your criteria, it is an investment well worth making.


RETREATS Exclusive first-class suites and a chic yet vibrant party destination, plus plans for a refreshing hotel concept in Dubai.




Party Central enjoy a break to remember in vibrant hong kong


Hong Kong


hether partying in Cannes or making the most of the chic clubs of Ibiza, a decadent experience awaits in one of the world’s most modern cosmopolitan cities. Hong Kong is not only a paradise for partygoers but is further enhanced by nearby Macau which is hailed the Las Vegas of the East. A former Portuguese colony, Macau is where east meets west in spectacular fashion with a rich cultural heritage making way for its entertainment district boasting a myriad of restaurants and gaming hotspots. Where to Stay For luxurious accommodation look no further than the Intercontinental Hong Kong. Its Presidential Suite is the largest in the city and is revered as the finest in Asia. With breathtaking panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island, this five-bedroom duplex penthouse spans 7,000 square feet and comes equipped with a private study, sauna, steam room, gym and rooftop terrace with infinity pool and Jacuzzi. In addition, a 24-hour butler and limousine service in your choice of Phantom VI Rolls Royce, Bentley or Mercedes are also at your disposal - all for around $13,700 a night. If you’re looking for more modest accommodation without compromising on exclusivity, head to the Upper House. Located in Admiralty, a residential part of town, this world-class haven of tranquility was designed by renowned architect Andre Fu, who was born in Hong Kong but graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2000. After returning home in 2004, his boutique studio has created a series of internationally recognised works all over the Far East ranging from Fullerton Bay Hotel at Singapore’s waterfront to Piacere Italian Restaurant and Nadaman Japanese Restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo. The Upper House is a stone’s throw from the bustling city and the hotel offers 117 spacious accommodations including 21 suites and two penthouses over 11-storeys. Each boast breathtaking city and marina



Tantalize your taste buds with haute cuisine from one of the several Michelen-starred restaurants in the city

views alongside unparalleled luxury. The entire hotel is paperless which means that traditional elements like a front desk for arriving and departing guests is non-existent. Expect instead to be assigned a member of staff armed with an iPad to personally escort you to your room and check you in there. The idea is to settle you in as soon as possible so you can start to relax and enjoy your stay. Keeping with the paperless theme, an in room iPod Touch comes loaded with information on the hotel and surrounding area including nearby tourist attractions. Peruse the handy guide as you unwind with a drink from your ‘maxi-bar’. Rather than the traditional mini-bar, as its name suggests this is a larger stock of beverage and nibbles for you to graze on entirely free of charge. Nightlife After dark, Hong Kong offers an unrivalled experience awash with high-end clubs and bars. Head to Magnum or Billionaire, both in the aptly named ‘Central’ part of town and similar in opulence. The former is a massive expanse of 13,000 square feet that is rumoured to have cost an estimated $50 million to entice its high-flying clientele who party in its decadent surroundings. From the Swarovski lined DJ booth to gold


Hong Kong

toilets, this is where the city’s socialites come to dance the night away and enjoy the finest Champagne. If heading to Macau, one of the most renowned spots is Club Cubic. This is a luxurious destination where international DJs spin the decks. There are also five private rooms to host your own party in a chic space complete with private balcony overlooking the main expansive dance floor.



“For refined French fare, the Caprice at the Four Seasons delivers splendid food and service in equal measure”

Macau also delivers a more mature vibe for those looking for something a little more sedate. Head to Dragon-I which is divided in two; the Red Room a dining and VIP area, and Playground, a New York style bar and dance floor. Aqua Spirit on Peking Road serves up exceptional fusion cuisine and delicious cocktails in an expat hang out which is also a favourite with the regulars in the financial district. For a more masculine experience, b.a.r Executive caters for single-and-double-malt beverage connoisseurs, who can enjoy varieties from America and Scotland. Drinks are offered with loving care as ice is chiselled and served in large spheres so that each premium sip can be enjoyed without being diluted. It’s private and understated, boasting great views of the city.


However, this members’ only club is perpetually in demand, and reservations ahead of time are always essential. Where to eat Among Hong Kong’s many Michelin star restaurants the competition is fierce and as vibrant and diverse as the city itself. If you’re in the mood for European cuisine, Domani and Angelini serve up authentic Italian dishes with a twist. For refined French fare, the Caprice at the Four Seasons delivers splendid food and service in equal measure. If you’re a fan of cheese and grape, this is definitely the place to be. The Cantonese tradition of Yum Cha, an afternoon tea of herbal brews and dumplings, is best enjoyed at Lung King Heen. Also located at the Four Seasons, threeMichelin-starred executive chef Chan Yan Tak delivers heavenly


Hong Kong’s skyline is sure to impress


dim sum. Be sure to sample the steamed-shrimp dumpling with asparagus, beautifully presented and just as flavourful. Another highlight is the baked whole abalone puff - edible sea snails encased in puff pastry and glazed with a light sweet sauce. If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, One Harbour Road offers a vast menu of traditional and innovative dishes ranging from deep fried mushrooms tossed with cinnamon blossom, to barbecued Peking duck.

What else is there to do? Besides the obvious allure of Macau with most of its 29 gaming outlets open 24 hours, it is also the first and last European colony of Asia which was controlled by the Portuguese until 1999. As such, it retains a unique fusion of east and west, old and new. This is where cobbled streets lead to cathedrals, fortresses and temples for plenty of sightseeing. Back in Hong Kong, admire the art of tea making and fine Yixing porcelain at a colonial mansion in Hong Kong Park or head to Cat Street to purchase antique Chinese Jade which symbolises beauty, nobility, perfection and power in this part of the world. For luxury shopping head to the exclusive boutiques on Pacific Place, while first-class bespoke tailor-made shirts and suits are available from the tailors in Tsim Sha Tsui. Whatever you decide to do during your vacation in Hong Kong, you will leave with a lasting impression that ensures you will return time and time again.


Take a stroll out to sea along the wooden pier towards the twinkling lights of Pierchic. Perched upon stilts in the open water, this is a restaurant like no other. With uninterrupted views of the ocean, the majestic Burj Al Arab and a panorama of the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah resort, Pierchic is sure to uncover the romantic in you. Pierchic is open for lunch and dinner.

For reservations please call +971 366 6730 or visit


108 108

First Class on Board

class First in

fly luxury class with the very best in commercial air travel


personal chef brings a selection of gourmet dishes as you unwind in your own private suite miles above the earth. Then it’s time to sink into hand-stitched leather seats and sip from a glass of Champagne before slipping into designer pyjamas. Welcome to the world of first-class air travel where travelling long-haul doesn’t equate to compromise. Following on from the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards held in Paris on June 18, these exceptional first class options are the epitome of exclusivity. Enjoy the most opulent, luxurious air travel to be had without chartering a private jet.



Singapore Airlines (above), Etihad Airways Diamond Class (below), Emirates Airline (below right)


SINGAPORE AIRLINES The first-class travel aboard a private suite on Singapore Airlines’ A380 has for years remained the option for elite travelers - taking home the accolade of fourth best in this category at the SKYTRAX awards. Each passenger is afforded the luxury of being one of the privileged few to inhabit one of 12 on-board suites complete with sliding doors to ensure the upmost privacy. The bespoke suites each feature a hand-stitched leather seat fashioned by gifted Italian craftsmen Poltrona Frau, whose reputation for modern and contemporary furniture designs coupled with unparalleled comfort have seen them grace the automotive interiors of Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Maserati. Luxe travellers can recline while perusing the in-flight entertainment on their personal 23-inch LCD screen television. Choose your main meal 24 hours prior to departure with a ‘Book the Cook’ option. The delicious meals on

NO-ONE DOES FIRST CLASS TRAVEL BETTER THAN THE MIDDLE EAST offer have been carefully devised and vetted by a panel of the world’s most critically acclaimed master chefs. However, the most appealing feature is the standalone bed. Not converted from a seat, this is a flat-bed which provides the genuine creature comforts of a home away from home, and is the perfect place to catch some quality shut-eye in your courtesy Givenchy pyjamas.

EMIRATES AIRLINE Dubai’s national airline has, since its inception in 1985, recorded exceptional growth alongside innovative additions to their aircraft fleet. This has seen the airline rapidly gain a reputation for excellence among its passengers with Emirates Airline coming third in this category class at the SKYTRAX awards. As such, the first-class suites are an altogether elegant affair decked out in leather and wood, equipped with sliding doors, a personal mini bar, wardrobe, vanity table with mirror and the option for your seat to be fully reclined to a flat bed topped with a mattress for a relaxing night’s sleep. Rest assured, there is absolutely no question of going hungry – if your seven-course gourmet lunch or dinner doesn’t satisfy, multi-course meals and snacks are available at any time during the flight, including a selection of healthy options. The on-board Shower Spa, decked out in walnut and marble, is a unique onboard oasis where you can enjoy a refreshing shower before landing. There are also two exclusive lounges to socialise in with fellow first-class passengers or simply sit back and relax with a delicious

First Class on Board

Etihad Airways Diamond Class dining

afternoon tea or a refreshing cocktail prepared by the dedicated bartender on hand to cater to every whim. Add to that the convenience of remaining connected to the internet throughout your flight via Wi-Fi and permissible mobile phone use via GPRS/EDGE connectivity on select A380 flights, and you’ve got an unrivalled flight experience fit for even the most discerning of air travel passengers.

QATAR AIRWAYS The airline’s slogan is ‘World’s 5-star airline’ and when you’re travelling first class that luxury is apparent from the moment you arrive at the airport. Elite passengers departing from Doha are escorted to the Premium Terminal, a separate space for the exclusive use of its First and Business Class travellers built at an estimated cost of $90million. Following a seamless check-in,


RE T R E ATS when it’s time to rest, slip on your pyjamas and relax reclining seats, with built-in massage function have privacy screens and a 17-inch personal television with noise cancelling headset. Above all, Cathay’s impeccable service has seen the airline garner numerous accolades and awards, year on year, from industry insiders and passengers alike. Etihad Airways (above and below)

passengers are led through to the lounge which houses several fine dining restaurants and a spa, complete with Jacuzzi, sauna, massage treatment rooms, showers and bedrooms. On board, seats fully recline to a flat-bed in the First Class cabin where for additional comfort, designer sleepwear, a white linen mattress, Frette linen and a duvet are also provided. Each seat comes equipped with a 23inch meal table which allows passengers the option for dinner-a-deux, seated opposite each other. Again the fare here is of premium quality with on-board meals crafted by Michelin starred, celebrity chefs Nobu Matsuhisa, famous for his Japanese fusion cuisine, Tom Aikens whose contemporary French cuisine has seen his selfnamed restaurant in London ranked among the top 50 in England, Vineet Bhatia, also famed for his fine-dining Indian-fusion cuisine in London, and Lebanese chef Ramzi Choueiri whose authentic cuisine has seen him garner critical acclaim from esteemed media around the globe including the New York Times, BBC and CNN. To freshen up prior to landing, Christian Dior amenity kits are provided and if travelling to London Heathrow, the dedicated Premium Lounge at the airport comes equipped with a deli among other dining options, a business centre and private showers.

CATHAY PACIFIC The most distinguishing feature that sets Cathay Pacific apart from the rest is its on-board cuisine, made to order and freshly cooked on board using rice cookers, toasters and steam ovens. This is perhaps possible due to the fact that there are only nine seats available in First Class on the Boeing 747-400s and six seats on the Boeing 777-300ERs, giving each premium passenger the efficient crew’s undivided attention. The fully


ETIHAD AIRWAYS It seems no-one does it quite as well as the Middle East when it comes to luxurious air travel. Etihad Airways’ Diamond Class passengers are the recipients of UAE hospitality at its best, beginning at the First Class lounge where a host of amenities await. From a relaxing treatment at the Six Senses Spa to fine dining, a champagne bar, cigar lounge and family room to keep younger passengers entertained. For this reason, Etihad was the winner in this category at the SKYTRAX awards. Once on board, passengers are shown to their luxurious Poltrona Frau Flatbed seat, which has an extra-large table for a shared dining experience with your travelling companion. Attention to detail and personal experience shines through with special features on board including a private chef to whip up dishes from a selection of four different menus. There is also a luxury changing room with full-length mirror, wash basin and leather fold-down seat to ensure you arrive at your destination looking your best. A 23-inch cinematic widescreen television, personal minibar and wardrobe are all included for your convenience and when it’s time to rest, simply close your sliding doors, slip on your pyjamas and relax with a full-sized pillow and pure silk and cotton Dupion duvet.


Sea bed On the



Discus hotel




ubai is the home of extravagance and a host of record-breaking achievements. This is where the world’s tallest building, world’s largest shopping mall and largest man-made island stand side-by-side. Soon that list of amazing projects could be added to with bold plans to construct the world’s largest underwater hotel. The concept is not a new one with the exclusive three-room Jules Undersea Lodge situated off Key Largo in Florida and the one bedroom Utter Inn on Lake Mälaren in Sweden. However Dubai intends to be rather more ambitious with high-end project The Water Discus, designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology and set to be developed by Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult AG. The hotel is comprised of two massive disc sections (hence the name) one above the water and the other submerged 10 feet into the sea connected by a narrow shaft containing a staircase and lift. Five legs separate the two main components, which comprises 21 hotel suites, diving centre complete with decompression chamber and air locks, underwater bar, a spa, spacious gardens and open terraces above water level. Of course there’s that all-important helipad for those wishing to arrive by air.


Once constructed, the futuristic hotel is set to be a paragon of safety for its guests. The unpredictability of sea conditions mean the entire structure needs to be transportable. The interchangeable discs are also detachable and buoyant so that in the event of emergency, guests will be cocooned within structures that float just like lifeboats. Set to be an impressive addition to Dubai’s hotel portfolio, there are hopes the bold concept will pave the way for new opportunities in the future.

THE LIST OF amazing projects could be added to with the world’s largest underwater hotel

Discus hotel




Discus hotel

we would like to create here in the UAE, a laboratory tool for oceans and seas environment protection and research Bogdan Gutkowski, President of developers BIG said: “Water Discus Hotel project opens many new fields of development for the hotel and tourism sector, housing and city sector in the coastal off-shore areas, as well as new opportunities for ecology support by creation of new underwater ecosystems and activities on underwater world protection. Additionally, we would like to create here in the UAE, the International Environmental Program and Centre of the Underwater World Protection with Water Discus Hotel as a laboratory tool for oceans and seas environment protection and research.� Drydocks World, the shipbuilding arm of Dubai World, had confirmed they had signed

a deal with BIG InvestConsult in May 2012 for the development of underwater hotels and floating cities in Dubai. However, at the time the prototype for the Discus Hotel was also of interest to developers in the Maldives, where rising water levels as the lowest lying nation on Earth require investment in floating structures and underwater ventures to remain inhabitable. Evidence of similar projects already exists there with the underwater spa at Huvafen Fushi, the underwater restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, and Niyama, an underwater nightclub. Whether the Dubai version will go ahead now remains to be seen, because according to recent reports Ridgewood Hotel and Suites Pvt. Ltd. have signed a deal with Deep Ocean Technology



Artists’ impressions of how the Discus Hotel might look

to construct the Discus concept just off shore at Kuredhivaru Island, next to ZEN resort in the Noonu Atoll, Maldives. However, no construction or expected opening date has yet been disclosed, so we can only imagine that by the time it makes its debut in the Maldives, Dubai will have unveiled its plans for an even bigger, better and more luxurious concept.


LIFESTYLE Be natural and restore inner peace for prosperity, from food and fitness to where east truly meets west.





The face of



ntrepreneur, best-selling author and White House advisor, cosmetics doyenne Bobbi Brown holds deeply personal inspirations that have seen her reach great heights. Born in Chicago in 1957 to a stay-athome mother and attorney father, one of Bobbi Brown’s treasured early memories gives a rare insight into the close-knit family and loving parents who encouraged their ambitious daughter to realise her dreams. “I watched my mother do her make-up to go out on a Saturday night with my father. She was wearing very high heels, her bra and underwear, a big blonde beehive, a cigarette at the counter – she used to smoke – and was doing false eyelashes with a toothpick,” says Brown as she recalls a touching scene. “She always wore very glamorous makeup and used to put a very white eye shadow on.


Bobbi Brown


L I F E S TY L E “I have a very funny picture of her where she looks gorgeous but has this super-white eye shadow. With a lot of the make-up that I create, I think about those things; my mother used to wear a chubby stick of bronzing cream on her cheeks. I’m kind of known for my bronzer so that was a big inspiration. Then I remember my grandmother, who had a very lined face, taking her lipstick and putting it on her cheeks. That’s when I created Pot Rouge [a multi-use lip and cheek colour], from that memory.” We meet on a sunny day during London Fashion Week earlier this spring. In town for just a couple of days, talented Brown was the lead make-up artist for the catwalk debut of friend L’Wren Scott, stylist-turned designer and glamorous girlfriend of Rolling Stones rock legend Mick Jagger. Credited with gifting the natural look to a generation of women the cosmetics magnate can’t easily take her foot off the gas. After our meeting, Brown will pack her bags and return to America, but instead of heading to her New Jersey home, Brown will be flying directly to Washington DC for a rather important meeting. “Do you believe that I have to fly tonight to Washington DC, get in really late, go to bed, wake up then go to the White House for lunch and be all dressed up?” she asks when the subject of her lunch with Barack Obama crops up, leaving me feeling exhausted just listening to her itinerary. “It had to be a very different outfit than going to a party with Mick Jagger, right? But in one weekend – those two guys, that’s pretty exciting.” Brown explains: “I’ve been to the White House half a dozen or more times. Once with Bill Clinton but mostly with the Obamas: we go to the Christmas party every year. I think Obama’s work is fantastic. I am a humongous supporter and happen to be very liberal. I believe that our president is trying to do things that really matter, for the economy, with gun control. As I get more well known and global, I realise that I have a responsibility and an amazing platform to be able to talk about the things that really matter. Don’t ask me why, but I’m currently on the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. When they first asked me to be on it, because it’s a presidential appointment, the FBI came to the office. These guys with guns came in and went to all of my neighbours’ doors. One of my staff asked if they were strippers. It was a pretty big deal; I had to write down what friends I had when I was in nursery school. I go there and I listen to all these people talk and think ‘What do I know about this?’ But I listen and say something


when I feel it’s necessary. I’m amazed that people say, ‘Bobbi said’.” That seemingly effortless ability to straddle very different worlds has led Brown to forge a formidable career built on hard work and determination. A strong work ethic was instilled in Brown at an early age as she watched her grandfather nurture his own business. “Family was always the most important thing for everyone in mine; there was no question. We would go to the car dealership [owned by Brown’s grandfather] and wait for Papa to finish, and I would see him work. When you own a car dealership you are working around the clock. That work ethic is definitely inbred. I think a lot of people who remember their ancestors coming from other countries understand you have to work hard for things.” As soon as he was old enough Brown got a job in a small cosmetics store. Later, she earned a degree in theatrical make-up from Emerson College in Boston, before moving to New York in 1980 to work as a professional make-up artist. Before long Brown’s careful portfolio building paid off as she won editorial jobs for

“Family was always the most important thing for everyone in mine; there was no question”

Bobbi Brown at work making-up models

Bobbi Brown

American Vogue where she worked with already legendary photographers Bruce Weberf, Arthur Elgort, and Patrick Demarchelier. It was Demarchelier who shot one of Brown’s breakthrough images of supermodel-in-waiting Naomi Campbell for the cover of American Vogue’s September 1989 issue. Brown’s landmark breakthrough came 10 years into her career as a freelance make-up artist when she met a chemist on-set and commissioned a lipstick that ‘looked like lips, only better’. The first shade produced was a nude colour called ‘Brown’ which is still a bestseller today. Following the company’s birth in 1991, Brown’s first line of lipsticks went on sale to unprecedented demand and soon the range was expanded to include foundation and eye shadows. Brown endeavoured to make women feel beautiful from her very first collection. At just 5ft

tall, Brown was always the smallest of her friends and admits that this made her more self-conscious and insecure about her looks. “Make-up was something I could do to make myself prettier,” she says. Brown wanted to explore being able to deliver a more natural look; a stark contrast to the extreme look of the 1980s defined by white skin and red lips the norm when she started out as a make-up artist for fashion shoots in New York. During one shoot for Mademoiselle magazine in 1988 at Kiehl’s pharmacy, Brown told the chemist she hated most of the lipsticks available in the market. “I wanted it to be creamy and not dry, to stay on a long time, to not have any odour at all, and to be colours that look like lips. He said, ‘I’ll make it for you.’ I mixed a taupe eye pencil, a blush--there was not a lipstick in there--and I sent the swatch to him. ‘Brown’ is



Bobbi Brown “I’ve been very blessed by the universe to give me such incredible experiences. I take those all with joy and for what they are”

currently in my line and is my No. 1 selling lipstick. And that’s how we got started.” Shortly afterwards, the beauty Editor of Glamour magazine wrote a short blurb about Brown’s lipstick line with her telephone number, and she was soon bombarded with orders. “I guess that’s when I needed to get serious and get a partner,” she says. Reconnecting with an old business colleague, whose husband worked in the cosmetics industry, Brown started the company with just $10,000. A chance meeting later at a dinner party saw her meet the cosmetics buyer at Bergdorf Goodman, who was interested in Brown’s new line of 10 lipsticks. However, as Brown explains, it was touch and go for a while. “Later they said they couldn’t take us. They had too much going on that season. I remember my stomach dropping when I got the message. I was at a photo shoot for Saks and telling the creative directors and art directors about this new line, and they said, ‘Oh, my God. We want it.’ I called Bergdorf back and said, ‘That’s too bad, but don’t worry, because Saks wants it.’ Bergdorf called me 10 minutes later and said, “Uh-uh. We’re going to take it.” I never even went to the right people at Saks. Now I know, that’s called bluffing.” In 1995, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was bought by industry powerhouse Estée Lauder, instantly guaranteeing the brand global appeal. “Some women are very fashionforward; other women just want to look good,” she says of her customers. “I love the way women look without

make-up. Even though I think they look better with the right make-up, I happen to find beauty in a more natural look. When editors want to know how to wear a coloured eye, I want to say, ‘You don’t!’.” Although hesitant to describe herself as driven, Brown has evidently a great deal of ambition and enthusiasm: “If I had a crystal ball and someone had said, ‘Here is your life’, I would have said, ‘No thank you’. But I’m just open [to opportunities]. I’ve been very blessed by the universe t o g i ve me such incredible experiences. I take those all with joy and for what they are. I’m able to hold them up, put them in my heart or head and then go home and be a mum, or a friend. I think I can handle being outside my comfort zone well because I don’t get sucked up in it. I’m pretty relaxed.” Brown’s relaxed, inclusive attitude translates to her cosmetic aesthetic too – her brand is known as one of the best at catering to a range of skin colours. “I find beauty in interesting ways,” she explains. “Whether it’s furniture that’s distressed or a woman with a very strong nose – I find interesting what other people might think is not so attractive. I could honestly say that all women have something beautiful about them. I think the beauty industry can be empowering, or it can be difficult. I think that most beautiful women don’t realise they’re beautiful. It’s crazy. Who really thinks they’re beautiful? Nobody.” Mindful of the need to cater to every kind of women and, showing the shrewd business knowhow that has propelled her meteoric rise, Brown says: “It’s just common sense to cater to different skin tones. Everything I do, by the way, that people think is brilliant, is just basic common sense. When I was a young make-up artist working with models, you never knew what the model looked like. So you needed


L I F E S TY L E “I care deeply about what I make; integrity is the most important thing to me” colours for everyone’s skin. When you’re doing a personal experience in a store, you don’t know who’s coming in – I don’t ever want to say to someone, ‘I don’t have your colour’.” In addition to being a successful make-up artist and head of a major cosmetics company, Brown recently signed a deal with luxury optical designers, Safilo, to design a range of optical frames and sunglasses, and is a New York Times bestselling author of five instructional beauty and lifestyle books; Bobbi Brown Beauty, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty and Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. More recently she launched her Pretty Powerful campaign in support of Dress for Success in the UK which promotes women’s economic independence through career development. “It’s the way I was raised,” says Brown of her altruistic work. “We were brought up to give back. It’s usually giving back to your community, which is what I do.” The campaign, launched this year features a new product called Pretty Powerful pot Rouge, which seeks to propel women and girls to that new pretty, not just with makeup but with a recognition of every woman as fundamentally beautiful. Every penny earned from the sale of the product supports organisations around the world that strive to empower women, such as Dress for Success, Her Fund, Open Closet, and HeartBeat. It seems no matter how successful Brown has become, she hasn’t forgotten her beginnings and early inspirations. She says: “I don’t feel any different than the day I started. I care deeply about what I make; integrity is the most important thing to me. I love helping people.”

CREDITS: Rebecca Gonsalves/The Independent/The Interview People and Jasmine Bandali



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h e alth & fit ness



t is claimed that there is no easy way to achieve the ultimate body beautiful, with regimented exercise and a strict calorie intake, (especially in individuals over 30 due to a slower metabolic rate), needing to be adhered to in order to avoid that dreaded middle age spread. However, when Xclusive learned about Hypoxi, a more effective method of weight loss and the ability to tone problem areas like love handles and stubborn abdominal fat without gruelling sessions, we decided to see if it really does live up to its hyperbole.




What is Hypoxi? The Hypoxi method is a targeted method of body shaping which was developed by sport scientist, Dr. Norbert Egger, in Salzburg, Austria in the late ‘90s. With a thorough understanding of the fact that fat is burned primarily in regions where the tissue is best supplied with blood and above all, fat is burned by movement, he targeted circulationenhancing methods such as vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention and tighten the skin. He then developed a pressureresistant device which, while closely surrounding the body, still leaves enough freedom of movement for real exercise. The Hypoxi method which works on both males and females, to reduce problem areas like persistent fat pads on the stomach, hip, buttocks and thighs, cellulite and weak connective tissue. It uses the basic principle of cupping by applying positive and negative pressure intermittently to achieve vacuum and compression. The basic idea is that by stimulating optimum blood circulation in these areas, combined with moderate kinetic exercise allows for metabolic stimulation in these trouble spots, in turn transporting redundant fat via blood circulation to the muscles. While it

does indeed assist with the loss of fat and inches, it also improves the complexion of the skin to eliminate the ‘orange peel’ effect. Besides the aforementioned benefits, Hypoxi training has also been embraced by the Russian Olympic team, who for the last two years have used the system for performance enhancement and regeneration purposes.


There is no need to adopt a strict diet, however it is advised that carbs should be consumed two hours prior to the Hypoxi workout to fuel the body for higher calorie burning, followed by a meal high in protein. If you wish to consume carbs afterwards, you should not eat them any sooner than eight hours following the Hypoxi session for optimum results.

The S120 is more a conventional exercise bike, but

The Hypoxi Dermology

for those with a low fitness

applied negative and positive

tightens the skin using a ‘Pressuresuit’, whose 400 activation

The L250 is ideal level or high body weight and can be

pressure through the vacuum attains

used lying down. You pedal upwards with

faster results than using a

your legs so that gravity quickens the

traditional cycle.

drainage of the fat in a natural and healthy way and counters potential congestion.

The Vacunaut targets the stomach and hips. While wearing a ‘Pressuresuit’, the vacuum is attached to exert positive and negative

chambers once attached to the vacuum treat cellulite and sagging, using the basic principle of cupping.

pressure through the suit’s activation chambers while you perform moderate exercise on a treadmill.



The experience There are four Hypoxi training devices, which deliver pressure while you exercise wearing specifically designed apparel that assists with this function. These machines are available for home purchase and typically have a starting cost of approximately $40,000 each, but a visit to a Hypoxi studio is recommended, where a course of 12 sessions can be purchased for full and comprehensive training under the supervision of a specialist. In my case, the Machka Beauty and Body Design Studio on Al Wasl Road, Dubai, provided the perfect solution for optimum results. Unfortunately, this particular location caters for women only, but boasts the facilities of all four of the Hypoxi machines available on the market. The staff here are extremely friendly and prior to each session, I was weighed to track my weight loss progress. After six sessions, my body was also measured to follow the amount of inches lost in total. For my particular body type, and for the fact that I am still recovering from a fracture in my foot, I was advised to train on the L250, combined with Hypoxi Dermology to firm the skin. The L250 requires that you wear a type of girdle around your waist before lying down on a couch-cum-exercise bike device fitted inside the machine, so that you can pedal upwards while remaining horizontal. In my case this was so that additional pressure was not exerted to my damaged foot, although it is generally suits those with a high body weight or those with a low fitness level. The hood of the machine is then lowered around your body once the girdle is attached so that the vacuum pressure can be administered intermittently while you pedal at a speed of 50 and 60 revs per minute (not faster, because this is where the transition from fat burning to muscle building takes place) for a duration of 30 minutes. Following the first half an hour, it’s then time to relax for another 30 minutes on the Hypoxi Dermology device. You are assisted by the staff into a specially designed ‘Pressuresuit’ which feels so heavy when you put it on, you bound to burn a few calories just getting into it! The therapist then attaches a series of vacuum pipes to the suit itself and pulls and tightens the suit around you while the vacuum eliminates any excess air. The body feels


firm and once maximum vacuum compression has been achieved, over 400 chambers simultaneously treat conditions like cellulite through positive and negative pressure. It’s so relaxing, you are bound to fall asleep while it works its magic, leaving your skin rejuvenated and fully energised. By the end of the 12 session course, I could also boast that I had gone down a dress size. Now that’s a result! In addition to Hypoxi, there are also a wide range of additional facilities available at Machka, from traditional hair and beauty services to slimming massages, and authentic body baths like the Moroccan Hammam treatment, for a complete beauty inside and out.


Machka Beauty and Body Design Studio, Al Wasl Road, Al Manara Dubai, Call: 04 328 8800.





osmetic surgery aside, there is a quick and easy way of reducing body fat through a non-invasive treatment which combines ultrasound fat melting technology with a NASA developed power plate. Between five and seven centimetres can be lost during a single 60 minute session, and three to five sessions are required to achieve maximum results. This is the Ultrasound Cavitation treatment at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, available at the EuroMed Clinic on Jumeirah Beach Road, for those that need to shape up quickly, with zero recovery time.

How it works After marking the specific areas to be targeted using a pen, the therapist uses a handheld device to deliver cutting edge high resolution ultrasound therapy to stubborn fatty deposits using precision levels of energy. While it is not painful, you can expect to feel some mild discomfort as the waves are administered. You can also expect to hear this high frequency throughout, so it’s not a treatment that can be described as relaxing. However, when you associate the sound with the fact that fat cells are being broken down into a liquid to subsequently be eliminated through natural processes, every time you hear it, it’s not so hard to tolerate. Following the session, you are led to the Proellixe vibrating power plate, which was originally created by NASA and used to test astronaut’s fitness levels. It has since been used as a valuable tool for those wishing to burn calories in a fraction of the time of usual cardio methods, with just ten minutes allegedly delivering the equivalent of an hour’s exercise at the gym. You are required to spend 11 minutes on the Proellixe which tells you exactly where to stand through a number guide dictated on the electronic screen attached which changes intermittently throughout, to deliver vibrations that will tone the muscles and assist with lymphatic drainage. If you remember hula hooping when you were young, consider that this feels like you’re doing that, only twenty times as fast.

VERDICT The figure does feel more streamlined, however it’s not a miracle cure. Regular exercise is still required to aid weight loss through this method, although the initial centimetres lost provide an amazing incentive to keep going in the right direction. Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, EuroMed Clinic, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Call: 04 394 5422


L i f e s ty l e

A new


East and West are often considered opposites, yet a fusion of the two lends inspiration for beautiful fashion, jewellery and interior design


he design characteristics of the Orient have for centuries lent inspiration to jewellery, fashion and interiors design concepts. Synonymous with luxury, the term Oriental is also aligned with concepts of fantasy, grandeur and power. Similalry the Occidental or western has exerted an equally strong influence on the development of style down the decades. Increasingly, designers at the forefront of the finest fashion, jewellery and interiors creations strive in their collections to occupy a space somewhere between both very different worlds, making for a rich cultural and aesthetic mix.


East meets West


L i f e s ty l e

From left to right: Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, Beyonce Bottom Left: Noor Fares

In modern times, attempting to operate within a complex oriental and occidental structure presents its own challenges when trying to combine the two into a single product, which is fully able to define its foundations for the international society that they are presented to. Three of the most esteemed contemporary designers that have a strong relationship with both their Oriental and Occidental polarities, are jewellery designer Noor Fares, fashion icon Elie Saab and interior designer Chadi Chamoun. Each hail from different areas within the design world yet all three have created unique and elegant collections that expertly fuse both east and west in a series of enduring designs. Noor Fares Noor Fares is a jewellery designer who can draw on both styles, discreetly infusing her Lebanese designs with a more western and contemporary feel. She explains: “My inspirations don’t only come from shapes and forms, but also in the materials I use such as ebony.” The origination of Fares’ inspiration also comes from a thorough understanding of the notion that jewellery is not always just an adornment for the body. “Jewellery has a meaning that can


East meets West

be symbolic and sentimental - it has long been used in rituals and ceremonies in different religions and cultures,” she says. Fares started out by designing jewellery for herself and having her pieces constructed by local manufacturers in Lebanon. Her innovative designs were soon much sought after leading Fares to launch her own business. By late 2009, six months after unveiling her debut collection N.oor, she had garnered much international acclaim and her distinctive jewellery items were being sold in Harrods, London, as well as in Beirut, Qatar, Dubai and Los Angeles. From a traditional and oriental perspective, one of Fares’ hallmarks is a little stone-set ‘Evil Eye’ visible from inside her rings or attached as tiny tags to her necklaces. Yet Fares remains inspired in equal measure by simple and geometric forms, as well as architecture. As showcased in her designs of flat gold filigree disc earrings influenced by Byzantine stained-glass windows, Fares understands the importance that modern contemporary women place on creating their own signature look. Therefore, each of the different patterned discs were designed to be interchangeable, to allow their owner to channel their own

imagination and make their own unique piece. Part of Fares’ jewellery collection is made in Italy but the silver and goldsmiths used come from her native Lebanon where there is a long history of the craft. “The Phoenicians made a lot of silver and gold as it was a big trading port for goods, and gold and stones were traded,” she says. “Lebanon has always been a place of artisans and craftsmanship.” The entrepreneurial spirit of the early Phoenicians still thrives in modern times. In the world of fine jewellery, Mouawad, Chatila and George Hakim established successful jewellery businesses in Beirut in the late 19th century as more precious stones, discovered in Africa and India, were traded through Lebanon’s port. The real boom time for the jewellers, though, came in the 1950s and 1960s as the oil riches of the Middle East started to flow out of the wells into the jewellery boxes of their wealthy clientele. Elie Saab Elie Saab’s affinity with intricate designs dates back to when he was just nine years old, when he would draw fashion sketches before cutting patterns and sewing dresses for his sisters from his mother’s tablecloths and curtains. In 1982, at 18 years old, the designer founded his eponymous couture atelier in Beirut. Surrounded by 15 craftsmen, he was able to present his first collection to the public within a few months and his talent was well-received. After presenting three haute-couture fashion shows in Rome, he presented his first ready-to-wear collection during Milan Fashion Week in 1998. Fascinated by the architecture and design associated with his Lebanese roots, Elie Saab is yet another perfect example of a successful union of

the Orient and Occident within his designs. Using fabrics that have hailed from the East such as taffeta, organza, sable and chiffon, the designer embellishes his creations with embroidery and sequins, and the more European influences of Swarovski crystals and precious gemstones. It is by marrying the two concepts that Saab has reached the highest heights of international success. In 2002 as Halle Berry won the Best Actress award at the Oscars, she was wearing one of his designs. Ever since an exhaustive roster of A-listers ensure they are dressed in his designs. According to Saab, who is considered by many as the godfather of glamorous red-carpet fashion, there is no perfect look. “A dress should reflect a woman’s mood and personality. You can always tell if a woman is confident about her dress by the way she wears it,” he says. “The only advice I can give is to not go too far with the sophistication – sometimes less is more.” Saab’s

Noor Fares Jewellery


L i f e s ty l e


Elie Saab

attention to detail for the opulence and glamour of centuries past remain his calling card within elite circles and has saw him become one of today’s most acclaimed designers, generating a global fan following that spans Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Chadi Chamoun Chadi Chamoun’s renowned interior designs see him draw inspiration from the streets of NYC, Karachi, Banglore, Dubai or any other corner of the world to suit the needs and individual style of each client. According to Chamoun: “A successful interior designer needs to merge both Oriental and Occidental nuances seamlessly, so that while we enjoy our Eastern heritage, traditions and cultures, we can also merge and love features and lessons from the West.” However he adds that in practice, it is a little more complex than in theory. “It makes it truly difficult to locate oneself and even more difficult to place the interior environments that I design and build.” With all things considered, for Chamoun it might not be quite as hard as he professes, with his balance between the two styles the culmination of the inspirations and life experiences that he has been exposed to so far. He regards himself as an interior designer who is a citizen of the world; not


subscribing to the identity or culture of a specific nation, country or city. And this may provide him with the advantage. As he explains: “The first 27 years of my life were quintessentially intense due to the fact that our family had continually changed homes and neighbourhoods nearly every two to three years. We had moved over 10 times by my 20th birthday. If that was not enough I completed my college education in three different countries,” revealing that such differentiated exposure to varying cultures and identities have truly inspired and led his interior design practice. Chamoun adds: “The biggest inspirations are the people I design for. I engage them, their lives, rituals, habits and personal nuances, I share my experiences, but I learn tremendously from them.” Chamoun explains that designing an apartment is similar to reading the pages of someone’s memoirs or private journal. Recently Chamoun completed yet another landmark property in Dubai’s very own Burj Khalifa entitled Serena. The name alludes to the strong blue tones within the space, as well as the calmness it exudes. Blending the two art inspirations, Chamoun has blended the gentle nuances of the Orient through exquisite woodwork, luxurious materials and fabrics. There is a sensuous colour palette which manages to retain a sense of being anywhere in the world, East or West, when you walk into any of the apartment’s rooms. “The ability to work with different people from different walks of life teaches an interior designer or any designer for that matter, that their mind has to be as soft as sand,” he says. “The Oriental and Occidental will always have that special allure despite being completely contrasting styles. The key is to allow the mind to mould and re-mould itself without losing the values or traditions that it has collected through the years.”

e r i p s In te a c n i u a d t E r e t n E & V. M. Dennis II (Marbue) Founder & CEO Topline Global Networks, Inc. twitter@toplinepictures +1 702 577 3904 (global phone)





Simple clean lines, decluttered space and neutral hues brings balance to the bedroom



A clear space equals a clear mind and for certified professional Feng Shui consultant Cristiano Falconi, who explains this ancient Chinese philosophy below, energising your surroundings is the key to achieving peace, prosperity, wealth and wisdom. In our day-to-day lives, stress can often take over. By taking a step back and adopting a few basic principles of Feng Shui, you may find yourself inspired to more easily achieve what you really want from life. Falconi says: “In modern day life, more and more people are turning to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui; the study of the environment and how it affects people. Its core principle is that when you live and work in places that feel good to you, your attitude becomes more positive and the quality of your life also improves. In Chinese, Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ and it is believed to be one of the five factors contributing to success, peace, and prosperity. Feng Shui aids in creating a space that promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing.” “Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui is a multi-faceted technique that needs to be fully understood to truly make a difference,” continues Falconi. An effective way of applying Feng Shui in your everyday life is to seek advice from a professional who fully understands the depths of Feng Shui to deliver a thorough understanding of this traditional practice.” “It is the macroscopic energy around your home, the surrounding streets, traffic, access to the property and foliage which surround the house or building that are extremely important and will affect the internal energy of the building. This is the basic fundamental principle of Feng Shui that dates back to 4000 BCE,” says Falconi. “Feng Shui teaches you to appreciate that the type of energy you have in your surrounding

area will determine the energy in your home or office. For instance, based on past experience, Feng Shui practitioners believe that those who live by the sea are more likely to become more ingenuous. Those who live in the mountains have traits that mean they are less mentally sharp but more welcoming and kind. Those who live in a balanced environment with beautiful hills and clean waters are considered by practitioners to generally look and feel happy. Whereas people who live in an environment that has choppy waters will tend to be more nervous and impatient according to followers of the ancient art.” Falconi goes on:“The environment that surrounds us is the macro cosmos and it is therefore very important to recognise it in order to better interpret the soul of our homes and create a living space that is serene, balanced and positive. The main goal for a Feng Shui consultation is to balance the Yin and the Yang in order to create a space connected with nature. This is so people can feel protected and supported while elevating their energy levels to sustain all that is around them. However, for each room there is a particularly general Feng Shui principal that needs to be respected.” The Bedroom “The most important function for a bedroom is clearly to promote restful sleep. Colours in a bedroom are vital. They should be restful to the eyes wherever possible. Avoid bright, bold hues and big patterns. Lines should be balanced, simple and graceful. Avoid placing mirrors where you can see yourself lying in bed, as mirrors disturb your sleep patterns. Electrical appliances are often the source of poor sleep, hence mobile phones, computers, telephones and any electronic items should be away from the bed,” advises Falconi.


The Kitchen “In most homes, the kitchen represents the heart of the house. Food, one of the most important sources of energy for the human body, is prepared and cooked here. As food supports life, the kitchen symbolises love, nurturing, knowledge and wealth. Cooking is an expression of support. Attention to food preparation is the core of family life and when done with love and devotion, brings good fortune to all the family members. The most important elements in the kitchen are fire and water. Fire from the cooking stove and water from the sink. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, fire and water suggest potential conflict when placed next to each other or directly opposite. The principles of Feng Shui suggest that this can create

arguments between male and female members in the house. The kitchen should not be completely open as people passing can distract the cook. To distract the cook means to interfere with the provision of nourishment,” says Falconi. The Living Room “The living room is the showcase of your home. Most of the time it is the only room that visitors will see and therefore the condition reflects the finance, status, culture and character of the occupants. It is really important to use this room to display your most beautiful, inspiring and loved objects. Avoid hanging pictures or paintings with dramatic and unfriendly subjects. Sofas aligned along a solid wall allows a

Use your living room to display your most beautiful, inspiring and loved objects

“The main goal for a Feng Shui consultation is to balance Yin and Yang to create a space connected with nature” 145

L I F E S TY L E clear view of the room. Walls serve as protective barriers. Chairs and sofas should work in harmony along with the doors and windows to generate a feeling of easy movement in the room. Avoid sitting under large beams. It is also recommended not to have large pieces of furniture close to the door,” says Falconi. Clutter

Clearing most of your clutter with Feng Shui results in a hightened sense of well-being.

“From the microscopic point of view in Feng Shui, clutter also plays an important role in your house. Your home breathes like a living body. It is breath or Chi which comes in and out through the door and windows and flows through the corridors and rooms. If this Chi is obstructed due to clutter, this element in your body becomes unbalanced and according to the principles of Feng Shui, this can cause your health and affairs suffer. Negative energy around us leads to a waste of time and feelings of unease, discomfort or even depression. Similarly, objects laden with heavy energy steal our attention and rob us of important time. Disposing of these items and clearing space frees the negative energy of the house, in turn rejuvenating the body. Clutter ties us obsessively to the past denying us space for something new. In some cases, people who hoard old and useless objects can feel tired and fatigued, the house becomes congested and this can be felt on a physical level through an increase in body weight. It has in fact come to my attention that the people who live in places saturated with useless objects are often

overweight. That’s because being overweight is like hoarding old objects, which is a form of self-protection. Freeing ourselves of useless and forgotten objects helps us deal with blocks in our lives so we can continue with renewed enthusiasm and positivity. Clutter near the doorway indicates resistance in going out into the world. If you have doorway clutter, you have to struggle a lot, and that stands in the way of your goals. The main thing to remember is that you should always think of your living and working space as a representation of yourself,” advises Falconi. An “Introduction to the Chue Style Feng Shui, is taught by Falconi at The Holistic Institute and runs over two days, which is next scheduled for October 26. Additionally, Feng Shui consultations of your home or office can be arranged upon request. Call 04 4503525 or email for more information.

Disclaimer: The above are based on the views of certified Feng Shui practitioner, Cristiano Falconi and do not represent the views of Xclusive Magazine, CPI Media Group or any of its affiliates.



In order to successfully apply Feng Shui in your home, you need to define the energy map of your space, or Bagua as the ancient Chinese called it. Bagua, literally means ‚8 areas›.




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senses Décor

Reaching Mediterranean lounge and restaurant, 101, at One&Only The Palm, Dubai means an enchanting walk from the main entrance through lush gardens. Verdant greenery and mansion-style accomodation line your path to this chic eatery, making for a beautiful way to work up an appetite. As you would expect from the world’s largest man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, the location is glamorous and majestic. For an alternative and equally as attractive route to the restaurant, try the boat transfer offered every half hour from Jetty Lounge at sister property, One&Only Royal Mirage. 101 itself is an impressive venue, perched at the end of this five-star hotel’s jetty stretching out into the Arabian Gulf. The order of the day is a fine-dining, al fresco experience usually reserved for the French Riviera. With its unique positioning, 101 offers spectacular views across the Gulf and on to the glittering Dubai skyline.

Ambience Dining on a Sunday night can, in some Dubai establishments, make for a quieter experience however this had little impact on the lively atmosphere at this in-demand dining destination. a discerning clientele comprises holidaymakers enjoying a romantic meal and Dubai’s chic set, sipping refreshing drinks. The venue’s Outdoor Lounge provides the perfect backdrop for a sleek and sophisticated evening out or as a picturesque prelude to your meal. Chilled-out background beats are interrupted only by the chimes from glass as bartenders craft a selection of mouth-watering concoctions.



Caption style for images on them or near them Pore etur? Apis re nos mo volupitiunt officat am, natio

The food The menu presented an abundance of wonderful dishes to choose from and knowledgeable staff were of great assistance in helping reach a decision on dishes. To start, we opted for the white asparagus in a lemon sauce and Sanlucar salad; a dish of steamed prawns set amongst zesty baby spinach leaves and crisp lemon crackers. Sautéed baby spinach with chicken chorizo sausage and Manchengo cheese was undoubtedly the star of the show among our entrées - the sausage infused the spinach with a deliciously smoky flavour while the sharp cheese added depth to this light and healthy dish. With its stunning setting overlooking the Arabian Gulf, this is a restaurant that prides itself on quality seafood offerings. The ‘Catch of the Day’

was sea bass fillets beautifully presented on a bed of fluffy mashed potato. The wonderfully crisp skin of the fish provided some texture to this melt-in-the-mouth main course. Josper grilled beef tenderloin served with Manchengo croquettes also comes highly recommended as a delicious alternative to the fish dishes offered. To finish, a platter of sweet treats was presented. Perfectly sized portions for starter and main courses meant there was plenty of room for dessert. For chocolate lovers, the 101 candy bar, a gourmet confection of chocolate, caramel and nuts, is a delight. The Calisson, a French treat from Provence made from candied melon and almond paste, is given a 101 twist to incorporate a refreshing melon sorbet with light almond mousse to provide not only a perfect balance for the palate but perfect end to our evening.


If you’re looking for a chic and romantic setting for a delicious meal, look no further than 101.


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life

Final thoughts

If I’m going to do something, I do it spectacularly or I don’t do it at all

Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Saudi Arabian businessman


Founder of Apple

My dad encouraged us to fail. Growing up, he would ask us what we failed at that week. If we didn’t have something, he would be disappointed. It changed my mindset at an early age that failure is not the outcome, failure is not trying

It doesn’t matter how strong or capable you are; if you don’t have a big heart, you will not succeed Li Ka Shing Asia’s richest man

Self-made billionaire

Enjoy what you are doing. When I started Virgin from a basement flat in West Mark Zuckerberg London, I did not set Founder of Facebook out to build a business empire. I set out to create something I enjoyed that would pay the bills

Sir Richard Branson Founder of Virgin

MICHAEL JORDAN Basketball player

Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honour your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you

Spanx founder Sara Blakely, The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed

Oprah Winfrey Talk show host Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities and don’t let the ba***rds get you down

Michael Bloomberg American businessman

What will your inspiration be? Inspired by pioneer aviator, Charles Stewart Rolls, the Phantom CoupĂŠ Aviator Collection epitomizes the golden age of flight. From saddle leather footmats to an aviation grade Thommen clock, there is no limit to what can be achieved with Rolls-Royce Bespoke. Choose your inspiration. Experience a car with endless possibilities; a car bespoke to you.

Every Rolls-Royce motor car is provided with a four year unlimited mileage warranty and service package. Terms and conditions apply.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East and Africa Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2013. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

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