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English Portfolio Subject of Description Subject of Description 15th November 2013

Aspects of subject Aspects of subject

Caroline Bussu Images used Images used

-The darkness is said to be full of claws, as if someone was The author uses images forcefully ripping it apart and such as comparing the breaking the darkness. palm trees leaves with a -The light has to fight for its roof that would be present appearance as it “at last light, in a house. sad and grey, filtered into the The amount of soil is said shelter”. to be only enough for the Impact -The light warms the Impact palm trees to die young, atmosphere-The last signs of without saying that there is darkness leave with the little soil, or how much soil “hoarse cry” of the bird that there actually is. flies away -The night seems to be The beach is said to be dangerous -The placebecause seemsthe to be safe interrupted abruptly by the danger cannot be seen. and could work as a shelter platform, this creates an -The night like is very dark and -It seems a paradise image of that place not The dominant impression is lasts long even when the belonging there. destination In this passage platform thatisstands out from the rest of the beach because it has palm that the darkness evil and sunrise comes the author described the small treeslight and grass it by using the sense ofthe vision. platform is described as being fertile, since there is a thin light The is good -The bringsoneverything layer of soil on it. It is almost like an oasis in the desert, except that it is on a beach. This creates the effect of the back to normal and it covers Dominant platform being a paradise destination. It is also described as being very welcoming and comfortable as the fallen up all the hidden dangers that trunks work as seats and the palm tree leaves as a roof. However only come out at night. Impressionthe soil is also restricted to a very small amount, thus the palm trees cannot grow. This creates the image of the platform being only fertile or welcoming to a certain Observations extend. Observations The dominant impression The author words uses some imagery for example the comparison of the leaves to a roof and the trunks to seats, thus Strong as if imagery the platform a platform “interrupting abruptly” the landscape. comparing it to a furniture house. The is second used isisthe - -The Thebeing darkness fact that the is said palm to trees be rest can’t on thethere beach, This creates the effect of the platform home notSenses belonging andand beingit out of place, almost unwanted by the Used full grow of claws, “to any which height”. is This of the beach. stands for safety. impossible creates thesince impression the darkness that The dominant impression of this passage is of the platform being welcoming and safe, by giving it many positive is nothing not something or no one that can can achieve be -Interrupted abruptly images. Some unusual observations made by the author are firstly the fact that he mentions “the palms that still touched. anything or noimage one can become -Uncompromisingly stood”, this gives the impression that the palms could fall at any second and it destroys the general of the Strong words The light has to fight so more important since there -Quivering tangle platform being a safe home. Secondly the author mentions that the palms can’t “grow to any height”, this also is not Senses Used that enough it can soil. appear last”. Vision enhances the fact that the palms are restricted and they have to die young. It also seems like there is no “at point in -The green roof of the palm tree trying to grow, because there is not enough soil, thus the palm will die anyways. leaves is athat curious comparison, -The bird and - Awful unknown and used are “interrupted abruptly”, which creates a very aggressive Some strong expressions feeling to“cries” the beach, since the boys landed in the wild, “flaps”. menace. “uncompromisingly”, which also adds up the aggressive feeling, since it means that it is not flexible. however nowglows there is an image -The horizon rosily is - Maze of the Darkness Vision being home. to the aofgreat contrast darkness before. It describes the beginning of the The day,subject whereof thethis sundescription rises after the isnight. about a platform on the beach.

-The darkness is ripped apart fromplatform the sunrise -The is fertile, since -The darkness brings fear ofon the there are palms growing unknown and terror-The light it brings warmth, comfort and -Comfortable setting to stay safety because of the trunks It is a place of safety because the palms make the roof -Restriction because the Dominant palm trees can’t grow much. Impression -The platform lays higher than the rest of the beach -Only young palm trees

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Aspects of Aspects subjectof subject

Images used Images used

− The stars are compared to − The night is clear and Thelamps rain turns roads into so sincethethey bright The town is old, barely able to calm, everything is still “red slops”. strong. keep its buildings straight. and no sudden things The courthouse sagged in the − The breeze “dies” Not happen. taken care of −square. The is air “huddled” on Maycomb was andark old town, but a prime town when I first it. After it rained The blue tinted sky showed its slow first steps towards next day, asbeast thethe soft − itThe The sky is so clear that theknewthe people are and tired the beach was fresh small fragile daisies grew on the sidewalks, and the courthouse animals are bony and not pale and lightclean; blended into and the starry Theas light grew vivid and itThe mixed with the starssky. shine bright asmore They show no interest stoodremaining out the most with its steady walls and grand posture. The weather was quite hot taken care of − The lagoon becomes a darkness, completing a painting of various lamps –Everything is blues and pale yellows. The whatsoever during the summer, even the dogs suffered from it. Other animals such as mules connected Impact light slowly approached and started to illuminate island with its delicate rays. The peaceful, even the the waves The“streak heat is of suppressing and Impact to Hoover freeing themselves from the flies, whilst standing in the cloudscarts werewere nowbusy starting to become fiery and intense. A sea bird rose high into the phosphorescence” They lazy and non-active everything but pleasant as it of thearesea seems to be oppressive shade. Men caredlament, little for their appearance. The women however spent sky and let out a rough loud enough to get a squawking response from thetheir advances towards the affected by armed the calmness. The people are days bathing, sleeping and going out atstronger night with sweet talcum to the sweat. forest. Now the glowing sky Dull grew as it overtook all shadows ofcover the night, so careless and body. process the body women seem to do nothing at that nature could show off−its The radiant colorsof again. −all.Even the sound of the − The calmness of the being taken in is almost The towncreates is supposedly waves is still. nature the very like a ritual old and even the courthouse image of having which represents order feelings. InInthis passage the describes how he or sheafter remembers theoftown of Maycomb and itslays inhabitants. The cannot hold straight. Dominant Dominant this passage theauthor author describes the moment the death Simon, where his body on the beach The The aspect aspect that that I changed I changed in this in this passage passage is the is power the way of that the the light. town In the was actual described. passage In the light original is − The best huddling In this passage the author describes the transition between the night and day. He firstly begins to make a very aspects used to describe this town areThe negative. For example it says thatmentions the buildings and are are not and the nature takes him him. main aspects that the author about thisstreets moment Observations The animals are not very passage weak and the ittown has to iswith fight said to thebenight very to old even and just tired, get thus a for glimpse Iorder, changed ofisthe light itincoming toto a the comfortable island. Thus and in my Impression makes theof beast no obscure image the darkness by describing it as Impression being ripped apart by light. The night taken care of. Not even the courthouse, which would stand able to stand straight. This creates firstly that the night isbe very clear and calm, even though itcreated was quickly raining before. This creates the imageisthat Observations important enough to taken passage agreeable I described town. the The light impacts as growing that this very change powerful has very are firstly and leaving the fact the that night since powerless. the longer look scary, but frightening and itthat transmits fear of the unknown and terror. There to be some ofthat danger in the the impression thereThe isano order in Simon the town, or atnow leastthe there is seems no effort made so kind that there isbattle order. The everything isimpact over now. killing of iswill over, only thing that remains the care of The courthouse firstan isthat now this a it steady change building, of aspect itas creates have the on impact the“a dominant that it has impression aalmost lot ofon authority. isfrom that theThis sky isit isbrings dark that cannot be seen, and is hidden in the trees and animals. The light is the opposite, as vulnerable. climate has impact on the atmosphere too, the text says black dog suffered a summer’s day”. body. So the rain stopping symbolizes the ending of the brutality and the beginning of the grief over the It describes the night of Simon’s It describes a town of andthe thebody death and the process behavior being taken and into character the sea. of its inhabitants

no longer aare mean danger that the something isthat to well be controlled scared of. beach. and The taken light is more powerful This would than also the mean night, that thus there itterrors, warmth, comfort and safety to town the atmosphere of the The sunrise brings light to all the dominant impression isof. The people lazy and Usually awould summer day isorsomething isThe appreciated and celebrated, however in this town ithidden is more like a The dominant iscare loss. Another interesting observation is that this all impression happens around midnight; this makes the whole process cannot are longer people harm, that care since about the light the town will overcome so much that it anyway. they make This sure is because it stays knowing like it is. This that there is is thus defeats them for the day, until the night comes back. These images are created by expressions such that both town and people are boring, not willing to put suppressing and disagreeable heat that cannot be escaped from. The heat is once more emphasized as the that the whole island stopstwo for days, it lies right in the middle, this as the even more significant thanititisto was already. Midnight separates going because to come at something the end the “rescue” citizens you of a from town any that evil decide gives whether you more or assurance not its town andhot, should you feel bethe noand darkness to be full of claws, as if someone was forcefully trying to break darkness apart. The lights lazy and have accommodated some effort into something. author says “in the swelteringthe shade”, though it over isending a shaded area, itthe is still extremely thus heat aeven while to grief Simon’s The courthouse isissagged. − The nature not an symbolizes that everything death of Simon is the of one life or chapter and the beginning of need taken to beto care scared. of. If Sopeople ifother the children really want know to the improve that the light the environment is “at more powerful they live than in, the they night, would they just will do darkness seem fight each for power, as author says last light, sad and grey, filtered into the themselves with their current follows everywhere, which makes it suppressing. The inhabitants of this town seem to be lazy and non-active loss, since he was the closest another. ofHowever the images used in thisimpact passage firstly the the comparison the starsthe to lamps. This creates it the enemy or danger, Sweltering shade fearThis it. the night less. inby The the original second passage isitare that isagainst clear because people lightsentence isweakens have soofpowerful, no interest in way changing it illuminates shelter”. This shows that the brutal fight it had the darkness the light, however it succeeded lifestyle. allimpression day. is shown “Men’s stiff collars wilted bythat nine”, this tells the reader that the effort one to nature. of the stars giving the light to enable the process or ritual. It almost seems that each element of shows itself by its good the anything. is very Theis different. second thing The sun that more impacted intense is become the and appreciation brings out and the of colors the town more by vividly the reader. than Inin “at last”. The light grows to be stronger time passes and itsloppy reflects on the of the island. Itthe made inisland the morning lost right away asisisthe “collars” not appearance professional. The women Men’s stiff collars wilted by nature tries to be at its best, so that everything is perfect for the ritual. Including the breeze that dies off, side. the original the original passage, passage where the the town palm is uninviting tree leaves because are compared thethe streets to feathers. would turn This into is sea because “red slop” the when tone also warms it until every part is under its power, which is shown by sentence “A single bird flapped seem to have to occupation at all, except for taking baths sleeping and going out at night. The women nine in the morning. seaof that makes almost noimpact sound and thewe water slowly dripping intosun theduring earth, causing any itlight rained has or a great because of the on sagged how buildings. see things. Fordarkness example inback thebefore the rewritten passage awithout winter the town day isand seems upwards aAnother hoarse cry”. The bird is as the last sign ofHowever the the light takes and makes have anawith image of being unclean vulgar the text says “like soft teacakes with frostings ofover sweat sweet disturbance. important image is the “huddling of the beast”. This creates the image of the feared −Soft The line of teacakes with frostings of paler welcoming than on a summer as it has “fresh day, however and clean it is air” still after the same it rains sun. and However it has small the more flowers intense growing a color on the is, everything bright like the “feathery tops of the palms”. The fact that the palms are compared with a feather talcum”, this acreates impression that the women are superficial like a frosting, however the beast being humble and vulnerable creature, which itthan is, since it’s Simon. Theofthird image is frosting thetalcum. “streak of sweat and sweet phosphorescence theup more streets. powerful Thisthat issweat more and warmer appreciated itofseems. by sweet the The reader third impact grass, isand that because thepeacefulness. power flowers relate the sun toimpacts something theandare like property shows the light brings along a certain easiness also Normally feathers covers the smell of because the talcum. The dominant impression is that the people phosphorescence“, which is something almost supernatural. This adds up to the process being a ritual as − town Incredible lamps of peace way happy we perceive and beautiful. what is going Theand third to calmness, happen change next. that In impacts the first dominant paragraph impression the morning the predicts way we a the gentle “accepts” dead very like also stand for which isfor the general impression ofItisthe light. The dominant was hotter then. the areimage dull and uninterested in putting some effort into what they do. well as and the ofmen, nature presenting itself atsweaty its best Simon. Other important words are “angular turn perceive out of events, the however even if in they the rewritten are still passage and it will don’t be care more about aggressive their appearance. or active. This This is is stars. body. impression of this passage is that the to light isstars still that strong enough to in fight the “inaudible darkness, even though onlyrefers with bright constellations” which theabout perfectly place, syllable” which because the bright wetoo know sun that willrefers they be related care to something their are town, livelier, so when almost it says explosive. that they The don’t mood care always about − because Breeze died force. to the act ofon acceptance of body. Thehappens dominant impression this passage everything seems depends their appearance the weather, wethe still so whatever “forgive” them because will beitrelated showsof to that thethey weather. haveisother priorities, as to −thatThe beast issuch − The beast lay grievingsustaining over Simon’s death. Red slop the town. “huddled”, thus huddled

Strong words

Senses Used

- Vision − Streak of phosphorescence. − Angular bright constellations. − Inaudible syllable

Strong words Senses Used

Dog suffered on summer’s - Vision day. Sweltering shade

harmless and peaceful.

− The process happens at midnight, which makes it more like a ritual.

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