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February 2014

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OFS REVEALS NEW PLANS Sources confirmed that OFS has issued a statement outlining their plan to introduce face to face classroom for their students and to deliver all their curriculum online by 2015. The new technology will bring an end to an era of inschool classroom teaching. OFS which has been regarded as one of the top MYP schools will be “demolishing its campus by the end of the year� said a member of the board of directors. However this statement has become a subject of criticism as certain students... (continue reading on page 2)

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Mixed public responses

continues, most of the hidden talent within our youth will stay SINGAPORE - Sources confirmed that OFS has issued a suppressed... it is becoming clear that statement outlining their plan to only the rich class is being given the introduce face to face classroom opportunities”. for their students and to deliver all their curriculum online by It has also been feared that this new 2015. Once this project starts, technology is just a scheme by the students would not have to come owners to increase their profits and to school and instead all the hence increase the share price of the education will be carried on company at the stock market and computers. eventually get out of bankruptcy. “Since this technology will increase The new technology will bring an end the number of visitors to the website, the website will most likely see an to an era of in-school classroom increase in advertisement, therefore teaching. OFS which has been this claim is being considered as regarded as one of the top MYP true.” Said a former business teacher schools at OFS. will be “demolishing its campus by the end of the year” said a member of the board of directors.

Big Brands following our movement Google, apple, MacDonald's and Wendy’s have all joined us in our mission to bring equality for all back into our societies. With funny, but also important projects, such as Wendy’s “Feed The Poor” programme, these brands are working towards an equal and fair

Meanwhile certain groups of students are also seeing this as positive news, if the motive behind it is just to serve However this statement has become a the students and to improve the subject quality and education in Overseas of criticism as certain students and Family School. “This is a completely education analysts are complaining new way to get educated, and I’m sure that the inequality gap in the society it will be helpful for all students at is broadening day by day as the poor OFS” said a grade 11 student at the and lower class students remain stuck school. with the old methods of teaching, while students from rich families are enjoying the new technologies and methods of teaching. Mr. Mao Joseph Castro, minister of education affairs for the Socialist party commented on this with the following words: “If this

world. Just like us.


Editors word helping us out with powerpoints that covers half of our job already. The ugly truth however is that if you stand at the back of a class and look at the students laptops, most show the familiar blue frame of Facebook or Twitter, instead of the praised powerpoint. Stanford University has recently launched a science With the new launch of an online program online, which was praised with a curriculum by the Overseas Family lot of expectations. However these were School, there has been a great deal of talk soon gone when the class received of the potential for online learning and generally poor marks scoring an average other technologies to radically transform rating of 2.5 stars on CourseRank. education. The school decided to introduce Technology is certainly a major factor a full online curriculum for all their 3580 of our future, in fact it has already students, being the first IB school to do so. advanced so much that “the Economist” Mr. Glover, a teacher at OFS predicts a development in the replacement responded to the increasing dependency on of jobs with computers. Many things can technology in the students’ academic lives be done by these machines, so much it will as a “double edged sword”. It is true, take away our future jobs. By teaching technology has proved itself being very students everything over the computer, the useful in many aspects of our modern expert Dr. David Lanz said, they will lose time. Some readers may say that the knowledge of creating something with technology has made our lives more their own hands. efficient, less time is spent on making posters, because we have technology

Technology in education: Like or Dislike?

The elite jeweler Giorgio Baldoni explained his desperation as all his young apprentices know how to create a design on the computer, however do not know how to apply their knowledge on the actual product. Mr. Baldoni is not the only one, also in countries such as Germany they are lacking of workers that learn manual skills. Moving away from traditions so radically, shows other colours of our use of technology, with the example of 1 out of 8 internet addicts in the US. Instead of spending time in the library and sharing news with friends the only thing that our generations shares is their last meal on their news feed. Technology has been a huge support in our lives, however we cannot allow it to become a barrier in our future. A combination of tradition and technology should allow all students to develop into good and useful workers in the future. So it’s time to hit the off button and listen to your teacher!

Lower Class Lose Out Yet Again foreigners to flourish, giving them an advantage over the poorer ones like myself. I do not think that this is fair,” said Amy Tan, a mother with a son in River Valley Primary School.

Unfair and unjust are the words to describe the new teaching method introduced to Overseas Family School while many others are ignored and left behind. After it had become known that a “top MYP international school” in Singapore will become the first school to deliver it’s entire curriculum online, mixed responses were received from the citizens of Singapore. “Maybe the government and Ministry of Education (MOE) only want the

Indeed, many more citizens from all over Singapore are disgusted with this revelation. Parents believe that offering the best program for their children will further educate them with their studies, but with the MOM giving those paying a high fee a chance to experience this first, those in local schools will be left behind while foreigners and expats are allowed to advance. One expert, Chris King, believes that online teaching will definitely increase a students productivity and attention span, allowing them to achieve higher grades and work harder. Of course, as the program makes its way across other continents, people will


become reliant on technology and will spend more time online. As they become lazier and dependent on machinery, the world will become much less productive and much of their time will be allocated towards staring at an electronic screen instead of doing useful things such as providing food for the family. The lower-class lose yet again. While they sit in the comfort of their own homes, working citizens will need to go out and fend for themselves, using their blood, sweat and tears just so that they could provide food and income for their family.

Our First Online Graduate Mary Jack becomes the first student to complete her education without attending a single classroom lecture, but expresses her regret in doing so

'I am glad to finish my online course and I am looking forward to my future, but I don’t think my decision was quite right ' said the stern looking graduate. Mary Jack, who recently turned 24, started studying in kindergarten courses online in 1995, when the internet was not that well developed and was in its early stages. She graduated from university this January with an undergraduate degree in information technology. Reportedly she has never been a part of a classroom lecture. 'I have been taught each and every thing I know, through a computer screen... though I regret doing so' exclaimed Mary, when asked if this claim were true. Ever since she was young Mary had an ambition to stand out from everyone else and be unique, although now she seems

unhappy about this choice, she has done well in what she was supposed to do. When asked, her dad, Mr. Jack said 'From the first day she lived, till today she has been standing out from the common crowd and has been working hard to give this family a name' While Mary's house discusses this achievement, reports suggest that this girl is the most 'expensive' student to this date, since the money spent on her entire education was an 'extraordinarily massive amount', as termed by Mr. Putin, who has been her tutor throughout her career as a student. Though the real amount isn't disclosed, A recent event that this girl reminds of is the decision of OFS(an international school) to shift their entire curriculum online. This suggests that many more


students are to follow in Mary’s footsteps and a few years later she will just be one of those thousands of students who would have squandered their entire childhood in front of a computer screen. The word squandered seems more appropriate as these youngsters will be left friendless with little or no social contact. This is exactly the case with Mary who is rumored to have ‘no’ real friends and instead around 10,000 Facebook friends. When interviewed over TV, she said: ‘what ever was to happen has happened... we should try not to get enslaved by money.... I recommend others to go back to the traditional system’ After hearing all this, all one can say is that this is the time to take a decision; either everyone follows this girl, or this program be completely dissolved.


Will future generations be doomed or saved? 10,000 Facebook friends. Who could this be? Kim Kardashian? As soon as her Cappucino was ordered she proudly opened Nick Jonas? Not quite so. The profile picture reveals to be Katie herself to any questions. After talking to her for some time, her Berry, the 24 year old who just graduated from university with seemingly bulletproof attitude slowly changed from a confident and undergraduate degree in information technology. That young woman to an insecure girl, especially at questions doesn't seem to be anything surprising or special, regarding her friends. “It is not easy opening your anyone could be her. laptop and seeing all the pictures posted by your so There is only one small insignificant detail, Katie is called “friends” that pose together at a party you 10,000 the first student to have been educated ultimately were never invited to”. Facebook online. No big deal?  She admits that the technology has kept her locked Friends? That is not what Katie believes, "People work their in a golden cage. Computer voiced teachers offered whole lives to become something special, but I had to her the vastest range of information to teach her. “I do nothing, except for looking at a screen. I could be the remember not wanting to go to bed because I next Paris Hilton" she giggles as she fixes her newest Prada desperately wanted to win my math activity game, I stayed up sunglasses when I first met her.  until midnight. I was 7 years old.” She seems to be quite satisfied with her result after spending an average of 22,400 hours on her laptop in her lifetime as a The information technology degree was not her dream job, but student, learning from a fictional classroom. The issue of online was she was best at. After spending so much time on the schooling has been recently been discussed, as an International Internet, one learns all possible tricks to watch movies and School, Overseas Family School, announced it’s mission to listen to your English teacher at the same time. create an online curriculum by 2015. The Internet might have forced her into becoming more responsible and devoted to learning, however it has certainly Katie was a success, one could say. But how many of those not made her less vulnerable. Katies missing experiences, that 10,000 Facebook friends are actually friends? Or was her many take as granted during teenage years, have already information technology degree her only choice after spending showed their impacts on her character. She has created a wall to most of her life in front of her laptop. protect her from any possible dangers, just like an anti-virus I asked Katie personally, during an interview at her “own little program on her laptop. heaven”, the exclusive and praised Imperus Café. She rushed in She feels like life has become a real life chat room; no one is to with her beloved IPhone in her hand. be trusted. [5]

Capitalism is like a vending machine. It doesn't work, but it takes your money.

I've written my own political manifesto but I haven't used one single upper-case letter. I'm not a capitalist.

Capitalist Americans have worked very hard, for decades, to make only one country in the whole wide world a 'Superpower'. Who own almost everything and control all the money on the planet.

Communist China.


Group Profile:

Caroline, Ivy, Juliette and Hashir

Mission Statement: We are a young group of activists who believe in the power of equality. We think it is possible to achieve the perfect world where everyone is cared for and everyone cares for one another. We, as authors, work collectively bring our readers articles that will show that only our ideas have the power to eradicate poverty, discrimination and racism. We believe that us, the young and new generation, is the future. We want to bring together people who like us are students; workers or people ready for a change, to show how corrupt and evil our current governments by writing articles that will open your eyes and show you what is really going on in our world. We shall try to share our ideas to our fellow youngsters so that they will recognize the importance of changing our constitution in the future. 2. List the ways your profile will impact on the stories in your paper: • Our articles will be written in a brotherly version because we support unity and see each other as equals • We support anything that benefits the group • We will criticize any capitalistic ideas • We will support the weaker person in a debate of a story • We ignore any accusations and not use data that could harm our ideology • We will use data from sources that share our believes 3. List the way your will impact the look of your paper: • We will include the communist symbol, but personalizing it to show our independence • We will use the typical communist colors (red/yellow) • We will use many images so that it is more appealing to young people • We will use bold titles to grab the attentions of others and increase our audience, since we want to convince others of our ideology • We will include introductions to our ideology apart from writing articles 4. List the 5 objectives of your paper: 1. To ensure that our readers increase their belief of communism being the right choice, or rather convincing them that they are right. 2. To spread our papers to others that are not (yet) communists 3. To show how bad capitalism is and what brutal effects it has on the world 4. To induce students to join the newspaper and take a stand 5. To show the best sides of our ideology 5. Describe your typical reader: • Our audience will mainly be young people/students • They will be from working or middle class families • They want change because they believe that the current constitution cannot cover their needs or treat them fairly • Some readers will be looking for proof that communism is the right ideology, so they’ll read the paper to be persuaded • Our audience could be frustrated workers or students that can’t find a job, ready for a revolution


Rationale: In our newspaper, called CommUnity News we wanted to combine quite a few things to make it appropriate to our audience and at the same time our profile. Starting from the title we have included a concept of our profile right away, since Communism is about the importance of the group, thus the community, and the fact that we believe in the strength of unity and working together. Thus this title cleverly includes both parts and creates a simple catchy title for the newspaper. It also sets the tone for who our audience is, since it is a newspaper for mainly students and “CommUnity News” already gives away that the news included are news that will have impact on our community, thus the student community. We also have a “logo” or background for our title, which are many semi circles joined together. This is just like a community where everyone helps each other. This enhances the idea of the importance of staying together so that a perfect and functioning circle can be formed. Secondly the structure we applied for the newspaper is also kind of “communist”, as we included two articles for each section, so that we are fair to all our authors and give everyone a chance to report, as well as giving different perspectives of the same story, however they both support our opinions, thus through repetition our readers are more likely to believe what we write and support our views. This can be seen as story selection within a newspaper, since we choose what our readers will read, without giving them a chance to read the same story from a different angle. This causes to limit the knowledge of our readers, which makes it easier to follow our ideas and join our movement. Thirdly we made sure that our newspaper is not a normal newspaper, where there is 90% of text and 10% ads. We included features that might interest our audience, such as some “hot trends” or jokes and cartoons. Our readers are students, since we believe that the youth is the future and we must convince them of our ideology so that they will follow us into a revolution. Thus we make the newspaper a light and fun paper, but at the same time a communist-ideas filled paper. We don’t only use article to spread our ideas but also “fun” things, so that the audience has something to look forward to each week. Our jokes are very direct and show our ideas pretty straightforward. This is also a part of communism, as we are not ashamed of what we think, but once again we combine it with something fun so that it is not too aggressive. Overall we tried to keep our newspaper light and fun by including many pictures, that distract a bit from the obvious point of view we have.