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October 2011

Message from the Headmaster Dear Xavier Parents and Guardians,

As I am sure you know, we had a rough start of the school year as we mourned the death of Coach Bill Costa, a member of our JV football staff and our strength and conditioning coach. Coach Costa was also the father of current Xavier faculty member Mr. James Costa, who teaches history and is our freshman football coach. I want to thank all of you for the support, care, notes and emails as our school community went through this difficult time. One of the wonderful things about Xavier is the community that we build here every day, and in a time of loss and sorrow each of us was given the opportunity to see firsthand the love and support for each other that Christ calls us to give so freely. As we move forward from this tragedy, I ask that you continue to pray for the repose of Coach Costa’s soul and for his family. I also ask that you pay particular attention to your son. It is often difficult for teenagers to deal with death and loss, particularly for younger students who may not have experienced this kind of loss before. Our guidance department stands ready to assist you in helping your son get through this difficult time in his life. With the school year in full-swing, your son is bound to become very busy as he juggles school work with athletics and extra-curricular activities. Some of our students seem to be so rushed in the morning that they neglect to eat a good breakfast. This often manifests itself here at school. It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for students to become ill or faint because they have not eaten properly in the morning or because they have neglected to hydrate themselves. I urge each of you to make sure that your son eats something before school each morning (even if it is just a banana, a granola bar or something similar) and drinks enough water. Our cafeteria is open each morning at 6:45 serving breakfast. If your son cannot eat before he leaves for school he is welcome to have breakfast here. With this edition of the school newsletter, you have received your son’s first progress report. This report is meant to give you a basic indication of your son’s academic performance thus far. Please review this report with him and help him to set goals for the remainder of the academic year. If your son is not off to a strong start and is struggling in any of his classes, please contact his teachers, as needed, or his guidance counselor. Each can help clarify any question you might have regarding this progress report and give you an indication as to what your son can do to improve his performance. If there is something that you think would be helpful for us at school to know about your son, please contact his counselor, Mr. Luciano Lovallo (Dean of Academics) or me. In an effort to better serve our parents, we have created a parent handbook. This book contains answers to many frequently asked questions and is a great resource. If you did not pick one up at Back to School Night and would like a copy, please contact my office at ext. 1500. ******************************************** A few calendar items of note: On October 12, 2011, the sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT exam. Please impress upon your son, as we do here, the importance of this exam and the seriousness with which he should approach it. The PSAT results will become part of his Xavier transcript and it is the exam used to determine eligibility for a National Merit Scholarship. While the sophomores and juniors take the PSAT exam, the freshmen will attend the Freshman Retreat on October 12, 2011. The first overnight Sophomore Montserrat Retreat will leave on October 17, 2011. This is an overnight retreat that each sophomore will attend at some point during the school year with his homeroom and homeroom teacher. Retreat days for sophomores and freshmen are important for forming close ties with classmates and give students the opportunity to grow in their own personal faith. These retreats are curricular and are a mandatory part of your son’s Xavier education.


Our first Kairos Retreat for members of the junior class departed on October 4, 2011. There will be approximately one Kairos Retreat each month until March. Kairos is, in many ways, the capstone of a Xavier education and I urge all juniors to attend one. For members of the senior class, October 12, 2011 is designated as a Christian Service planning day. This should not be viewed as a vacation day for seniors! It is a day for seniors to visit various sites, interview at prospective service sites and to take care of appropriate medical clearance in anticipation for their Christian Service experience. Each senior has received his Christian Service Handbook and will be required to complete a minimum of 72 volunteer hours at an approved site listed in the Christian Service Handbook. Beginning on January 31, 2012, seniors will go directly to service sites instead of class on Mondays. On October 29, 2011 we will have our Fall Open House from 1:00 pm until 4:00pm. If you know any seventh or eighth graders who might be interested in or who would benefit from a Xavier education, please encourage them to attend. We will also be asking our students to serve as tour guides and hosts on this day. Please encourage your son to volunteer for this very important event. Students who have work grants are required to attend both Open House days. On October 31, 2011 the entire Xavier faculty and staff will attend our annual Faculty Retreat. Please remember us in your prayers as we spend the day contemplating the role of Ignatian Spirituality in our work and our own vocation as teachers. On Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 3:30 - 5:30 and 6:45 - 8:15pm we will conduct Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please mark your calendar early so that you may attend. As always, I thank you for the great trust that you place in us as we help to form your son into a man of conscience, competence, and compassion. It is truly a privilege to work with him and with you. Be assured of my prayers and best wishes for you and your family. Let us continue to work and pray together for the growth and success of your son.


Mr. Michael LiVigni Headmaster YEARBOOK OFFICE

Parents/Guardians are advised that there are still available spots for parent dedications in the 2012 Yearbook. Please do not lose this opportunity to render your graduate’s yearbook unique with your special words. Please contact Mr. Mogavero with any questions. You can email him at



This is just a reminder that final registration is occurring for Xavier’s trip to Madrid and Barcelona during this coming February break. There are still spots available and anyone interested should pick up an application ASAP from Ms. Happel. The final deadline to turn in completed registration forms is November 1st. Email at if there are any questions.

Join Xavier this summer on the adventure of a lifetime. Float down the Colorado River, try rock climbing, and hike into the Grand Canyon where we will camp at the Havasupai Reservation and swim in Havasu and Mooney Falls. This is an exclusive trip that few get the privilege to enjoy. The price is $2259 and includes all transportation, meals, accommodations, sightseeing and evening activities. The trip will take place June 19, 2012 - June 24, 2012. Contact Mr. Chiafulio at for more information or visit Xavier

Trip to the Grand Canyon to register online.

RETREATS Wednesday, October 12 is Freshman Retreat Day. Freshmen are due at school at the regular time, but the retreat activities will take the place of regular classes. This is an important day of prayer and discussion for the Class of 2015. Freshmen are permitted to dress down according to the usual rules, and lunch will be provided. The first of seven Montserrat retreats this year is set for October 17-18 at Mount Manresa Retreat House in Staten Island. All sophomores make this retreat at some point during the school year, with two homeroom advisement groups on each. The homerooms represented on the October retreat will be those of Mr. Martino and Mr. Lopez. Please consult the Retreats page of the Campus Ministry website to view the schedule for the remaining advisement groups.



By Mr. Luciano Lovallo, Dean of Academics

By Mrs. Jean Sherman, Director of Guidance

Dear Parent/Guardian: I know with the arrival of the 1st Progress Report come concerns about academic progress, and more importantly, questions about where your son should turn for help with his school work. I would like to share with you some steps your son should take if he finds himself struggling academically. Step #1: Speak to the Teacher Often times, there may be a disconnect between how your son perceives he is doing in a class and his actually performance. The teacher will be able to clearly identify those areas where your son needs improvement (i.e. submission of daily homework, preparation for tests/quizzes, editing & revision of submitted work). Step #2: Seek Extra Help – Teacher Tutoring Schedule Posted throughout the school is a list of the times teachers are available to work one-on-one with students. These “office hours” allow your son a specific time and place to discuss with his teachers the areas of the course he is struggling with. If for some reason your son is not available to meet with the teacher at the posted time, he should feel free to discuss with the teacher a time that is mutually convenient. Step #3: Peer-Tutoring Each morning in the cafeteria before school, members of Xavier’s National Honors Society are available to tutor your son in whatever subject he is struggling with. Unfortunately, few students take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to sit one-on-one with someone who can help review homework, answer questions or help the student to prepare for a quiz/test. If your son would like to work with a peer-tutor, he should seek me out in the cafeteria at 7:45am and I will match him up with an appropriate member of the National Honor Society. Please encourage your son to take advantage of the academic support services in place at Xavier, and as always, if you feel the issues are beyond the steps above do not hesitate to contact my office directly.

Welcome to a new school year! The guidance department is right back in the swing of things, getting to know our freshmen and helping sophomores and juniors prepare for the October 12th PSAT. We are pleased to welcome four new practicum students from Teachers College at Columbia University’s School Psychology program. Connie Dekis, Eric Hertz, Michael Laucello, Alyssa Welsh will be available to offer academic and social support. They will also be available for educational assessments. Please contact your son’s counselor for more information. Freshmen: Some tips for a successful school year: Use your planner Stay organized by using folders for each subject and one extra for notes, etc. that need to be brought home Keep all old notes, tests and quizzes for review for midterms and finals Ask for help when you need it, use our tutors! Do Homework without distractions Sleep, eat and take time to relax Sophomores and Juniors: Will be receiving PSAT/ NMSQT guides in their group guidance meetings. The guide contains a practice test and students are strongly encouraged to set aside some time to review the instructions and complete the practice test. Their results will be available in early December and will be distributed in groups prior to the Christmas holiday. Some reminders for students: Arrive at school at the regular time Bring 2 #2 pencils and a calculator (with batteries) Students must be in dress code Classroom assignments will be on counselor’s door. Seniors: Reminder that the next SAT’s are November 5th (registration has passed, late registration is 10/21) and December 3rd (registration is 11/8). All Parents: Please join us on October 24th at 6:30pm for a presentation by Ginger Katz as she shares the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs. She will also address; Signs to look for

Sincerely, Luciano Lovallo Dean of Academics

Alcohol and drug prevention The code of silence and its dangers What to do if your child is using or experi menting with drugs and alcohol

JROTC NEWS By LTC. Roy Campbell,

The Regiment has begun conducting its weekly Drill Formations at 7:40am every Thursday morning in the Gym and in the Commons. It is essential that the Cadet Leadership of our Regiment assemble ALL Cadets in ranks and conduct formal drill activities each week as we prepare for Parades and Inspections. Xavier Cadets attended Camp Patriot, a week-long optional summer Leadership Challenge, at Ft. Devens, MA in late June. Our Cadets earned more than their fair share of awards and commendations, and they were unanimous in their assessment that one week was not long enough! Most importantly, our Cadets returned to Xavier with a greater appreciation for teamwork, selfdiscipline, and personal courage. The Regiment showcased its spit and polish as we marched up Fifth Avenue on Columbus Day, Monday, October 10th, with the Blue Night Band. The Cadet Regiment has been designated by United States Army Cadet Command as a Junior ROTC "Honor Unit with Distinction" during Academic Year 2011-2012. Thus, Xavier Cadets continue to wear the gold star on their uniforms, signifying their excellent discipline, patriotism, and leadership. The Regiment will serve at Xavier's Fall Open House on Saturday, Oct 29th as Cadets host prospective Xavier Freshmen and their families. Interest amongst Cadets is already quite high in the various Regimental Sports and Activities: Raiders and Rifle Teams, Saber Squad, Military History Club, and Paintball Club. Note: the first school paintball trip to Skirmish, PA is slated for Saturday, 12 November. As always, the paramount objectives of the Xavier JROTC program include helping to mold men of sterling leadership capabilities, exceptional character virtues, and positive citizenship values.

FROM THE DEAN OF STUDENTS OFFICE By Mr. Brian McCabe, Dean of Students

Xavier High School will be switching to its winter dress code on Tuesday, October 25. As the students prepare to make this transition, allow me to highlight some of the basic expectations for our winter dress code.

A dress shirt, dress pants, a belt, a tie, dress shoes and an official school blazer or sweater with the school patch must be worn. • Official school sweaters may be purchased in Xavier’s bookstore. • For freshmen, sophomores and juniors, only white or light blue dress shirts are permitted. Seniors may wear colored or striped dress shirts. • Shoes and belts must be black or brown in color and be of a dress nature. • In terms of jewelry, wristwatches, school rings, retreat crosses or medals, and activity pins are the only acceptable items. Earrings and bracelets and other buttons or pins are not permitted. The penalty for violating the dress code is detention. A more detailed review of the dress code is provided in the Student Handbook, which can also be accessed on Xavier's website. Each student is expected to know the rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook.

Adherence to the student dress code is one way to foster an atmosphere of respect for all members of the Xavier High School community, past and present. Thank you for your support.


CAMPUS MINISTRY/IGNATIAN SERVICE By Mr. Joseph Petriello, Director of Ignatian Service Programs and Ms. Kaija DeWitt & Ms. Dee Kittany Directors of Campus Ministry

Christian Service Program – Seniors have begun the registration process for the Christian Service Program. They should call an agency to set up an interview and return the completed registration form to Mr. Petriello in Campus Ministry by the deadline on Monday, November 14. All forms must be completed by site supervisors and signed by parents and students. Seniors have four school days off before the deadline (10/10, 10/12, 10/31, 11/11) and Wednesday, October 12 is a day specifically set aside for them to go to the agency for their interview. Registration is first come, first served; no more than three students at an agency. All program guidelines can be found on the Xavier website and all inquiries should be directed to Mr. Petriello. Important reminder: Successful completion of the Christian Service Program is a requirement for graduation from Xavier High School (72 hours of service, participation in reflection groups, two reflection papers, favorable evaluation). Companions of Xavier – Interested students should attend the CFX 2012 meetings on the following dates: Alabama (seniors) – 10/11, Mexico (juniors) – 10/14, Maryland (freshmen) – 10/17, Tennessee (sophomores) – 10/18. Applications will be distributed at the meetings, and space is limited for all service trips. Acceptance and waitlist notifications will be given in mid-November, after the first quarter report card. More information can be found on the service page of the school website. Thanksgiving Food Drive – Our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to support the families served by the Xavier Mission of the Church of St. Francis Xavier will begin on Monday, October 24. More information to follow, and will be available on the service page of the school website. Ad Majorem Retreat: Twenty senior retreat leaders participated in the first ever Ad Majorem Retreat at Bethany Spirituality Center from September 22nd to 24th. The seniors spent time in workshops that honed their retreat leadership skills, in a session led by members of Xavier administration about servant leadership, as well as in prayer and reflection. Juniors will have an opportunity to apply to serve as retreat leaders later in the school year. Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice: November 12-14 Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. The teach-in is open to students of all grade levels. More information can be found on the Xavier news feed or by contacting Director of Campus Ministry, Kaija DeWitt ( Students should come to the Campus Minstry Office to pick up an application. Applications are due October 14th. Kairos: Kairos LXXXVII, the first of year, took place at Inisfada from October 4th to the 7th. Space is still available on later retreats for juniors who have not yet signed up. Juniors will be notified of their retreat assignment by late October. Juniors should see Ms. DeWitt in Campus Ministry to register if they have not already done so. Arrupe Society: The Arrupe Society has been preparing and serving meals at The Welcome Table and at the Hoboken Shelter since the start of the school year. Spaces are open for dates in October, November and December (see the Arrupe Society page on the Xavier website or contact Kaija DeWitt in Campus Ministry). We will once again participate in a Solidarity Sleep Out with St. Peter's Prep and Loyola School. The fall dates are from November 18th to 19th. The Sleep-Out is an opportunity to learn about issues of homelessness, to do a brownbag run to feed the hungry in Jersey City and to experience what it's like to sleep outside on a cold night. The event is being hosted by St. Peter's Prep this year. Interested students should see Ms. DeWitt in Campus Ministry. Magis: This year is seeing a strong response from the seniors for the Magis Retreat. Both the November and February retreats are full, and there are only 11 spots left between January and March. Seniors can register by going to


Calendar Reminders

By Mr. Benjamin Hamm, Director of Admissions

The Open House will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2011 from 1:00-4:00 PM. We encourage all students to volunteer as tour guides or as representatives of their athletic teams and clubs and activities. Parents who wish to volunteer at this event should contact Ms. Helene Strong with the Parents Association Office: The Admissions Office would like to thank all student Admission Ambassadors and their parents. The student ambassadors have done an excellent job in recent weeks helping Mr. Hamm and Mr. Cappabianca at high school fairs and school visits. They have been tremendous supporters of our mission and are truly impressive young men. We encourage you to spread the good word about Xavier in your neighborhood, your parish or church community, and your workplace, as ‘word of mouth’ is always the most frequent and reliable way new students are introduced to Xavier and Jesuit education. If you know of specific families who have a son in the 8th grade and may be interested in applying to Xavier, please have them contact the Admissions Office at 212-924-7900, ext. 1446 or ATHLETICS UPDATE By Rod Walker, Director of Athletics Football: Varsity Football is currently in first place and 4-0 in CHSFL play this year after a sensational, come from behind 33-32 victory over Cardinal Hayes. The JV turned in an excellent performance in a tough loss 29-20 loss to Chaminade and are now 2-3 after impressive wins over Xaverian and Stepinac and a loss to St. Anthony’s. The freshmen are 1-4 and making progress every week. Freshman Swimming and Diving: The AquaKnights are 2-0 starting off the season with wins over St. Peter’s and St. Francis Prep. Cross Country : The runners are off to a great season led by Isidro Camacho, Eliot Kaufmann, Jack Profaci, Jordam Berka and freshmen John Rice and Louis Vasquez. Outstanding performances were turned in at Regis Invitational, Jim Scott Challenge, Mayor’s Cup, Xavier Invitational and the McQuaid Invitational. Bowling : Varsity and JV have posted wins over Hayes and a loss against lows in the first two outing-


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Freshman– Retreat Sophs/JuniorsPSAT, Seniors– Christian Service Planning JROTC Sports Competition 2:00pm-5:00pm (Gym) Parent Meeting: Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention 6:30pm (Library) Thanksgiving Food Drive Begins Parent Phonathon Make-up ID pictures & Senior Portraits Sophomore Seminar #2 1:50pm (Gym) OPEN HOUSE 1:00PM - 4:00PM Faculty /Staff Retreat - NO CLASSES NOVEMBER

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X-3 Order All Saints Day Liturgy (Church) SAT & SAT Subject (7:45am - 3:00pm) Daylight Saving Time Ends Kairos LXXXVIII Report Cards Parent Teacher Conference 3:30pm-5:30pm 6:45pm - 8:15pm


Veterans Day - School Closed Xavier High School 30 West 16th Street, New York NY 10011 Phone: 212-924-7900 Fax: 212-924-0303 Website: Mr. John R. Raslowsky II President Mr. Michael LiVigni Headmaster Mr. Joseph Sweeney ’ 85 Dean of Faculty Mr. Luciano Lovallo Dean of Academics Ms. Janet Bonica Registrar Mr. Brian McCabe Dean of Students Mrs. Jean Sherman Guidance Director Mr. Benjamin Hamm Admissions Director

Bowling : Varsity and JV have posted wins over Hayes and a loss against lows in the first two outingsunder Head Coach Michael Mule and Assistants Lindesey Willert and Chris McCabe Soccer: The Varsity is 6-3 -2 while the JV is 5-21 heading into the last few weeks of the regular season before the playoffs. Both teams are in position to make it into the post-season.

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