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Growing Our Mission

Forming the next generation of Xavier leaders

2011 annual report

Xavier high school

2011 annual report

Xavier high school

2011 annual report

From the President and the Chairman


ear Sons and Friends of Xavier, A Xavier education endures. Time and again, alumni have said how grateful they are for the formative Jesuit,

Catholic education that prepared them for life far beyond their days on 16th Street. Since the inception of the Annual Fund in 1982, alumni, parents, graduate parents, members of the Xavier community and friends have demonstrated their gratitude with generous gifts that enable us to build on our great legacy of providing an excellent and accessible education in New York City. These gifts mean so much. Our 164th year will be remembered for surpassing the $2 million goal for the Annual Fund, thanks to the Rev. Vin Biagi, S.J. ’67 Challenge established by two anonymous donors, which matched: first-time gifts, increased gifts over 2010, as well as the renewal of lapsed gifts up to $100,000 in total. Crossing the $2 million threshold and growing the Annual Fund is a tremendous accomplishment because it provides the essential support needed to carry out the Xavier mission. A growing Annual Fund keeps tuition affordable and provides scholarship and financial support to those in need. It retains excellent teachers and provides opportunities for faculty and administrators to grow in their understanding of Ignatian values and education. A growing Annual Fund ensures that our programs of excellence continue to be first rate and it inspires everyone at Xavier to do better — in the classroom, on the playing field, on a Companions of St. Francis Xavier (CFX) service trip and in our relationship

“Crossing the $2 million threshold and growing the Annual Fund is a tremendous accomplishment because it provides the essential support needed to carry out the Xavier mission.”

with God. Simply put, Xavier couldn’t and wouldn’t be an institution that delivers Jesuit education of lifetime worth without your belief and support of our mission. This Annual Report outlines the many ways that annual giving matters and the Fund’s impact on forming the next generation of Xavier leaders — men who are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. If you are a longtime donor to the Annual Fund, we hope this report affirms your reasons for making Xavier a philanthropic priority. If you are a first-time donor or have yet to make a gift to the Annual Fund, we hope the information contained in this report inspires you to make a lasting difference to the Xavier community. St. Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus in gratitude for God’s great gifts. Ignatius believed the gifts he received from God not only enriched his own life, but were also a blessing to be shared with others. We at Xavier feel incredibly blessed. On behalf of the Xavier student body, faculty, administrators and staff — thank you. Your generosity inspires excellence and ensures that Xavier’s long and cherished history of sending forth “Men for Others” endures. For Xavier,

John R. Raslowsky President

Richard T. Nolan, Jr., Esq. ’83 Chairman, Board of Trustees

On the cover: (L to R): Nicholas Crockett ’13, Connor Sweet ’13, Michael Autovino ’13, Ryan D’Emic ’13 and Charles Carita ’13 on CFX Maryland, August 2010. Photo by Jennifer Kennedy-Orlando.


Annual Giving

The Xavier story has always been about affordable excellence. Generations of boys, representing the diversity of New York City and beyond, became men who think critically, act compassionately and lead courageously because of the Jesuit Catholic education they received on 16th Street. This great legacy is sustained by those who benefit from our mission and believe in our vision. This Xavier Annual Report looks at the fundamentals of providing a Xavier education and how gifts at every level continue to send forth men of competence, conscience and compassion into the world.


Legacy of Affordable

Xavier high school


2011 annual report


Annual Giving

Sustaining Our Mission Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund underwrite the most fundamental aspect of a Xavier education — ­ great students and great faculty.

Xavier High School, Spring 2011. 4

Xavier high school


avier taught me how to think.” Generations of alumni echoed that sentiment when asked to describe the value of the Jesuit education that remains at the heart of Xavier’s mission. With an emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication skills and a wellrounded curriculum, Xavier equips students with the tools they need to lead. John Meditz ’66 is a strong supporter of Jesuit education. At Xavier, he has provided funding for the Meditz Family Library Learning Center and regularly contributes to the Annual Fund, which provides support for academic programs, scholarships, teacher retention, professional development and new technology. “There is an academic rigor at Xavier that you appreciate after graduation,” noted Mr. Meditz, vice chairman of Xavier’s Board of Trustees who has enjoyed a successful career in finance. “It’s something you want to have perpetuated to ensure that the Jesuit paradigm continues. And that requires a financial commitment on the part of graduates. If you benefited from Xavier, you should give back.” A strong component of the academic excellence supported through the Annual Fund is Xavier’s dedicated faculty. The Fund ensures that faculty compensation remains competitive and provides opportunities for growth. Rev. Anthony SooHoo, S.J., a trustee who has also served on Xavier’s faculty and as director of Campus Ministry, points out that professional development

assists teachers in remaining current with changing technology, sharpens their classroom skills and deepens their understanding of Jesuit education. “I think the important thing to realize is that the critical thinking skills students learn at Xavier are at the service of something bigger,” said Fr. SooHoo. “It’s important what you do with those skills. We educate students to be leaders in the world and in the Church.” Growth in giving also increases integration of new technology, an investment that reflects a modernday commitment to the strong communication skills that have been a staple in Jesuit education for centuries, according to Fr. SooHoo. “Ignatius was a great communicator,” he explained. “Our students today are called to remain connected to the world. The flip side of that is that we also encourage students to take a break from the world through retreats and other programs. A healthy, balanced life means that sometimes you have to unplug from the world.” Mr. Meditz adds that a balanced life also means living the Jesuit maxim to be “Men for Others.” “Sometimes tuition can be a family hardship,” said Mr. Meditz, who also funds scholarships for Xavier students. “But families appreciate the value of a Xavier education and are willing to make the sacrifice for their kids. The Annual Fund helps to close the gap for them. There’s strength in numbers. When more people give, it truly encourages others to give.”

2011 annual report

xavier essential The Annual Fund supports 20% of total expenses for instruction and student activities. This support includes financial aid to help bright, hardworking Sons of Xavier, as well as competitive faculty salaries and professional development to ensure that our students receive a rigorous, comprehensive educational experience rooted in the Jesuit tradition.

“Xavier has a passion for inspiring excellence in its students,” said John Sciancalepore ’12, who excels in Italian and rugby. “My goal is to leave an impression on others and to show the ways that this school has changed me for the better.” Read John’s profile on page 47. 5

Annual Giving

Living Our Mission When annual giving grows, so do the opportunities for students to fully engage in life-changing experiences such as CFX service projects.

Jake Busuttil ’12 (L) and Marcus Kelly ’12 (R) on CFX Tennessee 2, July 2010. Photo credit: Alex Lavy


Xavier high school


avier transforms lives. Director of Guidance Jean Sherman has seen this time and again in the hundreds of students she has encountered in her nine years at the school. Working closely with each student who walks through her office door, she helps to shepherd the academic, emotional and spiritual growth that will shape their lives forever. Like Mrs. Sherman, Xavier’s faculty members, coaches and administrators are committed to cura personalis, devoting themselves to the personal growth of each and every student through a wide range of co-curricular programs, from retreats and service initiatives to a successful athletics program. Through contributions to the Annual Fund, Xavier alumni and other donors provide the critical support that helps students to deepen their understanding of God’s power in their lives. “Probably our retreats and CFX trips have the fastest impact on students,” said Mrs. Sherman, noting that this year Xavier students completed CFX service projects in Tennessee, Mexico and Maryland. “When our students come back, it seems that their lives have been opened to the suffering of others and the differences of others. They come home and you just know they have had a life-changing experience.” The same is true of Xavier’s sports programs, which teach life lessons that are much deeper than winning and losing. Mr. Dennis Baker, S.J.,

a Jesuit Scholastic in Regency who coaches varsity basketball and freshman baseball, notes that through athletics, young men learn important lessons in teamwork and camaraderie. They also see the power of God at work in their lives. “Everything we do as a Jesuit school is to help people grow closer to God. That is our main objective,” said Mr. Baker, who also teaches history at Xavier. “Athletics provides a great opportunity for kids to learn about the values we have in our school, to grow closer in their own relationships and to help them see the ways God is active in their lives.” Through a wide variety of experiences outside the classroom, Xavier students learn to value the differences of their classmates and teammates, develop empathy for those in need and cultivate leadership skills to make a difference in the world. “This is our goal at Xavier, to take these boys and turn them into open-minded, loving men,” said Mrs. Sherman. “I have seen the metamorphosis in students. Our students are less self-centered and concerned about their own needs. They’re open to diversity and look at people on a much deeper level.” That willingness to see God in all people and in all things is at the very heart of Jesuit education. “That’s our main objective,” Mr. Baker emphasized. “Everything we do as Jesuits is to help people grow closer to God.”

2011 annual report

xavier essential 95% of Xavier students will voluntarily participate in a campus ministry retreat (Kairos and/ or Magis) before they graduate. Financial assistance is provided to students who cannot afford the retreat fee to ensure that all Sons of Xavier have the opportunity to deepen their faith. In addition, the generosity of our benefactors helps to support Xavier students who volunteer for Companions of St. Francis Xavier (CFX), a series of annual service trips which apply

Charles Guiraud ’12 lives the Ignatian ideal to be a “Man for Others.” A leader on Xavier retreats and a volunteer at a homeless shelter, Charles says he wants his final year at Xavier to be “the culmination of the ways I’ve grown academically, personally, athletically and religiously.” Read his profile on page 33.

faith to action.


Annual Giving

Growing Our Mission Capital projects like the new science labs in the Kane Building further the Xavier mission by enhancing instruction and creating more opportunities for scientific discovery.

Mr. Gregory Norris and students in one of Xavier’s new science labs.

Xavier high school


rowth manifests in many different ways at Xavier High School. “We are always growing,” explained Xavier President Jack Raslowsky. “But that doesn’t necessarily imply becoming bigger or adding more programs. Sometimes ‘doing more’ really means doing less, but with a greater focus. To the credit of the Board of Trustees and the institution, growth at Xavier has been about identifying the opportunities that allow our students to fully experience Jesuit education in more authentic and significant ways.” The state-of-the-art science labs on the third and fourth floor of the Kane Building are a prime example of this mission-focused approach to growth. The facility, which opened at the beginning of the 2011–2012 academic year, adds significant laboratory space to the school and supports enhanced science instruction at Xavier. The key to the new space is flexibility. A top-notch science curriculum requires more instructional time than programs in the past. Classes that were once limited to one lab per week now have multiple opportunities for scientific discovery. Chemistry students investigating compounds, for instance, can now compare and contrast a greater variety of chemical elements, which serves to further students’ understanding of the subject matter and expand their breadth of knowledge.

Building on excellence is very much in keeping with the Ignatian ideal of magis, to always seek “the more.” “Decisions about capital projects are made through the lens of magis,” Mr. Raslowsky said. “We are always looking at improvements that allow us to do the work on a deeper level.” Two current capital projects underscore this commitment. A $2.5 million public-private partnership with the City of New York is underway that will make Xavier Athletics even more competitive by assuring regular access to a fully renovated practice field in Red Hook, Brooklyn. In addition to supplying better training and more productive practices for Xavier athletes, the renovation will also provide a greatly improved amenity to the surrounding community. And demolition has now been completed on 31-35 W. 15th Street, a project central to the school’s master plan that will add 35,000 square feet of purpose-built space and extend Xavier’s footprint to ensure that educational needs are served. While working to advance excellence, these initiatives strengthen the institution’s most fundamental values. “Rigorous, affordable Jesuit Catholic education has shaped generations of Xavier alumni,” noted Mr. Raslowsky. “Enacting the master plan allows us to continue this legacy and fulfill our mission of educating men who will lead and serve others.”

2011 annual report

xavier essential Xavier remains committed to making tuition affordable so that a Xavier education is accessible to the families of as many hardworking, deserving young men as possible. The average annual tuition increase over the past five years was 6%. In order to maintain affordability, we need to continue to increase annual giving.

Braham Berg ’13 embraces opportunities to grow ­— intellectually and through extracurricular activities and community service. “I love that Xavier is a place where people are encouraged academically and motivate each other to achieve the most,” he said. Read Braham’s profile on page 38. 9


A YEAR of STRONG NUMBERS AND GREAT SPIRIT Strength in numbers, plus great spirit, defined development efforts at Xavier in 2011. The institution saw a successful fundraising year, raising just over $2,000,000 in the Annual Fund, a little over $3,000,000 in restricted and endowment gifts, while also hosting a successful Hall of Fame, Golf Outing and Parents’ FUNdraiser, which together raised $235,000 combined. The highlights of the year included a record estate gift from Mrs. Kay Shirey of $2,250,000 for Scholarship Endowment that will provide additional much-needed financial aid to students in

Transfer from Endowment 6%

perpetuity, as well as the success of the Rev. Vin Biagi, S.J. ’67 Challenge for the Annual Fund. Sponsored by two anonymous alumni, the Challenge, which began right before Memorial Day weekend and ran through the close of the fiscal year, matched all first-time gifts, renewed lapsed gifts, or increased gifts to Xavier over 2010, up to a total of $100,000. In the end, 358 Loyal Sons of Xavier, parents and friends accepted the challenge and completely exhausted the matched funds. The effort proved again the tremendous commitment and resolve among our Xavier family. Communications efforts also improved with the expansion of the reach of the weekly E-News and the redesign of the Xavier magazine. In addition, Xavier continued to reach out to alumni with receptions all across the country including Chicago, Houston, Santa Monica, Durham and Virginia Beach. During the summer of 2011 Xavier hosted another 10 receptions from Belmar, N.J. to Cape Cod, Mass. and from the Hamptons to 16th Street, including a send-off for the Class of 2011 in mid-August. Receptions planned for this fall and winter include stops in Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Washington, D.C. and parts of California, the Carolinas and Florida.

Student Activities 5%

Student Activities 1% Parents’ Association 1%

Auxiliary Programs 5% Alumni Activities/ Parents’ Events 1% Annual Fund 13% Investment Income 1%

General and Administration 23%

Tuition and Fees 73%

Instruction 49%

Auxiliary Programs 2% Transfer to Endowment 9% Operations and Maintenance 11%

Receipts Tuition and Fees $11,463,844 73% Student Activities 130,363 1% Annual Fund 2,000,275 13% Alumni Activities and Parents’ Events 227,761 1% Auxiliary Programs 731,293 5% Investment Income 177,218 1% Transfer from Endowment 1,006,497 6% Total Receipts $15,737,251 100% 10

EXPENDITURES Instruction Operations and Maintenance Student Activities Auxiliary Programs General and Administration Parents’ Association Transfer to Endowment Total Expenditures

$7,645,552 49% 1,794,956 11% 830,324 5% 289,013 2% 3,656,164 23% 35,514 1% 1,485,728 9% $15,737,251 100%

Xavier high school

2011 annual report

2011 Summary of Gifts AnNUAL FUND Alumni Parents Friends Total Annual Fund

$1,667,343 $269,649 $63,283 $2,000,275

Restricted Gifts

Annual Fund Range of Gifts Giving Society Gift Total Total $ Amount President’s Council $1,000 + $1,439,939 Xavier Society $500–$999 $210,581 Loyola Associates $250–$499 $139,964 Century Club $100–$249 $174,881 General Contributor $1–99 $34,910 Total Contributors $2,000,275

Total Donors 510 393 510 1,443 884 3,740

Total Annual Giving (including Capital Campaign contributions) by Class with Less than 150 Members

Total Annual Giving (including Capital Campaign contributions) by Class with 150 Members or more

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1946 $111,055 1966 $103,720 1961 $86,440 1956 $40,305 1952 $37,392 1949 $34,007 1943 $32,519 1953 $30,275 1954 $26,255 1955 $24,877

1970 $254,304 1962 $131,876 1965 $83,681 1958 $76,378 1963 $68,985 1959 $65,512 1985 $61,285 1968 $58,669 1971 $54,475 1964 $49,170

Capital Campaign Current Fund Scholarship Scholarship Endowment Plant Endowment Other Restricted Gifts

$61,464 $229,600 $2,599,172 $48,437 $80,735

Total Restricted Gifts


Fundraising Events Hall of Fame (Ignatian Scholars Program) Golf Outing Annual Parents FUNdraiser Total Fundraising Events TOTAL RAISED


Percentage of Participation by Class with Less than 150 Members 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 6 9 10

1938 1948 1947 1954 1945 1952 1955 1956 1957 1950

$160,000 $19,985 $56,000 $235,985

83% 60% 59% 52% 48% 46% 46% 46% 43% 42%

Total Contributors

Percentage of Participation by Class with 150 Members or more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 9 10

1959 1958 1970 1967 1973 1962 1951 1963 1971 1972

54% 42% 41.5% 40% 39% 38.5% 37% 37% 35% 34%


Xavier 2011 Annual Report  

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