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Clyde Life August/September 2018 Issue 43

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Lunderston Bay, Gourock, Inverclyde, PA19 1BB 01475 521 536 www.cardwellgardencentre.co.uk


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Ronnie Cowan MP  Scotland’s Boat Show - preview  Accessories, European style Style Files 


The Chartroom Recipe


Beacon Arts Centre preview of events  Autumn Weddings misty and mellow  Gardening – coping with a long,


22 Contributors this issue: Kieran Gallagher, Joanne Simms, Ronnie Cowan, Kevin Blamire, Marilyn Thompson, Holly Thompson. 

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hot dry summer 


Local Clubs, Groups & Classes


Get on your bike with community tracks 


COVER: Sheriff Court - Doors Open Days

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Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September 2018

www.doorsopendays.org.uk Follow us on @inverclyde and #Inverclyde 4 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018


What’s on… The best live events & latest movies on your doorstep! ey! loyal, save mon Stay local, stay


10 The th M Au eg gu st

Live Events coming up…

Movies coming soon…

Thursday 16th August, 7.45pm

The Merry Wives of Windsor Thursday 12th September, 7pm Down on his luck in the suburbs, John Falstaff plans to hustle his way to a comfortable retirement by seducing the wives of two wealthy men. Unknown to him, it’s the women of Windsor who really pull the strings, orchestrating Falstaff’s comeuppance amidst a theatrical smorgasbord of petty rivalries, jealousies and over-inflated egos. Bring the girls for a night out - you’ll love it! Tickets £15

The Australian Ballet – A Merry Widow

NT Live: King Lear starring Sir Ian Mckellen

The tiny principality of Pontevedro is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the dashing Count Danilo must rescue his country by marrying the newly widowed and fabulously wealthy Hanna Glawari. Only when they meet does he realise that she’s his childhood sweetheart and that she hasn’t forgiven him for jilting her years ago. Tickets £15/£13

Broadcast live from London’s West End, see Ian McKellen’s ‘extraordinarily moving portrayal’ (Independent) of King Lear in cinemas. Tickets £14/£12

Th e 31 Chil st dr Au en gu Ac st t


It’s been 50 years since Elvis Presley the undisputed king of rock - performs in his legendary 68’ Comeback concert recorded on December 3, 1968. Here, Elvis plays his greatest role - simply being his magnificent self. Over 90 minutes, Elvis performs his classic rock and pop hits, introduces new material and reminisces about his career. A must-see for fans of Elvis and Rock and Roll. Tickets £10

sn ey Ro ’s Ch bin ris Au 1 to gu 7th ph er st

Elvis: 68’ Comeback Special 50th Anniversary

Thursday 27th September, 7pm

Book in person 10 Custom House Way Greenock PA15 1EG or online at Clyde Life Magazine www.waterfrontcinema.co.uk/live-the-waterfront

T 12 he P th re Se da pte to mb r er

Thursday 20th September, 7pm

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We are really happy with our new wardrobes. People are continually commenting on how great they look and asking where we got them from. Catrina Frame

Really happy with my finished wardrobes. Just what we were looking for. Brilliant value for money! Mrs Travers

Absolutely terrific! We are more than delighted with our sliding wardrobes. We have shown them to all our family and friends and everybody absolutely loves them. David Wilkes

SUPERIOR BESPOKE STORAGE SYSTEMS AT SMART PRICES... Alvic Sliding Wardrobes Ltd is a small friendly, family run business established in 2012. At their impressive showroom in Crosslee, Houston you can see their full range of stunning doors and furniture on display. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, the team at Alvic can turn any empty and unused spaces to good use. There’s no need to put up with wonky wardrobes which don’t suit your needs any longer, Alvic can fully design and install perfectly fitted wardrobes and furniture that is truly bespoke to your requirements. Whether it’s hinged, angled or sliding doors, you’re after, a built in quest bed or a fully fitted walk-in wardrobe or library, the team are always on hand to offer their advice and expertise.

01505 614419 • www.alvicslidingwardrobes.co.uk @clydelifemag Visit ourLifeshowroom: Suite 1, The PA6 7AW 6 | Clyde – August/September 2018 Old Mill, Houston Road, Crosslee, Houston

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Ladies Lunch Glasgow

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Sunday 18 November 12pm at the Grand Central Hotel

Parkinson’s UK is the operating name of the Parkinson’s Disease Society of the United Kingdom. A charity registered in England and Wales (258197) and in Scotland (SC037554). © Parkinson’s UK

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The common good and common ground Twice in the last few weeks people have used the board game Monopoly as an allegory to explain a situation that requires resolving. Two different people, describing two different scenarios both struck by the way personal wealth outstrips the common good. One was in Kilmacolm describing the issue over the prospect of land at Knapps dam and North Denniston being sold to property developers and robbing the local population of the use of the land for bonfires, walking, equestrian events and access. The second was at a conference on basic income when an American entrepreneur questioned the multi-national giants buying up huge swathes of land for mining, amongst other industries and denying the local population the profits from their land. The allegory is simple, people buy land and they and their companies benefit but the common good is denied. Just like in the board game Monopoly, only one person wins. Buying up properties denies others free access. Building on that property defines its use within the public sphere and generates money for the owner, everyone else pays. The clue is in the name. The common good and the ideal that we all have a share in common ground is not new. Eight hundred years ago the Magna Carta was written as an attempt to placate factions that threatened the supremacy of the crown. It is often,

mistakenly in my view, viewed as a document that protects personal liberties. I find it frustrating that Westminster is quick to celebrate the Magna Carta and portray it as a valued piece of work. And at the same time be so selective in their points of reference. Specifically they like to ignore the companion document known as the ‘Charter of the Forests’. This document was less popular amongst the landed gentry as it stated, “Henceforth every freeman, in his wood or on his land that he has in the forest, may with impunity make a mill, fish-preserve, pond, marl-pit, ditch, or arable in cultivated land outside coverts, provided that no injury is thereby given to any neighbour.” Common land for the common good. The idea that land can be bought and owned by individuals and corporations and not utilised in a fashion that benefits everyone goes against the grain. I am not proposing a hippy commune utopia but the more the land can be used for the community, the more we all, as members of that community, benefit. Land banked is land under-utilised. There is of course, as in most things, a need for compromise. Businesses must be able to expand and therefore some will want to purchase land that their existing business can grow into or purchase land that a complementary business can be located on. In these circumstances

Ronnie Cowan MP

compromise could be sought as it is clear that in the long term the community would benefit. But too many old buildings have been bought up and subsequently been allowed to fall into disrepair prior to being demolished. The house building project at Castlebank in Port Glasgow where Broadstone House was and the Highlanders Academy that used to stand on Mount Pleasant Street in Greenock being just two examples of cultural vandalism. And on our unique shore Inchgreen dry dock has been idle for years while ship fitting and refitting work goes elsewhere. That does not serve Inverclyde or the wider community well. Too much land is in the hands of too few. They seem to be following the advice of Mark Twain “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. Which is maybe why a Scottish Government report stated that “currently 432 private land owners own 50% of the private land in rural Scotland. The latest estimate of Scotland’s population is 5,327,000, so this means that half of a fundamental resource for the country is owned by 0.008% of the population. As a measure of inequality in a modern democracy, this is exceptional and is in need of explanation”. The common good benefits all. Monopoly always has more losers than winners.

Ronnie Cowan MP, Member of Parliament for Inverclyde, 20 Crawfurd Street, Greenock, Inverclyde PA15 1LJ @clydelifemag ronnie.cowan.mp@parliament.uk Telephone: 01475 721 877

8 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

raising standards in property preservation

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Bigger and even better boat show! By land and sea they’ll be coming to have a fantastic time at Scotland’s Boat Show at Kip Marina over the weekend of 12 - 14 October By Joanne Simms Scotland’s Boat Show in October will be the biggest ever with a new, expanded, layout at this nationally-important showcase. In the UK only the boat show at Southampton is larger than the weekend-long event at Inverkip on 12, 13 and 14 October. Last year more than 12,000 people visited the Inverclyde venue which sees £millions of boats for sale with the finest marine service industries showcasing their businesses. Gavin McDonagh, the managing director of Kip Marina and Holt Leisure Group said he and the team based at Kip Marina are hard at work putting the finishing touches to what promises to be another spectacular weekend: ‘We are delighted with the continuing support of our partners and that we have again managed to further develop Scotland’s Boat Show for 2018. All at Kip are proud that their show attracts increasing numbers of visitors from all over the UK to Inverclyde and that we are able to introduce new people to sailing and boating in Scotland.’

10 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

This year there is a new RYA Scotland pavilion and the Sika Marine Stage will move into this with a full programme of talks and presentations in association with the Cruising Association. This RYA Scotland Pavilion sold out for exhibitors in record time and, as we go to press, the organisers are looking to expand it further. There is more undercover exhibition space with a new Riverside Inverclyde Pavilion for smaller boats, marine and leisure exhibitors. Look out also for an expanded chandlery area. There is also a new location for the Taste Inverclyde/ Chartroom cafe. On the water the RYA Scotland has the biggest ever free ‘taster sessions’ programme with particular focus on getting new-to-boating visitors – especially the young and those with impaired mobility – out on the water for the first time. This is in conjunction


with SportScotland National Centre Cumbrae; Clyde Muirshiel Country Park and You and Sea Training. Scotland’s Boat Show is renowned for having the UK’s largest brokerage show and Michael Schmidt and Partner expect to have a record number of quality pre-owned boats on display. Inspiration Marine is aiming for its biggest display of new boats this year and several new boat exhibitors are making plans to be at the show for the first time. What also makes Scotland’s Boat Show so special – and so successful – is that the weekend has an incredible amount of activities shore side, making the whole weekend a fantastic life-style destination. For some years the show has had a motor section and this year this has expanded into a new car and motor home exhibition area with Porsche, Tesla, Morgan and Swift Motor homes.

Clyde Life style The Clyde Life Pavilion

Join us at the Boat Show The Clyde Life Lifestyle pavilion showcases some of the finest local craftsmen and women, artists and artisans and personal shopping available in the Inverclyde area and beyond. It is the perfect place to start your Christmas shopping for presents and your Christmas feast – see you there.

All this works up a great appetite and the show has a reputation for delivering the best food around. This has been revamped with a new-look West College Scotland Food and Drink Pavilion with a covered outdoor eating area, food truck eating area and a ‘Taste Inverclyde’ pavilion. This showcase of West College’s food and hospitality students emphasises and strongly supports Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018. It wouldn’t be Scotland’s Boatshow without pipe bands, helicopter flights and power boats which are firm favourites bringing people back year after year to join in the fun and there will be a host of new entertainment planned for the weekend as well.

Remember that admission is free and parking costs £5 per car. For full details see www.scotlandsboatshow.co.uk Clyde Life Magazine

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theStyle files

by Marilyn Thompson

Accessorise European Style

12 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018


The teen STYLE Files

Summer Chic

Summer is the perfect time to channel some cool continental style. Clothes featuring blue and white stripes are a classic way of doing this and will create an easily achievable chic outfit whether at home or abroad! Striped boat neck tees, shirts and midi skirts are always on trend and are favourites with the ever so stylish continental natives!

FASHION & BEAUTY NOTES Make a style statement and continue the continental vibe through to your accessories with these red retro sunglasses - £6 - Urban Outfitters


PRO TIP - Try putting some lemon juice on your hair whilst out in the sun to achieve some natural highlights! Just wash & condition well afterwards.


Keep your summer travel tickets safe and all in one place with adhesive phone case wallets!

Celebrity Do’s & Don’ts Transparent Fashion Do pair with simple accessories Do keep it understated Do choose a smaller print Don’t wear stripes from head to toe Don’t deviate from classic silhouettes

Your Fashion Questions Answered? Do!


Q - Hi Holly, vertical or horizontal stripes - what would you choose? Emma. A - Hi Emma, vertical stripes have a lengthening effect so can seem to elongate your legs or torso. However, horizontal stripes exude the more classic European style. Choose depending whether you favour look or length! Holly x Get in touch - To learn more about The FASHION Class for teens & children, the courses, camps and Birthday parties, or to tell me what you think and ask any questions, contact: holly@thefashionclass.co.uk or www.thefashionclass.co.uk

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RECIPE Black & Blue Salad

A quick and easy version of one of our most popular dishes! Perfect for an alfresco lunch with plenty of white wine!

For two you will need: • 2 Butterflied chicken breasts • Cherry tomatoes • A selection of your favourite salad leaves • 150g Blue Cheese • 50ml milk

• 150ml Double cream • Jar of cajun spices • The hottest hot sauce you can find! • Sea salt & cracked black pepper • & Olive oil

Step 1 - ‘That little blue dressing’ Add your milk and cream together, crumble in 100g of your blue cheese (saving the rest for garnish) then blend together until smooth, season with salt and pepper. Step 2 - ‘A seasoned professional’ Heat a frying pan or skillet. Take your perfectly butterflied chicken breasts and lightly coat with olive oil then take a generous portion of Cajun spices and get in amongst it! leave no nooks unseasoned and don’t get me started on the crannies! Cook until cooked through and don’t be afraid to slightly over do it, this will give you the perfect blackened Cajun bite! Once cooked, slice into strips and set aside.

14 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

Step 3 - ‘Iceberg! straight ahead! but Romaine calm Cos its only Little (Gem)’ Add the majority of your step 1 mix to the bottom of a large bowl then add your mixed leaves and chopped cherry toms(the more the merrier), gently toss, coating the leaves with your blue dressing. Separate into two salad bowls and add your sliced chicken to the top. Step 4 - ‘How’s about some hot stuff, baby, this evening?’ Now for the best part, take your hot sauce (we make our own fiery concoction but there are some super-hot ones available over the counter!) and generously drizzle over your salad remember the blue cheese dressing will be nice and cooling so don’t skimp on the spice! Crumble the remainder of your blue cheese on top as a dressing and we are done! Pour yourself a large Sauv blanc or open up an icy Bud Light, sit yourself down outside and enjoy!


Help is at Hand as your Life changes Woodside Care Home is a 19 bedroom Residential Home situated in the beautiful conservation village of Quarriers, just outside Bridge of Weir. Visitors are always made welcome. The Home is registered with The Care Inspectorate for the regulation of care. • • • •

Residential Elderly Long Stay Short Stay Convalescent Respite

To request a brochure or to arrange a visit please contact the manager



Fiona Summers ~ 01505 613370



All Plumbing & Heating Work Undertaken


Our expert Emergency Maintenance team are available 24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year


T: 01505 703756

www.balticfirewood.co.uk Clyde Life Magazine

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What do Clients say about Animal Angels Sitters? “Nigel and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the introduction to Natasha. It’s been brilliant, we love her. She is so professional; honestly, she is so switched on regarding animals. She is so watchful of everything; you just know that your cats are in safe hands. It’s all the tiny details of her care that matter so much. She took photos and sent them to us regularly - they warm your heart when you are away from your home - and she captures their nature. And when we got back, Natasha has it all organised. Cats were out of the way so we could get the bags in. She’d washed all her bedding which we didn’t expect her to do. Our house was as we left it and the cats were happy. What an excellent lady she is.

Do you love caring for animals, if yes this could be for you! We are looking for responsible couples and single people within your area to reside in Client’s homes caring for their cherished pets and keeping their houses clean and tidy whilst they are away. You must be mature and have owned your own pets previously for at least 15 years, as your love of animals and experience is vital for this role. It is a responsible position, which you can do at anytime as long as you are available a minimum of sixteen weeks per year.

Details of Daily Sitting Earnings Available Upon Request

Call Animal Angels Ltd

0800 161 3242 www.animalangels.co.uk 16 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018


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A wonderland of

We ask Tom McDonald, proprietor of Affordable Luxuries, to talk our re on offer when planning a new kitchen. area all together; this could be a separate pantry or even an area for drinks. Using a laminate finish on the worktops going around a room and a separate, more expensive, quartz or granite finish on an island is a great way to create interest whilst keeping the overall costs down. Composite There seem to be so many choices! Be it natural or engineered materials all of which come in a multitude of colours and finishes – can you break that down into categories for us? TOM: All of our beautiful worktops will enhance the appearance of your new kitchen. The two main considerations would be the look you are trying to achieve and your budget as the price can vary greatly between a laminate worktop and a granite or quartz stone worktop. CLYDE LIFE: When planning the worktops into a design, what factors do we need to keep in mind? TOM: I would recommend paying attention to the overall look of the kitchen and what you are trying to achieve, be it contemporary or traditional. You would want to meet your needs regarding the colour, texture and finish and how you intend to use your kitchen. Some worktops require more maintenance than others – do you want to be spending your weekends oiling and sanding worktops? The cost is also an important consideration as some worktops are considerably more expensive.

CLYDE LIFE: Colour is a big decision, there are so many subtle differences, what should I keep in mind when choosing? TOM: Regardless of what material is chosen it is important that your new worktop has longevity. That bright lime green Corian worktop might look great initially but the novelty can soon wear off and with the expense involved you don’t want to be replacing it. Subtle palettes of colour, that contrast softly, work just as well as vibrant colours but in general as long as it works with the entire room you won’t go wrong. Our expert designers will give you the right advice. CLYDE LIFE: How do I get the worktops and wall panels to ‘work’ together in the overall scheme? TOM: A well-chosen palette of colours allows us to achieve this. For back panels we can use glass, wood or tiles, available in many colours that complement our various worktops. With some ranges we often match the worktop finish and back panel colours exactly, which adds detail and helps bring a colour scheme together. On other occasions we match the worktop and the furniture door colour to add contrast. A two-tone design with

CLYDE LIFE: Should I have different types of worktops in different parts of the room? TOM: This will depend on the individual design but it is both popular and visually striking to use more than one worktop finish in a design. Using two different finishes on an island looks great and can be practical too if you wish to create an area to sit with stools or a drop down, table-height seating area. Sometimes we may even use a different worktop to define a separate

18 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018



ince 1999 s s s e n i s u b family @clydelifemag

f worktops

Finance Options Available

eaders through the wide variety of worktops

T&C’s apply


a separate area of tall housing cabinets finished in the same colour as the worktop can look fantastic especially when you chose an alternative door colour on the furniture below the worktops. Room size also comes into the equation; you don’t want to put too much into a small space. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, we will help you find the perfect surface that will suit your lifestyle, your taste and your budget. We will be delighted to discuss all your options with you in our showroom where you can touch and feel all the different materials we offer.

A brief guide to worktops Laminate: hard wearing, nonporous, easy maintenance and available in a wide range of colours and textures allowing us to easily recreate the look of timber, granite and quartz. Affordability has made laminate worktops one of the most commonly-used work surfaces on the market. Quartz stone: fabricated from 90 per cent natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals found on the earth and 10 per cent resin and polymers. The appearance can be changed by adding small amounts of glass, metallic or stone flecks to create contemporary and more traditional looks. Quartz is non-porous; it resists stains and for those reasons, never needs to be sealed. A great choice for your kitchen.

resilient and copes well with heat and scratches but care must be taken as it can stain and requires sealing from time to time; a timeless look and another great choice. Solid wood: adds warmth and character and will last a life time; ideal for contemporary and traditional designs due to its natural beauty, unique characteristics and wide range of welcoming colour tones. Use it for the full kitchen or as a dining table or special feature in combination with granite or quartz. We have the perfect timbers to blend seamlessly into your design; all treated with quality natural oils and varnishes, keeping maintenance to a minimum. Composite: solid surface worktops like Corian, manufactured using a combination of acrylic resin and natural minerals create a unique, lustrous, silky finish equally suitable for contemporary and traditional designs. Available in hundreds of colours this material allows for seamless jointing, along with multiple integrated sink options. The result is a clean, smooth finish; hard-wearing, very hygienic and simple to clean and repair. Natural slate, marble, concrete,stainless steel and glass are not the most practical when it comes to cleaning and lack long-term durability and don’t provide good value for money as they can be expensive. They will look incredible when initially installed but they soon lose their appeal as they have a tendency to stain or scratch easily.


Granite: natural rock formed over millions of years, quarried and cut in its natural state and then polished. Its stunning colours and textures cannot be replicated in quartz due to its natural qualities. Granite is very

52 - 54 Regent St, Greenock PA15 4NP | Tel: 01475 727774 | www.affordableluxuries.co.uk Clyde Life Magazine



www.clydelife.co.uk | 19 CORIAN ©

A new season of


at The Beacon

his farcical attempts to seduce women in order to gain access to their husbands’ wealth. With rhythmic pace and beautiful melodies, Falstaff will be sung in Italian with English surtitles.

charisma to entertain, his mediumship has the potential to change someone’s life, instilling a sense of peace, comfort and purpose.

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham Thursday 16th August 7.30pm £20 (Child, Student, Senior £18) Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham have established themselves as the epitome of excellence in the world of traditional music and have been described as “probably the best traditional musicians you are ever likely to hear”.

51 Shades of Maggie Saturday 18th August 7.30pm - £25 (16+ only) The best-selling send-up of 50 Shades of Grey tells the story of loveable Maggie, who, like most women, has been let down by all the men in her life. This hilarious and naughty play will have you laughing out loud on Maggie’s journey of love, booze and whips!

Tony Stockwell Psychic Medium Wednesday 29th August 7.30pm £22 Tony Stockwell has a long established reputation as one of TV’s top intuitive mediums. Using his natural wit, showmanship and Cockney

Falstaff Tuesday 21st August 7.30pm £16/£13/£6 under 18 Verdi’s comic masterpiece Falstaff revolves around the unlikely, plump protagonist, Falstaff and 20 | Clyde Sir LifeJohn – August/September 2018

Islander Sunday 9th September 2.30pm £12 (Child, Student, Senior £10) Helen Milne Productions in Association with Mull Theatre presents Islander - a beautiful piece of storytelling, told through layered voice and a cappella song. @clydelifemag

McLuckie’s Line Sunday 16th September 7.30pm £12/£10 Broke Lad presents McLuckie’s Line by Martin Travers and Martin Docherty, a raw, hard hitting and hilarious monologue that explores serious subjects but is packed with humour. An unforgettable whirlwind fast, laugh out loud tour de force performance by one of Scotland’s most talented performers.

surprises. Vocal superstars Blake formed in 2007 and have become a regular fixture on the UK TV schedules, including performances on BBC Breakfast, This Morning, The One Show, Alan Titchmarsh Show and Songs of Praise.

Counterfeit Sixties Show Sunday 9th September 7.30 - 10pm £20/£18 Re-live the sounds of the swinging sixties, as Britain’s No. 1 tribute show brings alive the magic of the sixties with their tribute to over twenty five bands of that era. The show encompasses everything from that period, from the clothes, to flashbacks from television history, including: TV programmes, adverts and even clips from the original bands.

Milton Jones & Friends

Blake Friday 21st September 7.30pm £23 (Child, Student, Senior £21) BRIT award winning harmony trio Blake return, featuring songs from their latest album, powerful video projections, hilarious comic banter and some unique musical

Saturday 29th September 8.00pm £22.50 (Child, Student, Senior £20) A top night of comedy is coming to the Beacon! Headlining the show is the messy haired master of the one liner, Milton Jones! A regular feature on our TV screens, Milton has appeared on Live at the Apollo and is a regular panellist on Mock the Week. His unique style of comedy has audiences in stitches causing laughter just as loud as his shirts! Milton will be joined on the night by four top Scottish comedians.

Fara Thursday 13th September 8.00pm £12/£10 Following their debut release Cross the Line in 2016, Orcadian folk Quartet FARA are touring the UK to coincide with the October 2018 release of their second album. Comprised entirely of selfpenned songs and instrumental tracks, FARA will celebrate the community which inspired them to become musicians.

For information and to book www.beaconartscentre.co.uk 01475 723 723 Beacon Arts Centre, Custom House Quay, Greenock, PA15 1HJ | 21 Clyde Life Magazine www.clydelife.co.uk

Mists, mellow fruitfulness and marriage Autumn is becoming ever more popular for weddings

An autumn wedding is a great idea because: This is Scotland, a country where the weather has a sense of humour. You can have a blizzard on May Day and a heat wave in autumn. Keep this in mind and book a venue which has cosy touches but also French or patio doors for guests to spill outside. Everyone will welcome the chance to buy dresses in rich autumn colours and not another pastel outfit. The autumnal colours of a pheasant feather look so funky in a fascinator. For once the guys aren’t sweltering in their threepiece suits and kilts. All your guests are so grateful they haven’t had to give up another summer weekend to go to a wedding; their kids were starting to mutiny. A whisky hot toddy on a cooler day makes a far nicer drink to greet your guests than a glass of chilled fizz. Guests who have driven a long way are not reduced to frazzled wrecks by convoys of 40 mph caravans, tourist buses and camper van hire drivers swaying across the road. All your bridesmaids love you because you gave them each a pashmina to match their dresses – wow, something they will actually wear in real life! You remembered one in white, for you, too, so that you are all snug between each wedding photo.

22 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

When it comes to the wedding album, the autumnal foliage is a far more dramatic backdrop for a wedding dress. The moody skies, glowing afternoon sunsets and a wee bit of mist make the whole day feel more Scottish and romantic, especially if you have a lochside wedding or the sea as a backdrop. There is just something so great about a wedding party in a room with a roaring log fire or wood burner. Spicy-scented candles add the finishing touch. Autumn church and table decorations are so much more memorable with their rich reds and oranges and can include dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, small pumpkins and flame-coloured chrysanthemums in a variety of shades. Brides can buy two pairs of wedding shoes; the traditional and, in case it is damp, a pair of those avant-garde glitter-infused rubber heels or flats made for Vivienne Westwood by Brazilian shoemaker Melissa. TIP: Young bridesmaids LOVE them. You have got a great excuse to add venison, blackberries and damsons to the menu. If an autumn chill is in the air then vin chaud, hot punch, glühwein what ever you want to name it - is fantastic.



40 Day Guests 80 Evening Guests

Additions can be arranged, the venue can accommodate up to 120 day guests. 2018/2019/2020 DATES AVAILABLE • Venue hire • Glass of sparkling for arrival • Ceremony charge • Master of ceremonies • Half bottle of House wine for meal • Glass of sparkling for toast • Cake stand and cake knife • 3 course menu • Table stationery • Hot Filled Rolls for 80 Guests • Choice of 2 centre pieces • Dance floor • Full table linen

Subject to availability.


www.clydelife.co.uk | 23

A long hot dry summer

By Kieran Gallagher Cardwell Garden Centre

It is fair to say that as garden enthusiasts we have had an unbelievable season, so far. The heat has been exceptional and it has been the longest spell without rain in Gourock for as long as I can remember. A warm spring makes an incredible difference to the garden. Soil temperatures rose to perfect growing conditions very early this year, so anything planted during April, May or even June should be looking great about now. The immediate weather forecast, as I write this column, is for more of the same, although perhaps a little more in the way of rainfall. The dry spell brings mixed fortunes to the gardener. On one hand, scorching of leafs and flowers by rain followed by hot sun has been almost unheard of. The insects, bees in particular, are able to go about their business of collecting and spreading pollen. Fruit and vegetable plants are looking great and many salad crops were ready for consumption earlier than usual. Of course, there is no ying without yang and dry weather means watering. A lot of watering. If you took my advice in an earlier

24 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

column and used fresh compost with water retaining gel added for your bedding plants, then you have my permission to look smug whilst enjoying the extra free time you have given yourself. If you did not, or it was not suitable for what you were doing, then some simple rules should be followed. Before watering, check a crust has not formed on top of the soil or compost. A crust can form quickly and will repel any water you pour on it, negating the irrigation altogether. If a crust has formed, poke a hole in it with a trowel, cane or even a finger. It is the roots that need water, not the leaves. Water only in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is not at it’s strongest. Try to water the ground, not the plants. This is especially true of flowering plants, where water sitting on the open petals will rot them very quickly. It will also avoid scorching of the leaves, as mentioned earlier. Feed as per the norm for the plants themselves. Feeding does not really alter with the weather, although if your plants have reached the optimum size, you may wish to only water them. Gentle pruning is fine where needed, bedding plants will soon grow back as long as you are not too severe. Lawns will benefit from watering, but bear in mind how much tap water you are using in general. As of late June, a quick internet search reveals there are no plans by Scottish water or any local authority in Scotland to introduce a hosepipe ban or other @clydelifemag

means of restricting domestic water usage. However, we should be aware of our own usage. Water butts are ideal for this, although there may not have been enough rainfall to keep these filled. Here at Cardwell in Gourock, you may not be aware that we do not have a mains water supply. This means that all of our water supplies, both for consumption and irrigation, comes from natural springs or several burns that pass through the garden centre. The prolonged dry weather has affected our supplies to the point that all non-essential equipment was turned off. Only drinking water and irrigation water for the plants was retained.

“Water only in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is not at it’s strongest, try to water the ground, not the plants.”

As the water comes from a natural source, Cardwell have to ensure that we only take a percentage of the available water and leave enough for the burn to still exist. It is not only the garden centre that needs the water wildlife of all descriptions rely on it as well. If you consider how many plants you have to water in your garden, it may give you an idea of how much watering we have had to do at Cardwell. Of course, much of it is automated, but our plant guys and girls have had a very hard year! So we all should remember to take care of our water and our wildlife in this unusually good weather. And should the good weather last, as is forecast, take some time to enjoy and appreciate the fruits of your labour. And the next time you have a tea or coffee at Cardwell, remember only the finest Scottish spring water has been used to make it.

Clyde Life Magazine

www.clydelife.co.uk | 25

events at finlaystone estate this summer August


Thursday 2nd 1 - 3pm - Tree Identification A Ranger led walk to identify trees

Saturday 8th 12pm till 9am next morning Wild Night Our amazingly popular overnight stay in the forest with the Ranger Service, a wonderful introduction to camping for the little ones. Ages 3 and above. Included is an amazing bat walk and den building session too. No pets allowed. Tickets cost £10 per adult and £5 per child. Tickets must be purchased in advance, call 01475 540505 to book.

Saturday 4th 1 - 3pm - Witches & Wizards Follow the magical woodland trail to uncover the identity of the famous Witch or Wizard Sunday 5th 1 - 3pm - Witches & Wizards Follow the magical woodland trail to uncover the identity of the famous Witch or Wizard Tuesday 7th 1 - 3pm Obstacle Race for kids Try our Finlaystone fitness and obstacle course race. Prizes for 1st place in all age groups. Thursday 9th 1 - 3pm - Wildlife Explorers Join the Ranger in an exploration of the forest

Sunday 16th 1 - 3pm - Den Building Join the Rangers in a wonderful afternoon of den building in the forest. You might even pick up some crafty bushcraft skills too.

Tuesday 14th 1 - 3pm - Ranger Hike Join our Ranger in a hike up to the top of our estate, marvel at the wonderful scenery. Hiking boots a must, not suitable for prams

Saturday 22nd 1- 3pm - Self Led Fairy & Elf Door Hunt Follow the fairy clues to find the fairy forest. Look for the hidden fairy and elf doors.

Saturday 25th 1 - 3pm - Pirate Weekender Yaaar me hearties and shiver me timbers, get ready to set sail on the seven seas. Follow the pirate trail to discover the famous pirates name and win a small prize for yer troubles, yaaaaar. Competitions for best dressed pirate & pirates. Sunday 26th 1- 3pm - Pirate Weekender 2 Those scurvy pirates have returned. Dig out yer best cutlass and eye patch and be here for 1 Bell (1pm to all ye landlubbers) and follow the pirates on their trail, discover the pirates name and win a small prize for yer troubles.

Sunday 23rd 1- 3pm - Fairy & Elf Door Making Follow the fairy trail then return with all your questions answered and win a wee prize. Fairy and Elf door making also from 1 - 3pm. Make your very own door to take home or leave in the fairy forest. £4.50 to take home or £2.50 to leave for the Fairy Queen. Sunday 30th 1 - 3pm - Scavenger Hunt Join the Ranger in a walk around our wonderful forest looking for signs of Autumn.

Promote your event to over 30,000 readers of Clyde Life magazine a huge audience on your doorstep! Rates from just £35 plus VAT Call Claire or Nicky today on 01631 568000 September issue deadline is the 17th August 26 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

Clyde L ife

Come On In ... Inverclyde ’s Doors Open Day p4

August/Septe mber 2018

Issue 43

On Yer Bike wi Community th Tracks p30 Scotland’s Boat Show Preview p10

Delivered to over

Skelm orlie Kilma colm


■ ■

Homes Wemy ss Bay ■ Inver kip ■ Gouro Quarr ier’s ck ■ Green Villag e ■ ock ■ Port Bridg e of Glasg ow ■ Weir ■ Brook Langb ank field ■ Hous ton ■ Bisho pton


Clyde Life Events Starlight Swims

Wed 8th & 22nd Aug - 10pm - 11.45pm Adult £5.70/Child £5/Family £17.30 Come and enjoy a fresh crisp summer evening, clear sky and glistening stars set the scene at Gourock Outdoor Pool this Summer. The warmth of the pool creates the perfect atmosphere to marvel at the delights of this unique swimming experience. Gourock Pool Albert Road, Gourock PA19 1NQ.

Summerfest @ The Chartroom

Sat 11th Aug 1 - 8pm - £25pp Join us to celebrate and enjoy over 25 craft drinks from across Scotland, live music and traditional Scottish food. Range of gins inc. classic G&Ts and flavoured alternatives, rums, vodkas and refreshing liqueurs to sample, with recommended mixers & garnishes and purchase your favourite bottles. Food served throughout the day. Ticket includes: Goody bag on arrival inc. a souvenir glass, 3 tokens for drinks from any exhibitor. Samples of over 25 different Scottish craft drinks. Opportunity to meet the people behind the brands. Additional drinks tokens available to purchase on the day. The Chartroom Restaurant, Harbourside, Inverkip, PA16 0AS.

ATS Walk : Rothesay

Sat 11th Aug 11.30am - 3pm - £5 Roger Guthrie of the The Alexander Thomson Society will lead a walking tour of Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, to explore Victorian and early 20th century architecture. Tour starts at Wemyss Bay Station in Inverclyde, before crossing with the Calmac Ferry to Rothesay. Leaving Rothesay, we will walk to the Winter Gardens and explore the villa neighbourhood on the south side of the bay, including: Tor House; ongoing conservation at Rothesay Castle; and a guided visit of the Rothesay Pavilion, an unusual reinforced concrete masterpiece, currently undergoing conservation works. Tour finishes with a visit to Mount Stewart, using the regular bus service from the ferry terminal. Meet on the 11:30 ferry from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay.

Gordon Smith’s Demonstration of Mediumship

Fri 17th Aug 8pm - £20 We are pleased to welcome Medium Gordon Smith back to The Albany to share his gift of mediumship. Gordon has appeared on Clyde Life Magazine

This Morning, Richard & Judy and Heaven & Earth. Book early to avoid disappointment. The Albany Theatre, 10 Orangefield Place, Greenock, PA15 1YX.

The McDougalls Summer Sizzler Show

Sun 19th Aug 2pm - £6 Max, Auntie Aggie and Morag the Rabbit head out for a picnic in the park, jam-packed with singalong songs and musical mayhem. An interactive show from Scotlands 5-Star Childrens Theatre Company, sure to put a sunny smile on the faces of weans and grown-ups alike. Come dressed for the sun! The Albany Theatre, 10 Orangefield Place, Greenock, PA15 1YX.

Dry Stone walling Workshop

Sat 25th Aug 10.30am - 15.30pm - Free Learn how to build a dry stone wall and help create interesting dry stone wall structures. Friendly weekend workshop run by West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association in partnership with Inverclydebuzz. Workshop suitable for both beginners or those with some experience. Wear sturdy boots and old clothing and please bring some work gloves and a packed lunch. 16+ years only. Greenock’s Secret Garden at the old Hector McNeil Swimming Pool site, Brachelstone Street, Greenock, PA16 9AE.

Toorex (Marc Bolan & T Rex Tribute) Sat 25th Aug 8.30pm - £18 Featuring the incredible Bobby T as Marc Bolan, Too REX bring back the Glam Rock era of the seventies to enthusiastic audiences across the land. With a magical spell binding show that covers most of Marc Bolans career, from the early hippy period of Tyrannosaurus REX to the megastar, chart topping days of T-REX, complete with real vintage equipment, full costume changes, glitter, and more than a …dash of star quality, Too REX, the band, come incredibly close to the real thing. The Albany Theatre, 10 Orangefield Place, Greenock, PA15 1YX.

Charity Garden Opening Bravehound - Erskine Hospital

Sun 26th Aug 1 - 4pm - £3.50 (Children free) A quirky enclosed tarmac garden, run by the charity Glen Art, features an assortment of outdoor raised planters, covered growing

Aug - Sept

areas, shady/quiet garden and other features embracing the up-cycling ethos. Glen Art helps those from a military background return to civilian life through a variety of creative ventures and this garden can testify to the therapeutic benefits of gardens and dogs. Being the ‘Bravehound’ site, this new project looks to provide companion dogs to veterans to support their transition to civilian life. This is a fundraising event for the open garden charity Scotland’s Gardens Scheme which raises money for hundreds of local charities. Old Garden Centre, Erskine Hospital, Bishopton, East Renfrewshire, PA7 5PU. 07980 631110.

Skool Disco

Fri 31st Aug 7pm - 8pm 8-12 yrs - £5.50 Disco for 8 - 12 years where our play frame becomes a night club for kids, they can dance to the latest pop hits under our disco lights and lasers. Adult supervision not required however all children must be collected after the event by a responsible adult. Funworld Leisure Ltd, Unit 1-2, Fort Matlida Industrial Estate, Elsdon Street, Greenock, PA16 7QB. 01475 783003.

Bog Stomp

Sun 2nd Sept - £10 - £50 The 2018 10K off road hill event where participants have the chance to run across the hills of upper Inverclyde. Greenock Cut Visitor centre, Cornalees Bridge, near Inverkip, PA16 9LX. 01475 521458.

Limehouse Lizzy

Fri 7th Sept 8.30pm - £18 Limehouse Lizzy continue to keep the spirit of Celtic rock icon Philip Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy alive, well and dominating stages worldwide. From their Official PRS award, performing for Virgin Atlantic in Barbados, T.V. appearances and to actually being recruited to record and tour by members of the original Thin Lizzy, Limehouse Lizzy enter their 25th year with their most explosive show and critically-acclaimed line-up yet. Despite international tours, corporate clients and even book appearances, they’ve shoehorned a coheadline tour with tribute giants Livewire into 2018, along with their own stand-alone tour, in what will be an exhausting year-long schedule. The Albany Theatre, 10 Orangefield Place, Greenock, PA15 1YX. www.clydelife.co.uk | 27

CLASSES | GROUPS | AND LOCAL CLUBS Clyde Life publishes details of classes, groups and clubs located within the magazine distribution area. If you are looking for new members or want to publicise an event please let us know.

Health & Wellbeing Classes Class




Teacher/Instructor Contact Details

Yogabellies Children’s Yoga 3-12yrs 01475 745552/744404 www.enterprisechildcare.co.uk admin@enterprisechildcare.co.uk Yoga & Meditation


Boglestone CC


Jacci Stoyle

07790 262124

Yoga & Meditation, Mixed Ability




Jacci Stoyle

07790 262124

Chair Yoga




Jacci Stoyle

07790 262124



Westburn Church


Aileen Hughes

01475 801613





Patricia Ralston

01475 785685

Hatha Yoga


Lyle Kirk


Flora MacKenzie


Yin Yoga


Inverkip CC


Flora MacKenzie


Birsay Yoga




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073

Birsay Yoga




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073

Gentle Yoga




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073

Yoga for Teenagers




Joanna Ritchie

07518 373073

Yoga Mixed Ability Class


Gourock - Bath St


Sheena Arlow



Greenock - Nelson St Wed

Sheena Arlow


Scaravelli inspired Yoga


Branchton CC


Rachel Harper

01475 638481

Tai Chi

10.30am-11.30am Branchton CC


David Kendal

01475 638481


9.30am-10.30am Kilmacolm

Tue & Fri

Jacqueline Gibson 7851735357


10.00am-11.30am Bridge of Weir

Tue & Thu

Sara Marijuan-Tuck 07962 347950


Bridger of Weir


Sara Marijuan-Tuck 07962 347950



Tue & Thu

Sara Marijuan-Tuck 07962 347950

Antenatal Yoga


Bridge of Weir


Janis Green

07748 150001

General Yoga


Bridge of Weir


Janis Green

07748 150001

10.00am-11-00am Kilmacolm


Janis Green

07748 150001

Move it or lose it!


Bridge of Weir


Fiona Bretherton

07811 766672

FABS fitness for the over 60’s - more than just a fitness class




Fiona Bretherton

07811 766672




Fiona Bretherton

07811 766672

Physio-led Pilates 6.15pm-7.15pm Houston Mon Kate Black

katiescotts@hotmail.com 07972 474965





Kate Black

07972 474965

The costs of this advert have been met from Parliamentary resources.

28 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018


Dance Classes Elite Academy of Dance Ballet


Every Day


Silver Swans Ballet (over 50s)


Tue & Thu



Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 8pm-9:45pm

Laird Street, Greenock Mon

Joan Pow

07834 553604

Camera Clubs Digital Camera Club



2nd & 4th Mon Derrick McPherson


Greenock Camera Club


Greenock Golf Club


Heather Sinclair

07801 445102

Kilmacolm Camera Club




David Walker

01505 873883

Inverclyde Camera Club




Ann-Marie Westwood 07971 607453

Other Clubs & Groups Greenock Speakers Club 7:30pm - 10pm Ardgowan Club, Greenock Thur (Oct-Mar) Alastair MacDonald 01475 638613 Club Secretary aimacdon1@gmail.com MS Activities Group

Stuart Anderson

01475 630553

Parkinson’s Inverclyde Support Group 12:30-2:30pm Greenock


Last Fri of month Trish Maclennan

01475 743679

Fort Matilda Bridge Club


Tarbet St Gourock

Mon Tue Fri

Ann MacLeod

01475 522181

Inverclyde Sky Watchers





01475 634976

Bridge of Weir

2nd & 4th Thu Keith

Renfrewshire & Inverclyde Games Society



Inverclyde Ramblers

Dave Souza

07789 501605 01475 631654

To be included in the magazine and on the website please send details to the editor@clydelife.co.uk

r e m m u SFashion Camp ‘Around the World in 5 Days’. Ages 8-15.

Make own clothes & accessories, learn fashion illustration, fashion photo shoots and more! All taking inspiration from countries and cultures around the world.

A week full of fun! The dates are: Monday 6 Aug - Friday 10 August & Monday 13 August - Friday 17 August. Contact Marilyn Thompson: T: 0779 359 1524 E: marilyn@thefashionclass.co.uk

Clyde Life Magazine

www.clydelife.co.uk | 29

GET ON YOUR BIKE! Many of us are guilty of choosing the easy option in life when it comes to getting from A to B, often jumping in the car appears to be the easiest option, however it’s not necessarily the healthiest or eco-friendly option.

Making a conscious effort to change your daily travel methods can bring with it great health benefits, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. ‘Community Tracks Inverclyde’ has the key aim of raising awareness and encouraging people in Inverclyde to take part in active travel - opting to cycle or walk to work. They have had great support from Climate Challenge Fund (part of Keep Scotland Beautiful), Smarter Choices, Inverclyde Community Development Trust and Inverclyde Council who have all helped put their plans into action. To date, they have held various activities and events such as group cycling tours to showcase the best cycle routes in the area and demonstrate that it’s easier than people may think to change how you travel. They also run bike maintenance classes and Bike Quick Fix & advice sessions for people who already own bikes, helping them to learn how to diagnose basic problems with their bike and, where possible, fix them.

What is Community Tracks Inverclyde? Community Tracks is an ‘Active Travel Hub’ community focused project that aims to increase the number of people traveling by foot or bike. The key aims of the project include: • Reducing waste/CO2 emission • Developing skills • Promoting social inclusion

Some of the events include:

• Guided rides - giving you the chance to familiarise yourself with cycle routes around Inverclyde • eBike sessions - taster sessions to allow people to come and try their electronic bike • Bike Quick Fix & advice sessions - pop up bike consultation events whereby you can bring your bike along and our team can offer some advice • Donate Your Bike - if you have an unwanted bike or a bike that is no longer needed, donate your bike to Community Tracks and we will recycle them for a good home For full details about upcoming events, please visit our website www.communitytracks.net or visit our Facebook page - CommunityTracksInverclyde Book onto any of our upcoming events by contacting our project administrator Scott directly Scott.deveney@the-trust.org.uk or 01475 553384.

Become a Volunteer Bike Maintenance Sessions

• Promote active travel

Local Cycle Tours

• Teaching people basic maintenance skills

Bike Doctor Sessions

• Enhancing employability through developing skills

Donate Your Bike

Interested in getting involved with Community Tracks this summer? There are a number of events open to the public taking place throughout the summer at a number of locations in the Inverclyde area. These events are free of charge for all those who are interested in taking part and suitable for a variety of levels.

30 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

For further information and to sign up for events, visit

www.communitytracks.net CommunityTracksInverclyde


Clyde Life Magazine

www.clydelife.co.uk | 31

The Scottish Food Market at Kip Marina

Sunday 12th August 11am-4pm Treat your tastebuds at Kip Marina’s Food Market

www.kipmarina.co.uk Satnav postcode PA16 0BF


SummerGinFest @ The Chartroom A celebration of local drinks, food and music Saturday 11th August – 13.00-20.00

Tickets £25 inclusive of: • Goody bag including souvenir glass • 3 perfect serve drinks from any of the exhibitors • Samples of over 25 different Scottish craft drinks • Opportunity to meet the people behind the brands Get your tickets from the bar or buy online at https://summerfest-the-chartroom.evenbrite.co.uk

Waterside Weddings

@ Scotland’s Premier Marina

Bespoke packages for special days & nights… call 01475 520919 or visit thechartroom.co.uk 32 | Clyde Life – August/September 2018

The Chartroom, Kip Marina, Inverkip, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA16 0AS


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Clyde Life Magazine Aug Sept 2018

Clyde Life Magazine Aug Sept 2018  

Clyde Life Magazine Aug Sept 2018