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Supporting the needs of British farmers since 1918 Offers valid from 1st February 2021 - 31st March 2021


LAMBING Bateman Sheep Trough 9ft

Double-Sided Haybaskets


10 for




£14.50 each

• Double cross strap for extra strength 2,740mm x 200mm x 150mm

Lamb Adopter Panel

Designed to slot over sheep hurdles

Ideal for lambing pens 15644


Fits into existing lambing pens, which eliminates the work and stress of moving the ewe to a separate pen

Ritchey Iodine 10% BP Strong Solution is an effective, slow release formulation for use on skin and navels of newborn stock

Navels should be sprayed as soon as possible after birth and allowed to dry before turnout. Spray for approximately 2 seconds

Lightweight and hot dip galvanised

Sprayline Marker Spray 400ml

Battles Footrot Spray 150g



WAS £7.35

WAS £4.99

NOW .50

NOW .49


Double-sided mesh haybasket

ONLY .99

£75 •

Ritchey Iodine 2.5L




Maintains foot health in sheep

Treat approximately 150 sheep

Contains a blue dye for ease of identifying the application

Contains: 0.9% PCMC



All weather, long-lasting aerosol marker for general use in sheep and lamb identification

Accredited, fully scourable stock marker approved by the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB)

Ideal for sorting, grading, scanning or pairing ewes with lambs at birth All prices exclude VAT


LAMBING Blue 11/4 Gallon Lamina Bucket

Ritchey Superthick Lube 500ml





10 for

£32 £3.80 each

Kick and stomp resistant

Made from UK sourced raw materials

Maxi Twin 500ml •

A dietetic feed for the reduction of the risk of, and recuperation from ketosis

A high energy nutritional complex, specifically formulated for ewes carrying multiple lambs and is to be used during periods of nutritional stress

Contains readily available energy to help the ewe meet her requirements during the lambing period

A thick, general purpose gel for animal husbandry

Suitable for A.I as it contains a non-spermicidal preservative

Lammacs Clear


WAS £21.99

NOW .99

(100 standard)


ONLY .50


£21 •

Clear polythene jackets which provide protection against the elements for newborn lambs

Reduced risk of hypothermia

Ultraviolet light degradable

Datamars Sheep and Cattle Tags




single shot applicator for new Datamars tag users*

Phillips 5ml injector*

*with orders of 50+ cattle tags or 200+ sheep tags All prices exclude VAT




CALVING & YOUNGSTOCK Vink Complete Calving Jack 180cm


WAS £245


£230 •

A unique, stainless steel, single-man operation calving aid

Quick-release mechanism

Heavy-duty and of durable construction, with a non-slip head

Tension can be directed upwards or downwards

Comes complete with ropes

Vink Calving Aid Ropes •

Soft woven nylon, one red and one blue for identification purposes

Calf Milk Replacer



WAS £7.52

NOW .50


27% OIL




Stallion Milk Maid 3 and 5 Teat Compartmentalised Feeders


79841, 79842



£109.50 •

Robust, heavy-duty moulded plastic construction

Galvanised brackets suitable for wooden rails and gates

Screw-in peach teats

Screw in peach teats

16L capacity, compartments minimum 2L

Strong hook over brackets

Easy clean

• •

25L capacity, compartments minimum 2L 260mm x 250mm x 700mm

260mm x 280mm x 430mm www.wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


FEED SUSTAINABLE SOYA With recent media and government focus on global issues such as climate change, deforestation, and sustainability, and in particular how the agricultural sector is contributing to these, we are continually reviewing how we can reduce our environmental impact through more sustainable practices. Sustainability is important for the future of our business and our customer’s businesses, and that is why since 1st April 2020, the soya in all Wynnstay manufactured feeds has been sustainable soya. Sustainable soya is soya that has been credited under a sustainable/responsible sourcing scheme approved through RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy Association) via FEFAC (The European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation). The approved schemes audit the soya growers and they are paid a premium for growing the soya under the scheme rules, which include but are not limited to: • Zero deforestation • Use of best agricultural practices • Protecting worker welfare • Managing GHG emissions through continual improvement • Anti-slavery and child labour


We are proud we can offer this to our customers, and we will continue to look at all aspects of our business to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

If you would like further information on sustainable soya, please contact your Wynnstay Representative All prices exclude VAT




Did you know the optimum level of sugar in a dairy cow ration is 5-7%? Most UK rations will only hit about 3%. Sugar is the missing nutrient!

Improve dry matter intakes

Improve rumen health

Enhance fibre digestion

Increase butterfats

This year silages have been variable; some can be dry and sometimes unpalatable. Supplemental molasses can overcome this, with the added benefit of ‘Timed-ReleaseProtein’ in some products for extra feed value. We have a large range of molasses products available for beef cattle, sheep, or for licktanks. Bulk and IBC volumes available.


Tank and pump prices available on request

Wheel Lick Ad Lib Tanks

Bulk Tank & Pump

IBC 1,000-3,000L

For IBC product prices contact our

Technical Specialist Bethany May, on 07771 740857

or contact your local Wynnstay Representative for a bespoke price on bulk loads www.wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT





         All prices exclude VAT



 Â?Â?Â? Â?Â? 

ANIMAL HEALTH EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT: ACT NOW TO CONTROL FLIES WITH THE HERD PACK Wet and mild conditions over the winter can lead to higher fly populations in the spring, which is why it is important for dairy farmers to act early to control the pest while the majority of the population are yet to hatch. MSD Animal Health has exclusively created the BUTOX® SWISH Herd Pack for Wynnstay customers. This long acting, ready to use pour on suspension effectively controls biting and nuisance flies and biting and sucking lice in cattle. One Herd Pack treats up to 332 cows. A single application of BUTOX® SWISH has quick initial knockdown, spreads well over the body. It offers 8 to 10 weeks of fly control, meaning fewer applications through the season and less handling of cows, along with being more cost effective per day of treatment per animal. BUTOX® SWISH has no milk withdrawal period meaning no break in production is needed. For the best result it’s important to start treating the herd as soon as the risk period occurs. Continue with treatment throughout the season to ensure flies don’t become a problem later down the line. Remember, two flies can become one million in four months if left untreated. As temperatures rise over 10 degrees, fly eggs will start hatching. Flies cause distress, known as fly ‘worry’, severely reducing milk yield because it causes restlessness and reduces the time cows are eating. It’s estimated this reduction can be as much as 14,700 of milk per 140 cow herd over 10 weeks1,2, which is significant. These pests transmit dangerous diseases, such as summer mastitis later in the year, so control is vital. Act now to prevent adults laying further generations of eggs which could contribute to population explosions. If you wait to see flies, it is already too late. By acting now with BUTOX® SWISH Herd Pack, you’ll be more likely to successfully reduce fly populations and the negative effect this can have on productivity and milk yield.


Butox® Swish 10L (4 x 2.5L)


1. (Economic Impact of Stable Flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on Dairy and Beef Cattle Production: DAVID B. Taylor et al. Entomol. 49(1): 198-209 (2012)) 2. Bruce, W. N., and G. C. Decker. 1958. The relationship of stable fly abundance to milk production in dairy cattle. J.Econ. Entomol. 51: 269-274. www.wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


WINTER FUELS Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch Logs Bag

Kiln Dried Kindling Wood Bag


Half pallet rate (32 bags)

ONLY .39

ONLY .95

£3.15 per bag



Pallet rate (64 bags)

£2.99 per bag

per bag


Kiln dried for maximum heat output

Kiln dried for maximum heat output

Easy to light

Easy to light

Low sparking and spitting

Low ash and low moisture

Long-lasting burn time

100% natural wood

Comfort Woodfuels Briquettes 12 Pack

Hotmax Heat Logs 20kg



WAS £6.75

NOW .15


ONLY .99

£2 •

Made from 100% virgin wood

High heat output

Clean and easy to handle

Quickfire Firelighters 14 Pack

Easy to light

Gives out a high heat very quickly, creating a bright warm flame

Low emissions and ash residue

Clean to handle

Fireglow Firelogs 700g





WAS 99p


79p •

Now with hotspots for great performance

All prices exclude VAT

Individually wrapped firelog with 2 hour burn time

The easy and convenient way to achieve a real fire in seconds, just light the wrapper

Produced with reconstituted wood and wax www.wynnstay.co.uk



WAS £1.32



Wynnstay can supply a comprehensive range of products to sheet your silage clamps this harvest season Side Wall Sheeting

Black Silage Sheets

The use of side wall sheets in clamps has been proven to significantly reduce silage spoilage when it comes to feed out

Available options:

100mu - Visqueen 125mu 160mu - Visqueen Double Strength 250mu

Barrier Sheeting Clingseal

A flexible vacuum sheet that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheets

• Reduces air pockets to enhance effectiveness of conventional sheeting • Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp • Facilitates faster, more efficient fermentation • Suitable for several crops including grass, maize, whole crop silage and crimped grain • Fully recyclable Speak to your local Wynnstay Representative or depot for information All prices exclude VAT



FARM SUPPLIES Stokbord® Recycled Plastic Sheeting and Board

73011, 81830, 81831, 81832, 47464, 54895, 56426, 56427

• Great for livestock housing, handling systems, floor and wall cladding • Tough, durable and maintenance free • 100% recycled material • Resistant to chemical and pressure washing • Non-toxic and chew resistant • Available in 8x4’ and 10x5’ sheets

Harlequin Fuel Stations

62981, 62982

These fuel stations are an ideal choice for any on-site refuelling requirement. The environment-friendly bunded design allows them to safely store and dispense fuel in any small commercial, industrial or agricultural environment. They are a simple and easy to use diesel storage and dispensing solution, manufactured from high-quality mouldings and materials.




• Fully bunded 2,500L

• 56L/min 240 volt fuel pump


• 4m length; 1” delivery hose


• Auto shut-off nozzle • 2” BSP fill point • 4” lockable inspection port

Pipe Fittings


91992, 91625, 91634, 91986

Philmac Stop Taps, Straight Joints, Tee Joints and Female Elbows Long lasting, corrosion resistant and easy to install, Philmac fittings have proven themsleves in .17 irrigation and commercial applications. Fast and easy to install, complete security, lead free, High performance and .17 complete coverage.

ONLY .67


25mm x 150m


• Polythene pipe for mains cold water supplies, for carrying potable water underground All prices exclude VAT





£6.25 www.wynnstay.co.uk



Blue MDPE Water Pipe

Do you have challenges with teat health, mastitis or high cell counts?

Contact Wynnstay for a free evaluation from our Dairy Technical Services Team. For more information please call

0808 168 7998

‘Over the past five winter months, we haven’t tubed a single cow for mastitis. We didn’t think we had a problem before Surepulse but we wouldn’t be without it today. Everything with our dairy operations runs smoother with Surepulse.’ - Marc Allison, Dairy Farmer in Cardigan, Wales

Teat Health

Mastitis Cases




Can help reduce mastitis significantly










Wynnstay is the exclusive distributor of Surepulse in the United Kingdom. www.wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


DAIRY Kingston Milk Liners Losses of up to 5% in milk yield can be expected from worn liners due to under milking. •

Excellent cow comfort

Long life

Top quality liners

Request your FREE trial set today call 0808 168 7998

Cow Clog Original 10 Pack

Premier Dairy Paper Towel 2 Ply Green x 6 69351


WAS £52


£47 •

Hoof support for a speedy recovery from bovine lameness

High success rate and easy to use

The adhesive has two pre-measured components making mixing simple

Biosuper Bedding Conditioner 25kg

Heavyweight, superior absorbent, 56gsm paper towel

Easy-tear perforations

High wet strength

Buy 3+ packs at £18 each Virocur Disinfectant 5kg



WAS £40


A bedding conditioner which lowers the pH in cubicles so bacteria isn’t able to thrive Ideal for use in cubicles or straw yards

All prices exclude VAT

DEFRA approved peroxygen powder

Effective against bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses

Highly concentrated for low cost per application

Non-corrosive when diluted; use in livestock buildings, surfaces, transport and water treatment www.wynnstay.co.uk




DAIRY Happycow Swing Brush


The special arrangement of the Happycow Swing brushes in a vertical, swinging direction making cleaning the coat easier from head to tail. The brush rotates in every direction and nearly every angle, so each part of the animal’s body can be reached. It can be fastened on both sides ensuring even use of the brush.



• Automatically activated for approximately 60 seconds by slightly lifting the brush from the animals • The changing direction of the brush after every activation ensures even wear of the brushes • The torque safety shutdown stops the brush when it encounters too much resistance, ensuring safety • Transparent cover to the control box for quick identification of the operational status on the display

MasterCAL Bedding


• User-friendly: minimal risk of burning or choking • Helps prevents mastitis and reduces SCC


• Labour-saving cost effective solution • Can be used with existing bedding


• High calcium absorbency Available in: 20kg bags


All prices exclude VAT


SUB-OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE? RESTORE, ELEVATE and ENHANCE with the UK’s first complete solution to mycotoxin control, with 5 scientifically proven modes of action:

Prevents oxidative stress Supports liver and kidney function Restores immune function Triggers ‘bio-transformation’ of key mycotoxins Binds and adsorbs remaining mycotoxins Stress events reduce cows natural ability to detoxify mycotoxins. Restore 5+ supports the immune system during periods of stress whilst removing harmful toxins to provide a complete solution.

For more information

Contact your Wynnstay Representative All prices exclude VAT

Call our Dairy Specialist, Bethany May on 07771 740857

www.wynnstay.co.uk 15

E-mail dairy@wynnstay.co.uk www.wynnstay.co.uk

POULTRY Opportunities in free range egg production Consumer trends since 2004 have seen free range egg sales doubling in the same period, meaning more commercial opportunities for free range egg production than ever before. As a result, multiple egg packers are now looking to agree contracts with additional farms, to enable them to meet consumer demand For a livestock farm, a regular income through an egg contract can complement more variable cash flows, particularly when seasonality impacts other areas of the business

What is needed to diversify into free range poultry?

Dairy, beef and sheep farms can all be well-suited to diversify into free range poultry, with just three key requirements to consider Funding for the initial investment – it costs approximately £1.2million to build a new 32,000-bird unit, however farmers rarely pay this upfront as there are multiple routes to securing finance

An accessible site – lorries will need to be able to reach the site routinely to deliver feed and collect the eggs

Sufficient flat land which is suitable for building poultry sheds on - for a typical flock of 32,000 birds, a farmer will need approximately 40 acres of land for both the building and roaming space

Where can further advice be found?


There is a lot to consider when entering free range egg poultry production, from how to obtain planning permission, through to ensuring the eggs themselves meet the packer’s requirements. The Poultry Specialist Team at Wynnstay are able to advise in all areas and can recommend trusted industry partners as needed

For further information, please contact a member of our Poultry Team, for contact details please visit wynnstay.co.uk www.wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


MAIZE Take no chances with your maize crop in 2021 Top questions to ask yourself this March to maximise the potential of your maize crop Have you carried out soil analysis to identify nutrient shortcomings that could hamper the crop’s performance? Have you worked with your Wynnstay Specialist to create a nutrient management plan? The plan will take into account other relevant information such as excess winter rainfall, previous cropping and FYM/ slurry applications. Not only will applying optimal levels of nutrients promote crop performance, it also avoids any unnecessary applications - offering financial savings. Have you decided which starter fertiliser to use to ensure rapid establishment? You could use DAP or you could use micro-granular products such as Primary-P. Your Wynnstay Specialist can advise whilst discussing variety choice, and by ordering early you will avoid the peak-season demands. Have you discussed which variety to grow and have you ordered the seed? Wynnstay offer a wide range of varieties to suit most situations. For forage maize there are some very early, high yielding, high feed value varieties which should be considered. Have you considered all the facts regarding seed treatment choice? If wireworm is expected to pose a risk when maize is sown following established grass, Force seed treatment should be considered. However, it is important the limitations of the use of this treatment are understood. Drilling depth is crucial to get the best from this product and this in turn has implications for a weed control strategy. Has seed rate and sowing depth been discussed? The importance of seed rate and sowing depth is often overlooked, but it is entirely within your control. For early maturing varieties consider 45,000 seeds/acre to be the standard. If you reduce seed rate below this level you may compromise yield. With regard to sowing depth, ensure the seed is drilled into moisture but remember the deeper the seed is sown, the longer it will take to emerge. Are there any particular weed issues and have your pre-emergence herbicide plans been discussed? An effective herbicide strategy should be planned in advance and preemergence herbicides should be ordered at the same time as your seed. If you have a problem with perennial grass weeds (e.g. couch), or some of the more difficult to control broad-leaved weed species, discuss the most effective control measures with your Wynnstay Agronomist. Has maize silage additive been discussed? Take advantage of early ordering offers available from your Wynnstay Representative or local depot.

For more information on getting the best from your 2021 maize crop, visit wynnstay.co.uk to contact your Wynnstay Specialist, or call Dr Simon Pope, Crop Protection Manager, on 07990 578545 All prices exclude VAT




Are you speaking to your Feed Specialist, who will help you get the most from your maize crop at feed-out?

GRASS & ROOTS This is what some of our customers told us about the Wynnstay range of grass seed mixtures

Rob Powell,


Builth Wells, Sheep farmer

“Squire has been our go-to mix for the last 12 years. We need a short-term mix with quick spring growth to provide good quality grazing for our ewes and lambs, and Squire does just that. We reseed around 25 acres every year, and along with grazing we get two cuts of very good quality big-baled silage, we’re able to utilise the ground for weaning and fattening lambs. We’re thrilled with its performance and will continue to use in our rotation in the future.”

Philip Misselbrook,


Hertfordshire, Suckler beef, buy-in reared calves and sheep

“We reseed ground as and when it needs a refresh to maintain production levels for our suckler herd and grazing sheep, so like a mix which lasts three to four years. With Fortress, we’ve sown around 40 acres over the last two years and have been thrilled by its performance. Its early spring growth allows two cuts of round baled silage and haylage, and it maintains its quality over winter for sheep grazing. Despite not having the weather for perfect silage growing and having dry land, Fortress has provided quality forage for our beef cattle, and will remain our go-to for further reseeding.”


Thomas Gravel,


Carmarthenshire, Dairy

“We run a New Zealand based system, so need our grass mixes to be robust and resilient. Often we create our own, reseeding 20% of the farm each year, and Sovereign plays a big role in our mix. We need quality leys which provide a good sward with high levels of production for at least eight years, and Sovereign does just this. Each season, we graze our cows for around six to seven months as well as being able to take three to four cuts of quality silage. We’re very happy with how Sovereign performs.” For more information on the range of grass and root seeds available, please call our Seed Department on 01939 210777 or visit wynnstay.co.uk www.wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


SPRING CEREALS Plenty of options for growers in the new Recommended List The annual launch of the AHDB Recommended List introduces growers to a plethora of new options for 2021 cereal crops, alongside old favourites still ranking high RGT Wolverine should be highly sought after as a new Group 4 hard wheat, with its genetic resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV).

Winter barley

The loss of Deter and a move to earlier drilling increases the risk of BYDV next season, so although it has only a 5 for Yellow Rust and 5.3 for Septoria Tritici, we predict its high popularity next season as a tool against the pest.

In the 2-row’s, KWS Tardis is the highest yielding at 106%, putting it on par with the popular hybrid barley Bazooka, bridging the gap between the 2-rows and the hybrids. It also offers a high specific weight of 69.1 and an 8 for lodging, which is as good as it gets in the group. For western growers, it has a 7 for rhyncosporium, so is a strong consideration.

There are three new high yielding 2-row feed varieties and two new hybrid barleys to consider.

If you’re looking for a new Group 3 wheat variety, we have five new additions, bringing the total to eight biscuit wheats on the list. This is probably more than is needed for this group, but shows there are some strong new additions.

I predict other new 2-row addition Bolton from Elsoms Seeds, will gain similar traction to KWS Tardis, offering growers the same yield and similar specific weight and I also expect old favourites Orwell, Valerie and Surge to do well.

From the newcomers, it’s one of the lower yielding varieties which is taking over the headlines due to its wider agronomic benefits. LG Astronomer has a 9 for both Yellow Rust and Brown Rust, 7.4 for Septoria Tritici, an excellent specific weight at 77.8 and is extremely stiff strawed, so ticks a lot of boxes.

“SY Kingston and SY Thunderbolt are new this season and offer the same yield of 107% as others already on the list, with similar disease packages, but they don’t offer as strong of a lodging score as SY Kingsbarn, so this will should keep the top spot.

In the out-and-out feed wheats, growers are in a fortunate position with a good selection. In the Group 4 soft, LG Skyscraper and RGT Saki both yield extremely well. In the Group 4 hard wheats, Insitor, which was new addition for 2019, along with Graham and Gleam are proving to be popular.

For more information on spring cereal seed varieties contact our Seed Department on 01939 210777 (West) or 01757 617000 (East) All prices exclude VAT




Overall, growers have some good new additions to the wheat and barley groups which offer a step-up in agronomic packages on those already on the list.

Visit www.wynnstay.co.uk for: Product information Submitting quote requests Depot locations and opening times


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Farm Focus (February - March 2021)  

Each month we bring together our latest special offers and industry updates to create our Farm Focus brochure.

Farm Focus (February - March 2021)  

Each month we bring together our latest special offers and industry updates to create our Farm Focus brochure.