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Supporting the needs of British farmers since 1918 Offers valid from 1st August - 30th September 2021

SOLAR WATER PUMPS Solar powered water pumps that can pump water from any location without the need for electricity. Simply locate the system close to a water source, place the suction pipe or submersible pump in the water and switch the system on. It is advised that pumps are situated on hardstanding or a concrete pad. Water will be taken from the source and pumped at high pressure on demand.

SPS Solar Water Pump 35


• Supplies up to 3,500L a day • Pumps water up to 30m (100ft) vertically and 1.5km horizontally


• Pressure regulated up to 40psi


• Pump voltage is 12V DC • Diaphragm pump type

140 x 55 x 73cm

SPS Solar Water Pump 50H


• Supplies up to 3,500L a day • Pumps water up to 50m (160ft) vertically and 1.5km horizontally • Pressure regulated up to 80psi • Can power a 12v electric fence • Pump voltage is 12V DC


• Diaphragm pump type 140 x 55 x 73cm



SPS Solar Water Pump 70


• Supplies up to 7,000L a day • Pumps water up to 30m (100ft) vertically and 1.5km horizontally • Pressure regulated up to 40psi • Can power a 12V electric fence • Diaphragm pump type 140 x 102 x 102cm


£2,295 All prices exclude VAT


Your Guard Against the Elements



• Suitable for permanent fixing or infrequent access • Quick to install and remove • Offers weather protection but allows ventilation • Range of colours and material performances • Widths from 3.05m to 20m

• Designed for regular access • Rapid opening mechanism • Offers weather protection and variable ventilation • Fully adjustable to fit opening • Range of colours and fabric performances • Up to 6m in width, and 4.1m in height

10 year warranty

Manufactured in Ledbury, Herefordshire

Your Guard the Elements Tear Against & fray Unmatched

Flame retardant

resistant material

UK based support

For more information contact your local Wynnstay Store or call 0808 168 7998 IND USTRIAL


All prices exclude VAT

Your Guard Against the Elements

Rot proof


Your Guard Against the Elements


Your Gu

FARM ESSENTIALS Purofort Wellingtons Purofort Professional Non-Safety Wellington

Purofort Professional Safety Wellington

• Extremely dirt repellent and easy to clean

• Lightweight for minimising foot fatigue

• Wear and tear resistant

• Flexible and supple for retaining ease of movement

• Energy absorbing heel design for extra ergonomic support

• Slip resistant design for assuring safe working conditions

• All weather, lightweight and durable • Resistant to minerals, manure, vegetable oils and fats

29114. 29135

• S5 rated with steel toecap and midsole for protection against penetrating and falling objects





Sizes 4-13

Sizes 4-13

Fencing Pliers

Fence Wire Tensioning Tool



• Carbon steel pliers, incorporating; a striking face, staple removing hook, pincer and clamp

• Carbon steel tool, use for all wire (including barbed) up to 4mm diameter

• Grips on inside of handles for straining and twisting wire

• Pivoting ‘durbar’ steel locating foot to grip any post type whilst straining wire 600mm L handle

WAS £37.67

WAS £16.66

NOW .90

NOW .66




£11 20oz Hammer

Power Tools


• Solid forged head from fine grain high carbon steel

WAS £82.75

• Lacquer coating for rust protection • Hardened tubular shaft with shock absorbing vinyl grip







Three functions: drill, screwdriver, hammer. Includes 2 batteries and charger

All prices exclude VAT


HARDWARE Paxton SD275 Sheep Dipping Bath (Right Hand Only)

Paxton SD400LH Sheep Dipping Bath (Left Hand Only) 55840



£720 ONLY


1,250L capacity 2,300 x 1,800 x 1,240mm

1,818L capacity 2,692 x 2,060 x 1,283mm

Paxton SD250 Sheep Dipping Bath


• Anti-splash rim reduces spillage • Drain back exit steps • Smooth finish to reduce injury • Hard wearing MDPE • Resistant to dipping solutions 1,136L capacity


2,915 x 915 x 1,220mm

£599 Galvanised Drinker


£75 • 18” square galvanised drinking bowl • Steel protective surround • Drain-off plug

*Ball valve not included*

All prices exclude VAT




DAIRY DairyLight is a unique white, blue and red LED lighting system scientifically proven to enhance a cow’s performance and general wellbeing all year round. The milk yield boosting system comprises the following:


• Indoor light fittings • Strong 200 lux blue/white spectrum day light which is on for 16 hours • Weak 5W red night light which is on for eight hours overnight, providing observational light at night without disrupting melatonin production

DairyLight Floodlight

• Exterior 200W floodlights • Designed for outside use in collecting yards and holding sheds

DairyLight Controller

• Provides timing function for DairyLight indoor light fittings and DairyLight floodlights • Uses light sensor technology to save energy when daylight provides sufficient indoor light levels • Built to order for each individual farm installation

Benefits in numbers:


Average increase milk yield per cow per day



Average increase price per litre of milk

Impact on finances per cow



Electric use per litre (kWh per 1) 356*per 1M litres.





Total feed use per litre (kWh per 1) 9,870 *per 1M litres

Carbon emissions per litre

image courtesy of Richard Davenport

Green Technology

Uses natural light first … light sensors installed with the system measure natural light levels, the lights are only turned on when the natural light level is insufficient


More light, less power… specifically developed, highly efficient, LED diodes (150lm/W); when the lights are turned on, they provide more light with lower energy consumption Longer life, less waste… high-quality, with 50,000 hours lifespan (L70@40 DegC) gives a longer working life than standard lights

All prices exclude VAT


DAIRY Boot Dippers and Coxicur

bootdippers save


ppers bootdi first line

l. rity protoco of a biosecu as part & visitors. defence farm staff for all

ory tly the frequen be mandat records hs are should for your Footbat foot baths sticker of The use your audit retain Fill and



Position footbath (ideally concrete) on a sold level floor On level ground, Ensure a separate near a suitable wall. prop the bath water supply against a wall hand to clean close at to the of 45 degrees achieve an angle organic material footwear of soil and (as illustrated) prior to disinfection. the lid. and lift the base so that footbath Lower the floor. is flat on




level floor on a sold wall. footbath near a suitable close at Position supply and concrete) (ideally separate water of soil a footwear Ensure disinfection. clean the prior to hand to material organic


Footbaths are frequently the first line The use of defence as foot baths part of a biosecurity should be Fill and retain mandatory protocol. your audit for all farm sticker for staff & visitors. your records





bath prop the angle an ground, On level wall to achieve and lift a against (as illustrated) of 45 degrees the lid.



Fill footbath with fill line (15 litres). clean water to final Swirl bath contents Complete an to mix disinfectant. audit sticker and to front of the footbath. Mark apply use of the footbath each and 15 uses, keep responsibly replace after Fill the 1% contents the audit sticker as your biosecurity chamber for record 1% concentration Dispose of used with the Fill the 2% chamber for accordance fillinfor 2% concentration (half When using 0.5%instructions. and concentration). a jug to measure, or fill both 1% and in use fill to disinfectant 2% 900ml for 6% when not dilution and chambers for 3% concentration. closed by keeping 1.5 litres for Keep lid efficacy evaporation 10% dilution. to maintain clean, reducing Remember: contents





Keep lid closed when not in to maintain use efficacy by keeping contents clean, reducing evaporation or dilution.



Lower footbath so that the is flat on the base floor.

Dispose of used contents responsibly and in accordance with the disinfectant instructions.







cy use:


15 uses






bo otd ipp ers COX ICUR




 Use y use: This Bioc 15 uses is an ides only aud Safe it labe ly | Conc l - pleaAlways entra Boot tion: read Dipp www se reta ers the .pro Loca in gien for labe tion: your l and e-da reco prod iry.c Disin rds uct om fecta | Max info nt used imu rmation : m fill befo volu me re use - 15 litre s



SCAN ME: Instructions for use


Use Biocid BootDip es Safely This pers is an Location audit | Always label : - please read the label retain for your and produc Date records t informa filled www.p | Maxim tion Disinfec rogien : before um fill tant e-dairy use volume used: .com - 15 litres Filled



SCAN Instruc ME: tions for use


VIR OC UR SCA Inst N ME: ruct ions for use

Phobi Flash Dose 500ml



• Concentrate based on natural Pyrethum with PBO, 2.175% Pyrethins


• Highly effective on flying and crawling insects

*or £75 each

• Indoor use, including food industry • Apply as a coarse spray or through a fogger

• Assists natural keratin plug teat defence mechanism

Black Nitrile Long Cuff Glove (Box 50) 80526

WAS £51



Tibicur Disinfectant 25kg

• Full hand texture ensures a firm grip with strong puncture and tear resistance.

Ideal for calf housing, lambing pens, livestock transport and boot dips

• Powder free • Meets EN455 standards


T-HEXX Dry-E Teat Sealant 950ml

• Final step at drying off and pre-calving; use after the teat is cleaned, post antibiotic infusion, or internal teat sealant


BootDippers Location:

Disinfectant used:




• Forms a quick drying, physical flexible barrier on, and in, the teat for up to 7 days as a complement to traditional dry cow therapy

15 uses only

bootd ipper s



Frequency use:

 Filled by:

Use Biocides Safely | Always read the label and product This is an audit label - please retain information before use for your records | Maximum fill volume - 15 litres

VIROCUR 0808 178 giene-da info@pro giene-da


Date filled:


Remember: are for or dilution. Footbaths are for Footbaths are not and disinfecting and disinfecting washing point, are designed as a washing not • Disinfection as a designed is only cleaned ensure boots are point, boots are • Replace contents effective after thorough ensurecleaning cleaned prior to disinfecting of the BootDippers – remove excess prior to disinfecting bath after 15 soil and organic uses or more matter before frequently dipping footwear. if the disinfectant becomes heavily footwear. soiled. dipping before soiled. matter heavily organic t becomes soil and excess if the disinfectan – remove frequently cleaning Dilution or more Foot & Mouth after thoroughafter 15 uses Salmonella 1% effective rs bath Foot & Mouth Dilution n is only E.coli 2% BootDippe Dilution of the Salmonella • Disinfectio 1% Coccidiosis 2% contents 1% Foot Dilution & Mouth E.coli 3% • Replace Cryptosporosis 3% 3% Salmonella 1% 3% TB MouthTB 3% 3% E.coli Dilution Foot & 3% Johne’s 10% Johne’s 6%Salmonella 1% 3% 10% 6% E.coli Use Biocides 3% Safely. Mouth and productME:Always read the label 3% Dilution Foot & a SCAN information before use SCAN ME: 1% for use 10% Salmonell Instructions Instructions for use 2% 10% 0808 178 1010 E.coli Mouth info@progiene 2% TB Foot & label a read the use 3% Johne’s Salmonell www.progiene Always n before Safely. 3% E.coli informatio s Use Biocides and product 6% Coccidiosi rosis 6% Cryptospo TB Johne’s 1010



Carefully pour concentrated disinfectant into the appropriate internal measuring chamber, or chambers. See below.

5 pour concentrated appropriate Carefully into the chamber,7 disinfectant measuringbelow. internal See or chambers.

and apply sticker 7 an audit Mark each Complete the footbath. replace after of as your to front footbath and final the audit sticker water to use of keep the with cleanbath contents 15 uses, record Fill footbathlitres). Swirl (15 biosecurity . fill line ). disinfectant. concentration to mix concentration for 3% for 0.5% 2% chambers 10% dilution. for and (half fill 1.5 litres both 1% concentration or fill dilution and for 1% for 6% 1% chamber for 2% concentration fill to 900ml Fill the 2% chamber measure, Fill the jug to using a When



• DEFRA approved for Bovine Tuberculosis, Foot and Mouth Disease, Diseases of Poultry and General Orders

Weight: 7.7g Length: 300mm Sizes M-XL

WAS £13.50

NOW .50



WAS £135


£125 DAIRY

5kg Coxicur + Footbath


Also available in 5kg tub

All prices exclude VAT


14” Feedblocks






Terms and conditions apply: Offer valid from 1st August – 30th September 2021, limited availability, whilst stocks All prices exclude VATlast. *Offer applies to Premier Supreme + Fish Oil 14” Feedblock and Premier Grazer Plus 14” Feedblock only. See for full details. 8

BLOCKS & BUCKETS Premier Energy 20kg/80kg


• Extra high energy (16MJ ME/kg DM) lick to help support optimal ewe body condition scores, and target lamb growth rates • Contains an excellent level of vitamin E at 1,000iu/ kg and 12mg/kg selenium to support good stock health at key stages of the production cycle • High protein (14%)

Ewemaster Flusher Bucket Plus Garlic 18kg 1313

Ewemaster Flusher Bucket 18kg 2394

• Energy packed feed and mineral lick • Use where extra energy is required at tupping time • Ideal for breeding sheep from two weeks pre-tupping for 10 weeks

Stallion Pink Calf Feeder 5 Teat The Stallion Calfateria 5 Teat 30L Feeder is a neat solution to feeding evenly batched calves.




• Open trough style • Easy clean

For every unit sold, Wynnstay will donate £25 to Children with Cancer UK*


30L Capacity 255 x 250 x 700mm *Terms and conditions: For every product unit sold at full retail value, a £25.00 donation will be made to Children with Cancer UK. The donation will be made as a single transaction once all units have been sold. Limited stock available. Charitable donation may not apply, or may vary on future stock. All prices exclude VAT



Offer ad-lib at a ratio of one bucket per 3040 sheep, and site away from water sources

HARVEST TUPPING Raddle Powder Traditional, coloured sheep and ram raddle marking powder, used to colour sheep and rams. Directions for use:

Mix with oil to the consistency of a thick, creamy paste and apply liberally to the ram’s chest. Check regularly as re-application depends on the number of ewes served each day. Colours available:

Available in 450g and 3kg containers

Ram Harnesses

Ram Crayons Wynnstay supply All Weather Ram Crayons which are suitable for use in cold and warm temperatures. The crayons come in a variety of bright colours and leave vibrant marks, allowing ram activity to be monitored.

Marking harness tips for a better breeding season:

• Put the marking harness on 2-3 days before the ram goes out with the ewes. This allows time for the rams to adapt to wearing the harness and allows for the harness to be adjusted for a proper fit

• All crayons are a fully scourable and approved by the British Wool Marketing Board

• Rams can lose weight during the breeding season. The combination of exercise and lack of food consumption reduces the ram’s girth, causing the straps to loosen

• Each crayon should last approximately two weeks, but this can be affected by ram prolificacy and temperatures.

Readjustment of the harness should occur when the flock is brought in for documenting marks or when the crayon is changed. The harness should be tight to the ram’s body and exhibit minimal movement. An improperly fitted harness can cause chafing of the rams under arm area.


Various colours available

All prices exclude VAT


HARVEST TUPPING Burgon & Ball Pro Footrot Serrated Sheers Features one serrated blade for unrivalled bite, anchoring the shear firmly while the cutting blade slices cleanly and precisely through the toughest of hooves.

Footcare Sanitising Spray 500ml



Purple footcare and sanitising spray, suitable for all livestock.

ONLY £21.50

WAS £4.99


£3.99 Burgon & Ball Sheep Shear 3.5” 70588 Dagging D/B

Burgon & Ball Sheep Shear 5.5” 70589 S/B

• Superb standard sheep shears with 3.5” blade for hand shearing

• Excellent shear for dagging, trimming and tidying, with a 5.5” blade

• Double bow handle produces the softest squeeze, giving greatest user comfort when working with finer/cleaner fleece

• Single bow design gives a stiffer squeeze with greater resistance to blade separation



• Ideal for dirty and/or greasy fleece

ONLY .50



All prices exclude VAT


LAMBMASTER The Wynnstay Lambmaster range is scientifically formulated with the optimal balance of energy and protein to achieve high growth rates, ensuring lambs can be finished quickly. • Unique sweetener ensures excellent palatability to boost intakes • Complements a milk and grass diet to ensure high growth rates

• A balance of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals for healthy lambs Contains certified sustainable soya

LAMBMASTER FINISHER RANGE • Suitable for both outdoor on grass and indoor finishing • FeMoSCa inclusion to act as an antagonist to copper

• Inclusion of ammonium chloride to aid the prevention of urinary calculi • Lamb supplement for optimal trace mineral and vitamin levels

LAMBMASTER Finisher 16 Nuts Typical Analysis

4.5% OIL



10.75% FIBRE




LAMBMASTER Finisher 14 Nuts Typical Analysis

4.25% OIL



9.25% FIBRE



Available in 20kg, tote bags and bulk

All prices exclude VAT


CALF MILKS WYNNGOLD™ CREAMLINE Newly formulated for 2021; delivers exceptional performance on beef and heifer calves 30% skim-based milk powder, high in dairy protein.



19% OIL

500mg/kg vitamin E

Contains our WYNNGUARD health package, unique to Wynnstay; a combination of rumen specific live yeast with very high levels of Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS) and essential minerals and vitamins, provide beneficial bacterial promoting healthy gut development F121042

health pack

unique to Wynnstay

For more information on our range of calf milk powders, or to book an appointment with a specialist, contact a member of our Calf & Youngstock Team: Eimear Diamond, Calf & Youngstock Manager


Elinor Thomas, Calf & Youngstock Specialist Mid

Sammy Howorth, Calf & Youngstock Specialist

07500 979398

07810 444948

and South Wales @thomascalf1

Lancashire and Cumbria @howorthcalf1

Millie Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist, South

Hannah Braithwaite, Calf & Youngstock Specialist

07717 495746

07881 093633

West and Midlands @hendycalf1

Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales @hannahcalf1

All prices exclude VAT



Laura Monk, Calf & Youngstock Specialist Cornwall 07881 379008 and Devon @diamondcalf1 07767 275662


Silostop Max


plastic waste and dry matter loss

Premium Net


covers for up to 10 years

Gravel bags



tyres with resistant reusable gravel bags

The complete silage protection system! less plastic To make anMore enquirysilage, about ourbetter Nutrientsilage, Management Planning Service visit *Products available14in different sizes

All prices exclude VAT

AUTUMN RESEEDING If you didn’t look at reseeding last spring, this autumn could be an ideal time to invest in your forage quantity and quality.

Benefits of reseeding • Improved yields • Higher DM intakes • Enhanced disease resistance • Earlier turnout of stock • Increased stocking rate • Increased palatability and digestibility • Improved grazing and silage quality • Higher response to nitrogen (N) fertiliser In order to maximise the yield and quality of your forage, it is important to reseed regularly. Within several years, weed grasses will ingress into a sward – resulting in a reduction of digestibility, feed quality and responsiveness to fertiliser applications.

For more advice on our grass seed mixture range, or to discuss a bespoke mixture, contact your local Wynnstay Representative or call the Seed Department on 01939 210777. All prices exclude VAT



Wynnstay offer a wide range of grass seed mixtures to help producers maximise forage potential. As an independent company, we use the best grass varieties, selected from the Grass and Clover Recommended List for England and Wales. We’re in control of the whole process from start to finish; from seed production with our own grass seed growers, to seed cleaning, right through to formulating and mixing our mixtures, and delivering them direct to farm.

SUPPLEMENTS Introducing an innovative feed supplement - pHix-up® to our range.


Designed with unique, industrial expertise, pHix -up acts directly on the ruminal pH by neutralising excess acid produced by bacterial fermentation. It combines the best performing magnesium compounds providing both a fast-acting and long lasting effect.

For more information about pHix-up, speak to your Wynnstay Representative or Wynnstay Dairy Specialist. Alternatively, you can contact Bethany May, Dairy Specialist on 07771 740857 or e-mail

All prices exclude VAT


MINERALS The Wynnmin on-farm mineral range is available for all classes of WYNNMIN xxx ruminant livestock including; dairy youngstock, milking cows, dry cows, growing and finishing beef cattle, suckler cows, ewes and lambs.


• Feeding minerals helps correct defi ciencies in grazing • Forages and straights to maximise health, fertility and performance • Palatable to ensure livestock consume the 2.5kg correct daily amount in a controlled way • Includes dust-proofi ng to reduce waste and to ensure pleasant handling for the stock person

• Available as in-feed and fully waterproofed free access • High specifi cations carefully formulated to meet the requirements of modern, high energetic merit stock 1kg • Custom mineral formulations can be supplied, please consult your local Wynnstay Specialist

ONLY .xx





Premier Dairy

Premier Mag

The market leader - for high-performance dairy cows and replacements

Feeding Rates:


Dairy Cows 150-200g/hd/day Replacements 75-125g/hd/day

ONLY Premier Dry Cow


For feeding to dairy and beef cows and cattle in periods of high risk of magnesium deficiency (at turnout or on autumn grass)


Feeding Rates:






Premier.xx Biosprint Beef

One of the highest specification dry cow minerals on the market 5L 1L - to meet the demands of the high-producing pre-calving dairy cow, suckler cow or heifer

For up to 11% extra liveweight gain

Feeding Rates: 100-150g/hd/day

Feeding Rates:

Dairy Cows/Heifers 100-150g/hd/day Suckler Cows 125g/hd/day

• xxx

Premier Youngstock

Premier Sheep

High xxx specification mineral, specifically designed for all dairy replacements and growing and rearing beef cattle

Feeding Rates:

Youngstock 100-150g/hd/day Mature Cattle 100-200g/hd/day


Dairy/Suckler Cows 100-200g/hd/day

An extremely high specification mineral for all breeding ewes, especially at tupping and in late pregnancy

Feeding Rates:

30-50g/hd/day xxSheep Ewes in late pregnancy and early lactation 30-50g/hd/day

60592, 60593 NB. For periods with a high risk of staggers an increased feeding rate is recommended. This mineral is not suitable for feeding to rams or

intensively fed lambs xx

Premier Phos

Premier Intensive Lamb

Feeding Rates:

Feeding Rates:

An extremely high specification mineral for fattening lambs being fed intensively

Dairy Cows 150-200g/hd/day Replacements 75-125g/hd/day

NB. This is an in-feed mineral and

Lambs/Rams 30-50g/hd/day should not be fed free access

Available for collection from all Wynnstay depots, and delivered direct to farm in minimum 1t order lots. For a competitive price, please discuss your requirements with your local Wynnstay Dairy Specialist, Representative or Wynnstay depot. All prices exclude VAT



For milking cows and replacements where phosphorus is low in the diet, especially on high grass silage diets

ANIMAL HEALTH Wynnstay Lamb Bolus Whether lambs will be retained for breeding or finishing, it is imperative that they have the correct balance of trace elements in order to thrive. The 4 key trace elements needed for optimal performance are Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc. All these trace elements are contained within the ‘Wynnstay Lamb Bolus’, or alternatively if lambs only require Cobalt, then the ‘Wynnstay Cobalt B12’ bolus is a suitable alternative. Grazed grass can be deficient in trace elements, so supplementing your lambs while at grass with the ‘Wynnstay Lamb Bolus’ gives you peace of mind that lambs are receiving a consistent daily supply of the required trace elements.

Reasons to consider bolusing lambs with Wynnstay Lamb Bolus:


• A consistent daily supply of trace elements. • Wynnstay Lamb Bolus provides the longest cover (6 months) of trace elements. • Supplies 200mg Zinc - to support the growing lamb’s immune system, hoof health and formation of wool. • Iodine - Supplying 375mg. Highest amount compared to other leading boluses. Iodine is required by the animal to support hormone production • Cobalt - 175mg. Required by the rumen microflora to make Vit B12. Prevents Pine disease. Don’t forget - Cobalt can help lambs respond to vaccinations • Selenium - 50mg. Helps with muscle development (White muscle disease) and works in conjunction with vitamin E to support the young ruminant’s immune system • Just one bolus to be administered to lambs from 20kg and over


What is it going to cost? At under 60p per bolus, lambs selling at £2.50/kg would only need to gain a mere 240g to cover the cost of the bolus.


For further information regarding the Wynnstay Trace Element bolus range, please speak to your farm representative or ask in store today

All prices exclude VAT


ANIMAL HEALTH Reducing Sheep Lameness Needs A Sustained Approach Rigorous and sustained adoption by farmers of an established disease management protocol is what’s needed to reduce the incidence of sheep lameness on many UK farms. That’s according to research on uptake by sheep producers of the FAI Farms Five-Point Plan to reduce sheep lameness – and the barriers to more widespread adoption carried out by Harper Adams and Hartpury Universities1,2. “The Five-Point Plan gives sheep farmers a clear strategy for managing any foot problems. Implemented correctly over the longer term, it builds natural disease resilience within a flock, reduces the disease challenge and spread on the farm, and improves flock immunity through vaccination. It involves treating affected animals promptly; culling persistent offenders; avoiding the propagation of infection when sheep are gathered together; quarantining any bought-in stock; and routine vaccination against footrot, the most common infectious disease implicated in sheep lameness,” says co-ordinator of the research Caroline Best. We surveyed 532 UK sheep farmers in a cross-sectional study to investigate the relationship between FivePoint Plan use and lameness prevalence. “The mean farmer-reported percentage lameness in ewes was 3.2%, which suggests positive progress by many farms over the last few years. However, not all farmers claimed to be adopting all five points of the plan, which is important if you are to secure sustainable control of sheep lameness over the longer term.

• Not carrying out measures to avoid lameness transmission • Not quarantining bought-in stock • Not treating individual lame sheep within three days • Maintaining an open flock • Routinely foot trimming • Foot trimming lame sheep • Short-term vaccination (over one year, but no more than two years) as a reaction to lameness rather Researcher Caroline Best (pictured examining than as an on-going disease prevention strategy feet) says that only 5.8% of farmers surveyed

were implementing all five points of the sheep

“Consequently, future educational initiatives should focus lameness reduction plan, which suggests a lack on addressing these particular issues to encourage more of focus on achieving long-term rigorous disease control. widespread adoption of the Five-Point Plan. Sheep farmers are making good progress, but by continuing to demonstrate how whole-hearted adoption of all five points of the plan brings results over the longer term, we can all help support and encourage the step change that is needed,” says Ms Best. References: 1.Best, C.M., Roden, J., Pyatt, A.Z., Behnke, M. and Phillips, K., 2020. Uptake of the lameness Five-Point Plan and its association with farmer-reported lameness prevalence: A cross-sectional study of 532 UK sheep farmers. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 181, August 2020. 2.Best, C.M., Pyatt, A.Z. Behnke, M. and Phillips, K., 2021. Sheep farmers’ attitudes towards lameness control: Qualitative exploration of factors affecting adoption of the lameness Five-Point Plan. PLos One 16(2): e0246798. All prices exclude VAT


These key flock management factors were associated with a significantly higher risk of lameness in ewes:


Visit for: Product information Submitting quote requests Depot locations and opening times


Topical advice and guides Specialist’s contact details and information Reading and requesting copies of the latest publications Signing up to our agricultural e-newsletter today

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Wynnstay Sales Desk: 01939 733102 Correction: Farm Focus (June-July 2021) In the Farm Focus June-July 2021 edition, a customer testimonial was included in error alongside an advert for SurePulse. The testimonial included outdated information which was not representative of the current circumstances at the farm and, therefore, any information included within it should be disregarded.

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Terms and Conditions: All prices exclude VAT. Offers valid from 1st August – 30th September 2021. All offers are subject to availability. *Multibuy offer applies to the specific item only, not a combination of items, discount will be taken off at checkout. Product images are for illustration purposes only, actual products may vary. Some products will only be available at larger stores, please check before travelling. Wynnstay reserves the right to change or withdraw offers or prices at any time. E & OE. All prices stated are based on collection and exclude delivery costs. Delivery is subject to terms and conditions, please ask a member of staff at your local depot for details or contact your Wynnstay Representative. All prices exclude VAT Wynnstay (Agricultural Supplies) Ltd, Eagle House, Llansantffraid, Powys, SY22 6AQ • Telephone: 01691 828512 • Email: • Registered in Wales and England - Registration 20 No: 5009019 - Vat Reg No. 168 7221 87 WN3140 Part of Wynnstay Group Plc • Eagle House, Llansantffraid, Powys, SY22 6AQ • Registration No: 2704051

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Farm Focus 1st August - 30th September 2021  

Discover our selection of special offers across our agricultural range. Save on clothing, hardware and tupping essentials.

Farm Focus 1st August - 30th September 2021  

Discover our selection of special offers across our agricultural range. Save on clothing, hardware and tupping essentials.

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