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Supporting the needs of British farmers since 1918 Offers valid from 1st April - 31st May 2021


DAIRY Dairy Fly Spray Concentrate 500ml

Cow Clog Original 10 Pack 67594

WAS £52


WAS £51



£42 •


Insecticide for professional use against flying and crawling insects, in and around farm buildings, dairies, parlours,and animal housing Highly concentrated pyrethrum formulation that will target and control insects fast

Larvenol 1kg

Hoof support for a speedy recovery from bovine lameness

The adhesive has two pre-measured components making mixing simple

High success rate and easy to use

Virocur Disinfectant 5kg




NOW .95

£19 •

Insect growth regulator controls an infestation before it starts

Effective up to 8 weeks - stop larvae developing into adult flies

Applied as a granule directly to muck or areas where flies and maggots are breeding

DEFRA approved peroxygen powder

Effective against bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses

Highly concentrated for low cost per application

Non-corrosive when diluted; use in livestock buildings, surfaces, transport and water treatment

Portable Milk Unit Oil Run Pump Complete 67639

Premier Dairy Paper Towel 2 Ply Green x 6 69351 •

Super absorbent, heavyweight, 56gsm

Easy-tear perforations

High wet strength


WAS £40

WAS £29.95





Buy 3+ packs at £18 each wynnstay.co.uk

NRV fitted in the lid

Self draining balance tank

Hot dipped galvanised frame

Stable and easy to move design

Stainless steel bucket with clear lid to aid inspection All prices exclude VAT


DAIRY FEEDS We love to hear feedback on our products and services from our customers. We have recently received some fantastic reviews on some of our Wynnstay feed products, with customers telling us how they have helped them to address issues on farm. Here’s what they have told us... The Roberts Family, Fferam Y Llan Llangristiolus - Prepare Nuts Sion and Gareth Roberts are farming with their parents Mr and Mrs T Roberts at Fferam Y Llan Llangristiolys on Anglesey. Sion and Gareth explain why they are firm believers in the benefits of using Prepare Nuts.

“We have used Prepare Nuts from Wynnstay for the last four years, initially to stop retained cleansing and to reduce the use of antibiotics. After introducing the nuts to the diet, the cows are less stressed after calving and milk fever has almost gone completely, with only a few cases in older cows. Cows are reaching their peak performance straight after calving, this is hugely important for us with the transition period being so crucial for our 10,000 litres herd”.

Jonathan Evans, Berry Hill Farm - Prepare Nuts “We started to use Prepare Nuts six months ago to improve our transition cow performance. Since making the switch we have noticed a significant reduction in metabolic problems, in particular milk fever and retained cleansing. The system is simple, and our cows need minimal assistance calving”.


Ifan Evans, Tyddyn Cae - Start ‘N’ Wean and Heifer 600 Nuts “We start feeding Start ‘N’ Wean from three days old to all our autumn block calved youngstock. Calves are looking very well and healthy. Weaning goes smoothly, with no growth checks and we then move them on to Heifer 600 Nuts. Wynnstay starter and youngstock feeds help us maximise early development and growth which is really important for us, rearing fit and healthy replacements to fit into the calving block”.

For more information on any of the feeds mentioned above, or any other feed product within our range, please speak to your Wynnstay Representative wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


CALF & YOUNGSTOCK Volac Automatic Eco Lamb Feeder The automatic lamb feeder can feed from 40 – 240 lambs, is easy to operate, provides an easy cleaning system and provides low labour feeding for farmers

Standard equipment: •

Fly protection

Mixer heating

Electronic heating regulation


16 amp

Mains water supply

Feed from 40-240 lambs

Easy to operate

Low labour feeding

Ad-lib machine

Reliably at the right temperature

Fly protector 114cm(h) x 58cm(w) x 52cm(d) x 34kg

Energised Lamb Milk 20kg



This easy-mixing milk replacer is ideally suited to all bottle and most ad-lib lamb feeding systems. Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk should be introduced directly following on from colostrum feeding.


Specifically, formulated with the following key benefits in mind:


22.5% ASH




Improves energy density

Optimal protein digestibility

Controlled osmolality

Careful mineral and vitamin supplementation

Wynngold Lamlac

2339, 2341, 2345, 2346

Using British milk in a process which gives excellent growth and health benefits. Wynngold Lamlac contains a high level of natural immunoglobulins and supports farmers requirements for healthy stock production. •

Full mixing and feeding recommendation are on each bag

Complete milk replacer for lambs

A high specification lamb milk based on the best quality milk proteins

Promotes vitality and growth

Available in: 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 20kg freeflow

For more information please contact your local Calf & Youngstock Specialist All prices exclude VAT




BLOCKS & BUCKETS Premier Cattle Mag 20kg/80kg

1321, 1322

Palatable, controlled intake magnesium supplement to help where there is a risk of grass staggers. •

• •

Offer 4-6 weeks preturnout for optimum results HIGH IN: Sugars to aid palatability and support product intake Magnesium to help counter the risk of grass staggers

Minpot Mag 22.5kg

Minpot Sweet Mag Cattle and Sheep 22.5kg


For suckler cows, an intake of 150g provides 22.5g magnesium

Offer at a rate of 1 bucket per 15 cattle

Ideal for dairy or suckler cows in periods of lush grass growth


Ideal for pre-post lambing

Contains protected zinc for health

Offer ad-lib, 1 bucket per 15-20 cattle or 40-50 ewes

WAS £18.50



£16 Minpot Salty Zinc 22.5kg

Minpot Fly Guard 22.5kg


Palatable product that is readily accepted by cattle and sheep

High level of sodium - mild cleanser and desiccant

Extra high zinc, including 33% protected zinc to support tissue repair



Recommended for cattle and sheep in midsummer where flies are a problem

Contains garlic to help repel nuisance insects

All prices exclude VAT



For those with well managed grazing systems and access to plentiful grass, creep feeding may not be required. However, to hit daily live weight gain (DLWG) targets and meet market requirements, reliance on low-quality forage or limited grazing won’t deliver the desired results, and it will pay to creep feed to bolster performance.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Be selective on which groups of lambs to creep feed for optimum ROI. The obvious lambs to creep are triplets and twins, but also consider lambs from young ewes, older ewes or ewes that are in poor condition. Early fed creep lambs are by far the most efficient convertors of feed. In the first 12 weeks, for every 3kg of creep feed fed, 1kg DLWG can be achieved. Post-weaning, this is reduced to between 5:1 to 10:1, so it can be more economical to feed lambs sooner rather than later. Creep feed at the right time. Once turned out to grass, lambs need two to three weeks to allow the rumen to adapt to forage.

Use creep strategically to complement grass growth. Those lambs on restricted grazing or limited grazing, will on average gain an extra kilo liveweight, for every 5-6kg of creep feed, compared to non-supplemented lambs.

The Wynnstay Lambmaster range is scientifically formulated with the optimal balance of energy and protein to achieve high growth rates, ensuring lambs can be finished quickly.

• • •

Unique sweetener ensures excellent palatability to boost intakes Complements a milk and grass diet to ensure high growth rates

A balance of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals for healthy lambs Contains certified sustainable soya


For more information on the Lambmaster range, please speak to your Wynnstay Representative or Depot All prices exclude VAT



HARDWARE Water Storage Tanks WAS £1,050


WAS £1,921.88


WAS £625.19






47909, 50610, 63378

Capture and store run-off from your roof using our simple, reliable and affordable rainwater harvesting systems. •

Filter removes any debris as rainwater enters the tank

Reduce flood risks by keeping rainwater out of the storm-water management system

Rainwater is better for crops, it has a balanced pH and is free from chemicals, such as chlorine




Stokbord® Recycled Plastic Sheeting

47464, 54895, 56426, 56427, 73011, 81830, 81831, 81832

WAS £625.19


£600 5,000L

60560, 56193


3 ½” drain hole in centre of trough base

Steel and fibre reinforced

No centre divide to reduce capacity or restrict flow

Heavy-duty design

£205 165 gallon

Tough, durable and maintenance free

100% recycled material

Resistant to chemical and pressure washing

Non-toxic and chew resistant

Available in 8x4’ and 10x5’ sheets 28708

WAS £224.50

Great for livestock housing, handling systems, floor and wall cladding

Paxton AT1 Circular Trough

Concrete Water Troughs


WAS £460


£349 £414 ONLY 400 gallon


2,046L (450 gallon) capacity

1.5” drainage outlet

Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene

Frost resistant to -40oC 806mm(h) x 2210mm(d)


All prices exclude VAT


HARVEST Clingseal

A flexible vacuum sheet that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheets

• Reduces air pockets to enhance effectiveness of conventional sheeting • Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp • Facilitates faster, more efficient fermentation • Suitable for several crops including grass, maize, whole crop silage and crimped grain • Fully recyclable Speak to your local Wynnstay Representative or Depot for information

Have You Considered Using A Thicker Sheet? Denhay Farms Ltd, based near Bridport, Devon have:

Ben Hughes, Farm Manager, sees the benefits of using thicker sheets: “Several years ago, the farm was double sheeting with 100 micron sheets, clamp fi lm and netting. The change was made to use one sheet at 125 micron, clamp fi lm and netting, with impressive results”. Ben explains that the improved quality of silage in turn improved herd performance signifi cantly and this performance is still on an upward curve. Ben says that all animals are bulling stronger, calving easier, giving stronger calves and hitting peak performance a whole month earlier than previous. The results are better all round, with improved quality sheeting; there is now minimum spoil and with the harvesting cost at £30/tonne, this soon covers any increased cost of individual sheets.


The clinching fi nancial argument is only one sheet covering.

As Ben says: “10 minutes/man per pit saved 12 men x 7 cuts x 5 units You do the maths, while I save the money!” All prices exclude VAT



HARVEST HARVEST Wynnstay are proud to be working with market leader Silostop, to provide oxygen barrier silage sheets to our customers.

Silostop Max is the best selling 80 micron film that blocks the entry of oxygen into silage.

An advanced 9-layer film, Silostop Max reduces DM losses in the upper layer, eliminates waste on the surface and shoulders of the silo, and increases aerobic stability at feedout. Silostop Max is available in a variety of sizes to fit all clamps and bunkers. It’s fully recyclable, and when combined with our re-usable Premium Nets, results in a sharp decrease in overall plastic usage, helping farmers improve sustainability. In addition to providing an excellent oxygen barrier, Silostop Max has been carefully designed to meet the challenges found in daily use. It can be stretched to over 200% before tearing and has high puncture resistance. It is extremely flexible so it lies flush on the surface to eliminate air pockets. Silostop Max comes with a thick layer of protective wrapping to protect it from physical damage.

Silage Stack Nets



Woven nets used to cover silage clamps or bales

An economical way of protecting against birds, rodents and other animals




Clear silage fields of moles ahead of harvesting

Claw traps offer an easy solution to catching Moles. The trap works through a spring loaded scissor action

Visual bird deterrent, designed to trick birds into thinking they’re under threat

Hang from a stake, fence, hedgerow or tree for best results

Wynnstay Rat & Mouse Killer 5kg



ONLY .50

8m x 25m

Mole Trap


Hanging Crow






Professional use only

Help prevent vermin damaging valuable forage and crops

50 x 100g sachets (5kg) All prices exclude VAT


HARVEST HARVEST What's New in Bale Wrap? Silotite Sustane SILOTITE SUSTANE™ is a sustainable silage stretchfilm manufactured using 30% recycled material. The significant proportion of recycled content means SILOTITE SUSTANE™ balewrap contributes to the circular economy. During field trials SILOTITE SUSTANE™ demonstrated a consistently high level of technical performance during application in addition to handling well post-wrapping. •

Fully recyclable

Unique grey colour

UV radiation protection

For all climates


Silotite 1800 Silotite 1800 offers contractors several benefits including more bales per reel, time savings and enhanced silage quality. It’s unique sleeve packaging means that Silotite 1800 has less packaging material, with no bulky boxes to move around and recycle separately. The packaging is made of the same material as the film inside, so it can all be recycled together. No separation of recycling materials is needed. 20% MORE film per reel 20% LESS reels required 20% MORE bales 20% LESS transportation & storage* *compared to a standard 1,500m roll

NEW RaniRepel

RaniRepel is a multi-layer bale wrap, which contains a non-toxic and ecological repellent additive against birds and rodents. The repellent additive is made up of natural elements including essential oils and is extruded into the bale wrap at the manufacturing stage.



The repellent exudes an odour which is repulsive to pests and has a bitter taste which irritates the mucous in animals. The repellent is integrated within the outer layer of film, so it cannot affect the wrapped crop.

All prices exclude VAT



HARVEST HARVEST Piippo Edge Master Netwrap 3600m


• Improved coverage by up to 10% • Edge Master leaves no bare shoulders: the bales look neat and contain no air. This ensures better preservation of the silage

WAS £155


£145 per roll

• When bailing straw, the covered edges prevent wastage, ensuring that all the material stays within the bale • High breaking strength, less netwrap is needed per bale compared to the standard netwraps on the market

Secure Covers

Protect your silage sheets from bird and wildlife damage

Secure Covers make sheeting up silage clamps quick, clean and easy. Made from tough interlocked knitted HDPE, Secure Covers are used over silage sheets and fixed in place using Secure Gravel Bags. The finely knitted mesh helps to prevent bird damage to the silage sheet and when pulled down, stops birds feeding on the silage face.

Reasons to use Secure Covers Made from a flexible non-fray knit, Secure Covers keep your silage film in close contact with the silage surface.


This creates an airtight seal, which will rid your clamp of surface waste and helps to reduce dry matter losses within your clamp. Secure Covers unique construction reduces ‘wind lift’ ensuring your silage sheets remain in place on your clamp. Secure Covers protect your silage sheets from bird and wildlife damage, helping to keep oxygen OUT of your clamp. All Secure Covers are supplied with a 10 year full UV stability guarantee. Available in a full range of sizes. wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


POULTRY Wynnstay offer an extensive range of feeds for free range egg units. The range is backed up by the specialist advice offered by our dedicated Poultry Team who are able to advise on all aspects of free range egg production. Target breeds:

Lohmann Brown and Light, H&N plus flexibility for others • Free Range Layer feed designed specifically for commercial egg production for flat-deck multi-tier and mobile production systems • Breed specific approach offers unrivalled body weight gain in to a sustained peak lay • Focus on reduced consumption and increased egg production • Formulated to achieve target egg weight with flexibility to target market requirements

Target breeds:

Hy-Line and Hy-Line Silver, Shaver Brown, Bovan plus flexibility for others • Superior formulation specifically designed to outperform breed targets • Nutritionally balanced for optimum health and gut performance • Flexibility to achieve and control egg size for target market • Designed to produce and maintain egg quality and shell strength • Formulated for multi-tier, flat-deck and mobile production systems

Target breeds:

All commercial and semi-commercial • Formulated for farmers that require a level of production at a competitive price • Compatible with multi-tier, flat-deck and mobile production units • Usable in conjunction with the 520 and 630 ranges if bodyweight targets are achieved • Optional natural and nature-identical yolk pigments available

The Wynnstay Balancer Range is a brand-new range of high-performance commercial layer feeds.

• A new range of home mix diets

• Designed for easy and simple mixing • Nutrition that supports development, growth and condition through lay • Production potential that aims to exceed breed targets

For the latest news from the Wynnstay Poultry Team, sign up to our poultry e-newsletter by visiting wynnstay.co.uk/sign-up All prices exclude VAT


• Formulated to target egg size and shell strength



ANIMAL HEALTH Unpredictable Parasite Risks Makes Forecasting Service Vital When it comes to parasite control, decisions around treatments should be based around the risk on farm at that time, not what was done in the previous year. This has many benefits including: • Cost saving – by only treating stock when necessary

• Maximising production – by making sure stock are not being compromised by parasites • Protection – using anthelmintics when necessary will help minimise the development of resistance to the products

When it comes to parasite control, routine treatments must be replaced with risk-based assessments. One such service available to help with this is Parasite Watch.

What is Parasite Watch? Zoetis have developed a comprehensive parasite monitoring service which helps farmers and animal health care providers understand the parasite risk in any given area in the UK. Zoetis Parasite Watch uses a network of 26 farms to monitor worms & fluke. Each of the farms takes faecal egg count (FEC) tests every two weeks with results uploaded to parasitewatch.co.uk This data gives a real-time picture as to what is happening on the ground and combined with weather data is also used to provide a risk score for each area.

How can farmers use the data? Parasite information from each of the farms is uploaded to parasitewatch.co.uk, giving farmers an early warning sign that there could be a possible risk in their area. They can use the monitoring service, along with data from their own farm such a faecal egg counts to discuss worming plans with their animal health care provider. If you sign up to receive alerts, we will send you an email to let you know about a change in the risk status.

Key benefits of Parasite Watch • Regular updates providing alerts as to what the parasite risk is • Farmer: Allows you to discuss the situation in your area with your animal health care provider • Animal Health Care Provider: Provide local advice to your farmer as to the risks and appropriate management options available


Cydectin Oral Solution



All prices exclude VAT


ANIMAL HEALTH Understanding the Benefits of Season-Long Worm Control in Cattle Planning worm control prior to turnout is vital to prevent cattle from becoming infected at grass, which could lead to subsequent production losses. The following questions can help to understand when to treat cattle and with what product: • • • • •

What is the likely worm burden? When are cattle being turned out? Are they being grazed away from the farm? What are the handling facilities like? Do you want the convenience of treating and handling once?

Where using a long-acting wormer is beneficial

There are some clear situations where protecting stock with a long-acting wormer such as CYDECTIN® 10% LA or Autoworm® will be useful; • Where there is a potential threat from worms and the animals are being grazed away from the farm with no handling facilities • Where stock is not being checked regularly – e.g. on hill land • Where pasture is known to be high risk for parasites, but there are no alternative grazing areas • Where you are treating strategically to reduce pasture contamination • Where you want the convenience of only having to treat and handle once within the season Additional benefits include:

• Offering peace of mind stock is protected • Less stress for animals as they are only handled once • Ensuring all animals are treated correctly without the risk of missing follow up doses

Using products responsibly

Anthelmintic resistance is a common problem in sheep parasites, and it is now being seen more often in cattle worms. Risk factors for the development of anthelmintic resistance include under dosing, unnecessary treatments and repeated use of products. To help prevent resistance it is important to use the product in the correct way and at the correct time. CYDECTIN LA or Autoworm, for example, should be given at turnout to help reduce the level of pasture contamination throughout the grazing season. It’s important you discuss products and treatment plans with your animal health care provider and choose the product most suitable for your herd and the parasite challenge on your farm.

Cydectin 10% LA

Autoworm First Grazer and Finisher 17608, 18385


All prices exclude VAT


By having a parasite control plan in place, you will be in a better position to improve the production efficiency of your herd, and ultimately your bottom line.



FENCING Rutland ESB2000 Energiser

Essentials 3:1 Geared Reel



WAS £162.50

WAS £33.33




£30 • With metal hook

12 volt fence device for mobile use

Optimised power consumption thanks to energysaving mode

Crocodile clips made from high-quality stainless steel

Masterfence C8/80/15 Green Wire

• Save time by 3-way transmission • Special eye for well-directed wire routing • Impact-proof plastic guarantees durable use • Heavy-duty steel crank arm

Masterfence Green Barbed Wire



WAS £36.18

NOW .50

WAS £48.01



£44 •

Galvanised and then fully coated with MRT’s Green Ecover anticorrision coating

Mild steel

Galvanised wire fully coated with MRT’s Green Ecover anticorrision coating

Surepine Fence Posts

64261, 63543

SurePine™ fence posts from Woodbank Timber come with a 15 year post-for-post Guarantee* against premature failure caused by rot or insect attack. Pine is an easy to treat species of wood allowing for good chemical penetration without the need for incising. Pine also has a naturally Peeled & Pointed durable heartwood. UC4 1.65m x • Slow-grown pine 75-100mm • Kiln dried to 28% moisture (5’ 6” x 3-4”) • Treated with Celcure preservative to UC4 standard WAS £3.63




WAS £5.71



Machine Rounded UC4 1.8m x 100mm (6’ x 4”)


Full sapwood penetration

Date stamped for identification All prices exclude VAT


FENCING Portek Petrol Post Driver


• Powered by a single cylinder, air-cooled, 2 stroke petrol engine


• Drives up to 4” round and square posts with ease


• Max power / speed: 1500W / 9,000rpm • Max torque / speed: 2.5N.m / 5,000rpm • Capacity: 52cc • Fuel Mixture: 25:1 – petrol: oil • Net weight: 21kg 805 x 305 x 270mm

Fencing Pliers

Staple Puller


WAS £13.33

NOW .67


WAS £30




• Cushion grip handles

• Strips staple 10 times faster than conventional fencing pliers • The only tool that is able to extract two staples at once • Leaves the wire undamaged for re-use when used correctly • Durable Zinc plated finish

• Manufactured from carbon steel with smoothly ground and polished head


• Head incorporates a striking face; staple removing hook; pincer and clamp on top jaw; grips on inside of handles for straining and twisting wire and two shear type wire cutters

All prices exclude VAT



GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT A proactive grassland management programme is essential to producing quality home-grown forage. Attention to detail, from seed selection to feeding can increase both yield and quality. To get the most from your forage there are key targets and management techniques that can help achieve optimal utilisation and maximise performance from forage.

Soil Testing

Ensure that fields are tested at least every three years between September and February to check P and K availability as well as soil pH, this is especially important before reseeding a new ley. If pH is below the optimum level, apply lime to ensure N, P and K nutrient levels are not restricted.

Mixture Selection

It is advisable for between 10-15% of the farm to be reseeded each year, selecting from the best seed varieties in the Grass and Clover Recommended List. When selecting the mixture consider soil type, field location, seasonal growth, and end requirement (grazing, silage or both).

Weed Control


For a newly established ley control weeds early using a broad-spectrum herbicide. This provides a clean start for the new ley and can achieve 100% control of docks, saving both time and money in additional herbicide applications later.

Fertiliser Application

Test and treat each field individually, rather than a blanket approach. Field specific plans can be created to deliver accurate applications of N, P and K.

Grass Measurement

Measure grass growth regularly throughout the growing season, using a sward plate meter to measure grass height. Record the measurements to compare the performance of each field and how much forage is being produced in total across the grazing platform, to accurately allocate the demands of the grazing stock. Recording of data identifies the worst performing fields, giving priority for reseeding the following seasons.

To discuss any aspect of grass management, please speak to your Wynnstay Representative or call the Wynnstay Seed Team on 01939 210777 wynnstay.co.uk

All prices exclude VAT


NEW LEGISLATION IN WALES New Regulatory Measures to Protect Water in Wales From the 1st April 2021 the whole of Wales will be subject to new regulatory measures to protect water, the Water Resources (Control of Agricultural Pollution) (Wales) Regulations 2021. An initial set of measures will be brought in on the 1st April 2021, with the remainder being phased in over a period of three years. Grants are available to aid in becoming compliant with the upcoming Farm Business Grant - Yard Covering Scheme opening in May 2021. Below is a basic summary of the areas of change that will be introduced over the next three years. From April 2021

From January 2023

From August 2024

• Changes to the requirements of giving notice for new or improved slurry or silage storage

• Introduction of Risk Maps for manure spreading

• Closed periods for spreading slurry • Slurry storage capacity

• New guidance on the spreading of nitrogen fertiliser

• Requirement of Nutrient Management Planning • Recording of import/export of manure • Record keeping requirements

Wynnstay’s FACTS qualified specialists have produced fully compliant Nutrient Management Plans for our customers for more than 20 years. This service is immediately available to farmers in Wales and for more information speak to your Wynnstay Representative, a Wynnstay Agronomist, or our Fertiliser Team on 01939 211266

For enquires regarding slurry and silage storage, speak to a member of our Hardware Team or an Agricultural Specialist at your local Wynnstay Depot

All prices exclude VAT




• Holding limits

Visit wynnstay.co.uk for: Product information Submitting quote requests Depot locations and opening times


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Farm Focus (April-May 2021)  

Each month we bring together our latest special offers and industry updates to create our Farm Focus brochure.