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Wylde IA is an award-winning independent interior design consultancy. We specialise in creative design, working directly with clients throughout the UK and Europe in partnership with external suppliers, architects and fit-out companies to create inspiring places to work, learn, rest and play. We provide consultancy on all aspects of commercial design, including; • • • • • • • • • •

Workplace appraisal... Full interior design schemes... Corporate branding & identity.. Space analysis & planning... Artwork design & selection... Furniture specification & procurement consultancy... Lighting design & specification... Move-management... Audio-visual specification... Website design & implementation...

We believe in doing what we’re great at so we design everything in-house. We strive to be the best for our clients, staff and partners. We constantly investigate new products, solutions and ways of doing things and learn from each project...best practice is just the start - we always try and improve on it. We are passionate about what we do, workplaces should be practical, joyful & beautiful. We achieve this by believing in ourselves and our values We get to know our clients. As one of our core values at WyldeIA we get under the skin of our clients. To find out what they really require and what will benefit them we ‘become them’. We find this enables us to provide an environment that s specifically tailored to them and works for them, not us. Innovate every day. We strive to be the best and do the best for our clients, staff and partners. We constantly investigate new products, solutions and ways of doing things. We learn from every single project and use our experience and expertise in all that we do.

The Wylde IA team is made up of Tracey Wylde, Amy Stone, Sam Partridge, Hanna Sipos, Nerys Evans with a team of third party consultants, contractors and specialist partners on call when required.

The ‘Project Approach’ at Wylde IA involves several necessary stages required to take an Interior Fit-Out Project from start to finish. Completion of all the stages but also individual elements can be used to make the most of the client’s project. A crucial part in developing and creating a successful design scheme for a client is finding out what is required from all levels of the business. Wylde IA challenge all aspects of the detailed brief which in turn creates a real representation of the client’s needs and desires. It’s vital that all areas of the business are included from the CEO to the Receptionist, so nothing is missed. We use workshops, key personnel interviews and questionnaires so prior thoughts can be given to the details. Once the brief has been taken, Wylde IA develop Space Requirement Analysis, outlining what is required by each department including how much total space would be included. At this stage, workstation standards can be developed providing blueprints for the necessary planning exercise. It’s also crucial to find the right building for a project. When researching the market and viewing buildings, choosing the right one can be a huge and sometimes daunting decision. Wylde IA believe in testing the shortlist of buildings against the specific space requirements and brief. Investigation and liaison with property experts allows an educated decision. The suitability of each building is assessed using the building language and planning rationale combined with thorough photographic obsversation and surveying. The partnership with Property Experts allows all aspects such as as the costs, quality, condition to be assessed along with factors such as the location and amenities surveys. Wylde IA pride themselves in being able to deliver the best outcome at this stage, whether the involvement in full or just on specific aspects. Once agreed and the layouts are created, the concept is developed to a stage where the client and contractors can start to work on the budgeting, costings and timescales. The process involves ongoing client meetings producing layout options and the initial 3Ds with suggested finishes.

Wylde IA believe in simple 3D visualisations for each project with help to communicate the design to all levels of the client’s business - simple ‘sketch-up models & artist impressions show the concepts and CGI Presentations can be used to demonstrate a final design if required. In order to ensure all areas are built to exact designs, detailed working drawings are then produced from which contractors can work. With communication and liaison with specialist contractors Wylde IA develop plans or sketch elevations for key elements of a project such as the furniture and joinery, landscaping, lighting or the artwork and branding. Furniture consultancy and specification is a fundamental part of the design process. Wylde IA liaise with the manufacturers and dealers to source the appropriate products for each project. The specification includes all colours, finishes and materials all in-keeping with the design and the budget constraints. Print technology now allows a much broader use of corporate imagery and branding throughout an environment. Wylde IA work with specific suppliers to create individual artwork and imagery for each project, making the best of use of all available branding opportunities. Often mood images are compiled to provide inspiration and are used to demonstrate a ‘feel’ to the client. These can be examples and images from previous projects, along with library shots. Whether Wylde IA are appointed to develop a full scheme or just an aspect of a project the process remains concise, considered and cohesive. Wylde IA’s expertise covers the initial branding development, to sketches, layouts, elevations and working drawings to ensure the job is done right. In contrast, Wylde IA have also worked on projects which have already been designed by someone else but need that extra ‘5%’ to finish them off and achieve the best final result...

Interior Design isn’t just about a lick of paint or a quick make-over... it’s a fundamental way to make your working environment perform better. Everyone is working longer hours, property and staff costs are ever increasing, so it’s imperative to get the best out of your space and provide a working environment that inspires both your staff and clients alike. It’s proven that a business providing modern, flexible and efficient office space can benefit from higher productivity and better morale whilst lowering the turnover of employees. Wylde IA are the experts, award winning and completely independent; providing solutions from big international blue chip companies to charities, SMEs and community organisations.

Office environments should cater for the ever changing world of technology and collaboration in the workplace, whilst providing levels of privacy and concentration. Spaces such as breakout areas and cafes need to work harder as places for people to meet and greet, not just eat. The specification of new materials and finishes and the introduction of branding and imagery all aid in the overall impact of a new working environment. The choice of intelligent furniture solutions can provide more agile ways of working for all. Investment in new furniture could free up space to enable a more flexible approach to work. Ultimately this can pay for itself.


Project: SECO Tools UK Location: Alcester, UK

Seco Tools are a Warwickshire based, Swedish precision engineering firm. It had acquired two rather tired and dull 1960’s industrial units in Alcester, Warwickshire. We were appointed to transform them into a state-ofthe-art UK headquarters. As lead consultants, Wylde IA designed the interior and external spaces, landscaping and work on the building’s façade. The design, for which we have won several awards, includes a new reception (complete with a bespoke staircase designed in partnership with a local artist), a technology & production centre, meeting, exhibition and auditorium suites, open plan office accommodation, café, break out areas and a gymnasium. We transformed the car park at the front into a wild flower meadow designed to soften the building, replicate the local geography and encourage wildlife. Environmental impact was carefully considered throughout the project even down to the chosen coffee supplier – a local company with their own plantation, ensuring profits from Seco Tools sales filters back into the local community. “The Team at Wylde IA delivered a truly outstanding environment for work, rest and play. They enabled us to move from a large, cellular 1960’s office block and manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art 35,000ft² office and technology centre. They have transformed two rather dull, industrial steel sheds into the most amazing, agile and truly inspirational space.” “Wylde IA has created an environment for agile working meaning employees can get away from their desks and work anywhere, including outside. We now have an engaged, active workforce who see the business as family. Staff welfare is at an all-time high and productivity has increased. Wylde IA understands the entire process and has incredible attention to detail… and they’re great fun to work with!” - Richard Jelfs, SECO Tools UK

Project: Steven Stones Location: Mayfair, UK

Mayfair based award winning PR agency Seven Stones decided to revamp their space in Cork Street to coincide with the re-branding of the company from Brader Perryman. The company understood that to get the best from their team they would need to provide the necessary encouragement and environment. Arranged over 2 floors in a long narrow building, the space was tired and cramped. Maxine’s challenge was to reinvigorate the space, providing additional working areas, storage, conference and a more inviting breakout space where people could interact and rest, as well as work and research. The fit out was to be completed in occupation, which involved detailed planning of construction and churn in order to keep the project to a tight schedule and limit the length of any inconvenience. The existing space appeared cramped with lots of files and clutter. Concealed storage was specially made and fixed to the full perimeter of the space above the desk surfaces. This enabled the desks to be pushed up to the edge of the space with lighting under the storage, illuminating a vivid green stripe of painted wall. The furniture was an important consideration as everything would be new and visible from reception. Maxine worked closely with Seven Stones to explore the possibilities and ensure that the correct solution was achieved. Herman Miller Abak Environments was chosen for its bright white tops and beautiful cast aluminium leg detail - it also worked well with the perimeter trunking in concealing the data and power to the workstations. The main reception uses the same furniture but with a specially commissioned cast glass art panel to the front of the desk which is self illuminated by concealed LEDs in the fixings. The ‘decking’ of the flooring and the Italianstone shaped stools enforce the new brand. Uninspirational views were concealed using film to the windows to create a sandblasted effect with the company logo. The result was a fresh and light space with accents of hot ‘plastic’ colours with inspiration taken from images of flotsam and jetsam on a pebble beach.

Where would you rather work? A cramped, beige box or a bright, open plan office that inspires you and your colleagues to do the best darn job you can do?! A well planned and well designed office is a powerful thing. Comfortable yet functional workspaces increase staff morale, staff productivity and efficiency. A beautiful and fun place to be attracts new employees and ensures you retain existing staff. Plus, an office that is modern and well maintained will give your business credibility and impress clients.

With our knowledge and expertise we identify working relationships between departments and individualswe then help all sorts of organisations determine their requirements for enclosed or open plan spaces and office meeting areas. Reviewing space, storage needs, refreshment areas and breakout zones are all things our designers live, eat and breathe!


Project: Landmark Location: Reading & Exeter, UK

Digital Mapping company Landmark was relocating from a fragmented office building in Henley-on-Thames to a new, single-floor space in Reading and searched the market for the right D&B partnership to create the perfect environment. Wylde IA in partnership with Bulb Interiors were selected. We created options, making best use of the rectangular space, whilst demonstrating benefits of various layouts. The preferred solution was an angled layout, which created a more interesting landscape with breakout spaces, meeting rooms and collaborative areas. These were arranged in a central spine, allowing the open plan desking areas to gain the most benefit from the large expanse of glazing and natural light. This layout also allowed unobstructed views through the office from Reception and numerous pockets of space for informal seating. Large-format imagery of trees and forest canopies in conjunction with grass-like carpet were used to create the feel of a natural ‘garden’ space in the central collaborative area. Working closely with Landmark’s Marketing team and Artwork Solutions, we created a branding identity to reflect areas within which Landmark work, using images of mountains, urban areas, forest, the coast and maps to create a textured backdrop thoughout the office spaces. “You have managed to interpret our requirements extremely well and have given us a working environment suitable for all our needs. Projects like these do not just happen; it is down to the expertise and knowledge of those involved which enable fantastic results like this to be achieved.“ - Stuart Stout, Landmark Information Group

Project: Freeman Location: Coventry, UK

Freeman is a large, US based exhibition contractor with nine offices in the UK. This project centralises Head Office functions, production and storage facilities into a Prologis-developed building at Prologis Park, Imperial Road, Coventry. Their work in the UK is extensive, particularly at the NEC, Olympia and the Islington Design Centre. Our brief was to transform the standard Prologis building and add Freeman UK branding to it, bringing dynamism and interest, while complementing the American parent company’s brand identity. We opened up four office areas on two floors into one single compartment. In a departure from the base build by installing a sprinkler system. Throughout the office space we were able to link all four office areas together joined by a dramatic linking staircase, with feature lighting. This gave the space the dynamic accent that our client was seeking.

Meetings are essential for business growth and progression. A comfortable and fully equipped meeting room will enable better communication with staff and help build relationships. Whether you need an old-school scheduled space conference room or more ad-hoc meeting spaces, or both! Today, businesses understand that cross pollination of ideas is a fundamental part of an innovative working culture.

Wylde IA are workplace consultants and interior designers specialising in commercial buildings. We provide consultancy on all aspects of commercial design including full interior design schemes, corporate branding, space analysis and planning, audio-visual specification, lighting design, furniture specification and more – all the things a modern organisation needs to create inspiring and varied meeting room options and to succeed!


Project: KMC Location: London, UK

Wylde IA was employed by design and build company, Blue Jelly, to help win their first project with KMC, a top finance house relocating to a landmark building in Paddington Basin. KMC was previously situated over three different floors in an old 1970s office building in High Street, Kensington. They felt that the departments had been set up in endless rows of desks, that faced each other in a very confrontational way & the division of space was causing the company some problems in the fragmented way the staff were working. The brief was to deliver a smart, modern head office without creating a stuffy institutional space that would normally be associated with financial houses. The challenge in designing the new building was to create a cohesive and consistent office space that was still going to be split across two floors in three wings of the new building. We developed a solution that featured a centralised reception space that joined the office areas acting as both link and ante space to the meeting rooms. Features such as glass slots and a cast glass wall continued in the cafĂŠ and other office areas form a visual link that strongly binds them all together with design and colour. Office areas were designed using 1200 workstations that move fluidly around difficult curvy glass curtain walls, creating desking areas of soft organic shapes that contrast completely with the previous rows of straight desks. A central cafĂŠ provides a place to eat lunch or take a coffee break and individual seating booths make ideal places to have informal meetings with either colleagues or clients.

Project: Redcliff Quay Location: Bristol, UK

Redcliff Quay is a landmark building within the heart of Bristol’s business district which overlooks the city’s Floating Harbour. The brief was to give new life to the space and create a much more desirable atmosphere at the centre of the building making it stand out in the competitive Bristol market, which in turn would open up opportunities for business. The project included transforming the large atrium into a modern cafe space, with the addition of providing an informal meeting zone for both existing and potential tenants. Wylde IA created a number of different seating zones, softening the large echoing space with the combination of softer floor finishes and a mixture of furniture styles to create a space which could function for the variety of tenants and also feel welcoming to visitors. The major refurbishment of all the common parts has wholly rejuvenated Redcliff Quay and has successfully fulfilled the brief as a number of the previously empty spaces have now been filled and with increased interest in the remaining spaces. Wylde IA worked with the client from the initial briefing stage through continued design development including a range of visualisations, with ongoing meetings though the implementation stage until the final product was realised. Early stages saw the design developing from artist impression visuals and vignettes of small elements through to a final CGI. Due to the context of the project and the need to be able to market the building and show potential new tenants the proposed plans, Wylde IA worked with a local GCI specialist to create a Computer Generated Image of the space which could fully demonstrate the final design to others. The best part of projects like Redcliff Quay is when as a designer, you return and you can genuinely see and feel the change in the building, and when users themselves express how much they use and enjoy the space.

Project: Mercer Location: Woking, UK

Our client, Mercer, is a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, a global team of professional services companies offering clients advice and solutions in the areas of risk, strategy, and human capital. Wylde IA was appointed by main contractor Area Sq as lead design consultant for the fitout of Mercer’s newly completed building in Woking. The new building brought teams together from different offices and the main focus was delivering a design that would create unity of these teams by encouraging collaborative working. We facilitated a series of design reviews and workshops involving a design steering group made up of employees that would occupy the space. This process enabled Mercer staff to become involved in the design of their new offices and see it being influenced by their input. As a result, people felt more engaged with the new project and the programme of relocation.

Wylde IA understands the complex utilisation of timetables activities with the evolution of teaching styles and technology. We work with you to better understand the spatial demands of your school, college, university or workplace and suggest areas for improvement, remodelling or something more substantial. Wylde IA will suggest ways to include advances in technology, furniture, materials and practices to ensure you are left with an inclusive space for collaborative and formal teaching with adaptable environments to support and inspire.

We understand how to get the best from your learning environment, providing in-sight into how to get the most of the space you have whilst creating environments that students of all ages and staff will want to be a part of. We start by reviewing the spaces you already have, looking for opportunities to increase usability by seeing the potential that is often overlooked and enhancing the student experience. Projects can be as simple as way-finding, branding or communication scheme for a relatively low cost, to a substantial reorganisation and refurbishment that might involve a number of areas. However big or small we bring a huge amount of enthusiasm to the project.


Project: Bristol Grammar School Location: Bristol, UK

Bristol Grammar School is one of the country’s leading independent schools with a history that extends nearly 500 years. Wylde IA were briefed by the Head of Science to create a series of laboratories as learning environments for GCSE and A Level science. These were located in the School’s historic buildings. We used a fixed bench solution and the obvious durable finishes. We branded each lab according to discipline using large format graphics applied to furniture and coordinated paint finishes. This gave each lab a unique look, giving expression to the sciences through the use of colour and design.

Project: Malvern Rooms Location: University of Bristol Bristol, UK

Following on from the successful Halls of Residence project in The Hawthorns, Wylde IA was tasked with designing a scheme to extend and improve the ground floor Terrace Bar, as part of the University’s continuing upgrade programme. The aim of the project was to increase the number of covers and update the image of the facility which is open to students, staff & the public alike. The project included knocking through a wall into a disused office to open up the available area, whilst maintaining period features such as the fireplace. The final scheme involved the design of bespoke wallpaper and manifestation and the specification of a variety of seating for lounge and dining use. Upholstery, lighting, decorations, drapes and finishes were chosen to give the room a level of quality without seeming overly opulent.

Make staff feel at home with a relaxed and multifunctional breakout area. These often underestimated spaces are really valuable to the brainstorming and ideas generation, they support spontaneous meetings and reduce the demand on your traditional meeting rooms. Wylde IA are workplace consultants and interior designers specialising in commercial buildings with many large scale office projects under our belts. We are dab hands a designing multipurpose, informal breakout areas for meetings and collaborative working, increasing staff morale and productivity.

A successful breakout area allows employees to escape their desks, ditch work related stress and unwind. With our knowledge and expertise in space analysis and planning, corporate branding and audio-visual we’ll create an area where you can rest assured.


Project: Royal High School Location: Bath, UK

The Royal High School in Bath is part of the Girls Day School Trust, a network of girls’ schools in the UK. At Bath there was a small budget allocated for work in the head mistress’s room. Our brief was extended to work not only in the corridor adjacent to the Head Mistress’s room but to look at some of the gathering spaces used by the girls during the course of the day. We created an ‘art gallery’ using the students’ own work and also created collaborative spaces using informal discussions and homework. We celebrated the long and rich history of the school by applying images from their archives to the walls.

Wylde IA has worked with a number of private individuals and developers in designing interior schemes for a variety of properties. Exacting personal tastes, requirements, budgets and timescales make each project a true challenge. A sensitive and educated understanding of the client’s style leads to a successful selection of finishes, fixtures and materials. Extensive design experience and lessons learnt in the commercial world all add to Wylde IA’s ability to create unique solutions to suit any requirement.


Work, learn and play are all very well but everyone needs to rest at some point in their busy lives. Regardless of what environment they work or study in, there will always be times when your people need to take a break. Relaxing areas within any workplace create a more comfortable, welcoming place to spend time. If encouraged to use these areas through the day, employees utilising their breaks to rest, creates better working efficiencies. We understand catering and cafe design. From a full catering kitchen to a small breakout space, Wylde IA will provide designs that are affordable and will last.

Alternative finishes, style and materials from those used in more concentrated work areas promote different behaviour; creating places to interact or getting to know each other over a cup of coffee. Everyone needs to rest and enjoy themselves when away from their working lives. Restaurants, cafes and breakout areas all need intelligent, thoughtful design to get the best experience for customers and employees alike. People benefit from relaxed, restful surroundings with quality touches that make them feel valued.


Project: Lucid Location: London, UK

Lucid a team of medical writers, project managers, digital strategists and designers came to us when they needed a total office refurbishment. With offices in Buckinghamshire and London the Lucid team devises innovative, medical education programmes; working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and most respected academic institutions. Wylde IA were employed to deliver a design for the Hammersmith office that was in fact the original home of Island Records . The project had a 6 week turn around from initial designs to realisation and installation ready for a pre-set launch party! Wylde IA were appointed to refurbish the basement space and created a Director’s office area and conference room in the smaller space and transformed the larger space into a quiet working and break out area. We used Lucid’s existing company brand, values and ethos combined with carefully selected colour schemes, large format images and record memorabilia to create a light, bright and funky environment with a New York loft feel.

Project: Hiatt Baker Cafe Location: Bristol, UK

Bristol University appointed Wylde IA to refurbish the former campus shop into a coffee lounge for its students. The brief was to create a bright, vibrant and comfortable lounge environment that would act as a social hub for the campus whilst providing a relaxed space for students to chat and work in. Timber slats were used inside and outside on the walls to unify both spaces as well as to emphasise the new entrance away from the previous combined service entrance. The colour scheme evolved from the Bristol University ‘Source’ Cafe branding created by its catering department. In order to add vibrancy to the cafe space striped bespoke digital wallpaper, created by Wylde IA and manufactured by Artwork Solutions, was used to wrap around two walls. The coloured stripes were generated using an assortment of Bristol University house ties. In addition to creating the cafe lounge, an adjacent room was refurbished to provide space for a campus hairdresser. An external decked area was also created to allow the cafe to spill out onto the neighbouring green space in the summer.

First impressions matter! If you’re looking to revamp or completely refurbish the hub of your organisation we can help. Wylde IA are workplace consultants and interior designers specializing in commercial buildings.

With our knowledge of space planning and work flow we will work with you to ensure the design allows your reception workers to achieve and perform to the best of their ability.

As a business we recently celebrated our 21st birthday but our combined experience tops this threefold! Reception areas are often multipurpose/multifunctional spaces that need to fulfill lots of requirements all at once.

A successful and inviting reception needs to fully express its company’s values and give the right impression to both clients and staff. Wylde IA can work with you to develop a concept that works across all elements of your business and speaks to your customers!


We are particularly successful at interpreting a company brand, culture and philosophy whilst satisfying the leisure users requirements across the whole sector for cafes, gyms, hotels and places to play.

Often this sector occupies historic, listed or unusual building types. Wylde IA understand the process and importance of working with the building language to acheive outstanding results.

We transform each project into more than places to eat or sleep, to boost returning custom and covers whilst enhancing the guest experience.

Landscaping and outdoor spaces do not escape our attention. It’s important to welcome visitors, whether we’re designing a restaurant, boutique hotel, airport lounge or residential project.

As seasoned travellers ourselves with projects across the globe, Wylde IA understand the needs of the business or leisure traveller and the hotelier or placemaker.

With intelligent furniture solutions, specifications of new materials and finishes, we make spaces work harder, so your guests can play harder.


Project: Bordeaux Quay Location: Bristol UK

The owners of Bordeaux Quay appointed Wylde IA to complete the final 5% of internal works to the bar and restaurant. The restaurant had been open for over a year but the owners were unhappy with its interior and wanted to improve on how it operated and looked. The brief that had been set included the reorganisation of the entrance space to allow people to wander in and around where previously the entrance / reception had become a barrier. It was decided that the interior space of the stripped back building needed softening through clever use of colour, signage and furnishings. Shear fabric drops, cushions and new furniture were added to the champagne bar to define it from the restaurant. The lighting layout and fittings were also redesigned and improved to create a more desirable place to eat & drink.

Wylde IA are used to working alongside specialist partners who provide the artwork solutions to add that finishing touch to a project. Artworks and graphics are an important part of transforming an environment whilst introducing or maintaining the brand identity of an organisation.


Project: iLevel Location: London, UK

Award winning digital agency iLevel were relocating from their cherished original office and expanding into 3 floors of a former ‘rag trade’ Victorian Loft off Great Titchfield Street, London. Working with D&B specialists Blue Jelly, Wylde IA were challenged with creating a new environment which reflected the profile of the dynamic staff and incorporated the principles of this ‘top 100 companies to work for’ organisation and it’s key clients. Following detailed staff workshops and using a mixture of high quality materials and furniture, Wylde IA created a variety of interactive and inclusive areas including a communal ‘family’ space with fun & creative facilities and a new reception & conference suite on the Ground Floor. The advantage of a ‘shop-front’ location was maximized by incorporating a Zen like garden area visible from the street using soft pebble seating and artwork to create a stage-set for creative thought and meetings. The loft-like space with high concrete slab ceilings and solid oak flooring suffered from the inevitable noise issues so in partnership with Mach Acoustics, Wylde IA developed a range of acoustic solutions. Large format artwork panels treated with acoustic material absorb airborne sound and areas of Barrisol membrane create giant light boxes and reflective ceilings with additional acoustic properties to reduce the impact of noise throughout the space.

Project: IFF Location: London, UK

Wylde IA created a modern and funky industrial interior in an old Bank of England storage building. The setting for this building was magnificent with well tended grounds surrounding sports facilities including cricket and rugby pitches and a swimming pool complex. As the building was in a bad state of repair, the client was initially reluctant to go with the industrial theme suggested by Wylde IA which excluded any suspended ceiling, leaving services exposed. Wylde IA embarked upon a series of 3D visuals illustrating their ideas and finally convinced IFF that a tall, loft-like space with exposed services would create a stunning client facing suite incorporating reception, meeting suite and a fragrance testing lab. IFF already owned a large number of design classic furniture items such as Eames Soft Pad visitor and task chairs and Barcelona lounge chairs. We recommended keeping these as they fitted very well into the new scheme. This meant that the overall furniture budget for the project was low and money set aside for new furniture could be spent on quality pieces to add to what they already had. The finishing touches were added using flower prints from the client’s own photo library and cast glass art panels that Wylde IA designed to form a focal point in the reception area.

Project: Hartham Park Location: Corsham, UK

Wylde IA were approached to refurbish Hartham Park’s restaurant, transforming it into a new reception area, with meeting rooms, lounges and dining area. The project which is set in 50 acres of parkland near Corsham required an approach that revitalised the Georgian building whilst being respectful of it’s history and understood it’s modern demands. The Wiltshire manor house-turned-business centre is home to a number of companies in its serviced offices and the brief we were given needed to consider the plans to launch a membership-based service aimed at individuals and SMEs looking for flexible workspace. Wylde developed a scheme that welcomes users into a bright and airy open-plan casual dining café space with free drinks and fresh fruit. This leads into a relaxed dining and lounging area. We revitalised the original floor-to-ceiling panelling by painting it a vibrant orange, complemented by the heritage greys and blue tones used elsewhere in the striking room. The lounge area has a darker colour palette with wall-mounted Anglepoise lamps and a scattering of mid-century statement pieces more conducive to discussion and creative thought. The theme continues into reception and the meeting rooms which boast Eames Eiffel chairs and heavy oak desks. “The team at Wylde IA met the brief perfectly. We’re working towards creating a community for individuals and SMEs to work, network and grow. This refurbishment is the first step towards us creating this environment – one of functionality, ease of use and simplicity. We want our users to know that we’ve thought of everything meaning they can concentrate on running their businesses. Our ambition is to create a thriving business community in the spirit of innovation and I think we’re well on our way to achieving this.” Sam Thomas, Director at Hartham Park

Project: Exactaform Location: Coventry, UK Size: 4,101sqm Value: £3.8m

Exactaform Cutting Tools Ltd is a high precision tool making company with worldwide customers operating within automotive, aerospace, defence and medical industries. This business was growing and required additional, quality space to facilitate growth. The company chose to commission a new purpose built facility to accommodate their headquarters office, production and storage needs, facilitate future growth, attract and retain valuable staff and demonstrate their ambitions and commitment to engineering excellence. Wylde IA took the role of Lead design and formed a collaborative project model with Designscape Architects to design with them a building that would prove its strategy for combining blue and white collar activities under one roof. We worked together with Artworks solutions to design solutions to tackle Acoustic control whilst incorporate branding. Another key point in the design scheme was the furniture – we went for ‘Diamond’ black desks creating a bold and sophisticated statement. The building design connects the manufacturing space with the public and office areas, providing visibility to the hi-tech production equipment and breaking down barriers between office and engineering staff. The HQ areas were designed and space planned by Interior Architects Wylde IA. These are based upon the principle of flexible, activity based working to provide working environments to suit the tasks of all those working in the building. The project was completed and occupied in September 2017 and a Post Occupation study has revealed that staff levels have increased by 25% and production is now over 200% of that achieved at the old factory. Exactaform required a building to set them apart from their competitors, impress their customers and one which reflects their corporate aspirations and ambitions. They also wanted an efficient and economic building. As a result, the sharp, clean appearance of the building challenges, yet refreshes some of the more dated aesthetics of its business park neighbours, it does so utilising standard, generally available building technologies; specified, detailed and constructed with care.

Project: Three Location: Reading, UK

On the success of the Maidenhead project, WyldeIA were appointed to carry out workplace design working with the same HG3 team in Reading. The project which ran from February until September this year comprised of three floors in three wings – one of which was completely empty and provided decent space for us to work with. We continued the design scheme from the Maidenhead project to maintain the brand identity and successful elements from the project. We used our expertise to design and develop ideas for stand-up meetings & introduced other collaboration spaces that encouraged flexible working and integration within the office. We created a new training space in the bridge which included informal breakout areas to attract activity from the traditional meeting rooms. As part of the project we created new labs on the first floor – we decided to collate them into one space as previously the labs had been scattered around the building, so we wanted to direct traffic in a more logical way within the workplace. The design throughout the building included a way finding package developed by us in collaboration with Peter Routh from the HG3 branding team and Artwork Solutions. We provided intelligent technological solutions such as wipe boards that employees can dial into for quick access to meetings via AV/Video conferencing. In addition, artwork and graphics provided an energetic atmosphere throughout the space, with bright furnishings and textiles – we added acoustic materials throughout to allow for quiet and concentration whilst encouraging collaborative and integrated work stations elsewhere. The stand-ups and open collaboration booths were named after beautiful spaces in the UK which were voted on through an internal competition ran by HG3. As the project developed we decided it was necessary to refurbish the WCs to maintain the quality of the space throughout. We also created a full catering facility ‘The Meadow’ which included a coffee bar and area for Town Hall meetings – the design and artworks delivering a relaxed and sociable environment.

Project: Wylde IA Location: Bristol

Wylde IA moved into new office space alongside consulting and structural engineers Structural Solutions. The old Dairy building gives us two spacious floors which we completely ripped out and transformed into a bright, airy and creative studio. We have a bold yellow reception area which showcases our awards and welcomes our visitors into our productive and busy environment. Downstairs, we have a beautiful showcasing area for our furniture samples complete with library and hot desks providing an informal meeting space. We have a vibrant kitchen space with a luminous yellow and turquoise paint job. We’ve carefully designed our spaces to celebrate the original structure and characteristics of the building, by exposing raw surfaces and beams but also adding textiles that compliment and add to the industrial feel. The second meeting space continues with the contemporary feel with smart blue uplighting and the WyldeIA brand celebrated with artwork graphics around the room. This meeting area is a more formal space but still away from the busy office space upstairs. When there are no scheduled meetings this space is the perfect break out area to come and concentrate or have a pause for thought. Our staircase takes you directly into the heart of our organisation – the kitchen! If the kettle isn’t boiling, something is wrong! We keep the momentum going with a constant stream of tea, coffee and the odd slice of cake, our simple and modern kitchen area is bright and open, allowing both businesses to come and go as they please without interfering or delaying one another. To the left of the staircase is our bright cushioned breakout space along with our colourful WyldeIA graffiti board and our office dog Nina’s favourite sunspot. Through the doorway we welcome you to the hub and epicentre – the office. We have a huge open plan space, with high ceilings including the traditional beams and a number of bright skylight windows. This is where we thrive!

“The team at Wylde IA delivered a truly outstanding environment. They enabled us to move from a large, cellular 1960s office block and manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art office and technology centre. They have transformed two, rather dull, industrial steel sheds into the most amazing, agile and truly inspirational space. They have incredible attention to detail... and they’re great fun to work with! I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with for our sites around the world.” Richard Jelfs, SECO Tools UK “As an organisation, the Society has gone through a significant rebranding process and enhancement of the way in which we operate. Central to this change has been a working environment that not only comfortably accommodates our current and anticipated staffing requirements, but one which- from an aesthetic perspectiveis an enjoyable, comfortable practical and inspiring workplace. We believe this has been achieved.” Leon Heward-Mills, Society for Endocrinology

“Wylde IA developed a style for our new launch trade counters including customer service centres within our distribution warehouses...there are a lot of jealous branches out there at the moment. They developed a brand identity with such success we are rolling this out nationwide.” Tracey Earp, Finning UK “A new day…a new office….and everything looks wonderful. This is a big thank you for all the inspiration, creativity and hard work that you have all given us during the last six weeks. The office looks amazing – everyone seems delighted – and this could never have been achieved without Wylde IA... A big thank you to your team who have created an office so in keeping with the Thrings brand. Hip Hip Hooray!” Lizzie Heffer, Thrings Solicitors.” “It’s so gratifying to see the finished product in both offices! All credit to you and your team for your endless patience with us, we would not have got that level of service from any of the other companies...” Nigel Harper, Action For Children

James Gundy, Aecom “...you have managed to interpret our requirements extremely well and have given us a working environment suitable for all our needs. Projects like these do not just happen; it is knowledge of those involved which enable fantastic results like this to be achieved.” Stephen Stout, Landmark Information Group “We are now settled into Queens Road and everyone is delighted with the results. The space is everything we wanted, and more, thank you very much for working on the project with us. It has been a great pleasure working with you.” Mandy Hawkins, Landmark Brighton

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“Given my barbaric quantity surveying background, interior designers have never set my world alight. But I must admit, the design input added real value to the end product and I would recommend Wylde Interior Architecture’s involvement in any size project”

“Wylde IA became engaged in a rewarding, collaborative relationship which reflected a high level of commitment to understand educational buildings and yet provide the kind of quality found in commercial interiors. We produced a wide variety of new interiors which spanned; the sixth form centre, development of a completely new infant school, a new food technology suite, a complete refit of science laboratoriesm a re-furbished music school, new facilities for the art department, whole reorganisation of several buildings in terms of room use and a re-theme for the sports pavilion at Failand. Additionally we worked up plans for a number of new development initiatives including a performing arts centre, an enlarged library and developments to the school sports centre. All delivered in a cost effective and client focussed manner. I would highly recommend them!” ” Jeff Berry, Bristol Grammar School

BCO Awards 2014 Best Corporate Workplace - Regional Winner (Seco Tools HQ UK) Insider Property Awards South West 2013 - Winner (Seco Tools HQ UK) Mixology North Awards - Medium/Large Commercial Project of the Year 2013 Winner (Seco Tools HQ UK) We believe hard work is rewarding and we certainly know how to let our hair down! Amongst the busy schedules and numerous projects we occasionally take time to celebrate our success alongside our friends, colleagues and clients. Every year WyldeIA invites our connections to our Open Studio event to enjoy lots of laughs, prosecco and even our very own ice cream van and homemade fish and chips! Surrounded by our office dogs, cupcake Fridays and graffiti boards, we can concentrate on designing award winning projects in a very happy environment!


With over two decades in the industry Wylde IA know what its all about. We strive to be the best and do the best for our clients, staff and partners. We constantly investigate new products, solutions and ways of doing things and learn from each project … best practice is just the start – we improve on it. We are passionate about design and as a small, focussed team we are proud to create amazing places for people to work, learn, rest & play… With all our hard work we are proud to have received awards:

Wylde Interior Architecture Dairy Studios, 102 Lincoln Street, Lawrence Hill, Bristol BS5 0BJ +44 (0)117 942 0281 design@wyldeia.co.uk www.wyldeia.co.uk Follow us on Twitter @wyldelife See what we’re up to on Instagram: @wyldeia Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/wyldeia

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