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Woodturning Cruise Norway 2011 From Stavanger to the North Cape and return.

Join the world famous Woodturning Cruise邃「 and enjoy Norwayツエs magnificent nature and fjords - and watch professional woodturners, carvers and artisans demonstrate on the high seas! An unforgettable holiday for you and your spouse, or a friend!

Visit: Arranged by


in cooperation with Skoleskipet MS GANN

Front Lounge - MS GANN

Geiranger, Ørnesvingen 
Credits: CH/Innovation Norway 

Starting 15 August and ends on the 27 August 2011

We sail from Stavanger, a picturesque, seaside city on the west coast of Norway and visit 12 cities along the spectacular western coast. Our long stops in the harbours leave you with lots of time to explore the small cities or go for an excursion trip exploring the surrounding countryside, arranged by the MS GANN. Our turning point of travel is Hammerfest, close to the North Cape, Europe´s Northern most point which you can visit. As you travel in the Land Of The Midnight Sun you will experience very long evenings almost as bright as day, culminating in spectacular sunsets. Onboard you can enjoy the companionship with world famous woodturners who will happily share their knowledge with you. Use the lathes and equipment while the ship is sailing from town to town, and turn that special bowl! Receive sound advice from other woodturners onboard and join the demonstrators lectures FREE of charge! In some harbours lathes will be available for the passengers use. At least seven lathes will be set up, sponsored by Teknatool and Vicmarc Machinery. A total of 11 days of pure nature, relaxation, fun woodturning and lots of opportunities to develop new friendships and learn new skills! YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME CRUISE!

Queue of customers to get onboard for the Woodworking show.

2 Fishing at Lopphavet from MS GANN.

Old city of Stavanger - historic wooden houses & narrow streets

Picturesque Stavanger harbour

Restaurant Photo: Hugo Asphaug

Wayne Barton´s chip carving knives and a sample of Wayne´s work.

Join the Woodturning Cruise™, August 2011 and visit these places: Mon 15 Stavanger (homeport) Tue 16 Sandane Wed 17 Geirangerfjord Wed 17 Molde Thu 18 Namsos Fri 19 Bodø Sat 20 Tromsø Sun 21 Hammerfest/ North-Cape Mon 22 Sortland Tue 23 Mosjøen Wed 24 Trondheim Thu 25 Ålesund Fri 26 Bergen Sat 27 Stavanger

Spectacular Trollfjorden

See details at We will stop for approx 5-8 hours in each harbour - so you´ve got lots of time to explore the cities or participate on the excursions arranged by the ship. Please visit our website: to find a more detailed itinerary and much more information about the places we will visit. 3

Onboard the MS GANN,

which normally sails as a schoolship educating new sailors during the winter season, you can join us for the full cruise departing from Stavanger in the evening of 15 August, 2011 at 2230 hours. During the 11 day cruise you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway, visiting famous cities like Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø and the spectacular North Cape (guided tour). And you can take part in the guided tours in many of the cities we will be visiting. With the MS Gann we offer you a very comfortable cruise.

Odd Erik, the organizer, welcomes you onboard.

All cabins have a shower and toilet. It is much more spacious and the cabins are of a much higher standard than the original MS Gann used in 2001 and 2004. The crew is first rate and friendly with an outstanding chef who will serve you delicious meals, based on traditional Norwegian recipes and international dishes. All meals are included in the price!

North Cape.


Cr: Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

On topdeck (G) of the MS GANN you can also enjoy the very relaxing and comfortable Panorama Lounge where you will always enjoy specta- Panorama lounge - windows all around! cular views! Study the brochure and find out more about this very special event - now arranged for the fifth time!

More on

Wall sculpture - Nick Agar

Geiranger fjord -A World Heritage area

Jimmy Clewes (UK) Demonstrator extraordinare!

Traditional woodcarving with Jostein Tvedt (Norway)

Vase and bowl made by Terry Scott (NZ)

Glenn Lucas (Ireland) - nested bowl set.

Made by Ă…smund Vignes - Norway

The Captain Bernt Jarle with Nick Agar (UK)

Richard Raffan (Australia) enjoying the view.

Bonnie Klein (US) and her spinning tops! Learn how to make one or ten!


Demonstrators onboard the Woodturning Cruise™ 2011 We are proud to present some of the world's top names in woodturning! Onboard you can watch their demonstrations, participate in their lectures, have one on one discussions and even receive tutelage from some of the best turners in the world! We will also have other famous and excellent craftsmen onboard who will happily share their knowledge. Read more below or visit our website for more detailed information and links to the demonstrators own webpages.


These famous turners and craftsmen will be aboard: Richard Raffan - Australia

Glenn Lucas - Ireland A superb production turner specialising in salad bowls. He is extremely fast and has a good eye for design.

Åsmund Vignes - Norway

Bonnie Klein - USA

Jimmy Clewes - USA

Nick Agar - UK

Mark Baker - UK

Rune Hjelen - Norway

Probably the best known turner in the world! Famous for his turning skills, books and is an excellent demonstrator.

Åsmund is THE expert on ring tools period! He loves to do small vases, boxes and also bigger stuff. Great tutor with a sense of humor!

A household name in the UK, USA and Norway for his demonstrations and DVD's. With no limit to his talent, he happily shares his incredible knowledge with endless patience. Excellent turner and editor of Woodturning Magazine. Turns a variety of different items but enjoys platters and bowls most.

World famous for her miniature turnings. Makes spinning tops, threaded items & small boxes in wood, bone and metal.

Incredibly exciting, talented turner who brings a new expressive decorating dimension to all his work, large & small. Can also sing!

Excellent, creative wood turner and carver who creates traditional styles in modern forms using both mediums. Great teacher.


Passenger tuition - woodturning On the cruise, three expert woodturners will assist passengers with free tuition and the use of lathes. Stuart Mortimer, Knut A. Lien and David Muckle will organize and supervise the use of lathes. They will provide instruction at all levels. The cruise is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn woodturning if you're a beginner. And by learning from the best, what a dramatic way to improve. The other demonstrators will help and assist when possible on a volunteer basis.

Woodturning lessons are FREE* and a major passenger benefit of the Woodturning Cruise™!

Stuart Mortimer - UK. Not only the undisputed world expert on spiral hollow forms, but his excellent teaching skills, from beginner to advanced, are always in high demand. Knut Andreas Lien - Norway - Main instructor for our

Company's beginner classes in Stavanger. Young, talented and experienced turner, who's a great, patient teacher.

David Muckle - UK - A registered professional woodturner, runs courses and demonstrations in the UK. With Knut, both cruise veteran in 2004 & 2008, he's well experienced in organising passenger classes. 6

*Except chip carving.

Demonstrators onboard the Woodturning Cruise™ 2011 We are proud to present some of the top names in pyrography, woodcarving, chip carving, routing and many other crafts. On board you will be able to see these in action. Some will give lessons - and even courses. At the time of printing this brochure: not all these are confirmed and there might be even more onboard! Please visit our website for an update,

Clive Brooks - UK

Product Manager with Robert Sorby, UK, supplier of high quality woodturning and sharpening tools. Will be giving expert demonstrations on Sorby products.

Jostein Tvedt - Norway

An excellent woodcarver from Stavanger whose speciality is traditional Norwegian woodcarving. Will give lessons on the cruise. A world famous pyrography expert, produces work of an abstract nature on different woods. With the addition of colour the results are often dramatic. A great teacher who's also mischievous!

Terry Scott - New Zealand

A world class craftsman and demonstrator who combines power carving tools with woodturning and pyrography to produce incredible works of art with that "Wow" factor. A self professed toolaholic workaholic and great teacher.

Jerry Hammock - USA. Vice President,

King Arthur's Tools. Expert in demonstrating power carving and finishing tools, he is on the cutting edge of the very latest power carving tools and techniques. Also known for his practical jokes.

Supplier of specialized hollowing tools. Inventor of the acclaimed Munro Hollower and sought after worldwide for demonstrations and classes, learn hollowing techniques from this Master turner.

Wayne Barton - USA

World's foremost authority on chip carving, author of seven best selling books, inventor, demonstrator & instructor. Will give lessons aboard (See details)

Manufacturer of lathes and chucks. Sponsor of lathes and chucks to be used by passengers for tuition and play.

Kjell Musland - Norway

A leading woodcarving expert using power carving tools and accessories. Rapidly produces whimsical and realistic pieces. Great teacher and musician who's a veteran of many cruises.

Other craftsmen:

Bob Neill - UK

Rolly Munro - New Zealand

Arthur Aveling - USA. Inventor

and President of King Arthur's Tools, manufacturer of the world's finest power carving tools and accessories. Will demonstrate and introduce exciting new products. This is his 5th cruise. Liasion officer on the cruise - more info aboard.

Tuition and courses onboard see separate information regarding woodturning.

Carving course: Jostein Tvedt will perform several courses in traditional Norwegian woodcarving. Jostein is a master craftsman with many years of demonstrating and instructing. Learn how sharp knives and chisels can help you make a beautifully carved piece. From a simple breadboard or book end to an ornately carved chest, this is the place to start. For this course, you will have to buy the wood and pattern. Five sets of tools are available for free. Knife making course: We will organize a course (maybe several) on how to make your own knife in traditional Norwegian style. You will have to buy the hand forged knife blade, made by one of the best knife makers, the wood needed for the handle (masurbirch) and leather. You will learn how to shape the handle, how to fit it and polish it. Finally you will make a nice leather pouch which will only fit your knife!

Passenger tuition and courses

Chip carving course: During the cruise, Wayne Barton will lead several courses in chip carving from beginner to advanced level. There will be a small fee, details which will be announced shortly. These courses will also be available to visitors coming aboard the MS Gann at most ports of call. This is an incredible opportunity to learn, or advance your skills, from the world's foremost Master of this art form. Wayne has written seven best selling books, produced THE authoritative DVD on this subject and invented chip carving knives and sharpening stones which everyone has copied! You are free to bring your own course materials but they will also be available for purchase once onboard.


Our demonstrators in 2008. More than 35 people were included in the team of demonstrators and staff from WWW VERKTテ郎 AS.

Turning on the high seas! This is what it's all about!

A section of Jimmy Clewes latest DVD "Turning the World", was shot Warm clothes can be handy, it on the cruise. Here's a scene shot on the docks in Bergen. CAN get nippy.

Dave Morris

Is it or isn't it??? No - itツエs just Norways best Elvis Presley look-a-like, Kjell Elvis Bjテクrnestad, visiting our show in Tromsテク. The cameras got hot!

Several screens show a map and our route. Keeps you updated!


Routing experts from Trend Routing Tech. UK

Miles Davis

Miles Davis and Dave Morris will join us and demonstrate routing on board. We will arrange introduction courses in routing, how to use jigs and other exciting tools for the router. More information on board!

More than just a cruise.... So much more!

The Woodturning Cruise™ is so much more than just lazy days on the sundeck! Onboard you can attend classes and demonstrations presented by world renowned international woodturners and artisans - a once in a lifetime experience! You can also use the lathes yourself at scheduled times, with or without help from our staff. There are eleven ports of call with plenty of time for excursions, exploring, shopping and eating great food. When the ship is in port there are NO passenger wood turning classes - that´s when the locals come onboard to visit the trade show and view the demonstrations. You will enjoy beautiful days in port with your spouse or new friends that you meet on the MS GANN. In the evenings there are some activities taking place: * A Knighthood ceremony performed by King Arthur

* Cod fishing from the deck of the ship - catch one and the chef will cook it (or make a soup if its small..) * King Neptune´s colorful ceremony upon crossing the Arctic Circle. Certificate presented to participants. On the cruise you will meet participants from many countries and learn about their cultures. And being one of the select 220 on board, it is easy to become a part of the Ship´s Community and make new friendships!


Even though most of the turners are men, most of them bring their wife along - so you will not be alone! (A common question!) On previous cruises the ladies have had a lot of fun, going ashore shopping, excursions and even setting up an evening performance! We´ve also had a knitting club and a whittling group, so who knows what the next cruise will bring. We encourage passengers to get together and develop informal arts and crafts classes which are not offered on the ship. Assistance will be provided where possible.


Picture shows some of the items made by the demonstrators onboard the cruise in 2008. Together with other items we arranged a great auction and over US$ 12000 was donated to Norwegian cancer research. This event has become very popular on previous cruises and we will organise a similar auction in 2011. You will have the opportunity to buy a very special piece made by one of our world famous demonstrators. At the very least it will be a treasured souvenir made by the best in the world and if you're really lucky, it may be a collector's item!

Gorst Duplessis (USA) enjoyed the scenery. This was his second cruise - and he's booked his third!

Artic Circle crossing

North Cape - Europes Northern most point.

National Geographic rates the Norwegian fjords as one of the world’s greatest unspoiled travel destinations and we will be travelling in these surroundings! Everywhere we sail, there’ll be loads of magnificent photo opportunities so bring your cameras. Photo credits: Bob Neill, Arthur Aveling, Knut A Lien, Lena T. Steine, Hugo Asphaug, Reimertz, Innovation Norway and many more! Thank you!


Gallery There will be a Gallery set up and open to the public while in each harbour. We invite all our passengers and demonstrators to bring a few pieces of your work. Each passenger or demonstrator will be limited to three pieces of their work to be displayed at any one time. The Gallery pieces can be sold and volunteers working in the Gallery will make arrangements to connect artists and buyers. The Gallery staff will not handle any sales.

To make the Gallery bigger and better we would appreciate passengers who would like to volunteer to work in the Gallery to sign up on the booking form. We will contact you and develop a schedule for each volunteer. At the end of the show artists will have the opportunity to donate pieces of work for an auction to raise money for the Norwegian Cancer Association. The Gallery will only be open when we dock and all items will be stored securely when we sail. Each Gallery piece will be recorded and supervised when the Gallery is open. The Gallery

Passenger Woodturning On B Deck When we sail, seven lathes will be available for demonstrations and for use by passengers. A professional team of woodturners, Stuart Mortimer, David Muckle and Knut A. Lien will be in charge of the orderly and safe use of lathes. They will supervise the times passengers will use the lathes so that every passenger has equal opportunities to learn and turn. Passengers will be able to pre-book time on the lathes, knowing that tutors are very close to advise on tips and techniques. At each lathe there will be a well equipped set of tools, chucks and other necessary tools. necessary accessories. Unfortunately we won't be able to provide free wood, however, you can bring your own, or a very good selection of different species will be available for purchase on board.. Dust extraction for each lathe will be available! Faceshields are available at each lathe and we strongly recommend their use. Lathes can be used when we sail and sometimes there will even be lathes available when we dock. More information about this on board.


is a wonderful feature of the cruise and is very popular with demonstrators, passenger and visitors alike. It showcases magnificent craftsmanship and one of a kind artwork. The Gallery has been very popular on previous cruises and you can make it even better for this 5th cruise!

Jimmy Clewes at the lathe. He has proven to be a great tutor for the passengers and very popular. Photos: Hugo Asphaug

IMPORTANT! All use of lathes, tools and other machinery are at your own risk. WWW VERKTテ郎 AS and/or MS Gann will not be held responsible for any accidents incurred on the cruise. A disclaimer needs to be signed before any use of machinery, participation on courses or other organized activity on board.


Our experience is that apart from sleeping, not much time is spent in the cabin due to the fact that there are so many places to be; in various lounges, outside to get a view, and down in the workshop...

You can choose from a variety of cabins. All cabins have a shower and toilet. On the deck plan you will find outside and inside cabins. Outside means with a window (small or large). Inside means there are no windows.

For a great overview on the selection of cabins, visit www.woodturningcruise. com. All pictures are shot with a normal camera - what you see is what you get!

Beds are arranged either as bunk beds or two beds at floor level (not double bed, one at each side). In most cabins you can flip up one of the beds to get more space.

Sir Bob & Lady Dell Neill at their booth

The Captain power carving!

What to do onboard?

While we’re sailing, you will have the opportunity to use lathes, test your skills, try out new ideas and get advice, tips, techniques and tuition from top wood turners. There will be at least 7 lathes available, well equipped tool sets, faceshields and other tools. NEW: Dust extraction and protection will be supplied for all lathes! Our demonstrators will assist as much as time permits, but we will also have three dedicated instructors; Stuart Mortimer, David Muckle and Knut Andreas Lien who will be available to help and guide you achieve your turning goals. All woodturning instruction is FREE! You only have to buy the wood! Wayne Barton will do classes on chip carving. These courses will be introduction courses to the fine art of chip carving, learn how to sharpen tools and how to use them professionally. A small fee will apply to these courses. Jostein Tvedt will do courses on woodcarving using traditional Norwegian patterns. Make a small wallclock, a napkin holder or several other items. He will sell you a prepared blank, ready to start carving. We´ve got 5 large sets of Pfeil woodcarving tools ready for use. Limited to 5 people

Passengers relaxing in the Panorama Lounge.

at a time. Bob and Dell Neill - will put you on fire! Not literally but using their pyrography tools you will quickly learn how to make pretty patterns and decorations by burning wood! We´ve got several Razertip woodburners ready for use! Power carving - Arthur Aveling and his team of expert carvers will give lessons on the safe and creative way of using the world's best power carving tools and accessories. Learn how easy King Arthur's Tools are to us and what amazing results you can achieve in a short period of time! Routing - attend to a short introduction course on routing by the experts from Trend! Learn how to use jigs, routertables and much more. Need more to do? Over the past 4 cruises we have learned that our passengers have a variety of talents and we encourage informal sessions throughout the ship. Some examples of passenger initiated activities are: knitting, weaving, whittling, yoga, karaoke evenings, individual musicians and story telling. In order to secure space in any of the ship's lounges, please let us know on your registration form if you want to lead an activity.


Woodturning Cruise™ 2011 Itinerary* Dep. Arr.

Stavanger Sandane

Mon. 15. Tue. 16.

22.00 day 0 16.00 day 1

A sightseeing trip in the local area by bus. This area is in the Sogn and Fjordane area, known for its high mountains, glaciers and wild nature. More information about this first trip on our web page closer to departure date.

Dep. Arr.

Sandane Geiranger

Tue. 16. Wed. 17.

23.00 09.00 day 2

Early in the morning we will enter one of the Vestlandets most beautiful and dramatic fjords – the Geirangerfjord. The mountains rise steeply up to 1800 meters and you can see small farms and beautiful waterfalls approximately 700-800 meters up the mountainsides. We will drop anchor at the end of the fjord and passengers will be set ashore for a fantastic bus ride over the mountains, up the Trollstigen and on to Molde.

Dep. Geiranger Arr. Molde

Wed. 17. Wed 17.

09.30 day 2 16.30 day 2

Dep. Molde Arr. Namsos

Wed. 17. Thu. 18.

22.00 day 2 13.00 day 3

Dep. Namsos Arr. Bodø

Thu. Fri.

18. 19.

20.00 day 3 12.00 day 4

Fri. Sat.

19. 20.

20.00 11.00 day 5

Molde - the town of Roses and Norway’s Jazz City! It’s an exciting place on the Romsdalsfjord. Here we meet the buses again.

In Namsos we have arranged a special guided tour for passengers – details onboard.

Dep. Hammerfest






Mon. 22.

13.00 day 7

Dep. Sortland

Mon. 22.


At approximately 21.30 we will drop fishing lines (provided) at Lopphavet and passengers can fish for really BIG cod or any other denizens of the deep! Lots of exciting fun. And the chef will be ready to prepare a fabulous meal or soup. In Sortland we will arrange a guided tour to some attractions in the area. More information will be available at a later stage.

Sunday at approximately 2100 we will visit the unique Trollfjorden! This is a very narrow fjord that MS Gann will very slowly sneak into and turn around – you can almost touch the steep mountainsides by hand! Unforgettable experience – definitely a MUST! Shortly later we will make a short stop* at Svolvær for about 1-1/2 hour. A true fishing village! (*if time permits) Arr. Mosjøen Tue. 23. 14.00 day 8 Visit the city of Mosjøen or join us for a guided tour. More information on our website closer to departure. Dep. Mosjøen Arr. Trondheim

Tue. 23. Wed. 24.

20.00 13.00 day 9

In Bodø you can join the bus and take a boat trip to the small fishing village of Kjerringøy. It’s one of Norway’s richest trading communities, dating back to the 18th century – before the steamships. This place is also well known as the location for several movies. It has kept its original architecture, maintaining its timeless and amazing uniqueness.

Trondheim is Norway’s second largest city, combining historical and modern architecture. Visit beautiful and majestic Nidarosdomen – the biggest cathedral in the country and Ringve Museum with Norway’s largest musical instrument collection. There’s much, much more in Trondheim including great shopping in unique stores.

Dep. Bodø Arr. Tromsø

Dep. Arr.

Trondheim Ålesund

Wed. 24. Thu. 25.

23.00 12.00 day 10

Dep. Arr.

Ålesund Bergen

Thu. Fri.

20.00 10.00 day 11

Tromsø is a beautiful, vibrant and picturesque city. It is known as the Nordic answer to another famous place, often being called The Paris of Norway. Tromsø is the capitol of Northern Norway and boasts a major university, The Polarinstitutt, Northern Light Observatory and several other important institutions. Join the bus trip and visit the Ishavscathedral (breath taking!) then stop at Tromsø museum with its famous lapp-exhibition. There’s much more to see on this great excursion! For the adventurous, take a ride on a gondola to the top of Citymountain and get an absolutely fantastic view over Tromsø and its spectacular surroundings. Let’s not forget shopping in Tromsø - it’s really great.

Travel by bus to Aksla and get a great view over the city. Continue to the Atlanterhavsparken and Northern Europe’s largest seaworld. 10 large tanks hold over 6.5 millions liters of seawater and close to 40,000 fish of many species.

Dep. Tromsø Arr. Hammerfest

Dep. Bergen Fri. 26. 23.00 Arr. Stavanger Sat. 27. 07.00 day 12 Arrival in Stavanger heralds the end of a successful, happy and one of a kind cruise you’ll share with people for years to come. The friendships you make will last a lifetime and the things you learn will make you a better artist.

Sat. Sun

20. 21.

23.00 08.00 day 6

Today we will visit the North Cape! You will travel by bus to the most northerly city on earth before reaching the North Pole. Travel any further north and you will find only ice… At the North Cape Point we’ll visit the North Cape Center - it’s a very special place. To visit the North Cape plateau you must participate on the guided tour. Tour time total of 7 hours. Or join a guided tour


in the city of Hammerfest, the north-Norways oldest city. Visit the Gjenreisingsmuseum, dedicated to the builders of the city after WW II. Hammerfest was totally destroyed. Maybe a visit to the new Gas terminal - a unique industrial achievement - more information on our website.

25. 26.

Bergen’s uniqueness makes it Norway’s top tourist attraction. Surrounded by seven mountains, it’s a beautiful, energetic and happy city. Go for a city sightseeing tour, enjoy magnificent city and harbor views from Fløyfjellet or amble downtown to the bustling markets and shops. There’s lots to see and visit.

*Changes can be made without further notice.

Clive Brooks demonstrating Photo: Hugo Asphaug

Nyksund - an excursion trip stop.

n Turni


Photo: Hugo Asphaug

Pulpit Rock near Stavanger. 600 m straight down. We will not pass this, but you can visit if you stay in Stavanger for an extra day. 
 Credits: Casper Tybjerg/Innovation Norway

Check out our special Google map on our web site! All stops clearly marked!



The famous Trollstigen, a spectacular road trip between Geiranger and Molde. Have you seen the flying Norwegians on Youtube or 60 Minutes? This is the scene where it was performed! Credits: Terje Borud/ Innovation Norway



Use our online booking form at: Or contact us by email, phone or fax:

WWW   V E RKTØY A S Wo o d t u r n i n g C r u i s e ™ Att: Odd Erik Thjomoe

Sjohagen 2 4016 Stavanger - Norway. Email: Phone + 47 51 88 68 00

Odd Erik Thjømøe

Mette Fjermestad

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is the electrical voltage and plugs used in Norway and on the cruise? A: In Norway we use 220/240V - 50Hz and it will be

the same aboard the MS GANN. If you have 110 -115 volt appliances, they cannot be used unless you use a power converter and a Norwegian or Europlug (as shown). You are well advised to buy a travel converter pack at any major electrical store in your home country prior to your departure. They are not expensive. Most computers and many battery chargers can be operated on both 110-115V and 220240V, however, we strongly recommend you check the respective technical instruction labels and/or appliance manuals to determine the status of each electrical item you intend to bring. What you don't want to do is to fry your appliance or electronic equipment. That's worse than not using it!. You can also check out this website*

Q: Sightseeing / excursion tours - how to book? A: You will find more information about the

In USA contact Arthur Aveling or Pamela Aveling at King Arthur`s Tools for more information at 1-800-942-1300 or email to: In the UK you can contact: Bob Neill - 0133 2792036 David Muckle - Around the world: If you should happen to meet any of the demonstrators at a show you can ask them about the Woodturning cruise™ many of them have been aboard before (Jimmy Clewes, Stuart Mortimer, Mark Baker, Nick Agar, Wayne Barton, Åsmund Vignes, Bob Neill, Rune Hjelen, Arthur Aveling...) price is approximately NOK300(US$50) (GBP32.00) (Euro37.00) for the 11 days.

Q: Are the sightseeing tours included in the price of the cruise? A: No sightseeing/excursion tours are included in the booking of

the cruise. The tours are provided for your pleasure and convenience and will be operated by the MS GANN. WWW Verktoyas is not responsible for harbor tours and excursions. These can be booked separately and prior to the cruise if so desired.

Q: Are there laundry facilities on board the ship? A: Yes. Several washing machines/dryers are available for your

use. A small charge applies.

Q: What are the food arrangements for the cruise? A: Three meals a day will be included on the ship,

excursions on a special page we´ve set up on our web site. More information will be presented closer to the journey and you will be able to Magnificent view from Mount book online. (All details not ready when this was Ulriken, Bergen. 
Credits: CH/ written in Feb 2010). Innovation Norway

Q: When can we go on board? A: 12.00 (noon) on the 15 August, 2011. Loading of equipment and

supplies will be in full swing, however, you can drop your luggage off for the crew to take to your cabin while you have lunch and sightsee. From 15.00 (3.00PM) you are welcome to board the ship and get access to your cabin.

Q: Is there internet access on board? A: Yes - you can buy a password/username to the wireless network on board. This will give you internet connection while the ship is in most harbours, sometimes also at sea. While we're sailing, (especially at sea ) there will be large areas where there is no coverage. The connection is not suitable for uploading or downloading large amounts of data (eg, photos) but it's great for checking emails.The


there will be a snack shop that will be open when the cruise is in port. The food that will be served will represent the Norwegian cuisine and will provide many wonderful experiences not normally available on other cruises. While you are on shore there will be many shopping opportunities for you to purchase refreshments that can be kept in your cabins. Cabins do not have refrigerators and ice is not easily available.

Q: What are the arrangements for transportation from the ship when we return to Stavanger after the cruise?

A: Each passenger needs to make their own arrangements after docking in Stavanger. But there will be arranged buses to the airport which you need to sign up for. Staff will be available on board to assist in providing transportation options prior to disembarkation. Q: When can I use a lathe and learn from the demonstrators? A: See section titled Passenger Woodturning On B Deck. You will find many more FAQ´s on our website, Have a look - you might find the answer you are looking for! If not - contact us at and we will assist.

Decks and cabin plan




Fellesområder: KIOSK

Restaurant/ Fellesareal






539 535 531 529 527 525 521 519 513 511 509 505 501


533 526

523 516

517 514

515 512

507 508

503 504


421 419 415 411 409 405 401

510 506 502

532 528 524 522 520 518

413 412

407 408

403 404


410 406 402

417 414


335 333 331 329 327 325 323 321


315 313 311 309 307 305 303 301



119 117 115 113 111 109 107

230 228 226 224 220 216 212 208 204 202


217 215 213 211 209 207 205 203 201

340 338 336 334 332 330 328 326 324 322 320 318 316 314 312 310 308 306 304 302

356 354 352 350 348 346 344


222 218 214 210 206

537 530

130 128 126 122 118

124 120 116 112 110

105 103


104 114 108 106

For a more detailed description. available cabins, prices - visit our website:

Please read our "General information" with subjects like insurance, cancellation, illness, change of route and other subjects it is important for you to be aware of. Can be downloaded from our website or we can send you a copy.

How to book your cruise? Call us or visit WWW VERKTØY AS - Sjohagen 2, N-4016 Stavanger, Norway. Ph +47 51 88 68 00 F ©WWW VERKTØY AS. The Woodturning Cruise™ is a Trademark of WWW VERKTØY AS


At port in Bergen. You may visit the bridge while we sail and get the feeling of how they navigate and control the ship. Watch the captain in action! Bob Neill - testing the captains seating.

Spectacular waterfalls!

Svolvær harbour.

The Woodturning Cruise™ starts and ends in Stavanger, Norway´s third largest city. You will board the ship in the center of town, a unique feature of Stavanger,This beautiful city brings in large cruise ships and boats from around the globe. There's lots to see and enjoy in the surrounding area. Photo: Hugo Asphaug

From the city of Ålesund. Rebuilt in Art Nouveau style, Alesund is unique. Credits: Terje Borud/Innovation Norway

We sail mostly in sheltered waters (normally not as close as this though!). And seasickness is rare...

WWW VERKTØY AS - Sjohagen 2, N-4016 Stavanger, Norway.

Woodturning Cruise 2011  

16 page brochure telling you all about the 2011 Woodturning Cruise in Norway

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