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HONOR ROLL o� �onors

July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016



Giving at a Glance 2015-2016

♦D  onors to Slippery Rock University: 4,799 ♦ Total private giving: $2,685,465 ♦ Total amount of scholarship support to SRU students: $1,858,355 ♦ Total Scholarships: 537 (305 endowed, 232 annual)




President Cheryl J. Norton

In 2015-16, 4,800 donors made gifts to benefit Slippery Rock University. The reasons for giving were as diverse as the donors: appreciative alumni looking to give back; faculty, staff, and community members who believe in the university’s mission; parents honoring their students’ achievements in and out of the classroom; corporations and foundations wanting to enrich students‘ lives. Thanks to your generosity, private support to Slippery Rock University exceeded $2.6 million. How did your support impact Slippery Rock University? It assisted in hiring and retaining excellent faculty who embrace teaching. It improved and maintained a beautiful residential campus with state-of-the-art facilities. And it assisted students in fulfilling their dream of earning a college degree – a Slippery Rock University degree. Your support is an important vote of confidence in SRU and allows us to continue to offer an exceptional and affordable education while achieving local and national recognition. Some recent accomplishments include:

• U.S. News and World Report named Slippery Rock University one of the 100 Top Regional Universities in the North. • One of the best colleges and universities in the Northeast as determined by The Princeton Review. • Designated a “College of Distinction” for its commitment to supporting engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes. • American City Business Journals identified SRU as a Top 150 Public Institution in the U.S. and Top Four in PA.

These are but a few of the accolades that Slippery Rock University has achieved. I invite you to learn more about all that is happening by visiting our website at We have much for which we can be proud – and thankful. My thanks for making this past year so successful. I greatly appreciate your continued investment in Slippery Rock University and I look forward to our continued work together. GO ROCK! Warm regards,

Cheryl J. Norton, President



THE FOUNDERS’ Society The Founders’ Society is an annual giving society honoring the sustained commitment of Slippery Rock’s most loyal benefactors. Named for those who originally supported the institution, The Founders’ Society recognizes donors who demonstrate their Slippery Rock pride by making a gift of $1,000 or more to SRU each year. We gratefully acknowledge the donors listed below for their generous support to Slippery Rock University.


The Founders’ Society, Slippery Rock University’s annual giving leadership group, recognized 391 donors for their annual gifts of $1,000 and above.

Gary and Anita (Lobach) ‘72 Rathburn Anonymous

$50,000 - $99,999

Reno and Margaret J. (Jozik) ‘70 Cruz Eleanor (Cottrell) Hartzell ‘39 Paul F. and Carolyn Rizza Charles S. ‘86 and Elisa T. Sanders

$25,000 – $49,999

Dan and Pamela Billman Betsy M. Carney Brady F. and Zane Carruth Douglas and Christine M. (Kristufek) ‘89 Crabtree Brandon M. Fusco ‘10 Steven J. and Margaret E. Hopp

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous Gretchen Augustyn Jerome F. ‘63 and Kathleen T. (Toohey) ‘63 Bejbl James R. and Lois Berens Robert A.* and Janine L. (John) ‘82 Berner Todd Campbell Gerald E. and Janet Campbell

David O. ‘74 and Kathleen Cashdollar Robert H. Cook ‘71 and Roberta Kostick Gerald L. and Mimi Davis Terry L. ‘71 and Janis Hall Rajeev Karmacharya ‘95 Wayne L. ‘71 and Catherine D. Miller Sue G. Mraz ‘06 Henry and Cheryl J. Norton Michael C. ‘74 and Rebecca O‘Hare Gail A. Paserba ‘90 Michele Phillips Pamela J. (Minoski) Runac ‘69 Henry B. and Beverly L. (Lauffer) ‘52 Suhr Timothy ‘73 and Diane H. Trautman

$5,000 - $9,999

Rodney W. and Julianne W. Agar Richard L. ‘83 and Janis Allen William G. ‘90 and Nancy Allenbaugh James Allison ‘88 Francis and Tiffany Aloi David E. and Sharon E. (Brown) ‘71 Baines Kenneth E. Bennett Sam B. and Joan E. (Skaneski) ‘61 Biasucci Thomas R. Getreuer and Donna ’74 Couillard-Getreuer Robert A. and Barbara C. ‘65 Davis Roger A. ‘94 and Heather Dunlap David and Anne R. Efron * = Deceased


+ = Estate gift


Brian H. ‘88 and Linda A. Ewald Jeanne R. (Powell) Furrie ‘45*+ Don Graham Dave and Lori A. (Way) ‘91 Gulati Glenn F. ‘61 and Linda Harvey James C. ‘16 and Judith Hughes Paul G. Johnson ‘66 Stanley and Phyllis A. Kendziorski Amir H. Mohammadi Daniel M. ‘77 and Sylvia Morra Anthony Necastro Ethan ‘04 and Kim Nicholas Peter J.* ‘78 and Judy Oesterling Patrick ‘65 and Cecilia O‘Hare Anthony A. ‘93 and Regina (Murray) Robinson ‘92 Todd R. ‘90 and Dena Vore Eric ‘88 and Tracy L. (Uzelac) ‘88 Wangler Philip and Cheryl Way Mark T. ‘80 and Rosie Young

$2,500 - $4,999

Rita E. Abent Jeffrey A. Arnold Eliott G. and Deborah A. Baker David R. ‘67 and Myra Balok David A. and Cynthia Barnette Elizabeth A. Berkely ‘70 Robert C. Bidwell ‘51 Renee M. Boccio ‘66 William O. Boggs Craig ‘85 and Holly Bouslough Robert W. and Sylvia L. (Greybeck) ‘65 Burns Gary V. ‘86 and Jennie Charmel Nien Y. Cheng*+ Bernie Glesky and Mary F. Crawford Michael W. ‘80 and Joyce A. Cully Sheila I. Drohan ‘74 William F. Gross ‘93 Francis J. Hensler Robert G. Himmelberger Patricia A. Hladio Janet M. Hollack ‘67 Kevin ‘05 and Larissa Johnston


James ‘73 and Christine Kell Philip J. Kennedy Dianne L. Kerr ‘76 Samuel M. ‘79 and Karen Kiefer Craig D. ‘80 and Zermeena Marshall Robert and Jodi McCafferty Jannet E. (Mayer) ‘52 McCollum Grant C. and Aimee McKnight Douglas and Linda McMullen Michael Steele and Joette L. ‘73 Miller Carol L. Moss ‘86 Jack and Jacquelyn G. (Previni) ‘83 Muller Glenn and Ramona Nelson William S. ‘78 and Susan O‘Donnell Robin G. (McKee) Parker ‘77 Patrick and Rebecca (Henderson) ‘88 Pendergast Sally J. Phillips ‘64 Raymond and Gwendolyn J.* (Kochanowski) ‘68 Phillips David W. Price ‘78 Larry R. and Ann Marie Rotge Don and Pearl A. ‘91 Shaffer Michael H. Sharp ‘83 Thomas P. and Lee Ann Shelburne H. Charles Shultz ‘54 Sheryl E. Smith ‘74 John F. and Deborah Snyder James and Kathleen M. Strickland Dana R. Meute ‘95 and Samantha M. Swift Ed Tursic ‘62 Eleanor B. Upton ‘73 Juli A. (Saar) West ‘04 Gene J. and Joanne Wilhelm Richard M. and Barbara ‘92 Wukich Linda Zane Donald and Jennifer Zapien


During fiscal year 2015-2016, 25 new scholarships were established to support Slippery Rock University students.

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Ben L. Addison ‘87 Robert N. and Nancy L. Aebersold Uzoamaka Akwue Angelo Albanese ‘79 Scott M. and Jeannette Albert * = Deceased

+ = Estate gift



Friends of Slippery Rock University contributed $470,165 during fiscal year 2015-2016.

Mary Lou (Graham) Aufmann ‘53 Jonathan ‘96 and Kelly Bailey John H. and Gretchen (Kunst) ‘78 Barbor David E. ‘63 and Janice L. (Colton) ‘65 Belka Debra S. Berkey ‘76 Harry E. ‘81 and Felicia Bertrand Carrie J. Birckbichler Raymond W. ‘63 and Mary Lou (Suveges) ‘63 Bitar Richard J. ‘88 and Paula Blake Elizabeth Boerger Bruce G. ‘73 and Tracy L. (Massack) ‘79 Boliver John W. Bookheimer ‘58 David T. Boucher ‘80 Andrew Sekel and Diane E. ‘81 Breidenstein Thomas E. and Jennifer T.* Breth Robert A. and Patricia Brown Paul J.* ‘70 and Donna Bruno Marilyn C. Bruya Robert E. and Patricia K. ‘89 Buck Richard Helwig and Diana (Hayden) ‘77 Caine-Helwig Joseph M. and Lisa D. Cali Dean V. ‘80 and Diane Camp Victor P. ‘82 and Monica (Young) ‘83 Campagna M. Scott and Robin L. Campbell Giovanni and Jeanne M. (Kaltenbach) ‘72 Caputi Adrienne Carney Ray ‘73 and Joanne Carothers Robert E. ‘88 and Angela S. (Sciullo) ‘89 Case Wilma J. Cavill ‘52 Richard and Jane T. Chandler Jerry G. and Carol M. Chmielewski Michael J. Cleary and Jane Scott Cleary Madelin G. (Booth) Clements ‘56 Thom L.* and Christine Cobb Rob J. ‘97 and Kim R. (Vardaro) ‘96 Coffaro Deb J. Cohen Christopher J. Collins ‘80 Gregory A. and Merle J. (Moses) ‘79 Crawford Scott and Nancy L. (Fleming) ‘05 Cruikshank Christopher F. Cuff ‘82 and Rosana Schafer Quentin P. ‘62 and Charlotte E. Currie Ronald W. ‘80 and Barbara Dakan Edwin C. ‘73 and Karen K. Daley Nicole DeMartino Russell and Kathryn C. Demor Stephen Domville* and Danette DiMarco

Anthony D. and Melissa A. Dougherty Daniel Driscoll Cassandra A. (Rondinelli) Eisenreich ‘07 Dennis E. ‘64 and Patricia Elsenrath Michael R. Esposito ‘01 Robert J. Felix ‘98 Wealtha M. (Adamosky) Flick ‘57 George T. Force and Cynthia A. ‘96 Dillon Mary Beth Ford ‘86 Vincent Furtkevic ‘73 Christopher ‘79 and Debbie Gathagan David L. ‘56 and LaVonne Geesey John K. ‘80 and Lori Gehret George M. and Roberta Geissel Lawrence V. ‘75 and Juanita F. Giusti Dennis and Catherine Glasgow David F. and Kimberly Glover Patrick S. Goeller and Lynn M. Steinbrenner William E. ‘10 and Courtney E. (Sawford) ‘00 Gramlich Carolyn (Brattin) Greco ‘70 Anne M. Griffiths Thomas J. ‘76 and Patricia L. (Dow) ‘77 Hajzus Kenneth R. ‘63 and Judith M. Hanby Robert W. ‘61 and Barbara Hannan Louis J. Heitlinger Jodi C. Hensel John A. ‘62 and Judith F. (Keith) ‘62 Hicks Richard F. and Billie Hunkler Sean and Dolores Hunkler Ronald J. ‘73 and Karen E. Hunt Herbert W. Hunt ‘67 Sharadchandra W. and Asha Joshi Donald S. ‘56 and Dianna L. (McCandless) ‘73 Kelly Jacey (Laidacker) Kennedy ‘05 Michael S. ‘73 and Charlene Kish Robert and Gayle Kissick David C. ‘98 and Nichole Knopp David C. and Victoria L. Knopp Kevin R. and Alicia S. (Stackhouse) ‘86 Kopp Marcia R. (Dick) Kotek ‘88 David J. and Brandy L. Kunsman Douglas N. ‘80 and Mary Labor David V. and Lisa LaMolinare Norma A. (Watson) ‘48 Laughner Matthew J. ‘99 and Christina Lautman Karen R. (Hoffman) Legato ‘99 William C. ‘59 and Sally J. (Jackson) ‘59 Lennox



* = Deceased

+ = Estate gift


Henry and Linda L. ‘92 Lenz Genevieve Lescsak ‘43 Craig S. and Ellen A. Liberatore Brenda Lightcap Laurie M. Lokash Robert A. ‘49 and Donna ‘60 Lowry Paul A. Lueken Shawn W. Lutz ‘03 Andy C. ‘88 and Sherry (Schroeder) ‘89 Major Richard J. ‘75 and Kathleen A. Manning Robert Marcus ‘61 Carol J. Matteson ‘68 William and Irene McCarrier James M. and Rachel McEvoy Eileen M. McFarland Carl T. McGary ‘83 and Maureen Lowe Robert McGraw Joanne L. McKeag ‘55 Timothy R. and Kathleen A. (Cameron) ‘97 Melago George J. ‘74 and Laura L. (Lanich) ‘76 Mihalik James G. Mill ‘65 and Bonnie ‘64 Anderson-Mill Joseph D. Monteleone Patricia A. Monteson ‘67 Patrick R. ‘61 and Virginia Mooney John and Tina L. (Grossman) ‘05 Moser Betty Myford ‘77 Thomas K. Neely ‘72 Raymond M. Newman ‘78 and Patricia Scott Harry A. ‘85 and Nancy L. Norton Roger L. and Mary Oberlin Corrie J. Odom ‘95 Monica F. Ondrusko Jean Pagano Mark A. Palmer ‘96 Penelope A. Paschka ‘77 Thomas H. ‘02 and Karen (Taylor) ‘79 Perry Charles O. ‘63 and Joyce T. Peterson Patrick P. Phelan ‘64 Andrew J. Pilch ‘97 Jill A. Piovano ‘80 Charles and Michelle Plinta John J. Press Louis and Virginia Razzano David and Robin R. Reininger Jacob J. Right ‘04 John J. and Wendy Rindy Fred B. Roby ‘53 F. Duane Rose L. Michael ‘77 and Donna J. (Barkhymer) ‘76 Ross Sonam T. ‘00 and Praphul (Tuladhar) ‘01 Ruit Bruce W. ‘72 and Sue E. (Dickert) ‘93 Russell Erin M. (Green) Ryan ‘04 John Sabo ‘01 Kirk Sander ‘03 and Becca Meyer Laurice F. and Janet L. (Westerwick) ‘63 Sargert Dennis and Joyce A. (Fleming) ‘72 Sawford Steven L. Saylor ‘05 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS 2015-2016

Laura M. (Herron) Schell ‘73 Timothy M. Schell ‘74 Regis I. Schiebel ‘57 Kurt Schimmel and Jeananne Nicholls Claire R. Schmieler ‘76 Kevin and Caitlin Schohl Erica L. Scott John R. ‘72 and Suzanne L. Seitz Clarie C. Settlemire* Kelly Sheehan Terry A. ‘90 and Kristie L. (Nardozza) ‘92 Shulsky Donald R. ‘74 and Linda M. (Dominick) ‘74 Simpson Henry and Jocelyn H. Sinopoli Bonnie J. Siple ‘91 David B. Skeele and Nora A. Ambrosio David F. Skoloda Alicia A. Slade Patrick D. Slagle ‘80 and Patty A. ‘86 Pierce William C. ‘70 and Jean A. Sonntag Thomas J. Stabile ‘68 Susan Stamm ‘72 Mack J. and Bonita Steel Darrick W. and Elke F. (Flores) ‘93 Suber Daniel J. and Tiffany Suorsa Paul and Gertrude G. Suorsa Andrzej and Barbara Szymanski Bruce R. Taylor ‘69 and Suzanne Vass Philip J. Tramdack and Marianne Hooker Gladys S. Travis Lionel A. Galway and Susan H. ‘72 Tritt Willis Ratzlaff and Genevieve M. Tvrdik Robert and Sharon Vernick Jon and Naomi N. (Neilson) ‘70 Vichich Frederick W. ‘80 and Kathleen Vincent Judith Volkar Stephen P. ‘77 and Nancy E. (Beith) ‘77 Walker Barbara Walwik James B. ‘98 and Michelle Ward Ronald J. ‘62 and Patricia J. (Williams) ‘62 Wasilak Robert J. ‘70 and Karen J. (McKeag) ‘73 Watson Trinda N. Weaver ‘73 Carlis and Deborah L. White William F. and Lee (Hauer) ‘91 Williams Arthur G. ‘64 and Louise D. Williams Bradley E. Wilson and Jean Jones Harold E. ‘60 and Betty A. (Heny) ‘61 Wingard Robert A. Woodring and Janice L. Huey-Woodring Anne E. Wuenschel ‘76 Donald E. ‘69 and Carol Wygal Mark and Amanda A. Yale James G. ‘76 and Katherine Zacchetti Judith L. Zarenko ‘71 Hongbo Zhou Jared E. ‘10 and Lauren E. Zuschlag Samuel ‘78 and Patricia Zyroll * = Deceased


Total gifts to support Slippery Rock University increased 27 percent during the last five years.

+ = Estate gift


Raise the Rock, Slippery Rock University’s annual giving campaign, helped to generate over $400,000 in private support for SRU last year. Gifts of all sizes, to all areas across campus, help more students experience the difference of a Rock Solid education. Your support helped Slippery Rock University to celebrate the largest enrollment in its history when 8,881 students began classes in the Fall 2016 semester.


Annual Giving at Slippery Rock University includes thousands of gifts from SRU’s loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends. In fact, last year close to 5,000 individuals chose to support The Rock through annual donations. The contributions benefit every aspect of life at the university – from scholarships to computer and laboratory equipment, course development, student research projects, student abroad opportunities, athletics, clubs and organizations, and so much more. Slippery Rock University is pleased to list the following donors who helped Raise the Rock, with contributions ranging from $250 to $999 last year.

$500 - $999

Quinlan Adney Padma G. Anand Robert W. and Pamela A. Arnhold Michael K. ‘76 and Maria A. (DeMarino) ‘76 Bachuchin John L. and M. Rebecca (Gabrys) ‘74 Badgett Karen L. Balchunas ‘78 Kenneth E. ‘54 and Nancy (Skeriotis) ‘54 Ball Paul J. ‘81 and Mary Lynn Baroffio Nancy A. Barta-Smith Lynn A. Beck Andreas W. and Melanie A. Beck Ronald and Marina Beckman Paul ‘65 and Kathleen A. (McCabe) ‘65 Bell Robert W. and Normajean E. (Arkwright) ‘65 Boyd Robert W. and Kathleen G. Boykin Cynthia J. (Revelant) Brunken ‘94 Sara A. Bruya Jody A. Brylinsky ‘77

Todd Burkholder ‘05 and Andrea L. Whitican ‘04 John L. and Susann Burtch John and Jennifer Buttermore Cheryle E. Campbell ‘67 Herbert F. and Sherry A. Carlson Kevin and Angela M. Carpenter Daniel A. and Melanie S. Casciano David R. Champion Frank Chua ‘91 Anthony E. ‘92 and Melanie Cialella Edwin P. ‘91 and Sandra L. (Brugger) ‘92 Cleary C. Douglas Clinger Jr. Jean R. Clinger Mark S. and Gloria Combine Jeffrey J. and Paula M. Conn Teresa L. Conn ‘86 Kathlene Contres ‘77 Kevin J. and Paula H. Conway Richard M. and Maria E. Cornell Rudolph ‘56 and Marjorie A. (Henderson) ‘51 Corona * = Deceased

+ = Estate gift


Gary and Louise E. (Rihn) ‘75 Corpora Neil and Joan Cosgrove Anne S. Covert Kevin and Rebecca S. (Smith) ‘94 Cranford David Crawford Dennis C. Creese ‘70 Brian Crow Kristin Dach John H. ‘83 and Elise Dahlstrand Paul and Charlene A. (Severance) ‘68 Darst Warren A. Davidson Philip and Sherry S. (Shalenberger) ‘65 Dieringer Rose (Spataro) Dillner ‘57 Keith and Heather Dils Robert W. and Jodi A. (Montgomery) ‘01 Disman Paul A. ‘62 and Jane Douds Sandra M. Downs Diana Y. Dreyer Michael G. Dudra Sundeep and Cathy Dugar Emilie J. Dumbach Louise Ekas William M. Elliott William K. Elliott ‘10 Gregory Felix Thomas R. Flynn Robert W. and Carole J. Forloines Robert E. ‘69 and Judith M. (Miron) ‘69 Frederick Barry and Pamela J. (Seibel) ‘79 Frigot Bryan M. ‘11 and Catherine L. (Vogan) ‘11 Fuhs Gary C. and Elise M. Grabner Kenneth C. Grafton ‘90 Dennis A. ‘84 and Sandra E. (Hilgar) ‘73 Grosky Chiu-Shien Guo ‘97 Susan J. Hadley Susan E. Hannam John J. and Lisa G. (Graham) ‘68 Hanrahan Peter F. Hanson ‘01 and Cindy M. LaCom Katherine Hardesty Marian E. Hargrave


Michael B. ‘94 and Jennifer L. (Machamer) ‘94 Harich Ronald M. and Gretchen A. Harich Patrick J. Harvey James S. ‘71 and Andrea Hawkins Sibil A. (Akcambazyan) Heidenreich ‘04 Brian Heinle Mary Hennessey James and Kelly Herbert James A. Herlinger ‘74 Dale W. and Susanne W. Hershey Ronald E. ‘72 and Karen K. Hess Marcia Hirschmann Jeffrey ‘81 and Dixie L. Hogue Angela L. Hollis ‘99 Frank Hopgood Paul Hopgood Jermaine L. ‘96 and Nia Hunter Katherine Kameshka ‘56 Paul and Betsy Kemeny William and Ann H. Kemmerer George W. ‘63 and Wanda Kirk Duane ‘64 and Ruby Kirklin J. David ‘54 and Lois Klingensmith Shawn A. Kramer Matthew and Kerry (McMillen) ‘81 Landfried Hudson Lau ‘86 James T. Lee ‘02 Joanne M. Leight ‘87 Lona M. Lesh ‘65 Kuk Leung ‘93 Eric Lindh Richard ‘79 and Carol (Szelc) ‘77 Losasso John and Kathleen A. Love Vincent J. and Nancy A. Mandes Catherine J. Massey Monte Mattocks Paul D. ‘84 and Patti McCartney Cynthia S. McCullough ‘78 John and Sharon A. (Weidl) ‘73 McKnight Kelly A. McNeil-Korba ‘98 Ryan A. and Molly Mercer * = Deceased

Slippery Rock University faculty and staff contributed $168,572 during fiscal year 2015-2016.

+ = Estate gift


During fiscal year 2015-2016 contributions to support Slippery Rock University Athletics totaled $490,667

Paul E. ‘60* and Marguerite L. (Lehett) ‘59 Mershimer David R. ‘87 and Bonnie Morlock John D. ‘84 and Lynne M. Motyl Paul M. Mullins and Deborah L. Whitfield Dennis E. ‘63 and Geraldine L. (Susa) ‘62 Murray Lillian E. Nelson Daniel A. and Cynthia M. Nolfi John W. ‘75 and Kim North Barry J. and Linda D. Oman Karen Pancurak Gary and Nanette L. Paracca Seungku Park Brian W. ‘70 and Tami Pearl Eric ‘07 and Chelsea A. (Donahue) ‘08 Peebles Rachela Permenter James ‘63 and Rebecca A. (Hutchison) ‘63 Perry Raymond W. and Elizabeth A. (Hamilton) ‘67 Peterson Brian M. Polk ‘01 Albert A. and Barbara J. (Biggs) ‘70 Pope Marcie L. Popek ‘96 Mark A. Mann and Ruth Purcell Bruno A. ‘61 and Agatha M. Raso Michael and Rachel Renick Mark and Marjorie A. ‘00 Riddell Mary L. Scarnati Walter Schachner ‘87 and Deborah A. Hutchins Tamra Schiappa Gregory J. Sferra ‘78 and Penny Fuchs Sferra Nancy K. Shipe Richard D. Shirkness ‘82 Mark A. and Candice (Vincent) ‘07 Shotwell Sue A. Shuttleworth William R. and Claudia Sigmund Joan Simmons Kevin Neigh and Colleen Smith Langdon and Laura Smith Jodi Solito

Sachin Sondhi ‘91 David M. Taylor and Lynn M. Spadine-Taylor Carolyn S. Steglich William B. Stickle ‘65 and Versa Gentis Erin Strain Frederick M. Emigh and LaLanda M. Stromp Grant and Theresa Stumpf Rhoda E. Taylor Robert S. Taylor ‘78 Sam R. Thangiah ‘86 and Rajini Vinayagamoorthy ‘92 Raymond D. and Dee Thompson Caryn S. Trapp David L. ‘72 and Gay (Wick) ‘75 Travaglio Thomas Daddesio and Eva Tsuquiashi-Daddesio Gerald R. and Janice Uzarski Steve ‘99 and Ivana Vucenovic Bonnie L. (Frazier) Wagner ‘76 Dennis K. ‘89 and Jennifer L. (Raabe) ‘89 Walters Keith ‘75 and Nancy Warcup Jennifer L. (Upton) Watts ‘93 William and Mary Jo White Rae E. Whitman ‘10 Shawn R. Wiley ‘92 Hank Williams ‘77 and Vicki R. Deal-Williams Jacqueline M. Williams Ted J. ‘04 and Jenny Lee (Mihalik) ‘05 Wright Jamie and Elizabeth M. Ziegler Ellen Zimmer James R. and Carolyn Zubik

$250 - $499

Lindsay M. Abbott John and Marjorie (Winrick) ‘77 Abbott Randal L. ‘83 and Cheryl Adams Riccardo T. Aiello ‘96 Larry and Tracy A. Allison Carol R. Amidon * = Deceased

+ = Estate gift




Stacy Arend Michelle R. Bailey-Day ‘01 Diane Baldinger John B. Ballard David Barnes ‘61* David P. ‘78 and Lori Ann Beardsley Richard J. ‘69 and Sandra (Grofic) ‘71 Beatty Robert J. Bell ‘58 William G. ‘84 and Darlene L. (Rush) ‘83 Bell Kristina L. Benkeser Lorraine E. (Nolan) Berard ‘76 Gary M. ‘77 and Donna Bernstein Jeffrey and Amy L. Bersett Patrick T. Beswick ‘99 Benoit Bezaire Wei Bian Mary Lou Biddlestone ‘50 Robert D. Birkes ‘02 and Jennifer C. Keller Susan L. Black James F. Bohn ‘72 John S. and Rita Bonando Michael Boone Steven C. ‘86 and Christina Borger Robert B. ‘86 and Susan R. Boyle Russell and Laura F. (Fisher) ‘75 Brodbeck Peter M. Brough ‘05 Robert M. and Sally Brown Gary L. and Judith L. Bruce Kristen C. Bruya Gail B. ‘78 and John Buchanan Wayne and Faye (Wong) ‘74 Buckingham Kurt A. and Charlene (Ranus) ‘88 Burgeson Patrick A. Burkhart Jon and Druanne R. (Patterson) ‘75 Burns Thomas D. ‘87 and Franca Burton Mimi L. Campbell ‘91 John and Kim Carter John P. ‘76 and Dawn M. (McCall) ‘76 Casey August J. ‘66 and Carol Catanese Ana M. Caula Shium A. and Veronica Chen

Luca Chiara Patrick Z. Cipriani Tammy Clark Anthony Colosimo Thomas J. and Robin Como Cyril Concolato Michael P. Conlon and Jeanne McGuire-Conlon Colleen A. Cooke ‘84 Lyndse F. Costabile ‘07 William B. and Marnie J. Covey Jonathan C. ‘92 and Kimberly Cox Robert T. ‘70 and Toni Cray David B. and Nancy Culp Deborah L. DeAngelis ‘77 Alice E. Del Vecchio David and Estelle DelPrincipe Richard A. and Melissa DeMatteis Deborah L. Demich Gary and Margaret B. Denning Jerry V. ‘85 and Leslie A. (Gorentz) ‘04 DeRosa Jeffrey L. DeRose Lorraine Diamond Scott Donaldson Thomas E. ‘71 and Nancy J. (Fulcomer) ‘71 Donchez Sylvia H. (Hague) Duncan ‘55 Keith and Alyce (Weaver) ‘84 Dunn Sherry DuPont James R. Eckbreth ‘76 June C. Edwards Kerry Edwards Darren T. Egger ‘10 Cheryl A. Emmert Mark A. ‘84 and Tricia Esposito Dana R. ‘87 and Marla Farbacher Nancy L. (Langendorf) Fedorchak ‘55 Alfred L. and Lynn M. (Hadvab) ‘85 Ferguson Jon Ferraiolo Robert E. Fidoten Andy Findlay Claudia C. Fischer * = Deceased


Gifts to academic colleges and departments comprised 36 percent of gifts received in 2015-2016.

+ = Estate gift


In-kind gifts of resources totaled $88,024 during the fiscal year to support Slippery Rock University.

Kathleen M. Flynn ‘70 Terri M. Flynn ‘80 Bernard D. Freydberg and Laura Akiko Kotani James M. Gallagher ‘74 Joseph A. Gallian ‘66 Joseph ‘89 and Michelle L. ‘91 Gammon Maribeth Garofalo ‘97 William E. ‘64 and Lee Garove Bret T. Geishauser ‘98 John B. ‘74 and Gail (Rose) ‘77 Gianneschi Corinne J. Gibson Leigh A. (Datt) Gilmore ‘07 Daniel ‘87 and Lisa Ginsberg Diane M. (Tomko) Giuliano ‘89 David and Monica Gordley James T. and Susan P. Grady William E. and Beverly J. Graff Colleen Gray Donald A. Gresh ‘62 Paula Grubbs ‘59 Todd and Kati Guffy Joseph D. Habarka ‘07 Nicole Hahna Mike Halloran Michael G. ‘84 and Sony (Sterner) ‘86 Hambrick Sara R. Hand ‘11 Brian ‘92 and Tine K. ‘92 Hansen-Turton Ross and Mary E. (Kridle) ‘76 Harding Timothy L. Harlan James P. and Terry Hart Edward J. and Lori Hartman Thomas G. Harvey Jean E. Heard ‘62 John Hellier Harry V. ‘67 and Gail J. (Manrose) ‘68 Herlinger James R. and Sylvia Herzog Kent A. Herzog Neal H. Hesche Betty Hess Frank M. and Ruth F. ‘79 Hoffman

Rex F. ‘69 and Donna Holliday Michael C. and Lisa A. (McCullough) ‘88 Holmes Jonathan Holtz William G. and Tina Horsman Kate Hsu Mary C. Hunter Andrew R. ‘93 and Rebecca L. (Jones) ‘94 Hysing Michael G. Ignelzi Carolyn Jedlicka Tracy A. and Jennifer L. Johnson Alexander and Sandra L. (Scurle) ‘64 Kalin Jan Kasnevich ‘68 Ray L. ‘55 and Lillian Kaufman Keefe L. Keahey Karoline Keith ‘88 Karl and Nancy (Dyer) ‘70 Kennedy Kim G. Kloecker Brad J. Kovaleski ‘01 Judith Kramer Michael Kukic ‘65* Kathleen A. (Dolling) Kunz ‘69 Ilene L. Kurfeerst Jason M. ‘04 and Victoria Kush Rebecca J. Lamey ‘75 William E. Lamont ‘75 Keith C. ‘77 and Monique D. Lawton Carol Jean (Eichelberger) Layton ‘70 David and Judy A. (Leukhardt) ‘69 Leary Peter Lennon John F. and Sherryl L. Lisco Wenhao Liu Jack and Maria Livingston Robert and Stella Lokash Barbara Long Enrique J. Lopez Joseph Loschiavo Gerard A. and Diane Love Gayle F. Luchin ‘66 * = Deceased

12 12

+ = Estate gift


Frank J. ‘66 and Ginger L. Lucido Robert J. Lutz Douglas L. and Debra Mack Andrea M. Magnifico ‘84 Robert J. ‘68 and Rita A. (Mazur) ‘69 Maguire Steven J. Maguire ‘80 Michael M. Maloney Richard J. Marchand Louis J. ‘82 and Amy W. (Sachnoff) ‘85 Maricondi Matthew D. ‘98 and Kristin Maritz Joseph C. and Ramona J. Marks Aixbel Martinez Toledo Gary F. ‘84 and Lori A. Marttala Richard A. and Judith A. McCandless Kevin P. McCarthy Scott R. ‘08 and Christina McCaskey Michelle McCollin Trisha McGinty ‘06 Jennifer S. McGraw Leigh A. McGuirk Nicholas G. ‘09 and Cherie B. McIntire Leo R. ‘66 and Kathleen L. (Rudd) ‘70 McKay Frank and Colleen (Koetzner) ‘75 Messa Mark R. Metzka ‘95 Alexander J. and Amy J. Micklow Chad E. Miller ‘02 Kenneth D. Miller ‘70 Paul L. ‘71 and Rebecca S. Mills Terry D. Mohr ‘78 and Mary A. Miller-Mohr Jean-Claude Moissinac Charles R. Montgomery ‘76 Rebecca R. Morrice David D. ‘87 and Nancyann ‘97 Moser Albert J. and Laurel B. Murphy Theodore C. ‘80 and Suzanne Murphy Charles J. and Kathleen A. (Irwin) ‘79 Nealen William D. Tussey and Margaret R. Nicholson ‘75 Theodore M. Novak ‘86

Brent ‘71 and Sally M. (Labor) ‘69 Ohl Bruce T. Orvis James R. ‘00 and Christine Papa Leona C. and Marino Parascenzo Michael C. ‘87 and Tracy A. (Wahal) ‘90 Paskas Joshua Patten Lucas S. Patten ‘14 Howard Moore and Carol L. Pattison ‘67 Lorenzo Hernandez-Flores and Christine Pease-Hernandez Gordon R. and Louise Phetteplace Debra L. Pincek ‘93 Geraldine Pisacreta ‘77 Phillip A. Pisano ‘03 Kurt W. Pitluga Justin D. ‘07 and Jennifer C. (McCutcheon) ‘06 Plummer Kelly L. Popovec Emmanouil Potetsianakis James Preston Ann E. Pugh ‘80 Chandima (Wijeyanathan) Ratnayake ‘92 Todd Ray Lonnie and Kelli Rensel Jason L. Renshaw ‘02 Arthur B. ‘77 and Jane T. (Mowbray) ‘78 Rex Scott T. ‘07 and Stacey E. (Rhoades) ‘08 Rice Edward J. ‘86 and Barb Robinson James E. and Marjorie O. (Oster) ‘77 Robinson Juergen Roethig Denney H. and Karen P. (Pifer) ‘69 Rogers Bernard J. and Andrea J. Roskov John and Dorothy M. (McBurney) ‘64 Rust Michael A. Saba Michael J. Sachire ‘81 Robert J. ‘83 and Laura L. Salmen Barbara Satina ‘73 Kenneth M. and Cathy M. Satovich Paul W. and Judy K. Scanlon James E. ‘79 and Fran Schlabach * = Deceased


SRU student phonathon callers contacted 16,720 alumni who gave $135,932 in 2015-2016.

+ = Estate gift

13 13

During fiscal year 2015-2016 Slippery Rock University alumni contributed $983,533.


Connie J. Schmidt Janice L. Schubert Marketa Schublova ‘03 Louise F. Schultz ‘08 Terry and Denise A. Seilhamer Lawrence P. and Alicia D. Shao Ather Sharif Donald W. and Joan C. (Piper) Shepherd ‘76 Jon R. Shumway Robert and Rosemary (Vodenichar) ‘59 Simmons Ronald A. ‘78 and Myra L. (Schuffert) ‘79 Simons John and Margaret A. (Adams) ‘75 Sims Stacey (Catrow) Sippel ‘88 Susan Skolnick Laura Smiley G. Warren and Constance K. Smith David J. Smith ‘81 Jeffrey W. and Diane R. Smith Robert C. ‘72 and Melanie A. (Helfrich) ‘72 Smith Van A. ‘58 and Jeanne Smith Monica Snyder William D. ‘76 and Barbara J. ‘89 Speidel Gary E. ‘76 and Janet (Robertson) ‘78 Sphar Michael Springer Walter J. and Rebecca A. Stapleton Allen R. Steen ‘73 Mary Ann A. Stephenson Jud and Michelle Stewart Sean Q. and Kelsey E. Stoker Steven R. and Joy G. Strain Jason T. Stuart ‘06 Lee Wise and Elaine M. Sullivan ‘74 Jody Suprise Marian D. Sutter ‘65 Richard and Elaine M. ‘69 Swidzinski Michael G. and Janice Tenney Bobby Thorne ‘87

Henry ‘60 and Leslie M. Tomko Sonny A. ‘77 and Karen F. Travis Eric Tuten Jesus M. and Amparo ‘12 Valencia Barbara B. VanderWende Matthew J. ‘81 and Lorraine Veltri William F. and Julie A. Vodde Robert E. Volchko ‘71 Michael J. Vuono ‘87 Harold E. Wagner ‘51 Raymond and Adalie J. (Prisby) ‘70 Walker Donald F. ‘57 and Pauline R. (Riffle) ‘57 Walter Amy R. Walters Scott C. ‘02 and Stacey E. (Kotsagrelos) ‘01 Whipple Stacey White Todd Wigton Benjamin ‘95 and Sherri W. Willenbecher Leon and Adelle M. Williams Jill Willson Bruce and Jean E. (Pander) ‘96 Wilson Thomas R. Wilson ‘89 Richard L. ‘75 and Diana Wood Junko Yamamoto Pamela A. Yanko Douglas and Jonell Yard Raymond S. ‘61 and Norma Yovanovich Stanley J. Zagorski ‘57 and Mary H. Zagorsky Robert G. Zahniser ‘68 Patricia A. Zimmerman * = Deceased

+ = Estate gift


Corporations, Foundations and other Organizations $100,000+

The Addison Gibson Foundation Rathburn Family Charitable Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 D.R.E.A.M. Partnership Elinor R. and Robert S. Jeffrey Trust Eleanor C. Hartzell

$25,000 - $49,999

ASIANetwork FISA Foundation Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. The Carruth Foundation, Inc. The Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust

$10,000 - $24,999 AVI FoodSystems, Inc. Buco Transportation, Inc. ExxonMobile Foundation International Quality Consultants Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC PNC Bank Foundation Raymond James

$5,000 - $9,999

Adobe Corporation Autism Opportunities Network of PA, Inc. Butler Health System Cashdollar & Associates, LLC Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Davevic Benefit Consultants, Inc. Dillon, McCandless, King, Coulter & Graham DIZ, LLC, t/a Domino‘s Pizza - Slippery Rock EDR Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First National Insurance Agency, LLC Gulati Family Foundation O.Z. Enterprises, Inc. Slippery Rock Medical Building, LP The Augustyn Foundation Trust The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Graham Group, Inc.

$2,500 – $4,999

Allegheny Safe & Lock Alliance for Nonprofit Resources, Inc. American Quarter Horse Foundation BC3 Education Foundation, Inc. Butler County Tourism Crawford Consulting Services Emanuel Lutheran Church HONOR ROLL OF DONORS 2015-2016

Erie Sport Store Estate of Nien Yuan Yao Cheng Fairfield Inn & Suites First National Bank of Pennsylvania Frank W. Badger Estate Honeywell International, Inc. Horovitz, Rudoy & Roteman Jackson‘s Pitch, Inc. Jason M. West Memorial Run Leadership Adventures, Inc. McMullen Travel & Tours, Inc. Mel Grata Chevrolet Midway USA Foundation, Inc. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company NexTier Bank North Country Brewing Company NorthStar Chevrolet Paracca Flooring Pennsylvania Faculty Health and Welfare Fund PERC - Pittsburgh Education Recruiting Consortium PGA Tour, Inc. RC Telischak LLC Renick Brothers Mechanical Contractors Robert A. Mancini Attorney at Law S & T Bank Shallenberger Construction, Inc. Shelburne Charitable Foundation Slippery Rock Hotel Properties, LLC State Farm Insurance Company Trib Total Media United Plate Glass Company Vantage Human Resources, Inc. Warren General Hospital YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh

Contributions from corporations totaled $363,257 during the fiscal year.

$1,000 - $2,499

Butler County Ford C. W. Howard Insurance Agency Carpenter Connection CentiMark Corporation Cohen & Grigsby College Music Society Council on Brain Injury D. Simpson Manufacturing, Inc. Davic, Inc. Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. Dow Corning Corporation Erie Arts & Culture Farmers National Bank Forbo Flooring, Inc. Foresight Realty Management, LLC Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower General Electric Company Ginger Hill Tavern 15

Private foundations contributed $404,151 during fiscal year 2015-2016.


Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Inter-American Development Bank Japan Foundation Jezioro‘s Personal Training Joden‘s Jewelry Keystone Ridge Designs Khronos Group Knott‘s Flooring Knott‘s Interiors Lenzelhof Lynn A. Hopkins State Farm Agency NRA Foundation Grant Program NVIDIA Paradigm Properties Group, Inc. Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Foundation Plummer Slade, Inc. Raymond W. Bitar Sr. Attorney at Law RMI Solutions, LLC RPG Family Wealth Advisory Second Wind Silver Spring Equine Skoloda Sales Group, LLC Slippery Rock Bartramian Audubon Society Slippery Rock Hardware Slippery Rock Lawn & Garden Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital South Rock/Stonecrest Apartments Southwest Airline SRU Federal Credit Union The Barbara J. and Robert W. Hannan Foundation The Grove at Slippery Rock The Landon Family Foundation The Pittsburgh Foundation University Village UPMC Health Plan Vivace Productions, Inc. Wampum Hardware, Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation Western Clinton Sportsman‘s Association

$500 - $999

AMB Group, LLC Anderson Metal Industries, Inc. Armstrong Group of Companies Beyond Spots and Dots Buhl Mansion District 14N Lions Club DRS Architects, Inc. G & G Fitness Equipment, Inc. Homestead District Lions Club i+iconUSA Log Cabin Inn Luxenberg, Garbett, Kelly & George, P.C. Mark W. Heidenreich & Co. LLC Mark‘s Smile Foundation Medical Source, Inc. Ohio Foam Corporation Ohio River Salvage, Inc. Paradise Palms Pennsylvania National Horse Show Foundation PNC Bank PPG Industries Foundation Pulaski Club SGC R. E. Yates Electric, Inc. Read to Me - Go Fund Me Project Regional Science Consortium at Presque Isle Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Rock Chiropractic Specialty Insurance Agency Stone House Farm The Cameron Companies, LLC The Crane Room The Northrop Grumman Litton Corporation Verizon

$250 - $499

African Safari Wildlife Park Alphonse L. Kovacik Insurance Agency, Inc. American Chemical Society Antonio‘s Pizza, Inc. APEx Apple Butter Inn Bed & Breakfast


Atlantic Aviation Aubrey‘s Dubbs Dredd Golf Course B & S Communications Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bentley Systems, Incorporated Berry Metal Company Bethel Park Lions Club, Inc. Bloomberg BRI-LEE Enterprises Broad Street Yoga Butler American Legion Post 117 Butler County Community College Campus Crest At Slippery Rock Coffaro‘s Pizza, Inc. Concordia Lutheran Health and Human Care Cottage Gardens, Inc. Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. Dell Computers DeMatt Industrial Safety Consulting, Inc. Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of Pittsburgh Group 4099 Fairmont Pittsburgh Far-Barkers, LLC Fastenal Company FirstEnergy Foundation Ford Business Machines, Inc. Fraternal Order of Eagles #2436 Ladies Auxilary GlobalTranz Greenville Veterinary Clinic LLC H.F. Lenz Company HHSDR Architects/Engineers Holiday Inn Express - Grove City (Outlet Center) Hunter‘s Truck Sales & Service, Inc. International Association of Lions - White Oak Kay Berry, Inc. Kraus Family Foundation Lions Club of Erie Maher Duessel Marriott Hotel - Pittsburgh City Center McCurley Houston Electric, Inc. Mercer County State Bank


Microsoft Corporation Monarch Oil Company, Inc. Neal H. Hesche Living Trust Nextier Bank Northwest Saving Bank Oakview Golf Club Pittsburgh Associates - Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club Pittsburgh DeafBlind Lions Club Pittsburgh Playhouse Pittsburgh Social Exchange, LLC Pittsburgh Steelwheelers, Inc. PNC Bank - Slippery Rock University Campus RBC Wealth Management Rivers Club Riverside Missions, Inc. Rochester Manor RPA Engineering Safety & Risk Management Solutions, Inc. Sheetz Incorporated Shell Oil Company Foundation Silpada Designs, Inc. Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh South Butler Intermediate Elementary School PTO Springfield Restaurant Group Square One Systems, Inc., d/b/a Coyote Vision Group SRU Art Department Stonewall Resort Terra Nova House Bed and Breakfast Texas Roadhouse Tri Medical Rehab Supply Troy-Alan Chevrolet-Olds-Geo, Inc. TRUiST Webster Fitness Products, Inc. Whitehall Community Lions Club William P. Corbett, Inc. Winans Insurance & Employee Benefits Windy Knoll Grocery

Forty-three percent of total donations supported scholarships at SRU in 2015-2016.


THE 1889 Society Members of The 1889 Society have expressed their commitment to Slippery Rock University by naming the institution as the beneficiary of a planned gift.

“The choice to include The Rock in my will was a natural extension of my decision to support and help those who want to become teachers and need financial aid to do so.” - Madelin (Booth) Clements ’56


Anonymous (3) Benjamin Addison ‘87 Robert and Nancy Aebersold William ‘90 and Nancy Allenbaugh Frank and Tiffany Aloi Marjorie (Magdik) Andreo ‘61 Eliott and Deborah Baker Karen Balchunas ‘78 Lee Beatty ‘57 Jerome ‘63 and Kathleen (Toohey) ’63 Bejbl Wade ‘50 and Elaine Bender Earl ‘51 and Shirley (Dean) ’51 Birdy Eugene ‘72 and Rochelle Boratko Betty (Postlethwait) Bracken ‘46 Robert ‘88 and Angela (Sciullo) ’89 Case Madelin (Booth) Clements ‘56 Jace Condravy and Timothy Chase Robert ’71 and Roberta Cook Ruth (Vaughan) Coon ‘52

Grady Cooper Gregory and Merle (Moses) ’79 Crawford Michael W. ‘80 and Joyce A. Cully Mary Crawford and Bernie Glesky Quentin ‘62 and Charlotte Currie Robert and Barbara ’65 Davis John ‘94 and Heidi (Monroe) ’94 DiGennaro Feliciata DiPasquale ‘55 Marlene (Wix) Druschel ‘89 Reba Erickson ‘58 Helen Ferguson ‘48 Charles ‘65 and Maria Furjanic John Gagetta ‘72 Lois (Leddy) Gallagher ‘42 Colette Garrison ‘53 Andrea (Pongres) Griggs ‘71 Kenneth Hanby ‘63 Margaret (Rehm) Headland ‘40 Judith (Nicholson) Hemker ‘65


THE 1889 Society Frank and Ruth ‘79 Hoffman Janet Hollack ‘67 Paul Johnson ‘66 Stanley and Phyllis Kendziorski Marilyn Kraus Cindy LaCom and Peter Hanson ‘01 Norma (Watson) Laughner ‘48 Genevieve Lescsak ‘43 Adaline Liken Robert Marcus ‘61 James Martin Joanne McKeag ‘55 Joette Miller ‘73 and Michael Steele Catherine Morsink Joyce Patterson ‘76 Raymond and Gwendolyn (Kochanowski) ‘68 Phillips Walter and Nancy (Skelton) ’69 Powell Robert ‘58 and Charlotte (Roch) ‘58 Probst George ‘65 and Sarah Purvis Jacqueline Quast Curtis Redfoot ‘73 Katherine Reynolds ‘59 Marcia Richardson


Thomas and Melinda Ristvey Paul and Carolyn Rizza Ruth (Dougherty) Roose ‘54 Richard ‘55 and Clarice Rose Pamela (Minoski) Runac ‘69 Charles ‘74 and Gail Sheetz Donald Smith G. Warren and Constance Smith Sheryl Smith ‘74 Gerald ‘90 and Karen Stebbins Carol Stein ‘78 Constantine Stroumbakis Bruce Taylor ‘69 Rhoda Taylor Jack ‘78 and Nancy Townsend Susan Tritt ‘72 and Lionel Galway Matthew ’81 and Lorraine Veltri Barbara Walwik Barry ‘73 and Rayanne Welsch Bradley Wilson and Jean Jones Anne Wuenschel ‘76 Paul and Rita (Currie) ‘84 Young Joy (Winterhalt) Zeiner ‘86

“I realized that because of my education, I have been fortunate beyond my wildest dreams. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for SRU. The older I get, the more I realize how fortunate I am and the more I want to give back.” - Joy Zeiner ’86


100 percent of of every dollar contributed to support Slippery Rock University is used for its intended purpose.

This online Honor Roll of Donors acknowledges new gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Gifts received after June 30 will be acknowledged in the 2016-2017 Honor Roll. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apology and let us know so that we can make the correction promptly by contacting the University Advancement office at 724.738.2004.

rock solid education

A member of Pennsylvania‘s State System of Higher Education #10305 10-2016



2015-2016 Donor Honor Roll  
2015-2016 Donor Honor Roll