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Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon: Why and How? Now it is very easy for the Prestashop eCommerce store admin to grab the attention of the customers by showing a count-down timer on the product page. The customers demand quick shipping nowadays. The admin can offer one-day shipping to the customers with the help of the Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon. It is easy to implement and also an effective way of increasing the conversion rate on your Prestashop eCommerce website.

Fast delivery and attractive offers are two things which grab customer’s attention on your eCommerce website. But for the eCommerce store admin, it is not easy to implement these two factors easily. Now, the Prestashop store owner can display a countdown timer on his/her website. If the online buyer places the order for a product within the provided time limit, then, that product will be shipped on the same day.

Knowband offers the Prestashop Countdown timer plugin which allows the admin to showcase a countdown timer. This countdown timer displays a time limit within which the product will be delivered on the same date on which the order has been placed. The same-day delivery option makes the customer take a decision to purchase the product as soon as possible. Every customer wants fast delivery of the ordered products and hence, this module does the same for them.

Basic Features of Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon: ● Easy to install and configure: The Prestashop Shipping Timer module is very easy to install and configure. ● Hassle free implementation: The Prestashop Shipping Timer addon offers hassle-free implementation. The eCommerce store admin can apply all the settings even without any technical knowledge.

● Highly customizable: The Prestashop plugin is highly customizable. There are multiple separate tags for easy and hassle-free working. ● Multi-lingual compatible: The Prestashop countdown timer addon is multilingual compatible. The eCommerce store admin can set the banner text in multiple languages. ● Restrict Country Settings: The Prestashop admin can select countries where he/she wants to display this shipping timer by enabling the “enable country check” menu. By default, this plugin is active for every country. Admin can select the country in the “country tab”.

● Restrict Manufacturers & Suppliers Settings: The eCommerce store admin can select multiple suppliers and manufacturers by enabling the ”enable supply check” menu and “enable manufacturers to check” menu. ● Restrict Categories Settings: This extension allows the eCommerce admin to “Enable Categories Check” Menu for selecting multiple categories to display the countdown timer on the website. Particular categories can be selected by “Categories tab”. ● Multiple Choices for selection: The Prestashop store admin can select this countdown timer feature on the bases of products, countries, manufacturers, suppliers, and categories. ● Set Start & End Time: The Prestashop Shipping Timer module allows the eCommerce admin to set the “start time “as well as the “end time” of the countdown timer.

● Days Selection: The Prestashop addon allows the eCommerce store admin to select the days for showing the countdown timer.

● Vacation Settings: Admin can set the vacation dates on which he/she doesn’t want to show the countdown timer. ● Warning on Cart Page: The Prestashop store admin can enable warning on the cart, the banner message for any slow shipping product.

● Set Look and feel of Timer: The Prestashop Countdown timer provides features to set the look and feel of the countdown timer.

● View Order Details: The Prestashop store admin can check the details of every order in the “orders tab”. ● Increases Conversion Rate: This addon helps the store admin to Improve the conversion rate of the eCommerce website store. ● Fast Decision making: This module helps the customers to take fast decisions about purchasing of products. ● No comparison required: There is no need to compare delivery timing for the same products on other websites by customers. Benefits offered by this Prestashop shipping timer plugin: ● Admin can offer Same day shipping. ● The Prestashop shipping module displays the products or categories on which the website is offering this kind of shipping offer. ● The online customers can make their purchase decision faster.

● Now, the online customers can purchase products without comparing the shipping time of the same product on the different online websites. ● The timer informs about the time when the offer is expiring. The order can be placed accordingly by customers. ● The module provides a solid reason for the customers to complete the transaction. ● The highly customizable module can help the merchants select the product, manufacturer, supplier or category of this functionality. ● Multi-lingual compatibility allows eCommerce admin to set texts in various languages. ● Hassle-free working because separate tabs are provided for multiple settings.

Knowband is one of the most reputed names in the field of plugin development. We provide best plugins for platforms like — Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and Shopify. The mobile app builder and the feature-rich marketplace integrators offered by the company has gained the reputation of being the best-in-class plugins. For more Prestashop addons please visit Knowband. For more details about this Prestashop shipping module: Prestashop countdown timer addon Module Link. Prestashop shipping timer addon Admin Demo Link. Prestashop shipping timer plugin Front Demo. Prestashop shipping timer addon User manual. Prestashop countdown timer module Watch video. Prestashop countdown timer module Addon Store Link. Please contact us at for any query.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon  

Knowband offers Shipping Timer module allows the Prestashop store owners to show a countdown timer in the front-end of the website. Check ou...

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon  

Knowband offers Shipping Timer module allows the Prestashop store owners to show a countdown timer in the front-end of the website. Check ou...