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Only Design #madeinItaly From 1995 up to now WWTS has gone through a deep btransformation that has led the Agency to deal with all different services related to the world of furnishing and design. From the first approaches up to the organization of a sales network consisting of 8 offices worldwide, WWTS has been able to stand out through a continuum of positive challenges and courageous choices that enabled the company to anticipate the opportunities offered by the market. Thanks to the intuition and the professionalism of its President, Silverio Marian, WWTS today has a staff of over 100 people and a commercial network active in nearly half the world. In fact, the activity of representation has been extended over the years from the CIS territories to the countries of Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries, East and South-East Asia and arriving to include Australia and West Africa as well. Starting from leading Italian furniture and home-accessories producers, including Rubelli, Barovier&Toso and Snaidero, WWTS managed to stand out for representing high-quality products designed by internationally renowned designers and for spreading around the true value of Made-in-Italy design.


WWTS goal is to spread around the world the true values of Made-in-Italy: quality, craftsmanship, style and passion. Noteworthy is in fact the commitment that WWTS dedicates to training its commercial staff as well as its trading partners in the represented areas.


WWTS mission is to create a lasting relationship between customers and the represented companies, building around the professional relationship friendship and a mutual respect relation. The Agency stands out in the organization of events and in the management of its advertising image.

1.Barovier & Toso 2.Bevilacqua Marmi 3.Rubelli 4. Snaidero

Our Offices: Udine

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Удине Via R. Schumann (loc. Z.A.U.) 33100 Udine, Italia тел: +39 0432 621440 Москва 1-ый Магистральный тупик, д.11, стр.9 Бизнес центр ”Ярд” 123290 Москва, Россия тел: +7 495 7816120 Санкт-Петербург ул. Ординарная, д.11/85, пом.12 197136 Санкт-Петербург, Россия тел: +7 812 3279075 Новосибирск ул. Крылова, д.36, офис 603 630005 Новосибирск, Россия тел: +7 383 2491442 Екатеринбург ул. Красноармейская, д.10, офис 16-06 620007 Екатеринбург, Россия тел: +7 343 3784165 Хошимин 25 Nguyen Huu Tho, Sunrise city Ap w2-22-01, District 7 850000 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam тел: +84 91 117 30 06

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Enlightening Uniqueness УНИКАЛЬНОСТЬ, ОЗАРЯЮЩАЯ СВЕТОМ Как известно, на протяжении семи веков истории постоянно менялись тенденции моды в отчаянной погоне за «новым», тогда как в Венеции время течёт медленно, без напряжения, позволяя постоянно совершенствовать собственное мастерство. Вот и мы воспользовались отведенным нам временем и поняли, что предпочитаем создавать нечто уникальное, озаряющее светом, нечто такое, что будет существовать вечно. Мы знаем, что необходимы усилия для извлечения стекла из огня и жара, терпение для достижения ни много ни мало идеальной формы и воодушевление для развития легендарной традиции элитного освещения в условиях нового мира. Но опять же, мы можем позволить себе такую роскошь, как время. И вполне возможно, вы тоже.

barovier.com Генеральное представительство в России и странах СНГ: W.W.T.S. Москва + 7 495 781 61 20, Санкт-Петербург + 7 812 327 90 75, Киев +38 044 234 85 31 - info@wwts.it - wwts.it Информацию об официальных дилерах смотрите на сайте wwts.it



13. Silverio Marian



15. Salone del Mobile Milano 2019 18. Stefano Bigi for Emmebi 24. Special Interview with Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli


34. Design Focus 36. Spring trends 38. Lighting trends 40. Special Interview with Raffaele Galiotto




50. Colonia 51. Maison & Objet 52. Homi 55. New WWTS represented companies


62. Sideboards 67. Doors 75. Walk-in Closets 81. Material Revolution - Surfaces



Author of Exceptional

Silk jacquard MARGARET’S BOUQUET, cotton bouclé DICK TRACY, TRIENNALE SOFA by Rubelli Casa - rubelli.com


WWTS Life Russian Ask for the copy with russians texts Получите копию журнала на русском языке



103. The revolution in the bathroom 109. News




112. Private Villa - Moscow 117. Casa Lumipolar - Saint Petersburg 122. Special Interview with Irma - Archilab




131. Special interview with Elda Felluga 136. Casa WWTS 2019 138. Calendar Competition awards

In the cover: Rubelli new collection 2019






WE ARE WAITING FOR пруды, YOU IN ул. OUR MILAN SHOWROOM FROM 9|TOmoscow@officinegullo.com 14 APRIL 2019 ШОУ-РУМ В МОСКВЕ Патриаршие Спиридоновка 24/1, Москва Via dell’Annunciata 12, Milan

FLORENCE Флоренция



| ph +39 02 4548 6910 | milano@officinegullo.com

info@officinegullo.com | officinegullo.com OFFICINEGULLO.COM











ph: Marco Bel l o



Stefano Bigi for


Emmebi and Stefano Bigi, a new collaboration with plenty of news. Please present us your new experience, the stimuli you received as well as the new products born out of this experience. The collaboration with EmmeBi has started some years ago. During these years I have proposed to them some new products to complete their collection, which had been focused mainly on the world of wardrobe and custom-made projects. In the mean time the needs of the customers have become wider and EmmeBi asked me to create a completely new living mood. Having the opportunity to offer a complete collection with EmmeBi has been very stimulating. So, this year we will present the new EMMEBI MOOD, thus completing the products already in the collection, such as CHLOE the vanity table and its pouf and the ANJA mirror collection. Emmebi will present to the public GINEVRA, a new chair with or without arms, CLARK ,a new large sculptural and essential table, SOHO, a collection of upholstered furniture with over-the-top design and comfort, JOY ,the new staircases for the day and night area, SFERA, a console illuminated by its glass globe.

Name three words that best represent these products? Design, comfort, quality are the words that best represent them. Products with decidedly modern lines that also have a real distinguishing feature of their own that in short we could define «character».

Which are from your point of view the peculiar and fundamental features of the Emmebi company? Did they allow you to work in harmony with them? Basically due to its production of cabinets, Emmebi have always had a very beautiful and very high quality made in Italy kind of products but, at the same time, their style has always been essential, without being able to offer a 18



1. Soho 2. Sfera

«very designed» wardrobe. Therefore I wanted to enrich EmmeBi style with much more designed, warmer and more comfortable products. The contrast between the essential cabinet systems of the company accompanied and expanded by the new MOOD EMMEBI aims to surprise visitors and customers at the fair this year. It is no longer just the fact of expanding a range but going further by proposing an increasingly creative and innovative vision.

What are their best features? We’ve had a real good harmony for years. This common desire for evolution and innovation has also been much helped by the fact that they have let me free to imagine this new mood. So, when I saw their faces light up just in front of the prototypes, it made me understand that together we have achieved a great and beautiful step forward.



Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli Rubelli, one of the icons of Italian style. A production that has been going on for five generations. We had the pleasure of chatting with Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli, managing director of Rubelli Spa. Let’s find out what is the passion he uses in his work and which are the peculiarities of one of the most historic and famous brands in Venice



Rubelli is synonymous with Made in Italy style and uniqueness, what do you think is the key to the success of one of the most historic brands in the city of Venice? Our origins and the Venetian character that define our most precious, extraordinary and exclusive fabrics are extremely important and have made us well known and desired all over the world. At the same time I don’t want to forget the most up-to-date fabrics, that is the highly performing and colorful ones of which the latest Rubelli collection is abundant, or the fabrics in natural fibers from the Kieffer 2019 collection. Nevertheless, we did not want to remain anchored to the past or exclusively to the textile world and this spurred us to enter the world of furniture (this year we have two stands at the Salone) and to continue to succeed even after many centuries of activity.

What are your future challenges? Thirty years ago our customers were upholsterers, today the most active are architects and interior designers. The challenge is to convey to them the message that Rubelli is not merely tradition but also innovation: two closely related elements that depend on each other.

Dominique Kieffer Collection: «Essential and sophisticated» can you tell us how this new 2019 product line was born and what are its most important «somatic» features? It was born both from a need for evolution and from a return to the origins, to natural fibers, to neutral colors, all of which are fundamental elements of the brand. A reference to the past can also be noticed from the names of the products, all in French language. The new collection was created by our own creative studio, that is by professionals who know the Kieffer world very well. I would like to point out that most of the fabrics were produced in our Cucciago factory, so they are truly unique.

At the 2018 Salone del Mobile the colors on your stand and in the new collections certainly played an important role; can you anticipate anything about the 2019 show? At the 2019 Salone Rubelli will present itself with a double appearance. In pavilion 1 xLux, where color will play an important role: at the entrance where we will have a series of multicolored hanging sheets and in the real heart of the stand, the lounge, where we will present upholstered items designed by the architect Marco Piva, which will be covered with colored fabrics, and the tables designed by Nava and Arosio. The other presence will be in pavilion 24 S.Project, where Rubelli will resume the model displayed in Paris during Déco Off with a real explosion of color: I invite you all to discover the richness of these presentations.





Made in Italy is not only a marketing tool but also a true cultural baggage that is handed down from generation to generation. What do you think are the fundamental traits of your production in the wake of tradition? Having an archive at our disposal that allows us to take inspiration from the textile documents of the past is fundamental for our designers who are not satisfied with a mere reproduction of ancient fabrics but usually revise the fabrics in a modern key. This way we carry on the Rubelli and Venice tradition, making it always contemporary. This year an example of fabric inspired by tradition is Caterina De ’Medici, which was born from an original textile fragment of the second half of the‘ 500, but it has been interpreted with special weaves and yarns and declined in a range of colors that make it decidedly contemporary. 28


How is the research of the materials and finishes carried out? As for textiles our vast archives are a workshop of ideas: by mixing the ingredients we always create different and innovative qualities. Obviously fibers are also affected by trends: this year, for example, rough surfaces are in vogue, such as the false united fabric Fabthirty. In addition to this, external research is developed: there are specialized fairs that give us significant insights. In the search for treatments we can enjoy the experience of

laboratories that abound in the Como area. Finding the right finish is like looking at a watercolor : we perform various tests until we identify the perfect alchemy between the quality of the yarn and the finishing that satisfies us. Regarding furniture the study is carried out by our technical office together with external designers. Research and development take place in collaboration with laboratories and specialized companies.





Winnie Sofa / Mist-o Comb Coffee Table / G. Guillaumier www.frag.it

Salone del Mobile, 2019 Pav.16—Stand D51—D55

Vivacity and freshness bloom in a chromatic charm



Raffaele Galiotto Lithos design, excellence in style and uniqueness of its products at international level. A capacity in the processing of stone and marble which has no equal. Refinement, style and precision make their products able to create unique and suggestive atmospheres. We had the pleasure of interviewing Raffaele Galiotto who oversaw many of their creations.




The willingness to experiment, the sharing of a visionary path and mutual enthusiasm are the basis of our consolidated collaboration. I can say that Lithos Design is an extraordinary reality because it is the only company in the stone industry entirely dedicated to the production of stone design exclusively produced by means of numerical technology.

In order to design with stone you need to know it, love it and respect it by reducing waste and by enhancing its intrinsic characteristics, which are very often and mistakenly considered defects.

Stone worked in a truly unique and original way, what are the most peculiar aspects in working and above all in designing when using this raw material?

Why stone? What are its advantages when it is inserted in a living environment?

Marble is the oldest material processed by man, its characteristics, stability, chromatic and material variability, naturalness ... make it extraordinarily fascinating.

The longevity of this material would suffice to justify its use in human life environments, both private and collective, but it would be reductive.

Working with stone is a privilege and today, as well in the past, we have the task of expressing our contemporaneity with it and inside it, with the means and methods that belong to us. The combination of nature and humanity, history and contemporaneity, material and technology make it a material that is unparalleled and very timely.

The natural character of this material used in a living environment serves today more than ever as a bridge between man and planet earth and over the environment, to which we try to get closer and closer through imitations, materials


What is your story as a designer, what are your most distinctive features? After studying Fine Arts and thanks to the collaboration with some furniture companies in the Veneto area I founded my design studio in 1993. My interest in technology and production processes led me to develop a personal approach to design characterized by the search for formal and functional solutions closely related to production techniques. In particular, I have tried to introduce computerized numerical processing to produce innovative products that enhance the characteristics of natural stone thanks to a cutting edge contemporary processing method that does not require manual skill.

An important collaboration with Lithos Design, how did it start? The collaboration with Lithos Design rose from a mutual interest towards innovation and love for natural stone.

with no authenticity, carrying deception and mere appearance. A designer cannot neglect the symbolic aspect, the meaning of the choice of the material and the perception of lack of frankness and falseness of the environment in which he immerses his client-user.

Harmonious and sinuous lines, how do you develop the creative spark that leads you to define a new product? How does creative research take place and what are you trying to convey through your work? It is difficult to establish exactly what is the creative inspiration for each work. I am certain, however, that it derives from the past, from the culture absorbed when studying and from the knowledge learned through experience. These are not mere quotations but a contemporary reworking of the deepest spirit and values of the works that preceded us. Observing how the light breaks and absorbs on the surface of a Greek temple, how it is modulated by the folds of the robes of classical or Egyptian sculptures or on the polished and chipped bodies of Michelangelo, is a continuous source of inspiration. Then how to translate this sensitivity, these infinite emotional variations with a contemporary language is not simple but very fascinating.

What are the projects for Lithos Design that most involved you and for which you feel particularly professionally accomplished? Each product was the result of a process of research and experimentation, therefore it is difficult to establish a ranking. Leafing through the substantial Lithos Design catalog I cannot fail to notice the continuous crescendo that has led us to raise the limit from time to time, from the surface to the threedimensionality, from the mass to the all-round, from the opacity to the translucency. Moreover, I can’t forget the pure research works like the Stone Gate, the great marble ring which was exposed in the Roman Arena in Verona and which I consider one of the most rewarding works I have ever made.



Рек. Санти&Санти

Генеральное представительство в России и странах СНГ: W.W.T.S. | Москва + 7 495 781 61 20 Санкт-Петербург + 7 812 327 90 75 | Киев +38 044 234 85 31 | info@wwts.it - wwts.it


S I L VA N O G R I F O N I . C O M

When »JOYN« is on the table

Flagship store Vicenza via Lanza 108 - Italy - T. +39 0444 291026 - info@arthesi.it - www.arthesi.com



Surfaces with a contemporary look.


home office contract KEFA design: Matteo Nunziati


Add shine to your table.


Wallcoverings & DECOR WWTS Life







1. Le porcellane - Frutti Collection | Sky Blue Applique 2,3,4,5. Sambonet - Madame Collection Wall Covering: Midsummer Milano WWTS Life



2 4



Le Porcellane: 1. Coppa principe 2. Ananas 4. Sospensione Palazzo Vecchio 5. Vaso Palazzo Vecchio 6. Piantana Principe 3. Barovier & Toso - Ercole Wall Covering: Misha




1 - 2. Arzbeg new collection 2019 Wallcovering: Creative Space

Фото Лоренцо Борджанни

GRIFONI VITTORIO S.r.l. Мастера из Флоренции с 1957 года

Скандиччи (Флоренция) Италия тел +39 055 721302 www.grifoni.it

n sig de



Private Villa _ĐœĐžscow Below is an expansion project for a villa in Moscow where the design for the interiors had already been developed by La Project design studio. The client is a lover of the Bel Paese, appreciates Italy from all points of view, from food to art, landscapes and last but not least Italian design. Satisfied with project we had made for her in the past she asked the designers for an extension of the living and dining areas as well as a new terrace, a yoga room and a wellness area.



She actually required a larger dining room in order to easily accommodate a large number of friends, alongside a new room where you can relax before or after dinner by drinking an aperitif, smoking a cigar or sipping a digestive. The finishes of the new spaces are obviously designed in continuity with the entire house; the dark-colored walls highlight the precious elements such as the chandeliers, which are handmade by Barovier’s master glassmakers, the statues, the paintings or simply the furniture pieces themselves, all chosen with care and attention. Both rooms, like almost all the rooms of the villa, overlook the external terraces furnished with new solutions proposed by Paola Lenti. As a matter of fact La Project is able to attract opposites with simplicity and measure, the search for materials is combined with the simplicity of the forms, furnishings destined to remain such in time both for quality and local choices. The whole villa is in fact characterized by the constant relationship between inside and outside, a continuous relationship with nature that often permeates from the outside into the inside, as it happens with the staircase, for example. In this case the boundary between inside and outside is almost dematerialized, thanks to the glass façade allowing the vegetation to enter inside, on the right wall, thus creating a symbiotic relationship between nature and architectural spaces.

Casa Lumipolar _Saint Petersburg St. Petersburg is the city where the project presented below was realized. The client, attentive to environmental problems and eco-sustainable materials, has chosen for his home the construction techniques of the Finnish company Lumipolar combined with the undisputed quality of Italian design. Lumipolar has designed a structure in Finnish lamellar fir wood of the highest quality. The wood, untreated with chemical agents, has been exclusively assembled with ecological glues, thus excluding any type of solvents or fibers containing formaldehyde.



Once again the challenge for the designers of La project has been to demonstrate how a structure made entirely of wood is not only a sustainable choice but it is also combined with interior design in order to make an elegant, balanced and contemporary environment. A tailored suit for the client has been created through the union between the wood of the architectural structure and the materials typical of country houses - Dacia, such as stone, and modern furnishing elements donating character and style to the rooms. This happens through the combination and recurrence of the materials used, the attention to detail and a careful choice of furniture. The main character in this project is not only the main structure but also the parquet in oak with a flat saw finish, so as to emphasize the connection between nature and the simplicity of the materials of a country house . As for the internal walls in spruce, they are sometimes left in their natural state with the aim of emphasizing the type of construction, some others instead are simply painted or clad in stone or other materials as mosaic, for example. The constant and continuous dialogue between the parties favors the creation of spaces for people. The recurrence of the same materials such as stone - which we find in the entrance, around the area of the fireplace and in the spa area - and metal - used as a parapet, as a panel behind the TV or as an integral part of the glass doors - creates a final effect of spatial continuum, despite the peculiarities of the different rooms. The project specifically deals with a single-family villa of about 450 square meters on two levels. When entering the house you find yourself in a large hall where a white structure of plaster frames, makes the wall doors disappear and at the same time contains a wardrobe and the service areas. The studio opens onto the hall thanks to large glass and iron windows, iron that that it is also found in the living area, where instead it acts as a filter and not as a closure. The living room overlooking the stone fireplace is cozy and bright thanks to the double height of the ceiling. Not only the materials but also some pieces of furniture are recurrent in the proj118


ect, for example some elements of the collection Calendario by L’800, a module collection located in closed rooms or with its own closing doors, which can be found in the kitchen but also in the study and on the upper floor with the function of a library. A large patio surrounds the living area which, thanks to the large windows, permeates the interior. On the second floor we find the bedrooms, all the bedrooms have a cloakroom and private bathrooms which can be accessed from a small living room overlooking the ground floor living area. The spaces are comfortable and modern thanks to the soft lines of the Casamilano furnishings or to the contemporaneity of companies like Frag and Davide Groppi. Everything is connected not only by recurrent materials and furniture but also on a visual level. The project hinges on filter spaces and non-rigid divisions. WWTS Life




Archilab One of the most renowned interior architecture firms in the Muscovite interior design scene.

A guarantee when it comes to high-end furnishings with particular regard to Made in Italy; an ideal partner for WWTS where details, style, uniqueness and quality of Italian production become a worldwide recognized signature. The owner, Irma, has been managing the studio since 2002 (the year in which it was founded), she loves Italy and through her projects manages to enhance the qualities of the products to the fullest.

Irma & Silverio in Venice

We exchanged a few words to understand what her passions are and how she lives her work.

the interview



How did your business start? It was about 20 years ago, when I was very unexperienced but young and brave to start my own company. And this was the same period, when I met Silverio. Couldn’t wish anything more now, looking back at those times - he shared not only his great contacts with the companies he was representing, but also his knowledge and courage. It was much more, then just a business contact - a rare personal attitude and confidence.

What do you like most about Italian design? Design in Italy means years and years of tradition, of hard work and experience carried by generations. That’s why it’s always greatly respected worldwide. I believe, only traditional education and studying can drive you to bold and modern ideas in design.

How has the furniture market changed in Moscow in recent years? The market is changed, because our clients are changing. They are now much more educated in field of design, acknowledged with many new tendencies, ready for experiments. Most important part is still trust between architect and his client - a clue to successful project.

What are the main market trends that you can point out today? At the end we are slowly drifting from classic to more modern approach in interior design.

What is the main gratification when you end an interior design project? Every single time it’s an amazing feeling - to see how grey, empty cement box turns into a cozy space, full of emotions and ready for living there.







How did your collaboration with WWTS starts? What is your most vivid memory of working with Silverio Marian? Our collaboration is going on and vivid moments happen quite often. Silverio and his team are always there to help me when I’m working over a project. Very often we request information immediately, and there is always a response, WWTS team is available for us almost 24/7.

What’s the main and the latest project that you worked for in which WWTS partnership has been fundamental and the result was very good? We executed a great project of a private house in Paris, where there was a big scope of work for WWTS companies. We did a complicated thus inspiring job there. Also we executed a very small, but still cute apartment. Which means size of the project is not that important. Work can be greatly done anyway. WWTS Life


mod. DAVE

Kover Srl

20832 Desio (MB) Italy Tel. +39 0362 307144 info@milanobedding.it www.milanobedding.it ISO 9001




19:30 Press Conference & Cocktail party

WED | 10

10.30 > 18.30 free entry 18.30-22.30 _ EVENING PARTY by invitation only WWTS Calendar Competition awards Best Interior Design Project with WWTS award

THU | 11

10.30 > 18.30 free entry 18.30-22.30 _ EVENING PARTY by invitation only LIVE MUSIC with Aleksandr Shoua


Cocktail tasting

FRI | 12

10.30 > 18.30 free entry 18.30-22.30 _ EVENING PARTY by invitation only

casawwts.it Please ask the entry badge for the evening party to the WWTS staff present at the Fair in Milan


Pillopipe modular sofa, design Paola Navone – Liz armchair, Arne small and low table, design Roberto Lazzeroni Shard wall lamp, design Massimiliano Raggi – MADE IN ITALY – www.casamilanohome.com

Livio Felluga Wine: one of the distinctive features of the Italian peninsula. Synonymous with quality and tradition that brings Italy all over the world.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Elda Felluga, who expertly leads the family brand «Livio Felluga», named after her father who founded the company. A winery that has made an entire geographical area in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia high-yielding and traditional for wine production. Let’s discover together the curiosities, the secrets and the passion behind every single bottle signed by Livio Felluga

Elda Felluga Rosazzo, in the heart of the Eastern Hills of Friuli, is today considered one of the most suitable areas for the production of some of the most appreciated Italian and international wine products. However, we know that this has not always been the case, what is the company’s history and what was in it the precious contribution of Livio Felluga? “Livio Felluga” wine company was created in 1956. Wine had represented for generations the work and the passion of the family. Therefore it was natural for us to continue this journey, which begun in the small Island of Istria, landed in Grado and after the Second World War moved to Friuli. My father immediately fell in love with the rolling hills of Rosazzo and its Abbey. The agricultural world of that time was changing rapidly, the first industries and the first centers of urbanization were born. Peasant civilization abandoned the vineyards and fields to «migrate» towards new horizons in the hope of economic and social change. My father wanted to revive the hill and worked with tenacity and passion in the belief that to create a wine of quality you have to start right from the vineyard ... and he succeeded. Rosazzo is the proof of that. Today the company boasts a hilly extension of about 170 hectares of vineyards between Collio and Colli Orientali. We produce about 800,000 bottles, which we export all over the world. The unmistakable label of the «map» the «map label» created by my father to seal the strong relationship

between earth and its products nowadays travels all over the world in more than 80 countries.

What is the most beautiful memory that you have lived and preserved? It is when my father used to take me on the red tractor during the harvest. I have wonderful memories. The harvest for us children was a moment of celebration and magic. The songs, the stories of the country told by the older grape-pickers, the snack on the lawn and the great celebration of thanksgiving that took place at the end of the harvest.

What are the characteristics that make your wines unique as well as a national excellence? Friuli Venezia Giulia is recognized as a suitable area, especially for white wines. Elegant and fragrant wines of great personality. In 2011 Rosazzo was recognized as a DOCG, these highly selected grapes allowed us to give birth to two diamonds such as the Abbey of Rosazzo and 132


the Terre Alte. Another wine that we cherish is the «Illivio» which was born to celebrate Daddy’s 85th birthday, a blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Picolit. The varieties such as Friulano, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon are also extremely pleasant wines.

What is the impact of the Russian market on your production? An important market that represents a little less than 10% of our export

The furniture fair, Casa WWTS and the Fuorisalone; what do you think of these Made–in–Italy venues? What is the importance for a brand like yours? How did the partnership with WWTS come about?

Meeting with the «volcanic» Silverio Marian was fundamental, we are on the same territory and we love to enhance it. Above all we want to give a signal of how Italy is an extraordinary country for its creative craftsmanship and how team work is always important and winning.

ph_Luigi Vitale

The venues that involve different realities, thus becoming an important showcase for «made in Italy» production, are very important. The beauty and the good are combined to represent Italian taste and creativity. Style, passion and even the art of reception, that is what WWTS house is about.

Which of your wines would match the below indicated dishes of Russian culinary tradition?

Pelmeni Tortellini filled with meat or vegetables generally with broth and butter, seasoned with black pepper, paprika or dill, accompanied with sour cream.

A dish that could be accompanied by the Terre Alte, perhaps from old vintages. A blend of Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon wines..

Blini Thick and soft crepes, generally served with sour cream, smoked salmon and caviar.

The “Illivio” with its power and roundness.

Beef Stroganoff Beef fillet cut into strips and cooked in cream with onions and mushrooms.

A beautiful red, such as our reserve Sossò, a blend of Merlot, Refosco and Pignolo wines.



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RUSSKI DOM CASA WWTS is an event created to host WWTS customers who come to Milan during the Salone del Mobile. Over the years it has become an increasingly international event, celebrating WWTS’s commitment to spread the quality of Made in Italy design throughout the world and to share with its partners 3 evenings dedicated to design, music and gastronomy exclusively Made in Italy.

LOCATION in the heart of Milan! The Four Seasons Hotel is a prestigious and renowned place that underlines the high level of international hospitality that WWTS wants to convey through its event

HOSPITALITY the hospitality of WWTS, whose goal is to make you feel at ease to spend a couple of hours entertaining and relaxing together after a hard day at the fair

DESIGN the opportunity to admire a high selection of products and craft brands that represent the quality of Made in Italy design

GASTRONOMY CASA WWTS is a corner where excellent typical Italian dishes and high quality wines and liqueurs are ready to be tasted No formalities, only elegance to take part in one of the most fascinating Fuori Salone events of the design week.

CASA WWTS is one of the most exclusive events of the Fuori Salone in Milan thanks to the participation of leading companies in the design sector and an exclusive location: Four Seasons Hotel. Located in Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga, in the center of Milan’s fashion district, the Four Seasons Hotel is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Milan. Originally a 15th century convent, the palace has been impeccably restored, offering a rare combination of modern design and historic elegance. Four Seasons Hotel Milano assures its guests a personalized, impeccable and high class service. The collaboration with the renowned Da Paolino Lemon Trees restaurant in Capri has been confirmed, as well as with the historical food and wine companies, partners of the event such as Nonino Distillerie, Livio Felluga, Bagatto Prosciuttificio and Azienda Agricola Scalabrini. For those who want to find in Milan, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the perfect combination of interior design, food and wine exclusively Made in Italy and an exceptional location right in the center of Milan, CASA WWTS is the ideal destination.


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Exhibition by Olga Kondratska



Calendar Competition CREATIVITY AWARD

What do you think of WWTS and why did you decide to participate in the WWTS CALENDAR COMPETITION? We know WWTS as a representative of the leading Italian factories, and it is really great that there is such a competition that allows to show the best showrooms and suppliers in such a creative way. We already participated in the competition before but we didn’t win. This time we approached the competition seriously and decided to make every effort to be noticed.

How did you get the idea for the photo shoot? Our purpose was to make a photo able to tell some story. First, we took as a basis the black tie dress code: evening dresses, elegant style. But then the idea seemed to us too simple, so we turned it into “Morning after the party”. When the strength is almost gone but you still want to rock. All the girls on the photo behave in their own way: someone is tired and wants to go home, someone took off the heels and wants to go on dancing.

We saw your backstage video that tells about the preparation for the photo shooting. How long did it take to make the photos? Is there any particular anecdote you want to tell us about it? Wow, we couldn’t even imagine that you see our video. Thank you! Initially, we expected to spend only a couple of hours but in the end we spent the whole day. There was the preparation first: we invited a stylist and a hairdresser and made up all our models. Then the photographer set up the light and camera looking for the best shot. It had taken longer time than we planned but it was worth it. There really was a funny situation. After a few hours of shooting, we realized that we were terribly hungry. There was still a lot of work, so we decided to order some food. By the end of the shooting, we were ready to finish up and eventually eat pizza. But our photographer suddenly stopped us: wait, this is gonna be a great shot! Nobody eats pizza until the shot done! We were tired and hungry but we had to agree and pose with the pizza. This is how our final shot was born, we had not planned it at all.

For the shot you have chosen to include Italian food and wine products such as pizza and Martini. What does Made in Italy represent for you? We consciously added these little Italian details such as food and wine to support the idea of Italian chic. ‘Made in Italy’ for us is above all elegance, passion, impeccable style. But at the same time, it is freedom of improvisation and courage of expressing your feelings.

You have chosen the products of the italian company Milldue for the realization of the photo. What are the main aspects and strengths of this brand?

and it constantly attracts customers. We personally know the management of the company and admire how much love and energy these people invest in their work. This is fully reflected in the products which combine consistent quality, meets fashion trends and denanded out of time.

How does it feel to have won the WWTS critics’ choice award for BEST CREATIVITY? We are very happy and grateful for this! Thank you so much. We have done a big job and it is awesome experience for us as a team. This is a real achievement for our company and it will be remembered!

Milldue is a strong company with excellent premium products. Our showrooms present the new Vitage collection, Milldue Edition,

Calendar Competition AWARDS

1st Interior Market and Barovier & Toso 2nd Maestro Lounge and Le Fablier 3rd S Style and Penta + L’ottocento




Ph. Tiziano Sartorio



Nicola Gallizia