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Spring 2014


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Windward School Magazine & Annual Report



Windward School Mission Statement Windward is a dynamic college-preparatory school that challenges each student to achieve excellence in a nurturing, inclusive community. Windward teachers, parents, and administrators work together to inspire our students to be responsible, caring, well informed, ethical, prepared, and well balanced young adults.

From the Head of School


hen the Class of 2013 took the stage in their caps and gowns last June, I reminded them that Graduation Day was not simply a celebration of all they had accomplished during their time at Windward. It was also an occasion to recognize the beginning of an entirely new chapter in their lives. And like all those who had come before them − and all those who would follow − they would forever continue on that journey as Windwardians. Wherever their trajectory of success might take them, they would always remain part of the Windward community. And they would always know that they belong to a group of leaders and innovators who not only embrace the complexity of their world, but also believe in the feasibility of their dreams. A few months later, as we continued research for our growing Windward Network Initiative, we reached out to another group of young Windwardians; students from the Classes of 2008 and 2009 who, having recently completed their undergraduate college years, had just taken the first few steps of their professional lives. Although each had joined the workforce just a year or two earlier, nearly 4 in 5 told us that their current occupation reflected their desired career or field. That number is remarkable − and telling. As young adults, our graduates have the self-assurance not only to identify what their passions are, but also to pursue them with confidence. The school that both current students and alumni call home has never been stronger. During the 2012-2013 academic year and beyond, Windward has continued to flourish as an educational institution recognized far and wide. The Windward Institute and Center for Teaching and Learning march forward in their efforts, conducting research and developing educational programs that can transform both classrooms and lives. Windward’s faculty continue to create initiatives and partnerships with colleges, companies, and thought leaders in order to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow. Whether discovering their passions through our Global programs or STEAM classes, in Entrepreneurship or the Arts, Windward’s students are receiving a dynamic education in a nurturing environment that is unlike any other. The perpetual innovation that is such a defining characteristic of Windward School could not be realized without the strong partnerships that form the backbone of our community. In innumerable ways, our accomplishments are made possible by the dedication and support of our parents, alumni, and leadership donors. The Windward Board of Trustees, led by Board Chair Elliot Gordon ’74, ensures that our goals are met and our course remains true to the vision set forth in our Strategic Plan. Together, we have worked in concert time and again to turn big ideas into reality. Our shared progress reflects a belief that if you can dream big, anything can be possible. Windward’s students will hold this same notion wherever life may take them. As our graduates continue on their journey as Windwardians, they find that support doesn’t stop with the conclusion of their formal education. Our community members have always discovered new opportunities as a result of their association with Windward. And as the Windward Network Initiative continues to expand, those lifelong connections will only grow stronger, more important, and more mutually beneficial. Every time someone within our community shares a referral, offers some wisdom, or simply helps to open a door, there is someone else whose life can be changed. The enduring relationships within our community, made ever stronger through the Windward Network, will enrich the lives of our graduates - as well as future generations of Windward students who will benefit from the philanthropic support their predecessors have provided. In the pages that follow, you will learn more about the latest initiatives and accomplishments that we are working on, as well as the stories of success that could only have been made possible by the generous support of the Windward community during the 2012-2013 school year and beyond. The updates that appear in this edition of the Magazine and Annual Report represent but a small fraction of the many exciting stories we have to share about our community. I highly encourage you to continue learning more about Windward’s innovative spirit through the vibrant content that is updated daily on the school’s website and the many social media outlets on which we maintain an engaging presence. Later this June, another graduating class will take the Jackson Center stage. Surrounded by their loving families and their proud teachers, these students will know that all of the support they have had in reaching this day will continue well after they first take a Windward diploma in hand. I am thankful for all of the collaboration with our Trustees, parents, alumni, and donors that helps make this outcome a continued reality. Working together, we can ensure that this and every class of Windward students has an educational experience that will truly be of benefit for a lifetime. With deep gratitude,

A dynamic education. A nurturing community. Tom Gilder Head of School



Remembering Shirley Windward 1919-2012

Remembering Shirley Windward 1919-2012 (Continued) Three decades after I graduated, I returned to Windward School as a parent. I will be forever grateful that my own son Daniel got an opportunity to know Shirley. One of my fondest memories of Daniel’s time here was watching ninety year old Shirley light up and smile from ear to ear as she sat in the front row of our theater and Daniel, playing Conrad Birdie in Bye Bye Birdie, came right up to her and did his best hip-twisting Elvis imitation. Shirley delighted in attending the school plays, and Daniel always knew when she was in the audience. While Shirley’s formal teaching days were long over by then, it meant a lot to me – and to Daniel – that he got the opportunity to know her.

Excerpted from remarks at the Memorial Service for Shirley Windward by Elliot Gordon ’74 Delivered November 11, 2012

“What we remember is what keeps us whole.”


hus begins the first poem in a book of Shirley’s poetry published last year by Windward students in honor of her ninety-second birthday. So today, we gather as a community to remember Shirley, and in so doing, to keep ourselves whole. When I spoke to the Windward faculty, staff and Board of Trustees the night after Shirley left us, I was met with a sea of nodding heads when I remarked that she was one of those people who you just always imagined would live forever. That zeal for living, and the fact that we had seen her beat back death several times before, only to emerge even stronger, could fool us into thinking she had been granted a special exemption. Of course, the inevitable end she wrote about in her poetry did finally come. But the presence of all of you here today, from so many different parts of Shirley’s life, is all the proof one needs that indeed she will be with us forever. No longer will we be witness to her mischievous smile and sense of humor, or hear her read her poems in that distinctive voice and cadence. But Shirley indelibly touched the lives of everyone in this room, in ways both small and big.


She first touched mine when I was an adolescent, an eighth grader at Paul Revere Junior High who loved to learn but was completely turned off by an uninspiring educational environment in which so many teachers seemed to want to just punch the clock, and whose highest aspiration was to make sure the kids remained orderly. But then I w a l ke d in t o Shirley’s eighth grade creative writing class. It was like going from a small black and white TV set to a sixty inch, color plasma TV with 3-D. Shirley’s enthusiasm for teaching, her love of the English language, and her genuine concern for each and every student, were all evident from day one. In fact, she was teaching in a collaborative classroom long before the term became a buzzword, having our entire class create the fictional town of Somerset, in which each student selected a role for themselves in the town, and our stories intersected with each other.

When I joined the school’s Board of Trustees, I got to know Shirley in yet another way. Shirley relished the idea that her former student from some decades ago was now a fellow Board member. (And of course I was pleased that she had the discretion to keep any stories about my youth to herself). Up until a year or so ago, Shirley regularly attended our Board meetings. While I’m sure that some of her fellow Board members were jealous of the fact that she could get away with taking a snooze during parts of our meetings, Shirley was most attentive when we discussed issues of concern to her, and continued to share her perspective. But more than just being a fellow trustee, I also became Shirley’s chauffeur to and from Board meetings. And as we rode from her home in Santa Monica to the school, I never stopped marveling at the sharpness of her mind and the quickness of her wit. Shirley could jump from talking about conversations she had had with my Windward classmates forty years earlier to discussing modern day politics, all without missing a beat. As so many of us have experienced, it was I who had to keep up with Shirley. I know that the experiences I have shared this afternoon are mine alone. Every person here has his or her own Shirley stories too. But when we think of Shirley, almost all of us will think of the tangible gift that she left behind for us – her poetry. As you can see from what is in your hands, it is something she continued to do to her last days. I am sure that Shirley still had many unwritten poems within her. It is now left to us to honor her, not by completing her poems but by writing our own poems and stories, whether in words or in the way we live our lives. But for today, I would like to close not with my words but with Shirley’s. For many years, she has written a poem for each graduating class at Windward. For the last thirty-eight years, I have held on to the poem she wrote for my own graduating class of eighteen students. She was saying farewell to us, her fellow explorers of uncharted educational waters. It was her way of sending us off to our new lives. And now, it is time for me to say farewell to you Shirley, and help send you off to the new life that you hoped would be waiting for you. I can think of no better way than to take out the slightly yellowed paper and read back to you the poem you wrote for me and my fellow Windward graduates in June of 1974:

We who have loved you love you now the more Because you leave us; there is something here Between the meddling monster of the brain And what we call our genesis, our genes, Our spanking selfish source, something is here That meets no measurement yet measureable, Tells us no lies, submits to no man’s net, Brings us no comfort. Oh departing friends, Let us give thanks for failure and for grief, Shout praise for rage, for envy; seek with joy All pain that heals; let us embrace our sins As we embrace each other. Let us share This gift of grace: because you leave us hope, We who have loved — love you now the more. Shirley Windward June, 1974


From the Board Chair

Board of Trustees


his year at Windward is a special one for me, as it marks the fortieth anniversary of my graduation from the school. As I sat at my own graduation ceremony with seventeen of my fellow founding students, I little imagined that one day I would be writing to you, the Windward community, as Chair of the Board of Trustees. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that as a student, I was pretty much oblivious to the fact that there even was a Board of Trustees, much less the vital role it plays in guiding and supporting the growth and success of the school. Today, I can say I am truly inspired by my fellow trustees, and all those Board Chairs and trustees who preceded us and devoted themselves to making Windward a truly special place for our students. As the Board of Trustees gathers throughout the year to make important decisions on the governance and growth of the School, we are guided by a document that reflects Windward’s priorities and aspirations for the future. That document is Windward’s Strategic Plan, the most recent version of which charts key goals for the six-year period spanning 2011-2017. I know the Strategic Plan well for many reasons, not the least of which being that I helped to develop it as Chair of our very dedicated Strategic Planning Committee. The intensive and lengthy process that yielded the Strategic Plan involved every constituency in our school community: faculty, students, alumni, parents, past parents and members of the Board of Trustees. We conducted discussions, meetings, and focus groups in order to ensure that the roadmap we were creating was true to the school’s Mission, the vision of Tom Gilder, and the founding principles established by Shirley Windward and Carl Parsons more than four decades ago. Today, almost three years after the current Strategic Plan was implemented, we have again had an opportunity to formally reflect on this document that plays such an important role in the life of our school. Windward proudly maintains membership with accrediting organizations such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). As part of the rigorous and cyclical process of evaluation that schools like Windward undertake to maintain this affiliation, at this midpoint in our plan’s life we review our original Strategic Plan documents and provide an update on the progress made towards attaining the goals we set for our community in 2011. I am pleased to report that Windward has made considerable, impressive progress on each of the Plan’s eight goals. Through launching ambitious new initiatives, developing and expanding our dynamic educational programs, providing support to our faculty and students, and leveraging key external partnerships, Windward has accomplished a great deal in such a relatively short time. Considerable headway has been made in each of the three themes of the Plan, which focus on program and faculty development, community engagement, and securing the school’s continued fiscal health. Slightly less than halfway through the course of action prescribed by the Plan, Windward finds itself in 2014 a school that is better equipped to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind needed to succeed in the world of the future. As part of the team that helped to draft this roadmap, it has been immensely gratifying to watch Windward prosper since focused work towards these goals commenced in 2011. The engine of our progress has been the leadership of Tom Gilder and the fruitful partnership he has forged with the dedicated members of our Board of Trustees. Tom’s vision and commitment to Windward’s growth are, without doubt, the driving force that continues to propel the school forward to greater and greater heights. Looking back at all we have achieved together since 2011, I am at once proud and honored to partner with Tom and continually learn from his expertise with independent school education. Along with the rest of the Board, I am eager to look ahead to all that we will achieve together in the years to come.

2013-2014 Board of Trustees From left to right, back row: Bryan Ezralow, Marvin Suomi, Debbie Markiles, Scott Jacks, Karol Watson, Head of School Tom Gilder, Emily Kovner Moss ’91, Bruce Eskovitz, Neil Wertlieb, George Rosenthal From left to right, seated: Tony Rubin, Randye Soref, Allison Mirkin, Elliot Gordon ’74, Jane Gutman, Peter Smailes Not Pictured: Hal Burroughs, Patricia Duncan, Michael Hackman, Irene Kleinberg, Michael Parks, Bennett Rosenthal, Perrie Weiner.

The tremendous achievements reflected in the school’s progress could not be possible without the contributions and support of many members of our community. I am deeply grateful to the faculty and staff, who bring enthusiasm, dedication and expertise to school each and every day. Forty years after my own graduation from Windward I still think about the teachers who had a significant impact on my life, and I know that holds true for all Windward alumni. And the important work of our faculty and staff would not be possible without our generous donors, who are teaming with us to fulfill our admittedly ambitious goals. The partnerships within our community have long provided important benefits for Windwardians of every age; with our sustained collaboration, the school will continue to fulfill this important role within the lives of each of its students, past, present, and future. Windward’s Strategic Plan is not simply a piece of bureaucratic documentation hidden away in a filing cabinet. On the contrary, it informs nearly every choice that is made at the school; it is referred to in meetings of students, faculty, and parents; it appears on posters that adorn the walls of school offices; and it is discussed each year in the very pages of this Magazine and Annual Report. It is but a document, but the determination of individuals who believe in its tenets ultimately give life to the vision that it articulates. While hard work remains to be done in bringing the end products of the 2011-2017 Strategic Plan to full fruition, our progress thus far clearly reaffirms the strength and vision of this grand promise to the Windward community. Sincerely,

Elliot Gordon ’74 Board Chair Father of Daniel ’10



Board of Trustees (Continued) Thank You to our Departing Trustees Windward School is fortunate to have a dedicated group of parents, parents of alumni, and alumni who volunteer countless hours each year to support our mission. We salute the following Trustees whose terms on the Board of Trustees ended in the 2012-13 academic year.

Ann Capogrosso, as Parent Guild President for 2012-13, served one year on the Board. Ann dedicated countless hours to Windward School, working with the dedicated Parent Guild members to create the warm and nurturing community for which Windward is known. One of her key accomplishments was bringing more parents into the Parent Guild. Her inclusive nature encouraged many to get involved in ways they hadn’t done before. Her leadership strengthened the ties among parents in our community. We are pleased she continues to be a member of the Parent Guild!

Tony de los Reyes has been a valued member of the Windward School Faculty for over 20 years. Tony served as the Faculty Trustee since 2010, offering thoughtful insight and perspective on Windward School. He was a member of the Finance Committee all three years of his term. Tony’s institutional memory and deep understanding of what it means to be on the faculty at Windward School were very

Welcome to our New Trustees Bruce Eskovitz, Faculty Trustee Bruce joined Windward School as a Music Teacher in 2005 and has transformed the Music Program. He earned his BA from California State University, Northridge and his Masters of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Southern California. In addition to teaching, Bruce has produced five jazz albums and is in demand as a jazz artist on the L.A. jazz club scene. Bruce has performed and recorded with many great and diverse artists, including Natalie Cole, Freddie Hubbard, Doc Severinsen, Joe Williams, Rosemary Clooney, Jimmy Webb, Bill Watrous, Elliot Smith, Dwight Yoakum, Jane Monheit, The Fifth Dimension, Rita Moreno, Jack Jones, Bobby Vinton, Shari Lewis, Ernie Watts, and many other celebrities. He plays soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flutes and clarinets. He is thrilled to join the Board this year as a Faculty Trustee.

Board of Trustees (Continued) much appreciated by the entire Board. As Faculty Trustee, Tony spoke movingly at Spring Event about Faculty Betterment and the impact those funds have on teachers. He also spoke on behalf of the Faculty at the Celebration of Shirley Windward’s life in 2012. Tony’s contributions to Windward are deeply appreciated.

Gary Newman

was elected to the Board in 2008 and was a dedicated member of the Finance Committee. During the Windward Capital Campaign, Gary was a key member of a small group of entertainment industry executives and artists who worked with Head of School Tom Gilder to ensure the arts were a key component of the new buildings. As a result, nearly one-third of the Center for Teaching & Learning and Science, Dance & Music Center are devoted to the arts. Gary also lent his time to the 2011-12 Major Gifts Task Force. Gary’s thoughtful questions and wise counsel will be missed on the Board.

Michael Sales,

a member on the Board since 2009, was instrumental in the revision of the Board by-laws. Michael’s legal expertise as a member of the Committee on Trustees was invaluable during the review of those critical documents. Michael also stepped forward to work closely with Trustees to share best practices learned at various conferences, including the CAIS Trustee/Head of School Conference. Thank you, Michael, for all you have done for Windward!

Debbie Markiles Debbie Markiles is the current President of the Windward Parent Guild and serving her 2nd year on the Parent Guild Executive Committee. She and her husband, Jonathan are the parents of Benjamin, a Windward Senior, and Phoebe, a Windward 9 th grader. Debbie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey. After graduating from Boston University with a BS in Communications, she worked for several years in advertising sales at NBC in both New York and Burbank and is currently Vice President West Coast Sales for Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Debbie served as a PTA Board Member for several years at Webster Elementary School, is a Malibu Guild Member of Mending Kids International and holds a special place in her heart for animal rescue organizations. When not navigating the traffic in West L.A., and keeping her family organized, Debbie loves hiking with her Weimaraner, Luna.

Marvin J. Suomi Marvin J. Suomi is president and chief executive officer of KUD International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kajima Corporation. He also serves as chairman of KUD Limited (UK). Marvin is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Princeton University. He has worked in government service as well as business. He joined Kajima International in 1979 and was elected an officer in 1982. He was elected to the board of directors in 1984 and was appointed to the executive committee in 1991. Presently he is a director of numerous Kajima subsidiaries. Mar vin is a committed supporter of the liberal arts and he currently serves on the governing/advisory boards of the University of Michigan, University of Hawai’i, Finlandia University, and the Curtis School. He is a charter trustee and a visiting fellow of The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, a lifetime trustee of the Princeton-in-Asia Foundation, and a Board Fellow at Drew University. Marvin is also chair of LA’s BEST After School Enrichment Program and the Education Development Center (a Bostonbased NGO). He has provided guidance and leadership to numerous other organizations as well, including a recent term as the chair of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. Marvin and his wife Clare are the parents of Joshua, who is currently completing his freshman year at Windward.

Perrie Weiner Perrie Weiner, International Co-Chair of DLA Piper’s Securities Litigation practice, is a managing partner of the firm’s Century City office and a member of the Executive and Policy Committees. Perrie represents a wide array of clients in securities litigation and enforcement matters, and


in complex business litigation. Beyond securities matters, Perrie also has an active complex business litigation practice, including representing parties in California consumer class actions involving claimed violations of the Right to Privacy, Section 17200 and RICO. He has an international practice, with scores of litigation victories, pending cases and publications widely reported in Time, Business Week, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, New York Law Journal, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, Money Management Executive, HedgeWorld and The Economist, among others. A recipient of numerous awards and honors, Perrie is also an author, speaker and commentator on cutting-edge securities litigation issues. Perrie and his wife Candice have two Windwardians in their family: Jenny ’16 and Matthew ’17.

Neil Wertlieb Neil J. Wertlieb is a partner at the law firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP, where his practice fo c u s e s o n b u s i n e s s transactions (primarily acquisitions, financings and restructurings) and advising boards of directors. He is also an Adjunct Professor at UCLA School of Law, where he teaches a course on business transactions and contract drafting. Neil attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he earned his BS degree at the business school and his JD degree at the law school. He has served as Chairman of several committees of the California State Bar, including its Ethics Committee, Business Law Section and Corporations Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Arts Association. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees of Windward School, Neil is currently serving on his 6th and final year on the Board at Village School, where his 12-year old twins are in 6th grade. In addition to their twins, Neil and his wife La Donna are parents to Cole, who is in 9th grade at Windward.


2011-2017 Strategic Plan Update


n 2011, the Board of Trustees approved the 2011-17 Strategic Plan, a document to serve as a comprehensive guide for the next six years of growth and evolution at Windward School. The product of contributions from every constituency within the school community, including students, administrators and faculty, parents, and alumni, the Strategic Plan highlights eight overarching goals that are critical to the long-term growth and vitality of the school. In the nearly three years since it was implemented, considerable progress has been made on all of the Plan’s eight areas of focus that have proven to be a crucial roadmap for institutional development. Led by Head of School Tom Gilder and the Board of Trustees, the Windward community continues it’s notable strides towards fulfilling each action area with characteristic passion and commitment. The latest progress on each of the Plan’s eight goals is summarized in the following highlights across each of the three strategic themes – Program & Faculty, Community, and 40th Anniversary. The stories that follow in this Magazine and Annual Report provide an additional look at the various programs and efforts that embody both our proud accomplishments and future plans to fulfill the promise of this Strategic Plan.


2011-2017 Strategic Plan Update (Continued) Program And Faculty Theme Educational Program

Goal 1: Review the curriculum and adapt our programs as needed to prepare our students to be successful and productive students and members of the 21st century community. Latest Progress: 1. Continued development of the Global Scholars Program allowing our most passionate students of global issues to pursue in-depth coursework and events in the field. As a recent example, our Global Program has partnered with the USC Shoah Foundation on our Rwandan Genocide project and Windward has been named a USC Shoah Partner School. We have partnerships with top universities, international secondary schools, and global organizations. (Page 22) 2. Established an Entrepreneurship Program that promotes innovative and creative problem solving in all students. Windward recognizes that entrepreneurial thinking goes beyond economic enterprise to include a world of social, political, artistic, and athletic entrepreneurs. Students have an opportunity to showcase their own products and budding companies at Buy It On The Bridge days, while learning from visiting speakers with a range of experience in entrepreneurial ventures. (Page 25) 3. Continued to rollout the one-to-one iPad program, which began with the eighth grade class during 2012-2013 and has now expanded to encompass students in grades 7-9. Students have gained technological fluency while unleashing their creativity and working collaboratively in a self-regulated learning environment. Faculty involved with the program have worked to incorporate this dynamic technological tool in an organic manner, encouraging active learning and discovery in a multitude of ways. Also, the CTL has provided workshops for both teachers and students to maximize the potential of iPads in an educational environment and devise ways to assess its effectiveness in the classroom.

4. Launched several new after school programs in the arts for Middle School students who are the most committed performing and visual artists. These include the WRED Intermediate and Advanced Dance Program, the Middle School Theater Workshop, the Visual Arts Workshop, and the Adventures in Broadcasting Class. 5. Expanded the Middle School Scholars program, which provides opportunities for participants to work under the guidance of a mentor to go beyond the expectations of the curriculum and engage in a deeper, interdisciplinary study of an area of interest. Nineteen 7th grade students chose to participate in the inaugural year of the Middle School scholars program and will complete their projects in May 2014. Selected topics include computer programming, women and leadership in Judaism, heart disease, opera, video game development, and bullying.

We prepare our students to be successful and productive students and members of the 21st century community.

6. Launched an exciting new Upper School electives program to encourage more students to participate in engaging, innovative, and dynamic academic courses that will support their personal growth and fuel their academic and extracurricular interests without the pressures of a full-time course.


2011-2017 Strategic Plan Update (Continued)

We recruit and retain excellent teachers, administrators, and staff who embrace the core values of the school…

Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Community Theme

Goal 5:

Coordinate and refine the school’s student services programs to help students to become well balanced young adults who engage actively in the life of the school and are supported in their efforts to reach their full potential.

Recruit and retain excellent teachers, administrators, and staff who embrace the core values of the school, and ensure that they are supported in their professional growth.

Goal 4: Define our strengths and convey them to the local community, to feeder schools, to other local schools, to universities, and to the wider community.

Prepare our students for effective participation in the 21st century global community through increased exposure to other cultures and communities, and make certain that Windward continues to be a welcoming, inclusive community.

Latest Progress:

Latest Progress:

1. Leveraged partnerships with universities and other organizations that support the initiatives of t h e W i n d w a rd I n s t i t u t e a n d o u r G l o b a l , Entrepreneurship, and STEAM Programs; publicized awards and new relationships with corporations like Disney, AECOM, and Boeing.

1. Welcomed numerous speakers on campus to provide well-rounded perspectives on issue of global and cultural import. (Page 24)

Latest Progress: 1. Partnered with Challenge Success (Stanford University), an organization focused on finding research-based solutions to increase student engagement in middle and upper schools without increasing the stress and pressure that students feel. The collaboration will help guide Windward students in ways that will ultimately prepare them to lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.

Latest Progress: 1. Welcomed two new Upper School programmatic leaders to the administrative team to support Windward students both in and out of the classroom. (Page 17) 2. Expanded the faculty mentoring program to include a new staff mentoring program and new staff meetings. Additionally, added further CTL offerings for ongoing and consistent faculty professional development, including a professional learning community and critical friends group. 3. Recognized the commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff at the annual Faculty/ Board Dinner, a much-beloved tradition. Employees marking their five-year anniversary receive a $10,000 interest-free loan, and those celebrating other significant anniversaries receive a $3,000 milestone award. Thank you for your years of distinguished service! The following employees were recognized for the Career Milestone Program during the 2012-2013 School Year:

2. Implemented new ways to provide leadership opportunities for our students and to bring student voice to programs including, but not limited to: the Middle School Leadership Council, the gradelevel retreat program, Monday Morning Meeting, the Student Leadership Council (SLC), and the Challenge Success Team. 3. Developed and ratified a campus-wide Academic Integrity Policy. Further steps will be taken to implement and maintain related programs that promote a school culture that places the highest value on academic honesty and ethical behavior. Windward was honored as the first secondary school ever to win the “Campus of Integrity” Award from the International Center for Academic Integrity.


2011-2017 Strategic Plan Update (Continued)

Tom Haglund (30 Years) Lyn Hoge (25 Years) Molly Branch (20 Years) Tammy Clem (15 Years) Meredith Hamel (15 Years) Nery Reyna (10 Years) Patrick Friel (10 Years) Ryan Staude (7 Years) Daniel Gutierrez (5 Years) Simon Huss (5 Years) Frederick Latimer (5 Years) Geraldine Loveless (5 Years) Larisa Showalter (5 Years)

2. Expanded the Communications Office team to provide enhanced specialization and resources, especially in the use of emerging technologies to deliver ef fective internal and external communication. 3. W indward ’s online presence has g rown significantly beyond a recently refreshed website, with an increased emphasis on social networking through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These communications methods and media technologies are used to tell compelling stories and share news in real-time throughout our community and beyond.

2. Refocused diversity and inclusivity efforts on identity as a model for approaching diversity, working in partnership with student, parents and faculty diversity groups. The faculty inclusivity group organized and ran two in-services that worked to educate teachers on fostering a safe, open environment everywhere on campus. 3. Further developed campus involvement of Global Studies and Global Scholars programs, which promote an understanding in students of their role as responsible citizens of the world. Welcomed visitors from Peru and China, and expanded overseas immersion options to include Guatemala; Shanghai, China; Tahiti; Cadiz, Spain; and the Dominican Republic. (Page 22)

4. Secured national and local media press coverage for Windward’s highprofile athletics programs, academic partnerships, projects, student accomplishments, and notable guest speakers. 5. Expanded outreach to community leaders and civic organizations, welcoming hundreds of Westside residents to a meeting with new Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (Page 34) and working with local groups on sponsorship of events such as the Mar Vista Fall Festival.


2011-2017 Strategic Plan Update (Continued)

Windward’s 40th Anniversary Theme

Goal 6: Develop an alumni program that strengthens the relationships within the alumni community and between the alumni and the school.

Goal 7: Provide financial resources for the future development and continued success of the school.

Latest Progress:

We work with all members of the Windward community to further develop a strong culture of giving.

1. Launched the Windward Network Initiative to look for and create lifelong connections and opportunities between the school and its graduates. As it expands, the Network will provide career support through all professional stages, support the ongoing pursuit of knowledge, and serve as a permanent professional resource. In turn, the Network provides multiple incentives for graduates to remain continually engaged with their alma mater. (Page 23)

Latest Progress:

3. Held an expanded Alumni Reunion Weekend with reunions on campus on Saturday night and had record attendance at the all-alumni picnic on Sunday. (Page 43) 4. Established an Alumni Leadership giving program. (Page 41) 5. Significantly increased participation in the Windward Alumni LinkedIn Group, providing ever-increasing opportunities for networking. Successfull y re-envisioned o u r a l u m n i communications strategy, increasing readership and expanded alumni presence on Facebook and other social media.

2. Added additional personnel to the alumni team, including two graduates from the last decade of Windward’s classes. With increased resources, and close ties to numerous members of the Alumni community, these added team members provide an excellent sense of how to define the school's strengths and the benefits of remaining an engaged Windwardian for life.


2011-2017 Strategic Plan Update (Continued)

1. Built upon an ongoing major gifts program that supports the continued de velopment and enhancement of Windward’s programs and facilities. In conjunction with the Board of Trustees’ Major Gifts committee, identified and matched those with the capacity to make transformative gifts with appropriate opportunities to leave a legacy at Windward. 2. Surpassed several successive Annual Fund goals, with proceeds supporting the financial aid program, faculty betterment program, and classroom enhancements. A strong Annual Fund is the cornerstone to an extraordinar y Windward education.

Goal 8: Work with all members of the Windward community to further develop a strong culture of giving. Latest Progress: 1. Hosted Parent of Alumni Reunions for parents from several graduating classes, continuing to maintain their relationship with the school. 2. Reworked the annual “Fallcoming” event to be a true “Homecoming,” including a breakfast for hundreds of grandparents as well as activities for alumni and their families. This e v e n t h a s g ro w n i n s c o p e significantly over the last two years. 3. Expanded the Salon Series and other Windward events to include alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends of the school. Promoted these events as an opportunity for networking and lifelong learning. 4. Redeveloped the Annual Golf Tournament from a small networking event to a major fundraiser with individual and corporate sponsors. This is now another beloved and anticipated end-of-year event that extends giving and social opportunities to complement those associated with Spring Event. (Page 57)

5. Communicated with graduating Seniors about the culture of giving, and the importance of alumni supporting the school. Encourage and educate seniors and young alumni to remain in contact with the School.


Windward School Faculty and Staff

Windward School Faculty and Staff (Continued) Windward Welcomes Educational Leaders Stella Beale: Stella Beale j o i n e d t h e W i n d w a rd Community in 2013 as Associate Director of the Upper School. Prior to Windward, she served as Class Dean and taught English at San Francisco University High School. In 2011, Stella was a visiting researcher at the Branson School, where she designed, taught, and evaluated a series of lessons for 9th grade students as well as completed data analysis of a research study concerning the effects of learning in a 1-to-1 i P a d e n v i ro n m e n t o n t h e m o t i v at i o n a n d achievement of students. Stella received her B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She received an M.A. in Education, Secondary English Instruction, from Wake Forest University and later earned a Masters in Education, Private School Leadership, from Teachers College of Columbia University and a Strategic Decisions and Risk Management Certificate with an Emphasis in Education from Stanford University.

Retiring Faculty and Staff Members With the golden beaches and the blue waves of the pacific visible from a panoramic window, faculty, staff, former students, and friends gathered at the Bel Air Bay Club on May 14, 2013 to honor two of Windward’s beloved and loyal employees: the World Language Department ’s Annick Bellordre, with 16 years at Windward, and Grace Makow, a fixture in the Business Office for nine years. Honored by Head of School Tom Gilder, each was presented with emotional remembrances, an honorary plaque and, in a nod to their love of world travel, a plane ticket to a destination of their choice. Thank you, Annick and Grace may your adventures continue…but never take you too far from the hearts and memories of the Windward family!


Roger Bridges: Windward welcomed Roger Bridges in 2013 to the Upper School Counseling team. Roger has worked in education for over 25 years, and has previously w o rke d w i t h a n o t h e r Windward administrator, Peggy Procter, at the Branson School. His experience in independent schools is seven years deep, and he has also spent time as a program director and consultant for an educational outreach program and as a counselor to children in residential treatment. Roger received his B.A. in Social work from San Francisco State University and continued working to later earn a M.A. also from SFSU. In addition to his extensive work in education, Roger has ventured into documentary film directing and theatre.

Windward’s Faculty: Lifelong Learners The constant exchange of ideas and best practices is a key component in fostering a dynamic learning environment. In 2012-2013, Windward’s teachers, administrators, and staff attended conferences around the country, shared presentations and best practices with peers in the educational community, and generated new ideas while strengthening professional affiliations. The following is just a sampling of some of the more notable outreach and enrichment opportunities Windward’s faculty took advantage of during the 2012-13 school year:

National Association of Independent School (NAIS) 2013 Annual Conference “Real Problems, Daring Solutions” Co-presented by science teacher Geraldine Loveless with David Boxer and Elizabeth Hastings (Blake School, MN) and Elaine Wrenn (Echo Horizon, CA)

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2013 Conference “Supporting Innovative and Dynamic Teaching and Learning Using Mobile Technology” (Jim Bologna and Geraldine Loveless)

The International Committee on Academic Integrity Annual Conference Windward became the first secondary school to win the prestigious Campus of Integrity Award

International Writing Centers Association Annual Conference “The Value of Partnerships Between Secondary Schools and Universities and Implementing An Innovative Peer Tutor Training Program” (Daniel Gutierrez )

National Association of College and Admission Counseling Conference Attended by Jill Gully, Kevin Newman, Molly Branch

International Conference of Thomas Paine Studies “A Cold, Deliberate Crime of the Heart: The Deterioration of the Washington-Paine Friendship and the Personal Nature of Politics in the Early Republic” (Ryan Staude)

Critical Teaching in Action (CTiA) 2013 Conference Geraldine Loveless led workshop introducing educators to Challenge Based Learning

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) “Student-Driven Collaborative Poetry Project Using Digital Media & Wikis” (Paula Hirsch)

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Conference “Improving Formative Assessment in High School Physics with Learning Catalytics” (Lisa Lamont)

Center for STEM education for girls at Harpeth Hall Think Tank and Conference “Windward School STEAM Scholars Program: What We Did and Why” (Cindy Beals, Rebecca Carter & Mya Caruso)

Hathaway Brown Education Innovation Summit Presentation by Peggy Procter, Jim Bologna, Larisa Showalter, and Eryn Hoffman on interdisciplinary learning and programs

Computer Using Educators (CUE) Annual Conference “Disruptive Innovation in Practice: 1-to-1 Pedagogies” (Co-presented by Jim Bologna)

Internet Librarian Conference “The Play, the Playwright, and the Scene: Using Google Docs, Sites, and YouTube” (Sarah Clark and  Jordan Fox)

Advance Placement Seminars Tom Haglund & Colin Rose (Biology), Phaizon Wood (Psychology), Mya Caruso (Math), Sabrina Erickson (Chemistry), Alma Castellanos (Spanish Language)


Windward School Faculty and Staff (Continued)

Windward School Faculty and Staff (Continued)

I am truly blessed in that I get to bring what I am learning in my master’s program back to Windward...

− Lisa Lamont Windward Faculty

Faculty Profile: Geraldine Loveless

Faculty Profile: Lisa Lamont

For the past two years, science & technology teacher Geraldine Loveless has been authentically incorporating challenge-based learning into Windward’s middle school science curricula.

Lisa joined the Windward community in 2009 as a Science and Technology Laboratory Technician and is currently pursuing her masters in Educational Technology and Media Leadership at Cal State University, Long Beach. Assuming a new role in Fall 2013 as Educational Technology Specialist, Lisa has been working extensively with the iPad program, creating professional development programs and exploring how to best assess the effectiveness of the iPad at Windward. She has been collaborating with faculty on numerous projects such as faculty from the World Language program, with whom she’s been working closely to facilitate a poetry discussion forum with a class in Mexico, and she is also currently creating an interdisciplinary course on game design, all while attending classes at Cal State Long Beach.

Challenge Based Learning (CBL) is an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that asks students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems. According to Geraldine, CBL “is the ultimate tool for teaching and learning as it combines relevant problems, experiential learning, community service, student empowerment, and authentic assessment to create an environment where students develop deep understandings and engage multiple subject areas to solve a problem.” With support from Windward’s Faculty Betterment Fund, Geraldine has been further honing her skills by attending and presenting at numerous academic conferences across the country. At the 2013 Teaching for Social Justice Conference, Geraldine presented a workshop that introduced Challenge Based Learning as a method of teaching for social justice. She has also led numerous local workshops where she has worked with educators to plan the initial steps of their CBL projects at their schools. In 2013, Geraldine presented at the Annual NAIS Conference about the impact of Challenge Based Learning on student critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration. Geraldine also presented a workshop at ISTE alongside Technology Director Jim Bologna on the integral role of technology in supporting innovative and dynamic teaching and learning, which helped prepare educational leaders to integrate mobile-technology into their curriculum for a more transformative learning experience. She reflected on her time at ISTE, one of the top technology conferences in the country, by saying, “I loved presenting in a 1:1 iPad setting, to a room full of so many other passionate educators, with directors of technology at three other schools, about how we use technology in education. The conference was so focused on how to truly use technology as a tool to improve learning. It was an incredible experience.”


“Because Windward has such incredible, forward thinking faculty and has such a strong emphasis on technology in the curriculum, I have been able to work on collaborative projects that have been truly meaningful to students.” During the 2012-2013 school year, Lisa worked with Geraldine Loveless in science as well as Ann-Marie Hobbs and Jennie Willens to combine science, technology and service learning in an elementary school eBook collaboration. The eBook was featured in the 100K in 10 newsletter, an organization that is striving to get at least 100 thousand tech proficient educators prepared and in classrooms within the next 10 years. “Windward has not only supported me financially in this endeavor, but I feel as though each and every member of the Windward community has supported me. I am truly blessed in that I get to bring what I am learning in my master’s program back to Windward and also to be able to share some of the amazing things I learn here at Windward back to my professors and colleagues at CSULB.”


Initiative and Program Update

Initiative and Program Update (Continued) and alumni of Windward and the broader community. The evening’s pre-and post- receptions, which featured special alumni guests, rounded out the night. The Windward community gathered at the UCLA Freud Playhouse this past January in celebration of Windward’s talented young performing artists and their creative partnership with some of today’s most renowned dance performers. An Evening of Dance featured

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Design Arts & Math) The Windward STEAM program boasts over 70 students involved in learning 21st century engineering skills and gaining experience with design problems that involve all STEAM elements. The program gained momentum in the 2012-2013 school year with a unique partnership with AECOM, a global leader in architecture, energy, transportation, and civil engineering, that allowed our students to learn through experiences with experts in these fields. This outstanding opportunity has been extended to Windward students in the form of an internship again this summer. Windward also partnered with Purdue University, and their EPICS High program which currently enriches our programs by allowing students to engage in engineering projects through community service. Through new events, added programs (a 3D printer was added in Fall 2013), and evolving partnerships, Windward continues to build upon its reputation as a premier STEAM school. Recently, the school was honored with the selection to participate in the Boeing High School Internship Program.

Windward vocalists performed in the Clive Davis Theatre at the Grammy Museum.

Performing Arts Initiative

Director and choreographer Adam Shankman and Windward alumna Jennifer Gibgot ’87 offer introductory remarks at January’s An Evening of Dance.


Windward strives to provide creative and collaborative environments in which students can safely develop their skills and shine as performing artists. We are in the midst of building a nationally prominent program, one where students can think of Windward as their “home” for the arts. Through our burgeoning Performing Arts Initiative, we have partnered with the local community and professional artists to give aspiring singers, actors, and musicians the technical skills they need to turn their interests in performing arts into a passion or lifelong career. The Performing Arts Initiative expands and invigorates our performing arts programming, creating curriculum, performance opportunities, and faculties to best prepare our students for future education and careers in the arts. Windward has a rich tradition of vocal music, led by music teacher John Higgins. Windward’s choral group performed to a packed house at the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum in December. The evening’s event was widely attended by parents, students, faculty,

original works performed by Windward’s Dance Company and created by guest artists Corey Anderson, Norbert de la Cruz III, James Patric Moran, and Sara Von Gillern as well as special appearances by director & choreographer Adam Shankman and Windward alumna Jennifer Gibgot ’87. Attendees were also treated to special performances by stars from TV’s So You Think You Can Dance? The show finished with a preview performance by Windward Repertory Ensemble of Dancers (WRED), a newly created competitive after school dance program for intermediate/advanced dancers at the middle school level, in a new work created by Nina Flagg. Windward’s student-artists are increasingly thriving within their supportive performing arts “home.” For example, since starting Windward as a 7th grader in the 2012-2013 school year, Spencer Lemann ’18 has received numerous honors and awards for his talents on the guitar. Spencer was the only guitarist selected for the Middle School Honor Jazz Ensemble, a group of 17 Middle School musicians from Southern California. He has also produced his own album, which he sells to the Windward community as part of our “Buy It On The Bridge” initiative, and he most recently took top honors at Westchester Rotary’s Jim Bunch 8th grade Arts Competition. Spencer is just one of the many talented, dedicated student-artists that have excelled at Windward. And, as the Performing Arts Initiative continues to grow, even more Windwardians will enjoy the support to hone their talents while discovering their passions.

Jack Miller ’17, Ethan Block ’17, YoungJae Ryu ’16, Marley Mullin ’17, & Maya Adberg ’16 win at the 2013-14 North San Diego Regional Robotics Tournament to qualify for states.

With support from donors, the addition of third coach Karalyn Ramon, and the commitment of student participants, Windward’s already competitive Robotics team has also risen to new levels of achievement. In December of 2013, Robotics team 5871d (YoungJae Ryu ’16, Maya Adberg ’16, Jack Miller ’17, Ethan Block ’17, and Marley Mullin ’17) won the North San Diego Regional Robotics Tournament, qualifying the Windward team for the state tournament in March 2014. Additionally, Team A (Mark Freeman ’15, John Parks ’15, Blaine Williams ’15, Sam Bernstein ’15, and Leo Adberg ’16) won the Think Award and Programmers Challenge Award for their programming skills. As opportunities grow for STEAM students, both on campus and at partner sites, participants will be even better equipped to tackle the scientific and engineering challenges of tomorrow.


Initiative and Program Update (Continued)

Initiative and Program Update (Continued) The Windward Network Many individuals with successful careers have learned the importance of developing and maintaining strong social networks of friends and colleagues to help open doors and make them aware of emerging opportunities. Our goal is for all Windward students to develop these critical skills and to be able to take advantage of the professional knowledge and personal connections that exist within our Windward Community. By fully capturing the collective wisdom and social networking of our parents, grandparents, Trustees, alumni and maintaining ties with these people throughout their lives, we can provide a vital resource to our students and alums that will give them a significant edge during their entire lives. The Windward Network formalizes a process that leverages the valuable connections that exist within our Windward Community. Some of the many ways that we have seen the Windward Network at work this year have been through the Lunch & Learn Series catered towards students and alumni, as well as the Salon Series and Windward Institute Speaker Series, which are open to the entire Windward Community. These events not only serve as a platform for continued education about various topics of interest, but also bring students and alumni together with like minded individuals, allowing new relationships to form and enabling Windwardians to strengthen their professional network.

Global Programs The Global Program at Windward places special emphasis on both global content and global skills. Students cover content on world languages, world cultures, and global issues while developing skills necessary to succeed in an interconnected world such as public speaking, technological fluency, and collaboration. The successful curriculum sets Windward apart from similar global programs at other leading independent schools. Windward’s Global Program began an impressive trajectory of growth beginning in the 2012-2013 school year. The program expanded to include 28 Global Scholars who were accepted into specialized study programs on specific global issues, 24 students in the Global Online Academy, and 35 students in the 10th grade Global Studies Honors course. Throughout the Global Program, students are continually challenged to tackle complex global issues through multiple perspectives, innovative solutions, and collaborative problem solving. Faculty members forged two groundbreaking university partnerships in the past year that will continue to offer expanded learning opportunities for students. A collaboration with both the University of Southern California and the University of Queensland will grant


students access to world-class learning facilities and opportunities outside the classroom. In our partnership with USC’s Shoah Foundation, Windward was invited to become an official Partner School. While in this role, Windward students will have access to vast USC historical databases, USC’s world-class faculty, and USC’s global network. Peggy Procter, Eryn Hoffman, and Tom Haglund fostered our newest partnership with University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia this past spring. The partnership connects Windward seniors to UQ faculty and students at the Center for Educational Innovation and the Research Partnership’s Office. We expect to send almost 30 Windward seniors to UQ in the spring of 2015 to engage in university-level fieldwork at UQ’s Heron Island Research Station, located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Our students will study the impacts of globalization and climate change on marine life using these incredible resources. In addition to the Global Program gaining momentum, students are offered more opportunities for immersion and cultural enlightenment through a series of international trips. Recent and upcoming global adventures include trips to Guatemala; Shanghai, China; Tahiti; Cadiz, Spain; and the Dominican Republic.

Recent speakers include: Jodie Foster (“Creativity and Risk Taking in Hollywood”) and Dr. Craig Barrett, Former CEO of Intel (“Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy through the Lens of Intel”). Jonathan Friedland ’77, Chief Communications Officer at Netflix, teamed up with Billy Ray, screenwriter of Captain Phillips and The Hunger Games, and David Goyer, screenwriter of Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy, to host an event entitled “Entertainment in the Age of New Media.” In the near future, we plan to host a speaker series event touching on the industries of Sports and Business. Our Network team will continue to diligently survey various constituencies within our W i n d w a rd C o m m u n i t y t o s e e k o u t connections as we continue hosting dynamic speakers and providing valuable professional opportunities.


Initiative and Program Update (Continued)

Section Headline Initiative and Program for Windward Update (Continued) Annual Report numerous groups in the Windward community including parents, teachers, and students. The Windward Entrepreneurship and Networking Initiative meetings are in full swing and the group has plans to visit several colleges and universities to investigate programs and best practices so that we can determine which models fit our goals and can then be adapted and implemented at Windward.

Wendy Greuel - Los Angeles City Controller and Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate

Eric Garcetti - Los Angeles Mayor Corey Olds - Diversity Consultant, Founder of the Excelsus Foundation David Levinson - Founder, Big Sunday Don Cheadle - Actor Alexander Payne - Director and Producer Guest Artists (Dance) - Sara Von Gillern, Nina Flagg, Holly Rothschild, Ate9 Dance Company, Tina Berkett of BODYTRAFFIC, James Patric Moran, Corey Anderson, Thang Dao

GLOBAL SPEAKERS Dr. Henri Ford, Vice President and Chief of Surgery, Children’s

A Sampling Of Speakers Throughout the school year, there are a number of special guests welcomed to Windward in order to enlighten the community with their professional expertise. These speakers share their passion while providing students with real world stories about what made them each successful in their chosen field. From entrepreneurs to restaurateurs, the Windward community engages with each speaker at a number of events. Guests are brought to the school by the parentsupported Salon Series, the Windward Institute, and the student-led Speaker Series. Opportunities to interact with these special guests include in-class experiences, evening workshops, and lunchtime lectures. The community continues to actively seek out these types of enriching experiences, and looks forward to welcoming new speakers in the coming years.

Hospital Los Angeles, Vice-Dean, Medical Education - Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Dr. Greg Anderson, author of Designated Drivers: How China Plans to Dominate the Global Auto Industry Dr. James Gelvin, Professor of History, UCLA Dr. Kevin Terraciano, Professor of History and Director for the Center for Latin American Studies, UCLA

Dr. Diego Rosso, Professor of Engineering, UC irvine Ted Braun, USC, documentary filmmaker, Darfur Now Dr. Ronald Castillo, Peruvian and Quechua author Landry Doyle, Generosity Water Bosilika An, social entrepreneur, youth activist for global girl’s empowerment, and United Nations Youth Champion

Michael Okigbo-Odokara, Founder of the Mugabe Foundation, Some recent guests and speakers at Windward include:

Dr. Craig R. Barrett - Former CEO and Chairman of the Board,

Jane Wurwand and Dan Ginsburg, founder and vice

Intel Corporation

president of Dermalogica

Clayton Dube - USC US-China Institute Executive Director Kristy Cho - Case Manager, Coalition to Abolish Slavery &

Lori Getz - Instructional Technologist and Founder, Cyber

Trafficking (CAST)

David Goyer - Screenwriter, Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy Jonathan Friedland ’77 - Chief Communications Officer, Netflix Billy Ray - Screenwriter, Captain Phillips and the Hunger Games Rudy Ruettiger - Motivational speaker and former collegiate football player for the University of Notre Dame

Hudson Lofchie ’08 - Co-Founder of Zoe Nathan - Restaurateur Michael Dukakis - Former Governor of Massachusetts and Democratic nominee for President, 1988

Will Ferrell - Actor


supporting youth education in Africa and India

Education Consultants

Entrepreneurship In the 2013-14 school year, we continue to build and develop our Entrepreneurship program by expanding the number of Buy It on the Bridge events and offering mentorship opportunities to students engaged in those events. We will compete in the Case Study Competition again this year, and have started to meet regularly, to prepare for the competition. Furthermore, our students had an opportunity to meet Craig Barrett, the retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Intel Corporation.  Dr. Barrett interacted with

Taking The Field As a result of generous support from the community, Windward debuted a greatly improved outdoor athletic complex in 2013. The improvements to the fields included the expansion of the football field to enable 11-man football game play, new seating in the stands (for more comfortable viewing), an upgraded baseball diamond, and professional-style dugouts. During the renovation, the Windward Wall of Champions feature was added to the new field patio in order to highlight successful athletes. The signage honors all athletes who moved on to compete at the collegiate level, and serves as a place to view all championship titles won by each athletic program in school history. With this new setup now in place, both players and fans alike will enjoy all the benefits that home-field advantage can really bring.

SCIENCE / STEAM SPEAKERS: Dr. Laurie Leshin - Dean at RPI and one of the creators of the JPL Mars Rover

Katie Transue - Education Coordinator, Algalita Marine Research Institute

Joe Greenfield - Digital Forensics Faculty, USC Verbeti School of Engineering; Associate at Maryman & Associates Computer Forensics firm Dr. Troy Carter - Professor of Physics, UCLA Dr. Dubravka Pezic - Biology Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology

Al-Riaz Adatia - Co-founder, IMDI




indward student-athletes continue to achieve great success both on the field and on the court. Varsity Football completed their first 11-man season in 2012-13, going 5-4 and qualifying for the playoffs.

In Upper School, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, and Baseball won league titles. Girls Basketball, ranked as high as #2 nationally during their season, won CIF, and made it to the state final game. Middle School sports continued to thrive as well, with league Championships in six sports during 2012-2013. The Class of 2013 sent 10 student-athletes to compete collegiately in Divisions I, II and III.“It was a great year,” said Athletic Director Steve Smith. “Our student-athletes once again represented our school with great pride and tremendous dignity.”


Athletics (Continued)

In the Fall of 2013, Windward again got off to a strong start as the Middle School Girls Cross Country team took home the Pacific Basin League Championship for their second consecutive year. Varsity Volleyball repeated their Alpha League Championship and Upper School Cross Country won the Delphic League. And as the Varsity Football team defended their home turf, a packed crowd celebrated the inauguration of Windward’s newly renovated Foley Field, the site of many victories to come.

Class of 2013 Collegiate Athletes Student



Charles Dawson Aleina Edwards Hannah Holmes Courtney Jaco Jasmine Johnson Nathan Jamieson Dylan Kelley Elijah Kirkland-Cuffe Stephan Toskovic Jordan Wilson



University of Pennsylvania


Tulane University

Sand Volleyball



University of Missouri


University of Wisconsin




Grandview University


Franklin & Marshall College


University of Northern Colorado Basketball


Athletics (Continued)


Athletics (Continued)


Performing Arts

Performing Arts (Continued)

Windward’s Upper School Dance Company has collaborated with a stellar artist roster that includes Norbert de la Cruz III, Sara Von Gillern, and Holly Rothschild.


rom ComedySportz to Coffee House, musical theatre to musical recording, talent of all types is on display across Windward’s Performing Arts Department.

Theatre students showed proficiency in a wide range of stagecraft, from a thoughtful adaptation of Pride and Prejudice to the whimsical tunes of Legally Blonde. Many cast members received honorable mentions for their work from the California Educational Theater Association (CETA). The 2013 Fall Play, Listening Out Loud: An Evening of Comedic One Act Plays, continued the diverse programming that makes Windward’s theatre program so unique.

The highlights of the 2013 Instrumental Music year included the formation of the new Windward Spirit Band, which performed at many of the key athletic events, and offered a chance for all grade levels to perform as a unit. Windward’s Advanced Jazz Ensemble completed its second CD, entitled Impressions, which was recorded in its entirety in the campus-based Studio 400.

From a site-specific performance at Windward to the most recent Evening of Dance spectacular at the UCLA Freud Playhouse, the Company continues to create beautiful works that have entranced audiences.

The Windward Repertory Ensemble of Dancers (WRED) continues to grow and flourish. A competitive after school dance program for intermediate/advanced dancers at the middle school level, WRED has incorporated works from renowned guest choreographers into its repertoire.

Among the many highlights of Windward’s Technical Theater was a second-place win in the Set and Lights category of the 2013 DTASC Shakespeare Festival, one of the largest educational theater festivals in Southern California. Along with other stage opportunities for Middle School students, the Windward Theater Workshop offers an opportunity for actors to be challenged and perform in an after school program. Recent exercises for participants included learning how to collaborate and write an original sketch comedy, which was then performed in front of their families and the entire Middle School community.



Visual and Media Arts

Visual and Media Arts (Continued) Five Windward Students Honored with Gold in Spring 2013 Scholastic Art Awards In a remarkable showing, five Windward students who submitted work to the Scholastic Art Awards were honored with the “Gold Key” top award in Spring 2013. Congratulations for the highest award are in order for: Jackson Benarroch (Design), Nicole Benun (Drawing), Jenny Davis (Design), Benjamin Markiles (Digital Art), and Samantha Wapner (Design). In total, 66 Windward students were honored, with 18 receiving the “Silver Key” award, and remaining students receiving honorable mention. Windward Visual Art students submit to the Scholastic Art Awards annually, and award recipients are chosen out of thousands of submissions nationwide.

The Installation Project at Windward: Antonio Jose Guzman During the fourth annual visitor artist-inresidence program, The Installation Project at Windward, the community welcomed an installation by international artist Antonio Jose Guzman. Based in Amsterdam, Dakar, and Panama City, Guzman’s multimedia installations explore migration, diasporas, and the moving, mixing, and clashing of world cultures. His installations research transatlantic movements, global networks, and the impulse to create an international collective memory. They also explore the mechanisms of power and violence inherent in the ongoing and open confrontation between different worlds, connecting our global experiences to the political present as well as to unresolved issues of the colonial past. At Windward, Guzman created the PSY Windward Mapping Project, an analysis of psychogeographic social interaction and spatial mobility. He worked with our students to create a mapping of their identities from the physical and mental geographies they traverse in their everyday lives. Using the classic film The Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames as a model for broadening our understanding of where we exist in the universe, students explored and aesthetically reimagined what it means to be a global citizen.


National Art Honor Society Windward’s artistic community celebrated the induction of two new groups of Visual Arts students into the National Art Honor Society, an accolade earned by their demonstrated commitment to high artistic standards, leadership, and service. Inductees were honored by a display of their work in the Held and Bordy Family Gallery, culminating with a ceremony where each student had their face painted as they were presented with a certificate and a gilded paint brush; symbolic of their commitment to the visual arts. The group is sponsored by the National Education Association, the professional organization for art teachers, classroom teachers, college and university personnel, museum art educators, and others concerned with the quality of education in the visual arts. The organization encourages the creative abilities of students and helps them attain their highest potential in the field of art.

Congratulations to the Fall 2012 Inductees: Katie Adler Eric DeAngelis Aleina Edwards Calli Goldstein Cody Gomberg Spencer Gooding Grant Klein Marcus Klein

Emma Laurent Eloise Lynton Emma Rust Ariella Salimpour Caroline Sischo Emily Sussman Sophia Wolens Samantha Wapner

Nicole Benun Stephanie Garcia Arlo Gordon Lauren Katz Ben Markiles Lauren Rowe Cameron Stephens Sarah Trenton

Congratulations to the Fall 2013 Inductees: Aaron Farkas Alexander Ball Ally Klein Ari Tooch Brooke Rosenthal Connor Damon Elena Vazquez Emily Brooks Genevieve Marburg Griffin Pion

Isabel Garcia jackson benarroch Jackson Prindle Julia Bersch Katia Kupelian Kristi Hong Leah Moore Mikaela Baruch Olivia Edwards Riley Jameson

Riley Shapiro Samantha Schriger Samson Jeter Sarah Mitchell Sarah Trenton Tate Smith Taylor Tabb Tyler Inn Victoria Haglund


In the Community

In the Community (Continued) “The students were extra motivated because this was something they were doing that wasn’t necessarily attached to a grade. It was a better impetus for getting it done, knowing the families were really looking forward to receiving the finished product,” said Northenor. She added, “It was great to see my students utilizing the skills they have gained in the classroom in a real-life community service setting. The students were working on-site as if these families were actual clients of theirs.” The students got just as much out of the experience as the participating families. They learned tangible, real-world skills while giving back to the community that has been so welcoming to them over the years.

Picture This: Snapshots for Service

Windward Gets “Back to Basics”with Mayor Garcetti

Windward students themselves complete thousands of hours of service…

As he prepared to take office in Summer 2013, Mayor Eric Garcetti conducted a “Back to Basics Community Meeting” listening tour at select locations around the city. Windward was delighted to partner with the Mayor’s Office as the Westside location for the visit, and a crowd of nearly 500 families, students, neighbors, volunteers, and civic leaders came to campus in June for a day of discussion and engagement. Guests were greeted by Dr. Kevin Newman, who stressed the importance of neighborhood partnerships and noted that Windward students themselves complete thousands of hours of service activities in every section of the city. Other honored guest speakers, including U.S. Representative Karen Bass, Councilmember-elect Mike Bonin, and Councilmember Paul Koretz, emphasized the value of civic participation at every level. Attendees then broke into discussion groups to talk about the issues facing Los Angeles today. Mayor Garcetti stopped by each group to listen and dialogue with residents about potential ways these challenges could be overcome to create a better city. Along with other speakers who have recently visited the Windward campus for talks about civic engagement – like former Presidential nominee Gov. Michael Dukakis, City Controller Wendy Gruel, and Big Sunday Founder David Levinson - the Mayor’s visit presented a tremendous opportunity to engage the wider community in thinking about the impact citizens can make, both as individuals and together in partnership.


Like many service learning projects, Windward’s Family Portraits at WCC, a community service initiative created to provide beautiful holiday portraits to local families in need, began with a studentgenerated idea. Dean of Student Life and Experiential Learning Jennie Willens reached out to Windward’s frequent community partner, Westside Children’s Center, for support in housing the budding project. WCC, which provides educational and family support services to atrisk children and their families, has volunteers from all over the Los Angeles area who were thrilled to offer the Family Portraits event to their clients because it is a service that most of their families would not otherwise have the financial means to access. In just two years, the original idea has been transformed into a full-blown program that is now solely student-produced, and the service has become a meaningful success for both the families and the students involved.

“It was an amazing experience because I was doing community service and helping people by doing something I love, which is taking pictures,” said Windward sophomore Haylie Wollitz. Windward’s establishment of a learning project within the community is a testament to the long tradition of service and civic engagement cherished by students, parents, and faculty. The Westside Children’s Center has also served as an incubator for such other successful programs as Book in a Bag, an early childhood literacy project that w a s re c o g n i z e d b y President George H.W. Bush’s Points of Light Foundation in 2012.

Willens hopes to use this project and Northenor’s success as an example of how service learning in the curriculum can boost In December 2013, Willens teamed up with Windward faculty member student enthusiasm and Hannah Northenor ’99, who jumped at the opportunity to encourage learning. “Hannah is very her students from Photography II to participate. During the project, involved in bringing all of students learned how to use major equipment on-site at the Westside t h e w o rk i n t o t h e Children’s Center and gained first-hand experience at what production classroom, so now we can work is like in a professional setting. The students then used their call it a true ser vice Photoshop skills during the post-production phase, which included learning project,” she photo editing and DVD burning. “This was a great opportunity to notes. Other departments ‘learn outside the classroom’ in an experiential space,” said Northenor. and faculty are currently Each participating family was given several polished images on a in development on new DVD as well as one 8" x 10" printed image. The final portraits created service learning projects such excitement that the number of families taking advantage of the (Spanish classes and science classes will do outreach at Grand View service  grew significantly from the first year of the program to the Blvd Elementary School in the spring of 2014) and Willens hopes to second. During the 2013 holiday season, 45 families participated in see more departments collaborate with local partners to create engaging and hands on projects in the near future. the family holiday portrait event.


The Class of 2013

Michael Philip Adashek Katie Rose Adler Alison Berkowitz Dylan Rachel Brackpool David Kim Brourman Ayana Tai Cheadle Charles Henry Dawson Eric Allen DeAngelis Jason Edward Diamond Jessica Selina Diaz Joseph Dorfman Alexander Nicholas Doudoumopoulos Max Alexander Doyen Aleina Grace Edwards Savannah Joy Ennis Alison Jessica Feinswog Jared Feldman Samantha Fleck Hayley Rose Frankel Ruby Frankel Marisa Ruth Freedman Ted Robert Fruchtman


Calli Goldstein Cody Montana Gomberg Spencer James Gooding Kara Grant Matthew James Gross Morgan Gruber Samuel Guber Adam Haagen Jocelyn Samantha Hansson Claudia Marie Hellstrom Sophie Taylor Hoblit Jamie Vaughn Hobson Hunter Davis Hollander Hannah Rose Holmes Courtney Nicole Jaco Nathan Tucker Jamieson Jasmine Yvonne Johnson Danielle Dakota Joy Dylan Semmel Kelley Elijah Kirkland-Cuffee Kurt Michael Stanley Kirschner Kelly Kirshner Grant Franklin Klein

The Class of 2013 (Continued)

Marcus Gabriel Klein Alexandre Ransey Kupelian Emma Sophie Laurent Zak Cole Stutz Levine Eloise Alter Lynton Troye Aja Mosley Samantha Joanne Nagler Jason Benjamin Novack Griffin Henry Epstein Owens Ashkan Parsee Kirav Paryus Patel Nelson Peralta Carol Antoinette Powell Kelsey Lynn Reynolds Danielle Ilana Rosenbach Joseph Max Rubin David Max Rudolph Emma Rust Adam Thomas Ruth Matthia Bethany Sales Ariella Moriah Salimpour Tanner Savitsky Augustus Kelley Schiff

Nicholas Senturia Michael Lewis Shephard Aaron Joshua Siegal Rachel Faith Silton Caroline Rachel Sischo Ashley Page Smith Robert St. Thomas Madison Alexandra Stingray Emily Sussman Stefan Toskovic David William Lloyd Turk Olivia Marie Uhley Samantha Dora Wapner Noah Milan Watts-Russell Aaron Benjamin Weinberg Rocky Jacob Weiner Jake Weston Jordan Alexander Wilson Allison Rose Winters Reed Bennett Wise Sophia Helene Wolens Lauren Sunhae Yu

Class of 2013 College Matriculation

Graduation 2013

Congratulations to the Class of 2013! Your achievements – academic, artistic, and athletic – have left an indelible mark on Windward School. Your talent, spirit, and commitment will be greatly missed. And while the pursuit of your passions now continues at more than 50 colleges and universities — from Santa Barbara to Scotland — remember that you will forever be a member of the Windward Community.

The members of the Class of 2013 were celebrated during a commencement ceremony on June 5, 2013. The achievements of Windward’s graduating seniors were highlighted during an event filled with poetry, song, and wisdom from classmates, teachers, and Faculty Speaker Tim O’Hallorhan. Among the many poignant and fitting tributes to the Class of 2013 was a speech shared by Olivia Uhley, excerpted below:

Barnard College (2) California State University, Northridge (2) Chapman University (2) Duke University Emerson College (2) Emory University Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts Franklin and Marshall College Georgetown University Grand View University Harvard College Howard University (3) Indiana University at Bloomington Lehigh University (2) New York University (5) Northeastern University (2) Northwestern University (2) Parsons The New School for Design Reed College Rice University Sarah Lawrence College Skidmore College

Stanford University Syracuse University (2) Tufts University Tulane University (4) University of California at Berkeley (7) University of California at Irvine University of California at Los Angeles University of California at Santa Barbara University of Chicago (2) University of Colorado at Boulder (3) University of Michigan (5) University of Missouri Columbia University of Northern Colorado University of Pennsylvania (5) University of San Diego University of Southern California (10) University of St. Andrews University of Wisconsin, Madison Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University (3) Whitman College Yale University

Olivia Uhley: Let ’s take a moment to jump ahead four years. Each of us will look back on today and remember it differently. Each of our memories represents a piece of a puzzle. If a television screen were to appear above the heads of each of my classmates, we would see so many memories that make up who they are. We would see their friends, families, successes and failures. The way we remember our lives is what makes us diverse and gives us perspective. This is what makes life beautiful. Today is a joyful event that should be remembered through a positive lens. I think we have all begun to realize how quickly time goes as we grow older. With that, I’d like to remember one person in particular. Shirley Windward. As many of us know, today marks the first graduation ceremony in which Shirley is present as a memory. No matter how each of you remembers her, please keep that memory close to you throughout today. Whether it is a conversation, a smile, a story, or a poem that sticks in your minds, that memory represents a very personal relationship with an incredible woman. To close this section of the ceremony, I’d like to read one of Shirley’s poems.

…even with all we must do to hold the vast world web together, time ripped, time wrenched and time refashioned, someone loved, honored, bowed head to, will pass by on fresh wings to leave a ghostly kiss on my left ear lobe, whispering remember me.


The Class of 2013 (Continued)

The Class of 2013 (Continued)

2013 Senior Honor Awards Valedictorians: Kirav Patel, Allison Feinswog Arts: Performing Arts: Olivia Uhley Visual Arts: Samantha Wapner Head of School Award: Jamie Hobson Athletics: Female athlete: Courtney Jaco Upper School Award: Olivia Uhley Male athlete: Alexandre Kupelian

National Honor Society Eric Allen DeAngelis Jason Edward Diamond Joseph Dorfman Alexander Doudoumopoulos Aleina Grace Edwards Alison Jessica Feinswog Jared Ryan Feldman Samantha Ada Fleck Theodore Robert Fruchtman Calli Sara Goldstein Cody Montana Gomberg Kara Elizabeth Grant Jamie Vaughn Hobson Hannah Rose Holmes Dylan Semmel Kelley Kelly Susannah Kirshner Grant Klein Marcus Gabriel Klein Emma Sophie Laurent Zachary Cole Stutz Levine Eloise Alter Lynton Samantha Joanne Nagler Jason Benjamin Novack Griffin Henry Epstein Owens Kirav Paryus Patel Danielle Ilana Rosenbach David Max Rudolph Emma Rust Adam Thomas Ruth Ariella Moriah Salimpour Tanner Scott Savitsky Augustus Kelley Schiff Nicholas Prou Senturia Michael Lewis Shephard


Rachel Faith Silton David William Lloyd Turk Olivia Marie Uhley Samantha Dora Wapner Noah Milan Watts-Russell Rockwell Jacob Weiner Reed Bennett Wise Lauren Sunhae Yu

Cum Laude Society Alison Jessica Feinswog Theodore Robert Fruchtman Jamie Vaughn Hobson Zachary Cole Stutz Levine Eloise Alter Lynton Samantha Joanne Nagler Griffin Henry Epstein Owens Kirav Paryus Patel Michael Lewis Shephard Samantha Dora Wapner Rockwell Jacob Weiner

Service Honor Society Michael Philip Adashek Katie Rose Adler Dylan Rachel Brackpool Eric Allen DeAngelis Jason Edward Diamond Max Alexander Doyen Alison Jessica Feinswog Jared Ryan Feldman Hayley Rose Frankel Ruby Arielle Frankel Cody Montana Gomberg Jamie Vaughn Hobson Hannah Rose Holmes

Danielle Dakota Joy Elijah Kirkland-Cuffee Kelly Susannah Kirshner Grant Klein Marcus Gabriel Klein Emma Sophie Laurent Zachary Cole Stutz Levine Eloise Alter Lynton Samantha Joanne Nagler Griffin Henry Epstein Owens Kirav Paryus Patel Carol Antoinette Powell Tanner Scott Savitsky Aaron Joshua Siegal Caroline Rachel Sischo Ashley Page Smith Robert Lawrence St.Thomas Emily Kasten Sussman Olivia Marie Uhley Samantha Dora Wapner Reed Bennett Wise Sophia H. Wolens Lauren Sunhae Yu

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Joseph Dorfman Alexander Doudoumopoulos Alison Jessica Feinswog Jared Ryan Feldman Theodore Robert Fruchtman Kara Elizabeth Grant Jamie Vaughn Hobson Zachary Cole Stutz Levine Samantha Joanne Nagler Griffin Henry Epstein Owens

English: Eloise Lynton History: Samantha Wapner Mathematics: Rockwell Weiner Science: Adam Ruth Kirav Paryus Patel Danielle Ilana Rosenbach Ariella Moriah Salimpour Tanner Scott Savitsky Rachel Faith Silton Olivia Marie Uhley Rockwell Jacob Weiner Jake Weston Reed Bennett Wise Lauren Sunhae Yu

Société Honoraire de Français Aleina Grace Edwards Samantha Ada Fleck Calli Sara Goldstein Emma Sophie Laurent Eloise Alter Lynton Andrew Ashkan Parsee Nelson Peralta Emma Rust Adam Thomas Ruth David William Lloyd Turk Samantha Dora Wapner Noah Milan Watts-Russell

International Thespian Society Alison Camryn Berkowitz Ayana Tai Cheadle Savannah Joy Ennis Ruby Arielle Frankel Matthew James Gross Morgan Gruber Alexandre Ramsey Kupelian Samantha Joanne Nagler Carol Antoinette Powell

World Language: Nelson Peralta Shirley Windward Award For Service: Kelsey Reynolds

Danielle Ilana Rosenbach Augustus Kelley Schiff Rachel Faith Silton Olivia Marie Uhley Samantha Dora Wapner Jake Weston

National Art Honor Society Katie Philip Adler Eric Allen DeAngelis Aleina Grace Edwards Calli Sara Goldstein Cody Montana Gomberg Spencer James Gooding Grant Klein Marcus Gabriel Klein Emma Sophie Laurent Eloise Alter Lynton Emma Rust Ariella Moriah Salimpour Caroline Rachel Sischo Emily Kasten Sussman Sophia H. Wolens Samantha Dora Wapner

TRI M Music Society David Kim Brourman Alison Jessica Feinswog Jared Ryan Feldman Matthew James Gross Alexander Adam Haagen V Samantha Joanne Nagler Emma Rust Adam Thomas Ruth David William Lloyd Turk Olivia Marie Uhley



Alumni (Continued) ALUMNI GIVING 2012-2013 We are grateful for all the alumni who made generous gifts to the Annual Fund in 2012-2013, supporting financial aid, faculty betterment, and programmatic enhancements. With the help of the following donors in 2012-13, alumni contributions to Windward reached an all-time high. Special thanks go out to those who participated at the new Alumni Leadership Donor level, with gifts of $1,000 or more. Thank you for your continued support!

Leadership Donors

Back Row L to R: Manish Raval ’92, Emily Kovner Moss ’91, Jorge Flores ’84, Linda McLoughlin Figel ’81, Leslie Katzman Wallach ’84 Front: Jennifer Shankman Gibgot ’87, Taos Huskey ’93, Rob Pasnau ’85 Not pictured: Elliot Gordon ’74, Hillary Gordon ’77, Greg Simon ’85, Rob Solomon ’87, Josh Lippman ’95, Michael Sugarman ’05

From the Alumni Council Co-Presidents The Windward Alumni Council celebrates its second year by continuing to grow and find new opportunities for engagement. The core of the Windward experience – strong relationships with teachers, deep friendships, and thought-provoking learning opportunities in the context of a caring community– continues at the school through the alumni experience as well. The entire Windward community mourned the loss of Shirley Windward in October 2012, and for alumni of the school, this loss was especially profound. We have all been touched by her inexhaustible spirit and enthusiasm which left an indelible imprint on our school and shaped generations of Windward alumni. Her impact was readily apparent from the many alumni who paid tribute to Shirley at the Remembrance and Celebration and shared their stories and memories online. Though she is no longer with us physically, we each carry on her legacy through our shared experiences at Windward and beyond.

Vanessa Alexander ’87 Kira Solmon Cooper ’87 Linda McLoughlin Figel ’81 Jennifer Shankman Gibgot ’87 Elliot Gordon ’74 and Carol Schwartz* Taos Huskey ’93 Emily Kovner Moss ’91 and Eric Owen Moss* Rob Pasnau ’85 and Julie Leeds* Chip Robertson ’90 Kenneth ’86 and Michal Salkin* Greg ’85 and Toni Simon Robert ’87 and Jennifer Solomon

Donors Robin Akashi ’04 Jonathan Allen ’10 Steven Allen ’10 Jack Anderson ’07 Ceth Ashendouek ’85 and Frieda Ashendouek

Crystal Balthrop ’96* Alex Black ’03 Jonathan Black ’09 Samantha Chinn ’86 Amanda Cohn ’02 Alex DeAngelis ’10 Monica DeAngelis ’08 Wendy Dembo ’84 Andrea Craig Dodge ’85 and Joseph Dodge Andrew Edelstein ’91 Jeffrey Forney ’01 Katherine Friedman ’90 Craig Furst ’91 David Galperson ’87 Gabriel Ganor ’86 David Gold ’89 Alex Gordon ’09 Andrew Gordon ’12 Chris Gordon ’09 Daniel Gordon ’10 Scott Gordon ’84

Brett Gottlieb ’85 Jonathan Hausman ’85 and Danielle Miller Josh Johnson ’93 Christian Kaplan ’85 Katherine Kehr ’95 Russell Kern ’74 Ethan ’85 and Tracy Kleinberg Gregory ’88 and Stephanie Konkoff Noah Kovner ’99 Karen Loewinger Sraberg ’87* Christopher Low ’08 Leah Lucid ’06 Alma Medina ’88 Lucas Meyers ’88 Lawrence Mirisch ’76 Matthew Mirkin ’01 Ryan Mirkin ’06 Stephanie Mirkin ’03 Ashley Nahai ’06 Steven Page ’03 John Pasnau ’74

Joshua Perttula ’88 Lauren Reisman Polak ’93 and Jeff Polak Mark Polland ’81 Schuyler Ransohoff ’07 Heather Regnier ’04 Bennett ’78 and Julie Roberts Benjamin Sanders ’02* Russell Shane ’73 and Delaine Winkler Shane Abbey Shi ’04 Beth Shreve ’85 Rachel Silverman ’06 Adam Spira ’92 Brad Sterling and Danielle Laff Sterling ’89 Michael Sugarman ’05 Alexander Yousefzadeh ’08* Leila Yousefzadeh ’06* * 5 years of consecutive giving

Windward remains a tight-knit community that transcends geographic boundaries. By expanding our outreach efforts beyond the borders of Los Angeles, we welcomed alumni at mixers held in New York and the Bay Area. Windward also continues to provide educational opportunities to those of us who are dedicated lifelong learners. The Windward Institute Salon Series brought Michael Dukakis to campus for an engaging and passionate conversation about public service. Alumni had the opportunity to talk with him directly at a special reception before the event. The Scotch Tasting brought alumni together from all generations to bond over the many varieties of malted scotch and refine their palettes. Reunion Weekend brought over 200 alumni, family, and friends back to campus to connect with classmates and beloved faculty for milestone year reunion dinners and the All Alumni Picnic. Embracing the intrinsic connections within the Windward community, alumni are engaging in innovative ways: from hosting internships for Windward seniors, helping a fellow alum find a job, and speaking to students on campus. Through the formalization of the Windward Network, our strong community bonds can be tapped to offer greater resources to help alumni advance their careers or seek advice and education. We’ve also seen a spirit of philanthropic giving reach new heights this year, enabling faculty to pursue professional development and giving deserving students the opportunity to have a Windward education. As Shirley advocated, even one person can make a difference and influence the lives of so many. Each of us has that potential and a responsibility to make our community stronger so that the next generation of Windward alumni has the same, if not better, experience we had. As Shirley could attest, the more we can find opportunities to give of ourselves, the more we can discover enrichment in kind. Sincerely, Emily Kovner Moss ’91 Alumni Council Co-President


Rob Pasnau ’85 Alumni Council Co-President


Alumni (Continued)

Alumni (Continued)

Alumni Events Young Alumni Luncheon On December 21, 2012, more than a hundred alumni gathered in the CTL before the start of Winter Break. Over lunch from Baja Buds, everyone had a chance to share new college adventures and reconnect with classmates and teachers.

The Windward Class of ’98 celebrated their 15-year reunion

Reunion Weekend 2013

Jacob Masters ’11 and John Higgins at the 2012 Young Alumni Luncheon

Windward kicked off the second annual Reunion Weekend with Reunion Dinners for the classes of ’03, ’98, ’93, ’88, and ’83 on June 8, 2013. There was a great turnout from alumni who returned to campus with excitement to catch up with their classmates and beloved teachers. The following day, nearly 200 more alumni, family and friends came out to celebrate at the All Alumni Picnic. With tacos, refreshments, old friends and new, the Windward community came together in true Wildcat fashion!

The Windward Class of ’03 celebrated their 10-year reunion

Steve Smith, Nicky DePaul ’09, Patrick Betti ’09, and Tom Gilder at the 2012 Young Alumni Luncheon

Monica Lienke ’03, Aryan Sarbaz ’03, and Courtney Hoffman ’03

The Windward Classes of ’08 and ’09 at the 2012 Young Alumni Luncheon

Isaiah Evans ’12 and Sharon Pearline at the 2012 Young Alumni Luncheon The Windward Class of ’93 celebrated their 20-year reunion


Graduates from 2003 visited with old friends

The Windward Class of ’88 celebrated their 25-year reunion


Alumni (Continued)

Alumni (Continued)

2013 Alumni Picnic

Five Questions with Manish Raval ’81 Christopher Barzman ’80, Hillary Gordon ’77, and Ray Friend

Eric Mandel, Rachel Silverman Dolphin ’06, her husband J.P., and David Schwartz ’01

I was in a band while attending Windward and I remember playing the Roxy in West Hollywood and seeing so many Windward students and faculty in the audience. It was truly a warm and supporting community.

Alumni Council Profiles

Q: Who was your favorite Windward teacher?

Five Questions with Linda McLoughlin Figel ’81

Q: Who was your favorite Windward teacher?

Linda, flanked by Natalie Plachte-White (L) and Daniel Gavaldon {R), two of her favorite Windward teachers

What was your most memorable experience as a Q: Windward student? There were too many to name just one – Shirley’s classroom, Shakespeare with Daniel, American Lit with Natalie, Biology & Zoology with Rolfe, Pre-Calculus with Ray, ski trips with Ray and John, the volleyball team with Gail and Bernie. Daniel and Bob Stephens and their shenanigans, prom scavenger hunts…and the list goes on.

Q: Why did you join the Alumni Council? Because Robbie Pasnau asked me to. And, it seemed like a great way to reconnect with Windward and hopefully give back to the school that gave me so much.


What is your most memorable experience as a Q: Windward student?

There were many... Jerry Kalaf, Natalie White, Dave Johnson...

Q: Why did you join the Alumni Council?

Impossible!! I feel incredibly blessed to have been taught by so many wonderful teachers, many of whom I remain in touch with today. As wonderful as my peer group was at Windward, it is the teachers that made my time at Windward the truly unique and valuable experience I so treasure.

I joined the Windward Alumni Council because I am still in touch with a lot of my fellow classmates from 1992. I had a great time organizing our 20th reunion and felt that I could help keep everyone in touch with what’s happening at Windward.

What did you do after you graduated from Q: Windward?

What did you do after you graduated Q: from Windward?

I graduated from Stanford (’85) where I majored in English Literature. I then spent many years in Finance and Investment banking, first with Bankers Trust (1985-1989) and then with The Yucaipa Companies (1989 – 2000) where I was a partner before retiring to raise my three children: Sara (Princeton ’14), Erin (Colby ’16) and David (Chadwick School ’16) - the best job of all!

After graduating from Windward, I moved to Berkeley with my band Souled Out (with fellow Windward students Ben Silverman, Erol Tamer and Adam Spira). After a couple years up North, I returned to Los Angeles and attended UCLA. I was then offered a job as a music supervisor during my junior year and never graduated...

Q: What is your current career? In 2010 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of opening an independent bookstore, {pages}, a bookstore in Manhattan Beach. Everyday I’m surrounded by books and passionate and curious readers. I often reflect back on Shirley and Natalie’s English classes which I’m sure fostered my love of reading. One of my favorite pleasures of owning {pages} is employing young and enthusiastic book lovers including Windward students and alum Sophie Taylor ’16 and Jack Taylor ’12.

Q: What is your current career? I am a Music Supervisor and Music Editor for films and television. 15 years ago, I started my own company Aperture Music with my friend Tom Wolfe. We’ve worked on over 50 films including Donnie Darko, There’s Something About Mary, Fruitvale Station and Bad Teacher (directed by Windward classmate Jake Kasdan). We are also currently working on the HBO television show Girls as well as New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel and The Crazy Ones starring Robin Williams.



Giving (Continued)

Major Gifts List STEAM Emily Kovner Moss ’91 and Eric Owen Moss

Global Jonathan and Nancy Lurie

Performing Arts Ted Fikre and Angela Asher Bradley Gluckstein and Yanka Burgos Raymond and Jane Wurwand

Athletics Anonymous (2) Mark and Shainaz Burg Robert and Rachel Clifford Jon and Nancy Glaser Steven and Patricia Hartunian William and Leslie McMorrow Perrie and Candice Weiner

Robotics Peter and Tara Guber

Windward Institute Thomas O' Gara

Financial Aid Rick Leslie and Laura Ornest

Major Gifts at Windward Windward is incredibly thankful for the support of those visionary parents, alumni, and friends of the school who have helped build our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative programs by providing gifts with a transformative impact. Windward’s Major Gifts program, which recognizes gifts of $100,000 and above, allows the school to make significant capital improvements to facilities and programs. The generosity of these major gift donors has helped Windward become the premier independent school it is today, and builds a foundation for the future. Thank you to all who have partnered with our Board of Trustees, Head of School Tom Gilder, and the administrative team to support the following projects. We are delighted to honor your generosity, commitment to philanthropy, and inspirational leadership that means so much to the entire Windward community.

Major Gifts Committee With deep gratitude, we recognize the leadership and guidance of all the members of Windward’s Major Gifts Committee who have helped contribute to the success of the program. In particular, Trustee Co-Chairs Bryan Ezralow and Tony Rubin have supported Windward’s efforts at identifying those philanthropists in our community who have the desire and means to make a transformative gift in a way that is both meaningful to them and all those who ultimately benefit from their generosity. Bryan Ezralow, Major Gifts Co-Chair Elliot Gordon ’74, Board Chair Jane Gutman, Chair of Stewardship Sub-Committee Tony Rubin, Major Gifts Co-Chair Perrie Weiner



2012-13 Annual Fund In Recognition In Honor of Shirley Windward Francine Berger Linda McLoughlin Figel ’81 Ether Gullette Kathleen Heckel Gail and Robert Holmes Katherine Kehr ’95 Melissa and Kuo Lian Michelle McGuire Jeffrey and Allison Mirkin Rob Pasnau ’85 and Julie Leeds Karen Smith Jonathan and Melanie Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Templeton Viewpoint School Mrs. Dorothy Wells

In Honor of Ron Fujikawa Annick Bellordre Heather Regnier Karen Smith

In Honor of Kleinberg Anniversary Wendy Freedman Marlene Gilbert Eugene and Angeline Jacobs

In Honor of Robotics Morgan Stanley Michael and Denise Doyen Jim Novack Steven and Cynthia Ruth John and Barbara St. Thomas Stephen and Kathleen Turk James and Leslie Weinberg David and Mindy Weiner

2012-13 Annual Fund (Continued)


indward School gratefully acknowledges the following donors and volunteers for their support of the 2012-2013 Annual Fund. Their generosity helped raise a record $1.6 million for the Annual Fund, the cornerstone of Windward’s fundraising efforts. The Annual Fund provides critical support for the Faculty Betterment Program, the Financial Aid Program, and Program Enhancements, impacting each and every student, teacher, and program at Windward. Thank you! Please note: the Annual Fund fiscal year covered in this report is from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Annual Fund Gifts received after June 30, 2013 will be acknowledged in next year’s Annual Report.

2012-2013 Annual Fund Volunteers Michael Abrams and Randye Soref Sheri Altieri Christopher and Marion Ball Natalie Blake Don Blauner Jennifer Blum Dan and Mary Brussell Karen Carbone Robert Clifford Jean Cooper Gleam Davis Jennifer DeVore Debra Diamond Craig Farkas Gary Fleck Adine Forman Nancy Freeman

John Green Edward Harshberger David Hodess Brooke Kanter Pam Kogan Monte Lemann Sharyn Nichols Levey Edward Lin Mary-Dorothy Line Bayard Maybank Steven Miller Terry Morello Mylène Moreno Julie Nadal Sharon Novey Liz Ondaatje Jeffrey Pomerantz Mary Presser

Chuck Price Megan Schirn Abbe Shapiro Robin Shephard Kirsten Shirken Ellen Simmons Sharian Spencer Joanna Stingray Brent Stratton Viviana Suaya Jon Vein and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein Karol Watson Leslie Weinberg Mindy Weiner Perrie and Candice Weiner Orna Wolens Debra Wollitz

2012-2013 Annual Fund Donor Roll HEAD OF SCHOOL: $25,000 + Anonymous The Ahmanson Foundation  The Annenberg Foundation  Lauren Bon  Peter and Susanne Geddes Jon and Nancy Glaser William and Leslie McMorrow Sharon Morrill Robert and Kerry Morris Jeff and Nicole Robinov The Rose Hills Foundation Bennett and Allison Rosenthal Tony Rubin and Linda Bernstein Rubin 

LEADERSHIP: $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (2) Steve and Sheri Altieri Howard and Lori Altman Adam and Karen Berkowitz Bryan and Quinn Ezralow  Ted Fikre and Angela Asher Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard Mrs. Norman Greenfield Michael and Caroline Hackman  Steven and Patricia Hartunian Lee and Jill Kort  John Landgraf and Ally Walker-Landgraf Rick Leslie and Laura Ornest Jonathan and Nancy Lurie Armand and Marie Marciano Ronald and Pamela Mass Mark and Angela Milstein Thomas O’Gara Michael Parks and Judith Hayward  George Rosenthal and Karen Sharp Rosenthal  Pejman and Daphna Salimpour Brent and Maxine Stratton Evan Strauss Ardie and Tania Tavangarian John Taylor and Angela DuRoss  Jon Vein and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein Perrie and Candice Weiner Neil and La Donna Wertlieb Raymond and Jane Wurwand  Mark Zakarin and Gina Deutsch-Zakarin

BENEFACTOR: $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous Michael Abrams and Randye Soref David and Courtney Adams Michael and Christina Adberg Agron, Inc.

Leonard Amato and Diana Conforti Avron Anstey Wesley and Irene Baba Daniel and Melinda Berman Tristan Bickman and David Ribakoff Mark and Shainaz Burg Henry and Andrea Burroughs  Dwight and Carolyn Caines Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter Thomas Cotsen and Jennifer Blum Michael and Denise Doyen Joseph Earley and Adrian Alvarez David and Emi Fehrman Marc Feinstein and Jennifer DeVore Lauren Freedman Gary and Maria Gersh Scott and Lauren Goldstein  Steve Golin  Vilborg Golin  Cuba and Sara Gooding  Elliot Gordon ’74 and Carol Schwartz  David and Elaine Greenwald H. Jane Gutman  Alexander and Jan Haagen  Joel Hirsch and Bonnie Bogin Robert and Fori Kay Brian and Lisa Kessler  Josh and Lena Kleinberg Marc Levey Jared Levine and Lucy Stutz  Jonathan and Elinor Lewis Murray and Maruja Lugash Stephen Mick and Christine Torre Jeffrey and Allison Mirkin  Emily Kovner Moss ’91 and Eric Owen Moss  Jean-Baptiste and Julie Nadal 

Greg Nelson and Helen Nelson Gary and Jeanne Newman  Sharyn Nichols Levey Michael and Tanya Oppenheim Jeffrey and Debi Pomerantz Michael Sales  Ian and Lisa Schapiro Steven Schwartz and Natalie Blake Brian and Kirsten Shirken Mark and Ellen Simmons  Michael and Melanie Spiller Marvin and Clare Suomi Michael and Lisa Taitelman The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Three Sisters Foundation Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Matthew Velkes and Liza Chasin Gregory and Danae Webster Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program Tim and Rachel White Keenan and Orna Wolens  Russell and Sofia Wolpert

PARTNER: $2,500 - $4,999

Kenneth and Carole Adashek  Tracy and Dana Baer Christopher and Marion Ball  Steven N. Bersch  Don and Linda Blauner Christopher Branche and Karol Watson Dan and Mary Brussell  Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Eric and Ann Capogrosso  Jason and Karen Carbone Robert and Rachel Clifford

 5 years plus consecutive giving



2012-13 Annual Fund (Continued) Jack Dado and Elizabeth Freeman Gary L. Fleck  Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation Richard and Nancy Freeman Glen and Elizabeth Friedman Andrew L. Furgatch Rodrigo Garcia and Adriana Sheinbaum  Lindsay and Karen Gardner Stephen and Danielle Gelber Daniel and Catherine Gerst Tom and Lori Gilder  Jonathan Glassner and Mara Levin Jerry Goren and Julia Coley Stefanie Griswold Jonathan Gross and Joan Goldfeder Tom and Annelise Hansson  Edward Harshberger and Sharon Novey Bryan and Stacie Hausner

Veronika Kwan Vandenberg and Robert Vandenberg Mark Landry and Judy Boasberg  Monte Lemann and CC Pulitzer-Lemann William and Mary-Dorothy Line Gregory and Meg Lipstone Jerry and Diana Longarzo Duane and Tracie Lyons Colin Maduzia and Gretchen Humbert Jonathan and Debbie Markiles  J. David Marks and Cynthia Cidre Marks Bayard and Hilary Maybank Deepak and Sonia Mehta Mark and Joyce Mickelson Mark and Andie Miller  Steven Miller and Jill Miller Jason Newman and Stephanie Simon Ramie and Ashley Ostrovsky Winston Peters and Patricia Duncan 

2012-13 Annual Fund (Continued) Steve and Mare Smooke Arturo and Barbara Sneider Sony Pictures Eric and Lynne Spillman Bruce Stein and Susan Stremple Jeff Strauss and Mindy Schultheis  John L. Tabb Kelli B. Tabb Frank Tai and Lorraine Fesq Daron Tooch and Jean Cooper  Jeffrey Trenton  Mauricio and Kyle Umansky David and Mindy Weiner  Brian and Amy Weitman Richard and Teri Wilks David and Leslie Wimmer Howard and Debra Wollitz George Young and Gillian Blessley John and Helena Yu John Zinman and Amy Goddard Smith

ASSOCIATE: $1,500 - $2,499

Keith Henry and Denise McKenzie Henry Doug Herzog and Noreen Farrell-Herzog  David and Kristen Hodess Scott and Andrea Holtzman Rochelle Huppin  Jung U Hyun and Mi Reon Baek Hyun Charles and Rachel Isgar Scott and Marsha Jacks  Jennifer Justman  Adam and Dana Kaller Adam and Brooke Kanter Bobby and Jackie Katz  Michael and Michelle Katz  Todd Kirshner  Marvin and Irene Kleinberg Keith Klevan and Betty Goodwin Klevan  Fred and Paula Kuhns


Chuck and Stacy Price John Prindle and Gleam Davis Yaron and Nancy Rabinowitz  Farshid and Sonia Rahbar Stephen and Christy Reymer Brett Rowley and Susan van der Werff-Rowley Steven and Elisa Rubin Mark and Diane Rudolph  Henry Rust Gregory and Jenifer Sackler  Mark and Carin Sage Avram and Dorothy Salkin  Bruno and Sandrine Sarrola Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelley Brent and Abbe Shapiro  Donald Shepherd and Jo Anne Yamamoto Baker and Kristin Smith 

Glynis Ablon Vanessa Alexander ’87 Angeleno Group LLC Brian and Mae Appel  Bijan and Robin Armandpour Bank of America Allan Becker and Lily Ota Christine Benarroch  Peter and Lisa Block Boeing Corporation  Jonathan and Karen Brooks  Gina Brourman-Sacks  Donna Castorino  Peter Damon and Stacey Travis Michele and Fadia de Falco Debra S. Diamond Eric and Deborah Diamond Scott and Tali Diamond Bruce Ettinger and Tracey Alexander-Ettinger Craig and Alisa Farkas  Ken and Michele Feinswog  Mark and Traci Feldman  Dan and Adine Forman Wayne Gee and Rebecca Edelson Leeza Gibbons and Steve Fenton Jeffrey and Linda Glaser Patrick Goldstein and Sonja Bolle Howard and Cambria Gordon  David and Nancy Grant  Kevin and Kathleen Green Scott and Beth Harris Gail and Robert Holmes  Sungho Hong and Gin Lee-Hong Jack Hsu and Julie Yeh David and Jamie Jeter

Lee and Lauren Karny Edmond Kavounas and Chung Han Lisa Kelton  Bruce and Stacy Kirshbaum Amy Klimek and Joshua Roth Michael and Pamela Kogan Patrick Kupelian and Nouha Kupelian Audrey Lavin David and Laura Lefkowitz  Scott and Diane Lewis Larry Lyttle Thomas Mackey and Saheli Datta  Eric Mandel  Charles and Millicent Marburg  Steve Meadows Henry Millner and Rachael Jeck Byron and Allison Moldo Erwin More and Linda Berman  Jeffrey and Ellen Nagler  Kevin Newman David and Liz Ondaatje Mahryar Parsee and Afsaneh Astani  Edward Parson and Jill Horwitz Robert and Lisa Peach Jeff and Suzy Pion  Mark and Mary Presser Jon and Lisa Provisor Adam and Angie Rosen Jonathan and Lynn Rosenthal  Kenneth ’86 and Michal Salkin  Sara Lee Foundation  Steven and Jenny Savitsky  David and Varda Schriger Ron Shelton and Lolita Davidovich Charles and Robin Shephard  Greg ’85 and Toni Simon Stephen Simpson Ram Singh and Sushma Bhadauria Martin and Sharian Spencer John and Barbara St. Thomas  Robert and Joy Steinberg John and Judith Theuer Mark and Amanda Tunnell Steven and Amy Wayne Keith and Stacey Webster  James and Leslie Weinberg  Mindy Weiss and Robert David

DONORS: UP TO $1,499 Anonymous (2) Herman and Rion Ablon Dave and Marna Adams Gloria Aguirre Robin Akashi ’04 Jonathan Allen ’10 Steven Allen ’10 Vito and Shirley Altieri

Jack Anderson ’07 Robert and Jeanne Anderson Daniel and Allison Arkin  Ceth Ashendouek ’85 and Frieda Ashendouek Raymond Bakaitis Crystal Balthrop ’96  Dawn Barrett Jonathan and Fran Baruch Ann Batcheller Cindy Beals and Ufuk Kilic Alex Bean Annick Bellordre  John Benun Nace and Cheryl Benun Craig and Betsy Berenson  Francine Berger Dustin and Debra Bernard Jules and Kristene Bernard Kevin and Lori Bernet Diane Bernstein  Richard Best and Joanna Stingray  Dirk Binkley and Alma Castellanos Binkley Alex Black ’03 Daniel and Jan Black Jonathan Black ’09 Edward and PJ Bliss Warren Bobrow and Joan Tucker Claudio and Kathleen Boltiansky Suzanne Boone  Bobbington and Nina Brandt Howard and Beth Braunstein James Bruce and Wendy Slusser Gail Bryant Wil Bryant Mitchell and Lisa Butler  Peter and Joyce Canada Edward and Virginia Caress Troy and Becky Carter Andy and Ellen Castanon Annell and Darwin Chambers Sam and Polina Chapiro

Samantha Chinn ’86 Calvin Christopher and Gail Nalls Class of 2012 Gregory and Laura Cohen  Amanda Cohn ’02 Kenneth and Joan Cohn Vincent and Mary Coletta D’Andre and April Collins Jorge Contreras William and Margaret Cook Andrew and Lisan Cooper Kira Solmon Cooper ’87 Tony Cornelius Carrie Creighton Grace Cruz Russell Curry and Emanuela Boni  Felicia Dalton Mrs. Celia Davidson Farkas  George and Sheila Davis Lacaisa Davis Philip and Kathy Davis Charles and Veronica Dawson Frank and Maria de Czito  Tony De Los Reyes Alex DeAngelis ’10 Alex and Suzie DeAngelis  Monica DeAngelis ’08 J. Carlos and Rosaana Delgadillo Wendy Dembo ’84 George DeShazo and Mary Evans Rob and Ellen Deutschman Roger DeVito and Juliana Hanner  Dr. and Ms. Michael Diament Michael and Marilyn Diamond Sabino and Evangelina Diaz Andrea Craig Dodge ’85 and Joseph Dodge Steven and Patrice Dworkin  Andrew Edelstein ’91 Brian and Leta Edwards  Rock and Kimberly Edwards  Jon and Noa Ehrlich


2012-13 Annual Fund (Continued) Robert Elstad and Karen Smith Anthony and Valerie English John Enright and Margaret Griffin Debra Epstein  Bruce and Patricia Eskovitz  Linda Evans and Isaiah Evans  Kiloh Fairchild and Lyn Hoge  Jerome and Roslyn Feinstein Frank and Judie Fenton Mandy J. Ferguson William Ferguson Craig Fields Linda McLoughlin Figel ’81 Ashley Fleming Benjamin and Emily Ford Elizabeth K. Ford Burton and Nanette Forester Jeffrey Forney ’01 Jesse Forney Julie Fortier Ted Fortier Mrs. Faith Foss Mario Franco and Nancy Cordova Steven and Leanne Frankel  Gordon Frankel-Light and Cheryl Marks Jeffrey M. Freedman Wendy Freedman Richard and Ilyse Frieder Katherine Friedman ’90 Robert and Bonnie Friedman  Trip Friendly and Ana Zeledon Friendly  David and Bette Fruchtman Craig Furst ’91 Rhonda Gale David Galperson ’87 Gabriel Ganor ’86 Jose Garcia and Crecencia Martinez  Paul and Sandy Geddes Jennifer Shankman Gibgot ’87 Ms. Leslie Gilbert Marlene Gilbert Margaret Gillespie Keith Gipson Reta Gipson David Gold ’89 Jeff Goldstein Alex Gordon ’09 Andrew Gordon ’12 Chris Gordon ’09 Daniel Gordon ’10 Donald Gordon and Carol Johnston  Scott Gordon ’84 Thyonne Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gore Brett Gottlieb ’85 John and Hilarie Green  Gordon Greenberg and Patricia Collins


Andrew Greenebaum Carli F. Greenebaum Rafe and Mylène Greenlee Andrea Grefe Allen and Carolyn Gross Ethel Gullette  Tom Haglund and Dede Haglund Mrs. Barbara Halberstadter David and Beverly Halberstadter  Meredith Hamel Kim Hamer Dr. and Mrs. Dean Harvey Jonathan Hausman ’85 and Danielle Miller Mrs. Kathleen Heckel Stephen Heineman and Katherine Lingg David Held and Helene Silverstone Held Mats and Dominique Hellstrom  Christina Hendershaw Mrs. Lydia Heston James Ho and Berit Kerner Howard and Candace Hobson  Bill Holbrow Steven and Charlotte Hollander  Charlie Holmes  Mrs. Evelyn Honoroff Amy Hunter Thomas and Susan Hunter Taos Huskey ’93 Alex Jaco Janine Jaco Eugene and Angeline Jacobs John and Robin Jameson  Stephen and Erica Jamieson Josh Johnson ’93 Ronald and Sheila Johnson  Minda and Douglas Johnstone  Ruthie Jones Steven and Ella Joy Jay and Kit Kanter Christian Kaplan ’85 Judith R. Karfiol  Christopher Kearley and Janice Bradshaw Katherine Kehr ’95 Paul Kelley and Amy Semmel  Russell Kern ’74 Bemnet and Irene Kibreab Steve Kierman David and Stephanie Kingsdale Rana Kirkland  Richard and Shirley Kirschner Ethan ’85 and Tracy Kleinberg John Kohut and Eva Cwynar-Kohut Gregory ’88 and Stephanie Konkoff Noah Kovner ’99 Brad and Christy Kreisberg Jeffrey and Wendy Krieger  Mrs. Margaret Kuhns

2012-13 Annual Fund (Continued) John and Mectilde Lambert Rob Latimer David and Erika Lau Damon and Marian Lawrence  Leon LeBuffe and Julena Lind  Maury Leiter Michael and Sharon Leventhal  Melissa and Kuo Lian Edward Lin and Christine Wang Joseph and Cathy Lin Howard Lipstone Brian Lloyd and Mara Silverman  Karen Loewinger Sraberg ’87  Jerry and Agnes Longarzo Geraldine Loveless Christopher Low ’08 James Lubin Daniel and Luellen Lucid Leah Lucid ’06 Peter Lunenfeld and Susan Kandel  Steven and Andrea Lurie  Chester and Tess Maduzia Thomas Mahar and Faith Foss Graciela Makow  Charles and Jennifer Malaret Marci Maniker-Leiter Kevin and Donna McCann  Michelle McGuire Oren and Gigi McLurkin Thomas and Willa Mae McLurkin Alma Medina ’88 Dan and Brandie Meis  Edward and Denise Melendez Lucas Meyers ’88

Jennifer Mick Jeff Miller Mrs. Pamela Mills Lawrence Mirisch ’76 Matthew Mirkin ’01 Ryan Mirkin ’06 Stephanie Mirkin ’03 Charles and Nancy Mitchell  Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Moore

Stacey Moore-Lewis Peter and Terry Morello Morgan Stanley Michel L. Morrow Jackson and Chalaun Mosley Robert and Rosa Munoz Peter and Aliza Murrieta Dr. Janice Nadelhaft Ashley Nahai ’06 Karyn Nance Geoffrey and Elayne Nathanson Robert Newman and Sarah Carpenter Fred and Joan Nicholas Wayne Northrup Jim Novack Vanessa Nygaard Nnogo C. Obiamiwe Gail O’Byrne and Tom O’Byrne Juana and Rodrigo Ochoa Mrs. Helen Ostrovsky Mark Owens Richard and Linda Page Steven Page ’03 Catherine Palter  Lewis and Nancy Palter Jose and Maria Paredes Peter Park and Helen Namkoong-Park John Pasnau ’74 Rob Pasnau ’85 and Julie Leeds  Daniel Paulson Bud Pell and Pamela Rand Nelson Peralta and Ana Hernandez Joshua Perttula ’88 Lauren Reisman Polak ’93 and Jeff Polak Mark Polland ’81 Scott Poston  Tony Potter Anthony Powell Loretta Powell Tyrone and Susan Powell Peggy Procter Amy Quinn Stephen and Lani Rabin Linda Rachlin Keyvan and Tannaz Rahbar Sharo Raissi and Violet Boodaghians Schuyler Ransohoff ’07 Heather Regnier ’04 Mrs. Patricia Reiner Richard F. Reiner Susan Reiner Bruce Resnick and Robyn Martin  Mark and Maura Resnick  Stephen and MaryGrace Reymer Kevin and Jeanie Reynolds David and Elizabeth Ricanati Mrs. Marlene Ricanati

Shelley Riedel Bennett ’78 and Julie Roberts Chip Robertson ’90 Colin and Emily Rose Eric and Holly Rosen Howard and Betty Rosen Mrs. Suzanne L. Rosen Marc and Michelle Rosenbach  Robert and DeeDee Rosenfeld Fred and Marcia Rosenzweig Abe Rotchel and Amy Raff James and Wendy Rothstein  Jose and Milagro Rovira  Cynthia Rust Neil Rust  Susie Rust  Steven and Cynthia Ruth Byung and Miseon Ryu  Benjamin Sanders ’02  Michael and Maryann Sanders  Santa Monica Little League Edward Saunders and Ramona Robinson  Brian and Megan Schirn Shelly and Allan Schroth  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scott William Scott and Annette English  Jonathan and Jennifer Sears Kevin and Rosemary Sellers  Todd and Chindaree Senturia Jeff and Lori Serber Russell Shane ’73 and Delaine Winkler Shane Lee and Miki Shapiro  Mrs. Joan Shayne Sean Shepherd and Rachel Raynor Abbey Shi ’04 Larisa Showalter Beth Shreve ’85 Jon and Hillary Siegal  April Silton Jim Silton Rachel Silverman ’06 Ray and Valerie Simon Mr. and Mrs. Peter Slusser Valerie T. Slusser Mr. Peter Smailes Stephen and Christina Smale Mrs. Alicestyne Smith Mrs. Nancy Smith Steve and Rebecca Smith Mr. Marvin Smotrich Robert Solomon ’87 Sanjay and Rupee Sood Adam Spira ’92 Mark Stein and Amanda Dumas-Stein  Jonathan and Melanie Steiner  Adrian and Diana Stephens Brad Sterling and Danielle Laff Sterling ’89

Laurel Stern and James Davis John and Lorrie Stone Michael Sugarman ’05 Thomas Szayna and Luanne Rohrbach Target Mr. and Mrs. Robert Templeton Time Warner Matching Grants Program  Raco and Maka Toskovic  Daniel Treisman and Susan Landesmann Stephen and Kathleen Turk Thomas Turner and Karla Neusom UBS Foundation Len and Susan Uhley  David Unger  Damon Van Leeuwen Jill and Salvador Velazquez Viewpoint School Daniel Walker Jeffrey and Mary Walker  Lisa and Dennis Walker Fred Wapner and Audrey Schlesinger  Perry Watts-Russell Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Weber Stephen and Patricia Weiner David Weiss and Andrea Kahn Julie Weiss Torrieri Mrs. Dorothy Wells Steven Weston Patrick and Victoria Whelan Jennifer Willens Bob and Luann Williams Petrus and Carla Williams Stacey Williams Andrew C. Wilson James Wilson Veronica Wilson Brook Wolcott Staci L. Wolfe Chinda Wongngamnit Andie Yates Alesia Young  Alexander Yousefzadeh ’08  Farhad and Pauline Yousefzadeh  Leila Yousefzadeh ’06   Five plus years consecutive donor.


Spring Event 2013

Spring Event 2013 (Continued) 2013 Reverse Auction Donors

A Night in Paradise (Cove)!! The 2013 Spring Event, Surfin’ Safari at Paradise Cove, was truly a magical night. From the stunning beach setting to the delicious food to the rocking Beach Boys cover band, the evening was full of “Good Vibrations” and “Fun, Fun, Fun!”

Spring Event Volunteers Co-Chairs: Andi Holtzman and MaryDorothy Line Hosts: Bob and Kerry Morris Wine Donated by: George and Karen Rosenthal

Parent Volunteers: Kathleen Boltiansky Dana Baer Ann Capogrosso Amanda Dumas-Stein Gretchen Humbert Robin Jameson Michelle Katz Berit Kerner Debbie Markiles Abbe Shapiro Ellen Simmons Richard Wilks

The evening would not have been possible without our amazing Co-Chairs Andi Holtzman and Mary-Dorothy Line. Thank you for the time and energy you dedicated to transport all of us to our Surfin’ Safari beach party. Our fantastic Parent Guild Volunteers - Ann Capogrosso, Debbie Markiles, Abbe Shapiro, Dana Baer, Michelle Katz, Berit Kerner, Kathleen Boltiansky, Robin Jameson, Ellen Simmons, Gretchen Humbert, Amanda Dumas-Stein, and Richard Wilks – all helped create a wonderful event and made sure that there were no “wipe-outs.” Thank you to George Rosenthal and Karen Sharp Rosenthal for generously donating bottles of wine that perfectly complemented the evening’s meal. A very special and heartfelt thanks goes out to Bob and Kerry Morris, hosts extraordinaire. We are so grateful to you for welcoming the Windward community to Paradise Cove, for serving delicious food, and for creating a magnificent event that will be remembered for years to come. We would also like to thank the entire Windward community for their support, especially everyone who sponsored the event and donated amazing auction items.


Save the Date

Party Book 2013 Hosts Party Hosts:

at LA Live Saturday May 3, 2014


Allison and Daniel Arkin Dana Baer Marion Ball Karen Berkowitz Diane Bernstein Natalie Blake Kathleen Boltiansky Suzanne Boone Ann Capogrosso

Co-Chairs: Allison Arkin and Juliana Hanner

Laura Cohen Diana Conforti Ellen Deutschman The Diversity Committee Amanda Dumas-Stein Carli Greenebaum Judith Hayward and Michael Parks Rochelle Huppin Lauren Karny

Nancy Klein Jill Kort Debra Markiles Sonia Soni Mehta Angela Milstein Laura Ornest and Rick Leslie Suchi Ramesh Eric Rosen Cindy Rust

Kirsten Shirken Ellen Simmons Rebecca and Steve Smith Kristin Smith The Sneider Family The Umansky Family Stacey and Keith Webster Mindy Weiner Luann Williams Debra Wollitz

Gloria Aguirre Daniel and Allison Arkin Wesley and Irene Baba Christopher and Marion Ball Dawn Barrett Warren Becker and Ann Blanchard Claudio and Kathleen Boltiansky Christopher Branche and Karol Watson Dwight and Carolyn Caines Andy and Ellen Castanon Rob and Ellen Deutschman Debra S. Diamond Joseph Earley and Adrian Alvarez William Edson Josh Elbaum and Erica Hanson Anthony and Valerie English Ken and Michele Feinswog Daniel and Catherine Gerst Tom and Lori Gilder Elliot Gordon ’74 and Carol Schwartz H. Jane Gutman Michael and Caroline Hackman David and Kristen Hodess Gail and Robert Holmes Scott and Marsha Jacks Michael and Michelle Katz Brad and Christy Kreisberg Jonathan and Elinor Lewis William and Mary-Dorothy Line Duane and Tracie Lyons Colin Maduzia and Gretchen Humbert Eric Mandel Deepak and Sonia Mehta Mark and Joyce Mickelson Steven Miller and Jill Miller Kevin Newman David and Liz Ondaatje Charles and Lydia Oppenheim Michael and Tanya Oppenheim Michael Parks and Judith Hayward John Prindle and Gleam Davis Peggy Procter Bruce Resnick and Robyn Martin Stephen and Christy Reymer George Rosenthal and Karen Sharp Rosenthal Steven and Elisa Rubin Tony Rubin and Linda Bernstein Rubin Randy and Jacqueline Schnitman Jonathan and Jennifer Sears Brent and Abbe Shapiro Mark and Ellen Simmons Baker and Kristin Smith Arturo and Barbara Sneider Frank Tai and Lorraine Fesq Ardie and Tania Tavangarian Thomas Turner and Karla Neusom Mauricio and Kyle Umansky Gregory and Danae Webster James and Leslie Weinberg Perrie and Candice Weiner Patrick and Victoria Whelan


25th Annual JFD Windward Golf Classic

Spring Event 2013 (Continued)

2013 Golf Ambassadors Spring Event Donor Roll

Thank you to the following volunteers who helped ensure the Golf Tournament was a great success:

The Board of Trustees established the Tom Gilder Endowment Fund for Financial Aid & Faculty Betterment to recognize Tom on his 25th anniversary as Head of School. Through Spring Event Sponsorships and the Tribute Book, the following donors helped honor Tom’s accomplishments while ensuring that he and future heads of school will have resources to support our students and teachers through this endowment fund. Wouldn’t It Be Nice: $10,000+ Robert and Kerry Morris Pejman and Daphna Salimpour

Good Vibrations: $5,000+ George Rosenthal and Karen Sharp Rosenthal

Fun, Fun, Fun: $2,500+ Michael Abrams and Randye Soref Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Joseph Earley and Adrian Alvarez Bryan and Quinn Ezralow Lee and Jill Kort John Landgraf and Ally Walker-Landgraf Thomas O’Gara Bennett and Allison Rosenthal Michael and Melanie Spiller Ardie and Tania Tavangarian John Taylor and Angela DuRoss John and Judith Theuer Keenan and Orna Wolens Howard and Debra Wollitz

Kokomo: $1,500+ Howard and Lori Altman Wesley and Irene Baba Tristan Bickman and David Ribakoff Dwight and Carolyn Caines Eric and Ann Capogrosso Robert and Rachel Clifford Thomas Cotsen and Jennifer Blum Steve and Julie Dolcemaschio Ted Fikre and Angela Asher Todd and Shana Garner Gary and Maria Gersh Daniel and Catherine Gerst Leeza Gibbons and Steve Fenton Jonathan Glassner and Mara Levin Elliot Gordon ’74 and Carol Schwartz Rafe and Mylène Greenlee Steven and Patricia Hartunian Doug Herzog and Noreen Farrell-Herzog Scott and Andrea Holtzman Michael and Michelle Katz William and Mary-Dorothy Line Jerry and Diana Longarzo Jonathan and Debbie Markiles Ronald and Pamela Mass

Jeffrey and Allison Mirkin Michael Parks and Judith Hayward John Prindle and Gleam Davis Adam and Angie Rosen Steven and Elisa Rubin Mark and Carin Sage Albert and Jennifer Salke Leonard and Tema Schrage Brent and Abbe Shapiro Mark and Ellen Simmons Bruce Stein and Susan Stremple Brent and Maxine Stratton Marvin and Clare Suomi Sam Surloff and Joanne Van Emburgh Michael and Lisa Taitelman Mauricio and Kyle Umansky Gregory and Danae Webster Perrie and Candice Weiner Brian and Amy Weitman Russell and Sofia Wolpert

Surfin’ USA: $500 Christopher and Marion Ball Daniel and Melinda Berman Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard Glen and Elizabeth Friedman Cuba and Sara Gooding Howard and Cambria Gordon David and Stephanie Kingsdale Richard and Debra Krizman Veronika Kwan Vandenberg and Robert Vandenberg Monte Lemann and CC Pulitzer-Lemann Thomas Mackey and Saheli Datta Mark and Joyce Mickelson Sharon Morrill Armando Nunez and Madeline McFadden-Nunez Michael and Tanya Oppenheim Baker and Kristin Smith Carlos and Paulina Smith Mark and Amanda Tunnell Jon Vein and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein

Faculty Sponsors Debbie Abrams Bijan and Robin Armandpour Ceth ’85 and Freida Ashendouek Wesley and Irene Baba Tracy and Dana Baer Adam and Karen Berkowitz Richard Best and Joanna Stingray Randall and Meghan Bishop Claudio and Kathleen Boltiansky Wil Bryant Dwight and Carolyn Caines Donna Castorino Michael and Emily Chasalow Jack Dado and Elizabeth Freeman Rocco C. de Ry Debra S. Diamond Scott and Tali Diamond Michael and Denise Doyen Jon and Noa Ehrlich Debra Epstein Dan and Adine Forman Rodrigo Garcia and Adriana Sheinbaum Lindsay and Karen Gardner Todd and Shana Garner Peter and Susanne Geddes Jeffrey and Linda Glaser Jerry Goren and Julia Coley Andrew Greenebaum Jonathan Gross and Joan Goldfeder H. Jane Gutman Edward Harshberger and Sharon Novey Bryan and Stacie Hausner Doug Herzog and Noreen Farrell-Herzog Joel Hirsch and Bonnie Bogin David and Kristen Hodess Scott and Marsha Jacks John and Robin Jameson David and Jamie Jeter Adam and Brooke Kanter Bobby and Jackie Katz Robert and Fori Kay Brian and Lisa Kessler Bruce and Stacy Kirshbaum Josh and Lena Kleinberg Keith Klevan and Betty Goodwin Klevan

Brad and Christy Kreisberg Jeffrey and Wendy Krieger Fred and Paula Kuhns John and Mectilde Lambert Matthew and Suzan Lamishaw Jonathan and Elinor Lewis Adam and Madeline Loef Colin Maduzia and Gretchen Humbert Charles and Jennifer Malaret Bayard and Hilary Maybank Michel L. Morrow Jean-Baptiste and Julie Nadal Nnogo C. Obiamiwe David and Liz Ondaatje Winston Peters and Patricia Duncan Jeff and Suzy Pion Jeffrey and Debi Pomerantz Mark and Laurie Rosenthal Mark and Diane Rudolph Cynthia Rust Brian and Megan Schirn Ron Shelton and Lolita Davidovich Greg and Toni Simon Stephen and Christina Smale Martin and Sharian Spencer John and Barbara St. Thomas Bruce Stein and Susan Stremple Jonathan and Melanie Steiner Adrian and Diana Stephens John and Lorrie Stone Lawrence Stone and Melissa Goldsmith Jeff Strauss and Mindy Schultheis Marvin and Clare Suomi Frank Tai and Lorraine Fesq Ric and Laura Tanner Daniel Treisman and Susan Landesmann Jon Vein and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein Matthew Velkes and Liza Chasin Neil and La Donna Wertlieb David and Leslie Wimmer Mark Zakarin and Gina Deutsch-Zakarin John Zinman and Amy Goddard Smith

General Sponsors Mike Bennett and Keli Kastrup Jose Garcia and Crecencia Martinez Charles and Veronica Dawson

Save the Date: 26th Annual JFD Windward Golf Classic Monday, June 9, 2014 Trump National Details and sponsorship opportunities available at


Co-Chairs: Ken Asher and Jason Starkman ’92

a Hole in One!


To c o m m e m o r at e t h e s i g n i f i c a n t anniversary of this revered Windward tradition, Co-Chairs Ken Asher, Math Teacher & Golf Coach, and Jason Starkman ’92 planned Windward’s first-ever 18-hole tournament. Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes provided a breathtaking setting for the big event, which drew nearly 120 parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents and faculty and staff. Proceeds from the tournament benefitted Financial Aid and the Athletics Program. Championship golf, ocean views from every hole, the fellowship of the W i n d w a rd c o m m u n i t y – i t w a s a tremendous day!

Carole Adashek Chris Foley Jon Glaser Dan Horwits ’86 David Leveton Jeff Mirkin Dawn Papalian Brent Stratton Hole-in-One Car Donated by: Leonard and Tema Schrage

Special Thanks We are grateful to the following organizations for their generous support of the Tournament: Jerry’s Famous Deli for providing food and drinks throughout the tournament

2013 Golf Tournament Sponsors Windward School appreciates the leadership and generosity of the 2013 Golf Tournament Sponsors: $5,000: Gold Tony Rubin and Linda Bernstein Rubin Jason Starkman ’92

$2,500: Silver Kenneth and Carole Adashek William and Leslie McMorrow Jeffrey and Allison Mirkin

Richard and Dawn Papalian Brent and Abbe Shapiro Mauricio and Kyle Umansky David and Leslie Wimmer

Tee Sign

270 Arts, Inc. Anonymous Bedrock Sports, Inc. $1,500: Blue Billauer Family Chiropractic Steve and Sheri Altieri Peter and Lisa Block Wesley and Irene Baba Matt Davidson ’02/Think Gum Michael and Madonna Billauer Jason and Karen Carbone Douglas and Eva Dworsky Jeff Finkelstein ’85, Greg Simon ’85, Robert William and Adena Frank Solomon ’87 and Tony Solomon ’85 Glen and Elizabeth Friedman Leslie Fischman ’03, Michael Fischman ’01 Jon and Nancy Glaser and Cora Fischman Gourmet Fetishes Greenberg Glusker LLP/Jeffrey Steven and Patricia Hartunian and Wendy Krieger Lifetouch National School Studios Chul Won and Sung Sook Hyun Jon Messer Architectural David and Sue Leveton Illustration/Melissa Messer Design Jonathan and Debbie Markiles Mark and Joyce Mickelson J. David Marks and Cynthia Cidre Marks Premiere Party Rents Jeffrey and Allison Mirkin Billy Ray and Stacy Sherman NSBN LLP Certified Public Accountants & Brent and Abbe Shapiro Business Consultants/Steve Asher Arturo and Barbara Sneider Pacific Tree Care Inc.

Schrage for donating the opportunity to win a Mercedes Benz in a hole-in-one

Brent and Maxine Stratton Valet Parking Service James and Leslie Weinberg

Faculty Sponsor John and Rosalind Arenson Peter and Lisa Block Thomas Cotsen and Jennifer Blum Mr. and Mrs. Peter Damon Peter and Susanne Geddes Jon and Nancy Glaser Jonathan Gross and Joan Goldfeder David and Kristen Hodess Charles and Rachel Isgar Jay and Kit Kanter Monte Lemann and CC Pulitzer-Lemann Charles and Jennifer Malaret Emily Kovner Moss ’91 and Eric Owen Moss Mark and Laurie Rosenthal Warren Daniel Saft ’91 Jeff Strauss and Mindy Schultheis Keith and Stacey Webster

General Sponsor Chris and Krista Foley Mrs. Patricia Papper Jack and Myra Porter


Ways to Give

Stay Connected Cash, Check, or Credit Card An outright cash donation is a fully tax deductible gift in the tax year given, within the guidelines established by the IRS. Cash gifts can be made by check or can be charged to your Visa or MasterCard. Credit card gifts can be made over the phone at 310.391.7127, ext. 283, or online at

Windward’s tradition of giving, both of time and resources, has been fundamental to the school since it was founded in 1971, and we are deeply grateful that this tradition continues.

− Shelly Schroth Director of Advancement

Pledges Windward welcomes your gift through a pledge – a formal statement of intention to make a gift to the School. With a pledge, you may complete your gift by making regular payments over time. All pledges to the Annual Fund must be completed by the end of the fiscal year, June 30th.


indward’s social media presence allows students, parents, faculty members, and alumni to engage together and grow as a community by viewing and sharing the latest photos, videos, and updates from the School. Stay up to date by following Windward on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Windward School Magazine & Annual Report Spring 2014

Windward Website

James Lubin Director of Communications and Public Relations

Get in touch with what’s happening at the school and in our community and remain connected through the school’s most robust online tool, the Windward Website. Stay abreast of news and events and learn more about school programs through the Website’s various content channels.

Whitney Burke Digital Communications Specialist Allison Kaufman Communications Coordinator Stephanie Mirkin Annual Fund Manager/Alumni Coordinator

Securities A gift of appreciated securities entitles the donor to a charitable deduction for its full current market value, without paying the capital gains tax on the appreciation, which would be required if the securities were sold for personal gain. Contact the Advancement Office for stock transfer instructions.

Vanessa Nygaard Alumni Coordinator

Matching Gifts

Carina Sanchez Research and Database Manager

Jeff Gilder Alumni Coordinator

Many companies will match gifts that their employees (and sometimes spouses of employees) make to secondary schools. Please send your company’s matching gift form along with your gift.

Chuck Brittenham Design & Production Sumi Printing and Binding Printing

Planned Giving Donors may wish to consider giving through such means as wills, life insurance, bequests, or charitable trusts. Please contact your financial planner for information about how planned giving can earn valuable income-tax deductions and reduce your estate taxes.

For more information on any of the above ways to give, please contact the Advancement Office at 310.391.7127.

Bart Bartholomew Nathanson’s Photography Selected Photography

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Shelly Schroth Director of Advancement

Windward School gratefully acknowledges all of our donors. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If, however, you discover an error, please accept our sincerest apologies and notify the Advancement Office at 310.391.7127 so that we can correct our records. The Annual Fund fiscal year covered in this report is from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Annual Fund gifts received after June 30, 2013 will be acknowledged in next year’s Annual Report.



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