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IN THE SPOTLIGHT Choosing to become a Mountaineer is special. Without a professional sports team in the state, folks across the state and throughout the region love West Virginia University athletics. No school helps its student-athletes more than the people at WVU. Mountaineers have the unique opportunity to represent themselves, their teammates and their university to news media, alumni, friends, family and the general public. Your interaction with these groups is also part of your educational process. If you take advantage of these opportunities, it can have a positive effect, not only on your career as a student-athlete at West Virginia, but also on your life after you have donned the Old Gold and Blue.

TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE Few wrestling programs across the country can equate the level of success the Mountaineers have enjoyed over the years. Widely regarded as one of the most respected programs in the nation, the notoriety does not come without merit. With the NCAA’s seventh-winningest active coach, Craig Turnbull, the Mountaineers have earned 12 top-25 finishes at the NCAA Championships and claim three national champions who have won a total of five championships. Over the history of the program, 155 WVU wrestlers have earned bids to the national tournament. In the past 10 years, an average of six wrestlers have reached the tournament. In addition to the success at the NCAA Championships, WVU has had 21 wrestlers earn All-America status, six with multiple nominations. In the Eastern Wrestling League, 22 WVU grapplers have become EWL champions for their respective weight classes. Under Turnbull, a four-time EWL Coach of the Year, the Mountaineers have also turned their focus to academics as 14 have earned National Wrestling Coaches Association All-Academic Team accolades. With a proud tradition of success on the wrestling mat and in academics, the Mountaineers look to continue the quest for excellence based upon the foundation laid before them.



NCAA CHAMPIONS West Virginia wrestling has earned 12 top-25 finishes at the NCAA Championships and claimed three national champions who have won a total of five NCAA championships. The commitment towards winning has allowed Mountaineers to find their full potential as a student-athlete on and off the mat.


CLEARFIELD, PA. 1991 – 142 pounds Ranked No. 1 in the nation all season, Scott Collins became WVU’s first national champion in 1991 after posting a stellar 40-1 senior season.


AMITYVILLE, N.Y. 1994 – 177 pounds Dean Morrison entered the 1994 NCAA Championships with a seven-match win streak and finished the tournament with five-straight wins, plus a national championship, WVU’s second-ever.


SLICKVILLE, PA. 2005 – 184 pounds Greg Jones capped off one of the greatest collegiate wrestling careers in NCAA history by becoming just the 39th wrestler to ever win three national championships. He took home his third championship with a 5-3 decision against Cornell’s Tyler Baier in front of 16,302 fans in attendance at the Savvis Center. 2004 – 184 pounds Jones turned in one of the finest individual seasons by a WVU wrestler in school history, going a perfect 26-0. He also became the first Mountaineer to win multiple national titles with his 184-pound championship in St. Louis. 2002 – 174 pounds It will long be remembered as one of the greatest accomplishments in West Virginia history. Greg Jones became just the 10th freshman since 1970 to win a national championship by defeating Greg Parker of Princeton at center mat in the finals.

ALL-AMERICANS Choosing to become a Mountaineer means working your hardest, and pushing your body and mind to new heights, to maximize your potential on and off the mat. Over the storied history of WVU wrestling, 21 individuals have earned AllAmerica status, six earning multiple nominations. Jimmie Cox .................................... 1929 Robert Perry .................................. 1955 Lewis Guidi .................................... 1955 Mark Cagle .................................... 1979 Jim Akerly ...................................... 1987 Michael Carr .................................. 1988 Mark Banks ........................... 1990, 1991 Dominic Black ................................ 1991 Scott Collins ................................... 1991 Doug Taylor ................................... 1993 Dean Morrison ............................... 1994 John Koss ...................................... 1997 Mike Mason .......................... 1997, 1998 Ian “Whitey� Chlebove ........... 1998, 1999 Vertus Jones ................ 1998, 1999, 2000 Sam Kline .......................................1999 Greg Jones ................... 2002, 2004, 2005 Brandon Lauer................................ 2003 Shane Cunanan .............................. 2003 Matt Lebe .......................................2005 Brandon Rader...................... 2006, 2007



WVU WRESTLING PAVILION The WVU wrestling program has long been viewed as one of the finest in the country. The team has a practice facility on the same level as its athletes with the WVU Wrestling Pavilion. “It is definitely one of the finer facilities in the country,” Coach Craig Turnbull says. The 9,000-square-foot, $1.4 million facility completely engulfs the old practice room that contained two mats and a handful of aerobic equipment. The facility sports four mats, coaching offices, an aerobic room, a study center with computers and an athletes’ lounge. “It is a tremendous place to practice because we are really able to spread out and not have guys bumping into each other,” Turnbull says. “The quality of workouts and wrestling has improved significantly.” Besides the practice area, the crown jewel of the complex is the players’ lounge. Built in the shape of a wrestling mat, the lounge features a big screen television for watching film and plenty of room for relaxing between classes. A drop down screen in the ceiling is used for studying match film before and after practices. The facility greatly adds to the already impeccable recruiting reputation the Mountaineer wrestling team already possessed. The facility has helped bring in some of the best wrestlers from around the country. To top off the project, WVU served as the home to United States wrestlers training for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, made possible by USA Wrestling and the Sunkist Kids. Mylan Pharmaceuticals pledged seven full-time jobs to Olympiads training in Morgantown. The funding was made possible by a benevolent gift from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Trust, which helped this dream complex become a reality. Turnbull also felt that the work done by former and current Mountaineer wrestlers played a large part in the wrestling-specific facility. “I would like to believe that all of our current and former athletes that have worked diligently in the pursuit of excellence have made a significant contribution to this project becoming a realization,” Turnbull says.



ATHLETIC TRAINING The West Virginia athletic training program looks to get its student-athletes back on the field in a timely manner while providing quality health care for its student-athletes and coaches. The scope of the athletic training services encompass various domains which including injury recognition, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, education and counseling that will enable the athlete to maintain an optimal quality of life beyond the span of athletic competition. Multiple athletic training rooms are available for student-athletes furnished with the latest in technology and equipment. The athletic training staff will work in conjunction with the team physicians and athletic administration to assure the student-athletes receive quality care throughout their career at WVU.



STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING Athletic excellence and strength and conditioning go hand-in-hand at West Virginia University. WVU’s strength and conditioning staff ensures all studentathletes are on year-long programs designed to continue improving the fitness capabilities needed in their sports. To keep athletes improving and in peak physical condition, West Virginia offers a variety of training areas and an array of strength programs designed to increase performance. All student-athletes will also have their own program individually calculated and updated throughout the year. At West Virginia, student-athletes can rest assured that their strength staff is monitoring their performance on a daily basis. Equipped with excellent amenities and staffed by some of the finest strength coaches in the nation, athletes who come to West Virginia know that they are in good hands when it comes to their athletic capacity.

Wrestling’s Primary Training Concentrations The main training area focuses for the wrestling team are anaerobic conditioning, total body power and explosiveness, agility and quickness, muscular endurance, core strength, neural recruitment, flexibility, balance and proprioception. Rigorous conditioning designed to elicit physiological changes in the body’s bioenergetics systems occurs 3-4 days a week with an emphasis on wrestling-specific anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. The lifting portion of the wrestling routine is used to improve overall strength, power and explosion. This is accomplished through cycled periodization of Olympic lifts, conventional weight lifting techniques, plyometrics, core, injury prevention exercises, agility and muscular endurance exercises. Athletes are also advised on proper nutrition and weight management. Wrestlers are required to be among the most flexible athletes in sports. As well as the sport-specific movements in their training, wrestlers will be versed in movement patterns and muscular stretches for their common ranges of motion. Off-season conditioning will test the athletes’ willpower with intense, physiologically based running workouts. A WVU wrestling favorite is the famous Law School Hill, covering 100 yards in length at an increasingly steep angle. Anaerobic interval workouts are also used in the off-season, as well as in-season in the WVU wrestling pavilion. These workouts typically involve combinations of shadow wrestling, sprawls, shots against resistance, plyometrics, and more.



COMMUNITY SERVICE The West Virginia University wrestling team understands that its efforts in the practice room and against competition is greatly appreciated by the Morgantown community, but the wrestlers want to be viewed as something more than just the ideal student-athlete – they want to be known as positive all-around individuals. Although these college students spend countless hours on the mats and in the classroom, they also devote a great deal of time to making the surrounding area a better place. “We believe that it is vital to be able to give back not only to the community, but also to people with close ties to our program,” says Coach CraigTurnbull. “It’s a privilege to support those who support WVU athletics.” In the last three years, the Mountaineers have held free wrestling clinics to raise funds for Sam Smith and former WVU wrestler Mike Wojcik. All money raised was given to the families to offset rising medical costs. During the offseason, WVU wrestlers have shared their passion and imparted their wisdom on younger wrestlers. When their school work is complete, or they have time during breaks, the wrestlers volunteer their time with youth wrestling clubs in their hometowns. Individually, members of the wrestling team join with coaches as well as members of other athletic teams from the university’s 15 other sports to visit the WVU Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. Although the wrestlers practice hard and devote time to their studies, they never lose focus of the task at hand – being an all-around positive role model, on and off campus.

PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPTS We believe that in order for our program to excel in an educationally sound and healthy environment, several philosophical concepts must be inherent and present as the foundation of the program. There is a belief in all people’s natural tendency to strive to reach their potential; a belief that people are inherently good and when the correct conditions are created, they will excel and desire to actualize their unique capabilities and potentialities. Paraphrasing Carl Rogers, an existential psychologist whose original background was in agriculture, “All living things have a natural tendency to actualize their potential; a potato in a dark cellar with one dirty window allowing very little light will even in this dire environment have weak spindly roots growing toward the window.” We must believe and our athletes must feel that we believe in their potential and encourage their growth, even when they are struggling. Victor Frankl, a well known psychologist, was a Nazi prisoner of war during World War II. He survived the most barren conditions where fellow prisoners often would pull off toes and fingers, would be starved and sent to the gas chambers. He remembers his most distressing moment as not physical but when he was on a work detail and was weak and leaned on his shovel; usually, the guards would beat a prisoner doing this, but this day, a guard picked up a rock and threw it at him as though he were a dog and not worth getting up for. Our athletes must feel respected and cared for. Attention and encouragement will equate with respect. Time spent listening and inquiring how different areas of their life are going will contribute in this area. Discussing strategies for improving deficient areas as well as encouraging and recognizing strengths will also help enhance this foundation. A recognition that was impressed upon me in the pursuit of my undergraduate degree in Special Education is pertinent here. The exceptional child; the gifted and slow student is more like than unlike the “normal student.” The athlete at the Olympic level and a freshman not quite figuring it out have similar needs. The elite athlete and the growing athlete will have fears, insecurities, strengths and hopes. They need acceptance, respect, understanding, and encouragement, regardless of their functioning level. A solid foundation based upon the belief of each individual’s right for respect and a belief in the natural tendency for people to be good and strive to reach their potential will create an environment where our student-athletes will be driven to extend themselves in the pursuit of excellence.



STUDENT-ATHLETE SUPPORT West Virginia University offers a variety of services and programs to help student-athletes maximize their academic potential. Department staff members work with coaches, on campus student service providers and faculty to help student-athletes meet the unique demands of the classroom, the sporting arena and the personal-social challenges they face as developing adults. While many of the headlines center on the Mountaineers’ accomplishments on the playing field, West Virginia athletes have also made some noteworthy strides in the classroom. Some of those strides include a string of eight consecutive years where the department has had at least one first team Academic All-American. To help its student athletes achieve academic success, one of the nation’s finest facilities resides in the WVU Coliseum – The Athletic Academic Performance Center. Coliseum Academic Performance Center – WVU Coliseum • 8,000-square foot facility providing individual and group study areas • State-of-the-art computer labs • Provides a quiet atmosphere and is open six days a week • The latest in fingerprint technology used when signing in • Center can be utilized around the student-athlete’s schedule • Center cost $1.3 million and opened in October of 2007 • Facility gift was provided by former Mountaineer great Jerry West and his wife, Karen, and the Robbins family. WVU’s Academic Support Services Provides • Team educational counselors • Tutoring services • Priority registration for student-athletes • Post-eligibility assistance Tutoring Service Facts • Over 75 tutors provide student-athletes with assistance in their classes • Upperclassmen, graduate students and community members serve as tutors in their area of specialty • Tutoring services are provided for all student-athletes regardless of scholarship status NCAA Certification West Virginia University received unconditional recertification in April 2010 from the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification, recognizing that the University’s athletic program is in “substantial conformity with operating principles” adopted by Division I schools. The purpose of athletics certification is to ensure integrity in the institution’s athletics program and to assist institutions in improving their athletics departments, the NCAA said.



STUDENT-ATHLETE SUPPORT Graduation Rates West Virginia University’s graduation rate for student-athletes has been impressive, to say the least, over the past seven years. The ratio of student-athletes graduating to the general student body has increased almost every year. The graduation rate for student-athletes is based upon the number of students who entered the University receiving athletic scholarship aid in a given academic year, and their progress over six years. The most recent figures are based upon the progress of student-athletes who entered WVU during 2002-03. APR The West Virginia University women’s soccer team, men’s basketball team and women’s cross country team received public recognition in the spring of 2010 by the NCAA for their latest multiyear Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores. These teams posted multiyear APRs in the top 10 percent of all squads in each sport. Each year, the NCAA honors selected Division I sports teams by publicly recognizing their latest multiyear APR. The APR provides a real-time look at a team’s academic success each semester by tracking the academic progress of each student-athlete on scholarship. The APR accounts for eligibility, retention and graduation and provides a measure of each team’s academic performance. Student-Athlete Advisory Committee The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) provides a forum for the “voice of the student-athlete” on WVU’s campus. SAAC membership provides feedback to administration about how to better WVU athletic programs. They offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses. CHAMPS/Life Skills The many challenges that today’s college student-athletes face, both on and off the playing field, are unmatched in the history of higher education. Unfortunately, many students are not well prepared to face these challenges or encounter life issues that undermine health and success in college. To prepare student-athletes for the demands of college life and beyond, the NCAA developed the CHAMPS (Challenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success)/Life Skills program. In the spring of 1995, the West Virginia University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics initiated its own CHAMPS/Life Skills program. WVU was one of only 170 schools selected by the NCAA to participate in their national pilot program. Five programming “commitment” areas viewed as critical to personal growth are part of WVU’s model. They are: 1) academic excellence, 2) personal development, 3) career development, 4) athletic excellence and 5) community service.



CAMPUS LIFE Virginia University is a leading 21st century land-grant institution that is improving people’s lives through teaching, ð West discovery and outreach. WVU colleges and schools offer 193 degree programs from the bachelor’s through the doctoral and first-professional ð 13levels.

ð WVU students receive $317 million annually in grants, loans, work study, fee waivers and scholarships. campus offers one of the nation’s safest college environments — Reader’s Digest ranked it 18th among 135 U.S. ð WVU’s colleges and universities and gave WVU an ‘A’ for its strong commitment to safety. American institute for Economic Research named Morgantown one of America’s “Best College Towns.” Kiplinger’s ð The Personal Finance magazine listed the city 29th among “50 Smart Places to Live.” and job opportunities were among the factors Men’s Journal magazine cited in naming Morgantown the ð Recreational nation’s third-best small city. Sporting News named Morgantown one of its “Best Sports Cities.” ranked the city as one of the “25 Best Cities to Find a Job.” main Morgantown location includes three distinct campuses—Downtown, Evansdale and the Health Sciences ð WVU’s campus. The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system — named top people-mover in the nation - has shuttled people among the campuses since the U.S. Department of Transportation built it 30 years ago. Student Recreation Center offers a six-lane lap pool and a leisure pool; a 20-person whirlpool; seven courts for ð The basketball, volleyball, and badminton; fitness machines and free weights covering 17,000 square feet; and a 50-foot climbing wall.

ð WVU has produced 25 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other school in the BIG EAST Conference. FBI chose WVU as its national leader for biometrics research. WVU is the academic arm of the FBI’s Biometric Center of ð The Excellence. WVU School of Medicine’s Rural Medicine Program is ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s top ð The 10 graduate programs in the field. More than two dozen WVU graduate programs are ranked by the publication as among the nation’s best.



CAMPUS LIFE WVU: A Brief Profile WVU is one of only 11 schools in the country that are land-grant, doctoral research universities with a comprehensive medical school. Students: WVU’s main campus fall 2011 enrollment was 29,617. Alumni: The new Erickson Alumni Center is a gathering place for WVU’s more than 175,000 alumni worldwide. Degree Programs: WVU offers 193 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs. Division Campuses: Potomac State College of WVU; WVU Institute of Technology Health Sciences Center Divisions: Charleston Division, Health Sciences Center, Charleston, W.Va.; Eastern Division, Health Sciences Center, Martinsburg, W.Va. Major Academic Divisions: Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Creative Arts, School of Dentistry, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, Honors College, College of Human Resources and Education, Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, College of Law, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Potomac State College of WVU, WVU Institute of Technology Visitors Resource Center: Located on the Morgantown Waterfront, the Visitors Resource Center features unique, cutting-edge displays and traditional West Virginia hospitality. Operating hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F; 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sat. (closed Sundays and most University holidays). Guided tours with friendly knowledgeable student guides M-F at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sat. at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., except home football Saturdays. Phone: 304-293-3489. Visit: Admission Information: Information is available from the Office of Admissions and Records, PO Box 6090, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6090; or call 304-293-2121 or visit WVU on the web:; E-mail: go2wvu@mail. Mountaineer Parents Club Helpline: Receive information or share comments by calling 1-800-WVU-0096. Someone will respond within one business day if possible.



WVU ATHLETICS 2010-11 BY THE NUMBERS Team Record Baseball: 28-27 Cross Country: 5th place at BIG EAST Championships & 5th place at NCAA Regionals Men’s Basketball: 21-12, 11-7 BIG EAST (NCAA 3rd Round) Women’s Basketball: 24-10, 8-8 BIG EAST (NCAA 2nd Round) Football: 9-3, 5-2 BIG EAST (Share of regular-season conference title) (Champs Sports Bowl Game) Gymnastics: 13-10, 10-4 EAGL (6th place at NCAA Regionals) Rowing: 7th BIG EAST Men’s Soccer: 11-8-2, 5-4-0 BIG EAST (NCAA 2nd Round) Women’s Soccer: 18-5-1, 9-1-1 BIG EAST (BIG EAST Champions) (NCAA Sweet 16) Men’s Swimming and Diving: 4-2, 4th BIG EAST (3 NCAA qualifiers) Women’s Swimming and Diving: 2-7, 3rd BIG EAST (1 NCAA qualifier) Women’s Tennis: 8-14 Rifle: 11-2, 5-1 GARC (2nd NCAA); GARC Postseason Champions (NCAA Air Rifle Champions) Ranked No. 1 all season; Nicco Campriani was the NCAA Air Rifle Champion Women’s Track: Indoor: 5th BIG EAST, 18th NCAA; Outdoor: 2nd BIG EAST, 20th NCAA Volleyball: 15-15, 5-9 BIG EAST Wrestling: 9-6, 4-2 EWL, 5 NCAA qualifiers NCAA Individual Champions Nicco Campriani, NCAA Air Rifle First Team All-Americans Keri Bland, Indoor Track, NCAA Nicco Campriani, Rifle, National Rifle Association (NRA) (smallbore and air rifle) Chelsea Carrier, Indoor Track, NCAA Chelsea Carrier, Outdoor Track, NCAA John Flowers, 2011 Lefty Driesell Defensive All-America Team Kaitlyn Gillespie, Cross Country, USTFCCCA Kate Harrison, Outdoor Track, NCAA Robert Sands, Football, Sporting News Rachel Viglianco, Rowing, National Strength and Conditioning Association Petra Zublasing, Rifle, National Rifle Association (NRA) (air rifle)

Team Champions Women’s Soccer, BIG EAST Rifle, GARC BIG EAST Champions Rachael Burnett, Women’s Swimming (500 Free, 400 IM) Taylor Camp, Men’s Swimming (100 Fly) Chelsea Carrier, Women’s Indoor Track (pentathlon, 60m hurdles), Women’s Outdoor Track (long jump, 100m, 400m hurdles) Kate Harrison, Women’s Outdoor Track (10,000-meter run) Mandie Nugent, Women’s Swimming (200 Fly) Jessica O’Connell, Women’s Indoor Track (3,000m) April Rotilio, Women’s Outdoor Track (400-meter dash) EAGL Champions Amy Bieski, Gymnastics (uneven bars) GARC Champions Nicco Campriani, Rifle (air rifle, smallbore, & combined score) BIG EAST Individual Awards Rachael Burnett, Women’s Swimming, 2011 co-BIG EAST Women’s Most Outstanding Swimmer Kerri Butler, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship Most Outstanding Defensive Player Kerri Butler, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship All-Tournament team Chelsea Carrier, Women’s Track, 2011 BIG EAST Indoor Most Outstanding Field Athlete Chelsea Carrier, Women’s Track, 2011 BIG EAST Outdoor Most Outstanding Track Performer of the Meet Meghan Lewis, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship Most Outstanding Offensive Player Meghan Lewis, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship All-Tournament team Bry McCarthy, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship All-Tournament Team Blake Miller, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship All-Tournament Team Megan Mischler, Women’s Soccer, 2010 BIG EAST Championship All-Tournament Team Mandie Nugent, Women’s Swimming, 2011 co-BIG EAST Women’s Most Outstanding Swimmer Liz Repella, Women’s Basketball, 2010-11 BIG EAST ScholarAthlete Sport Excellence Award Frances Silva, Women’s Soccer, BIG EAST all-Rookie Team Rachel Viglianco, Rowing, 2010-11 BIG EAST ScholarAthlete Sport Excellence Award BIG EAST Women’s Staff of the Year, Women’s Outdoor Track



WVU ATHLETICS 2010-11 BY THE NUMBERS Major Awards Amy Bieski, Gymnastics, EAGL Gymnast of the Year Amy Bieski, Gymnastics, EAGL Outstanding Senior of the Year Nicco Campriani, Rifle, GARC Shooter of the Year Nicco Campriani, Rifle, GARC Senior of the Year Nicco Campriani, Rifle, GARC Scholar-Athlete Liz Repella, Women’s Basketball, Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award Finalist Red Brown Cup Award Nicco Campriani, Rifle Liz Repella, Women’s Basketball Fred Schaus Captain’s Award Keri Bland, Track and Field Chris Neild, Football

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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 27

Craig Turnbull

[ head coach • 34th season • clarion, ‘74 ]

TURNBULL FILE COACHING EXPERIENCE WEST VIRGINIA, 1979-PRESENT • Head Coach • Seventh-winningest active coach in Division I Wrestling • Four-time EWL Coach of the Year (’90, ’98, ’02, ’04) • 2003 Coach of Blue Team at NWCA All-Star Classic • 1979 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year • 12 Top 25 finishes at NCAA Championships WRESTLER DEVELOPMENT • Coached 26 of WVU’s 29 All-Americans • Five National Champions, including three-time champion Greg Jones • 39 EWL Champions • 155 total bids to NCAA Championships • 14 NWCA All-Academic Team members EDUCATION WEST VIRGINIA, 1978 • Master’s degree (sports psychology and counseling psychology)

Over a span of the last 33 seasons, Craig Turnbull has built West Virginia wrestling into one of the strongest and most dominant programs in the nation. The four-time Eastern Wrestling League (EWL) Coach of the Year has all the important ingredients in place for another run at NCAA dominance in 2011-12. Leading the way in that endeavor is the WVU Wrestling Pavilion, which Turnbull was instrumental in constructing. The $1.4 million room – built in 2006 – boasts four mats, an aerobic room, coaches’ offices and a study center with a player lounge. The room came after 29 of the most successful seasons the WVU wrestling program has enjoyed. Individuals have thrived under the guidance of one of the more prominent names in collegiate coaching circles. In 2005, he led Mountaineer Greg Jones to his third national championship as the tournament’s outstanding wrestler, and in 2006 and 2007, he tutored Brandon Rader to a pair of sixth-place finishes to become the program’s sixth multiple All-American. Seven seasons ago, Jones became the first athlete in WVU history to claim two NCAA titles. As a freshman in 2002, Jones won the NCAA title at 174 pounds before moving up to 184 pounds as a junior in 2004. The 2011 season was a return to form for the Mountaineers that was spearheaded by yet another outstanding coaching job by Turnbull. Despite the team’s relative youth, WVU finished the year with a 9-6 record overall and a 4-2 mark in the EWL, which was second-best in the conference. WVU’s success continued at the EWL Tournament, as the team placed second overall and had five wrestlers place second in their respective weight class. To cap the year, the Mountaineers sent five individuals to the NCAA Tournament. With his coaching success in 2010-2011, Turnbull propelled himself into elite company. Totaling 265 victories, amounting to a .581-winning percentage, Turnbull currently is the seventhwinningest active coach in Division I wrestling.

CLARION, 1974 • Bachelor’s degree (special education) • 1973 All-American • 87-14-2 career record • Pennsylvania and Eastern champion


In 2009, Turnbull’s vast knowledge and experience was on display, leading the Mountaineers to an 8-4-2 overall mark. WVU finished second in the EWL in the regular season with a 4-0-2 record. At the EWL Championships, one wrestler earned an EWL title, with four additional wrestlers earning bids to the NCAA Wrestling Championships. Turnbull’s impact was felt in 2008, leading an injury-plagued lineup to a respectable 8-5 regularseason finish. In the league tournament, two wrestlers captured EWL titles. Guiding his team to an overachieving season, Turnbull helped WVU become one of only 19 schools to qualify seven or more wrestlers to the NCAA Tournament. In 2006, Turnbull led a slew of young, talented wrestlers to a 4-2 conference record despite many who battled injuries throughout the season. With Rader receiving the only All-American honor, heavyweight Dustin Rogers was another bright spot after pulling off two upsets in the NCAA tournament. Rogers defeated the No. 11 and No. 6 seeds before falling in the quarterfinals. In 2005, Turnbull’s squad claimed its sixth EWL dual meet championship after posting a 4-1-1 conference mark. Along with Jones winning a national championship, Turnbull guided junior Matt Lebe to All-America status at 157 pounds after he knocked off Stanford’s defending national champion Matt Gentry. In 2004, Turnbull’s Mountaineers tallied another nine-win season, placing 16th at nationals and also finishing the season nationally ranked in dual meet rankings. Turnbull picked up his 200th career victory with a 32-2 victory over Pitt on February 15, 2002. In 2002, on the heels of consecutive nationally ranked recruiting classes, Turnbull assembled one of the best teams in school history going 12-2, including 7-0 in (EWL) dual matches, claiming the EWL regular-season and tournament titles for the first time in school history, a 13th-place finish at the NCAA tournament and producing one national champion. Turnbull has been on the Mountaineer bench for all five of WVU’s individual national champi-

Craig Turnbull has coached 26 All-Americans in his career at WVU

Craig Turnbull

[ head coach • 34th season • clarion, ‘74 ] onship titles and 26 of its 29 All-Americans. Over the last eight seasons, WVU has qualified an average of nearly seven wrestlers for the national championships, including a school-record nine in 2003. In 1999, Turnbull led the Mountaineers to a school-best 54 points at the NCAA tournament to place ninth. It was the second year in a row the Mountaineers placed in the Top 10 at the NCAAs. Turnbull’s 1998 squad secured the team’s third EWL dual title, as he was named the conference coach of the year. Turnbull helped guide Vertus Jones to four EWL championships and Jones became just the third EWL wrestler ever to win four conference titles. He was also the first Mountaineer grappler to become a three-time All-American. In 1996, the Mountaineers’ victory over Duquesne earned Turnbull his 156th win and made him West Virginia’s all-time winningest wrestling coach, eclipsing Steve Harrick’s mark of 155 wins. Turnbull’s appointment as coach of the Mountaineers in 1979 came one season after the Mountaineers’ entrance into the highly competitive Eastern Wrestling League. The team enjoyed a tremendous two-year stretch in 1990-91 as it recorded a 25-6 record, won back-to-back EWL dual meet

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crowns, finished sixth at the 1991 NCAA Championships and recorded an eighth-place finish at the 1991 national dual meet championships. It was also during those two seasons that Scott Collins won the 142-pound national championship and Mark Banks won consecutive All-America honors. In 1990, Turnbull was tabbed as the EWL’s Coach of the Year for the first time as the Mountaineers captured the Eastern Mat Poll, the first time WVU won the prize signifying the East’s best wrestling school. Turnbull was named to coach one of the teams at the National Wrestling Coaches’ Association All-Star Classic in 1992, a match that pits the nation’s No. 1-and 2-ranked wrestlers against each other. Inheriting a team that posted a 10-26 mark the two years prior to his arrival, Turnbull did not wait long before guiding WVU to success. During his first season, the team produced a 9-4-2 record, a feat which earned him Division I NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year honors. Turnbull is also a member of the National Wrestling Coaches’ Association. After graduating from Clarion in 1974 with a degree in special education, the former NCAA All-American went on to coach wrestling at Strong Vincent High in Erie, Pa. He came to Morgantown after accepting the assistant coach’s position. From 1976-78, while pursuing master’s degrees in sports psychology and counseling psychology, Turnbull assisted coach Fred Liechti. The following season, Turnbull took over the head coaching position. Turnbull was inducted into the Wesleyville-Iroquois-Lawrence Park Hall of Fame in 2009 along with the Metro Erie Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. Turnbull and his wife, Sue, reside in Morgantown. They have two children, Carrie and Kyle.

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 29

Craig Turnbull

[ head coach • 34th season • clarion, ‘74 ] Turnbull Year-by-Year at WVU 1979....................... 9-4-2 1980.....................6-10-1 1981.................. 12-10-0 1982.....................10-9-0 1983....................... 6-9-0 1984....................... 8-8-0 1985.....................13-3-0 1986.....................12-7-0 1987.....................10-6-0 1988.....................10-7-0 1989....................... 7-7-0 1990.................. 14-1-0* 1991.................. 11-5-0* 1992....................... 7-6-0 1993....................... 7-5-0 1994....................... 6-4-0 1995....................... 4-6-0 1996.....................7-5-1+ 1997....................... 4-6-0

1998.................. 11-3-1* 1999....................... 7-4-0 2000....................... 6-4-1 2001....................... 4-9-0 2002................12-2-0*+ 2003.....................9-3-0* 2004.....................9-5-0+ 2005.....................5-6-1* 2006....................... 6-6-0 2007....................... 5-5-0 2008....................... 8-5-0 2009....................... 8-4-2 2010.....................3-10-0 2011....................... 9-6-0 Total..............265-190-9 * EWL Dual Meet Champions + EWL Tournament Champions

Programs Turnbull Has Beaten As Head Coach Akron Appalachian State Arizona State Army Augsburg Bloomsburg Boise State Boston Buffalo Cal Poly Cal State Fullerton California, Pa. Cal-Bakersfield Cincinnati The Citadel Clarion Cleveland State Columbia Duquesne

East Stroudsburg Edinboro Franklin & Marshall George Mason Gettysburg Hofstra Illinois Indiana Indiana, Pa. Iowa State Johns Hopkins Kent Kentucky Kutztown Lehigh Liberty Lock Haven Marshall Marietta


Maryland Michigan Michigan State Millersville Minnesota Missouri Muskingum Navy Nebraska North Carolina Northern Iowa Northwestern Ohio State Ohio Oklahoma Oklahoma State Old Dominion Oregon Penn

Penn State Pitt Pitt-Johnstown Rider Rutgers Sacred Heart Shippensburg Southern Connecticut Stanford Syracuse Trenton State Virginia Virginia Tech Waynesburg West Liberty Wisconsin Wyoming Youngstown State

Craig Turnbull

[ head coach • 34th season • clarion, ‘74 ] WVU’S TURNBULL PICKED FOR ERIE HALL OF FAME With an outstanding athletic resume and 33 years as head coach of the West Virginia University wrestling team, Craig Turnbull was selected as a member of the 2011 class of the Metro Erie Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. The Erie, Pa., native was inducted to the hall at a banquet on June 21, 2011, at Zem Zem Shriners in Erie, Pa. He was honored along with Julian Blanks, Cliff Crosby, Nancy Eisenman-Elwell, Brooke Freeburg, John Leisering, Andy Schulz, Joe Scholtis, Roger Sweeting and the late Joe Sivak. “My initial thought is that I must be getting old,” Turnbull said of his induction phone call. “It’s a tremendous honor and I’m grateful to be associated with this group of athletes. The city has laid a foundation of support that has allowed many of us to create paths for ourselves.” Currently the ninth-active winningest coach in NCAA Division I wrestling, Turnbull is a four-time Eastern Wrestling League (EWL) Coach of the Year and has coached 26 All-Americans, five national champions, 39 EWL champions and has sent 155 individuals to the NCAA Championships. He also spearheaded the $1.4 million WVU Wrestling Pavilion that was completed in 2006. “I consider myself very fortunate to have received the educational and athletic support from so many individuals from Erie,” Turnbull said. “This honor is also in recognition of those who have helped me along the way.” Turnbull wrestled at Clarion University, where he was an AllAmerican in 1973 and compiled an 87-14 career record.

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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 31

Greg Jones

[ associate head coach • seventh season • west virginia, ‘05 ]

JONES FILE COACHING EXPERIENCE WEST VIRGINIA, 2005-PRESENT • Associate Head Coach • Nine EWL Champions • Five or more NCAA qualifiers each year since 2006 season • Helped Brandon Williamson register a 20-9 record in first season at Division I level • Williamson finished runner-up at EWL Tournament and qualified for NCAAs • Heavily involved in recruiting: Two-time All-American Brandon Rader Three-time EWL champion Kurt Brenner Three-time NCAA qualifier Dustin Rogers No. 35-ranked recruit Colin Johnston 3x state champion and No. 14-ranked recruit Shane Young EDUCATION WEST VIRGINIA, 2005 • Bachelor’s degree (sports and exercise psychology) • 126-4 career record • 2005 NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler • Three-time NCAA champion • Three-time All-American • Only 10th freshman since 1970 to win national title • Four-time EWL champion • Ended career with a 51-match win streak • 17-2 record in four NCAA tournaments • Three-time NWCA All-Star Classic winner • Member of the EWL and NWCA all-Academic Teams

Greg Jones enters his seventh year as an assistant at his alma mater. His main responsibilities include recruiting, setting up and running practices, working on technique with wrestlers and operational duties. He was promoted during the summer of 2010 to associate head coach in recognition of his efforts as an assistant. After the departure of longtime assistant Zeke Jones, Turnbull quickly named the Slickville, Pa., native as the successor who was less than a year removed from finishing his collegiate career. Despite his youth, Jones was the natural fit for the coaching position after completing the most successful career in the program’s 86year history. During his Mountaineer career, he became one of only 20 wrestlers in NCAA history to win national titles at two different weight classes. The 6-foot-1-inch grappler won a title as a freshman at 174 pounds and two more as a junior and senior at 184 pounds. Jones became the first Mountaineer to be named the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler. He is also a four-time Eastern Wrestling League champion and WVU’s all-time leader in wins with a 126-4 record. He is the only West Virginia wrestler to post an undefeated season, doing it twice 2004 (26-0) and 2005 (25-0). He also holds WVU records for best mark as a freshman (342), best record at the 167/174-pound weight class (34-2), most NCAA tournament wins (17) and is tied for the most NCAA tournament appearances (4). Jones appeared in the NWCA All-Star Classic three times, winning each match. He is one of only two WVU athletes to win the university’s Red Brown Cup twice. In 2010, Jones was inducted into the EWL Hall of Fame. Jones graduated from WVU in 2005 with a degree in sports and exercise psychology. He and his wife, Kelly, have a daughter Mara Leigh.


Danny Felix

[ assistant coach • fourth season • arizona state, ‘98 ]

FELIX FILE COACHING EXPERIENCE WEST VIRGINIA, 2005-PRESENT • Assistant Coach • Helped Colin Johnston to a 21-4 sophomore mark • Instrumental in Shane Young recording 16 wins as a freshman • Young became first WVU 125-pounder to qualify for NCAA Championships since Shawn Cordell (2005) • Guided David Jauregui and Ryan Goodman to 2009 NCAA Tournament • Helped strengthen wrestlers’ technique • Specializes with 125-157 pound wrestlers VIRGINIA, 2003-05 • Club Coach OKLAHOMA, 1998-99 • Club Coach INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE • 2009 U.S. World Team • Competed at 2009 World Wrestling Championships • Runner-up at 2009 Dave Schultz Memorial International Open • Bronze medal at 2008 U.S. Open • Silver medal at 2007 NYAC International Championships • Champion of 2007 Sunkist International Open • Champion of 2004 Dave Schultz Memorial International Open

Danny Felix enters his fourth season as a full-time assistant with the West Virginia University wrestling staff. He joined the Mountaineer program in 2005 as a volunteer assistant. Felix’s specialty is with the lighter weight classes, but also assists all wrestlers with technique and various wrestling moves. Felix’s laundry list of accomplishments and years of collegiate wrestling experience made him the perfect addition to an already potent WVU staff. In June of 2009, Felix worked his way on to one of the most prestigious teams – the U.S. World Team. He was one of seven freestyle wrestlers to earn a spot on the team, and Felix competed in Herning, Denmark, at the 2009 World Wrestling Championships. In early 2008 in the professional ranks, Felix garnered the bronze medal at the 2008 U.S. Open. A year prior, he wrestled in the 121-pound class at the NYAC Holiday International Wrestling Championships and finished as a silver medalist. That same year, he was crowned the 2007 Sunkist International Champion. Before coming to Morgantown, Felix spent a majority of his coaching career along the eastern coast of the United States. From 2003-05, he was the club wrestling coach at the University of Virginia. Felix jumped into the coaching ranks in 1998 at the University of Oklahoma. There, he served as a club coach for two years. Through his eight years of club wrestling, he worked with kids as young as five years old to teenagers at the high school level. Felix, in charge of the freestyle programs, taught everything from the step-by-step fundamentals to the more intricate wrestling moves. In 1995, Felix earned All-America status at Arizona State in the 118-pound weight class. To add to his stellar college career, he also was a three-time Pac-10 champion. He earned his bachelor of fine arts degree from Arizona State in 1998. Felix and, his wife, Cheri, have a son, Luca.

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EDUCATION ARIZONA STATE, 1998 • Bachelor’s degree (fine arts) • Three-time Pac-10 champion • 1995 All-American

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 33

Support Staff

[ the team behind the team] Kurt Brenner

Darl Bauer

Brittany Arnold

Paul Downey

Volunteer Assistant

Strength Coach

Athletic Trainer

Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services

Bubba Schmidt

Dr. Ed Etzel

Brian Kuppelweiser

Equipment Manager

Sports Psychologist

Sports Communications

Dr. Matt Lively

Sue Davis

Cindy Smith

Medical Doctor

Program Assistant

Administrative Assistant


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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 35

2011-12 Rosters

[ alphabetical • state/country • class • weight ] Name Michael Bennett Michael Bolash Lance Bryson Brian Cavey Zachary Cerrone Anthony Chicuto Christian Chirico Mark Colabucci Terrence Demery II Kyle Eason Brian Foy Justin Goode Rick Guerrieri Nicholas Hylton Colin Johnston Trevor Kushner Mac Mancuso Philip Mandzik Marshall Mason Tre Miller-Scott Michael Morales Nathan Pennesi Roman Perryman Dominic Prezzia Ross Renzi Nicholas Romero Matt Ryan Brutus Scheffel Joseph Schiff Jesse Schiffbauer Nicholas Vallone Tyler White Brandon Williamson Jeffrey Yeatman Shane Young

Cl. r-Fr. Jr. r-Jr. So. r-Jr. r-So. Fr. Fr. r-Fr r-Sr. r-Fr. Fr. Jr. So. r-Jr. So. r-So. Sr. Fr. Fr. So. r-So. Fr. Fr. Fr. So. r-Sr. r-Fr. r-So. Fr. r-So. So. r-Sr. r-So. Jr.

Ht. 5-8 5-4 5-8 5-6 5-7 5-3 5-11 5-11 5-8 6-1 5-11 5-8 5-9 5-10 5-7 5-7 5-10 6-0 5-10 5-5 5-6 5-7 5-9 5-8 5-9 5-10 5-11 5-7 5-6 5-6 5-10 5-6 6-2 5-9 5-6

Head Coach: Craig Turnbull (34th Season) Associate Head Coach: Greg Jones (Seventh Season) Assistant Coach: Danny Felix (Fourth Season) Volunteer Assistant: Kurt Brenner (First Season)


Wt. 149 125 174 125 149 133 174 174 149 165 165 141 165 197 133 157 197 HWT 165 141 141 141 149 157 165 141 184 149 141 125 157 149 HWT 165 125

Hometown Fairfax, Va. Warrington, Pa. Shoaf, Pa. Pasadena, Md. Wellsboro, Pa. Westminster, Md. Palmyra, Va. Laurel, Md. Nuremburg, Germany Dauphin, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Moundsville, W. Va. Ventnor City, N.J. Glen Daniel, W. Va. Eighty-Four, Pa. Johnstown, Pa. Atlantic City, N.J. Bradenton, Fla. Moundsville, W.Va. Swatara, Pa. Brick, N.J. Latrobe, Pa. Springfield, Va. St. Clairsville, Ohio Burke, Va. Hughesville, Md. Eighty-Four, Pa. Oakland, Md. Buckhannon, W. Va. Morgantown, W. Va. South Plainfield, N.J. Thurmont, Md. Riverside, Conn. Annapolis, Md. Jeannette, Pa.

By State/Country Pennsylvania Maryland West Virginia New Jersey Virginia Connecticut Florida Germany Ohio

11 7 5 4 4 1 1 1 1

By Class Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors

13 12 6 4

High School/Coach Robinson Secondary/Bryan Hazard Central Bucks South/Craig Deacon Albert Gallatin/Duane Dupont Archbishop Spalding/Mike Laidley Wellsboro Area/Rick Mahalik Westminster/Sam Gardner Fluranna County/Craig Conner Reservoir/Ryan Kanaskie North Hardin/Keith Smith Central Dauphin East/Jason Woodall Hopewell/Jason Martsolf John Marshall/Ted Zervous Holy Spirit/Tim Mancuso Liberty/Randall Daniel Canon McMillan/Chris Mary Westmont Hilltop/Matt Beaujon Holy Spirit/Tim Mancuso Manatee/Andy Guglimini John Marshall/Ted Zervous Central Dauphin East/Jason Woodall Brick Memorial/Dan O’Cone Greater Latrobe/Marc Billett Robinson Secondary /Bryan Hazard St. Clairsville/Jay Michael Lake Braddock/Scott Matheny La Plata/Todd Sharp Canon McMillan/Chris Mary Southern Garrett/Dave Taylor Buckhannon-Upshur/J.P. Tenny University/Ken Maisel South Plainfield/ Kevin McCann Walkersville/Butch Cotterman Greenwich/AJ Albano Archbishop Spalding/Mike Laidley Penn-Trafford/Larry Hohman

By Weight Class 125 133 141 149 157 165 174 184 197 285

4 2 6 6 3 6 3 1 2 2

2011-12 Rosters

[ weight class breakdown ]


Name Michael Bolash Brian Cavey Jesse Schiffbauer Shane Young


Name Anthony Chicuto Colin Johnston


Name Justin Goode Tre Miller-Scott Michael Morales Nathan Pennesi Nicholas Romero Joseph Schiff


Name Michael Bennett Zachary Cerrone Terrence Demery II Roman Perryman Brutus Scheffel Tyler White


Name Trevor Kushner Dominic Prezzia Nicholas Vallone


Name Kyle Eason Brian Foy Rick Guerrieri Marshall Mason Ross Renzi Jeffrey Yeatman

Class Jr. So. Fr. Jr.

Ht. 5-4 5-6 5-6 5-6

Wt. 125 125 125 125

Hometown Warrington, Pa. Pasadena, Md. Morgantown, W. Va. Jeannette, Pa.


Name Lance Bryson Christian Chirico Mark Colabucci

184 Class Ht. r-So. 5-3 r-Jr. 5-7

Wt. 133 133

Hometown Westminster, Md. Eighty-Four, Pa.

Class Fr. Fr. So. r-So. So. r-So.

Ht. 5-8 5-5 5-6 5-7 5-10 6-0

Wt. 141 141 141 141 141 141

Hometown Moundsville, W. Va. Swatara, Pa. Brick, N.J. Latrobe, Pa. Hughesville, Md. Buckhannon, W. Va.

Class r-Fr. r-Jr. r-Fr Fr. r-Fr. So.

Ht. 5-8 5-7 5-8 5-9 5-7 5-6

Wt. 149 149 149 149 149 149

Hometown Fairfax, Va. Wellsboro, Pa. Nuremburg, Germany Springfield, Va. Oakland, Md. Thurmont, Md.

Class So. Fr. r-So.

Ht. 5-7 5-8 5-10

Wt. 157 157 157

Hometown Johnstown, Pa. St. Clairsville, Ohio South Plainfield, N.J.

Class r-Sr. r-Fr. Jr. Fr. Fr. r-So.

Ht. 6-1 5-11 5-9 5-10 5-9 5-9

Wt. 165 165 165 165 165 165

Hometown Dauphin, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Ventnor City, N.J. Moundsville, W.Va. Burke, Va. Annapolis, Md.

Name Matt Ryan


Name Nicholas Hylton Mac Mancuso


Class r-Jr. Fr. Fr.

Ht. 5-8 5-11 5-11

Wt. 174 174 174

Hometown Shoaf, Pa. Palmyra, Va. Laurel, Md.

Class Ht. Wt. r-Sr. 5-11 184

Hometown Eighty-Four, Pa.

Class Ht. Wt. So. 5-10 197 r-So. 5-10 197

Hometown Glen Daniel, W. Va. Atlantic City, N.J.

Name Class Ht. Philip Mandzik Sr. 6-0 Brandon Williamson r-Sr. 6-2


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Hometown Bradenton, Fla. Riverside, Conn.

Nathan Pennesi

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 37

Kyle Eason

Philip Mandzik

[ 6-1 • 165 • r-senior • dauphin, pa. ]

[ 6-0 • hwt • senior • bradenton, fla. ]

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 6-4 overall record for the year, competing at the Washington & Jefferson College Open and Navy Classic • Came in fourth place at Navy Classic • At W&J Open, defeated opponents from Pitt Johnstown, Mount Union and teammate Rueben Herrera • Fell to Penn State’s James Volrath and West Liberty’s Seth Phalen • At Navy Classic, fell to Bloomsburg’s Sam Shirey before defeating three opponents from Bloomsburg and Bucknell in third-place match, fell to Navy’s Bobby Burnhisel by a close 9-8 decision At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Earned eight starts for the team at the 157-pound class • Finished the year with a 7-12 overall mark, 1-4 against league competition • Took fourth at the EWL Championships • Defeated Pitt’s Donnie Tasser, 10-4, in the tournament after falling to No. 15 Hadley Harrison of Clarion • Posted a 5-2 win against Lock Haven’s Seth Creasy • Beat Alex Martinez of Duquesne by major decision at the Navy Classic • Finished in second at the Washington & Jefferson College Open after defeating Myers Miller (Pitt Johnstown), Cory Disbennett (Mt. St. Joseph), Joe Harper (Pitt-Johnstown) and teammate Mike Rowe, while falling only to Penn State’s David Taylor at the meet At West Virginia in 2008-09 • Wrestled at the Navy Classic • Went 2-2 • Recorded a 15-0 tech fall at 3:15 over Gardner-Webb’s Justin Guthrie • Pinned Franklin & Marshall’s Matthew Gittleman At West Virginia in 2007-08 • Redshirt season

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 10-18 record for the year • Came in sixth place at the EWL Championships, medically forfeiting the final two bouts of the tournament • Went 3-4 in the EWL on year, providing the team with 10 dual points • Had eight decision wins for the season • Achieved a 3-2 mark at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, defeating opponents from Seton Hill, Pitt-Johnstown and Spry • Faced four ranked opponents during the year, including two in the top 10 • Started all but one dual meet for the team at the heavyweight class • Lost a close 4-0 decision to No. 17-ranked Jeremy Johnson of Ohio • Defeated by No. 29 Kurt Klimek of CS-Fullerton by a 2-0 score at the Reno Tournament of Champions • Beat Clarion’s Quintas McCorkle twice during year • Also defeated Cleveland State’s Chris Weber for another EWL victory • Went 1-2 at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, beating Brown’s Tyler Cowman by a 10-3 score • Lost close bouts to Bloomsburg’s Zac Walsh and Lock Haven’s Harry Turner in the regular season • Had one major decision win and 25 takedowns for the year Prep • Previously attended Iowa Central Community College • Helped team to become Iowa Central team champs in 2009 and 2010 • Coached by Andy Guglimini at Manatee High • Two-time state place winner Personal • Son of Tom and Nancy Mandzik • Has one sister • Majoring in sociology • Birthday is Mar. 26

Prep • Sectional champion and two-time district qualifier at Central Dauphin East High • Team captain of wrestling squad • Mid-Penn all-star team member • NHSCA team member Personal • Son of Jeff and Peggy Eason • Birthday is June 18 • One of four children • Majoring in criminology and investigations • Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll member EASON’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual 2008 Redshirt season 2009 2 2 0-0 2010 7 2 1-7 2011 6 4 0-0 Totals 15 18 1-7




0-0 1-4 0-0 1-4

1 2 2 5

0-0 1-2 0-0 1-2



MANDZIK’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual EWL 2011 10 18 3-11 3-4 Totals 10 18 3-11 3-4

Falls 0 0

EWLs NCAA 1-1 1-1 -

Matt Ryan [ 5-11 • 184 • r-senior • eighty-four, pa. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned an impressive 22-9 record for the year • Advanced furthest on team at NCAA Championships before falling to No. 3-ranked Joe LeBlanc of Wyoming in the third round of wrestlebacks • Avenged prior loss to Pitt’s No. 15 Max Thomusseit with a 6-5 decision win in second round at NCAA Championships • Came in third place at EWL Championships to qualify for NCAAs, defeating Bloomsburg’s Nate Graham by a 7-0 decision • Started every dual match on team at 184 pounds • Ranked as high as No. 18 during the year • Had the most victories over ranked opponents on team (5) • Had fastest fall time on team, defeating Cleveland State’s Corbin Boone in 43 seconds on Feb. 19 • Came in first place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open • Went 2-1 against Illinois’ No. 17-ranked Tony Dallago for the year, including a 10-1 major decision in first round of wrestlebacks at NCAA tournament

At Virginia Tech 2007-08: • Received a redshirt • Went 3-0 as an unattached wrestler at the NC State Open, winning a title at 184 pound • Earned third place at the East Stroudsburg Open as an unattached wrestler • Registered a 5-1 mark Prep: • Wrestled at Canon-McMillan High for former WVU wrestler Chris Mary • Four-year letterwinner • 2006 WPIAL champion • Two-time state finalist • Was runner-up at 2007 PIAA Class AAA Wrestling Championships • Finished career with a 134-29 record

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Personal: • Son of Joyce and Daniel Ryan • Birthday is Jan. 13 • Has two brothers • Majoring in recreation, park and tourism resources

At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Started the first five dual meets for the team at the 184-lb class • Ranked No. 18 in the country upon facing Michigan State • Went 11-6 overall during the season, including 1-4 in dual meets • Fell only to No. 20 Steve Bosak (Cornell) and No. 3 Mike Pucillo (Ohio State) at the national tourney • Defeated Eric Cameron of Indiana by decision, 7-4 At West Virginia in 2008-09: • Late-season addition at 197 pounds • Registered a 4-4 mark • Went 2-1 in regular season against EWL action • Held a 15-3 advantage in dual points • Took sixth at EWL Championships • Recorded a 6-4 decision over Pitt’s Matt Wilps in the first round of the league championships • Defeated Edinboro’s Pat Bradshaw in final regular-season bout, 5-4, with a late escape point • Pinned Ohio’s Christopher Iammarino in 1:34 for first career victory

RYAN’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual 2008 Redshirt season 2009 4 4 3-1 2010 11 6 1-4 2011 22 9 11-4 Totals 37 19 15-9




2-1 0-0 6-4 8-5

1 4 10 15

1-3 0-0 3-1 4-4

2-2 2-2

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 39

Brandon Williamson [ 6-2 • hwt • r-senior • riverside, conn. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Redshirt season • Did not compete due to injury At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Started every dual meet at heavyweight • Went 20-9 overall during the season, including a perfect 6-0 in the EWL and 9-4 in dual matches • Earned 37 points to his opponents’ 16 in dual matches

Prep • Wrestled at Greenwich High • Won a state championship • Two-time High School All-American • Took seventh place at senior nationals and placed eighth at junior nationals Personal • Son of Mark Williamson • Birthday is May 28 • An only child • Majoring in multidisciplinary studies

• Had an impressive 17 takedowns during the year and achieved six victories by pin • Came in first place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open after defeating five wrestlers • Achieved the runner-up slot at the EWL Championships after defeating Zac Walsh (Bloomsburg) and Quintas McCorkle (Clarion) • Earned a respectable 2-2 mark at the NCAA Championships, defeating No. 9 Jarod Trice (Central Michigan) by pin and No. 7 Dominick Russo (Rutgers) by decision • Pinned Wyoming’s Mathew McLaughlin • Beat Illinois’ Patrick Walker by decision, 7-2 • Handled Quintas McCorkle of Clarion by major decision, 8-0 • Pinned Bloomsburg’s Zac Walsh to give WVU a come-from-behind win • Blanked Lock Haven’s Dan Craig by decision, 4-0 • Garnered a win by decision over 6th-ranked Ryan Tomei of Pitt, 2-1 • Blanked Matt Pritchard of Ohio, 4-0 • Pinned Cleveland State’s Chris Weber • Defeated No. 20 Chris Birchler of Edinboro by decision, 3-0 • Competed at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, beating Jim Powers (Cal Poly) and Eloheim Palma (NC State) At Nassau Community College from 2007-09 • 2008 junior college heavyweight national champion under coach Paul Schmidt • Two-time junior college All-American • Took third place at the national tournament in 2009 • Finished 2009 with a 28-2 overall mark, winning four titles – College of NJ Tournament, The Long Island Open, the Wilkes Open and the Mid-Atlantic Championships • Finished freshman campaign with a 31-10 overall mark

WILLIAMSON’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual EWL 2010 20 9 9-4 6-0 2011 Redshirt season Totals 20 9 9-4 6-0


Falls 6

EWLs NCAA 2-1 2-2




Michael Bolash

Lance Bryson

[ 5-4 • 125 • junior • warrington, pa. ]

[ 5-8 • 174 • r-junior • shoaf, pa. ]

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Wrestled at 125 pounds and 133 pounds • Went 1-2 at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, defeating Spry’s J.R. Fidler, lost to Penn State’s Cam Kelly and Thiel’s Cameron Weber • Competed at the Navy Classic, falling to Bucknell’s Alex Pellicciotti and Bloomsburg’s Jeremiah Biddle At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Did not compete during the season • Earned valuable reps in the practice room and gained more experience Prep • Wrestled at Central Bucks South HS under Craig Deacon • Was a two-year varsity letterwinner • 2008 Lion’s Den award winner • Earned fourth place at the MAWA Quakertown District Tournament Personal • Son of Michael and Kelli Bolash • Birthday is Nov. 21 • Has three sisters • Majoring in sociology and anthropology • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

BOLASH’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual 2010 0 0 0-0 2011 1 4 0-0 Totals 1 4 0-0

EWL 0-0 0-0 0-0

Falls 0 0 0

EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Did not compete due to injury

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Redshirt season

At West Virginia in 2008-09 • Strong true freshman season • Finished with most wins among all WVU freshmen (12) • Registered 28 takedowns, fifthmost on the team • Finished fourth at the EWL Championships at 184 pounds • Defeated Cleveland State’s JT Miller and Clarion’s Clint Podish at the league championships • Won three straight matches during the season, including a win by fall over Duquesne’s Ryan Sula at 5:43 • Won by major decision at Penn State over Matt Dodds, 12-4 • Went 4-2 at Las Vegas Invitational • Was one win away from placing at tournament • Won first career match at Sprawl & Brawl duals • Defeated North Carolina’s Kevin Owens, 5-0

Prep • Four-year letterwinner and captain at Albert Gallatin High under coach Duane Dupont • Was a three-year letterman in cross country • Finished high school with an above 4.0 cumulative grade-point average • Finished in third place in 2007 and 2008 at the PIAA Tournament • 2008 POWERade Champion • Four-time section champion Personal • Son of Dave and Laura Bryson • Birthday is Aug. 29 • One of four children • Majoring in exercise physiology • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

Lance Bryson

BRYSON’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual EWL Falls 2009 12 12 6-8 3-3 1 2010 Redshirt season 2011 Did not compete due to injury Totals 12 12 6-8 3-3 1

EWLs NCAA 2-2 -



[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 41

Zachary Cerrone

Rick Guerrieri

[ 5-7 • 149 • r-junior • wellsboro, pa. ]

[ 5-9 • 165 • junior • ventnor city, n.j. ]

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 6-6 overall mark for the year • Competed at the Washington & Jefferson College Open and the Navy Classic • Came in fifth place at the W&J Open and sixth place at the Navy Classic • Defeated opponents from Mercyhurst, Thiel, West Liberty and Lake Erie at the W&J Open • Lost a close match to Delaware Valley’s Emannuel Ajagbe at the event • At the Navy Classic, defeated teammate Christian Hartsell by a fall in 4:13 and also beat Navy’s Tyler White by a 10-7 decision • Lost two matches to Navy opponents Zach Basich and Colin Leadbeter At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Earned a start against Clarion at 157 pounds • Also wrestled at 149 pounds • Competed early in the season, earning an 0-4 record

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 3-4 overall mark for the year • Competed at the Washington & Jeffer son College Open and the Navy Classic • At W&J Open, defeated opponents from Thiel, Delaware Valley and Mercyhurst before falling to Penn State’s Dick Cowburn and Clarion’s Nick Milano • At Navy Classic, lost close matches to Navy’s Johnny Watson and Bucknell’s Nic Czapla At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Earned an 0-3 overall mark, competing early in the season at the Washington & Jefferson College Open Prep • Wrestled at Holy Spirit High for coach Tim Mancuso • Was a team captain and earned first team all-conference honors • Earned all-conference honorable mention in 2006 and 2008 • Received all-conference honorable mention accolades in 2006 for football

At West Virginia in 2008-09 • Did not see action on the mat • Redshirt season

Personal • Son of Rick and Ave Maria Guerrieri • Birthday is Jan. 19 • Has one sister • Majoring in business

Prep • Two-time state qualifier at Wellsboro Area High under coach Rick Mahalik • 2008 district runner-up • Also 2008 regional runner-up • Posted an impressive 109 career wins Personal • Son of Gerald and Kimberly Cerrone • Birthday is June 27 • Has one sister • Majoring in history and minoring in religious studies • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

CERRONE’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual EWL 2009 Redshirt season 2010 0 5 0-1 0-1 2011 6 6 0-0 0-0 Totals 6 11 0-1 0-1



0 1 1

0-0 0-0 0-0



GUERRIERI’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual EWL 2010 0 3 0-0 0-0 2011 3 4 0-0 0-0 Totals 3 7 0-0 0-0

Falls 0 0 0

EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


Colin Johnston [ 5-7 • 133 • r-junior • eighty-four, pa. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Redshirt season • Did not compete due to injury At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Started every dual meet at 133 • Ranked No. 18 in the country for majority of season for the class • Earned a 21-4 overall record, including 5-1 in the EWL and 10-3 in dual matches • Had 41 dual points compared to his opponents’ 10 points • Tallied 36 takedowns for the year

and had six victories by pin • First place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open • Earned a third-place finish at the Reno Tournament of Champions, defeating Wyoming’s Cory Vombaur twice in the process and Kasey Garnhart (Wyoming) for the second time of the year • Pinned SW Oregon CC’s Rayn Arand in just over two minutes in Reno • Defeated Wyoming’s Kasey Garnhart by decision at the Sprawl & Brawl • Also pinned Illinois’ Daryl Thomas at the tourney • Beat Penn State’s Bryan Pearsall by major decision, 13-4 • Defeated Matt Ortega of Indiana by decision, 8-2 • Handled Jay Ivanco of Clarion, 4-3 • Beat Bloomsburg’s Dan Gaylord by decision • Defeated Evan Kolb of Lock Haven by major decision, 16-4 • Registered a 5-3 decision victory over Pitt’s Jimmy Conroy • Pinned Tim Silvers of Ohio

Prep • Four-year grappler for Canon-McMillan High • Coached by former WVU wrestler, Chris Mary • Captained squad for two years • Ranked 35th nationally by InterMat • Posted a 164-10 career high school record • 2006 PIAA State Champion • Finished the 2007 PIAA Tournament as runner-up • Placed third in the 2008 PIAA Tournament • Three-time POWERade Champion (2004, 2005, 2007) • 2006 POWERade runner-up • Was a four-time WPIAL Class AAA Champion on the Dapper Dan Team • One of only 16 wrestlers in WPIAL history to win four championships • Selected to wrestle for the Dream Team in the 2008 Dream Team Classic, a tournament comprised of 13 of the 14 top ranked seniors in the nation • 2007 Junior National Freestyle Champion • Member of Quest School of Wrestling

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

Personal: • Son of Bob and Andrea Johnston • Birthday is Feb. 6 • One of three children • Majoring in physical education teacher education • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

At West Virginia in 2008-09 • Had a standout season as a true freshman • Posted a 9-9 overall mark, with an 8-6 dual record • Registered 24 takedowns and 12 near fall points • Finished second at the EWL Championships at 141 pounds • Lost in a close match to 13th-ranked Tyler Nauman of Pitt, 4-3, in the title bout • Defeated Steve Waite, 6-2, in the second round • Posted back-to-back major decisions near end of season • Defeated Ohio’s Darrin Boing, 11-0, and followed performance with a 10-1 victory over Cleveland State’s Lawrence Cavello • Routed Lock Haven’s Zach Kell, 17-4 • Pinned Illinois’ Ryan Prater at 4:54 for first career win by fall • Earned first career victory at Sprawl & Brawl duals by defeating Columbia’s Shane Strumwasser, 6-0

JOHNSTON’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual EWL 2009 9 9 8-6 4-2 2010 21 4 10-3 5-1 2011 Redshirt season (injury) Totals 30 13 18-9 9-3

Falls 1 6

EWLs NCAA 1-1 0-0 -




[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 43

Shane Young [ 5-6 • 125 • junior • jeannette, pa. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11: • Earned the most victories on the team with 28, finishing with a 28-10 record for the year • Ranked as high as No. 18 in the country • Earned a second consecutive trip to the NCAA Championships, where he lost his two matches to No. 18 Matthew Snyder of Virginia and No. 27 Steven Keith of Harvard • Came in fourth place at the Reno Tournament of Champions, where he lost to Wyoming’s Tyler Cox by a 5-3 decision after wrestling in eight prior bouts for the day • Came in second place at the EWL Championships, falling to rival Anthony Zanetta of Pitt by a 3-0 decision • Arrived in first place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open after going 5-0 at the tourney • Tied for first on team with most takedowns (75) • Defeated No. 17 Aaron Kalil of Navy at the Reno tournament by a 10-2 major decision, having lost to him two weeks earlier in Las Vegas by a 3-2 decision • Went 2-2 at the Las Vegas Invitational, including a loss to No. 3 ranked and eventual national champion Anthony Robles of Arizona State • Went 2-1 at the Sprawl & Brawl with wins over opponents from Rutgers and Sacred Heart • Beat Ohio’s No. 31-ranked Gabe Ramos by a 4-3 decision and Lock Haven’s No. 33 Nick Hyatt by an 18-2 technical fall • Won eight consecutive bouts early in the season • Tied for second on the team with best EWL record (7-2), had the most decision victories (12), was second with major decision wins (8) and tied for second in technical falls (2) • Earned seven pins for the season • Had three wins over ranked opponents and was second on the team in near-fall points (53) • Went 12-3 in dual meets for the year, earning 47 dual points to his opponents’ nine • Started every dual match for the team at 125 pounds At West Virginia in 2009-10: • Started every dual meet at 125 pounds except the Sprawl and Brawl tourney • Earned an impressive 16-10 overall record • Went 5-1 in the EWL and 7-4 overall in dual matches • Doubled his opponents’ points in dual matches, 26-13 • Had an incredible 41 takedowns for the year, second-best on team • Earned three victories by pin • Came in second place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, falling only to Ryan Link of Pitt-Johnstown • Pinned Duquesne’s Taylor Wilde in 47 seconds • Achieved a second-place finish at the EWL Championships, defeating Ronald Butler of Cleveland State and No. 8 Eric Morrill of Edinboro for second time of the season • Lost to Pitt’s No. 20 Anthony Zanetta in the final • Participated at the NCAA Championships, falling to Frank Lomas of Cal-State Bakersfield and Garrett Frey of Princeton


• Beat Eric Olanowski of Michigan State by decision, 6-2 • Defeated Lehigh’s John McDonald by decision, 5-4 • Handled Clarion’s Joe Waltko by decision, 7-2 • Pinned Bloomsburg’s James Bak • Blanked Lock Haven’s Nick Hyatt, 4-0 • Defeated Ronald Butler of Cleveland State by tech fall • Beat No. 8 Eric Morrill of Edinboro by decision, 10-7 Prep: • Four-year letterwinner at Penn Trafford High under coach Larry Hohman • Three-time state champion • Three-time WPIAL champion • 2009 Tribune-Review Wrestler of the Year • Two-time captain • Went 44-0 as a junior at the 112-pound division • 2008 Junior Nationals Freestyle All-American • Named to the 2008 ASICS Honorable Mention All-America Wrestling Team for the second time and earned the Greensburg Tribune-Review Wrestler of the Year award • Finished runner-up at the USA Northeast Regional in 2008 • Won the Eastern Area Invitational and Westmoreland County Tournament • Tabbed the 14th-best recruit nationally by InterMat • Registered a 46-0 overall mark as a sophomore at 103 pounds • Placed first in sectionals, regionals and at states • Won five tournaments, including King of the Mountain, the POWERade Tournament and the Westmoreland County Tournament • Was selected to the 2007 ASICS Honorable Mention All-America Wrestling Team • Finished the season ranked third among all weight classes and second among all sophomores by InterMat Personal: • Son of Mike and Denise Young • Birthday is Sept. 11 • Has one brother • Majoring in physical education teacher education

YOUNG’S CAREER STATISTICS Year W L Dual 2010 16 10 7-4 2011 28 10 12-3 Totals 44 20 19-7

EWL 5-1 7-2 12-3

Falls 3 7 10

EWLs 2-1 2-1 4-2

NCAA 0-2 0-2 0-4

Brian Cavey

Anthony Chicuto

[ 5-6 • 125 • sophomore • pasadena, md. ] [ 5-3 • 133 • sophomore • westminster, md. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Wrestled two bouts at the Washington & Jefferson College Open • Lost by a 5-4 decision to Lake Erie’s Justin Toth • Lost a close 7-5 decision to Matt Ellis of Delaware Valley at the event • Had three near-fall points between the matches Prep • Coached by Mike Laidley at Archbishop Spalding High • Also played baseball Personal • Son of Brian and Susan Cavey • Has one sister • Birthday is Oct. 27 • Majoring in pre-criminology and investigations

Cavey’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual EWL 2011 0 2 0-0 0-0 Totals 0 2 0-0 0-0

At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Earned an 0-2 overall record early in the season • Redshirt season

Falls 0 0

EWLs NCAA 0-0 0-0 -

Nicholas Hylton [ 5-10 • 197 • sophomore • glen daniel, ] • Very strong wrestler that is a great addition to program • Comes from a tremendous wrestling background Prior to West Virginia (2009-2010) • Attended the United States Naval Academy • Was the NCWA National Champion at 197 pounds Prep • Attended Liberty High School • Two-time WV State Champion • Three-time high school All-American • Four-time West Virginia State placer Personal • Son of Michael and Brenda Hylton • Has one sister • Birthday is Feb. 17 • Majoring in secondary education

At West Virginia in 2010-11 coaches • Earned a 2-4 overall mark wrestlers for the year preview • Competed at the opponents Washington & Jefferson review College Open and the Navy records Classic wvu • Went 2-2 at the W&J Open, media defeating Mount Union’s Riki Reynolds and unattached Victor Lipari by fall • Lost to Buffalo’s Justin Farmer and Thiel’s Cory Brown • At the Navy Classic, fell to Franklin & Marshall’s Jake Bucha and Navy’s Justio Flamio

Prep • Wrestled at Westminster High under coach Sam Gardner • Three-time state qualifier • Had a 95-41 career record • Garnered second team all-county honors twice • Was tabbed freshman of the year Personal • Son of James and Donna Chicuto • Birthday is May 1 • Has three sisters • Majoring in engineering • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

Chicuto’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual 2010 0 2 0-0 2011 2 4 0-0 Totals 2 6 0-0

EWL 0-0 0-0 0-0

Falls 0 2 2

EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


Trevor Kushner [ 5-7 • 157 • sophomore • johnstown, pa. ] Prep • Attended Westmont Hilltop High School • Captain of wrestling team • Also participated in football • Placed third at the PIAA state wrestling tournament Personal • Son of Rich and Tara Kushner • One of four boys • Majoring in business

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 45

Mac Mancuso

Michael Morales

[ 5-10 • 197 • r-sophomore • atlantic city, n.j. ] [ 5-6 • 141 • sophomore • brick, n.j. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 13-4 mark for the year participating in three tournaments • Came in third place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, going 5-1 at the event with wins over opponents from West Liberty, Lock Haven, Seton Hill and Mercyhurst • Also came in third place at the Navy Classic, going 5-1 for the day with wins over opponents from Navy, Bucknell, and Campbell • Only loss was to Navy’s Mike Brant by a 5-2 decision • Achieved a 3-2 mark at the Reno Tournament of Champions, including wins over Jake Rice (SW Oregon), Kelan Bragg (Cal-Poly) and Ryan Garringer (Ohio) • Lost to No. 1 Joe LeBlanc of Wyoming by a major decision in Reno and had a close 3-2 decision loss to Buffalo’s No. 33 Jimmy Hamel • Had two winning streaks of six bouts for the year • Earned four major decision wins, 15 near-fall points and 27 takedowns for season • Had one pin against West Liberty’s Derrick Williams At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Earned an impressive 9-6 overall record during the year as a true freshman • Came in sixth place at the Navy Classic Prep • Three-year wrestling letterwinner at Holy Spirit High under his father, Tim Mancuso • Four-time N.J. Catholic Invitational Champion • Three-time District 32 and Region 8 champion • Three time placewinner at state tournament (took first, second and sixth) • Was Holy Spirit’s first state champion • Earned second, fourth and sixth place finishes at the Beast of the East Tournament • At one point was ranked in the top-15 nationally – top 5 in his weight class Personal • Son of Tim and Marg Mancuso • Birthday is Oct. 31 • Brother, Chris, plays football at Rhode Island • Majoring in pre-criminology and investigations • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

Mancuso’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual 2010 9 6 0-0 2011 13 4 0-0 Totals 22 10 0-0

EWL 0-0 0-0 0-0

Falls 0 1 1


EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Made a smooth transition from high school with an 18-11 record as a true freshman • Named to the Amateur Wrestling News’ all-Rookie team • Came in third place at the EWL Championships, beating three opponents and falling only to No. 14 Matt Bonson of Lock Haven by a close 6-5 decision in the second round • Started every match for the team at 141 pounds • Earned a 7-3 mark in league play and 9-6 dual record • Outscored dual opponents 39-24 • Had the fifth-best mark on the team for number of wins (18) and third-best spot for major decisions (6) • Came in fifth place with four victories at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, the first tournament of his WVU career • Faced eight ranked opponents on the year • Won six consecutive matches early in the year • Had two wins over Big Ten opponents John Deneen (Illinois) and Joel Trombly (Michigan State) • Lost close matches to No. 6 Christopher Diaz of Virginia Tech and No. 13 Germane Lindsey of Ohio • Had six major decision wins, 26 near-fall points and 43 takedowns for the year • Also won four matches by fall, the fastest being in 0:57 over Adam Householder of Thiel College Prep • Coached by Dan O’Cone at Brick Memorial High • Coached by Vinnie Santaniello of the Sure Thing Wrestling Club • Four-year starter, ending career 134-12 • As a sophomore, earned fourth place at state championships • State champion as a junior • Second-place finish at state senior year Personal • Son of Ralph and Blanca Morales • Birthday is June 13 • Has one brother • Enrolled in general studies

Morales’ Career Statistics Year W L Dual EWL 2011 18 11 9-6 7-3 Totals 18 11 9-6 7-3

Falls 4 4

EWLs NCAA 3-1 3-1 -

Nathan Pennesi

Nicholas Romero

[ 5-7 • 141 • r-sophomore • latrobe, pa. ]

[ 5-10 • 141 • sophomore • hughesville, md. ]

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 24-8 record for the year, second-best on the team • Participated at the NCAAs, losing close matches to No. 16 Jordan Keller of Oklahoma and No. 9 Scotti Sentes of Central Michigan • Came in second place at the EWL Championships, losing a close match to Eric Morrill of Edinboro in the championship match • Ranked as high as No. 12 during the year • Started every match for the team at 133 pounds • Led the team with the most near-fall points (101), major decision wins (11) and tech falls (3) • Had the second-best dual record (13-2), winning streak (10), takedowns (57) and tied for second for EWL record (7-2) • Won six consecutive matches in league play • Earned 44 dual points to his opponents’ six • Beat two ranked opponents in No. 8 Kelly Kubec of Oregon State and No. 32 John Trumbetti of Lock Haven • Faced 10 ranked opponents during the year, tied for second-most on team • Came in second place at the Reno Tournament of Champions, falling to No. 2 Andrew Hochstrasser of Boise State in the final • Advanced the furthest for the team at the Las Vegas Invitational, reaching the fourth round of wrestlebacks

Prep • Three-year starter at La Plata High School • 2010 state runner-up • Captain during his senior year • Coached by Todd Sharp

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

Personal • Son of Henry and Jean Romero • One of three children • Birthday is May 11 • Majoring in sport and exercise psychology

At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Earned an impressive 9-2 overall record as a true freshman before redshirting Prep • Two-year captain at Greater Latrobe High under coach Marc Billett • Finished career with a 140-25 mark as a three-time state qualifier • Member of the WPIAL Dapper Dan all-star team • Won the 2008 POWERade and King of the Mountain Tournaments • Runner-up at the 2009 PIAA State Tournament • 2007 sectional champion • National Honor Society member Personal • Son of Richard and Michele Pennesi • Father is a former WVU wrestler • Birthday is Dec. 12 • Has one sister • Majoring in engineering

Pennesi’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual 2010 9 2 0-0 2011 24 8 13-2 Totals 33 10 13-2

EWL 0-0 7-2 7-2

Falls 1 0 1

EWLs 0-0 1-1 1-1

NCAA 0-2 0-2

Nathan Pennesi

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 47

Joseph Schiff

Nicholas Vallone

[ 5-6 • 141 • r-sophomore • buckhannon, ]

[ 5-10 • 157 • r-sophomore • south plainfield, n.j. ]

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Did not compete in live action • Gained valuable experience in practice room and provided support for the team At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Redshirt season • Earned valuable reps in the practice room Prep • Coached by J.P. Tenny at Buckhannon-Upshur High • Three-year letterman • Also competed in lacrosse, lettering two years and serving as a team captain for one season Personal • Son of Hank Schiff and Megan Morgan • Majoring in pre-business and economics • An only child • Birthday is July 6

Schiff’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual 2010 0 0 0-0 2011 0 0 0-0 Totals 0 0 0-0

EWL 0-0 0-0 0-0

Falls 0 0 0

EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


Tyler White [ 5-6 • 149 • sophomore • thurmont, md. ] Prep • Was coached by Bruce Cotterman at Walkersville High School • Placed four times at the Maryland State Wrestling Tournament (fifth, fifth fourth and second) • NHSCA Academic All-America • Three-year captain • Member of the Maryland National Freestyle/Greco Team

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned an 8-5 record for the year • Came in third place at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, going 6-1 at the event and defeating opponents from West Liberty, Lake Erie, Mt. Union and Pitt-Johnstown • Finished the Navy Classic in sixth place after going 2-3 at the event with wins over Sean Tippen of Franklin & Marshall and Bloomsburg’s Bryce Busher • Defeated by Busher in the fifth-place match by a close 3-2 score • Earned a start at 165 pounds at the Sprawl & Brawl tournament against Penn State’s No. 12 Jake Kemerer, losing by a 10-3 decision • Won six straight matches between the W&J and Navy tournaments • Had one major decision win, 18 near-fall points and 16 takedowns on the year • Also earned three falls, the fastest coming in 58 seconds against Mt. Union’s Joe Spooner At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Redshirt season • Earned an impressive 6-3 mark competing unattached in two tournaments • Had one victory by pin and two by major decision Prep • Wrestled at South Plainfield High under coach Kevin McCann • Named one of three 152-pound 2009 GMCWCA all-star wrestlers • Also selected to the all-conference team in 2009 • Was the 2008 and 2009 Region 3 champion • Earned eighth place at the 2008 New Jersey state wrestling tournament Personal • Son of Michael and Diane Vallone • Birthday is April 22 • Has one sister • Majoring in criminology and investigations

Personal • Son of Chris and Laura White • Has two sisters and one brother • Birthday is Sept. 26 • Majoring in history and military science • Member of ROTC


Vallone’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual 2010* 6 3 0-0 2011 8 5 0-1 Totals 14 8 0-1

EWL 0-0 0-0 0-0

Falls 1 3 4

EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


Jeffrey Yeatman

Michael Bennett

[ 5-9 • 165 • r-sophomore • annapolis, md. ] [ 5-8 • 149 • r-freshman • fairfax, va. ] At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Earned a 3-4 overall mark for the year • Competed at the Washington & Jefferson College Open and the Navy Classic • At W&J Open, defeated West Liberty’s Ike Emery before falling to Delaware Valley’s Dale Fava and Pitt Johnstown’s Zach Lundgren • At Navy Classic, beat Campbell’s Joe Caudill and Bloomsburg’s Sam Shirey and fell to Bloomsburg’s Chris Smith and Navy’s Johnny Watson

At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Redshirt season • Finished the year with a 5-2 mark competing unattached at the Washington & Jefferson College Open and the Nittany Lion Classic • At the Nittany Lion Clas-

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

sic, defeated Lock Haven’s Dalton Cunningham

Prep • Coached by Bryan Hazard at Robinson Secondary High • Member of the national team

At West Virginia in 2009-10 • Redshirt season • Earned an impressive 4-2 overall record at the Washington & Jefferson Open competing unattached • One of the victories was by pin and another by tech fall

• Took third place at state championships Personal • Son of Marcia Bennett • Birthday is Oct. 23

Prep • Wrestled at Archbishop Spalding High for coach Mike Laidley • Finished career with 128 wins • Was a two-year captain • First team all-county in 2009 • Two-time state place-winner • Took second in 2009 and fifth as a junior

• Majoring in pre-sport and exercise psychology • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll

Personal • Son of Donald and Michele Yeatman • Birthday is Dec. 17 • Has one brother • Enrolled in pre-english with a focus in education

Yeatman’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual 2010* 4 2 0-0 2011 3 4 0-0 Totals 7 6 0-0

EWL 0-0 0-0 0-0

Falls 1 0 1

EWLs 0-0 0-0 0-0


Bennett’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual EWL 2011* 5 2 0-0 0-0 Totals 5 2 0-0 0-0

Falls 1 1

EWLs NCAA 0-0 0-0 -

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 49

Christian Chirico

Terrence Demery II

[ 5-11 • 174 • freshman • palmyra, va. ]

[ 5-8 • 149 • r-freshman • nuremburg, germany ]


At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Finished the season 1-2 overall

• Team captain from 2008-2010 at Fluranna County High

Prep • Coached by Keith Smith at North Hardin • 161-20 overall record • Came in fourth place at state as a freshman • Second-place finish as a senior • Team captain junior and senior years

• Third-place finisher in Virginia state wrestling tournament • Two-time Region 2 place winner

Personal • Son of Paul and Sandra Chirico • One of four children • Birthday is Dec. 5 • Majoring in petroleum and natural gas engineering

Personal • Son of Terrence and Gail Demery • Birthday is Sept. 23 • Has one brother and one sister • Majoring in criminology and investigations

Demery’s Career Statistics Year W L Dual EWL 2011* 1 2 0-0 0-0 Totals 1 2 0-0 0-0

Falls 0 0

EWLs NCAA 0-0 0-0 -

Mark Colabucci

Brian Foy

[ 5-11 • 174 • freshman • laurel, md. ]

[ 5-11 • 165 • r-freshman • pittsburgh, pa. ]

Prep • Attended Reservoir High School • Coached by Ryan Kanaskie (Penn State) Personal • Son of Kevin and Patricia Colabucci • Has two brothers • Birthday is Dec. 5 • Majoring in sport and exercise psychology

At West Virginia in 2010-11: • Redshirt season • Earned a 1-2 overall mark for the year competing unattached • Competed at the Washington & Jefferson College Open • Defeated Delaware Valley’s Mark Flemming before injury defaulting matches to Penn State’s Nick Fischer and Pitt Johnstown’s Ryan Maurer Prep: • Coached by Jason Martsolf at Hopewell High • Team captain and three-year

letterwinner • Took eighth place at POWERADE tournament • Third place at West Mifflin tourney • MAC champ • Section 5 champ • 26th-ranked wrestler in Pennsylvania • Member of Angry Fish and Quest club teams • Also played soccer and tennis Personal: • Son of Charlie and JoEllen Foy • Birthday is July 16 • Majoring in pre-engineering • Named to Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll


Justin Goode

Tre Miller-Scott

[ 5-8 • 141 • freshman • moundsville, ] [ 5-5 • 141 • freshman • swatara, pa. ] Prep


• Attended John Marshall High School

• Two-time state qualifier at

• Coached by Ted Zervos

Central Dauphin East High School


• First and second place

• Son of Kevin and Tricia Goode

finish at sectionals

• Has one brother

• Also played football

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

• Birthday is Sept. 21 • Majoring in biology

Personal • Son of Todd Miller and Lisa Scott • Birthday is June 20 • One of two children • Majoring in exercise physiology

Marshall Mason

Roman Perryman

[ 5-10 • 165 • freshman • moundsville, ] [ 5-9 • 149 • freshman • springfield, va. ] Prep


• Attended John Marshall High

• Four-time state qualifier while at

• Letterwinner for coach Ted Zervous

Robinson Secondary School • Was a Virginia state champion


• Also took second, third and fourth in

• Son of Jeff and Brenda Mason

previous state wrestling tournaments

• An only child

• Coached by Bryan Hazard

• Birthday is Oct. 26 • Majoring in business management

Personal • Son of Brian and Elaine Perryman • Has one sister and one brother • Birthday is March 26 • Majoring in sport and exercise psychology • Transfer from Virginia Tech

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 51

Dominic Prezzia

George Scheffel

[ 5-8 • 157 • freshman • st. clairsville, ohio ]

[ 5-7 • 149 • r-freshman • oakland, md. ]


At West Virginia in 2010-11 • Redshirt season • Gained valuable experience in the practice room

• Was state runner-up at St. Clairsville High School • Four-time state qualifier • Member of the Ohio National Team

Prep • Coached by Dave Taylor at Southern Garrett High • Four-time Maryland state champion • Three-year team captain

• OVAC all-Star team

Personal • Son of Paul and Jill Prezzia • One of three children • Birthday is Feb. 2 • Majoring in human foods & nutrition

Personal • Son of George and Anita Scheffel • Has one brother and three sisters • Birthday is Nov. 30 • Majoring in pre-sport and exercise psychology

Ross Renzi

Jesse Schiffbauer

[ 5-9 • 165 • freshman • burke, va. ]

[ 5-6 • 125 • freshman • morgantown, ]



• Attended Lake Braddock High School

• Attended University High

• Four-time district champion

• 2011 West Virginia State

• Regional champion


• Four-time state qualifier

• Member of the West Virginia

• Ranked No.1 in state before

National Team

suffering knee injury

• Finished seventh in the Junior Nationals



• Son of Richard and Roberta Renzi

• Son of Mark and Lisa Schiffbauer

• Has six brothers and five sisters

• One of two children

• Birthday is Jan. 12

• Birthday is March 26

• Majoring in sports and exercise psychology

• Majoring in sport and exercise psychology


coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 53

2011-12 Preview

[ wvu returns three ncaa qualifiers for this season ]

Nathan Pennesi

To most, last year’s West Virginia wrestling team would be termed as successful with a 9-4 record overall, a second place finish at the Eastern Wrestling League Championships and five wrestlers that qualified for the NCAA Championships. For coach Craig Turnbull, however, the feeling was that despite all of the team’s success, more could have been achieved given the amount of talent and experience. This season, Turnbull returns for his 34th season at the helm of the Mountaineers, and is again setting the bar high for another promising group of WVU wrestlers. “Looking at who is returning and who we have added to the program, we expect a successful year – just as we do every year,” says Turnbull. “We believe that if people mature and develop like they should, then we should compete in that top 15 to 20 area.” NCAA qualifiers and returners Shane Young (125), Nathan Pennesi (141) and Matt Ryan (184) will be the core of the Mountaineers. “Shane Young and Nathan Pennesi are capable of placing in a top five position at the NCAA Championships,” Turnbull says. “Matt Ryan was a round of 12 guy last year, and he has shown confidence in his training. Placing high in the NCAA Tournament is a very high and realistic goal for him.” While each of those three will be crucial to WVU’s success, three other student-athletes that are returning from injury will also be key cogs to the Mountaineers’ attack. Past NCAA qualifiers Colin Johnston (133) and Brandon Williamson (HWT) both redshirted last season, but each are expected to pick up right where they left off in previous years. “Colin Johnston, at this stage of his career is capable of placing in the top five at the NCAA Championship as well,” Turnbull says. “At heavyweight, we have Brandon Williamson coming back, and he was a round of 12 guy before. As long as he comes back from injury like he should, he will be a potential finalist in his weight class. “That is a pretty good group and nucleus that has high expectations and high potential,” Turnbull says. “We have some people that I believe can place at a high level at the NCAA Championships.”


Also returning from injury is Lance Bryson (174), who has sat out the past two seasons due to two separate shoulder surgeries. “In this sport, it is so contingent on us staying healthy,” Turnbull says. “Lance Bryson is back in his stride and is highly motivated. He is an achiever. If he develops correctly, he should be fighting to place somewhere on the podium at the NCAA Championships at the end of the year.” Along with returning a strong group of wrestlers, Turnbull will also have the luxury of keeping together one of the nation’s best coaching staffs. Assistant head coach Greg Jones, who is a former three-time NCAA Champion and the 2005 NCAA Championships’ Most Outstanding Wrestler, is one of the nation’s up-and-coming assistants. Furthermore, assistant head coach Danny Felix, who worked his way onto one of the most elite teams in June 2009 - the U.S. World Team - specializes in the development of the lighter weight classes. Both Jones and Felix will be charged with developing a young group of wrestlers that Turnbull believes will be crucial to WVU’s success. “Overall, we hope that we can provide (the younger guys) with the right experiences in the wrestling room,” Turnbull says. “It is a lot easier in a team sport to pick and choose when to put someone in the game. When you are the guy in this sport, there are no timeouts or substitutions. We want them to see where they are gaining and circle the areas that need improvement.” It is Turnbull’s belief that with the coaching abilities of Jones and Felix combined with the strong leadership qualities of the returning wrestlers that the young Mountaineers will find ways to succeed on the mat. “We want the younger guys to have someone to look up to,” Turnbull says. “There are five or six people that have gone through the fire and the challenges of the season. Those people will be providing not just verbal leadership, but also a depiction of how to be a leader.” Along with building on its individual successes, WVU would also like return to the top of the EWL after multiple close calls in the last few years. “The EWL is really challenging,” Turnbull says. “If we had to pick a front runner, it would probably be Pitt, who returns a good amount of their team that won the EWL Championships last year. We were second to them, and we want to find an answer to move past them.” The Mountaineers will use a tough non-conference schedule to prepare for the EWL, including a date with defending national champion, Penn State. “We didn’t soften the schedule up at all. In fact, our out of conference is probably even more challenging than the league will be,” Turnbull says. “Penn State was the national champion last season and will start the year at No. 1 in the country. All of those experiences are a chance to compete against top ten individuals and top ten teams. It will help prepare us for the grind of the EWL.”


Two- time NCAA qualifier Shane Young finished last season with a 28-10 overall record and an impressive 7-2 mark in the EWL. In his dual matches, the Jeneatte, Pa. native finished with a 7-3 record and outscored his opponents 47-9, while recording seven pins. “Shane Young comes in with a tremendous achievement orientation,” Turnbull says. “In high school, he was one of the premiere wrestlers to come out of Pennsylvania. He has an expectation of achievement. He has been to the national tournament twice. Over the summer, he has put in some very purposeful work.” Young placed second at the EWL Championships last year.

2011-12 Preview

[ wvu returns three ncaa qualifiers for this season ] Providing depth behind Young will be junior Michael Bolash and sophomore Brian Cavey.


After redshirting due to injury last season, Colin Johnston returns to the Mountaineers’ lineup. The redshirt junior posted a 21-4 overall record in 2010 and started every dual meet. “He has wrestled all of the upper level of people in his weight class very successfully,” Turnbull says. “He has some momentum coming into this year because he realizes that he can compete in that top four area.” Behind Johnston, redshirt sophomore Anthony Chicuto returns after going 2-4 during the course of the season.


Redshirt sophomore Nathan Pennesi will move up in weight class this season after his vastly successful season at the 133-pound division. Pennesi was an NCAA qualifier last season, while posting a 24-8 overall record. “Nathan Pennesi was really outstanding during his redshirt freshman year,” Turnbull says. “He has an expectation of standing on the podium at the end of the year. He has come in with a much more clear understanding of what it takes.” Pennesi outscored his opponents 44-6 in dual meets in 2010-11. Sophomore Michael Morales lived up to the hype that followed him into college, as he went 18-11 overall last season and started every dual meet.

2011-12 SCHEDULE Nov. 6 Nov 12 Nov 19 Dec 2 & 3 Dec. 11 Dec 18 Jan 6 Jan 13 Jan 21 Jan 22 Jan.27 Jan 29 Feb 4 Feb 10 Feb 18 Feb 19 Mar 4 Mar 15-17

Maryland Duals College Park, Md. Washington & Jefferson Tournament Washington, Pa. Navy Classic Annapolis, Md. Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Las Vegas, Nev. Penn State State College, PA Reno Tournament of Champions Reno, Nev. MARYLAND Morgantown, W.Va. Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. BLOOMSBURG Morgantown, W.Va. CLARION Morgantown, W.Va. LOCK HAVEN Morgantown, W.Va. Rutgers Piscataway, N.J. PITT Morgantown, W.Va. Ohio Athens, Ohio Edinboro Edinboro, Pa. Cleveland State Cleveland, Ohio EWL Championships Clarion, Pa. NCAA Championships St. Louis, Mo.

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In what will be one of WVU’s most wide open classes, as many as five grapplers will be competing for the No. 1 spot at 149 pounds. Redshirt freshman Michael Bennett, redshirt junior Zachary Cerrrone return and redshirt freshman George Scheffel return from last season, while two newcomers will also make a bid at the position. Freshman Roman Perryman, who transferred from Virginia Tech, and Tyler White, who transferred from the Naval Academy, have shown potential despite their inexperience. “Brutus Scheffel came in with four Maryland state titles and he is very success oriented,” Turnbull says. “We are interested to see how quick he can come back up to stride after being injured last year. Roman Perryman has been working very hard. None of them have a lot of match experience, but they have all shown a good work ethic.”


In the second of the wide open weight classes that the Mountaineers have, freshman Dominic Prezzia is expected to get the nod as the dual meet starter. “This is very similar to the previous weight class in that it is very wide open,” Turnbull says. “We do have a good freshman in Dominic Prezzia. He has shown good promise in our workouts.” Prezzia was a member of the Ohio National Team and boasted an impressive 120-13 career record in high school.


Redshirt senior Kyle Eason is expected to be the dual meet starter at this weight class after having a 6-4 overall record last season. “Kyle Eason is a front runner here,” Turnbull says. “He is in his fifth season, and he has been in and out of the lineup. He had a tremendous benefit of wrestling with some of our better people the last four years.”

Kyle Eason

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2011-12 Preview

[ wvu returns three ncaa qualifiers for this season ] Along with Eason, there is a large contingent of younger wrestler that will make a push for this slot.


After two separate shoulder surgeries, redshirt junior Lance Bryson will be making his return to the mat. It will be Bryson’s first action since his freshman season, when he led the EWL in wins by a freshman with 14. “Lance Bryson is an achiever,” Turnbull says. “People are warming up in the wrestling room and he is the person running around clapping his hands with high energy. His energy level and intensity level of his work is so high. He has come back better than he was before. When he couldn’t be in the room, he was watching film. We can’t wait to have him back in the lineup. He is going to be someone that is very successful for us.” Freshman Mark Colabucci, who had 143-16 overall record and two state titles in high school, will provide depth behind Bryson.


Redshirt senior Matt Ryan quietly put together a solid season last year, as he finished with a 22-9 overall record and was able to qualify for the NCAA Championships. Ryan had a team-high 10 pins last season and outscored his opponents 49-13. “Matt Ryan had a very good and very positive experience last year,” Turnbull says. “He was more confident as the year went on. He has a very clear sense that he can achieve something that is very special.” Freshman Artis Thorne is a talented newcomer that won one state championship along with placing second at another.


Redshirt sophomore Mac Mancuso competed primarily at the 184-pound weight class last season and posted a 13-4 overall record. Mancuso will be making the jump to the 197-pound weight class after the departure of Kyle Rooney. “When he saw that there was a good opportunity at the 197 class, he put some good work in at the weight room,” Turnbull says. “He looks like the front runner for that spot. He is excited to get his first year of experience. We want him to go out and earn the opportunity.” Sophomore Nick Hylton is a transfer from the Naval Academy, where he was the NCWA National Champion.

2011-12 QUICK FACTS Location: Morgantown, W.Va. Founded: 1867 Enrollment: 29,617 Nickname: Mountaineers Colors: Old Gold (PMS 124) and Blue (PMS 295) Conference: Eastern Wrestling League President: Dr. James P. Clements Director of Athletics: Oliver Luck Head Coach: Record (Years): Career Record (Years): Assistant Coaches: Wrestling Phone: Arena (Capacity): All-Time Record: 2010-11 Dual Meet Record: 2010-11 EWL Record: EWL Tournament Finish: NCAA Tournament Finish: NCAA Qualifiers Returning/Lost: Dual starters Returning/Lost:

9-6-0 4-2-0 2nd 51st 5/2 6/4

Assistant Athletic Director/Communications: Michael Fragale Sports Information Director: Bryan Messerly Associate Sports Information Director: Katie Kane Assistant Sports Information Director: Shannon McNamara Sports Publications Director: Joe Swan Assistant Sports Publications Director: Tim Goodenow Wrestling Contact: Brian Kuppelweiser Contact’s Email: Sports Communication Phone: (304) 293-2821 Sports Communication Fax: (304) 293-4105 Website:


Redshirt senior Brandon Williamson is returning to the lineup after undergoing surgery and taking a redshirt in 2010-11. Williamson was an NCAA qualifier in 2009-10 and compiled a 20-9 overall record after transferring from Nassau Community College. “Brandon Williamson is recovering from knee surgery, and with him, a lot of it is about confidence,” Turnbull says. “By the end of his first year in his lineup, he was wrestling as someone who could win at a top four level. He recognizes that if he continues to make strides during the year that he is a potential finalist.” Senior Philip Mandzik will be returning this season after he posted a 10-18 overall record in 2010-11.

Brandon Williamson


Craig Turnbull (Clarion, ’74) 265-190-9 (33 years) Same Greg Jones, Danny Felix (304) 293-9872 WVU Coliseum (14,000) 560-405-17

Match-by-Match Preview

[ regular season features four tournaments and 13 dual meets ] UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND DUALS NOV. 6, 2011: COLLEGE PARK, MD. To kick off the start of the 88th season in program history, The Mountaineers will face multiple, quality squads at the Terrapin Duals. Highlighting the field along with WVU are Franklin & Marshall, Johns Hopkins, Maryland and Bloomsburg. WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON COLLEGE OPEN NOV. 12, 2011: WASHINGTON, PA. The WVU wrestling team continues the 2011-12 slate with the Washington & Jefferson College Open. The all-day event will feature numerous northeastern schools and serves as a tuneup for the rigorous dual meet competitions that follow. NAVY CLASSIC NOV. 20, 2011: ANNAPOLIS, MD. In its final matches before its west coast swing, WVU will head to Annapolis, Md. for the Navy Classic, which will be headlined by Virginia Tech, Navy and Rutgers. The Mountaineers will look to use this stiff competition as a building block for the tough road that lies ahead. CLIFF KEEN LAS VEGAS INVITATIONAL DEC. 2-3, 2011: LAS VEGAS, NEV. Following the Navy Classic, the Mountaineers will head west to compete in the 30th annual Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational. WVU wrestlers will face opponents from schools such as Cornell, Arizona State, Oklahoma and Purdue. Last year, the Mountaineers had three grapplers make it to the quarterfinals of their respective brackets, while scoring victories over competitors from Oregon State, Indiana, Columbia and Brown.

PENN STATE DEC. 11, 2011: STATE COLLEGE, PA. A little over a week after returning from the west coast, West Virginia will head to State College, Pa. to take on defending national champions, Penn State. The Nittany Lions, who are led by collegiate wrestling legend Cael Sanderson, finished the 2010-11 season with a 17-1-1 record. Last season, the Mountaineers fell to Penn State 40-3 at the Sprawl & Brawl, which was held in Vestal, N.Y. The Nittany Lions hold a 27-7 lead in the series.

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RENO TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS DEC. 18, 2011: RENO, NEV. In what is billed as one of the toughest wrestling tournaments in the nation, the Reno Tournament of Champions gives the Mountaineers a final opportunity to evaluate their talent as they head into the dual meet portion of their schedule. WVU has competed at the Tournament of Champions the last two seasons. Shane Young and Nathan Pennesi had the most success last year, as they finished fourth and second in their respective weight classes. MARYLAND JAN. 7, 2012: MORGANTOWN, W. VA. In its first home dual match of the season, the Mountaineers will play host to the Terrapins. Maryland closed out last season with an impressive 16-4-0 record and an 18th-place finish at the NCAA Tournament. In last year’s matchup against the Terrapins at the Terrapin Duals, WVU fell 27-13. Both Nathan Pennesi and Matt Ryan picked up decision victories in the loss. Coach Kerry McCoy, who was named the ACC Coach of the Year for the second time in three years, will have a tough task to repeat last year’s success as his squad lost three dual meet starters. MICHIGAN STATE JAN. 13, 2012: EAST LANSING, MICH. After a few days of rest, the Mountaineers will head on the road to take on the Spartans. In last season’s matchup in the “Beauty and the Beast” format, WVU narrowly lost, 21-18, in front of a program record crowd of 3,206. Shane Young, Nathan Pennesi and Michael Morales all scored victories in the defeat. Michigan State finished the year at an even 9-9 and sent five grapplers to the NCAA Tournament. Each of those five will return to the mat this season. BLOOMSBURG JAN. 21, 2012: MORGANTOWN, W. VA. In its first EWL contest of the season, WVU will take on the Huskies. Last season, the Mountaineers downed Bloomsburg, 19-12. The Huskies finished last season with an impressive 14-6 record, while three grapplers made their way to the NCAA Tournament. Of those three, Nate Graham is the lone returner. WVU holds a 19-12-1 advantage in the all-time series.

Colin Johnston

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Match-by-Match Preview

[ regular season features four tournaments and 13 dual meets ] CLARION JAN. 22, 2012: MORGANTOWN, W. VA. Just one day later, the Mountaineers return to action against the Golden Eagles. WVU put together a spectacular team effort in a win last season against Clarion, 39-4. Four Mountaineer wrestlers (Shane Young, Michael Morales, Brandon Rader and Matt Ryan) scored pins against their opponents in the victory, which provided the team with a quick lead in the match. The Golden Eagles struggled to a 4-10 season last year.

CLEVELAND STATE FEB 19, 2012: CLEVELAND, OH. The regular season and EWL matches come to a close in Cleveland, as the Mountaineers will look to have a strong finish heading into the EWL Championships In its biggest victory since 2009, the Mountaineers trounced the Vikings 46-0 last season. The Vikings will be looking to gain experience in a strong EWL conference, as they added 13 newcomers to their roster.

LOCK HAVEN JAN. 27, 2012: MORGANTOWN, W. VA. After five days of rest, the EWL action continues with a dual meet against the Bald Eagles of Lock Haven. In last season’s 33-5 victory, the Mountaineers won every weight division except two. The Bald Eagles struggled to a 2-4 record in the EWL and 6-12 record overall last year. An influx of underclassmen will have Lock Haven again looking to gain experience during the 2011-2012 season.

EWL CHAMPIONSHIPS MARCH 3, 2012: CLARION, PA. WVU will travel to Clarion, Pa. for the 37th EWL Championships, as the Mountaineers will look to improve upon the team’s 2nd place finish from last season. Five WVU wrestlers took second place last season (Shane Young, Nathan Pennesi, Brandon Rader, Donnie Jones and Alex Meade), while three others placed in third in their respective weight class. WVU has won the EWL Championships three times 1996, 2002 and 2004.

RUTGERS JAN. 29, 2012: PISCATAWAY, N.J. WVU will return to the mat two days later, and it will take a break from its EWL schedule, as it travels to Rutgers. The Mountaineers will be looking to take an edge in the series, which is currently tied at one apiece. Rutgers was one of the best teams in the nation last year, as witnessed by its 20-2 record, but the Scarlet Knights disappointed at the NCAA Championships with a 27th place finish.

NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS MARCH 15-17, 2012: ST. LOUIS, MO. The NCAA Wrestling Championships are a place all wrestlers look to compete at the conclusion of their season, but only the best make it this far. WVU had five qualifiers for the NCAA Tournament last season. Shane Young, Nathan Pennesi and Matt Ryan return from that group of qualifiers, along with 2009 qualifiers Brandon Williamson and Colin Johnston, who sat out last season due to injury.

PITT FEB. 4, 2012: MORGANTOWN, W. VA. In the final home match of the season, the wrestling version of the “Backyard Brawl” continues its 56-year history in Morgantown, as the Mountaineers hope to trim the 24-29-2 all-time series record held by the Panthers. In the wake of the program’s first EWL conference championship, Pitt sent seven grapplers to the NCAA Tournament and finished the season with a solid 13-6 record overall. Six of the team’s seven postseason qualifiers are returning for what should be a stout Panther wrestling squad. WVU fell to Pitt, 21-14, last season. OHIO FEB. 11, 2012: ATHENS, OHIO After a week of rest, the Mountaineers will hit the road to take on the Bobcats. WVU got the best of Ohio last season in a 24-13 victory in Morgantown, which saw six different Mountaineers score a victory by decision. The Bobcats tallied 10 victories last season and had three student-athletes qualify for the NCAA Tournament. WVU holds a 33-15-1 advantage over the Bobcats in the all-time series. EDINBORO FEB. 18, 2012: EDINBORO, PA. In the first of back-to-back matches, the Mountaineers will head to Edinboro to take on the Fighting Scots. After a 9-10-1 season, Edinboro rebounded at the NCAA Championships, as they tallied 24 points and finished 23rd overall. One of the team’s victories was over WVU, a hard fought 22-15 decision. One of the nation’s top wrestlers, Chris Honeycutt (184), will be returning for the Fighting Scots. The Mountaineers will be looking for their first win in the season series since 2003.


Shane Young

Opponent Information [ november 6 - january 22 ] 11/6




Johns Hopkins Location: Baltimore, Md. College Park, Md. Enrollment: 20,049 Nickname: Blue Jay Conference: Centennial Conference Arena: Newton White Athletic Center/Goldfarb Gymnasium (1,100) SID Contact: Ernie Larossa SID Phone: 410-516-0552 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Keith Norris (Kent State, ’95) Record at School/Years: 37-59/6 Career Record: 37-59 2010-11 Record: 9-10 Conf. Record/Place: 5-2/ T-2nd

Coach Turnbull on the 2011-12 Schedule... “We believe we have put together a very competitive schedule that will meet our needs and have our guys prepared to be able to pursue all of their goals at the end of the season. ... The EWL is really challenging. First or second is generally the place we are, and this year, we would like that to be first. It is a very strong challenge with the team that Pitt is returning this year.”

at Michigan State Franklin & Marshall Location: Lancaster, Pa. 1/13 East Lansing, Mich. College Park, Md. Enrollment: 2,335 Nickname: Diplomats Conference: EIWA Arena: Mayser Center SID Contact: Mickey Blymier SID Phone: 717-358-4857 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Mike Rogers (Lock Haven, ’97) Record at School/Years: 3-9/1 Career Record: 3-9 2010-11 Record: 0-5 Conf. Record/Place: 0-4/12th BLOOMSBURG at Penn State Location: University Park, Pa. 1/21 Morgantown, W.Va. State College, Pa. Enrollment: 41,445 Nickname: Nittany Lions Conference: Big Ten Arena: Rec Hall (6,500) SID Contact: Pat Donghia SID Phone: (814) 865-1757 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Cael Sanderson (Iowa St., ’02) Record at School/Years: 30-7-2/3 Career Record: 74-17-2 (Five seasons) 2010-11 Record: 17-1-1 Conf. Record/Place: 6-1-1/2nd MARYLAND Location: College Park, Md. Morgantown, W.Va. Enrollment: 37,195 Nickname: Terrapins Conference: Atlantic Coast Arena: Comcast Pavilion (1,500) SID Contact:Matt Bertram SID Phone: 301-314-8093 E-mail: Website: Head Coach: Kerry McCoy (Penn State ’97) Record at School/Years: 45-16-1/2 Career Record: 74-35-1 2010-11 Record: 16-4 Conf Record/Place: 4-1/2nd

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Location: East Lansing, Mich Enrollment: 47,100 Nickname: Spartans Conference: Big Ten Arena: Jenison Field House (5,017) SID Contact: Ben Phlegar SID Phone: 517-355-2271 E-mail: Website: Head Coach: Tom Minkel/Cent. Michigan ‘71 Record at School/Years: 151-179-4/22 Career Record: 166-197-4 2010-11 Record: 9-9 Conf Record/Place: 1-7/9th Location: Bloomsburg, Pa. Enrollment: 9,400 Nickname: Huskies Conference: EWL Arena: Nelson Field House (1,800) SID Contact: Tom McGuire SID Phone: (570) 389-4413 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: John Stutzman (Buffalo, ’98) Record at School/Years: 64-46-1/7 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record: 14-6-0 Conf. Record/Place: 3-3/4th

CLARION Location: Clarion, Pa. Enrollment: 7,391 Nickname: Golden Eagles Conference: EWL Arena: W.S. Tippin Gymnasium (4,000) SID Contact: Rich Herman SID Phone: (814) 393-2334 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Teague Moore (Oklahoma St., ’99) Record at School/Years: 37-60-1/5 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record: 4-10-0 Conf. Record/Place: 2-4/T-5th

1/22 Morgantown, W.Va.

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 59

Opponent Information [ january 27 - march 17 ] 1/27




LOCK HAVEN Location: Lock Haven, Pa. 2/18 Morgantown, W.Va. Enrollment: 5,329 Nickname: Bald Eagles Conference: EWL Arena: Thomas Field House (1,700) SID Contact: Douglas Spatafore, Jr. SID Phone: (570) 484-2350 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Robbie Waller (Oklahoma, ’03) Record at School/Years: 8-21-0/2 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record: 6-12-0 Conf. Record/Place: 2-4/T-5th at Rutgers Location: New Brunswick, N.J. Piscataway, N.J. Enrollment: 37,364 Nickname: Scarlet Knights Conference: EIWA Arena: College Avenue Gym (2,500) SID Contact: Doug Drabik SID Phone: 732-445-4200 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Scott Goodale (Lock Haven, ’95) Record at School/Years: 70-20-1/5 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record: 20-1 Conf. Record/Place: 8-0/1st PITT Location: Pittsburgh, Pa. Morgantown, W.Va. Enrollment: 33,898 Nickname: Panthers Conference: EWL Arena: Fitzgerald Field House (6,798) SID Contact: Matt Jackson SID Phone: 412-648-8240 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Rande Stottlemyer (Pitt, ’78) Record at School/Years: 281-222-12/32 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record: 13-6-0 Conf. Record/Place: 6-0/1st at Ohio Location: Athens, Ohio Athens, Ohio Enrollment: 28,442 Nickname: Bobcats Conference: Mid-American Arena: Convocation Center (15,000) SID Contact: Tom Symonds SID Phone: 740-593-1298 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Joel Greenlee (N. Iowa, ’89) Record at School/Years: 163-115-5/14 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record:10-6 Conf. Record/Place: 4-1/1st



at Edinboro Location: Edinboro, Pa. Edinboro, Pa. Enrollment: 8,400 Nickname: Fighting Scots Conference: EWL Arena: McComb Fieldhouse (3,500) SID Contact: Bob Shreve SID Phone: (814) 732-1834 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Tim Flynn (Penn State, ’87) Record at School/Years: 154-55-5/15 Career Record: Same 2010-11 Record: 9-10-1 Conf. Record/Place: 4-2/T-2nd at Cleveland State Location: Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Enrollment: 16,245 Nickname: Vikings Conference: EWL Arena: Woodling Gym (3,000) SID Contact: Tim Ertle SID Phone: (216) 687-4818 E-mail: Web site: Head Coach: Ben Stehura (Lock Haven, ’00) Record at School/Years: 9-43-0/3 Career Record/Years: 35-93/6 2010-11 Record: 3-13 Conf. Record/Place: 0-6/7th


EWL 2012 EWL Championships Tournament W.S. Tippin Gymnasium Clarion, Pa. Sunday, March 4


NCAA 2012 NCAA Division I Tournament Wrestling Championships Scotttrade Center St. Louis, Mo. Thursday, March 15 Friday, March 16 Saturday, March 17

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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 61

2010-11 Review

[ season review / season results ]

Donnie Jones

In the wake of a 3-10 season, the West Virginia wrestling program improved leaps and bounds during the 2010-11 season to secure its name as one of the top programs in the country. After all, the Mountaineers finished with a respectable 9-6 overall mark, including an upset win over No. 8 Illinois, sent five individuals to the NCAA Championships and went 4-2 in the Eastern Wrestling League, widely regarded as one of the toughest conferences in the nation. “Looking from an overall standpoint, I think tremendous progress was made over the course of the year,” said WVU coach Craig Turnbull. “In reference to the season before, I thought we were fortunate to not have to deal with as many injuries this year and our guys were healthy for the majority of the season.” The strong year was capped off with the team sending five grapplers to the NCAA Championships in Philadelphia, where redshirt seniors Donnie Jones and Brandon Rader and teammates Matt Ryan, Nathan Pennesi and Shane Young represented the program well. Jones and Ryan advanced the furthest into the tournament, reaching the third and fourth rounds, respectively, of the wrestlebacks consolation bracket. Although none reached the podium for placement at the event, Turnbull is confident the experience was a positive one for the team to build on heading into the 2011-12 season. “We sent five guys to nationals believing that all of them had the potential to be standing on the podium at the end of the tournament,” he said. “It didn’t go according to plan, but I think the three guys returning (Ryan, Pennesi, Young) gained tremendous experience from it and left knowing what they have to improve on for next year.” The highlight of the year came in early January as the team traveled to Urbana-Champaign, Ill., to take on No. 8-ranked Illinois. After Ryan defeated No. 17-ranked Illini grappler Tony Dallago, avenging a loss to him at the Las Vegas Invitational earlier in the year, the squads found themselves tied at six apiece as the match had started at the 157-pound class. The Illini slowly pulled ahead 15-9 with two bouts remaining before freshman 141-pounder Michael Morales trimmed it to 15-12 with a 4-0 decision over Illinois’ John Deneen.


Rader, a two-time All-American, stepped onto the mat knowing what was at stake as he faced a difficult opponent in the Illini’s No. 7-ranked Eric Terrazas, who he had lost to in December at the Las Vegas Invitational by a 9-4 decision. Unfazed, he quickly put Terrazas in a difficult position on the floor roughly 35 seconds into the bout and had him pinned at the 49-second mark as the team jumped in elation for Rader having earned the 18-15 come-from-behind victory over a top-10 program, its first such victory since 1994. “We worked hard and competed toward achieving the goals we had set forth to accomplish,” Turnbull said. “We were a team that could compete at the top 15 level. With the win we had over Illinois, we showed we could compete with the best and wrestle at that level.” In EWL action, the Mountaineers put together a solid 4-2 record with runaway victories over Clarion (39-4), Lock Haven (33-5) and Cleveland State (46-0) and a tough win over Bloomsburg by a 19-12 score. The team took a break from league action midway through the season to add a solid victory over a difficult Ohio team by a 24-13 margin. Although the team finished third in the league standings following the regular season dual meets, it rebounded with a second-place mark at the EWL Championships with 116.5 points behind Pitt’s 132.5. For as many significant victories the team earned, there were plenty of should-have opportunities that were squandered at key times in matchups with ranked opponents. At the Sprawl & Brawl in Binghamton, N.Y., WVU lost a 25-14 match to No. 24 Rutgers and also had close losses in EWL action, falling to No. 20 Pitt, 21-14, and two weeks later to No. 20 Edinboro by a 22-15 score. In the first-ever “Beauty and the Beast” event for the WVU wrestling and gymnastics teams in a competition with Michigan State, the wrestling squad lost a close 21-18 match to the Spartans. The match was the highest attended in program history with a crowd of 3,206.









Nov. 6

vs. Liberty#

W, 24-12



Nov. 6

at Maryland#

L, 13-27



Nov. 6

vs. Johns Hopkins#

W, 38-3



Nov. 21 vs. Sacred Heart^

W, 41-0



Nov. 21 vs. Rutgers^

L, 14-25



Nov. 21 vs. Penn State^

L, 3-40



Jan. 7

at Illinois

Jan. 14 MICHIGAN STATE Jan. 21

at Bloomsburg*

Jan. 22 at Clarion*

W, 18-15



L, 18-21



W, 19-12



W, 39-4




W, 33-5



Feb. 4

L, 14-21



Feb. 12 OHIO

W, 24-13




L, 15-22




W, 46-0



at Pittsburgh*

* EWL Match # Terrapin Duals (College Park, Md.) ^ Sprawl & Brawl Dual Meets (Vestal, N.Y.)

2010-11 Review

[ season review / team finishes ] “Against Pitt and Michigan State, it came down to the last match with the heavyweights and we lost by a slim margin to equal opponents,” Turnbull said. “There were some goals that were not met this season, but I think we showed at different points of the year that we do belong with the nation’s best wrestling programs.” At two of the nation’s premier wrestling tournaments, the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational and the Reno Tournament of Champions, the Mountaineers represented themselves well with 23rd- and 10th-place finishes, respectively. In Reno, Pennesi came in second place overall, falling only to No. 2-ranked Andrew Hochstrasser of Boise State in the championship match. Young also placed at the tournament, coming in fourth overall having wrestled a total of nine matches in the one-day event. Like the end of every season, the program loses a group of seniors that gave their full effort to the program for four to five years. For Rader and Jones, it was stretched to six years as each was granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA to compete after having faced medical hardships throughout their Mountaineer careers. Rader completed his time in a WVU singlet with 70 career wins, while Jones finished with 65 over four competitive seasons. “For (Brandon) Rader and Donnie (Jones), it was a solid run they had in their final year competing with the team,” Turnbull said. “Brandon finished as one of the fiercest competitors to ever don a Mountaineer uniform and forever left a mark on the program with his achievements. Before incurring serious injuries which slowed him throughout his career, he was a two-time All-American and showed tremendous heart and character to battle back. “Donnie (Jones) is in a similar position. Having lost two years to injury, he kept battling back and was a great example for the team for displaying great character on top of great wrestling. He was also faced with different levels of adversity throughout his time here and did his best to work around injuries and prepare the best he could to compete. “They’re both great examples of how you handle rough situations with honor and you do the best you can despite the circumstances. We’ll miss both of them not just from their wrestling performances but the character they always displayed.” Also lost to graduation were redshirt juniors Matt Weston, Christian Mory and Robert DeSano, who made large contributions to the team since their arrival in 2007. The Mountaineers gained valuable experience throughout the season after facing some of the top wrestlers in their respective weight classes at both the national tournaments and EWL competition. Up-and-coming wrestlers such as sophomore Young, redshirt freshman Pennesi and freshman Morales discovered what it takes to perform at the highest level. Redshirt junior Ryan Goodman and heavyweight Philip Mandzik progressed nicely over the course of the year and played solid roles for the team. “There are some very good younger wrestlers in the program that gained tremendous experience this season and will be even better next year because of what they learned over the course of this season,” Turnbull said. Other notables from the year include three first-place finishes and three second-place marks at the Washington & Jefferson College Open, and one second-place and two third-place finishes at the Navy Classic. After a season of much improvement and with several grapplers set to return, the Mountaineers are on their way for additional success in the 2011-12 season.

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2010-11 TOURNAMENT RESULTS CLIFF KEEN LAS VEGAS INVITATIONAL December 3-4, 2009 (Primm, Nev.) Team Finish: 23rd, 20.0 points RENO TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS December 19, 2010 (Reno, Nev.) Team Finish: 12th, 51.5 Place winners: Nathan Pennesi, second (133); Shane Young, fourth (125) EWL CHAMPIONSHIPS March 6, 2011 (Bloomsburg, Pa.) Team Finish: 2nd, 116.50 points Place winners: Shane Young, second (125); Nathan Pennesi, second (133); Michael Morales, third (141); Brandon Rader, second (149); Donnie Jones, second (165); Alex Meade, second (174); Matt Ryan, third (184); Kyle Rooney, third (197) NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS March 17-19, 2011 (Philadelphia, Pa.) Team Finish: 51st, 4.5 points Qualifiers: Shane Young (125), Nathan Pennesi (133), Brandon Rader (149) Donnie Jones (165), Matt Ryan (184) 2010-11 EWL Standings Team Pitt Edinboro West Virginia Bloomsburg Lock Haven Clarion Cleveland State

EWL 6-0 4-2 4-2 3-3 2-4 2-4 0-6

2011 EWL Championships Team 1. Pittsburgh 2. West Virginia 3. Bloomsburg 4. Clarion 5. Edinboro 6. Lock Haven 7. Cleveland State

Points 132.50 116.50 102.50 95.50 91.50 70.50 26.50

Overall 13-6-0 9-10-1 9-6 14-6 6-12 4-10 3-13

2011 EWL Champions 125: Anthony Zanetta (Pitt) 133: Eric Morrill (Edinboro) 141: Tyler Nauman (Pitt) 149: Dane Johnson (Pitt) 157: James Fleming (Clarion)) 165: Ethan Headlee (Pitt) 174: Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg) 184: Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro) 197: Zac Thomusseit (Pitt) HWT: Ryan Tomei (Pitt)

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 63

2010-11 Review [ individual statistics ] INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Overall EWL Dual Dual Pts. MD TF NF Pins Fastest Wt. Wrestler Record Record Record For-Against W-L W-L Points Takedowns W-L Fall 125......... Michael Bolash*..................... 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-2................-125......... Brian Cavey.............................. 0-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 3...............0..................... 0-0................-125......... Gage Swartz*.......................... 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-0......... 0-0.......... 2...............1..................... 0-0................-125......... Shane Young............................ 28-10...........7-2................ 12-3.............47-9................ 8-0......... 2-1.......... 53.............75................... 7-0..........1:22 133......... Michael Bolash*..................... 0-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-2................-133......... Anthony Chicuto...................... 2-4................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 9...............5..................... 2-2.......... 3:24 133......... Anthony Curcio........................ 3-4................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-0......... 0-0.......... 6...............7..................... 2-1..........4:22 133......... David Davidson....................... 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-1......... 0-0.......... 10.............6..................... 1-1..........1:05 133......... Colin Johnston......................... RS.................RS................. RS................RS................... RS.......... RS........... RS.............RS.................. RS.............. RS 133......... Nathan Pennesi....................... 24-8..............7-2................ 13-2.............44-6................ 11-0....... 3-1.......... 101...........57................... 0-0..........2:30 141.......... Michael Morales...................... 18-11...........7-3................ 9-6...............39-24.............. 6-0......... 0-0.......... 26.............43................... 4-4.......... 0:57 141.......... George Scheffel....................... RS.................RS................. RS................RS................... RS.......... RS........... RS.............RS.................. RS.............. RS 141.......... Joseph Schiff........................... 0-0................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-0................-141.......... Gage Swartz*.......................... 2-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-0......... 0-1.......... 3...............4..................... 0-0................-149.......... Michael Bennett...................... 5-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-2......... 0-0.......... 0...............7..................... 1-0.......... 4:01 149.......... Zachary Cerrone...................... 6-6................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 2-1......... 0-1.......... 9...............27................... 0-0..........4:13 149.......... Terrence Demery..................... 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-1.......... 3...............3..................... 0-0................-149.......... Christian Hartsell.................... 1-3................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-1......... 0-0.......... 0...............3..................... 0-2................-149.......... Brandon Loro........................... 7-3................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-2......... 0-0.......... 8...............9..................... 1-0.......... 6:51 149.......... Brandon Rader........................ 14-11...........7-2................ 11-4.............52-15-7.......... 4-0......... 2-0.......... 34.............54................... 5-5..........0:49 157.......... Ryan Donovan......................... 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-0......... 0-1.......... 6...............3..................... 0-1................-157.......... Kyle Eason*............................. 3-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-1......... 0-0.......... 3...............6..................... 2-0.......... 2:47 157.......... Ryan Goodman........................ 14-17............4-6................ 5-10.............16-39.............. 3-3......... 0-0.......... 2...............44.................. 0-6................-157.......... Dominique Henderson............ 0-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-2......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-1................-157.......... Reuben Herrera....................... 4-4................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 3...............7..................... 0-3................-157.......... Nick Vallone*........................... 6-3................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 2-0......... 0-0.......... --................--..................... 1-1..........2:56 165.......... Kyle Eason*............................. 3-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............10................... 3-2................-165.......... Brian Foy.................................. 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............2..................... 0-0................-165.......... Rick Guerrieri........................... 3-4................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-2......... 0-0.......... 0...............14................... 0-0................-165.......... Donnie Jones........................... 20-6..............8-1................ 11-1.............41-4................ 5-1......... 1-0.......... 23.............75................... 2-1..........0:45 165.......... Ryan Malloy............................. 1-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 3...............4..................... 0-0................-165.......... Christian Mory*....................... 5-2................0-0................ 1-1...............3-6.................. 2-1......... 1-0.......... 37.............7..................... 0-0................-165.......... Nicholas Vallone...................... 0-1................0-0................ 0-1...............0-3.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-0................-165.......... Jeffrey Yeatman....................... 3-4................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 1-0......... 0-0.......... 3...............12................... 0-0................-174.......... Nick Bakos............................... 0-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-2......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-0................-174.......... Lance Bryson........................... 0-0................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-0................-174.......... Robert DeSano........................ 7-3................0-0................ 0-1...............0-4.................. 1-1......... 0-3.......... 3...............12................... 2-1..........2:18 174.......... Brandon Lintner...................... 5-5................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-1......... 0-0.......... --................12................... 0-1.......... 6:24 174.......... Alex Meade.............................. 7-3................7-2................ 5-2...............15-6................ 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............17................... 2-1.......... 0:51 174.......... Christian Mory*....................... 0-1................0-0................ 0-1...............0-3.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............1..................... 0-0................-174.......... Matt Weston............................ 8-8................0-0................ 2-4...............7-19................ 2-2......... 1-0.......... 15.............13................... 2-3..........4:45 174.......... Hunter Rowe............................ 0-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-1.......... 0...............2..................... 0-1................-184......... Mac Mancuso.......................... 13-4..............0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 4-1......... 0-0.......... 15.............27................... 0-0.......... 2:57 184......... Matt Ryan................................ 22-9..............6-4................ 11-4.............49-13.............. 5-3......... 1-0.......... 48.............43................... 10-1........0:43 197.......... Cameron Gallager................... 11-4..............1-0................ 3-1...............15-3................ 1-0......... 0-0.......... 11.............23................... 5-1..........0:55 197.......... Kyle Rooney*........................... 11-11...........6-2................ 6-5...............22-16.............. 1-1......... 0-0.......... 3...............32................... 1-0..........3:32 HWT......... Jon Casper............................... 0-2................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-1................-HWT......... Philip Mandzik......................... 10-18...........3-4................ 3-11.............10-46.............. 1-1......... 0-0.......... 2...............25................... 0-4................-HWT......... Nicholas Perelli........................ 6-5................0-0................ 0-0...............0-0.................. 0-2......... 0-0.......... 5...............6..................... 0-0................-HWT......... Kyle Rooney*........................... 0-1................0-1................ 0-1...............0-6.................. 0-0......... 0-0.......... 0...............0..................... 0-1.................HWT......... Brandon Williamson................ RS.................RS................. RS................RS................... RS.......... RS........... RS.............RS.................. RS.............. RS


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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 65

School Records

[ season and weight class records ]

Matt Lebe

UNDEFEATED SEASONS 1. Greg Jones 2. Greg Jones

26-0 25-0

2004 2005

TOP SEASONS BY WINS 1. Jim Akerly Scott Collins 3. Michael Carr Dominic Black Mike Mason 6. Matt Lebe 7. Mike Mason Sam Kline 9. Greg Jones 10. Jim Akerly Dean Morrison Tom McMath Matt Lebe

40-9 40-1 39-6-1 39-3 39-6 37-8 35-5 35-8 34-2 33-10-1 33-3 33-4 33-5

1987 1991 1988 1991 1998 2005 1997 1998 2002 1988 1994 2002 2006

MOST WINS BY CLASS Freshman 1. Greg Jones 2. Brandon Rader 3. Seth Lisa 4. Scott Collins Jeff Spinetti 6. Billy Smith 7. Kurt Brenner 8. Nathan Pennesi 9. David Jauregui 10. Brent Miller

34-2 30-6 28-8 26-12-1 26-10-2 25-12 25-6 24-8 23-8 22-13

2002 2006 2003 1987 1987 2000 2006 2011 2006 2002

Sophomore 1. Jim Akerly Steve Millward 3. Matt Lebe 4. Greg Jones 5. Bob Patnesky 6. Joe Carr Shane Young 8. Scott Collins

32-12-1 32-10 31-9 30-2 29-14 28-10 28-10 27-9-2

1986 1990 2004 2003 1998 2000 2011 1988


9. 10.

John Koss Dominic Black Dean Morrison Angelo Zegarelli Ryan Wilman

Junior 1. Jim Akerly 2. Matt Lebe 3. Mike Mason Sam Kline 5. Dominic Black Tom McMath 7. Dean Morrison 8. Vertus Jones 9. Ryan Kehler 10. Craig Costello Dave Onorato Matt Blair Keith Taylor Senior 1. Scott Collins 2. Michael Carr Dominic Black Mike Mason 5. Jim Akerly Dean Morrison Matt Lebe 7. Joe Carr 8. Vertus Jones Gordon Taylor Shane Cunanan

26-10 25-11-2 25-12-1 25-17 25-14

1995 1989 1992 1998 2003

40-9 37-8 35-5 35-8 33-5 33-4 32-7 31-4 30-8 29-9-1 29-11 29-14 29-9

1987 2006 1997 1998 1990 2002 1993 1999 2001 1987 1991 1993 1994

40-1 39-6-1 39-3 39-6 33-10-1 33-3 33-5 31-5 30-2 30-11-1 30-10

MOST WINS BY WEIGHT CLASS 118/125 1. Steve Millward 32-10 2. Seth Lisa 28-8 Shane Young 28-10 4. Chad Billy 27-8 5. Angelo Zegarelli 25-17

1991 1988 1991 1998 1988 1994 2006 2002 2000 1987 2003

1990 2003 1996 1998

126/133 1. Bob Patnesky 2. Bob Patnesky 3. Dave Miller 4. Bob Patnesky Nathan Pennesi

29-14 26-5 25-8 24-9

1998 2000 1990 1999

134/141 1. Brandon Rader Shane Cunanan 3. Joe Clarke Shane Cunanan 5. Whitey Chlebove Whitey Chlebove

30-6 30-10 28-10 28-10 27-8 27-9

2006 2003 2004 2002 1998 1999

142/149 1. Scott Collins 2. Matt Blair 3. Scott Collins 4. Scott Collins 5. Scott Collins

40-1 29-14 27-9-2 26-6 26-12-1

1991 1993 1988 1990 1987

150/157 1. Jim Akerly 2. Mike Mason 3. Matt Lebe 4. Mike Mason 5. Jim Akerly Matt Lebe

40-9 39-6 36-8 35-5 33-10-1 33-5

1987 1998 2005 1997 1988 2006

158/165 1. Mike Carr 2. Sam Kline 3. Tom McMath 4. Dave Onorato 5. Doug Taylor

39-6-1 35-8 33-4 29-11 24-9

1988 1998 2002 1991 1992

167/174 1. Greg Jones 2. Greg Jones Gordon Taylor 4. Sam Kline 5. Kurt Brenner Greg Jones Mark Banks Mark Banks

34-2 30-2 30-11-1 28-5 25-8 25-0 25-5 25-5

2002 2003 1987 1999 2006 2005 1990 1991

177/184 1. Dominic Black 2. Dean Morrison 3. Dean Morrison 4. Vertus Jones 5. Vertus Jones

33-5 33-3 32-7 31-4 30-2

1990 1994 1993 1999 2000

190/197 1. Dominic Black 2. Jared Villers 3. Sean Hage 4. Doug Vetter 5. Jeff Spinetti Brent Miller

39-3 27-7 24-12 23-8 22-13-3 22-13

1991 2007 1998 1995 1989 2002

HWT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

30-8 29-10-2 27-5-1 21-4-1 21-15-1 21-16-2

2001 1987 1986 1984 1989 1988

Ryan Kehler Jeff Spinetti Bill Nye Bill Nye Frank Jezioro Jeff Spinetti

School Records

[ individual, team and decade records ] ALL-TIME WIN LEADERS 1. Greg Jones 126-4 (2002-05) 2. Matt Lebe 120-33 (2003-06) 3. Jim Akerly 119-39-4 (1985-88) Scott Collins 119-34-4 (1987-91) 5. Dominic Black 105-36-2 (1988-91) 6. Dean Morrison 103-32-2 (1990-94) 7. Joe Carr 101-34 (1999-2002) 8. Mike Mason 100-24 (1995-98) 9. Jeff Spinetti 99-43-9 (1986-90) 10. Vertus Jones 95-21 (1997-2000) Kurt Brenner 95-32 (2005-09) CAREER PIN LEADERS 1. Ryan Kehler 29 (1999-2002) 2. Mark Cagle 24 (1978-81) 3. Matt Blair 22 (1990-94) Sean Hage 22 (1997-2000) 5. Whitey Chlebove 21 (1995-96, 98-99) Brandon Lauer 21 (2002-05) SEASON PIN LEADERS 1. Scott Collins 13 2. Brandon Lauer 11 3. Matt Blair 10 Ryan Kehler 10 Ryan Kehler 10 6. R.J. Costello 9 7. Mark Cagle 8 R.J. Costello 8 Bill Nye 8 Whitey Chlebove 8 Whitey Chlebove 8 Sean Hage 8

1991 2003 1993 2001 2002 1984 1979 1983 1984 1995 1999 2000

RECORD BY DECADE 1921-29 1930-39 1940-49 1950-59 1960-69 1970-79 1980-89 1990-99 2000-09 2010- Totals

30-24-0 46-29-2 8-29-0 53-34-1 85-34-3 82-69-4 94-76-1 78-45-2 72-49-4 12-16-0 560-405-17

RECORD BY DATE (1970-2010, EXCLUDING, 1971-75 AND 1980) Nov. 6 Nov. 18 Nov. 21 Nov. 22 Nov. 23 Nov. 25 Nov. 27 Nov. 29 Nov. 30 Dec. 1 Dec. 2 Dec. 3 Dec. 4 Dec. 6 Dec. 7 Dec. 8

2-1 1-1 2-2 0-2 2-0 0-1 1-1 2-0 1-1 0-2 4-0 5-0 0-1 4-0 3-2 1-0

Dec. 9 Dec. 10 Dec. 11 Dec. 12 Dec. 13 Dec. 14 Dec. 15 Dec. 19 Dec. 20 Jan. 2 Jan. 3 Jan. 4 Jan. 5 Jan. 6 Jan. 7 Jan. 8 Jan. 9 Jan. 10 Jan. 11 Jan. 12 Jan. 13 Jan. 14 Jan. 15 Jan. 16 Jan. 17 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 Jan. 20 Jan. 21 Jan. 22 Jan. 23 Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Jan. 26

2-3 2-4 4-4 6-0-1 4-2 0-1 2-0 0-3 1-1 2-3 1-1 2-1 3-1 4-1 4-1-1 1-2 2-6 3-5-1 8-4 7-6 6-5-1 2-3 4-4 4-3 8-8 7-7 1-4 6-3 5-1 7-6 5-2 8-4 5-1 1-2

Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 Feb. 1 Feb. 2 Feb. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. 5 Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 23 Feb. 24 Feb. 25 March 1 March 3

8-3 1-0 2-5 3-2 6-0 2-0 5-2 6-2 4-4 3-1 6-5 3-3 4-5 5-6 4-2 3-6 2-4 6-5 5-4 5-9 5-1 5-4-1 8-8 5-2 8-5 6-3-1 3-3-1 2-0 3-2 0-1 1-0 1-0

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

TEAM RECORDS Most Dual Wins Season: 14, 1990 Fewest Losses Season: 0, 1936 Most Losses Season: 16, 1977 Fewest Wins Season: 0, 1947 and 1948 Most Consecutive Wins: 10, 2002 Most Consecutive Home Wins: 10, (8 in 1990 and 2 in 1991) Most Consecutive Wins to Start a Season: 7, three times; most recent 1990 Most Consecutive EWL Dual Wins: 19 (2001-04, ended with 13-25 loss at Edinboro) Most Consecutive Winning Seasons: 11 (1984-1994) Most Individual Matches Without A Loss: Greg Jones, 51, 2003-05 Most Consecutive Losses: 17, (5 in 1942, 4 in 1947, 7 in 1948 and 1 in 1949) Highest National Ranking: 5th, InterMat (2/18/03-3/04/03) Home Attendance Record: 3,206 (1/14/11 vs. Michigan State) West Virginia did not have wrestling from 1943-46 due to World War II.

Kurt Brenner

Mike Mason

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 67


[ conference records ] SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT OUTSTANDING WRESTLER 1966 John Luckini SOUTHERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 1951 Don Kniffen (167) 1951 Bob Boswell (285) 1952 Bobby Perry (123) 1953 Bobby Perry (123) 1954 Bobby Perry (123) 1954 Lew Guidi (130) 1954 Bill Pritchard (137) 1954 Bryce Kramer (157) 1955 Bobby Perry (123) 1955 Bryce Kramer (157) 1955 Frank Craze (177) 1956 Lew Guidi (130) 1957 Tom Westfall (123) 1957 Mike McClintic (177) 1958 Tom Westfall (123) 1958 Charles Sherwood (167) 1958 J.D. Miller (285) 1959 Andy Sadie (147) 1959 Charles Sherwood (167) 1959 J.D. Miller (285) 1960 Phil Hoblitzell (167) 1960 Ray Bazzoli (285) 1961 Mike Petres (130) 1962 Roy Sialer (167) 1963 Sam Church (147) 1963 Tom Rihn (167) 1963 Roy Sisler (177) 1964 Bill Meacci (130) 1964 Jim Jioio (157) 1964 Mark Biodolillo (167) 1964 Roy Sisler (177) 1964 Ken Woodeshick (285) 1965 Jerry Gooden (157) 1965 Mike George (285) 1966 Don Check (123) 1966 Bill Maecci (137) 1966 Bill Zimmerman (152) 1966 John Luckini (177) 1966 Ken Woodeshick (285) 1967 Don Killen (130) 1967 Jim Stevens (137) 1968 Gil Reel (191) EWL TOURNAMENT WINS 1. David Jauregui 13 (2006-09) 2. Greg Jones 12 (2002-05) 3. Vertus Jones 11 (1997-00) 4. Scott Collins 10 (1987-88, 1990-91) Joe Carr 10 (1999-2002) Kurt Brenner 10 (2006-09) EWL TOURNAMENT BESTS Best Team Finish: 1st, 1996, 2002, 2004 Most Points: 123.5, 2003 Most Finalists: 8, 1996 and 1999 Most Champions: 4, 1990 (Banks, Black, Cole and Spinetti) and 2006 (Rader, Lebe, Brenner and Villers)


EASTERN WRESTLING LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 1986 Bill Nye (HWT) 1988 Mike Carr (158) 1990 Dirk Cole (150) 1990 Mark Banks (167) 1990 Dominic Black (177) 1990 Jeff Spinetti (190) 1991 Scott Collins (142) 1991 Mark Banks (167) 1991 Dominic Black (190) 1992 Dean Morrison (177) 1993 Dean Morrison (177) 1994 Dorian Hager (134) 1994 Dean Morrison (177) 1996 Jason Frable (158) 1997 Vertus Jones (167) 1998 Mike Mason (150) 1998 Vertus Jones (177) 1999 Sam Kline (174) 1999 Vertus Jones (184) 2000 Vertus Jones (184) 2000 Bob Patnesky (133) 2000 Joe Carr (157) 2002 Joe Carr (157) 2002 Tom McMath (165) 2002 Greg Jones (174) 2003 Billy Smith (149) 2003 Greg Jones (174) 2004 Greg Jones (184) 2005 Matt Lebe (157) 2005 Greg Jones (184) 2006 Brandon Rader (141) 2006 Matt Lebe (157) 2006 Kurt Brenner (174) 2006 Jared Villers (197) 2007 Brandon Rader (141) 2007 Jared Villers (197) 2008 Kurt Brenner (184) 2008 Jared Villers (197) 2009 Kurt Brenner (174) EASTERN WRESTLING LEAGUE DUAL-MEET CHAMPIONS 1990 1991 1998 2002 2003 2005 EASTERN WRESTLING LEAGUE MAJOR AWARD WINNERS Coach of the Year Craig Turnbull 1990, 1998, 2002, 2004 Wrestler of the Year Scott Collins Dean Morrison Vertus Jones Greg Jones Freshman of the Year Greg Jones Brandon Rader

1991 1994 2000 2002, 2004, 2005 2002 2006

Outstanding Wrestler, EWL Tournament Vertus Jones 2000 Greg Jones 2002, 2005 Most Points Award Vertus Jones Greg Jones Jared Villers

1999 2004, 2005 2008

Mountaineers EWL Tournament History NCAA Year Place Champions Qualifiers 1978 7th 0 0 1979 5th 0 1 1980 7th 0 1 1981 5th 0 1 1982 8th 0 0 1983 7th 0 0 1984 7th 0 1 1985 5th 0 2 1986 7th 1 3 1987 7th 0 2 1988 5th 1 6 1989 8th 0 4 1990 2nd 4 8 1991 3rd 3 6 1992 4th 1 4 1993 3rd 1 5 1994 3rd 2 7 1995 5th 0 4 1996 1st 1 8 1997 4th 1 7 1998 2nd 2 7 1999 2nd 2 8 2000 2nd 3 6 2001 7th 0 2 2002 1st 3 7 2003 2nd 2 9 2004 1st 1 7 2005 4th 2 6 2006 2nd 4 6 2007 2nd 2 7 2008 3rd 2 7 2009 2nd 1 5 2010 5th 0 3 2011 2nd 0 5 EWL HALL OF FAMERS Wrestlers Mark Banks Dominic Black Ian “Whitey” Chlebove Scott Collins Vertus Jones Greg Jones Same Kline Mike Mason Coaches Nate Carr

NCAA Records

[ ncaa tournament bests ]

Sam Kline

Most All-Americans: 3, 1991 (Mark Banks, Dominic Black, Scott Collins); 1998 (Whitey Chlebove, Vertus Jones, Mike Mason); 1999 (Whitey Chlebove, Vertus Jones, Sam Kline) NCAA Champions 1991 1994 2002 2004 2005

NCAA Tournament Wins 1. Greg Jones 17 (2002-05) 2. Vertus Jones 14 (1997-2000) 3. Whitey Chlebove 11 (1995-96, 98-99) Matt Lebe 11 (2003-2006) 5. Scott Collins 10 (1988, 90-91) Sam Kline 10 (1997-99) NCAA Tournament Appearances Greg Jones 4 (2002-2005) John Koss 4 (1994-97) Dorian Hager 4 (1994, 1996-98) Mike Mason 4 (1995-98) Vertus Jones 4 (1997-2000) Angelo Zegarelli 4 (1997-2000) Joe Carr 4 (1999-2002) Shane Cunanan 4 (2000-2003) Matt Lebe 4 (2003-2006) Zac Fryling 4 (2004-05, ‘07-08) Jared Villers 4 (2005-08) Kurt Brenner 4 (2006-09) David Jauregui 4 (2006-09) Donnie Jones 4 (2008-11) Jim Akerly 3 (1986-88) Jeff Spinetti 3 (1988-90) Scott Collins 3 (1988, 1990-91) Dominic Black 3 (1989-91) Dave Onorato 3 (1990-92) Dean Morrison 3 (1992-94) Whitey Chlebove 3 (1996, 1998-99) Sam Kline 3 (1997-99) Bob Patnesky 3 (1997-2000) Billy Smith 3 (2000, 2002-03) Dustin Rogers 3 (2007-09) NCAA Tournament Bests Best Team Finish: 6th, 1991 Most Points: 54.00, 1999 Most Qualifiers: 9, 2003 Highest Individual Finish: 1st, Scott Collins 1991; Dean Morrison 1994; Greg Jones 2002, 2004 & 2005

Scott Collins Dean Morrison Greg Jones Greg Jones Greg Jones

NCAA All-Americans 1929 Jimmie Cox 1955 Robert Perry 1955 Lewis Guidi 1979 Mark Cagle 1987 Jim Akerly 1988 Mike Carr 1990 Mark Banks 1991 Mark Banks 1991 Dominic Black 1991 Scott Collins 1993 Doug Taylor 1994 Dean Morrison 1997 John Koss 1997 Mike Mason 1998 Whitey Chlebove 1998 Vertus Jones 1998 Mike Mason

142 177 174 184 184

Third, 135 Fourth, 115 Second, 123 Eighth, 134 Eighth, 150 Seventh, 158 Fifth, 167 Fifth, 167 Fourth, 190 First, 142 Fifth, 158 First, 177 Sixth, 177 Seventh, 150 Seventh, 134 Second, 177 Third, 150

1999 1999 1999 2000 2002 2003 2003 2004 2005 2005 2006 2007

Whitey Chlebove Sixth, 141 Vertus Jones Third, 184 Sam Kline Third, 174 Vertus Jones Second, 184 Greg Jones First, 174 Shane Cunanan Sixth, 141 Brandon Lauer Eighth, 133 Greg Jones First, 184 Matt Lebe Eighth, 133 Greg Jones First, 184 Brandon Rader Sixth, 141 Brandon Rader Sixth, 141

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Top 25 Finishes At NCAA Tournament 1929 9th 02.00 points 1955 12th 13.00 points 1988 22nd 16.50 points 1990 18th 17.50 points 1991 6th 48.75 points 1993 25th 13.25 points 1994 14th 25.00 points 1998 7th 48.00 points 1999 9th 54.00 points 2000 22nd 21.00 points 2002 13th 38.00 points 2003 17th 32.50 points 2004 16th 31.00 points 2005 18th 34.00 points

Dustin Rogers

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 69

NCAA Records

[ ncaa tournament bests ] NCAA Qualifiers (since 1979) 1979 Mark Cagle 1980 Mark Cagle 1981 Jeff Roscoe 1984 Wilbur Wolf 1985 Scott Pifer Wilbur Wolf 1986 Scott Pifer Jim Akerly Bill Nye 1987 Jim Akerly Craig Costello 1988 Chris Mary Scott Collins Jim Akerly Mike Carr Craig Costello Jeff Spinetti 1989 Jay Schwartz Dominic Black Jeff Spinetti Frank Jezorio 1990 Steve Millward Dave Miller Scott Collins Dirk Cole Dave Onorato Mark Banks Dominic Black Jeff Spinetti 1991 Scott Collins Tom Onorato Dave Onorato Mark Banks Dan Staats Dominic Black 1992 Steve Millward Tom Onorato Dave Onorato Dean Morrison 1993 Matt Blair Doug Taylor Scott Hage Dean Morrison Dan Staats 1994 Chad Billy Dorian Hager Matt Blair Keith Taylor John Koss Dean Morrison Jim Howard 1995 Keith Taylor Mike Mason Scott Hage John Koss 1996 Chad Billy Whitey Chlebove Dorian Hager Mike Mason Jason Frable Scott Hage John Koss 1997 Angelo Zegarelli Dorian Hager Mike Mason

134 134 190 190 126 190 126 150 HWT 150 177 134 142 150 158 177 190 167 177 190 HWT 118 126 142 150 158 167 177 190 142 150 158 167 177 190 118 142 158 177 142 158 167 177 190 118 135 142 150 167 177 HWT 142 150 167 177 118 134 142 150 158 167 177 118 142 150


1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Sam Kline Vertus Jones John Koss Vince Pellis Angelo Zegarelli Bob Patnesky Whitey Chlebove Dorian Hager Mike Mason Sam Kline Vertus Jones Angelo Zegarelli Bob Patnesky Whitey Chlebove Joe Carr Richard Taylor Sam Kline Vertus Jones Sean Hage Angelo Zegarelli Bob Patnesky Billy Smith Joe Carr Vertus Jones Sean Hage Joe Carr Ryan Kehler Shane Cunanan Billy Smith Joe Carr Tom McMath Greg Jones Brent Miller Ryan Kehler Seth Lisa Brandon Lauer Shane Cunanan Billy Smith Matt Lebe Tom McMath Greg Jones Ryan Wilman Brent Miller Casey Brewster Joe Clarke Mike Torriero

Mike Torriero

158 167 177 HWT 118 126 134 142 150 158 177 125 133 141 149 165 174 184 HWT 125 133 149 157 184 HWT 157 HWT 141 149 157 165 174 197 HWT 125 133 141 149 157 165 174 184 HWT 125 141 149

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009* 2010 2011

Matt Lebe Zac Fryling Greg Jones Matt Daddino Shawn Cordell Seth Lisa Matt Lebe Zac Fryling Greg Jones Jared Villers Brandon Rader David Jauregui Matt Lebe Larry Hall Kurt Brenner Jared Villers Mark Anderson Brandon Rader David Jauregui Zac Fryling Kurt Brenner Jared Villers Dustin Rogers David Jauregui Zac Fryling Donnie Jones Chance Litton Kurt Brenner Jared Villers Dustin Rogers David Jauregui Ryan Goodman Donnie Jones Kurt Brenner Dustin Rogers Shane Young Donnie Jones Brandon Williamson Shane Young Nathan Pennesi Brandon Rader Donnie Jones Matt Ryan

157 165 184 197 125 133 157 165 184 184 141 149 157 165 174 197 133 141 149 157 174 197 HWT 149 157 165 174 184 197 HWT 149 157 165 174 HWT 125 165 HWT 125 133 149 165 184

* New system implemented by the NCAA to qualify for the NCAA Tournament

Year-by-Year Results [ 1921-2011 at a glimpse ]

Bob Perry

Year Coach Captains 1921 R.B. Dayton Scotty Hough 1922 R.B. Dayton Scotty Hough 1923 R.B. Dayton Al Millender 1924 Steve Harrick Tony Suder 1925 Steve Harrick Ward Wylie 1926 Steve Harrick Ward Wylie 1927 Steve Harrick Joe Millender 1928 Steve Harrick Emil Suder 1929 Steve Harrick Jimmie Cox 1930 Steve Harrick Gordon Brill 1931 Steve Harrick Gordon Meyers 1932 Steve Harrick J.J. Fletcher 1933 Denny Myers Floyd “Ben� Schwartzwalder 1934 Denny Myers Albert Gwynne 1935 Albert Gwynne Dick Chittum 1936 Albert Gwynne Charles Sites 1937 Albert Gwynne Robert Kyle 1938 Albert Gwynne Paul Hodges 1939 Albert Gwynne Earle Lancaster 1940 Albert Gwynne Paul Satterfield 1941 Albert Gwynne Robert McArdle 1942 Albert Gwynne Simeon Hall 1943 to 1946 - no wrestling due to World War II 1947 Albert Gwynne Jim Mendenhall 1948 Steve Harrick Bob DeAntonis 1949 Steve Harrick Bob DeAntonis 1950 Steve Harrick Bob DeAntonis 1951 Steve Harrick Gene Brewer 1952 Steve Harrick Bob Boswell 1953 Steve Harrick Don Strimble 1954 Steve Harrick Bob Perry 1955 Steve Harrick Bob Perry 1956 Steve Harrick Lewis Guidi 1957 Steve Harrick Tom Westfall 1958 Steve Harrick Tom Westfall 1959 Steve Harrick Tom Westfall 1960 Steve Harrick Charles Sherwood 1961 Steve Harrick Paul Hoblitzell 1962 Steve Harrick Roy Sisler 1963 Steve Harrick George Nedeff

Record 3-3-0 5-3-0 6-2-0 2-1-0 4-3-0 3-1-0 2-4-0 2-4-0 3-3-0 5-3-0 4-5-0 5-3-1 6-2-0 4-2-1 5-3-0 7-0-0 4-4-0 5-3-0 1-4-0 2-4-0 1-5-0 1-6-0 0-4-0 0-7-0 4-3-0 7-1-0 3-5-0 7-2-0 6-2-0 5-4-0 4-2-0 1-6-1 5-6-0 6-4-0 9-2-0 9-2-0 9-3-0 7-3-1 10-3

1964 Steve Harrick Roy Sisler 11-3 1965 Steve Harrick Jim Jioio 9-3-1 1966 Steve Harrick Don Check, Francis Pavlovich 4-8-0 1967 Steve Harrick Bill Zimmerman, Angelo Gianni 9-3-0 1968 George Nedeff Angelo Gianni, Don Killen 8-3-1 1969 George Nedeff Jeff Flickenger 9-3-0 1970 George Nedeff Dave McCandles 4-6-0 1971 George Nedeff Bob Vettorel, Steve Orlosky 11-4-1 1972 George Nedeff Bob Vettorel, Roger Lamens 10-5-0 1973 George Nedeff Bob Vettorel 8-7-0 1974 George Nedeff Garrett Breakiron, Tom Oleszewski 7-7-1 1975 Fred Liechti Tom Oleszewski 9-5-0 1976 Fred Liechti Rick Pennesi, Pat Lupinetti 14-5-0 1977 Fred Liechti Mark Durham, Chuck Fordyce 3-17-0 1978 Fred Liechti Mark Durham 7-9-0 1979 Craig Turnbull Mark Cagle, Cliff Boone 9-4-2 1980 Craig Turnbull Mark Cagle, Nick Ruland 6-10-1 1981 Craig Turnbull Mark Cagle 12-10-0 1982 Craig Turnbull Nick Ruland, Don Tasser 10-9-0 1983 Craig Turnbull Kurt Anderson, Mike Levanduski 6-9-0 1984 Craig Turnbull R.J. Costello, Mike Levanduski 8-8-0 1985 Craig Turnbull R.J. Costello, Mike Levanduski 13-3-0 1986 Craig Turnbull Bill Nye, Thad Turner 12-7-0 1987 Craig Turnbull Jim Akerly Gordon Taylor 10-6-0 1988 Craig Turnbull Jim Akerly, Craig Costello 10-7-0 1989 Craig Turnbull None 7-7-0 1990 Craig Turnbull Dominic Black, Scott Collins 14-1-0* 1991 Craig Turnbull Mark Banks, Dominic Black, Scott Collins 11-5-0* 1992 Craig Turnbull Dave Onorato, Tom Onorato, Doug Taylor 7-6-0 1993 Craig Turnbull Tom Onorato, Doug Taylor 7-5-0 1994 Craig Turnbull Matt Blair, Dean Morrison, Keith Taylor 6-4-0 1995 Craig Turnbull Keith Taylor, Doug Vetter 4-6-0 1996 Craig Turnbull Scott Hage, Jim Howard, Mike Mason 7-5-1+ 1997 Craig Turnbull Mike Mason 4-6-0 1998 Craig Turnbull Mike Mason, Sam Kline 11-3-1* 1999 Craig Turnbull Sam Kline 7-4-0 2000 Craig Turnbull Vertus Jones, Bob Patnesky 6-4-1 2001 Craig Turnbull Joe Carr, Billy Smith 4-9-0 2002 Craig Turnbull Shane Cunanan, Tom McMath, Billy Smith 12-2-0*+ 2003 Craig Turnbull Shane Cunanan, Tom McMath, Billy Smith 9-3-0* 2004 Craig Turnbull Joe Clarke, Greg Jones, Matt Lebe, Mike Torriero 9-5-0+ 2005 Craig Turnbull Greg Jones, Matt Lebe 5-6-1* 2006 Craig Turnbull Matt Lebe 6-6-0 2007 Craig Turnbull Zac Fryling, Jared Villers 5-5-0 2008 Craig Turnbull Kurt Brenner, Zac Fryling, David Jauregui 8-5-0 2009 Craig Turnbull Kurt Brenner, David Jauregui, Dustin Rogers 8-4-2 2010 Craig Turnbull Brandon Williamson 3-10-0 2011 Craig Turnbull Donnie Jones, Brandon Rader 9-6-0 TOTAL 560-405-17

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* Eastern Wrestling League Dual Meet Champions + Eastern Wrestling League Tournament Champions

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 71

Series Records

[ wvu has faced 124 different opponents ] Opponent Akron Alderson-Broaddus Anderson Appalachian State Arizona State Army Augsburg Baltimore Bloomsburg Boise State Boston Bowling Green Buffalo Cal Poly Cal State Fullerton California, Pa. Cal-Bakersfield Carnegie-Mellon Case Catonsville Chicago Cincinnati The Citadel Clarion Cleveland State Columbia Davidson Delaware Duquesne East Carolina East Stroudsburg Eastern Michigan Edinboro Fairmont State Findlay Franklin & Marshall Frostburg State George Mason George Washington Gettysburg Glenville State Hiram Hofstra Howard Illinois Indiana Indiana, Pa. Iowa State Johns Hopkins Juniata Kansas State Kent Kentucky Kutztown Liberty Lehigh Lock Haven Lycoming Malone Marshall Marietta

W 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 6 19 1 0 3 2 1 1 24 0 1 6 1 2 3 5 18 24 2 1 0 9 3 2 0 9 20 0 1 4 1 1 0 1 2 0 6 3 3 20 1 1 1 0 2 2 1 1 0 19 0 4 8 1

L 1 0 0 0 4 1 1 1 12 0 1 5 0 0 0 10 1 0 7 0 2 1 2 14 10 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 16 8 1 4 0 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 7 6 10 11 0 0 1 4 2 0 0 3 14 1 0 1 0

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

Series Began 1969 1976 1976 1985 1984 1932 1992 1957 1979 1990 1994 1959 2001 2008 2008 1959 1999 1921 1937 1978 1933 1970 1958 1979 1979 2006 1961 1973 1971 1963 1981 1971 1977 1957 1940 1935 1973 1977 1973 1977 1975 1957 2005 1971 1926 1922 1951 1922 2010 1969 1938 1941 1923 1982 2010 1921 1979 1978 1974 1930 1979


Last Meeting 1980 1976 1976 1985 1998 1993 1992 1977 2011 1990 1994 1968 2002 2008 2008 1993 1999 1921 1956 1978 1949 1981 1966 2011 2011 2009 1961 1973 2009 1967 1982 1971 2011 1977 1940 1996 1975 1979 1973 1978 1975 1959 2006 1978 2011 2010 1984 2007 2010 1969 1938 2001 1983 1982 2010 2010 2011 1978 1978 1982 1979

Last Win 1980 1976 1976 1985 1998 1932 ---1977 2011 1990 ---1965 2002 2008 2008 1993 ---1921 1956 1978 1949 1981 1966 2011 2011 2009 1961 ---2009 1967 1982 ---2003 1972 ---1996 1975 1979 1973 ---1975 1959 ---1978 2011 1991 1984 2003 2010 1969 ---2001 1983 1982 2010 ---2011 ---1978 1982 1979

Opponent Maryland Michigan Michigan State Millersville Minnesota Missouri Morehead State Morgan State Muskingum Navy Nebraska North Carolina North Carolina State Northern Illinois Northern Iowa Northern Kentucky Northwestern Notre Dame Ohio Northern Ohio State Ohio Ohio Wesleyan Oklahoma Oklahoma State Old Dominion Oregon Penn Penn State Pitt Pitt-Johnstown Princeton Purdue Rider Rochester Tech Rider Rutgers St. Francis St. Vincent Sacred Heart Shippensburg Slippery Rock Southern Connecticut Stanford Syracuse Temple Towson State Trenton State Virginia Virginia Tech Virginia Military Wash. & Jefferson Washington & Lee Waynesburg West Liberty Western Maryland Western Reserve Wisconsin William & Mary Wilmington Wyoming Youngstown State

W 7 2 0 3 0 0 3 3 1 6 1 12 2 0 0 1 1 1 2 8 33 1 1 0 2 1 5 7 24 7 0 0 1 1 1 1 3 5 2 8 0 1 1 1 6 3 0 12 12 16 17 16 33 19 3 7 0 1 1 0 2

L 9 5 5 0 3 2 0 0 0 25 8 2 1 1 3 0 4 0 2 16 15 0 1 6 0 0 5 27 30 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 9 0 0 0 4 1 1 1 6 5 3 6 11 5 0 1 3 1 0 1 1

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

Series Began 1952 1928 1939 1982 1998 2004 1971 1974 1979 1921 1980 1952 1951 1958 1982 1976 1931 1927 1969 1921 1922 1927 1986 1927 1985 1987 1921 1931 1934 1975 1978 1954 2006 1959 2000 1981 1966 1969 2010 1957 1970 1981 2004 1988 1933 1973 1981 1921 1951 1925 1932 1922 1923 1963 1924 1930 1987 1967 1967 2009 1976

Last Meeting 2010 2004 2011 1984 2008 2006 1976 1976 1979 1997 2004 2009 1953 1958 1991 1976 2007 1927 1972 2008 2011 1927 2003 1999 1986 1987 2007 2010 2011 1992 1978 1954 2006 1959 2000 2010 1971 1973 2010 1987 1978 1981 2004 1988 1977 1976 1981 2002 2004 1969 1976 1968 1990 1990 1928 1954 2001 1978 1967 2009 1981

Last Win 1988 1998 ---1984 ------1976 1976 1979 1994 2002 2009 1953 ------1976 1991 1927 1972 1997 2011 1927 1986 ---1986 1987 1998 2002 2007 1992 ------2006 1959 2000 1981 1971 1973 2010 1987 ---1981 2004 1988 1942 1976 ---2002 2004 1969 1976 1968 1990 1990 1928 1954 ---1967 1967 ---1981

All-Time Scores [ 1921-1942 ] 1921 (3-3) R.B. Dayton 20-13 8-21 12-17 22-10 33-0 4-26


Ohio State Lehigh Penn Virginia Carnegie Tech Navy

1922 (5-3) R.B. Dayton 24-4 28-5 21-4 5-17 20-3 14-15 0-27 16-12


Ohio State Virginia Ohio Iowa State Washington & Lee Indiana Navy Penn

1923 (6-2) R.B. Dayton 23-8 3-0 24-3 13-14 28-5 19-6 8-16 23-8


Ohio Waynesburg Kentucky Iowa State Virginia Indiana Navy Penn

1924 (2-1) Steve Harrick 25-0 W 14-11 W 8-17 L

Western Maryland Penn Navy

1925 (4-3) Steve Harrick 28-0 22-8 16-9 22-5 5-12 6-16 3-23

Western Maryland VMI Washington & Lee Iowa Iowa State Penn Navy


1926 (3-1) Steve Harrick 19-6 6-17 14-13 23-5


Illinois Iowa State Navy Penn

1927 (2-4) Steve Harrick 35-0 3-24 5-24 9-20 29-0 6-19


Ohio Wesleyan Illinois Oklahoma A&M Ohio Notre Dame Navy

1928 (2-4) Steve Harrick 9-14 4.5-18.5 0-25 0-27 35-0 21-8


Indiana Michigan Illinois Oklahoma A&M Western Maryland Navy

1929 (3-3) Steve Harrick 28-5 W 14-12 W 17-11 W 5-25 L 8-24 L 8-17 L 9th at NCAA Tournament

Waynesburg Michigan Ohio State Oklahoma A&M Illinois Navy

1930 (5-3) Steve Harrick 24-10 6-22 24-6 24-6 18-11 28-10 0-28 3-31


Waynesburg Ohio State Marshall Western Reserve Ohio Waynesburg Navy Oklahoma A&M

1931 (4-5) Steve Harrick 32-0 29-3 5-27 13-19 5-27 15-23 3-33 22-8 22-10


Waynesburg Waynesburg Michigan Indiana Penn State Northwestern Navy Ohio Western Reserve

1932 (5-3-1) Steve Harrick 18-18 30-0 18-8 15-9 0-30 10-20 6-22 17-11 38-0


Waynesburg Waynesburg Army Ohio State Indiana Penn State Michigan Western Reserve Washington & Jefferson

1933 (6-2) Denny Myers 32-0 W 29-3 W 15-9 W 6-18 L 32-0 W 16.5-11.5 W 25-5 W 12-18 L

Waynesburg Waynesburg Ohio State Penn State Washington & Jefferson Chicago Temple Navy

1934 (4-2-1) Denny Myers 22-6 30-0 3-25 16-16 28-10 24-10 1.5-26.5


Waynesburg Waynesburg Illinois Temple Pitt Washington & Jefferson Ohio State

1935 (5-3) Albert Gwynne 21-13 W 22-6 W 3-33 L 24-8 W 8-22 L

Waynesburg Pitt Ohio State Waynesburg Michigan

6-26 22-8 24-8


Franklin & Marshall Temple Washington & Jefferson

1936 (7-0) Albert Gwynne 17-13 W 18-16 W 14-11 W 26.5-1.5 W 15-11 W 34-0 W 36-0 W

Waynesburg Temple Ohio Waynesburg Ohio Washington & Jefferson Pitt

1937 (4-4) Albert Gwynne 11-21 L 13-21 L 23-13 W 10-22 L 3-29 L 19-11 W 31-3 W 14-12 W

Waynesburg Case Pitt Ohio State Chicago Waynesburg Washington & Jefferson Temple

1938 (5-3) Albert Gwynne 17-13 W 4.5-21.5 L 15.5-10.5 W 7.5-20.5 L 6-26 L 22-10 W 18-14 W 34.5-1.5 W

Waynesburg Ohio State Case Waynesburg Kansas State Temple Washington & Jefferson Pitt

1939 (1-4) Albert Gwynne 11-17 L 8-20 L 3-29 L 26-6 W 9-15 L

Temple Michigan State Ohio State Washington & Jefferson Case

1940 (2-4) Albert Gwynne 8-28 L 12.5-18.5 L 5-25 L 33-5 W 15-21 L 17-11 W

Washington & Lee Findlay Michigan State Washington & Jefferson Temple Case

1941 (1-5) Albert Gwynne 8-26 L 5-35 L 8-26 L 16-20 L 23-11 W 10-22 L

Washington & Lee Navy Kent State Temple Waynesburg Case

1942 (1-6) Albert Gwynne 0-32 L 21-8 W 3-29 L 3-27 L 3-23 L 5-23 L 0-34 L

Ohio State Temple Penn State Waynesburg Case Waynesburg Navy

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1943-1946 - No wrestling due to World War II

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 73

All-Time Scores [ 1947-1963 ] 1947 (0-4) Albert Gwynne 0-38 L 6-28 L 6-24 L 6-26 L

Waynesburg Case Washington & Lee Waynesburg

1948 (0-7) Steve Harrick 5-22 12-16 13-15 7-22 5-20 9-15 8-17


Washington & Jefferson Chicago Northwestern Ohio Case Washington & Jefferson Washington & Jefferson

1949 (4-3) Steve Harrick 11-18 26-11 6-18 17-9 11-19 18-10 22-6


Western Reserve Washington & Jefferson Case Chicago Northwestern Virginia Washington & Jefferson

1950 (7-1) Steve Harrick 22-8 7-25 24-8 22-5 14-12 14-12 16-14 14-12


Western Reserve Washington & Lee Ohio Virginia VMI Case Western Reserve Pitt

1951 (3-5) Steve Harrick 12-14 L North Carolina State 17-12 W Ohio 38-0 W Western Reserve 27-3 W Indiana, Pa. 13-15 L Virginia Tech 9-15 L VMI 6-18 L Pitt 11-18 L Virginia 5th in Southern Conference Tournament 1952 (7-2) Steve Harrick 12-14 L Maryland 28-0 W VMI 17-9 W Virginia Tech 21-3 W North Carolina 30-0 W North Carolina State 18-6 W Ohio 16-10 W Washington & Lee 3-25 L Pitt 20-6 W Virginia 2nd in Southern Conference Tournament 1953 (6-2) Steve Harrick 16-11 W Case 12-16 L Maryland 19-11 W VMI 19-9 W Virginia Tech 26-7 W North Carolina State 29-5 W North Carolina 17-9 W Washington & Lee 2-27 L Pitt 2nd in Southern Conference Tournament


1954 (5-4) Steve Harrick 28-6 W Western Reserve 19-10 W Maryland 13-17 L VMI 9-15 L Purdue 27-3 W Virginia Tech 27-5 W North Carolina 16-12 W Washington & Lee 0-30 L Pitt 13-14 L Waynesburg 1st in Southern Conference Tournament 1955 (4-2) Steve Harrick 25-10 W Case 19-13 W VMI 24-6 W Indiana, Pa. 13-15 L Virginia Tech 21-13 W Washington & Lee 5-26 L Pitt 2nd in Southern Conference Tournament 12th at NCAA Tournament 1956 (1-6-1) Steve Harrick 24-8 W Case 13-19 L Indiana, Pa. 16-18 L VMI 14-14 T Washington & Lee 10-21 L Franklin & Marshall 3-33 L Navy 8-26 L Virginia Tech 0-32 L Pitt 4th in Southern Conference Tournament 1957 (5-6) Steve Harrick 8-26 L Indiana, Pa. 3-29 L VMI 22-10 W Baltimore 32-0 W Fairmont State 10-24 L Kent State 26-7 W Hiram 3-31 L Virginia Tech 10-26 L Franklin & Marshall 17-15 W Washington & Lee 26-6 W Fairmont State 0-30 L Shippensburg 4th in Southern Conference Tournament 1958 (6-4) Steve Harrick 32-0 W Fairmont State 13-15 L Indiana, Pa. 14-11 W Shippensburg 15-19 L Baltimore 11-16 L Northern Illinois 20-8 W VMI 25-3 W Washington & Lee 26-5 W The Citadel 9-19 L Kent State 22-6 W Fairmont State 2nd in Southern Conference Tournament 1959 (9-2) Steve Harrick 25-3 27-3 15-13 10-18 30-0 23-11


Fairmont State Indiana, Pa. Rochester Tech. Bowling Green Hiram California, Pa.

18-8 W VMI 19-8 W North Carolina 22-8 W Washington & Lee 11-15 L Kent State 27-3 W Fairmont State 1st in Southern Conference Tournament 1960 (9-2) Steve Harrick 28-6 W Baltimore 20-6 W Indiana, Pa. 9-17 L Bowling Green 25-9 W Fairmont State 29-5 W California. Pa. 17-13 W Kent State 24-10 W VMI 21-11 W Fairmont State 27-3 W Washington & Lee 9-21 L Ohio State 26-5 W North Carolina 3rd in Southern Conference Tournament 1961 (9-3) Steve Harrick 18-8 W A Baltimore 21-9 W H Indiana, Pa. 4-39 L H Penn State 19-13 W A California, Pa. 22-10 W A VMI 18-6 W N The Citadel 27-3 W A Davidson 25-8 W H Fairmont State 5-22 L H Virginia Tech 27-2 W H Washington & Lee 8-20 L H Ohio State 25-3 W H Fairmont State 3rd in Southern Conference Tournament 1962 (7-3-1) Steve Harrick 17-11 W Baltimore 16-15 W Indiana, Pa. 19-9 W Fairmont State 3-27 L Penn State 16-16 T California, Pa. 14-11 W VMI 11-21 L North Carolina 18-13 W The Citadel 16-12 W Washington & Lee 3-22 L Virginia Tech 29-3 W Fairmont State 4th in Southern Conference Tournament 1963 (10-3) Steve Harrick 29-7 W Baltimore 16-12 W Indiana, Pa. 23-3 W VMI 17-10 W West Liberty 13-15 L California, Pa. 24-8 W Bowling Green 21-8 W Virginia Tech 28-0 W North Carolina 22-8 W East Carolina 11-14 L The Citadel 29-5 W Fairmont State 19-10 W Ohio 14-16 L Washington & Lee 2nd in Southern Conference Tournament

All-Time Scores [ 1964-1976 ]

1964 (11-3) Steve Harrick 27-9 W Indiana, Pa. 33-3 W West Liberty 19-9 W VMI 26-6 W Washington & Lee 8-21 L Ohio State 26-5 W California, Pa. 22-5 W Bowling Green 2-25 L Pitt 21-9 W Virginia Tech 19-7 W Virginia 18-13 W North Carolina 8-20 L Ohio 19-10 W The Citadel 26-5 W Fairmont State 1st in Southern Conference Tournament T-37th at NCAA Tournament

24-15 W VMI 11-22 L Bowling Green 36-10 W West Liberty 5-26 L Ohio 25-11 W Virginia 15-15 T William & Mary 15-19 L Fairmont State 20-19 W North Carolina 4th in Southern Conference Tournament

1969 (9-3) George Nedeff 53-79 53-48 53-38 15-13 9-20 28-3 34-10 24-6 1965 (9-3-1) 25-6 Steve Harrick 8-18 L Penn State 22-9 24-5 W VMI 8-23 14-14 T Indiana, Pa. 23-11 22-6 W Washington & Lee 19-9 W California, Pa. 1970 (4-6) 14-13 W Bowling Green George Nedeff 28-0 W Virginia 15-20 12-9 W East Carolina 8-32 14-16 L The Citadel 7-27 22-8 W North Carolina 24-14 11-19 L Ohio 25-8 17-9 W Virginia Tech 11-24 31-2 W Fairmont State 27-12 1st in Southern Conference Tournament 8-20 7-29 1966 (4-8) 26-14 Steve Harrick 15-14 W Washington & Jefferson 1971 (11-4-1) 14-19 L Indiana, Pa. George Nedeff 11-21 L Washington & Lee 15-15 16-18 L California, Pa. 9-21 5-27 L Bowling Green 22-12 14-17 L VMI 25-10 26-2 W North Carolina 28-5 19-12 W Fairmont State 29-5 12-23 L Ohio 21-11 8-23 L Pitt 37-2 20-8 W The Citadel 21-14 16-19 L Saint Francis, Pa. 24-13 1st in Southern Conference Tournament 9-27 26-14 1967 (9-3) 29-8 Steve Harrick 14-24 17-14 W Washington & Jefferson 2-37 17-16 W Indiana, Pa. 22-14 11-24 L California, Pa. 30-5 W Virginia 1972 (10-5) 20-17 W VMI George Nedeff 3-34 L Bowling Green 23-14 30-8 W East Carolina 30-9 32-3 W William and Mary 32-3 W Wilmington 23-14 37-0 W Fairmont State 26-8 12-26 L Ohio 42-6 29-12 W West Liberty 32-12 33-9 2nd in Southern Conference Tournament 5-36 22-16 1968 (8-3-1) 38-6 George Nedeff 31-8 W Washington & Jefferson 19-28 22-9 W Indiana, Pa. 8-39 40-0 W Washington & Lee 21-15 24-11 W California, Pa. 5-33 11-25



Waynesburg Juniata Akron Indiana, Pa. Ohio Northern North Carolina West Liberty VMI Saint Vincent Fairmont State California, Pa. Saint Francis, Pa.



Indiana, Pa. Pitt Ohio Northern Cincinnati West Liberty Slippery Rock Saint Vincent Fairmont State California, Pa. Saint Francis, Pa.



Waynesburg Eastern Michigan Howard Indiana, Pa. Duquesne Saint Vincent West Liberty Washington & Jefferson Ohio Northern West Liberty Slippery Rock Fairmont State Morehead State Pitt California, Pa. Saint Francis, Pa.



Indiana, Pa. Howard Waynesburg Indiana Saint Vincent Duquesne Washington & Jefferson Pitt Fairmont State Ohio Northern West Liberty Fairmont State Morehead State Slippery Rock California, Pa.

1973 (8-7) George Nedeff 18-21 23-17 9-30 20-17 31-7 18-20 36-6 24-18 6-33 49-0 22-18 18-19 48-0 12-37 17-20



Delaware Duquesne Waynesburg Indiana, Pa. Saint Vincent Duquesne Frostburg Towson State Pitt Frostburg West Liberty California, Pa. George Washington Slippery Rock Fairmont State

1974 (7-7-1) George Nedeff 38-11 38-11 11-23 15-30 38-0 43-2 14-20 27-12 20-14 19-17 3-39 20-20 12-21 3-43 14-26



Howard Malone Waynesburg Indiana, Pa. Frostburg Duquesne West Liberty California, Pa. Towson State Morgan State Pitt Marshall West Liberty Slippery Rock Fairmont State

1975 (9-5) Fred Liechti 24-18 43-4 28-6 12-27 33-15 15-21 11-23 0-42 19-14 20-24 29-12 5-36 27-16 45-0



Indiana, Pa. Malone Glenville State Waynesburg Morgan State Towson State Fairmont State Pitt Marshall West Liberty Pitt-Johnstown Slippery Rock California, Pa. Frostburg

1976 (14-5) Fred Liechti 18-21 42-9 39-3 26-14 47-6 24-18 25-16 8-30 23-17 42-2 11-20 30-11 24-13 49-0 6-33 20-19 11-25 33-10 24-13



Indiana, Pa. Howard Malone Waynesburg Anderson Northern Kentucky Morehead Ohio State Towson State Morgan State Fairmont State Washington & Jefferson Marshall Alderson-Broaddus Slippery Rock California, Pa. Pitt Youngstown State West Liberty

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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 75

All-Time Scores [ 1977-1987 ] 1977 (3-17) Fred Liechti 19-30 8-26 14-22 32-17 25-19 12-25 7-30 21-27 2-47 15-30 11-27 2-39 12-33 41-3 6-34 5-35 6-31 2-43 15-33 11-34



1978 (7-9) Fred Liechti 20-29 L A 40-9 W A 47-5 W N 51-2 W N 46-2 W N 24-25 L N 16-18 L N 39-8 W N 20-18 W H 12-36 L H 29-12 W H 9-34 L H 6-34 L H 15-21 L H 13-29 L A 3-42 L A 7th in EWL Tournament - WVU’s first year in the EWL

Indiana, Pa. Akron Waynesburg Pitt-Johnstown Baltimore Gettysburg Edinboro Cincinnati Fairmont State California, Pa. Marshall Slippery Rock George Mason Howard Franklin & Marshall Temple Youngstown State Maryland Pitt West Liberty

Indiana, Pa. Waynesburg Howard Malone Catonsville Edinboro Gettysburg Cincinnati California, Pa. Slippery Rock Marshall Princeton William and Mary Lycoming Maryland Pitt

1979 (9-4-2) Craig Turnbull 35-8 W H Indiana, Pa. 36-6 W N Marietta 26-12 W A Waynesburg 31-11 W N Muskingum 42-9 W H George Mason 20-20 T H Ohio 28-10 W H Akron 6-32 L A Bloomsburg 17-16 W A California, Pa. 27-15 W H Maryland 4-36 L A Clarion State 37-11 W A Marshall 12-30 L H Cleveland State 12-20 L A Lock Haven 21-21 T A Pitt 5th in EWL Tournament 5th in Eastern Athletic Association Tournament 1980 (6-10-1) Craig Turnbull 21-23 28-3 6-35 15-30 39-9 21-13 13-29 41-10



Indiana, Pa. California, Pa. Penn State Navy Akron Illinois Ohio West Liberty


36-3 W H 17-17 T H 9-28 L H 11-28 L H 17-21 L H 28-11 W H 12-30 L A 11-35 L A 9-31 L A 7th in EWL Tournament 1981 (12-10) Craig Turnbull 44-3 W H 25-17 W H 18-23 L H 12-24 L N 20-19 W N 43-6 W N 25-22 W A 35-6 W A 16-24 L A 13-28 L N 8-33 L A 32-6 W N 23-21 W N 6-32 L N 25-16 W A 22-15 W A 19-25 L H 13-33 L H 10-34 L A 31-15 W A 23-20 W H 15-24 L H 5th in EWL Tournament 1982 (10-9) Craig Turnbull 42-3 W A 31-6 W A 17-27 L H 6-37 L H 12-30 L H 31-9 W H 13-23 L A 14-30 L A 41-5 W H 23-15 W A 23-12 W H 8-40 L H 20-19 W H 3-38 L N 33-12 W N 36-12 W N 35-13 W H 6-34 L A 13-23 L A 8th in EWL Tournament 1983 (6-9) Craig Turnbull 19-18 17-23 40-6 12-23 28-15 20-19 17-22 10-31 13-29 20-19 3-39 16-22



Marshall Shippensburg Clarion Bloomsburg Lock Haven Pitt Maryland Nebraska Cleveland State

Indiana, Pa. Waynesburg Nebraska Ohio Youngstown State Cincinnati California, Pa. East Stroudsburg Lock Haven Trenton State Clarion Southern Connecticut Rutgers Navy Shippensburg Pitt Bloomsburg Penn State Kentucky Marshall Maryland Cleveland State

Indiana, Pa. Waynesburg Clarion Kentucky Northern Iowa Ohio Maryland Navy Shippensburg Millersville California, Pa. Lock Haven Pitt Bloomsburg Kutztown East Stroudsburg Marshall Penn State Cleveland State

Kentucky Clarion Waynesburg Pitt Shippensburg Millersville California, Pa. Lock Haven Maryland Bloomsburg Navy Ohio

6-46 L H 27-22 W H 11-36 L H 7th in EWL Tournament 1984 (8-8) Craig Turnbull 30-15 W A 10-21 L H 17-20 L H 21-18 W H 19-18 W A 39-9 W A 60-0 W H 18-20 L A 11-33 L A 30-11 W A 9-33 L A 49-0 W H 12-27 L A 9-34 L A 39-4 W A 17-32 L A 7th in EWL Tournament 1985 (13-3) Craig Turnbull 27-16 W A 38-6 W H 15-28 L A 19-15 W A 35-7 W N 20-24 L N 26-16 W N 32-3 W H 36-9 W H 47-3 W A 20-13 W H 21-19 W H 20-24 L H 39-7 W H 32-9 W A 40-7 W H 5th in EWL Tournament 1986 (12-7) Craig Turnbull 42-6 W A 12-30 L H 13-25 L H 38-6 W N 0-42 L N 28-15 W N 34-11 W N 16-23 L N 30-15 W N 25-17 W A 36-6 W A 19-20 L A 54-2 W H 21-19 W H 16-23 L A 9-32 L A 36-9 W H 27-15 W H 23-20 W A 7th in EWL Tournament 1987 (10-6) Craig Turnbull 39-9 14-21 18-15 15-20



Penn State West Liberty Cleveland State

Waynesburg Clarion Arizona State Pitt Shippensburg Millersville Ohio Maryland Navy Indiana, Pa. Bloomsburg California, Pa. Lock Haven Penn State West Liberty Cleveland State

Edinboro Waynesburg Clarion Pitt Old Dominion Iowa State Appalachian State Shippensburg Maryland California, Pa. Navy Lock Haven Penn State West Liberty Cleveland State Ohio

Waynesburg Clarion Pitt Old Dominion Iowa State Indiana Virginia Northern Iowa Oklahoma Ohio Shippensburg Navy California, Pa. Bloomsburg Lock Haven Penn State West Liberty Cleveland State Maryland

Waynesburg Clarion Ohio State Wisconsin

All-Time Scores [ 1987-1999 ] 34-9 W N 13-23 L H 48-0 W H 23-11 W H 41-5 W H 41-7 W A 15-19 L A 21-19 W H 13-31 L H 31-11 W A 19-18 W A 16-22 L A 7th in EWL Tournament 1988 (10-7) Craig Turnbull 29-11 W A 20-15 W H 7-33 L N 22-15 W N 17-14 W N 26-14 W N 10-25 L A 38-11 W H 12-22 L A 21-15 W H 26-9 W A 13-24 L H 17-24 L A 16-24 L A 15-20 L H 44-6 W H 25-11 W H 7th in EWL Tournament 22nd in NCAA Tournament 1989 (7-7) Craig Turnbull 44-2 W H 13-25 L A 6-34 L N 35-12 W N 34-7 W A 25-12 W A 26-15 W H 16-19 L A 14-22 L H 12-29 L H 9-26 L H 14-18 L A 28-6 W A 19-17 W A 8th in EWL Tournament 1990 (14-1) Craig Turnbull 52-3 W A 26-13 W H 43-0 W H 27-8 W A 34-3 W H 39-4 W H 19-12 W N 17-25 L N 22-11 W H 25-13 W A 20-13 W H 31-12 W H 35-2 W H 29-3 W H 24-10 W A 2nd in EWL Tournament 18th in NCAA Tournament

Oregon Arizona State Shippensburg Maryland Ohio California, Pa. Bloomsburg Lock Haven Penn State West Liberty Cleveland State Pitt

Waynesburg Clarion Edinboro Maryland Syracuse Clarion Ohio State California, Pa. Navy Pitt-Johnstown Ohio Bloomsburg Lock Haven Penn State Cleveland State West Liberty Pitt

Waynesburg Clarion Arizona State Ohio California, Pa. Pitt-Johnstown Navy Bloomsburg Edinboro Lock Haven Penn State Cleveland State West Liberty Pitt

Waynesburg Clarion Boise State Ohio California, Pa. Pitt-Johnstown Navy Arizona State Bloomsburg Lock Haven Penn State West Liberty Cleveland State Pitt Edinboro

1991 (11-5) Craig Turnbull 23-9 W A 21-14 W N 19-21 L N 35-5 W N 16-23 L N 15-20 L N 33-9 W H 53-0 W A 16-18 L A 40-2 W H 32-7 W A 18-21 L H 23-17 W H 24-15 W A 32-9 W A 34-10 W H 1st in EWL Tournament 6th in NCAA Tournament * NWCA National Duals 1992 (7-6) Craig Turnbull 20-13 W H 17-13 W A 28-13 W H 28-11 W A 18-16 W A 16-19 L H 12-28 L A 23-21 W H 9-39 L N 18-25 L N 15-21 L H 20-16 W A 14-23 L H 4th in EWL Tournament 1993 (7-5) Craig Turnbull 22-17 W N 32-15 W A 35-11 W H 28-11 W H 10-21 L A 12-21 L A 19-16 W H 12-19 L H 28-18 W A 21-14 W H 6-27 L A 16-25 L H 3rd in EWL Tournament 25th in NCAA Tournament 1994 (6-4) Craig Turnbull 9-25 L H 22-10 W H 32-6 W H 13-22 L N 15-22 L N 21-12 W A 36-4 W H 15-19 L A 32-3 W H 22-16 W A 3rd in EWL Tournament 14th in NCAA Tournament

Clarion Indiana* Nebraska* Northwestern* Northern Iowa* North Carolina* California, Pa. Pitt-Johnstown Navy Ohio Bloomsburg Lock Haven Penn State Cleveland State Pitt Edinboro

Clarion Lock Haven Pitt-Johnstown California, Pa. Ohio Navy Penn State Bloomsburg Wisconsin Augsburg Cleveland State Edinboro Pitt

1995 (4-6) Craig Turnbull 13-25 L A 15-27 L H 9-24 L A 31-11 W A 21-20 W A 7-28 L H 23-15 W A 15-23 L H 10-26 L A 18-14 W H 5th in EWL Tournament 1996 (7-5-1) Craig Turnbull 33-3 W H 10-24 L H 25-10 W H 19-19 T H 15-28 L N 15-22 L N 30-9 W N 42-12 W N 17-20 L A 30-6 W H 25-15 W A 19-13 W H 16-20 L A 1st in EWL Tournament

1997 (4-6) Craig Turnbull 12-25 L A 22-15 W A 25-14 W A 15-22 L H 16-23 L A 19-18 W H 42-3 W A 13-27 L H Ohio State 17-18 L A Clarion 16-22 L H California, Pa. 4th in EWL Tournament Ohio Navy 1998 (11-3-1) Bloomsburg Craig Turnbull Lock Haven 19-19 T H Army 30-19 W H Cleveland State 28-10 W N Edinboro 3-33 L N Pitt 20-19 W N Penn State 20-16 W N 13-25 L N 8-36 L N 26-12 W A 18-13 W H 42-10 W H Clarion 48-0 W H Navy 18-14 W H Bloomsburg 30-6 W A Boston University 25-14 W A Iowa State 2nd in EWL Tournament Lock Haven 7th in NCAA Tournament Cleveland State * National Duals Edinboro Pitt 1999 (7-4) Penn State Craig Turnbull 22-12 W A 32-7 W A 10-31 L N 17-20 L N 20-12 W H 33-9 W A

Clarion Iowa State Navy Bloomsburg Ohio Lock Haven Cleveland State Edinboro Pitt Penn State

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Ohio Nebraska Bloomsburg Clarion Oklahoma State Pitt Duquesne Franklin & Marshall Lock Haven Cleveland State Edinboro Pitt Penn State

Nebraska Ohio State Clarion Navy Bloomsburg Lock Haven Cleveland State Edinboro Pitt Ohio

Clarion Bloomsburg Michigan* Minnesota* Penn* Arizona State* Penn State* Nebraska* Lock Haven Penn State Duquesne Cleveland State Pitt Ohio Edinboro

Clarion Bloomsburg Oklahoma State Cal-Bakersfield Lock Haven Cleveland State

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 77

All-Time Scores [ 1999-2011 ] 41-6 W H 10-21 L A 41-3 W A 13-19 L H 31-7 W H 2nd in EWL Tournament 9th in NCAA Tournament 2000 (6-4-1) Craig Turnbull 35-8 W H 19-19 T H 24-15 W A 20-23 L N 29-9 W N 6-35 L N 28-13 W N 30-6 W H 14-20 L H 9-25 L A 23-13 W A 2nd in EWL Tournament 22nd in NCAA Tournament * National Duals ^ Grundy, Va. 2001 (4-9) Craig Turnbull 10-27 L A 22-10 W H 8-38 L N 19-16 W N 22-21 W N 9-28 L N 7-34 L A 24-23 W H 12-33 L H 9-27 L H 12-28 L A 6-38 L H 19-22 L H 8th in EWL Tournament 37th in NCAA Tournament & Virginia Duals 2002 (12-2) Craig Turnbull 16-24 L A 23-12 W H 23-15 W A 13-26 L A 36-7 W H 31-21 W H 44-3 W H 26-6 W H 19-12 W H 29-9 W A 32-2 W H 23-15 W A 19-14 W A 31-3 W A 1st in EWL Tournament 13th in NCAA Tournament 2003 (9-3) Craig Turnbull 22-14 14-21 34-0 18-20 15-20 22-14 31-8 36-12 29-8 23-9 19-14 25-16



Virginia Tech Pitt Duquesne Edinboro Ohio

Clarion Bloomsburg Lock Haven Pennsylvania* Rider* Nebraska* Virginia Tech^ Cleveland State Pitt Edinboro Ohio

Clarion Penn State Indiana& Buffalo& Kent& Wisconsin& Bloomsburg Virginia Tech Lock Haven Ohio Pitt Edinboro Cleveland State

Iowa State Clarion Penn State Ohio State Bloomsburg Nebraska Virginia Buffalo Lock Haven Virginia Tech Pitt Ohio Cleveland State Edinboro

Iowa State Ohio State Bloomsburg Oklahoma* Minnesota* Clarion Lock Haven Virginia Tech Pitt Ohio Edinboro Cleveland State


2nd in EWL Tournament 17th at NCAA Tournament * National Duals 2004 (9-5) Craig Turnbull 22-14 W N 15-22 L N 13-24 L H 32-7 W H 16-29 L N 21-16 W H 18-21 L N 25-15 W H 21-13 W H 39-13 W A 29-10 W H 23-22 W A 13-25 L A 27-12 W A T-1st in EWL Tournament 16th at NCAA Tournament * National Duals 2005 (5-6-1) Craig Turnbull 15-20 L A 12-34 L A 22-16 W A 43-0 W A 6-34 L N 16-24 L N 18-23 L H 23-15 W A 25-15 W H 19-21 L A 20-20 T H 27-13 W H 4th in EWL Tournament 18th in NCAA Tournament 2006 (6-6) Craig Turnbull 16-29 L H 14-28 L A 21-18 W N 15-17 L N 16-20 L N 22-14 W H 37-6 W H 20-13 W H 16-18 L A 25-16 W H 5-40 L A 24-12 W A 2nd in EWL Tournament 26th in NCAA Tournament *Virginia Duals 2007 (5-5) Craig Turnbull 37-7 W H 14-28 L N 18-25 L N 15-22 L A 38-6 W A 18-16 W A 16-22 L H 25-11 W A 16-21 L H 38-6 W H 2nd in EWL Tournament 28th in NCAA Tournament * NWCA National Duals 2008 (8-5-0) Craig Turnbull 37-3 W


Stanford Missouri Penn State Bloomsburg Michigan* Cleveland State* Penn* Clarion Pitt Virginia Tech Lock Haven Ohio Edinboro Cleveland State

Nebraska Penn State Bloomsburg Clarion Illinois Penn State Hofstra Pitt Ohio Lock Haven Edinboro Cleveland State

Missouri Hofstra Rider* Ohio State* Columbia* Bloomsburg Clarion Pitt Ohio Lock Haven Edinboro Cleveland State

Duquesne Northwestern* Penn* Bloomsburg Clarion Pitt Ohio Lock Haven Edinboro Cleveland State

Sacred Heart @

9-24 L N Iowa State @ 27-12 W A Cal State Fullerton 24-12 W A Cal Poly 9-32 L N Minnesota* 9-29 L N Ohio State* 35-3 W H Clarion 21-12 W H Bloomsburg 30-6 W H Lock Haven 17-18 L H Pitt 28-13 W A Ohio 16-21 L A Edinboro 32-2 W A Cleveland State 3rd in EWL Tournament 31st in NCAA Tournament @ Sprawl & Brawl Meet (Vestal, N.Y.) * NWCA National Duals 2009 (8-4-2) Craig Turnbull 22-15 W N Columbia * 21-11 W N North Carolina * 10-27 L A Penn State 3-35 L H Lehigh 19-26 L H Illinois 15-25 L H Michigan State 57-0 W A Duquesne 19-16 W A Bloomsburg 22-14 W A Clarion 20-16 W A Lock Haven 15-15 T A Pitt 37-9 W H Ohio 41-0 W H Cleveland State 19-19 T H Edinboro 2nd in EWL Tournament 47th in NCAA Tournament * Sprawl & Brawl Meet (Vestal, N.Y.) 2010 (3-10-0) Craig Turnbull 18-19 L N Wyoming * 15-23 L N Illinois * 12-33 L H Penn State 9-29 L H Indiana 9-24 L A Michigan State 3-39 L A Lehigh 14-20 L H Clarion 21-18 W H Bloomsburg 32-12 W H Lock Haven 15-19 L H Pitt 15-27 L A Ohio 34-11 W A Cleveland State ^ 6-29 L A Edinboro 5th in EWL Tournament T-47th in NCAA Tournament * Sprawl & Brawl Meet (Vestal, N.Y.) ^ St. Clairsville, Ohio 2011 (9-6-0) Craig Turnbull 24-12 W N Liberty* 13-27 L A Maryland* 38-3 W N Johns Hopkins 41-0 W N Sacred Heart^ 14-25 L N Rutgers^ 3-40 L N Penn State^ 18-15 W A Illinois 18-21 L H Michigan State 19-12 W A Bloomsburg 39-4 W A Clarion 33-5 W A Lock Haven 14-21 L A Pittsburgh 24-13 W H Ohio 15-22 L H Edinboro 46-0 W H Cleveland State 2nd in EWL Tournament 51st in NCAA Tournament * Terrapin Duals (College Park, Md.) ^ Sprawl & Brawl (Vestal, N.Y.)

National Champions [ scott collins ]

Scott Collins Clearfield, Pa. 1991 142 pounds Ranked No. 1 in the nation all season, Scott Collins became WVU’s first national champion in 1991 after posting a stellar 40-1 senior season. Collins went undefeated in EWL action as a senior. In fact, he set WVU’s then-all-time consecutive wins streak with 23-straight victories, including five straight at the NCAA Tournament. As a member of WVU’s nationally ranked 14-1 team and EWL regular season dual meet champions, Collins turned in an outstanding career; at the time, he was tied for first on WVU’s all-time career wins list with a 119-34-4 record. The three-time NCAA qualifier was the EWL champion as a senior. Collins went on to lead the Mountaineers to a sixth-place national finish. For his efforts, Collins was named co-EWL Wrestler of the Year and is ranked second in EWL history for most dual wins by a 142-pounder. Collins helped the team win two EWL titles.

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Coach Turnbull on Collins... “He started as a true freshman and competed very successfully. Every year, he was someone who was capable of placing in the national tournament and competing to be in the finals. It never happened for him. It really drew upon him to have some strength of character to not lower his goals and continue to have that dream and goal that he wanted to be a national champion. “When we went to Iowa, he was the No. 1 seed and worked himself to the finals. To be in the finals after not placing before is unusual and he found himself wrestling an Iowa wrestler in the finals while we were competing at Iowa. He probably had about 12-13,000 people getting ready to cheer against him. It wasn’t that normal progression of placing several times and really having that seasoned feeling once you got your shot in the finals. I think it took a lot of his internal strength and focus. The match was one of the better ones that evening and it came down to a 6-6 score with 30 seconds left. Scott was the one who scored the winning takedown. It was a very dramatic moment for him and a significant moment for the program. To me, it was a very significant coming-of-age moment for the program.”

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 79

National Champions [ dean morrison ]

Dean Morrison Amityville, N.Y. 1994 177 pounds Dean Morrison entered the 1994 NCAA Championships with a seven-match win streak and finished the tournament with five-straight wins, plus a national championship, WVU’s second-ever. Ranked No. 2 heading into the tournament, Morrison defeated three ranked opponents to make the finals. He defeated Wyoming’s Reese Andy 3-2 in the finals and finished the season by winning 22 of 23 matches. Morrison posted a 33-3 record his senior season, which tied him for fifth on the all-time senior wins list at WVU, a ranking he still holds today. Those 33 wins also tied him for most wins by a 177-pounder and put him at 10th on WVU’s top season list. It was his second straight 30-win season. Two of his losses came to future Olympian Les Gutches of Oregon State at the Las Vegas Invitational and the NWCA All-Star Classic. Morrison won his third consecutive EWL championship in 1994, the first Mountaineer to accomplish the feat. During the season, Morrison won the Navy Classic and Great Plains Invitational and placed second at the WVU Open and the Las Vegas Invitational. He ranks sixth on WVU’s all-time wins list with a 103-32-2 record. Coach Turnbull on Morrison... “Dean is a great success story. He had never won a New York state title. I believe he placed once, but he never placed in a national tournament. He was a very average student out of high school. When he applied to the university – we were recruiting him out of high school – he was denied admission. We took him to a committee to appeal that and they decided to give Dean an opportunity. Dean worked hard enough. It took a while and he had to go at a slow pace. He graduated in engineering, and when he left the university, he was a three-time Eastern Wrestling League champion and an NCAA champion. “Dean, being an engineering major and an NCAA champion, were equally as unlikely, so it was a testament really to his ability to set goals that were outside his reach when no one believed they were possible and make them a reality.”


National Champions [ greg jones ]

Greg Jones Slickville, Pa. Three-time champion 2005 184 pounds Greg Jones capped off one of the greatest collegiate wrestling careers in NCAA history by becoming just the 39th wrestler to ever win three national championships. He also became the first wrestler from the Eastern Wrestling League to ever win the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler title. Jones, a Slickville, Pa., native, took home his third championship with a 5-3 decision against Cornell’s Tyler Baier. Jones dazzled the 16,302 fans in attendance at the Savvis Center. He jumped out to a 2-0 lead and then extended it to 5-1 before Baier earned two points late. The match concluded the story of WVU’s greatest wrestler as Jones left with a 126-4 career record. In 2004-05, he outscored his opponents 298-82 and was taken down just 10 times in 130 career matches. For the second-consecutive season, Jones finished 2004-05 with an undefeated season. Only Oklahoma State’s Steve Mocco and Jones finished the year undefeated.

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2004 184 pounds Jones turned in one of the finest individual seasons by a WVU wrestler in school history, going a perfect 26-0. He also became the first Mountaineer to win multiple national titles with his 184-pound championship in St. Louis. Jones posted his third victory of the tournament over Ben Heizer of Northern Illinois and won his second crown, 10-5, in front of 15,081 fans at the Savvis Center. Jones’ performance was so dominant that he did not give up an offensive point during the entire 2004 NCAA Tournament in going 5-0. He opened the season by winning the prestigious Midlands Classic title in late December. Jones’ unblemished start led to WVU’s first undefeated season. He won his third-consecutive EWL crown in leading the Mountaineers to a share of the 2004 EWL Championship title. His 7-0 record in league contests earned him the EWL Points Champion award. Jones was then named EWL Wrestler of the Year for the second time in his career. 2002 174 pounds It will long be remembered as one of the greatest accomplishments in West Virginia history. Greg Jones became just the 10th freshman since 1970 to win a national championship. Coming off a tiebreaker win over Edinboro’s Josh Koscheck in the EWL finals, Jones entered the NCAA Championships as the No. 2 seed. Jones showed two losses entering the tournament, one of them coming to top-seeded Otto Olson of Michigan and the other coming by way of injury default, meaning that the last time Jones was outscored in a match was Dec. 1. Although he battled nerves in his first appearance at the NCAA Championships in Albany, N.Y., he quickly got into a comfort zone. He won by scores of 17-10, 8-3, 10-4, 15-5 and 12-5 and was not taken down after the first round. In the finals, Jones went up against Greg Parker of Princeton. As was standard, Jones scored the first takedown of the match and dictated the tempo from there. Parker was no match for Jones’ speed and strength, and Jones went on to the title. Coach Turnbull on Jones... “Greg was given advice often that ‘you should probably go somewhere else because you don’t want to be in the shadow of your brother (Vertus). How are you going to match what he accomplished? He won four EWL titles, was in the NCAA finals twice and was third the other time.’ I think having an older brother is a tremendous help. “He became the 10th freshman since 1970 to win an NCAA Championship. It really was a credit to Greg and also his background, family support and brothers’ support. I don’t think people recognize it until they live it the stresses that are on someone in an individual sport to achieve your goal or pinnacle of your sport early. “He won titles in his final two seasons and was named the Outstanding Wrestler his senior year. In the three national tournaments that he won, he was only scored on once with offensive points and that was his first match – as a freshman, he gave a takedown up and was never scored on again offensively. I think historians will put Greg into a category of one of the greatest wrestlers in NCAA history.”

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 81


[ 21 grapplers have earned all-america honors ] Jimmie Cox 1929 Wheeling, W.Va. The first WVU wrestler to attain All-America honors, Jimmie Cox placed third at the 1929 NCAA Championships at Ohio State. Cox won three matches at 135 pounds in guiding West Virginia to a ninth-place team finish.

Robert Perry 1955 Mission Viejo, Calif. Robert Perry was one of two Mountaineers to earn All-America honors in 1955 at Cornell. Perry won his opening round match via fall over Syracuse’s Don Clark at 115 pounds. He won two more matches before taking fourth-place honors to become WVU’s second All-American.

Lewis Guidi 1955 McMurray, Pa. Mountaineer Lewis “Lou” Guidi was the second WVU wrestler to earn All-America status at the 1955 NCAA Championships with a secondplace finish. WVU’s 123-pounder posted a 4-1 record before falling in the championship match to Pitt’s Ed Peery. Guidi’s runner-up finish, along with teammate Robert Perry’s fourth-place result, pushed West Virginia to a 12th-place team finish. He was inducted into the WVU Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Mark Cagle 1979 Phoenixville, Pa. Mark Cagle placed eighth out of 32 competitors at the 1979 NCAA Championships at Iowa State. Wrestling at 134 pounds, the sophomore posted a 21-5 season record, with all five losses coming to grapplers who had also qualified for the NCAAs, including eventual national champion Darryl Burley of Lehigh. Cagle became the Mountaineers’ fourth All-American.


Jim Akerly 1987 Erie, Pa. West Virginia’s fifth All-American wrestler, Jim Akerly brought the program national publicity with his back-to-back national rankings (ranked No. 3 as a sophomore and a junior). The first Mountaineer invited to participate in the East-West All-Star Classic, Akerly collected more wins (119) than any previous WVU grappler to lead the Mountaineers to four-consecutive Top 20 finishes. During his four-year association with the Mountaineer wrestling program, Akerly was a driving force behind a 45-23 team record. The Erie, Pa., native earned All-America status in 1987 at the NCAA Championships at Maryland, where he finished eighth at 150 pounds. Michael Carr 1988 Erie, Pa. Wrestling only one season at WVU, Michael Carr, an Iowa State transfer, set a Mountaineer record at the time for most takedowns in a season with 70. Posting 39 wins, Carr became West Virginia’s second Eastern Wrestling League individual champion. He also won titles at the Navy Turkey Bowl, Hoosier Invitational and the WVU Open. Carr earned AllAmerica honors for his seventh-place finish in the 158-pound weight class at the 1988 NCAA Championships at Iowa. Mark Banks 1990, 1991 York, Pa. Wrestling for West Virginia from 199091, Mark Banks was one of the most accomplished wrestlers in Mountaineer history. Banks earned back-to-back fifth-place finishes at the NCAA Tournament in 1990 and 1991 at 167 pounds to become the Mountaineers’ first two-time All-American. Banks, who competed in the National Wrestling Coaches Association All-Star Classic in 1991, also won consecutive 167-pound EWL titles with the Mountaineers, West Virginia’s first two-time league titlist. Throughout his four-year career, which included two years at Bloomsburg, Banks compiled a 22-1 record in EWL dual matches. During his stay in Morgantown, Banks never lost a league match in 13 decisions and helped WVU win two league titles and earn a sixth-place finish at the 1991 NCAA Championships.


[ 21 grapplers have earned all-america honors ] Dominic Black 1991 Lexington, Ky. Enjoying a banner collegiate career with the Mountaineers, Dominic Black finished as one of only five wrestlers in school history at the time to amass more than 100 career victories. Black capped his career with stellar seasons in 1990 and 1991. As a junior, he went 33-5 to establish a record for wins in a season by a Mountaineer 177-pounder, won an EWL title and competed in his second-consecutive NCAA Tournament. The following year, Black posted a 39-win season (third-best in school history), earned his second-consecutive EWL title and had a fourth-place finish at the NCAA Championships. In 1995, Black became the first West Virginia wrestler to ever represent the United States in an international event, as he won a gold medal in the 198-pound weight class at the World Cup of Freestyle. In 1999, Black made the U.S. World Wrestling Team, which participates in world championships. He won a national title and was a gold medalist at the 1999 Pan-American Games. He was inducted into the WVU Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. Scott Collins 1991 Clearfield, Pa. Scott Collins was one of the greatest wrestlers in West Virginia history. The two-time EWL finalist became the first Mountaineer to win a national title when he claimed first-place honors at the 1991 NCAA Championships at Iowa City. By becoming the EWL’s 12th national champion, Collins was named co-EWL Wrestler of the Year. The 142-pounder also captured the 1991 EWL title. Collins, who went undefeated in EWL action during his national title season in 1991, ranked second in EWL history for most dual wins by a 142-pounder. Collins finished his career as the school’s all-time win leader, and he helped the Mountaineers win two EWL titles. Collins registered a sixth-place finish at the 1991 NCAA Championships. He was inducted into the WVU Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Doug Taylor 1993 Milesburg, Pa. Making his first NCAA appearance, Doug Taylor became West Virginia’s seventh All-American at the 1993 NCAA Championships in Ames, Iowa. Taylor, who battled an injury-plagued season, finished fifth at 158 pounds. Taylor lost a controversial overtime decision in the semifinals, trying to become only the second Mountaineer wrestler to reach the NCAA final round. Taylor advanced to the NCAA Tournament by virtue of his second-place finish at the EWL Championships.

Dean Morrison 1994 Amityville, N.Y.

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

In 1994, Dean Morrison concluded his outstanding career by becoming the second West Virginia wrestler to win an NCAA title. Morrison defeated Wyoming’s Reese Andy in Chapel Hill, N.C., to claim national supremacy and lead the Mountaineers to a 14th-place team finish. During his career, Morrison became the first wrestler in school history to win three Eastern Wrestling League titles (1992-94) and just the fourth to win more than 100 career matches (103). Named the 1994 EWL Wrestler of the Year, Morrison competed in the prestigious National Wrestling Coaches Association All-Star Classic in Pittsburgh. Morrison’s 33 wins in 1994 also tied him with Dominic Black for the most wins by a Mountaineer 177-pounder in a season. John Koss 1997 Collingswood, N.J.

A powerful wrestler, John Koss became the first four-time NCAA qualifier in WVU history. Koss capped off a brilliant campaign by advancing to the semifinals of the 1997 NCAA Championships. He recorded an impressive 87 wins as a Mountaineer, which was seventh best at the time in school history. Koss wrestled to an 8-0 dual-meet record at 177 pounds his senior season to top off a career 23 wins in the EWL. After his first NCAA appearance as a freshman, Koss was named a fifth-team selection to the Amateur Wrestling News’ all-rookie team. Mike Mason 1997, 1998 Williamstown, W.Va. Mike Mason is remembered as one of the most diligent and hard-working wrestlers in the history of the program. The second WVU wrestler to be a two-time All-American – both at 150 pounds – and the first All-American from the state of West Virginia, Mason earned his first All-America honors in 1997 when he was seeded eighth and wrestled to the quarterfinal round. He posted a 35-5 record his junior year, including a 10-0 dual meet record. As a senior, Mason advanced to the NCAA semifinal, losing a controversial double-overtime decision, then came back to win two hard-fought matches and finish third for his second All-America honor. He competed in the NWCA All-Star Classic, won an EWL title and was the fifth WVU wrestler to reach 100 career wins.

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 83


[ 21 grapplers have earned all-america honors ] Ian “Whitey” Chlebove 1998, 1999 Northampton, Pa. A dangerous force at 134 pounds his junior year and 141 pounds his senior year, Ian “Whitey” Chlebove became a two-time AllAmerican with his seventh-place finish at the 1998 NCAA Championships in Cleveland and his sixth-place finish at the 1999 NCAA Championships at Penn State. As a senior, Chlebove was ranked as high as fourth nationally during the season. As a junior, he was ranked as high as third. In 1996, Chlebove was one win away from All-America honors with a 3-2 finish at the tournament. After a redshirt season in 1997, he posted a 27-8 record in 1998 to set a WVU record at 134 pounds. Vertus Jones 1998, 1999, 2000 Slickville, Pa. One of the finest athletes to come through the WVU program, Vertus Jones became the Mountaineers’ first three-time All-American with his second-place finish at the 2000 NCAA Championships in St. Louis. His first All-America honor came with a secondplace finish at 177 pounds at the 1998 NCAA Championships in Cleveland. His second AllAmerica honor came with a third-place finish at the 184-pound weight class at the 1999 NCAA Championships at Penn State. As a sophomore, Jones was the youngest of 20 finalists at the 1998 tournament and the youngest in WVU history to reach the NCAA finals. He is the first Mountaineer to be a four-time EWL champion and only the third EWL wrestler to be a four-time champion. He was the second WVU wrestler to win the EWLs as a freshman. Jones posted a stellar 30-2 senior season at 184 pounds, setting the all-time West Virginia consecutive-wins streak at 24 and finished his career with a 95-21 mark, which was sixth best at the time at WVU. Sam Kline 1999 Elkins, W.Va. A master of using his speed and size at 174 pounds, Sam Kline finished third at the 1999 NCAA Championships at Penn State to garner All-America honors, defeating three ranked opponents along the way. Kline capped off a stellar career with a 28-5 senior campaign, finishing with 84 wins to 22 losses. Kline won the 1999 EWL Tournament, the 1997 and 1998 WVU Open, and the 1997 and 1998 Navy Classic. He finished eighth at the 1998 Las Vegas Invitational. During his career, Kline qualified for three NCAA Championships.


Whitey Chlebove

Greg Jones 2002, 2004, 2005 Slickville, Pa. Greg Jones became the first Mountaineer to win multiple national titles with his 184-pound championship in St. Louis as a junior. He added to his legacy as a senior after blowing through competition yet again for his third national championship in four years. During his senior year, Jones posted a perfect 25-0 record and was named the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler. He became just the 20th wrestler in NCAA history to win multiple national titles at different weight classes. As a junior, Jones posted his third victory of the tournament over Ben Heizer of Northern Illinois in winning his second crown, 10-5. Jones’ performance was so dominant that he did not give up an offensive point during the entire 2004 NCAA Tournament, going 5-0. In one of the most remarkable performances in the history of West Virginia athletics, freshman Jones cruised through the 174-pound bracket en route to the NCAA Championships. Jones was 34-2 and raked in numerous honors in his rookie campaign. At the NCAA Championships, Jones dominated the field by outscoring his opponents 62-27 and only allowing a takedown in the first round. He defeated Greg Parker of Princeton 12-5 in the finals. A four-time EWL champion, he was twice named EWL Wrestler of the Year and was named the 2004 EWL Points Champion. In 2002, he was the EWL Tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler and the EWL Freshman of the Year.


[ 21 grapplers have earned all-america honors ] Brandon Lauer 2003 Highland, Md. Despite missing portions of the season to injury, Brandon Lauer fought his way to an eighth-place finish at the NCAA Championships in Kansas City. Lauer trailed early in his firstround match, but went on to stun fifth-seeded Zach Roberson of Iowa State by pinning him at 4:21. He continued his roll with another fall in the second round, this time finishing off Jason Cuocolo of Sacred Heart in 2:19. After a narrow loss in the championship quarterfinals, Lauer needed one more win to assure himself of All-America status. He seemingly had the match in hand, but a late rally by Tom Clum of Wisconsin forced the match into overtime. Lauer was able to collect himself and quickly finished off the match with a takedown four seconds into the extra session for the sudden victory. Nursing an ailing knee, Lauer dropped his last two matches to finish eighth in the nation at 133 pounds. Shane Cunanan 2003 Spokane, Wash. Using intensity, determination and superior conditioning, Shane Cunanan willed himself to the national semifinals and All-America honors in 2003. After cruising to a first-round victory, he scored one of the tournament’s biggest upsets at 141 pounds by shocking fifth-seeded Zach Esposito of Oklahoma State, 3-1, in overtime. Cunanan controlled most of the match, but could not convert on several opportunities. Finally, his tireless effort produced a takedown. In the national quarterfinals, the story was again the same as Cunanan controlled the match and wore his opponent down before taking the 5-3 victory over the tournament’s seventh seed, Dana Holland of Arizona State. His roll ended with a heartbreaking 4-3 loss in the national semifinals and he eventually finished sixth. Cunanan, who qualified for the NCAA Tournament four times, finally was able to finish his career as an NCAA All-American.

Brandon Rader 2006, 2007 Parkersburg, W.Va. No WVU true freshman had ever wrestled his way to All-America status before Parkersburg native Brandon Rader did so at the 2006 NCAA Championships in Oklahoma City, Okla. The Parkersburg High graduate finished sixth in the tournament to become just the fourth West Virginia native to earn All-America status. Rader, seeded ninth in the 141-pound weight class, got off to a blistering pace as he pinned his first two opponents. In his third bout, the freshman faced No. 1 seeded and undefeated Nate Gallick of Iowa State and lost a very close 3-0 decision. Rader rebounded in the consolation bracket by defeating Pitt’s Ron Tarquinio for the third time in 2006. He then defeated Virginia Tech’s Dave Hoffman, 11-7, in the consolation quarterfinals. In 2007 Rader repeated his All-America status by finishing sixth for the second-consecutive year. This time, he rebounded from a second-round loss, which forced him to win four-consecutive matches to get back to the NCAA platform. His defining match occurred in the consolation semifinals against No. 4-seeded Manny Rivera of Minnesota when he came away victorious, 9-5. The win for Rader made him just the sixth Mountaineer wrestler in school history to earn multiple All-America honors when he did so during the third session of the NCAA Championships in Detroit.

coaches wrestlers preview opponents review records wvu media

Matt Lebe 2005 Jeannette, Pa. Matt Lebe became WVU’s 20th AllAmerican the hard way by fighting through the 157-pound consolation bracket after losing his opening match of the NCAA Tournament. Lebe pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the 2005 tournament when he knocked off Stanford’s defending national champion, Matt Gentry, 5-3. The Jeannette, Pa., native then faced Clarion’s Chris Horning, whom he had beaten twice before earlier in the season. Lebe jumped out to a 4-1 lead and held off Horning for the rest of the match to escape with a 6-5 win. He later was knocked out of the tournament by Arizona State’s Brian Smith and finished seventh overall.

Brandon Rader

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 85


[ team and individual honors ] TEAM HONORS Cliff Keen/NWCA National Duals (Event initiated during 1988-89 season) 1991 - Eighth Place Defeated Indiana, 21-14 Lost to Nebraska, 19-21 Defeated Northwestern, 35-5 Lost to Northern Iowa, 16-23 Lost to North Carolina, 15-20 1992 - Did Not Place Lost to Wisconsin, 9-39 Lost to Augsburg, 8-25 1996 - Did Not Place Lost to Oklahoma State, 15-28 Lost to Pitt, 15-22 1998 - Sixth Place Defeated Michigan, 28-10 Lost to Minnesota, 3-33 Defeated Penn, 20-19 Defeated Arizona State, 20-16 Lost to Penn State, 13-25 Lost to Nebraska, 8-36 1999 - Did Not Place Lost to Oklahoma State, 10-31 Lost to Cal-Bakersfield, 17-20 2000 - Did Not Place Lost to Penn, 20-23 Defeated Rider, 29-9 Lost to Nebraska, 6-35 2003 - Did Not Place Lost to Oklahoma, 18-20 Lost to Minnesota, 15-20 2004 - Did Not Place Lost to Michigan, 16-29 Defeated Cleveland State, 21-16 Lost to Penn, 18-21 2005 - Did Not Place Lost to Illinois, 6-34 Lost to Penn State, 16-24 2007 - Did Not Place Lost to Northwestern, 14-28 Lost to Penn, 18-25 2008 - Did Not Place Lost to Minnesota, 9-32 Lost to Ohio State, 9-29 2009 - Did Not Place 2010 - 23rd Eastern Mat Poll Champions 1990

INDIVIDUAL HONORS NWCA All-Star Classic Participants 1987 Jim Akerly (defeated by Iowa’s Jim Heffernan, 6-0) 1991 Scott Collins (defeated Ok. State’s Chuck Barbee, 10-6) Mark Banks (defeated by Iowa’s Mark Reiland, 9-8) 1992 Craig Turnbull (coach of the Blue Team) 1994 Keith Taylor (defeated by Cal Poly’s Jake Gaeir, 5-1) Dean Morrison (defeated by Oreg. State’s Les Gutches, 12-3)


1998 Mike Mason (defeated by Illinois’ Eric Siebert, 3-2) 1999 Vertus Jones (defeated by Iowa St.’s Cael Sanderson, 6-5) 2001 Ryan Kehler (did not participate due to injury) 2003 Greg Jones (defeated Ok. State’s Chris Pendleton, 7-3) Craig Turnbull (coach of the Blue Team) 2004 Greg Jones (defeated N. Illinois’ Ben Heizer, 10-6) 2005 Greg Jones (defeated Iowa’s Paul Bradley, 3-2) George Nedeff Outstanding Wrestler Award 1990 Mark Banks 1991 Scott Collins 1992 Dean Morrison 1993 Doug Taylor 1994 Dean Morrison 1995 Doug Vetter 1996 Jason Frable 1997 Mike Mason 1998 Mike Mason 1999 Sam Kline and Vertus Jones 2000 Vertus Jones 2001 Ryan Kehler 2002 Greg Jones 2003 Shane Cunanan 2004 Greg Jones 2005 Greg Jones 2006 Brandon Rader 2007 Brandon Rader 2008 Kurt Brenner 2009 Dustin Rogers 2010 Brandon Williamson 2011 Nathan Pennesi Coaches’ Award 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Dave Miller Dominic Black Steve Millward Tom Onorato Keith Taylor Doug Vetter Scott Hage Sam Kline Mike Mason Sam Kline Bob Patnesky Joe Carr Shane Cunanan Shane Cunanan Matt Lebe Matt Lebe Matt Lebe Zac Fryling Jared Villers Lance Bryson Kyle Rooney Donnie Jones/Phil Mandzik

Rookie of the Year 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Dean Morrison Rich Ginther Doug Vetter Scott Hage Dorian Hager Whitey Chlebove O’Dell Tucker Vertus Jones Bob Patnesky Joe Carr Billy Smith Brian Floyd Greg Jones Seth Lisa, Matt Lebe Joe Clarke, Zac Fryling Jared Villers Brandon Rader Dustin Rogers Donnie Jones Colin Johnston Brandon Williamson Nathan Pennesi

Red Brown Cup Presented annually to WVU’s most outstanding all-around student-athlete in all sports. 1991 Scott Collins 2004 Greg Jones 2005 Greg Jones

Zac Fryling

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[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 87

Dr. James P. Clements [ president ]

WVU’s First Family, standing from left: Jim, Beth and Tyler Clements. In rockers, from left: twins Hannah and Maggie. Seated on lawn: Grace. James P. Clements has said that no university in the country means more to its state than West Virginia University means to West Virginia. Since becoming WVU’s 23rd president on June 30, 2009, Dr. Clements has focused on expanding the University’s role as a 21st century land-grant institution. With a Strategic Framework for the Future now in place, WVU is committed to excelling in five key areas: academic excellence, research and innovation, diversity, global engagement, and enhancing the well-being and quality of life of our citizens. Dr. Clements has announced several initiatives in support of these strategic planning goals, including: adding 100 new faculty members to decrease the student-faculty ratio and support core and niche academic and research curriculums; building a new student health facility to increase wellness efforts; dedicating capital funds to expand outdoor recreational space for students; and increasing research to strengthen the University’s position as an economic engine as well as a leader in fields such as energy, biometrics, and health sciences. Additional priorities are to continue offering world-class health care and – through WVU’s Top-10 nationally ranked Rural Health Program – remain committed to increasing state outreach in the health sciences. To that end, WVU recently announced plans to establish a WVU School for Public Health to train the next generation of public health professionals, conduct high-quality population health


research, and help the state confront preventable health threats that increase health care costs and shorten lives. Other goals include finding more efficient and effective ways to use technology to drive progress, increasing the diversity of WVU’s learning community and developing an even broader global focus in preparing students for new international opportunities. Other initiatives focus on increasing student retention, increasing WVU’s doctoral program enrollment, enhancing leadership development and increasing operating funds. This momentum has carried over to record gains in enrollment, research, and private giving. Student enrollment across all campuses reached more than 32,000; research contract and grant awards for the past two years averaged an all-time high of $176 million; and annual private giving to WVU reached an all-time high of nearly $100 million this past year. The University was also recognized as among the six percent of institutions in the country that the Carnegie Foundation classifies as highly engaged in service, and as one of the four best flagship universities in the country for access by the Education Trust. In addition to overseeing WVU and its divisional campuses, Dr. Clements chairs the boards of the WVU Research Corporation, the West Virginia United Health System, and the WVU Hospitals. In total, WVU and its affiliates represent a $2.3 billion enterprise and employ more than 18,000 people.

Dr. Clements also serves as an ex-officio member of the WVU Foundation and WVU Alumni Association boards, and is active with national higher education organizations such as the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities and the American Council on Education. Regionally, he is a board member of the National Energy Technology Laboratory Regional University Alliance. He is co-chair of the Economic Development Team of the Power of 32, a visioning initiative across 32 counties in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. He also co-chaired the WV Higher Education Policy Commission’s Diversity Initiative Council and currently co-chairs the WV Higher Education Policy Commission’s College Completion Task Force, as well as serves on the board of the West Virginia Business Roundtable. On a national level, he was nominated and selected to participate in the 81st Joint Civilian Orientation Conference through the U.S. Department of Defense, and invited by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to join a select 15-member Innovation Advisory Board that will guide a study of U.S. economic competitiveness and innovation. Before joining the Mountaineer family, Dr. Clements served as provost and vice president at Towson University, the second-largest public university in Maryland. Under his leadership, Towson developed academic and student support programs that led to impressive increases in enrollment as well as retention and graduation rates. Towson’s externally-funded research increased by 36 percent during Dr. Clements’ tenure as provost. Prior to becoming provost, he served as Towson University’s vice president for economic and community outreach and as the Robert W. Deutsch Distinguished Professor and chair of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. He was a four-time recipient of Towson’s Faculty Member of the Year Award given by students at the University. Dr. Clements has an academic background in computer science. He earned a B.S. in computer science and an M.S. and Ph.D. in operations analysis from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), as well as an M.S. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University. The fourth edition of his project management textbook was published in four languages and used in multiple countries; the fifth edition was recently released. At WVU, Dr. Clements is a tenured professor in the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources’ Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In October 2009, he was named UMBC’s Alumnus of the Year in the Engineering and Information Technology category. Jim is married to Beth Clements, and they have four children – Tyler, twin daughters Hannah and Maggie, and Grace.

Oliver Luck

[ director of athletics ]

Former Mountaineer quarterback Oliver Luck is West Virginia’s 11th Director of Athletics. Successful at each of his previous career stops, Oliver Luck looks to continue that streak at West Virginia University. A former Mountaineer quarterback, Luck, appointed the University’s 11th Director of Athletics by President James P. Clements on June 9, 2010, has already made strides in just one year in enhancing WVU’s role as a player in the collegiate world. “Oliver Luck is someone who has succeeded at the highest levels at everything he has done – from his college and professional football playing days to his academic pursuits and his professional business career,” said Clements. “He is the clear choice to carry forward what has truly been a golden era in athletics.” “It’s an incredible honor for me to be appointed as athletic director at my alma mater,” said Luck. “I care deeply about this school. I’ve had an opportunity to serve on the Board of Governors the last couple of years, and it’s given me a tremendous viewpoint of how important intercollegiate athletics is at a land-grant institution like WVU. “WVU is truly one of the outstanding land-grant universities in the country, and I am so pleased to be a part of its momentum and growth. This is a tremendous opportunity - a chance to return to a University and a state that I love at a dynamic and strategic time in its history.” In his first year, Luck has hired four head coaches while maintaining the superior level of success WVU has recently enjoyed. In addition

to new hires, Luck has overseen the progress of major capital projects, such as the WVU basketball practice facility, and fostered an atmosphere for achievement and triumph, in the classroom and on the field. Luck’s athletic and professional career has been the epitome of success, first as a record-setting quarterback for the Mountaineers from 1978-81, then as a professional quarterback for the National Football League’s Houston Oilers, and later as a professional sports executive. Luck’s journey to the big chair at WVU began in his native Cleveland, where in 1977 he was named the Cleveland Touchdown Club Player of the Year at St. Ignatius High. Luck chose WVU over Ivy League schools Harvard and Yale, embarking upon a career that saw him establish school records for touchdown passes and completions during his playing days, while also leading the Mountaineers to a 26-6 upset victory over Florida in the 1981 Peach Bowl. His best season came as a senior in 1981 when he completed 216 of 394 passes for 2,448 yards and 16 touchdowns. He passed for a career-high 360 yards in a 27-24 loss to Syracuse at the Carrier Dome in the final regular-season game of his career. Luck ended his college career with 5,765 yards and 43 touchdown passes, both figures still ranking among the best in school history. Luck was a two-time team MVP in 1980 and 1981, and also received the Louis D. Meisel Award for the WVU football student-athlete

coaches with the highest grade point average. The players two-time ESPN The Magazine Academic preview All-American was the recipient of Today’s opponents Top Five, presented for scholastics review by the NCAA and was selected by the records National Football Foundation as one of wvu its 10 scholar-athletes to make a keynote media speech at its annual banquet in 1982. Selected in the second round of the NFL draft by the Houston Oilers (44th overall pick), Luck spent four years with the Oilers from 1982-86. His most extended action came in 1983 when he started six games and finished the season completing 124-of-217 passes for 1,375 yards and eight touchdowns. After retiring from football, Luck became vice president of business development for the NFL and later was appointed general manager of the Frankfurt Galaxy of the newly created World League of American Football. He spent the ’95 season as general manager of the Rhein Fire before being named President and CEO of NFL Europe in 1996. Luck totaled more than 10 years with the NFL, before becoming chief executive officer of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority in 2001. In that role, Luck oversaw the development and management of a $1 billion professional sports and entertainment complex for the city of Houston that included Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros, Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans, the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets, Comets and Aeros and the Livestock Show and Rodeo. In 2005, Luck was appointed as the first president of Major League Soccer’s Houston Dynamos, helping that organization to a pair of MLS Cup titles in his first two years at the helm. Luck was in the midst of securing the funding for an $80 million soccer complex to house the Dynamos when the call came to return to his alma mater. Prior to his current position at WVU, Luck was appointed by Gov. Joe Manchin in 2008 to a four-year term on the West Virginia University Board of Governors, a spot he relinquished to become director of athletics. The Rhodes Scholar finalist graduated Phi Betta Kappa from WVU in 1982. He also earned a law degree from Texas, graduating cum laude in 1987. In 1997, Luck was inducted into the West Virginia University Sports Hall of Fame, and in 2008, he was inducted into the CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame. He is married to the former Kathy Wilson. They have two sons and two daughters: Andrew, an All-American quarterback and a Heisman Trophy contender at Stanford; Mary Ellen, a sophomore volleyball player at Stanford; Emily and Addison.

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 89

Senior Staff

[ athletic department personnel ] Mike Parsons

Deputy Director of Athletics

Michael Szul

Associate AD Business Operations


Keli Cunningham

Terri Howes

Associate AD Compliance & Governance

Associate AD Sports Development, SWA

Michael Fragale

Assistant AD Communications

Head Coaches

[ wvu fields 17 varsity programs ] Jason Butts


Dana Holgorsen


Jill Kramer


Craig Turnbull


Mike Carey

Women’s Basketball

Bob Huggins

Men’s Basketball

Marlon LeBlanc

Men’s Soccer

Greg Van Zant


Sean Cleary

Cross Country Track & Field

Nikki Izzo-Brown

Women’s Soccer

Vic Riggs

Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving

Jon Hammond

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Jimmy King


Tina Samara


WVU had its fourth straight Top 50 finish in the Director’s Cup in 2010-11 [ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 91

Athletic Facilities

[ train and compete like a champion ]

Milan Puskar Stadium at Mountaineer Field

Caperton Indoor Facility

Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium

Hawley Field

Cary Gym

WVU Wrestling Pavilion

Mountaineer Track

WVU Rifle Range

WVU Boathouse

WVU Coliseum

Mountaineer Tennis Courts

WVU Natatorium


Media Information

[ when covering the mountaineers ] EWL Media Services For the latest news about the EWL Wrestling Conference, visit the league’s website at The site contains standings, statistics and rankings.

Media Services The West Virginia University sports communications office will be available throughout the entire 2011-12 wrestling season to accommodate any media requests. Following are some guidelines that should make it easy for media members to cover the West Virginia wrestling team. Any additional questions should be directed to wrestling contact Brian Kuppelweiser. Gameday Parking is free in the Coliseum parking lot. Complete statistics are provided to all working media post-match. Requested team members and coach Turnbull will be available for interviews following a 15-minute grace period.

Directions to Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium From I-68 Take the Pierpont Road (mile marker 7) exit and follow signs toward the football stadium by heading West onto WV 857. At second traffic light, turn left (south) on US 119. Drive up a steep hill; the Morgantown airport will be on your left. Continue straight past several car dealerships and at the second light turn right onto WV 705. Turn left at the sixth traffic light onto Van Voorhis Road. The road becomes Patteson Drive when crossing University Avenue. Proceed up Patteson to the light at Jerry West Boulevard. Turn right on to Gale Catlett Drive and the WVU Coliseum/ Wrestling Pavilion will be on your right a few hundred feet ahead. From I-79 Take the Star City/WVU (mile marker 155) exit and follow signs to West Virginia University, heading south on US 19 and across the Star City Bridge. Proceed up Monongahela Boulevard past Texas Roadhouse. The WVU Coliseum/Wrestling Pavilion will be on your right a few hundred feet ahead.

During the Week Any member of the media wishing to interview a wrestler member of the coaching staff during the week should contact West Virginia wrestling contact Brian Kuppelweiser, via email ( or phone (304-293-2821), at least 24 hours in advance. Cell phone numbers will not be made available and all WVU student-athletes have been instructed to not conduct interviews without prior approval of the sports communications staff.

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Receiving Information Media members may receive wrestling press releases, notes and more via email. To receive such press releases, match recaps and more, simply email your requests to is the place for media and fans to go for the latest on Mountaineer wrestling. In 2011-12, streamed audio and video broadcasts will be available on WVU’s official athletic website. Live stats are also available to keep track of every pin. Match releases are made available in PDF format one day prior to gameday. Wrestler and coaching staff bios are available at the click of a finger by going to Updated following each game, is your place to find the latest results for Mountaineer wrestling results.

Match Services The sports communications staff will be at your service throughout the match. All working media will be provided with game programs, rosters, media guides and other pertinent information. Wireless internet access is available for working media members. Credentials Photographers and media members who wish to cover a match should contact wrestling contact Brian Kuppelweiser, via email ( or phone (304-293-2821), at least 24 hours in advance.

[ 2011-12 WRESTLING ] 93

Sports Communications [ publicizing the mountaineers ]

Sports Information The West Virginia University sports communication office is located in the WVU Coliseum near the Red Gate. The main sports communications office is Room 107 with additional offices upstairs in Room 214C.

Wrestling Contact Brian Kuppelweiser Graduate Assistant e-mail:

Mailing Address Sports Communications Office West Virginia University P.O. Box 0877 Morgantown, WV 26507-0877 Overnight Shipping Address Sports Communications Office West Virginia University 107 Coliseum Monongahela Blvd. Morgantown, WV 26505 Phone Information Office: 304-293-2821 Fax: 304-293-4105 Press Box: 304-293-6480


WVU Sports Communications Staff Michael Fragale Assistant Athletic Director, Communications Bryan Messerly Sports Information Director Joe Swan Sports Publications Director John Antonik Director of New Media Mike Montoro Director of Football Communications Katie Kane Associate Sports Information Director Tim Goodenow Assistant Publications Director Shannon McNamara Assistant Sports Information Director Lisa Ammons Business Manager Cheryl Maust Program Assistant Amy Prunty Program Assistant Julie Brown Graduate Assistant Grant Dovey Graduate Assistant Brian Kuppelweiser Graduate Assistant Daniel Whitehead Graduate Assistant

2011-12 WVU Wrestling Guide  

2011-12 WVU Wrestling Guide