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Vellore Institute of Technology Agreement ABET Accreditation Jed DiPaolo Speaks at 2010 Commencement


New Faculty


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From the Dean Dear Alumni and Friends: Globalization is progressing rapidly. The world has become one big workplace, and this is transforming our economy and way of life. With the emergence of a world economy in countries with large populations like China and India, many in the United States are concerned about our ability to stay on the cutting edge of science and engineering and to continue to lead the world in innovation and technology. Clearly, the United States must rethink its strategies. We need to ignite a passion for science and engineering among our youth, and we need to attract more of them to study in STEM disciplines. While the United States faces many challenges, I am confident that the future remains bright. Both the University and College are doing the right things to promote a global education for our students. While this initiative is not new, it must continue to grow and develop as we move into the second decade of the new millennium. This issue of our magazine features stories highlighting our global outreach and how we as a College are participating in the worldwide exchange of knowledge, which I believe, is the most important and best result that can come from globalization.


I see this in the agreement signed recently between WVU and the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), establishing a global education partnership between our university and one of the premier engineering colleges in India. Thanks to this agreement, generations of faculty and students, no matter which country they came from originally, will now feel as at home in the cities of India as they do in the hills of West Virginia. I see it in the increasing number of our students who are studying abroad, gaining experiences that will enhance their perspective, and returning to share their knowledge with fellow students and colleagues.

FALL 2010

Finally, I hear it in the voices of faculty and students who are increasingly joining us from all over the world, whether as visiting fellows, faculty members, or students. Also in this issue, you will read about the talented new faculty members joining us this fall; about Ismail Celik, our newly named Robert C. Byrd Professor; about Jed DiPaolo, a great friend and alumnus who addressed our graduates in May; and much more.

The mission of the WVU College of Engineering and Mineral Resources is to prepare students to practice their profession and to contribute to the well-being of society through academic study, research, extension, and service.

As another academic year begins, we are excited about the new students and the energy they bring to campus. The fall semester is a special time of year. The air is filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and bright eyes with big plans. We look forward to another exciting and busy year. As always, we are grateful to our alumni, donors, and friends. You are our gift to the world, and you are the proof of our success. We could not accomplish what we do without your continuing friendship and support. As always, thank you.

Eugene V. Cilento Glen H. Hiner Dean and Professor

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

News from the WVU College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

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11 College receives ABET accreditation 12 DiPaolo speaks at 2010 Commencement 14 New class promotes student success


ON COVER / In June, WVU signed a memorandum of understanding with a globally renowned engineering school in India. See the full story on page 10.


FALL 2010

Volume 6 Issue 2

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Faculty Research

WVU research on driver distractions

FALL 2010


adds to the state, federal policy discussion


WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Experienced and novice drivers – whether they like it or not – have to share the road. Turns out, they share more than that.

According to researchers at West Virginia University, vehicle operators with more experience are distracted just as often as novice drivers, although they do a better job of surveying their surroundings. Professors Leonel Medellin and David Martinelli, from WVU’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, studied data from three groups of drivers whose eye movements were tracked by a camera to determine the frequency of distraction and road scanning. “Driver distraction is high on the national agenda in terms of accident prevention,” Martinelli said. “There are new sources of in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle distractions that compete for a driver’s attention and cause accidents.” Medellin said that similar research has been done using driving simulators but each of WVU’s 90 subjects drove similar 2-mile routes in Morgantown during a period of light traffic and with another person in the front seat making casual conversation. Drivers were divided into three groups – one group was learning to drive, one had been licensed for a year or less, and one had been licensed for at least five years.

“We wanted to test drivers using real world conditions,” Medellin said. “Two-and-a-half seconds is the average perception-reaction time; more than that and they’ve missed something. They are occupied with a secondary task.” Learning and less experienced drivers experienced a similar number of distractions as their more-experienced counterparts, but Medellin said less experienced drivers tended to focus their attention directly in front of them while more experienced drivers shifted their gaze more frequently. “Less experienced drivers may take longer to interpret something but, with all the distractions they typically encounter behind the wheel, it’s safe to assume that they are developing bad habits and may not evolve into a better drivers who frequently check their mirrors and pan the roadway,” Martinelli said.

Volume 6 Issue 2

FaceLab cameras recorded the subjects’ eye movements every 1/60th of a second and software plotted the data within a simulated field of vision. Eye movements not recorded in the field for 2 ½ seconds or more were considered distractions.

“Driver distraction is high on the national agenda in terms of accident prevention ...”


Faculty Research

WVU program can help rural enterprises

FALL 2010


save money by conserving energy


“I implemented some of the suggestions that were made for my poultry houses and saw my electric bill go down by about one third ...�

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Agricultural producers and other rural businesses can suffer the most during an economic downturn. And when the going gets tough, that’s the time for the tough to get efficient—energy efficient, that is—and save tens of thousands of dollars. Enterprises with fewer than 500 employees located in rural areas of the state can now get a boost to their bottom line from a new energy efficiency program being offered by Industries of the Future-West Virginia (IOF-WV) at West Virginia University. Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan, professor of industrial and management systems engineering, received $100,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to conduct energy assessments for small rural enterprises at low or no cost to them. With the exception of some areas around Charleston, Huntington, and the I-64 corridor, the entire state is covered by the program. The IOF-WV program is teaming with Gopalakrishnan and his colleagues to reach small commercial or industrial companies and with the Agricultural Extension Service from the WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design to ensure that the program meets farmers’ unique needs. “The partnership we have with the West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WV MEP) and the WVU Agricultural Extension is invaluable in this effort as they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields to the equation,” said Gopalakrishnan. “For example, we know that poultry growers are major energy users and have real and valid concerns about the possibility of contaminants due to outside influence. However a win-win situation can be created for obtaining real energy savings.” The assessment team comes to the location armed with the latest high-tech instruments to identify energy losses. The team will spend from one to two days gathering data and will deliver recommendations six to eight weeks later. “We focus on practical recommendations that lead to bottom line results,” said Gopalakrishnan. When combined with Gopalakrishnan’s waste and productivity suggestions, manufacturers have saved an average of $60,000 per year. “I implemented some of the suggestions that were made for my poultry houses and saw my electric bill go down by about one third,” said Dale Walker, poultry grower from Fort Seybert, West Virginia. Volume 6 Issue 2


Faculty News

MAE faculty member

garners national recognition Ed Sabolsky’s work has been recognized by a prestigious consortium of major academic institutions that works in partnership with the renowned Oak Ridge National Research Laboratory. Sabolsky, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, received the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) organization. Sabolsky’s research is focused on the development of high-temperature nano-derived micro-chemical sensors. One of the potential applications for the sensors is measurement of emissions from power plants. He said the work adds to WVU’s commitment to help pursue environmentally responsible fossil-based energy systems.


“We are delighted to hear about this prestigious achievement by Dr. Sabolsky,” said Gene Cilento, Glen H. Hiner Dean. “He brings new expertise and experience to our faculty that will benefit our educational and research programs. I am confident that Dr. Sabolsky will make excellent contributions over the coming years in high-temperature materials research.”

FALL 2010

“We are proud of Dr. Sabolsky’s achievement in receiving this award,” said Curt M. Peterson, WVU vice president for research and economic development. “This year, only 114 researchers were considered for the award and only 32 were given, reflecting the high regard this outstanding organization has for Dr. Sabolsky’s work.”

“This award provides an invaluable opportunity for our students to work with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a renowned research institute, on a technology that will assist in implementing environmentally responsible fossil-based energy systems,” Sabolsky said.



“This award provides an invaluable opportunity for our students to work with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory ...”

The Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards provide seed money for research by junior faculty at ORAU-member institutions. The awards are intended to enrich the research and professional growth of young faculty and result in new funding opportunities. There are more than 120 highly regarded research universities in the consortium, including WVU, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan State, and the University of Pittsburgh.

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

New Faculty 2010-2011 Leslie Hopkinson

Assistant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering Education: Ph.D. » Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia, ‘09 B.S. » Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Louisiana State University, ‘04 Teaching Interests: engineering hydrology, fluid mechanics, sediment transport, stream restoration, open channel flow, and fluvial geomorphology Research Interests: surface water hydrology, vegetation-fluid interactions, fluvial geomorphology, ecological engineering, and stream restoration/ streambank stability

Jennifer Weidhaas

Assistant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering Education: Ph.D. » Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California-Davis, ‘06 M.S. » Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California-Davis, ‘02 B.S. » Civil Engineering, Montana State University-Bozeman, ‘99 Teaching Interests: fundamentals of environmental engineering, hazardous/industrial waste remediation, physical, chemical and biological wastewater treatment, and nonpoint source pollution Research Interests: hazardous waste remediation, wastewater treatment, bioremediation, emerging contaminants, bioenergy production, and nonpoint source pollution/microbial source tracking

Gianfranco Doretto

Assistant Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Education: Ph.D. » Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, ‘05 M.S. » Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University, ‘96 B.S. » Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University, ‘94 Teaching Interests: fundamental of mechatronics, dynamics, automatic control, digital control systems, system modeling, and sensors and instrumentation Research Interests: mechatronics, controller synthesis with the consideration of finite wordlength, precision control, fast imaging of atomic force microscope, and modeling of sensors and nano-devices

Daneesh McIntosh-Simien

Assistant Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Education: Ph.D. » Material Science and Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX, ‘08 M.S. » Material Science and Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX, ‘05 B.S. » Material Science and Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX, ‘02 B.A. » French Studies, Rice University, Houston, TX, ‘02 Teaching Interests: material science and engineering, mechanical properties of materials, polymer science and technology, and nanocomposites Research Interests: nano devices and nano materials. She would like to initially develop a research program with three main focus areas: (1) materials that respond to stimuli smart materials, (2) strong nanocomposites, and (3) multifunctional nanocomposites

Qipeng Zheng

Assistant Professor Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Education: Ph.D. » Operations Research, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, ‘10 M.S. » Operations Research, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, ‘08 B.S. » Automation, Department of Automation, North China University of Technology, Beijing, China, ‘01 Teaching Interests: stochastic programming, integer programming, optimization, dynamic programming, supply chain management, logistics, and transportation Research Interests: stochastic programming, integer programming, optimization, network flows, dynamic programming, supply chain management, logistics, and transportation

Volume 6 Issue 2

Assistant Professor Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Education: Ph.D. » Computer Science, University of California, ‘05 M.S. » Computer Science, University of California, ‘02 D.Eng. » Electronics Engineering, University of Padua, ‘98 Teaching Interests: computer vision, visual recognition, computational photography, computer graphics, statistical pattern recognition, machine learning, numerical methods, optimization, probability, and statistics Research Interests: computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, and image-based rendering

Marvin H. M. Cheng


Faculty News

Barbero authors second edition of composite materials textbook Ever Barbero, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, recently authored the second edition of Introduction to Composite Materials Design, published by CRC Press in July.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata signs agreement with WVU The University of Rome Tor Vergata (UTV) signed a broad agreement with WVU that will allow MAE

Written for undergraduate students as well as for the practicing engineer, the emphasis of the book is on practicality and design, said Barbero. Those elements are accomplished not only through numerical examples, but also through explanations of the material.

undergraduate students to do study abroad at UTV for one or two semesters without spending more than they would spend by staying at WVU. The exchange program seeks to have an equal number of Italian students studying abroad at

Barbero, a former chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow and a Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering Fellow. The book can be purchased from Amazon.com.

WVU. This agreement also opens the possibility for faculty exchanges and research collaborations.

Ever Barbero

Creese Authors New Book ENGINEERINGWV

Robert Creese, professor in the Department of Industrial Management Systems Engineering, recently co-authored a book entitled Strategic Cost Analysis for Project Managers and Engineers. Published in early spring, the book covers basic tools of strategic cost analysis and engineering economics principles.

FALL 2010

With areas of emphasis ranging from cost flows to basic probability and risk analysis, the book provides information that could be utilized by engineers, estimators, and project management personnel. In addition, it includes illustrative problems that provide practice in utilizing the expressions and techniques presented. Creese is a Certified Cost Engineer and a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, International. He has authored and co-authored two other books and more than 100 technical papers.


Bob Creese

Go to www.newagepublishers.com and enter the title “strategic cost analysis”: it will come up. The price is $19.00.

Promotion and Tenure

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Several members of our College faculty recently reached milestones in their careers. Join us in congratulating those who have recently been promoted:

Matthew Valenti Professor

Matthew Valenti, who has a M.S. from John Hopkins University and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in wireless communications, joined the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in 1999 as an assistant professor. While at the College, he founded the Wireless Communications Research Laboratory (WCRL) with the goal of training the next generation of wireless engineers and conducting innovative research to serve the wireless industry. Dr. Valenti has published more than 80 papers in refereed journals and conferences. He was named an Outstanding Researcher by the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources in 2001, 2002, and 2009, and an Outstanding Teacher in 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2010.

Mario Perhinschi

Lian-Shin Lin Associate Professor

Nick Wu Associate Professor

Associate Professor Nick Wu received both his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in materials science and engineering from Zhejiang University in China. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary and a research associate at the University of Pittsburgh. He went on to direct the Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science Center at Northwestern University in Illinois. In 2005 he was hired by WVNano as an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical 9 and Aerospace Engineering. His research areas include nanomaterials and nanolithography, chemical sensors and biosensors, photocatalysts, photoelectrochemical cells and solar cells, and solid oxide fuel cells. He has published three book chapters and 61 peer-reviewed articles.

Volume 6 Issue 2

Mario G. Perhinschi received a M.S. in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania. He teaches courses in flight modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence techniques, controls, and mechatronics. His research areas include modeling and simulation of aerospace systems; fault tolerant adaptive control systems; artificial intelligence techniques for aerospace system design, optimization, and control; autonomous air vehicles; and handling qualities of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. He has also been involved in several major research efforts sponsored by NASA within the Intelligent Flight Control System Project and the Integrated Resilient Adaptive Control Project.

Lian-Shin Lin was recently promoted to associate professor with tenure in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining our faculty in 2004, Dr. Lin received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in nuclear engineering from National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan. In 1997, he completed his Ph.D. from Purdue University. Dr. Lin’s research is in bioenergy production using microbial processes, water treatment and reuse for energy production, fate and effects of emerging contaminants (antibiotics and engineered nanomaterials), and impacts of anthropogenic activities on aquatic ecosystems.

College News

WVU President James Clements

FALL 2010


VIT Chancellor Dr. Viswanathan


In June, VIT Chancellor, Dr. Viswanathan and WVU President Clements signed a memorandum of understanding between WVU and the Vellore Institute of Technology in India.


WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

VIT agreement opens doors for global partnerships Soon our students will be making their mark on India, literally. In June, West Virginia University signed a memorandum of understanding with India’s VIT University, a globally renowned engineering school. The partnership will include student and faculty exchanges, research collaborations, and other possible ventures as the initiative unfolds. “One of the goals of our College is to give students as many opportunities as possible,” said Dean Gene Cilento. “This agreement will help students take their education to a whole new level through international education, as well as open doors for our faculty to expand their teaching and research.” VIT University is the only institution in India and one of the few in the world with ABET accreditation for engineering, and its engineering courses and curriculum are similar to WVU’s, said Michael Lastinger, associate provost of international affairs. “We think VIT University will be an excellent partner,” Lastinger said. “The similarities between our engineering courses will make it easy to exchange students and faculty. From a strategic standpoint, India is one of the key nations in today’s global economy. We’re

College Receives ABET Accreditation The College recently received across-the-board approval for its undergraduate and graduate programs from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. “We are proud to announce that all of our degree programs that could be accredited received full approval from the ABET Board,” said Warren Myers, associate dean of academic affairs. “Engineering is a critical field not only within West Virginia, but also for the entire nation as the engineers of tomorrow will power our nation in the 21st century,” said Provost Michele Wheatly. “ABET accreditation speaks to the preparedness of our students to meet that challenge.” Undergraduate programs that received ABET accreditation are: Aerospace Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mining Engineering Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Graduate programs are: Safety Management Industrial Hygiene Because it’s a young field and not affiliated with ABET or a main accreditation agency, WVU’s biometrics program has not undergone an accreditation process.

involved in many relationships with institutions in the United States and abroad but this one gives WVU a footprint into India.” This agreement is another step towards establishing more ties for international education and cultural and academic diversity.

Bob Creese, professor in the Department of Industrial Management Systems Engineering, played a vital role in making this agreement a reality by working to establish a strong relationship with the University and Chancellor Viswanathan. “I was impressed with the rapid advancement of the university in its growth and in the leadership of Dr. Viswanathan,” Creese said. “It is amazing that a university that started in 1984 has grown into a global leader in education and research, particularly in engineering. The partnership between West Virginia University and Vellore Institute of Technology will be beneficial to both institutions, and, ultimately, the world through the students we educate and research we produce.”

“This accreditation means that our program curricula meet the expectations of their professional societies, and the students in the program are learning what we say we are teaching them,” said Myers. “This success is a tribute to the dedication of our faculty and staff to provide students with a quality and rigorous education that prepares them well for the practice of their professions,” added Dean Gene Cilento. ABET is the recognized accreditation agency for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. In addition, it is a federation of 30 professional and technical societies representing these fields.

Volume 6 Issue 2

“International education benefits everyone,” said WVU President James Clements. “It offers life-changing experiences for students, broadens the horizons of faculty research and service efforts, and offers opportunities to promote West Virginia’s economic development. We have embraced internationalization in our curriculum, research, and outreach programs.”

Accreditation was granted after a self-study was prepared by each program. Each study outlined a list of criterion including curriculum, facilities, and program outcomes. Upon review of each self-study, a team of ABET professionals visited the College to review the programs firsthand. The process takes about one year to complete.


College News

DiPaolo Speaks

at 2010 Commencement

The College’s 2010 Commencement Ceremony took

FALL 2010


place at the Coliseum on a warm day in May. Jed DiPaolo, a 1976 graduate of WVU with a degree in agricultural engineering delivered the Commencement Address to the graduates. DiPaolo is a member of our College’s Visiting Committee.


“Through your hard work and discipline, you have proven that you have the ability – the potential energy – to solve society’s needs ...”

He joined Halliburton in 1976 and spent most of his career with that company in a number of engineering, operational, and executive roles. Currently the chairman of JNDI Corporation and an independent producer in the oil and gas sector, he also works as a consultant for Growth Capital Partners, a merchant investment banking firm, and serves as a director for a number of emerging private companies. DiPaolo spoke to the graduates and other guests about the importance of the human element in any engineering or business enterprise. “I can tell you that whether it dealt with just myself or leading thousands of employees, the biggest challenge I have had to overcome in my career has been in the direction of what I call human energy and how I could successfully exploit it to produce a successful outcome,” said DiPaolo. “I have come to understand that there is a catalyst that transforms potential human energy – or raw talent – into the kinetic human energy that is needed to accomplish any goal. That catalyst is never discussed in our engineering classes because it is a human emotion. We can define it with many words. The word I choose to use is passion.” DiPaolo encouraged the graduates to seek out the best and brightest people, to continue learning throughout their lifetimes, and to remember to take time to recharge and refresh. He closed by congratulating and welcoming the graduates into the fraternity of individuals known as engineers. “Through your hard work and discipline, you have proven that you have the ability – the potential energy – to solve society’s needs,” he concluded, “and now it is time to go out and convert those abilities into real solutions.”

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

WVU Designated

a Center of Excellence

in Information Assurance Research West Virginia University researchers have received recognition from the federal government for their efforts to keep our nation’s information systems safe from cyber terrorism and other threats in this digital age. Thanks to the efforts of faculty and student researchers, WVU has been named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research, a designation made jointly by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. “We appreciate this recognition of our work,” said Brian Woerner, chair of the WVU Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, “but we are equally excited about the opportunities for partnerships and collaboration that this provides to our faculty and students.” The goal of the Center of Academic Excellence programs is to reduce vulnerability in our national information infrastructure by promoting research in information assurance and to produce a

growing number of professionals with information assurance expertise, said Woerner. The designation is valid for five academic years, after which the school must reapply. Students attending designated schools are eligible for scholarships and grants through the Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Program and the Federal Cyber Service Scholarship for Service Program. The new designation also will allow WVU faculty to compete for specialized research projects addressing critical security needs of our information infrastructure. The Lane Department offers undergraduate degrees in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and biometric

systems; graduate degrees in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, and electrical engineering; and graduate certificates in software engineering, computer forensics, and biometrics, and information assurance. In addition to information assurance, faculty and students in the department conduct research in a wide range of areas, including biometric systems, computer forensics, computer security, signal processing and pattern recognition, and machine learning. The department is also home to the Center for Identification Technology Research, a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center that focuses on biometric identification and identity management. Volume 6 Issue 2


College News

New Class Promotes Student Success Helping students succeed is a top priority of our College. In the spring of 2009, the College launched a new class aimed at aiding students who were struggling academically. Taught by Jack Byrd, professor in the Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Department, the class helps many students experiencing academic difficulties, turn things around. “There are students who are facing very difficult personal challenges,” said Dr. Byrd. “The trend in higher education today is to say that students need to grow up and it’s their responsibility to cope with the challenges they face. That’s not the view that our College takes.”

FALL 2010


“While students must be responsible, they sometimes need help to adjust to the rigors of college life and need to develop time management and study skills,” added Dean Cilento.


The class focuses on giving students the tools they need for academic success. A wide range of topics are covered, including managing personal independence, keeping focused on your future and career, and preparing for class. In addition, the students are required to turn in their grades each week and meet with Byrd to discuss academic progress and strategies. “Dr. Byrd’s class helped me become more organized and aware of my grades due to the weekly grade reports. I learned how to read the syllabus more carefully and compute my grade as the semester went along,” said Gina Boden, freshmen engineering major. “Also, I realized how much outside things like friendships and activities can be distractions from studying, and I learned how to cope.” Implementing these tactics is not new territory for Byrd. In fact many of the topics he covers come from 43 years of experience working with students in our College.

“Dr. Byrd held me accountable. He showed me that you have to overcome situations and keep your eye on the end result,” said Tim Gray, an industrial engineering graduate and current director of Mohawk University. “I would not have finished school if not for someone holding me accountable.” Another recent graduate, Thomas Scott, also credits Byrd with helping him overcome obstacles that stood in his way of graduation. “I remember one incident where my academic future was in jeopardy, and I went to him for assistance. I believe he knew that this could have been the end of the rope for me but he never said it. He pointed me in the proper direction without making me feel uncomfortable in any way.” Out of the students who received As or Bs in the class last spring, Dr. Byrd said 17 of the 20 were able to get off academic probation. “I am pleased with the success of the class,” said Byrd. “As we expand this program, I hope to be able to give more students these tools before they get into academic trouble. I tell students if they will work with me and do what I recommend, they will get out of trouble. That’s a promise that I am very sincere about.”

“While students must be responsible, they sometimes need help to adjust to the rigors of college life and need to develop time management and study skills ...”

Summer camps

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

SPACE Aviation Summer Camp By Cate Mihelic

The WVU Student Partnership for the Advancement of Cosmic Exploration (SPACE) co-hosted a threeday aviation summer camp this June. In partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Aerospace Complex and the NASA WV Space Grant Consortium, SPACE hosted 40 West Virginia middle school students at this all-expense-paid camp. The camp kicked off with a presentation by astronaut Jon McBride, the sole astronaut from West Virginia and a WVU alumnus. Other activities on the first day included teambuilding activities, engineering design challenges, tours of the WVU wind tunnel and YF-22 labs, and a Frisbee demonstration by the “Spinning Bees.”

On the second day, the campers traveled to Wheeling, West Virginia, to participate in an on-site mission at the Wheeling Jesuit University Challenger Learning Center. The last day of the camp was spent at the North Central West Virginia Municipal Airport in Bridgeport, where students participated in a hands-on, aviation-related demonstration by radio controlled pilot Lafe Kunkel. “It’s important for young students to see where an education full of math and science can lead them,” said Kerri Phillips, SPACE co-president and an aerospace engineering graduate student at WVU. “We hope that the students are truly inspired by this camp experience and motivated to pursue careers in aviation, aerospace, and engineering.”

Jon Mcbride

Engineers of Tomorrow By Cate Mihelic

Funding from the National Science Foundation made this program free to any student entering grades 10-12 in the upcoming school year. Lodging and meals were provided in WVU residence halls under the supervision of EOT volunteers. “This program helps prepare students for college life and exposes them to hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering, and math,” said

Gary Winn, the industrial engineering professor who coordinates the program. “We especially encourage female and minority students to consider attending, but the camp is open to all.” Participants in the program learned introductory engineering design concepts, explored engineering career options, and worked in teams to produce an actual engineering design. “Engineering is an excellent career choice for those who want to make a difference in society,” said Winn. “In a fun environment, this program gives students an understanding of what engineers do and the many paths that are open to them.”

Volume 6 Issue 2

This summer, the classrooms and laboratories in the College were filled with high school students interested in engineering and technology careers. The 2010 Engineers of Tomorrow (EOT) Summer Experience Program held four weeklong sessions in June and July.


College News

News of Note

College Hosts

2010 annual meeting of the

West Virginia Academy of Science

Julie Des Jardins, the author of The Madame Curie Complex: The Hidden History of Women in Science, visited campus in April and discussed topics regarding women in science.

By Cate Mihelic

James E. Smith, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, received the Forest R. McFarland Award from SAE International, and was elected as a Fellow of the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

In April more than 185 registrants attended the 85th annual meeting of the West Virginia Academy of Science (WVAS), which was held in our College this year.

Avinash Unnikrishnan, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, was selected as a 2010 ASCE ExCEEd Fellow. He will participate in the 2010 ASCE ExCEEd Teaching Workshop at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

WVAS President Donald D. Gray, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at WVU, and WVU Provost Michele Wheatly welcomed the delegates. The day’s events included more than 60 oral presentations and 50 scientific poster displays. Other events included a guest lecture on the “Future Automotive Technologies and Trends” by Chris Atkinson, then Director of the Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines, and Emissions, and reports by Karen O’Neil of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and D. J. Pisano and Maura McLaughlin of the WVU Physics Department. Founded in 1924, the West Virginia Academy of Science is a nonprofit corporation organized for the advancement of learning and scientific knowledge, with individuals and institutional members from all scientific disciplines. WVAS provides members with networking opportunities and promotes interest in science among college, middle, and high school students in the state.

The WVU student chapter of the Society for Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in an annual SAMPE competition. Tim Weadon, an MSME student, won second place in the poster competition, and Ph.D. student Fanke Meng won second place in the paper presentation. Joaquin Gutierrez won the 2010 student leadership award. Adi Adumitroiae, a Ph.D. student, was selected as a finalist for the Student Paper Competition at the SAMPE 2010 Conference and Exhibition. He traveled to Seattle to present his paper entitled Matrix Cracking in Laminated Composites of General Stacking Sequence under General Loading at a conference in May. Justin West, a junior AE major, was recently awarded a national Tau Beta Phi scholarship, which is based on scholarship, faculty recommendations, and extracurricular contributions. In addition, he has received the West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship and been selected as a member of WVU’s Mortar Board. Kerri Phillips, AE doctoral student, received the Amelia Earhart Fellowship for women from Zonta International. Jessica Lankford, ME major, and Alan Campbell, a ChE major, won the National Consortium for Measurement and Signature Intelligence Research (NCMR) Scholarship. This $10,000 award is funded by the National Science Foundation. Byron Patterson, MAE major, has been awarded one of only 11 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Undergraduate Scholarship given nationwide. It includes full tuition and fee waivers for two academic years, and monthly stipends.

FALL 2010


Ever J. Barbero, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, ASME Fellow, and SAMPE Fellow, was internationally recognized for his work on material models for composite materials at a seminar entitled Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Silica Aerogels and Xerogels, in Barcelona this June.

Pete Gall, MAE doctoral student, was invited to give a one-hour talk about innovative aircraft design at the 2010 Oshkosh Air Show - one of the largest air shows in the world.

16 Award winners at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the West Virginia Academy of Science were (left to right): Darcey N. Powell (Department of Psychology, WVU), Best Poster Presentation by a Graduate Student; Jesse Dolinar (Department of Physical Sciences, Concord University), Best Poster Presentation by an Undergraduate Student; Dominic A. Ludovici (Department of Physics, WVU), Best Oral Presentation by an Undergraduate Student; R. Tristan Gingerich (Division of Forestry and Natural Resources, WVU), Best Oral Presentation by a Graduate Student.

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

ACCOLADES Ismail Celik Named

Byrd Professor

Ismail Celik, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, was named a Robert C. Byrd Professor at WVU in the spring of 2010. Celik is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and a renowned scholar in the area of computational fluid dynamics. He has made contributions to research Ismail Celik in combustion and emissions, turbulence prediction via large eddy simulation, transport processes within fuel cells, assessment of worker exposure to hazardous contaminants, and transmission of influenza via aerosols. Celik earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and mathematics and a master’s degree in civil engineering from Bosporus University. He received a doctorate in mechanics and hydraulics from the University of Iowa. He is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American Nuclear Society fellow. He served as a Fulbright senior lecturer in the department of aeronautical engineering at the Middle East Technical University and was a visiting professor at the Institute for Energy and Power Plant Technology at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The Byrd Professorship was established in 2004 by WVU Research Corporation to recognize WVU faculty for outstanding achievement and distinction in research and other scholarly work. Past recipients of the Byrd Professorship from our College include: Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova, Larry Horak, and Bojan Cukic from the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and Mridul Gautam from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Napolitano Named Foundation

Outstanding Teacher

Marcello Napolitano, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, was among six WVU faculty members honored with the 2010 WVU Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Marcello Napolitano

Napolitano’s teaching style is described by his peers to be “unconventional and, at the same time, refreshing.” Napolitano teaches aircraft dynamics, design of flight control systems, flight testing, flight simulation, and adaptive controls. Since he joined the University in 1990, he has worked to make sure that his students understand all the complex information in his courses. One of his mottos is “no student left behind,” which has been highly regarded in his student evaluations. His commitment to continuously expand, upgrade, and enhance the aerospace engineering curriculum at WVU has led to him to work on his own textbook. He is currently working on the book, which will be titled Aircraft Dynamics: From Modeling to Simulation. Napolitano received his doctorate from Oklahoma State University in 1989, and his master’s degree with honors from the University of Naples, Italy, in 1985.

Solley Receives Nicholas Evans Award for Advising Excellence

Solley advises all of the sophomores in MAE, averaging more than 150 students per year. He also advises all of the department’s transfer and international students, as well as second-degree students, before and during their first semester in the program. In addition, said department chairman Jacky Prucz, many students are so happy with the assistance and personal attention they receive from Solley that they continue to communicate with him and seek his advice even after being assigned to other faculty advisors. “Even if Dave is no longer responsible for assisting students, and despite his heavy workload, he never turns away a student who comes to him for help,” said Prucz. “He always takes the time to ensure that students

receive the help they need. In a very short time, Dave has contributed a great deal to our department, and especially to our students.” Solley, a native of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, earned his bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and then spent 22 years in the U.S. Army. He served primarily in dave solley aviation units, flying UH-1 and AH-64 helicopters, and finally retired as a lieutenant colonel. His final Army assignment was as the Army ROTC Commander at WVU.

Volume 6 Issue 2

The fact that Dave Solley is an excellent advisor is no secret among students in our Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), where he has helped hundreds of students. Solley joined the department in 2008 as an undergraduate program coordinator. Last spring he earned a well-deserved thank you for his efforts, when he received the WVU Nick Evans Professional Advising Excellence Award for 2010.

As a veteran, Solley has taken a special interest in ensuring that all veteran students within the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources receive the help that they need, both academically and personally.


The Nicholas Evans Awards for Advising Excellence are given to highlight outstanding advising and mentoring by members of the WVU community. They honor Dr. Nicholas Evans, a lifelong proponent and exemplar of excellent advising in his work with undergraduates.


Bojan Cukic



Ilkin Bilgesu


David Solley


Outstanding Advisors, Teachers, Researchers, and Staff Honored

Many dedicated people work hard every day to make our College successful. Each spring we honor those who go above and beyond in their dedication to our mission of teaching, research, and service. Faculty and staff so recognized this year were: JOHN ZONDLO

Nithi Sivaneri


Teacher of the Year Bojan Cukic, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Teachers Udaya Halabe, Civil and Environmental Engineering Matthew Valenti, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering John Kuhlman, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Ilkin Bilgesu, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Xian-An Cao

Afzel Noore

Hema Siriwardane

Advisor of the Year David Solley, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

John Zondlo, Chemical Engineering Nithi Sivaneri, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Chris Bise, Mining Engineering Ilkin Bilgesu, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Researchers of the Year Vinod Kulathumani

Chris Randall

Pat Goldie

Xian-An Cao, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Researchers Afzel Noore, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Hema Siriwardane, Civil and Environmental Engineering

FALL 2010


Outstanding Advisors

New Researcher of the Year Vinod Kulathumani, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


Jerry Nestor

Sandi Markley

Outstanding Staff Members Chris Randall, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Pat Goldie, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Jerry Nestor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Sandi Markley, Administration

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Student News Jared Crawford named a Truman Scholar

jared crawford

Jared Crawford has been named a 2010 Truman Scholar, making him the 21st member of an elite group of WVU students and graduates. Crawford will graduate next year with dual degrees in computer and electrical engineering, a computer science minor, and an emphasis in nanotechnology. He was chosen for the Truman honor from 176 finalists representing 122 different colleges and universities across the United States. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is a national honor given annually

to approximately 60 college juniors with exceptional intellectual ability, commitment to public service, and the potential to make significant contributions to national public policy. Crawford plans to attend law school and hopes to become a patent attorney at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Eventually, he would like to become a patent judge. “Patent law blends my knowledge of engineering with my passion for the law,” Crawford said.

The Truman Scholarship provides up to $30,000 for graduate study. Recipients also receive priority admission and supplemental financial aid at some premier graduate institutions, as well as leadership training, career counseling, and internship opportunities in the federal government. Recent Truman scholars from WVU are: John Armour, 2009; Emily Calandrelli, 2008; Matthew Scott Delligatti, 2007; Rebecca Louise McCauley, 2006; Franchesca V. Nestor, 2004; and Joshua E Whitehair, 2000.

Students Gain from International Experiences Increasingly, our students are studying and traveling abroad, gaining invaluable perspective and improving their ability to thrive in the new global economy. Here are brief stories from the experiences of two such students: ANNIKA PLEVICH

Plevich combines studies with travel abroad

“Working in Europe gave me a whole new outlook,” said Plevich. “My colleagues in the office came from all over the world. It was always interesting to see where they came from, how our education differed, and what our goals were for the future.” Traveling abroad was not a new concept for Plevich. In 2004, still a student at WVU, she spent three months in Japan as part of a

research team through the West Virginia Virtual Environments Lab. The purpose of the trip was to study, document, and model a series of Buddhist shrines and temples in the Aizu region of Japan. “I really think that all of these experiences have shaped me into who I am today. Each one has left me wanting to explore more!” said Plevich.

International experience gives Chambers education beyond textbooks Virginia Chambers, a junior industrial engineering major, took her education to a new level when she spent a semester in Hong Kong. Studying everything from businesses of all sizes to efficient public transportation, Chambers immersed herself into the culture to get a better feel for how the country worked.

“There were businesses everywhere, ranging from small family-owned establishments to huge worldwide companies,” said Chambers. “Their public transportation is the best I have ever seen. Their subway, the MTR, is efficient and clean, and takes you wherever you need to go. There are numerous bus schedules and taxis placed strategically throughout the city. You are never without a ride in Hong Kong.” Chambers said her trip also allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for other cultures. “I have a new respect for other people’s cultures and religions, realizing that people are just as passionate about their religion as other main religions of the West,” said Chambers.

Volume 6 Issue 2

Annika Plevich has been busy since graduating from WVU in 2005 with her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. First she earned a master’s degree in architecture from Virginia Tech. Next, she took a job in the Netherlands working for an architectural firm called C Concept Design.



Student News l

Erin Bailey, a civil engineering graduate student studying transportation, was recently awarded the Dwight David Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. The Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship provides funding for the pursuit of a master’s or doctorate degree in a transportation-related field. Encompassing all modes of transportation, the goal of the fellowship is to enhance innovation and knowledge in the transportation community. Bailey’s research will focus on freight transportation optimization models and how collaborations among freight carriers can improve their operations. “Because of the competitive nature of the trucking industry, my research is significant,” said Bailey. “We need to produce the most effective outcomes out of carrier-integrated operations.” In addition, Bailey will be working on a research project for the West Virginia Division of Highways with her advisor Avinash Unnikrishnan, civil engineering assistant professor, and David Martinelli, civil engineering professor, to investigate measures to help reduce rear-end collisions in West Virginia work zones.

IMPROVING TRANSPORTATION NSF FELLOWSHIP OLYMPICS BOUND Bailey is originally from Huntington, West Virginia. After finishing her undergraduate degree from WVU, she worked in Owings Mills, Maryland, before returning to WVU for graduate school.

FALL 2010


Six students from the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources received prestigious fellowships from the National Science Foundation to pursue research in graduate school.


Emily Calandrelli, David Dittenber, Jennifer Knipe, Nick Morris, Greg Gay, and Allison Willingham will each receive $30,000 yearly for three years of graduate study and research, plus a travel stipend for study abroad. The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program aims to ensure the vitality of science and engineering in the United States, as well as reinforcing its diversity. The program supports outstanding graduate students in NSFsupported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.

Nicco Campriani, a senior industrial engineering student, won the 10-meter men’s air rifle at the 50th International Shooting Sport Federation World Championship in Munich, Germany. With the win, Campriani. a Florence native shooting for Italy, became the

first qualified athlete among all sport events for the London 2012 Olympic Games. In addition, his victory in the championship’s opening event broke a 40-year world championship drought for the Italian shooting team.

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Our College and the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences are justifiably proud of WVU junior Scott Cushing, who was recently named a Goldwater Scholar. Cushing, a physics major with an emphasis area in materials science, is conducting advanced research under Nick Wu, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. In the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology, a student in one department may work under a faculty member in another. His research is aimed at developing a visible light-activated photocatalyst, a material that captures and absorbs light, and uses that energy to increase the rate of a reaction.

Goldwater Scholar conducting interdisciplinary work in materials science

Cushing’s research may enable devices that can now only be powered with UV lamps to be efficiently powered with visible light. It may also be useful in breaking down water into its component parts as an energy-efficient way of powering hydrogen fuel cells, or as an eco-friendly cleaning solution, breaking down harmful viruses on surfaces. “It has been extremely fulfilling to work with Dr. Wu,” Cushing said. “He’s supported me and set me up in my own research lab at Engineering.” After completing his bachelor’s degree, Cushing plans to pursue a doctoral degree in physics so he can teach and conduct research at the university level. Cushing is from Charleston, West Virginia, and graduated from George Washington High School.

GOLDWATER SCHOLAR IMSE Student Wins Statewide Business Competition

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship pays tribute to Senator Goldwater’s 56 years of service and leadership to the United States. It is the most prestigious undergraduate award of its type and recognizes the commitment and potential each winner has to make a significant contribution to science.

By Cate Mihelic Logan Hartle, an industrial engineering student who graduated in May, won $10,000 for his first-place finish in the lifestyle category of the Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition in the WVU College of Business and Economics. Hartle won for his company, DecoKrete, which specializes in decorative concrete, including stamped, stenciled and vertical concrete, concrete resurfacing, and landscape curbing. Hartle and the other winners also received a variety of free professional business services, including space to run their businesses from the WVU Incubator, legal services from Spilman, Thomas & Battle, and accounting services from Dixon Hughes.

Hartle said the money from the competition will help him expand DecoKrete into a full-time venture and other areas. He hopes to expand into concrete countertops in the near future.

Volume 6 Issue 2

Hartle said he became interested in decorative concrete while he was in Florida doing an engineering internship. He started the company as a home-based business in March 2009, and has been operating it on a part-time basis and renting space for the equipment. The company does work in Fairmont, Morgantown, and Wheeling, and also has contacts in the southern Pittsburgh area.


Student News

WVU helps ROTC graD reach new heights Evan Grinstead, a recent industrial engineering graduate of WVU, was accepted into the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT) and will train with the 80th Flying Training Wing at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas.

“The training I received here at WVU from my cadre, captains, and colonels helped me learn the leadership skills I needed. The opportunities I’ve had go back to training at WVU,” Grinstead said.

Grinstead is the only WVU graduate in recent years to be accepted into ENJJPT, which trains combat pilots for NATO. The program typically accepts around 40-60 trainees a year from a pool of 500 or 600 Air Force ROTC pilots. Participants are chosen based on their standing on the national Order of Merit List, which is calculated using field training rank from boot camp, college grade-point average, commander’s ranking, physical fitness assessment score, and on other tests. Grinstead said WVU prepared him well for the challenges he will face. After his sophomore year, he was picked No. 1 in his flight at a national field training and his group was also first among 25 groups. That ranking, he said, helped him earn serious consideration from ENJPPT.

Engineering for better health focus of new student organization According to the U.S. Department of Labor, biomedical or biological engineering is one of the fastest growing occupations worldwide, involving the application of engineering principles and technologies to improving human health.

FALL 2010


A group of students in the College, excited about opportunities in the field, formed a Student Chapter of the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), which is affiliated with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.


“We are dedicated to helping students who are interested in science and engineering learn ways to apply their knowledge to improving health care for all people,” said Alan Campbell, a chemical engineering major and president of the SBE Chapter. The chapter plans to bring guest lecturers to campus, tour research facilities, and organize other activities. Many of the members are getting involved with research under WVU faculty mentors. “Biological engineering integrates biology, the study of living things, with engineering,” said Cerasela Zoica Dinu, the Chapter’s advisor and an assistant professor of chemical engineering. “It encompasses diverse areas, including biomechanics, image processing, research and development, tissue engineering, bionanotechnology, biomolecular engineering, and 3D modeling. “It is also a field that is growing faster than almost any other. Biomedical engineering jobs are expected increase by more than 70 percent in the next eight years. We need more talented students to get involved so that we can help educate graduates to fill these jobs. The creation of this SBE Chapter is an important step forward for WVU.”

Civil Engineering Students Shine in Nation’s Capitol

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Civil engineering students proved what students in the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources can accomplish in April, when the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers traveled to Washington, D.C., to compete in the Virginias Conference. “It was exciting to participate in a surveying contest by the reflecting pool on the National Mall,” said Darrel Dean, professor of civil and environmental engineering who accompanied the students on the trip. John Wattick, president of the WVU ASCE Student Chapter, received one of four Stafford Thornton Outstanding Senior Awards. The award, made on behalf of the West Virginia Section of ASCE, recognizes students for the outstanding contributions and leadership skills brought toward meeting student ASCE chapter goals.

Faculty advisors on the trip were Darrel Dean and John Zaniewski. Other participating schools included: WVU Tech, Bluefield State College, Fairmont State University, VMI, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University, Catholic University of America, Howard University, George Washington University, and George Mason University.

Volume 6 Issue 2

Student teams and their placement in the different events were as follows: • 1st Place - AutoCAD/Team members: Bryan Surface, Brian Lavigne, and John Wattick • 2nd Place - Concrete Bowling/Team members: Anthony Pastin, Adam Franczyk, and Jennifer Stains • 3rd Place - Concrete Canoe/Team members: Jamie Barnhart/Captain, Lisa Allen, Matt Anderson, Adam Burnley, Aung Hlaing, Sarah Hurr, William Irwin, Kayla Medina, Travis Mitchell, Chris Newman, Emily Rengers, Laura Sesack, Rachel Sellaro, and Tyler Wylie • 3rd Place - Hardy Cross Presentation - Representing WVU: Anna Klenke • Mystery Design/Team members: Lisa Allen, Michael Corley, John Crane, and Adam Harris • Technical Paper - Representing WVU: Jennifer Stains • Steel Bridge/Team members: Greg Donnelly/Captain, Colton Anderson, Sean Abel, Michael Corley, Tony DeGuisseppi, Kylea DeMarco, Ben Elefritz, Adam Franczyk, Adam Harris, Kayla Medina, Chris Newman, John Rose, Bryan Surface, and Glen Swartz • 3rd Place - Surveying/Team members: Jonathon Geary, Brian Lavigne, Jason Mash, and Rion Wimer


Support CEMR

Scholarships Estate Gifts New and Endowments Provide Benefits to College and Donor

“I know I will be getting income as long as I need it,” said John W. Campbell ’64, a mechanical engineering graduate, about the income-producing gift he set up with the WVU Foundation by donating stocks in late 2009. After John’s quarterly payments end at his death, one-half of the remaining funds will create a permanent engineering scholarship in his memory. The partial tax deduction was a bonus for him too. John’s degree opened the door for various career opportunities. He mainly worked for companies making oil refinery and heat recovery equipment in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area. “I know that scholarships are important,” said John. He mentioned that a cousin had graduated recently from WVU’s engineering program and was fortunate to receive scholarship funds.

FALL 2010


Scholarship endowments require a contribution of $25,000 or more. Cash, mutual funds, and real estate can also be donated.


Overall, John is pleased that he’s engineered a way to provide himself with retirement income and tax savings, and to endow a scholarship for future students, all in one easy-to-do project.

John W. Campbell ’64

We are grateful to our alumni and friends who have generously established endowments for student scholarships and to support our departments in teaching, research, and service. Our alumni understand the value of a WVU engineering education and the meaning of giving back. The following individuals have recently established new scholarships or other endowed funds: Jay and Linda Snider Scholarship Jay Snider (BSE ’62) and his wife, Linda, established the Jay and Linda Snider Scholarship to help provide scholarships for residents of Wetzel County, West Virginia, enrolled in our College. C. Douglas and Harriet T. Miller Family Scholarship C. Douglas Miller (BSAE ’62) and his wife, Harriet, established a scholarship for undergraduates who are enrolled in our College. The scholarship will be granted to an undergraduate student who graduated from a public high school in West Virginia and is in good academic standing. Joseph L. and Genevieve Koepfinger Scholarship The Koepfingers endowed this scholarship for undergraduates who major or intend to major in engineering, with a focus in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. John W. Campbell Mechanical Engineering Scholarship John Campbell (BSME ’64) established this endowment to provide scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in our College who intend to major or are majoring in mechanical engineering. Endowments established through the WVU Foundation may be named for a donor or a loved one and are established through a minimum contribution of $25,000 payable over up to five years. For more information, contact Dawn Sandone at 304.293.4036 or dawn.sandone@mail.wvu.edu.

Irvin Stewart Society:

Making a Difference for Years to Come Below you will find a list of thoughtful and generous alumni and friends who have become members of the Irvin Stewart Society by including our College in their estate plans. These individuals are helping students of the future through gift provisions in their wills, life income gifts, testamentary retirement accounts, life insurance, or gifts of real estate with a retained life state. We are forever grateful to them. Robert D. Bewick Jr. ‘52 Stanley C. Browning ‘57, ‘59 John W. Campbell ‘64 Vudara Chuop ‘80 Robert M. Desmond, PhD Irene V. Desmond Kathleen J. DuBois ‘85 W. J. “Jack” Fitzgerald ‘54, ‘58 Beatrice Galli Donald J. Gay ‘57 Margaret M. Hall ‘74, ‘76, ‘81 Lawrence C. Hays ‘41 Glen H. Hiner, PhD ‘57, ‘90 Elmo J. Hurst ‘53 Betty J. Hurst ‘53 Robert S. Jacobson, JD ‘47, ‘55 Emil Johnson ‘63, ‘72 Penny Christie Johnson ‘64

Lee Kelvington ‘56 Joan Kelvington Joseph L. Koepfinger Genevieve Koepfinger Anthony E. Licata, PE ‘70 Catheline C. Martin Alice Parsons May ‘38 Allan S. May ‘39 Mildred L. McFarland ‘39 James R. McQuay Jr. ‘77 Betty L. Miller ‘47, ‘57 Earl F. Morton ‘51 Betty Ann Morton Robert O. Orders ‘51 Jean H. Orders ‘52 Alice S. Poindexter William N. Poundstone ‘49 Lora Virginia Richards

Paul E. Sample, PhD ‘55,’57 Jacqulyn L. Sample William A. Simms ‘64 Patrick Simms ‘66 John E. Sneckenberger ‘64, ‘66, ‘70 J. Robert Stockner, ‘50 Tommy L. Stuchell, JD ‘87 W. David Teter ‘59, ‘64 Charles M. Vest ‘63 Maurice Wadsworth ‘51 Jo Ann Wadsworth ‘51 Betty S. Watkins ‘61 W. Richard Watkins ‘64, ‘72 Frank T. Wheby ‘56 F. David Wilkin, EdD ‘67, ‘69 Donald W. Worlledge ‘55 Mary S. Worlledge

Please consider joining the Irvin Stewart Society by including our College in your estate plans. For more information, contact Dawn Sandone at 304.293.4036 or dawn.sandone@mail.wvu.edu.

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Honor Roll of Donors We would like to thank our benefactors who have generously contributed to the programs and departments of our College. We are grateful for your support, as we could not accomplish what we do without your help. Listed below are individuals and organizations who contributed to a program or department in our College from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. $25,000 and up Dr. Muralidhar Atluru Mr. & Mrs. George B. Bennett Mr. Norman G. Caplan Mr. & Mrs. Dean D. Dubbe Mr. & Mrs. Earl F. Morton, Jr. Ms. Rhonda L. Radcliff & Mr. Robert Mullenger Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Orders, Jr. Mr. Verl O. Purdy Mrs. Lora V. Richards Dr. L. Zane Shuck Mr. R. Patrick Simms $10,000 to $24,999 Dr. David W. Baker Mr. & Mrs. G. Thomas Harrick Dr. & Mrs. John L. Loth Mr. Walter M. Stender & Ms. Katherine McGuire Mr. H. Leo Mehl Dr. & Mrs. James E. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Maurice A. Wadsworth Mr. & Mrs. Royce J. Watts

$1,000 to $4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Bart A. Aitken Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Argiro, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Babe Mr. Douglas L. Ball Mr. Kevin T. Beachy Mr. Christopher J. Bise Mr. & Mrs. W. Douglas Blackburn, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Burchett Mr. James B. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Jackson B. Browning, Sr. Mr. James O. Bunn Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Burlas

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Whiting Mr. Norman W. White Mr. Brian D. Woerner Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Zvolensky, Sr. $500 to $999 Mr. James V. Alford II Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Angelelli Mr. & Mrs. Tony A. Angelelli Mr. & Mrs. C. Ben Arney Mr. Bradley R. Bane & Dr. Danielle J. D. Bane Mr. & Mrs. Francis S. Brezny Mr. & Mrs. Edgar D. Clise Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Corsi, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Dodrill Mr. Kenneth M. Dunn Dr. & Mrs. Liang T. Fan Mr. & Mrs. John R. Farina Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Gorgonio Mr. Kenneth R. Gosnell Mrs. Kathryn H. de Graaf Mrs. Emer O. Gunter Mr. & Mrs. James B. Haines Donal S. & Amy J. Hall Mr. Benjamin R. Hardman Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hill Mr. Michael E. Hershberger Mrs. Jennifer L. Hornsby-Myers Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Horton Mr. & Mrs. David A. Horvath Mr. Ryan S. Hunter Mr. Richard J. Kacik Mr. & Mrs. John E. Katlic Mr. Junior H. Landes II Mr. Kristopher C. Lilly & Ms. Carrie J. Daugherty Ms. Susan A. Luerich & Mr. Lawrence E. Leise Dr. & Mrs. Peter S. Maa Mr. Ward A. Malcolm II Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. McClain Mr. Stephen R. Montagna Mack Timothy Moore Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mullett Mr. John H. Offenberger Mr. John Olashuk Mr. Gregory D. Patterson Drs. Syd S. & Felicia F. Peng Dr. & Mrs. J. Mark Pullen Mr. & Mrs. Alan S. Pyle Mr. Richard C. Rockenstein Mr. & Mrs. Roy H. Rogerson

Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Ruppert Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Schaeffer Mr. & Mrs. Shalin M. Shah Mr. & Mrs. Barrett L. Shrout Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Staib Dr. James B. Stenger Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Stockner Mr. John A. Strohmeyer Mr. Tommy L. Stuchell Mr. Frederick D. Truban Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Ward Mrs. Frankalene J. Williams Ms. Marjorie A. Wolfe Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Young Mr. & Mrs. John F. Zachwieja Dr. John W. Zondlo $100 to $499 Mr. & Mrs. George C. Alex Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Alford Mr. & Mrs. Chester L. Allen Mr. Randy L. Allison Ms. Eid N. Alrashidi Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Altman Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Alvarez Mr. Brian C. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Andrews Dr. Clement I. Anekwe Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Ashby, Jr. Ms. Rita A. Bajura Mr. Steven C. Ball Dr. & Mrs. Jimmy P. Balsara Mr. & Mrs. David A. Banes Mr. Kenneth F. Barna Mr. Charles R. Bartlett Mr. Charles E. Battleson Mr. & Mrs. James A. Beach Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Bell Mr. Bennard C. Benson Mr. & Mrs. Duane T. Bernard Mr. James L. Bero Mr. & Mrs. William D. Beverly Dr. & Mrs. Navinchandra B. Bhatt Mr. & Mrs. Dennis E. Bibbee Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Billcheck, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Bishop, Jr. Mrs. Marian T. Bittle Mr. & Mrs. John L. Blair, Jr. Mrs. Jackalie L. Blue Mr. Jerry D. Blue Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Boggs

Mrs. Irene F. Bohuslavsky Dr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Bonar Mr. & Mrs. Dustin J. Booth Mr. & Mrs. John W. Botts Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Bourne Mr. John D. Bowers Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bowling Mr. John W. Boyle Mr. Jason S. Boyuk Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Bragg Mr. Michael E. Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Arnold L. Brewer Mr. Carl M. Brock Mr. Gregory D. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Keith Browning Ms. Kendra L. Burch Mr. Gregory S. Burdette Dr. & Mrs. Phillip H. Burnside Mr. James N. Butch Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Butler Mr. & Mrs. Jason A. Camilletti Mr. & Mrs. Mark Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Overton H. Caperton Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. William H. Carr Mr. & Mrs. William C. Cavage Mr. & Mrs. William M. Cavage Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Chambers Mr. David C. Chirdon Dr. David A. Cicci Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Cicci Dr. Eugene V. Cilento Mr. Anthony J. Cinalli Mr. Steven B. Clagett James & Mary M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. James R. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Cline Mr. & Mrs. James W. Coffman Mr. & Mrs. H. Ward Conaway Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Mike G. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Rodney A. Collins Mr. Forrest D. L. Coontz Mr. Charlie L. Cornett Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Correll Mr. & Mrs. Russell V. Costanza Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Cottrill Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Cox Mr. Ted B. Cranmer Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Creese Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Cremer Mr. & Mrs. William Crise Mr. & Mrs. Stevan M. Csanady

Volume 6 Issue 2

$5,000 to $9,999 Mr. Paul D. Browning Mr. & Mrs. James W. Craig Mr. Walter J. Fitzgerald Dr. & Mrs. William L. Fourney Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Haddad Mr. & Mrs. James W. Harvey Mrs. Sally B. Kline Mr. & Mrs. Floyd E. Leaseburg II Mr. & Mrs. Lemuel S. Menear Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Phillippi Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Smith

Mr. William S. Britt Mr. John W. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. T. Jack Carpenter Ms. Anesa T. Chaibi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning Mr. James H. Clutter, Jr. Ms. Lenore M. Coberly Mr. & Mrs. James E. Conklin Mr. Jean B. Cropley Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Dado Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. DiPaolo Mr. Patrick A. Jackson & Ms. Dayna L. Doricich Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Dunn Mrs. Lindsay V. Fairman Mrs. Marsha H. Fanucci Mr. Barton R. Field Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Formica Mr. Jacob S. Freshwater Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Gibson Mr. Douglas K. Gosnell Mr. & Mrs. Nazih M. Hage Mr. Larry D. Hall Mr. John F. Halterman Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Haden, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. R. David Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Charles I. Homan Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. John Dr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. William C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie L. Justice Dr. & Mrs. George E. Keller II Dr. & Mrs. Abdul W. Khair Mr. & Mrs. James L. Laurita, Jr. Mr. Richard W. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Porter A. Lyon Mr. E. Ronald McHenry Ms. Betty L. Miller Mr. Karl G. Morey Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W. McQuate Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Messmore Mr. Duane C. Radtke Mr. John Raine II Mr. & Mrs. Adam C. Rohrig III Mr. Douglas B. Schwab Mr. & Mrs. Ross C. Shaw Mr. John P. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Terry Mr. Steven E. Trail Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Vest Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Voltz Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Walter Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Walters


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Mr. Eugene D. Csaszar Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Culp Mr. Gaylord Cumberledge Ms. Amanda L. Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Gene P. Current Mr. & Mrs. Leon J. Daciek Dr. & Mrs. E. Zane Damewood Mr. & Mrs. Barry Dangerfield Ms. Dianne C. Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Davoli Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. DeCarlo Mr. Bradley W. Dering Mr. Gilbert W. DeVine Mr. Elias G. Diacopoulos Mr. Carmen Dicarlo Dr. & Mrs. J. Reginald Dietz Dr. Kevin A. DiGregorio Mr. Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr. Mr. Richard Doleshek Dr. Dianne Dorland Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Dougherty Lt. Col.(Ret) Jack R. Downey, Jr. Mr. Gary M. Dubois Mr. Steven E. Easley Mr. & Mrs. James L. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Elkins Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Ellis Mrs. Susan K. English Dr. John R. Etherton Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Evans Mr. Robert L. Evans Mrs. C. Elaine Everitt Mr. & Mrs. John P. Faini Mr. Richard L. Falkenstein Mr. & Mrs. James G. Faller Mr. Gary R. Feldbauer Mr. Alan R. Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. William G. Fields Mr. Harold G. Fisher Mr. George B. Flegal, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Fleischer Mrs. Amy E. Floyd Mr. & Mrs. J. Roger Floyd Mr. William G. Fockler Mr. Paul E. Foucaud Mr. & Mrs. B. Kenneth Fouts Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. French Mr. Manning Frymier 26 Mr. James E. Galford Mr. Bharat C. Gandhi Mr. & Mrs. John P. Gay Dr. Sam George Mrs. Laura E. Gergen Mr. Craig S. Gerhard Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Gessner Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gestrich Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ghaznavi

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. Ghiz, Jr. Mrs. Sheree L. Gibson Mr. Joan M. Gil Mr. & Mrs. David J. Gingerich Mr. David R. Glass Dr. & Mrs. William M. Glazier Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Goff Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Goins Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. F. Gail Gray Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gray, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Lewis G. Grimm Mr. Ronald A. Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Hair Dr. & Mrs. George A. Hall Mr. Robert L. Halstead Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Halterman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Hanko Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hansford Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Harman Mr. & Mrs. James E. Harris Mr. Richard F. Hashinger Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Hashinger, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Mir M. Hassan Mr. William M. Hart Maj. Gerhard B. Hartig Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Hatala Mr. & Ms. David L. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hays Mr. & Mrs. William R. Heathcote Mr. William D. Hegener Ms. Laura J. Heindl Mr. & Mrs. Marc Heffner Mr. William K. Hensley Mrs. Constance S. Herbert Dr. Garry C. Hess Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. David K. Hollen Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Hollingshad Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Hoover Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Hugh B. Humbert, Jr. Mr. Wei Huang Mr. & Mrs. Jay W. Huffman Mr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Hunter Mrs. Judith B. Iszauk Mr. & Mrs. Brian N. Jackson Mr. Jay K. Jackson Mr. Albert Jacob Mr. John B. James Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Jamison II Mr. Ramesh B. V. S. Jaladi Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Jenkins

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Jones Mrs. Trudy A. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Denver A. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Kent Kasnic Mr. & Mrs. Gary Keefer Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Keen Mr. & Mrs. W. Lee Kelvington Mr. Mark D. Kessinger Mrs. Janice R. Kessler Mr. Pravin M. Khandare Mr. Garry R. Kilmer Mr. & Mrs. Oren E. Kitts Mr. John J. Klim III Mr. & Mrs. Evans L. Kline Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Kozera Mr. John A. Kulmoski, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James A. Kutsch, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm G. Lane Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Lantzy Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Layman Mr. Loren L. Lazear Mr. Gregory T. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas M. Lengyel Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Lenhart Mr. Bradley C. Lewis Mr. Edward G. Lewis Mr. Richard L. Lewis II Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Lewis Ms. Chunhui Li Mr. & Mrs. M. William Lightner Mr. & Mrs. Keith L. Lilly Mr. & Mrs. David R. Linger Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Long Mr. Todd M. Long Mr. William E. Lough Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Luchini Mr. & Mrs. A. Edward Maloy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. I. Edward Markley Mrs. Nancy H. Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Martin Dr. David R. Martinelli Mr. & Ms. Louis J. Martinez Mr. James L. Mason Mrs. Christine S. Mayernik Mrs. Kim M. Mazur Mr. Richard E. McAllister Mrs. Margaret McCartney Mr. & Mrs. L. Bruce McClung Mr. Justin R. McConnell Prof. & Mrs. John E. McCray, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. S. Fenton McDonald Mr. Joseph K. McFadden Ms. Jennifer R. McGee Mr. & Ms. P. Brian McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. McKiernan Dr. & Mrs. Ronald B. McPherson

Dr. Kenneth H. Means & Dr. Carol D. Means Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott Mease Mr. Philip G. Meikle CDR J Larry Miles, Jr. Mr. Nicholas A. Milinovich Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Miller II Mr. C. Douglas Miller Mr. & Mrs. Hubert A. Miller Mr. Jonathan L. Miller Paul & Jacqueline Renner Mills Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Mills Miss Tirzah Y. Mills Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Mitchell Dr. Chinnarao Mokkapati Mr. William D. Monaghan Mr. & Mrs. Guy E. Mongold, Jr. Ms. Chantelle S. Moore Mrs. Kim M. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Morris Mr. Cleveland G. Mosby, Jr. Mr. Richard L. Mowrey Mrs. Alice Trotter Muffly Mr. & Mrs. John R. Muffly Mr. Ralph D. Mullenax Mrs. Christine D. Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Warren R. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Napier Mr. Mark S. Nemes Ms. Annette J. Nichols Mr. Lewis E. Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Randy A. Nicholson Mr. Robert A. Novotny Dr. & Mrs. Roy S. Nutter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George J. Oberlick Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Olds Mr. & Mrs. Art Oliver, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Pannell II Mr. Stanton E. Parrish Mr. & Mrs. Marion Parsons, Jr. Mr. Thomas H. Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Terrence L. Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Harvey D. Pate Mr. & Mrs. Vijendrakumar C. Patel Mr. C. Lorn Paxton Mr. John D. Pellegrin Mr. Richard B. Pellegrino Mr. Christopher D. Pepe Mr. Richard J. Perin Drs. Peter L. & Cheryl L. Perrotta Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Perry Mr. & Mrs. Jon K. Phillips Mr. Julian H. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Pickens, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Pizatella Mr. & Mrs. Danny B. Platt Ms. Sara M. Pletcher Dr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Plummer Mr. & Mrs. John R. Poland Mr. Timothy J. Poulin Mr. & Mrs. William G. Poulson Mr. & Mrs. William N. Poundstone Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Pratt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Victor D. Proietti Mr. David A. Price Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Prunty, Jr. Ms. Georgia Rakes Mr. Shashikiran U. Ranganath Mr. Yeshwanth Rangaramanujam Mr. Jon H. Rateau Mr. Herbert S. Rawlings Mr. Michael W. Redifer Mr. Bradley R. Reed Mr. Channing W. Reeder Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Reeder Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Reger Mr. & Mrs. Leroy C. Reid, Jr. PhD Mr. & Mrs. John F. Rentschler, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. John A. Reynolds Mr. Boyd W. Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Ridgway Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Ridgway Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Rinehimer Mr. & Dr. Terry D. Rings Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Ripberger III Mr. & Mrs. Ray R. Ritchie Mr. David J. Ritz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Robertson Mr. & Mrs. James P. Robison Mr. & Mrs. Reed D. Robinson Mrs. Lisa C. Rohan Mr. Anthony D. Rossetti Mr. & Mrs. R. Jeff Rossy Mr. Phillip M. Sabree Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Sale Mr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Sanderlin Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Sands Mr. Mark D. Sanetrik Mr. & Mrs. William A. Savage Mr. Ross E. Schlobohm Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Schmid Mr. Richard C. Schoppert Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Schneider Mr. James W. Schumacher Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Schweitzer Mr. R Lennie Scott Mr. Jeffery M. See

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Mrs. Tracie L. Seivertson Mr. & Mrs. John E. Seknicka Mrs. Grace W. Sharpenberg Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Shaver Mr. David E. Sheets Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shehab Mr. W. David Shinn Mr. & Mrs. Morris M. Shor Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Shuler Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Sikora Mr. & Mrs. Dwain M. Sims Dr. & Mrs. John A. Silvester, PhD Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Sirk, Jr. Mr. Kenneth K. Sitar Mr. & Mrs. George D. Six Ms. Linda Slonksnes Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Smith Mr. John C. Smith Mr. Perry Smith, Jr. Mr. Harold J. Snyder, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Wen-Yan Soung Mr. James E. Squires Dr. & Mrs. James E. Spearman

Mr. Peter L. Spence Mr. Phillip L. Stalnaker Mr. Richard T. Staun Mr. & Mrs. David A. Stauver Mr. Charles R. Steele Mrs. Marcella P. Steerman Dr. Alan D. Stemple Mr. Harry L. Stemple Mr. & Mrs. John B. Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Stewart Dr. Richard J. Stock Mr. & Mrs. Lester W. Stone Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Storage Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Stricker Mr. & Mrs. William H. Stroup Mr. John R. Sutler Mr. John M. Svedman Mr. & Mrs. Frederick R. Swan, Jr. Mrs. June D. Swartwout Mr. & Mrs. David L. Swearingen Mr. & Mrs. Caleb A. Tarleton Mr. Adam M. Tarovisky Mr. & Mrs. James E. Taylor

Mr. Adrian M. Tenney Mrs. Denise V. Tinkham Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Tinney Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Tippett Dr. & Mrs. Curtis J. Tompkins Dr. Ting-Man Tong Mr. & Mrs. Allen Toothman Mr. Fred R. Toothman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Townsend Mr. & Mrs. William D. Trimbath Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Truman Mr. Jay J. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Roy M. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Lionel J. Updyke Mr. Thomas E. Urquhart Mr. & Mrs. James J. Vasoti Mr. & Mrs. David R. Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. David A. Velegol, Jr. Mrs. Patricia W. Vetter Mr. Leslie A. Viegas Mr. Kermit H. Walker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Wamsley Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Ward Dr. Karen E. Warden

Mr. & Mrs. Julian W. Ware Lt. Col. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Ware Mrs. Rachel K. Wasserman Mr. George A. Waters Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Watkins Mr. Daniel A. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Gene R. Weekley, Jr. Mr. Steven M. Wells Mr. & Mrs. Earl K. West Ms. & Mr. Janie West Mr. & Mrs. George T. Westbrook, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Westerman Mr. Duane E. Westfall Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Westfall Mr. & Mrs. Glenn L. White Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. White Mr. Chester L. Whitehair Mr. & Mrs. David M. Wiebking Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Wiercinski Mrs. Patricia Z. Wilhelm Dr. & Mrs. F. David Wilkin Mr. J. Eldon Williama

Mr. & Mrs. Cyril H. Williams, Jr. Mr. George A. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. George N. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Wilson Mr. Benjamin B. Wisler Mr. & Mrs. Howard V. Withrow II Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Woods Mr. Henry M. Word Ms. Yunqing Wu Mr. & Mrs. William D. Wyant Mr. & Mrs. Otis R. Yeater Mr. & Mrs. David A. Young, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George O. Young II Mr. Richard Yungwirth Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Zachar Mrs. Hao Zhang Mr. & Mrs. George T. Zimmerman

Corporate, Associations, and Trusts

$10,000 to $49,999 Chevron Products Company Dominion Foundation General Electric Company Goodwin & Goodwin Halliburton International Coal Group, LLC John L. Kirkland Trust John M. Summerfield Trust MEPCO, Inc. Peabody Energy Peter’s Creek Coal Association RPSEA

WV Coal Mining Institute WVU Alumni Association Mineral Resources $1,000 to $9,999 American Association of Drilling Engineers Ayco Charitable FoundationCerminara Foundation Bechtel Group Foundation The Boeing Company Boyles & Hildreth Consulting Engineers Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation Cedar Point DirecTV Dow Chemical Company Eastern Associated Coal, LLC Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Larry Joe Lilly Gimme Foundation, Inc. Guidestream Charitable Gift Fund HDR, Inc. International Business Machines Corporation Joy Mining Machinery Keith Asset Management LLLP Lockheed Martin NewPage Corporation North Carolina Coal Institute, Inc. Northrop Grumman Corporation

Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Penn Virginia Operating Co., LLC Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America PPG Industries Prudential Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund-R.J. & Maureen W Watts Society For the Advancement of Material And Process Southeastern Association of State Highway Transportation Off Tennessee Valley Section of The American Triad Engineering, Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation WV Coal Association, Inc. $100 to $999 ASSE Abitibi Bowater AeroJet Alcoa Foundation Almes Enterprises LLC American Electric Power Matching Gifts American Electric Power Service Corp. Arkema Inc. Foundation

ATK Bank of America Boeing Company Matching Gift Program Book Mart Corp Caterpillar Foundation Chevron Humankind Employee Funds Coach Matching Gift Program ConocoPhillips CONSOL Energy, Inc. Daniel E. Kniska Trust DC Consulting Discover Financial Services Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program Dow Chemical Company Foundation Environmental Science Applications, Inc. EQT Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Brian D. Lauttamus FMC Foundation Gannon International Harris Foundation The Hershey Company Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation Johnson Controls Foundation Juniper Networks’ Company Kinder Morgan, Inc.

Lubrizol Foundation Lyall Law, LLC Mildred McFarland Living Trust Mon Valley Integration LLC Monsanto Fund Mountaineer Mine Rescue Association, Inc. Mountaineer Mine Safety & Training, Inc. North Coast Energy, Inc. NuStar Energy Olashuk Environmental, Inc. Penn Virginia Corporation Pepsico Foundation Poquette Construction LLC Raytheon S & S Engineers, Inc. Sabra Wang & Associates, Inc. SAIC, Inc. Shell Oil Company Foundation Siemens Energy & Automation Soils Southwest, Inc. 27 Southern Coals Conference Southern Company Services Space Environmental Test Project Team State Farm Companies Tyco Matching Gifts Program United Technologies Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Volume 6 Issue 2

$50,000 and up Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. Bayer USA Foundation Capital Trust Company Foundation Chesapeake Energy Corporation CONSOL Energy, Inc. Estate of Blaine S. West Estate of James Romano Exxon Mobil Foundation James Romano Charitable Remainder Trust Massey Energy Company Massey Foundation Murray Energy Corporation Research Trust Fund Robert E. Pyle Estate

Alumni News

proud and commited to WVU:

Salam Salamy This photo, taken at a recruiting dinner for AMCO in 1983, features Sam Ameri, PNGE Chair with students and faculty. Salam Salamy is third from the left.

Salam Salamy is a highly accomplished administrator with Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil companies, headquartered in Saudi Arabia. He is also a loyal Mountaineer. Salamy began his college years at the WVU Institute of Technology in 1979. After a year, he transferred to WVU, where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in petroleum and natural gas engineering.

FALL 2010


Salam Salamy


“WVU represents the wonderful state of West Virginia and the excellent education I received there.”

“I have been and will continue to be proud of my association with, and commitment to WVU,” said Salamy. “For me, WVU represents the wonderful state of West Virginia; my family and relatives who came here from Lebanon in the late 1800s; and, last but not least, the excellent education I received there.” “Salam was an outstanding student, and has achieved great things as a professional,” said Sam Ameri, chair of the Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. “He is very loyal to WVU and to our department. I personally cherish his friendship.” Salamy has many fond memories of WVU, but two stand out in his mind: “In 1982 I received the news from Professor Ameri of my selection as the recipient of the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association Award as the highest ranking senior in the Petroleum Engineering Department at WVU.

“My second most memorable moment came in 1983, when the WVU football team beat Penn State in 1983 for the first time in at least twenty years, with quarterback Major Harris leading the team in a great game.”

Since graduation, Salamy has had a distinguished career. He has been with Saudi Aramco since 1996, starting as an engineer in reservoir management and rising to his current position heading a professional development program for the company’s exploration and production professionals. As a student, Salamy was a member of Pi Epsilon Tau, the petroleum engineering honor society, and the Golden Key National Honor Society. Since joining Saudi Aramco, Salamy has received the Reservoir Management Department Outstanding Project Award and the Middle East Regional Service Award. He has participated in the Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Lecturer Program and delivered keynote speeches at SPE forums and workshops. In 2009, he received the SPE Distinguished Member award. He also has authored or co-authored many technical publications. Salamy is far from alone in representing his company, Saudi Aramco, at WVU. Over the years, the company has sent many students to study petroleum and natural gas engineering, and continues to do so. In 2008, the company’s then president and chief executive officer of Aramco Services Company, Muhammad AlQahtani, visited Morgantown to see WVU for himself and meet with faculty and students in the department. “It was an honor to host Dr. AlQatani and the rest of the delegation from Saudi Aramco,” said Ameri. “I look forward to a continuing strong relationship between Saudi Aramco and WVU.”

Alumni Academies Induct New Members To honor exemplary graduates and others with remarkable careers, the College annually

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

inducts new members into its academies. Academy of Chemical Engineers

Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers

Alex Chianhuei Kuo received his BSChE from National Taiwan University in ’72. He earned his M.S. in ’75 and Ph.D. in ’78 in chemical engineering from WVU. Before joining Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Kuo spent about 25 years of his career with Union Carbide Corporation and Dow Chemical, serving as research engineer/scientist, licensing manager, R&D leader, and other positions across several businesses.

Dr. David Doman graduated from WVU with a BSAE in ’91. He went on to earn a M.S. in aeronautics and astronautics from Purdue, and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. During the 90s he was also employed at the Wright Laboratory of the U.S. Air Force as a research aerospace engineer and was eventually promoted to senior aerospace engineer. Currently, David serves as the technical area leader for the Micro Air Vehicle Dynamics and Control Group.

John C. Day completed a BSChE at WVU in ’63. After graduation, he started his career at the DuPont Company. In 1991, Day joined Rollins Environmental Service and served as regulatory affairs director and subsequently group vice president of operations. Six years later, he was named vice president of environmental health and safety, quality, and six sigma for Millennium, Inc. In 2005, Day was named vice president of environmental health and safety at The Henry Company. He has also served on the visiting committee of WVU Chemical Engineering.

Richard L. McCormick received his BSME from WVU in ’81 and did graduate studies here in material design before moving to Princeton, West Virginia, to become vice president of engineering at Conn-Weld Industries. In 1994, he was promoted to executive vice president of Conn-Weld, and in 1999 McCormick was appointed director of that company—a post he still holds. In 1999 he also became the managing director for the China operations of Taggart Global, LLC, and has served as the company’s CEO since 2004.

Academy of the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Elizabeth Joanie Barr graduated from WVU in ’86 with a BSCS. She started her career at Texas Instruments. She is now the vice president responsible for leading development of ManTech’s Health Solutions strategy. Barr has supported and managed programs for customers such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Army, as well as several international and state government customers.

Michael L. Manley holds a BSME and MSCS from WVU. While pursuing his education, Manley was employed by various departments within the University. He left WVU in 1979 to pursue his career with Software Systems, Inc. Currently, Manley is president, CEO, and owner of Software Systems, Inc., a Morgantown, West Virginia, company.

Barrett Shrout received his BSAE from WVU ’62, and was employed for more than 30 years as a researcher for NASA Langley Research Center. He worked with both Department of Defense and major airframe manufacturers on both supersonic and subsonic aerodynamics, maneuverability, and survivability issues. Shrout retired from NASA in 1991.

Volume 6 Issue 2

Leslie Wilson Pack received her BSCS from WVU in ’79. She began her professional career at Union Carbide Corporation, where she helped develop one of the country’s first automated research laboratories. At Digital Equipment Corporation, Pack provided software consulting to companies in West Virginia and Ohio. Since 1992, She has been with Bank of America, where she is currently a senior vice president.

Tim Pawlak earned his BSME in ’82 and MSME in ’93, both from WVU. He has worked for 26 years for ANSYS, Inc., one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced engineering analysis software. Pawlak has risen from an entry-level position to his present title of research and development fellow—the highest rung on the technical ladder at ANSYS.


Alumni News

Chris Bise

Spindler Delivers

Poundstone Lecture

In April, the College hosted Garold “Gerry” Spindler as part of the Department of Mining Engineering’s William N. Poundstone Lecture Series. The lecture, which was held in the new Erickson Alumni Center, was entitled “In Defense of Industry.”

Garold Spindler

Spindler is the chairman and chief executive officer of Imagin Minerals, Inc., as well as Zeox Corporation, a TSX-listed junior industrial minerals company. A West Virginia native, Spindler received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from WVU in mining engineering. He also has a master’s in management from Stanford University, as well as more than 35 years of experience in the coal industry. Spindler’s career has included a number of senior level positions within the United States, Canada, and Australia. He was president and CEO of the Pittston Coal Group, where he led many Pittston Mineral Ventures as a spinoff of the Pittston Company. The early years of his career were spent at Consolidated Coal Company, where he held numerous positions, including vice president for exploration and head of the transportation and Baltimore Dock divisions. Garold “Gerry” Spindler

As the 2008 recipient of the Erskine Ramsay medal from the American Institute of Mining and Petroleum Engineers, Spindler was recognized for his international contributions to mining technology. He was also recently recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus of the West Virginia School of Mines. The WVU Department of Mining Engineering established the William N. Poundstone Lecture Series in 2000 to honor Poundstone, a distinguished alumnus of the department, and to bring mining industry experts to campus to share their expertise with students and faculty.


Gochenour Lecture Geoffrey Schuler delivered the Spring 2010 Gochenour Lecture in the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering. The title of the lecture was “Industrial Engineering-A Career with Many Paths to Take.”

FALL 2010

Schuler received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in 1975 from WVU and his master’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University.

Geoffrey Schuler


He is the site integration leader for Boeing Commercial Airlines at the Charleston, South Carolina, site, a position he has held since December 2009. In this role he is responsible for integrating campus infrastructure, training, staffing, community involvement, information technology, security, and other overall requirements for the site in North Charleston, South Carolina. Schuler has served in leadership roles with Boeing for many years, including as the onsite executive providing support to the 787 Dreamliner Performance Improvement Program, as well as leading operations for two sections in Charleston. He also previously worked for Rockwell International and Hellfire Production Programs. The Donald L. Gochenour Lecture Series was established in 1985 to honor the late Dr. Gochenour, a distinguished professor of industrial engineering at WVU.

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Gregory S. Babe

Ray Lane

Ray Lane Named Chairman of Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard Co. recently named WVU graduate Ray Lane as the company’s non-executive board chairman. Lane, who serves on WVU’s Board of Governors, is managing partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm. He was previously president of Oracle Corporation.

Babe and McCartney Named to Foundation Board Two outstanding graduates of our College – Gregory S. Babe and William “Billy” McCartney, Jr. – have been named as members of the West Virginia University Foundation Board of Directors.

Gregory S. Babe is president and CEO of Bayer Corporation and senior Bayer representative for the United States and Canada, responsible for the North American activities of the worldwide Bayer Group. He is also president and CEO of Bayer Material Science, chair of the Bayer Political Action Committee and Bayer USA Foundation, and a member of our College’s Visiting Committee. A native of New Martinsville, West Virginia, he earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1980. William “Billy” McCartney, Jr., is a partner and energy trader with Vitol Capital Management, where he manages a crude oil and natural gas derivatives portfolio. McCartney earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1995 and began his career as a system planning engineer with CNG Transmission (now Dominion Transmission). McCartney has worked for some of the leading companies in energy trading including PG&E, Texaco and El Paso, managing significant natural gas portfolios.

Virginia Crabfeast WVU Alumni Association President and CEO Stephen Douglas (left), WVU President James Clements (second from the right) and WVU Alumni Association Board of Directors Chair Nancy DiPaolo (right) engage in activities with our engineering representatives during the 33rd Annual Virginia Crabfeast.

Volume 6 Issue 2

A Pennsylvania native, Lane graduated from WVU in 1968 with a degree in mathematics. He has become a Silicon Valley icon but never forgot his alma mater. WVU inducted him into the WVU Academy of Distinguished Alumni and awarded him an honorary doctorate. He served on the WVU Foundation Board of Directors, and was the National Campaign Committee Chairman of WVU’s last capital campaign. In recognition of his and his wife’s extraordinary support of the College and University, the College named the Lane Department of Computer Science and Engineering after the couple.

William “Billy” McCartney, Jr.



• NSF Award Recipients (Total) – 31 • NSF CAREER Award Recipients: » Bojan Cukic » Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova » Arun Ross » Daryl Reynolds

WVU among top schools recruiters look to for new hires

WVU is among the top schools for producing graduates best prepared to enter the workforce, according to employers polled in a recent Wall Street Journal survey.

FALL 2010



Employers ranked WVU 23rd in the nation for engineering hires.


“Our graduates are well prepared to meet the challenges of today’s workplace,” said Dean Cilento. “All of our efforts – from an intensive freshman year program to internships, cooperative education experiences, corporate presentations, career fairs and more – are aimed at helping students gain the skills, experience and connections they need to achieve professional success.” The study received surveys from 479 of the nation’s largest public and private companies, nonprofits and government agencies.

• National Merit Scholars (Total): 26 from 2005-Present • Goldwater and Truman Scholarship (Total): 5 Goldwater 1 Truman 1 Udall 2 USA Today Academic Team Members • Honors Program Students (Total): 384 • Number of Freshmen (Fall 2010):760 • Total Number of Students Receiving Scholarships: 435 • Average SAT Scores for Freshmen Engineering Majors » Math – 653 (2.0% improvement) » Total – 1239 (3.1% improvement) • Average ACT Score for Freshmen Engineering Majors » Math – 29 (2.8% improvement) » Composite – 28.1 (4.1% improvement) • Dual Degree Students Fall 2008: 315 • Number of Female Undergraduates: 277 • Number of International Undergraduate Students: 126 • Total College enrollment up 7% since Fall 2009 • Total Number of Undergraduate Students: 2,251


Forbes determined the best small cities for business and careers by looking at metropolitan statistical areas with populations under 245,000.

forbes.com (type in Morgantown, WV in the search box)

Alumni Notes

WVU college of Engineering and mineral resources

Karly Hamric, BSCE ’10, earned allAmerican Honors at the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Oregon, in June. Hamric advanced to the finals of the 1,500-meter race finishing sixth – the highest placed 1,500-meter finisher in WVU history. She is currently third on WVU’s all-time best runners list.

Emily Calandrelli, BSMAE ’10, spent the summer interning in China. In addition, she received a full scholarship to MIT to pursue a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics, and to work with one of the most prominent researchers in the field, Dr. Edward Crawley.

Thomas Watson, MSME ’69, was installed as treasurer of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) at its 2010 Annual Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in June. He is a P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, and chief engineer of McQuay International in Staunton, Virginia.

Gary Fleming, BSME ’91, MSME ’93, has been employed at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, since graduating from WVU and is the chief engineer for NASA’s Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) space flight instruments.

Karly Hamric

Cheng Hing, B.S., M.S. and Ph.D., CEE, received the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Edmund Friedman Young Engineer Award for Professional Achievement.

In Memoriam

Hisashi Kono

John R. Pinion, II, BSME ’88, is the senior vice president of Global Quality and Compliance at Roche Pharma Medicines in Basel, Switzerland. This company is responsible for research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biologic and pharmaceutical drugs. His family recently relocated to Switzerland for a multipleyear assignment. John F. Gardner, BSME ’75, MSME ’76, recently became senior vice president of the Global Strategic Accounts Program for Emerson Process Management Group of Emerson Electric Company. John just returned from international business reviews and strategic customer meetings in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, and multiple countries in Europe.

Hisashi Kono, professor emeritus of chemical engineering, passed away on Saturday, February 27, 2010, in Japan. Kono joined the faculty of our Department of Chemical Engineering in May 1983 as a professor and technical research director of the National Science Foundation-WVU Industry Fluidization Center. He retired in May 2004, at which time he was awarded emeritus status. He returned to Japan in 2006.

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The College publishes Engineering WV, a magazine that comes out twice a year, to keep our alumni and friends up to date on our activities an...

EngineeringWV Fall 2010  

The College publishes Engineering WV, a magazine that comes out twice a year, to keep our alumni and friends up to date on our activities an...

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