Bod Magazine August 2020

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photo by Derek Blanchard “No justice, no peace” could be heard as protesters marched their way to the front of Morgan Hall. Fists and signs raised, many students, faculty and other community members all rallied together to stand up for change.

WU rallies for Unity Students organize protest by Hailey Mann and Abbie Barth Amidst a global pandemic, the United States faces another issue that has plagued the country for far too long -- racism. The death of George Floyd sparked protests and riots across the country as Americans call for an end to police brutality and blatant racism. On June 4, 2020, peaceful protesters gathered around the Kuehe Bell Tower to participate in a unity march organized by Washburn University’s first-generation student club to promote equality and celebrate diversity. One of the speakers said there is no “middle” when it comes to racism. You are either an anti-racist or you are a racist. One of the organizers of the event was Sarahy Colorado, sophomore elementary education major and vice president of the We Are First organization. Colorado, alongside the president and Graciela Beruman, campus advisor, of the organization, put the event together overnight, resulting in 24 | Bod Magazine

more than 400 people showing up the next day. Several students took their turns to share from their hearts to the gathered crowd. “As a first-generation student and a Hispanic person of color, I know what it is like to feel discriminated against...We wanted to [organize this march] to let students know that we are with them, we are marching with you,” said Colorado. “We wanted to let our black community know that we are with them and we stand with them.” Many leaders of other campus organizations attended the event to show solidarity with black students. WSGA president Victoria Smith was one of the leaders at the front of this march. “We just ask that you take time to google white supremacy, how you can change the system and about our history as black history,” said Smith. “We ask that you continue to