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Slick up the surface of your board, reduce friction, and thus increase your speed! Eelsnot is a revolutionary new product (not a wax) that gently coats your board surface, filling in the little hairline cracks and stress marks that take on water over time, causing yellowing, while reducing friction so your board slides easier and faster across the surface. Try it for yourself! You just might get a couple extra waves per session since you’re going be able to catch them easier, and will decrease the advantage bigger and stronger surfers have over you in the lineup.


Photo: Gregerson | Model: Kassandra Reina

SEEA Swimwear that brings retro and contemporary styles together, in today’s most luxurious fabrics and cuts. “The name Seea comes from my love for the sea,” explains Amanda Chinchelli, designer of Seea. “As an Italian, I pronounce the name ‘see-ah’. It’s a feminine word, with a musicality and beauty to it. We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea.” Handcrafted locally in California, these suits showcase the uniqueness and diversity of the women that wear them. Designed for surfing, these feminine, fun, and comfortable suits celebrate the style, rythym and grace of womens surfing. With each style aptly named after famous surf breaks, Seea swimwear strikes the perfect balance between surf function, style, and fun!

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Surf shop owners and buyers! With action sports more popular than ever before, we were stoked to find a line of greeting cards made just for adrenalin junkies like your customers! Cards that capture the essence and style of surf, skate, bmx, moto, and artistic lifestyle, they’re sure to grab your customers attention and be that “impulse buy” for customers, that shop owners crave. Learn more about carrying this creative line of greeting cards in your shop by visiting

Surf traction pads that we hope will revolutionize the ones currently available on the market. Unlike its rough, gouging partners that tear holes in your knees, Moby Grip is super soft to the touch, almost rubbery, and was designed specifically for aerial surfing maneuvers, where wet traction (better than wax!) is extremely important. Thickness is that of 2 quarters stacked and available in both a rear and middle-of-thedeck pad, and in a variety of colors, Moby Grip is a welcome change for those that hate scratched knees, but want unsurpassed traction in the surf!


A new family run business out of Ontario, Canada, this locally made unique hair clip is different than anything you’ve ever seen before! Obviously conceptualized by a woman who understands the need to keep your hair in place, but doesn’t need the “knot” you feel everytime you lay your head back against anything! What makes this clip special is that the BOA Hair Clip is designed to lay flat, comfortably, making it


Mothers everywhere can appreciate this new-to-the-market product! Sand Gone is a dry body powder, that when applied to your sand covered skin, gently removes ALL the sand and salt! Great for beach days when you really don’t want the entire beach following you into the car or house, this handy 8oz jar with a microfiber applicator is easy to toss in your purse, ready for your next adventure. Non-toxic and talc-free, with just a hint of coconut fragrance, Sand Gone is like having a shower in a jar!


(Small Personal Item Belt) Heading on an exotic surf trip, and don’t want to advertise where most of your valuables are stashed? Try the SPIbelt, an awesome expandable belt that doesn’t bounce, and can hold an iPhone™, Droid™, keys, cash, passport, credit cards, identification and any other small personal items you can’t live without. Fits securely without shifting, and available in a multitude of really fun colors! We LOVE this belt for extra surf travel safety.

ideal for yoga, pilates, workouts (especially bench presses, crunches, etc.), and while driving! Made from strong, polymer plastic, it’s shatterproof and very durable.


We just LOVE new brands and fresh entrepreneurs, so we couldn’t keep BijaBody all to ourselves! A new line of anti-aging body care products and beauty tea blends that are beautiful enough for your face, especially formulated for your body. Boasting their signature HoneyOil base, these products are actually GOOD for your skin! With the perfect combination of parabenfree, skin regenerating properties, BijaBody

offers a daily body scrub, body serum (great for after-shaving or waxing to calm the skin), an impressive body treatment that regenerates way beyond what a lotion can (excellent for knees, hands and elbows that get a lot of wear and tear), as well as a bedside lip treatment that has been shown to increase moisture retention and plumpness of lips! Melissa Picolo (founder) has put so much into her special brand, we couldn’t ever get it all in here, so be sure to visit her website for more detailed information.


Stylish, durable and extremely sturdy, this collection of light weight neoprene (wetsuit material), made-in-theUSA handbags will make your surf-heart sing! Custom (strong) hardware and attention to detail is enhanced only by the myriad of exotic prints and colors you’ll find when looking for your next purse, beach bag, tote, traveler bag, computer sleeve or backpack. Go ahead… express your surf-self! (see pages 127 and 130 to

view two of our favorites!)


Surf TV just got better with the premiere of the new series, The Breaks, debuting summer 2012! Based out of California, The Breaks intimately follows the lives of 6 close-knit friends/surfers as they rise through the ranks of professional surfing. Experience the journey with them as they navigate the struggles of daily life, personal injuries and rival competition, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and vivid surf action. The first season will consist of 8 episodes, and is the first surf-web series on KoldCast TV, while also offering revolutionary “Interactive Integration Technology” meaning you’ll be able to interact with brands you see in the show, in real time! See a bikini or boardshort that you just gotta have? A simple “mouseover” and you’ll be taken directly to the merchants website or promo page. Cool!

FIN-S (pronounced “fi-ness”)

A screw-less, tool-less board fin system that is new on the market, and creating quite a stir! Built by brothers and surfers, (WQS surfer)Scott and Chad, their patented SpringLock technology frees you from the hassle of fin keys, bolts and screws, leaving you with just you and your board. Nice! Strong enough for the pros, easy enough for beginners, team riders that trust the new fin system include Sunny Garcia, Sean Moody and Joel Centeio! Learn more at

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LIFESTYLE . . . Living Beautiful

x o B

BEAUTY Fashion and Celebrity Makeup Artist Roxy

hand selects some of her favorite makeup and skin products perfect on land or in the water. Email her your questions at: or on facebook at Photo: Ashley Barrett |

BENEFIT Hello Flawless Oxygen “This oil-free foundation holds to the truth of its name and then some. The coverage is buildable and erases any imperfections for a flawless finish that can hold up for hours. Its packed with Vitamins C + E, minerals, peptides and will boost your skin’s cellular respiration so under the flawless finish your skin will be hydrated brightened and protected from agingVery Impressive.”

TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush

“Tarte definitely knows how to perfect a blush product and this one is just one more of them to add to their hype. Not only does it come in some of the best color ranges of blushes I’ve seen yet, but they are also solar-baked with Amazonian Clay in them to give your skin instant nutrients along with 12-hours color. I love the soft shimmer mixed into them that gives you a beautiful flushed glow!”

“Eyebrows play a huge role in achieving a polished look to your face and makeup so defining them with perfect precision is important; this brow pencil does exactly that. One end of the pencil has an ultra-fine tip to apply a universal color that will match your brow hairs while the other side has a mascara brush to comb the color through your brows. Perfect brows have never been so easy to achieve.”

BOBBI BROWN Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 AU COURANT Instant Tanning Mousse

“This sexy streak-free tanning mousse will instantly give you a beautiful, natural (NOT ORANGE) sun-kissed tan. It dries fast, goes on smooth and is long lasting. I love that it’s a “greener” self tanner with ingredients in it that nourish your skin like Chamomile, Orange Peel and AHA’s. A safe, fast and easy way to give you the gorgeous tan of summer surf sessions.”

“Soft shine, gorgeous pigment, hydration and protection from UV rays; this treatment lip shine from Bobbi Brown gives you everything you need in one shot for luscious, healthy lips. With moisturizers in it like cocoa and shea butters your lips will be kept silky soft while the peptides and Vitamin C in it stimulates collagen production to help keep them full and youthful. Muti-tasking at it’s finest.”

GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Eyes To Kill Intense “Innovative and insanely beautiful; this new technology eye shadow is not a powder or a cream but goes on our lids as if it was bred perfectly from both of those forms of eye shadows. Every shade is taken up a notch with a second pigment in it to give a multi-dimensional effect making it the perfect short cut to creating a sexy, shimmering smokey eye that lasts for hours. I love smart makeup.”

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DIORSHOW Brow Styler Ultra-fine Precision Brow Pencil

LIFESTYLE . . . Daily Fitness



OGA Fly like an Eagle

Eagle Yoga Pose

Variation (Garudasana) By Zofia Karubin Certified Yoga Instructor

This yoga pose brings the energy of the eagle and its powerful focus into our bodies and minds.

Their graceful flight reminds us to fly high like the eagles and rise above all our worries and troubles. Getting a perspective from a high vantage point is important when making decisions and overcoming challenges. Yoga, just like surfing, gives us a chance to breathe, to become more aware of the present moment, and to connect to our inner wisdom. It’s great to do yoga before and after surfing, because it improves strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Yoga enhances the surfing lifestyle by keeping us healthy, strong, and ready for the next surfing adventure. Be sure to do a little warm-up before attempting this pose, such as, the forward bend, gentle neck stretches, rolling the neck around slowly, rolling the shoulders up and back, twist your body to the left and right gently, and move with the breath. Before and after doing the eagle pose, do a forward bend to release any tension and relax the muscles. Inhale and reach the arms out to your sides, then exhale as you fold your body in half, and soften the knees. Bring the arms down and grab your ankles with your hands, relax the head and neck down, and keep breathing deeply for several breaths. When you’re ready, inhale and gently roll up to a standing position, and feel yourself grounded, centered, and at peace.

F Be very gentle and loving with your body, and don’t force or strain in any way.

F Breathe deeply and don’t hold the breath.

F Focus on one point in front of you whenever doing balancing poses.

F If you have knee injuries, press the big toe on the ground instead of wrapping your foot around the calf. Use your thighs to hold up the weight of your body.

BENEFITS: Helps to improve balance, focus, and concentration. Also strengthens arms, shoulders, and legs (thighs, calves, knees and ankles). This pose nourishes your nervous system, your hips and spine through gentle movement, and helps to enhance your mood. By opening and stretching the chest, it expands the lung capacity as you breathe deeply.


Stand with both feet on the ground, feel your center, feel your breath, and focus on one point in front of you. When you’re ready, inhale and lift one knee up, arms up, and keep breathing.

(Check with your health care provider before doing this or any exercise program)

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California with the Channel Islands in the distance


Gently bend both knees, lift one leg up and cross your thighs, and then bring the hips down. Keep the arms out for balance and remain focused and connected to your breath.


Keep breathing, focusing on one point in front of you, and relaxing into the eagle pose...

calf, you may press the big toe on the ground, especially if you have knee issues. > Bring the hips down slowly and gently as you exhale. Keep the hips evenly balanced, straight, and the knees centered. > Stretch your arms up and out to each side, like the wings of an eagle. Bring the shoulders down and away from the ears, and squeeze the shoulder blades together. > The spine is stretching up gently as you breathe deeply. Allow the energy to nourish all the cells of your body as the breath flows in and out.

EAGLE POSE > Thighs are locked into one another and supporting the weight of the body. Allowing healing energy to flow up your spine as your thighs remain locked together. > Gently wrap your foot around the back of the calf. This helps to stretch the hips. Don’t force or strain. At first it’s good to practice this while sitting down or holding on to something. Instead of wrapping your foot around the

> Raise the palms up to the sky. You may bring the index finger and thumb together to make a circle, while the other fingers are pointing out. This is called a mudra, a hand position, which helps to connect to your wisdom, knowledge, and inner peace.


Release after a few breaths and repeat on the other side, followed by a forward bend to relax and unwind as noted above. F

Zofia Karubin is a certified yoga instructor who resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she loves to surf and do yoga on the beach. For over a decade she has been teaching yoga classes for adults, teens, and children. Zofia’s life-long passion for yoga has been passed down from her mother who is also a yoga teacher. Learn at your own pace, how to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle, through this online collage of yoga routines by Zofia from previous issues of the WSSM. ( Pants by Tahoe Made Attire. All their clothing is perfect for any workout, yoga practice, or hanging out on the beach ( Shirt by The SOUL Project. Great clothing with a grand purpose: $1 from every item purchased flows to local kids and environmental charities ( Photos by: OnIt Pro - High Performance Surf Products (

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SURF STOKED . . . live, breathe, surf

& Give Take By Devon Holloway DeMint

I was aware of the fact that I was married now, even though the actual day that made it official still seemed like a dream. And we were on our honeymoon in Thailand. I looked up for a moment and caught a glimpse of the lazy clouds that hovered casually over the road we drove along. As the sultry sun shone through them, I could see the color variations: white on top dimming into a soft indigo color on the bottom. They seemed to look back at me and appeared graceful and untroubled as they gently moved with the wind, gathering the moisture, they would soon return to dependent vegetation. It was the utter contentment I felt about marrying Scott that made my observations in this moment so clear. I felt like I was looking through new and wider eyes that could see more. What I saw in my mind of Thailand before we left lacked an accurate depiction of its beauty and the proper words to describe its mystery. I had been to many tropical countries before, yet nothing here seemed familiar. Variations of trees covered the land like a quilt, relenting at the shoreline and transforming into long stretches of sugary sand that led into mysterious waters. I felt insignificant amidst its beauty and realized this as our small rental scooter puttered quickly, but

66 | | wSSm

Photos: Scott DeMint |

cautiously along the roads of this thriving land. As the scooter crept up the hill, we played peek-aboo with ocean scenery that stirred my soul. What I understood at that moment was that your eyes always look towards what you need to see. I needed to see the details of this unfamiliar place so that they could awaken within me a love for it. This glimpse made me realize that I needed to take the love emanating from the land, while leaving love behind as I traveled around it. This would be the way we would grow on this trip. On our third day in Thailand, the clouds hung low. The air, salty and thick, felt like an obstacle I needed to push through to get to my destination. My pace quickened as I traversed down 148 steps of our cliffside hotel to get to the beach. A monsoon had bestowed upon us waist to shoulder high waves to play in and I felt grateful to Thailand this morning for sharing her gifts with us.

The ocean was so beautiful and I wanted to be a part of it; I wanted to be the same color. Surfing gives you the chance to look the ocean in the eyes. You get to experience its moods. You understand its power. Any opportunity to embrace its energy and become a part of its mystery can’t be taken for granted.

Scott and I had a great surf exchanging lefts and rights and soaking in the tropical water. I paid specific attention to the animated spirit radiating from the ocean and I tried to embody it as I surfed. The ocean was in an energetic mood. Waves danced across their natural stage steadily until they reached the beach and exhibited their power. My board and I skipped playfully across the waves. Riding waves connects you not only to that body of water, but to the spirit of the region. This region was so vibrant and endearing. When I came in, I observed a local man swimming in the walloping shore break. He also appeared enthusiastic about the ocean’s gifts that morning, yet he didn’t seem to have the ability to understand them. The consistent surf pounded him into the sand over and over until he lost all contact with it and became caught by a rip current that pulled him out to sea. I pointed him out to Scott and we both ran towards the water. I searched for a lifeguard while Scott attempted to rescue this drowning man. The man was frantically waving his arms above his silvery hair. Scott arrived at his side and began to support him by allowing the distressed man to place his arms on his shoulders. The man looked as limp as a wet towel as Scott carried him in. They ducked under a few waves and finally made it safely to the beach. After catching his breath, the man clasped his pruned hands together and bowed his head, thanking us for rescuing him. He didn’t speak English, but we had no problem understanding him. This moment was quiet, quick and surreal. I saw the effect of our love in his eyes. Right then it occurred to me that we had accomplished what we had set out to do: to take and give love on our journey in Thailand. F ...

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COMMUNITY . . . Industry Support


Meet the TEAM


Ami Berg AGE: 24 | YEARS SURFING: 9 | HOMEBREAK: Cocoa Beach, FL | SPONSORS: CALAVERA Swimwear, Smart Girls Who Surf, Extreme Outdoor Supply, and Trunq


’m from Florida, and the cool thing about Florida is you can find a breaking wave just about anywhere along the coast at anytime during the year. Some breaks are Photo: Calavera better than others (and tend to be more crowded), but for the most part I have never run into a bad crowd out there! Normally, there are other girls out surfing, but once in awhile I will be the only one, however that never bothers me. Cocoa Beach seems to have more longboarders because it’s a mellow wave, but if I am looking for something else, it’s just a short drive to either Ponce or Sebastian inlet and those breaks seem to have more shortboarders. I became a team rider for Calavera after one of my other sponsors (Smart Girls Who Surf Sunscreen) hooked me up with them! I was so excited to get a bikini sponsor because we all know, as a surfer girl you go through MANY bikinis! Being a part of the Calavera team is so awesome for me because it really is embracing what it means to be a “surfer girl”. The bikinis are cute (which is a MUST) and they stay on in any conditions (which is also a must!). Going out surfing (or working, I teach surf lessons at Ron Jon Surf School) and knowing that I look good and my bikini is staying on is a great feeling. Someone once told me this, and it really made an impact on me. It was “Never let some-

one else bring you down. You are the only one responsible for your happiness.”

If I could create my dream wave, I would LOVE to have a 5-6’ glassy slow rolling left beach break for a few of my closest friends and me to surf! Hmmm... How do I want to be remembered in the world? For all of the good things I have done and for always keeping a positive outlook on life!

74 | | wSSm

Evie Johnstone AGE: 23 | YEARS SURFING: 5 consecutively HOMEBREAK: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica SPONSORS: CALAVERA Swimwear, A3 Energy Drink


live in Playa Hermosa, which is an awesome beach break to live on because it’s so consistent. We get surfable waves pretty much every day of the year, and 70% of those days are pumping, good waves. I love it. The wave is fast here and gets heavy with only a few feet of swell, but that keeps it exciting and keeps you fit! There’s a great crowd of people living in Hermosa from all over the place, and I love surfing with everyone everyday; we all get so pumped paddling out together. It’s mainly a guy’s line-up, but there’s a group of about eight of us girls that are out there most of the time. I would say the level of surfing here is pretty high, just because the wave can be a challenge. I am lucky to get to surf with talented surfers and the pros from Costa Rica on a daily basis, which apart from being super fun, really helps me improve my own surfing and I learn a lot from them.

was an amazing opportunity for me to work with a brand that I really love, and be a part of a team of girls that are all as hungry as I am to do well in the next years to come. A character quality I admire? It’s a tight call between honesty and positivity. Honesty probably. It saves me having to second-guess and probably get the situation wrong! Ha-ha. I always travel with my favorite softest pillow, so that would be my best travel tip. You never know where you will end up sleeping sometimes. It makes a $5 a night hotel into a $50 a night hotel; you sleep like a dream. It’s an awesome companion on busses, planes, trains, airport floors and it fits into your board bag perfectly as extra padding! Someone once told me this, and it really made an impact on me. It was “Everything is

energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of Photo: Mike Searle | the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” I love this

I met the designer/owner of Calavera Swimwear, Anna Jerstrom, out here in Costa Rica a couple of years ago. We instantly got along because we both LOVE surfing, and we hung out a lot and surfed a lot together. A bikini malfunction was something we had to deal with on a daily basis, and it wasn’t long before Anna had racked up some ideas for her own swimwear surf brand, Calavera. As soon as she had some samples put together, I was desperate to get my hands on them! We spent weeks testing them in all kinds of waves and conditions, and ever since then I haven’t been able to wear another suit to surf in. When Anna gave me the chance to be a team rider, I was stoked. I have been training really hard the last two years to better my surfing and pursue my career as a surfer, but there were so many contests I wanted to get to, but just couldn’t because of how expensive it is to travel. This

quote because it means to me that nothing is unachievable. A combination of hard work, focus and belief can get you anywhere if you really want it to. Create my dream wave? Oooo fun!! OK. It would be sand bottom for sure because I don’t like to surf scared of falling, ha-ha. It would be an A-frame, because I love lefts as much as I love rights. I would have a nice drop on takeoff, followed by a three second barrel section, followed by a peeling wall for about five turns, and ending up with an air section. Anywhere between 6-8 feet would be perfect for me, and Carissa Moore would surf it every day, too! World, please remember me by… How much I LOVE SURFING and everything about it!


.30 am.


Sun is just coming over the horizon. Phone rings. A really tired and hoarse voice at the other end. “There’s waves,” she says. “Big ones.” “Good ones.” A flurry of activity follows. Get the coffee on. Wake up the other girls. Find towel, sun screen and the swimsuit. Wax the board. Load it all in the car – both girls and gear. Get the theme song on the stereo. Pick up more girls, more gear. Feel the energy increasing with every second that passes. A second closer to the waves. Silence just before the car turns up on the beach. Then Evie starts screaming. Jordan jumps out before the car even stops. Danielle is drooling. Literally. Playa Hermosa is rising 6 feet tall. A- frames. Empty. It’s time to put the suits to the test. There is about 10 minutes of chaos as boards, gear and girls are flying in and out of the car. Laughter. Excitement. As everyone walks down the beach the mood gets quieter, more serious. I hang back and just watch the girls as they start preparing for the challenge ahead. Those are some big waves out there and not to be taken lightly. Then the moment of contemplation is gone and we all start running. Boards hit the water and six warrior women are charging towards the break. They are going to battle with big smiles on their faces. I created Calavera for this. For the playful, but fearless, feminine women. Not only are they the Calavera girls, these girls are Calavera. Costa Rica

nna Jerstrom


Photos: Calavera


Calavera Founder

Danielle Ciminero Amy Brooke Luis Jordan Hundley AGE: 17 | YEARS SURFING: On and off for the last 7 years | HOMEBREAK: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica | SPONSORS: CALAVERA Swimwear


he surf culture where I live is really cool. Surfing is really popular, but you can always find a peak to yourself. If one peak gets crowded, it’s usually a pretty chill crowd. There are always a ton of waves, and I think it’s the most consistent place I’ve ever been. A friend of mine told me about Calavera, a swimwear brand that is for surfers, and tested BY surfers in the beautiful waters of Costa Rica. She told me that the owner, Anna, was looking for riders. She eventually contacted me, and our relationship / friendship began there. The relationship I have with Calavera and those involved is really friendly and comfortable.

AGE: 28 | YEARS SURFING: surfing 18, flowboarding 3 | HOMEBREAK: Ocean Beach, San Diego | SPONSORS: CALAVERA Swimwear, Diamond Lounge Tees, Wavehouse, San Diego


here I surf is somewhat different, since to be more specific, it’s flowboarding. It’s what I’m sponsored for, and Wavehouse is really the only place to ride in San Diego. Depending on the weather, there can be anywhere from 3 to 13 riders, and EVERYONE is very supportive and welcoming. We encourage each other to learn new tricks and push each other to new levels. It is my happy place. :) I first heard of Calavera when they sponsored a “rails and bails” contest at Wavehouse. I won a brand new bikini and was stoked on it. Directly after qualifying here in San Diego for the world finals hosted in Durban, South Africa, I talked with Anna. I then was sponsored to represent Calavera and the Unites States of America at the world finals. I am stoked on Calavera and it means a lot to me to represent them. I love what they are about and I support the company. My favorite aspect is the draw string in the bikini bottoms and the “save your neck

I was having serious issues with my bikinis when Calavera and I were introduced through a friend who said she finally had a suit that would stay on. Since then I have been able to focus a whole lot more on the waves! I love that the tops don’t pull on my neck at all - such a relief on the shoulders. Also, how adjustable all of the suits are- you can have them as tight as you need in big surf, or as loose as you want for chilling between sessions. As far as testing the line goes- in order to test the bikinis, one must surf... and surf a lot. It’s horrible. ;)) The character quality I admire the most would be Faith. It requires courage, strength, compassion, patience and so much more to have faith- whether it is faith in people or faith in the future. Only when you have faith can magic happen.

life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” Wow. I try to

remember that quote in every moment of every day - to help me be a better person, make better choices, live with more enthusiasm, gratefulness, and happiness.

from strain” way to tie the top. A character quality I admire most is honesty and dependability. If people can’t trust you, what else is there?

If I could create my dream wave? It would be an a-frame reef with tube and turn sections, with an end bowl over sand bottom, good for boosting airs or a fun end turn. It would have deep enough water so you don’t hit the reef... ever, and overhead tapering down for the end bowl. I would hope to be remembered as someone that inspired someone else to pursue their dream or passion...that by following my path, I woke someone else’s soul up to theirs. F

Someone once told me this, and it really made an impact on me. It was “Jesus died for

Someone once told me this, and it really made an impact on me. It was “Tomorrow is


If I could create my dream wave, it would be a nice 10’-15’ foot A-frame that barrels as you drop into it, and then walls up for turns. And if I were to make a lasting impression on the world, I’d hope that it was for being a surfer that pushed her limits, and always gave back to her community.

If I could create my dream wave, I would put a flow rider, preferably a flow barrel in my backyard. That way I could ride it whenever I wanted and all my friends could come and enjoy as well. If there is one thing I’d like the world to remember about me, is that I have worked hard, and taken A LOT of bad wipeouts to be where I am. Returning after an injury is scary, but fear can be paralyzing and I won’t let it control me.

never guaranteed, so make sure that you appreciate today and live each day to its fullest.”


urf culture in Playa Hermosa.... Heaps of people, all mostly mellow. Heaps of waves, really warm water, sometimes too warm. Super hot, black sand, lots of surfer girls (in comparison to other places), mostly shortboards, and waves are pretty fun on most days.

Someone once told me this, and it really made an impact on me. It was “One day your

In life, a character quality I admire the most in a person is when they are humble, go with the flow, and have a good sense of humor. I think these are important qualities because people with these qualities are usually mellow, and aren’t going to freak if things don’t go their way or turn out perfect. When it comes to travel tips, I would say to always go into an adventure with an open mind. Be ready and willing to learn and expect that things most likely will not go the way you planned, so just enjoy the ride.

AGE: Sometimes 12, sometimes 85, depends on how I feel | YEARS SURFING: 6 HOMEBREAK: Charlestown, RI + Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica | SPONSORS: CALAVERA Swimwear, Nexo Surfboards, Kulcha Shok Muzik

wSSm | | 75

COMMUNITY . . . I am a surfer

Photos: Myriam Presti

SheRachel SurfsPresti

My mom taught me how to surf. She would push me into the waves and teach me to pop up and go down the line. I learned on a 5’10 INT soft top. The first break I surfed was down the street from my house in Melbourne Beach, FL.

Growing up surfing is totally awesome. My mom tries to take me and my little sister, Audrey, to the beach every day after school and we surf until it gets dark outside. Sometimes I even go surfing before school. Dawn patrol is great when the sun just peeks over the ocean; it’s so quiet and relaxing. The coolest is when we have a hurricane swell and my mom lets me play hooky from school sometimes. I call it “Surf-itis.” I met some of the girls I surf with at competitions and we became friends. Surfing with them is always fun, however most of the time I surf with boys. My life has changed a little as I have grown; I follow the surf now and don’t just surf down the street anymore. The better breaks are in Cocoa Beach, Sebastian Inlet and New Smyrna Beach. The waves have longer lines in them. I also enjoy surfing in Costa Rica; the waves are bigger, faster and heavier than our Florida waves. One of my scariest moments would have to be surfing Hermosa, Costa Rica, when out of nowhere a huge 8 ft. wave dropped right on my head. Several people have been a great help. One of them is my mom. She is always there for me and takes me everywhere. Another is my coach, Todd Holland. He is a great surfer and coach. Carissa Moore, seeing how good she surfs, inspires me to want to be even better than her when I grow up. What is my goal for the near future? Being the youngest ever world champion, when I am 16 years old!!

90 | | wSSm

My favorite board that I ride on right now is a 4’8 Epoxy Peli board shaped by Todd Holland, and my favorite break is somewhat small: depending on how good the waves are. I guess on a normal day there are around 13 surfers or so out there. There are a few women surfers, though mainly men and some groms. Since we have a lot of smaller surf, 2-4 ft., you see a mix of short and longboards, but I guess more long and paddle boarders. Most of them are pretty cool, some even say, “Take any wave from me.” Others are not so cool, they drop in on you or even run you over, like this one longboarder did to me and cracked my tail in half! My pets mean a lot to me. I have a golden retriever named Lyla. I have two cats named Mama Cat and Panda (my cat), and a Bearded Dragon named Puff.

My surfer girl travel tip is to always travel with at least 2 boards-- in case one breaks. When I am not surfing, I like to Ripstick and skateboard at my house or the skate park. I like reading and I love hanging out with my friends. What would I like to shout to the world? I guess it would be, “Look out world, Rachel is gonna shred it up!” F

She Surfs

Amanda Cameron

Photos: Amanda Cameron

Age: 27 Favorite Board: 6’8 Ron Jon Egg Shortboard Favorite Break: Cocoa Beach, Florida I’ve been surfing for about 11 years, since I first started in Tobago when I was 16. I spent a month there with my friend and her family. One day we were at the beach and I saw a bunch of locals surfing. I immediately wanted to get out in the water and try!! So, I convinced my friend to take a walk with me and to approach some of the locals that were resting on the beach. For a small cost they not only gave us an hour lesson, but allowed us to borrow their boards for the day. They taught us how to stand and read the waves. They even made us wax our own boards (it was fun, though)! I spent the entire day in the water paddling and just trying to catch anything at all! Finally, near the end of the day, I looked over my shoulder and saw this perfect set coming in. I told myself this was it. I started paddling as fast as I could and before I knew it, the wave had lifted my board. I grabbed hold of the rails and shot myself up as fast I could. I rode the wave into shore. It was probably about a 10 second ride, but I could not wipe the smile off my face. All the local boys were laughing and telling me I would never be the same. How right they were! I was stoked for life! I still remember that day like it was yesterday. While I try and surf in the warm ocean waters every time I go away on vacation, at home I am confined to the Great Lake areas. Picking up surfing in my area was, as all my friends and family thought, a crazy idea. Haha.

Our surf season, is from October through March, which means subzero temperatures. It’s not uncommon to see us getting out of the water with icicles hanging from the brim of our wetsuit hoods!! It is an easy trade off, if it means being able to paddle out! When I first found out about lake surfing, I was stoked and surprised. I never imagined people could surf in the lakes!! I thought surfing was only for the coast. I have to say that I do find it more difficult to surf in the lake. The waves are choppy and sometimes unpredictable, so I rely mostly on two boards. When the waves are epic, I grab my 6’8” Ron Jon board, but when they aren’t so hot I paddle out on my 8’0” McTavish. Either way it’s epic to just get out there!!

Right now I’m just trying to continue working on my cutbacks and bottom turns, which will take time, as surfing is not at all about rushing things! One of my ultimate goals is to get inside and come out of a nice clean barrel. Those are pretty infrequent in the lakes, so I will have to hope I can make it happen sometime on vacation! Some of the more frequent spots are the Cove (Scarborough Bluffs), Sandbanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario, K Pier (Kincardine) on Lake Huron, and Port Colborne and Crystal Beach on Lake Erie. Depending on the direction of the winds, one can find a paddle out point almost anywhere. Unfortunately, there are very few female lake surfers, but the guys are really good about sharing the lineup. With having such a small group, it’s nice to see anybody out there! I have to admit that it’s nice to get out there and not have to battle. It’s just me and the open water. I love getting out as much as I can. I find being able to paddle out brings peace and relaxation to my life. The energy from getting out there is powerful and allows me to balance out my life. I cannot imagine a life without surf! My motto? Peace. Love. Surf. F wSSm | | 91

COMMUNITY . . . I love SUP

Photo: Dana Edmonds


Mariko Strickland

Age: 25 | Homebreak: Anahola Years Surf/SUP’n: Surfing-15, SUP surfing-5, SUP racing-2 years Sponsors: C4 Waterman, Maui Jim, Kona Red, Hinano, Kona Brewing, I love Hanalei

My SUP Roots

My Dad started taking me out surfing when I was 5 years old, but I didn’t start SUP surfing until years later. It was around 2007 when I came home from college for vacation and my Dad was SUPing. It looked like a lot of fun, so I gave it a try and fell in love! From then on I couldn’t wait to visit home because it meant I got to SUP! Finally there came a time that I couldn’t go back to Cali without one, so I took my Dad’s first hand shaped SUP back to Cali with me. My first competitive race was our Dukes Canoe Club 1st Annual SUP race at Kalapaki Bay. I had just moved home from graduating college in California, so all the paddling I had been doing was surfing/SUP surfing. I used a 12ft. board my Dad shaped and ended up taking 1st for the girls and 6th overall. Having so much fun and receiving great encouragement by people involved in the sport competitively, such as Leleo Kinimaka, I decided to compete in more races! From there things just started taking off.

I’m Drawn to SUP Because...

Well, I love taking my SUP into the surf lineup, but sometimes the crowd can be a pain unless

104 | | wSSm

I’m surfing at my home break by myself. The bodysurfing, there are courtesy rules everyone course racing is a fun and intensely competitive should follow in the lineup. No matter what atmosphere that I enjoy every much. However, I type of watercraft you are riding for the day, would probably have to say open ocean distance you don’t want to be a wave hog, paddle circles paddling is my favorite. It embodies all aspects around others, cut anyone off, etc. The best rule of SUP into one satwe could all follow is isfying activity. You to have fun and surf are out in the depths with aloha! of the ocean all by The Future of SUP As a company, we are so fortuyourself, or amongst SUP has taken friends, chasing nate... We know we can put Mariko off very quickly, open ocean swells. on a starting line, in front of a clinic, establishing itself as When the conditions her picture in an advertisment or a a sport that can be are right, you are one-on-one interview with a mag and done anywhere and surfing and jumping everywhere around she will perfectly represent the core from one swell to the world, as long as of what our brand is about, that is the next. Thus, no there is some form really unique to be able to find in one matter how the of body of water athlete. Beyond that, we know that conditions are, you available. get a great workout! Mariko will be the same awesome The racing side of Nowadays I get just person no matter where she goes or the sport is global as stoked if the surf whom she is with, so that’s very and since it is a time is up or the wind is comforting for a brand. based sport like whipping! With a SUP track, it is clear-cut Mariko in one word? Honest! no matter what the and unbiased. conditions, you can Liam Wilmott | C4 Waterman Perhaps these cohedo some kind of fun sive ingredients will activity on the water. prompt SUP racing to one day be recSurf vs. SUP ognized as an Olympic sport! The possibilities are Etiquette endless. I also definitely see more girls getting I think surfing etiquette rules should be the involved in the sport, as there are new girls on same across the board, no matter what type of the scene at every race! watercraft you are riding. Whether you are on a short board, long board, body board, SUP, or

My Sponsors Are...

C4 Waterman: They were the first mainstream SUP Company

to approach me about sponsorship and they have taken very good care of me thus far in my career. They not only provide me with top of the line equipment, but also once in a lifetime experiences with the most renowned watermen and waterwomen in the world. Maui Jim: They provide the best quality sunglasses any waterwoman could ask for! The quality of lenses protects my eyes under all conditions.

Top/middle photos: Alicia Franco |

Kona Red: A locally owned Kauai Company, Kona Red pro-

vides me with an organic source of anti-oxidants to neutralize my fatigue and sustain my natural energy levels. Hinano: Their clothing suits my island girl lifestyle! Beautiful pareos, dresses, skirts, etc. This Tahitian owned company truly exudes the Polynesian lifestyle of ALOHA in all their operations. Kona Brewing: A local Hawaiian self-sustainable company that provides the best liquid aloha! KBC brews Hawaiian flavored infused beers while maintaining ecological integrity in mind with their operations. I Love Hanalei: They have the cutest bikinis and workout

clothes on Kauai!

SUP Tips & Advice

If you are a beginner, I would suggest starting off paddling on a stable (wide and thick) board in the river. For your safety and the safety of others, using a soft-top SUP or a C4 inflatable SUP would be a great idea. These boards are much lighter as well as easier to carry and manage on the water. When I first started surfing on my own, my Dad made me learn how to paddle and duck dive before I could even think about catching a wave. Before you can attempt to surf a stand up paddleboard, you have to be able to paddle one! Paddling in the river is a great place to start. Once you feel extremely confident in the river, you can advance to paddling in the ocean to get the feel of the different buoyancy of water. If you have zero surfing experience, I would suggest trying to surf perhaps a long board before you attempt to handle a stand up paddleboard, and paddle simultaneously in the lineup.

Why SUP Matters in My Life

Since I work mostly nights at Dukes Canoe Club, unless I am substitute teaching in the day, I have most of the day to get a paddle or surf in. I feel it is really important for me to make time to paddle, because it is something I love to do! I think everyone should make time in their busy schedules to do the things they love, especially if it is something positively active! Stand up paddling has evolved into my new competitive sport, so making time to train for races is definitely a priority for me. F

Photo: Chasefoto wSSm | | 105

SURF ART & MUSIC . . . I am an Artist

Sheila Faye Donahue

My Surfing Roots... I grew up spending my summers in Fenwick Island, DE. I was always a water rat and it was only natural to transition from bodyboard to surfboard as I got older. My older brothers were the ones who taught me how to surf, in fact my oldest brother helped pick out my first surfboard. He ordered my sister and me custom shaped 6’4 West Wind fishes for Christmas when I was 15. It was the perfect board for learning to surf and charging East Coast waves. I travelled all over with my family surfing Fenwick Island, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, Sebastians Inlet, and many other East Coast breaks. My family loved to travel to different beaches in our little RV home. I still have my West Wind and ride it often! My favorite board I ride now is an Island Inspired quad fin Thruster shaped by Todd Sutz. I believe I was born an artist,

Garden City Waves

I think we all are, but just have different creative outlets. I remember coloring for hours trying to stay in between the lines while I was still developing my motor skills. I was always trying out new mediums and making pictures for everyone in my family. I loved painting the ocean and women. As a surfer and a dancer, I see movement and energy everywhere. I love bold colors, expressive lines, and movement. I try to portray the energy I feel and see into all my work. Drew Brophy is my biggest inspiration as an artist; he truly is a master of the Surf Art style! As a child, though I probably drove them crazy, my parents really supported every vision I ever had and applauded me every step of the way. I couldn’t have been more blessed.

Other Artistic Passions... I love sanding down beater boards, fixing them up, and then spray painting and drawing on them to create a work of art. It’s amazing what life you can bring to an old board. As a Christmas present for my boyfriend, I built and elaborately painted a corn hole board set with Surf Art. I also have been working with wood burnings, driftwood, and painting glass. I recently began imprinting my art on everyday items like laptop sleeves, tablet cases, coasters, and a variety size of zippered pouches.

3 Favorite Pieces... My Autumn Surfer Girl painting is special because it reminds me of my fall surf sessions where the water is still warm, but the air is getting brisk. The energy of the wind, waves and the impeding darkness of nightfall sets the mood for this painting. The Giant Orange Wave painting is one of my most popular pictures. It can bring any room alive with the bright colors and movement.

116 | | wSSm

This piece makes me feel happy when I look at it. I think the wave is laughing‌ My Garden City Waves painting was painted on the beach while watching the sunset. The colors of the sand and sky were so dramatic while being out there, I tried to capture what I saw and felt that evening. This is also one of my favorite spots to surf. I find this piece to be almost sinister, yet calming. It is kind of like the personality of the ocean.

My Art Style Is... Expressive Surf Art. There is so much movement, energy, and color in my work that I feel like it is sometimes alive. No matter where my art is, it adds a little flow of the ocean.

Future Plans...

Giant Orange Wave

I have everything to look forward to right now! I am starting a new career when I graduate working in an environmental lab on projects like monitoring bacteria levels at local beaches as well as studying the impacts of storm-water pollution flowing into local tidal creeks. I am constantly inspired to create new works of art and further develop my art business. I love living at the beach, the energy I find in the ocean inspires my art, my career, and my spirit. F

Reach Out To Sheila... For gallery purchases: Like me on Facebook:

Autumn Surfer Girl wSSm | | 117


Top: “Butterfly Top” in white burnout by Juli and Fred, that lifts into a perfect half moon when arms are raised. Soft, flowy... oh so nice! (

Skirt: “RL407 Red” dress/skirt, that billows and sways in a beach breeze, and can be worn 8 different ways. By Elan ( Necklace: by / 1-800-722-2309

PHOTOS BY: Daniel K. Fine Arts MODELS: Chrislaine Mendonca, Beccy Hailstones, Ryan Hailstones, Paul McLaughlin SET DRESSERS / FASHION COORDINATORS: Becca P., Trish Edwards HAIR & MAKEUP BY: Macy Smit, Rachel Quintanilla, and Chelsea Stonehouse, from the Paul Mitchell School- Honolulu (

118 | | wSSm

wSSm | | 119


Meet ROXY Team Rider...


he Walsh clan pulled up in a big Hawaii style truck, the three of them in the front and a whole ton of boards in the back. Introductions were made, camera gear set up, boards unloaded.



Photos by Gregerson | Story by Tia Calvo

A BIG thank you to Vanina’s sponsors- Roxy, COOP, KM Hawaii, Kaenon Sunglasses, Kialoa, RumbaTime, Island Shade Shacks, On-it-Pro, and Tambor Acai, for their support of Vanina!


140 | | wSSm

Vanina rides for KM Hawaii, who sponsors her for SUP surf, race and both short and long boards. All of her boards are custom made and she’s super stoked to represent KM Hawaii! Photo: WSSM

wSSm | | 141


Ornella Pellizzari Photos by Casey Rossi | Story by Tia Calvo Team ROXY / Brazil

Surfer, skater, ripper.

Home grown in Argentina, she represents a fusion of female free surfer and contest competitor. Here is her story.

“I was born in Mar del Plata, a coastal city four hours south of Buenos Aires. My house is located in a woodland area, so I grew up climbing trees surrounded by nature with my older sister Agostina. There weren’t many other girls to play with around home so we just chilled with the boys. We had dogs, cats, a horse, rabbits, chickens, even a goat and a sheep! Hilarious... I had the best childhood I could ever imagine. I feel pretty lucky (big smile). I was the first to encourage my family to surf. When I was eleven years old, my sister picked it up and after that my dad when he was forty-four. My dad is a lifeguard, so we spent summers full time at the beach and I used to play with the boogieboard non-stop. When I started to stand up on it, I decided to get a surfboard. Back in the days when I started, there were only a few older girls and maybe like five girls my age. We always had a five-girl final every contest. I had no one to look up to at that stage. That’s why I had to compete against the boys (junior boys and open division) to push myself and improve. It’s pretty bad here most of the time. We get swells, but they’re hardly with the right conditions and wind direction... It’s not a quality surf spot, but once in a while we can get barrels or sort of epic waves, no bigger that 9-foot. I started competing at age eleven. The same year I started it became my obsession and I went through nationals, the Brazilian competition in the winter, then ISA games,

Ornella, enjoying the golden hour...

154 | | wSSm

Bottom turning in Mancora, Peru

ALAS (Latin American tour) and WQS after. I guess I wanted to become professional when I realized there were other pro surfer girls out there making a career of it. My local surf shop was the first support I received. I bought my first surfboard from there and when I started competing, the owner sponsored me with his own brand. I used to love competing, I still do, but I enjoy free surfing more. I can find real waves and get to try new stuff and share good sessions with my friends instead of a two-foot QS tour. At first I started travelling with my family in search of better waves and competitions, mainly to border countries like Brazil and Chile. Winters in Argentina don’t provide the conditions, weather, or industry to progress and travelling allowed me to improve. It’s amazing having contacts and good friends everywhere, always a home to stay and somewhere you feel welcome. It makes the world a much smaller place. The friends I’ve made inspire and teach me so much. Travelling wouldn’t be the same without them. Spending time and surfing with my family is what I miss most


wSSm | | 155


Core Workouts with

COURTNEY CONLOGUE By Tia Calvo | Photos: Gregerson

Surf training isn’t just about hitting the water. There are many ways to improve your surfing fitness even when away from the beach.



Bring your arms behind your back, fingers interlocked, and gently stretch the shoulders and chest by lifting your hands away from your body.

Courtney’s Tip: “This move prevents the shoulders from rolling forward as a result of paddling”.

We sat down with our favorite pro surfer and fitness guru, the seriously buff Courtney Conlogue to talk training. Her advice? It’s all about the core and stretching. “With surfing, your core is the center of everything. It causes your body to go where you want. If your core is strong, then you can work out everything else and make it follow. Your surfing will improve”, Courtney explains. “Stretching for surfing is really important because when a foot slips off a board you don’t want to pull your hamstring or tear a ligament in your knee. As soon as you have something whip you really fast, that’s going to either strain or possibly tear. There are also a lot of things with surfing where you’re constantly doing the same motion. You want to counteract that constant motion and prevent any possible injury.” Here are a few of Courtney’s favorite stretches and core workouts, to get you ready for this winter’s surf season.

Front Shoulder Stretch


Forward Lunge

Start resting on your back knee with the other leg forward, making sure the front knee is directly above the ankle. Gently lower your hips and place your hands on the ground for balance if required. Repeat on the other side.

Courtney’s Tip: “I’m past the basic flexibility, so I

start lengthening my back leg out more to feel it in the front thigh. You can bring your leg in to make it easier.”

Stretching Tips “Never exceed what you’re comfortable with. The key is not to push so hard to where you’re straining your muscles, but to push to where you’re feeling it and getting that stretch.” -- Courtney


Butterfly Indian Stretch

Sitting on the floor, place the soles of your feet together. Slowly lean forward pressing your knees down until you feel a gentle stretch in your inner thighs

Courtney’s Tip: “I love this one for stretching my hip muscles!”

160 | | wSSm

Photo: WSSM

172 | | wSSm

WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine - Summer/Fall '12 Preview!  
WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine - Summer/Fall '12 Preview!  

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