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Moving With Waves

excerpt from Romance On The High Seas by Lorenzo Lago

moving with waves time passes in sweet sacred colors folding shades of rich blues and shadows there is a feeling that takes over the soul when the sea reaches out for earth touches retreats gathers strength and again tosses its life upon the shore no shyness no guilt but triumphs again and again echo of a million years such ease grace surrender and sureness sharing in strength and rhythm I keep, carry, and cherish I am moving with waves

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Katie Radcliffe photo by: Joan Johnson

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Letter from the Publishers Wow. Another year halfway gone… and 2012 is right around the corner! As I (Sandra) write this, we’re wrapping up our last issue for 2011, which completes our 8th year on stands. I’m super excited to see what the new year brings, ready to meet all the new girls that we’ll feature, stories that will be told. I’m amazed at how quickly the time has flown by, and what started as such a humble project- how much it’s grown. After moving to Hawaii in ’99 with my husband, Dan, who was an east coast surfer at the time, I learned to surf in the land Photo: Wayne where kings, queens and princesses before me have surfed. I never thought that my love of surfing, graphic design, and working for myself would have actually grown into the #1 women’s surf magazine in the USA.

To be #1 was never my goal. I often told Dan back in the early years, “I don’t want the whole (industry) pie… I just want a piece of it!” I remember sitting on my livingroom floor in our Waikiki apartment, surrounded by stacks of paper, with notes, photos, and scribbles all over them: bound together with simple craft yarn. These homemade books were my “dummies” that I presented to my printer, so they could see where I was trying to go with this idea, and how they could help me get there. I worked on layout long hours in the day- before heading out at night to work as a server at a local restaurant. I was planning our strategy as a magazine, figuring out where exactly we fit in this niche industry. “What would I want to see in a women’s surf magazine?” was my inspiration. I craved to know the ins-and-outs of surfing… from a beginner to intermediate surfer’s standpoint. Though there were 3 other women’s surf magazines on stands at the time—none of them filled this basic void, I felt. I wanted to include all the things I loved about my “other” womens magazines- like SHAPE. Health, beauty, fitness, recipes, word finds, stories of women that have risen above the odds, and realized their dreams of entrepreneurship. These were just some of the aspects of women’s lives that I felt was important to include. After all, there’s more to life than just surfing. It was a daunting task, and we encountered many bumps (blockades?) along the way. Had I known HOW hard it would be those first 5 years, I undoubtedly would never have started WSSM. It was by God’s abounding grace, combined with the patience and never-ending support of Dan, who told me to never give up, but make my dream a reality, that WSSM did indeed continue to grow. Both of them never gave up on me… and God willing, I’ll never give up on bringing YOU, one of the most inspiring, colorful, uplifting and educational surf magazines that’s ever been published. As we move into year #9… I am deeply moved by the continued support of you, our readers, and ask you to continue to spread the word about us. Every copy sold is a small block that builds the foundation of women’s surfing history, and we appreciate your support more than you can imagine. Our advertisers are also a BIG part of WSSM. Without their support and ingenuity, the women’s surf industry would not be growing, with all the new products emerging that fills our needs as women surfers. So please… read the ads, contemplate them. If you see that you can use their products in your life, or in a friend’s life, please support them, and let them know you saw them in WSSM. If we’re to continue to grow as a group, and inspire the next generation of surfer girls, we need the support and love from companies such as the ones you’ll find here, that are giving their heart, soul, and hard earned money, to support your lifestyle as a surfer. God bless them for their support, and God bless you, our reader… we love you, and thank you!

Sandra & Dan Olson


Sandra & Dan Olson

EDITOR: Debbie L. Olson

CFO: John Dotson

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Renee Williams, Sandra Olson, Amanda Fernandez

A big thanks to John for all his hard work & attention to detail!

WRITERS: Sandra Olson, Dan Olson, Tia Calvo, Amanda Fernandez, Rachel Kathleen Stallings, Carolyn Palma, Renee Williams, Amanda Rigney, Shelsea Brown, Nina Dacaney, Teresa Hodge, Deborah Anne Olson, Zofia Karubin, Bethany P., Christina DiMari, Claire Miyamoto, Holly Beck, Gina Abou-Sayf, Karissa Correa, Tracy Rubert, Roxy Saffaie, John Olson, Christina Frankel, Nichole Wagner, Jordan Klinger, Jenny Yoon, Morgon Hoesterey, Mary Osborne, Shane Cohn, Jenny O., Laura Viviana, Leanne Darling, Kristy Wright, Jenni Sells, Jennifer Erica Bright, Lindsay Schwarz WSSM STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Daniel KawasakiDaniel K. Fine Arts, John Olson, Dave Gregerson- 20foot. com, Dan Olson- WSSM, Dale Basye - HologramVision. com, Gabriel Fernandez, Matt Olson, Jordan Klinger, Karissa Correa, Rachel Kathleen Stallings CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS:,, Teresa Hodge, Corlyce. com,,, Shelsea Brown,, Jim Whitney, Aaron Nakamura, Gabriel Fernandez, Daniel Russo, Christina Frankel, Jay Haysey, Wilber Bergado, Charles Lanceplaine, Glenn Brumage, Wingnut Weaver, Nancy Hussey, Matt Schweitzer, Tyler Fox, Anna Scipione, Michael Friedman - Big Surf Daddy Photography, Goyo Martin, Kelly Latimer, Jennifer Ouye, Meghan Whitney, Jimmie Hepp, Lolita James, Ozzie Jack Clarke, Holly Amodio, Harry Weiwel, Kevin Seid, Cat Slatinsky, Richard Bradley, JS Callahan FASHION COORDINATORS: Trish Edwards, Deborah Anne Olson SPECIAL EVENT COORDINATORS: Brandy & Rob Chang I.T. DIRECTOR: Stan Olson EDITORIAL & PHOTO SUBMISSION: WOMENS SURF STYLE MAGAZINE P.O. Box 22853 Honolulu, HI 96823 ONLINE: Publisher reserves the right to edit all submissions for content/space purposes at their sole discretion. Upon receiving, all submitted materials become the property of WSSM with full reprint rights, and will not be returned. Please send copies of your originals. WSSM is published twice yearly. Distributor and advertising information can be obtained by visiting No portion of WSSM may be copied or reproduced in any way without written permission/consent of WSSM editor/publisher. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. All surf photos submitted to, and seen in WSSM, are for content purposes only and remain the sole property of the individual photographers. Reproduction in any way is strictly forbidden. Contact info for photographers may be obtained by visiting their websites. Copyright 2003, WSSM Women’s Surf Style Magazine All rights reserved. Printed in Hong Kong.

WSSM Publishers/Editors

Meet our new team member... Tia Calvo

Staff writer, photographer, film maker and model

“I am an accidental globe trotter. One month turned to six, then morphed into years of traveling and surfing my way around the world. While Western Australia is my home base, you will mostly find me somewhere on the road, surfing, writing and filming my experiences. I am excited to join the WSSM team and share not only my stories, but also those of fellow inspiring women enjoying the ocean.” 16 | | wSSm

Cover Photo: Gregerson Surf Photography Surfer: Courtney Conlogue

She Surfs


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SURF STOKED... live, breathe, surf

Mary Osborne: the first woman to surf China’s Qiantang tidal bore


FEATURED CONTRIBUTOR Tracy Rubert is the managing editor of Better Nutrition magazine. She holds an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. In addition to writing articles for health & fitness publications, she has published fiction in a number of literary journals and is currently working on a novel. She lives in Long Beach, CA, with her husband and their rescue mutt, Mojo. Tracy is an avid surfer, and can often be found paddling out at Bolsa Chica or Blackie’s. Look for her articles, “Spotlight On: San O’Nofre” (64), and “Talking Board Design with Kristy Murphy” (154)


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El Salvador... An epic surf destinations


Hawaiian Style

Surfing the Silver Dragon

with Mary Osborne

Wahine in the Making Surfing the Phillipines Goodbye Corporate World SPOTLIGHT ON

San O’Nofre

Beginner Tips & Tricks Surf Stories

Hello LIFE!

Find the Charger Within

by Jenni O.

A Surfer’s Healing

In New Zealand





Bikini Stop!

Riggs and Pulley, designer Dianne Arnn

No Waves? No Problem... A day at Ko’Olina Golf Club Kim Mayer (78), MT Bourque (81), Sarah K. Dean (82), Shelby Schweitzer (83), Kaira Wallace (83), Chloe Buckley (84), Nicole Finaske (85), Carly Wilson (86), Leane Darling (87), Cathy Young (88), Misha Martin (89), Keenan Lineback, Jasset Humbel, Marissa Shaw (90), Mirabai James (94)

Balance Your Life


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Writings by: Lindsay Schwarz (116), Jennifer Erica Bright (117), Jenni Sells (117)

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China Breaks With Holly Beck

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Rails & Tales

. . . Hawaii

Two girls, two boards, and a tropical surf destination that beckoned to them from over 3,000 miles away... Surf travelers Christina Frankel & Nichole Wagner’s love of surfing inspired them to venture from the comfort of their home breaks in Florida, for a much anticipated surfing trip to Hawaii, anticipating exotic waves, warm water, and ocean life galore. Lured to Hawaii instead of closer surf destinations such as Nicaragua or Costa Rica, they found surf, sunshine and aloha, waiting to embrace them! Luckily, we connected with them before they arrived, and have been friends ever since, so we were stoked to get the inside scoop on these surf travelers to share with you. Our surfing roots…

NICHOLE: I’ve always been a beach girl my whole life, I was born in San Diego, California, and my parents always took me to the beach before I could drive. Now, I am currently living in Florida, which is where I pretty much grew up. I began surfing at the age of 14 years young (now I am 24 years old, hehe). Ever since I caught my first wave I was hooked, and I pretty much just taught myself how to surf and I would watch alot of surf videos. The spot in Florida you would most likely always find me surfing at is Sebastian Inlet. It’s right near where I live and I feel very lucky to live near one of the top surf breaks in Florida. CHRISTINA: When I was younger I always “dreamed” of being a surfer. A good childhood friend and I would go out at Coco Beach (in St Martin) with our boogie boards and try to stand up on them. We were so young, and thought we were SO cool because we taught ourselves how to stand up on boogie boards! It wasn’t until I was about 14 that I actually learned how to surf during a family vacation in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. My mother bought me an awesome 6 foot something Eric Swanson shaped board. It had a giant palm tree and sun on it. Groovy! After that trip, I went to local beaches like Wabasso and Sebastian Inlet and continued surfing.

Competitive surfing?

NICHOLE: About a year after I started surfing, I would enter small local surf contests until I got the hang of doing them and then I started to do some of the ESA, NSSA, and junior pro contests. Contests are a lot of fun and I do love to compete, but I am not the best at being aggressive out in the water during a heat, so I have to work on that! I must say nothing beats free surfing, it’s way more fun! Also, I am going to college right now at Indian River State College, and I would love to start a surf club/team there so we can do the NSSA college division, I think I can get a good team together. CHRISTINA: I’ve actually only competed once in surfing, I grew up in a very competitive family of golf and tennis and the only tournaments I participated in was tennis when I was younger. I just found surfing as more of a get away/pressure free kind of sport more than a competitive one for me.

Why Hawaii?

NICHOLE: My first trip ever to Hawaii was a trip I will never forget because I went to the North Shore during the winter time in 2008 and the waves were huge! My first time seeing all the surf spots that I’ve watched on surf videos and heard all about came to reality right before my eyes… walking down the path way to Pipeline I was so stoked, and Pipe was going off! I’ve been going back to Hawaii the past few winters to the North Shore, I love it out there. CHRISTINA: Everyone who has been to Hawaii speaks about how amazing it is. From all the footage I’ve seen on Hawaii, I wanted to go see for myself what this little paradise in the Pacific Ocean was all about. Also, so

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many people who live in Florida go to surf destinations that are a little closer. I guess we were also just feeling a little more adventurous!

What do you do back home?

NICHOLE: I currently live in a small laid back town in Florida called Vero Beach a.k.a Zero Beach... ‘cause there is not much to do here in this town. I try to lay low here and do my own thing and just mainly focus on surfing all the time when we have anything to surf. I stay active by going to the gym and training, and I’ve been focusing on finishing my bachelors degree… AND work alot and save all my money for surf trips! CHRISTINA: I just moved to California in March with my puppy and my boyfriend (Check out the Winter/Spring 2011 Issue to see how we met!!). My best friend, Nichole, and I have our own bikini company called OBikini-which is based out of Ocean Beach, San Diego, where I live. I am also a photographer! It’s great because I get to surf and have fun every day and still have time for work!

Tell us about planning this trip…

NICHOLE: Well, Christina and I kind of planned this trip spur of the moment. We talked about it for about a month, and one day we were chillen and started talking about it again about how bad we wanted to get out of here and go to Hawaii--Christina never having been to Hawaii… she was very anxious to get out there ASAP! As we began our search for a place to stay in Oahu… we wanted to make sure it was right near the beach, so we could just walk from our hotel to all of the surf spots. We went online to and found a super cheap deal at the Parkshore Hotel for $99/ per night ocean front room. Score. Next, we got our buddy pass flight on USAirways (thanks to Julie Fink) and got a roundtrip ticket for about $400, can’t beat that! Once we got our tickets and everything booked, I was SO excited to get back to Hawaii… all I did before we left was pretty much worked every day, surfed, and went to the gym and worked on my fitness and did some yoga classes. I was so ready to get out of Florida and back to Hawaii for some real fun surf and I couldn’t wait too meet up with Sandra Olson and surf with her and check out all the spots on the South Shore!

What surf spots did you hit while in Hawaii?

NICHOLE: We surfed a few different spots on this trip... one spot that I really enjoyed surfing was Kaisers because it was so far out you could barely see what was going on from the beach, but once you paddled through the channel where all the ships go thru, it was a perfect bowl, left or right, and a lot of barrels. It was like head high, sorta crowded, but it was still fun. Sandra took Christina and I surfing at Diamond Head one day and that was a lot of fun too because it was real peaky and had some good size to it. Then Sandra also took us to a spot called Flies, and that was so much fun. We got too meet and surf with all the girls that day at Flies. Everyone was ripping and it was like 15 of us girls surfing the peak and only like 3 guys were out.. so the ratio was all girls and we showed the fellas up that day, pretty much they took notes from us ladies and we got all the good ones (hehe). Oh ya, and it was a lot of fun when Christina and I rented longboards and went and surfed Canoes and Waikiki. It was just so crowded… but I still got my fair share. CHRISTINA: Although it was super crowded, Kaiser’s was probably my favorite wave we surfed. You paddle out towards the break until you get in the channel and float out. There’s a super hollow and pitchy right that throws, it’s quick and short, but super fun… And then the lefts just seem like they keep going, and you can get a bunch of turns in... And if you get lucky while the sun’s going down, you can catch a ride back into the beach (if you paddle fast enough) to hang onto the back of one of the canoes when they’re paddling back in! Be careful to not hold on the entire ride, or some shallow water with rocks will stop you towards the end!

What boards did you bring with you and why did you choose those? NICHOLE: We packed both our boards in one board bag, so

we brought one board each. I brought my 5’10 AJW squash tail, it’s my favorite board right now... it feels good under my feet and I can get good speed on it. It has black rails and the whole top is bright pink, can’t miss me out there. It’s very bright, thank you AJW surfboards!

Christina, Nichole & Aaron in Waikiki


Photos by: Christina Frankel |, Aaron Nakamura |, Gary Miyata |

F Tons of bikinis F Super Glue (for reef cuts) F I-pod w/Skullcandy head phones F Laptop F Surfboards F Wax F Camera F Video Camera F Towels F Sunscreen F Make-up F Money$$$ F Leashes F Scuba gear (haha) F Clothes F Flip-flops F Sunglasses F Magazines F Movies (for the long plane rides)

wSSm | | 43

Rails & Tales

. . . Hawaii

CHRISTINA: I brought my new 5’10 Lost. I chose that one because I hadn’t gotten the chance to really ride it yet, and thought I might as well break it in someplace where the waves are usually always decent. Photos by: Gary Miyata |, Christina Frankel |, Aaron Nakamura |

What other activities did you enjoy while you were here?

NICHOLE: I really enjoyed exploring, snorkeling, just cruising around, meeting the locals and new friends, hiking, seeing the waterfalls, doing photoshoots for the magazine, and trying all the good food there! CHRISTINA: One of my favorites was going hiking up Ala Moana trail. We went with a few buddies, in flip-flops, and it was raining. With mud all over me, we made it to the waterfall, and it was beautiful. Another one of my favorite activities was snorkeling on the west side on our very last day. A friend of ours, who lives there, took us the morning we were leaving to go back to Florida. The conditions were perfect – the weather was amazing, the water was super clear and it was completely flat. Oh yeah, and we heard dolphins while we were snorkeling!

WSSM set up a surfing photoshoot while you were here... tell us about that experience? NICHOLE: The photoshoot for WSSM magazine was so much fun! That was the day that Sandra took us to Flies and we got too meet all the girls that I have seen featured in the previous issues, everyone was super cool and we all had a blast surfing together. We also got to meet two of Sandra’s photographers for the WSSM magazine, Gary Miyata and Aaron Nakamura. They were so nice and got a lot of nice shots! Thank you guys for everything!

Being silly, post-surf session with the WSSM girls at Flies

CHRISTINA: Man, what a great experience! It was awesome, it was about 14 of us girls and I think 2 or 3 guys out. The girls were catching all the waves and it was so much fun! When do you ever see that happening? Thank you!!!

Shout-outs to anyone in Hawaii that made your trip more memorable?

NICHOLE: Of course! Number one I would like to thank Sandra Olson for making all of this happen for Christina and me. It was such an awesome experience to surf, explore with, and meet Sandra… she is such an amazing person, and I honestly look up to Sandra now for everything she does and has accomplished. Thank you to the photographers, Aaron Nakamura, for keeping up with our adventures throughout our trip and filming and taking pictures! And also Gary Miyata for all the awesome pictures from Flies! Christina and I also got to meet Ryan Beppu who is also an amazing photographer. We had fun hanging out with him, too! And thank you, Uncle Pat, for the words of wisdom and letting us use the canoe! CHRISTINA: I would have to say definitely Sandra Olson, thank you so much for EVERYTHING! And then of course everyone else that helped out and was awesome, like Uncle Pat, Ryan Beppu, Brandon who taught me the secrets on how to SUP (talk about free entertainment for those watching), Aaron Nakamura, Jordan Fahmie, the girls from the WSSM shoot and Gary the photographer. And my mother, because you always give a shout-out to your mom, and I love her!

Anything else you wanna add?

NICHOLE:: Best vacation ever!! See you all back out there in the winter and thanks again for everything!!! Mahalo. CHRISTINA: Yes! Please make sure you take a look at my photography website! www.christinafrankel.daportfolio. com, and “like” our Facebook Obikini page! F

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. . . live, breathe, surf

SURFING THE By Mary Osborne and Shane Cohn

At first it was like rolling thunder, and more mythical than our mortal minds could have ever imagined...

The Qiantang tidal bore surged into the Hangzhou Bay with ethereal power. A massive, absurdly rapid edifice of white water suddenly appeared, throttling through the bottleneck of the bay. It sounded like we were on the LAX runway with a 757 bearing down on us. But we weren’t. We were on the other side of the world—China. The four of us were bobbing on two jet skis in the bumpy Qiantang river, the rain getting heavier, hearts beating harder. Gut check:

We were about to ride the Silver Dragon.

56 | | wSSm

Photos by: Charles Lanceplaine, Glenn Brumage, Wingnut Weaver, Shane Cohn, Mary Osborne

wSSm | | 57


. . . live, breathe, surf

Professional surfers, Mikala Jones, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, Jamie Sterling and me, were invited by Wasbono International, the sponsor of the 3rd annual China Action Sports Expo and Surfing China Festival, to surf the world’s largest bore Sept. 23-25. Known as the Silver Dragon, the bore has reached heights between 20-30 feet and moves as fast as 25 miles/hr. In theory the bore can be surfed for more than 80 miles in the Hangzhou Bay. This natural phenomenon occurs once a year when the sun, moon and earth align, naturally creating an astrological spark that causes rushing incoming tides to funnel into the shallow river. Depending on the lunar impact, bores will take on various sizes. The Qiantang is known for its “undular bore” which is a massive, clean and surfable wave, followed by a train of secondary waves. “Most amazing wave I have ever seen,” said Wingnut. “The first look each day at the wave was so weird. This giant wall of whitewater stretching all the way across the river was just a total head trip.” The bore is also steeped in Chinese mythology, which alone drapes the river in a sort of spiritual, otherworldly texture. The myth tells the story about how the bore was unleashed on the river to punish an emperor, who had assassinated one of his generals, as he was a potential rival to his throne. To gain favor with the heavens and to stifle the river’s revenge, the Song Dynasty erected the Six Harmonies Pagoda (200 ft) on top of the Yuelun Mountains, overseeing the city. For the past two years, the Chinese government has allowed four

58 | | wSSm

surfers each year to surf the bore during the Autumn Festival, as a way of introducing surf culture to China. Jamie surfed the bore last year as a participant in the Expo, and was invited back with our group. “I never in my wildest dreams thought that my surfing career would take me to China,” said Jamie. “This was the longest waves of my life and I’m sure the longest wave I’ll ever surf. It’s so different to any other surf trip I’ve been on because you anticipate the wave arriving at an exact time. It’s like you have a date with the river.” We were the third installment of surfers to ever showcase the sport of surfing during the annual festival; and I would be the first woman to ever surf the Dragon.

I gripped tightly to Wingnut as he turned the throttle of the jet ski and raced toward the oncoming bore.

I glanced behind me toward the launch ramp: ambulance, police cars, government officials, and harbor patrol. Further beyond was the Six Harmonies Pagoda and 300,000 spectators along bridges and massive defense walls that lined the river. This was going to be one hell of a ride. My first site of the wave was mind blowing. A massive wall of whitewater quickly increasing in size and heading directly towards us. Jaime was the first surfer up and riding. A glassy, 8-foot left hand wall of perfection opened up for him to tear apart. Wingnut and I chased the Silver Dragon back and forth until it opened up into a surfable wave. I quickly wrapped my leash around my leg and jumped off the back of the ski with my board. Paddling as fast as I could, I felt the energy pick me up and glide me across the river. It was a perfect left for what seemed like miles. Then, just as my legs got the shakes, the wave closed out. I rode on my knees for a few moments to give my legs a break, and suddenly the wave opened up to the right. I was up and riding again. It continued like this. A one wave succession of rights and lefts. It truly was a longboarders dream wave. And it only got better during the next two days. Glassier. Bigger. Sunnier. And this was synonymous with the Expo itself. In the city, the streets closed down for the talented crew of pro skateboarders going big on vert ramps> Stand-up paddlers demonstrated the new sport in a makeshift pool, and bikini models showed off the newest western bikini wear. While all the fun and games were occurring outside, inside the convention center was an entirely different ball game. Elite board sports business owners from the United States lined the panels. They were fielding questions from curious Chinese business men and women about how to build board sports and its lifestyle in China. In 2008, SIMA Retail Distribution study estimates surf/skate retail sales over $7.22 billion in the US alone, at a population of 304 million. Multiply that by the Chinese population of 1.2 billion and one can easily see that opportunity for this industry is knocking at the door. I have a feeling the Silver Dragon may soon bring this land waves of gold. F


Photos by: Charles Lanceplaine, Glenn Brumage, Wingnut Weaver, Shane Cohn, Mary Osborne

wSSm | | 59


. . I am a surfer

The hardest thing that she had to learn was to “let go.” “Feeling the flow is always the best way to go,” she says. She doesn’t mind competing because it keeps her close to the surf community, but she really prefers the free form style of surfing as it doesn’t make her feel judged.

Every now and then... an individual comes along in Santa Cruz that blows the rest of her peers out of the water. This person is Kim Mayer.

She Surfs


78 | | wSSm

Photos & story by Dale Basye

Growing up in Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz near the beach, gave Kim ample time to try

bodysurfing, boogie boarding and eventually surfing. Her woodshop teacher, Kevin Miske, took her and her friends, Heather and Naomi, out at Cowells, a longboard break. “That was all it took to basically “change my life,” says Kim. Kim really feels the support from the local Santa Cruz surf community. She was coached by Frosty Hessen and, in high school, by Jay Moriary. She has also met some amazing people through competitive surfing. Thanks to her sponsors, she’s been able to make her professional surf career a reality. Kim’s been riding for Hotline Wetsuits since she was 15 and says, “They’ve supported me since the beginning, and Brenda (Scott Rogers) is a true inspiration.” Sector 9 Skateboards pushed the eco-movement early on, which was a perfect match for Kim. Pacific Wave Surf Shop in downtown Santa Cruz always welcomes her when she comes in for wax or to talk surf. Livity Outernational keeps her warm in the organic clothing. Continued next page... wSSm | | 79


. . . I am a surfer

She Surfs


Photos & story by Dale Basye

... continued from previous page

Kim told me that she wants to be remembered as someone that tried to brighten other’s days. As a person that loves everything in nature, she’s family first, and loves mom, dad and brother, Cory. What she remembers most is a beach in New Zealand with her best friends, Heather and Kiwi Julie, after an amazing day of righthanders under the view of the stars! Yes, Kim is a one of a kind, kind-hearted person and I’m glad I got to know her. F

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AGE: 17 YEARS SURFING: 10 years HOME BREAK: Isle of Palms, South Carolina BOARDS IN QUIVER: I have a lot... Fav’s: 9’3’’ Longboard, 5’8’’ Fish, 5’11’ Shortboard SPONSORS: Smart Girls Who Surf, Charleston Water Sports, Atlantic Spine Clinic, Bikram Yoga, Coral Custom Swimwear Photos by:: (Left) Nancy Hussey, (middle), (right & this page) Carol Bourque

IN THE BEGINNING... I was a confident little girl, and would always rough it with the boys. The neighborhood gang would climb onboard golf carts and run them down to the beach. Some of these neighborhood kids had surf boards. I would never say no to a challenge. Not being old enough to paddle, I made my dad push me into the surf. The laughs, giggles, and waves captured my mind even to this day. I looked in my fourth grade diary the other day and was surprised to find what I wrote, “Dear journal, I actually rode the line today!” It made me laugh so hard because I remember being so excited. The surfing bug bit when I was 12 years old. Soon after, I dropped most recreational sports because they just couldn’t compare. LIFE IS GOOD... You could say surfing is a love or even an obsession. I drop everything and go. I plan my life around the swell. In Charleston, you might get a good overhead wave just five times a year, and when it is crankin’… I am going. One thing I don’t like is when a person moans and groans about small waves. Gosh, they don’t know where I’m from; we are all like starving dogs down here chasing the last bit of hurricane swell till it runs away. Then you take in all the memories of the waves because you don’t know how long the ankle slapping flat spell will last. Contest surfing has impacted how I think and act. I have always tried to walk a fine, but definite line between being aggressive and wanting to win, yet having the grace to humble myself and recognize that I lost. It is what it is and you can’t change those waves.

time ever making it to the finals! I have picked up a few sponsors along the way. Charleston Water Sports is my local shop. They are involved a lot with the local contests. Smart Girls Who Surf is a national sun and skin care line from Laguna Beach, California, that makes all natural and organic sunscreen. Bikram Yoga Charleston happens to be the coolest yoga studio in town. Atlantic Spine Clinic hooks me up with some back cracking excellence and training advice.

SURFING’S CHALLENGES... My craziest experience surfing would be at Easterns, 2008, at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It was my first time and there was a giant nor’easter out and they were still holding the contest. I could not make it to the outside during the contest with my longboard! When I got outside, I was too scared to Contest surfing has imcatch a wave in!! That was the one heat I never caught a pacted how I think and wave... I ended up advancing by default, but not catching a wave at the biggest contest I have been to, up to that act. I have always tried point, in my life. It was slightly embarrassing, but the next to walk a fine, but defiday I was charging! The current was running so fast that once you caught a nite line between being wave it was time to run up the beach. That was my first aggressive and wanting time ever at Easterns. Each year I go back I thank the Lord to win, yet having the that there is not a nor’easter, but also my mind is ready to tackle the storm, too. grace to humble myself

and recognize that I lost.

My favorite contest would be Folly Beach Wahine or the Easterns. The Folly Beach Wahine is when girls from all over the southeast come together every year and surf! Fun times and fun prizes! We had around 70 competitors last year. This contest is special to me because it was my first and I would recommend it to any girl who loves to compete or wants to try contest surfing for the first time. It has an easy and friendly atmosphere. It also supports my favorite organization and charity-the Surfriders Foundation and Surfers Healing which is an amazing camp for children with autism. The Easterns always means a lot to me because it has become our yearly pilgrimage to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. I received 2nd place in women’s longboard 2010. It was the first

FUTURE GOALS, DREAMS, PLANS... Future goals outside of surfing… Learn Spanish fluently, record a full album of my songs, get a scholarship(s) to help with college costs, work as a physical therapist. Surfing Goals… Learn a Helicopter 360 on the longboard…Wingnut told me the secret at Surf Expo 2011!! MT’s WISDOM; WORDS OF ADVICE FOR OTHER SURFER GIRLS... If you surf… Go for it! Charge hard because you are gonna be falling into water and water doesn’t hurt as bad as concrete. If you are just starting…Make sure to have fun and smile. Don’t worry if you are not doing well, don’t sweat it. We all start somewhere and the good guys out there don’t forget that they once had to learn also. F

She Surfs


u 3 things that make you laugh out loud: People laughing, inside jokes, the Colbert Report u Favorite color: Turquoise u Favorite place to hang out with your friends: The beach!! u 2 favorite hobbies other than surfing: Kite surfing and song writing u Facebook or myspace: Facebook, all the way! u Study hard or hardly studying: Study hard u Organized, somewhat organized, messy, but with good intentions, just messy: Messy with slightly good intentions u Heels or slippers: Flip Flops u Lip gloss, lipstick or bare: Bare u Dream sponsor: Al Merrick or NIKE 6.0 u Last song you listened to before completing this: Zion and Babylon by Josh Garrels u Favorite brand surf wax: Mrs. Palmer’s wSSm | | 81


. . . I love SUP




Find a location where the water is calm, especially for your first attempt at the yoga postures. You do not have to be an experienced paddler or yogi to try these postures, you simply need an open mind.

YOGA on the water

Carefully make your way on to your knees, keep the paddle in both hands, bend your knees, keeping equal weight in both feet until your paddle is across your board-- lower to your knees.

by Kristy Wright

Find the central balance point of your board (all boards are slightly different). From this place you can kneel and paddle, in order to maneuver your board as needed. I like to call this ‘home base’. The lower your center of gravity, the more stable you will feel. Take the T-grip end of your paddle and place it between your legs so the blade is at the tip (front end) of the board and easily accessible should you need it. When doing seated postures you can always place the paddle across the board... simply ensure it stays on the board.

2 Vancouver, BC Canada, Mar. 2011 – yes it is still Winter, but a sunny day In Vancouver on the water is always a great time for a paddle. Photos by: Danielle Baker |

Enjoy the freedom to move, and to be moved with SUP Yoga Yoga is a wonderful complement to any sport, but not often can we incorporate it into our sport; with SUP Yoga you will be challenged and entertained by how aware you will become over your movements and your breath.

Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Savasana Once onto your hands and knees place your hands at shoulder width apart – directly under your shoulders. Spread your hands wide and feel if you press more with one hand or the other – keep equal weight in both hands. Take your knees just behind your hips, hip distance apart and tuck your toes (TABLE TOP Pose). Lift your hips and knees off the board… Take your time, and if you feel unbalanced, just lower back down to your knees. As you lift your hips up, send your chest towards your thighs and create an upside down ‘V’. Hands press firmly into the board, heels press down towards the back of the board-- but won’t likely touch. You are now in DOWNWARD FACING DOG...


High Plank to Low Plank - Chaturanga

*Modification is to lower the knees*

SUP Yoga will teach you to breath, to move and be present not only on the water, but in your everyday. Classes will include on land Yoga teachings to prepare you to try your postures on your board and ON the water. From Downward Dog to Warrior, you will enjoy the freedom to play, laugh and practice this wonderful mind/body experience.

From DOWNWARD FACING DOG... A) Look forward, inhale and take your shoulders over your wrists (HIGH PLANK). Keep your heels high, legs straight.



Paddle around your favorite spot, take in the sights, focus on your breath with each paddle stroke, and focus your eyes into the distance. Your ‘dristi’ also known as your gaze will allow your eyes to soften your body, to relax, and your breath to calm.

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From HIGH PLANK... B) Keep your body firm, chest forward, heels pressing back and bend your elbows and lower down through CHATURANGA – aka Low Plank. Hands stay under shoulders, keep your chest as high as your elbows.



UPWARD FACING DOG - Urdhva Mukha Savasana From CHATURANGA...


A) Keep your hands under your shoulders, press your arms straight and roll over your toes to UPWARD FACING DOG. Roll your shoulders down your back, let your chest/heart shine through and keep thighs firm and lifted off the board.

*Modification – lower the legs to the board* B

From UPWARD FACING DOG... B) Roll over your toes to the balls of your feet, send your hips high and float back into Downward Facing Dog. You’ve now completed a simple Vinyasa Flow. Let’s keep going...


Three–legged Downward Facing Dog to High Runners Lunge

From DOWNWARD FACING DOG... Lift one leg up behind you, start slowly and notice if the board begins to wobble. Where is your weight distributed? Hands, feet?! Check in! Keep your hips square, keep your lifted leg foot flexed! And your lower leg firm. Sweep your raised leg right through to your thumb, plant the foot firmly so your knee is over your ankle and keep your finger tips on the board (HIGH RUNNERS LUNGE) Your back toes are tucked, hips low, chest forward... Gaze into the horizon, and breathe.

A great way to complete your SUP Yoga session is with a seated twist.


Seated Twist Make your way onto your knees and then onto your seat. Start with both feet forward. Take your foot over your thigh and plant it fully onto the board.


Warrior I – Virabhadrasana I From HIGH RUNNERS LUNGE... Spin your back heel down to the centre of the board. Toes point on a 45degree angle to the top edge. Plant your feet firmly… Begin to raise your hands off the board, peel your tummy off your thigh, engage your core, then slowly trail your gaze up to the horizon. Float your arms overhead, keep your palms facing in towards one another, and take your arms (biceps) back with your ears (WARRIOR I)

You can keep one leg straight or tuck the other foot under your opposite hip. Take one hand behind you and the other to wrap around your knee and hug it in to keep your spine tall. Gaze over your shoulder towards the back of your board and into the horizon. As you exhale, twist deeper. F

Thank you from SUP YOGA Vancouver, BC Canada... Enjoy the freedom to move, and to be moved while on your paddleboard. Special thank you to Coreban and Rogue, supplier of boards and paddles to SUP Yoga Vancouver. wSSm | | 105


. . . I am an Artist

“Ever since I started printing my apparel, people have been calling me Miss H.”

MY SURFING ROOTS… I’ve always grown up around the ocean. My grandpa Chuck

had a giant passion for the ocean. Whenever I look back, I remember fishing and doing all kinds of ocean activities with him and my grandmother. I always knew about surfing, but never tried it until I turned twelve. One day, I decided I wanted to learn. I didn’t know anyone who could teach me, so my mom got me a lesson. She was so nice and would take me to Ventura on the weekends. The next year, I tried surf camp in San Clemente. We loved it so much that we picked up and moved a year later. My first board was a Becker fun board that I had for about six months. I remember driving down the freeway with it all strapped down when we heard a loud BANG. The straps had broken and my board had flown off the car. My mom stopped fully in the carpool lane, got out and grabbed it off the road a few cars back, even though it was broken in half and all chewed up. I will never forget that. I am just glad the board was the only thing that broke.

ARTIST IN THE MAKING… I have always drawn pictures. My family and their Floating Hybiscus View from Within

friends still have little post-its and scrap pieces of paper I drew on when I was little. I began to take it more seriously when I was in high school. I started to get inspired by artists like Drew Brophy, who was painting on surfboards. I have always been drawn to the Art Nouveau style and specifically the artist Mucha. The style has a lot of curvy, organic shapes like plant stems and flowing hair. I have always loved surf artist Rick Rietveld’s art; his paintings are a bit Mucha inspired. I had his posters on my walls as I was growing up. It’s funny, because the past two years I have been apprenticing under Phil Roberts, another talented artist I met through the Brophy’s, and Rick now shares a studio with him. I never thought that I would be learning in the same studio he works in. Painting with Phil and Rick, I have learned so much about my drawing skills, color, and finding myself as an artist. It has been a great learning experience! I do remember drawing on the walls and getting into trouble as a child… My favorite thing to draw on was the inside blank pages of books. I think I covered every spot of them in crayons and pencils. Aside from that, I have always been encouraged to paint and draw, I hope I didn’t drive anyone crazy!

Haku Girl

OTHER ARTISTIC PASSIONS… The pens I use to paint surfboards are really versa-

tile. I have also painted Uggs, surfboard fins, and wood furniture. I love taking pictures and making jewelry, too.

MY 3 FAVORITE PIECES & WHY… I mostly paint in watercolors and acrylic when

I’m not painting boards. I have a painting called “View from Within”. My best friend, Jesse, poses for a lot of my paintings and this one was one of the first she sat for. I am hoping to paint this in acrylics in the near future. She is a very positive and patient person. I wanted to express that and the beauty of living in the moment, even if it is simply daydreaming about waves. The second one is “Floating Hibiscus”. It is the tiniest painting, but I am very happy with the movement and colors of it. It looks like a flower just floating in the water, but has some interesting little bits about it that look a bit dreamy to me. The last one is unfinished. I am currently working on it and have for the past year. I have spent over 60 hours and am still working on a name. I have learned a lot in the painting process and am hoping to really create something beautiful. I hope to share it with the world very soon.


recently L.A.S.T. I normally paint items to get auctioned such as fins and once a ukulele for the Cosmic Creek in 2009 to benefit the Surfrider Foundation. For K.A.B., I painted a plaster bust that auctioned off for breast cancer. I hope to paint one every year. I was recently inspired by a young girl, Casey, who created Love a Sea Turtle organization five years ago. I created a limited edition shirt to help her cause. She organized a coast to coast bake sale and encouraged kids to bake and give proceeds to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies to help marine life in the Gulf. Isn’t she incredible?

FUTURE PLANS… I hope that in the future I am able to travel and get ideas for new paintings. It wouldn’t hurt to explore some different surf spots either! I would like to create a series of watercolor sketches of each trip I go on. I am creating a new underwater series of paintings. I recently started printing my art on women’s apparel and hats called “Miss H”. The designs are inspired by paintings I have done. I am hopeful this new project will be another way I can express my creativity. For the short term, I plan to paint consistently and surf daily! F

FIND MY ART, OR CONTACT ME TO CREATE ART FOR YOU… My portfolio is E-mail me at Facebook Page:

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In the past few years, I was very focused on becoming proficient in painting. I am now really starting to embrace my style a bit more. I love to paint the figure, ocean inspired themes, and creatures. I have always painted surreal, dreamy paintings.

Age: 26 Years Surfing: 14 Years as an artist:

As long as I can remember

Homebreak: Church

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Bikini: “Curly Sue Lace” by Kandy Wrappers ( Beaded necklace: 40” single strand “Sundance Collection” by Calypso Studios ( Flower necklace & anklet: Charming Shark Surf Jewelry ( Sand-fillable bracelet: Wear the Beach (

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ABOUT THE BRANDS... Tired of seeing the SAME big (over-sold?) brands, in ALL the surf magazines? Ready for the new Roxy to emerge? Us too! That’s why we are happy to bring you summer fashions from the emerging brands of the surf industry. The brands created by lovers of surf and the lifestyle that accompanies our sport, who are digging deep in their artistic souls, to bring you fashions that compliment your lifestyle, trick out your wardrobe, and help you define your new, summer style. Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you see something you like, we encourage you to visit their websites and check out all the other great styles they offer. They’re ready to serve you... they WANT your business, and it’s up to all of us, to support these up-and-coming companies, giving them a chance to be the next big REAL surf brand! WE THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THEM! MODEL TALK... Because we realize that not every woman is a size 2, and most of our readers are active women that appreciate seeing strong, healthy women showcasing clothing that can be worn in daily life and not just on the runway, we choose models that are athletic and strong water women and men. They come from all walks of life and occupations, and patiently dedicate their energy and time... taking time off from their “regular jobs” to be a model for a day, to make this issue’s fashion come alive for you. We hope you enjoy WSSM’s (unique?) and realistic approach to beach & lifestyle fashion. A special thank you to: Dan Olson, Megan Bridgeman, Katie Cousin, Holly Hino, John Olson, Kyle Eckstrom, Robbie Guht, Deborah Anne Olson, John Helm, Paul Goo, Trisha Edwards, Stan & Debbie Olson, for an amazing job well done!”

Sandra Olson Publisher / Editor

All photos by: Daniel K. Fine Arts Makeup by Nikki Hair by Christa Paul, Nissi Fernandez, Cherry Bond, Kristen Kuba, Robin Standish, Alisonna Kanahele, Amanda Constantine and Dezarae Kunishige, from the Paul Mitchell School- Honolulu (

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(Right- this page)

Shirt: by Empowered Clothing ( Necklace: Sterling silver wave pendant on a black cord by The Wave Collection ( Bracelets: “Animal Prints” clay bracelets by Calypso Studios (

Girl Time


(Below- this page)

HOLLY Cap: “Driver” in blue by Peter Grimm ( Shirt: “#LGC101 Kimono Tie w/Crochet Shadow” by Elan International ( | Leggings: “Laguna Ankle” by Violet Love ( Shoes: “Silver Metallic” by Pedi Couture ( MEGAN Shirt: “Kona Sunset “with scoop neck, made from a bamboo and organic cotton blend, in black, by Organik ( Bikini top & boardshorts: “At the Pier Action” in multi by Body Glove ( Necklace: Charming Shark Surf Jewelry ( Shoes: “Faux Fur Dalmation” by Pedi Couture ( Blanket, Cooler, Lunch Tote: “Leopard” cozy fleece blanket, “Fresh Bouquet” lunch tote, “Leopard” large cooler, by ( S.H.O.P. Totes: (Start Saving Our Planet) Reusable tote bags, perfect for the beach or groceries, available in assorted colors, by Calypso Studios ( Water bottles: Eco friendly, glass water bottles by Takeya USA (

Girl Time...

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Going Surfing

MEGAN (left) Cap: Surf cap by Gedostyle ( Shirt: “Racer Tank” in yellow by Empowered Clothing (

“Around the world” back view

Boardshorts: “Around the World” by Fighter Girls ( Necklace: Sterling silver wave pendant on black cord, by The Wave Collection ( Surfboard: “Texas” by Island Glass Surfboards ( Board bag: Wave Riding Vehicles ( Leash & Wax: 6’ Day Glo leash in pink, by Sticky Bumps ( “Quick Humps” surf wax by Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax (

HOLLY (right) Cap: Surf cap by Gedostyle ( Shirt: “Live Free” in grey by Wave Riding Vehicles ( Boardshorts: “Brazil” by Fighter Girls ( Necklace: Sterling silver wave-cutout pendant by The Wave Collection ( Surfboard: 5’10” by Keoki Surfboards ( Leash & Wax: 6’ Day Glo leash in yellow, Day Glo surf wax in pink, by Sticky Bumps (

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Morning surf session in Waikiki

Holly & Megan

(above- left to right)

Bikinis: One-of-a-kind cotton bikinis by Riggs and Pulley. See page 74 for an in-depth look at these very special and unique swimsuits, and what inspires designer, Dini Arnn, to make them. ( Holly Surfboard: 6’, Megan surfboard; 5’10”... by Keoki Surfboards (


Bikini: “Bliss” lace-up front, padded bandeau top with scoop, tie-side bottoms, by Guria Beachwear. ( Hat: “Erin” in purple by Peter Grimm. (

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Bikini: “Blue Bliss” recycled ruffle bikini, with oversized, ruffle tie-sides and signature “butterfly” ruched back, by Happy Endingz Swimwear. Made from 83% recycled nylon, 17% lycra... this suit is exquisitely soft-to-the-touch. (


Top: The ultimate in island style, lazy day luxury; “Windy Top” in Confetti by Juli and Fred. ( Necklaces: “Teal Sundance” 18” multi strand, 40” single strand “Teal Sundance” necklace by Calypso Studios ( Earrings: by

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Pro Files And... board design with

Photos by Gregerson Surf Photography |

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Pro Files

What a Real Deal

Photos by Gregerson Surf Photography |

Story by Tia Calvo

Winter on the North Shore of Oahu is full of girl surfers and they rip. Everywhere you look there is a cute young thing on the beach ready to

paddle out, her stickered-up board toted under one arm. So how does a small fish make it in a big sea full of talent? This winter in Hawaii I spent some time hanging out with up and coming pro surfer Courtney Conlogue to find out exactly what it takes. One of my first meetings with Courtney was in the car park at Rockies on Oahu’s North Shore. She had a surfboard under each arm, an inflatable rubber duck on her head and a big smile on her face. At only eighteen years old and fresh out of high school, Courtney just qualified for the World Championship Tour. This is impressive, but not unusual in the current professional surf scene. Courtney is one in a wave of talented young girls including the likes of Carissa Moore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Tyler Wright and many others who have been taking on high school education and a full time sports career simultaneously. But how hard could a life of constant surf and travel really be? These days, to join the tour while still very young, a kid needs to be born a fish. Courtney grew up in Santa Ana and learned to surf at the age of four at breaks like Trestles and Huntington Pier. There are loads of little groms in the water though, so what makes the difference between a future weekend warrior and a potential WCT pro? It has to be the love of the competition. Courtney talks about her first surf contest as a kid saying, “I loved the feeling of going out there and having the jersey on and all the adrenalin. When I was ten I started the NSSA (the National Scholastic Surfing Association).” I reckon she knew from that moment this was it. continued next page...

wSSm | | 143

In 2009, at sixteen years old, Courtney made her mark on the surfing world by taking out the big enchilada of surf contests, the US Open at Huntington Pier. The men’s winner took home a record breaking $100,000 prize purse while the women’s first place was set at $4,500. When you think about it, that barely covers the costs of travel expenses, but Courtney is not one to complain. She was simply stoked to win it (although after a significant amount of bad press, her prize money was topped up to $10,000). Courtney has a low key approach. For most of high school no one even knew she surfed. “When I was in middle school, until I was in seventh grade, no one knew about me as a surfer until they saw me in the newspaper. I kept it kind of private because I didn’t want anyone thinking that I couldn’t handle managing things.” Corporate backing has improved since Courtney’s win at the US Open, with Billabong, Rockstar, Toyota of Huntington Beach, Verizon, Super, Dakine, FCS and Sexwax, all now supporting the rising starlet. However, having enough cash flow to fund expenses like plane tickets, surfboards and accommodations is an ongoing battle for those young surfers not born into money, or for those who haven’t made it big yet. For women’s surfing, the big time is still a work in progress. WSSM photographer, Dave, and I would go for lunch with Courtney and her mother Tracey after a morning’s work, eating at our favorite local food van. Courtney and her mom were on a tight travel budget and wouldn’t buy the overpriced drinks offered at the van. Instead Courtney would sprint off like a little energizer bunny to the local Foodland to get us bottles of water and cans of iced tea as it was much cheaper. She would always come back with a can of iced tea for me. “Before I really had the support, the financial aspect of everything was definitely gnarly”, she told me. “Traveling, you have to be really smart with everything you’re doing, watch what you’re buying, always go to the sale section. Get the

144 | | wSSm

Pro Files

half price stuff. It gives us the opportunity to learn how to travel on a budget. You do surfing because you love it.” The Conlogue family has supported Courtney’s career both financially and emotionally. It’s tough enough dealing with a teenager, and sports kids need a chaperone everywhere they go. But there’s no Rolling Stone story here. Just one hard-working girl with Courtney’s mom as her one woman support team – a manager, trainer, tour guide and super awesome mother all wrapped into one. There is the surfing side of things and there is the business side, with all the paper work, contracts and dealing with sponsors. It would be too much for a kid. Courtney’s mom goes everywhere with her. When Courtney is out surfing, Tracey sits on the beach with all the surfboards and gear. She spends most of her time on the phone talking to various sponsors and media people, organizing and managing. For every surf prodigy kid, there is usually a parental force behind them. “When I’m traveling and competing, I like to stay on top of a solid routine, and having her around allows me to do that,” Courtney explains. “Having her there helps me make sure I’m doing the simple things like eating before my heat. Stuff that mums notice. I really believe I couldn’t have done this without my parents. My sister and brother and whole family are my biggest fans with how involved they are.”

Once, after having issues getting a good close up shot, Dave told Courtney that she needed to look up more when she surfed. Tracey was not happy at that and she scolded Dave, telling him they had been working so hard getting Courtney’s technique right. That’s fair enough, we see them out there surfing, but don’t realize this is something they train so hard for. There is such technique involved when you are at a professional level. Courtney surfs so well and has an amazing athlete’s body - the way a surfer should look. For her it’s not about the modeling. It’s not about the clothes or the surfer image. It’s just about powerful quality competitive surfing. Courtney worked long days of shoots with us in Hawaii to get this killer cover shot. She showed up every day on time with an enthusiasm and appreciation not always easily found in this industry. After one long photo session, she came in from the surf shivering, with her teeth chattering and I asked her if she was cold. I handed her a towel and she said “Nah, I’m not cold, I’m just really hurting.” When you surf a lot, the wax on your board becomes abrasive. She had surf rash all over her stomach. The worst part was when she lifted up the edge of her bikini top. Where the lining rubbed was eating away at her flesh leaving open sores. It must have been stinging so bad, but she kept paddling out every day for weeks so we could get the cover shot. For her this is all part of work, a job, and a lifestyle she has always dreamed about. continued next page...

wSSm | | 145

Pro Files

Photo: Richard Bradley

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Anastasia Ashley

Perfecting Your Bottom Turn!

TED GETTING STAR into the wave, g pin op . This dr re u’ As yo nter of gravity aintain a low ce as well as , ce lan you want to m ba ur you keep yo is important so thly. oo sm n itio ns tra ive you want to dr ing your knees, ot, fo lar gu re As you’re bend if (Left ur front hand leading force to forward with yo d use this as a an y) of go if your hand in int or right po to lf. You want . e” lin balance yourse e th going “down the direction of


u of the wave, yo ing up the face FRONT of IN As you’re com d an ve wa king UP at the focus want to be loo , and keep your you are going e th er wi wh dy ok bo Lo r you. ur uppe ll as moving yo on that, as we . dy bo your lower


ing t as you’re turn ift your weigh You want to sh board. Press ur yo of il ra the inside pressure up the face to ve size, (more ing on the wa sure es pr s les il, firmly- depend ra to engage the s ve is wa r Th ). ge er big for n’t fall ov ves, so you do board to turn for smaller wa easier for the it e ak m ll wi too far in, as n lea weight shift t n’ do ve, however, up into the wa u to fall! it will cause yo


about fun and ttom turns are ooth Be gracious! Bo ld shou be as sm m h the wave, it ug tto ro bo th a g o din int gli you entually turning as possible, ev master! turning style



ep trying. uraged, and ke Don’t get disco m turn. tto bo a on rk wo ery It takes time to bottom turn ev e th ” ct fe to “per I am still trying time I surf!! SIA: anastasiaas FOLLOW ANASTA

l Russo | phot

PhotoS: Danie

164 | | wSSm

BENEFITS The bottom turn in my opinion, is the most important maneuver in surfing! It sets up your wave, and also sets up any type of maneuver you’re going to do on the wave. It is good to learn this so you can progress into more advanced maneuvers, and even if you are advanced already, it’s a great way to “polish” your style and moves, as well as solidifying your bottom turn!

WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine Summer/Fall '11 Issue Preview  

Get a sneak peak at the new Summer/Fall 2011 issue! A small sample of what the full issue has to offer. Featuring SHE SURFS profile on Kim M...

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