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"The world is a book, and those who do not one page." - Saint Augustine

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“Queen of (a very secret spot)” and a friend to all. Photo by Ted Albritton. Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica | Photo by Sandra Olson See page 114 for more incredible women from around the world in our special photo feature “Women Who Surf #snapshot2020”.

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Andrea & Sam “True Love” from “FAVORITES... A Special Photo Collection by Benjamin Chateauvert” (page 232)

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Sandra Olson

Sandra (WSSM publisher) enjoying a breathtakingly beautiful session at “Leftovers” with Sunshine Makarow and the crew while on the WSSM Surf Retreat at Surfer Paradise Surf Camp, in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. See page 66 for more on this tropical paradise! Photo: Gabeto Fernandez wSSm | | 15

Letter from the Publishers

this “Photo Issue”, forever emblazoning their favorite surf photos in the history books. Over 80 women responded, all ages, shapes, sizes, and from different parts of the world. I was stoked. It’s pretty incredible to find so many women, united by the same love of wave riding. Check them out on page 114, as we celebrate all the @WomenWhoSurf in our #wssmsnapshot2020.

Dan, Sandra & Limosina, headed out on another adventure

Two years later, and I find myself once again, hours away from uploading the magazine files to the printer, and sitting down to my last task as a publisher; to write you this letter. If you feel like it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a new issue from us, it has. We had planned on releasing a new issue in April of 2020 and were weeks away from printing it, as well as hosting 4 WSSM Surf Retreats in Central America. But, we all know how that turned out. Not to be deterred though- after navigating our way through the chaos, reaching out to loyal advertisers without much success due to their own business and family hardships, rescheduling photoshoots and plane tickets, and watching as other businesses closed around us, we came to the realization that if this issue was going to make it into print– it was going to be almost fully on our financial shoulders. After charting a path, and finding myself oddly comfortable with the idea, I dove hard core into this issue’s development in August, determined to make it happen, no matter what. Though I missed several early season swells, trading them for my computer screen and gallons of coffee, it’s OK. In Puerto Rico, there’s always another fantastic swell right around the corner, and sometimes we have to “adult”. This was one of those times, and after a ton of hard work, I’ve been rewarded with such a feeling of elation and relief, to finally be bringing this 2+ year project to completion. Especially after such a bumpy two years! Over the summer I had reached out to a few photographers from different geographic regions, asking them to send us their favorite photos they’d taken over the years. Photos that had brought them joy and fulfillment. They didn’t disappoint. We received some incredible photo galleries from South Africa (page 180), Mexico (248), Puerto Rico & New York (232), frigid Nova Scotia (90), and ultra-dreamy, Bali and Sri Lanka (222). I also reached out to a special facebook group called @WomenWhoSurf. I wanted to include as many surfing women and girls as I could in 16 | | wSSm

Luckily, our job allows us to explore new countries and surf breaks while doing “research” for WSSM. In 2020, although traveling was a lot more difficult, it was not impossible, and we were proud to be invited back to El Salvador to explore and write about their new Surf City. More on that, on page 190. On this special press trip, we were excited to welcome a new staff writer, Sophia Knox. Sophia entered our lives one night in Puerto Rico as I exited my favorite surf spot at sunset. Still wet and waterlogged, I was approached by a beautiful blonde, asking if I was the publisher of WSSM. Turns out, she was a visiting writer/ surfer, seeking more subjects for her piece on womens surfing. Another local gal, Miriam, had told her about me; that I was tiny, a shortboarder, and drove a big white truck. I guess I fit the description. She continued, that she would love to write for us, and did we have any upcoming trips or anything that she could be a part of and contribute to? I’ve always believed in, and when I have the opportunity to implement the Bible verse “Ask, and it shall be given you;.. “ (Matthew 7:7). Her timing was perfect. I told her about our upcoming press trip that was ALL over the place due to the ever-changing regulations on travel at the time. If she was flexible and could be ready to leave within a week or two once we got the go-ahead, and after reviewing her work, if we were a good fit, she could be the featured writer for that piece. She was stoked. After looking over her work, I not only enjoyed her writing, but also loved her ambitious spirit. How could I not reward her boldness? She asked? She shall receive! We ended up spending an amazing 6 days in El Salvador together, and Sophia was not only a joy to be with, she turned out a great written piece as well! So, I encourage you to ASK for what you want in life! Sophia enjoyed an incredible surf trip, fulfilled a dream of being published in an international womens surf mag, and made new surfer friends for life. Dreams DO come true. And it’s AMAZING what you’ll receive in life, when you’re willing to be bold and simply ask for it.

PUBLISHERS: Sandra & Dan Olson EDITOR: Debbie L. Olson

CFO: John Dotson

Thanks for being the greatest “Bean Counter“& CFO! GRAPHIC DESIGN: Renee Williams, Sandra Olson WRITERS: Sandra Olson, Dan Olson, Tia Calvo, Michelle Olson, Carolyn Palma, Renee Williams, Zofia Karubin, Bethany P, Sophia Knox, Leah Johnson STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Gabriel Fernandez, Dan Olson, Tia Calvo, Daniel Kawasaki- Daniel K. Fine Arts, John Olson, Dave Gregerson-, Dale Basye - HologramVision. com, Carolyn Palma, Michelle Olson, Sophia Knox CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: GaryMsCreations. com,, Benjamin Chateauvert, Greg Chapman, Ally Ambler, Amanda Presti, Emy Dossett, Laurie Glasser FASHION COORDINATOR: Sandra Olson FASHION STYLIST: Peluqueria, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico MODELS: Carolyn Palma, Carolina Aragones, Breanna Davis, Charles J SEO DIRECTOR: John Palma EDITORIAL & PHOTO SUBMISSION: WOMENS SURF STYLE MAGAZINE 102 Calle Los Cipreses, Aguadilla, PR 00603 or ONLINE: Publisher reserves the right to edit all submissions for content/space purposes at their sole discretion. Upon receiving, all submitted materials become the property of WSSM with full reprint rights, and will not be returned. Please send copies of your originals. WSSM is published annually. Distributor and advertising information can be obtained by visiting or by calling 808.383.8323. Email No portion of WSSM may be copied or reproduced in any way without written permission/consent of WSSM editor/ publisher. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. All surf photos submitted to, and seen in WSSM, are for content purposes only and remain the sole property of the individual photographers. Reproduction in any way is strictly forbidden. Contact info for photographers may be obtained by visiting their websites. Copyright 2003, WSSM Women’s Surf Style Magazine All rights reserved. Printed in Hong Kong.

In closing, it’s been a tough 2 years for everyone, and there are those who’s businesses did not survive. If you are concerned about your financial future, or are looking for a brighter future for your family, I encourage you to check out our back cover and educate yourself. YOU can do it. Your future is in YOUR hands.


& Dan Olson (#LetsGoBrandon)

Cover photo by: Gregerson Surfer: Erin Brooks, Oahu, Hawaii

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Photo: Gabeto Fernandez | Model: Breanna Davis

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RAILS & TALES Searching For More in Pacific Panama:


Surfing Pacific Panama with the WSSM Crew

Santa Catalina (164), Playa Venao (170), & Cambutal (172)

EXPLORING SURF CITY El Salvador: Home of the New Surf City



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Making Memories with Dune Jewelry, an Experiential

Jewelry Company

Salty Bird Surf Meet The Designer Inspired By: Why I Started Surfing How I Became Pro Without Ever Entering a Contest My Name Is Bree Labiak Artist’s Corner Featuring Lea Wells (108), Emy Knowles (110), Mel Patterson (112) #WSSMSnapShot2020 of Women’s Surfing in 2020, From Around the World

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Women of the Greats by Aly Ambler


Salty See Magical Moments in Mexico, by Emy Dossett

South African Dreams by Greg Chapman A SUPERGIRL Pro Feature by Dave Gregerson Life by the Sea by Amanda Prifti “Favorites” A Special Photo Collection by Benjamin Chateauvert

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Life Guidance

“If someone steps on your toes, shine your shoes and keep right on going.” Pastor Manuel G. MEGUMI KASANO | Photo: Armando Ortega Ramirez, Olaschidas Video y Fotografia



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Erin Brooks Surfing photographer, Dave Gregerson, travels annually to Hawaii’s North Shore where he is constantly keeping an eye out for up-and-coming female surfers. Not long ago, he spotted a young girl at Haleiwa who was ripping every wave. He returned the next year to the same spot, and to his surprise, the same young lady had somehow managed to raise her surfing to the next level in a matter of only months. Later that day, a man (Jeff Brooks) approached him and asked who he was shooting; when he pointed to the girl he had seen the previous year, Jeff proudly responded “That’s my daughter, Erin!” After conversing for a while and learning more about Erin and her family, Dave felt compelled to offer Erin a sponsorship in order to support her still-early surfing career. During the subsequent year and a half, he has come to know her and her family very well, and she has proven to be among the most wonderful young ladies he has ever met. Earlier this month, he asked Erin a few questions regarding her passion for surfing, and other joys in her life.


Who are the most influential people in your life? My Mom and Dad are always with me, so they are very influential in my daily life, and my coaches, Myles Padaca and Kahea Hart, have influenced my surfing and training. I have also made so many friends through surfing like

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Erin Brooks

Bethany Hamilton and Shane Dorian, who give me encouragement and advice. What were the 3 biggest challenges you faced when you started surfing? I grew up in Texas and moved to Hawaii when I was 9 years old, so I started surfing later than most of my friends and had almost no ocean knowledge. The biggest challenges for me was learning to read waves, catch my own waves, and overcome the fear of large surf.

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What was the first contest you ever won and how did you feel? The first contest I ever won was an NSSA event in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. It was really special to me because Bethany Hamilton’s Dad, Tom, had come to watch me and I will never forget how happy he was that I won. Do you remember the first wave you ever caught and how did it feel? The first wave I ever caught was in Lahaina, Maui. I was surfing with surf instructor,

Robert Kotter, but we call him “Uncle Bully”. He helped me catch it and I was instantly hooked. Uncle Bully still teaches kids on Maui to surf everyday and is the most stoked person I have ever met. What are two of your favorite hobbies other than surfing and why? My two favorite hobbies other than surfing are skateboarding and exercising. My Dad built me an indoor half pipe in our garage and I skateboard almost everyday. I love

Photos & Story by Dave Gregerson wSSm | | 25

rin Brooks

skateboarding because it is similar to surfing and I can do it at night or when the waves are bad. I currently exercise 5 mornings a week with Kahea Hart at the North Shore Surf Clinic, and also 2-3 times a week I do a Ginastica class with Kid Peligro. Exercising is really fun and helps me to be stronger and more flexible, which is important in surfing. How long have you been surfing and when did you start? I started surfing when I moved to Hawaii at 9 years old. I’m now 12 years old, so approximately 3 years. I try to surf everyday and usually surf multiple times per day. What are your favorite parts about surfing? I love surfing because it’s fun and there is always something new to learn. My favorite part is all the fun travel adventures and friends I have made around the world. What are some of the most important things to you in your life? The most important things in my life are: My relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, my friends, my health, and food. I am so thankful for the life I have, and I love to eat!! What are your favorite surf spots & why? There are so many fun waves where I live in Hawaii. I have also been able to surf fun waves in Indonesia, Australia, The Maldives, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tahiti, and California, so it’s hard to pick just one. My favorite Hawaii surf spot is Honolua Bay in Maui, because it is a really fun barrelling wave and is one of the most perfect waves I have ever surfed. I would have to say my favorite wave anywhere I’ve surfed would be a left with a fun air section that Jackson Dorian and I surfed last summer. It’s a secret spot with no crowds and I want to keep it that way, so sorry, I can’t tell you where it is. Tell us your scariest surf experience? I had a really bad wipeout at Honolua Bay in Maui when I was 10 years old. I was held down underwater for a long time and got smashed onto the reef. I ended up with multiple cuts on my legs, and had sea urchin spines stuck in both of my feet. My friend, Luke Adolfson had to help me out of the water and had to carry me up the cliff because I couldn’t walk.

26 | | wSSm

I ended up needing surgery to remove the sea urchin spines and had to stay out of the water for 3 weeks. Tell us about your sponsors? I have been really lucky to have sponsors who believe in me and support me. I am currently sponsored by Rip Curl, Dakine, Lost Surfboards by Mayhem, North Shore Surf Shop, Jucker Hawaii, Sharkbanz, and Dave Gregerson Surf Photography. How important is it that your family is involved in your surfing? My family means everything to me. They support me and allow me to chase my dreams. They moved to allow me to live within walking distance of the beach, and travel with me six months per year so I can surf and compete. If you had to take one thing from your room and leave the rest what would it be? I am not really into stuff and I don’t have that many things in my room, so I wouldn’t take a thing. Instead I would take my dog Koa. He follows me everywhere and is almost always in my room when I am. He is super fun to play with and I really miss him when I am traveling. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I am fluent in Spanish and I attended a school where the teachers only spoke Spanish to me from pre-school until 3rd grade. I still prefer to read and watch television in Spanish. What is something totally unique you’ve been able to do? My Dad and I were given the opportunity to be Executive Producers on Bethany Hamilton’s film, Unstoppable. It is a really cool film about Bethany Hamilton. I was able to attend several premiers with Bethany and have seen the movie over 20 times, but I still want to see it again! Bethany is so amazing and inspirational. What are your favorite things to eat? I am not a picky eater at all and I eat all the time. My favorites would be pizza, pasta, ice cream, spam musubi, burritos, and Thai food, but if I could only eat at one place for the rest of my life it would be Chick-fil-A. I love everything on their menu, and their lemonade is second to none! First board you felt you mastered? The first board my Dad bought me was a secondhand Lost Surfboard by Mayhem, shaped by Matt Biolos. I don’t ride it anymore, but I still have it and I will never sell it. I learned to do so many things on that board and I have great memories with it. I don’t think I have mastered any board because there is always something new to learn, but that one is special. F


Erin Brooks Photos & Story by Dave Gregerson

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Erin Brooks Photos & Story by Dave Gregerson

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LIFESTYLE . . . Travel Essentials

the essentials

Gear Guide


SWIMWEAR On the fast track to startup success, a car speeding through a crosswalk jeopardized everything she’d built in a split second.

In a constant battle with life-altering trauma, PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, and the cutthroat fashion industry, Just Bones Boardwear founder Jennifer Berk Weisman had to do more than reinvent the boardshort. She had to reinvent herself.

WET BRUSH $9 | Say goodbye forever to tangled and matted surf hair, and hello to your new travel buddy, the Wet Brush. It detanges both wet and dry hair easily without damaging wet hair when it’s in it’s most fragile state. The top of each strong and highly flexible IntelliFlex® bristles is coated to avoid snags, and evenly distributes your hair’s natural oils. With a 45% reduction in breakage when using it, this special Wet Brush is designed to not stretch, snag or frizz your hair, and is especially good for wigs, or thick ethnic hair that normally can’t be brushed. Available in an assortment of colors, as well as in a travel size! Look for it in Ulta, Walmart, and other large retail outlets.

On her journey from stay-at-home mom to an innovative entrepreneur surviving unexpected adversity, Jennifer conquered every obstacle with a fierce determination to succeed. More than fluff, fabric, and fashion, Sink or Swimwear shares the powerful true story of recovery, hope, and resilience that will inspire you to channel your own inner strength to overcome trauma or chase your entrepreneur dreams. Available online wherever you buy books.

ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL Eden’s Semilla $15 | Saltwater and sun take a real toll on sensitive skin such as your face, neck and chest. Areas that are already prone to damage, wrinkles and breakouts.

Rosehip Oil, often called “the multivitamin of the skin” is a gentleyetpowerful cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, making it perfect for replenishing moisture, while leaving your skin silky smooth. Known for its anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties (just google all the amazing things it can do for your skin!) organic Rosehip oil is lightweight, making it a perfect combatant to nature’s harsh elements, and especially good for mature or blemish prone skin. Rosehip oil is a carrier oil, which means it can be applied alone, or paired with other essential oils, for multipurpose use, and is often used to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, dry, flaky, or problematic, inflamed skin.

your damp towel to remove excess oil. Apply your makeup and other products as usual. TIP: For cold or extremely dry weather locals, this same technique can be used on your entire body, using Coconut (warmer/dry regions) or Olive oil (cold weather regions).

DRYROBE® Advance Long Sleeve $210 | Perfect for cold-weather surf sessions, the dryrobe® Advance lets you easily get changed anywhere, whilst its waterproof outer layer and super-warm inner lining protects you from the elements. Offering superior warmth in the most frigid conditionas, the dryrobe® Advance is available in several color combinations as well as in both long and short sleeve designs- perfect for more petite people.

Applying it to a dry face can be too heavy for most, so we suggest adding 5 drops to WET palms immediately upon finishing your shower. Rub palms together, then apply it to your WET neck and chest, in a gentle, upwards circular motion. Wet hands thoroughly again, add another 3-4 drops to your palms, rub together, and repeat on your face, applying gently. Allow these areas to air dry while you finish towelling off, then pat any applied areas gently with

GOT NEWS? Want to see your company featured in our Industry News or Gear Guide? Log \on to, and click on CONTACT. Send us your press releases, new product launches, team rider profiles... Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you!

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LIFESTYLE . . . Breast Health LIFESTYLE . . . Breast Health


TYPES of Breast Cancer

F Very slow growing that may never even be a threat

Very rapidly growing with micro metastases that spread before a tumor can even be detected by traditional means

breasts NOW!



F Moderately fast growing tumors that may or may not be metastatic and spreading when they are detected.

The moderate or slow growing breast cancers that appear after menopause statistically are “better differentiated” or less damaged. More like the original cells, but with more well developed estrogen receptors. They grow slower and prognosis for survival is better. The very aggressive cancers, however, are mainly found in women under the age of 40. The good news is, the younger you are when you repair your DNA damage, the better you can prevent these breast cancers for the rest of your life.

The key is to find the warning signs of damage and increasing risks. You can find them by using Breast Thermography.

Detect the EARLIEST Warning Signs of Breast Disease by Using Breast THERMOGRAPHY by Dr. Linda Fickes


Breast cancer is now the leading killer of women aged 35 to 54, and you may be surprised to know that it is also found in women as young as 11 (as well as men). Under age 50, breast cancer is more aggressive and life threatening and one in eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. However, due to advances in technology, women from 12 to 40 now have an opportunity to prevent a future cancer… And it’s by using Breast Thermography.


Some cancer researchers believe that ALL breast cancers are initiated long before menopause- the cancer simply shows up at different phases of life, due to its nature and other triggers. Breast cancer initially starts when a normal cell becomes defective. It then grows and reproduces uncontrollably. The normal cell becomes defective due to damage to the DNA- a mutation- and multiple mutations are needed to cause a cancer.


Its detox and repair systems may be immature, and the younger we are when our cells are damaged beyond our body’s capacity to repair, the greater the number of mutations we will accumulate that can then lead to cancer. When an older woman is exposed to radiation, there is a lower risk of breast cancer. The younger a woman is when exposed to radiation, the greater risk of breast cancer.



Breast thermography uses a computerized, infrared camera and sophisticated software that creates heat images of the breasts.


are involved, so it is a 100% safe procedure for all ages, even with breast implants, women that are nursing, during pregnancy or have had previous cancers. All ages and all breast densities are imaged at the rate of 88% accuracy — better than a mammogram under all but the most ideal circumstances.

Unfortunately, mutations can be caused by the thousands of chemicals Thermography is the ONLY accurate breast we are exposed to in our risk assessment for younger women environment every day, such as pesticides, plastics, hormones in our milk, eggs and meats, prescription drugs, vaccinations and Mammograms (a breast x-ray) on the other radiation. hand, are as little as 19% accurate in the young,

The safety & early detection of BREAST THERMOGRAPHY are its greatest assets, because it empowers every woman with choices. 32 | | wSSm

LIFESTYLE . . . Breast Health dense breast population, making early detection like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Of course, mammograms have value. As x-rays, they locate shapes of at least one centimeter in size. But, these shapes have been growing for at least 8 to 15 years on average, before being large enough to be detected on the x-ray. Most cancers take 8 to 10 years to grow to one centimeter in size, but only one and a half years to grow to 3.5 centimeters. Thermography works by clearly showing the amount of heat, patterns, and locations- or absence of heat- therefore, giving early, safe information about your breast health. It also shows organ stress, over or under function, nerve irritation, nerve damage and much more.

Images are immediately viewed with the doctor, who is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Nutritional imbalances and causes of the heat patterns are discussed, and suggestions are made to help improve future images. A report that is understandable and professional is usually sent out within two weeks. F HOW MUCH DOES IT COST & WHEN SHOULD I START

GETTING SCREENED? An average thermography session costs about $120, averaging about $10 a month when you break it down. Not a bad price for your breasts’ health. Thermography is recommended to start at age 20 with screenings every three years. After age 30, annual exams are recommended. F EARLY DETECTION IS KEY

Normal Image & Heat Pattern

Abnormal RIGHT Breast

A thermogram can find and evaluate risky heat activity up to TEN YEARS before it causes a growth big enough for a mammogram detection! The safety and early detection of breast thermography are its greatest assets because it empowers every woman with choices. Signs of early risk can be improved within months with the individually tailored, nutrition recommendations that each patient receives with their thermogram. Because thermography gives additional information that is helpful with finding the causes of the excess heat, knowing your unique vulnerabilities gives you the power to create a healthy life.


To find a Board Certified Medical Thermographer in your area, we recommend visiting:


The advantage of thermography is that it is not looking for shapes, but instead, for heat activity. Because cancer alters the breasts’ temperature and blood supply, signs of breast disease or pre-breast disease appear clearly on the thermal image. Findings are then evaluated using an international scale and give important information about your risk for breast cancer. This information helps you make the best decisions that can save your life. When breast thermography detects the first sign of a developing cancer, there is a 61% increase in survival rate. F WHAT HAPPENS IN A THERMOGRAPHY SESSION

The thermography procedure is comfortable. After filling out a simple questionnaire, the patient relaxes and cools down for 15 minutes at 72 degrees. A female technician then takes a series of images from all angles, and uses a cold pack challenge (to the hands) to bring out details.

Breast Thermography International

American College of Thermology

Dr Linda Fickes

On OAHU, HAWAII: Dr. Linda is the only Board Certified Medical Thermographer in Hawaii, and she’s been taking images since 2000. She is also a chiropractor and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and it is this background that allows her to make practical suggestions for specific supplements to improve what she finds on the images. Call for an appointment for breast thermography at 808.395.6800, or visit her website for more info at

BREAST THERMOGRAPHY IS PARTICULARLY HELPFUL FOR: F Breast cancer survivors monitoring for possible reoccurrence

F Breast cancer patients monitoring effectiveness of treatments

34 | | wSSm

F Women who have fibrocystic breasts

F Women with breast implants (all types)

F Young women; women using a hormone containing birth control method or using hormone replacement therapy

F Women who have had confusing or unclear mammograms

F Women with large breasts who may have discomfort with other imaging procedures

F ANYONE who wants to take advantage of the earliest possible detection of breast disease


For just $140, you can help five moms choose life for their preborn babies. CALL NOW: (800) 941-0151 or DONATE online at ** Your gift is 100% tax deductible.



LIFESTYLE . . . Breast Health

Breast Thermography Gave Me


In a small room, chilled air penetrates my core as I hold my hair up and off my neck. Wearing only panties, my body temperature drops, which will help Dr. Linda to accurately read my heat patterns. As I wait for her, worst case scenarios race through my mind, as I wonder... What’s wrong with me?

I’d recently noticed small lumps under my armpits, along the underwire bra line. They just wouldn’t go away and were painful on occasion, and new lumps had begun to appear on my upper/inner thighs. I have to be on the brink of death before I’ll see a doctor, but panic had begun to sink in as I researched “lumps” on the internet, and discovered all the horrible things they “might” be. I needed to figure out what was wrong with me, and more importantly... How to fix it! Dr. Linda returned to the room and began snapping photos with her sophisticated, infrared camera. Front, side and back views were all taken, and within minutes, we were done. She carefully looked over my photos with me, pointing out organs that showed stress, and heat patterns in my breasts that were irregular, finding one in particular that showed signs of possible future problems. Turns out, my having been on birth control for over a decade had taken its toll. Large amounts of estrogen had built up in my body, my lymph system wasn’t draining properly (causing the lumps), and my liver, spleen and kidneys were extremely overworked. However, no serious signs of any early stages of cancer. Yay! She prescribed a myriad of supplements & vitamins specific to my stressed organs, a few dietary changes, as well as a cleansing of the bowels, liver and kidneys. In addition, she also prescribed more surfing time, so I could effectively relieve all my built-up stress. I was to

for a Healthier Future

come back in 3 months for a check up, so we could see if what we were doing was working. LOTS of surfing and 3 months later found me back in her office. Had all of this even helped? Was I still showing severe imbalances? Cold air, snapshots, and whalaa... Dr. Linda was giving me my verdict. I had improved tremendously! And I wouldn’t need to be screened for 3 years! I’d been committed to improving my health, and it showed. The estrogen was breaking down and leaving my body, I felt better physically, and I was thrilled to actually SEE the improvement from the first set of images. No synthetic pills, drugs or shots, simply nutritional supplements she could “see” that my body and organs were lacking, that would help them regain maximum functionality, and, of course, lots of surfing. Science shows that worry & stress wreak havoc on your body and can lead to all kinds of diseases and immune system breakdown. But now, I no longer need to worry about the “what if’s”. If I’m faithful with my screenings, my body’s heat patterns will tell me, enabling me to detect and repair years before something becomes an issue. And with the proper supplementation, my heath is under control and can be tracked over the years, re-evaluating and correcting as we go. You don’t have to worry either. Find out what’s going on in your body before it’s too late! Breast thermography for women ages 20 to 30 is the only way to assess your risk level so that you can prevent breast cancer for you. Please, get scanned today!

- Sandra, WSSM Publisher

Good health, just like happiness, is a choice. This is me, choosing BOTH in Chiriqui, Panama. Photo: Gabeto Fernandez 36 | | wSSm

Handmade with Sand & Earth Elements from your favorite travels #We a r Yo u r Tr a v e l s

LIFESTYLE . . . Daily Yoga

Happy Heart YOGA



Expands lungs, ribcage, chest, and abdomen, which allows more oxygen flow to the organs, the eyes, and the brain.


Improves and maintains a youthful posture by increasing spine flexibility and strength.


Stimulates good circulation, energy flow, and good mood.


Strengthens the legs, hips, wrists, arms and shoulders.


Stretches the abdominal muscles and improves digestive system.


All the muscles and joints are invigorated by this pose.


Healing for the mind, heart, and soul as it brings balance into the nervous system.

By Zofia Karubin, Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga and Surfing go together so well... Because there is something really special about surfing that brings a joy to your life, and the same is true of yoga. Giving you an experience with so many benefits that affects your life on many levels. By having more fun while surfing or practicing yoga and following your intuition, your life becomes so much more enjoyable. This powerful back-bending pose will help you get more aligned and connected with your inner-self for a better life journey and a happy heart. This pose will also help you become a stronger surfer with more style and grace, and gives you more flexibility to handle the different conditions in the water.

Before trying this pose, prepare your spine

by stretching and relaxing the entire body forward and backward, to the left and to the right. You should warm up your body first by doing several other poses gently and thoroughly as shown in my previous yoga articles (see link in bio). To prepare your spine, you may also recline backwards on a big pillow or over the side of your bed or couch for a week or two and see how it feels. You can start this pose from laying on

your back first, then lift and arch yourself up into the wheel pose to feel how your arms and legs get stronger each time in this position.

Remember: In yoga, whenever you do one pose,

always do another counter-balancing pose, and prevent any strain by breathing deeply. Be gentle with yourself especially when trying new poses, and take it really slow, little by little, because eventually you will get better and better and as you focus on your breath you will ease into it naturally. Even if you do just a few minutes a day of a couple easy poses, you’ll soon see the benefits of investing in yourself and your own well-being because you are so worth it.

Awareness of your breath is the key to health and wellness. Do you catch yourself holding your

breath when you are feeling stressed or rushed? Become aware of your breath and allow it to flow in and out naturally and let yourself feel at ease as the healing energy moves through your body. As you allow yourself to feel more at ease, your body will have less and less dis-ease. By becoming more aware of your breath, you will allow more and more well-being in your body, mind, and soul from moment to moment.

Zofia is a certified yoga instructor who resides in Los Angeles, California where she’s been teaching yoga for over 20 years and practicing yoga since childhood. Learn at your own pace how to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle through the online collage of yoga routines from previous issues of WSSM. Go to Surf Leggings: Monique Rotteveel Surf & Yoga Leggings in “Deep Jungle” ( | Photos by: OnIt Pro (

Standing Wheel Pose

(Chakrasana variation)

Please check with your doctor before doing this or any exercise program.




Warming up properly, stretch your spine up and back, look up, reach up, and breathe, then reach forward and down several times while breathing deeply.


Gently reach behind you and over your head slowly with one or both hands as you breathe out.


Reaching all the way over with both hands on to the ground and breathe in. Relax your neck and head in this arched position as you breathe out. (You can stop here and gently relax the body down as you tuck your chin to the chest and then bring the knees to the chest for counter balancing as you breathe out.)

Stand in a grounded pose with your feet rooted into the earth, place your hands behind your hips, push your hips forward, while arching backwards, and keep breathing. You can also make fists and push them into your hips as the hips move forward and you arch back, and soften the knees, as you continue breathing.

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When and if you are ready, feeling stable and relaxed in this arched position, bring one knee up,

then slowly down with the breath, then lift the other knee up with the breath.


If you are feeling like kicking it up a notch, lift the foot up to the sky, engaging the abdomen muscles, then release the leg down, and repeat on the other side, slowly and gently with awareness of the breath. TO RELEASE THIS POSE you can slowly relax the whole body down to the ground, and again tuck your chin to the chest, and then bring both knees to the chest as you breath out. You may also reverse the steps to come back

up to a standing forward bend, and then slowly bring the forehead down to the knees to counterbalance the stretch, as you allow the breath to flow. Do not worry about the perfect pose, simply breathe and allow your body to go in the right direction, and listen to your body, listen to your breath, listen to your inner voice to guide you through the process as you will blossom through this journey. Namaste: My Inner Light Bows to Your Inner Light.

Happy Heart Yoga by Zofia Karubin

| Standing Wheel Pose (Chakrasana variation)








Breath is the most important, so feel your breath flow naturally, i no matter what you do, be gentle with yourself and do every pose slowly with deep attention to your breath as it flows in and out.

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someone out there needs you

Photo courtesy of Wahine Warriors

The most powerful thing each of us can do for someone suffering that costs us absolutely nothing, is to lift them up in prayer.

Pray for your sisters, brothers, your parents, friends and neighbors, and yes- even the leaders of our towns, cities and country. They need prayer, too. It’s something each of us can do DAILY that is incredibly powerful.


he past two years have brought with it insurmountable trials and hardships for so many around the globe. Here at home, you, or someone you know may have lost their job, their business, maybe you’ve lost a family member(s) to compromised health or suicide, or are dealing with insurmountable depression personally. Couple any of these struggles with a natural disaster and it can feel as though you simply won’t make it through. When we go through these times, it often feels like everything falls apart at once with no relief in sight. But that’s when God’s grace and providence often shines the brightest- through the hands and hearts of His children’s service. He uses each of us to work miracles in and bless the lives of others, and yes, he can use every single one of us, big and small. By giving of ourselves, whether it be our time or outreach in an area that is dearest to our individual hearts, or perhaps even just helping a struggling neighbor by mowing their lawn for them or offering to watch the kids so they can go for a much-needed date night. Helping others in small ways can seem insignificant to us, but may actually be that one ray of God’s light in someone else’s life, that was so desperately needed. Confirmation that someone out there cares about them. If each of us does something small (or big!) for someone else, making a habit of earnestly looking for more opportunities daily, then together, through the power of ONE, we can show God’s love to the world around us, and make it better. But why stop at home? Technology now allows us to extend our humanitarian reach far beyond our own homes, friends, neighbors and communities. There are numerous organizations that exist simply to help others, and thus, have attracted like-minded souls who’ve experienced healing and personal growth by supporting them with their time and donations. These remarkable organizations are making a difference in people’s lives, both here and in communities around the globe. Although there are many great causes that should be supported, we’ve compiled some of our absolute favorite organizations that are giving back, and we hope you will join us in supporting them also.

Sandra Olson, wssm 40 | | wSSm

Wahine Warriors

Helping Female Spirits With Surfing Wahine Warriors is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit based in Jupiter, Florida that was developed to help lift up foster kids and veterans in need. They use a “wellness surf program to awaken self confidence in females who have been through some salty things in life” because as we know, surfing can do big things for ones self confidence, feeling of belonging and overall happiness. Wahine Warriors was founded on using spiritual gifts like surfing and mindfulness practices, to bless those in need and what we’ve come to find out is that everyone is in need. We all have times that it feels like we’re being held under one heavy set after another, and what gets us above water and riding those waves is support from our surf sisters, connecting with the ocean, and leaning on God. “The ebb and flows of surfing translates so well to life. There will be times when it feels like the undertow is pulling us down (depression, anxiety, PTSD). Follow your leash back to your board (foundation, faith, family, friends) and stay afloat until the next wave.” - Kristina Cobia, Founder


Research has shown that many groups of individuals can benefit from surfing as a therapy. Wahine Warriors has a focus of foster girls and female Veterans. Military sexual trauma is sadly common amongst our female soldiers. They use surfing to help gain confidence and facilitate healing while taking back control in the waves, and foster girls that have participated in their surf program report feelings of joy and happiness after their sessions. While not a national organization boasting thousands of members, their passionate team has developed a small group surf program for women who have gone through any kind of traumaand they dive into self love using Mother Ocean and sisterhood as catalysts. As they say, “Talk therapy is great, but stepping out of your comfort zone and into God’s beautiful playground will awaken your God-given potential within, and foster an amazing transformation that you will carry with you for a lifetime”. Do you have a passion to surf or passion to serve? Wahine Warriors utilizes volunteers just like you in a variety of ways on and off the beach, and are always looking for talented and passionate people that can help in a variety of different ways. Join them today! Help share your warrior spirit with others. Learn more at

Share The Stoke

FOUNDATION Photo : Share The Stoke Foundation

Share The Stoke Foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization based in South Florida and is dedicated to donating surfboards to kids and teenagers in need, in an effort to keep them off the street and in the water. Around the world, coastal towns are filled with kids who yearn for the possibility to stand on a board in the water, but simply do not have the resources to make that happen. The Share The Stoke Foundation is committed to creating new possibilities for kids and teenagers globally, to support them in having their dreams of surfing come true. Founded in 2008 by Kelly Kingston, STSF realized there were many kids who wanted to surf around the globe, but didn’t have the means to make it happen. Kelly wanted to change that. By partnering with existing surf clubs, NGO’s, non-profits, surf schools and organizations that aim to make the lives of kids better in coastal towns and create leaders through the sport, her mission to create a positive way for kids to express themselves through surfing has become a reality.

Together they organize surf contests, beach cleanups, donate surfboards and equipment to the kids, and host surf clinics and BBQ’s to bring people together in the name of surfing. In some areas they have even started surf clubs so that kids will have a place to go and be a part of a group-learning environment, and in recent years STSF has been going far and wide, reaching some of those off-the-beaten path surf locations. “Surfing has the ability to give us so many gifts and that is why we do this work, so that all kids can experience it”, says Kelly Kingston. “With the help of our sponsors, Firewire Surfboards, FCS and Sticky Bumps, we have been able to impact kids in over 28 countries! Our sponsors have been unfaltering in their commitment to surfing and sharing that gift with kids and we love them for it. They are the backbone of Share The Stoke Foundation”. Want to help stoke out some kids? Learn how you can be a part of this movement. Send them an email to and tell them why you are the perfect match to help share the stoke or be an STSF ambassador. Learn how you can help them by visiting wSSm | | 41



While on a surfing trip to Nicaragua in 2009, the heart of (founder) Ryan Jasper was burdened by the sight of children rummaging through garbage dumps looking for food. Due to the extreme poverty that drove families to such desperation, these children were also walking through these dangerous conditions with bare feet. Ryan knew he had to do something. As a CEO of a retail company with 17 surf shops in Florida, Ryan began talking with distributors about donating unused or defective shoes to deliver to the villages in Nicaragua. On June 26, 2010, Ryan and a small group of volunteers placed shoes on the feet of 500 children in La Chureca, Nicaragua and with that small act of love, Beautiful Feet was born.

Fighting poverty one step at a time through intentional physical, spiritual, educational, and economic transformation Jasper founded Beautiful Feet on the belief that God has given every human being a mandate, to love their neighbor as themselves and to remember the poor. When we do, we unlock a God-given purpose within. A purpose to serve and love others. At Beautiful Feet, they ”seek to be a breath of fresh air in every interaction, inspiring others towards action, as they imagine the possibilities, not looking at poverty today, but imagining a community changed tomorrow. Inside of every person on planet earth is an intuitive knowledge that they were made for more. Made with a purpose. Poverty tries to steal that away… But so does living life about oneself.”

Beautiful Feet exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in all its aspects, but especially through their particular calling to serve “THE LEAST OF THESE: the poor, the destitute, the lost, the broken and the forgotten.” Though Beautiful Feet began with meeting a basic physical need, since 2010, the rally cry to fight physical and spiritual poverty across the world has brought Beautiful Feet to where it is today. You can help support them, by donating, sponsoring a child in Nicaragua or Guatemala, or joining them on one of their special mission trips- a great way to experience your purpose in line with the heart of God, all while serving others with the love of Jesus. Beautiful Feet trips are life changing experiences not only for those serving, but as well as for the communities that are being served. Learn how you can support at

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth“ 1 John 3:18

By Leah Johnson

The Range of Motion Project started in 2005 with the goal of reaching those without access to prosthetic and orthotic services. They believe that people with an amputation are not disabled by missing a limb but by missing a prosthesis, and that prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces are not simply medical devices but instruments of personal empowerment. Their mission is “to provide high quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, which enhance mobility and unlocks human potential.” Mobility is something easily taken for granted, but for someone who cannot afford a prosthesis they are often confined at home and held back. Only 2% of people who need prosthetics or orthopedic care have access to such. Having a disability creates vulnerability and can easily lead to poverty because of inability to work and/or expensive hospital treatments. ROMP operates in Guatemala, Ecuador, and the United States as well as helping people in other surrounding countries, and has reached almost 12,000 patients since first starting. They provide medical care based on medical need, not cost, and try to develop and distribute high-quality technologies at low cost. They train and employ local practitioners to provide services which helps to strengthen local health systems and stimulate economic development locally in underprivileged communities. By raising public awareness of the global lack of prosthetic and orthotic care, ROMP enables those with disabilities to redefine their human potential. This non-profit uses fun ways to raise money together as a team and has a wonderful website and movie detailing what they do and the people who’s lives have been changed. Learn how you can support at 42 | | wSSm


“Committed to taking action by standing, speaking, and acting with those in need when no one else will.” Mercury One is not an ordinary organization. They’re extraordinary! They assist our nation’s beloved veterans, provide caring and specialized aid to those in crisis, both at home here in the USA and internationally, in natural and humanitarian disasters. They also help rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious minorities. They believe that when evil prevails, the best way to overcome it is with good. We love that!

Photo: The Nazarene Fund Tim Ballard | Founder of Operation Underground Railroad, TNF Board Member


To liberate the

captive, to free the

enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities whenever and wherever they are

in need.


Graphic human suffering.

Human slavery has existed since the beginning of time, and heartbreakingly, has known no race, age, or gender boundaries. Most of us have likely wondered how we would have acted when face to face with such human suffering. Here’s your opportunity to find out.

**Content Warning** While most of western civilization enjoys religious freedom or the freedom to not have any religion at all, there are those that because of their faith, are currently being crucified, tortured, burned alive or beheaded for their faith. Those not killed are sold into sexual slavery, others endure their organs harvested without anesthesia, for sale on the black market. I know that’s really hard to read. I’m sorry. But we must NOT look away, we must help them.

Facing these modern day horrors, The Nazarene Fund is committed to continuing to support these persecuted minorities by searching for and liberating the captive, all around the globe. They provide aid to those who are trying to maintain their lives and culture and work tirelessly evacuating and resettling those who cannot remain in their homelands, due to the threats of violence that they face. We love that 100% of donations to The Nazarene Fund go DIRECTLY to the missions. Not a penny is spent to keep the lights on or to pay salaries, so you can feel confident giving to them, knowing that 100% will go directly to helping those in desperate need. They’ve recently expanded their humanitarian operations to Africa, Asia and Haiti, and we ask you to please join them by donating today. Please help them as they assist Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities who are facing displacement, torture and death.

Mercury One is a 501(c)(3) charity that was founded in 2011 by Glenn Beck, and created to inspire the world in the same way the United States’ space program shaped America’s national destiny. By setting a goal and committing to reach it against all odds. They believe the only limitations to achievement are those we place on ourselves, and they fully believe in the goodness and power of the individual to overcome ANY obstacle.

Photo: Mercury One

Mercury One stands to restore the human spirit through programs that advance the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for individuals and communities to help themselves, and they are committed to taking action through humanitarian aid and educational initiatives. Mercury One stands, speaks, and acts with those in need when no one else will. They believe that together, we can make a difference; it’s up to us to turn the tide. Join them on their journey at

Be a modern day Schlindler. Be The LIGHT. Take action. Donate today at wSSm | | 43



Harnessing the resources of the surfing community to impact the global community By Leah Johnson

AccesSurf was born in Hawaii of humble beginnings; a few pickup trucks, lots of duct tape and a determination to adapt in any way possible to get those with disabilities back in the water. ‘Ohana’ in Hawaiian means family, and AccesSurf embodies this to the fullest and has created an inclusive surfing community. This inclusive community empowers people with disabilities through accessible beach and water programs. A ‘Day at the Beach’ happens on the first Saturday of each month (when allowed by Hawaii State Covid 19 Restrictions) and is free to any and all people that have a disability and want to try surfing or swimming, or need help getting in or out of the water and surfing support. This was the non-profit’s first monthly program – providing access through beach mats to the ocean, beach chairs for transport over the sand, safety equipment and support in the water, and experienced surf instructors on large surfboards to take participants surfing. A monthly Wounded Warrior program was added, providing therapeutic surfing experiences to military personnel, and AccesSurf now

Photo courtesy of Jason Rose Photography 44 | | wSSm

has over 40 events each year providing 2,500 ocean experiences annually with a volunteer base of over 900 people. One of AccesSurf’s driving forces since their start has been to create opportunities for athletes with disabilities. AccesSurf held the first adaptive surfing competition at Duke’s Oceanfest, and now hosts its own yearly Hawaii Adaptive Surf Competition with competitors from around the world participating. AccesSurf also supports adaptive canoe paddling, long distance ocean paddling, swim clinics, and they helped created the first adaptive surf team in the state. AccesSurf just celebrated 15 years of following the spirit of Duke Kahanamoku, and continues to be a pioneer in the advancement of adaptive water sports, ocean recreation, and therapeutic instruction for people with disabilities throughout the state of Hawaii. Visit their website for interviews with participants, volunteers and adaptive athletes, and learn more about how to get involved. Join me in supporting this incredible organization. Get involved at

Photo: Groundswell Aid

Roy Harley (International Director of Christian Surfers and founder of Groundswell Aid), as he toured the world, observed that surfers across the globe were getting involved in community development and social justice; both locally and as they traveled looking for waves. When his travels took him to Australia, he was blessed to meet Jeff Ryan, founder of Misfit Aid and together, they launched something new… Groundswell Aid! Groundswell Aid proudly partners with projects that incorporate surfing as a way to impact their community. Five incredible projects they’re currently involved in include the Hope House in Mauritius, La Red in El Salvador, Aleph Surf and South Beach Stoke in South Africa, Mercy Huts in Indonesia and Pura Vida in Chile. These unique and important Groundswell Aid projects are working to truly make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. They believe in “Asset based community development, and letting the local contacts for projects drive the way they are supported.” Their community support includes incredible service trips, donating surfing equipment, promoting locally made goods, and giving financial assistance for specific one-time costs. Incredibly, 80% of all donations go directly to the designated project, with 20% to operating costs associated with helping to support and serve all projects. So, if you have a heart for those less fortunate, or if you dream of sharing what you have with others who have none, then find out how you can help Groundswell Aid spread the love! Learn more at

South Africa

ALEPH SURF The heart of Aleph Surf is to give opportunities. These opportunities may come in the form of learning how to surf, receiving help with education and engaging with important life skills. The greatest off all these is the chance to hear about the Creator who made the waves as well as us, and the invitation to belong in His Kingdom.

South Africa

SOUTH BEACH STOKE Seeking to make a difference in the lives of the street kids and the lost in Durban, South Africa. Every Saturday morning you’ll find them meeting on South Beach, regardless of weather conditions. Before any activities, they share a Bible lesson and one of the leaders teaches about the impact of pollution on the environment and fun facts about sea life. As a way to put into action what they are learning, they regularly run beach clean-ups to help the anti-litter initiative.


Lifelong surfers, missionaries, and Pura Vida founders, Mitch and Juliette Anderson, work with their son, Nathan, in Chile. They established Pura Vida over 25 years ago, and it continues to grow to this day. Pura Vida’s goal is to use sports to minister to locals and create a sense of community. Their facility offers a number of different programs that include a coffee shop/restaurant, an indoor semi Olympic-size pool, a gym, and several multipurpose rooms used by different groups throughout the week. Their hope is to have a fully developed community center that serves the surrounding city through sports, fitness, surf, skate, counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, special needs ministry, dance, aerobics, home school co-operative and a host of other services, within 5 years. These ministries are moving ahead, but still have much room for growth, improvement and support.


HOPE HOUSE Founded in early 2014, Hope House implements three main programs; teaching, training, and mentoring, empowering people in difficult circumstances to create a new future for themselves. SALT SURFERS A program that creates a safe environment and a positive community, to which children from disadvantaged areas can belong. CARPENTRY PROGRAM Providing an environment for men who left school early, can get a second chance to find a job or even build their own business.

El Salvador | LA RED

A long-standing, passion fueled grassroots project that has been instrumental in empowering and uplifting the local community of El Tunco in El Salvador. La Red or “The Net” is a non-profit organization run by the Castellanos family, and their motto is, “Love God and serve your neighbor.” They positively impact their community by improving infrastructure, and facilitating education in a transformative, and empowering way, eagerly seeking to elevate the local community’s quality of life by eradicating poverty, illness and social exclusion.

They’re taught the basic principles of carpentry and furniture design, and then their products are sold through different channels. Workers are paid hourly- ensuring them a steady income. Merchandise profits from sales are also shared with the young men, where they’re introduced to budgeting and personal finance skills.

wSSm | | 45

DREAMY F BREANNA Dress: “Indigo” by Ocean Drive ( Hat: “Valeria” by Peter Grimm ( JEWELRY: Earrings: Ocean-inspired “Wave Drop Earrings” in sterling silver, hand-crafted with your choice of sand or natural elements, with a slightly domed, gem-like finish. By Dune ( Necklaces: “Delicate Dune Sunburst” and “Delicate Dune Turtle”. These delightful tiny designs are perfect for layering and are handcrafted with .925 sterling silver and your choice of sand or natural elements. By Dune (

PHOTOS by Gabeto Fernandez HAIR & MAKEUP by PELUQUERIA Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 787-891-8423 @peluqueria MODELS CJ Palma, Breanna Davis, Carolina Aragonés Fred, Charles J



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PLAYFUL F CJ Top: “Heidi Top” Viscose lace cropped top with off-shoulder detail by ELAN ( Skirt: “Midi” in paisley, by ELAN ( Shoes: “Tide” in ivory, by Nomad Footwear. Featuring an ultra-light construction that rocks as you walk, allowing the transition from step to step to be as graceful as possible. ( Necklace: One-of-a-kind handmade leather feather necklace artfully painted with hints of softly metallic gold, lilac and sparkly turquoise paints. Centered with Scarabaceous crystals and adorned with a variety of copper and silver-toned chains, clear circular crystalled chains, and painted leather cords. By Caroline Rocha ( Sunglasses: “Mojo” by Peppers Polarized Eyeware (

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fashion F BREANNA Shirt: By Vintage Havana ( Hat: “Venice” by Peter Grimm ( F CHARLES J Shirt: “Psycho Surf Babe” graphic tee by Psycho Tuna. ( Hat: “Troy” by Peter Grimm Headwear (

FREE! F CJ Coverup: “Novelty Crochet & Ring Trim Coverup” in warm white, by Surf Gypsy. ( Bikini: “Teya Strappy Triangle Top” in solid teal, by Honeygirl Waterwear (

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PAISLEYS & PINEAPPLES F BREANNA Shirt: “Ivory Distressed Bandana” by Ocean Drive ( Hat: “Pine Visor” by Peter Grimm ( EXPERIENTAL JEWELRY by DUNE Sterling silver or gold jewelry settings, filled with sand or earth elements that you treasure, thus creating a one-of-a-kind “wearable treasure”. Bracelets: “Delicate Dune Heart, “Delicate Dune Pineapple” and “Delicate Dune Wave” | Necklaces: “Delicate Dune Sunburst” and “Delicate Dune Turtle” Ring: “Rope Stacker Ring (round)” in brilliant Blue Larimar (

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ON THE PIER F CJ Dress: By Lagaci ( Leather Cuff: Triple wrap leather cuff by Caroline Rocha ( Silver Cuff: “Wave Bypass Cuff” in sterling silver with two custom sands, by Dune ( Necklace: Stunning “Deco Pendant Necklace” by Dune. This necklace allows you to carry a tangible reminder of your favorite adventures forever. Handcrafted with sterling silver, this pendant is filled with your choice of sand or earth elements and layered to a glass-like finish. ( Hat: “Chira” by Peter Grimm (

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ONE-OF-A-KIND F CJ Dress: “Burnout Beach Dress” by Lagaci ( Earrings: Handcrafted one-ofa-kind long, leather, intricately painted feather earrings, adorned with Swarovski Crystals and Elements, with Sterling silver earring hooks, by Caroline Rocha (

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BLESSED F BREANNA Top: “Eyelet Off Shoulder Top” by Surf Gypsy ( Shorts: By Lagaci ( Necklace: Carefully curated, one-of-a-kind, intricately painted leather feather necklace, adorned with Swarovski Crystals & Elements, by Caroline Rocha (

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OLIVE PALMS F BREANNA Shirt: By Ocean Drive ( Hat: “Paraiso” by Peter Grimm ( JEWELRY: Earrings: Ocean-inspired “Wave Drop Earrings” in sterling silver, hand-crafted with your choice of sand or earth elements, with a slightly domed, gem-like finish. | Necklaces: “Delicate Dune Sunburst” and “Delicate Dune Turtle” | Rings: “Heart”, “Square” and “Round (in Blue Larimar)” Stacker Rings | Bracelets: “Delicate Dune Pineapple” and “Delicate Dune Wave”. By Dune (

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SURF NOW! F CJ Shirt: By California surfer girl brand, iaera, “SURF NOW!” dolman tee says it all. ( Shorts: “FIJI Booty Shorts” fully lined, multi-use shorts, perfect for land or sea, by Ola Chica, ( JEWELRY: Necklaces: “Luxe Horizon Stationary Necklace” and “Luxe Wave Bar Necklace with Larimar and Sand”, by Dune ( Sunglasses: “Sunset Blvd” in Crystal Pink by Peppers Polarized Eyeware ( Surfboard: Tim Nolte Surfboards (

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EARLY MORNINGS F BREANNA Joggers: “Cotton Candy” by Lagaci ( Sunglasses: “Sunset Blvd” by Peppers Polarized Eyeware ( Rings: Sterling silver “Square” Stacker Ring, “Sun Splash Ring with Larimar and Sand” ring, by Dune ( F CHARLES J Joggers: “Aqua Culture Jogger” by Lagaci ( Bracelet: “Men’s Beaded Bracelet” in Wood, by Dune ( Sunglasses: “Sunset Blvd” in Crystal Grey by Peppers Polarized Eyeware (

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CARIBBEAN PARADISE F CAROLINA Shirt: By Elan ( Shorts: “Denim Shorts” in white by Ocean Drive ( Hat: “Chira” by Peter Grimm ( Necklace: “Luxe Wave Bar Necklace with Larimar and Sand” | Bracelet: “Wave Bracelet - Turquoise Gradient” cuff in sterling silver, with your choice of sands | Rings: “Square” and “Round (in Blue Larimar)” stacker rings | Earrings: “Sand Drop Earrings” with turquoise gradient. All jewelry customized with your specific sand or earth elements. By Dune (

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STARS & STRIPES F CJ Shirt: By Lagaci ( Jeans: By ELAN ( Sunglasses: “Fly Boy” by Peppers Polarized Eyeware ( Bracelet/Ring: “Triple Sandglobe Bracelet” and “Boho Stack Ring” by DUNE (

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TEXAS NIGHTS F CJ Shirt: “Texas Nights” graphic tee by Vintage Havana ( Sunglasses: “Fly Boy” by Peppers Polarized Eyeware ( JEWELRY BY DUNE Stunning “Deco Pendant Necklace”, “Marina Bracelet”, and “Boho Stack Ring” by Dune ( Leather Cuff: Triple wrap leather cuff by Caroline Rocha (

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