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From the Field Spring / Summer 2018 How you’re helping raise pigs right Making a world of difference for wildlife Major companies are standing up for animals – thanks to you

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Give a pig the best life possible

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From the Executive Director

Animals everywhere have you to thank You support World Animal Protection because you want to make the biggest positive impact for the biggest number of animals around the world. You know that to make that impact a reality, we all need to change our behaviour and buying habits. And we need to speak with one powerful voice to influence companies that can improve the lives of millions – even billions – of animals. You are making that happen.

You are moving travel companies to be animal-friendly.

As you flip through the pages of this edition of From the Field, you will see many examples of how your voice is moving some of the biggest brands in the world to consider the wellbeing of animals and to change their policies and practices for good. With you behind us, we are convincing travel companies that tourists want a better experience and to see animals in the wild. With your commitment to our Wildlife Selfie Code, we inspired Instagram to warn their 800 million users about the suffering caused by using wild animals as photo props. With your petition signatures we will move food producers and retailers around the world to raise pigs right. I know we can continue to count on you whether it’s through the life-saving donations you give to the animals or the life-changing actions you take to give them better lives. Together we will speak out for animals. Together we will continue to build this movement. Together we will build a world where animals live free from suffering. Thank you sincerely for what you do for animals,

We need your help to convince producers and retailers to raise pigs right!

Josey Kitson Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada

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E: From the Field Spring/Summer 2018

Highlights Faits saillants

Win! You moved Instagram to protect animals

Our investigation and your powerful voice moved Instagram to educate its 800 million users about the suffering caused by wildlife selfies – where wild animals are used as photo props. More than 250,000 of you took action last year, inspiring Instagram to launch a new ‘content advisory page’ linked to harmful hashtags like #slothselfie. Photo: © WDabrowka, KVang

Win! Seafood giant helps fight ghost gear Lost and discarded “ghost” gear kills millions of sea animals. Our report, Ghosts Beneath the Waves, exposed that many seafood companies don’t have a solution. But, thanks to your support, one of the world’s largest seafood companies, Thai Union (with brands including Chicken of the Sea), has joined our Global Ghost Gear Initiative to help protect animals.

Win! Ghana launches rabies prevention project

Late last year, the Ghanaian government launched its first-ever project to prevent rabies. Thanks to your support, more than 2,000 dogs have been vaccinated against the disease and a rabies education program is being rolled out in 985 schools across five towns. Learn more about our Better lives for dogs campaign at

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C’est gagné! Vous avez inspiré Instagram à protéger les animaux Notre enquête, combinée à la puissance de votre voix, a inspiré Instagram à éduquer ses 800 millions d’utilisateurs sur la souffrance que créent les selfies « sauvages », où les animaux sauvages servent d’accessoires photo. Vous étiez plus de 250 000 à être passés à l’action, l’an dernier, ce qui a inspiré Instagram à lancer une page de mise en garde liée aux tags comme #slothselfie.

Thai Union, se joint à notre lutte contre la pêche fantôme Les engins de pêche perdus ou abandonnés tuent des millions d’animaux marins. Notre rapport Ghosts Beneath the Waves expose le manque de solution des pêcheries. Mais, grâce à votre appui, l’une des plus grandes pêcheries au monde, Thai Union (propriétaire de marques comme Chicken of the Sea), vient de se joindre à notre initiative Global Ghost Gear Initiative pour protéger la faune marine.

C’est gagné! Le Ghana lance un projet de prévention de la rage L’an dernier, le gouvernement ghanéen a lancé son tout premier projet pour prévenir la rage. Grâce à vous, plus de 2000 chiens ont été vaccinés contre la maladie, et un programme d’éducation sur la rage est en cours de déploiement dans 985 écoles de 5 villes. Découvrez notre campagne Améliorer la vie des chiens en nous visitant à

Making a world of difference for wildlife

1 Canada

2 Columbia

The Travel Corporation and its 30 global brands (including Contiki and Trafalgar), have partnered with us to ensure their policies and itineraries improve the lives of animals.

You’re funding new enclosures for orphaned rescued sloths so they can recover and learn how to survive in the wild. Here they will learn to climb, find food and adapt to the changing weather.

The Travel Corporation, avec ses 30 marques internationales (comme Contiki et Trafalgar), s’est joint à nous et veille à ce que ses politiques et itinéraires améliorent la vie des animaux dans tous ses forfaits.

Vous financez de nouveaux enclos pour les paresseux orphelins rescapés, afin qu’ils puissent se rétablir et apprendre à survivre dans la nature. Ils apprendront à grimper, à se nourrir et à s’adapter aux conditions météorologiques. Photo: © AIUNAU

Thank you for everything you are doing to help us protect wild animals exploited for tourism. Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour nous aider à protéger les animaux sauvages exploités dans le tourisme.

3 Pakistan

4 Laos

With your support, the Balkasar bear sanctuary, home to 44 bears rescued from bear baiting and dancing, will be extended to provide space for the remaining captive bears exploited for entertainment in Pakistan.

Your generosity is funding a daytime socialization area and a night time enclosure for the nine elephants at MandaLao elephant sanctuary who were rescued from local riding and logging camps.

Avec votre appui, le sanctuaire d’ours Balkasar, qui accueille 44 ours sauvés des combats et de la danse, sera agrandi pour pouvoir accueillir le reste des ours captifs exploités pour le divertissement au Pakistan.

Votre générosité finance la socialisation de jour et un enclos de nuit au sanctuaire de MandaLao, où vivent neuf éléphants rescapés des parcs d’attractions et des camps forestiers locaux.

From the Field Spring/Summer 2018

A pig’s tail

Brave petits cochons

World Animal Protection’s newest campaign will help improve the lives of intelligent, social, inquisitive and sensitive pigs around the world. Help us convince producers and supermarkets to Raise pigs right!

Une nouvelle campagne de Protection mondiale des animaux permettra d’améliorer partout au monde la vie de cet animal intelligent, sociable, curieux et sensible. Aidez-nous à convaincre les producteurs et les supermarchés : Nos porcs méritent d’être bien traités.

The problem

Le problème

Pigs are among the most intensively farmed animals on the planet. They suffer at every stage of their lives and mother pigs have it especially bad. Globally, three out of four mother pigs live in small, barren cages for life. They experience daily pain and distress.

The solution There is a better way for pigs and people. We are calling for an end to close confinement so pigs can live in social groups and in comfortable environments. With your support, we are working with producers to develop higher welfare systems and empowering consumers to help influence the world’s biggest supermarkets. Visit to make your promise to pigs.

Pigs like listening to music and are as intelligent as a 3-year old child. Le porc aime la musique. Il a l’intelligence d’un enfant de 3 ans. From the Field Spring/Summer 2018

L’élevage industriel est la pire source de souffrance animale, et la situation se dégrade. Aujourd’hui, plus de 70 milliards d’animaux sont élevés chaque année pour la production alimentaire, la plupart dans des conditions qui nuisent à leur bien-être. Trois truies sur quatre passent leur vie enfermées dans de minuscules cages. Elles vivent la douleur et la détresse au quotidien.

La solution Il existe une meilleure façon de les élever. Nous réclamons la fin du confinement des porcs afin qu’ils puissent sociabiliser entre eux dans un environnement confortable. Avec votre appui, nous collaborons avec des producteurs pour élaborer des systèmes axés sur le bien-être, qui permettront aux consommateurs de faire pression sur les grands supermarchés du monde. Visitez pour soutenir le bien-être des porcs.

Pigs strategize, demonstrate teamwork and like spending time with each other. Le porc peut élaborer des stratégies et travailler en équipe. Il aime passer du temps avec ses semblables.

Pig noses are very sensitive and they have an excellent sense of smell. Son museau est très sensible et son odorat est très fin.

A day in the life of of Ha Bui Since 2009, your amazing generosity has helped us work with our partner Education for Nature (ENV) to end bear farming in Vietnam. You have helped fund their wildlife crime unit that in 2017, answered more than 300 hotline calls and investigated nearly 200 crimes related to bears. Ha Bui, ENV’s dedicated vice-director shares one of her days… 6:00 am With my team members, I visit Phuc Tho District. This is a ‘bear hotspot’ where 180 bears are having their bile painfully extracted on more than 30 bear farms. Raising awareness of the cruelty of bear farming is central to our work. So today we are holding an exhibition at Gach Market. 7:30 am The market is already bustling with hundreds of people. We have pledge cards that ask people to commit to not consuming bear bile. 9:30 am I leave the team at the exhibit and head to the offices of the People’s Committee of Phuc Tho Town and Phung Thuong Commune. The commune leaders, representatives of the Youth Union, Women’s Union and Farmers’ Union agree that bear farming should be ended in their areas.

1:15 pm I meet with my legal team about Decree 157, a vital piece of legislation for bear protection. It doesn’t include the penalties needed regarding bear farming and bear bile extraction so there is more work to be done.

Education: Changing laws to protect bears, ENV’s vice-director Ha Bui speaking at a workshop.

3:30 pm Good news! A police department calls about a smuggling case. Someone was caught illegally transporting an Asiatic-black bear cub for sale. Luckily, Soc Son Rescue Centre has space for the cub.

Advocacy: An information exhibit in Phung Thuong market helps raise awareness about the cruelty of bear bile farms.

5:00 pm A member of the National Assembly’s judicial committee calls asking me for some clarifications of our recommendations for the new penal code. They are now in the final stage before submitting the drafted law. Once accepted, this would mean that the maximum term in jail for wildlife crime would increase from seven to 15 years.

Rescue: ENV were tipped off about this bear cub being smuggled. Luckily, the bear was rescued and sent to Soc Son Rescue Centre.

Breaking News! Shortly after Ha Bui wrote this article, the National Assembly accepted

ENV’s recommendations and the penal code is now live. Learn more at