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From the Field Spring / Summer 2017 Tour Europe’s largest bear sanctuary Major brands create change for chickens Making a world of difference for animals in disasters

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Heal 2 bears

Save 50 innocent dogs

Give two rescued bears vital medication, and you help keep them healthy and strong on the road to recovery.

Give rabies vaccines to 50 dogs, and you protect them from the practice of killing dogs to prevent the disease from spreading.


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World Animal Protection is a registered Canadian charitable organization. No. 12791 9076 RR0001 Š World Animal Protection 2017 From the Field Spring/Summer 2017

From the Executive Director

Delivering on our promise to protect animals The lives of animals are in our hands and we have the power to give animals the lives they deserve. The stories of hope and survival you are about to read are your stories. When you lent your voice of support through petition signatures, you moved major corporations including TripAdvisor, the biggest travel site on the planet, to better protect animals. Thanks to you, they agreed to stop promoting the worst wild animal attractions. When you spread the word on social media demanding a change for chickens, you urged huge brands Tim Hortons and Burger King to give chickens more space to be chickens.

After the earthquake in Ecuador in 2016, your support meant 15,000 dogs and cats received food and veterinary care including Alejandro who was then adopted by a loving local family.

When you heard about the animals suffering after disasters your immediate donations fed hungry animals, treated their wounds and comforted them during the worst moments of their lives. We can’t thank you enough. And since 2005, your continued support has helped us and our partner, Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP), build and sustain Europe’s largest bear sanctuary in Romania. Now it’s home to 87 rescued bears living lives of peace. As you read through all that you have accomplished, I hope you see the difference you are making for so many innocent animals in need. Sincerely,

Josey Kitson Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada

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A bear cub at the World Animal Protection funded sanctuary, Zarnesti, Romania. Check out a livestream from the sanctuary at worldanimalprotection.ca

From the Field Spring/Summer 2017

Highlights Faits saillants

Win! You achieved change for chickens

With your powerful voice, we launched Change for Chickens last fall. Just five months later, we are excited to share a major win for chickens. In March, Tim Hortons and Burger King committed to improving the lives of chickens sourced for their 11,000+ restaurants in Canada and the US. And this is just the beginning! See more at worldanimalproteciton.ca

The fight against rabies continues

La force de votre voix à notre appui, nous avons lancé la campagne Du changement pour les poulets à l’automne, et cinq mois plus tard, nous annonçons l’important victoire qu’ils ont obtenu. En mars, Tim Hortons et Burger King annonçaient leur engagement à améliorer le sort des poulets servis dans leurs 11 000+ restaurants, au ici et aux ÉtatsUnis. Et ce n’est qu’un début! Découvrez la campagne à fr.worldanimalprotection.ca

La lutte contre la rage se poursuit

You are giving dogs around the world hope. Since 2011, you’ve helped end the inhumane killing of dogs in the name of rabies. Thanks to you, last year we celebrated our millionth vaccination.

Vous êtes une lueur d’espoir pour les chiens du monde entier. Depuis 2011, vous avez contribué à mettre fin au massacre des chiens au nom de la rage. Grâce à vous, l’an dernier nous avons atteint le million de vaccins.

Recently in Kenya, we vaccinated a further 89,000 dogs and trained veterinary officers on responsible dog ownership. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Au Kenya, nous avons vacciné 89 000 chiens et formé des agents sur la responsabilisation des maitres. Merci de votre appui continu!

Win! Maya to live in peace at sanctuary

Four-year-old Maya, who was forced to “dance”, faced unimaginable cruelty every day but thanks to you – Maya has been rescued! She is at our partner Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan getting medical care. Her owner was also provided with an alternative livelihood so he can provide for his family without resorting to bear dancing ever again. Thank you for making this possible for Maya.

Learn more | En savoir plus

worldanimalprotection.ca From the Field Spring/Summer 2017

C’est gagné! Les poulets vivent dans de meilleures conditions

Bravo! Maya passera le reste de sa vie dans la paix d’un sanctuaire Maya, qui jusqu’à l’âge de quatre ans vivait la cruauté au quotidien, forcée de danser pour amuser le public, vient d’être libérée grâce à vous! Elle est sous les bons soins médicaux de notre partenaire du sanctuaire Balkasar. Son ancien propriétaire, lui, s’est vu offrir un nouveau débouché pour subvenir aux besoins de sa famille, sans plus jamais avoir à faire danser des ours. Pour Maya, vous avez fait toute la différence. Merci!

facebook.com/WorldAnimalProtectionCanada twitter.com/@MoveTheWorldCA youtube.com/animalprotectionca

Making a world of difference in disasters

1 Mongolia Thank you for saving more than 250,000 farm animals including sheep, goats and horses from dying in extreme, freezing conditions in Mongolia.

2 Costa Rica When Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica you helped more than 97,000 suffering animals. Thanks to you, we were also able to assist Las Pumas, a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre.

Your amazing generosity moved the world to protect vulnerable animals from disaster throughout 2016. Here are just a few of your achievements.

3 The Philippines Emergency veterinary kits donated by you made a world of difference to more than 79,960 animals affected by Typhoon Haima.

4 Haiti Thanks to you, more than 100,000 animals received vital vet care and vaccinations after Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti. From the Field Spring/Summer 2017

Take a tour and meet some of the residents of Zarnesti Through your continued support our partners, Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) created Europe’s largest bear sanctuary located near Zarnesti in central Romania. We provided essential technical advice and you provided the bulk of the resources necessary to build and manage the sanctuary and to care for the rescued bears. There are 87 bears now enjoying the sanctuary – thanks to you.

Fantastic views:

Une vue imprenable :

Twin cubs: Bim and Bam are

Oursons jumeaux : À un an,

Time for a dip: After years of captivity, bears like Gheorghe explore their new forest home, climb trees, relax in the sun and swim in the pools throughout the sanctuary.

La baignade : Après une longue

The sanctuary is in a remote area near Zarnesti by the Carpathian mountains. The snow falls thick and fast in the winter, but thankfully, the sanctuary has its own snow plow.

Le sanctuaire se trouve en région isolée, près de Zarnesti, au pied des Carpates. Les hivers y sont abondamment enneigés, mais le sanctuaire possède son propre chasse-neige.

Venez à Zarnesti rencontrer ses habitants Votre appui a permis à notre partenaire, l’Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) de créer le plus grand sanctuaire d’ours en Europe, près de Zarnesti, au centre de la Roumanie.

enjoying life in their enclosure and are now a year old. They are being considered for return to the wild.

Bim et Bam profitent de la vie dans leur enclos. On envisage la possibilité de les relâcher dans la nature.

Nous lui avons fourni l’aide technique et vous avez fourni la plupart des ressources nécessaires à la construction du sanctuaire et aux soins des ours rescapés. Aujourd’hui, 87 ours profitent du sanctuaire, et c’est grâce à vous.

Watch a live stream from Zarnesti and learn about the other bear sanctuaries you support at worldanimalprotection.ca Pour découvrir d’autres ours qui vivent au sanctuaire grâce à votre appui, regardez-les en continu à fr.worldanimalprotection.ca From the Field Spring/Summer 2017

captivité, Gheorghe, comme les autres, explore sa nouvelle forêt, grimpe aux arbres, se dore au soleil et nage dans les bassins du sanctuaire.

Photo: AMP

You are the hero of their story Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the latest stories of the animals you help protect through your monthly support. It’s loyal Animal Protectors like you that influence governments, mobilize communities and inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better. You move the world to protect animals. Please consider a special gift today to help even more animals in need. Sincerely,

Josey Kitson Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada


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A day in the life of Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach Thousands of wild animals are treated cruelly for tourist entertainment, but thankfully your support is ending their suffering. Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach, our wildlife veterinary expert, poses as a tourist at venues to research the severity of the problem. Here’s one of his days... 8:30 am Today I’m researching two wild animal entertainment venues. We’ll use the evidence of the cruelty I gather to encourage tour operators to stop promoting cruel events to their clients. So far our research into elephant ride cruelty has stopped 166 tour operators from offering and promoting it. 9:45 am At the first venue, on the outskirts of Bangkok, I head for the orangutan show which runs twice a day, seven days a week. 10:20 am Twelve orangutans in costumes dance to loud music and box each other for a crowd of 400 people. The audience roars with laughter oblivious to the harsh training behind this performance. 10:45 am Show over I visit the orangutans’ enclosures behind a concrete wall. Their bare cages couldn’t be more different from

the natural forest homes of these beautiful animals. 12:15 pm Near the exit hundreds of visitors file past cages containing five tiger cubs. For a fee, they can have a selfie feeding a cub with a bottle. The stress the cubs endure is severe. 2:45 pm The situation here is clearly no better than the previous venue. I see 26 tiger cubs kept in small cages. The cubs have no water and some are clearly distressed.

Trained to perfom: Orangutans are cruelly trained and suffer daily.

4:00 pm Five elephants are chained to the concrete floor while visitors wait for a short ride. Most of the elephants are rocking back and forth. 4:45 pm The abuse of wild animals never fails to anger and depress me. But I must not give up. Only by collecting evidence to make people aware of the suffering can I help our supporters stop it for good.

Caged: A captive tiger cub in Thailand.

Thanks to you 558,000 people successfully petitioned TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to the world’s cruellest animal attractions. Learn more at worldanimalprotection.ca

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