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From the Field Fall / Winter 2017 Meet sloths rescued from wildlife entertainment Irma the kitten – saved by you! Making a world of difference for ocean life

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Save 50 innocent dogs Give rabies vaccines to 50 dogs protecting them from being inhumanely killed to prevent the disease from spreading.

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Help abused sloths recover Provide food and veterinary care to sloths rescued from a life of cruelty in the hands of the tourism industry.


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From the Executive Director

If animals could thank you, they would Since they can’t, it’s my privilege to share that message of thanks, courage and recovery with you. Without you, animals caught in disasters, snatched from the wild or fighting to survive on the streets would continue to suffer. But thanks to you, there is hope for a better future. We have so many reasons to be thankful and fall feels like a natural time of year to come together, reflect, and share that warm spirit with our friends and family. For many of us, some of the dearest members of our families are the animals we choose to spend our lives with.

Our disaster relief team gives water and food to two dogs left behind after evacuation from Barbuda.

That’s true for me and that’s why I’m so thankful for you. You were there supporting our relief work for the animals that were left to fend for themselves when the citizens of Barbuda were forced to evacuate during Hurricane Irma. You helped them survive and your donations helped reunite frightened pets with their owners – who were also desperate to be together with their animals again. You’re also helping orphaned baby sloths, who were snatched from their mothers to be used in the wildlife entertainment industry, find their way back to the wild where they belong. Whether it’s shelter, food or safety, these animals have you to thank. The stories of hope you are about to read are your stories. You were with us in the field, every step of the way. I hope you enjoy this issue of From the Field. From my family to yours, have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. Thank you sincerely,

Josey Kitson Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada

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Orphaned sloths at the AIUNAU sanctuary in Colombia learn life-skills like climbing so they can grow strong and be released back into the wild.

From the Field Fall/Winter 2017

Highlights Faits saillants

Win! Saving dogs in Sierra Leone

With your support and local partners including the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society we’re protecting dogs. This fall, we’re launching a vaccination project to protect 3,000 owned dogs and potentially another 3,000 free-roaming dogs in Freetown, the country’s capital. Follow our progress at

Win! New grant means better lives for pigs An exciting grant of $500,000 from the Open Philanthropy Project is helping us do even more to improve the lives of pigs in China. Together we’re piloting higher-welfare systems, persuading food retailers to improve sourcing and educating the public.

Saved by you! Irma the kitten

Hurricane Irma devastated many islands in the Caribbean. All the animals on Barbuda were abandoned when residents were forced to evacuate. Our team found a tiny kitten and named her Irma. She is recovering well at a shelter run by the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society.

Learn more | En savoir plus From the Field Fall/Winter 2017

Bravo! Chiens sauvés en Sierra Leone Avec votre appui et nos partenaires locaux, dont la Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society, nous protégeons les chiens. Cet automne, nous lançons un projet de vaccination pour 3000 chiens qui ont un maître et environ 3000 chiens errants, à Freetown, capitale du pays. Suivez le projet sur

Bravo! Nouvelle bourse et vie meilleure pour les cochons Une bourse de 500 000 $, de l’Open Philanthropy Project, nous permettra d’améliorer la vie des cochons en Chine. Ensemble, nous explorons des systèmes d’élevage à bien-être accru pour convaincre les détaillants de mieux choisir leurs fournisseurs et pour sensibiliser le public.

Irma la chatte, sauvée grâce à vous L’ouragan Irma a dévasté plusieurs iles des Caraïbes. Les animaux de Barbuda ont tous été abandonnés quand les résidants ont dû évacuer l’ile. Notre équipe a trouvé une petite chatte et l’a baptisée Irma. Elle reprend des forces au refuge de l’Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society.

Making a world of difference for ocean life

1 BC, Canada

2 Maine, USA

Your amazing generosity is helping us protect marine animals from ghost gear – lost and abandoned fishing lines, nets and traps. Votre générosité énorme nous aide à protéger les animaux marins des engins fantômes - des lignes de pêche abandonnées, des filets et des pièges.

3 Orkney, Scotland

Members of our Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) removed 50 lost crab pots and lines from the migratory paths of whales – preventing entanglements.

Great news from our partner Marine Mammals of Maine – 268 animals including seals, dolphins and turtles have been rescued, treated and returned to the wild, thanks to you.

Twenty-five divers have been trained in our unique project at Scapa Flow to remove garbage including ghost gear that collects around WW1 wrecks protecting animals from becoming caught.

Avec la GGGI (Global Ghost Gear Initiative), notre équipe a retiré d’une route migratoire marine 50 lignes et pièges abandonnés pour réduire de prises accidentelles.

Une grande nouvelle de notre partenaire Marine Mammals of Maine : 268 animaux (phoques, dauphins, tortues, etc.) ont été secourus, traités et relâchés dans la mer grâce à vous!

Dans un projet unique, le Scapa Flow, nous avons entrainé 25 plongeurs à retirer les déchets et engins de pêche accumulés autour des épaves de la Première Guerre mondiale, pour éviter qu’ils ne piègent des animaux.

Photo: MMoME

Photo: Dr Jillian Hudgins

4 Rehman Goth, Pakistan To save turtles, we’re working with our GGGI partner the Olive Ridley Project to educate local fishers about ghost gear and encouraging them to retrieve and recycle nets. Pour sauver des tortues, avec l’Olive Ridley Project, du partenaire GGGI, nous éduquons les pêcheurs locaux sur la pêche fantôme et les incitons à repêcher et recycler leurs filets. From the Field Fall/Winter 2017

Meet the sloths In our report, A close up on cruelty, we uncover how the trend of “wildlife selfies” is changing the lives of wild animals. Snatched from the wild, sloths are vulnerable to stress and injuries from being handled by humans. We need your help to stop the use of wildlife as photo props. Never take a wildlife selfie and visit and commit to our Wildlife Selfie Code. You can also help by supporting our partners, the AIUNAU. Rescued from the wildlife entertainment industry, the lucky sloths that end up at the AIUNAU (meaning two-toed and three-toed sloth) rehabilitation centre in Colombia still have a long journey back to the wild. During the recovery process staff clip fruit to branches so the little ones can climb and develop skills to survive. At night, each sloth gets a basket with soft blankets providing comfort for these orphaned babies.

Saving “little man”

Sauver « le petit »

When he arrived, Machito’s little body showed the abuse he had suffered at the hands of humans but he is starting to recover.

À son arrivée, Machito portait les marques des mauvais traitements qu’il avait subis aux mains des humains, mais il reprend des forces.

Clinging to life

S’accrocher à la vie

La Negrita arrived very sick and weak. At just two months old her life was in jeopardy. Luckily with tender care she is now eating and getting stronger every day.

Quand la Negrita est arrivée, à deux mois, elle était faible et très malade. Elle était entre la vie et la mort. Heureusement, avec de bons soins, elle a recommencé à manger et reprend un peu plus de forces chaque jour.

Vous connaissez le paresseux? Le rapport, A closeup on cruelty, expose l’impact des selfies sur la vie des animaux sauvages. La demande pousse vers la misère des animaux d’Amazonie. C’est à vous pour faire cesser l’utilisation des paresseux et d’autre animaux sauvages. Engagez-vous à ne jamais vous prendre en selfie avec ces animaux. Signez Code des selfies de voyage à Une fois sauvés, les paresseux au centre de réhabilitation de notre partenaire AIUNAU ont encore un long chemin à faire. Votre appui rend leur liberté possible. Le personnel de réhabilitation attache des fruits à des branches pour apprendre aux petits à survivre. La nuit, chaque paresseux dort dans un panier, qui imitent la fourrure de leur mère.

Sign our Wildlife Selfie Code From the Field Fall/Winter 2017

Signez Code des selfies de voyage à

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