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Ginny Andersen sen Labour List ist MP based in Hutt South


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Authorised by Ginny Andersen, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

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School Libraries Campaign CUSTOMER PROOF

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By: Gerald Rillstone

School MICE &Libraries RATSTransform, a SLANZA initiative, are

campaigning in a bid to ensure that the Ministry of 6 month guarantee Education will mandate that every student should have for your urban access to a house school library staffed by specialist school $190 librarians only if youand mention funded by the Ministry. this advert when you Continued call on page 2.










0800 732 627



WASPS 6 month guarantee Wainuiomata Intermediate Librarian Nanette Meadows You pay $92 only Voted for Bestyour Local urban house Pest Control Operator once this season $190 only if you mention on NoCowboys for this advert when you call all wasp nests 12 MONTH ANT GUARANTEE MICE & RATS on your urban section MICE & RATS 6 month guarantee WASPS MICE & RATS 6 month guarantee PEST MANAGEMENT for your urban house for your urban house 6 month guarantee only $190You only pay if you $92 mention VotedMICE Best Local & RATS $190 only if call you mention A S S O Z this advert when you Pest Control Operator for your urban house C IATION of N once this season 6 month guarantee this advert when you call on NoCowboys $190 only if you mention for & your urban housefor all wasp nests MICE RATS WASPS this advert when you call WASPS & $190 only if you& mention pay $92 only section Voted BestRATS Local 12 MONTH MICE GUARANTEE 6ANT month guarantee onYouyour urban MICE RATS Pest Control Operator MICE &BestRATS once thisYou season WASPS for urban house paypay $92 only Voted Local 6your month guarantee You $80 only advert when you call 6 this month guarantee on NoCowboys

04 938 3848

ANAGEMEN 6 mention month guarantee for all wasp Pest Control Operator ST M nests $190 you Tseason this foronly your urban house 6ifmonth guarantee You pay $92 only PE once once this season Voted Best Local for your urban house on NoCowboys 12 MONTH ANTfor GUARANTEE onhouse your urban section your urban this advert when you call for all waspwww.pestproof.co.nz nests Pest Control Operator $190 only if you mention www.antman.co.nz once this season for your urban house for all wasp nests on NoCowboys $170 only if you mention EM MANAGyour 12 MONTH ANT GUARANTEE STAon this advert when you call $190 only if you mention Z section S S O ENT urban for all wasp nests PE C IATION of N $190 only if you mention urban sectionANT GUARANTEE thisWASPS advert when youwhen call you call on your You $92 only Voted Best Local 12 MONTH on your urban section thispay advert this advert when you callA SSOCIATION of NPZEST MANAGEMENT Pest Control Operator You WASPS pay $92this only Voted Best owned Local once season Locally ANAGEMEN ST M TNOVEMBER 30, 2020 UNTIL on PE PestNoCowboys Control Operator AS once this season Youfor payall $92 only nests Voted Best Local and operated S O C IATION of N Z wasp WASPS on NoCowboys SERVICES FROM $84 UPWARDS Pest Control Operator all wasp nests this season AS S O C IATION of N Z 12 MONTHonANT GUARANTEE foronce on your urban NoCowboys You paysection $92 only Voted Best Local 5 TE PUNI STREET, PETONE 12 MONTH ANT GUARANTEE on your urban section for all wasp nests You pay $92 only Voted Best Pest Local Control Operator www.antman.co.nz www.pestproof.co.nz once season NAGEMthis 12 MONTH GUARANTEE urban section www.antman.co.nz MA ENT www.pestproof.co.nz ANAGEE MSET PestANT Control Operator on your N on NoCowboys ST M


WASPS 0404938 3848 938 3848

04 938 3848 E



Wednesday September 30, 2020

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Phone (04) 587 1660 Address 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Fax (04) 587 1661 ONLINE: www.wsn.co.nz


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classifieds@wsn.co.nz YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER

Girl Powered NZ in association with

OnBoard Skate Inc Are running a


Reading is essential Continued from page 1 By: Gerald Rillstone The organisation is calling for people to sign their petition, to have school libraries recognised by the Ministry of Education as essential in schools, rather than them being funded out of their own general budget and saving them from becoming a victim of reduced budgets and lack of space. Long time Wainuiomata Intermediate School Librarian Nanette Meadows knows only too well the

importance of a well resourced school library. We are grateful for the support our Library gets from our School Board and Management in terms of personnel and resources. Nanette is a career Librarian having trained and worked at the Hutt City Central Library after leaving college. She moved to helping in local primary schools when her children started school. She has been with Wainuiomata Intermediate since 1988 when it was situated on its previous site in Moohan Street. Reading books is really im-

By Gerald Rillstone Tawa author Philip Marshall was happily living in the Philippines prior to Covid but tripped and fell seriously damaging his shoulder. During a short stint in a Philippines hospital Philip soon realised he would have to come home to have his shoulder seen to properly and have a replacement joint fitted. It was during his stay here that Covid struck and he was unable to get back to his partner and their house in the plantation she owns. With time on his hands at home in Tawa Philip got stuck into writing Secret Pleasure a book about Victor Parkman a self proclaimed Man of Destiny, Veritable Emanation of the Overlord, and Supreme

Leader of the World for a Thousand Years, and now rules New Zealand as its beloved leader. Parkmanism is the faith of millions round the world, dissenters and malcontents usually receiving an unwelcome visit from Azimuth Security Officers. Wellington’s Victoria University, now the Parkman Institute of Knowledge, is the world centre for Parkmanist teachings, its former professors having been dismissed to work in menial occupations. A series of darkly comic mishaps befall characters who challenge or displease the despot, and only the intervention of the Star Children offers hope for a return to normalcy. Containing twenty-one short stories, Secret Pleasure is the


E chrisbishopoffice@parliament.govt.nz F fb.com/chrisbishopmp W chrisbishop.co.nz

Wainuiomata Office: 04 564 8707 126 Main Rd, Homedale

Authorised by C. Bishop, 126 Main Rd, Wainuiomata

school holiday

skateboard programme

for Girls aged 12 years and over Programme Venue: Wainuiomata High School Programme Date and Time: Tue Oct 6th, 10am – 12pm All skateboards, helmets, safety pads, portable ramps and female instructors available on the day. No skateboarding riding experience necessary.

portant and there is obviously a conflict now with modern technology. “We tell all the students that reading is the most important thing you can do in life” Nanette says. “Sometimes there are students who say they can’t find anything to read and we talk to them, find out what they are interested in and find something to engage them. And if any student doesn’t like a book after borrowing it, I tell them that there is no shame in that. After all, we even as adults, learn by experience. There are

books for everyone” In addition the library is open at Lunchtime for exchanging books and for students who are in search of a quiet haven for reading and other quiet activities The library is an extension to the classroom weekly timetable and often student research groups come in and our Teacher Aides bring in their students for a quick spell. Nanette says they are very lucky to have such an attractive library that has around 5,000 relevant books available to students and teachers.

Author creates during Covid

Generations of Honouring Legacy


For generations, Gee and Hickton have been dedicated to caring for your loved ones. Honouring your loved one’s legacy is our purpose. Our family caring for your family.


Register online at:


CASSIE MURPHY Funeral Director

Upper Hutt: (04) 528 2331 Lower Hutt: (04) 566 3103 Porirua: (04) 237 5332

GAVIN MURPHY General Manager

final volume in the Star Children trilogy. His writing is varied and among the eight books Philip has published is one about his memories of growing up in Wainuiomata a book he has dedicated to his granddaughter who he says has had a totally different up bringing than he had. “I wanted her to get the type of book I wish my grandparents had written so I knew more about what their life was like,” he says. Philip grew up in Wainuiomata during the 50s and 60s and has written about is experience there also. “The fifties and sixties were in some ways were the best time to be a New Zealander housing was affordable and there was full

Author and traveller Philip Marshall. Photo Gerald Rillstone employment,” he says. “The other thing was at the time everything was made in New Zealand, the white-ware the blankets on your bed and the carpet among other things.”

Large scale investment needed Hutt City Council is considering the level of investment needed for water infrastructure, as part of work to develop the Long Term Plan, which sets out Council’s plans for the ten years ahead. At its Long Term Plan subcommittee meeting the Council will reviewed the latest advice and investment options from Wellington Water. That advice identifies that over the next thirty years 60 per cent of Lower Hutt’s water network will need to be replaced, at a cost of $1.3 billion. Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry says the latest information confirms initial information Wellington Water presented to Council earlier this year, and highlights the scale of the challenge facing the city. “We know that in Lower Hutt we are facing a trifecta of issues related to our water infrastructure: ageing infrastructure, significant urban growth, and historic underinvestment. The advice we are now receiving from our water experts shows the financial costs of fronting up to these challenges,” Campbell Barry says. “Wellington Water has told us that the amount we currently invest to maintain and develop Three Waters infrastructure is not sustainable. As Mayor, I’m not prepared to ignore the advice of experts - it’s clear we must act to address this serious issue as part of our Long Term Plan.”

The report sets out possible investment options for the Long Term Plan, including a low investment option and a mid-investment option. Both options would result in a significant increase in capital and operational expenditure, and an increase in borrowings. At this stage, modelling suggests an indicative rates rise of between 4 per cent and 6 per cent for water infrastructure investment alone. Mayor Barry says that affordability for residents is front of mind for Council, and the need to balance the investment required with the impact of the current economic climate. “I am conscious that we are making these decisions at a time which is both tough and uncertain for people right across our city. It is with this in mind that I will be asking staff to consider affordability, and how we can soften the impact of the investment needed.” “Ultimately though, this is not about investing in nice-to-haves. The reality is we need to spend more on our water pipes and associated water infrastructure to avoid large scale network failure. If we avoid fronting up to this issue now, we put at risk the services people expect and rely on every day,” Campbell Barry says. Council’s Chief Executive Jo Miller says maintaining the water network is essential to a thriving and resilient city.

Wednesday September 30, 2020


inbrief news Reduce fire risks Fire and Emergency New Zealand is keen for Kiwis to protect their homes from the risk of fire. National Manager Community Readiness and Recovery, Steve Turek says it is important to check and monitor flammables surrounding your home. “Spending time now to identify potential wildfire fire risks around your house will reduce considerable stress down the line,” Steve Turek says. “We recommend homeowners start by removing leaves from gutters. While the leaves may be soggy and heavy now, a week of sunshine can quickly dry them out and turn them into paper-like fire spreaders,” he says. “It is also important to prune back bushes and trees, especially within 30 metres of your house. Having large unmanaged trees and bushes can increase a fire’s ability to spread around your property.” Ensuring your property is well taken care of can stop a fire from spreading over dozens or hundreds of hectares, if you live in a rural or semi-rural area.

Christian Gordon with his team of dogs during his stint in the Artic. Artist and piper Christian Gordon with some of his latest work. Photo Gerald Rillstone. Photo: supplied.

Travelling artistic piper If there is one thing Christian Gordon will do for the rest of his life it will be playing the bagpipes and the other will probably be drawing. He’s a long way from home having traveled from the middle of the country-side in Aberdeen Scotland to New Zealand and washing up in Wainuiomata in search of adventure. “I basically got bored with my life and I applied for Canada and New Zealand and New Zealand came through with a working holiday visa so I was off,” Christian says. Prior to coming to New Zealand he says he did have a stint for eight months 300 kilometers north of the Arctic circle looking after a team of Huskies. “I had dropped out of university and thought what the hell am

I going to do.” “It was warm up there when it was minus ten degrees,” he says. It was after this Christian decided on a new adventure. “Canada and New Zealand both have really good pipe bands and that was one of the reasons I was attracted to come.” “The Manawatu Scottish which I play in is in the top ten in the world and it has members from here and all over the world,” he says. Christian has been drawing for years it is something he has always enjoyed and it wasn’t until he came to New Zealand that he decided to start selling some of his work. “I put stuff on Facebook and Instagram and the most work I have got has been through friends who have wanted pic-

Please Help! We need your unwanted quality Homewares, Furniture & Clothing.

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Wainui Family Store One of Christian's pencil drawing of a dog called Cooper. tures drawn and I draw mostly Christian is waiting on an exanimals,” he says. tension to his visa and is more With Covid currently running than happy to be staying in rife in the United Kingdom Wainuiomata.


Summer Membership Unlimited golf 7 days a week only $405 Give us a call on 564 7746 or email: wainuiomata@golf.co.nz

Wainuiomata Golf Club

Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm

Free Smiles :)


Wednesday September 30, 2020

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What are your thoughts on the TV election debate?

Clare Forrest

Harry Gatherer

Joan Baker

Judy Heely

Lydia Gahterer

Marion Wilkinson

I did start watching it but turned it off halfway through.

I didn’t come away learning anything I didn’t know before and I thought Jacinda look tired and didn’t look as if she was ready for it.

I did watch it and thought it didn’t tell me that much.

I thought Jacinda was edgy but Judith Colins answered the questions better.

They both did well but the thing I did notice from a womans point of view was Judith came out of the band box looking fresh as a daisy and Jacinda looked like a normal hard working woman.

I thought Jacinda did a better job of the whole thing than Judith Colins.

Reconnecting with nature is vital Mental Health Awareness Week is a timely reminder of the invaluable role te taiao plays in maintaining a balanced mental health and general wellbeing, advocates Greater Wellington Councillor Prue Lamason. ‘Return to nature’ is a theme of this week, an element our region is fortunate to be surrounded by in abundance, thanks to our regional parks and other natural resources. Councillor Prue Lamason says, “During these unprecedented times it’s really important if we have the opportunity that we try to get back to nature, which is a great way to relax and relieve stress. “The cool thing about our region is we have heaps of different parks that are free and host a range of activities and needs for our diverse community.” Greater Wellington Wainuiomata Recreational Area park ranger, Ricky Clarkson says, “As someone who works out in the field almost

every day, whether it’s maintaining trails or planting days with the community, I’m really lucky to get the benefits of being outdoors. “We’ve got some real gems in our parks, a lot of people visit them to get away from the city and enjoy peaceful walks around the wetlands or swimming holes. The special thing about our parks like the Wainuiomata Recreation Area is you can literally taste the cleaner air and most of the time the only sounds you can hear are the calls of the birds, the rustling of the trees or rushing rivers.” Wainuiomata Recreational Area might be one of the most peaceful spots in the region, yet it has one of the busiest dark skies in the universe, making it a perfect location for stargazing and astrophotography. Greater Wellington will be hosting its ‘Lights out’ event on 10 October 2020, a chance for locals to get lost in the peaceful exploration of the observ-

The tranquil bush surrounding Wainuiomata’s recreation reserve. Photo: Supplied

able universe. With over nine regional parks and forests in the Wellington region, there are 50,000 hectares that offer

of s e om c t e ou m o e c h be dt s l m u u nd Wo e r e ay? ef w r a e ht th g i a r t law s

Authorised by the Secretary for Justice

whanau and the community the chance to reset, explore and refocus on what’s important. There are endless opportunities to reconnect

with nature by finding a park that suits your needs by visiting: http:// www.gwrc.govt.nz/parks/

Know before you vote

Wednesday September 30, 2020


Call for feedback on new by-laws to ramp up harbour safety

Candidates line up to take questions at the Wainuiomata Grey Power meet the candidates meeting. Photo: Gerald Rillstone

Candidates meet Grey Power By Gerald Rillstone

All but one of the Hutt candidate for this years general election fronted up to a Grey Power meeting at the Wainuiomata RSA. After several delays due to Covid a crowd of around 100 gathered to hear a bit about each candidate and what they had to say. Grey Power secretary Lydia Gatherer says when they did the council elections there was great interest in hearing what the candidates had to says so it was decided to do the same for the general election. “We weren’t sure if any of the candidates would come along to little old Wainui but they were great and accepted our innovation, we had it all set up for August and we just had to can the whole thing but things like

this make the whole thing more interesting,” Lydia says. Attending the meeting were: Roger Earp from the New Conservative Party who currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and is serving as the Executive Officer of the New Zealand Defense Force Estate and Infrastructure Division which has been allocated $2.1 Billion over the next 10 – 15 years by the Government to regenerate the aging Estate nationwide. Ginny Anderson from Labour who has been an advocate for the Hutt South electorate during Labour’s recent term in government as well as in her roles on the Justice Select Committee and as Deputy-Chairperson of the Governance and Administration Select Committee. Richard MacIntosh from the Green party an advocate for

watertight environmental protection, fair pay and conditions for workers, and commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Paris Winiata from Vision NZ believes that we must look after our own back yard first and bring all Kiwis to a position of living well and protecting and maximising our own people and natural resources. Ben Wylie-van Eerd from The Opportunities and is passionate about the issues facing young people and the effect this has on our mental health, especially the cost of housing and the challenge of climate change. Chris Bishop from National who is well known to most since winning the Hutt South seat at the 2017 election. He is the Deputy Chair of Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee.

Greater Wellington Regional Council is seeking to make our regional harbours safer for communities following approval by its Environment Committee’s proposed amendments designed to ensure national consistency, reduce risk and improve safety measures on the water. Public feedback is being sought on the proposals, which would amend the Wellington Regional Navigation and Safety Bylaws 2009, the laws which are designed to improve safety on the water. Greater Wellington Harbourmaster, Grant Nalder says, “Our region’s waters change rapidly, one moment it’s glass-like and the next it is the tempest.” “We want to ensure these up to date bylaws establish basic foundations for water safety, so people in our community can look after themselves and their whanau.” The proposed amendments cover a range of navigation safety bylaws which will affect all vessels, large and small. One of the more significant is to make the wearing of lifejackets mandatory on vessels that are under six metres in length when it is under way. “In addition, all vessels need to be named to help with identification in safety situations and

for breaches. Our team see a lot of great names out on the water, it’s likely the community will jump on board with the chance to get a bit creative,” adds Mr Nalder. Mostly life jackets are worn voluntarily, so these proposed amendments may come as a surprise to people who assumed these were already laws. Greater Wellington Environment Committee Chair, Penny Gaylor says, “A lot of other regions across New Zealand have some of these rules in place, so it’s vital that we create a consistent approach and continue to improve our harbour safety. “These amendments will make the region’s harbour and coastal waters safer for our communities no matter what activity they undertake. Whether that’s people operating small and large boats, the growing Waka Ama community or our recreational divers and snorkelers – we have their wellbeing and safety in mind,” says Cr Gaylor. Greater Wellington is encouraging the community to submit their comments on the proposed amendments to Greater Wellington by 5pm, 30 November 2020. For more information visit: haveyoursay.gw.govt.nz/ bylaws.

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“We believe in keeping your community safe” info@roofrangers.co.nz

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Wednesday September 30, 2020

New scooter for Wainuiomata's Kenneth Christianson presented by Carole Taylor, right and Keri Brown. Photo Gerald Rillstone.

Scooteroos pass it on Gerald Rillstone

With 22 members in the Scooteroos there is a constant need for transport and Wainuiomata local Kenneth Christianson got his chance at a new set of wheels donated by Scooteroo member Carole Taylor. Carole had recently updated to a newer model of scooter and decided to pay back the generosity of the group by donating her surplus one to the club for Kenneth to use. “I got it donated to me by the MS


Society and I thought I would pass it on,” Carole says. Councillor Keri Brown says the group has 22 members now and it has been very successful in getting people mobile. “It’s about a being a group to build confidence and getting out and about,” Keri Brown says. “We won the last Christmas Parade and there have been a lot of positive outcomes and we are trying to build it so people can access them because they can be expensive.”

Ashton Tietjens in his first season competing in the kids 2.5km race at the Wellington road champs. Ashton Tietjens in his first season competeing in the kids 2.5km race at the Wellington road champs.

MISSED AN ISSUE? Catch up online at www.wsn.co.nz

E chrisbishopoffice@parliament.govt.nz F fb.com/chrisbishopmp W chrisbishop.co.nz

Ginny Andersen sen

Labour List ist MP based in Hutt South


Wainuiomata Office:

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Petone 04 568 2949 Wainuiomata 04 564 4988 ginnyandersenmp

Authorised by Ginny Andersen, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Wednesday August 12, 2020

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19, 2020

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Labour ist MP based List in Hutt South

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Ginn y And erse sen n


Studen for policts battle y chang e August

Today 4-11




Petone 04 Wainuioma 568 2949 ta 04 ginnyander 564 4988 senmp



Authorised Parliament

: (04) 587

by Ginny Andersen, Buildings, Wellington.


Ode no more By: Gerald Rillstone

By: Gerald Rillston e As part group ofof their studies six students at Wainuio to the Lower mata Hutt Cityhave chosen to High School They say battle for a Council but the the current policy s street naming change fi does making nal decision for policy. the consulta a name require consulta is left tion tion Continu process pointles to the council ed on page s. Young 2. Maori activists Jacobs, from Wainuio Tajzhay Pouwha mata re,Robe rt Clarke. High Jaden


Wainuiomata icon Tony Watling has written his last ode as the twilight years take their toll. The 94 year old has been forced to give up his passion and move out of the valley. Once one of the countries top tool makers Tony says he moved to Wainuiomata in the early 80’s to work for Brugger Industries. Continued on page 2. Tony Watling with the engineering trade test he completed to get into the army. SEIRE




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in White Chocolate And Raspberry Cake Ingredients: • Cooking spray for pan • 100g white chocolate, chopped • 200g butter • 3 large eggs • 300g caster sugar • 1 tsp. vanilla extract • 1 tsp. almond extract • 250 ml whole milk • 350g plain flour • 3 tsp. baking powder • 1/2 tsp. salt • 600g raspberries

1. Preheat oven to 200ºC (180°C Fan). Line two 20.5cm 2.

3. 4.

round cake tins with parchment paper and grease with cooking spray. In a large heatproof bowl, combine chocolate and butter. Set over a large saucepan of barely simmering water and heat, stirring occasionally, until mixture is melty and smooth. Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes. Using a hand mixer, beat in eggs, sugar, vanilla, and almond extract, then add milk and beat until incorporated. In a small bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt. Add to wet ingredients and stir until just combined. Pour into prepared tins and bake until a toothpick inserted into the centre of each comes out clean, 35 to 40 minutes. Cool in pans for 10 minutes before inverting on a wire rack to cool completely.

Corbin Matheson first season kids 2.5km race at the Wellington road champs .

Wainuiomata Harriers This year has been a challenge for us all, to say the least. But something that has kept a lot of us going is our sport. One advantage of living in a small area, and having a small club membership, is you get to keep going during a level two disaster. Wainuiomata Harriers have certainly taken advantage of this, and have managed to keep meeting and racing during a time where a lot of events are sadly being cancelled. Our most recent club event was the club road championships held on Waterworks Road. With near-perfect conditions, most members managed to improve on their time from last year. The biggest improvement was from Luke Hayes, who improved by 40 seconds over the fast 3km course for juniors. Wainuiomata Harriers have also been hosting the Wellington road running championships for the last 11 years, the latest of which was last Saturday. This event is also held on Waterworks Road and involves athletes from all over the Wellington region. It is a selection race for the National Championships being held later in the year so athletes were looking for a good result on the usually fast course. Due to the challenges of level two, the

organising committee was forced to ban spectators and limit each race, including officials, to 100 people. This worked really well, and the positive feedback received was overwhelming. Because of the lack of events this year everybody just wanted to race! The clubs biggest improvement from last year was Arnika Lahood, who improved by over 1 minute in the 2.5km race. Wainuiomata Harrier Club results Wellington road running championships 2020: Girls under 12, 2.5km: Penny Houlihan 7th 12.30 minutes Girls under 14, 2.5km: Arnika Lahood 10th 10.17 minutes, Lucy Houlihan 12th 11.03 minutes Boys under 12, 2.5km: Luke Hayes 12th 10.52 minutes; Jack Gentle 14th, 11.58 minutes; Corbin Matheson 15th, 13.09 minutes Boys under 14, 2.5km: Ashton Tietjens 9th, 10.06 minutes Senior Men, 10km: Stuart Graham 36th, 45.13 minutes Masters men 50, 10km: Alan Carman 27th, 47.57 minutes Full results www.sportsground.co.nz/ wainuiomataaahc

Wednesday September 30, 2020



Photos: Gerald Rillstone

Garage sale at Arakura Kindergarten. By: Gerald Rillstone Arakura Kindergarten held its fundraising garage sale over the weekend with a range of donnated goods on sale. This twice yearly event had to be postponed when Covid hit but finally they have been able to raise some much needed funds. Head teacher Debbie Henderson says the main aim of fundraising this year was to raise funds for new outdoor blinds which will cost around $7,000. “We have a garage sale every two years and this year we are fundraising for new outside blinds for the verandah. The blinds ensure tamariki are able to engage in a range of learning experiences, outdoors, in all weather. They create a multi purpose all

weather area where the tamariki can challenge their bodies and engage in messier activities. It is also a great transition from indoors to outdoors for our tamariki,” Debbie says. Debbie says the day was successful and her and her team would like to thank the Wainuiomata community for their support with donations and coming along on the day. Anything that was left over was donated to the Koha Shed in Wainuiomata and Free for All. “We still have raffle tickets for sale. $1.00. The prize is a scooter and helmet. If people would like to buy some they can contact the Kindergarten on our facebook page,” she says.

Nana Brenda Janes and Emele-Grace Saumolia have a guess at the number of lollies in the jar at the Arakura Kindergarten garage sale.

Sorting through the jewellery at the garage sale Feao Schumkel and AKeely Collins.

Tables loaded with goodies at the Arakura Kindergarten garage sale.

Grandmother Ana Likio with Ocean Warren-Peu at the Arakura Kindergarten Lola Walbaekken finds her favourite thing during the Arakura Kindergarten garage sale. garage sale. Ana was buying clothes to send back to family in Tonga.


Wednesday September 30, 2020

GARDENING THIS WEEK Immunity: By Wally Richards The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies not only to us humans but also to plants when it comes to diseases. With plants there are a few things that we can do to ensure that they will not succumb to diseases easily. The first of these is ensuring that the environment/spot is suitable for the plant we are going to plant. This means checking to what the plant likes, sunny or shade; wet or dry/free draining; hot or mild? Put a plant into a wrong situation and it will either sulk or catch a disease. Next we should ensure the soil or the growing medium is healthy with ample soil life so the plant can gain food and moisture easier. That means not killing soil life with chemicals, including chlorine from the tap and all chemical herbicides. Using natural manures, compost teas, fish emulsions, Mycorrcin. Providing plants with a good range of minerals and elements by using Ocean Solids, Wallys Unlocking your soil and Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) Plants require a range minerals and elements which will differ from plant to plant and if you supply most of the 114 minerals and elements that are known; into the soil then the plants can pick and choose the ones they require. This is also one of the reasons for planting different crops in different places each season or rotating your plantings. Same crop in same place


year after year means they will use up all the minerals they like unless you replace them. If plants become stressed just like us they catch a cold (a disease). With plants that can mean too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold, thus weather factors can cause stress and poor growth and then attacks of diseases. In us humans it’s similar and stress can also be caused by fear, panic and worry. If I read it correctly; stress is the biggest factor in heart disease. When we have covered as well as possible all the conditions above for our plants to grow in then we can add another factor which is Wallys Perkfection Supa. The active ingredient of Perkfection is ‘Phosphite ion’ or Phosphonic Acid. (Potassium ions are also present). Perkfection is safe to handle and spray, though care of oneself should be taken, it is a product that you do not have to use extreme measures, as one should do, with many other garden sprays of a chemical nature. The next important thing is ‘There is NO WITHHOLDING PERIOD’ when used on food crops. I would suggest however if you pick something that you have sprayed that day, wash it as you may have a ‘tainted’ taste. Perkfection is used extensively by commercial growers (as PerK Supa) of produce and fruit as its a safe, effective, control, preventive. We have suggested Perkfection for

Roses and Other Plants as an alternative to more toxic sprays, for the assistance in recovery from/or prevention of, the following problems, Black spot, Downy Mildew, Phytophthora Root rot, Canker, heart rot, damping off, crown rot, leaf blight, silver leaf, late blight, collar rot, pink rot, brown rot, Armillaria, and gummy stem rot. Now that’s quite a list of diseases and it also means that many of your disease related problems can be overcome with this safe to use product. Besides using Perkfection over your roses for the likes of Black spot and Downy mildew you can also use it as a spray over all your fruiting plants and trees including your strawberries. (Dry Berry which is Downy Mildew) It can be used also over your potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cucurbits (cucumbers etc) lawns, onions, passion fruit, Cauliflowers, orchids and ornamental plants and vines. In fact there is no where you cannot use Perkfection to advantage. Being ‘Synthetic Organic Phosphates’ what you are doing, is placing this valuable material, onto the foliage of your plants, where it is very readily absorbed and transferred through the whole of the plant. This fortifies the plant’s cells, increases the plant’s immune system and makes your plants less susceptible to invading pathogens. There is however a down side, as

Photo by Bruno Cyrillo. A selection of Bruno's photographs will feature weekly, showcasing the landscapes and wildlife around Marlborough.

Clematis Bourbon with any good thing, you can have too much and the recommendation is to use Perkfection at 7 ml per litre of spray first then 4ml a month after that and only for about five times in a season. The reason is that, you can over load your plant with organic phosphates causing a clogging of the cells and halting growth until the system clears.

Prevention is better than cure and by spraying your plants in the spring you give the greatest protection to leaves and fruit, autumn spray will give greatest protection to roots and tubers. I have suggested that on the 1st of the month to spray your roses and other plants with Perkfection, Mycorrcin and MBL, then 14 days later (15th) spray with Mycorrcin, MBL only.


 What food do you crave most often? Philippine mangoes ! Sweet, luscious and utterly delectable ! The premium variety on Negros—the island where I lived for six years.  What’s one thing on your bucket list? My daughter Lydia and her husband Alberto recently moved from Bristol and bought a share in a small rural property in Ceredigion, Wales. They love the country life. A trip to Wales is definitely on my bucket list when travel returns to normal. Most of my ancestors were Scots but I have a Welsh great-great-grandfather on my mother’s side who hailed from Llanddeiniolen, near Bangor.  Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life? A friend of mine, Clyde Boyd Sutherland. Clyde

Our old family home at 33 Gibbs Crescent, Wainuiomata. My sister Marjory died in March and my brother Mark came over from Australia for the funeral. We made a sentimental journey back to Wainui with our cousins Rob and Heather Macleod.

was born in Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe as it ’s now known. He had to flee Zimbabwe to avoid arrest under the hostile regime of Robert Mugabe, which was targeting white farmers like himself. Clyde’s resilience and cheerfulness in the face of adversity has been a lesson to me in courage. You’ll find his ebooks on Amazon.

 When you have a bad day, what do you do to feel better? On bad days, I reflect on my mother’s advice to us when we were growing up: “Count your blessings.” One of the great blessings in my life was being made redundant at the age of 58. I paid off the mortgage, rented out my house, and headed off to Asia, where I spent the next 10 years. I also find that a glass or two of red wine is a good way to end a bad day!

Philip Marshall Authour and world traveller  What ’s the most beautiful place yo u ’ve eve r b e e n? Japan has some stunning scenery and the Japanese feeling for beauty runs deep in their culture. Think of cherry, plum and apricot blossoms

in spring; red, bronze and gold leaves in autumn; hoarfrost-decked trees in winter. Think of snowy mountains, pristine lakes, plummeting waterfalls, dense green forests.  What was the last photo you took?

 What thing do you really wish you could buy right now? Maybe a 2020 MacBook Pro with a 16-inch Retina display, 2.4GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 processor with Turbo Boost up to 5.0 GHz , 32GB of RAM, Ultrafast SSD and AMD Radeon Pro 500M graphics card.  What is the best or worst purchase you’ve ever made? My vacuum cleaner. Cheap and nasty are the words that come to mind. It’s a bastard to open and empty, and the thin plastic has already cracked. When it breaks

it will go to a landfill, the same as my previous vacuum cleaner, which was a brand once known for its quality.  Favourite programme currently watching? Of late, I’ve been watching a lot of foreign language movies. One that stood out was a 1968 Polish film called Matthew’s Days. It’s the story of an intellectually challenged man who lives with his sister and his relationships with people and birds.  If you had to flee the country, where would you choose to live? Ideally in Japan. I came under the spell of Japanese culture in my teens. I acquired a Japanese pen friend—Yoshiko Shirai— at age 16 and we remain friends to this day.

Wednesday September 30, 2020


Hardham Cup victory By Club Rugby NZ

they went close to scoring but were thwarted by desperate defence. On one occasion the forwards picked and drove at the whitewash for two minutes only to come up empty handed. Finally, the dam broke. After a penalty and lineout in the far corner, tighthead prop Rei Manaia and three other forwards had dabs at the line, before the Eagles went wide through the backs across the posts and centre Tomasi Alosio laid on the final pass to the waiting Fereti Soloa on the wing to score. Both teams advanced their scores with penalties after halftime and HOBM led 10-9, before Wainuiomata scored the decisive try of the final. From an attacking scrum in centrefield, Wainuiomata second fiveeighth Tyler Tane punched hard at the line, Wainuiomata recycled possession and openside flanker Sam Smith crossed for the try that put them up 14-10. Wainuiomata second five Tyler

Wainuiomata annexed the major spoils on Wellington club rugby’s Finals Day at the Petone Recreation Ground. The Hardham Cup was a mostly scrappy affair, both Hutt Old Boys Marist and Wainuiomata guilty of throwing away momentum and conceding too many turnovers and penalties. Consequently, there was just one try scored in the first half and the Eagles went up 7-6 at the turn. Wainuiomata started the final with vigour and went close to running an early try on more than one occasion. Their reward was two penalties to second five-eighth Tyler Tane, to go 6-0 up with more than a quarter of the game gone. Playing into a dying wind, the Eagles rallied and dominated territory and possession for most of the rest of the first half. Like Wainuiomata,





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re-claim and then from the next play replacement back Fritz Ryasi ran in to score. The conversion from 15 metres to the left of the poles was missed, and Wainuiomata held a 17-15 lead.

after a Wainuiomata hack down field off a spilt ball. First five-eighth Pakai Turia started the play from 40 metres out and three phases later centre Alosio grubbered behind the advantage line for their backs to


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Tane kicked a penalty to extend this lead to 17-10, asking the Eagles to strike back twice to win. The Eagles regrouped and scored their second try of the match, counterattacking from halfway

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Wainuiomata’s victorious Hardham Cup winning team and supporters. Photo Supplied.

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~ Pensioner Discounts Our summer pools were~built by us.Sales E: grahamspaintersnz Blends in well did cause no fuss. Pets M: 021 640 152 @gmail.com With hydro slide will cause a splash. W: www.grahamspainters.nz E: brenda@wsn.co.nz CATTERY Casa De Wootton, home away from And to itPh: many people (04) 564 9202 dash. home. Rural surroundings. 187 Moores Valley 021 183 9492we twist and wiggle. Through native bush Road. Phone Jane 5644310 From the children brings a giggle. Funeral Directors Severn days a week the place is open. Trades and Services Hot summer days we all are hopen!

Annual OF THE D AY FACT General Meeting

Friday 51. J.K. 30th October 2020, 6pm at the Clubrooms, Moohan St, Rowling chose the Wainuiomata. unusualAll members welcome name Any queries please contact ‘Hermione’ Gerard on 027 779 9411 so young girls wouldn’tPublic Notices be teased TERMS & CONDITIONS forADVERTISING being All advertisements are subject to the approval of Wellington Suburnerdy! ban Newspapers. Advertisements are positioned entirely at the option

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Wainuiomata Squash Club Honouring Legacy AGM www.geeandhickton.co.nz

“ Monday 7.00pm 30th November

For generations, Gee and Hickton have been dedicated to caring for your loved ones. At the Clubrooms Honouring your loved one’s legacy is our purpose. Our family caring forRoad your family. Corner of Main

Wainuiomata Rugby Football Club Inc

Independent chair appointed to role at GWRC 0220831542 To Lease

The Community Noticeboard is for TO ADVERTISE non-profit organisations. For $15.00 ON THIS PAGE you can publish up to 25 words. ComposedGet by Tony Nov. 2015 yourWatling 11th. CONTACT No AGMS, sporting notices or special House Exterior BRENDA NOW meetings. Community Notices must and Interior be pre-paid. painted! Call into our office, phone (04) 587 Experienced tradesmen and large team 1660 or email classifieds@wsn.co.nz BRENDA

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Large Bags Kindling $13

hardwood mix $14 installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just Greater Wellington Re- depth and understanding appropriate professional phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email disciplines but also the gional Council has apand broad strategic view jack.powell@outlook.com Trades and Services pointed Martin Matthews of the issues that confront curiosity and the couras independent chair of Greater Wellington, which age required to question Situation Vacant Greater Wellington’s Fi- sat well with his measured and challenge reports on nance, Risk and Assurance manner, and people-cen- Greater Wellington’s perCommittee (FRAC). This tred approach. His referees formance.” Greater Wellington is a key role on the com- commented positively on covers more than 8,000 mittee that looks over the his collaborative style. regional council’s financial “We are really pleased square kilometres of the lowerStNorth management, risk man- to be able to announce 46 Waione Petone Island - the northern boundary agement, and assurance Mr Matthew’s appoint- Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pmruns from north of Ōtaki on policies, frameworks and ment. We believe he will Formerly cpa spares services such as auditing provide the council with the west coast across to northDirector of Castlepoint on of financial statements and the expert, external andFuneral regulatory compliance. independent assessment the east coast. Council is N Martin Matthews comes of council performance responsible for a range to the position with the required to promote pub- of activities and services right experience and skills lic confidence in in our including public transport, for the role, having an activities,” says Greater environmental manageaudit background and Wellington chair Cr Daran ment, flood protection, harbours, and the supply familiarity at senior levels Ponter. with general and pub “This is a key position on of bulk drinking water to lic transport issues and a committee which holds the four city councils withfunding. the council to account for in the Wellington Region. The next meeting of the The council was par- financial and operational ticularly impressed by performance. We believe FRAC is on 20 October Mr Matthew’s technical he not only has a range of 2020



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Jellyfish: They are 98 percent water, without a brain or a heart. When they wash ashore, they can disappear after just a few hours as their bodies evaporate into the air. They have a rudimentary nervous system, a loose network of nerves located in are available at our recruitment View News theApplications epidermis called a “nerve net,” but no brain. Theythe alsoWainuiomata don’t have a heart; their office or at the security gate based in the online www.wsn.co.nz gelatinous bodies so thin that they can be oxygenated solely by diffusion. Ngauranga Georgeare in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

ACROSS ACROSS 1.Cheat Cheat(6-5) (6-5) 1. ACROSS ACROSS 7.Audacious Audacious(7) (7) 7. 1. Result (5-6) 1.Ridicules Result (5-6) 11.Ridicules (5) 11. (5) 7. Scoundrel (7) 7.Confound Scoundrel(7)(7) 12.Confound 12. 11. 11. Pulls (5) (5)(7) Pulls 13. Perfect (5) (7) 13. Perfect (5) 12.12. Deviousness Deviousness (7) 14.Awe Awe(9) (9) (5) 14. 13. Excellent 13. Excellent (5) 15.Alert Indifferent (9) 15. Indifferent 14. (9) (9) (9) 14. Alert 16.Self-confidence Self-confidence (6) 16. (6) 15. So (9) 15. So (9) 18. Extend (7) 18. Extend (7) 16. 16. Directs (6) (6) Directs 21.Border Border (4) 21. 18. Skull (7)(4) 18. Skull (7) 23. Monetary unit Indonesia(3) (3) 23. Monetary unit 21. 21. Disorder (4) Disorder (4)ofofIndonesia 25.23. Strike(with axe)(3) (3) 25. Strike(with axe) 23. Racket (3) (3) Racket 27.25. Stare (4)by 25. Take by sipssips (3) (3) 27. Stare (4) Take 28.27. Vest (7) 27. Stake (4) (4) Stake 28. Vest (7) 30.28. Irrational fear (6) 28. Artlessness (7) Artlessness (7) 30. Irrational fear (6) 32. Favourite (3) chair; Chaise ... (6) 30. 30. LowLow chair; ... (6) 32. Favourite (3)Chaise 33.32. Wild punch; ...maker maker (3) Expert; ... ... hand (3) (3) 32. Expert; ... hand (3) 33. Wild punch; 34. Last (6) 33. Strange (3) 33. Strange (3) 34. Last (6) 35.34. Low,wooden stool(7) (7) Zealous 34. Zealous (6) (6) 35. Low,wooden stool 36. Japanese wrestling (4)(7) 35. In brisk time(music) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) 36. Japanese wrestling (4) 37.36. Electrocardiogram(abbr) (3) U.S. state 36. U.S. state (4) (4) 37. Electrocardiogram(abbr) (3) 39. Beak (3) 37. Biblical vessel (3) 37. Biblical vessel (3) 39. Beak (3) 41.39. Exchange (4) Curve 39. Curve (3) (3) 41. Exchange (4) 43.41. 1960’s dropouts (7) Cupid (4) 41. Cupid (4) 43. 1960’s dropouts (7) 45.43. Large eel (6) Exposed to air 43. Exposed to(6) air (7) (7) 45. Large eel Female relatives 48.45. Shakespears’ Night’s 45. Female relatives 48. Shakespears’ ‘A‘A(6) ......(6) Night’s An endless time(Lat) Dream’ (9) 48. 48. An endless time(Lat) (9) (9) Dream’ (9) handed people(inf) 49. 49. LeftLeft handed people(inf) (9) (9)

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32.Appropriate; Appropriate; ...empt ...empt(3) (3) 49.Abundant Abundant(9) (9) 32. 49. 33.Female Femalelobster lobster(3) (3) 51.Submerges Submerges(5) (5) 33. 51. (abbr) (3) 51. Angry (5) (abbr) (3) (8) 51.High Angryfashion (5) 38.Gadgets Gadgets 52. dressmaking 38. (8) 52. High fashion dressmaking 33.33. Sphere (3)(3) 52. Solidify by by cooling (7)(7) Sphere 52. Solidify cooling 40. Type of heron(8) (8) (7) 40. Type of heron (7)Anaesthetic 38. U.S. horse race; Derby (8) 53.53. Anaesthetic (5)(5) 38. U.S. race;... ... Derby 42. Bookhorse supplement(pl) (7) (8) 53.Supply Supply(5) (5) 42. Book supplement(pl) (7) 53. 40.40. Restrained (8)(8) 54.54. Humbleness (7)(7) Restrained Humbleness 44. Fluster (7) 54.Friendship Contagious disease(7) (7) 44. Fluster (7) 54. Contagious disease 42. Casual (7) 55. (11) 42. Casual (7) 55. Friendship (11) 46. Edible shellfish (6) 55. Stationers (11) 46. Edible shellfish (6) 55. Stationers (11) 44. Annual calendar (7) 44. Annual calendar (7) 47. Postpones (6) 47. Postpones 46. Scoffs (6)(6) (6) DOWN 46. Scoffs DOWN 48. Precocious little girl(inf) (5) DOWN 48. Precocious little DOWN 47. Manservant (6) 1. Sound (5)(5) 47. Manservant (6) girl(inf) (5) 1. Sound 49. Second smallest planet(5) (5) 1. Object (5) 49. Second smallest planet 1. Sent Object (5) 48. Form of of expression (5) 2. (11) 48. Form expression (5) 2. Sent (11) 50. Looks for(5) (5) Lacking culture(11) (11) 50. Looks for 2.2.Shy Lacking 49. Water vapour (5)(5) 3. (8)(8)culture 49. Water vapour 3. Shy year peroids (8) 3.3.Of 55year peroids (8) 50.50. Gambol (5)(5) 4. public revenue (6)(6) Gambol 4. Of public revenue Solution SOLUTION Doglike (6) (5)(5) SOLUTION 4.4.Turn Doglike (6) 5. outwards 5. Turn outwards last week – 239, September Snow leopard (5) For For August April 4, 2003 2004 SOLUTION SOLUTION 6. (7)(7) (5) 5.5.Constrict Snow leopard 6. Constrict For For August April 9,4, 2003 2004 Solution last week, 11 November 6. Save (7) For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 7. high morals 7. Has high morals(8)(8) 6. Has Save (7) Send off promptly (8) 8. (6) 8. Reduce (6) 7.7.Reduce Send off promptly (8) Long,thin arrow (6) 9. Sanction (7) (6) 9. (7) 8.8.Sanction Long,thin arrow Assisted wrongdoing(7) (7) 10. Audacity 10. Audacity (5) 9.9. Assisted inin(5) wrongdoing 10. Purposeful (5) 16. Arrange in steps (7) 16. Arrange in steps (7) 10. Purposeful (5) 16. Attack first (7) Frank 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ ...(7) 16. Attack first (7) 17. Implore (7) 19. Competitor 19. Competitor (5) 17. Implore (7) (5) 19. Large feline (5) 20. N.Z. Prime Minister 20. N.Z. Prime Minister 19. Large feline (5) 20. Of the liver (7) 1975-84 Sir 1975-84 Sir Robert ... ... (7)(7) 20. Of the liver (7)Robert 22. Charm (7) 22. Boils (7) 22. Boils (7)(7) 22. Charm 24. Louse egg (3) 24. Catch (3) (3) 24. Catch (3) 24. Louse egg 26. For what reason (3) 26. Group whales (3) 26. Group of of whales (3) 26. For what reason (3) 29. Topic (5) 29. Master ofceremonies(inf) ceremonies(inf)(5) (5) 29. Topic (5)of 29. Master 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) 31. Middle classes (11) 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) 31. Middle classes (11) Deoxyribonucleic acid 32.32. Deoxyribonucleic acid


Wednesday September 30, 2020


SPORTS TALK With Jacob Page

Rugby form guide out the window The Mitre 10 Cup has been a tipster’s nightmare so far. Hawke’s Bay looked appalling in a loss to lowly Southland in week one. However on Saturday they tipped-up a pathetic, gutless Canterbury team for the first time since 1983. Wellington were thumped by Waikato in the opening week but came back to beat Auckland

last week. Southland, always at the bottom of the table, just like how they sit at the bottom of the country, somehow have two wins to their credit. The Ranfurly Shield has had a good trip around New Zealand. After a summer in Canterbury, Jordie Barrett’s boot took it to Taranaki before the men in amber and black played like they’d

partied for seven days straight to lose it to Otago on Sunday. That’s the joy of provincial rugby, the unparalleled depth of the game in New Zealand. It is where future All Blacks get their break. Players like Cullen Grace and Quinten Strange got their big breaks. It is the nursery ground for the men in black.

Sure, the crowds aren’t as big as they were 25 years ago, that’s what happens when there’s too much rugby and fans get fatigued by it, but it still plays a key part in the landscape of rugby. For the record, Tasman still seems like the best team, they have the best depth in that level just under the All Blacks. While teams like Canterbury and Taranaki will flounder some-

what without their top players. It is not a stretch to say that the rise of Tasman has been the key factor in the Crusaders winning four consecutive Super Rugby titles. If they ever get a shield challenge, they will probably get their hands on that as well. Expect the unexpected in 2020 and that goes for the rugby as well.

Whitaker strengthens his grip on extreme series By Andy McGechan, The points are starting to add up for Wainuiomata’s Jake Whitaker as he seeks to successfully defend his New Zealand Extreme Offroad Championships crown. The 29-year-old father-ofone took his 2020-model KTM EXC300tpi two-stroke bike to a solid runner-up result at the second round of four in the series near Whangamata on Saturday, crossing the finish line just 34 seconds behind Cambridge’s Dylan Yearbury (Husqvarna TE300). Helensville’s Tom Buxton (KTM EXC300), New Plymouth’s Tony Parker (KTM XCW300) and Thames rider Jason Davis (Husqvarna TC300) rounded out the top five in the elite Gold Grade on Saturday. That outcome, coupled with his outright win at the series opener near Porirua two weeks ago, puts Whitaker alone at the top of the 2020 Extreme Off-Road Championships points table, the series now at the halfway stage with just two double-header events to come, in late October and mid November. However, with riders to discard their worst result from the three North Island rounds of the series and the South Island finale therefore really a must-do event, the title chase is still wide open. Injury prevented Yearbury from contesting the series opener near Porirua but that matters

only slightly because this will simply become his “discard” event, although the pressure will be on him to perform well at the other rounds. “I had a good day out on Saturday, but I couldn’t quite get the job done, coming home in second, behind Dylan Yearbury,” said Whitaker. “I felt great on the bike and enjoyed the track with a good variety of fast sections and some technical stuff thrown in. I had a small lead after the first technical lap. Yearbury caught me on the second, faster loop and pulled a small gap on me. I pulled him back in on the third and final technical lap, but got a stick jammed in my rear wheel and, when I stopped to remove it, he pulled away again. “The pressure is on Dylan (Yearbury) and on me as well, because we both have to keep performing well if we want to win this. There is plenty of stiff competition this year with Tommy (Buxton), Tony (Parker) and Jason (Davis) going very fast too. Any one of us would win the title really. “The race on Saturday was stopped at the three-hour mark, but I would have loved another lap. However, I am happy with how I’m riding and looking forward to the final two rounds. “I know what I have to do (to win) and just need to go out now and do it.” Round three of the series is to be a two-dayer in Hawke’s Bay on

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Wainuiomata’s Jake Whitaker (KTM EXC300tpi), alone at the top of the Extreme Off-Road Championships points table. Photo by Andy McGechan, BikesportNZ.com October 31 and November 1, with the competition again wrapping up with another double-header weekend, at the Nut Buster hard enduro at Oxford, near Christchurch, on November 14-15.

The 2020 NZ Extreme OffRoad Championship calendar: Round one: September 13, Moonshine Extreme, Bulls Run Rd, Porirua. Round two: September 26,

Taungatara Forest, Whangamata. Round three: October 31-November 1, Over The Top, Hawke’s Bay. Round four: November 14-15, Nut Buster, Oxford, Christchurch.

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