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Thursday June 18, 2020

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Phone: (04) 587 1660

The Mayor of Wellington Andy Foster and Hurricanes Assistant Coach Cory Jane sharing some yellow and black cup cakes at The Hurricanes training facility at Rugby League Park in Newtown on Tuesday. The Mayor is encouraging everyone to dress in yellow and black this Friday to begin the build-up to the Hurricanes v Crusaders rugby game on Sunday at 3.35pm at Sky Stadium.


Thursday June 18, 2020

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Phone (04) 587 1660 Address 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Fax (04) 587 1661 REPORTER

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CBD focus of WCC recovery strategy By Glenise Dreaver

Wellington Mayor Andy Foster says that the council’s focus at the moment has to be on recovery and revitalisation. And he sees getting people back into the central city as critical. That means giving them a reason to go there, he says. “Re-energising the events activities, arts and culture. “We also need to be making more of ourselves as a capital city. Here we have a unique opportunity.” However, it isn’t yet clear how many jobs have already been or will be lost in Wellington due to the Covid-19 shutdown: “Nobody knows for certain,” he says, “We’d have to have a very accurate crystal ball for that,” adding that there are varied

economic predictions. “But some sectors are probably going to be particularly hard hit.” Andy picks out accommodation, events, the arts, hospitality and retail as the main ones. Whatever the number, he describes Wellington’s immediate future, with what has to be described as masterly understatement, as looking “reasonably challenging”. One key council strategy for assisting the hard-pressed areas of the CBD’s life has, at the forefront, is deferral of rates for Covid-affected ratepayers. Other strategies include a reduction in the council’s rental fees and charges, including licences. As a result of Covid Council’s revenues are down however. And in view of Andy’s pre-election

prediction, as the sole voice against 2018’s Long Term Plan, that there was not room for the unexpected, it’s ironic that he’s now the leader dealing with the accuracy of that assessment. Council, he says, is also looking ahead to decisions on the Central Library and revitalising City Square and he’s hoping for a quick decision on the management paper on the Library to be considered, in July. “Everyone is very impatient about getting the central library service back.” “And it’s more than that. We have to think creatively about Civic Square as a whole. There are a number of challenged buildings in that precinct. None of the existing buildings of what is there relate very well to Civic Square.”

Andy Foster

What we need, says the Mayor, is creative and lateral thinking, “a focus on indoor and outdoor flow. Active edges”. And we could be thinking about using the rooftops. “So conversations need to be held about the library and City Square. My desire is to get the public involved in them.” How? “Watch this space!” says Andy.

CBD slowdown Wellington City Council’s Strategy and Policy Committee last week gave final approval to changing most CBD speed limits from 50kmh to 30kmh , though main roads will remain at 50kmh. The central city safer speeds project is one of the early changes under the Let’s Get Wel-

lington Moving programme, which aims to move more people with fewer vehicles. Consultation on the final proposal showed 64 percent support from the public and the change will take effect from the end of July. Mayor Andy Foster said: “Council has been wanting to reduce central city speeds

for several years. Lower safer speeds will help improve amenity for street-level cafes, restaurants, outdoor public spaces and parks, and will make our central city feel safer and more attractive for people visiting, shopping, cycling or for recreation, in short a better place to spend time.”

Greg O’Connor

Modified Tai Chi Classes

MP for Ōhāriu Authorised by Greg O’Connor, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Experience the incredible benefits of Enliven’s modified Tai Chi by joining a class today

We all got a reality test this week when we got our first Covid-19 cases for 24 days. 

Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes are centred on slow, gentle and deliberate movements that have been adapted to suit older people and those living with mobility issues or disability.

Predictably, they came across the border so many are demanding we reopen. And it was the type of case, compassionate grounds, which are being splashed across our front pages every day, and which MPs are being inundated with as people seek exemptions.

Regular practice of Tai Chi has many benefits, including: • • •

improved balance and flexibility, reducing your risk of falls improved circulation and heart health improved muscle strength.

Tai Chi has been known to improve health conditions, such as high or low blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, respiratory conditions and weight issues.

With classes being held in various locations across Wellington and the Kapiti Coast - don’t miss out and join a class today!

It’s a tough, tough decision, but as sad as many individual cases involving dying relatives are, if we don’t get this right and keep it right, potentially many more could die. Already we are intuitively moving into post-Covid-19 mode, but these cases remind us we’re not quite there yet, and won’t be until a vaccine is developed. So please keep washing your hands and continue using contact tracing where possible, and unfortunately, accept that many last moments together will have to be compromised for the greater good, or done electronically.

being Covid-19 free is massive, so the efforts are worth it. On a brighter note, it’s great to see most local businesses being pleasantly surprised by the return of customers and orders. There’s a real buzz around our hospitality spots in particular, and certainly a real friendliness. It’s disappointing to see two major retail chains appear to have used the Covid-19 situation as an excuse to shut local stores, annoying shoppers and devastating employees. It will be an opportunity for other businesses and we need to double down on our efforts to support local businesses who are more likely adopt a community centred approach than big Auckland-based corporates. Finally, you may have seen in the media that I have chosen, with Jacinda’s blessing, to take the rare decision to stand only as an electorate MP in this year’s election, without the backup of a winnable place on Labour’s list. I did this as a commitment to Ōhāriu, which I love representing.  If I am not chosen, I will accept that and move on, as it Unit 2, 18 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville should be. roundabout On the McDonald’s

Greg O’Connor MP for Ōhāriu

Our potential to benefit hugely from

Open Monday – Friday 9am–3pm

You can contact my office on 04 478 3332 or email 04 4783332 /GregOhariu


Call 04 439 4967 or visit

Authorised by Dianna Lacy, 160 Willis Street, Wellington Authorised by Greg O’Connor, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Thursday June 18, 2020


Karori Stream signs only the start By Jacob Page

The Karori Residents’ Association’s two year battle to have signs near access points of Karori Stream warning people of its dangers has paid off. Water Wellington have put new signs near access points to Karori Stream at Karori Park this week, reminding people to take care when interacting with the water and stream environs. The stream could pose an ecoli risk to anyone who swims or wades into it and the signs will be used to improve the public’s interaction with the stream. Urban streams are often subject to contamination from leaking private and public wastewater pipes, from run-off after rainfall, and from litter and other material being introduced to the water. “Wellington City Council is upping its game in the water space,” said Wellington City Council portfolio lead for water, Councillor Sean Rush. “I am delighted that we have managed to resolve a longstanding community desire to raise awareness about water quality in a manner that meets the needs of all concerned.” Councillor Diane Calvert from

the Wharangi/Onslow-Western ward said: “Over the past few weeks, there has been a real collaborative effort between the Karori Residents Association, Wellington Water and the city council on reaching agreement on the signs. The collaboration will continue as further work on the stream is planned.” The signs raise awareness of risks and positive actions people can take. “The purpose of the signs is not to discourage people from interacting with the stream,” said Councillor Calvert “It’s about encouraging people to do so safely. We want people to respect and care about their environment and the best way to do that is to help them enjoy it.” Council-owned Wellington Water is working with residents to investigate and improve the wastewater network, and with community groups such as the Karori Residents Association to help raise awareness of what we can all do to improve stream water quality across urban Wellington region. “The next step for Karori is to remove the exotic weeds to really open up the stream for the public,” said Councillor Rush.

Dian Calvert, Sean Rush, Bill Guest, Anya Pollock and Addrea Skews with one of the new sgins. Photo: Gerald Rillstone.

Karori children’s pool back by June 27 By Jacob Page

The Karori children’s pool will reopen on Saturday June 27 once maintenance work is completed. A Council spokesperson says the work was found when the pool was emptied during the Coronavirus lockdown. “When the pool was emptied during lockdown, it became apparent that a silicone sealant joint needed replacing before we could re-use the

Karori children’s pool. “The work was finished last Friday but there is a two week curing time on the sealant before we can refill the pool.” Council pools will continue to be free for the remainder of June during off-peak times. The move has been made as the financial implications of Coronavirus hits people hard. The initiative covers entry to the pools at the following times: Free lane swimming: Mon-Fri,10am -2pm at Karori,

Freyberg, Tawa, Keith Spry Pools, Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (WRAC) Free recreational swimming: Sat-Sun, 2pm – 7pm at Karori, WRAC, Tawa, & Keith Spry Pools. (Excludes Freyberg Pool which is open for lane swimming only). SwimWell swimming lessons have resumed, with lessons reduced to $5 each (usually ranging from $10.80$15.50) until end of Term 2 (3 July).

During Level 1 our hours are:

8am-8pm Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm Friday 9am-12pm Saturday We’re open for all services — please call first

04 920 8850

24 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville

Greg O’Connor MP for Ōhāriu Here for you Get in touch My office is open 9am – 5pm

Monday to Friday Authorised by Greg O’Connor, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

04 478 3332

Unit 2, 18 Moorefield Road /GregOhariu


Thursday June 18, 2020

inbrief news Call for volunteers

The Karori Community Centre is calling for volunteers, one to become secretary of their management committee, one treasurer and another committee member. Meetings are held monthly. Over 1000 people come to events at the Community Centre each week and three part time staff operate it. Early next year, the Karori Event Centre will be opened and the centre staff will also manage that, along with the Karori Youth Centre. As well, the centre hosts St John’s Op Shop, Karori Foodbank, Wellington Advice and the PM NDATIWest Citizens’ 30/03/2020 3:20:42 PROOF TIME Bureau, NDATIToy Library.PROOF TIME 30/03/2020 3:20:42 PM LAST RUN: 04/01/20 LAST RUN: 04/01/20 Anyone interested can contact 6X2 SIZE: Heather Baldwin chair@karoricom6X2 SIZE: or Kay Webster

Shows go online The Ministry of Education is providing $1m for Rockquest Promotions Ltd to run the Showquest, SmokefreeRockquest and Smokefree Tangata Beats musical contests from 2020 to 2022. This year, they will all be in an online format. Entry closing dates for 2020 are Showquest August 1, SmokefreeRockquest and Smokefree Tangata Beats, solo June 29, bands July 22. More information can be found online at

IfIf you are living living with with aa prostate prostate cancer cancer diagnosis diagnosis you or or a a loved loved one one are and treatment, is established support network in in and there isliving an established support network If you ortreatment, a lovedthere one arean with a prostate cancer diagnosis Whanganui ready to help navigate your journey. and treatment, there is an established support network in Wellington ready to you help you navigate your journey. Whanganui Contact: ready to help you navigate your journey. Brian Deadman Contact: Contact: Graeme Coutts & Bill Guthrie Brian Mobile: 027 Deadman 555 0338 022 674 7832 / 027 247 5427 Mobile: Mobile: 027 555 0338 Email: Email: Email: Seeking advice or information, or someone to listen. advice orwe information, or we’ve just someone to listen. WeSeeking are here to help, understand, beentothere too. Seeking advice or information, or just someone listen. We here help, we understand, we’ve been there too. We areare here toto help, we understand, we’ve been there too. For more information call

For more information call Send your tips to

Organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ Organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ

O’Connor eager for Mall revamp as stores exit Ohariu MP Greg O’Connor says decisions made by head offices of national retail chains to shut branches in places like Johnsonville ignore the impact on local communities. Greg was commenting on the decisions this week by The Warehouse and Michael Hill Jeweller to shut a number of branches around the country including in Johnsonville. NZ-11358093AA “While I acceptNZ-11358093AA that there are commercial considerations behind these decisions what does upset the local community is that there is no responsibility taken for the impact of losing services and jobs, especially in this case where wage subsidies have been received up to the time of the decision to close,” he says.

In the case of Johnsonville, it just highlights the need for the shopping mall to be rebuilt to ensure local shoppers have options to support local businesses. “Hopefully this will now be an opportunity for local businesses to fill the vacuum left by the loss of these chain stores and at the same time an opportunity for the northern suburbs residents to generally shop local. He says he is committed to pressing for the Johnsonville Mall to receive a much-needed revamp. “I will continue to work with Stride Property to encourage them to proceed with the essential revamp which I’m convinced will be mutually beneficial to the mall owners and the local community.”

Plans for the redevelopment of the Johnsonville Shopping Centre are still a work in progress. Photo: Glenise Dreaver.

Johnsonville Lions back in action The Johnsonville Lions are back working hard supporting their community. After weeks of meeting impersonally through videos chats, Johnsonville Lions members enjoyed a social evening last week that was made more special with the induction of two new members. Club activity had been low-key during the lockdown, and Lions members are looking forward to again being involved with their community. “It was pleasing to induct Marisa King and Lloyd Macintyre into our Club, “ says president Murray Gray. “I know they will improve our ability to complete projects within the northern suburbs area”. Both Marisa and Lloyd have been involved previously supporting the Club’s annual John-

New Johnsonvile Lions members and their sponsors Judy Marbeck- sponsor, Marisa King new member, President Murray Gray, Lloyd Macintyre – new member and Garth Mincher - sponsor. Photo supplied.

sonville Christmas parade, and were keen to join more formally with the Club. Murray says planning has already begun for this year’s Christmas parade.

Club members are happy to see their activity continue after a very quiet period, and are looking forward to their next project of assisting to clear up and plant new trees at Johnsonville Park in

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LLY. CHECK AND PHONE NUMBERS. Hours:SPELLING Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm LLY. CHECK SPELLING AND PHONE NUMBERS. t accept responsibility for incorrect copy or layout. t accept responsibility for incorrect copy SATISFACTION or layout. JUST DEDICATED TO YOUR Ph: 04 472 9920 -

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the 53rd Annual General Meeting of PROOF Karori Arts & Crafts Centre (Inc) PROOF will be held on Friday 17th July 2020 at 11:30am at The Newman Centre, 7 Beauchamp Street, Karori

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Success with Steve! Steve Fejos - Auction Manager M: 027 562 1777 P: 04 803 1768 F: 04 803 1750 Team Wellington Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Level 1, 54-56 Cambridge Terrace Te Aro

Truscott Avenue. “The cleaning up and planting will enhance the area where our Club placed two barbecue tables in recognition of 50 years of Lions in New Zealand,” he says.

Thursday June 18, 2020



403L Fridge Freezer

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The kerbs of Silverstream Road are lined nose to tail with tradies' vehicles.

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By Glenise Dreaver

If you’ve become accustomed to striding out on daily walks during lockdown, you might like to take on the challenge of Silverstream Road in Crofton Downs. When you get to the top, you’ll get a big surprise. It’s a hive of activity with tradies working on some 40 different sites, their vehicles parked on newly-formed roads, bumper to bumper in many places. Murray Price, company director of Developers Parklane Infrastruct, says they have reached stage 5 of their

nine-stage, 134- section development. “That’s half way.” Sections have been bought by individual couples - some newlyweds – by private individuals and some by spec builders who bought one, or more than one at a time. Murray says the first stage of sections sold at around the late $300,000 mark, with the price increasing as they work through the stages. “They’re now selling in the late $500’s.” He says part of the popularity of The Terraces, as the development is called, is their rarity in Wellington having flat sections, “that’s a great selling point”, and location

to the train station and 15 minutes to central Wellington by car. And he says that a lot has been invested in the infrastructure of the development, with the venture being a “third time lucky” one. Two earlier developers considered it too difficult to develop and handed the land back to the owner. But Murray says their Auckland-based company got the bit between their teeth and took the challenge on. “We’ve been going non-stop. Ninety per cent of the earthworks have been completed already.”



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NEWBOLDS JOHNSONVILLE 6-8 Broderick Road, Johnsonville We’re Local, We Care!

478-4988 • Easy Customer Parking

12 Months Interest Free *Conditions apply.

Elevated yet flat, The Terraces development at the top of Silverstream Road is now a hive of activity. Photo: Glenise Dreaver.

WINTER Late in the day but there's no let up in activity on The Terraces.

Newlands Resiliance Group looking for feedback The Newlands Resilience Group has a vision for a more confident resilient community. The Group’s spokesperson Rodney Barber says “We performed a community survey to assess our capabilities and vulnerabilities from a social, economic, environmental, and cultural perspective. “We have summarised the results in an Infographic on the NPPA website and outlined some objectives in response.

“With the arrival of alert level 1 we believe it’s time to engage with the community to seek feedback and discuss how best to proceed together. “All Newlands, Paparangi, Woodridge and Bellevue residents are welcome to attend our workshop from 1-3pm on Sunday, June 28 at the Newlands Community Centre.” Please RSVP to Rodney on, or contact him if you have any questions.


Thursday June 18, 2020

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What is your favourite thing to do during the school holidays?

Adan Bean “Going to my friend’s house and spending time with them.”

Iseieh Rireke “Going to visit my grandmopther in Rotorua.”

Lucas Orbell “I really like spending time with my gran.”

Trae Bell “Playing with my friends and spending time with my family and playing on the playstation.”

Jolie Smith “Hanging out with family and friends.”

Kaya-Marie Te Whaiti-Keefe “Going to Napier to see my cousins.”

Another $4m for arts in schools The Government is to fund work opportunities for an additional 300 artists in the Creatives in Schools programme, Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Jacinda Ardern and Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced the move last Friday. The new programme, which began this year, supports artists and creative practitioners to partner with schools and kura to share their specialist skills and

knowledge with students. “COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the cultural sector, with some forecasts showing that more than 10,000 jobs could be gone in the next 12 months without Government intervention,” Jacinda Ardern said. “The $4m boost in funding for the Creatives in Schools programme sits alongside the wider $175m support package to help the creative sector recover. “The additional funding will

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Traditional tools Each culture has a preferred set of garden tools, which have developed over thousands of years. Many of them are made of wood, some made of bronze (lovely) but most are made from a combination of steel (and occasionally aluminium) with wooden handles.

be considered essential these days. Tools are constantly being invented and some of those become “traditional” if they are popular enough for example our oscillating hoes, made in Switzerland.

We have many good Asian tools in Aotearoa, many from Japan. Our favourites are from Korea and are handmade of good quality steel, by a master craftsman. The In New Zealand the traKorean sickle is a wonderful ditional tool that is widely known is the Ko. A long stick tool, a sort of small slasher, with a foot piece lashed on great for clearing weeds and small branches. The Korean to allow a foot to help with digger, or Ho-Mi, is a short the digging. handled weeding, planting Those brought with settlers and scraping tool. are garden forks, spades, trowels, hoes, rakes etc. probably the lawn mower would

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expand the programme from 304 projects to 510 projects through to 2023, benefitting many more students and providing opportunities for up to 750 creatives by helping to offset some of the lost employment and income resulting from COVID-19. “A healthy cultural sector is central to the wellbeing of our communities. We want to keep growing the music and arts industries in New Zealand and it’s important that young people are

aware of the opportunities in the creative industries,” the Prime Minister says. “The Creatives in Schools programme is designed to enhance students’ wellbeing, improve skills in communication, collaboration and creative thinking and raise their awareness of creative careers,” Chris Hipkins says. “Particularly in the wake of COVID-19, the value of creative learning experiences cannot be over-estimated.

“As well as visual arts, dance, drama and music, the programme provides opportunities for creatives to share their expertise in areas including film making, game design, fashion design, spoken word, and expertise in ngā toi Māori. Applications will open on in late June. More information can be found at Teaching-and-Learning/Creatives-in-Schools

Trio hit right note for national honour By Jacob Page

A trio of Newlands College musicians is set to make their mark on the national stage. Brother and sister, James, 13 and Emma Downey, 16, as well as Sophie Ewens, 13, have been selected to be part of the New Zealand secondary school brass band. The national band will meet in Taurangi near Taupo in September to practice together and then put on a concert. Sophie plays the second cornet, James third cornet while Emma plays the fugel horn, like a mellow sounding trumpet. “We all learn outside of school as well as inside of school,” Sarah says. These opportunities come through bands and groups we are part of.” It is Emma’s fourth year in the band and James and Sophie’s first time. Emma says she gets a lot of enjoyment out of playing the fugel. “I originally started playing the cornet but really enjoyed playing the fugel,” she says. “It’s a beautiful instrument. “My father plays both instruments and I would say he’s one of my biggest inspirations. “Everyone in my family plays a brass instrument of some kind so it’s quite natural.”

Newlands College students. James Downey, Emma Downey and Sophie Ewens have been selected in the National Secondary School brass band. Photo: Glenise Dreaver

Sophie says she has played plenty of instruments growing up before settling on the cornet. “I started playing the violin when I was six, I played the piano for a bit, I’ve tried ukelele, I’ve played the recorder as well as the guitar. “I took up the cornet about threeand-a-half years ago,” she says. “I

practices every day.” Emma and James are part of the Wellington Salvation Army brass band. Sophie is in the Wellington Youth brass band. Emma would like to study classical trumpet next year and is hoping to eventually make it to London.

Thursday June 18, 2020


Brett’s Brief National Party List MP based in Ōhāriu

It has been great to be able to get out amongst our communities under Level 1 and to see things operating normally again. Well, as in the ‘new normal’ at least.

Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes are back in action in Wellington.

Some of the businesses across the electorate are doing well. Having much of the public service still working from home, along with a number from the private sector, stimulates activity and some good spending locally.

Modified Tai Chi returns to Wellington Enliven is pleased to be restarting its modified Tai Chi classes to Wellington following the change in Covid-19 restrictions across the country. Like many services, Enliven’s Tai Chi classes were not an essential service when the country went into Level 4 lock down and had to be put on hold. Tai chi, an ancient Chinese practice which involves performing a series of movements in a slow, focused manner, is known to improve coordination, balance and reduce the risk of falls among seniors. To celebrate the classes restarting, Enliven is offering one free class for

both new and existing participants to get back into the routine of attending classes. Attendees need to present this article and attend a class before 25 July 2020 to take advantage of the offer. For many participants, the classes restarting will provide them a great opportunity to work on their mobility and reconnect with others in the community, Enliven Tai Chi instructor Chris says. Serious falls can have dire consequences for the long-term health of many elders, which can impact their mobility and even social interaction. Chris says the gentle exercise is a great way for elders to improve their

Not all are faring so well, as the failure of Michael Hill Jeweller in Johnsonville Mall to reopen post-lockdown and the news of the closure of The Warehouse on Johnsonville Road show us.

balance and coordination. “Our classes are specifically designed to ensure all participants can take part at a level which is appropriate to them, which makes it a wonderful form of exercise for beginners.” Enliven’s modified Ta Chi classes are held at Newlands Community Centre, Khandallah Town Hall, Island Bay Community Centre,St Ninian’s Church in Karori, Khandallah Bowling Club, and Enliven’s Huntleigh Apartments in Karori, as well as other locations in the Hutt valley and Kapiti. To learn more, call 04 439 4967 or visit www. PBA.

We are not isolated from the looming economic crisis. Many of us, or our friends and neighbours, work in the Wellington CBD where things are not going so well, driven, at least in part, by those public servants and other workers not working, and spending, in the CBD.

offer a temporary salve, but its effect is illusory if it merely creates an equal problem elsewhere. That is why our focus has to be on economic recovery, particularly the creation of tens of thousands of meaningful and sustainable jobs. The wage subsidy offers temporary relief. We need to have our businesses move from surviving to thriving as soon as possible. We have announced policies for getting cash flow into businesses through refunding their GST payments and to help stimulate new growth through full expensing of new assets and supporting the hiring of new employees through JobStart. More is yet to come. National understands what it takes to lift New Zealand from an economic crisis sooner and stronger. We have the team, the credentials and the plan to deliver.

As our own local economy shows, redistribution might

Contact me 29 Broderick Road, Johnsonville 04 478 0628

Authorised by Brett Hudson MP, 29 Broderick Road, Johnsonville.


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Thursday June 18, 2020

Alison’s unrivalled community spirit By Jacob Page

FRIENDSHIP, FELLOWSHIP & FUN IN RETIREMENT Join a social club to meet other retirees on a regular basis, listen to interesting guest speakers and join together in activities

PROBUS CLUB OF JOHNSONVILLE Venue: St John’s Church Hall, 18 Bassett Road, Johnsonville, on Thursday 25th June at 10.30am

Contact: Max 382 8524 or 027 484 0766

Alison Johnston has been a friendly face and a Justice of the Peace in the Karori community for more than 30 years. She is pictured with Yunhao Fu on her final day working at the Karori Community Centre last week. Photo: Glenise Dreaver.

Covid-19 Property Update! Hey Everyone! What a strange & delightful experience to see Eden Park full again over the weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are staying warm! After spending my wedding anniversary in lockdown, it was awesome to be able to have a night away for my birthday – this gave me some solid time to reflect on the last few months of Covid-19 disrupted market. At the early stages of Covid-19 I shared my thoughts, and the key factors are following trend. Interest rates have dropped, the NZX/ Kiwisaver deposits are recovering, LVR rules have loosened, people are moving back to NZ, people are no longer leaving NZ for jobs – all of which have driven significant buyer demand up. Key stats from our front line. - We had 62 groups through an open home last week, with 10+ private viewings. - We had multiple open homes with 40+ groups. - Most properties sold had multiple offers, with a high of 17 offers on one tender campaign. - We sold 31 Properties since the start of Lockdown (the highest in this area) - We’ve also just had a company record month and enquiries are still going strong So, from our perspective, things have been reasonably good. As predicted though, ‘time on market’ did go up, and this is mostly due to there being no working days during lockdown, but also with the banks takings a conservative approach to mortgages – this meant that more of our top offers have needed conditions. Yes, we have seen A LOT more buyers in the market, but we are equally seeing a lot of buyers battling their banks to get finance. Although the market is currently showing early warning signs of a price climb (high

number of buyers with low number of houses for sale), we have not seen a big jump in prices just yet. But the drop of mortgage interest rates of around 0.5% has meant that buyers are can effectively borrow $100k more and be paying the same in interest as before, creating better affordability for property. In my opinion, we could start to see; - More listings coming to the market, as sellers can afford to sell and change houses - More buyers entering the market with better affordability and LVR rules - More investors looking at real estate (not too many achieve their yield targets in this area, but they will certainly play a big part in other ‘investment areas’)

Alison Johnston epitomises the community spirit of Karori. The 80-year-old is retiring as a Justice of the Peace after more than 32 years of service. Last Thursday was her final session at the Karori Community Centre. “Clients mostly visit JPs in the JP’s own home and over the last few weeks with the lockdown and having nobody coming and being a little bit more relaxed, I thought it’s time for me to retire and let new people be appointed,” she says. Being a Justice of the Peace is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her involvement in Karori over the years. Alison and her husband Bruce built the home where they still live in 1961 and have been active members of the community ever since. “I’ve always been communityminded,” she says. “As a young person growing up in Brooklyn I was part of the St John Ambulance Cadet Division, then I was later involved with Karori PlayCentre when my children were young. “My husband became involved in scouts and I worked on the principle that if you can’t beat them, join them so that’s what I did and I was a cub leader for several years. Since then I’ve been with the Karori Lions for 34 years so it’s all an extension.”

Alison says when she was first approached about becoming a justice of the peace in the late 80s she thought seriously about the commitment that would be required and accepted. A three-day crash course in computers in 1986 was enough to see her able to move with the technological advances and that has helped her keep up with the times. “I was sent to do a course Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and I didn’t have a clue. “I went back to work and when I returned my typewriter was gone and there was a computer there instead. “Having said that, I’d never go back to the way it was before computers.” She says the time is right to step away. “My age is one thing... But certain aspects of the role are becoming a little more complicated. “I’ve done my dash and my aim is to bow out gracefully. “There are younger people who may want to become JP’s and they’ll be able to keep up with modern-day advances.” Alison says she will miss the people interaction, particularly overseas people. “I’ve had so many different, interesting people come in, particularly from the ethnic communities or from overseas and it’s great to chat to them, especially if I’ve travelled around their country.”

One car crash On Sunday afternoon, Police responded to a collision between a car and a street light on the Johnsonville Porirua motorway. The crash occurred between the Churton Park-Glenside on-ramp and the Johnson-

ville off-ramp and the street light blocked a lane. There were no reports of injury and while traffic was flowing, motorists were asked to take care travelling through the area.

Let people know you’re back and OPEN

In life certainty and security for your family is most important, so to ensure you position your buying and selling plans strategically, it is important to work with good information so you can make an informed decision for your family. If you would like to have an honest chat about our local market and how it affects your situation, feel free to get in touch. Love to help! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Written by William YIP Your friend in Real Estate 021 106 9997

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Thursday June 18, 2020



Thursday June 18, 2020

Next Generation Real Estate. NEW

53 Erris Street, Johnsonville




Fabulous Warm Family Home in Top Location Having been with the same family for nearly two decades, this well-loved, spacious 1980's family home is now on the market. As soon as you enter, you can tell that this warm and cosy property has been well maintained. With the living areas and kitchen on the ground floor, there is also an office / fourth bedroom, toilet, laundry and internally accessed double garage. RV $720,000

42 Dominica Cres, Grenada Village



Renovate and Revive? YIP! Quality renovations have transformed this solid 1980s home into a fabulous place to grow. The light and sunny open plan living/dining/kitchen make for easy living. Offering 3 bedrooms, and a stunningly renovated bathroom. RV $550,000 Tender closing 3pm Thursday 2nd July 2020

Deadline Sale

Aleisha Price

3.00pm 1st July 2020 ( may sell prior )

027 389 3311

Athula Wanasinghe

Anita Corlett & William YIP

027 428 4852

021 022 56795

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We want to meet local homeowners living from Tawa to Pukerua Bay! The Real Estate industry has been the same for years, and we think it’s high time we threw out the old school rule book in line with what our customers ACTUALLY want and need! With your help we can create the BEST DAMN REAL ESTATE SERVICE for our community! $50 Prezzy Card open to locals who own a house, have bought a house, or are thinking of selling.


Thursday June 18, 2020


Next Generation Real Estate. NEW


3A Sunningdale Lane, Woodridge




9 Tralee Place, Johnsonville




Sunshine in Sunningdale? YIP!

Roll up your Sleeves? YIP!

Just perfect for families wanting to just move-in and enjoy, this fabulous family home benefits from a recent makeover. The minute you step into it you will notice the fresh paint, new carpets and a gorgeous new bathrooms. That's not all that awaits its lucky new owners. RV $560,000

Having spent many happy years in this home, the current owners are moving on – leaving a superb opportunity for someone with some time and energy to make it their own. Loads of space, with the main living accommodation above the garage, study/hobby room, this family home is ideally located for local schools and is just a short hop to the Johnsonville centre and expressway. RV $600,000



3.00pm Thursday 2nd July 2020

3.00pm Wednesday 8th July 2020

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP

021 0885 0406

021 0885 0406 5 Berkshire Grove, Cannons Creek 3



20+ Viewings in 7 days 8 Offers in 2 Weeks





62 Woodland Road



7 Motukaraka Point



59 Helston Road



3a Sunningdale Lane



10 Beazley Avenue



3 Woolwich Close

Contact Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP


Churton Park

59C Mauldeth Terrace

on 021 0885 0406



28 Woolwich Close



53 Erris Street


Grenada Village

227 Mark Avenue



45 Fyvie Avenue



9 Tralee Place

Contact Josh Tararo on 02102546270

10 Furlong Crescent, Churton Park 5



SOLD with three weeks on the market!

53 Glanmire Road, Newlands 3


Sunday 21 June


Almost 20% Above RV







53 Te Puia Drive

SOLD with 16 offers received!



22 Paparangi Crescent

Contact Anita Corlett, Team YIP


Churton Park

47 Waverton Terrace


Grenada Village

6 Trinidad Crescent



104 Oxford Street

on 021 022 56795


Grenada Village

42 Dominica Crescent

8A Kipling Street, Johnsonville



27 Branscombe Street



Mount Cook

58 Wallace Street



28 Erris Street



18b Frankmoore Avenue



8a Kipling Street



BEO $819,000 Contact Shannon Crawford, Team YIP on 027 665 2501


Thursday June 18, 2020

Hasty return for rowers By Glenise Dreaver

Last year, we featured three young women who had all won four-year-long rowing scholarships to prestigious universities in the US (Independent Herald. July 18 p.1). Former Onslow College and Wellington Rowing Club representatives Olivia Clark, Ella Greenslade and Constance Stirling are, however, back at home. All three had the bewildering experience of having just two-three days to get to Wellington in March, hastily leaving their belongings in storage because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the violence now gripping the US in the wake of the George Flloyd killing, all three are philosophical that the great academic and sporting hopes they started their first year of study with will be realised. Constance remembers the unreality of signing the huge contracts sent to them all last year. “It’s just a silly amount of money.” Their lifestyles are the same for all of them – everything is sorted out and provided for them. The schedule doesn’t allow for a busy social life however, and is restricted to other rowers. They begin with classes, hop on the bus

provided, go to rowing, followed by dinner with friends from the squad, then it’s home to study. All are expecting a mid to late July announcement about resuming their study and sport. There are rumours that classes of over 50, or 100, could go online. For smaller class sizes, there is no news at all. The disruption so far hasn’t been great with the academic year ending in May, all classes going on line and the rowing season near its end anyway. Olivia, studying computer science and astronomy at Yale, studied online at home until the May break. With a 16-hour time difference, she says it was lucky that most were recorded lectures, apart from some early morning real-time Zoom meetings that required participation. Ella says the way of life in Washington, to where she will return to study communication, is totally different from here. “You’re not judged if you go to the beach for example. And there’s no contact tracing.” Constance will be returning to the heat at the University of Miami, majoring in Finance. When she is able.

Tuesday's teeming rain meant no hope of reprising the photo taken of these three young US scholarship rowers last year (Independent Herald, p1, July 18). So we settled for a chat and a hot drink in the Karaka cafe. From left are Olivia Clark, Constance Stirling and Ella Greenslade. Photo: Glenise Dreaver.

Olympic Harrier Club up and running By Trent Corbett

Jessica Hughes, Mark Anderson, Saskia Knox, and Lucy Jurke battle it out in the Perston race. Photo Supplied.

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Johnsonville’s Olympic Harrier Club was back in action last weekend. Two months later than usual the 2020 harrier season finally kicked off with their Maiden and Perston races. Conditions were similar to last year - cool southerly - but no chilly showers this time. The Grenada North course was mostly firm; just a couple of spots of bog on the playground field - enough to make the course 20-30 seconds slower than the year before. In the under-8s, Johnnie West and Riley Holden each had a great race, finishing well ahead of the rest of the field. In the under-11s, things were a lot closer, with

Max Wade crossing first and Jack Jenkins only 5 seconds behind. In the Maiden - the race for those who have never won a competitive race before - Reuben Beard and Nathan Cornell led the field early, before Reuben pulled ahead, crossing the line comfortably in first place. He was only one second slower than the winning Perston time - that doesn’t happen very often! Anya Birmingham was first female, and Charlotte Harrison won the handicap by beating her sealed handicap time by the most. In the Perston Memorial – the race for club members who have won a trophy - Jack Julian made it two in a row with the fastest time; Susannah Lynch was first female, and Alison Speakman won the handicap.

You can now approve or submit changes to your ad within the ATOL system at a time that suits you. Just follow the link in your ad proof email to view your ad, then click the APPROVE or CORRECTIONS button right from there - no new Thursday emails required! June

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Thursday June 18, 2020


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What might have been for North Wellington teams By Grant Stephen

It was a case of close but no cigar for the North Wellington Football Club’s tops sides in action against Western Suburbs over the weekend. With 12 points on offer over three matches, it was the Wests’ supporters who had the biggest smiles with their teams doing enough to clinch all three games. The Innkeeper North Wellington Women’s W League team enjoyed a solid introduction into the top flight of women’s football for the lower half of the North Island with a narrow 1 nil loss to Wests. The Johnsonville based side put in a solid shift and it was a result that senior players and coach Mark Oates weren’t unhappy with. The same can be said for the Newlands Arms Men’s Premier

team who lost 1 nil in the 93rd minute to an equally young and enterprising Western Suburbs side at the Ole Academy. The margin was the same but it was 2-1 in favour of Wests who hosted the New World Newlands Men’s Central League side at Endeavour Park on Sunday. Norths got on the board first after 25 minutes with a well executed penalty by Nathan Simes. A Norths player had been taken down in the box due to an agricultural infringement that gave the referee no option but to point to the spot. Wests equalised things just before the half time break with a cross come shot that fooled everyone. The eventual winner for Wests came 11 minutes after the break with a close rang shot that the Norths defensive screen could

do little about. North Wellington goal keeper Nic Stanton earned his after match lemonade and his team mates should have shouted him a double for his fine efforts throughout the match. In other games in the Men’s Central League, Petone made a credible return after promotion from the Premier League but couldn’t deny Miramar a 2-0 win away. Lower Hutt and Waterside Karori slugged out a 1 all draw, Stop Out were triumphant over Wairarapa United 3-2 and Napier City Rovers upset a talented Wellington Olympic side at Wakefield Park coming out on top by 2 goals to 1. In the Women’s Premier League, the Innkeeper North Wellington team didn’t have enough firepower to match Victoria University, going down 4-1 to the students.

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Nathan Simes converts North Wellington’s penalty in their Central League match against Western Suburbs on Sunday. Photo: Glyn Badcock

Total Auto Services Ltd Gavin Shute Auto Services 2013 Ltd


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Brodie Ward-Johnson pulls off one of her text book saves for North Wellington in their W League match on Saturday. Photo: Glyn Badcock

Thursday June 18, 2020


supporting your community

Keeping it -




Rob Webb Oral historian / Radio presenter

The greatest family heritage you’ll have to treasure. Let me come and and record the memories of those unforgettable times.

021 844 965

Optimising your wifi for working from home Need a Nerd Wellington is a specialist PC and Laptop repairer and we’ve been serving residential and business customers all over the region since 2011. Our technicians come to you, diagnose the problem and provide you with a plain English explanation of the problem and the repair. Need a Nerd Wellington also supplies and installs all types of laptop and computer equipment including internet and wifi.

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Windows History online or call in at Wgtn City Archives Archives Online is part of a wider programme to make Wellington City Council’s archives more accessible and to offer our services online. You can search our holdings,

from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime. Many of our digitised records are available for download (check the licence to 10 see what kind of use is Windows permitted).


• Providing support across Greater Wellington

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2015 and one year on, the offer to upgrade to Windows Vinnies Wellington – a stable support10 service a Nerd Wellington for free is just about Need to expire. www.need, throughout these uncertain times Microsoft estimates that a total of 300 million devices 04 212 6413 / 021 260 6363 / 0800 63 33 26 When shopping at Vinnies Op Shops you’re term economic and mental health effects are now running Windows 10, with about a third of those not only keeping your money in the local com- from the COVID-19 lockdown. munity – you’re also providing the funding for Vinnies’ op shops are your neighbourhood being new devices. But the majority - about 60% - of Vinnies welfare and support services. treasure, thriving off the donations from our Your support is needed now more than generous community. Turn your dollar into based PCs are still running Windows 7 so if ever as Vinnies face the increasing demand good and shop with usWindows today. Vinnieswgtn. for assistance to people experience long- Refresh got your day at our coffee that’s you and you want that free upgrade, you’ve house until 29 July 2016 to do it. Open hours Looking back... Monday to Friday To date, most Windows 10 upgrades have gone reason7am-3pm Remembering Tangiwai ably smoothly, but with the sheer volume being done, Saturday 8am-2pm The expansive Karori Cemetery striking and weakening the Tangiwai contains a marble plaque naming all River Bridge before thethere’s train and itsno shortage of horror stories. Many of these have 151 victims of this country’s worst 285 passengers and crew crossed the happened in the last two months when Microsoft made railway tragedy, almost 67 years ago. bridge. 22 Johnsonville Road On Christmas Eve 1953 the 3pm At the time recently-crowned Windows 10 an automatic update without really letting Wellington to Auckland overnight Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Phillip train plunged into the f looded were on their coronation tour of know and around the world people woke up anyone W hangaehu R iver at Tangiwai New Zealand - the Queen made 11 kilometres west of Waiouru at special mention of thesurprised tragedy in with a new operating system running on their↑ N 10.21pm. her Christmas Day radio broadcast Minutes earlier the rim of the and her husband attended the state computer. Unfortunately, many woke up to a non-funccrater lake at nearby Mt Ruapehu had funeral on December 31, 1953, held tioning collapsed, releasing a huge torrent at Karori for those victims who couldcomputer and a sinking feeling in their stomach. of volcanic mudflow into the river not be identified. @refreshespresso Microsoft is going to continue its extended support commitment for Windows 7 through to January 2020, so if you’re happy with Windows 7 and don’t believe you’ll be using your current computer in four years’ time, then the upgrade may not be for you. But if you are going to upgrade from your current Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, best you get a hurry on. The process isn’t difficult – check it out at com/en-NZ/windows/windows-10-upgrade. Just make What can I find here? sure that before you carry out the upgrade, you’ve got a People, places, events and other records dating back to 1840. current backup of your computer that you know works Later this year, you will also be just ableinto case you need to go back. search property records.Computers are like most other things in life – a byte of prevention is worth a terabyte of Wellington City Archives 99cure. Main Rd, Tawa 28 Barker St, Te Aro, Wellington (just off Cambridge Tce) Tel 04 232 1111 (04) 801-2096 | McDonald’s



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Wellington City Archives

19 Beers and Ciders on tap


Thursday June 18, 2020

SUPPORT LOCAL Think Local. Buy Local.

YOGA FOR THE PEOPLE Yoga for the People, is Yoga for Every Body. All ages, body shapes and fitness levels. Whether you want to strengthen your body, improve your mobility or calm your mind - our yoga and hot pilates classes will help! We’re the only studio in Wellington to offer Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates and our classes are suitable for all. Located at the Top of Tory, the studio is modern, clean, and spacious. Level 2/133-139 Tory Street,

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Katie’s unbeatable point of difference

Glasshield Wellington Ltd

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Real estate agent Katie Underwood is be able to shower and change after I got an avid cyclist – and she’s found a way to where I was going either,” she says. She Thanks for or your to co-operation. combine her work and her hobby inyour co-operation. found the answer in a red Smart-Motion a way that she describes as her “point of power-assist e-bike. Along with its other difference”. And a real estate agent who advantages it is, she says: “Eye catching pulls up to appointments on an e bike is and professional looking.” certainly different! Keen cyclist or not, an “It’s step through, so it’s easy to ride even ordinary road or mountain bike didn’t cut in a dress or skirt, which just doesn’t work it – lycra gear isn’t an option after all. And on a traditional bike.” neither her road nor her mountain bike are The thing Katie likes best is no traffic suitable for the smart clothes and heeled jams, no problems finding a park, no road shoes she needs in her career. “I wouldn’t works and being on time.

your certified installer

0800 113 901

0800 113 901 Glasshield Wellington Ltd

Katie Underwood - Residential Sales. How fantastic does it feel to be out and about and a bit more normal?

Katie Underwood

More property activities are becoming possible. Open homes are happening with extra precautions to keep people safe. If your home no longer meets your needs I am available to provide the following: • Desktop appraisal • Sales statistics • In home appraisal • Tips on preparing your home for sale Stay safe and call me if you want to talk about selling your house or buying a home.

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Thursday June 18, 2020

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Wellington Suburban Newspapers


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18 Thursday June 18, 2020



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The Community Noticeboard is for your non-profit organisations. For $15.00 Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Get Nov. Exterior 2015 House you can publish up to 25 words. and Interior No AGMS, sporting notices or special painted! meetings. Community Notices must Experienced tradesmen be pre-paid. and large team


Wednesday November 18, 2015 Death Notices

To Lease HOUSE washing, 16 yrs exp. Hotwater, softwash, gutters vacuumed clear, decks, SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. paths. Wayne 021 035 3930. Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. BUILDING Consent Approval and house plans. Trades and Services Free estimates provided. Call Doug on 934-1398 INTERIOR paint, ceilings, plastering - all FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and redecorating. Steve 027 726 4718 installations by top-qualified electrician with

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Probus Club of Johnsonville

Probus Club of Johnsonville Friendship and fun in retirement. Meet other retirees, listen to speakers, join in activities. St John’s Church Hall 18 Bassett Rd, Thursday 25 June 10.30am. Ph Max 382 8524

And to it many people dash. 021 183 9492 Through native bush we twist and wiggle. From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Support Qualifi ed for: Hot summer days we all areAlterations, hopen! Additions


Rowling NEWS TIPS chose the 51. J.K.

unusual Send your tips to ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’tPublic Notices be teased TERMS & CONDITIONS forADVERTISING being All advertisements nerdy! are subject to the approval of Wellington Suburban


Local Businesses

Refurbishment, Repairs Ph Allan Johnstone: 973 1239 Public Notice 027 450 3239

Wainuiomata Squash Club T H U R S D AY FACT AGM 7.00pm Monday 30th November At the Clubrooms Corner of Main Road and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata

ABEL, SuzanneFirewood Lesley: May 10, 2020 KELLER, Lucia Theresia: Jun 13, 2020 2m seasoned pine $180Leonard: Jun 14, 2020 WALDRON, Murray 4m Split pine store for Funeral Directors next winter $330

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Funeral Director


today on

021 640 152 Karori

Over a century of service and experience caring for people. • Pre-planning and Pre-payment Options • Headstones and Plaques • Live Streaming of a funeral service

Bringing local news to the community

Newspapers. Advertisements are positioned entirely at the option of The Publisher & no guarantee of placement is given. Applicable loadings apply only to the specific placement of strip or island advertiseVacant ments. Placement & approval is at the discretion of TheSituation Publisher. While every effort will be made to publish as instructed, The Publisher accepts no liability for any loss caused through loss or misplacement. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement considered unsuitable for publication. Advertisements will be charged on the size of the material supplied or the space ordered whichever is the greater. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser or Advertising Agent to notify Wellington Suburban Newspapers of any error within 24 hours of its publication. The Publisher is not responsible for recurring errors. To obtain a classified space order (defined as annual commitTravelling at the speed of light, you could ment of advertising space or spend) please speak to your advertising go around Earth 7.5 times in a second. representative. (Surcharges may apply if commitment levels are not met or cancellation of a space booking & or contract). Cancellation: neither display nor classified cancellations will be accepted after the booking deadline. No credits will be issued to classified package buys that have commenced their series. If an advertiser at any time fails to supply copy within the deadline, it is understood & agreed that the last copy supplied will be repeated. Specific terms & conditions apply to certain classifications. These may relate to either requirements & conditions set by industry standards for the advertising of certain goods & services, or set by The Publisher. Please speak to your advertising representative to obtain a full copy of these. Advertisers agree that all advertisements published by Wellington Suburban Newspapers may also appear on a relevant website.



Karori | 476 5292 Newtown | 389 6069

A solid

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers

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587 1660

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Deliverers Required in

Area 1: Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga. Check out the

NEW Independent Herald website

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Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

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Thursday June 18, 2020


SPORTS TALK With Jacob Page

Super Rugby revels in its comeback Super Rugby really hit the spot over the weekend. Two entertaining games in front of engaged and energetic crowds made for compelling viewing. There were a couple of things going in favour of the matches. The Sunday afternoon game is a great idea. Of course, it’s always been an inspired idea cast aside for modern-day revenue gathering. It was a sell-out at Eden Park

as the Blues triumphed over the Hurricanes. There had not been such a large crowd at the Auckland venue for a game of Super Rugby since 2005. The other major thing going for both games was the absence of games prior to it. Rugby was badly overexposed pre-Coronavirus and now after weeks of hardship, rugby had a new-found appreciation to it. Like a good, partner who goes

away for a while, absence has made the heart grow fonder for New Zealand rugby fans. Grant Robertson’s speech prior to the first game in Dunedin was unnecessary and a little cringeworthy. The fact rugby is being played at all should be a sign of a job well done but the Minister for Sport took his opportunity to spell out the success with a microphone in hand.

It will be interesting to see if the crowds persist as games become more common but two games a weekend certainly won’t create jaded fans so that’s a positive. Sky TV will have the ultimate say if afternoon rugby continues after this season but certainly the fans have voted with their feet and hopefully with their remotes as well. The games themselves were played at a fast pace and a rea-

sonable skill level considering the layoff. As a television spectacle, a loud crowd really boosts the product. I’m sure it would make it better for the players too who get the shot of adrenaline you just can’t get playing in front of empty seats or cardboard cut-outs like the NRL. Positive signs that a little time apart may have stoked the passion back to new highs for New Zealand rugby fans.

Wally waltzing across the ditch for family By Jacob Page

The saying goes ‘a Johnsonville Rugby Football club man is blue and blue, right through’ and Wally Smith exemplifies that. The life member and former chairman will head for Melbourne to spend more time with his grandchildren after almost 40 years of service. The club is hosting a farewell for him on Saturday. “I never thought we’d do it but it will be good,” he says of the move. “We were supposed to be over there on April 22 but we’re still here and hoping to be gone by July 2. While he never laced up a pair of boots for Johnsonville, he spent his time in the administration of the club, ensuring it’s financial viability while also managing various teams throughout the grades. “Back in 1981, I was advised to go down and watch a match between Johnsonville and Onslow - ‘The Battle of the Villages’ as it was called and I’ve been involved ever since.” Wally says he was happiest doing the grunt work off the field. “I’d class myself more as an administrator rather than a spokesperson. “It was nice to be involved in a sports club. “In 1985 I put my name forward for the committee and 10 minutes after the meeting ended I was chairman.

Wally Smith has been described as an institution after 40 years at the Johnsonville Rugby Club. Photos supplied. Life member Wally Smith has even had a drink from the Bledisloe Cup during his time.

“I was chairman for four-anda-half years and without trying to push my own barrow I really feel we were able to turn the club around and got a lot of major sponsors.” Wally then had three years as Club Manager in a paid role in

the early 90s. He then had a stint helping coach the Newlands first XV amongst other things before managing a host of teams for the next decade. “I’m going to miss the club, ” he says.

“It’s been a big part of my life. “A lot of players love coming to Johnsonville because we always have a good spirit in the club,” he says. “We’ve had our ups and downs and some say we should have amalgamated but we are hanging

in there.” He said seeing players come through the grades was most satisfying. “It’s fantastic to see homegrown kids playing premier rugby that’s the ultimate and I love to see it.”

Victoria University clarifies entry requirements for 2021 Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington has removed grade entry requirements for students wanting to study at the University in 2021. The move, agreed by the University Council today, means any student who successfully completes University Entrance (UE) will be guaranteed entry to undergraduate study if they apply. Previously

students needed a rank score in NCEA of 150 for undergraduate degree-level entry, and 180 points for entry to the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Bachelor of Building Science. “We recognise that 2020 is an extraordinary year and that many secondary students have faced significant disruption to their learning this year and that they are

seeking clarity and assurances. This move has been made as part of the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Chancellor Neil Paviour-Smith. Provost Professor Wendy Larner says the University will also be working more closely with secondary schools this year to ensure students and teachers know what the University requirements are and

there are no barriers to entry despite the disruptions. “The simple message is that if you get UE you will get in. We are not putting an extra layer on top of that,” she says. Specific requirements for certain courses and programmes, such as performance music and midwifery, will remain but these will be made clear to anyone applying.


Thursday June 18, 2020

Thursday June 18, 2020











Dimplex Micathermic Heater with Timer 2000 Watt 2kW heat output 7 day timer Thermostat

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Anti Epidemic Kit


ETA: 12-14 days

8 Alcohol Pads 1 pair of Vinly Gloves 2 non woven mask





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MITRE 10 CROFTON DOWNS 128 Churchill Drive - Ph: 04 479 8765 - Email: Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm - Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am - 6:00pm

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18 June Independent Herald  

Independent Herald 18 June, 2020.

18 June Independent Herald  

Independent Herald 18 June, 2020.

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