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Pre-Prep Achieving Excellence Together

A culture of success and an ethos of excellence • Ensure your little one has the best possible start and the best possible future! • Confident that your child is flourishing, cared for and safe • A revolutionary educational programme delivered by passionate professionals • Highly individualised and personalised learning • Inspirational teaching in small teaching groups • A stimulating 21st century learning environment • Exceptional Parental Engagement • Daily opportunities for parents to personally or electronically share in and support their child’s learning journey


All quotes come from the Independent School Inspectorate Report 2012.

Every stage in education is important, but it has been scientifically proven that early childhood is the ‘most important’ as it is here that the foundations are laid down for future learning and success. Research evidence has shown that children who experience high quality early childhood education, such as that provided by Little GEMS International, significantly improve their progress in school and beyond.


At all stages, and for all ages and abilities, the broad range and high quality of the educational experience provided by the school create an excellent learning environment and a curriculum that covers all the requisite areas of learning and more.


Pupils who are Able, Gifted and Talented benefit from extension work and extra challenges, including working with older age groups, in line with the school’s policy of teaching ‘stage rather than age’.


Children develop excellent ICT skills as a result of their confident use of electronic notepads and interactive whiteboards. 5

A centre of excellence in the use of new technologies to support learning.


Pupils of all ages have particularly positive attitudes to learning and commit themselves to success in all that they do, both inside and outside the classroom


From EYFS to the Sixth Form, pupils are successful in their learning.

The children are enthusiastic learners, showing good levels of independence.


The pupil’s social development is excellent. Pupils of all ages readily take on positions of responsibility.


The flexible and stimulating curriculum enables all pupils to have a challenging and personalised approach to learning, which is founded on extensive use of new technologies.


A culture of success and an ethos of excellence

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Achieving Excellence Together

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The Webber Independent School Soskin Drive, Stantonbury Fields Milton Keynes MK14 6DP