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MAGDALEN COLLEGE SCHOOL Brackley School Information

Founded 1548

Curriculum At Magdalen College School students in all years follow a broad and balanced curriculum which gives them the best preparation for progressing to higher education institutions or the world of work. The curriculum is reviewed each year to ensure that we explore new initiatives and make decisions which reflect the needs of our students in a constantly changing educational environment.

Year 7 The curriculum comprises English, Drama, Maths, Art, Technology, Music, Physical Education, French, Information Technology, History and Creative Curriculum which covers RE, Geography and PCSHE. Students are taught mostly in mixed ability groups although there is some setting in Maths.

Years 8 & 9 Students follow a similar curriculum to year 7 although the Creative Curriculum subjects of RE, Geography and PCSHE are taught separately. In Maths, English, Science and ICT students are taught in ability groups. The remaining subjects continue to be taught in mixed ability groups.


In Year 9 students start their RE and ICT GCSE and in Languages they have the opportunity to choose from Spanish, French or German. They also choose three areas of Technology to focus on in more depth in preparation for GCSE. Throughout years 7 to 9 there is a Learning to Learn and work related programme delivered through designated lessons and extended tutor periods.

Years 10 & 11

Sixth Form

All students study English (Literature and Language), Maths, Science, Religious Education, ICT, Games and PCSHE (Personal, Citizenship, Social, Health and Education including Careers). Students will either follow a Triple Science pathway or one which leads to the Double Award Science GCSE. Students who follow the Triple Science pathway will study a language and choose three additional subjects. Students studying for the Double Award will have the choice of four additional subjects.

Students can choose from a particularly wide range of A Level courses which have been carefully selected to give a wide choice of subject and method of delivery, including: • 3 or 4 A levels • Combinations of Applied and AS levels All students participate in an extended curriculum programme. Please refer to the Sixth Form Prospectus for more information.

Parental Reports on Progress Parents receive regular reports home showing students’ grades and engagement in their learning. There are parents and tutor meetings twice a year to discuss progress. Information evenings are arranged to provide general advice on particular issues.


Pastoral Care Student support services

Behaviour for learning

Special Educational Needs

Our student support team offers advice and help to students. From medical issues, general enquiries through to more specific needs for learning and development, the team is there to support and help our students.

The school has high expectations of students. We expect them to conduct themselves well during classes and in break times so that they can achieve the best outcomes for their time in school.

At Magdalen College School we are committed to the philosophy of each student achieving his or her full potential.

Transition arrangements New students are likely to feel a little nervous and lost in those first few days and weeks when they join us. We aim to make the transition from the previous school to us as straightforward as possible. Students transferring to Secondary School in September are given opportunities to visit the School to meet staff and see the facilities. All new students take part in the School’s induction programme in July. Students meet their Form Tutors and spend time in tutor groups experiencing ‘taster’ lessons in some of the subjects which will be on their timetable in Year 7.


They are expected to work diligently and conscientiously and not to disrupt the learning of others. We work on the basis that students make choices about how to behave and that they take responsibility for their actions. We recognise the importance of rewarding commitment and respect through our House point system where students gain awards in recognition of all their achievements.

To achieve this, the Special Education Needs provision at Magdalen includes: • A comprehensive package of in-class support and small group teaching targeted on specific objectives for each individual with learning needs • Provision for students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties • Alternative courses at Key Stage 4 for students for whom the full range of GCSEs is not appropriate •

Liaison with Primary Schools, to ensure that appropriate provision is in place for all students with special educational needs upon entry in Year 7

Attendance There is a clear link between students’ success in school and their attendance. It is important therefore that students attend school every day and only take time off school when they are too ill to attend. In accordance with the law the school is unable to authorise absences for holidays other than in the most exceptional of circumstances. It is the parents’ responsibility to gain the school’s permission for such absences before they take place and failure to do so will result in a referral to the local authority who have the power to administer a fine or to take court action. Where student’s attendance rate becomes a cause of concern a referral is made to an education welfare adviser who will raise concerns with the student and with parents to ensure that there is an improvement.


Enrichment There’s more to life at Magdalen College School than just gaining qualifications. We encourage all our students to get fully involved, make new friends and take advantage of the many extra opportunities that are available to them. Our aim is to ensure our students are able to excel in all aspects of their education; our varied enrichment opportunities enable them to be successful beyond the classroom.

Educational Visits

Extra Curricular Activities

• Year 7 camp

These are a part of every day life at Magdalen College School. Most of our students participate in a least one of the many clubs that meet regularly. These cover a wide range of sport, music and creative activities. Extra-curricular week for Years 7–10, Sixth Form Study/ Cultural Trips, Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, Sports Clubs, Chess Club, Art Club, Technology Clubs, Racing Car Club, Science Club, Chapel Choir, Jazz Bands and the Debating Society.

Music Lessons 6

Students have the opportunity to learn a wide range of musical instruments and take part in concerts and choirs throughout the year. Individual or shared peripatetic music lessons are also available in school, taught by external specialist music teachers.

A wide range of visits in the UK and abroad are well established at Magdalen College School. These include: • Art trip to Rome or Venice • History visit to Berlin

• Year 8 Space Museum • Cross-curricular World War 1 visit to Ypres

Extended Learning Provision Through a number of off-timetable days and a designated week in the summer term students have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities designed to extend their learning beyond the classroom. These creative opportunities include: • Dragons Den — Enterprise Day • Opening Minds Day, linking with our community • Creativity in the Rainforest • Forensics Day • Alumni Day — learning from past MCS students

House System All students and staff at Magdalen belong to one of 8 houses whose names have a historical connection to the school. These are: • Lovell

• Barnard

• De Quincey

• Waynflete • Beaumont • Godwin

• Holdgate • Woodhams

Through our house system we aim to increase student’s motivation and encourage participation and commitment to all aspects of school life. The inter-house competitions develop a range of skills, promote team building across year groups and inspire all to achieve their best for their house.

Head Boy/head Girl Students have the opportunity each year to vote for their Head Boy and Head Girl. Selection is based on contributions to school life and the wider community. Head Boy and Head Girl act as ambassadors for other students and represent the school at various functions in the community.

Student Council Our Student Council is active in the life of the school. The Council has representatives from all year groups and they have been involved in many initiatives and offer a valued contribution to the life of the school.


Uniform Girls — Compulsory

Boys — Compulsory

Black blazer with Magdalen College School badge.

Black blazer with Magdalen College School badge.

Plain black ‘A’ line skirt (must reach knees, no lycra) or plain black trousers — no fashion variations acceptable.

Plain black trousers — no fashion variations.

We strongly recommend that the above items are purchased from suppliers or our recognised alternatives – we have not found an acceptable alternative to the skirt on the high street, and have found few acceptable pairs of trousers. Rules will be strictly enforced. White revere collar blouse, short or long sleeve, not cap or three quarter (recommended from suppliers). Blouse may be tucked in or worn out but must not show below blazer or jumper.

White formal shirt with collar (long or short sleeves) worn with top button fastened and tucked into trousers. MCS tie worn at all times, fully knotted, and worn so that fastened top button cannot be seen.


Plain black or white socks, or plain black or flesh coloured tights (no patterns).

Plain black or white socks.

Black formal school shoes (leather or equivalent). No heels. Training shoes of any description, ballet shoes, boots or any other soft soled shoes are not permitted.

Black formal school shoes (leather or equivalent). Training shoes of any description or boots are not permitted.

Girls – Optional

Boys – Optional

Black jumper with MCS logo to only be worn under the blazer.

Black jumper with MCS logo to only be worn under the blazer.

Belt, must be plain black with small buckle.

Belt, must be plain black with small buckle.


Girls PE Kit – Compulsory

Boys PE Kit – Compulsory

MCS Polo shirt with logo

MCS Polo shirt with logo

MCS PE Skirt

PE Shorts

MCS PE Shorts

MCS Rugby shirt with logo

MCS Socks – blue

MCS Socks – blue

Make Up

Socks – white

Training shoes

Training shoes

Shin pads

Should be unnoticeable. No nail varnish is allowed.

Shin pads

Football boots

Girls PE Kit – Recommended

Boys PE Kit – Recommended

Gum shield

Gum shield

Girls PE Kit – Optional

Boys PE Kit – Optional

MCS Hoody with logo

MCS Hoody with logo

Blue Thermal base layer

Blue Thermal base layer

Tracksuit trousers (navy blue or black)

Tracksuit trousers (navy blue or black)

Hockey stick

Hockey stick

Badminton racquet

Badminton racquet

The only acceptable items are 1 small plain gold or silver stud earring in each ear, and a watch. Any other piercings of any kind are not permitted.

Hair Natural colours only. Stripes, blocks, patterns, braids and shaved lines are not acceptable.

Football boots


School Routine Term Dates Term 1

Thurs 5 September 2013 Fri 25 October 2013

School re-opens to students Close for end of term

Term 2

Mon 4 November 2013 Fri 20 Dec 2013

School re-opens to students Close for end of term

Term 3

Wed 8 January 2014 Fri 14 February 2014

School Day The School Day is divided into five lessons: 08:40-09:00

Tutor Time/ Assembly


Lesson 1

School re-opens to students Close for end of term


Lesson 2

Mon 24 February 2014 Fri 4 April 2014

School re-opens to students Close for end of term


Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Term 5

Wed 23 April 2014 Fri 23 May 2014

School re-opens to students Close for end of term

13:30-14:20 Lunch

Term 6

Mon 2 June 2014 Wed 23 July 2014

School re-opens to students Close for end of term

Term 4

11:05-11:25 Break


Lesson 5

Lunchtime Arrangements Students may eat school meals, bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch. Students who do not go home for lunch must stay on the Waynflete site during the lunch hour.


School policies Homework All students are expected to extend their learning through homework. Homework will be set regularly according to a timetable agreed with students in the first few weeks of each school year.

Free School Meals Families who may be entitled to Free School Meals are encouraged to apply through Northamptonshire County Council on 01604 366656 or email Any students receiving free school meals will use the same cashless system as students who pay for their meals so that privacy is maintained.

Charging and Remissions Parents and Carers are asked to make a contribution to the cost of Educational visits. Where insufficient funds are received the trip will be cancelled. For those requiring financial assistance, application forms are available on our website or via general enquiries on 01280 846330. Please see for all of our policies.


Contact with School Form Tutor / Leader of Learning If you have a query, issue or concern that you would like to discuss with us please contact your child’s Form Tutor or Leader of Learning, by either telephoning the school on 01280 846300 or e-mailing:

Magdalen College School Information  
Magdalen College School Information  

Brackley, Northamptonshire NN13 6FB. Curriculum, Pastoral Care, Attendance, Enrichment, Uniform, School Routine, School Policies.