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The Townsend Post Is a newsletter dedicated to serve the Goodwood area and will be released on a fortnightly basis. The Townsend Post wishes to bring affordable advertising into the reach of the home and small business owners, as well as acting as a platform for home and small businesses in the area to market themselves to those in their local area. It is often the case that people do not know that the small job they need done or that personal touch that they require can be done by someone from their own community and often at a fraction of the price. We would like to say THANK YOU to two companies in this issue. First to INKFILL CAPE for helping with gremlins in our printers and for all round great service. Second to WILDFIRE DESIGNS for sponsoring the Townsend Post for without them we would never be able to bring affordable ads to the to the community.

Help make your community stronger. For more information or if you would like to assist us. The Townsend Post can make your voice heard. Please call 083 266 1771 or

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Wanted 2 or 3 bedroom house to rent in Goodwood or surrounding area. Married couple with no kids. Husband will keep house and garden well maintained at own cost in return for a reasonable and/or fixed rental. Please SMS contact details to 082 869 1230

Make this space work for you AT ONLY R60 FOR affordable ads for the HOME & small business owners Call 083 266 1771 or email

Thoughts from BILLY THE CAT What has happened to basic respect for your fellow man? Everyday I hear people shouting at each other. Bosses shouting at workers in front of customers, colleges shouting at each other. Has everybody gone DEAF? Do we have to shout just to be heard? As if that is not bad enough, the vulgar language used in common everyday speech is disgraceful. Do people no longer know how to express themselves without using the same vulgar term over and over? It is not only adults, just listen to any group of school children passing you in the SMS whispers in my ear street and you will be horrified at the crude language that has come to be accepted as normal speech. ...8585 ...council must make it What has happened to family values? a rule. Litter must get picked What has happened to our community? up by them. They do get Have something to whisper in my ear? Send me your thoughts SMS :082 869 1230

paid... ...8585 ...Rentals is a money making racket. Gov must stop this gravy train...

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