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Logic Tips & Hints Setting up 1. Make a template that loads as many settings as is possible 2. Make a default process for kids creating MIDI tracks to add > 16, open the MIDI Lists, > Create a program change, select > grand piano and save their work The Lists button opens the MIDI Events window and the Marker, Tempo and Signature windows You need to select > create, to make a program change. Then click on > Progr. Change to create the default MIDI sound for that track

Click here to get drop down list of all General MIDI devices

3. Decide on a workflow (series of steps) for students to check they have: a) entered in MIDI program changes. b) recorded, quantised and selected all of their work c) then export as MIDI file from the > File Menu

Logic screenshots for MIDI program changes

To open from a template you choose the the above option upon opening Logic - or the option on the right.

To add markers in film scoring or tempo and time signature changes use the tabs listed below + the ‘create’ button. Just double click to make a change Event List • click ‘create’ and then choose ‘program change’ - logic will automatically create a MIDI event change in the window below. • You repeat this process for each track • Make sure you start the arrange at the beginning to add the program change at the beginning

Questions? Please email me at Logic Resources: 1. Logic Cafe - tutorials and articles in blog form + pictures 2. Mac Pro Video Tutorials & Blog - videos to train with, PD, projects 3. Logic Ninja on Youtube - hints and tips for everything logic

Logic MIDI Workflow  

A worksheet designed to aid teachers in setting up general midi projects with their classes and imprint tracknames on exported MIDI files.