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Programs of the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf Donald E. Rhoten, Chief Executive Officer

WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF 300 East Swissvale Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15218-1469

Dear Class of 2011: Congratulations on arriving at one of the most significant milestones of your life…………graduation from high school! Your family, friends and WPSD staff are very proud of you and share the happiness of your accomplishments. You are a special group! Your class is the first to include students from the former Scranton State School for the Deaf. Combined, you have made the Class of 2011, and the entire high school, stronger and better. You will be leaving WPSD during a challenging period of time with budget cuts and fiscal deficits in the news every day. I think you are prepared to face these challenges as well as others that might come your way. It is important to remember hard work and perseverance will overcome almost every obstacle. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and hope that you will remember WPSD and the staff who make it the special place that it is. Please come back to visit whenever the opportunity presents itself. Best wishes and congratulations!!

Donald E. Rhoten Executive Director

WPSD Outreach Services WPSD

Camp Hill







Entering a New ERA



Senior Class Officers & Advisors

Front row: Michael Kothe (Sergeant- At- Arms), Boston Campbell (Treasurer), Kaitlin Newhard (Secretary), Blaise Jugan (President) and Brianna Storino (Vice-President) Back row: Kathy Betz and Tony Remis (Advisors)



Future Plans - Attend Hiram G. Andrews Center or National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Hobbies - Playing football and basketball. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Playing soccer, basketball, and football. Best Memories at WPSD - Fixing robots with Mr. Foust. Most Embarassing Moment - In Monica Papa’s class, I was cutting photos and cut across someone’s face by mistake. Favorite Word - “Cool”

Jesse Bracken “Jess” April 26, 1991 Boliver, PA

Future Plans - Attend Rochester Institute of Technology. Hobbies - Anything related to sports and chatting with friends. Best Memories at WPSD - Having Alan as my yearbook teacher, joking around with staff and students, and the Wild West Trip. Most Embarrassing Moment - Can’t think of one. Favorite Words - “Aw man!” and “Duda!”

Boston T. Campbell “Bostonie” May 10, 1993 Bradford, PA



Future Plans - I will attend Prep for Success and then go to Washington & Jefferson College. Hobbies - Reading, playing on the PS2, and watching T.V. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Academic Bowl. Best Memories at WPSD - Being a frog for a play when I was little, joining the National Honor Society, and many more. Most Embarassing Moment - Can’t remember any. Favorite Word - “Nada”

Amanda Marie Capone “Indian Girl” July 15, 1993 Munhall, PA

Future Plans - Go to Rochester Institute of Technology. Hobbies - Not being in school. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Art stuff. Best Memories at WPSD - There are too many to pick from. Most Embarassing Moment - Have none. Favorite Words - “Man up”

Antonio Carr “The Black Guy” November 3, 1991 Erie, PA



Future Plans - Maybe attend a technical school or get a job. Hobbies - Riding dirt bikes, playing on the computer, and hanging out with friends. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Playing sports, chess, and participating in VLC (Varsity Letter Club). Best Memories at WPSD - New York City trip, Wild West trip, and soccer championships. Most Embarassing Moment - During construction class I used a screwdriver as a hammer. The teacher got mad and everyone saw it. I was embarrassed because I used it the wrong way.

Michael Anthony Celesnik “Mikey” November 11, 1991 Latrobe, PA

Future Plans - Attend Gallaudet University. Hobbies - I like to hang out with my friends, play soccer, and cook. And I love to eat cookies. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Playing soccer and living in the ILP. Best Memories at WPSD - Nominated for Homecoming king, selected for the All-Star soccer team and captain of the WPSD soccer team, and selected by VITAC as the high school winner of the holiday card contest. Favorite Word - “Brazilian”

João Rogan Ciuba “Jwow” June 24, 1991 Hermitage, PA



Future Plans - Attend National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Hobbies - Basketball and flag football. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Socializing with friends and playing basketball. Best Memories at WPSD - David made me laugh during lunch. Most Embarassing Moment - In Scranton, during a basketball game, I shot into the other team’s basket. Favorite Words - “I really don’t care.”

Demetrius Curtis “Mr. Curtis” August 1, 1990 Pocono Summit, PA

Future Plans - I will go to Hiram G. Andrews Center or get a job. Hobbies - Playing video games, football, and basketball. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Halloween Haunted House and basketball games. Best Memories at WPSD - When I saw Doug play basketball and dunk the ball. Doug was acting like an ape and I laughed. Most Embarassing Moment - When water spilled on my jeans and Demetrius and Boston laughed at me. Favorite Words - “Okay” “Whatever” “But” and “Come on!”

Joshua Erickson “JAE” August 20, 1991 Effort, PA



Future Plans - I will return to WPSD to attend Prep for Success. Hobbies - Make dreamcatchers, bracelets, keychains and read books and mangas. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Pottery Club. Best Memories at WPSD - In the elevator at MTSC, Renee, Demetrius, Kaitlin and I noticed there was a bug. Renee, Kaitlin and I thought it was dead. Demetrius tocuhed it and it moved. We were so freaked out. Favorite Words - “Yeah, right!”

Kelsey Jo Fike “Kels” December 27, 1991 McAlisterville, PA

Future Plans - Become a detailing auto worker. Hobbies - Watching a lot of action and thriller tv shows and crime movies and taking pictures of cars. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Being on the computer, walking to a store, and talking to my friend, Alex Cherpak. Best Memories at WPSD - Meeting my best friend Alex, the WPSD staff, especially Renee Fisher, Anthony Saive and Tom Halik they’re almost like family. Most Embarassing Moment - When my brother and other people talk about adult things and take my picture. Favorite Word- Any word with an auto name in it.

Erik Roger Hinderman “E.R.H.” October 30, 1990 Oil City, PA



Future Plans - Live with my family and go to work. Hobbies - Playing baseball, watching movies, playing video games, working on the house, and riding horses. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Going the to workshop and helping with recycling. Best Memories at WPSD - Going to camp and performing at the Special Olympic events. Most Embarassing Moment - Falling asleep in class. Favorite Word - “Movies”

Amanda Howser November 12, 1989 Vanderbilt, PA

Future Plans - Attend Triangle Tech and be an electrician. Hobbies - Playing basketball outside, playing video games with my brother, weightlifting, exercising, and hanging out with my friends. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Playing sports. Best Memories at WPSD - There is a lot to choose from after all the years at WPSD. Most Embarassing Moment - None. Favorite Word - “Cool”

Blaise Kenneth Jugan “Blaisey” March 3, 1993 Glassport, PA



Future Plans - Attend Gallaudet Universtity to capture my dream to become an Elementary teacher. Hobbies - Photography, graphic design, hanging out with friends. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Helping Elementary students as a Peer Mentor. Best Memories at WPSD - Being a Peer Mentor and coodinating activities for Elementary students. Favorite Saying - “Best friends and four leaf clovers are hard to find; but when you do, you are truly lucky.”

Michael Joseph Kothe “Micah” October 4, 1991 Ashland, PA

Future Plans - I will get a job. Hobbies - Working on cars. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Woodshop with Joe Goodman. Best Memories at WPSD - In my Junior year, I went on the Wild West Trip. Most Embarassing Moment - At lunch, I wasn’t paying attention and spilled milk down my shirt. Favorite Word - “Graduation”

Keith Luketic “Mr. Luke” June 20, 1991 McKeesport, PA



Future Plans - Go to college and get rich. Hobbies - Hanging out with friends and playing games. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Hanging out with friends and playing games. Best Memories at WPSD - Went to California with my friend for two weeks. Most Embarassing Moment - I am too cool to be embarrassed. Favorite Word - “Sup?”

Benjamin Thomas Marshall “Benny Boy” November 21, 1992 Williamsport, PA

Future Plans - I am an artist and will design jewelry and clothing. Hobbies - Working out and raising money for breast cancer. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Making jewelry and crafts and recycling. Best Memories at WPSD - My favorite teachers Tony Remis, Sally Wellman, and Nicole Shaw. Favorite Word - “Love”

Daniel Jason McGee “Daniel” November 15, 1990 Pittsburgh, PA



Future Plans - Attend Gallaudet University and major in psychology and special education. Hobbies - Reading, bike riding, hiking, hanging out with my friends in any sport and running. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Helping children as a Peer Mentor. Best Memories at WPSD - Walking back to school from lunch with Peter Hilton almost everyday. It was a good time. Favorite Words - “Just do it.” and “Never give up!”

Kaitlin Newhard “Katee” November 24, 1991 Easton, PA

Future Plans - Attend Penn State Harrisburg. Hobbies - Basketball, soccer, Xbox 360, fishing, clay shooting. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Peer Mentor, Jr. NAD, Varsity Letter Club, Varsity Soccer, Varisty Basketball and Academic Bowl. Best Memories at WPSD - Many memories and some I can’t even tell you. Most Embarassing Moment - I can’t think of one. Favorite Word - (top secret)

Douglas Persing “Dougie” February 6, 1992 Mansfield, PA



Future Plans - I will go to vo-tech school for one year and see if I am ready to go college. I want to apply to RIT/NTID. Hobbies - Play basketball, football, and sleeping. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Gym, because I love to play basketball. Basketball is in our family blood! Best Memories at WPSD - During basketball practice, I played with Peter. Peter bumped into my shoulder. It hurt really bad, but I could still play no matter what. Favorite Words - “Awesome!” “Sweet!” and using the “I love you” sign.

David Shawn Silva “The Awesome” July 6,1992 Lancaster, PA

Future Plans - Stay here at WPSD for the Prep for Success program. Hobbies - I like to hangout with my friends and listen to music. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Playing sports. Best Memories at WPSD - Went on many trips that WPSD planned. They were fun.

Brianna Jean Storino “Bri” June 21, 1993 Bethel Park, PA



a W

Future Plans - Attend the Prep for Success program; then after that, go to National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Hobbies - Reading, completing puzzles, playing games, and painting. Favorite Activities at WPSD - Football, tag, and basketball. Best Memories at WPSD - Wild West Trip.

r e lk

Most Embarassing Moment - In Nevada, I knocked Diet Coke over on the table and it nearly spilled on everyone. Then I cleaned it all up. Favorite Words - “Huh? I don’t understand.”

Hayley Ann Mapa Walker “Hal” August 6, 1992 Mechanicsburg, PA

Future Plans - Work.

ee thr me t s ju nded - Playing games. re Hobbies i e w rem to u r o ou we e. o es .Y jokActivities irit one fl Favorite an m at WPSD d i t o e go wom d m m o e o r ,s a g e n un us ved ou rio ys lo ful y ll yo ire to a a ti p ed e alw beau hav ou as onor u h a y o nto rit. Y tever d am i a an . p h s nd me w f you rney u o o bec roud our jo ie p y ick y f V r e rt o ss Mi pa , n e e ov !L s n o lati atu

- Recycling.

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Bikelle Wood June 1, 1990 Pittsburgh, PA



Intidar Aljabery “Intiry” January 13, 1991 Braddock Hills, PA

Alexandria Carlin “Pockey” July 3, 1991 McKeesport, PA

YEARBOOK What an amazing year for the Class of 2011!! This was a year of change and excitement with the Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and the WPSD students merging into one high school. The Class of 2011 is the first class with the two schools graduating together!! It has been a wonderful year watching the students get to know each other and become friends. I am sure that the friendships that have been forged over this past year will continue far into the future. Many of the students will go on to Gallaudet or NTID together while others will go back to their local communities to work. However, we hope that they will always look back at their senior year as a special one. Good luck to all of the seniors in everything you do. You have a lot of excitement ahead of you and all of the staff at WPSD wishes you the best. In the words of country music artists, Rascal Flatts, “My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to”. Barb Goodman, Director



Senior Memories The Wild West Trip

We went to the “Wild West” for our 11th grade trip. It was so much fun and we visited many places. One place that we went was Catalina Island. We got there by going on a boat. On the island we went to have lunch first, and then we went to the beach. When we were at the beach, we split up and did different things, like going in the water, sun tanning, walking, shopping, touring the island, and more. Another place that we went to was Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon was beautiful, big and red. The guide shared some things about the trees and the animal footprints with us. At the end, the guide told us a story about why the canyon was red. Then, we went to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon beat Bryce Canyon and I am not just talking about the size. It was beautiful too! We walked on a path that goes down into the Grand Canyon and looked around. On the way back, we actually met a woman who was deaf! We also visited the Emerald Pools. There, we really didn’t see the pools, but we did see a deer eating. Most of the kids continued down the path to where you can climb. It was so much fun that they didn’t want to leave. The last place we went to see before going back home was the Hoover Dam. On the way to Hoover Dam, we had lunch. It was funny because while we were waiting, Hayley spilled her drink and got almost everyone at our table wet. There are many fun memories that we will never forget from our Wild West Trip! We went to see and do many different things. It would take a book to tell everything! Seniors




High School

CH O O L Entering a New ERA

High School


Bach, Emily Brunner, Danielle Caulfield, Timothy Cernicky, Joanna Cherpak, Alexander

Dutrow, Alexander Eighmey, Megan Glassmeyer, Michelle Guerin, Glenn Harach, James

Haynes, Charles Hilton, Peter Hulme, Timothy Irvin, Kayla Kothe, Sapphire

J u n i o r S


Are you ready to become SENIORS? Why or why not? “Yes, I am ready to become a senior! I want to be independent in the future!”

“Yes, because I am ready and looking forward to going to college and becoming independent. -Danielle Brunner Also, becoming a senior is my biggest dream.”

“I am ready to be a senior because I will study to pass the ACT and PSSA for college. Also I will have fun on the Senior trip in May 2012. I will work hard for the Class of 2012.”

-Joanna Cernicky

“Well, I’m not very excited about becoming a senior because I don’t want to leave my friends, but I’m almost ready to go out into the real world.”

-Marcus Pryor

High School

-Glenn Guerin

“Yes, because I want to go to college. My goal is to enter college and have a successful future. I want to start a new life at college and improve the rest of my life.”

-Kayla Miller

“YES!! To get out of here!!” - Alex Russo

Master, Ashton Meletiche, Ciarra Mikula-Nichols, Richard Miller, Kayla Murcek, Cody

Pryor, Marcus Pryor, Michael Rouse, Zachary Russo, Alexander Schwab, Nicollette

Shirk, Shirley Sweeney, Todd Uber, Kira Valenti, Kayla Williams, Kayla

High School


Araujo, Kevin Cochran, Anthony Crawford, Calvin Demme, Jocelyn Donaldson, Maggie

Eriksen, Oscar Fisher, Lonneika Greathouse, Mark Irwin, Nathan Lloyd, Adsila

S o p h o m o r e S


What do you want to be in the future when you graduate? Why? “I would like to be an auto mechanic. I like to fix cars and help people to fix their cars. I like hands-on activities.”

“I want to be an interpreter for the deaf or a physical therapist or a filmaker. This is my goal. I love film. I want to be a therapist -Chris Shaler because I can help people where they have pain.”

“I would like to become a marine biologist because I love marine animals and I want to help them.”

-Maggie Donaldson

“Go to college to be a computer professional and breed rare lizards at home. Computers are interesting and I love lizards.” - Joshua Sivak

High School

-Jennifer Megela

“ I want to go to college because I want to learn more about electronic robotics”

- Kevin Araujo

“I want to be an HVAC technician.”

-Shay Reeves

Lyle, Chandler Megela, Jennifer Morrone III, Louis Pettit, Samantha Pike, Brandon

Quarles, Destiny Reeves, Shay Rivera Ramos, Kiara Robinson, Somalya Robinson, Summer

Shaler, Christopher Shirk, Melissa Sivak, Joshua Zielinski, George

High School


Bishop, Daniel Campion, Rachel Friday, Jaime Geidel, Joshua Gould, Jessica

Greathouse, Violet Hulme, Kyle Hutton, Christopher Jenkins, Jalen Kelly, Matthew

How did you feel when you first entered high school?

f r e s h m E n 24

“Entering high school at WPSD was different than the mainstream. I feel good with my friends and having fun.”

“At first, I felt nervous. I thought I might get lost. I had no idea who my teachers were. But now I’m used to it.”

“When I was in 8th grade, I was very excited about entering high school. Many people told me that high school was very hard. I agree with that. I am very proud that I am a new freshman.”

“I felt a little bit shy with new teachers and other new students. It has changed me a lot because there is more freedom and more challenges for me in class. I have so much fun in the high school dorm and school.” -Stacy Quear

-Moses Match

-Vladimir Slavov

-Jessica Gould

“When I started high school, I felt really nervous because it was new. Later on, I started -Kyle Hulme to feel confident with myself in high school and will keep going until I’m a senior.” “I felt nervous and there was a lot of pressure. - Kelsey Reppert Now I feel fine. I think high school is the best. There are more opportunities to learn and more challenges than I thought.” “I feel like a new-born duck.”

High School

-Roche Tolbert

Match, Moses McAleavey, Shannon McHenry, LeAirua McMillen, Naithen Quear, Stacey

Reppert, Kelsey Schurer, Anna Mei Slater, Destiny Slavov, Vladimir Speck, Bradley

Tolbert, Roche Weik, Andrew White, De Ontae

High School




Middle School

O O L C S H Entering a New ERA

Middle School


Andrulonis, Kristin Bender, Sarah Fisher, Hannah Lindsey, Alec Majocha, Megan

Pendlebury, Janellie Smith, Jameel Stoykovich, Pantera Weber, Michael

Are you ready for High School? Why or why not?

8 th

G r a d e


Middle School

“I’m kind of ready for high school. I will seriously miss my teachers. I’ve been with them for five years. I won’t really miss Middle School. I’m excited to go to High School and finally will be with kids that are my age! Academically, I feel ready.”

-Hannah Fisher

“Yes, I’m ready for high school. I have experienced Middle School for five years, so I am ready to move on. I feel ready because I have learned a lot and ready to learn something new!”

-Mike Weber

“Definitely! I’m one hundred percent ready because there are more opportunities to be independent. Middle School has prepared me to move up to High School. I will miss my teachers!”

-Megan Majocha

Craddock, Dylan Dixon, Dajion Frye, Travis Goerman, Kevin Holtzman, Kathryn

Hulme, Alyssa Jones, Amber Miller, Kai Petrillo, Emily Phillips, Aaron

Reeves, Jia Fei Reno, Emily Trowell, Stefon Walworth, Marisa

What do you like about iPads? “I love the iPad. Why? Because the iPad has educational programs and I can bring the iPad with me and go anywhere.” -Amber Jones “Sometimes, I like to use the iPad, because I get frustrated with “pages.” I like their math game apps. It is a cool thing to have because it has a big touch screen.”

-Katie Holtzman

7 th

G r a d e

Middle School


DiRenzo, Isabella Duffield, Anthony Hereford, Iris McAuley, Noah Reeves. Seth

Thompson, Cheyenne

What’s your favorite thing about Middle School?

6 th

G r a d e


Middle School

“I like Middle School because I love Social Studies and Science. I like to talk to the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in Middle School.”

-Seth Reeves

“My favorite thing about Middle School is Math class. I also like English class! I love Science! -Isabella DiRenzo “My favorite thing about Middle School is English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and electives too! WPSD is better than all other schools.”

-Jonnae Hereford

“I love English because I want to learn to write sentences. I like both easy and hard English work. Maybe I will be a teacher. I love to teach kids!”

-Noah McAuley

Campion, Ethan D’Amore, Kyle Foster, Krista Friday, Cassie Hunter, Antoine

Jackson, Montae Lamb, Emily Reeves, Tori

Do you like Middle School? Why or why not? “ I like Middle School because Middle School students go to different classes and have more hard work. That’s why I like Middle School.” - Cassie Friday “ I like Middle School because it has good rules and students have to work hard to do well.”

- Tori Reeves “ I kind of like Middle School because homework is more difficult to do.” - Ethan Campion

5 th

G r a d e

Middle School





R A Y N T E Entering a New ERA



Ahearn, Hannah D’Amore, Chad Francis, Alexandra Frenchak, Katelyn Keracher, Kyle

Lin, Howard Tanner, Destiny Therrien, McKensy Sloan, Cheyenne Walker, Jobe

Are you ready for Middle School? Why or why not?

4 th

G r a d e



“I’m ready for Middle School because I want to learn more. I want to learn more math.”

-Chad D’Amore

“I am ready for Middle School because I need to learn more reading, social studies, and math.”

-Alexandra Francis

“I’m ready for Middle School! I want to see Ethan and other friends. I’m ready for hard work! I love math and reading! I want to have a lot of homework to learn and enjoy!”

-Howard Lin “I am not ready for Middle School because I want to learn more English. I’ll make great sentences.”

-Hannah Ahearn

Fisher, Danielle Geary, Lara Oesterling, Emily Olszewski, Summer Santucci, Rosie

Zurawski, Dylan

What do you like about Elementary School?

“I like to learn about Deaf history. Deaf history is fun to learn. I learned about a few famous deaf people.”


-Rosie Santucci


“I like meeting new friends. I like to learn about Deaf history. I like to learn multiplication. I enjoy learning!”

-Summer Olszewski

“I like multiplication. Multiplication is cool and fun to learn. I also learn to do decimals. Decimals and fractions are cool to learn.”

-Danielle Fisher

“I like to go to the library. I like to read and take AR tests too. I like to learn math. I like ASL/English classes and I like to write.”

-Lara Geary


G r a d e


D’Amore, Jenna Francisco, Daren Goshaw, Alyssa Kadlick, Daniel Kibe, Ethan

Larson, Olivia Nagy, Amanda Pryor, Victoria Saulsberry, Faith Sheppeck, Ethan

Stokan, Katelyn

What is your favorite class?



G r a d e



“My favorite class in 2nd grade is reading. I like reading because it is fun to read. I like to learn a lot from books. I love books. I love reading.”

-Victoria Pryor “My favorite class is reading. I like reading because I want to learn words and I like to learn information.”

-Ethan Sheppeck “My favorite class is math. I like math because I like counting money and adding. I like Rocket Math.”

-Katelyn Stokan “My favorite class in 2nd grade is math. I like math because I like to use Rocket Math. It helps me to learn addition and subtraction.” - Ethan Kibe

Bourque, Madison DeVos, Valerie Elliott, Braden Hawkins, Caleb Sheppeck, Nathan

Swayne, Blake Washington, Maleek

What is your favorite class? “My favorite classes are math and spelling. I like to add and write numbers.” -Madison Bourque “My favorite class is science. I like science because animals are cool.”

-Nathan Sheppeck

“My favorite class is social studies. I like social studies because I like maps.”

-Valerie DeVos

“My favorite class is reading. I like reading beccause I like stories.” -Maleek Washington

1 st

G r a d e





Children’s Center

R E N C T ’S E Entering a New ERA

Children’s Center


Bente, Gabriel Clinger, Hunter Harding, Tommy Kunkle, Shane

Murphy, Marissa Osburn, Morgana Plane, Miracle

What is your favorite book? “Good Dog Carl” by Alexandra Day

-Tommy Harding

“Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats -Shane Kunkle “Surprise Puppy” by Judith Walker-Hodge

-Gabe Bente

“Harry The Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion -Hunter Clinger “Mrs.Wishy Washy” by Joy Cowley

-Miracle Plane

Ms. Greeno’s Class 46

Children’s Center

Bernard, Damira Cottrell, Laura Eichelberger, Alex

Merriman, Dante Oyler, Kierra Reed, Tay Von

What is your favorite color? “Blue” “Pink”



-Laura Cottrell -Damira Bernard -Dante Merriman -Tay Von Reed

Ms. Kolosky’s Class Children’s Center


Spencer, Ahearn Banks, Tahjay D’Angelo, Dalton

Reno, Samantha Rittenberger, Isolde Weiner, Noah

Do you like your teachers?

“I like them all.”

-Samantha Reno

“Yes. Nice and funny.”

-Dalton D’Angelo

“Yes, because all of the teachers are nice and funny.”

-Spencer Ahearn

Ms. Saive’s Class 48

Children’s Center

Chiusano, Claudia Clinger, Olivia Elliott, Bernie Geary, Maggie

Hager, Makenna Wilkins, Christian Wilson, Aniya Woodford, Sierra

What is your favorite book?



-Claudia Chiusano -Olivia Clinger

“Just Going to the Dentist”

- Bernie Elliott

“Curious George”

-Christian Wilkins

Ms. Stuber’s Class Children’s Center










Abraham, Tina Counselor

Adams, Michael Teacher

Aker, Robert Printer

Alverson, Amy Teacher

Auden, Wendy Teacher

Aurilio, Carole Teacher

Banas, Marian Teacher

Barnett, Dennis Security Guard

Bartholow, Kathy Assistant to the Deans

Baverso, Betty

Housekeeping Foreman

Baxter, Sherry Teacher

Behanna, Todd

Human Resources Specialist

Belavic, Sean

Maintenance Staff

Bellisario, Tara Audiologist

Betz, Kathleen Library Aide

Betz, Katrina

Speech/Language Pathologist

Beveridge, Cassandra Teacher

Biega, Gloria

Residential Supervisor

Blecher, Richard

Director, Plant Operations

Bosley, Erin Teacher

Bovard, Jessica Counselor

Bowers, Gregg

Chief Operating Officer

Burik, Linda

Director, Learning Center

Byerly, Jeffrey

Security Supervisor

Cain, Lori

Transportation Aide



Cherney, Vicki

Marketing Director

Connor, Mary Agnes


Craig, Jennifer


Czekanski, Walter

Maintenance Staff/Bus Driver

Dailey, Dana


D’Amore, George

Residential Supervisor

D’Amore, Jill

Deaf Mentor

Davis, Crystal


DeFazio, Tom


Dent, Amy Teacher

DeRise, Fabrienne

Assistant Dean

Dickmann, Aalia

Residential Supervisor

Dickmann, Willis

Residential Supervisor

DiMenno, Anthony

Job Coach

Donifero, Anthony

Maintenance Staff/Bus Driver

Downes, Douglas

Residential Supervisor

Doyle, Jennifer

Secretary to the Dean

Dumblosky, Anthony


Dunbar, Charmaine

Security Guard

Dunbar, Pauline


Eberle, Elizabeth Paraprofessional

Elias, Connie Nurse

Emerick, Daniel Teacher

Ennis, Jason

Maintenance Staff

Fell, Deborah

Coordinator, Children’s Services



Fisher-Evangelista, Anne Occupational Therapist

Fisher, Dale


Fisher, John

Media Tech Aide

Fisher, Renee

Residential Supervisor

Fisher, Sharon Paraprofessional

Fletcher, Christopher Director of Development

Foust, John Teacher

Freilino, Gary Teacher

Frost, Vickie

Admin. Assisant - Director

Funk, William Housekeeper

Gentile, Thomas Manager, Print Shop

Gerlach, Shari Teacher

Goodman, Barbara Director

Goodman, Joseph Teacher

Greeno, Patricia Teacher

Grover, Joel

Director, Counseling/Evaluation

Halik, Thomas

Assistant to the Deans

Hamilton, Judy

Admin. Assistant - Support Services

Hancock, Barbara Accounting Clerk

Harris, Timothy

Chief Financial Officer

Head, Charles Housekeeper

Homell, Christie Teacher

Hudson, Marjorie Residential Supervisor

Husar, Deborah Teacher

Hutchinson, Martha

Secretary - Children’s Center



Johnston, Donna Paraprofessional

Jolly, Frances

Guidence Counselor

Kaniecki, Alicia

Residential Supervisor

Kelly, Wayne


Kemerer, Norman

Maintenance Staff

Kimmerle, Amy

Residential Supervisor

Kirkpatrick, Carolyn Coordinator, Library Services

Kitchen, Sandra

Secretary - Elementary School

Kite, Mark

Residential Supervisor

Klucsarits, Paul

Coordinator, Interpreting Services

Kolosky, Katherine


Kropp, Robert

Maintenance Staff/Groundskeeper

Kuchar, Rita

Residential Supervisor

Langer, Linda Paraprofessional

Leary, Leslie

Payroll Clerk

Leskovic, Gina

Speech/Language Pathologist

Leute, Jaime


Liptak, Stephen Security Guard

Long, Patricia

Residential Supervisor

Lustic, Brittany


Maher, Robert


Majocha, Alan


Manning, Barbara

Chief Fiscal Officer

Maravich, Joyce


Marcase, Russell

Maintenance Staff



Marchwinski, David Security Guard

Marks, Jessica

Central PA Outreach Director

Marshall, Tina Teacher

Marx, Lyndsay

Speech/Language Pathologist

May, Helen Nurse

Mazreku, Donald

Asst. Principal, Middle School

McAdoo, Susan

Curriculum Coordinator

McCall, Gail Teacher

McCarthy-Johnson,Vanessa Administrative Assistant Marketing/Development

McCoy, Roberta Housekeeper

McDonald, Gina Nurse

McDonough, Kevin Asst. Principal, High School

McKay, Linda

Residential Supervisor

McMahon, James Maintenance Staff

McMillen, Leeza Interpreter

McNamara, Daniel Paraprofessional

McNeil-Mascaro, Erin Teacher

McTighe, Janine

Speech/Language Pathologist

Mitchell, Anita Paraprofessional

Mohanty, Viswa

Bus Aide/Residential Supervisor

Mollenauer, Jarett Bus Aide

Morgan, Sheri Teacher

Mountain, Julie Ann Teacher

Nagy, Mindy

Secretary - High School

Nikou, Tara

Coordinator, Choices for Children



Noe, Mary

Secretary - Learning Center

Noschese, Aaron

Dean of Students

Noschese, John


Noschese, Mary Teacher

Noschese, Robert

Maintenance Staff

Noschese, Rosemarie Teacher Aide

Paltan, Amalia

Speech/Language Teacher

Papa, Monica Teacher

Patton, Margie Jo


Peery, Sheree Teacher

Pici-McMahon, Diane Paraprofessional

Pierson, Jessica Teacher

Poilucci, Carrie Paraprofessional

Portser, Sharon


Possumato, Nancy Nurse Supervisor

Prezioso, Michael

Asst. Principal, Elementary School

Prezioso, Tatiana


Primel-Holt, Amanda

Residential Supervisor

Raether, Kirsten

Physical Therapist

Raffle, James

Residential Supervisor

Raible, Mary Lou


Rain, Carrie

Asst. Principal, Children’s Center

Randolph, Larry Paraprofessional

Redfern, Mary Jo Teacher

Remis, Anthony

Job Coach



Remis, Deborah Teacher

Reynolds Zahorchak, Sonya Speech/Language Teacher

Rhoten, Catherine Director, Outreach and Academic Programs

Rhoten, Donald

Chief Executive Officer

Richter, Wayne Security Guard

Rinaldi, Joan

Secretary - Middle School

Riser, Carol

Vocational Evaluator

Roberts, Shawn

Residential Supervisor

Rodella, Joyce Teacher

Roudybush, Karen Reading Specialist

Ruscavage, Vincent Teacher

Russell, Ellen

Technology Specialist

Sage, Thomas Paraprofessional

Saive, Anthony

Residential Supervisor

Saive, Michelle Teacher

Satterwhite, Rebecca Security Guard

Saunders-Conley, Diana Interpreter

Scharschu, Dorothy Teacher

Schneider, Doug Paraprofessional

Shaw, Nicole Teacher

Shirey, Helen

Director, Human Resources

Shively, Christy Paraprofessional

Simon, Kim Teacher

Slavinsky, Brian Media Coordinator

Smith, Venita

Residential Supervisor



Smozski, Donna Teacher

Spadacene, Rolland


Spearman, Antonio Security Guard

Steffen, Gretchen

Residential Supervisor

Stephan, Kathy


Stiff, Heather

Behavior Specialist

Stone, Joan

Mainstream Coordinator

Stuber, Jennifer


Swiatek, Paul

Maintenance Staff

Taslov, Judith

Administrative Assistant- CEO

Taslov, Rebecca

Bus Aide

Tasselli, David


Uzarski, Terry

Maintenance Foreman

Valotta, Gregory

Security Guard

Verner, Troy


Vigliotti, Michelle

Residential Supervisor

Vojtko, John

Security Guard

Walton, Thomas

Maintenance Staff

Watt, Jessica

Speech/Language Pathologist

Weiss, Donna

Art Therapist

Wellman, Sally


Wesson, Kristi


Willis, William

Security Guard

Wilson, Robert

Security Guard

Witt, Rita




Wojton, Valentine

Coordinator of ASL/Deaf Studies/ Athletic Director

Wood, Sr., John

Housekeeping Foreman

Yankoski, Lisa Purchasing Clerk

Yuschock, Charleen Teacher

Zurawski, David

Residential Supervisor

What is your favorite thing about working at WPSD? “My favorite thing about working at WPSD is watching kids mature as they get older. It’s pretty cool to see seniors walk across the stage, pick up their diplomas, and say a few words to the audience. I get a bit emotional witnessing their accomplishments.”

“My favorite thing about working at WPSD is working with staff and students and watching them grow up to be successful. I chose to work at WPSD because I want to work in an all deaf environment and share my leadership skills.”

“My favorite thing about working at WPSD is to have a good time with the kids and see their smiles! Another favorite thing is working with the staff and students and being on campus with beautiful landscaping outside.”

“My favorite thing about working at WPSD is having the ability to adapt my lessons for the students and having access to tools, materials, and resources that help me teach and my students learn.”

-Margie Hudson

-Anthony Saive

“My favorite thing about working at WPSD is working with all the kids and being a clown for the Pep Rally. I chose to work at WPSD. I love the quote “Where Kids Come First.”

-Linda McKay



-Tom Halik

-Julie Mountian






Entering a New ERA



LET’S GET PHYSICAL: Bradley Speck is playing aggressively to get the ball to the goal.

Varisty Soccer Team:

First Row: Peter Hilton Second Row: Michael Kothe, Bradley Speck, Vladimir Slavov, Anthony Cochran, Michael Celesnik, Dajion Dixon, Brianna Storino Third Row: David Tasselli (Coach), Kevin Araujo, Shay Reeves, Joshua Sivak, Blaise Jugan, Demetrius Curtis, Doug Persing, Travis Frye, George D’Amore (Coach), Valentine Wojton, 111 (Coach)

Flick HEader: Doug Persing is doing a flick header to score the goal.

homecoming championship: Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Dajion Dixon, Joshua Sivak, Kevin Araujo, Travis Frye, Shay Reeves, Michael Celesnik, Blaise Jugan, Vladimir Slavov, Douglas Persing, Peter Hilton, Bradley Speck, Anthony Cochran.

SAVE THE BALL: Peter Hilton saves the ball from the goal.




A KICKIN’ SEASON This new season has brought many changes to our soccer team. We had some new students join the soccer program this year. Chemistry was the name of this game - to have many different people from many different places put together on one team seemed an unsurmountable task!

We had a tough schedule and started terribly. We lost 3 and tied one in our first 6 games. We got together and made the best of it by winning 12 of our next 14 games. We finished in 2nd place in the Tri-County Christian League. We also finished

ON THE FIELD: Shay Reeves is dribbling the ball to the goal.

in 2nd place during the championship, losing to the first place team in a tough game. We also hosted the Northern Regional Soccer Tournament. We won this one with a 3-2 victory over our nemesis, Rochester School for the Deaf!

COACHES TALK: Val Wojton and George D’Amore are giving some strategies to the boys to win the game.

DEFENSE: Vladimir Slavov is controlling the ball to make sure the defense doesn’t snatch it from him.

OFFENSE: Blaise Jugan moves the ball away from the opposing team.



GOoD FORM: Danielle Brunner squares her shoulders to send the ball over the net.

Varisty Volleyball Team:

First Row: Ciarra Meletiche, Kayla Williams Second Row: Shirley Shirk, Megan Majocha, Megan Eighmey, Kayla Miller, Emily Bach, Summer Robinson, Hayley Walker Third Row: Assistant Coach Mary Agnes Connor, Anna Mei Schurer, Kira Uber, Rachel Campion, Kaitlin Newhard, Maggie Donaldson, Boston Campbell, Danielle Brunner, Coach Christie Homell

Ready ‘N Waiting: Both Megans wait for the ball to come over the net.

HUDDLED TOGETHER: You touch every other ball and, if you mess up, you only have one more person to back you up. You can’t go hide in the corner. Seniors Boston Campbell, Kaitlin Newhard, and Hayley Walker are playing their last year of volleyball. Pass It Back: Rachel Campion is preparing to bump over the ball to the opposing team. 66

Varsity Volleyball


SERVES UP! The Lady Lions of 2010 returned the first week of school with only a few days to practice before the first game of the season. There was a HUGE group of players participating in the fall season - twenty-nine players including one scorekeeper and three managers. The fall season holds the record for the largest number of players since 2006. The Varsity team included fourteen players. They worked hard throughout the season, playing a total of THIRTY-ONE games. Several new players helped build a new team and they also learned how important teamwork was. They faced numerous

PANCAKE: Megan Eighmey dives across the floor and makes the save with the back of her hand.

teams and overcame many challenges throughout the season. Near the end of season, the team traveled to Hartford, Connecticut, the farthest distance we have ever traveled, for the 30th ESDAA tournament. The Lady Lions placed second out of 8 teams. Our record for the season was 14 wins and 17 losses.

GO GO DANCER: Kayla Miller and Emily Bach are cheering to show their support for the team.

SETTING IT UP: The coach and the players focus to find the opponent’s weakness.

Power tip: A big block by Kaitlin Newhard scoring on the opposing team.

Varsity Volleyball


Junior Varsity Volleyball

First Row: Kiara Rivera Ramos Second Row: Jaime Friday, Melissa Shirk, Alyssa Hulme, Roche Tolbert, Emily Reno Third Row: Le’Airua McHenry, Stacey Quear, Kai Miller, Destiny Quarles, Emma Smith Fourth Row: Assistant Coach Mary Agnes, Somayla Robinson, Jocelyn Demme, Jessica Gould, Amber Jones, Samantha Pettit, Head Coach Christie Homell 68 JR. Varsity Volleyball

Mighty Mite Soccer Younger Mites

Older Mites

First Row: Nathan Sheppeck, Christan Wilkins, Bernie Elliott, Coach Douglas Downes

First Row: Antoine Hunter, Danielle Fisher, Ethan Campion, Kyle Keracher, Chad D’ Amore

Second Row: Coach Tony Dumblosky, Ethan Kibe, Ethan Sheppeck, Braden Elliott

Second Row: Coach Sharon Fisher, Emily Lamb, Kyle D’Amore, Seth Reeves, Jobe Walker, Coach Tony Dumblosky


First Row: Isabella DiRenzo, Victoria Pryor, Jenna D’Amore, Sierra Woodford, Emily Oesterling Second Row: Alexandra Francis, Summer Olszewski, Rosie Santucci, Tori Reeves, Cheyenne Sloan Third Row: Katelyn Frenchak, Joanne Hereford, Cassie Friday, Destiny Tanner Fourth Row: Coach Sharon Fisher, Coach Rebecca Taslov, Coach Jill D’Amore Mighty Mite Soccer & Volleyball 69

FOUL LINE: After getting fouled by the oppenent, Demetrius Curtis shoots from the foul line. WPSD defeated OSD, 48-5.

BOYS’ Varsity basketball: First Row: Manager Jesse Bracken, Joshua Erickson, Vladimir Slavov, Michael Celesnik, Bradley Speck and Marcus Pryor Second Row: Head Coach Troy Verner, Dajion Dixon, David Silva, Peter Hilton, Doug Persing, Blaise Jugan, Demetrius Curtis, Michael Pryor, Joao Ciuba, Assistant Coach David Tasselli

STRATEGY DISCUSSion: Coach Troy Verner is giving advice to run the play to win the game.

“Communication does not always occur naturally, even among a tight-knit group of individuals. Communication must be taught and practiced in order to bring everyone together as one.” Denied: Demetrius Curtis and Doug Persing work together to block the other team’s shot. 70

Boys Varsity Basketball

Boys’ varsity basketball

taking a shot The 2010-2011 WPSD Lions Varsity Basketball team finished its most successful year, perhaps the best team since 2000. They ended the season with 21 wins and 8 losses; a big change from last year’s 4 wins and 20 losses. Led by senior captain and Deaf All-American Doug Persing, along with senior captains Demetrius Curtis and Blaise Jugan, the team took fourth place in the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association at New Jersey School for the Deaf and won the Tri-County Christian League championship game. At the beginning of basketball season, players from WPSD and the Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children needed to learn to play together. They played well through the basketball season. The team is looking forward to Peter Hilton, Michael Pryor, Marcus Pryor, Vladimir Slavov, and Bradley Speck returning next year.

SNEAK ATTACK: Being quick and in the right position are important aspects in basketball. David Silva gets ready to help out his teammates.

The team also took second place at the Spartan Classic at the Ohio School for the Deaf beating Rochester School for the Deaf and Ohio School for the Deaf. Doug Persing was named to the All-Tournament team. The team lost to Lexington School for the Deaf at Scranton, PA and we beat Ohio School for the Deaf at home.

DUNK!: Doug Persing dunks the ball in the hoops.

DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!: Dajion Dixon, Bradley Speck, Vladimir Slavov watching for their turn to play.

HERE WE COME: Blaise Jugan and Joshua Erickson make thier way to celebrate their winning game. Boys Varsity Basketball 71

boys’ junior varisty basketball

First Row: Alec Lindsey, Ashton Master, Kyle Hulme, Andrew Weik Second Row: Assistant Coach David Tasselli, Manager Michael Kothe, Alex Cherpak, Josh Sivak, Marcus Pryor, Manager Jesse Bracken 2010-11 BOYS BASKETBALL RESULTS

NEIGHBORHOOD ACAD. 43-27 W Champion Christian 70-38 W HARVEST BAPTIST 26-51 L ROCHESTER S.D. 44.-37 W KENTUCKY S.D. 33-48 L OHIO S.D. 48-41 W Christian Fellowship Acad. 75-42 W Westmoreland C. C. 51-36 W EVANGEL HEIGHTS 54-38 W WESTMORELAND C. C. 43-56 W Harvest Baptist 52-55 L First Baptist 65-49 W Calvary Acad. 46-53 L C.F.A. 54-30 W LEXINGTON S.D. 34-52 L CALVARY ACAD. 32-65 L Evangel Heights 51-26 W SLIPPERY ROCK BAPTIST 49-27 W Ohio School for the Deaf 48-5 W ESDAA Tournament at MKSD NEW JERSEY S.D. 61-43 W MARYLAND S.D. 35-91 L LEXINGTON S.D. 33-43 L FIRST BAPTIST 51-36 W CHAMPION CHRISTIAN 63-40 W TCCL QUARTER FINALS SLIPPERY ROCK BAPTIST 72-43 W TCCL SEMI-FINALS


NEIGHBORHOOD ACAD. Champion Christian ROCHESTER S.D. KENTUCKY S.D. OHIO S.D. SEEDS OF FAITH Christian Fellowship Acad. Westmoreland C.C. C.C.C.HS EVANGEL HEIGHTS WESTMORELAND C.C. AQUINAS ACAD. First Baptist Neighborhood Acad. Christian Fellowship Acad. LEXINGTON S.D. Evangel Heights Seeds of Faith

6-47 L 33-37 L 19-40 L 42-21 L 8-38 L 50-22 W 35-25 W 36-8 W 5-46 L 18-49 L 28-10 W 21-57 L 15-51 L 4-52 L 52-31 W 46-25 W 14-44 L 30-21 W

ESDAA Tournament at WPSD PENNSYLVANIA S.D. 16-28 L AMERICAN S.D. 15-40 L LEXINGTON S.D. 29-13 W Aquinas Acad. 27-41 L Ohio School for the Deaf 12-27 L FIRST BAPTIST 17-52 L CHAMPION CHRISTIAN 14-29 L TCCL QUARTER FINALS FIRST BAPTIST 18-56 L



72 Boys JV Basketball/Scores

Record: 9 - 17


0-3 L 0-3 L 3-1 W 0-3 L 3-1 W 0-3 L

ROCHESTER HOMECOMING THE LEARNING CENTER 2-0 W ROCHESTER S.D. 2-0 W ST. MARY S.D. 0-2 L ST. MARY 0-2 W THE LEARNING CENTER 2-0 W Neighborhood Acad. EVANGEL HEIGHTS Slippery Rock Baptist First Baptist Harvest Baptist

3-2 0-3 1-3 0-3 0-3


WPSD HOMECOMING Rochester S.D. 2-1 W Pennsylvania S. D. 2-0 W Pennsylvania S. D. 2-0 W Rochester S.D. 2-1 W Faith Christian (Indiana) 2-3 L C.F.A. 0-3 L ESDAA TOURNAMENT at ASD LEXINGTON S.D. 1-0 W NEW JERSEY S.D. 1-0 W FANWOOD S.D. 1-0 W PENNSYLVANIA S.D. 2-0 W NEW JERSEY 2-0 W MARYLAND 0-2 L Record: 5 - 16


0-4 L


3-0 6-0 4-0 2-2 3-1 5-1 1-0



WPSD HOMECOMING/UPSTATE TOURNAMENT St. Mary S.D. 7-0 W Mill Neck Manor S.D. 5-1 W Rochester S.D. 3-2 W League Championship Game First Baptist 4-2 W Evangel Heights 3-6 L Record: 14 - 4 - 2


varsity cheerleading

First Row: Mascot Charles Haynes, Kai Miller, Megan Mojocha, Jessica Gould, Drummer Roche Tolbert Second Row: Assistant Coach Rosie Noschese, Adsila Lloyd, Maggie Donaldson, Rachel Campion, Kelsey Reppert, Head Coach Venita Smith

Junior varsity cheerleading

First Row: Emily Reno, Katie Holtzman, Alyssa Hulme Second Row: Assistant Coach Rosie Noschese, Kristin Andrulonis, Head Coach Venita Smith

Varisty & JV Cheerleading 73

On the Move!: Good skills are important to have in a fast paced game. Danielle Brunner dribbles the ball into play.

First Row: Kayla Miller, Boston Campbell, Brianna Storino, Danielle Brunner Second Row: Pantera Stoykovich, Megan Eighmey, Joceyln Demme, Kiara Rivera Ramos, Hayley Walker Third Row: Assistant Coach Erin McNeil-Mascaro, Scorekeeper Kaitlin Newhard, Intidar Aljabery, Stacey Quear, Hannah Fisher, Kira Uber, Somayla Robinson, Head Coach Kathy Bartholow

Stopping the play: Megan Eighmey tries to steal the ball from the opponent.

On Guard: Brianna Storino defends an opponent. 74

Girls Varsity Basketball

girls’ varsity & Jr. Varsity basketball

Rally for the rebound This year the Lady Lions ended the season with a record of 9-17 overall and 4-11 in the Tri-County Christian League (TCCL). The team struggled in the beginning, though worked hard and persevered. During the season, the girls displayed compassion and understanding. Two major examples illustrate this. The first was senior day in Scranton. Three of the starting girls sat on the bench for most of the game. They sacrificed their playing time to allow the girls from the area to play in front of their families and their friends. The second example was at the ESDAA tournament. On Sunday we faced Lexington, who because of injuries, had four players on the court, but only three playing. The officials agreed, and only three WPSD starting seniors took the floor. As the game was underway, the starters made sure that their teammates had playing time as well.

DEFENSE: Kayla Miller covers a member of the other team.

As a coach winning is important. You expect to win and you expect the girls to play their best. But at WPSD, sportsmanship is important as well. The compassion that the girls demonstrated towards each other is more than I could ask for as a coach. There were days I wished that they played better and won, but that Sunday in February, I was reminded of the important things in life. Head Coach Girls’ Basketball Kathy Bartholow

Rebound!: Hannah Fisher watches as the ball is shot into the basket.

Skills: Intidar Aljabery keeps a close eye on the ball during the game.

SINK IT IN: Boston Campbell hopes the ball goes in the hoop to score points. Girls Varsity & JV Basketball 75

mighty mite basketball First Row: Alexander Francis, Rosie Santucci, Tori Reeves, Danielle Fisher, Summer Olszewski, Emily Oesterling Second Row: Coach Michelle Vigliotti, Isabella DiRenzo, Jonnae Hereford, Emily Lamb, Cassie Friday, Destiny Tanner, Coach Sharon Fisher

First Row: Howard Lin, Kyle Keracher, Ethan Campion, Dylan Zurawski Second Row; Kyle D’Amore, Antoine Hunter, Jobe Walker, Seth Reeves, Chad D’Amore Third Row: Coach Tony Dumblosky, Coach George D’Amore

First Row: Christian Wilkins, Sierra Woodford, Bernie Elliot Second Row: Coach Doug Downes, Ethan Sheppeck, Ethan Kibe, Nathan Sheppeck, Coach Tony Dumblosky

76 Mighty Mite Basketball

little cubs

First Row: Summer Olszewski, Danielle Fisher, Hannah Ahearn Second Row: Jenna D’Amore, Victoria Pryor, Olivia Larson Third Row: Alexandra Francis, McKensy Therrien Fourth Row: Coach Jill D’Amore, Coach Sharon Fisher, Coach Rebecca Taslov

Little Cubs 77

BOys’ softball

First Row: Aaron Phillips, Vladimir Slavov, Mike Celesnik, and Kyle Hulme Second Row: Ashton Master, Shay Reeves, Alec Lindsey, Alex Cherpak, Blaise Jugan, Michael Kothe Third Row: Head Coach Marty Weber, Dajion Dixon, Oscar Eriksen, Andrew Weik, Michael Weber, Chandler Lyle, Bradley Speck, Ben Marshall, Tim Hulme, Assistant Coach David Zurawski

78 Spring Sports Softball

girls’ Softball

First Row: Pantera Stoykovich, Kayla Miller, Boston Campbell, Kiara Rivera Ramos, Summer Robinson Second Row: Adsila Lloyd, Shannon McAleavey, Kristin Andrulonis, Emily Reno, Alyssa Hulme, Megan Majocha, Kayla Williams, Megan Eighmey, Jocelyn Demme, Sapphire Kothe Third Row: Assistant Coach Amanda Kovacs, Inditar Aljabery, Hannah Fisher, Stacey Quear, Maggie Donaldson, Rachel Campion, Kira Uber, Jaime Friday, Kelsey Reppert, Head Coach Linda McKay

Spring Sports Softball 79

chess club First Row: Blaise Jugan, Michael Celesnik Second Row: Chandler Lyle, Timothy Hulme, Vladimir Slavov, Michael Weber, Mark Greathouse Third Row: Bradley Speck, Oscar Eriksen, Coach Deborah Husar

Homecoming 2010 Queen: Brianna Storino King: David Silva

80 Chess Club and Homecoming King & Queen

Silent lion news First Row: Kayla Williams, Michelle Glassmeyer Second Row: Marcus Pryor, Emily Bach Third Row: Advisor Brian Slavinsky, Megan Eighmey, Michael Pryor, Alexander Russo

battlebots First Row: Joshua Sivak, Chandler Lyle, Kevin Araujo Second Row: Kayla Valenti, Jesse Bracken, Kayla Irwin Missing: Advisor Bonnie Banas, Advisor John Foust

Silent Lion News and Battlebots 81

language lab First Row: Maleek Washington, Bernie Elliot, Mrs. Greeno, Samantha Reno, Emily Oesterling, Braden Elliot, Christian Wilkins Second Row: Advisor Cindy Sherer, Volunteer, Advisor Rosie Noschese, Advisor Kathy Betz, Destiny Tanner

ceramics Left to Right: Advisor Donna Weiss, Bernie Elliot, Sierra Woodford, Samantha Reno, Christian Wilkins, Advisor Fran Jolly

82 Language Lab and Ceramics

Space camp First Row: Kyle Hulme, Louis Morrone, III, Naithen McMillen Second Row: Vladimir Slavov, Joshua Sivak, Chandler Lyle, Advisor Erin McNeil-Mascaro, Advisor Airza Bosley

academic bowl First Row: Advisor Julie Ann Mountain, Advisor Erin Bosley Second Row: Michael Kothe, Amanda Capone, Joanna Cernicky, Douglas Persing Third Row: Glenn Guerin, Marcus Pryor, Vladimir Slavov, Bradley Speck

Space Camp and Academic Bowl 83

varisty letter club First Row: Advisor David Tasselli, Doug Persing, Blaise Jugan, Joshua Sivak, Michael Pryor, Advisor Mark Kite Second Row: Michael Kothe, Vladimir Slavov, Michael Celesnik

Girls’ athletic association First Row: Anna Mei Schurer, Shirley Shirk, Roche Tolbert, Megan Eighmey Second Row: Advisor Erin McNeilMascaro , Maggie Donaldson, Kelsey Fike, Brianna Storino, Boston Campbell, Hayley Walker, Kaitlin Newhard, Advisor Christie Homell

84 VLC and GAA

SignShine First Row: Emily Bach, Advisor Jessica Pierson, Advisor Amy Dent, Michael Kothe Second Row: Kayla Miller, Brianna Storino, Shirley Shirk, Antoino Carr, Megan Eighmey

Student body GovERNMENT First Row: David Silva, Rachel Campion, Brianna Storino, Kevin Araujo, Megan Eighmey Second Row: Advisor Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Advisor Carol Riser

Signshine amd SBG 85

jr. nad First Row: Bradley Speck, Nathan McMillen, Kyle Hulme Second Row: Hayley Walker, Kayla Miller, Vladimir Slavov, Megan Eighmey Third Row: Michael Kothe, Doug Persing, Brianna Storino Fourth Row: Advisor Amy Dent, Advisor Mary Agnes Connor

close up Left to Right: Doug Persing, Advisor Dana Dailey, Michael Kothe

86 JR. NAD and Close Up

INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM First Row: Joshua Erickson, Hayley Walker, Michelle Glassmeyer, Shirley Shirk, Kelsey Fike, Megan Eighmey, Antonio Carr Second Row: Michael Celesnik, Brianna Storino, David Silva, Kaitlin Newhard, Kayla Miller, Douglas Persing, Demetrius Curtis, Michael Kothe, Jo達o Ciuba

Peer MentorS

Left to Right: Doug Persing, Megan Eighmey, Kaitlin Newhard, Antonio Carr, Kayla Miller, Michael Celesnik, Shirley Shirk, Peter Hilton, Brianna Storino, Michael Kothe ILP and Peer Mentor 87

Yearbook staff First Row: Kaitlin Newhard, Editor in Chief Boston Campbell, Amanda Capone, Rachel Campion Second Row: Photographer/ Treasurer Erik Hinderman, Layout Designer Antonio Carr, Advisor Alan Majocha, Jo達o Ciuba, Michael Kothe

88 Yearbook Staff

Daniel McGee

Daniel, May you continue to see the world of joy and sunshine every day! May the world see you as a wonderful young man that has a lot to offer as I see you. Don’t let go of your dreams and success will come your way. Love, Mom

Hayley Walker

Hayley: I met you when you were just three years old. A beautiful spirit. You reminded me of a butterfly moving from one flower to another. You were curious, sometimes mischievious, and always loved a good joke. You have grown into a beautiful young woman so full of life and spirit. You have all you need inside you to become whatever you aspire to be. I’m so very proud of you and am honored to have been part of your journey. Congratulations! Love, Miss Vickie

You did it Hayley! I am so proud of you! Love, Brianna

Hayley, I am very proud of you and miss you very much. Good luck in everything that you do. Love, Dani, Bailey, and Andrew Hayley, you are almost done at WPSD! One more year! It seems like yesterday we moved to Pennsylvania and that you started at WPSD. You have made some great friends and have had wonderful opportunities: trips to other deaf schools; trips with GAA to Ohio and WV; Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama; Washington D.C. and NYC with your class; the Wild West trip; ASDC conferences and now the BCT class at Forbes. We hope you always stay the loving and caring person that you are today. Love, Dad, Mooo, Lizzy and Nigel

Demetrius Curtis

Demetrius continue to work hard in Life just like you do on the basketball court! WE LOVE you..... Your family

Best Wishes From All of Us to All of You & BEST OF LUCK.

k i n s e l e C M ich ae l Mike, Michael C.,

We love ya even though you will always be mom’s baby. Love ya, Jenn & Jess Uncle Mike, We love ya, Hunter & Parker P.S. Thank you for letting us play in your room!

It’s been a long road but my little boy has made it. You have grown up to be a wonderful young man. Through all the path’s that were laid out for you, they have been over-come. We have never been more proud of you than we are now. Good luck with all your future plans. Love, Mom & Dad

Brianna Storino Brianna, you came into this world a tiny little thing, but your great big personality shined through from day one. We have watched you grow into a very strong and independent young lady. Your willingness to see the good in yourself and others has helped to make you a leader and a role model. Words alone can not say how proud we are of you. No matter what challenges you may face, always stay true to yourself and you will choose what is right. No matter how old you get you will always be our “baby girl.� lol Love, Mom, Dad, Duke, Lori, Steven, Kaylie & Austin

Boston Campbell Boston, As you near graduation, we can’t help but to reflect on the beautiful young woman you have become. Although quiet and humble, you bring joy to everyone whose life you are a part of. As a daughter, sister, niece, and granddaughter, we are all so proud of all you have accomplished. Your inner beauty shines though in everything you do. Now it is time to move on to college. You now possess the tools to be a successful adult (including your Drivers’ License!) Don’t give up on your dreams, as they are well within your reach. As you move away to college, keep your goals in tact. We will always be here to support you in whatever you do. We love you, Your Family, Mom, Dad, Brister, Marshall & Sai Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles


d r a h w e N n i l t i a

Kaitlin: What makes a daughter special and brings pride and joy to her mom is not what the eye can see but the caring person inside and out and the love that is in your heart. You have always made me proud and have achieved many goals. You will change the world because you are beautiful and you will never have to ask me “do you make me proud?” You will go very far in life because you have overcome so many obstacles and pursued your dreams and goals. How can I sum up 19 years? I have always stood behind you and helped you become the woman you are. I am very proud of you and cherish you and nothing will separate our hearts. From Nana: To my sweet Kaitlin I have been with you since you were born. I first laid eyes on you when you were 12 hours old. A beautiful baby, child, youth and woman you have become you are not just beautiful outside and inside also, all created by God. You have a beautiful heart, warm and kind. God Bless You. You are the future and are my “precious” granddaughter. From Brian: Although I cannot always communicate with you how I feel, I am so very proud of you and all you have done. You can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it and not let anyone tell you differently. We all Love you and are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Nana and Brian


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World Greatest Son Micah, You blessing my hearts when I had you when you were four years old. You always have amazing personality. I love you smile because it beautiful like water... Your giggly is cute. I cant believe you grown up since I adopt you and you become successful leader and already accepted to Gallaudet. You are great leader of deaf schools like you did to be Vice-President of Jr.NAD, I believe you will be best leader of Gallaudet University... You have a big and soft heart for Elementary, you are amazing leader to Elementary.... You will successful to become Elementary teacher like you wish in your dreams. I will miss you alot because you always be my baby tiger. Love, Mom- Bonnie My Eldest Son Micah Tiger, I am glad to have you as my eldest son because McLaughlin family always think you are leader of McLaughlin family tree and we open our mouth because our believe are right, you become successful leader of McLaughlin family because you are only person who have amazing dreams to become Elementary Teacher and you are one of McLaughlin who successful go to college, Gallaudet University. I can’t believe you grown up since I born you and met you. You have a beautiful smile and your giggly always make me smile. . I will miss you alot because you always be my baby son. Xoxo, Mom- Kimberly My Eldest Brother, We are very glad that we have you as our eldest brother because you have wise decision and you have a big heart for Elementary, I can see you become successful leader of McLaughlin family. You caring about us and our sister, Sapphire when you raise with her... You are bestest brother in wofrld. You will be popular at Gallaudet. Love you, Lil Brothers JJ & Johnny My Eldest Brother, I am happy that you are my eldest brother because we can talk together with sign language and you always help me with interpret for order foods and always go shopping with me and help me with fashion. You are best fashion than me. You always leader of deaf schools where I am in with you. I never forget that when we are young kids, we cover our blanket and hug each other when we get scary by lighting. I will miss you very much, you were very lucky to go to Gallaudet. Love you Lil Sis, Sapphire Best Friend Micah, I am so joyful to have you as my best friend.... I feel like it hard to find best friend but I am so lucky to find you like four clovers. I notice that you become famous and already have success leadership. You always make you laugh with your sense of humor. It is so amazing that I meet you in ESDAA 2009 then i start chat with you, I already feel that you will be perfect to be my best friend but my dream go true that you accept me as best friend, I can’t believe that We met in A-Bowl again, we not even talk long time but we still best friend and we already senior, I feel like time go fast before I blink then you appear in person in Washington D.C. with me. I have lot of memories with you in Washington D.C. and ESDAA 2009-2010. When you go to Gallaudet, I am sure that you will be success student leader of Gallaudet. My favorite memory with you is play basketball against each other and play with splash water each other in swimming. But most best memories is tour in Washington D.C. and go in different museums together to enjoy BEST FRIEND TIME. When we go to museums, we always hide from each other and scary each other. HA! Good Luck to Gallaudet, my best friend. Peace out, Your Best Friend Patrick

Blaise Jugan Blaise, Congratulations and good luck!!! You have blessed us with so many memorable moments. As you have always said, “I want to be a leader and not a follower.� You have accomplished so much and we are so very proud of you. You have proven that you Deafinitely are a leader in everything you set your mind to. Stay positive and you will go far in life! Keep that great attitude!!

We love you with all of our hearts forever, Dad, Mom & Adam

Douglas Persing Douglas – It is hard for me to come up with the words to express how proud I am of you as you reach this milestone in your life. I know your school years have brought you many challenges but, you have always risen to meet those challenges. I know sometimes life didn’t seem fair to you; it didn’t seem fair to me sometimes either. The road to your graduation has taken many turns and sometimes all new routes, but you have dealt with every new obstacle with an amazing level of maturity. You have excelled academically, athletically and as a leader. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you; I know it’s going to be great things! All my love MOM

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2011 Yearbook  

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