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Alphabet Photography     The  alphabet  is  often  referred  to  by  academics  as  the  greatest  invention  of  all   time,  more  important  than  the  wheel,  the  internal  combustion  engine  or  the   internet.  Without  the  alphabet  and  the  written  language  it  creates  most  other   inventions  would  have  been  impossible.   Our  first  lessons  at  school  usually  involve  writing  the  alphabet,  singing   alphabet  songs  and  mastering  the  technique  of  writing  in  both  lower  case  and   upper  case  form.  This  fundamental  part  of  our  education  and  lives  is  often   forgotten  as  it  becomes  an  integral  part  of  our  everyday  existence.   The  alphabet  is  such  an  iconic  symbol  of  the  world  that  people  who  saw  the   individual  letters  of  the  alphabet  in  every  day  innate  objects  like  buildings  and   furniture  as  well  as  in  the  natural  constructions  of  the  world  like  trees  and   flowers  have  pioneered  a  new  art  form  known  as  alphabet  photography.     The  plethora  of  beautiful  and  interesting  photographs  that  have  been  taken   since  the  inception  of  alphabet  photography  are  now  found  on  the  walls  of   homes  all  across  Australia  in  the  form  of  alphabet  photography  art.  This  new   and  exciting  personalised  art  form  has  become  an  affordable  and  unique  way   of  decorating  the  walls  of  your  home  with  art  personal  to  you.       What  is  Alphabet  Photography  Art?   When  these  unique  photographers  see  the  frame  of  a  garden  table  they  see   the  letter  A,  when  they  see  the  wheel  of  tractor  they  see  the  letter  O  or  when   they  see  the  branches  of  a  tree  they  see  the  letter  K.  These  skilled   photographers  take  pictures  that  show  the  individual  letters  to  the  rest  of  us   and  then  use  it  to  make  art.   Then  sites  like  develop  very  easy  to  use  websites  that   allow  you  to  create  unique  words  and  names  from  these  pictures  and  place   them  in  a  frame  and  deliver  them  to  your  home  so  that  you  can  have  a  piece  of   very  affordable  personal  art.    

This form  of  bespoke  art  has  ballooned  in  popularity  as  it  provides  a  great  idea   when  looking  to  send  someone  a  unique  present.  Whether  you  are  looking  for   a  gift  for  a  birthday,  wedding,  Christmas,  new  born  or  anniversary  the  unique   personalised  nature  of  alphabet  photography  art  means  that  your  intended   recipient  will  be  receiving  something  personal  to  them.     There  are  many  different  photographs  to  choose  from  for  each  individual   letter.  Some  photographs  are  based  in  nature  and  others  are  based  on   manmade  objects  and  you  can  decide  which  photographs  you  use  to  create   your  piece  of  individual  art.     You  can  also  decide  on  having  your  photographs  displayed  in  colour,  black  and   white  or  sepia.  The  frame  comes  in  four  different  colours  too  helping  you  to   design  the  art  based  on  the  decor  of  your  home.     The  combination  of  letters,  style  and  frame  that  you  decide  on  is  sure  to  make   your  piece  of  alphabet  photography  art  unique  to  your  desires  and  personality   or  you  can  design  it  specifically  for  someone  to  which  you  would  like  to  give  it   as  gift.   If  you  would  like  to  find  out  more  please  see  our  site.      

Alphabet photography  

An article all about Personalised word art and Alphabet photography, a new form of art created using photos of everyday objects

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