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Directly opposite of the geothermal area of the great Geysir & Strokkur

litli Geysir hotel Experience a wonderful stay with a front row seat to the unique Geysir area.

Geysir Glima restaurant – Coffee house with freshly ground coffee – Sweet ice creams & cakes – Traditional Icelandic meat soup – Fish soup & vegetarian soup – Local food WWW.GEYSIRGLIMA.IS


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Beautiful Nature & Fun activities

Elegant Restaurants • Design Shop • Hotel • Souvenir Shop • Soup Vegan Restaurant • Snack Shop • Camping Area



THE GEYSIR CENTER Directly opposite of the geothermal area of the great Geysir & Strokkur



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14 HOW YOUR CHANGE COULD MAKE A BIG CHANGE Phenomenal nature is the top reason for visiting Iceland, but the Icelandic nature is fragile and could use a little help.

Up for a challenge?

18 LIKE MUSIC TO OUR EARS The uniqueness and tranquility Iceland has to offer has forever been a source of inspiration for those with a finely tuned ear.


WHAT DARKNESS? Alright, I’ll admit it; autumn is here. If it’s still October when you read this, you will hopefully have witnessed some awesome fall colors in Iceland. If it’s already November, I’m sorry you missed them. The fall weather is unpredictable in Iceland, sometimes so much so, that one would gladly join a family of bears and hide away until spring. But fear not, there are no bears in Iceland and Icelandic fall and winter, though dark, are filled with a different kind of light, not to mention, the Northern Lights. The light I’m talking about is of another nature. Because of our abundance of geothermal energy, we have electricity that’s relatively cheap. So we light up almost everything and are quick to put up fairy lights in our homes when winter is coming. Our i­ gloos… I mean houses, are well lit and well heated with geothermal energy and cozy nights in are all the rave. It’s all very much in accord with the whole Nordic Hygge thing. But if it’s darkness you want, just pop out of the city; you don’t need to go far to find yourself immersed in darkness. Enjoy the fall and everything it brings while you’re here. Winter is coming. Happy travels, Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir Editor in chief

22 A LOVE LETTER FROM ICELAND Daniel and Julia, photographers, travelers and bloggers can proudly say that right from their first trip in 2015, they have become addicted to Iceland. 28 SELLING ICE TO ICELANDERS People trying this treat are amazed by just how good it tastes! 32 NEW YEAR’S EVE THE ICELANDIC WAY The fireworks show in Reykjavík and around Iceland on New Year’s Eve is probably the biggest fireworks show on the planet.

36 GEORGE HINCAPIE: UP FOR A CHALLENGE? Held every summer close to the summer solstice, WOW Cyclothon continues to attract cyclists from around the world who are up for a unique challenge. In 2016 renowned road racer George Hincapie decided to try it out. 42 THE FLYING WOW FAMILY Here at WOW air, we give our aircraft some unusual registration names. 46 ICELANDIC BEAUTY – FROM TOP TO TOE Discover some of the exciting brands and beauty products coming out of Iceland. 54 THE WOW WORD OF ADVICE Behold! We have the ultimate safety checklist for you so you can be safe while traveling in Iceland.

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72 THE VATNAJOKULL REGION Filled with contrasts, the Vatnajökull Region is a great destination all year round.

On the cover Former pro-cyclists George Hincapie visited Iceland in 2016 and took part in the WOW Cyclothon. Read all about it on page 36-40. The photo was taken by photo­ grapher Kristinn Magnússon.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE three 2015 Issue five 2017



76 THE U.S. CUSTOMS DECLARATION FORM What is this? Why do I need to fill it out? 80 WHY ICELAND SHOULD TOP YOUR BUCKET LIST If you’re still contemplating a trip to this North Atlantic island, hopefully these facts will guide you to the right decision.

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WOW Power to the people

121 WHAT’S GOING ON? …quite a lot, actually. 126 WOW HOROSCOPE What’s in your future? WOW air’s famed astrologist has the answer.

WOW Destinations 82 The Midwest or the Wild Wild West WOW air recently announced plans for five new USA destinations, four in the Midwest and one in the Wild West. Find out which cities we’re flying to next spring. 88 Tel Aviv: Cool and gritty If all of Israel were London, Tel Aviv would be its Shoreditch—the city’s artistic, playful and often startling gateway.



116 THIS AND THAT …mainly this.

128 BORED ON BOARD? Solve these sudokus. 130 THE TRAVELING INQUISITION Icelandic singer, songwriter and violinist Gréta Salóme Stefánsdóttir gets questioned by the Traveling Inquisition.

90 Inside Miami’s Wynwood District Miami’s former industrial and warehouse district of Wynwood has been making a cultural imprint on the wider urban landscape and beyond over the past decade.


92 Toronto: A day in The Six With a rich culture and so much to see and do, the hustle and bustle of Ontario’s capital city will captivate you during your visit. 94 Pittsburgh’s health and wellness renaissance In the past decade, more and more residents of the “Steel City” are trading in their hard hats for yoga mats. It’s a revolution of the health and wellness kind.


96 San Francisco’s best bakeries A bread and pastry boom is taking place as new bakeries and cafes pop up throughout San Francisco’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Editor in chief: Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir

98 The perfect day and night in Down­ town LA’s Arts District

Contributing writers: Alexandra Pereira, Einar Páll Svavarsson, Paul Michael Herman, Oli Lynch, Hal Peat, Andrew Marshall, Lori Rice, Gerður Harðardóttir, Theadora Brack, Stephanie Huff, Joy Frank-Collins, Donna Tzaneva, Cindy-Lou Dale, Svava Jónsdóttir

98 100 Celebrate Montréal Montréal continues to bring on the fun and color this fall with the 375th-anniversary celebrations that have already wowed massive crowds this summer. 102 The London palette If you’re heading to London, check out these original and indulgent British classics. 104 Parisian park life An eye-opening sprint through Paris’ parks is guaranteed to jumpstart all six of your senses.

Design and layout: Ivan Burkni Proofreading: Paul Michael Herman

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108 48 hours in Berlin Less frenetic than London and cheaper than Paris, this is the place to come for quirky attractions, buzzing nightlife, chic shopping and history at every turn. 110 Beer and bars in Copenhagen In Copenhagen beer rules supreme, and alongside a rich brewing tradition is a new wave of microbreweries and brewpubs popping up around the city. 112 You want more? Check out our other WOW destinations. Where do you want to go?

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A letter from the CEO

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change - Albert Einstein

Dear guests, It might seem counterintuitive that I as an airline founder and CEO should be writing or even thinking about climate change. However, I would argue that precisely because I run an airline, that unfortunately still burns fossil fuel, we at WOW air must look extra hard at what we can do to help preserve our nature and planet at large. Long before starting WOW air, I was concerned by what was happening around us, not least in Iceland where the weather change has been obvious. As a result, I wanted to ensure that WOW air took its responsibility as an airline, seriously. We have already taken numerous steps, such as operating one of the youngest fleets in the world which is far more environmentally friendly than using older aircraft. We have also launched a collaboration with the Icelandic Environment Association (Landvernd), an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring Iceland’s nature. On board every aircraft we collect donations from our guests that we then match dollar for dollar. Every cent raised goes directly towards preserving and growing some of the natural wonders of Iceland. Still, I believe, we and the industry as a whole can do a lot more. Fuel is 20-25% of an airline‘s cost, so the industry and the airline and engine manufacturers have a huge incentive to find better and more efficient ways to power these amazing machines that you are most likely flying in right now. If we get it right, we can lower our operating cost which means we can lower ticket prices as well as significantly reduce fossil fuel burn. In short, it‘s a great win for both you, our dear guests, as well as the environment. That is why I am optimistic that action towards reducing CO2 emissions and nurturing our environment will finally become a priority. Going green is not only good for the environment it is also a great business opportunity for countries, cities, businesses and people around the world. Let‘s take action! Thank you for choosing WOW air. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Sincerely, Skúli Mogensen Founder and CEO of WOW air


WOW Power to the people

COLLECT MOMENTS - NOT THINGS! “Iceland had always been one of my dream vacations. The island’s untamed and beautiful landscape make it the perfect destination for a nature enthusiast. Not only did I finally get to come to Iceland, but I also decided to take my first ever helicopter ride. I flew with Nordurflug Helicopter Tours and they made all my wildest flight dreams come true. Not only did they have lots of tour options, but they were super flexible with working around my travel schedule. I ended up choosing the Geothermal Tour at 49.900 ISK per person. The pricing was comparable to other activities in Iceland, but this experience allows you to see the country from the sky!

"it was just us and nature." Unlike being in an airplane, the takeoff in a helicopter is smooth. If I had any nerves about the flight, they immediately vanished at the sight of the stunning landscape. I was amazed by how quickly the scenery changed from the city skyline, to lava fields and volcanic craters. Being up in a helicopter gives you a true perspective of the country as a whole. The experience was worth every penny and more.

“we actually got to land on an old volcano and were able to witness up close the untamed power of geothermal energy” As if flying wasn’t enough, we actually got to land on an old volcano and witness the untamed power of geothermal energy. I got to stand right next to the boiling mud pots and hot springs without other tourists blocking the view and no safety ropes holding us back… it was just us and nature. Our pilot was very personable, knowledgeable about the country, and a veteran pilot. I was amazed to find out he has done aerials for some big film productions like Star Wars and Oblivion. Needless to say, he kept our tour very interesting! Once we got back to the office, it took me awhile to actually “get back on the ground”. This experience was so thrilling and incredible, I had to let it all sink in! It’s no wonder that Nordurflug is one of Trip Advisor's top-rated Iceland experience. I will definitely be recommending this to anyone visiting Iceland!" Use the promo code WOWAIR for a 5.000 ISK discount of the Geothermal Tour when booking on our website


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Leave something for the Icelandic nature


WOW Power to the people

HOW YOUR CHANGE COULD MAKE A BIG CHANGE Phenomenal nature is the top reason for visiting Iceland but the Icelandic ­nature is fragile and could use a little help. For this reason, WOW air wants to offer you the chance to give back to nature by donating directly to Landvernd, an organ­ization dedicated to protecting and restoring Icelandic nature. Photos: Courtesy of Kristján Ingi Einarsson – Mælifellssandur

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Leave something for the Icelandic nature

After most trips to foreign lands we usually come back with a few coins or more of a currency that we can’t use at home. Some save it but then forget it on their next trip. Others might give it to their kids to play with or fool a bus driver or two. We’d like to offer you another option: Donate it toward a great cause. HOW CAN I HELP? In the seat pocket in front of you, there’s an envelope where you can leave any foreign change or other leftover currency that you’d like to contribute. Your donations will be sent directly to Landvernd who will use the funds to support its efforts to safeguard and protect Icelandic nature. In particular, they will be used to enhance the campaign for a national park in the Central Highland of Iceland, to develop a new volunteering program in soil and land restoration of degraded birch woodlands, and in efforts to influence policy and decision making relating to the environment. WOW air is simply the means of tran­­s­ porta­­tion. The donations come from you, our guests, and go straight to Landvernd where they will be put to good use. WOW air has promised to match all donations to double the amount sent to Landvernd. Let’s all help Landvernd make sure that Icelandic nature will still be as incredible when our grandkids come to visit.

WOW air has promised to match all donations to double the amount sent to Land­vernd. Let’s all help Landvernd make sure that Ice­­landic nature will still be as incredible when our grand­­kids come to visit. Snæfellsnes.


WHAT IS LANDVERND? Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association, is a non-profit environmental and nature conservation organization established in 1969. The main goals of Landvernd are to protect Iceland’s nature and environment, restore degraded en­­viron­­ments and promote sustainability in Iceland among residents and visitors alike. This is done through education, by influencing lawmaking and decision mak­­ing and by taking action. Since people have become more aware of the danger to nature, in the last five years Landvernd has grown tenfold and now has about 5,000 members.


LANDVERND’S NATURE CONSERVATION EFFORTS Over the last two decades, Landvernd’s efforts have increasingly concentrated on protecting Iceland’s unique wilderness and landscapes, especially in the uninhabited Central Highland of the country—the jewel of Icelandic nature. Also, in the last 15 years, Landvernd has expanded to become one of Iceland’s leading organization in en­viron­­mental education. With education as its central theme, it has been running the international Eco­-Schools program in about half of the schools in the country, in addition to a num­­ber of long-term projects, for example, on food waste, sustainable tourism, clean beaches and mar­inas, invasive species and off-road driving Over the past three years, Landvernd has furthermore focused on working with


WOW Power to the people

Photographer Kristján Ingi Einarsson was so inspired by this project he decided to let us use his gorgeous photographs for this article in addition to personally donating 5% of the sales from his latest photography book Unique Iceland to Landvernd. Big thanks from all of us to Kristján Ingi!

municipalities on climate change and soil and land restoration with schools. “We successfully apply our rights under the Aarhus Conventional for access to infor­­mation, public participation and access to justice in decisions relating to en­­viron­­mental issues. Recently, this also includes legally challenging various decisions taken by governmental authori­­ ties and influencing the way decisions are being made about the environment. Finally, we have in the last few years pro­­­ gressiv­­ely lobbied for actions to be taken to safeguard nature in popular tourist destinations,” says Gudmundur Ingi Gud­­­ brandsson, CEO of Landvernd and one of the founders of the Icelandic Society for Environmental Scientists. PROTECTING ONE OF THE LARGEST UNTAMED WILDERNESSES IN EUROPE Landvernd’s biggest conservation goal at the moment is the establishment of a national park in the Central Highland of Iceland. The Central Highland is one of Iceland’s greatest treasures, containing many active volcanoes, glaciers, volu­­ min­­ous rivers and waterfalls, colorful hot springs and mud pools, vast lava fields and broad expanses of black sand,

all contrasted with oases of vibrant but vulnerable vegetation. Such an amazing collection of natural jewels is rare in the world mainly because such vast, un­­populated areas where nature alone rules, are disappearing. “In our opinion, Icelanders are in the enviable position of still being able to stand guard over this precious treasure and protect the Central Highland for future generations. Opinion polls show that over 60% of Icelanders support the establishment of a national park there and only about 12% are against it,” says Guðmundur. Landvernd’s campaign involves extensive lobbying for a national park among local governments, political parties, various stake­­holders and the society at large. You can see short videos of the stunning Highlands and sign their petition online at Thank you for your contribution toward protecting Icelandic nature. Now get out there and enjoy it! v

Read more about Landvernd and its efforts to protect Icelandic nature by visiting their website,

Proudly Making Iceland a Hot Destination. We could talk forever about how interesting our clean energy production at Hellisheidi is. But, instead, let’s see what some of our guests at the Geothermal Exhibition have to say on TripAdvisor: “A must see activity”, “Bucket List”, “... interactive and inspiring”, “Now I’m impressed!”


N M 76 5 3 5

We hope to welcome you too on your trip to Iceland at the most powerful exhibition in the world.

Only 20 min. drive from Reykjavík. A perfect stop on your way to or from the city.

Issue five 17 The exhibition is open every day from 9:00-17:00. Please direct any inquiries to Tel: (+354) 591 2880

Sweet tones

LIKE MUSIC TO OUR EARS by Alexandra Pereira Photos: From respective venues/artists and iStockphoto

Founded upon a history of folklore and humans joining forces with the elements of nature upon a temperamental volcanic rock (a new ­musical genre?), the uniqueness and tranquility Iceland has to offer has forever been a source of inspiration for those with a finely tuned ear.

Music coming out of the country has provided the world with some of its most unusual, pio­­­ neer­­­­­ing pop stars who h ave inspired art­­ists for decades, evoking epic film soundtracks that bring you to tears. Reykjavik has become a home to stunning music venues and each year hosts a score of music festi­­­­­­­ vals in and around the capital. Many musicians who travel here, inspired by Iceland’s magnifi­­­cent natural beauty, never leave. Iceland has become a verita­­ble paradise for music lovers. LANDSCAPE TO SOUNDSCAPE There’s much more to Iceland’s music scene than Bjork and Sigur Ros, of


WOW Power to the people

course. The island is an inspiration for many recording artists who, after discovering its magic on tour, return to write, retreat, explore and create. What is it about this Mars-like terrain that makes Iceland increasingly appreciated for its soundscape as it is for its landscape? From the outside looking in, it’s a remote location of boundless space and time far out in the North Atlantic, providing the perfect escape from the bustle and noise of the global music industry. When musicians and music lovers have had enough of windowless studios, rehearsal rooms and the inevitably dirty, hectic and oversubscribed festivals, they often look to Iceland.

OUT OF THE MIDDLE AGES Icelandic music of the Middle Ages drifted well into the nineteenth century and its physical isolation, despite centuries of musical devel­­ opment on the European conti­­ nent, left the country a little in the dark. Even ordinary four-part choral singing was only first heard in the mid-19th century. Instru­­ mental music was unheard of. In the twentieth century, as travel be­­came more accessible or at least the traveling of word of mouth or correspondence, newer music finally found its way to Icelanders. In the 80’s, Icelandic music was on the world music map with the emergence

of artists such as the Sugarcubes. In more recent years Iceland has seen the global success of heaps of artists, such as Sigur Rós and Of Monsters and Men. ISOLATION FOR CREATION Scores of recording artists have taken the short flight from the bright lights of NYC, LA and London to find a place where their creative mind can really be unleashed. As both a reaction to its magnificent landscape and quiet tranquility, successful musicians from across the pond, such as Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Ben Frost, John Grant and many more have joined home­­ grown talents such as Bjork, Johann Johannsson and Of Monsters and Men. Here they’ve found solace in writing and recording in remote resi­­dences in and around Reykjavik when they’re not out on the road.

And it’s easy to see why; despite the relatively expensive cost of living, you couldn’t ask for a better environment for artistic expression making Iceland cost-effective considering its massive boost for an artist’s productivity levels. Reykjavik is also home to some incredible arts spaces for those nights out of artistic hibernation. SOUND PLACES At Kex, they hold regular gigs and live jazz nights, cozy by the fire and book­shelves. Their staff, mostly musicians, live and breathe sound—a vast contrast to the supreme silence of the island’s stoic grande­ur. Around the city center there are a number of places to catch live music—and then there’s Harpa, the new concert hall, a glimmering archi­tectural masterpiece along the old harbor. Photo: Kristinn Magnússon

Issue five 19

Photo: Sigga Ella

FESTIVALS SÓNAR REYKJAVÍK At the very beginning of the still nippy spring (technically still wint­­er), the Sonar Festival takes place­—indoors, you’ll be relieved to hear. Classed as a music, creativity and techno­­logy conference and symposium that mirrors and reacts to the event held in Barcelona each year, the Sonar music festival began de­­ camping in other cities some years ago and found a longer term home in Iceland. This intimate festival is held largely at Harpa and the celebration of music is a stark contrast to the Icelandic winter and the Arctic darkness outside. Sónar Reykjavik demonstrates how music can reach those who truly seek it by those performing it, proving smaller venues and smaller crowds can some­­times have more impact—that stadium sellouts aren’t the be all and end all. It is truly a gath­­ering that displays the unique relationship between audience and sett­­ing. Sónar Reykjavik takes place on five stages, including one space trans­­ formed into a late-hour night­­club with world class DJs nightly. A scenic part of the concert house is also chang­­ed into a stage along with a seated hall.

SECRET SOLSTICE Summers see the incredible Secret Solstice Festival returning time and again with past headliners like Radio­­ head serenading crowds during the majestic summer solstice for a concert to remember. What other festival hosts concerts in volcanic caves and glacier tunnels? Stages at the festival are named after the Norse gods, and


WOW Power to the people

the program welcomes international bands and DJs as well as a wealth of homegrown talent. And if you’re still standing after the dazzling party on a glacier and a secret star performance inside a magma chamber (reached by helicopter), check out a midnight sun boat party with DJs and the Secret Lagoon party before settling shoulderdeep into the Viking beer hot tub.

AN EAR TO THE GROUND One of my first nights in Reykjavik showed me just how passionate the city is about music and environment. My travel companion and I made friends with the guys we ordered beers from at Kex Hostel, later sharing one too many Brennivin shots with them on a bar crawl down Reykjavik’s main street, Laugavegur. David Bowie was playing, and everything started to dance at the height of our aquavit buzz. One guy, a

Photos: Sigga Ella

ICELAND AIRWAVES Creeping through autumn, Reykjavik welcomes more international talent each year with the notorious Iceland Airwaves in November. The festival started out in 1999 in an airplane hangar: a huge deal which beckoned even the cold-shy homebodies with its stellar line-ups. Today Iceland Airwaves offers an eclectic program of rock-pop-electronic and experimental, with a strong Icelandic female rap contingent in recent years. Everything is indoors like Sonar, and like Sonar Iceland Airwaves makes great use of the new concert hall.

born and bred Icelander from the west of the country, told me a fascinating story of the shape-shifting power of music for him. As an infant he was deaf and could only hear and feel the vibrations of music through big headphones, so he felt the songs’ power before he actually heard them, when his hearing finally appeared as an older child. To me, this resonated with how deeply, physically connected Icelanders are to the tune of their environment. Just like the early choirs and classical musicians of centuries gone by, isolated and deeply moved by nature, we’re so profoundly influenced by our surroundings. v


Why not buy a tour with us on board this flight? – Just ask the cabin crew.

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The Golden Circle



The Golden Circle & Fontana Wellness



South Shore Adventure

+354 580 5400 • • •


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on our tours and services please consult our brochure located in the seat pocket in front of you.

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Dear fellow traveler

A LOVE LETTER FROM ICELAND Two and a half years ago, in March 2015, we were sitting on the plane, approaching Iceland for the first time, just as you might be right now. In a way, we really envy you, because what you are about to experience is something absolutely unique. Just to introduce ourselves, we’re Daniel and Julia, photographers, travelers and bloggers and we can proudly say that right from our first trip in 2015 we have become addicted to Iceland. Text and photos: Daniel and Julia – @2globetrotterscom

WOW, WE’RE GOING TO ICELAND! For us, for a long time, Iceland used to be something very abstract and remote. Even after we had booked our first flight, Iceland remained something unreal and unbelievable. Looking at the map while planning our route didn’t help in changing this either; the names of the places didn’t look like anything we’d seen before and seem­ ed impossible to pronounce. What initially started as a spontaneous decision to go to the remote and un­­known Iceland eventually evolved into five trips in two and a half years, and now we’re visiting places that even the locals often haven’t heard of. What is also important, we’re no longer frightened by words like. “Eyjafjalla­­jökull”… What’s so scary about that? FIVE TIMES ALREADY? Our first trip was an introduction to Iceland, where we visited the iconic sites of the South Coast, the Golden Circle and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. This trip made us want to come back and so, on the second trip only half a year later we went to the North and also left the main road heading to the West Fjords. With every trip, we ventured deeper and deeper, by car, or by foot. By the end of our fourth trip, we had finally concluded the circle around the island; we had taken the F-roads into the Highland and left the mainland for Westman Is­­lands. Finally, on our fifth trip, we came to visit friends, see the puffins, lupine, an absolutely green Iceland and if that wasn’t enough, we got 20 hours of daylight.


WOW Power to the people

For us, for a long time, Iceland used to be some­thing very abstract and remote. Even after we had booked our first flight, Iceland remained something unreal and unbelievable. Looking at the map while planning our route didn’t help in changing this either; the names of the places didn’t look like anything we’d seen before and seem­ed impossible to pronounce.

Issue five 23

Dear fellow traveler

We also changed our attitude tow­­ards the weather because it’s not the weather that makes a difference, it’s the clothing. There is no such thing as bad weather in Iceland, only wrong clothing.

Despite the fact that there are still many sites that we haven’t seen there are some places that we keep re-visiting. The reason for this is simple: no place in Ice­­­­­­land looks the same twice! This summer we visited the Snaefellsnes Peni­­nsula for the first time since March 2015, and we almost didn’t recognize it be­­cause when we were first there everything was covered in snow! Jökulsárlón, the Glacier Lagoon, is another great example, as it can look completely differ­­ent from hour to hour, not to mention during different weather conditions and sea­­ sons! This clearly makes Jökulsárlón a multiple-must-see destination. CHANGES FOR THE GOOD Only while being in Iceland have we really understood how small and inferior mankind actually is, when compared with the forces and the time that has gone into the creation of the Icelandic landscapes. We also changed our attitude tow­­ ards the weather because it’s not the weather that makes a difference, it’s the clothing. There is no such thing as bad weather in Iceland, only wrong clothing. You will spend a good deal of your time outdoors and need to be prepared for all possible weather conditions because there may not be another chance to visit a parti­­cular site. So you might as well adapt, and enjoy the rain, the sun, the wind, the snow—whatever! We’re happy that our passion for Iceland is mutual. Icelanders are great peo­­ple, and over the course of our five trips, we’ve made many friends and also esta­­ blished some business relationships. We have now already worked with sever­­al tour companies as well as the local fashion brand ZO-ON Iceland. We’ve receiv­­ ed wedding photography requests and these new relationships are a wonder­ful reason to return again!


WOW Power to the people



6 1

einingar og þú raðar þeim saman eins og þú vilt. units of alcohol, any way you like it. eining = 25 cl af sterku áfengi eða 75 cl af léttvíni og léttum líkjörum eða 3 l af bjór, síder eða gosblöndum. unit = 25 cl strong spirits or 75 cl wine and aperitif or 3 l beer, cider and alcopop.




6 einingar/units – 1,5 l

6 einingar/units — 4,5 l (6 flöskur/bottles 75 cl)

6 einingar/units — 18 l (36 dósir/cans 50 cl)




4 einingar/units — 1 l




4 einingar/units — 1 l




3 einingar/units — 75 cl

2 einingar/units — 50 cl





2 einingar/units — 75 cl




3 einingar/units — 50 cl Issue five 25

Dear fellow traveler

WHAT WE LOVE DOING MOST IN ICELAND! Once we get to Iceland, we drive off into the countryside and put on our hiking boots. We love discovering new sites, hiking to remote destinations, enjoying the magnificent views and, of course, photographing. What’s so special about the Icelandic landscapes? It is impossible to describe the beauty in words; images do a much better job. It’s no wonder that Iceland is a paradise for photographers and nature lovers! When we photo­­ graph in Iceland, we try, on the one hand, to emphasize the mighty forces of nature and their magni­­tude. On the other hand, we also want to show that Iceland is extrem­­ely beautiful in all weather conditions and seasons and that it isn’t always cold, wet and gloomy. It’s also sunny, green, warm and at the same time extremely fragile. And what are some of our favorite places? Probably the most fascinating are Jökuls­­ár­­ lón, Land­­mannalaugar, the Black Sand Beaches of Reynisfjara, Fjarð­­ará­­r­­gljúf­­ur Canyon, Háifoss, Stokksnes, Hengifoss, the West Fjords, West­­man Is­­lands, the Mývatn region and Reykjadalur. And not to forget the towns and cities; we love to simply walk around down­­town Reykjavik or visit Iceland’s smaller towns and villages that all have their specific vibe and atmos­­phere. And of course, we also love to have a go at the delicious local food such as fish, lamb, the famous meat soup, skyr and a lot more…

We love to simply walk around down­­ town Reykjavik or visit Iceland’s smaller towns and villages that all have their specific vibe and atmos­­phere. And of course, we also love to have a go at the delicious local food such as fish, lamb, the famous meat soup, skyr and a lot more…

Honestly, we simply really enjoy the feeling of being in Iceland with everything that comes with it, and we hope that you will too. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet there some day? Until then, let’s stay in touch! Goodbye for now and have a wonderful stay in Iceland! Daniel & Julia

You can find more of our Iceland photos on our Insta­­ gram account @2globe­­trott­­ erscom and if you need any advice re­­gard­­ing your trip, we’ll be happy to give you some ideas for your stay!

Instagram account @2globetrotterscom


WOW Power to the people

Issue five 27

Selling ice to Icelanders

MORE THAN DELICIOUS Many of us believe that consuming the “right” things will make us healthy but not happy. “Eat your vegetables.” “Take your medicine.” “No candy.” Weren’t we convinced that ingesting what’s good for us is often not fun? by Paul Michael Herman Photos: Courtesy of Joylato

Pranava, owner of Joylato, one of the newest ice cream shops in Reykja­­ vik, says that eating healthy and being happy can happen, simultaneously. On the corner of Klapparstígur and Njáls­­ gata, in downtown Reykjavík, a new, unusually satisfying and remarkably delicious ice cream is being introduced. Joylato is now the only ice cream sold in Ice­­land made with a combination of farm fresh milk, local ingredients and no stabilizing preservatives. With that, comes a homemade, gluten-free, organic wafer. People trying this treat are amazed by just how good tastes!

HEALTHY FOODS SHOULD MAKE US HAPPY Quality ingredients give certain assurances, and the production process has to be right, but to reach the loftiest heights of taste and quality, there’s another essential element— FRESHNESS. WHERE’S THE FIRE? When you walk into Joylato and see smoke rising from behind the counter, do not be alarmed, an employee’s apron is not on fire. The smoke is actually due to the -196°C (-321°F) liquid nitrogen used in making the ice cream RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES—no big tubs of ice cream sitting there for who knows how long... When the order is taken, the ice cream is made. It is as simple as that. The only way Joylato could be fresher is if the milk cows were in the back room. JUST ONE SCOOP Many ice cream lovers can zip through half a liter in a jiffy. With Joylato, the owner explains, “It’s not like that. Often, when eating Joylato, it’s so satisfying, people savor it, taking their time between spoonfuls, and rather than having a larger size, they’re totally content with the regular portion.” Pranava smiles and says, “You have to experience it.”


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Joylato is now the only ice cream sold in Ice­­land made with a combination of farm fresh milk, local ingredients and no stabilizing preservatives. With that, comes a homemade, glutenfree, organic wafer.

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Selling ice to Icelanders

E A R LY B I R D C AT C H E S After her time in Iceland, Naomi arrives early at the airport so she can enjoy her last hours there before continuing her journey.




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Arrive early at KeflavĂ­k Airport and we will greet you with open arms. All passengers travelling with WOW, Icelandair and Primera can check-in from midnight. We have increased our services so you can have a lovely last Icelandic experience. Shops and restaurants open all night in june so you can embrace the last drops of Icelandic taste and feel â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and of course Tax and Duty Free.

The owner is happy with the way things are going in his shop. “In contrast to the stress people are undergoing these days,” he says, “Joylato is a haven where you can get away from it all and participate in one of life’s simple pleasures.”

JOIN THE ADVENTURE Farm fresh cow’s milk is not your only choice. Organic coconut milk, and— depending on the “special”—organic almond or cashew milk are also options. And while traditionalists will be satisfied with their vanilla—to boost the “healthy factor” you can have fresh Icelandic bilberries or strawberries blended in. For the more adventurous ice cream en­­thus­ iasts, there’s the salty caramel. Because of popular demand, the exotic sele­­ction of entrees will increase. The owner is happy with the way things are going in his shop. “In contrast to the stress people are undergoing these days,” he says, “Joylato is a haven where you can get away from it all and participate in one of life’s simple pleasures.” Pranava is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Group. He has been running Mamma veit best (Mother Knows Best), a health food and supplement store for the past 15 years and his hope remains as it’s been for many years, to make people happier and healthier. v


























To remember her time in Iceland, she brings back home unique souvenirs that she bought at the airport.

E X P E C T E D R U S H H O U R S AT C H E C K I N Issue five 31


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Explosive fun

NEW YEAR’S EVE THE ICELANDIC WAY The fireworks show in Reykjavík and around Iceland on New Year’s Eve is probably the biggest fireworks show on the planet. Text and photos: Einar Páll Svavarsson


ike most countries around the globe, Ice­­­­­landers put on a fireworks show at the end of the year. As midnight approaches on New Year’s Eve, the spectacular show be­­gins to say goodbye to the old year and cele­­brate the new one.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE Although firework shows are almost universal on New Year’s Eve, there is one significant difference between the show in Iceland and that of other countries. As most countries organize their fireworks show at a particular spot, like Times Square in New York or on the skyline around Big Ben in London, the people of Iceland put on an entirely disorganized mega event. In most countries and cities, officials organize the show in accordance with regulations and permissions, but in Iceland, fireworks regulations are temporarily abolished, so every member of the whole country, from age 5 to 95, can participate in putting on their own little fireworks display. This can range from holding a sparkler with a happy smile to shooting up dozens of large fireworks, to multi-shot firework cakes and holding giant torches that can turn night into day in the whole neigh­­bor­­ hood. No surprise that the number of participants in shooting-up fireworks exceeds one hundred thous­­and. Sometimes people are so enterprising and enthusiastic that their entire street turns into a war zone like situation. And the scene is spectacular.

TRADITION THAT STARTED MORE THAN A CENTURY AGO Icelanders have always liked fireworks. It might be related to the fact that the Icelandic winter nights are long and dark, particularly around New Year’s Eve. Anything that lightens up people’s lives and brings some light to the dark sky is appreciated. For more than a century, Icelanders have flocked out in towns and villages, particularly in Reykjavík, at New Year’s Eve, to participate in the firework cele­­ brations. Over the years and decades, the tradition chang­­ed from only a few wealthier members of so­­ciety shooting up fireworks for themselves and others to enjoy, to the full participation of the nation. Today, the sky above Reykjavík and all the neighboring towns lights up for up to a couple of hours. The city turns into a grand street party with bonfires in every neighborhood and endless blasts in the air. You have to be there to believe the scale of the show. SHOOTING FIREWORKS TO HEAL A NATION Even when the Icelandic economy collapsed in 2008, everyone found money to spend on fireworks at the year’s end. At least the show had to be continued. Of course, the whole nation was in shock as the eco­­nomic boom turned on its head with millions of dollars, euros, kronur, and investments down the drain. But it did not prevent people from shooting millions up in the air. The crash naturally produced Issue five 33

great anger and hatred towards those responsible. The main culprits being politicians, much-celebrated (during the boom years) bankers (some whom are currently behind bars) and entrepreneurs. At that time, the fireworks tradition had reached its highest point and the increase from one New Years Eve to the next was measured in hundreds of tons. Because of our love for Iceland’s history, a lot of the fireworks, bombs, fireworks cakes and torches for sale were named after our heroes from the Sagas: Njáll, Gunnar, Grettir the Strong, and Egill Skalla­­grímsson. But during the economic crash, much of the fireworks offered to the public were named after the politicians and crazy business men and women who


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In recent years, people have put on New Year’s Eve parties around Reykjavik where the party by Hallgrímskirkja church is the most popular. Also, the area around Harpa Concert Hall is well-known for such parties.

played key roles in Iceland’s financial crash with their foolishness and greed. At the year’s end, Icelanders could shoot their namesakes into to the sky and blow them up symbolically. One could argue that it was quite a healing experience for many. Fortunately, Icelanders are a peaceful nation and doing this symbolically and happily was enough to dampen the anger.

one of the most liked and appreciated institutions in Icelandic society, Icelanders have always been eager to purchase their fireworks and secure their funding. Today, the fireworks show is thus also an important funding and economic factor in upholding and increasing the security of everyone traveling in Iceland. JOIN THE PARTY

FIREWORKS FOR A GOOD CAUSE The fireworks show in Iceland is also related in a positive way to one of our most appreciated and respected institutions, the Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams. In the fifties and the sixties, Icelanders started to travel around the country, into the Highland and onto mountains and glaciers for relaxation and recreation. But quickly everyone realized the potential danger that was attached to such travel. This development, in addition to frequent ship losses around the shore and other catastrophic incidents, accidents and disasters, led to the formation of the Icelandic Search and Rescue teams in most towns and villages. Within a few years, these teams became an important organization in Icelandic. From the beginning, the squads have been non-profit and voluntary organizations and as such lack any stable funding. So, the teams around the country turned this interest in fireworks to their ad­­­ vantage and started to import and sell fire­­­ works to the public about half a century ago. As the teams and their organization is

Icelanders spend around 3.5 to 4.0 million dollars on fireworks for New Year’s Eve allowing them to shoot, burn and blow up about 600 tons of fireworks, firework cakes, torches and all kinds of different explosives during the celebration. To stand on a hill in Reykjavík, from where you can see the sky of the whole city and neighboring towns and villages burst­ing with light, seems unreal. You can even see the show from afar, from Keflavík town or Akranes town, both more than a 40-kilometers drive away. In recent years, people have put on New Year’s Eve parties around Reykjavik where the party by Hallgrímskirkja church is the most popular. Also, the area around Harpa Concert Hall is well-known for such parties. But of all the places in Reykjavík, Perlan is probably the best place to view this fantastic New Year’s Eve spectacle. v Einar Páll Svavarsson is a political scientist turned photographer and writer with decades of interest and experience traveling in Iceland. Einar is the owner and creator of one of the largest information websites about Iceland— Hit Iceland. For more see

Icelandic wool

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WOW Cyclothon

UP FOR A CHALLENGE? Held every summer close to the summer solstice, WOW Cyclothon continues to attract cyclists from around the world who are up for a unique challenge. In 2016 renowned road racer George Hincapie decided to try it out.

Photos: Kristinn MagnĂşsson and from Hincapie Events


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WOW Cyclothon

WOW Cyclothon is a relay road race around Iceland where teams of four or ten cyclists ride around the island’s 1358 km Ring Road. The teams work together and compete against each other in an exciting race that tests not only the riders’ but also the team’s spirit. One of the biggest challenges during the competition is not the cold or the wind, but the lack of sleep as cyclists cram together in a moving vehicle waiting for their turn on the road. Most teams finish the race in 3648 hours, and the key to a good race is find­­­ing a compatible team to work with. HJÓLAKRAFTUR CALLING In WOW Cyclothon there is a special category for kids and teenagers that train with Hjólakraftur (Cycling Power), an organization dedicated to intro­­duc­ ing children and young adults to the sport. Þorvaldur Daníelsson, aka Valdi, Hjólakraftur’s founder and manager, has taken multiple Hjólakraftur groups on the Ring Road since 2014. Their goal is always to work together to the finish line and complete the race with a smile. In March 2016, George Hincapie post­ed a video on his Facebook page, of him and his then 9-year-old son Enzo cycling up Paris Mountain in South Carolina. Inspired by the video, Valdi reac­hed out to Hincapie and invited them both to join Hjólakraftur for WOW Cyclothon later that year. From there, the ball started rolling and in June 2016 Hincapie’s family and another family with them, came to Iceland to enjoy the race and nature. “Valdi reached out to me on Facebook to see if I wanted to come to Iceland and participate in the race. I thought it was a cool opportunity and decided to check it out,” says Hincapie. Both father and son went to see the Hjólakraftur teams off on the first leg of the race. Last fall Valdi and a few friends re­­turn­ ed the favor and visited South Carolina to take part in the Gran Fondo Hincapie with ca. 4,000 other cyclists. “It was an amazing adventure that we’ll repeat this year,” Valdi told WOW magazine. RIDING AROUND ICELAND The day after riding along with Hjóla­­­kraftur, Hincapie started in the A-cate­­gory with a team of his own, the Park-Inn by Radisson team. “When I go somewhere I still like to ride my bike. And I like to challenge myself to do differ­ent things that I haven’t done before. When I was presented with the option I thought it would be better for me to do it with a team and try to get a nice workout at the same time,”


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“When I go somewhere I still like to ride my bike. And I like to challenge myself to do differ­ent things that I haven’t done before.”

Hincapie tells us when asked where that idea came from. Hincapie’s team was a mixed four-person team put together at the last minute that included some of the most experienced cyclists from Iceland. In an A-category team, four cyclists take turns cycling and are assisted by two driv­ ers/assistants. An A team only uses one support vehicle, usually a large campervan, so it goes without saying that teammates get tight while on the road and a key ele­ ment to the race is maintaining a good team spirit. As the race is not in stages, all

teams work around the clock to the finish line, cycling day and night in the 24-hour daylight. Having raced professionally for years, Hincapie is no stranger to tough situations, but WOW Cyclothon surprised him. “The race is great. I enjoyed it. The people were very friendly. It was hard not to have sleep but I enjoyed seeing the countryside like that on the bike and I thought the orga­­niza­­tion was great. It was a unique format where you just hang out in a mobile home when you’re not cycling. It was all new to me,” says Hincapie about the race.

“The race is great. I enjoyed it. The people were very friendly. It was hard not to have sleep but I enjoyed seeing the countryside like that on the bike and I thought the orga­­niza­­tion was great.”

TEAM GOALS Most teams train together, at least for a few months, before WOW Cyclothon and they also hold meetings where they strate­­gize for the race, coming up with plans about everything from food and bike main­­tenance to sleep. Hincapie’s team did not have such luxury. Despite that, they worked well together with a very simple strategy; to win the race. “This was more of a fun adventure for me, and I wasn’t putting it all on the line. I just wanted to do whatever my team want­ed to do, and they wanted to try to win. So, our strategy was just to stay with a good group and see what we would do at the end. It was not a firm strategy; we just kind of stayed together with some guys and tried to work together until the end.” Team collaboration is one of the things that makes WOW Cyclothon so unique. Teams within the same category can form alliances and break them at any point dur­ing the race. The goal is always to find compatible teams to work with to help break the unforgiving winds and get better results. After finishing the Öxi mountain road, most teams start planning on how to attack their collaborating teams and beat them to the finish line. It can get vicious, and any mistakes can cost a team both the victory and the help of the team they were working with. “We worked with other teams on the round, and it was down to two teams tow­­ards the end. When they started to attack us we left them, with ca. 200 km to go,” Hincapie says, making it sound easy and perhaps it was. His team won the race after cycling for 39 hours and 39 minut­­es. Would he plan things differently in retro­­ spect? “Would I? No, I thought it went well. It was fun.” Hincapie at the start and finish line of WOW Cyclothon 2016.

OTHER CHALLENGES Although Hincapie is no longer racing on a professional level, he’s still deeply involved in the sport. “I have my own cycling team which I manage; I have a clothing company; we have a hotel in the area, but I feel I have to challenge myself on the bike, at least once a year, while doing a benefit. This year, I did Cape Epic in South Africa. I don’t need to race that much anymore, but if something cool and challenging comes along, I’m always interested in it.” After a record 17 starts in Tour de France where he was a domestique for Cadel Evans, Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong, Hincapie now lives in South Carolina with his wife Melanie Simonneau, daughter Julia Paris and son Enzo. He is dedicated to advancing the cycling sport through his professional team, Holowesko|Citadel, where he em­ploys

The Hjólakraftur group after finishing their ring around Iceland in 2016.

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WOW Cyclothon

“Hincapie Events does the Spring Series, and in October we have our Gran Fondo which attracts over 2000 bikers, along with several pro cyclist and celebrities. We raise money for Meals on Wheels charity and help pro­­­mote the sport of cycling as well.”

young riders from around the world. The team com­ petes in all the biggest races in the US and is the best team in North America right now. “The team is a big deal to us, and I focus a lot of my attention on it,” Hincapie says. Hincapie also promotes cycling through his vari­­ous cycling events every year ( “Hincapie Events does the Spring Series, and in October we have our Gran Fondo which attracts over 2000 bikers, along with several pro cyclist and celebrities. We raise money for Meals on Wheels charity and help pro­­­mote the sport of cycling as well,” he says.

Me and no sleep is not going to work,” he exclaims with a smile. After the race, Hincapie, his family and their friends explored the country. “We did a helicopter tour, went on a motorcycle ride, we pretty much did every­­thing we could while we were there,” Hincapie says, and when asked what stands out he answers. “Everything. Just the scenery, the people and being part of that whole event. It really is a great country and I’d like to go back.” v

MORE THAN A DOMESTIQUE Hincapie, often nicknamed “Big George” because of his height (1.91 m – 6 ft. 3 in.), raced professionally for 19 years and before that he raced seriously for 10 years. He rode at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1992-2008 and was a three-time US Professional Road Champion (in 1998, 2006 and 2009). As mentioned before, he was a key domest­ ique for three Tour de France winners. “A domestique is many things. You help your lead­ er win. You serve them along the route, get them in a good position and make calls along the road. I was considered much more than a domestique. I was a team captain for many years so that requir­ ed making a lot of decisions on the road, a lot of interaction with the team director as to what I thought was the best plan,” Hincapie explains. “In cycl­ing, I just always enjoyed my job. I never took my position for granted. I always worked hard. I gave my whole life to this sport. That’s what’s required when you’re racing at that level,” he adds. As to what is Hincapie’s favorite race from his career? “I enjoyed Paris Roubaix because it’s one of the hardest and most historic races on the cal­­ endar,” he says. BACK TO ICELAND The first prize for winning the A-category in WOW Cyclothon is a flight ticket with WOW air, but Hincapie wasn’t here for a prize. “I was there for a chall­­enge, meeting new people and seeing a different part of the world. If there was a prize, I hope my teammates got to use it and enjoy it. I was more of a guest to the country, and I really appreciate the way I was treated,” he says. Would he be willing to do it again? “I’ve spoken to some of my friends about it and, I don’t know when, but it would be fun to try it with some of my cycling buddies and see if they’d be interested as well,” Hincapie says with a laugh. When asked what his dream team would look like he’s quick with an answer: “A four-person team with Lance Armstrong, Dylan Casey and Christian Vandevelde.” Well gentlemen, consider yourselves challenged! There’s not a big chance of Hincapie’s pro cycl­­ ing team, Holowesko|Citadel, joining the WOW Cyclo­­thon as it takes place during the height of the professional cycling season. “I’m sure they’d want to do it, but I don’t know if we could fit that into the schedule,” Hincapie says. We asked him if he would ever consider participating in the Solo-category of WOW Cyclothon. “No, absolutely not. I need sleep.


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The famous Öxi mountain road, an important strategic part of the WOW Cyclothon race.

Hincapie cycling at the Gran Fondo.

Could you go the distance? Go to and check out the race around Iceland and start your training for WOW Cyclothon 2018. Visit for more information about the race and how to sign up.

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Glo om



M Ma iss dd




Come and meet the Tulipoppers in our magical flagship store in central ReykjavĂ­k or find them in boutiques around Iceland. Check out the Tulipop channel on YouTube to watch our new animated series.

Learn more about the Icelandic Tulipop world and browse the Tulishop online @tulipop



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TF-WOW was the first aircraft registration name acquired by WOW air. It now adorns one of our Airbus A330 wide-body jets which was added to the WOW fleet early summer 2016.


TF-MOM Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2014 - Seats: 200 Everyone loves their mom right? The second aircraft to get a WOW registration was TF-MOM; it was also the first aircraft bought and delivered to WOW air in March 2015. TF-MOM is also known as Freyja (The Nordic goddess of love) and is currently the only aircraft in the WOW fleet that has a name beyond its registration code.

TF-DAD Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2014 - Seats: 200 If you register a TF-MOM, it goes without saying that you should have a TFDAD too. For a time TF-DAD was the only aircraft in the WOW fleet that was painted white and had a smile and sunglasses, following WOW air’s old livery. That all changed last May and TF-DAD is now just as purple as the rest of them.

Type: A330-300 - YoM: 2015 - Seats: 343 TF-WOW was the first aircraft registration name acquired by WOW air. It now adorns one of our Airbus A330 widebody jets which was added to the WOW fleet early summer 2016. WOW air’s A330s are the largest aircraft used on commercial flights to and from Iceland and are mostly used to service our routes to California, Florida and other long distance routes. TF-WOW has 13 BigSeats.

TF-GMA Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2016 - Seats: 220 TF-GMA is a short name for Grandma, but don’t let the name fool you, she’s actually very young. The matriarch joined the WOW fleet at the end of May 2016, straight out of the box.

TF-GPA Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2016 - Seats: 220 Also straight-out-of-the-box, TF-GPA, aka Grandpa, joined the WOW fleet in August 2016. Together Grandma and Grandpa fly our guests to both North America and Europe.

Airbus A330300 widebody


WOW Power to the people


Type: A320-200 - YoM: 2010 - Seats: 174 TF-BRO has been servicing WOW air since September of 2015, flying to various destinations around Europe.

ry carefully and ve ft ra rc ai ch ea as n names of ames to be fun n s the registratio n se o tio o ra ch st r gi ai re W ines, WO et. We like our of Airbus Unlike most airl es of the alphab ic ct ra ing WOW family p w d o ar gr d ur an o st d to an g , not accordin mily is unique ig way. Every fa b a in us t n se they repre look. ception. Take a aircraft is no ex om srphoto@mac.c Photos: Sigurjón


TF-SIS Type: A320-200 - YoM: 2010 - Seats: 174 TF-BRO’s twin sister was delivered to WOW air at the same time as TF-BRO, in September 2015, and works really hard carrying our guests to Europe.


Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2013 - Seats: 200 Delivered to WOW air in February 2016, TF-KID carries guests to both Europe and North America.

Airbus 320-200 Airbus 321-200

TF-SON Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2013 - Seats: 200 TF-SON, like his sister TF-KID, services both Europe and America. The SON was delivered to WOW air in March 2016.

TF-LUV Type: A330-300 - YoM: 2015 - Seats: 343 We love everyone, so naturally, we had to have a TF-LUV. This wide-body jet was delivered to WOW air early summer 2016. TF-LUV has 13 BigSeats.

If you register a TF-MOM, it goes without saying that you should have a TF-DAD too.

TF-GAY Type: A330-300 - YoM: 2010 - Seats: 338 TF-GAY is the out and proud member of the WOW family. A free spirit at heart, he visits San Francisco as often as he can. TF-GAY was delivered to WOW air in June 2016. TF-GAY has 14 BigSeats.

TF-JOY Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2016 - Seats: 220 Just before Christmas 2016 we received TF-JOY straight-out-of-the-box from Airbus. It was the best holiday present ever! Issue five 43



TF-WOW was the first aircraft registration name acquired by WOW air. It now adorns one of our Airbus A330 wide-body jets which was added to the WOW fleet early summer 2016.

TF-NEO A320-200 neo

TF-NEO Type: A320-200 neo - YoM: 2017 - Seats: 180 TF-NEO (New Engine Option) has brand new CFM LEAP-1A engines that are more economically and environmentally friendly than any other on the market. TF-NEO’s added flight range means it can fly our guests all the way to Canada in addition to servicing our shorter European routes.

The sky is the limit for some, but for WOW air we aim further when it comes to technology. TFSKY was delivered in June 2017 and has a brand new CFM LEAP-1A engine.

Two of our brand new babies in the family are the A320neo and A321neo. NEO stands for New Engine Option and offers up to 15% reduction in fuel consumption. You will be amazed how quiet these aircraft are.

TF-PRO Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2017 - Seats: 218 Say hello to one of our young professionals of the sky. All of our aircraft are total pros, but this one gets to be TF-PRO. Delivered in May 2017 with newly designed interior in WOW air’s style, it gives genuine comfort and is truly amazing.

TF-WIN Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2017 - Seats: 218 We like winning, and TF-WIN well represents our ambition. Delivered in May 2017 with newly designed interior, WIN serves both our European and North American destinations.



Type: A321-200 - YoM: 2017 - Seats: 218 Make sure you are present in the NOW and fly with TF-NOW in glamorous style. Delivered to WOW air in June 2017 with newly designed interior, TF-NOW travels to both Europe and North America.

TF-SKY Type: A321-200neo - YoM: 2017 - Seats: 218 The sky is the limit for some, but for WOW air we aim further when it comes to technology. TF-SKY was delivered in June 2017 and has a brand new CFM LEAP-1A engine. WOW air is the first airline in Europe to operate the A321 neo aircraft. It offers A321 operators exceptional technical, economic and environmental performance, with a 15% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions versus current engines and a 50% cut in NOx emission. TF-SKY’s added flight range means it can fly our guests all the way to Tel Aviv in the Middle East and most of our destinations in North America as well. TF-PRO A321-200



Airbus A320-200

Airbus 320-200neo

Airbus A321-200

Airbus 321-200neo

Airbus A330-300

Max takeoff weight: 78,000 kg Range: 6,150 km Engines: 2xIAE-V2500 Cruising speed: Mach 0.82

Max takeoff weight: 79,000 kg Range: 6,850 km with Sharklets Engines: 2xCFM LEAP-1A Cruising speed: Mach 0.82

Max takeoff weight: 93,500 kg Range: 5,950 km with Sharklets Engines: 2xCFM-56 Cruising speed: Mach 0.82

Max takeoff weight: 93,500 kg Range: 6,850 km with Sharklets Engines: 2xCFM LEAP-1A Cruising speed: Mach 0.82

Max takeoff weight: 235,000 kg Range: 11,100 km Engines: 2xRR-Trent700 Cruising speed: Mach 0.86

WOW Power to the people

Issue five 45

Icelandic beauty-part II

NATURE’S HARVEST Thanks to the short Icelandic summers, an abundance of clean air and water and extremely cold soil, wild Icelandic herbs and plants are thought to be blessed with more healing properties and powers than those grown in more southern regions. These magnificent and often unique qualities of the Icelandic flora are harnessed to a large extent in almost every new and exciting beauty product introduced in Iceland. by Gerður Harðardóttir Photo: Courtesy of respective labels

The two most im­­­portant active ingredi­­ents in many of the products, birch and yarrow are wildharv­­ested from the unspoil­ed Highland of Iceland, handpicked by Sóley., her family and a group of friends.

SÓLEY ORGANICS The driving force behind Sóley Organics is actress Sóley Elías­­­dóttir who in 2007 decided to leave a thriving career in film and theater for, pardon the pun, greener pastures. Following in the footsteps of her ancestors who through the centuries explored and implemented the healing properties of Iceland’s native plants, Sóley started what has become one of Iceland’s most successful skincare brands. The first product Sóley introduced after embarking on her new career was a certified organic healing cream called Græðir (Healer), based on a recipe from Sóley’s great-grandfather. Græðir has


WOW Power to the people



proven to be successful in treating ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, skin irritation and burn wounds. Other popular products include the seductively named lip balm KISSstu mig (Kiss me) as well as steinEY, a facial mineral mask packed with mineral-rich volcanic clay from the recently active Eyjafjallajökull, infused with hand-picked wild Icelandic birch, known to nourish and promote the skin’s natural equilibrium. Right from the beginning, Sóley Organics protocol and ethics meant that there would be no shortcuts taken in quality control; only the best possible ingredients were to be used. The two most important

BIOEFFECT EGF Launched in 2010, BIOEFFECT EGF’s groundbreaking beauty products are based on a cutting-edge science and biotechnical principles. After discovering a method to bioengineer EGF, a naturally occurring human protein in barley, BIOEFFECT EGF’s first product, a cellular and age-defying serum became an instant hit when it was first introduced. Today the BIOEFFECT EGF skin care line is sold in selected stores worldwide, boasting a very v and loyal clientele. The main active ingredient in the BIOEFFECT EGF products, the Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF, exists naturally in the skin and is responsible for keeping our skin youthful looking. As we age, the production of EGF declines which causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear. The EGF in Bioeffect EGF serums and creams act as a potent anti-aging treatment, dramatically boosting our cell turnover and promoting a healthier and radiant complexion. Whereas most beauty products include a myriad of ingredients with utterly unpronounceable chemicals, additives, stabilizers, parabens and preservatives, BIOEFFECT EGF contains only a handful of ingredients. They are fragrance-, preservatives-, additives-, alcohol- and oilfree, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. Among BIOEFFECT EGF’s high-potency products you’ll find an eye mask treatment, daytime moisturizers, day serum and volcanic exfoliator. The barley-grown EGF used in the products is grown in an ecologically-engineered greenhouse with a negative CO2 footprint, using natural geothermal energy and pure subterranean glacial water.

The main active ingredient in the BIOEFFECT EGF products, the Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF, exists naturally in the skin and is responsible for keeping our skin youthful looking.



Photo: Urszula Zabłocka

active ingredients in many of the products, birch and yarrow are wild-harvested from the unspoiled Highland of Iceland, handpicked by Sóley, her family and a group of friends. Sóley Organics is also the first Icelandic company to receive the Ecocert certification, a strict code of certification which ensures that the Sóley Organic products are environmentally friendly with 95% of the raw materials of the product of natural origin. Each product is Fair Trade and free from additives, fragrances and toxic chemicals often found in standard beauty products. Photo: Benjamin Hardman

Issue five 47

Icelandic beauty-part II

The seaweed used in the Angan products is hand harvested from the shores of the sparsely populated but riveting West Fjords of Iceland.

ANGAN One of the latest and most exciting players to hit the ever-expanding Icelandic beauty market is Angan, a sustainable handcrafted skincare brand, packaged in beautifully simple and elegant dark green bottles, designed to protect and extend the freshness of the natural ingredients used in the Angan products. Currently, there are two Angan products available: Icelandic Moss Salt Scrub, a body scrub containing mineral-rich Icelandic sea salt, therapeutic organic oils and hand-picked Icelandic moss and Seaweed Bath Salt, a deliciously relaxing and detoxifying blend of mineral-rich sea salt, hand-harvested seaweed and the calming and balancing essential oils of lavender and geranium. The seaweed used in the Angan products is hand harvested from the shores of the sparsely populated but riveting West Fjords of Iceland. The Icelandic moss with its rich anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities grows wild and is hand-picked in the northern part of Iceland and the mineral-rich sea salt is produced using Iceland’s abundant geothermal energy. Angan products contain 100% pure Icelandic natural botanicals and minerals fused with ingredients from faraway exotic locations.

The diligently chosen oils work on various skin problems such as healing scars, treating and preventing acne rash, reducing redness, improving skin elasticity and gener­­ally to give an exceptionally healthy glow to the skin.

RÅ OILS rå oils became a reality back in 2013 when mother Elín and daughter Fríða decided enough was enough. For years Fríða had been struggling with a severe case of acne, unsuccessfully undergoing two rounds of an exceptionally harsh drug treatment plus splashing the cash on endless over-thecounter products with no lasting improvement whatsoever. Surely, there had to be a more gentle way to solve these severe skin problems and embarking on the quest for the right solution, Elín, a certified beauty therapist, turned to aromatherapy. After two years of intensive research and development, the result is rå oils, a collection of sophisticated organic skin care products, where high quality and 100% pure natural oils are hand mixed to target specific skin problems. The diligently chosen oils work on various skin problems such as healing scars,

RÓ NATURALS Two creative sisters Rakel and Rebekka Ólafsdóttir collaborate on RÓ naturals. RÓ (calm or tranquility in Icelandic) originally started as just a hobby for Rebekka when she began mixing her own variety of creams and perfumes. Pouring over the often extensive list of ingredients attached to most beauty products, Rebekka was disappointed that she couldn’t find any skin care products that were 100% natural and completely free of parabens, preservatives and, perhaps surprisingly, water. According to Rebekka, most skin care products, including natural ones, contain more than 70% water—and what happens when water is mixed with other ingredients? Preservatives and a variety of additives need to be added. These substances are often unnecessary, Rebekka maintains, and even harmful to skin and health, so for RÓ products to be as clean and free of any additives as possible,


WOW Power to the people

treating and preventing acne rash, reducing redness, improving skin elasticity and generally to give an exceptionally healthy glow to the skin. Ingredients include organic rose water from the finest Bulgarian Rosa damascena, French green clay, green tea, sweet almond, moringa and baobab. The rå oils are tapped into recyclable alum­­inum bottles specially designed to maintain the quality and stability of the oils, making it viable to bring them on travels where the temperature can easily vary between 5 to 35°C without ever affecting the quality of the oils. Recent additions to the all-vegan rå oils are three facial clay masks that complement each of the three lines of rå treatment oils; acne therapy, anti-aging and skin therapy, plus a hair serum, developed in collaboration with a London-based hairdresser.

water is not used in the RÓ skin care formulas. Receiving a very positive response from the get-go, Rebekka decided to take things further and so RÓ was born with graphics and web designer Rakel taking care of the marketing and package designs of RÓ (Check out Rakel’s work at No preservatives, additives, alcohol, aromas, parabens or any toxic substances that could cause allergic reactions or de-stabilize hormonal activity are used in the products that are 100% vegan and practically good enough to eat. Packaging is returnable when finished, giving the customer a 10% discount on next item bought.

No preservatives, additives, alcohol, aromas, parabens or any toxic substances that could cause allergic reactions or de-stabilize hormonal activity are used in the products that are 100% vegan and practically good enough to eat.



B O A R D !

Elevate your encounter with Iceland! Amazing helicopter tours around Iceland for individuals or groups. You can choose from a 20 minutes city sightseeing tour up to a whole day journey and everything in between. AirTaxi! We are often available on short notice! Your wish is our command! The fleet is made up of the most modern and meticulously maintained helicopters on the market. The pilots are trained to the highest standards, experienced, friendly, multi-lingual individuals with great knowledge of Iceland’s spectacular nature. They will make your journey unforgettable. Safety and comfort of our customers is always our main priority. • We operate from Reykjavik (city) Airport. • We offer free transport services within Reykjavik city area in connection with our flights. • We can, on the other hand, arrange for a pick up and/or drop off from and to just about anywhere in the country. • You can either pick one of our tours or simply design your own. • We are flexible.

Our service team is on duty 24/7 and will happily assist you at any time. Check out our tours and prices on our website. E-mail to or call (+354) 589 1000

Issue five 49


WOW CITYBIKE – It’s kind of a big wheel This summer WOW air started a brand new side venture in Reykjavik, a city-bike service, giving the citizens and guests of Reykjavík a chance to better explore the capital of Iceland on their own. Photo: Garðar Ólafsson

noise and air pollution. We wholeheartedly recommend riding around Reykjavik while taking in the sights.

F is

k is


Skarfabakki Harbor



The Pond


Sæbr aut ug




Borg artú n






sb ra ut

WOW Power to the people




in g



Bicycling is an eco-friendly way to sight-see wherever you go as it reduces traffic congestion,




M ik

Reykjavík Domestic Airport

la b

ra u


Bú st


THEY SEE ME ROLLIN’ Find your WOW citybike station and start riding. For more information go to




We hope to see everyone riding bikes in Reykjavik, using them as an environmentally friendly mode of transportations to sightsee in Reykjavik. v



Renting a WOW citybike is easy. Go to any WOW citybike station and use your credit card in the kiosk to sign in and get a code. Use your code to take out a bike and ride as you please, for up to 30 minutes for only 350 ISK. Before your half hour is up, return the bike to any WOW citybike station and wait at least 2 minutes before you take the bike out again, if you have time left, or get another 30-minute credit for 350 ISK. You can do this all day long but if you decide to go for a longer ride on a WOW citybike each half hour added will cost 500 ISK.


City bike rentals are well known all over the world. From USA and Canada to the UK and China, the simple idea of a city bike-sharing system has taken root in most big cities and the bikes are well used. It was time the bike-sharing got to Reykjavik too and WOW air, an airline proud of its bike-friendly culture (not to mention the WOW Cyclothon), is happy to be the one to offer this user-friendly bike rental to the people of Reykjavik and their visitors. This June WOW air set up eight WOW citybike stations in and around downtown Reykjavik providing affordable access to bikes for short distance trips. This gives riders the chance to forgo motorized transport while still traveling quickly from A to B where they can return the bike and then take it out again when it’s time to move on to the next exciting destination. This affordable option is more fun than a bus or a taxi and an easy way to get to know Reykjavik.

This June WOW air set up eight WOW citybike sta­­­tions in and around downtown Reykjavik providing affordable access to bikes for short distance trips. This gives riders the chance to forgo motorized transport while still traveling quickly from A to B where they can return the bike and then take it out again when it’s time to move on to the next exciting destination.

WOW air now offers 100 bikes divided between eight kiosk stations.

að av

eg ur

Refuel at Olís We welcome you to our service stations around Iceland where you can refuel and enjoy our services. Great variety of tasty food and beverages and everything else you might need on the road. Visit us at





Since 1927

Issue five 51

Be Iceland

The ultimate travel companion Finding all those secret spots in Iceland that no one even thinks to look for can be a daunting task but we have something that can make your vacation in Iceland a lot easier.

With over 2600 GPS POIs you‘ll have a hard time not making a few detours. Be Iceland is an informational website and a phone app designed to make your traveling in Iceland easier. PLAN TO BE THERE As soon as you land, you can book your Flybus transfer to Reykjavik through the app instead of standing in line at the ticket office. Because all the Flybuses have free wifi, the journey will also give you a great opportunity to find and book tours on your way to Reykjavik. When traveling in Iceland, the Be Iceland app will help you find interesting places nearby and help you locate most of Iceland‘s amazing natural attractions and historic places, towns, hotels, shops and restaurants. The app will also help you find ATMs and recycling stations should you need them and it lets you filter everything down to better fit your plans.


WOW Power to the people

THE TRAVELER‘S SECRET WEAPON The Be Iceland app is easy to navigate and has several categories to choose from such as Eat, Sleep, Discover, Enjoy and Shop, to name a few. The Discover category is especially handy, giving you directions to places known for their natural or historical significance close to your location. Filtering the results by your interest can lead to the discovery of something great, like a little known natural gem, a conveniently located hiking route or a historical site where you learn something interesting. If you‘re a budget traveler, this feature will become your ultimate secret weapon when planning your trip as almost all of these places are free of charge. Inside all other categories, you can filter the results to find exactly what you need with information that would never fit inside any guide book. Looking for a swimming pool? Go to the Enjoy category and filter the results to swimming pools, you‘ll find the

When traveling in Iceland, the Be Iceland app will help you find interesting places nearby and help you locate most of Iceland‘s amazing natural attractions and historic places, towns, hotels, shops and restaurants.

The Be Iceland app is free of charge and available for ios and Android through their respective stores. You can also check out the Be Iceland website, beiceland. is. It‘s a great place to start if you‘re planning a vacation in Iceland.

closest one first but you might also find one that‘s too unique to pass by. In the Enjoy category, you can find nearby tours too and book them directly. EVERYTHING YOU‘RE LOOKING FOR AND MORE Hungry? Select the Eat category and browse the closest restaurant. Or decide what you‘re hungry for and filter the results. From vegan or vegetarian to steaks and sushi and almost everything in between, the Be Iceland app‘s got you covered. For those looking for that perfect item to complete their wardrobe or a quirky souvenir, the Shop category will be a dream come true. Filter the results by fashion or design to find real Icelandic clothes or select souvenirs to find the one item that will complete your collection. v

Spend the night at a snow-powered hotel In Iceland, all electricity is generated from renewable sources; falling water, the heat of the earth and the force of the wind. Welcome to the land of renewable energy.

Issue five 53

WOW word of advice

The ultimate safety checklist We have the utmost respect for the work of ICE-SAR (Icelandic Search and Rescue teams) who work tirelessly educating locals and guests alike to prevent accidents while traveling in Iceland. ICE-SAR’s volunteers, on call day and night, are willing and able to respond to emergency calls and go into dangerous circumstances to save those who haven’t heard or haven’t heeded their advice.

Check the road conditions on as they frequently change in the wintertime and may be closed/impassible.

Because it is in every traveler’s power not to put himself/herself in danger, we consider it a common courtesy towards the rescue volunteers to follow their advice and stay safe. Your life is not the only one you’ll put in danger if you don’t. Good preparation is key for successful travel in Iceland, so please keep the following in mind: 1.

Your first destination should always be


Always leave your travel plan with someone who can react if needed and with Safetravel.


Check the weather forecast on, sudden changes in weath­er are very common so always be prepared for any kind of weather!


Map, compass and GPS should always be used when traveling outside urban areas!


Conditions in Iceland can be very different from what you are used to, so gather information about the area you are traveling to.


WOW Power to the people

Single lane bridges, tunnels and roads can be found in all of Iceland. Show patience, slow down and let cars coming from the other side finish crossing before attempting it yourself.


If traveling on foot/hiking, make sure you are fully aware of the conditions and follow marked trails!


When hiking in Iceland, layers are your friend! A waterproof shell is a necessity and wool is your best friend in the mountains!


Look for the Safetravel screens around the country as alerts on weather and conditions will appear on there!

Beautiful Icelandic nature is easily accessible by car, but you must keep the following in mind: 9.

Check the road conditions on as they frequently change in the wintertime and may be closed/impassible.

10. Driving in the Highland should only be done in 4x4/4WD jeeps with ground clearance! 11. A seat belt use is required by law and your life may depend upon it; also in the backseat!

112 The emergency number in Iceland is 112.

12. Pulling over on the side of the main road (no. 1) is prohibited. Find a side road or a rest area where you can open all doors of the vehicle safely! 13. Accidents are common on gravel roads—reduce your speed before the transition! 14. Single lane bridges, tunnels and roads can be found in all of Iceland. Show patience, slow down and let cars coming from the other side finish crossing before attempting it yourself.

We hope you have safe travel in Iceland. Remember —we want you out of here - alive!

VOX Restaurant Tel.: +354 444 5050 |

Geiri Smart Restaurant Hverfisgata 30 | Tel.: +354 528 7050 |


Icelandair Hotel Akureyri Tel.: +354 518 100 |

Satt Restaurant Tel.: +354 444 4050 | Issue five 55


Burro / Pablo Discobar Veltusund 1 by Ingólfstorg Square 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 552 7333 E-mail:

Burro and Pablo Discobar

Where you’ll find the locals Burro Tapas + Steaks is a new favorite on the Icelandic restaurant scene, having opened in the fall of 2016 in downtown Reykjavik. Icelanders were quick to claim this hidden gem, and from the start, it has been a local favorite.


urro Tapas + Steaks is a new favorite on the Icelandic restaurant scene, having opened in the fall of 2016 in downtown Reykjavik. Icelanders were quick to claim this hidden gem, and from the start, it has been a local favorite.

Fun and quirky with a history Burro is located in the center of Reykjavík in a hist­ or­­ical building designed by Rögnvaldur Ólafs­­son, often dubbed “the first architect of Ice­­­land.” To de­­sign the interior of Burro, the owners recruited designer Hálfdán Pedersen to help them use as much as possible of the house’s original plans as well as portray their fun and quirky spirit.

Best shared with friends All food at Burro is prepared with high-quality Icelandic ingredients by master chefs and served by the very helpful waiting staff. Everything they serve comes with a modern Latin twist and all of the dishes are made so they can be shared with the whole table, creating a more festive atmosphere. Every night at Burro will feel like it’s the weekend; it’s fun, it’s relaxed and the staff makes sure all of their guests are having a good time.

Dinner and disco Before or after enjoying dinner at Burro, we recommend a visit to Burro’s weird brother on the

BURRO Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 5-11 pm and Fri-Sat: 5-12 pm PABLO DISCOBAR Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 4 pm – 1 am and Fri-Sat: 4 pm – 3 am Happy our every day from 4-6 pm


WOW Power to the people

floor above the restaurant. Pablo Discobar has happy hour from 4-6 PM every day. Pablo Discobar will make you some of the best cocktails in town, and of course he will play you some disco music as well but beware, he doesn’t like it when people steal his pelicans. v

Burro Tapas + Steaks is a new favorite on the Icelandic restaurant scene, hav­­ ing opened in the fall of 2016 in down­­ town Reykjavik. Icelanders were quick to claim this hidden gem, and from the start, it has been a local favorite.


Kaldi Bar Laugavegur 20 b 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 581 2200

A breath of fresh air



t might not be spacious but it makes up for it with great relaxing atmos­­­phere in a rustic setting. Besides the congenial atmosphere, there’s a great outside seating area in a cozy back­­yard. Known for its wide collection of local micro brews both on draft and in bottl­es, Kaldi Bar is very popular among locals who check in at happy hour to get their fill of the unfiltered Kaldi brew. Drop by and get to know everybody, they might even give you some good tips on how to become a local. v 

Kaldi Bar is one of Iceland’s most unique bars. An oasis in central Reykjavík. It might not be spacious but it makes up for it with great relaxing atmos­­­phere in a rustic setting.

KALDI BAR Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 12:00 noon - 01:00 am Friday & Saturday: 12:00 noon - very late / Price list Beer on draft 0.5 – 1,100 IKR Glass of vine – 1,200 IKR / Happy hour 16:00-19:00 / Beer on draft 0.5 – 650 IKR / Glass of vine – 650 I Issue five 57


Kol Restaurant Skólavörðustígur 40 101 Reykjavík Tel: +354 517 7474 www. kolrestaurant .is

Cocktails and feel good food at Kol Restaurant BE PREPARED FOR A MEMORABLE NIGHT OUT AT KOL RESTAURANT.


ituated at Skólavörðustígur 40 in Reykja­­­­­­ vík, Kol Restaurant’s design con­­­­­cept is a mixture of warm modern Icelandic feel with international touc­­h­­es and the furniture of designer Tom Dixon playing the central role. The rest­­­­­­­­aur­­ant is on two floors with an open kitchen and a mighty bar. Both floors are divided into spac­­es with cozy leather couches and a variety of diff­­­er­­ent table settings. Kol Restaurant centers on the bar where the country’s best cocktail bar­­tenders serve craft cocktails from the best ingredients available

and offer an ambitious cocktail list to begin and complete the dining experience. The selection is feel good comfort food with a twist on classic cuisine. The menu offers a variety of finger food, salads, fish, steaks and dess­­ erts. The head chefs, Einar Hjaltason and Kári Þor­­­­­steinsson, have over 20 years of ex­­­perience at Reykjavik’s best restaurants as well as work ex­­­perience in several known restaurants in London, for example Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, Dabbous, Noma, 28/50 and Texture. Don’t miss out on this

KOL RESTAURANT Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11:30-23:00 / Saturday-Sunday 17:30-23:00


WOW Power to the people

brand new gem on the Reykjavik restaurant scene. This is a great place to begin a fun evening. v

Kol Restaurant cent­­ers on the bar where the coun­try’s best cock­­tail bar­­ tend­­ers serve craft cocktails from the best in­­gredi­ents available and offer an ambi­­tious cocktail list to begin and com­­plete the dining exper­­ience.


American Bar Austurstræti 8-10 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 571 9999 Mobile: +354 697 9003 Find us on Facebook/AmericanBarIceland

American Bar American Bar captures the American spirit; land of the free, home of the brave with a unique selection of beer and a simple yet delicious menu. American Bar is a must-visit when in Reykjavik.

Beer selection second to none With more than 50 different kinds of beer you are sure to find the beer that suits your taste. There’s beer made in the Hawaiian Islands as well as beer made from the famous Icelandic water.

Location and experience Located at the heart of Reykjavik, American Bar is easy to find. Once inside you’ll feel at home right away, especially if you’re an American; with decorations like football helmets (find your favorite team) and the American flag.

Live music, live sport and the Wheel of Fortune Live music every night brings the right atmosphere and if you want to shake it up a bit you can hit the

dance floor on weekends and dance into the crazy Reykjavik night. If you are feeling lucky you can always spin the Wheel of Fortune. Must see that game in the English PL or the Champions League? You will be well taken care of at the American Bar. HD-screens and TVs in every corner make sure that you won’t miss one second of your favorite sport.

Inside and out—all day long With more than 100 seats inside and a great outdoor area on the sunny side (for those wonderful sunny Icelandic summer days) you will always find a seat at a good table. The outside area is truly remarkable, overlooking Dómkirkjan Cathedral and Alþingi (Parliament House). When you think of central Reykjavik this is it! The menu

is simple, yet delicious. The hamburgers, ribs and chicken wings are well-known to the locals for being unique and tasty. Lunch or dinner, live music or dancing, beer or cocktails; the American Bar has it all and is truly worth the visit! v

Life is short—Drink early! Located at the heart of Reykjavik, Ameri­can Bar is easy to find. Once inside you’ll feel at home right away, especi­ally if you’re an American; with deco­­rations like football helmets (find your favorite team) and the American flag.

AMERICAN BAR Open: Mondays to Thursday from 11:00 am - 1:00 am - Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 4:30 am - Sun: 11:00 am - 1:00 am

Issue five 59


The English Pub Austurstræti 12 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 578 0400 Mobile: +354 697 9003

The English Pub – Save water, drink beer For years, Iceland has enjoyed a diverse selection of restaurants and often sophisticated bars. However, one tiny grumble occasionally surfaced from the country’s A ­ nglophiles – simply that there was no proper “pub”.


nd so the English Pub was born. From mod­­­­est beginnings it has built a hearty repu­­tation, seeking out, with the advice and guidance of its dedicated customers, the finest ale availa­­ble to mankind. Today it offers its enthusiastic clientele the chance to try a great variety of beers, foreign brands, as well as many local beers that are a must try.

Whisky galore Not content to rest on its laurels, the English Pub has ventured north of its virtual border and also offers the finest selection of whiskies anywhere in the country. Acclaimed assortment of malts includes many of Scotland’s finest, ensuring numerous Icelanders and worldly travelers make

the pilgrimage to the pub’s humble door. Located at the very heart of downtown Reykjavik, the walls of the English Pub are adorned with hundreds of photographs – like an album of the city’s history just waiting to be explored over a quiet beer.

A sporting chance Live sporting coverage is amply catered for, with a choice of six big screens and two TV screens. Inside the pub there is room for up to 150 people, and an outdoor terrace can accommodate plenty more on those balmy Icelandic evenings! Whether it is football (Premier and Champions League), rugby or golf, there are always special offers when live events are being broadcast. Live music every night adds

to the atmosphere. In addition to the happy hour from 4-7pm every day, and for the ones feeling lucky, there is the Wheel of Fortune. Regulars like nothing more than to spin the wheel and chance a “Sorry” or preferably, win what used to be called a Yard of Ale. These days, it’s inevitably known as a meter of beer, but the winners don’t seem to mind! v

Located at the very heart of downtown Reykjavik, the walls of the English Pub are adorned with hundreds of photographs – like an album of the city’s history just waiting to be explored over a quiet beer.

THE ENGLISH PUB Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 12:00 - 01:00 Fri-Sat: 12-04:30 | Open at 11 am from May 1st to September 1st.


WOW Power to the people


The Lebowski Bar Laugavegur 20 a 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 552 2300 email:

Lebowski Bar THE REYKJAVIK VENUE THAT ROCKS! Walking into this American retro bar, is stepping back in time. And right away you know it’s the right bar for a few White Russians and a real good time. With carefully chosen music from the 50s to the 80s, the atmosphere in Lebowski Bar comes together giving the good vibration that the Dude would definitely abide by! Just walk in to see what condition your condition is in…


ll kinds of people come here,” the staff proudly explains. “Icelanders, tourists, every­­­body. With food and music that suits everyone, our customers range from age 20 to 85.” On those rare, but beautiful “warm” days in Iceland, Lebowski is the place to be: the huge outdoor terrace opens whenever the temperature rises above “a steamy 5°C.” But even with all this going for it, what Lebowski Bar prides itself most on is its delicious, diner-style menu with one-of-a-kind burgers, thick and creamy milkshakes, and oh yeah— White Russians. White Russians. Lebowski Bar has over 23 different variations of White Russians, the most popular one being the Cocaucasian, a regular White Russian topped with Cocoa Puffs. Some call it the brunch of champions, others Cocoa Puffs Russian … Either way, it’s delicious!

Where’s the Burger, Lebowski? Made with 150 grams of beef—that’s more than a quarter pound, for the metrically-challenged— Lebowski Bar’s classic burgers always hit the spot and boast a tempting array of toppings and sauces, from chili-marinated bacon to Japanese mayo.

With its perfect balance of sweet and savory, the Honey Boo, a honey-glazed bacon and BBQ-sauce burger, has been called “the best bacon burger in town” (and there are a lot of them to choose from). The Other Lebowski, a steak burger made from extra juicy beef tenderloin, is a staff favorite. Wanna go big? Check out the “Burger of the Month” specialty offerings. Past specialty burgers have included the Once Upon a Time in the West, made with steak tenderloin marinated in La Trappe Quadrupel Ale and served with Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce and caramelized onions, among other tasty toppings. Another limited-time option was the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a piquant patty served—appropriately enough—with pepper cheese and chili sauce. Burgers are clearly the house specialty here. For non-beefy options, Lebowski Bar has something for you, too. Try the Bunny Lebowski Chicken Burger, which was declared “gorgeous” by one happy visitor on Trip Advisor, or The Stranger Veggie Burger. And if you’re looking for something lighter, there are plenty of bar snacks—from cheese-stuffed jalapeños to onion rings—to enjoy with your beer.

You’re not wrong, Walter. Lebowski Bar opens 11 am for lunch and there is a DJ every night from 9 pm. All big sports events are shown on all 5 Full HD screens. “This Reykjavík place is mind-bending,” Trip Ad­­visor user Graham enthused after a recent visit. “The burgers are massive, the chips chunky and the beers and White Russians flow. There’s a happy hour to bring down Iceland’s high prices, and regular bands playing to bring the film’s rockin’ ethos to life.” Sounds good to us. But you know, that’s just, like, his opinion, man. v

Wanna go big? Check out the “Burger of the Month” specialty offerings. Past specialty burgers have included the Once Upon a Time in the West, made with steak tenderloin marinated in La Trappe Quadrupel Ale and served with Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce and caramelized onions, among other tasty toppings.

FIND IT ON FACEBOOK and Twitter Twitter: @LebowskiBar - Instagram: #LebowskiBar - Opening hours: 11:00 – 01:00 Sun-Thurs and 11:00 – 04:00 Fri/Sat Issue five 61


Hressingarskálinn Austurstræti 20 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 561 2240

Coffee house, restaurant & night club Hressingarskálinn is a warm place with plenty of seating and a great loca­­tion in down­ town Reykjavik. It’s one of the few places that open at 9 AM to serve breakfast for hungry travelers or locals. Hressingarskálinn is a big part of Reykja­vík’s history; the house was built in 1802 and the restaurant was established in 1932. The house has hosted Hress­ingarskálinn since 1932.


itting down for a coffee has a magnetic eff­­ ect on Iceland’s most talented art­­­ists and writers. Smokers can have a seat on a heat­­ed patio with service all day. Over the summer, this place really comes alive. The yard is completely sheltered from the wind, allowing you to enjoy food and beverages in the bright sunlight. Thursday to Sunday is usually packed with people from all over the world. It’s a great place to meet strangers for

some interesting story sharing. Live bands play on Fridays and Sat­urdays, guaranteeing a crowd before all the popular DJ’s hit the floor with party tunes from 01:00-04:30 AM. The menu consists of great selections and offers everything from breakfast to a fantastic dinner. Hressingarskálinn offers Icelandic food for curious visitors. You can always try the traditional Icelandic meat soup. If not, there’s lamb or the fish stew – You won’t be

HRESSINGARSKÁLINN Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 9:00 am - 1:00 am Fri-Sat: 10:00 am - 4:30 am Sun: 9:00 am - 1:00 am


WOW Power to the people

disappointed. Hress­­­ingar­­­skálinn is stylish and old at the same time, a history well preserved. Check out Hress­­­ingar­skálinn for great prices and awesome fun! v

The menu consists of great sel­­ect­­ions and offers every­thing from breakfast to a fantastic dinner.


Sakebarinn Laugavegur 2 101 Reykjavík Tel: +354 777 3311

The one and only choice for Sushi & Sticks …SO YOU CAN CHECK IT OFF YOUR BUCKET LIST Located in a loft on Laugavegur, the main shopping street, in one of Iceland’s old­est buildings (1886) is a great new restaurant with a great view and an amazing at­mosphere called Sakebarinn. In its beautiful location, surrounded by windows that look down on Austurstræti, (an extension of Laugavegur leading to the Old Town) and up Skólavörðustígur (known for its cafés, local boutiques and art shops with native works), Sakebarinn lies in the very heart of downtown Reykjavík. In the winter you can see the Northern Lights from the balcony and in the summer, the amazing summer sunsets over the harbor.


he owners of Sakebarinn have a keen interest for the arts and crafts and a wealth of creative assets to play with. Although Sake­­barinn has a strong foundation in pure Japanese cuisine the current style of the restaurant proves that the owners are not afraid to break some of the rules. To them sushi is meant to be an art form. Along with its handcrafted sushi, Sakebarinn also offers a sel­­ection of sticks and other meat cours­­es, featuring whale and horse and anything that’s fresh and interesting that day. Why live on an island in the middle of the Atlantic if you’re not going take advantage of the natural fauna? Along with the local seafood, Sakebarinn also carries some more exotic things like octopus, just to keep it interesting, and with a little some­­thing for everyone. There’s love on every plate – You will feel

it with each taste. It’s no accident that the place is named Sake­­bar­­inn. It does feature the country’s largest sel­­ection of sake and a shot before a meal can truly enhance the feel of real Japanese dining. It comes in a sur­­prising range of flavors too, everything from really girly fruit sake to the fire spewing alcohol con­­tent of some of the more butch types; potato sake, warm and cold sake and Japanese plum wine. And then of course are the bottles that didn’t make it on to the menu because no one could read the labels and therefore no one knows what they are. Mystery sake! Sakebarinn is a place born to show­­case the talents the staff have collected over the years work­­ing at their first Sushi restau­­rant call­­ed Sushibarinn, which is located on the first floor in the same house. A year and a wild ride later, this sushi family has in­­corporated a

bunch of new and talented people with some great new recipes and skills they didn’t know they had and didn’t even know existed. The walls are hand painted by them, the wine selected by them, the menu is designed by them and the place is loved by them. They also love to present food so their clients become part of their love for sushi. The look on your face is what they are aiming for, the look of enjoyment. v

Along with the local seafood, Sakebarinn also carries some more exotic things like octopus, just to keep it interesting, and a little some­­thing for everyone.

SAKEBARINN Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm Issue five 63


Den Danske Kro Ingólfsstræti 3 101 Reykjavík Tel: +354 552 0070

When in Iceland, go Danish! A vibrant place on the Reykjavík social scene is Den Danske Kro or “The Danish Pub,” a popular downtown venue with locals with happy hour and with live music every night.


en Danske Kro serves a variety of beers, in addition to familiar names such as Tuborg and Carlsberg, the Danish Pub serves a selection of seasonal beers from both Denmark and Iceland. During the Christmas months, Den Danske Kro is the home of the Tuborg Christmas Beer or “Julebryg,” a popular drink in Iceland during the darkest months.

check out the interior of the pub and you’ll discover an off-the-wall design in its most literal sense! Den Danske Kro is a great place to hang out with friends, play darts, watch sports, enjoy the occasional sun and watch the world go by on the outside terrace. And to get into the spirit of things, we recommend you try a glass of the customary Gammel Dansk bitters, a traditional Danish schnapps.

Cozy Copenhagen style

The place to party

The Danes have a word to describe a cozy, friendly atmosphere—“hyggelig” and that’s something the owners of the Danish Pub have worked hard to create in this home away from home within a pub. Just

Den Danske Kro, as said before, is a popular venue among locals, and as soon as happy hour kicks off, the place starts filling up with people from the neighborhood and others who want to finish the

DEN DANSKE KRO Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 12:00 – 01:00 and Fri-Sat 12:00 – 05:00


WOW Power to the people

workday with a cold beer. Every night there’s live music where you can request your all-time favorite. During the weekend Den Danske Kro is open late. The bartenders will be happy to see you and you are welcome to dance and sing with the guests until the morning. v

Den Danske Kro serves a variety of beers, in addition to familiar names such as Tuborg and Carlsberg, the Danish Pub serves a selection of seasonal beers from both Denmark and Iceland.


Bar Ananas & SmakkBarinn Klapparstigur 38 101 Reykjavik E-mail: Tel: +354 774 4 404

A taste of summer Whatever the season, you can count on it being summer at Bar Ananas and just to make things even more interesting, they’re now offering a brand new tapas experience in a cozy establishment downstairs called SmakkBarinn.


eel the beach in the snow! Or at least have a little flashback while drinking cocktails with pineapple. Yup, it’s a beach bar in Iceland! A tropical theme designed to conquer over the cold winter. How COOL… WARM! is that? So when you don’t feel like doing that northern lights tour or going with all the other tourists into the Blue Lagoon, you can always check out the happy hour at Bar Ananas. Drink some cocktails and have the sur­­roundings constantly reminding you of warm weather and the beach. Unique in Iceland because nobody thought it would work – well, they’ve all been proven wrong. Bar Ananas is a popular spot on the Reykjavik night­­life scene with cool DJ’s all the time. Below is a restaurant called SmakkBarinn which serves Icelandic tapas. You can even order from them and eat it at the beach. No reason to give up a good tan!

SmakkBarinn A cozy place in the heart of Reykjavík, Smakk­­­ Bar­­inn and Bar Ananas are just a short walk from Lauga­­vegur, Reykjavik’s main shopping street. SmakkBarinn offers tapas in jars and it’s all Ice­­ landic with many cool combinations of food to try out. For the sake of variety, their menu changes all the time. Eating at SmakkBarinn is one thrill after another; you can taste everything on the menu without having to sell your car. All their tapas dishes are presented in jars perfect both for dining out and also just for getting a snack with some friends and still come out happy you didn’t spend a fortune on a whole meal. The next best part is the beer… Oh yeah! You can taste that too in jars. Whatever you decide to do in Iceland, you might want to try out some Icelandic tapas and party the night away at Iceland’s all season beach bar. v

SmakkBarinn offers tapas in jars and it’s all Icelandic with many cool combinations of food to try out. For the sake of variety, their menu changes all the time. Eating at SmakkBarinn is one thrill after another; you can taste everything on the menu without having to sell your car.

You’ll find both Bar Ananas and SmakkBarinn on Facebook Issue five 65


Slippbarinn Mýrargata 2 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 560 8080 Email:


The birthplace of Icelandic cocktail culture It has already been five years since Slippbarinn opened its doors at the trendy and ­delightful Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina, but it is still as popular as ever. As it turns out, Reykjavík in 2012 was ripe for a cocktail revolution.


lippbarinn became an instant hit, with its emphasis on fresh ingredients, creativity and high-quality hand-crafted cocktails. Many fine bars have since followed in Slippbarinn’s footsteps, making the Reykjavík scene exciting to any cocktail connoisseur. But no one else quite lives up to the endless innovation, ambition and sheer style of the inimitable Slippbarinn.

subtle, but always deeply satisfying. An everevolving menu consists of dishes that combine fresh and hearty, wholesome and flavorful, with a dash of adventure. Some classics have earned a permanent place, however. Be sure not to miss the legendary charcuterie (created to share), the expertly prepared calamari, or what might be the best fish soup in the entire city!

Bright flavors and bold presentation

Your perfect harbor hangout

In the kitchen as in the bar, Slippbarinn is guided by its philosophy of flux and creativity. Starting with the solid foundation of a classic dish, the chefs bring their own twist, sometimes bold, sometimes

Almost every town in Iceland is a fishing village at heart. At Slippbarinn, you get right in touch with Reykjavík’s roots. Located on the old harbor, in view of a still-operational dock, it’s where you can watch

fishing vessels being repaired. Slippbarinn is the perfect place to while away an afternoon over a whiskey sour and the catch of the day. When it is time for a caffeine fix, head over to Slippbarinn’s baby brother, the adjoined gourmet café Kaffislippur. The pastries will melt in your mouth and you will dream of them ever after. v

Slippbarinn is the perfect place to while away an afternoon over a whiskey sour and the catch of the day.

ARTISTS IN THE KITCHEN, ENTREPRENEURS AT THE BAR Opening hours: Sundays to Thursdays: 11:30 am – midnight / Fridays and Saturdays: 11:30 am – 1:00 am / Happy hour: every day from 3-6 pm.


WOW Power to the people


Kopar Restaurant Geirsgata 3 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 567 2700 www.koparrestaurant .is / info@koparrestaurant .is



he fishing industry still thrives in Reykja­­­vik, so the old harbor is full of life. In the morning, fishermen go out to sea and return later with their catch of the day. As you stand on the pier you can feel the history of Reykjavik and watch the harbor life: fishing boats, fishermen, the catch, and young kids with their rods trying their luck off the pier. Meanwhile passersby are walking about and enjoying life. This fresh and energetic atmosphere of the old harbor is all part of the experience when you dine at Kopar. Kopar is a seafood restaurant

featuring locally caught seafood and crustaceans. They are especially proud of their crab soup, made with Icelandic rock crab from Hvalfjordur. Kopar offers a variety of Icelandic produce, including wild game, although the main emphasis is seafood, the fruit of the ocean. Kopar‘s head chef, Ylfa, is a member of the gold medal winning national culinary team. She pre­­­ pares the seafood in a unique and delicate manner, in­­tent on giving you an unforgetable experience. Delight yourself with great service and atmosphere,

delicious food and the best view in town. When visiting Reykjavik, enjoying a night out at Kopar is a must. v

Kopar‘s head chef, Ylfa, is a member of the gold medal winning national culinary team. She prepares the seafood in a unique and delicate manner, intent on giving you an unforgetable experience.

KOPAR RESTAURANT Opening hours: Mondays to Thursday from 11:30-22:30 - Fridays from 11:30-23:30 - Saturdays from 12:00-23:30 - Sundays from 18:00-22:30 Issue five 67


ODDSSON 101 Reykjavík Tel: 5113579 email:

Hello is it me you’re looking for?

ODDSSON Reykjavik ODDSSON is all about the surprising combinations that make life interesting.


luxurious suite on the same floor as an 8 bed dorm room. Extravagant design furniture in a lobby with stripped down concrete walls. A Karaoke room in the middle of a restaurant! Whether you are looking to splurge or save, this old warehouse turned hip-hostel is the place to rest, play, work, have a snack, meet people, make friends or just sit back and relax.

A view to get lost in Although ODDSSON is only a few steps away from the frenzy of bars, cafés and stores of downtown Reykjavík its proximity to the sea makes it feel nicely set apart from the bustle of the city center. As you kick back in the lobby’s sofa’s and take in that

ODDSSON Hello is it me you’re looking for?


WOW Power to the people

expansive ocean view it’s easy to imagine yourself sitting somewhere at the edge of the world. The glorious sunset light on Mount Esja (or the northern lights over the bay if you’re lucky) only adds to the sensation. If you need to plan a trip, catch up on

ODDSSON offers dorm rooms, single & double hostel rooms as well as en suite rooms at some of the best prices in Iceland. For an even better bargain use this code when you book your stay at 4WOW2STAY

work or upload all those pictures you’ve been taking on your travels, why not grab a coffee at the café downstairs, spread your map, plug in your devices and make yourself at home. There’s plenty of space.

Did someone say yoga? If it’s relaxation you’re after, then be sure to memo­­ rize the weekly schedule for the hostel’s yoga studio. With a variety of sessions ranging from quiet meditation hours to full-on Yoga classes, the studio brings ODDSSON guests, staff members, and locals all together for a little bit of bliss. Perched on the fourth floor with warm wood vibes and huge win­­dows opening up to the sky, there is nowhere better to salute the sun. v


Yogafood Grensásvegur 10 108 reykjavík Tel: 519-2290 Email:

Taste the love


Yogafood is a new restaurant located at Grensásvegur 10, not far from downtown Reykjavik. Whether you want to grab some fresh red beet juice, a green smoothie to take on your trip or sit down for a healthy lunch, Yogafood has it all.

Yogafood serves a variety of healthy break­­ fast items and offers a delicious lunch menu, all gluten-free and with no added sugar.

Nourishing the chakras Yogafood’s concept designer is Thorbjörg, an Ice­­­­­landic internationally recognized nutritionist and author of many lifestyle books and health cook­­­­books. Her latest is about Yoga and Yogafood. She has lived in Denmark for the past 30 years but mov­­ed back home last summer to fulfill her dream of open­­ing up her own health food restaurant. The concept of the food is based on vitality and energy including the 7 chakras, which for those who are familiar with yoga, know that all have their specific meaning and qualities. The juices and drinks served at Yogafood, are made with a specific chakra in mind, and you can choose off the menu according to what chakra you want to strengthen. If you don’t know anything about yoga or the chakras, no worries, just come and enjoy the tasty and high-quali­­ty food.

On the menu, you will, for example, find a Moroc­can vegetarian dish, a deeply satisfying vegan Indian dish, a hearty Chili sin carne with a quinoa salsa salad or a colorful Caribbean veggie mix with coconut-carrot salad. If you want something lighter, grab a gluten-free sandwich with pesto and grilled zucchini and a refreshing sun energy juice to go with it. And don’t miss out on the delectable sugar-free desserts; they look amazing, and taste even better. v The aim at Yogafood is for you to TASTE THE LOVE in every bite you take.

Yogafood’s concept designer is Thorbjörg, an Ice­­landic inter­­­na­­­ tionally recognized nutritionist and author of many lifestyle books and health cook­­books. Her latest is about Yoga and Yogafood.

YOGAFOOD Opening hours: 7:30 AM - 7:30PM Issue five 69

Base HotelHostel at Ásbrú


It’s all about the Base The recently opened Base HotelHostel at Ásbrú is a budget accommodation conveniently located near Keflavik Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Base HotelHostel is at a former NATO base used by the US Army until 2006. The hotel is located in two buildings where US Army families once resided and it embraces the 55-year history of the army’s presence in Iceland in its overall theme, with quirky little touches and photographs. “We looked to the area’s history and decided to create a positive concept revolving around that history. A big part of the design process was creating a warm, comfortable and fun space that could hold all the modern art that’s now on display. To add to the challenge, everything we did must be low-cost and to keep costs down we kept a lot of the furniture that was left in the house. A good example of that are the rocking chairs found in most rooms, which were used by the army families during the military’s stay in Iceland,” says Leifur Welding, hotel designer. PERFECT FOR STOPOVERS Base HotelHostel is perfect for short stopovers in Iceland and as a base for exploring the Reykjanes Peninsula and Southwest Iceland. The affordable rooms cater to all types of travelers. “Base Hotel has a lot to offer, the lone traveler

just looking for a place to rest, the couple for a fun place to be, or the family needing more space. With our community kitchen, laundry room, TV lounges, library, game room, 24-hour reception and bar, and shuttle to and from the airport we try to meet everyone’s needs without aband­oning our policy of being the most affordable accom­­modation in the area. The Base is not just a place to stay, it’s a place to live, even if it’s just for a few days,” says Base hotel manager Richard Eckard. At Base HotelHostel you’ll find hostelstyle dorm rooms for the extremely cost conscious, suites for the private but thrifty

and anything in between for everyone else who just like to stay within their budget but still get a good night’s rest. YOUR BASE IN ICELAND Because the Base HotelHostel is located close to Keflavik Airport a lot of precious time is saved on arrivals and departures for those on a brief WOW Stopover in Iceland. This affords guests more time to explore the Reykjanes Peninsula, a geologically young area displaying Iceland’s magnificent nature. From the Northern Lights to helicopter flights— whale watching to geothermal springs, the Reykjanes Peninsula’s got it all! v

Get comfortable and check out for more infor­­ mation and booking.

Base HotelHostel is at a former NATO base used by the US Army until 2006.


WOW Power to the people

Never mind the chocolate, puffin dolls or the key ring. If you really want a souvenir that will last, a tattoo is the way to go.


You can also shop our merchandise and more at our shop or online at /reykjavikink


We are open Monday – Saturday 12 pm-8pm - We are located on Frakkastíg 7, 101 Reykjavík

Issue five 71

The Vatnajokull Region

Land of Ice and Fire The Region of Vatnajökull in Southeast Iceland spans over 200 km of the Ring Road from Lómagnúpur in the west to Hvalnes Peninsula in the east. The region is filled with striking contrasts with its black beaches, white glaciers, fiery red volcanoes, green birch forest and the blue Atlantic Ocean. Nature‘s dynamism combined with its spellbinding serenity make a visit to the Region of Vatnajökull a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Photos: Jón Óskar Hauksson

The area is particularly delightful to photography enthusiasts with its countless magnifi­cent views of the moun­­ tains and glaciers both in daylight as well as when night falls and the Aurora Borealis light up the sky. And there is a wide range of experienced guides and photo­­ grap­hers in the region who can take you to the picture perfect spots! WILDLIFE Wildlife is plentiful in the Region of Vatnajökull with thous­ands of migrating birds such as puffins and Arctic tern pass­ing through, especially in the spring and summer. Herds of rein­deer are also a common sight, and if you’re lucky you‘ll spot a seal at Jökulsárlón or an Arctic fox running through the land. You will also find dozens of companies that offer all sorts of activities year round, diverse accommo­da­ tion and great restau­rants with local food.

THE ICE CAVES Have you ever imagined looking inside a glacier? The ice-cave season starts mid-November and lasts until mid-March. If you are looking for breathtaking views, great hiking and unforgettable glacier trips, this is undoubtably Iceland’s top location. Numerous outlet glaciers descend from the main glacier plateau of Vatna­jökull. The glacier offers the opportunity of a unique experience that will be hard to top. A trip into the ice caves of Vatnajökull’s southern crawling glacier reveals a wondrous world of colors and refracted light


WOW Power to the people

providing a thrill for any photo enthusiast. Local guides who know every crevice of the glacier, seek out caves formed during the winter months and offer tours. Travelers should only go on such trips under their guidance. HÖFN - NATURE AND CUISINE! Höfn, the region’s only town, is a lively fishing hub with a population of 1,800. Höfn is also known as Iceland’s one and only lobster capital with its com­­ ple­­ment of lovely restaurants offer­ing this precious product as well as various other local

speci­alties year round. Höfn is also a great base for exploring the magnificent Vatnajökull National Park, and be sure to drop by the park’s visitor center in the beautiful historical building, Gamla­búð, by the harbor. ACTIVITY, ACCOMMODATION AND RESTAURANTS In the natural splendor of the Vatna­­jökull Region, everyone can find enjoyable recreation. There are options for adventure expeditions as well as relaxing trips. Much of the activity in the regi­­on revolves around the glacier and the nature surrounding

nature. You can choose be­­tween glacier walks and ice climb­­­­ing, sailing or kayaking in a glacial lagoon, a thrilling snow­­­­mobile ride on Vatnajökull or a comfortable tour of Europe’s largest glacier in a super jeep. The area also offers ATV tours and geothermal baths at Hoffell, reindeer excursions, a visit to the Thorbergssetur Cultural Museum, a tour with a local guide around Höfn, the local handicraft store, the petting zoo at Hólmur and much more. Additionally, there are various hiking trails in the area that are a part of a larger walking route being developed, that upon com­­­ pletion will extend from Skafta­­fell National Park in the west to Lónsöræfi Wilderness in the east. There are various possibilities in accommodations, and you’ll be sure to find a warm welcome by knowledgeable hosts. Several restaurants are in the area and most of them offer dishes made with local ingredients. Be sure to ask for the local beer Vatnajökull, brewed from icebergs from Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and locally sourced Arctic thyme. ACCESSIBLE YEAR ROUND The Vatnajökull Region is well accessible all year due to good weather conditions and frequent transportation. Eagle Air has a daily flight from Reykjavík to Höfn Airport during the summertime and five days a week during other seasons. Buses between Reykjavík and Höfn (Strætó) are scheduled daily throughout the year. There are also three car rental companies in Höfn.

Issue five 73

32 discount stores around Iceland Ísafjörður

Akureyri 2 stores

FIND YOUR Stykkishólmur

STORE Borgarnes Akranes Geysir


Hveragerði Reykjavík Reykjanesbær Kópavogur 2 stores

Garðabær Hafnarfjörður Mosfellsbær



20 stores

Skógafoss 74

Vestmannaeyjar WOW Power to the people


Voted most popular company in Iceland

2014 - 2015 - 2016

Chosen by the Icelandic Buisness Magazine













Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

11:00 - 18:30 10:00 - 19:30 10:00 - 18:00 12:00 - 18:00 Issue five 75


Pour remplir ce formulaire, utilisez uniquement des majuscules. Si vous faites une erreur, notre personnel vous donnera un nouveau formulaire.

s Declaration Fo

The U.S. Custom

Chaque voyageur entrant ou chef de famille entrant doit fournir les informations suivantes (UNE SEULE déclaration par famille)

What is this and why do I need to fill this out? Before you arrive in the U.S., you will need to fill out the US Customs Declaration Form. If you‘re traveling with your family only the head of the family needs to fill out the form. When you arrive on US soil you will hand this form to the U.S. Customs agent.

Français Le formulaire de déclaration en douane américaine

Qu’est-ce que c’est et pourquoi dois-je en remplir un? Avant votre arrivée aux États-Unis, vous devrez remplir le formulaire de déclaration en douane américaine. Si vous voyagez avec votre famille, seul le chef de famille doit le remplir. Lorsque vous arrivez sur le sol américain, vous donnez ce formulaire aux autorités douanières américaines. Si vous voyagez avec des fruits, nous vous recommandons de les jeter avant ou pendant votre vol vers les États-Unis mais que se passe-t-il si vous répondez « oui » à l’une de ces questions ? Ce n’est pas aussi terrible que ça en a l’air et dire la vérité vous évitera pas mal d’ennuis et une amende pouvant aller jusqu’à 300 $. Consultez la page 78 pour obtenir plus d’informations si vous répondez « OUI ».


Nom, Prénom, Initiale du deuxième prénom.


Date de naissance Jour/Mois/Année.


Nombre de personnes voyageant avec vous.


(a) Adresse Aux États-Unis (Destination ou nom de l‘hôtel) (b) Ville (c) Etat


Lieu de délivrace du passeport (nom du pays)


Numéro de passeport


Pays de résidence


Pays visités pendant ce voyage avant l‘arrivée aux aux Etats-Unis

9. Ligne aérienne / numéro du vol / Nom de vaisseau 10. Vous voyagez pour raison d‘affaires: OUI/NON 11.

Je suis / nous sommes porteurs de (a) fruits, plantes, produits alimentaires, insectes: OUI/NON (b) viandes, animaux, produits provenant d‘animaux ou d’animaux sauvages: OUI/NON (c) agents pouvant causer des maladies, cultures cellulaires, escargots: OUI/NON

E A R LY B I R D C AT C H E S After their time in Iceland, Dan and Sarah arrive early to the airport so they can enjoy the last hours there before continuing their journey.




WOW Power to the people

Arrive early at Keflavík Airport and we will greet you with open arms. All passengers travelling with WOW, Icelandair and Primera can check-in from midnight. We have increased our services so you can have a lovely last Icelandic experience. Shops and restaurants open all night in june so you can embrace the last drops of Icelandic taste and feel — and of course Tax and Duty Free.

This Space For Official Use Only

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Welcomes You to the United States

Each arriving traveler or responsible family member must provide the following information (only ONE written declaration per family is required). The term "family" is defined as "members of a family residing in the same household who are related by blood, marriage, domestic relationship, or adoption."

12. J‘ai / nous avons touché ou traité du bétail: OUI/NON 13.

Je suis / nous sommes porteurs d‘espèces ou d‘instruments monétaires d‘une valeur équivalente en monnaie des États Unis ou de tout autre pays (Voir définition d‘instruments monétaire au verso) á plus de 10 000$ US: OUI/NON


Je suis / nous sommes en possession de marchandises commerciales (articles des tinés à la vente, échantillon de démonstration ou tout autre article autresque des effets personnels): OUI/NON


Résidents - la valeur totale des biens, y compris la marchandise commerciale, que j’ai/nous avons achetés ou acquis à l’étranger (y compris les cadeaux pour une autre personne, mais pas les articles envoyés aux États-Unis) et que je/ nous rapportons aux États-Unisest de: montant en USD



19 CFR 122.27, 148.12, 148.13, 148.110, 148.111, 1498; 31 CFR 5316

1 Family Name First (Given) 2 Birth date



Was ist das und warum muss ich dieses Formular ausfüllen?

VALUR Year 8 0 2

Middle Day

Die US-amerikanische Zollerklärung

1 7

3 Number of Family members traveling with you 4 (a) U.S. Street Address (hotel name/destination)

Vor der Ankunft in den USA müssen Sie das Formular der US-Zoller­ klärung ausfüllen. Wenn Sie mit Ihrer Familie unterwegs sind, braucht nur das Familien­ober­haupt dieses Formular ausfüllen. Wenn Sie US-Boden betreten, übergeben Sie dieses Formular dem US-Zoll.

BOSTON HARBOR HOTEL 70 ROWES WHARF (c) State MA BOSTON Passport issued by (country) ICELAND Passport number A0182382 Country of Residence ICELAND FRANCE ~ SPAIN Countries visited on this (b) City

5 6 7 8

The transportation of currency or monetary instruments, regardless of the amount, is legal. However, if you bring in to or take out of the United States more than $10,000 (U.S. or foreign equivalent, or a combination of both), you are required by law to file a report on FinCEN 105 (formerly Customs Form 4790) with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Monetary instruments include coin, currency, travelers checks and bearer instruments such as personal or cashiers checks and stocks and bonds. If you have someone else carry the currency or monetary instrument for you, you must also file a report on FinCEN 105. Failure to file the required report or failure to report the total amount that you are carrying may lead to the seizure of all the currency or monetary instruments, and may subject you to civil penalties and/or criminal prosecution. SIGN ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THIS FORM AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOVE AND MADE A TRUTHFUL DECLARATION.

Wenn Sie auf Ihrer Reise Obst mit sich führen, empfehlen wir Ihnen, dies vor oder während dem Flug in die USA zu entsorgen. Aber was geschieht, wenn Sie eine dieser Fragen mit Ja beantworten? Das ist nicht so schrecklich, wie Sie vielleicht denken, und Ehrlichkeit spart Ihnen eine Menge Ärger und eine mögliche Geldstrafe von bis zu 300$. Siehe Seite 78 für weitere Informationen zur Antwort JA.

trip prior to U.S. arrival

9 Airline/Flight No. or Vessel Name


10 The primary purpose of this trip is business:




(a) fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, food, insects:



(b) meats, animals, animal/wildlife products:



(c) disease agents, cell cultures, snails:



(d) soil or have been on a farm/ranch/pasture:



12 I have (We have) been in close proximity of livestock: Yes


x x x x x







11 I am (We are) bringing

Bitte verwenden Sie beim Ausfüllen dieses Formulars nur Großbuchstaben. Falls Sie einen Fehler machen wird Ihnen unsere Crew ein neues CBP Description of Articles (List may continue on another CBP Form 6059B) Value Use Only Formular geben. Jeder ankommende Reisende bzw. jedes verantwortliche Familienmitglied muss die folgenden Angaben machen (es ist pro Familie nur EINE schriftliche Erklärung erforderlich)

(such as touching or handling) 13 I am (We are) carrying currency or monetary instruments over $10,000 U.S. or foreign equivalent: (see definition of monetary instruments on reverse) 14 I have (We have) commercial merchandise: (articles for sale, samples used for soliciting orders, or goods that are not considered personal effects)

15 RESIDENTS—the total value of all goods, including commercial merchandise I/we have purchased or acquired abroad, (including gifts for someone else but not items mailed to $ the U.S.) and am/are bringing to the U.S. is:

Visiteurs - La valeur totale de tous les articles qui resteront aux États-Unis, y compris la marchandise commerciale est de : USD

VISITORS—the total value of all articles that will remain in the U.S., including commercial merchandise is:


0 0

Read the instructions on the back of this form. Space is provided to list all the items you must declare.

Signez sur la ligne pour déclarer que votre déclaration est véridique.


Familienname, Vorname, Zweiter Vorname


Geburtsdatum / Tag/Monat/Jahr


Anzahl der mit Ihnen reisenden Familienmitglieder


(a) Adresse/genaue Anschrift in den USA (Name des Hotels/Reiseziel) (b) Stadt CBP Form 6059B (04/14) (c) Staat


PAPERWORK REDUCTION ACT STATEMENT: An agency may not conduct or sponsor an information collection and a person is not required to respond to this information unless it displays a current valid OMB control number. The control number for this collection is 1651-0009. The estimated average time to complete this application is 4 minutes. Your response is mandatory. If you have any comments regarding the burden estimate you can write to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Regulations and Rulings, 90 K Street, NE, 10th Floor, Washington, DC 20229.


X Hákon Valur Magnússon



Date (month/day/year)

CBP Form 6059B (04/14)


























01.00 00.00 02.00 01.00 03.00 02.00 04.00 03.00 05.00 04.00 06.00 05.00 07.00 06.00 08.00 07.00 09.00 08.00 10.00 09.00 11.00 10.00 12.00 11.00 13.00 12.00 14.00 13.00 15.00 14.00 16.00 15.00 17.00 16.00 18.00 17.00 19.00 18.00 20.00 19.00 21.00 20.00 22.00 21.00 23.00 22.00



They use their taxfor free They usetime theirfor time tax free shopping at theat airport beforebefore shopping the airport catching their flight back home. catching their flight back home.

They use their time for tax free shopping at the airport before catching their flight back home.


Customs Declaration


(d) terre. J‘ai / Nous avons visité une exploitation agricole en dehors des Etats-Unis: OUI/NON


U.S. Customs and Border Protection is responsible for protecting the United States against the illegal importation of prohibited items. CBP officers have the authority to question you and to examine you and your personal property. If you are one of the travelers selected for an examination, you will be treated in a courteous, professional, and dignified manner. CBP Supervisors and Passenger Service Representatives are available to answer your questions. Comment cards are available to compliment or provide feedback. Important Information U.S. Residents—declare all articles that you have acquired abroad and are bringing into the United States. Visitors (Non-Residents)—Declare the value of all articles that will remain in the United States. Declare all articles on this declaration form and show the value in U.S. dollars. For gifts, please indicate the retail value. Duty—CBP officers will determine duty. U.S. residents are normally entitled to a duty-free exemption of $800 on items accompanying them. Visitors (non-residents) are normally entitled to an exemption of $100. Duty will be assessed at the current rate on the first $1,000 above the exemption. Agricultural and Wildlife Products—To prevent the entry of dangerous agricultural pests and prohibited wildlife, the following are restricted: Fruits, vegetables, plants, plant products, soil, meat, meat products, birds, snails, and other live animals or animal products. Failure to declare such items to a Customs and Border Protection Officer/ Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialist/Fish and Wildlife Inspector can result in penalties and the items may be subject to seizure. Controlled substances, obscene articles, and toxic substances are generally prohibited entry.

Issue five 77


s Declaration Fo

The U.S. Custom 5.

Pass ausgestellt von (Land)




Ständiger Wohnsitz (Land)


Auf dieser Reise besuchte Länder vor Ihrer Ankunft in den USA

(c) Krakheitserreger, Zellkulturen, Schnecken: JA/NEIN (d) Erde, oder waren Sie auf einem Bauernhof/ einer Ranch/ Weide: JA/NEIN 12. Ich war (wir waren) in unmittelbarer Nähe von Vieh/ Nutztieren (z.B. Anfassen oder Umgang damit): JA/NEIN

9. Fluggesellschaft/Flugnummer oder Name des Schiffes 10. Der Hauptanlass dieser Reise ist geschäftlich: JA/NEIN 11. Ich (wir) führen folgende Waren ein: (a) Früchte, Pflanzen, Lebensmittel, Insekten: JA/NEIN (b) Fleisch, Tiere, Tier- oder Wildprodukte: JA/NEIN


Ich führe (wir führen) mehr als $US 10,000 in Bargeld oder Zahlungsmitteln oder den Gegenwert in anderen ausländischen Währungen mit (Siehe die Definition von Gegenstände zum persönlichen Gebrauch gelten): JA/NEIN

14. Ich führe (wir führen) kommerzielle Waren mit. (Verkaufsware, Muster zur Werbung von

Aufträgen oder Artikel, die nicht als Gegenstände zum persönlichen Gebrauch gelten): JA/NEIN


US-Bürger - der Gesamtwert aller Waren, einschließlich Handelswaren die ich/wir erworben habe(n) oder im Ausland erworben habe(n) (einschließlich Geschenke für andere, nicht aber Sendungen in die USA) und in die USA einführe(n) lautet: Betrag in US-$ Besucher - der Gesamtwert aller Artikel einschließlich Handelswaren, die in den USA verbleiben ist: $

Auf der Linie unterschreiben, um zu erklären, dass Sie eine wahrheitsgemäße Erklärung abgeben.

What happens if you say “Yes”? Sometimes we just want to avoid trouble and think that saying NO to everything will make things easier. That’s not the case and in fact, it can even cause more problems, delays and even fines. Be truthful on your Customs Declaration form and all will be good. Worst case scenario they’ll confiscate your banana but we promise you can buy a new one once you’re out of the airport. Yes to 11 (a), (b) or (c) Your customs officer will refer you to an agricultural specialist who will ask you additional questions and might ask to inspect your food items. In many cases, you’ll be allowed to take your food with you. This often depends on where you got the food and how it’s been processed. Fruits, vegetables and raw meats are usually confiscated. You can research ahead of time at which is a U.S. Government run site. Yes to 11 (d) and/or no. 12: An agricultural specialist will ask to inspect the soil or clothes, shoes or luggage that has been in contact with livestock or farm soil to determine if they contain any dangerous organisms. If they find potentially dangerous substances they will disinfect your items before allowing you to bring them in. For bringing soil into the US, you need a permit. Yes to no. 13 or 14: If you are carrying currency worth over $10,000 you will simply be given a special form to fill out for the Treasury Department. For items intended for sale, you should have already filed a “formal entry” before embarking on your journey. You could do so “on the spot” but these matters are subject to many rules and regulations and can be complicated.



Le formulaire de déclaration en douane américaine

Die US-amerikanische Zollerklärung

Que se passe-t-il si vous répondez « OUI » ?

Was passiert, wenn Sie JA sagen?

Certaines personnes semblent penser que répondre « non » à toutes les réponses leur évitera des ennuis. Ce n’est pas le cas et en fait, cela peut même vous causer plus de problèmes, des retards et des amendes. Dites la vérité sur votre formulaire de déclaration en douane et tout ira bien. Dans le pire des cas, ils confisqueront votre banane mais promis, vous pourrez en acheter une nouvelle à votre arrivée à l’aéroport.

Einige Leute nehmen an, dass sie keinerlei Ärger bekommen, wenn sie überall NEIN sagen. Das ist nicht so. Tatsächlich kann dies sogar mehr Probleme, Verzögerungen und sogar Geldbußen verursachen. Seien Sie bei Ihrer Zollerklärung ehrlich, und alles wird gut. Im schlimmsten Fall konfisziert man Ihre Banane, aber wir versprechen Ihnen, dass Sie sich eine neue kaufen können, sobald Sie den Flughafen verlassen haben.

Oui aux questions 11 (a), (b) ou (c) Votre agent douanier vous dirigera vers un spécialiste agricole qui vous posera des questions supplémentaires et qui pourra inspecter vos fruits. Dans de nombreux cas, vous sera autorisé à garder votre nourriture. Cela dépend souvent de la provenance la nourriture et de la façon dont elle a été transformée. Les fruits, les légumes et la viande crue sont généralement confisqués. Vous pouvez faire des recherches avant de partir sur le site qui est un site du gouvernement américain. Oui aux questions 11 (d) et/ou 12 : Un spécialiste agricole inspectera la terre ou les vêtements, les chaussures ou les bagages qui ont été en contact avec du bétail ou le sol d’une ferme pour déterminer la présence d’organismes dangereux. S’il trouve des substances potentiellement dangereuses, il désinfectera vos objets avant de vous laisser les garder. Pour importer de la terre aux États-Unis, il vous faut un permis. Oui aux questions 13 ou 14 : Si vous transportez des devises d’une valeur supérieure à 10 000 $, vous devrez simplement remplir un formulaire spécial pour le ministère des finances. Pour les objets destinés à être vendus, vous devriez déjà avoir rempli un « formulaire d’entrée officielle » avant de prendre votre vol. Vous pouvez faire cela sur place mais ce genre de chose est soumis à de nombreuses règles et règlementations et peut être compliqué.


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Ja zu 11 (a), (b) oder (c) Ihr Zollbeamter wird Sie an einen Spezialisten für landwirtschaftliche Produkte weiterverweisen, der Ihnen zusätzliche Fragen stellen wird und evtl. darum bittet, Ihre Lebensmittel inspizieren zu dürfen. In vielen Fällen wird man Ihnen erlauben, Ihr Essen mitzunehmen. Oft hängt es davon ab, wo Sie die Lebensmittel erworben haben und wie sie verarbeitet wurden. Obst, Gemüse und rohes Fleisch werden in der Regel beschlagnahmt. Sie können vor Abflug auf der Website der US-Regierung nachlesen, was erlaubt ist. Ja bei 11 (d) und/oder Nr. 12: Ein Spezialist für landwirtschaftliche Produkte wird Sie darum bitten, die Erde oder die Kleidung, Schuhe oder das Gepäck inspizieren zu dürfen, welche(s) in Kontakt mit Tieren oder landwirtschaftlichem Boden war, um zu bestimmen, ob diese gefährliche Organismen enthalten. Wenn er potenziell gefährliche Stoffe findet, werden Ihre Gegenstände desinfiziert, bevor Sie die Erlaubnis erhalten, diese einzuführen. Für das Einführen von Erde in die USA benötigen Sie eine Genehmigung. Ja bei Nr. 13 oder 14: Wenn Sie Bargeld im Wert von mehr als $10.000 mit sich führen, erhalten Sie einfach ein besonderes Formular, das Sie für das US Finanzministerium ausfüllen müssen. Für Gegenstände, die für den Verkauf vorgesehen sind, sollten Sie bereits vor Ihrer Abreise eine „formelle Einfuhrgenehmigung“ einholen. Sie tun könnten dies auch „vor Ort“ erledigen, aber diese Vorgänge unterliegen vielen Regeln und können sehr kompliziert sein. v


AIRPORT EXPRESS Quick• Frequent• Convenient



Tickets available at the arrivals hall Terminal to Terminal Price:


2,400 ISK

2,900 ISK



3,900 ISK

4,900 ISK

One Way


Contact information: Holtagarðar, 104 Reykjavik Tel. +354 540 1313 | | |

One Way


Issue five 79

Why Iceland should top your bucket list Iceland is one of those travel destinations that leaves you in absolute awe. Its unparalleled divine beauties, serene rugged landscapes that range from active volcanoes to melting glaciers, friendly and outgoing locals and that subtle ele­­ment of all-around quirkiness is what draws flocks of travelers year on, year out. Text and photos: Donna Tzaneva

This country is one of those special places, guaranteed to leave eternal footprints in mind and soul alike. No sugar-coating needed: this destination MUST be among your top bucket list destinations. If you’re still contemplating a trip to this North Atlantic island hopefully these facts will guide you to the right decision: 1.

Safety – Icelandic police have their own Insta­ gram page filled with photos of puppies and ice cream, painting a clear picture of the nation’s crime rate. With a population of just over 350,000 people and a kind manner of ser­vice, it comes to no surprise that Iceland is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world. Should you drop your wallet some­­­­­where on the main road, chances are it will be found and safely returned.


The Northern Lights – You won’t believe it until you see it. The Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, is something that words alone cannot describe. Mainly visible from October to March, this dis­play of dancing lights frolicking across the dark Icelandic open skies will make you wonder if what you’re seeing is real or simply an abyss of a dream.


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Waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes – Iceland’s diverse landscape is what makes it such an appealing destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. From hidden waterfalls nestled in between caves and rock formations to active volcanoes providing excellent hiking routes and beauti­ fully shaped glaciers, this country is truly the epitome of a fully natural immersion ex­­peri­ence. Icelandic animals – It might surprise you to learn that Ice­­land doesn’t have any ani­­mals that are likely to cause you much harm if any at all. With a staggering number of 450,000 sheep and 80,000 horses, Iceland’s animals greatly out­­num­­ber the islands human population of just 350,000. Whales, puffins and foxes are among the wild inhabitants of the island.


Reykjavik City – With its bright and playfully colored roof­tops, Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik is surely a treat for the eyes, ears and taste buds. Its quirky demeanor paired with a sense of utter calmness, numerous bars, cafes, live music and shops make it the per­­fect stop­­over destination or week­­end geta­­way.


Silent escapes – In destina­­­ti­­ons like Iceland where the tourist season is twelve months a year, you might think the chance of finding solitude and peace in untouched nature would prove challenging if not un­­­feasible. Surprisingly, with a little research and channeling your inner advent­­urer, this is anything but im­­­­possible. Iceland offers an array of mysti­­­cal and serene land­­scap­­es, giv­­ ing you the feeling of pure solitude and peace, where you and nature become one. v

All you need in one place • Skólavör›ustígur 19 tel.: (+354) 552 1890 SWEATERS AND SOUVENIERS, NO KNITTING MATERIAL:

• Radisson Blu, Hótel SAGA tel.: (+354) 562 4788 • Laugavegur 53b tel.: (+354) 562 1890

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The Midwest or the Wild Wild West We love the United States of America. WOW air’s first US destination was Boston in March 2015. Since then we’ve started routes to seven other major cities in the country. But, if anyone thought we were running out of cities; they’d be wrong. In September we announced a huge expansion to the Midwest, adding Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis. And there’s a big western city on the horizon too: Dallas. Hop on board!

Photos: iStockphotos and courtesy of Cincinnati Tourism Board, Cleveland Tourism Board, Detroit Tourism Board, St. Louis Tourism Board and Dallas Tourism Board

CINCINNATI – The Paris of America Settled in 1788, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio is now home to approx. 300,000 people. Unlike many American cities that were founded by Europeans, Cincinnati was originally founded by American born people and has therefore been called the first truly American city, although German immigrants would later make their mark on “Nati” as evident in its huge Oktoberfest. Cincinnati, known for its historical architecture, was commonly referred to as “Paris of America” because of the city’s ambitious architectural projects. A walk through the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, or OTR as locals call it, gives visitors a glimpse into this rich architectural history. The city’s many diverse neighborhoods such as Pleasant Ridge, OTR, Oakley and Hyde Park offer a mood for every occasion. And wherever you go, Cincy is all about food. A visit to Cincinnati means tasting a lot of delightful things. THE FESTIVITIES Natis really know how to eat, drink and be merry. Taste of Cincinnati is an annual culinary festival attended by approximately half a million people. There’s plenty of reason for this enthusiasm as Cincinnati is home to such food phenomenon as the Skyline chili, Graeter’s ice cream and the Goetta sausage. And then there’s the Food & Wine Classic, the Octoberfest-Zinzinnati, the largest Oktoberfest in the US., the Bunbury Music Festival, the MusicNOW Festival; the list goes on. If you’ve had your fill of food and music, try the Cincinnati Museum Center for a combined look at the Museum of Natural History & Science, The Children’s Museum and the Cincinnati History Museum. For something a little different, visit the American Sign Museum, that’s as Americana as excursions get. And for a perfect outing for the whole family don’t forget the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Settled in 1788, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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LET’S CALL IT A COMEBACK Now is the time to visit Detroit and witness the exciting transformation of a city on the verge of a renaissance. After some challenging years, this resilient city is currently making a convincing comeback. In the spirit of the city’s motto: “Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus” (We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes), coined after a fire nearly destroyed the city back in 1805—Detroit is once again back on its feet and ready for the world to notice.

Cleveland, Ohio, is a major city located on the shores of Lake Erie with a population of just under 400,000.

CLEVELAND – City of Rock n’ Roll Bustling Cleveland, the city that coined rock and roll, has it all—diverse culture, friendly people, a great culinary scene, live music, stunning nature and of course all the sports you can muster, whether it’s American football, baseball or basketball. Ready to shop? Then prepare to shop and drop because this is the city that invented the mall. A TOURIST SPOT ON THE RISE Cleveland, Ohio, is a major city located on the shores of Lake Erie with a population of just under 400,000. The city is part of the American Midwest, or the “Great Lakes Region.” As a tourist spot on the rise, Cleveland is a great destination for a family vacation, a fun-packed weekend with friends or a romantic getaway. The city’s most famous attraction, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is devoted to the celebration and preservation of rock n’ roll music. The building itself is an eye-catching architectural masterpiece.

DETROIT – The Comeback City Feel the energy that flows through “The Motor City” and explore the buzzing birthplace of Motown and techno. This center of the American automobile industry has reinvented itself in recent years as a cool new American destination with exciting events, an edgy art scene, new bars, restaurants, cafés and funky designer shops.

Detroit’s impressive theater district with a great variety of concerts features some of the biggest names in show business, exciting events, comedy and family shows.

Detroit, Michigan, is the largest city on the U.S.-Canada border and the 10th largest in the U.S, with a diverse population of around 680,000. Home to the “Big Three,” the three largest automakers in the United States, Detroit is considered the heart of the American auto industry. But there is more to the city than motors.

Detroit has everything: Cultural happenings, great dining, a legendary music scene, markets, unique architecture and beautiful nature in the surrounding Michigan state, no matter the season. Detroit’s impressive theater district with a great variety of concerts features some of the biggest names in show business, exciting events, comedy and family shows. We recommend a visit to the world-renowned Detroit Institute of Arts. The Motown Historical Museum is also a must, and the Henry Ford History Museum complex is definitely worth a visit. The locals recommend spending the day at Belle Isle Park, which has a golf course, a museum, basketball courts, and baseball field. WOW tip: You can’t visit Detroit without trying the famous Coney Island Hot Dog and washing it down with Detroit’s signature “Vernors,” a ginger-flavored soft drink.

ST. LOUIS – Classy and cool Whether you want to listen to a worldre­­nown­­ed symphony orchestra, see a breathtaking basilica, gaze up at the enormous Gateway Arch monument, visit the mecca of Budweiser or cheer for the Cardinals, St. Louis is the place for you. Prepare for some classy Heartlands cause the good times will meet you in St. Louis!

Cleveland hosts exciting cultural events all year-round. The Cleveland Orchestra is frequently cited among the best classical orchestras in the world, so check their concert calendar and book your ticket asap. A visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art is also a must, where masterpieces by the likes of Picasso, Monet and Pollock are exhibited for free!


Pack your appetite. The city has a great food scene with trendy restaurants, local craft breweries and cool cafés. Stroll through the grand West Side Market (since 1912), Cleveland’s oldest market space and home to 100 vendors.

St. Louis, nicknamed “The Lou,” is a friendly city of diversity and class. Named after Louis IX of France by French settlers in 1764, St. Louis is now the largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri with an estimated population of just over 310,000. St. Louis hasn’t forgotten its French roots, visible, for example, in their huge annual Mardi Gras Festival, taking place in January and February where the fun lasts for weeks.

There’s plenty for the whole family to do in Cleveland. See the Great Lakes Science Center, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo or the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Adrenaline junkies, please proceed to Cedar Point Amusement Park, with 17 roller coasters and other extreme rides.

St. Louis is the epicurean traveler’s paradise where French, Irish, Italian and German cuisine come together for one amazing culinary ride. We highly recommend foodies explore the Delmar Loop area and try the pastries, root beers, pizzas and Korean BBQs while soaking in the multicultural


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Detroit, Michigan, is the largest city on the U.S.-Canada border and the 10th largest in the U.S, with a diverse population of around 680,000.


brjánslækur flatey stykkishólmur


landeyjahöfn vestmannaeyjar

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ambiance. There isn’t much food wise you won’t find in these parts. Filling up your schedule in St. Louis with something great for everybody is a breeze. St. Louis Zoo is one of the world’s best zoos, famous for its innovation in animal management, research and conservation and best of all: admission is free! For the plant nerds and even their hipster companions, we recommend a day in the Missouri Botanical Garden, widely regarded as one of the very best botanical gardens in the world. No trip to St. Louis is complete without gazing up at the towering Gateway Arch, the city’s magnificent landmark. Standing tall at 630 feet (192 m.), the Arch is over twice the size of the Statue of Liberty and symbolizes the westward expansion of the United States. History buffs are encouraged to visit American superstar General Ulysses S. Grant’s former home, White Haven, and don’t forget to stop by at the Cathedral Basilica and see the world’s largest mosaic instal­lation. Treat yourself to the Heartlands in this classic American city, and you’ll be friends with “the Lou” for life.

St. Louis is now the largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri with an estimated population of just over 310,000.

DALLAS – More than a dream Big skyscrapers, big hats, big cars and big meals—Welcome to Dallas, Texas! With over 12,000 places to eat, 1.2 million people to meet and a big ole’ heart, it’s safe to say you really can’t get bored in this big Texas town. Pack your cowboy boots and Stetson hat, go for Sue Ellen’s legendary hairdo and fly off to Dallas. LEAVE YOUR HAT ON There’s a reason Dallas is nicknamed the Big D, and first-time visitors are often stunned by the sheer size and abundance in this south­­ern metropolis. But there’s no need to get over­­ whelmed cause here’s how you take Dallas by the horns (commence cowboy puns galore).

Big skyscrapers, big hats, big cars and big meals—Welcome to Dallas, Texas! With over 12,000 places to eat, 1.2 million people to meet and a big ole’ heart, it’s safe to say you really can’t get bored in this big Texas town.

First on everybody’s list should be a visit to the Reunion Tower to check out the brandnew GeO-Deck for unparalleled views of the city. Once you’ve oriented yourself in this skyscraper forest, the divine Arboretum & Botanical Gardens will be a nice contrast with its natural beauty and tranquility. Dallas isn’t without its small-town southern charm so wander around the quaint and colorful Bishop Arts District or its quirkier compadre Deep Ellum and regularly stop

And for you true J.R. Ewing fans, a guided tour around the Southfork Ranch, 45 minutes northeast of the city, where TVmagic soap opera Dallas happened, is a no-brainer.

for some spare ribs, corn dogs, and snow cones. A visit to the top-rated Dallas World Aquarium is a sure hit for the whole family, and if you’re into American sports, a visit to the enormous AT&T Stadium is a must (the entire Statue of Liberty could fit into this place). Go, Cowboys! There are plenty of options in Dallas for the knowledge-thirsty (and the regular thirsty) tourist. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum with its special presidential exhibitions. A must for history buffs is The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which focuses on the life, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy, in the former Texas School Book Depository, from which the shots were fired. If you overload on presidential info and need to reboot, we recommend the Brick & Bones where you can get finger-lickin’ good fried chicken and cocktails to go with it because, you know, it’s Dallas! If you’re in for a night, check out The Church for a unique nightclub experience. And for you true J.R. Ewing fans, a guided tour around the Southfork Ranch, 45 minutes northeast of the city, where TV-magic soap opera Dallas happened, is a no-brainer. v

As the Pet Shop Boys once said: Go West! And that is what we intend to do. Are you coming? WOW air will commence flights to the Midwest and the Wild Wild West in April and May 2018, with 3-4 flights a week to each destination. Go to and find cheap flights to the USA.


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eldur Workshop is a family business created and operated by furrier Heiðar Sigurðsson and his wife Kristín Birgisdóttir. They specialize in the design and production of genuine high-quality fur garments and accessories. The main ambition of the business is to produce beautiful designs from prime quality fur that are both classic and modern. Feldur Workshop also provides mending services for fur coats and other fur articles. This service is a part of their desire to make their creations and fur products in general, items that will last a lifetime and even be passed on to the next generation.

The highlight for many visitors is the opportunity to observe the master furrier himself. Feldur Workshop is located at Snorrabraut 56 in downtown Reykjavik. The workshop is both a stylish and cosy, displaying some of the fur products they‘ve designed, while others are handmade on site.

If you are interested in seeing Feldur Workshop’s products, we recommend a visit to the workshop on Snorrabraut 56. Alternatively, there are a number of stores in Iceland that carry a selection of their items which you also can see online at

SHOP SNORRABRAUT 56 | T. 588 0488 | FELDUR.IS Issue five 87

Tel Aviv

Cool and gritty If all of Israel were London, Tel Aviv would be its Shoreditch—the city’s artistic, playful and often startling gateway. In places, it’s gentrified and in others flamboyantly trendy and dynamic with the creative culture of street artists from around the world. by Cindy-Lou Dale Photos: Cindy-Lou Dale and Hrafn Jónsson

It is not only the Ibiza of the Middle East but also home to meaningful artistic works that flourish in both times of war and ceasefire, in color or charcoal, in Hebrew and English. They show an Israel not portrayed by mainstream media. A VIBRANT AND EXCITING EDGE You’ll find these insights into con­­ tempor­­ary Israeli culture in southern Tel Aviv’s bohemian neighborhood—South Florentin, particularly in Elifelet St, HaMehoga St, Abarbanel, Simtat Shlush, 3361 St, Hanagarim St and Kiryat Melcha. These Hebrew gems of artistic expression are hidden in alleyways di­­viding shadowy carpentries, garages and dry cleaners. The streets speak to you with poems and images that flood the city’s walls, creating an organic,


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impermanent open-air art gallery. While most graffiti artists remain anonymous, you can very often recognize their work by the signatures or by the theme of the artwork. Should you notice a funny boxed character giving you the finger, it might just be one of Adi Sened’s box people. Sened is one of the pioneers of Israel’s street art movement and has been painting his “kufsonim” all over the city since 2000. Most of Sened’s graffiti work can often be discovered only by incredibly keen eyes. Know Hope’s work is recognizable by a delicate pigeon signature. His most famous works is that of a character wearing his heart in different positions. Hope was born in California and moved to Tel Aviv when he was ten. His work is based on translating his observations of human interactions that he sees in everyday life, into universal representations. These Hebrew gems of artistic expression are hidden in alleyways di­­viding shadowy carpentries, garages and dry cleaners. The streets speak to you with poems and images that flood the city’s walls, creating an organic, impermanent openair art gallery.

Tel Aviv DIALOGUE WITH STREET ARTISTS’ WORK Signor Gi’s pieces enlighten you to the irony created when there exists a contradiction between your inner-self and the self that you present to the world. Signor Gi is from Milan, where he studied history and philosophy. After moving to Israel, he read graphic design and visual communication at Bezalel. A prominent theme in Dede’s work are Band-Aids; his symbol of wounds, hurt and healing. You can find pieces with Band-Aid signatures all around Tel Aviv. Dede’s other common theme is wildlife. You’ll easily spot his cats, birds and fish on city walls and fences. MORE ART AROUND TOWN If from the shadows of some alleyway, a poem appears to reach out and delivers you a message, the message likely is from Nitzan Mintz who started writing poetry while in the army. Her poems usually have a deep connection with the locations she chooses. For a long expanse of graffiti art, walk down 3361 St and turn into Ha-Mekhuga. One of the pieces depicted here is the work of Mr. DiMaggio, an Italian graffiti artist who often visits Tel Aviv. On Abarbanel St, there’s lots of graffiti art on garage doors. Some of the main artists in Tel Aviv, like Untay, participated in a street festival organized in conjunction with the Hoodna Bar (and the backing of local businesses), where live music played while artists painted all the garage doors, bringing color to the neighborhood. Further down Abarbanel St, a few steps after the corner of Harabi Mibachrach and Abarbanel St, you’ll discover one of Dede’s wildlife depictions. On Shlush St, is a tall building portraying the character of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, holding a spray can that has a note saying, “Spray Me.” This was created by Jonathan Kis-Lev, a local artist and peace activist. If you take a right turn from Abarbanel St to street number 3362 and walk through the alley, you’ll spot on the corner a representation of Sarah Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, pointing to a garbage can on the street. Being the most liberal city in the Middle East, where nightclubs are always open and everything is possible, Tel Aviv attracts many young and talented artists. Strolling through the streets, you will find numerous artworks on buildings, on garbage cans and doors. So be sure to look around to see what treasures you can discover. v

THE HOME OF ICELANDIC SEAFOOD AND LAMB APOTEK Kitchen+Bar is a casual-smart restaurant located in one of Reykjavíks most historical buildings. We specialize in fresh seafood and local ingredients prepared with a modern twist.


Austurstræti 16

101 Reykjavík

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Inside Miami’s Wynwood District

Exploring the art frontiers Distinct in style and ambiance from its South Beach and downtown neighborhoods, Miami’s former industrial and warehouse district of Wynwood has been making a cultural imprint on the wider urban landscape and beyond over the past decade. by Hal Peat / Photos: Courtesy of respective venues

The main ingredient fueling the Wynwood district’s transformation in this period has been the emergence of a thriving street art scene in what is known as the Wynwood Art District. The development of that muralist presence has in turn brought along a diverse presence of independent retailers and culinary landmarks. Wynwood today is easily accessible from downtown, the beach or even furt­­her afield around the city thanks to its proximity to major arteries and highways. The district has grown to the point where it now contains the highest concentration of street art in the U.S. In addition to that definitive street art presence, the area is also home to more than 80 art galleries, studios, and museums. Sustaining that development and introducing new fans to this Wyn­­ wood district are annual festivals, weekly art walks and area events through­­out the year that promotes new cre­­ative talent. DISPLAYING ART, IMAGINATIVELY Imagination and generosity from sources in the business and commercial sectors were primary factors in providing the

Wynwood Walls / Credit - Marty Beth Koeth.


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Wynwood exploration requires more than one visit to soak in all its elements. Making that exploration a well-organized affair is the monthly curated Wynwood Art Walk, but for those who come at other times, the area’s thriving dining and bar presence allows for refreshing breaks.

Wynwood Walls / Mural by Findac / Photo: Martha Cooper

dynamic towards the current Wynwood arts, fashion and leisure presence. At the center of Wynwood’s reinvention as an independent art-centric district has been the Wynwood Business Im­­ provement District (BID) – an associ­­ation of forward-looking business lead­­ers encouraging the different entre­­preneu­ rial and arts interests locally. One such early pioneer and a BID board member nowadays is Don Lombardi, who recalls: “I started hosting artists in whatever spaces I had vacant, and started an event called “Roving Friday” where I would sponsor a fashion show or a band

and DJ. We had about 150 people at the first one, and by the third one we had 700 people.” Street exterior and wall art is certain­ ly the outward defining feature of Wyn­wood’s creative mix these days, with muralists attracted from around the globe to try their artistic talent on building walls and surfaces. Depending on the structure, that expression can be long-lasting or even brief, but for­­tuna­­ tely, the foresight of the area’s most notable business figure and proponent, the late Tony Goldman, has allowed for murals to find a permanent space in the Wynwood Walls (www.thewynwoodwalls. com). Established by Goldman in 2009, the Walls at NW 2nd Avenue (now Tony Goldman Way) features large-scale mur­­als by globally acclaimed street artists and reinvents itself annually with a program that highlights artists who push the boundaries of imagination and creativity. At the same time, art lovers are also drawn here by the striking component of interior display – museums and col­­ lecti­­ons that house the work of mod­­ern art from across the continent and world.

Miami Ess­­ential to consider for any such itinerary locally are MOCA at Gold­­man Warehouse (; The Margulies Col­­ lection at the Ware­­house (www.margu­­; the Rubell Family Collection (www.rubell­family­­col­­lection. com); Bakehouse Art Complex (www.bacfl. org) and CIFO Art Space ( Each is quite different in style, layout, function and especially content. RELAX, REFRESH AND REVIVE Wynwood exploration requires more than one visit to soak in all its elements. Making that exploration a well-organized affair is the monthly curated Wynwood Art Walk, but for those who come at other times, the area’s thriving dining and bar presence allows for refreshing breaks. While early culinary favorites hereabouts remain strong favorites – Joey’s Cafe and Wynwood Kitchen & Bar – new dining spots continue to open up all the time. Look out for such new artisanal eateries as Zak the Baker, Panther Coffee, Coyo Taco, Fireman Derek’s Pies, and The Salty Donut, all of which have developed a cult following. Other additions contributing to Wynwood’s foodie status include James Beard award nominated, Kyu from Michael Lewis (of Zuma fame) and Steven Haigh, GK Bistronomie and Alter. Federal Donuts and Dizengoff, both of Philadelphia, have also opened their first Florida locations in Wynwood. Even while you recharge and imbibe, you can also enjoy these restaurateurs’ sense of design that is one more ingredient within the memorable experience of Wynwood today.


Art Wynwood – Annual exposition of district artists and their work. www.

Wynwood Art Walk – happens on the second Saturday of every month from 6-10 PM.

The Wynwood Yard – a monthly live showcase of emerging artists and entrepreneurs. www.

Wynwood Kitchen & bar wall. Photo: Mark Roska

District guides/portals: •

Wynwood Arts District – the essential portal for events, background and the key points of interest across the Wynwood Arts District today.

MAG (Miami Art Guide) – a free print and online guide with a section on current and upcoming Wynwood area events and exhibits. wynwood Wynwood Kitchen & bar interior. Photo: Mark Roskams

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Let’s go Toronto

A day in The Six Toronto, affectionately called “The Six” (a nickname immortalized “hood rapper” Drake) exudes that certain “buzz” and energetic allure that most big cities boast. With a rich culture and so much to see and do, the hustle and bustle of Ontario’s capital city will captivate you during your visit. Text and photos: Stephanie Huff

WHERE ADVENTURE MEETS CULTURE Standing at 457 meters (553m including the spire), the CN Tower is the world’s 7th largest structure. Taking a trip up the tower is a must-do activity for all first-time visitors to Toronto. It has even become a place for thrill seekers to get their adrenaline fix with the “Edge Walk” experience, where visitors can lean off the tower and tumultuously teeter around its edges. If hanging off a building isn’t your cup of tea, you can stand on the glass floor and look 342 meters straight down, or simply take a stroll on the observation deck.

Once the sun goes down, the distillery district begins to heat up with vibrant nightlife; try another one of Toronto’s local beers at Mill St. Organic Brewery or relax in the internationally acclaimed Stirling Room lounge.

Next to the CN Tower, you will find the two buildings which unlock the secret to Canadian culture: the nation’s favorite sports! The Rogers Centre is home to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, while the nearby Air Canada Centre houses the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, both points of obsession and contention for Torontonians. Catch a game and you will feel the contagious energy in the stands; you can even sample a Canadian culinary staple: poutine. After experiencing the local fan favorites, head across the road to “wet your whistle” at Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewery. During a tour of the facility, you will learn how the local beer is made and find out how it tastes too—a great way to cap off an afternoon of sightseeing!

QUIRKY PERFECTION With an array of edgy bars, lively restaurants, and funky archi­ tecture, the historic distillery district is a one-stop-shop for fun in down­town Toronto. Go for a stroll and meander down the district’s cobblestone streets while admiring grandiose art and quirky doors along the way, or sip your travel woes away in one of the area’s cozy coffee shops. Once the sun goes down, the distillery district begins to heat up with vibrant nightlife; try another one of Toronto’s local beers at Mill St. Organic Brewery or relax in the internationally acclaimed Stirling Room lounge. If this doesn’t “float your boat,” Toronto has a vast array of unique museums and attractions for all

ages! Become mesmerized by over 16,000 marine animals at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, or get “hands on” in the many interactive and informative experiences at the Ontario Science Centre. VIEWS FROM THE SIX Between its edgy and alternative energy, the diverse culture and people, its lively sports teams and world-class food and drink, there is certainly something for everyone to discover in Toronto! As Drake said, the “views from The Six” aren’t too bad!

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“The Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n' Roll is as eccentric in its telling as the tale it celebrates.” David Fricke, Rolling Stone.


Visit Iceland's largest music museum and enjoy our history of Icelandic rock and pop music. Browse through the timeline of Icelandic pop and rock music with the Rock 'n' Roll app on Ipads, spend time in our soundlab, cinema, karaoke booth, gift store, exhibitions or simply grab a cup of coffee at our café (free wifi!).

The museum is located in Keflavík only 5 minutes away from Keflavík International Airport. Open daily from 11am - 6pm For more go to

The Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n' Roll

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Steel City

Pittsburgh’s health and wellness renaissance A cosmopolitan destination, a giant birthday celebration and the festive beat of summer. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? That’s right: this summer and autumn in Montréal are going to be hotter than ever! by Joy Frank-Collins Photos: Joy Frank-Collins and courtesy of respective businesses

a drink voucher for a beer or glass of wine at The Commoner, the popular restaurant in the hotel. Yoga studios are abundant in Pittsburgh and opportunities to take classes in public parks and city areas like Market Square abound throughout the city.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a city with a well-earned repu­­ ta­­tion for toughness and grit. It’s a point of pride for Pittsburghers. But in the past decade, more and more residents of the “Steel City” are trading in their hard hats for yoga mats. It’s a revolution of the health and wellness kind.

GOOD FOR THE SOUL FOOD A THRIVING YOGA SCENE Janna Hockenjos’ story is becoming a familiar one in Pittsburgh. She grew up an hour north of the city and moved away to attend college and pursue a career. But, after nearly a decade in New York City, she returned to the city she loves to open a yoga studio. Inhale Pittsburgh, 100 7th St., opened in April 2016. The name was inspired by the city’s rough and tumble industrial past, a time when businessmen would leave their downtown offices for lunch to return an hour later, their white shirts blackened with soot. “But now, it’s an entirely different environment where people care about the green spaces and the rivers. You can now come downtown to do healthy things,” she says. Its location makes Inhale Pittsburgh the ideal yoga studio for visitors attending a show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, taking meetings in one of the many nearby office buildings or staying in one of the major hotels in the downtown area. All are within a 10-minute walk. Drop in classes at the studio are $17 (add $2 for mat rental). On Monday nights, Hockenjos offers a Moonlight Monday Yoga Class on the rooftop of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, 620 William Penn Place. The classes are free for the hotel guests and are also open for Inhale clients and drop-ins for a $10 fee. Included is


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Photo: Corey Morton

Photo: Moonlight Yoga

It was the city’s burgeoning yoga community that convinced Naomi Homison to return to her Pennsylvania roots after ten years away to start the Pittsburgh Juice Company. “I was so surprised with the change in the atmosphere here in Pittsburgh, the energy, the people who were moving here and how progressive and exciting things were,” she says. When Pittsburgh Juice Company, 3418 Penn Ave., opened their Lawrenceville location in February 2014, they had seven fresh-made cold-pressed juices on the menu. That’s expanded and now includes a variety of juices as well as blended drinks, elixirs and shots, coffees, teas and infusions and vegan-inspired snacks. All are fresh-made every morning in their production facility from organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and superfoods. Like cupcakes and other fads before them, Homison knows that her product is riding a wave of popularity. But there’s more to it than that. “Juice is very trendy right now, so is eating healthy and veganism in general,” she says. “But, once you know how great your body feels after you drink a green juice, it’s really hard to ignore that. It’s great that it’s trendy, but I don’t see it as a trend that’s going to simply pass away because of the positive lifestyle it engenders.” Pittsburgh Juice Company products are also sold at the two locations of Earth Inspired Salads (off of Market Square and in the Alcoa Building downtown).

Montréal Pittsburgh is also host to a growing number of restaurants that cater to people following a vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet. Some include Gluten Free Goat Bakery, Apteka, B52 Café, The Zenith and the East End Food Co-op.

Rapach, owner of Levity, 2635 Murray Ave. “But now, this is what’s growing here in Pittsburgh— and it’s making this city great.” Levity operates sensory deprivation sessions in two tanks located in their beautifully appointed studio in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. Since they opened two years ago, Levity has played host to 3,500 guests eager to float in 10-inches of highly salinized water that enables their bodies to almost defy the bounds of gravity and their minds to rest for hour-long sessions.





“The landscape in Pittsburgh is definitely changing. Ten years ago, the whole yoga scene, floating, mindful eating movement would have been laughed at,” says David





Photo: Corey Morton

From a thriving yoga scene to cafes and restaurants specializing in fresh, whole foods to services helping people relax and unwind, Pittsburgh is the ideal place to explore a healthconscious lifestyle. “This city is in such a good place right now, with food, wellness and everything,” Hockenjos adds. “It’s a combination of newcomers settling, people who grew up here and moved out coming home to start businesses and everyone else who loves it and helping to make it a great place for people to visit.” v





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*22:00 (01 Sep-30 Sep & 15 March-15 April ) | 21:00 ( 1 October - 14 March )

Photo: Maryellen Baverso


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BOOK NOW! +354-560-8800

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Beyond sourdough

Craftman and Wolves. Photo: Bruce Damonte

San Francisco’s best bakeries San Francisco’s claim to bakery fame is rooted in sourdough bread, but today that serves as only a stepping stone for the creation of globally-influenced baked goods. by Lori Rice Photos: Courtesy of respective bakeries

A bread and pastry boom is taking place as new bakeries and cafes pop up throughout the city’s trend­­iest neighborhoods. Whether you seek a classic croissant or prefer pastri­­es with innovative twists, these are the hotspots turning out some of the best-baked goods the city has to offer. B. PATISSERIE Serving modern French-style treats with local flavors, one bite of a kouign amann from b.Patisserie and your search for the perfect pastry has ended. It redefines flaky as the buttery crust gives way to a delicate interior that may be filled with guava jam if you are lucky enough to get a seasonal offering. The creation of renowned bakers Belinda Leong and Michel Suas, b. Patisserie is a cheerful café in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights’ neighborhood with a selection of pastries that will not disappoint.

stop before heading to nearby beaches for a San Francisco picnic. There are also options for a loaf of rustic bread made with ancient grains or olives and polenta. Just don’t forget dessert. The Blackberry Ginger Chamomile Brioche has a creamy, sweet filling tucked inside, not to mention its beautiful pale purple color from the fresh fruit used to make it. If you’d rather sit and stay a while, this location does have seating, but consider Jane on Fillmore or Jane on Larkin if you prefer a café experience with a breakfast and lunch menu.

The Blackberry Ginger Chamomile Brioche has a creamy, sweet filling tucked inside, not to mention its beautiful pale purple color from the fresh fruit used to make it. Greg Mindel making croissants. Photo: Eric Wolfinger

ARSICAULT BAKERY In 2016, Arsicault Bakery was named best new bakery in the U.S. by Bon Appetite magazine and the queue to snag one of their coveted croissants has lined the street near their Inner Richmond location ever since. While the standard croissant is a perfect balance of flaky and tender, consider the delicate almond croissant, the rich version filled with chocolate, or the heartier ham and cheese.

JANE THE BAKERY Considered to have the best baguette in the city, Jane the Bakery is an ideal


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Arguello Boulevard San Francisco Assortment of baked goods at Neighbor Bakehouse. Photo: Eric Wolfinger

San Francisco namann, expect it to be difficult to make your decision. The bakery has several locations throughout the city. Along with the shop on Valencia Street, you can find them on Pacific Avenue and Yosemite Avenue as well as at the Ferry Building Farmers Market every Saturday.

NEIGHBOR BAKEHOUSE Opened in 2015 by Greg and Christine Mindel, Neighbor Bakehouse is a small, inviting bakery located in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. Neighbor turns out delicious sweets such as their ginger pull-apart and German coffee cake along with rustic breads. Visitors should also take

note of the savory menu, featuring one-of-a-kind creations such as kimchee toast with the tangy fermented cabbage and cheese atop a thick slice of country loaf and the croquet madame piled high with crispy bacon and a perfectly cooked egg.

Photo: Eric Wolfinger

Craftsman and Wolves. Photo: Bruce Damonte

CRAFTSMAN AND WOLVES Best known for their genius creation, The Rebel Within, a runny egg inside a savory cake, the bakery also happens to be a strong contender for the best kouignamann in the city. With options such as the Sea Salt Caramel Lavender kouig­-

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@aurorareykjavik @aurorareykjavik





Can’t catch the Northern Lights? Don’t worry, we have already done it for you Visit us and enjoy our multimedia exhibition

OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 09:00 - 21:00

Grandagarður 2 - 101 Reykjavík. Near the old harbour. Tel: (+354) 780 4500 -

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Arty Angeles

Photo: Meinzahn

The perfect day and night in Downtown LA’s Arts District When you’re in the City of Angels, everything can get a bit LA LA with the bright lights of Hollywood, the buzz of Beverly Hills and, yup, all that driving. Take a break by spending a day off the road exploring the most exciting and rapidly developing part of the city. by Alexandra Pereira / Photos: iStockphoto

In downtown LA you’ll find the best contemporary art museums and an abundance of open and private artists’ studios, amazing restaurants (many of the best kitchens are attached to new museums) and beautiful bou­­ tique hotels to stay at or even just enjoy a poolside or rooftop cocktail. Welcome to DTLA. TO BE IS TO DO

collections in not just Los Angeles but in the US. Broad favorite Yayoi Kusama recently showed her Infinity Mirrored Room here, and now her Infinity Mirrors show in full through January 2018.

The Museum of Ice Cream is fun and ridi­culous and fascinating all at once, and great for the whole family or on a first date with the cutie you picked up at the museum.

MOCA MOCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art) is vast and could take up a whole day in itself. Rauschenberg, Rothko and many other prolific great’s works take up much of the space. You’ll discover an abundance of ambitious and thought-provoking contemporary exhibits.

THE WHEELHOUSE A great way to nip around the neighbor­ hood is by bike—a luxury that the rest of extensive LA and its manic roads won’t allow. The Wheelhouse is a coffee shop and a bike shop in one. You can have a coffee while you shop/rent.

ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN MUSEUM LA is not a city known for its architecture unless you’re talking about the modern­ ist and avant-garde glass houses stuff­ ed with Eames that you find perc­h­ed on hilltops up in Sherman Oaks or the Valley. Here at the A+D, you can learn

THE BROAD The Broad is famous for holding one of the strongest contemporary permanent Photo: Windzepher


WOW Power to the people

Los Angeles taco truck is a hidden gem, open for the dinner slot of 5pm-midnight daily—cash only.

about some of the city’s lesser-known land­­­mark structures and the stories be­­ hind them in a consistently good rotat­­ing series of exhibitions on all things urban.

BESTIA Bestia is a classy, contemporary, family-run, Italian spot set within an industrial space. If you like bone marrow, try it here and polish it off with a Primitivo from Puglia.

MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM The Museum of Ice Cream is fun and ridi­culous and fascinating all at once, and great for the whole family or on a first date with the cutie you picked up at the museum. This place, so aesthetically pleasing with its bubblegum pink decor and design, is a haven for both the sweettoothed and obsessive Instagrammers. WINE AND DINE GRAND CENTRAL MARKET You know the pupusas (savory stuffed tortilla) Emma and Ryan chow down in LA LA Land? Find them here, plus so much more including the hipster brunching mecca, Eggslut, and the best lobster roll. The vibe at this indoor street market is lively without being stressful, and you can usually find a seat and get chatting to locals about their chosen cuisine that day.


Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Photo: diegograndi

before watermelon salad, grilled bass, some fresh pasta, washed down with Napa Valley wine from its Californian chef before or after you catch the new Kusama exhibition.

New to the neighborhood in 2017, Manu­­ela is located inside the celebrated Hauser & Wirth Museum. The brunch, dinner and drinks menus are super up to date and innovative. It’s a great spot to dine with a small group of friends. SALT & STRAW A modest but excellent ice cream shop, Salt and Straw is perfect for after your ice cream museum visit. Try one of the unusual house specials and be surprised that soft, rich gelato tastes much better than plain old vanilla.



Food trucks are big in LA, and most people queue up outside their offices at lunch to get the best, freshest and most affordable culinary delights. This

Urban Radish is a cute market and deli with a family-kitchen Esque aesthetic with a focus on local produce and sustainability. Some nights see live jazz music being played here, where you can order wine and cheese and relax like Ryan Gosling in LA LA Land. v

OTIUM AT THE BROAD This light-filled conservatory-like restau­­ rant is part of the best contemp­­orary museum in LA, and the food here demon­­ stra­­tes ample competition and newness. Try a house botanical cocktail aperitif

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Snæfellsjökull Art, science and history of an Icelandic volcano A unique book by Iceland’s most noted volcanologist.


Haraldur Sigurdsson Issue five 99

Celebrate Montréal

Photos: iStockphoto / Hadimor

The grand finale Montréal continues to bring on the fun and color this fall with the 375th-anniversary celebrations that have already wowed massive crowds this summer.! Photos: iStockphoto

Highlighting a rich history that stretches back thousands of years to its origins as a First Nations settlement, French colony, British stronghold and today, a dazzlingly cre­­ative and cultural star on the world stage, the city’s exceptional “birth­­day party” lasts straight through December. EXPO67 Fifty years ago, Montréal hosted Expo67, the “Universal and International World Exhibition” and solidly established its reputation as a city of the future. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of this truly blockbuster encounter, visitors can relive the energy of the times through 14 immersive exhibitions featuring music, film, fashion, art, photos, architecture and more. A revamped 2017 version of the iconic Expo passport lets you collect virtual or physical exhibition stamps and enjoy exclusive content and offers.


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La Balade pour la Paix: An Open-Air Museum by the MMFA also pays homage to Expo67. This major openair art exhibition and walk for peace downtown, showcases 67 works of art from world-class Canadian and international artists reflecting the universal values of humanism, tolerance and openness that inspired the international fair. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Expo67, Montréal’s 375th and Canada’s 150th, it runs until the end of October. WHEN: June 5 – October 29 WHERE: Sherbrooke Street

PAUL À MONTRÉAL Comic strip mavens will love even more of Montréal with Paul à Montréal, an urban walk based on the successful Québecois series “Paul” by Michel Rabagliati. This hour-long, fun-filled interactive stroll sheds new light on the city’s

vibrant culture through a dozen giant panels dotted throughout the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood. WHEN: August 12 – December 10 WHERE: Plateau Mont-Royal

HOCKEY LOVE Montréal’s love affair with hockey is legendary. And this fall, audiences of all ages can enjoy a brand-new interpretation of one of Québec’s most treasured stories in The Hockey Sweater: A Musical at the Segal Centre. Adapted from Roch Carrier’s beloved story about a child’s hockey mishaps in the winter of 1946 and the intense passions and fierce rivalries fueled by the sport, it gets a fresh new breath of life in song and music. WHEN: October 19 – November 12 WHERE: Segal Centre for Performing Arts

Montréal HALLOWEEN What’s fall without a few chills and thrills? This October, Montréal will be throwing a great big Halloween party, with activities for people of all ages. Parades, performances, film and street entertainment will all be featured during five full days of frightful festivities, with the fun spilling into the streets, bars and office buildings of the city center. Boo! WHEN: End of October WHERE: Montréal City Centre

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING The late, legendary Leonard Cohen left an indelible mark not only on Montréal but on the entire world’s cultural scene. In celebration of this iconic singer/songwriter and the huge impact he has had on so many of us, the MAC presents Leonard Cohen - A Crack in Everything, an exclusive exhibition by local and international artists inspired by the recurrent themes in his life and his work. From visual art to music to film and more, these works reveal the depth and scope of his output in intimate and engaging new environments. WHEN: November 9, 2017 – April 1, 2018 WHERE: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

MONTRÉAL MEMORY TOUR Combine the fresh outdoors with history and fun with Montréal, toute

une histoire this autumn. Through a free mobile app, a game and a series of outdoor panels, this 17km “memory tour” gives young and old the chance to discover the history of the St. Lawrence River and four city boroughs from the time of New France to today. By bike or on foot, explore photographs, works and writings on close to 50 identified places of interest as an educational tour or as a treasure hunt for kids.

Your Ticket to


WHEN: Anytime WHERE: Along Saint-Lawrence River (application available on iPhone and Android) LIGHT AND SOUND EXTRAVAGANZA Montréal seamlessly combines historical and modern, and the new multimedia show AURA in Old Montréal’s beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica as yet another example of the city’s inimitable flair and innovation. Created by none other than Moment Factory (of the Sagrada Familia fame in Barcelona), this must-see light and sound extravaganza highlights the stunning architecture and artworks of the crown jewel in Montréal’s religious heritage. WHEN: Until December 31 WHERE: Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal Innovative, creative, daring, dynamic, fascinating and fearless: that’s Montréal’s 375th-anniversary celebrations in a nutshell. Discover all the fun at, where you’ll find events, activities and more, and download the 375MTL app. v

Photos: iStockphoto / JasonBatterham

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The London palette

Six British classics British food still has a fairly bad rep outside of the UK, with most visitors assuming fish and chips is the extent of the cuisine. Although celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay have changed the British perception of food both at home and abroad, there are still some classics that tick the box every time. If you’re heading to London, check out these original and indulgent British classics. by Oli Lynch / Photos: Oli Lynch and from respective restaurants

THE SAUSAGE ROLL High-end butcher The Ginger Pig has shops across town famous for rare breed pork. But it’s their sausage roll that really steals the show. Perfectly spiced pork wrapped in meltingly puffy pastry is street food perfection. You shouldn’t eat one every day if you value your arteries, but for a British classic this is hard to beat. Ginger Pig can be found at Borough Market, with branches in Marylebone (810 Moxon St), Shepherds Bush (137-139 Askew Road) and Hackney (99 Lauriston Road). For the original article, try any branch of Greggs bakers. PIE & MASH A proper London classic, pie and mash is as Cockney as Jack the Ripper and EastEnders. The genuine article is served drowning in parsley liquor, ideally with jellied eels on the side. Mother Mash (26 Ganton Street, near Carnaby Street) are a good choice in the centre. You’ll find a great choice of pies, sausages, mashed potatoes and gravies. Try also Battersea Pie Station in Covent Garden Market (28 The Market) or Goddards at Greenwich (22 King William Walk).


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Try the traditional minced beef pie, mash and parsley liquor. Lord love a duck eh guvnor! (Don’t ask what that means, we’re not entirely sure). SALT BEEF BAGEL The East End of London was once home to a large Jewish population and salt beef is their tasty legacy. The two most famous bagel shops on Brick Lane are a few doors apart; Beigel Bake is the white one and Beigel Shop is the yellow one. Locals will tell you the white one is best, but they’re essentially the same. Thick slices of salt beef are served in a soft bagel with lashings of mustard, set off with a crunchy gherkin. It’s sublime and super cheap. Both shops are open 24/7 and are a magnet for late night revelers. Head to 155 or 159 Brick Lane. THE BACON AND EGG BUTTY The street food of choice for workers across the UK, the bacon bap is untouchable in its simplicity. Bacon, white bread, ketchup. Done. For THE genuine article head to the Cabman’s Shelters in Hanover Square (near Oxford Circus station) or Embankment Station. These green wooden shacks were originally erected to serve the taxi drivers of London, but anyone can grab one for around £2.50. Refined versions of the same thing can be found at most pubs, cafes and at food markets across the city. CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Almost every town in the UK has an Indian restaurant and the Friday night curry is basically a tradition. The story goes that a customer in Glasgow complained there was no sauce with his chicken tikka, and now it’s one of the UK’s favorite dishes.

London Tender marinated chicken served in a mildly spiced tomato based sauce with pilau rice and naan bread is now considered as British as fish n’ chips. You’ll spy curry houses across London and most of them do a version of this dish. For reliably excellent head to Tayyabs (83-89 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel). THE SUNDAY ROAST DINNER The Sunday roast dinner is a national institution and, although not enshrined in law, there are several things that all Brits will agree on: Crispy roast potatoes, slow roasted meat, crispy yet fluffy York­­shire puddings in a lake of gravy. Oh, and don’t forget the mint sauce (Trust us, it just works!). Any self-respecting pub in the UK serves roast dinner every Sunday, although it can often also be found mid­­week. One of the best is Hawksmoor (branches at 157a Commerical Street, Spitalfields and 16 Winchester Walk, Borough) although at £20 a pop it’s the most expensive option too. Wherever you’re staying keep an eye out for a local pub (there will be one) and head there for a proper feed! Oli Lynch is a freelance writer based in Brixton, London. He writes for various travel magazines including and and is also currently writing several screenplays.

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Mexican food that is a true fiesta for your taste buds! We are at eight locations in the Reykjavik area and one in Akureyri: The N1 service stations at Hringbraut and Bíldshöfði. The shopping malls Kringlan and Smáralind and Akureyri center among other places.

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Foreign runs

Parisian park life Zipping to Paris? Don’t forget your running shoes. Personally, I can’t think of a finer way to experience the City of Light’s past and present than by kicking down the cobblestones. Plus, the eye-opening sprint is guaranteed to jumpstart all six of your senses. Text and photos: Theadora Brack

WOW FACTOR Shade. With its hideaways and fountains, Luxembourg has always felt like an enchanted forest. Here there are more backdrops for photo-ops than you can shake a selfie stick at. Poseworthy sites include a gigantic 200-year-old lion king and Bartholdi’s original Statue of Liberty prototype, along with the Medici Fountain, the Grand Basin pond, and a carousel designed by Opéra architect Charles Garnier.

Lion King commissioned by architect Pierre-Thomas Baraguay, Jardin du Luxembourg.

PROPS TO PROPS Smooth Sailing: Miniature Boats on the Grand Bassin, Jardin du Luxembourg.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus, you remember them as they actually are.” But that goes double for traveling by foot, especially at the Jardin du Luxembourg.



Get the action going at the Notre-Damesdes-Champs Métro stop. When you surface, take rue Notre-Dames-des-Champs a few blocks to rue Vavin. At the intersection, the park will be on your left, and on the right, you’ll spot one of the centuries-old Wallace water fountains. The water is free and tasty, so refill your bottle here before and after your fast trot.

Metro: Notre-Dames-des-Champs


Created by Queen Marie de Médici and gard­­ening theorist Jacques Boyceau in the 1600s, Jardin du Luxembourg was opened to the public in 1778. You’re not only able to run here but also rub shoulders with the statues of French queens and saints. I’m hardly a martyr or a monarch (yet), but I do have a few tips for a divine run.

Each loop around the perimeter of the park is about 2 kilometers. Forget your watch? There’s a clock on top of the Palais du Luxem­­ bourg. Arrive early in the morning, for this place is a stroller-magnet—in both senses of the word. On the flipside, it’s a prime peoplewatc­­hing spot. Also, there are toilettes, staffed by attendants. Pack a few 50-cent coins in case you need to skip to the loo.


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You’re not only able to run here but also rub shoulders with the statues of French queens and saints.

Before enjoying an Instagram moment with Pan, George Sand or Beethoven in statue form, why not score a few props, picture-perfect for your rose-colored filters? Scattered around the park are souvenir stands stocked with whirligigs, balloons, and lollypops, not to mention café terraces with ice cream, sandwiches, and things to drink. So don’t forget to pack a camera or smartphone for selfdocumentation of momentary bliss.

Médici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg.

Completing The Golden Circle

Geothermal baths - Natural steam baths Local kitchen - Geothermal bakery Open daily

10:00 - 23:00 (Summer 09/06 - 20/08) 11:00 - 22:00 (Winter 21/08 - 08/06)

Issue five 105

Foreign runs Paris

Atalanta racing Hippomenes to the café, Jardin des Tuileries.

Jeune Fille Allongée by Aristide Maillol, Jardin des Tuileries.

GOSSIP Years before Ernest Hemingway could afford to shoot big game in Africa; he hunted urban birdlife here by the Medici Fountain. Back in his salad days, Luxembourg was known for its large pigeons. He wrote, “We got a little tired of pigeon that winter but they filled many a void.” But if you’re feeling hunger pangs after your run, don’t worry about having to take an urban safari. Instead, make a beeline to a snack shack in the park. How do I know? A well-fed birdie told me so. More? More? More? Meet two other favorite stomping grounds.

George Sand by François-Léon Sicard, Jardin du Luxembourg.

“A mirage! An oasis in the city!” they wrote. Still true today, in fact, here is where I often find 24-karat transformative peace.


PARC DES BUTTES-CHAUMONT Métro: Butte-Chaumont Designed in 1867 by Emperor Napoleon III, engineer Jean-Charles Alphand, and horticulturist Jean-Pierre Barillet-Desc­ hamps, this floral showstopper with its mountain-village vibe opened during the launch of the Paris Universal Exposition. This park has everything. As you make your way along its narrow winding paths, prepare to be bug-eyed at the sight of caverns complete with waterfalls and stalactites, a lake (fashioned from a former gypsum quarry) surrounding an island topped with a Roman temple, and reached by a suspension bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel himself.

While rolling along listening to the crash­ing waterfalls and cooing rendez­ vouses, keep a watch out for the spirit of surrealists André Breton and Louis Aragon who fancied Butte-Chaumont’s poetic, dreamlike vibe and loved reveling in the park’s manmade ruins after dark, with the ghostly Sacré Coeur in full view. “A mirage! An oasis in the city!” they wrote. Still true today, in fact, here is where I often find 24-karat transformative peace. And that’s what you want in a run: A new way of seeing things! That, and a power drink, and Bruno Mars in the earbuds, too. v

JARDIN DES TUILERIES Métro: Concorde Conceived with a slight Italian flair by Queen Catherine de Médici in 1564, the Tuileries was given a redo by landscape architect André Le Nôtre during the Sun King’s reign. After the Big Wig’s big move to Versailles, it became one of the first public parks. Your eye will spy flowerbeds, shady trees, views of the Eiffel Tower, and a statuesque squad of eighteen bronzes by Aristide Maillol. As if that’s not enough, there are grazing goats, miniature sailboats, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, and La Grande Roue rotating over the Place de la Concorde. WOW FACTOR Hooves-down, it’s the Chèvres des Fossés, a calming sight for sore eyes. After I get my fitness on, I linger on here at a moat with goats, located near the grand basin. Tip: Do not feed the endangered posse. They’ve got plenty of grass and eating it is their job, after all. Take heed: They’ve been known to photo bomb like nobody’s business.


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Lion King commissioned by architect Pierre-Thomas Baraguay, Jardin du Luxembourg

L’Acteur Grec by Baron Charles-Arthur Bourgeois, Jardin du Luxembourg

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Hurry up and enjoy

East Side Gallery is the longest piece of the Berlin wall remaining. Hundreds of artists have revamped the once dull concrete to create the world’s largest open-air gallery featuring hundreds of airbrushed murals.

8 hours in Berlin Berlin has certainly lived through some turbulent times. The decline, fall and rise again have followed each other in rapid succession since the start of the 20th century. But since 1989, when the wall that cut through Berlin’s heart came tumbling down, the city has re-invented itself as a European hotspot. by Andrew Marshall Photos: Paul Marshall (and as indicated)

DAY 1 MORNING – Tour with a twist Get your Berlin trip underway by book­­­­ ing a Trabi Safari, a sightseeing experi­­ ence with a difference. This enterprising company has breathed new life into the now nearly extinct Trabant (or Trabi), an East German pro­­­­duced automobile from Communist times and rents them out for self-drive tours. The route of the popular 75-minute “Berlin Compact” tour leads you through the middle and the former east­­­­ern part of the city along the Karl-Marx Allee and East Side Gallery and the neigh­­borhood of Kreuzberg. The East Side Gallery is a real highlight, where hundreds of artists have re­­vamp­­­­ed a 730-meter stretch of the Berl­­in Wall on the north bank of the Spree River to create the world’s largest open-air gallery featuring hundr­­eds of airbrushed murals.


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AFTERNOON – Step back in time

The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) show­­ cases works by 19th-century Impressionists such as Monet, Degas and Manet.

A good place to begin is the century-old Berlin insti­­ tu­­tion of KaDeWe with a seemingly never-ending array of quality merchandise.

Holocaust-Dekmal, officially known as the ‘Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.”

Bode Museum, Museumsinsel PHOTO CREDIT: visitBerlin / Wolfgang Scholvien

Take the opportunity to experience some of Berl­in’s main attractions. Museum lovers should cross the Spree River over the Monbijou Bridge to Museumsinsel (Museum Island), a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s home to some splendid museums and galleries. The Bode Muse­­um exhibits medieval sculptures and early Christian and Byzantine art; the Neues Museum (New Museum) has collections of Egyptian art, prehistoric objects and classical antiquities, and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) show­­cases works by 19th-century Impressionists such as Monet, Degas and Manet. For an immersive insight of everyday life in the former German Democratic Republic, visit the DDR Museum, where you can put on headphones and listen to East German TV shows, see the typical living room found in a concrete-slab apart­­ment and walk into an interrogation room. A thought-pro­­voking and moving experience is to wander among the 2,711 concrete columns rising in somber sil­ence from the undulating ground that makes up the Holocaust-Denkmal, officially known as the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.” DDR Museum:

Berlin EVENING – Eat like the locals A gastro must-do when in Berlin, is to sample the legendary currywurst. Costing a few euros, this chubby pork sausage doused in tomato sauce and laced with spices is traditionally eaten from a paper plate with a tiny disposable fork while standing at chest-high snack tables on the pavements. The cult place to go is Konnopke’s Imbiss situated beneath the green girders of a subway in Prenzlauer Berg, which has been serving the hungry hordes from this spot since 1930.

For surprising buys, visit one of Berlin’s many flea markets selling antiques, retro furniture, second-hand clothes and vintage knick­ knacks.

Konnopke’s Imbiss is an authentic kiosk to sample Berlin’s original fast food – the Berliner Currywurst.

sand plac­ed on strips of industrial wasteland along the Spree River; each beach bar has its own atmosphere. An interesting twist on the Strandbar is the Badeschiff (Bathing Ship) located in a gritty section of the southeastern Berlin district of Treptow. This 30-meter barge-turned-swimmingpool anchored in the Spree River offers spectacular city pano­­ramas. A wooden footbridge with hammocks connects the barge containing the pool to the river bank where the hipster crowds kick back in beach chairs with cold drinks, play volleyball or practice yoga.

DAY 2 MORNING – In the market for a bargain? After breakfast, perhaps retail therapy should be the first order of the day. A good place to begin is the century-old Berlin insti­­tution of KaDeWe with a seemingly never-ending array of quality merchandise spread over several floors. For surprising buys, visit one of Berlin’s many flea markets selling antiques, retro furniture, secondhand clothes and vintage knickknacks. Try the antique market on Georgenstrasse in the Mitte district under the S-Bahn bridge or the Sunday flea market at Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg. AFTERNOON – Swimming Spree Take some time out in the afternoon to relax at one of Berlin’s several Strandbars (beach bars) made from construction-site

An interesting twist on the Strandbar is the Badeschiff (Bathing Ship) located in a gritty section of the southeastern Berlin district of Treptow.

EVENING – DINNER IN THE DARK Reichstag. The spectacular glass dome of the German parliament building.

Badeschiff (Bathing Ship) is a former river barge turned swimming pool anchored in the Spree River with great city views.

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For a dining experience with a difference, reserve a table at the unsicht-Bar - Dark rest­­au­­rant on Gormannstrasse. Blind or visually impaired waiters or waitresses lead you through the pitch-black dining room to your table and explain the placing of utensils us­­ing a clock analogy (for example, the fork is located at 9 o’clock and the knife is at 3 o’clock) so that you can eat in the dark. The theory behind the concept is that by volun­­tarily abandoning your vision, you will be able to experience what wonderful work your other senses are capable of.


The Icelandic Phallological Museum is one of the most informative, humorous, and unusual museums in the world. The world famous “Penis museum” in Reykjavik is the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all the various types of mammal found in a single country. The founder, Sigurður Hjartarson started the collection 40 years ago and made it first accessible to the public in 1997 with the opening of the museum. The Icelandic Phallological Museum contains a collection of more than 220 penises and penile parts belonging to all the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland. There is also a foreign section that holds more than forty examples and a folklore section that has some twenty pieces on display. All in all, more than 380 biological examples. In addition to the biological section of the museum, visitors can view a collection of about 350 artistic oddments and practical utensils related to the museum’s chosen theme. The museum is in a 250 square meter location on the upper part of Reykjavik’s main shopping street, Laugavegur, only a 10 minutes walk from the city’s centre. There is a souvenir corner with a small exclusive selection of things related to the museum’s theme.

Seeing is believing! No pornography or offensive material in the museum.

Laugavegur 116 • 105 Reykjavík • Tel.: (+354) 561-6663 (+354) 690 3774• • Opening hours: Summer: Daily from10 am - 6 pm • Winter: Daily from 11 am -6 pm • Next to Hlemmur bus station

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Let’s drink to Denmark

Beer and bars in Copenhagen Beer aficionado Andrew Marshall visits some breweries and bars to sink a few classic pilsners and bespoke brews in and around the Danish capital. Text and photos: Andrew Marshall

Think of Copenhagen, arguably Scandinavia’s coolest and most cosmopolitan city and several images spring to mind; cutting-edge design, fabulous fashion, tall, good-looking locals and perhaps the famed Tivoli antique amusement park. But, it’s also here that beer rules supreme, and alongside a rich brewing tradition is a new wave of microbreweries and brew­­ pubs popping up around the city. A TASTE OF TRADITION “Don’t forget your tickets for some compli­­mentary beers,” says the at­­tend­ ant inside the world-famous Carlsberg Brewery as I begin my introduction into Copenhagen’s beer and bar culture. Visit Carlsberg offers a self-guided tour of the first Carlsberg Brewery from 1847, which exhibits beer production and its history. In fact, Danish beer dates back further than imagined, after a girl was discovered in a peat bog clutching a jug of well-aged brew, carbon-dated 1370BC. During the tour, I pass the world’s largest collection of unopened beer bottles (16,384 when counted in 2006), a steam engine that revolutionized early industrial beer production and antique copper vats used in the brew­ing process. The tour ends rather appropriately at the adjoining secondfloor Jacobsen Brewery where there’s a choice of two drinks from the range of specialty beers, ales and pilsners. Before leaving, it’s well worth checking out the four giant Bornholm granite elephants (Elephant Gates) that guard the brewery grounds—a fine example of world-class industrial architecture.

Danes are among the greatest beer drinkers worldwide, and there are scores of beers to choose from, the most popular being pilsners or lagers (around 4.6% alcohol content) especially from Carlsberg or Tuborg, but there are also dark lagers, draught beers and hearty stouts.

I’m keen to check out some more authentic Danish taverns. A great example is the Hvide Lam (dating from 1807), and as I enter the small doorway of this popular local hangout, a warm glow is cast over a cozy bar with a three-man jazz band performing a snappy number in the corner by the billiard table.

Copenhagen’s colourful and picturesque Nyhavn district with its showcase canal, dug in the 17th century.


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Situated down a side street near the railway station the Pinden pub is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and attracts a mixed crowd.

After my brewery tour, I wander back towards the city center through a tangle of cobbled streets to the picturesque Nyhavn district, with its showcase century canal dug in the 17th century to let traders bring their wares into the heart of the city. Today, traditional sailing craft crowd the canal lined with colorful gabled townhouses, and although it’s mid-September, people are out in numbers enjoying a drink at the many trendy side cafés and bars while soaking in the last bursts of autumn sunshine. Danes are among the greatest beer drinkers worldwide, and there are scores of beers to choose from, the most popular being pilsners or lagers (around 4.6% alcohol content) especially from Carlsberg or Tuborg, but there are also dark lagers, draught beers and hearty stouts. The most popular spirit is aquavit, better known as snaps, and for a thoroughly Danish experience, try it with herring, perhaps at one of the traditional Nyhavn pub favorites such as or Cap Horn or Nyhavn 17. MODERN AND CLASSIC BARS

A short walk from the Nyhavn district you’ll find Strøget, billed as the world’s longest pedestrian street. Running right through the city center, it is crammed with shops, eateries, bars and cafés, and the continental-style Café Europa 1989 and Café Norden, with their outdoor tables in the heart of Strøget, provide ideal vantage points for watching the ever-changing mishmash of musicians, street performers, office workers and tourists. Although these types of cosmopolitan-style cafés serve coffee, beer and wine, I’m keen to The Hvide Lam founded in 1807, is a good example of check out some more authentic Danish taverns. an authentic Copenhagen bar. A great example is the Hvide Lam (dating from 1807), and as I enter the small doorway of this popular local hangout, a warm glow is cast over a cozy bar with a three-man jazz band performing a snappy number in the corner by the billiard table. Other traditional watering holes worth checking out include Copenhagen’s oldest, Hviids Vinstue founded in 1723 and Lord Nelson with a great range of Danish draught beers. A selection of bottled beers from Nørrebro Bryghus.

Nørrebro Bryghus - a combined microbrewery, bar and restaurant.

Sculpture and café in Copenhagen.

Denmark “The inspiration for our restaurant came from the American brewpubs, where food and beer are enjoyed in an informal atmosphere amid brewing kettles and tanks.”

natural products from the forest such as maple syrup, birch sap and woodruff in the brewing process. In addition to its microbreweries, bars and pubs, Copenhagen boasts a plethora of other exciting possibilities for the visitor—the free-thinking Christiania community, Museum Erotica, Danish Design Center and the Viking Ship Museum. But it will be beer aficionados especially, who will think they have arrived in paradise here. Cheers, or as they say in Copenhagen, “Skol.” v

- Anders Kissmeyer, Nørrebro Bryghus A barmaid pulls a pint in a typical Copenhagen bar.

BREW PUBS AND MICROBREWERIES The Nørrebro Bryghus, a combined microbrewery, bar and restaurant located in a former metal goods factory in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district, is a dream come true for prize-winning brewmaster Anders Kissmeyer, who had the vision to help rejuvenate Danish beer culture. “The inspiration for our restaurant came from the American brewpubs, where food and beer are enjoyed in an informal atmosphere amid brewing kettles and tanks,” says Anders. “The beer is a primary source of inspiration for our head chef, and it is used as both an ingredient and seasoning, and finally in the glass accompanying the food.” Another good brewpub option in Nørrebro is uber-cool Brus honored in the 2017 RateBeer Best awards, and over in Copenhagen’s upcoming meatpacking district is WarPigs, a hip microbrewery offering American-Danish style craft beers alongside authentic Texas barbecue. For an interesting side excursion pay a visit to Bryggeri Skovlyst, a brewpub and restaurant set in a picturesque woodland north of Copenhagen, where the unique concept is to utilize


Master brewer and champion beer taster Casper Café Norden is one of several watering holes on Møller with ingredients used in the brewing Strøget which is full of bars and cafés. process at Bryggeri Skovlyst.

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Experience tapas the Icelandic way, made with the freshest local ingredients in an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. TAPASBARINN – A MUST TRY IN ICELAND

late night dining Our kitchen is open until 23:30 on weekdays and 01:00 on weekends

Tapasbarinn | Vesturgata 3B | 101 Reykjavík | Tel: 551 2344 |

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ALICANTE Warm up by the Mediterranean Sea and taste the best of Spain. WOW air now offers cheap flights* to Alicante from Iceland, with available connections from USA and Canada, up to four times a week until the end of October 2017. AMSTERDAM A city of art, architecture, cool people and canals, and don’t forget windmills, weird wooden shoes and tulips. Amsterdam is a fairytale and a great place to visit. WOW air offers cheap flights* to Amsterdam from USA, Canada and Iceland daily or two times a day, all year round. BARCELONA Barcelona truly is the perfect destination; tasty tapas, seaside promenades and mind-blowing architecture. Getting there is the easy part. WOW air offers 2-4 flights a week to Barcelona from Iceland, with available connections from USA and Canada, all year round, except in January and April.

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A trendy hot-spot with a wide range of tourist attractions, Brussels, Belgium is a perfect destination for a fun family vacation or a short city break. Known for fine chocolate, tasty waffles, premium beer and mussels this cool destination will surprise you.

Enjoy Scottish hospitality, listen to the smooth sounds of bagpipes, swim with the Loch Ness Monster, taste the national dish—haggis—and wash it all down with some fine Scottish whiskey. We guarantee you’ll get hooked on Scotland!

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The city of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria is warm all year round so it’s a perfect destination for both the chilly and the chill.

Experience the gastronomic capital of France with all its history and vibrant cultural scene.

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TENERIFE Relaxing on a tropical island sounds like a dream and Tenerife is a dream come true. WOW air offers two flights a week to Tenerife Sur from Iceland all year round. WARSAW The capital of Poland has some historic charisma and is a great destination if you’re on a budget. WOW air offers flights to Warsaw from Iceland, with available connections from USA and Canada, two times a week from June 2017. WASHINGTON, D.C. Are you ready for a monumental trip? Get acquainted with the history of the United States of America and enjoy this great capital. WOW air offers cheap flights* to Washington, D.C. from Europe, every day of the week, all year round.

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Make a pledge! Have a taste of Iceland One of the world’s coolest travel destinations, Iceland, is a country of extreme, unspoiled and pure nature. With a vibrant

Nordic restaurant scene, it is fast becoming a food force to be reckoned with. A brand new cookbook, Taste of Iceland, offers a fantastic introduction to the world of modern Icelandic cuisine with a traditional twist. Celebrating the unique, clean, diverse and ambitious culinary scene of this island this book will most certainly offer a taste of Iceland to home cooks worldwide. Leading the way is Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, often nicknamed “the Wild Chef” due to his passion for hunting and all that Icelandic nature has to offer. Úlfar’s passion for wild, fresh and sustainable cuisine has made him a pioneer of reinventing traditional Icelandic fare. A true chef and hunter, Úlfar considers

high-quality local elements the key to creating a unique and exceptional dining experience. With everything from seafood to smoked lamb, wild game to traditional Icelandic pastry, this book will fire enthusiasm for the gastronomic riches that can be found in and around our pristine island, from our highest mountaintops down to our bountiful shores. Photographs by Lárus Karl Ingason play an important role in the book and combine the Icelandic scenery with the pure ingredients from the nature. Taste of Iceland will undoubtedly draw attention to the gastronomic riches we have on and around our icy, rocky and fire-breathing island, and will hopefully unlock new ideas in the minds of its readers.

If you plan on following our WOW advice on how to stay safe in Iceland and how not to ruin the nature, you might as well make it official— and possibly win an all-inclusive trip to Iceland! Website “Inspired by Iceland” has great tips and info for travelers and now pleads with them to sign a pledge to be a responsible tourist. The pledge goes: “When I explore new places, I will leave them as I found them. I will take photos to die for, without dying for them. I will follow the road into the unknown, but never venture off the road. And I will only park where I am supposed to. When I sleep under the stars, I will stay at a campsite. And when nature calls, I won’t answer the call on nature. I will be prepared for all weather, all possibilities and all adventures.” Sign the pledge here:

Photo: Ómar Sverrisson

Cooking with the best The best way to get to know a country is through your taste buds so if a real culinary experience is what you’re after in Iceland, you’re in luck. Salt Eldhús, a gourmet cooking school in Reykjavik, offers delicious and fun cooking classes where participants cook a three-course meal made with local ingredients, get a taste of a selection of traditional products and an introduction to Icelandic cuisine, traditions and culture. But don’t take it from us; this summer Salt Eldhús was named one of “7 top-notch cooking schools for the traveling epicure” by, a title this unique and intimate cooking school certainly lives up to. Whether you want to take your group to a private class or get to know fellow travelers from other parts of the world, a cooking class at Salt Eldhús will be a night to remember.


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Iceland’s first food hall! Thanks to Iceland’s rapid boom in tourism and its expanding dining scene Hlemmur, a former central bus station in the capital has been reborn as the nation’s first food hall, inspired by the long tradition of European food halls. The area around the old bus station has largely missed out on last year’s boost to Iceland’s restaurant culture, but with the redesign of this urban landmark, it is set to take on a new role. Among others, the food hall will feature a smørrebrød deli, the famous sourdough bakery of Brauð & Co, a new Nordic bar & bistro, a liquid

nitrogen ice cream shop and a farm-to-table vegetable grocer. The aim of Hlemmur Mathöll (Food Hall) is to help create a self-sustained ecosystem of independent purveyors with a close collaboration between farmers, fishermen, bakers and chefs. The hope is that a spirit of cooperation can advance new ways of eliminating food waste and delivering a lower carbon footprint. At Hlemmur, guests can grab seasonal and sustainable farm-to-table produce, sample all that Iceland has to offer and taste authentic international dishes.

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Time to vote…

one of whom turned out to be the PM’s father. The leaders of the Bright Future Party ended their coalition with the Independence Party stating a serious breach of trust within the government because of this matter.

After only 8-9 months in power, the Icelandic government has collapsed. Last year it was the Panama Papers that brought it to its knees, this year a scandal involving recommendation letters for clemency or “restored honor” to convicted pedophiles and lack of transparency regarding the process and the people who wrote those letters,

Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has dissolved Parliament and called for elections which means Icelanders will vote a new government for the second time within just one year at the end of October. Although we believe that democracy is the way to go, let’s hope that voting a new government won’t become an annual thing.






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Sif’s book focuses on the unwavering strength of the human spirit and is written for every teenager and young adult interested in science fiction and adventures.

I am Traitor Known for her sharp column on politics and current affairs in the most widely read newspaper in Iceland, author and journalist Sif Sigmarsdóttir has just released a new science-fiction novel for young adults called I am Traitor. The book is written in English and takes place in London. Sif has been writing books for teenagers and young adults for over ten years, and her novels have become bestsellers in Iceland. For an Icelandic author, getting a book published in England by Hodder, a highly respected publishing company, is no small feat. Sif’s book focuses on the unwavering strength of the human spirit and is written for every teenager and young adult interested in science fiction and adventures. The story’s main character, Amy, lives an ordinary London-life. She’s on social

media, she watches YouTube and goes to parties with her friends. When aliens land on Earth and start abducting young people, she gets caught up in unexpected events. To save the Earth, she’ll have to betray the people who trust her and trust the ones trying to kill her.



Wise like Gísli Vísi Gísli is a new premium Icelandic aquavit a.k.a. brennivín. It is made from Icelandic spring water, dill and

caraway. Since the launch of Vísi Gísli, the product has been well received by local bartenders and aquavit experts. Vísi Gísli is a smooth aquavit, perfect for any occasion. The smooth and refreshing taste is brought out with the freshness of the Icelandic spring water and the herbs used in the drink. During the development of Vísi Gísli, the distillers wanted to make the best aquavit possible that appealed to all consumers. Vísi Gísli is a handcrafted small batch product, so each bottle has been carefully inspected and handled with love and care. The aquavit is named after Gísli Magnússon (aka. Vísi Gísli) who was the first person to cultivate caraway in Iceland (ca. 1650). Gísli was known for his high intelligence and hence got his nickname Vísi Gísli (e. Gísli the wise). Vísi Gísli is produced by Snioland which also makes the awarded Brenyolver Gin. Snioland is a local distillery that focuses on high-quality handcrafted spirits produced in small batches. For those who are unfamiliar with aquavit, it is the spirit of Scandinavia. Aquavit has been produced in Scandinavia since the 15th century and typically contains 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). If you want to experience something truly local, then Vísi Gísli is the perfect product.

ICELANDIC SEAFOOD makes world’s best sushi

The best of Icelandic produce with a nod to Japan and South America. Modern Icelandic flavours, share plates and award winning cocktails.


Iceland past and present Because Iceland’s rise from the ashes of the economic crash can be attributed to the interest of travelers in our natural gems and untouched areas, it seems strange that short-term gains have the upper hand over ecological preservation here. For example, permission was given to build not one but two largescale industrial silicon factories in Iceland, all in the name of progress and job creation—despite protests and warnings from inhabitants and environmentalists—and a third is in the process of receiving permission. One of these factories has already been built and opened in Reykjanes. It is a coal burning (yes coal!! in Iceland) eyesore too close to people’s homes and children’s playgrounds and schools. The factory hasn’t functioned properly since it was opened and has had mishap

after mishap. It has been recorded that toxic material has been released into the atmosphere at nighttime. Locals have reported a number of health-related issues after the factory opened and complained about the smell that comes from the factory and say that is just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately for the inhabitants, all production has now been stopped, but it might only be a temporary relief. Another factory, located in Hvalfjörður, a natural paradise close to Reykjavik was on the agenda despite loud protests from landowners in the fjord. This summer, a judge ruling nullified the National Planning Agency’s decision that the factory didn’t need an environmental impact assessment. The owner of the company has now postponed all plans, stating lack of funding. Hooray for nature and all that work in her favor!

Our kitchen is open 17.00–23.00 sun.–thu. 17.00–24.00 fri.–sat. Sushi Social Þingholtsstræti 5 • 101 Reykjavík Tel. 568 6600 •

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Rave reviews for Under the Tree Under the Tree, premiered at the Venice Film Festival at the end of August, is a new Icelandic movie that focuses on the domestic tension in a suburban backyard that spirals out of control. Critics have praised the film’s emo­ tional depth, humor and perceptiveness and they’ve especially loved Edda Björg­ vinsdóttir, an icon among Ice­landic actors and known for her deadpan comedic style. The Screen Daily’s critic calls her performance “scene-stealing” and says she “spits acrimony and ex­ pletives with such force and assurance that she instantly thrusts the character into the annals of memorable screen matriarchs.” A critic for the Variety describes the movie as

a “savage black comedy [that] passes almost imperceptibly into stunned, visceral tragedy.” Members of the Icelandic Film and Television Academy have voted it to be Iceland’s contribution at the Oscar’s next year.

Members of the Icelandic Film and Television Academy have voted Under the Tree to be Iceland’s contri­­ bution at the Oscar’s next year.

Tales of Iceland is a video exhi­­ bition about Iceland and Icelanders, pre­­sented on 14 high-quality screens, some up to 100” large.

Go to or to find screenings in Iceland or check it out at your local arthouse cinema.



ALSO BEST 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

-------------------------------------------Laugavegur 130 við Hlemm TEL : 5522444, 692- 0564



many famous people are regulars here



DV. 17.07.11



Iceland past and present On a rainy day in Reykjavik, we recommend seeking shelter inside the old Austurbæjarbíó (East Reykjavik Cinema) on Snorrabraut. The 70-year-old movie theater turned grand exhibition space now houses the “Tales of Iceland,” an audiovisual exhibition on Icelandic history, nature and society offering an invaluable insight into this country. Tales of Iceland is a video exhibition about Iceland and Icelanders presented on 14 high-quality screens, some up to 100” large. The exhibition is two-fold. In the nature part on the 1st floor, you’ll see videos that are produced from actual tourist videos and portray the country through the eyes of visitors. In the news part on the 2nd floor, TV newsreels with breaking news of the past have been edited to cover the art, sports, funny facts, the weather, the ocean, the music and more. Each video is ca. 3-4 minutes long and is narrated and subtitled in English. Tales of Iceland is storytelling at its finest, giving visitors a deeper view of Icelandic culture and its people.



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WHAT’S GOING ON OVER HERE? Quite a lot actually, and if you know where to go you can live each night in Iceland like there’s a full blown festival going on. Photos: From respective events or venues

WHAT: Iceland Airwaves Venue and Off Venue WHEN: 1-5 November Bíó Paradís joins the huge party that is Iceland Airwaves Music festival and turns into a music venue as well. Go to for the line up!

A movie lover’s paradise Located in the heart of downtown Reykjavík, Bíó Paradís is a nonprofit organization run by Iceland’s professional filmmaking guilds. Screening the latest art house releases from all around the world as well as cult films and Icelandic films, it is Iceland’s first and only art house cinema. The theater provides a warm and cozy environment for film lovers of all kinds—both in its three-screen theater and its well-stocked bar.

Events in October and November

WHAT: Christmas Party Screenings WHEN: December We love Christmas in Paradise, messy, noisy and at times brutally Bruce Willis violent Christmas. To get into that special festive spirit Bio Paradis will be screening favorite Christmas classics such as Die Hard, Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Love Actually.

Premiers on the 31st of October. Island Songs – Musical Documentary with Ólafur Arnalds.

WHAT: Friday night party screenings WHEN: Every Friday night at 20:00 Friday means nostalgia at Bíó Paradís. In October you can catch Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Matrix, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and The Shining! WHAT: Black Sundays

WHEN: Every Sunday night through the dark and lonely winter months. This carefully curated cult film club will be offering masterpieces by Park ChanWook, Andrei Tarkovsky, David Lynch and Kathryn Bigelow this winter including Elephant Man, Andrei Rublev, Old Boy and Point Break.

WHAT: New Icelandic Documentaries WHEN: In October and November Bio Paradis will be screening new and exciting Icelandic documentaries with English subtitles: The Legend of FC Kareoki, 690 Vopnafjörður and Seeing Eye Dog which won the jury and audience awards at Skjaldborg Icelandic documentary film festival last summer.

WHAT: Sumarbörn WHEN: Premiers October 13th A new Icelandic feature film directed by Guðrún Ragnarsdóttir. The film narrates the story of impoverished siblings Eydís and Kári who are sent away from their parents to spend the summer in a government institution for children.

Miss Encircled.

WHAT: Island Songs – Musical Documentary with Ólafur Arnalds WHEN: Premiers on the 31st of October

WHAT: The Poetry Brothel Reykjavík (Rauða skáldahúsið) WHEN: November 10 WHERE: Iðnó, Reykjavik

Over the course of seven weeks Arnalds travelled with director Baldvin Z to seven very different locations in Iceland to collaborate with seven diverse music-makers, including the organist of a tiny and remote church, a well-known pop star, a successful Hollywood film composer, and a village teacher. A special AIRWAVES screening will be held November 2nd at 14:00, followed by Q&A.

The year is 1921. Alcohol is banned. You find yourself in the lush interiors of a bordello, sipping absinthe from a brown mug, surrounded by poets, intellectuals and artists. Music fills the air as dancers swirl around. You hear foreboding words slip from the mouth of a fortune teller, and a poet grabs your hand to lead you up a dimly lit staircase... Issue five 121




Hannelore the Mermaid.

Madame Karitas.

The dandy poet Friðrik Peterson.

Songstress Bibi Bioux.

Ulfur Fenrir Loasson.

The Poetry Brothel is a unique immersive performance experience, poetry event and cabaret with its origins in New York. Join “The Poetry Brothel Reykjavík” for an immersive poetry event that includes live jazz, burlesque acts from Reykjavík Kabarett, tarot card readings and portraits by an “artist in residence.” Poetry whores will attend to every guest’s poetry needs and are available to be purchased for private, one-on-one readings in secluded rooms. “Rauða skáldahúsið came about by fortunate happenstance. Throughout my life, I’d received training in various trades, and acquired some languages through



travel and necessity. I found myself eventually Iceland-bound on a ship that wound up taking me to a fjord that has no light in winter, where I built a house to live and create in,” says Hannelore Hafmeyja (mermaid), the Madame of Poets. “As the months went by, dancers, troubadours, poets and witches came into my home—some Icelandic, some from other lands, like myself. I gave them haven and hearth, and books to nourish the mind. One of the travelers, Karitas, suggested that we allow all travelers to come to my home and buy the artwork of the poets and dancers. What a better way for a poet to make a buck? Revelry is popular among artists, so it was natural for us to become a bordello, to sell our wares—the stuff of dreams—and to drink with our guests while we did it,” Hannelore continues, stating that their mantra is Baudelaire’s “Be drunk, be continually drunk—on wine, poetry, or virtue, as you wish.”

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE POETRY BROTHEL? According to Hannelore, one can never know what will happen at the poetry brothel. “Our artists express their feelings freely and impulsively,” she says. For those who don’t wish to purchase a poet, the house is filled with dancers, body painters and portraitists. “The evening is entirely about joy, immersion and breaking the fourth wall.” The next edition of the Poetry Brothel in Reykjavik will be a masquerade ball. “We invite guests to bring their own masks, but will also have them for sale at the house. We hope that newcomers will immerse themselves in the live performance. The mask allows you to hide, making it easier to become someone else who revels along with us,” says Hannelore. The Madame of the Evening—Madame Karitas—is there to guide the audience through the night. She also makes sure that the poets are working and that the dancers aren’t lingering too long at the bar. “She also helps customers to find the poet who is most right for them to spend time alone with, introducing each member of the house in their turn,” informs Hannelore. If you’re open to new experiences, or, perhaps more importantly, looking for new experiences, a night out at the Poetry Brothel may be just what you need. “Our clients are those who are seeking to satisfy their desires, and who wish to forget themselves for an evening filled with poetry, music, dancing, and art,” Hannelore concludes.




+354 788 55 66


WOW Power to the people

Having attended the Poetry Brothel’s first event, we at WOW magazine can’t wait for this special evening and will certainly recommend it to anyone ready and willing to step out of the box. Information about tickets will be available in mid-October on the facebook page ( and on What’s On Reykjavik/Visit Reykjavik. Tickets will go on-sale mid-October through



“Great adventure with the rib. Seeing so much beautiful animals”

“The highlight of our trip”

“Big whale speed boat - AMAZING”


“Best whale watching experience from the Safari tour!”


Practise yoga in Icelandic wilderness, enjoy healthy food and meditate in midnight brightness during this restorative weekend retreat.

NEW 2018





Tel. +354 464 1500 • • HÚSAVÍK

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Photo: Kaspars Bekeris

WHAT: Reykjavík Kabarett WHEN: November 9, 10 & 11 WHERE: Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn, Reykjavik Reykjavík Kabarett is a cabaret collective whose goal is to strengthen the variety scene in Reykjavík. The group fo­­cuses on a variety show with a mix of burlesque and vaudeville. A talented collective of burlesque performers, a clown, a circus performer, a musician, an artist, an actress and a magician form a great variety show where sexuality and humor play a big part. Each production is unique and only shown three or four times. To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Reykjavik Kabarett, the Kabarett family will put together a special show in the beautiful basement of the National Theater of Iceland in November with their international friends as well as local variety stars. Check out for information about their next gigs. Tickets for their November show will be available at

WHAT: Iceland Airwaves WHEN: November 1-5 WHERE: Around Reykjavik and also in Akureyri Iceland Airwaves is regarded as the biggest celebration of music in Iceland and boasts an unrivaled lineup of established and up-and-coming artists. From concerts in tiny record stores and art museums to cool bars and beautiful churches, Airwaves-goers can expect to soak up the festival atmosphere in some of the city’s most unusual venues. And it’s not just about the music; there will be plenty of opportunities to indulge in yummy Icelandic cuisine, sample the local beer, make new friends, relax in the hot pools and marvel at the aurora borealis. There’s a reason music lovers flock to Reykjavík from all over the world, so come and join us (and them!) for five days of festival magic.

WHAT: Dragsúgur WHEN: November 24 WHERE: Gaukurinn, Reykjavik For the past year Iceland’s only Queer Variety Performance, Dragsúgur, has been entertaining an ever-growing crowd. With its transcendent and outrageous drag royalty, it has been changing the queer scene in Iceland. The queens are padded, the kings are bulging, and they have comedy, glamour, fantasy and fierceness oozing out of every pore. Join them for a night to remember at Gaukurinn in November. Photo: Kaspars Bekeris

Check out news and more events by Dragsúgur on their facebook page.

Visit the most popular flea market in Reykjavík A vast selection of vintage items as well as favorably priced tourist goods

Open weekdays from 12 to 18 and Saturdays from 12 to 16. The nearest bus station is at Grenársvegur. Góði hirðirinn | Fellsmúla 28 | 108 Reykjavík | 520 2200


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WHAT: Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits WHEN: Various dates in October-December WHERE: Harpa, Reykjavik Concert Hall Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits is a fast-paced and hilarious 75-minute theatrical comedy in English that takes you on a journey through Iceland’s literary heritage. The Icelandic Sagas are narratives, mostly based on historical events that took place in Iceland in the 9th-11th century. They tell of heroes and anti-heroes, villains, feisty females, betrayal, dispute, love, hate and last but not least, pillaging, plundering and murder. The Sagas are often hilariously grotesque, they hint at homosexuality, make light of gory murders and happen in a world where innocent things, like where to sit at a party, can turn into bloody family feuds and good poems can get you out of trouble with angry kings. This, of course, makes for great theater. Get your ticket to Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits at and

WHAT: Kathy Griffin – Laugh Your Head Off WHEN: November 29, 8 PM WHERE: Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik After two Emmys, a Grammy, decades of starring in television shows and touring, Kathy Griffin is launching her FIRST world tour after suddenly never being more in-demand. Armed with the story of the now infamous and controversial photo (yes…THAT photo), the fiery redheaded American comedian is bringing the story of the photo heard ‘round the world and the fallout that followed, along with breaking down everything in the pop-culture landscape, to audiences worldwide. You can catch her in Iceland this November.



Our Master Watchmaker never loses his concentration

With his legendary concentration and 45 years of experience our Master Watchmaker and renowned craftsman, Gilbert O. Gudjonsson, inspects every single timepiece before it leaves our workshop.

All the watches are designed and assembled by hand in Iceland. Only highest quality movements and materials are used to produce the watches and every single detail has been given the time needed for perfection.

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ber October-Novem




Like most people, you suffer from severe impostor syndrome. To get through, you copy tiny behaviors from different people resulting in a mix that can’t be recognized as anything but originality. Bravo! That’s the way we all do it!

Libras should go out of their way and visit a sensory garden for the blind. It does wonders for the mind and the soul. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse to fondle your date.



20 APRIL - 20 MAY You should stop trying to appear hip and down with the younger generation. You are not “woke” or “savage” and your vocabulary is definitely not “on fleek.”


21 MAY - 21 JUNE Use the weeks ahead to get in touch with your evil twin. You know the one we’re talking about! Don’t suppress them or push them away. Just give them a glass of Prosecco!


22 JUNE - 22 JULY It seems yoga has taken over your life. Don’t stay in the headstand for too long though; it wasn’t designed for the middleaged.


23 JULY - 22 AUGUST As a Leo, you never suffer from impostor syndrome. That’s because Leos are overconfident weirdos. You don’t even care that we called you a weirdo, do you? You weirdo.




24 OCTOBER - 21 NOVEMBER Everyone says Scorpios are the most sexually active and adventurous sign, but the stars beg to differ. We’ve been watching you!


22 NOVEMBER - 21 DECEMBER Having just “won” a massive debate on Facebook you take a well-deserved break from social media. Too bad no one is ever going to read your three page, referenced and well-sourced comment on “The Friend-Zone.”


22 DECEMBER - 19 JANUARY Your DIY activism started out good, but lately, everyone seems to agree with your opinion and behave accordingly. Is tolerance and equality becoming a mainstream thing? What will you do?


20 JANUARY - 18 FEBRUARY You should get better at receiving the gifts the world, the stars and your lover want to give you. Just because someone once said that it’s better to give than receive there’s no need to act all saint like all the time. Go get yours!



After reading yet another “10-thingswomen-do-but-men-hate” article, you go on a full rampage breaking every one of those made-up rules. As it turns out, men really don’t like that.

You’re not a millionaire yet, and it really bugs you. It bugs us too, so we bought our own lottery ticket this month, but we still love you hunny bunny.


Disclaimer: This horoscope is total and utter nonsence. Any accuracies, real or imagined by readers, are purely incidental.


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The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: Each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler?


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WOWHORSES Laxnes Horse Farm is a family owned and operated horse farm offering daily tours since 1968. With a wide range of horses we specialize in short and long tours designed to introduce our customers to the amazing, gentle and one of a kind Icelandic horse. Additionally we offer a variety of combination tours letting you get the most out of your day in Iceland. We offer pickup service in Reykjavik and the farm’s easy to find location just outside Reykjavik makes joining our tours easy if you have a car. “The best way to see Icelandic nature is from the back of a horse. Laxnes is our home and with our horses being part of the family our main goal has always been to combine well organized professionalism with a warm and friendly family atmosphere.” Haukur Thorarinsson Manager



Book your tours in iceland with special promo code LAXNES on

Laxnes Horse Farm 271 Mosfellsbær Iceland Tel: +354 566 6179

Visit us on Connect with us. Follow, like and subcribe to #laxneshorsefarm on social media.

  

Issue five 129

She has twice re­­pres­ ent­­ed Ice­­land in the Euro­­vision Song Con­­test, singing “Never For­­get” in 2012 and “Hear Them Call­ing” in 2016. “Per­­ form­­­ing takes up most of my time, and I do a lot of shows both in Ice­­­land and else­­where. This summ­­er I traveled a lot since I per­­form­ed mostly abroad. At home, I try to write and compose when I’m not per­­forming.”

Greta Salóme says that her whole life has revolved around music. “I was only four years old when I started playing the violin,” Gréta says.

UNIFY AGAINST BULLYING Unify Against Bullying is an American non-profit organiza­­ tion ( Svava Jónsdóttir (the journa­­list) has been helping it internationally and asked Greta Salóme to send a Unify-picture which means that peo­ple put their other hand before their mouth with the word UNIFY written on it. Gréta has also performed at Unify’s fashion show in Massachusetts. “Unify Against Bullying is doing amazing things, and their cause is something I truly believe in to bring an end to bully­ing through the celebration of true diversity.”

LAUGARVATN Gréta Salóme says her favorite part of Iceland is Laugar­­ vatn, Geysir and the surrounding area; basically the Golden Circle. “My parents have had a cabin at Laugarvatn all my life and last year I bought a cabin right next to them, so it mak­­es me appreciate the place even more. We also have a cabin right next to Geysir and even though I’m renting out both of the cabins, I try to go there whenever I get the chance. It always feels like stepping into a fairytale be­­ cause the landscape is just amazing.” Yes, sometimes it’s like being a part of a fairytale when travel­ing in Iceland.


WORKING AROUND THE WORLD Gréta Salóme Stefánsdóttir is an Icelandic songwriter, singer and vio­­linist who twice represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest. She performs in various countries and in May, for example, she per­form­­ed at the fashion show of Unify Against Bullying in Massachusetts. Actually, she’s one of Unify’s spokesperson By Svava Jónsdóttir Photos: Courtesy of Gréta Salóme


WOW Power to the people

FLORIDA AND THAILAND Gréta’s two favorite places abroad are Florida and Thailand. “I’m obviously a fan of the heat which is one of my priorities when I go on a vacation. I went to college in Florida and I’ve also done a lot of shows with Disney, so I’ve spent a lot of time in the sunshine state. It is kind of my home away from home. This year I went to Thailand for the first time and fell in love with the country and its culture. I spent almost a month at the Tiger Muay Thai training camp in Phuket. I’m al­­ready pre­­paring for my next trip there. I can’t wait.”

dress code iceland

s n a p c h a t /c i n t a m a n i . i s


f a c e b o o k /c i n t a m a n i . i c e l a n d


i n s t a g r a m /c i n t a m a n i _ i c e l a n d

b a n ka s t rĂŚt i + k r i n g l a n + s m ĂĄ ra l i n d + a u s t u r h ra u n + a k u rey r i + w w w.c i nt a m a n i . i s

Issue five 131


WOW Power to the people Visit our stores: Skólavörðustígur & Kringlan, Reykjavík. Hafnarstræti, Akureyri. Geysir, Haukadalur.

WOW magazine issue 5 2017  
WOW magazine issue 5 2017  

Get ready for WOW Cyclothon 2018, a cycling challenge around Iceland. Read the interview with George Hincapie who rode the circle in 2016....