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Wound-Care A company specialising in the supply of Wound Care products.

Dressings At woundcare, we have different kind of dressings for different kinds of wounds. We have hydrocolloid dressings,honey dressings, silver dressings ,polyurethane foam dressings, charcoal dressings and much more.

Bandages Having good quality of bandages at home is very important, especially if you have kids at home who are highly prone to occasional cuts & bruises. Therfore, we have variety of badages for different kinds of wounds.

Surgical Tapes Surgical tapes are used for protecting wounds from any kind of external contamination. Thus, we have latex free, hypoallergenic, occlusive transparent tapes which creates a good protection around the wound.

Compression hoisery Compression hoisery is used to prevent further progression of venous disorders. For different kind of injuries we need compression hoisery of different compression levels. And, at wound care we did have a large variety of compression hoisery.

Company Details We are a UK based Healthcare company specialising in the supply of Wound Care products. At Wound-care, you will find one for the largest and most comprehensiv e range of dressings and wound care products in an easy to browse and navigate f ormat. Dressings in all their various presentations and sizes are available. All our d ressings are sourced from bona fide MHRA licenced wholesalers in the UK. For more detailed information, visit our website Address:- Aidability Limited, PO Box 482, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 9HA Email: Telephone: 0845 900 1309

Wound Care  
Wound Care  

A company specializing in the supply of Wound Care products.