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Yes, we are in the throes of the holiday season, but you don’t have to leave every potluck and party feeling guilty. West Orange chefs share some of their favorite healthier — but still tasty — holiday dishes. Pages 10 to 19.




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School and sports physicals School and sports physicals Board Newcertified patients welcome New patients welcome pediatricians Same day sick visits Same day sick visits Dr. Mark Gilchrist Immunizations Immunizations and Dr. Stephanie ADHD Crum haveevaluations been ADHD evaluations Saturday appointments keeping children Saturday appointments healthy in Central Florida for over two decades.



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joint replacement program. I choose Orlando Health.


Photos by Gabby Baquero



n 2009, Julie Wolf launched her practice out of a storage room in the First United Methodist Church of Winter Garden. She decorated the space with furniture purchased from local thrift stores and got to work, laying the foundation for what would soon morph into her own psychology clinic years later. Despite its humble beginnings, HOPE Counseling Clinic opened the doors to its official location four years ago after demand for Wolf’s counseling increased. Demand has been growing ever since, but Wolf does not mind. “I love people, and I’m always intrigued by people’s stories,” Wolf said. “People ask me all the time, ‘Isn’t it hard to listen to all those sad stories and all their struggles all day?’ And I think, for me, I know that people are struggling, anyway. Life is hard,

regardless of whether they’re talking to me about it or not. So I feel like I can be a little part of the healing process for them by sharing things I’ve learned that might help them.” Wolf never envisioned owning her own private clinic, but she has allowed it to grow, taking it as a sign of God’s will. And so, when the tenants across the hall from her clinic moved out, she viewed it as an opportunity to expand and add rooms tailored for sessions with children. The clinic’s seven mentalhealth counselors have, until recently, focused mostly on adults and couples, but the colorful new rooms will permit the counselors to enhance their therapeutic techniques for children dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, abuse, bullying, family and self-esteem issues. The new rooms were sorely needed, given the growing influx of kids with whom they work. Before, the counselors pulled out a few toys from a basket when working with children, but now, they have whole rooms filled with


“It really does help. Some people wonder whether it’s really helpful to talk about your feelings all day, but that’s actually not what it’s all about. I mean, yes, we do talk about feelings, but that’s not all. There’s so much more.”

Beacon of HOPE HOPE Counseling Clinic is expanding its services and adding more space in its mission to provide hope to individuals and families in the Winter Garden community dealing with psychological and emotional trauma.


toys intended to encourage kids to express their feelings nonverbally — a psychological technique that uses creative arts and playtime to comprehend what might be troubling a child. One such room has a teepee with tiger plushies to help children feel secure and safe while they discuss sensitive subjects. A second room holds an abundance of toy figurines that aid counselors in their quest to comprehend a child’s perception of events and people in their lives. A third room has a table with paintbrushes and other art supplies. Wolf also plans to expand her clinic’s services by adding more programs specifically catered to children starting in January. One such program called Stepping Stones is designed for kids on the mild end of the autism spectrum who are not quite ready for school. It teaches them general classroom etiquette, as well as how to follow directions and interact with classmates. A second program is a group therapy structured to help adopted teens cope with issues related to their family situation. Wolf expects the new rooms will help kids feel welcome, safe and comfortable and hopes her clinic will continue to help people feel hope regarding their personal situations.

— Julie Wolf

“The only reason why people stop anything is because they lose hope it can get better,” Wolf said of the deeper meaning behind her clinic’s name. “And that’s why they give up. That’s why they commit suicide. That’s why they get a divorce and whatever. So I’ve really become convinced that hope is absolutely the fundamental ingredient for healing to take place, because if you don’t have hope, you’re literally not even going to try. So when people come in here, I want them to believe that it actually can get better.” Contact Gabby Baquero at

HOPE COUNSELING CLINIC 410 N. Dillard St., No. 103, Winter Garden PHONE: (407) 654-5700 HOURS: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m Mondays through Thursdays WEBSITE:




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Midwife spearheads knitting campaign In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, Jennie Joseph, a midwife and executive director of Commonsense Childbirth Inc., is leading a campaign to create knitted or crocheted hats for newborn or premature infants. The annual “Heads Up on Infant Prematurity” campaign raises awareness about prematurity and infant mortality. The hats will be delivered to local neonatal intensive care units or hospital nurseries Monday Jan. 16, 2017. Joseph founded the grassroots National Perinatal Task Force in 2014 as a way to draw attention to the number of American babies born before their 37th completed week of gestation. In 2015, the prematurity rate for Caucasians was 9.1%, 9.3% for Hispanics, 10.4% for Native Americans and 13.4% for African-Americans, according to the March of Dimes. About 500,000 babies are born too soon in the U.S. every year, despite the high level of medical expenditures for maternity care. The National Perinatal Task Force aims to show support for families of preemies or those at greater risk for preterm birth, low-birth weight babies or infant loss by identifying access points to early and consistent prenatal care; offering support from perinatal community health workers, doulas, mentors and community-based health care providers; and providing resources to ensure families have postpartum and breastfeeding support. For more information visit or email perinataltaskforce@

Florida Hospital opens rehab facility Florida Hospital welcomed the first patients to its new sports medicine and rehabilitation facility at 3131 Daniels Road, Winter Garden. The facility offers physical therapy and occupational therapy for patients with musculoskeletal injuries such as

Courtesy photo

In just a few weeks, Jennie Joseph, fourth from left, and the Orlando Sewcial group have made more than 100 hats for preemies. For more information, visit sprains, strains, neck and back pain, tendonitis and recurring injuries. The Winter Garden location will be the second Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation facility in West Orange. The second is in MetroWest, 1603 S. Hiawassee Road, Suite 105, Orlando. For more, call (407) 614-0575 or visit

ORMC receives achievement award Orlando Regional Medical Center recently received the Get With The Guidelines-AFIB Silver Achievement Award for implementing specific quality improvement measures outlined by the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology/Heart Rhythm Society guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation. Get With The GuidelinesAFIB was developed to assist health care professionals to provide the most up-to-date, research-based guidelines for patients with atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that can lead to stroke and other complications. ORMC earned the award by meeting 85% or higher adherence on all achievement measures applicable to atrial fibrillation for 12 consecu-

tive months. These measures include proper use of medications and aggressive riskreduction therapies, such as safe anticoagulants to prevent stroke. Also evaluated is the usage of medications to stabilize the heart rate and rhythm and other medications needed to treat additional heart disease. Before they are discharged, patients receive education on managing their condition and stroke risk, counseling if needed and plans on follow-up care. “We are committed to improving the quality of care for our patients with atrial fibrillation,” said Dr. Roland Filart, one of the physician leaders with ORMC’s Atrial Fibrillation Program. “Implementing the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines-AFIB program helps us accomplish this goal by tracking and measuring our success in meeting internationally-respected clinical guidelines.” According to the American Heart Association, more than 2.7 million adults suffer from atrial fibrillation. The condition accounts for about one-third of hospitalizations for cardiac rhythm disturbance and is associated with a five-fold increase risk of stroke.

ORLANDO HEALTH UNVEILS NEW GARDEN Forty-nine limestone pavers with the names of the lives lost in the June Pulse nightclub shooting have been placed in a circular design, forming a memorial garden at Lake Beauty Park on the Orlando Health campus. “The Memorial Paver Garden is Orlando Health’s tribute to the nine victims who were too critically injured to make it to surgery, and the 40 individuals who passed away at the nightclub,” said Matt Taylor, AICP, vice president, Asset Strategy, Orlando Health. “We hope the memorial garden will serve as a source of healing and remembrance for the families who lost loved ones, community members who have grieved for the innocent victims and offered support, and for the Orlando Health team members who provided care, comfort and support to patients, family members and each other during this difficult time.” The memorial garden is located near the area where the 49 crosses created by artist Greg Zanis were once placed.





Always Available. Even on Holidays. Hospice emergencies don’t confine themselves to normal business hours, and neither does VITAS® Healthcare. In the middle of the night, in the middle of a holiday dinner or in the middle of a four-day weekend, VITAS is here to admit a new hospice patient, answer a question, visit a family or send a nurse to the bedside of a seriously ill patient. • 24/7/365 availability • After-hours Telecare® support from skilled, certified hospice clinicians • Hospice team members on call during all holidays Call us whenever you need us. VITAS can help.







Photos by Danielle Hendrix

Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. began with Alicia Dooley and Rommy, center. From left: volunteer Parker LeGros, Bandit, volunteer Megan LeGros, Rommy, Dooley, Rascal, board member Marnie LeGros and board member Bonnie Riley.

Fuzzy therapy FAST FACTS n Most miniature horses can live up into their 40s. Rommy is 8 years old, Bandit is 18 years old, and Rascal is 18 months old. n Horses and ponies are measured in hands. One hand is equal to four inches. Rommy is 37 inches tall (just more than nine hands), Bandit is 36 inches (nine hands) and Rascal is 28 inches (seven hands). The official height to be considered a pony is 39 inches.

Winter Garden resident Alicia Dooley and her miniature horse, Rommy, are the backbone of Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses Inc. DANIELLE HENDRIX STAFF WRITER


severely clinically depressed woman who never shows emotion smiles and giggles when he nuzzles her hand. A girl in a wheelchair stands and walks with his assistance. When miniature therapy horse Rommy comes around, miracles happen. Rommy, along with fellow therapy mini horses Rascal and Bandit, lives in Winter Garden with owner Alicia Dooley. All three horses are part of Dooley’s

newly nonprofit organization — Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses Inc. — and they visit those in need of “fuzzy therapy” in nursing homes, homeless preschools, events for those with disabilities and more. Rommy was given to Dooley by people who had never owned a horse before. He was timid and somewhat neglected but came into the family and took over the herd. “He’s very sweet and endearing, yet stubborn,” she said. “If he really doesn’t feel like doing something, he won’t fight you but he’ll stand his ground. That

timid personality is what makes him so wonderful with the kids with special needs, because he really does connect with them most. He’s great at what he does, and he loves what he does. He loves people and people love him.” He and Bandit were meant to be companion animals, but Rommy was causing havoc. He explored cabinets, knocking them over and taking things out of them. Dooley realized that he needed a job, so she trained him to pull a cart. “I’ve been around horses my whole life — riding, show jump-


Rascal shows off a trick in exchange for a treat from Alicia Dooley.



ing and competing nationally — but I’d never trained a horse to pull a cart,” Dooley said. “He was really good at that, but it wasn’t enough — he loves people. We started walking him around to the subdivisions, over by Lowe’s, and he was just really interested in the people so I said ‘I’ve got to do something with people.’” Dooley met Judy Skilton and Ed Dobski at Health Central Park in Winter Garden, and Dobski asked if she would be willing to bring Rommy to visit the residents. They started visiting in August 2015 and have gone every month since, and the organization continues to grow. They have joined the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, and she and her board of directors not only incorporated FTMH in May, they also officially became a nonprofit in July. “In the past year, we’ve done Step Out Walk for Diabetes, National Night Out, Firefighters for Autism Awareness, Florida Hospital for Children, We Speak For Them, Read to Sydney, Firm Foundation Preschool at Matthew’s Hope, Arnold Palmer, Inspired Living, and we went downtown to visit with the sur-

vivors at the Pulse site,” Dooley said. “Our mission is to bring smiles to everyone by sharing the love from our little horses with big hearts. It’s all about heart, sharing, love and giving back.” Dooley’s friends Bonnie Riley and Marnie LeGros are on the FTMH board of directors, and LeGros’ children, Megan and Parker, are the head volunteers. “I started going to Health Central Park with her and seeing what Rommy does and how he just brings so much joy to the residents there,” LeGros said. “How could I not jump on board? It’s amazing to see.” Most of the group’s visits are on Saturdays, since the adults all have full-time jobs. They do one to two visits each week, and sometimes Rommy even arrives dressed in costume. For St. Patrick’s Day, he wore a green horseshoe bling necklace, and in the summertime, he was wearing water wings. Currently it’s just Rommy doing the inside visits, because Rascal needs to be gelded and Bandit is still in training. Once the other horses are ready to begin their therapy careers, the group will need a trailer to trans-

port more than one. Rommy currently rides in the backseat of Dooley’s truck. Additionally, the care of the horses is time-consuming and expensive. Between feed, vet bills, farrier bills and more, each one costs about $500 per month. And when preparing for hospital visits, they can’t just go straight from the barn. They receive hourlong baths to clean them from head to tail and get their hooves sprayed with cleaner. Then, they are dressed in boots, vests and costumes. Finally, Dooley and the rest of the group have to pack their stuff into the truck — water, feed, bags and more. “There’s always a story with every visit; there’s always a takeaway,” Dooley said. “On the other side watching that interaction, we get our fuzzy therapy too.” “That’s what they do, is they truly bring love and it’s unconditional immediately and people get that,” LeGros added. “I think that’s a beautiful thing, just to have that.”




FUZZY THERAPY MINIATURE HORSES INC. FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: fuzzytherapyminiaturehorses. org DONATIONS: Donations are always appreciated to help with the expenses associated with caring for the horses. You can donate by sending a check or via PayPal. For information on donating, visit html. FTMH is also looking for a trailer, and for volunteers to help with marketing and fundraising.

Contact Danielle Hendrix at

2716 Rew Circle Suite 100 • Ocoee, FL 34761 • 407-927-2018


Cosmetic Gynecology | Aesthetic Medicine | Beauty Services At Joliee, we want to be the first place you confide in and come to for your sexual health. We aim to better women’s lives by offering state of the art, individualized procedures and techniques to improve women’s sexual health. Our services include cosmetic gynecology, aesthetic services and beauty services.







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The purpose of Team Elliott Education is to train clients to handle loved ones or patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. AMY QUESINBERRY RHODE COMMUNITY EDITOR

METROWEST Leigh Elliott cared for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease, and her father, who had vascular dementia, for 12 years. She said that only now — after building a career as a certified Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care trainer — can she appreciate the difference her attitude change could have made during their final stretch of life. Elliott started Team Elliott Education after a colleague asked her to create such a program. The concept grew into a full-time business that plans, researches, prepares and facilitates more than 750 intellectually nourishing sessions every month. “From those sessions, more than 8,500 monthly senior engagements are experienced, in an innovative, interactive, integrated and dynamic lifestyle program (that) promotes intellectual participation,” Elliott said. “I dedicate Team Elliott’s

mission to creating a strong finish for all those we are privileged to engage.” She estimates she has experience with more than 500,000 resident and personal engagements. Programs are offered for seniors living in independent, assist and memory-care facilities, as well as for loved ones living at home. The curriculum includes high-interest sessions dedicated to stimulate thinking, investigation, discovery, short-term and visual memory, sequencing, planning, logic, strategy and problem solving, Leigh said. Participants experience meaningful art expressions, rhythmical patterns, musical experiences — processing skills of observing, communicating, classifying, measuring, inferring, predicting, experimenting and more. “Our philosophy is a lifelonglearners approach to experiencing Moments of Brilliance,” she said. Among the programs offered

David W. Boers DDS PA Honest, Skillful and Experienced Dentistry

Gabriella Alford, DMD All forms of Restorative and Cosmetic Procedures: Oral Surgery • Root Canals Crowns • Veneers Partials • Dentures Accepting most insurances.

by Orlando Magazine in 2007-2014

Offering 10 PERCENT OFF on bleaching procedures and oral hygiene products.

Chain of Lakes

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 1805 Maguire R., Suite 159, Windermere, FL 34786 For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at

407-876-6708 • Accepting New Patients • Most Insurances Accepted



Creating a strong finish





through the company are Team Elliott Challenges, which are downloadable apps that can be purchased. The games, art programs, word searches and puzzles are designed to stimulate minds. Elliott is certified by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. She has 19 members on her staff whose various college degrees range from education and social science to physical education and sports medicine. Team Elliott is not a formal medical or research type organization, she said, but rather a group of trained professionals dedicated to offering opportunities for people to feel alive, engaged, creative and worthwhile. “The best piece of advice, in my opinion, for interacting with folks with dementia, is to just go


with it, keep your sense of humor and embrace every moment,” Elliott said. “You might ask, ‘If you knew when your loved one’s last day was going to be, how would you interact the days before that final moment?’ Consider the time spent together each day as spectacular in itself.”




Amy Quesinberry Rhode

Leigh Elliott started Team Elliott Education after caring for her parents.


Contact Amy Quesinberry Rhode at

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Paul F. Shuler, MD

Dr. Shuler provides adults & children state of the art surgical and nonsurgical care and treatment of fractures and sports injuries of the extremities. Including: • Joint Replacement: Hip, knee, shoulder, ankle • Arthroscopy: Knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, elbow, wrist • Hand Surgery: Carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tendon repair, arthritis • Shoulder Surgery: Rotator cuff repair, stabilization, labral repair, replacement • Knee Surgery: Total and partial knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, repair of dislocating kneecap, ligament repair, meniscal surgery, tendon repairs • Hip Surgery: Replacement, fractures, arthroscopy • Foot and Ankle Surgery: Arthritis, hammertoe and bunion corrections, tendon and ligament repairs, and replacement

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INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup red quinoa • 1/2 cup white quinoa • 1/4 cup mandarin oranges • 1/4 cup of candied pecans • 1/4 cup cranberries • 1 cup of spinach • Maple soy vinaigrette

INGREDIENTS • Candied pecans • Orange blossom honey • Pomegranate syrup • Feta cheese

by Cathy Knox, Savoree Handcrafted Salads & Sandwiches

By Ryan Freelove, Market to Table

METHOD • Slice French baguette diagonally into 4 to 5 elongated pieces. • Spread butter or marinade on slices. • Toast slices in oven or broiler until golden brown. • In a bowl, mix 3 ounces of feta cheese, 2 ounces of candied pecans and 1 tablespoon of honey. • Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of pomegranate syrup to mix and stir. • Place mix on top of toasted baguette slices. • Add raspberry garnishes and drizzle orange blossom honey and pomegranate syrup to slices.

METHOD • Cook quinoa together as directed on package during the last five minutes of cooking. • Place quinoa in a measuring cup and cool it in a fridge for 6 minutes. • Place spinach leaves and avocado slices in bowl. • Take cup of cooled quinoa and turn over in center of salad. • Sprinkle mandarin oranges and candied pecans on top of salad. • Drizzle with vinaigrette of your choice. ABOUT THE CHEF Cathy Knox is the owner of Savoree Handcrafted Salads & Sandwiches located on Plant and Main streets in downtown Winter Garden. She was in the restaurant business for 25 years before she purchased Savoree in 2015. The restaurateur was born and raised in Orlando, and her favorite hobby is making new food creations by experimenting in the kitchen.

ABOUT THE CHEF Ryan Freelove is the owner of Market to Table restaurant in downtown Winter Garden. Before opening his restaurant in September, Freelove sold soups, salad dressings, butters, and marinades in the Plant Street Market. Before that, he spent a decade honing his culinary skills under chefs such as Scott Hunnel and attended Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in Pittsburgh. He also worked as a chef at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Victoria & Albert’s restaurant and the The Ritz-Carlton.

Happy Holidays 407.297.0080 For All Your Growing Needs! Providing comprehensive health care that compassionately supports infants, children and adolescents through every stage of their lives.


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Treating: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Auto Injuries Dr. Steven Harrison Chiropractic Physician/Clinic Director Certified Acupuncturist Serving the community for 24 years. Providing Nutritional Counseling and Functional Medicine Services at

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METHOD • Combine squash, zucchini, vidalia onion, peas, kale, garlic, salt, extra virgin olive oil and red pepper seasoning in a large bowl and toss ingredients together to evenly coat all the vegetables. • Place the tossed vegetables on a preheated sheet pan. • Set the oven to high broil and cook the vegetables, tossing them every few minutes, until they are evenly, lightly caramelized. • Remove the vegetables from the oven and combine them with the cooked quinoa, lemon zest and lemon juice. Top with the chopped parsley and serve.

ABOUT THE CHEF In 2008, Chef Kevin Tarter and his wife, Laurie, opened The Chef’s Table, a small, nine-table restaurant in Winter Garden, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

By Marissa Herring, Garage Mama Fitness

INGREDIENTS • 4 cups peeled, cut yams • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon • Finger pinch ground nutmeg • Finger pinch kosher salt • 1/2 cup Egg Beaters • 1/4 cup firmly packed Splenda Brown Sugar Blend • 3 tablespoons of fresh orange juice • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter cut up into pieces • 1/4 cup *toasted pecan pieces *Note: To enhance the flavor of any nut; toast it in the oven for about eight to 10 minutes at 275 degrees. METHOD • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Peel yams and cut into chunks. Steam until tender; about 20 minutes. Remove and place in large bowl. Add the next six ingredients, through orange juice. Using a handheld beater, whip yams and ingredients. • Place whipped mixture into an oven-safe dish. Evenly place the butter pieces all around the whipped yam mixture. Sprinkle the pecan pieces evenly. Place the dish uncovered into the preheated oven and bake for about 20 to 25 minutes. ABOUT THE CHEF Marissa Herring is the owner and president of Garage Mama Fitness in Winter Garden. She is an IFPA/AFI-certified personal trainer, ASFA-certified group fitness instructor, NPC Fitness champion and certified Balanced Habits nutrition coach.

Flu Shots Available Now for Ages 6 Months and Older


INGREDIENTS • 2 yellow squash, sliced into halfmoons • 2 zucchini, sliced into half-moons • 1 medium vidalia onion, cut into eighths • 1 cup green peas • 2 cups kale, roughly chopped • 2 cloves garlic, sliced • 1 tablespoon salt • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil • 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper seasoning • 5-ounce package of black and white quinoa, prepared to instructions • 1 zested lemon with juice reserved • 1/2 cup parsley, chopped





Armstrong Air and Heating, a Top Veteran Owned Business and Top Philanthropic Business is giving back again and they invite you to join them!













SWEET POTATO CHILI By Allison Brinkley, dietician

INGREDIENTS • 1 batch of cauliflower mash (see related recipe) Olive oil • 1 cup of diced onion • 1 package of cut, steamed green beans (optimally steam fresh or fresh in a steam-able bag. Frozen is also fine for a quick option) • 2 minced garlic cloves • 3 cups of cooked brown lentils • 1 tablespoon of tomato paste • 1 cup of vegan beef broth, vegan chicken broth, or vegetable broth (low-sodium Pacific is a good brand) • 1 teaspoon of low sodium soy-sauce or Bragg’s • 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary • ½ teaspoon of dried thyme METHOD • Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Sauté the onion in oil until cooked and soft. Add the garlic and cook for about 1 minute. • Add the lentils. Add green beans and mix. Add tomato paste, broth, soy sauce, rosemary and thyme. Stir and let simmer for about 5 minutes. • Spread the mixture into a 12-by-6 casserole dish and spread the cauliflower mash over the top. Create a zigzag design over the cauliflower with a fork. • Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until it starts to brown. Let cool for about 5 minutes. —————

CAULIFLOWER MASH FOR COTTAGE PIE INGREDIENTS • Medium-sized head of cauliflower chopped into florets • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves or 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme • 1 teaspoon fresh chives, chopped • Salt and pepper, to taste METHOD • Steam the cauliflower. Drain the steamed cauliflower. • Add it to a large food processor. Add seasonings and process until it is a creamy texture. ABOUT THE CHEF Karen Repassy is a professional nutritionist and certified yoga instructor at Winter Garden Yoga. She is certified in functional yoga instruction and metabolic-effect nutrition. For more about Repassy and the classes offered at Winter Garden Yoga, visit, call (407) 5799889 or email

INGREDIENTS • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 1 onion, chopped • 1 large red pepper, seeded and chopped • 1 teaspoon minced garlic • 1 pound cooked turkey, chopped • 1 15-ounce can canellini beans, drained and rinsed • 1 cup low-sodium chicken broth • 2 cups cold water • 2 pounds sweet potato, peeled and diced • 2 teaspoons of red chili flakes • 1 teaspoons cumin • 1/2 teaspoons chili powder • 1 jalapeno pepper, minced • 1 bunch scallions, minced • Optional: Sour cream or plain Greek yogurt METHOD • In a large pot, heat the olive oil over medium heat and sauté the onion, red pepper and garlic until firm-tender. • Add the turkey, beans, broth, water, potatoes, red chili flakes, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper and chilis. • Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for about 30 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. • Garnish with chopped scallions. Serves 6 to 8. ABOUT THE CHEF Allison Brinkley, an Ocoee resident, has more than 18 years experience as an expert in the nutrition field. She holds a certificate in adult weight-loss management and is board eligible to be a specialist in obesity and weight management. She is also working toward her certification in culinary medicine and integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy. She runs monthly support groups to help people reach their health and fitness goals. She is passionate that food is medicine and enjoys teaching people to meal prep using whole foods. Contact her at






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1.800.224.5706 / TTY: 711 Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. Simply Healthcare Plans, Inc. is a Medicare-contracted coordinated care plan that has a Medicaid contract with the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration to provide benefits or arrange for benefits to be provided to enrollees. Enrollment in Simply Healthcare Plans, Inc. depends on contract renewal. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premiums and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on January 1 of each year. Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-Star rating system. Star Ratings are calculated each year and may change from one year to the next. The Formulary, pharmacy network, and/or provider network may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary. From October 1 to February 14, we are open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., EST. Beginning February 15 until September 30, we are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., EST. We do not discriminate, exclude people, or treat them differently on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in our health programs and activities. ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-877-577-0115 / TTY: 711. ATANSYON: Si w pale Kreyòl Ayisyen, gen sèvis èd pou lang ki disponib gratis pou ou. Rele 1-877-577-0115 / TTY: 711. Paid endorsement. Y0114_17_29069_U Accepted







Celebrate the Holidays


with pain free feet.

By Betsy VanderLey, Orange County commissioner


Prepare the turkey per directions on packaging, but for crispy skin, make sure to remove foil and baste every 20 minutes with butter for the last hour.

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FRESH CRANBERRY SAUCE INGREDIENTS • 1 cup sugar • 1 package fresh cranberries

METHOD • Bring one cup of water to boil. • Add one cup of sugar and stir until dissolved, then add one package of fresh cranberries. • Bring to gentle boil and cook (stirring occasionally) for about 15 minutes.

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INGREDIENTS • Bagels • Two packages of cornbread mix • Hawaiian rolls • Bread • Two to three sticks of butter • Onion • Celery • Slivered almonds • Chicken broth • Ground sage • Two eggs (beaten) METHOD • Prepare mix according to directions on package, adding two tablespoons of sage. Set aside to cool after baking. • Tear bagels, bread and rolls into small bits — enough to fill a large mixing bowl. • Chop onions and celery. Melt butter in frying pan. Add onions and celery and brown. • Mix remaining ingredients. • Bake at 350 to 375 degrees for an hour or so, until inserted knife comes up clean.

“A CMS 5 Star Rated Facility Specializing in Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care”

ABOUT THE CHEF Oakland resident Betsy VanderLey was elected as District 1 Orange County commissioner in the Nov. 8 general election. VanderLey also is a business-development consultant who provides strategic planning for architects, engineers and land planners. She is a businesswoman, community leader, devoted wife and proud mother of three children and two grandchildren. She has lived in West Orange for the last 25 years.

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METHOD • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. • Rinse mushrooms and remove the stems. Once you have removed the stems, place them on a clean towel, cap side up. • While the mushrooms are drying, prepare your homemade dressing by toasting six slices of Ezekiel bread. • After your toast has gotten nice and crispy, let it cool and then cut it into small cubes. • In a large skillet, cook the onion and celery in the olive oil (optional) over medium heat, stirring often, until the vegetables become clear. Keep an eye on them. After about five minutes, add in the herbs, spices and garlic. Cook for another two minutes. • Add 1/2 cup of vegetable broth and your small cubes of toast. Make sure there are no dry pieces of bread by stirring gently. You want your bread to be saturated with liquid and begin to form into a lumpy, spoonable dressing mixture. This could take three to five minutes. • Place a spoonful of dressing into each mushroom cap and place them cap-side down in an oven-safe dish to cook for 30 minutes. Once they have cooled, enjoy!

INGREDIENTS • 2 large packages of large white or crimini mushrooms • 2 tablespoons olive oil (optional) • 1 sweet onion – peeled and diced • 3 cloves of garlic – peeled and minced • 4 stalks of celery – cleaned and finely chopped • 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped sage • 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped parsley • 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped rosemary • 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped thyme • 1 teaspoon of coriander • 1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper • 1/2 cup vegetable broth • 6 slices of Ezekiel bread (found in freezer section) — well toasted and crispy ABOUT THE CHEF Cory Warren is a husband, father of three and vegan athlete who helps busy families eat more plant-based foods. His blog, Lean Green Dad, helps over-scheduled, busy people (mostly parents) maintain a healthy balance of plant-based nutrition, fitness and overall wellness so they can go the extra mile for their families.

GRAND OPENING December 2 & 3 from 9 am to 3 pm

Hydroponic U-Pick Strawberries and Vegetables Bekemeyer Family Farm is your hometown farm in the heart of Winter Garden, producing locally grown produce since 1920. We have plenty of parking too! (All grown with natural fertilizers and natural pesticides) Regular hours: Wednesdays 1 - 6 Saturdays 9 - 3 Sundays 10 - 2

O-Town Eats Food Truck! Meet Rascal the pony!

Yoga is for everyone!

Yoga has the potential to be a lifelong practice. It’s never too late to start.


Intro month unlimited with mat. EXP 12/31/2016


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Traditional Hot Yoga Heated Power Vinyasa






HOLIDAY RECIPES UPSIDE-DOWN FRUITCAKE Claire Brown, West Orange Nephrology INGREDIENTS Topping: • 12-ounce bag frozen cherries • 1/2 cup fresh cranberries • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup or raw sugar • 1 to 2 tablespoons of rice flour or cornstarch Dry: • 1 1/4 cups whole wheat pastry flour • 1 cup oat flour (ground oats) • 1/2 cup raw sugar or Stevia blend • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1 tablespoon baking powder • 1/2 teaspoon each: cinnamon, ginger • 1/4 teaspoon each: nutmeg, allspice, cloves • 1/4 teaspoon each: chopped dates, raisins, walnuts, dried cranberries, shredded unsweetened coconut Wet: • 1 cup crushed pineapple in juice • 1 cup grated carrots • 1/2 cup soy milk plus 1 tablespoon vinegar • 3 tablespoon water plus 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

METHOD • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all of the topping ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until sugar has dissolved and the sauce has thickened. Let cool. • Add the lemon juice (or vinegar) to the soy milk and set aside to curdle. • Stir together the ground flaxseed and water. Set aside to thicken. • Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. • In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients, including the soy milk/vinegar and water/flax-seed mixtures. Add the wet to the dry ingredients and stir until just combined. • Choose an 8-by-8 baking, Bundt or similarly sized pan. Use nonstick, line with parchment paper or spray with a thin coating of oil. Pour the cherry/cranberry blend into the bottom of the pan. Top with the batter, spreading evenly. • Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes depending on pan type and size. Top should be golden brown and bounce back when pressed. Check for doneness with a toothpick. Allow to cool and run a knife around the inside of the pan before un-molding. • Because this cake does not contain added fats or preservatives, it is best served fresh. To keep leftovers longer than one day, store in the refrigerator. ABOUT THE CHEF Claire Brown is the wellness coach and plant-based cooking instructor at West Orange Nephrology in Winter Garden. She is passionate about sharing simple and delicious vegan dishes and promoting the amazing health benefits of a whole-food, plantbased diet with her patients and the community.

Are you looking forward to a healthier New Year? Want to lose weight? Take less medications? Boost Your energy and mood? Now taking reservations for our Plant-Based Cooking and Nutrition series Staring in January. Call to hold your spot!

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Live Cooking Demonstration

Delicious Tastings and Take-Home Recipes Fun Group Setting

Friday, December 16th 6-8 pm Cost: $25. Space is limited!

Join us for a healthy, plant-based twist on traditional holiday favorites. Some dishes we may enjoy include: 1210 E. Plant St. Suite 120 • Winter Garden, FL 34787 Office 407-297-8408

Red Pepper Pesto Crostini Creamy Butternut Squash Bisque Winter Wheat Berry Salad Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts Fruited Wild Rice Stuffing Easy and Elegant Holiday Parfaits

We serve 6 different locations: Winter Garden - Main office • Apopka • Kissimmee • Orlando (Maitland area) • Longwood • Mt. Dora









INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup pistachios • 1/2 cup walnuts • 1/2 cup almonds • 1 lemon, zested • 1/2 orange, zested • 1/4 cup, plus 3 tablespoons, sugar • 2 tablespoons butter, melted • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract • 2 boxes mini filo shells, 15 shells each • 1/2 cup water • 1/4 cup honey • mini cupcake pans • food processor

INGREDIENTS • 2 cups plain Greek yogurt • 3 tablespoons honey • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • Pinch of kosher salt • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries, halved, or any other berry (you can use frozen; be sure to thoroughly defrost and pat dry before using. Cooked and fully cooled whole cranberries may be used) • 1/2 teaspoon orange zest • 1/3 cup chopped unsalted pistachios or pecan halves

By Tracy Mohr, Kids’ Cooking Connection

Gary Appelsies, YMCA of Central Florida

METHOD • Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment or wax paper. • Using a rubber spatula, mix yogurt, honey, vanilla and salt in a medium bowl until smooth. • Pour into the center of prepared sheet and spread to 1/4-inch thick. • Top with raspberries and pistachios. • Freeze until completely firm, about 4 hours. • Break into pieces to serve.

METHOD • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Toast the pistachios, walnuts and almonds on a baking sheet in the oven until golden and fragrant, about six minutes. Put the nuts into a food processor, along with the lemon and orange zest, three tablespoons of sugar, butter, cinnamon, salt and vanilla. Pulse to mix. • Put the mini filo shells in mini cupcake pans. Add 1 teaspoon of the blended nut mixture into each shell. Bake until filling is hot, about 10 minutes. In a small saucepan over medium heat, add the water, 1/4 cup sugar and honey. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook until thickened, about 8 minutes. Pour 1 teaspoon of the syrup into each cup, allow it to soak in, then repeat with another teaspoon. Refrigerate for 3 hours before serving.

ABOUT THE CHEF Gary Appelsies is the director of Healthy Eating for YMCA of Central Florida. He is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute with a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and holds a master’s degree from the University of Bridgeport in integrative health/nutrition science.

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“Home of the area’s first licensed therapy dog. Feel free to stop in and say hello to Charley Girl!”

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Our services are aimed at enhancing your lifestyle while staying home, offering companionship to full care, up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 223953


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She wanted to change. But gyms didn’t help. And she was getting super frustrated. This is how she found hope (And you can, too). Have you ever been inspired? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? June bike rides with her granddaughter, walks an hour a day, and does yoga twice a week. All thanks to her commitment to Winter Garden Yoga. But her story wasn’t always like this. About a year ago, June didn’t have enough energy to blow dry her hair. She was on the brink of osteoarthritis. And she had severe pain in her back. At one time, her back pain kept her in bed for three months. June found hope at Winter She assumed personal responsibility for her Garden Yoga situation and set out to make a positive change. June tried a big box gym and wound up hurting herself on one of the machines. She wanted to join a nearby yoga studio but was turned away (harshly) by the teacher because the class was about to begin. June felt lost. Then one day, she was visiting downtown Winter Garden, saw Winter Garden Yoga, took down our number, and said: “I’m going to give them a call.” Right then and there she made a commitment to put an end to her frustration. She wanted her life back, and she was going to do something about it. Nothing was going to stop her. After a friendly conversation with Karen, June invested in our most popular VIP package. “It was the best decision of my life,” said June. She finally found a place that made her feel safe. She finally found a place where the instructors care if you do yoga right or not. She finally found a place that was her sanctuary from the world. Now June’s posture is better than ever, her doctor was blown away by her core strength, June has unlimited energy, and she’s got muscle tone and strength that she hasn’t felt in years. Isn’t it time for you to get your life back? Isn’t it time for you to get the life-changing results you crave?

The fall and winter months in Central Florida bring about some beautiful weather — and opportunities to take a fitness routine outdoors. We consulted with a local expert on ways to get outside and bring your family along for the fun. STEVEN RYZEWSKI SENIOR SPORTS EDITOR



hile the weather outside might be frightful in other parts of the country during the winter months, it is often delightful here in Central Florida in December and into the new year. Accordingly, this time of year is a favorite of locals to either start out on or ramp up a fitness routine that involves begin outdoors. Cory Warren, an Ironman triathlete and author of the popular “Lean Green Dad” nutritional blog, said whether it be through running, cycling or simply spending time in the park with your family, getting outside has outsized added value. “Having a gym membership is a great thing,” Warren said. “But being outside, exposed to the air and fresh oxygen, and being able to share special time with your family is equally as important. … It allows you to expand your family love and also your gym and fitness love at the same time.” Warren, his wife and three

For Only $29, You Can Get Unlimited Access For An Entire Week And See For Yourself. Here are the details: • Go to or give us a call at 407-579-9889 • Your trial begins on the first day you attend your first class • You’ll have 7 consecutive days to get in as much yoga as you’d like

You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your body. We’ve helped thousands of other people since 2010 achieve their health and wellness goals. Now it’s your turn! Don’t wait another day to re-energize and revitalize your body.

Flexibility Required. Flexibility Not Not Required.

Proudly serving Historic Downtown Winter Proudly serving Historic Downtown Winter GardenGarden since 2010. since 2010. 12 West Plant Street • (407) 579Plant - 9889 12 West Street• (407) 579 - 9889



TIPS TO GET STARTED The fall is a great time of year to get started on a running and/or cycling regiment. Here are some tips from Cory Warren on getting started: CYCLING “I would recommend starting on a basic bike. People obsess about the bicycle they need. I think you can find a nice, basic bike and just start riding around your neighborhood locally. … Slowly get a love of being out and enjoying riding and then, from there, you can continue to grow that fitness to another level.” RUNNING “People get too obsessed about their times. Don’t worry about how long it takes you to run a mile — just run a mile.” SUPPORT “When you’re starting off on any physical journey, you need to have people around you that support you 100% — not people that think that you’re crazy for doing the marathon that you want to do. … Really, those people are just jealous that you have a great goal ahead of you.”





Steven Ryzewski

Cory Warren and his son, Parker, enjoy a nice day at the park, while siblings Rog and Izzy get some pull-ups in.

children have a couple “go-tos” to get out of the house. “Our favorite place is the West Orange Trail to ride bikes together,” he said. “We also love Turkey Lake Park. Totally different types of parks, but each wonderful.” Additionally, some parks or trails have fitness stations with challenges like pull-ups and situps to complete along the way. Such a park includes the trail in Winter Garden across the street from Dillard Street Elementary School. As for what to do at your own family’s park of choice? Keep it simple, Warren said. “Just start with a blanket, make

yourself a healthy meal and spend time together,” Warren said. “Bring a frisbee, bring a soccer ball — it doesn’t matter what you do.” After all, for adults who spend plenty of time behind a desk most days, keeping pace with kids and teens can be a fitness challenge unto itself. “They play at such a high level, that if you can get out there and play with your kids, you’re going to be set,” Waren said. “If I’m physically fit enough to play with my kids, I’m going to be set.”


Contact Steven Ryzewski at

— Cory Warren


“Just start with a blanket, make yourself a healthy meal and spend time together. Bring a frisbee, bring a soccer ball — it doesn’t matter what you do.”





Keeping you on your toes IF YOU GO POWER DANCE AND FITNESS 855 E. Plant St., No. 200, Winter Garden CLASS TIMES: 8:15 a.m., 9:15 a.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. INFORMATION: (407) 905-3623 or

Dancing provides both a muscular and mental workout. BRITTANY GAINES STAFF WRITER



he fun of dance can quickly turn into a calorie-killing workout because it requires nearly every muscle from your head to your toes. “It keeps you lean and keeps the weight off,” said Jaimie Roberts, owner and head instructor at Power Dance and Fitness in Winter Garden. “The muscular benefits are so many.” Having danced for nearly 45 years, Roberts said it was her love of the sport that inspired her to bring a dance studio to the downtown Winter Garden area several years ago. “I’m 52, and I’m proud to say it because dancing has kept me in the best condition I could be in at my age,” she said. “It keeps you on your toes.” Although she offers several different types of dancing classes, her most popular one is the power dance. The class combines choreography with a variety of dancing styles from pop to Broadway. “It’s respiratory, stamina, endurance, agility,” Roberts said. “It keeps you flexible and keeps you moving. We tend to lose our flexibility because we’re not stretching and moving and using our full range of movement. Dancing keeps elasticity in muscles.” In addition to strengthen and toning muscles, the class gives everyone an added mental workout. “It’s brain food because you

have to keep up with the choreography,” Roberts said. “You have to make your brain tell your feet what to do. Sometimes they listen, and sometimes they don’t. We have a few ladies who are over 70, and, while it keeps them moving, they also have to learn to choreography.” Because choreography is a central part of the classes, Roberts said it’s better for students to attend classes regularly to better learn the steps. “It’s not like Zumba,” she said. “You can’t really just follow along. You have to come to class and learn the choreography.” Classes are smaller with about 10 to 12 people in each one, but there’s no limit to who can participate. “It’s ageless,” Roberts said. “We’ve had teenagers who do it and one lady who is 77 years old. She dances right next to the teenagers. Anyone can do it and benefit from it.” For many of the participants, dancing provides them with a fun alternative to a typical workout at the gym. “Some people like going to the gym,” Roberts said. “For those of us who don’t want to do that, a dance class is a great way to be just as fit and healthy.” The key to a good workout is enjoying it, she said. “Whatever workout somebody

does, they have to love it and not dread it,” Roberts said. At Power Dance and Fitness, it’s all about having fun. “The time flies,” Roberts said. “Before you know it, you’re completely soaked and you’ve had a great workout.” In addition to the power dance workout, Roberts offers power dance circuit, which combines dancing with strength training exercises; pound, which focuses on leg exercises while drumming to the music; rock-n-rip, which uses hand weights for strength training; boot camp, which uses military-style training to exercise the whole body; HIIT, or high-intensity intervals training, which uses intense exercises for an increased calorie burn; and a traditional ballet barre class. “The cardio is crazy in these classes,” Roberts said. “We’ll sneak in some exercises like lunges or ab work, but it’s all in the dance. It’s kind of like putting carrots in the spaghetti sauce to hid it from your kids.” And the bonus to all the exercise is the friendships that form between the participants. “It’s more than, ‘I’m going to work out,’” Roberts said. “You’re doing something as a group. It’s fellowship and fun.” Contact Brittany Gaines at

Courtesy photos

A variety of dancing classes are offered at Power Dance and Fitness, including a ballet barre class.

“It’s ageless. We’ve had teenagers who do it and one lady who is 77 years old. She dances right next to the teenagers. Anyone can do it and benefit from it.” — Jaimie Roberts





How to Be Financially Prepared for the Holidays For many of us, the holiday season is a time of joy and rest. However, planning for the season’s festivities can feel hectic and create financial stress. According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, top holiday stressors for Americans include gift shopping, crowds and long lines, traveling and taking on some level of debt1. So how can you give generously but not go overboard on your budget? Here are five ways to keep your cash outlays in check while still having a fun and memorable holiday season:


One way to keep tabs on what you spend during the season is to set a limit and try to stick with it. Start by looking at what you spent last year and use that as a baseline for this season. Did you spend more or stay on budget? While gifts and travel may the first items that come to mind, also consider what you’ll spend on food, decorations, charitable giving and traditions, such as sending holiday cards.


Wesley C. Reed, CRPC®, CLTC Financial Advisor | President Reed Financial Group A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

An Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services® practice

Gifts, travel and festive meals can add up. If you are going to charge expenses over the holidays, try to spend at a level that enables you to pay the bill when it arrives. Otherwise you’re “borrowing” the money by using your credit card and slowly paying down the debt you’ve accumulated with high interest costs. If you have multiple credit cards, think about using one for holiday purchases that will give you cash back for savings or airline miles for an additional perk.



Getting a head start on gift buying usually results in savings. It gives you time to explore options and compare prices from different retailers. Planning ahead can also help you avoid expensive costs for rush shipping. If you’re an online shopper, consider sending gifts directly to the recipient’s home so you won’t have to ship the gift a second time. If you prefer to shop at the mall, look up each item online while waiting in line to checkout. Many stores have a price-match policy, so it’s worth your time to do your research.


If you typically host a seasonal bash for a bunch of friends, consider another option – inviting that group to volunteer together instead. Contact your favorite charity or search volunteer sites such as All For Good ( to find opportunities that would allow your group to spend time together without the big cost. If festive parties help you get in the spirit, put a spin on tradition by asking guests to bring their favorite holiday dish or suggesting a round-robin dinner. With either option you’ll enjoy the party without the big price tag. If you feel like you’ve overspent in the past, look at this holiday season as an opportunity to be creative as you find ways to have fun while keeping your spending in line. 1 – Prevention Magazine: “11 things you stress most about during the holidays.” Nov. 20, 2014. By Holly C. Corbett.

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 1635 E. Highway 50 Suite 202 Clermont, Florida 34711 O: 352.394.8453 | F: 352.394.3763 M: 321.228.5454 Wesley C. Reed, CRPC®, CLTC, is a Financial Advisor and President of Reed Financial Group a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Clermont, Florida. He specializes in fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 14 years. To contact him, please call (352) 394-8453 or visit our website at www.ameripriseadvisors. com/wesley.x.reed Our office is located at 1635 E. Hwy 50, Suite 202, Clermont, FL 34711 Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2016 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.


Most of us would appreciate a smaller but more meaningful gift over something expensive that we will likely regift. One way to do this is to give experiences that create memories. For example, consider bringing your family to a holiday play or making reservations for a special dinner you can enjoy together. If you have a large family that tends to give gifts to each other, you could suggest drawing names to make the process a bit less demanding on everyone.





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CHAIR EXERCISE 8 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2, at Tom Ison Seniors and Veterans Center, 1701 Adair St., Ocoee. Free. For more, visit


JINGLE JOLLY JOG 5K 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, at Oakland Park, 15241 E. Oakland Ave., Winter Garden. The run/walk starts and ends in the community. The beneficiary is the West Orange Junior Service League. The cost is $25 through Nov. 26, $30 through Dec. 2 and $35 on race day. Register at trinrun. com or at Tri & Run of West Orange, 56 W. Plant St., Winter Garden. Jamie Thompson, (321) 279-3544, or Kim Cannon, (321) 303-2616.


your purchase of $50.00 or more. In stock merchandise only Flowers Excluded Expire 12/31/16

ZUMBA 7 to 8 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays and 9 to 10 a.m. Saturdays at the Jessie Brock Community Center, 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. No class July 4. Move your hips and exercise in disguise. This is an exciting, dance-fitness class that features exotic rhythms set to highenergy international beats. Cost is $5 for residents and $6 for non-residents per class, or $40 for residents and $46 for nonresidents per month. Children 12 years and younger may attend for $3 per class if supervised by an adult.


AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8, and Friday, Dec. 9, at Health Central Park, 411 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. Bring driver’s license and AARP membership card, if you are a member. AARP, 1-888-227-7669.


IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT TOMATO 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8, at the Jessie Brock Community Center, 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. Join Ed Thralls, of the Orange County Master Gardener Program, as he provides expertise in general education classes on urban horticulture. $5 per class per family. Advance registration is required at (407) 254-9200.


REINDEER RUN 5K 7 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, at Winter Garden Village, 3251 Daniels Road, Winter Garden. Race-day registration and packet pick-up begins at 6 a.m. Registration costs $30 and can be completed online at All registered runners are entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch. All 5K finishers will receive a medal. Awards will be presented to the top male and female overall and the top masters male and female. Age-group awards will be presented to the top three male and female finishers. Sponsors include the Observer Media Group, Winter Garden Village, Healthy West Orange, Florida Hospital Winter Garden, Rotary Club of Winter Garden and Weber Environmental Services Inc. Tony Trotti, (407) 656-2121 or ttrotti@


CAREGIVING MATTERS WORKSHOPS 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13, at Health Central Hospital, 10000 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee. The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resource Center holds caregiver support group meetings at locations around Central Florida. A facilitator from ADRC guides the meeting, which lasts between one and two hours. (407) 8431910 or


AFFORDABLE CARE ACT INFO AND ASSISTANCE 2 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 15, at the West Oaks Branch Library, 1821 E. Silver Star Road, Ocoee. Certified personnel will answer questions regarding the Affordable Care Act and assist with enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Open Enrollment Period for 2017 continues through Jan. 31, 2017. For more information, call (407) 340-0844 or visit

SUNDAY, JAN. 1, 2017

LAKE BUENA VISTA NEW YEAR’S DAY WALK 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017, at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, 2545 State Road 535, Lake Buena Vista. The Mid-Florida Milers Walking Club promotes recreational walking for fun and fitness and will celebrate New Year’s Day with this walk. Participants should register any time between 9:30 and 10 a.m. The route will take participants into Disney Springs. Minimum


YOUTH FITNESS WARRIORS 9 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, at Winter Garden Athletic Club, 350 E. Crown Point Road, Suite 1070, Winter Garden. Youth Fitness Warriors will host this free, fun fitness competition for people of all ages. Physicals are not required, and free physicals are offered for preregistered youth participants. Elementary students will compete from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; middle- and highschool students from 1 to 2 p.m.; and parents/adults from 2 to 3 p.m. For more information or to register for the event,

18+ OPEN GYM VOLLEYBALL 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and 7 p.m. Wednesdays at Jim Beech Recreation Center, 1820 A.D. Mims Road, Ocoee. This program is offered year-round and offers the community a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. Cost is $2.50 per day or $25 annually (Ocoee residents) $4.50 per day or $40 annually (non-residents). For more visit 50+ FITNESS AEROBICS CLASSES 10:45 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando. Exercise mats are provided. Cost is $2. For more information, email to or visit ALZHEIMER’S & DEMENTIA SUPPORT 6 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month, in the second-floor

conference room at Health Central Hospital, 10000 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee. For more, call (407) 843-1910. CHILDBIRTH EDUCATIONAL CLASS Held weekly in Health Central Hospital’s Gleason Room, 10000 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee. These classes are designed to prepare expectant parents for the childbirth experience. Participants are encouraged to bring at least two pillows, a blanket, a coach, a drink and a snack. Registration is required, and classes are free for Healthy Start and MomCare participants. Visit to register. FITNESS BELLY DANCE FOR LIFE 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays at the Jessie Brock Community Center, 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. Four-week sessions will begin July 7 and Aug. 4. This program is designed to incorporate technique, cardio fitness and weight training — all while learning the art of belly dance. Ages 18 and older. Cost is $5 for Winter Garden residents and $6 for non-residents per class. (407) 656-4155.

GENTLE YOGA 7:15 p.m. Tuesdays at the Jessie Brock Community Center, 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. Great for beginners or anyone who wants a gentle workout. Yoga involves stretching and strengthening exercises, breathing techniques and relaxing meditation. Cost is $6 for residents and $7 for non-residents per class, or $20 for residents and $24 for non-residents per four-week session. HEALTH CENTRAL WALKERS 8:30 a.m. daily, at the West Oaks Mall, 9401 W. Colonial Drive, No. 728, Ocoee. Walkers meet at the food court entrance. Put on a pair of walking shoes and join friends and neighbors for a brisk stroll. The group also hosts a monthly breakfast. Attendees are asked to bring at least one canned food donation for Second Harvest Food Bank. Donations may be dropped off at the Community Relations department, fourth floor, Health Central Hospital, 10000 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee. LAUGHTER YOGA 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays at the Jessie Brock Community Center,



310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. With the use of laughter, rhythm and light exercise, participants will learn how to ignite endorphins and receive the positive and emotional wellness benefits of laughter all while learning the art of yoga. Cost is $8 for residents and $10 for non-residents per class. For more information, visit MOMS RUN THIS TOWN The Central Florida chapter of this women’s running club invites local women to get together to run/walk/jog and socialize. All skill levels are welcome. To join the group or for more information, visit centralflorida.mrtt, email or SYSTEMA 7 to 8:30 p.m. Mondays, at the Jessie Brock Community Center, 310 N. Dillard St., Winter Garden. This Russian martial art focuses on self-defense methods, greater strength and endurance, patience and working with others. Cost is $15 per class; or $45 for residents and $55 for nonresidents per month. For more information, call (407) 656-4155.


A health care provider’s referral is required for this low-dose CT lung cancer screening at CDI. Cut out this ad and share it with your doctor.

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) offers a lung cancer screening exam that can detect cancer at the earliest, most treatable stage. This screening may be covered by your health plan if you: • Are between the ages of 55-80 • Are a current smoker or have quit smoking within the last 15 years

Visit LungCancerScreening to find out more.

• Have smoked a pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years, or the equivalent • 407.741.5400 Metrowe st


O rl ando


O v iedo


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SATURDAY, JAN. 21, 2017



difficulty for strollers and wheelchairs. Walkers can choose either a 10K (6.2 miles) or 6K (3.7 miles) loop. The walk is free for non-credit walkers; those maintaining IVV/AVA record books pay $3. The walk is sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association and is open to the public. Cold drinks, snacks, water and restrooms are available at the start and finish and at commercial establishments on the route. For more, visit midfloridamilers. org or call (407) 695-9181.






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will be presented to the top male and female overall and to the top masters male and female. Age group awards will be presented to the top three male and female finishers in standard 5 yr age groups. Special finisher medals will be given to all 5K finishers! To benefit these local organizations:

10AM-7PM - Pick up packet at Tri & Run, Downtown Winter Garden


Race Site - Winter Garden Village at Fowlers Grove 6AM - Race Day Registration & Packet Pickup 7AM - 5K Run $25.00 - Pre-registered by November 28 (T-Shirt Guaranteed) $30.00 - Late and Race Day Registration after Nov. 28 (T-Shirts available while supplies last) Register Online at: or day of race at Winter Garden Village at Fowlers Grove, Winter Garden, Florida




For more information contact Horizontal Orientation Tony Trotti at 407-656-2121 or








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12.01.16 Health Matters  

12.01.16 Health Matters