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Capability and Experience

Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety & the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision; it applies to all of our operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviors with those required to achieve our vision through a dedication to continuous improvement.

“There is no task so important or urgent in our business, or our customers’ business, that it overrides the need to work safely...”

The launch of our HSE framework, OneWayTM, enables us to further align and consolidate our global systems and procedures and continue to work with our personnel to reinforce a culture that underpins our drive to achieve our corporate differentiator of industry leadership in HSE performance.

John Grill, WorleyParsons CEO

Corporate Overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets. Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long term relationships, anticipating their needs and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.

EcoNomics™ is our range of services and technologies that profitably embed environmental, social and financial sustainability into project delivery, across the asset lifecycle. It is a seamless extension of our established project delivery capability in the key areas of Assessment, Efficiency and Treatment & Mitigation. We are committed to working with our customers to turn their sustainability objectives into good business practice.

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Rail WorleyParsons provides services for all aspects of our customers’ rail business. We differentiate ourselves by providing rail customers with a diverse team of professional engineers and industry practitioners with real world rail industry experience. These personnel cover all phases of a project lifecycle from the project initiation providing strategic and business consulting advice, management consulting on operations, conceptual designs to detailed engineering and delivery management in the three key railway sectors: • Infrastructure • Operational systems • Rolling stock With 131 offices around the world, our capability to address the rail industry is truly global. Our local offices are staffed with resources in civil, transportation, structural, coastal, marine, power, water and road engineering. This enables us to offer customers local rail expertise with support from world class specialists located in other offices.


years rail industry experience


personnel with significant rail experience

This combination of global specialists and local knowledge enables us to provide integrated planning, engineering and project management services for entire networks, corridors, or specific facilities such as stations, workshops, yards, intermodal terminals and ports.

Rail expertise on

We work with both public and private customers creating and then delivering solutions for rail specific requirements in: • Light rail and tram systems • Urban metropolitan and metro systems • Long haul intermodal railway networks • Heavy haul minerals railways • Specialised rail transport for industry and logistics providers


For each engagement, we structure project teams comprised of leading industry professionals, rail specialists, local office technicians and other partnering firms to meet the needs of the customer. WorleyParsons’ technical expertise, along with our thorough understanding of rail operations, infrastructure, rolling stock, maintenance practices and rail safety legislation, enable us to provide informed, authoritative and expert advice to customers.


Business lines Select Select is our front end capability where we advise asset owners, operators, investors, financial institutions and governments on management in rail, strategy analyses, pre-feasibility screening studies, feasibility studies and conceptual designs. We combine the niche specialist skills required within the front end of projects with our extensive, practical experience in total project delivery and asset operation providing our customers with the necessary information and project definition to determine whether or not to take a project to the next phase.

Deliver Deliver is where WorleyParsons converts the highest potential value options identified in the early phases into fully defined, safe and successfully executed projects, realizing maximum value for our customers. Through this capability we offer Program Management Consultancy (PMC), Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services or individual components of the EPCM service to meet our customers’ needs from small to mega projects. All rail projects are delivered with a strong commitment to Health, Safety and Environment. We believe all injuries, illnesses, accidents and environmental incidents are preventable.

Improve Improve is a specialist service of WorleyParsons, focused on assisting customers transform their existing operations to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. As many of our rail staff have worked in operating railways and rail maintenance organizations, we understand the importance to our customers of debottlenecking processes, maximizing the life of existing assets, replacing when necessary and the need to extend to meet market demands. We understand the core railway values of safety and avoiding disruption to the operating railway during the execution of Improve activities and plan accordingly.

WorleyParsons’ Project Phases 1 IDENTIFY Conceptual design Business model development

2 EVALUATE Pre-feasibility studies Cost estimating Contract planning

3 DEFINE Feasibility studies Preliminary Engineering (FEED) Cost estimating Execution planning

4 EXECUTE Detailed Engineering EPCM PMC

5 OPERATE Brownfield projects Portfolio delivery Asset management Business improvement Operations and maintenance support

WorleyParsons’ experience covers all five phases of the asset lifecycle. In each of these phases we understand the critical issues and apply our specialist business lines, Select, Deliver and Improve to enable our customers to achieve their business objectives. Our phased approach enables consistent project delivery worldwide and WorleyParsons' project systems are fully aligned to this process.

Capabilities Resource Rail Providing rail solutions for the mining, oil and gas, and power industry requires a deep understanding of the industry, business drivers and how rail services fit in to the overall business. WorleyParsons is perfectly positioned to assist these customers with over 45 years experience in each of these industries. We are fully equipped to assemble a team of industry, rail, and logistics experts to provide our customers with a complete solution from resource extraction and processing through to product delivery.

Intermodal Transport WorleyParsons has capabilities across all modes of transport including roads, highways, rail and maritime. Over the last decade, we have been involved in a number of new container port developments around the world, including on dock rail facilities, and the interfaces between the port and the mainline rail access. Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the needs of each transport mode and the critical success factors required to deliver the best overall integrated solution for our customers without bias towards one mode of transport.

Passenger Rail We work with our customers to provide rail infrastructure and rolling stock expertise for new high speed, urban and metropolitan rail requirements. Our services cover the whole spectrum of a project’s lifecycle, from identifying optimum solutions to improving existing assets. These services include meeting passenger demand in terms of the physical location of new railways including underground solutions, planning and designing rolling stock to meet passenger expectations, safety management planning, train service schedules and refurbishments of all assets. In addition, our power generation and transmission experts advise on the design and operation of electrified railways.

EcoNomics TM EcoNomics™ assists our customers to adopt a broader view of the impacts of their operations and incorporates financial, social and environmental risk into project decisions to deliver optimised and profitable solutions which are acceptable to all stakeholders and approving authorities. There are many benefits to using this approach and opportunities are available throughout a project to introduce this methodology. We apply this to the rail industry by considering social and environmental risks which may be generated by a project’s implementation and/or operation and through use of formal, discounted cash flow processes in our EcoNomics™ DELTΔ tool to find an optimum balance between competing objectives and issues.

Select The early phases of a project are recognized as the crucial formative stage of any project which provide the foundations for an investment decision by the customer and which lock in key value adding attributes. Select is the specialist early phase strategy, planning, and policy consulting component of the broader transport business within WorleyParsons. Led by experienced generalists, our economists, environmentalists, specialist engineers and planners focus on project pre-feasibility studies, financial and technical viability assessments and evaluations of market and business strategies. We work with both corporate and public sector customers to offer advice and provide input to critical issues early in a project to help our customers achieve their objectives. WorleyParsons is technology neutral. We respect and work with all product designs, system architectures, and engineering standards to find options relevant to potentially satisfying our customers needs. This neutrality, coupled with our knowledge of the rail industry, enables us to provide independent advice in the Select phase and to act as owners engineers, bankers engineers and to provide due diligence services to our customers. In a world where project finance is playing an ever expanding role in large capital projects this service is becoming increasingly important, with investors looking for quality credit, and sponsors/donors looking to substantiate their interests. Select can harness the skills of our environmental specialists worldwide to support our customers in environmental planning, sustainability, regulatory approvals, corporate responsibility, and finding solutions to potential environmental, social, and health issues associated with rail projects. Similarly, the basis of any project is high calibre data. Select can mobilise our in-house skills in: geomatics for remote sensing and high quality digital terrain and environmental data; geotechnics for ground engineering data and analysis; hydraulics and hydrology for waterway impacts; construction planning and risk weighted cost estimating; and EcoNomics™ staff for environmental values. Select utilizes a range of specialist tools including for railway operations and train performance, terrain modelling and route selection, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), dynamic event modelling, cost benefit analysis and other specialist modelling services to a range of rail projects including train operations, railway infrastructure and concepts for railway vehicle design.


Neutral providing unbiased advice


of railway corridors investigated

Project: Saudi Landbridge Project Customer: Tarabot Consortium Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE

Saudi Arabia

This project will transform the existing rail network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a world-class freight and passenger rail link across the country. The project involves: extending the existing East-West Railway, with 950 km of new line between Jeddah and Riyadh and 120 km of new line between Dammam and Jubail; upgrading 1,000 km of operational railway; integration of the new and existing railway with Jeddah, Jubail and Dammam seaports and the inland dry port at Riyadh. WorleyParsons provided input from all major disciplines including geotechnical, hydrology, civil earthworks, tunnelling, bridge engineering, rail track design, signalling and communications, risk assessment, estimating, railway operational modelling, port/ inter-modal interfaces and construction methodology to develop a conceptual design for Tarabot who achieved the status of preferred bidder.

Project: Galilee Basin Railway Route Selection and Evaluation Studies Customer: Waratah Coal EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


The project incorporates a new mine, a state-of-the-art, heavy haul, standard gauge rail system to support 21,000 tonne train units and a new port. WorleyParsons undertook a route selection and evaluation study to examine the possible routes to access ports as the first part of a pre-feasibility study. A large number of routes were evaluated on the basis of a discounted cash flow analysis to find the least cost per tonne solution. The route selection considered terrain, hydrology (rivers and flood plains), geology, environmental constraints, cultural heritage values, native titles, urban constraints, existing infrastructure and mine sites. The study successfully identified a 5km wide corridor for further investigation, including aerial survey. Project: Light Rail Train Almaty Kazakhstan Customer: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons was engaged by the EBRD to assess the technical feasibility of an electric Light Rail Train (LRT) line along an initial 14.2km route. The proposed LRT initial line is expected to form the backbone of improved public transport services for Almaty reducing traffic congestion. The study included: Stakeholder consultation; environmental and social impact assessment; transport model forecast update; assessment of technical feasibility in terms of alignment, operations including rolling stock, depot/workshop, electrical and mechanical, ticketing systems, tariff structures and route licensing; project cost estimates; economic evaluation; project implementation and operating arrangements. Project: Assessment of Ore Car Prototype Design Customer: Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE FMG engaged WorleyParsons to assist in the review of a prototype ore car with the overall objective of better quantifying risks associated with the prototype design in operation on the FMG railroad. This included: reviewing the preliminary design and recommending improvements, creating an independent Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model of the car body structure and independently calculating and assessing all FEA results, developing in-train load spectra from existing instrumented ore car pair data; independently calculating and assessing the design fatigue life; and conducting empty and loaded ride tests. Our ability to quantify and improve the ore car during the design phase will result in an asset with a longer life and reduced operating costs.



As one of the world’s largest firms engaged in providing full spectrum engineering design, PMC and EPCM we service customers involved in new rail corridors, high speed rail, commercial rail, urban transit, metro rail and freight villages. In Deliver, we take the outputs of the Select phase and, through front end engineering, cost planning and project execution planning, take projects to the point of final decision making by our customers. In the execution phase of Deliver we complete detailed engineering design and documentation to support PMC or EPCM processes of turning the original concept into reality. Our engineering design and project managers have experience around the world and have delivered state of the art railways in some of the world’s most challenging physical and climatic environments as well as complex urban environments. Our PMC and EPCM capabilities include project management, detailed design, progress assessment, customer contract management, reporting, change management, construction administration and commercial contract administration. Major projects are one of our specialties. For heavy haul railways, we integrate our rail team with our mining experts, bulk materials handling experts and ports experts to deliver all of the facilities for a new resource. Our team also complete small projects ranging from public sector transit facilities to oversight of rolling stock manufacturing lines. For urban railways, we harness a diversity of skills such as geotechnical engineers for tunnelling, services engineers for utilities management and urban planners for consent management and compliance. WorleyParsons can provide overall management for an entire program or provide management for initial phases of the work. Our philosophy as a Program Manager and EPCM contractor is to form a working partnership to accomplish customer goals in a cost-effective manner. This philosophy produces a quality program that is safe, cost effective, technically sound, environmentally compliant and completed in the minimum timeframe. For projects that are delivered in other formats such as Design and Construct or Construct only, we provide customers with full technical support and construction phase services.



New rail corridors in less than


months from start to finish

Project: Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project: Rail Infrastructure Customer: Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


The FMG construction was completed in the fastest schedule ever achieved in the Pilbara iron ore industry despite cyclone delays. The Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) project is a complete pit to port solution in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, involving new port facilities, associated materials handling, 256km of rail and development of a new mine site in a Greenfield environment. WorleyParsons has been involved from the start of this project and, as EPCM contractor, provided input for all major disciplines including geotechnical, hydrology, civil earthworks, bridge engineering, rail track design, signalling and communications, risk assessment, estimating, railway operational modelling, port/ intermodal interfaces and construction methodology.

Project: Line 1 East and Track 3 Maipu Line Detailed Engineering Customer: METRO S.A EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


In an effort to modernize and keep pace with Chile’s growth, the transport system was reorganized, leading to plans to double the size of Santiago’s METRO. This was achieved through a series of projects to extend subway lines and link feeder services. ARA WorleyParsons provided detailed engineering and inspection during construction for two of the METRO extension projects. Services included detailed engineering for the station tunnels and intersecting station, interior station facilities, lighting and power to tunnels and stations, station equipment, treatment and surface renewal, traffic modifications, modification to potable water services, sewage system and coordination with public services. Project: Hunter Valley Rail Upgrading, New South Wales Customer: Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons has completed a range of services in support of ARTC’s upgrading of the Hunter Valley rail lines to meet expanding demand for coal exports. We have supported ARTC by providing capacity analysis, conceptual engineering, detailed design, project management consulting (PMC) and asset management services. Projects completed include the Liverpool Range Route Selection Study to identify a preferred means of adding track capacity in an environmentally and operationally cost effective manner considering both new tunnel and surface alignments, PMC services and engineering design for 1) Muswellbrook Track Duplication; 2) Antiene to Grasstree duplication; and 3) St Heliers to Muswellbrook duplication to increase coal traffic and minimise maintenance tasks. Project: PEC/Berth No 1 Rail Reconfiguration Customer: Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE WorleyParsons was retained to provide conceptual and detailed design for the reconfiguration of the Kinder Morgan/Vancouver Wharves Facility on Burrard Inlet. The reconfiguration consisted of construction of: a concentrate railcar unloading facility (RUF); pulp shed conversion for concentrate rail load-out; concentrate conveying system; storage for 96 concentrate and liquids railcars; reconfiguration of the sulphur and agri-loop track access and wye; restructured site road system for employee and industrial truck traffic; guardhouse relocation and other infrastructure activities associated with the reconfiguration.


Improve Maximizing existing assets and fostering long term relationships with our customers provides them with the necessary support to achieve their business outcomes. Using our capabilities in rail infrastructure, rolling stock and operations, we assist passenger and freight rail system operators, carriers and rail shippers who desire to improve the capacity, cost efficiency, safety, and/or reliability of their existing operations and infrastructure. The solutions we offer are often drawn from our team’s long practical experience with rail systems. For example cost effectively upgrading older infrastructure, redeployment of staff, implementation of new business models and improvement and optimization of asset utilisation as part of the journey to operational excellence. Our capability also extends to deploying new technology to support re-engineered processes. WorleyParsons has assisted customers with system evaluations and operational modelling leading to more train paths per hour, longer and heavier trains, increased axle loads on bridges and tracks, upgraded signalling and communication and location systems, improved maintenance methods and longer lives for their equipment and redeveloped passenger rail stations. These solutions have resulted in optimized operations and asset management leading to systems that carry much greater levels of traffic than they were originally designed for in a safe and sustainable manner. To deliver these services in a Brownfield operating environment WorleyParsons has developed a suite of unique tools, systems and delivery methodologies that incorporate industry best practice. These tools are designed to meet the needs of a long term contract or alliance relationship. The benefits of this type of portfolio approach are: reduced delays between project identification and project start up; ability to prioritise a portfolio of projects over a timeframe; reduced TIC costs for the portfolio by looking at whole of life costs and synergies across projects; better alignment and understanding of customer objectives due to continuity of team members; and benchmarking both within the industry and across industries. The key to successful outcomes on operating assets is our understanding of the importance of minimizing disruption to existing services for our customers and always looking for ways to reduce possible disruptions. No matter what our customers existing rail system requirements are, we have the people to create and deliver the right solution.

Determined Hong Kong passenger cars had


years lifespan left by using finite element analysis

Ongoing relationships with


significant customers in the rail industry worldwide

Project: MTR Tuen Mun Phase 1 Light Rail Vehicles – Structural Integrity Study Customer: United Group Rail (UGR) Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE

Hong Kong

As part of MTRC’s refurbishment program for the Tuen Mun Phase 1 LRVs, WorleyParsons were engaged to assess the residual life of the carbodies, through a program of testing, finite element analysis and fatigue assessment. The Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC) is refurbishing the 69 Phase 1 LRVs, originally commissioned in 1988, to retain their operability, maintainability, reliability and safety for a further 25 years of service. WorleyParsons completed a Structural Integrity study of the carbodies, with a program of work that included structural inspection, static and track testing, finite element analysis and fatigue assessment.

Project: Southern Cross Station Redevelopment Project Customer: Southern Cross Station Authority (SCSA) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


The Southern Cross Station Redevelopment Project (SCSR) was a joint venture between the state of Victoria and Civic Nexus/LCPL. The SCSA was set up to operate the station during construction and facilitate the coordination between all stakeholders including the construction contractor, the future operator and various train operators. WorleyParsons provided project management skills and practices to assist the SCSA in delivering the SCSR project for the state government of Victoria. WorleyParsons also provided project management services for the signalling maintenance depot.

Project: Rail Yard Expansion – Feasibility Study and Conceptual Engineering Customer: Imperial Oil Limited EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


As part of the long term engineering services agreement (ESA) between WorleyParsons and Imperial Oil Limited, we provided engineering services for the feasibility study and conceptual engineering design of a 225 railcar expansion to the Strathcona Refinery rail yard facilities just east of Edmonton, Alberta. The study and conceptual engineering consisted of preparing railcar storage options which included conversion and integration of decommissioned loading tracks into storage, a new industrial rail line to connect yards, bulk earthworks, service road relocations, utilities relocations and upgrades.

Project: Train Control Systems (TCS) Audit Customer: Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE RITO’s rail network includes 1,300 km of mainline and branch tracks linking mines and ports in the vast Pilbara region. Rail operations enable 127 locomotives and 35 consists to make over 180 round trip ore train movements per week. A typical train (consist) is around 30,000 tonnes, over two kilometres long, and travels at speeds of up to 75 km/h. WorleyParsons was engaged by Rio Tinto’s Railways Division to review its internal audit of the TCS - the organisation, processes and assets for control of train operations. We assisted in the planning and conducted the audit, reviewed outcomes and developed a program of projects for firstly consolidating capability and then expanding this capability to meet increased production forecasts.


Resource Rail WorleyParsons has been in the forefront of providing sustainable transport solutions for resource development in every continent in the world. Resource Rail is WorleyParsons’ integrated supply chain capability that plans and engineers connections between mines, manufacturers, ports, and terminals into a reliable and economic transport system. Our services include: • Independent rail business and operations advice and benchmarking • Operations modelling and analysis • Railway master planning • Feasibility studies and economics and financial analysis • Environmental impact analysis and project approvals processes • Above and below rail engineering and technology • Ports and terminals design and interfacing • Track, bridges, signalling, rolling stock, and facilities design • Planning, design, documentation and EPCM delivery Our customers include mining companies, power utilities, smelters and large petrochemical plants. These services enable them to evaluate, define, and execute their capital works for small, medium and large Greenfield and Brownfield projects. We have also successfully completed Resource Rail engagements for governments and financiers who often are looking to develop new businesses, or to invigorate a region’s economy. Our extensive experience with resource engineering allows our Resource Rail project managers and consultants to integrate the railway and transfer facilities engineering with the technology and carrying capacity of the whole logistics chain from pit to port. Whether it is carrying raw materials from a mine to a port, connecting a group of customer’s production and warehouse facilities, or streamlining the assets and operations inside a complex industrial site, our team has the knowledge and innovation to provide a complete solution. We draw on expertise from other countries, from universities, research centres, industry and suppliers to source the best proven solutions. We specialize in procuring quality materials and equipment from around the world, often with the support of our high value engineering centre in Beijing. We aim to always set new benchmarks for speed of completion while delivering a project safely and to budget.


for coal, phosphate, iron ore, sulphur, crude, bitumen, pet-coke, bio-mass, aggregates, copper, cement, nickel, aluminium, acids and other bulk resource

Delivered first


tonne axle load rail system in the world

Project: Oakajee Port and Rail Development Customer: Oakajee Port and Rail (OPR) Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


This development is key to providing a world class infrastructure and an integrated transport supply chain to underpin the future development of the mid west region of Western Australia. This multi billion dollar deepwater port and integrated rail network will service iron ore miners and other port users in the mid west region of Australia. The port will cater for the world’s largest ore carriers and the 550km heavy haulage open access rail network will service the growing number of mining projects operating in the region. WorleyParsons is conducing the budget and engineering study for OPR’s Bankable Feasibility Study including management of design and engineering, and capital and operating estimating for the deepwater port and associated heavy haulage rail network.

Project: Benga Coal Project Customer: Riversdale Mining Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE




Riversdale Mining commissioned WorleyParsons undertake a range of advisory and investigative services in connection with the export of coal from the proposed Benga Mine at Moatize over the to be reconstructed Sena Line which had been destroyed in a civil war. Services included: benchmarking of coal export transport costs; field reconnaissance of the mine-rail-port logistics chain to allow coal exports; evaluation of the detailed engineering refurbishment required to recommission the current Beira bulk loader for rail based coal export; concept design of Moatize coal loader sidings; advice on a coal haulage agreement; and oceanographic studies for location of an offshore trans-shipment facility. Project: Condensate Trans-shipment Facility Customer: EnCana Oil and Gas Partnership EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons provided full EPCM services for the conversion of Methanex Corporation’s export facilities into an import terminal. The terminal is capable of receiving over one million cubic meters of petroleum condensate from ocean going ships, storing the condensate in large diameter tanks and loading it into railcars for transportation to Alberta. The detailed engineering for the development of the facilities included the railcar loading system and preliminary design for a proposed rail yard to accommodate additional storage of 108 product tank railcars to support the condensate handling system expansion.

Project: Mbalam Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project Customer: Sundance Resources EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE Sundance Resources commissioned WorleyParsons to project manage and deliver engineering services for the Pre-Feasibility Study of the Mbalam Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project in Cameroon, West Africa. As a part of a total logistics prefeasibility study work, WorleyParsons developed a concept for a 517km long heavy haulage railway connecting the mine to the port and all associated support facilities and infrastructure required to successfully construct, commission and operate the project. The railway is located in remote country with seasonal heavy rains and involved the resolution of many complex technical issues.

Republic of Cameroon

Intermodal Transport Consideration of the full logistics chain from shipper to consignee and an understanding of the benefits and limitations of each transport mode underpin integrated and effective intermodal freight solutions. WorleyParsons has capabilities covering all aspects of the freight transportation industry sector including rail, road and maritime. Understanding the benefits and limitations of the modes allows us to adopt the broadest view of the entire logistics chain without undue bias towards one mode or another. The resulting solutions have reduced transit times, resolved interfacing issues and produced cost effectiveness. We have worked on behalf of shipping lines, port authorities, government transport ministries, rail entities, and global container logistics specialists. The services we have performed include: analysis and optimisation of intermodal business performance; design of intermodal wagons for both single and double stacked containers; planning of rail corridors for intermodal trains; strategic planning for inland container terminals; management consulting on container handling logistics; and operational analysis of container handling processes in terminals. Opportunities for Greenfield rail infrastructure developments are limited by project economies. As a result, most of our intermodal customers are seeking ways to innovate within the constraints of existing infrastructure. Our team develops innovative solutions to enable intermodal transport to operate over existing infrastructure. We design wagons that have improved load distribution for lighter track, lower profile for reduced track clearances and enhanced braking systems for passenger routes. Where modifications to infrastructure are unavoidable, our teams address the challenges of increasing tunnel sizes, strengthening bridges and increasing track clearances. Our capability also includes terminal simulation and planning for seamless transitions between transport modes, especially in freight container terminals. We have been able to demonstrate that efficiency in terminals produces time savings throughout the intermodal logistics chain.


in modifying existing infrastructure and designing new rolling stock to meet intermodal demands


plus ports and terminals equals intermodal

Project: Brisbane Freight Terminal Dynamic Modeling Customer: Pacific National Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


WorleyParsons’ ability to complete this task wholly in-house, using modeling, rail and analytical specialists was critical to achieving a positive outcome for this project, and a long term management tool for the customer. Pacific National Limited required simulation of the Brisbane Freight Terminal to assist in accurately defining the capacity of the terminal. WorleyParsons applied Extend to develop a dynamic model of the terminal. The model incorporated the complex interactions of the terminal operations including truck movements, train schedules, reassembly of wagons to form departing trains, container movements, storage areas, and equipment resourcing. Assumptions were tested and various timetables and other inputs were applied to gain a better understanding of the system, identify bottlenecks and gauge the capacity of the terminal for expansion.

Project: Intermodal Market Evaluation Customer: Confidential Customer EXECUTE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


United States

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, much attention was given to the Port of New Orleans and the potential for new economic development in Louisiana. A number of private entities considered building new container ports along the Mississippi River and the existing public ports were seeking to expand their container handling capability. New Orleans is the only port city in the world served by seven major railroad companies, providing competitive intermodal access between Louisiana and major North American markets. WorleyParsons evaluated the alternative intermodal locations, assessed the long term market for import/expert containers through Louisiana, and provided analysis on rail access and competition in the United States. Project: Narrow Gauge Articulated Container Wagons for Queensland Customer: Pacific National EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


WorleyParsons was engaged by Pacific National to assist with its new intermodal freight business along the Queensland narrow gauge north-south rail corridor from Brisbane to Cairns. Along with its existing standard gauge operation, this allows Pacific National to provide a seamless service linking the far corners of the country. The project was of a high risk nature given no existing rail operation could be used as a fallback position. Careful management of rolling stock design, accreditation, procurement and commissioning was critical to the successful start up of the new business. This is the first time in the world that articulation technology has been successfully applied to narrow gauge container wagons. Project: Lazaro Container Terminal Customer: Hutchison Ports Mexico EXECUTE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


This state-of-the-art Greenfield container terminal encompasses 26 ha of container yard, two deep sea super post-Panamax berths, an extensive intermodal yard, and related facilities, Phase 1 of the terminal was designed to handle a throughput of 660,000 TEUs per year. In collaboration with their Mexican Partners, MB DEIN of Mexico City, WorleyParsons acted as the owner’s representative under a FIDIC designbuild contract. This included preparation of contract documents, outline drawings and specifications for the tender package. WorleyParsons also carried out design reviews and quality audits of the work during the construction. Phase 1 of the terminal was completed by August 2009.


Passenger Rail WorleyParsons is committed to assisting operators efficiently construct new lines, increase productivity of existing operations and improve patronage satisfaction. New passenger rail services are the fastest growing transport sector in the world. Passenger rail covers a wide variety of rail transport modes from tram and light rail to metro rail and regional rail through to intercity rail and high speed rail. We service all these transport modes, providing above and below ground services for rolling stock and infrastructure including stations and signalling. The basis of our design process is a fundamental appreciation of the task, operating environment, interfaces and project economics, ensuring that our solutions address our customers needs economically and effectively. Rolling stock that is safe, efficient, reliable and attractive to passengers is key to a commercially successful passenger service. WorleyParsons has a long history of designing and engineering new and refurbishing old, trains and passenger cars to meet the latest standards and safety accreditations. In the design phase, we use modelling techniques to carry out fatigue assessment and fracture mechanics, simulate vehicle dynamics and analyze fuel conservation options. Once a project moves into construction, our teams regularly provide production support, QA testing, commissioning and independent assessments for safety and regulatory compliance. Infrastructure for passenger rail requires strategic planning and a multi disciplinary approach with train performance simulation at its core. Our rail team is supported by our environmental, geotechnical, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, water, road and rail engineers, providing integrated planning, engineering and project management services for our customers’ infrastructure needs. These skills enable us to advise on route selection and alignment design for above ground and below ground, signalling and train control systems, ventilation, bridges and culverts, tunnels, signalling and communications, maintenance and servicing facilities, track and point work and passenger terminals. For customers who have electric traction systems, our power engineers have experience providing advice on substations, transmission, power management and transformers. Our experience in numerous locations around the world with a variety of customers enables us to employ current best practice globally on projects whist striving to find further innovations to improve our customers business performance.



modes of passenger rail

Delivery services for the


km/hr Makkah to Medina passenger rail

Project: Singapore Circle Line 4 & 5 Customer: Singapore Land Transport Authority Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE


The project included four underground stations and 3.4km of twin bored tunnels. The Circle Line is a fully underground orbital line linking all radial rail lines leading to the city. Lines 4 & 5 consist of the complete construction of four underground stations and approximately 3.4km of twin bored tunnels including cross-over points, emergency siding facilities and permanent emergency escape shafts. WorleyParsons provided construction management services, engineering and technical staff comprised of project engineers and technical officers for the supervision of the construction of the underground stations, bored tunnels and all ancillary civil works. Services provided by WorleyParsons include advanced safety auditing, construction supervision, independent technical advice on geotechnical and tunnelling issues, quality management and risk assessment and management Project: South West Rail Link (SWRL) Customer: Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE


SWRL involves the construction and operation of a twin track passenger railway, approximately 13.2 km long, in the South West of Sydney. WorleyParsons was commissioned as technical adviser on signalling, train operations and train control works for conceptual, preliminary and reference design. With our sub consultant Westinghouse Rail Systems we provided design and documentation of the signaling system, train operational modelling, train control works and design of the interfaces to the existing RailCorp train control system. During the project design, several different revisions of track layouts were investigated. Most layouts required modelling and design for signal works to meet short time schedules. WorleyParsons produced a signalling functional specification and had it signed off in record time. Project: Penrith Stabling Project Customer: RailCorp Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE




WorleyParsons was engaged by RailCorp to provide a strategic review and design of alternatives to stable the fleet at Penrith or at a Greenfield site. A major issue in the re-design was the elimination of occupational health and safety risks associated with the current operation. Designs of alternatives were developed and costed to 30% accuracy. The work included: stabling yards; risk assessment of current operations; elimination of risks; civil works; optimisation of operating procedures; evaluation of an alternative Greenfield site; phasing to allow construction under continued operations; preparation of a risk report and hazard log; review of redundant infrastructure; identification of heritage items; and upgrade to current standards. Project: Electrical System Capacity of the Suburban Network Customer: MainCo EXECUTE OPERATE Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE As part of its preparations for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, MainCo engaged WorleyParsons to assess the electrical capacity of the Melbourne suburban train network. During the Games, the intent was to operate an enhanced timetable which effectively expanded the peak hour timetables for this period. The electrical load generated by such a timetable potentially placed parts of the electrical system under stress. WorleyParsons was engaged to undertake this assessment. The system components in the assessment included supply elements as well as traction power distribution and traction power delivery.


EcoNomicsTM WorleyParsons provides our customers with valuable strategic decision making support by quantifying project sustainability in monetary terms. EcoNomics™ enables our customers to properly consider the social, environmental and ecological economic and financial impacts of existing and planned rail projects. The key to short term deliverability and long term success for both public and private sector projects is increasingly dependent on ensuring these issues are considered in the early phases of a project and embedded into the subsequent delivery phases of the project. We work closely with our customers in framing workshops to agree on the key project objective, identify project options, and determine the financial and external assets to be assessed and risks to be evaluated. This early interaction with the widest possible range of stakeholders provides a clear focus for the assessment and assists in building relationships. This is particularly important for rail developments because of the number of stakeholders that may be involved. WorleyParsons DELTΔ tool has the ability to consider any combination of financial, environmental and social issues for project analysis on a range of possible future conditions and relate them to the customer in the single universal metric of money in discounted cash flow analysis. Quantifying these different elements is made possible by using the latest available economic studies, literature and research, along with current market costs, to value externalities. All external values are taken from reputable organisations such as the UN, World Bank and other government and industry bodies worldwide. We use likely ranges of values for external assets which allow uncertainties to be harnessed, providing better decision making, risk mitigation and a more robust project outcome. Evaluating project options in this way assists our customers to optimize their environmental and social spending to avoid unnecessary expenditure driven by outside parties.


common metric for comparing all solutions - money

30+ external and internal variables to consider


EcoNomicsTM assessments completed to projects worldwide

Project: Midland Freight Railway – Alignment Definition Study Customer: Department of Planning (formally the Department for Planning and Infrastructure) Phases: IDENTIFY EVALUATE DEFINE EXECUTE OPERATE Information prepared through the study has been used to determine the most appropriate course of action with regard to future planning for a realignment of the freight railway through Midland considering environmental, social and financial concerns. WorleyParsons undertook an alignment definition study for the Midland Freight Railway. The Kewdale Hazelmere Integrated Master Plan had identified the opportunity to realign the freight rail between Bellevue and High Wycombe and a potential alignment. WorleyParsons refined the concept alignment and investigated a range of alternative alignments. A range of sub-studies were undertaken to review each options impacts on, the environment, European and Aboriginal Heritage, noise, vibration and visual amenity, traffic and transport, private property and capital costs.


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