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Unconventional Oil & Gas Total Water Management

Total Water Management We optimize total water management solutions for unconventional oil and gas exploration and production to meet regulatory, economic, and corporate sustainability drivers. WorleyParson’s holistic approach to water supply, treatment, re-use, and wastewater disposal delivers optimum solutions to meet technical, economic, and environmental objectives for unconventional oil and gas projects. This includes: ►► feasibility studies and site-specific water management strategies to satisfy regulatory and stakeholder requirements ►► sourcing of surface water, fresh and saline groundwater, and other water sources for hydraulic fracturing ►► hydrological evaluation of surface water sources including flow measurements and volume estimates ►► geophysical characterization and hydrogeological modeling and evaluation to identify groundwater sources and deepwell wastewater disposal formations ►► Design, procurement and installation of water infrastructure and pipelines ►► optimization of water supply and treatment systems (source water and flow back water) ►► water storage, re-use, and wastewater disposal management ►► site stormwater management ►► utility and potable water treatment and sanitary sewage treatment and disposal systems ►► field construction management

WorleyParsons Project Phases

Establish Sustainable Source Water Options

Short- and LongTerm Storage and Infrastructure Evaluation

Disposal/Reuse Storage Option Evaluation

Sustainable Water Management Full Lifecycle Backflow Treatment /Reuse Option Evaluation

Review Pretreatment Options

Review Frac Water Compatibility

Unconventional Oil & Gas Total Water Management

Unconventional Oil and Gas Total Water Management