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Corporate Overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets. Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through longterm relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.

EcoNomics™ is our enterprise-wide framework that ensures profitable integration of sustainability into our customers’ projects and operating assets. It is a seamless extension of our established project delivery capability that provides our customers with competitive business advantage by enhancing project risk management and improving sustainability performance across the asset lifecycle. We are committed to working with our customers to turn their sustainability objectives, commitments and opportunities into profitable business outcomes.

Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety & the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision; it applies to all of our operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviors with those required to achieve our vision through a dedication to continuous improvement. The launch of our integrity management framework, OneWay™, enables us to further align and consolidate our global systems and procedures and continue to work with our personnel to reinforce a culture that underpins our drive to achieve our corporate differentiator of industry leadership in HSE performance.

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Full Field Program Management WorleyParsons’ integrated planning of full scale developments for unconventional oil and gas projects provides our customers with the ability to optimize decision making, minimize interfaces, and meet social-license-to-operate considerations. WorleyParsons’ Full Field Program Management offering integrates our capabilities in an unconventional play from inception through to field divestiture or abandonment. Our approach ensures that programs are executed in alignment with corporate objectives and stakeholder commitments. Full Field Program Management transforms a potentially chaotic environment into a continuously improving manufacturing process by minimizing interfaces (communities, regulators, land owners) and optimizing efficiencies for each element displayed below. WorleyParsons’ effective management of the logistical complexities associated with an unconventional oil & gas project results in field operations that optimize profitability in a safe and sustainable way for our customers.

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►►Hydrocarbons ►►Power Minerals, Metals & Chemicals ►►Infrastructure & Environment

Unconventional Oil & Gas We leverage our global capabilities and experience to help customers develop unconventional resource assets quickly, efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

5000+ water resource projects


years continuous modular experience

WorleyParsons provides procurement, logistics and construction management services such as: ►► developing a plan for field exploitation, including the integration of activities such as access road routing, drilling, wellhead hook-ups, early production schemes, production aggregation, centralized processing, and export sales pipelines; ►► creating and implementing a total water management plan to support both drilling needs (fracturing) to produced water treatment; ►► designing, procuring, and safely deploying fit-for-purpose production assets within the complex environment of simultaneous drilling, construction, and operations activities, and; ►► establishing a framework for providing on-going development, optimization, and improvement services throughout the life of the field. We also provide advice and consultation in gaining the social and/or regulatory license to operate by: ►► conducting social and environmental impact assessments, and risk assessments; ►► planning and optimization for land use, including permits associated with air, groundwater, surface water, land and waste ►► providing support in securing community and regulatory stakeholder approvals, and; ►► characterizing field scale groundwater and surface water resources. engineering, Impact on Project Results Social License Avoided development delays, production disruption, negative public relations, and potential litigation by managing environmental and stakeholder risks.


procurement specialists worldwide

Permits & Approvals Effective schedule control, interface management, and risk management through planning and coordination of regulatory approvals and permits. Planning & Logistics Credible layout options that allow execution over a wide range of operating variables, and adherence to project budgets and schedule. Manufacturing Process Optimization of activities that drive engineering costs down and turn field development into an efficient assembly line. Smart Customization Minimized costs and adherence to requirements as a result of our experience in implementing the “design one, build many” approach. Global Procurement Lower cost alternatives for field equipment that will meet customer quality specifications due to efficient scale and reach. Continuous Improvement A culture of constantly challenging the execution strategy is at the core of our Unconventional Oil & Gas philosophy; to keep our customers competitive, this mindset is a requirement.

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Capability Overview Logistics & Supply Chain Management All aspects of an Unconventional Oil & Gas project must be effectively coordinated over an extended program to achieve environmental, financial, and quality optimization. This requires a high degree of management expertise in planning and execution, coordination and control of simultaneous activities, component standardization, volume purchasing and waste reduction. We provide front end capability in transport logistics and waste management that are critical enablers of successful projects. The safe and organized movement of water remains a key driver, and waste management is a crucial component of any well planned program. WorleyParsons’ ability to optimize solutions across multiple well sites enables our customers to enhance efficiency.

Total Water Management Environmentally compliant full lifecycle water management is a critical component to the success of any unconventional oil or gas project. WorleyParsons’ capabilities in industrial water management are substantial and comprehensive. Water management needs to be planned in the early stages of a project and optimized to develop an overarching infrastructure build-out strategy which ultimately results in the most cost effective and technically appropriate outcomes for our customers. The WorleyParsons team brings a strategic shift in thinking towards complete and integrated water management solutions.

Geomatics Specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) analysis, spatial data management, automated alignment sheet generation, 3D visualization and remote sensing applications, WorleyParsons is on the leading edge of the data-centric application of geomatics to pipeline/gathering and other linear engineering and environmental projects. Our Geomatics team provides support to projects and assets requiring inception to close out data management, ensuring that data has integrity, security, and an effective change management process. As subject matter experts in the geomatics industry, WorleyParsons can offer the full suite of services, from simple base mapping to enterprise-wide data management solutions.

Power Reliable electrical supply is essential to all types of infrastructure projects. Our power expertise is seamlessly integrated into unconventional oil and gas projects requiring dependable power solutions, including those located in remote locations and harsh environments. In addition to power generation and transmission projects, we employ the power group for support in projects for water and wastewater treatment, transportation, and oil production and distribution.

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Pipeline & Gathering Systems Pipeline and gathering systems for transportation of hydrocarbons and water is a particular strength of WorleyParsons. In unconventional oil and gas, our expertise in field facilities includes wellsites, gathering lines, field compression, and dehydration. We work with customers to optimize field activities so that well tie-ins are completed as soon as drilling and completions are finished, thus maximizing gas recovery and profitability. We employ standardization and smart customization for wellsite and field facility packages, and have over 30 years of experience in delivering pipeline and field facilities to the industry, including field facility projects. WorleyParsons has contributed to over 100,000 km of pipelines along with associated facilities and terminals.

Production Processing Our considerable expertise in gas processing and oil refining is integrated within the unconventional oil and gas project teams. We have designed and constructed over 400 gas processing plants worldwide that correspond to a total capacity of over 250 billion SCFD. Unique problems of remote locations, hostile environments, extremely sour gas streams, and very high injection pressures have all been addressed in our experience portfolio and our process design engineers are custodians to these process design activities.

Modularization WorleyParsons is a world leader in the design of modular industrial facilities. Our modular experience encompasses some of the worlds most hostile and remote locations. We solve the unique challenges associated with our customers’ unconventional oil and gas projects and optimize module size and density by combining our design capability with our Very Large Module (VLM) expertise. This approach results in smaller, more economical module footprints and increased logistics benefits. WorleyParsons also combines its proven EPCM track record with our specialist in-house skills to provide customers with cost effective, innovative modular solutions.

Procurement WorleyParsons routinely procures equipment and material from around the globe providing world class capability and systems. Combining our customer’s overall capital spending into one well planned and executed process results in both material and overhead cost savings. Our global procurement capabilities includes high-value purchasing from offshore suppliers, bulk purchases resulting in volume discounts, logistics and warehousing, coordinated inspection to ensure quality satisfaction and timely delivery, and a streamlined contractor management process. Unconventional Oil & Gas Capability & Experience | 7

Select Unconventional Oil & Gas WorleyParsons provides customers with optimal solutions that consider the full spectrum of project constraints and opportunities across the development lifecycle.


geomatics specialists

EcoNomicsTM assessments completed on


projects worldwide


groundwater projects worldwide

WorleyParsons provides comprehensive front-end analysis of unconventional oil and gas projects by merging the expertise from our Hydrocarbons and Infrastructure & Environment sector specialists and engineers. This integrated team will critically assess the project, address respective opportunities and constraints, and provide an initial conceptual scope for project execution. Recognizing the significance of non-technical risk considerations to development success, we perform early project risk assessments to identify priority areas, define scope and achieve alignment, ensuring integration of these considerations into concept development. Critically, the concept must be able to operate safely, simply and sustainably, over a wide range of operating variables. The need for strategic planning and logistics is greatly multiplied when producing unconventional oil & gas due to the increase in required wells, the variability among the well streams and sales streams, environmental concerns, and the number of simultaneous activities for wells, gathering systems, and process systems. WorleyParsons combines our unique experience and strategic relationships in power, infrastructure, water, and hydrocarbons to coordinate these added complexities. Concepts will be developed and assessed by our EcoNomics™ trained project team that designs to minimize non-technical risk and enhance business, environmental and social sustainability performance from the outset. These teams work with our customers’ social license in mind, and are supported by WorleyParsons’ formally embedded systems and procedures, proprietary software, sustainability training, and a global network of leading engineering and technology capabilities.

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Project Australia Pacific LNG Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Customer Origin Project Location Queensland, Australia Phases The Australia Pacific LNG project involves the development of substantial coal seam gas (CSG) resources, has an expected life of at least 30 years and capital costs of A$35 billion through to 2020. It includes numerous wells, 520 kilometers of pipeline, and an LNG facility to be built on Curtis Island. WorleyParsons was commissioned to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It introduced the first basin-wide assessment of potential cumulative impacts to groundwater, and provided a comprehensive assessment of all credible CSG water use options, based on the proprietary EcoNomicsTM modeling tool. The EIS was delivered on time (<10 months), within agreed budget, with positive feedback from regulators, and no requirement to submit a formal Supplementary EIS.

Project BP Oman Khazzan Customer BP Project Location Oman Phases BP engaged WorleyParsons to conduct the conceptual engineering, pre-FEED and FEED for the KhazzanMakarem Gas Field Development, a tight gas field in Oman. A range of development options were evaluated for this US $5 billion capital investment and the preferred option was further engineered to provide a solid foundation for the FEED. The development will produce gas and condensate which will be processed to deliver 1,200 MMscfd of sales gas added to associated condensate. The field will include 300-400 well pads, a 500 km gathering system, a 1.2 bcfd gas processing plant, and export tie-in lines. WorleyParsons will utilize its expertise in other industry sectors to deliver all infrastructure needs, such as power, telecommunications, roads, and water and wastewater facilities to support each project phase.

Project Arrow LNG Plant Project Customer Arrow Energy (Shell / CNPC Joint Venture) Project Location Queensland, Australia Phases Arrow Energy has undertaken a CSG to LNG project that consists of several integrated projects including 2 x 4.6 mtpa LNG trains, the development of the Surat and Bowen Basin CSG fields, two major pipelines, and power infrastructure. Familiar with the complex and linked effects of technology/ concept selection, project delivery, and social and environmental aspects, WorleyParsons will identify the optimal solution for the development of the Surat Gas Project and provide sufficient analysis to progress through decision-making gates and commence FEED. The studies, due for completion in 2012, will include reviews of the production wellheads, low/medium pressure gathering systems, field and central compression facilities, water management, modularization, project execution strategy and operations.

Project Central European Resource Play Customer Confidential Project Location Central Europe Phases WorleyParsons conducted a confidential study for the exploration, potential appraisal, and development of a shale resource play in Central Europe. The execution of this play will require a low profile installation and the flexibility to accommodate new regulations or changing conditions in the chosen plan. Using a fit-for-purpose country-specific approach, the study incorporates the technical, economic, environmental, water management, and logistical objectives; and various scenarios are being investigated for production rates, numbers of rigs, wells per pad, and fluid transportation options. Focused on sustainability and socio-economic benefits, WorleyParsons is working with local environmental groups to determine restrictions and effects to the community, the country, and the customer from drilling, fracking, and production.

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Deliver Unconventional Oil & Gas WorleyParsons defines and executes the project with a determination to maximize economies of scale by developing solutions that are repeatable, efficient, and sustainable.


gas processing plants


years water & wastewater experience


oilfield waste landfills designed and maintained

High value project delivery expands a well-defined conceptual scope into a complete plan that anticipates infrastructure and field layout requirements and has enough flexibility to react to an active, variable drilling program. Effective management of projects over large geographic spreads requires experience in the evaluation and optimization of assets in order to maintain schedule, meet shorter-term payback targets, and realize longer-term objectives. WorleyParsonsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Full Field Program Management leverages our engineering, procurement, and construction management expertise in the Hydrocarbons and Infrastructure & Environment sectors to achieve these objectives. WorleyParsons employs lean engineering concepts and incorporates repeatable, standardized wellsite and field facility packages at every opportunity. Depending on location, modularization and skid mounting strategies can further improve delivery and timing. Our global procurement capabilities can help maintain project schedule and achieve tangible cost savings. Through our EcoNomicsâ&#x201E;˘ framework, we ensure construction and operations meet stakeholder and regulatory expectations, while planning for resource scarcity over the development lifecycle. The water cycle associated with unconventional extraction presents a unique risk that must be planned for and executed in a flawless, technically appropriate manner. With over eighty-five years of experience in water management, we are equipped to provide solutions to any unconventional oil or gas project. WorleyParsons supports and collaborates with our customers in order to optimize these field activities, ultimately maximizing oil or gas recovery and profitability, while reducing risk. Our inherent dedication to safety and quality ensure our customers receive consistent outcomes on every project.

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Project Piloncillo Ranch Full Field Development Project Customer Shell Project Location Texas, USA Phases WorleyParsons is providing FEED and EPCM services for Shell Western E&P in their 106,000 acre Piloncillo Ranch lease in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas. Shell estimates it will drill approximately 900 individual wells over a 7-10 year period. The present design is for two 75 MMSCFD Central Production Facilities and associated rich gas gathering systems and production pipelines which are expected to total more than 300 miles. WorleyParsons is also providing consulting support for water management plans, including the appropriate strategy for wastewater treatment, fresh water storage and water transportation.

Project Australia Pacific LNG Upstream Phase 1 Development Customer Origin Project Location Queensland, Australia Phases WorleyParsons is completing the FEED and detailed engineering design of the gas processing facilities for the Australia Pacific LNG Project, to supply coal seam gas (CSG) to its LNG facility on Curtis Island. The scope includes seven new gas processing facilities totalling over 1200 TJ/d, based on modularized production trains, with up to 3 trains per plant. The project will be delivered using a modular approach which reduces on site construction and simplifies project implementation, ongoing operation, and train relocation in later life as new CSG fields are developed. This replication strategy is a key driver to reduce overall project duration and cost.

Project Talisman Eagle Ford Shale Field Development Customer Talisman (Talisman/Statoil JV) Project Location Texas, USA Phases Talismanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 160,000 acres in the Eagle Ford is spread over approximately 6 counties and is comprised of hundreds of leases from individual landowners, which can drive development strategy in order to maintain the validity of leases through the expected 7-10 year development period. WorleyParsons is providing engineering and design services, with participation in the tactical and strategic planning and execution of the overall field development program. The tactical program reacts to near-term field exploration and production data gathering, maintenance of leasehold positions, and meeting near term production forecasts while the strategic program results in unique, creative ways to optimize development activities to achieving highest value project delivery.

Project Bakken Oil Shale Field Development Customer Confidential Project Location North Dakota, USA Phases This customer intends to aggressively develop the Bakkan oil field, with a program that anticipates the drilling of one well every other day for the next year. To support this program, WorleyParsons has designed a Single Well Facility Kit, which enables the operator to separate and store the oil and water production from a well until pipeline infrastructure can be built for efficient takeaway. Modular design and constructability are key elements of the Single Well Facility Kit, as components are disassembled and moved to the next single well to be drilled, once pipeline capacity is secured. Field innovation such as this is an excellent example of forward-looking design flexibility that is required in a shale project to support an active drilling program.

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Project Queensland Curtis LNG Customer BG Group Project Location Queensland, Australia Phases This large coal bed methane project is estimated to require the drilling and completion of 6,000 individual gas wells over the field life. WorleyParsons scope covers EPCM for the upstream facilities including; wellhead facilities, gas and water gathering systems, electrical power distribution, trunk lines, field compression stations, central processing plants and associated infrastructure facilities. In addition to project management and engineering the scope of services includes management of health, safety, security and the environment; project services; construction management; commissioning support; QA/QC services; procurement; logistics and supply strategy; and materials management. Detailed design is scheduled for completion mid-year 2012 and Construction and commissioning support will be provided through 2014. The project is characterized by key schedule targets, logistical challenges in providing services across a large geographical area, and maintaining a zero lost time record throughout all activities. Additionally, the project uses the full suite of WorleyParsonsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; systems and tools, including the latest 3D and procurement / materials software for the design and materials management. Workshare offices were established within both Melbourne, Australia offices and the Beijing, China High Value Engineering center to provide added value and schedule assurance to the project.

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Improve Unconventional Oil & Gas Improve is WorleyParsons’ core business stream that supports brownfield operations. It is focused on improving our customers’ business outcomes.


optimization and de-bottlenecking studies performed annually


kms of onshore pipelines

WorleyParsons’ Improve offering is designed to meet the needs of operational sites. It includes delivery of capital projects of all sizes, upgrades, de-bottlenecking and maintenance projects, portfolio management, and support services to sustain assets and improve the overall performance associated with those assets. Improve draws upon WorleyParsons’ deep experience in asset and integrity management, including operations and maintenance solutions and support, and our keen understanding of logistics—all coordinated in our Full Field Program Management approach. In the Unconventional Oil & Gas sector this approach harnesses core competencies in hydrocarbons gathering and treatment, including long term process optimization; water and wastewater operations and management; pipelines and integrity solutions; power generation and distribution in support of field electrification; and sustainable health, safety, and environmental strategies in an environment with simultaneous operations of drilling, construction, and production. Using the knowledge accumulated from over 230 international alliances and longterm contracts, WorleyParsons has developed a culture and a suite of unique tools, systems and delivery methodologies that incorporate industry best practices that drive innovation, efficiency, and performance. These services are delivered using local teams, most often through an alliance or partnering arrangement that is underpinned by our performance-based, relationship contracting model. This engagement both generates and facilitates trust and transparency, and allows for alignment with our customers’ requirements and drivers. Local delivery is supported by both regional and global resources. When combined with our strong, industry-specific knowledge and long track record of brownfield successes, this approach allows WorleyParsons to deliver a high level of value-add to our customers and their assets.

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Project Talisman Energy - Prime Relationship Customer Talisman Energy Inc. Project Location Canada Phases Since 1991, Talisman Energy Inc., through the Talisman Prime Relationship, has continuously engaged WorleyParsons to provide engineering, procurement, and construction management services for its oil and gas assets in western Canada. The work completed over the years has included well tie-ins, major sour mountain pipelines, compression additions, plant modifications, plant upgrades, grassroot facility installations, proactive and reactive operations support, and complete drawing management. Cost-effective implementation of capital projects is a key component for Talisman in reaching their return-on-investment goals.

Project Cushing Terminals Customer Centurion Pipeline Project Location Cushing, Oklahoma Phases WorleyParsons was contracted to perform three studies including hydraulic and process studies for different operating conditions, develop and evaluate options for reversing the flow direction and develop and evaluate options for the installation of a crude oil terminal at Cushing and interconnecting pipelines. WorleyParsons’ scope included project management, cost control, planning and scheduling, document control, detailed engineering, environmental permitting support, procurement support, and construction management support. The project was completed with cost and schedule savings while achieving Zero Lost Time Injury performance.

Project Spring Gully Phase 6 Customer Origin Project Location Queensland, Australia Phases Origin has been producing coal seam gas from the Spring Gully Field in the Surat Basin for many years. The three existing gas processing facilities had been operational requiring design remediation. In addition, overall processing capacity needed to be increased to a total to 200 TJ/d. WorleyParsons’ workscope for improving, optimizing, and expanding Origin’s existing assets included review of existing facilities, FEED and detailed design for new facilities, as well as tie-in additions to accommodate an alternate gas export pipeline.

Project Muja Power Station Water Treatment Plant Customer Western Power Corporation Project Location Western Australia Phases As a result of restrictions on the quality of water disposal within the Collie Basin, Western Power Corporation committed to construction of a zero discharge waste water treatment plant at its Muja Power Station. WorleyParsons, who operated and maintained the existing waste water treatment plant, was engaged to design, manufacture, supply and install the zero discharge system. The project scope of the project included civil work, buildings, the process plant and electrical supply and controls. In addition to bringing this system into compliance, WorleyParsons provided technical assistance, which led to over 30 plant improvements (of which approximately half are safety related) and significant operating cost reductions.

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Integrated Capabilities Result in Optimal Outcomes Delivery Strategic contracting

Non-standard equipment

Focus on quality

• Permitting cycles

Fit-for-purpose engineering

Delivery cycles

Repeatable fabrication and designs

• Decision “gate keepers”


• Effective logistical planning •

Errors in design, fabrication, and construction

Strategic procurement

On time delivery

Ineffective work processes and interfaces

• Risk management

Harm to the environment

Agile & focused teams

Regulatory recycle

Social license


Schedule management • Sustainable development

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Design iterations

Hydrocarbons Capability WorleyParsons’ Unconventional Oil & Gas capability is complemented by the following Hydrocarbons sub-sectors. Arctic WorleyParsons and INTECSEA are world leaders in design and construction of oil and gas production facilities located in remote, hostile environments. Innovative solutions are required to solve unique challenges associated with projects, above and below the ice. Gas Processing WorleyParsons has designed and built more than 400 gas processing plants around the world. Locations have ranged from deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of South-east Asia to the Arctic regions of Canada. Heavy Oil and Oil Sands As the world’s oil resource is getting heavier, producers worldwide must find production solutions for heavy oil and in-situ bitumen production. WorleyParsons is a leader in this area with nearly 40 years of experience. INTECSEA INTECSEA is a global company within the WorleyParsons Group and combines all the group’s capabilities for offshore pipelines , subsea production, marine production risers and floating production systems (including all types of deepwater hulls, tendon and mooring systems). LNG WorleyParsons’ track record in LNG/FLNG production and LNG regas extends from opportunity evaluation studies and concept/technology selection, through Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), and detailed engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) for both greenfield and brownfield LNG developments. Onshore Production and Enhanced Oil Recovery With much of the world’s easy to produce oil already recovered, WorleyParsons increasingly assists customers on projects employing a range of secondary and tertiary Enhanced Recovery (ER) techniques.

Pipeline Systems WorleyParsons’ dedicated Pipeline Systems group operates from centres of expertise in onshore and conventional offshore pipelines, pump and compressor stations, storage systems, land and marine terminal facilities, and metering custody transfer facilities stations, geomatics, integrity management planning and implementation, leak detection, complex hydraulic modeling, multiphase flow assurance, and SCADA and telecommunications systems. Offshore Topsides WorleyParsons offers customers a full service solution in a range of speciality areas, including subsea production, offshore pipelines, marine production risers, full insurance and floating production systems including all types of deepwater hulls, tendon and mooring systems. Petrochemicals With expertise gained over 600 project in over 30 countries, our experience covers the manufacture or processing of over 65 types of chemicals and petrochemicals (from Acetic acid to Xylene crystallization). Refining With over 55 years of experience we have completed 23 grassroots refineries including supporting utility systems, product terminals and offsite facilities ranging in capacity form 5,600 bpd to 272,000 bpd. Sulphur Technology Our sulphur recovery units account for approximately 60 percent of the world’s production of recovered sulphur. These facilities include the world’s largest single-train units and apply processes developed and patented by WorleyParsons.

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Integrated Capabilities Many of our customers’ projects benefit from access to WorleyParsons’ specialist expertise in other sectors. Our capability and experience in the following areas are leveraged and incorporated into our Unconventional Oil & Gas services. Infrastructure & Environment This sector provides complete solutions for the transportation, coastal & marine, water & wastewater, resources & energy, municipal and urban infrastructure sectors. The subsectors that provide our Unconventional Oil & Gas customers with front end project development support and asset management capability include: ►►Industrial Master Planning

►►Transport Logistics

►►Geotechnical Investigations

►►Port and Marine Terminals

►►Environmental Studies

►►Industrial Waste Management and Water

►►Regulatory Permitting

Sourcing Transmission and Treatment

►►Community Consultation


Power This sector specializes in sustainable power and energy through engineering, design , procurement and construction management of clean coal, oil and gas power generation; combined heat and power, and waste heat generation; gas turbine generation using natural gas, syngas and high hydrogen fuels; transmission networks, and substations; and retrofit project solutions from pre-feasibility to asset operation and maintenance. Subsectors of interest to Unconventional Oil & Gas customers include: ►►Gas Turbine Based Plants

►►Air Quality Control

►► Combined Heat and Power


►►Waste Heat Power and Stream

►►Water & Wastewater

Generation ►►Power Networks

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►►Carbon Capture, Transport, and


Our Vision

WorleyParsons will be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational support services to our customers, using the distinctive WorleyParsons’ culture to create value for them and prosperity for our people. Leadership


• Committed, empowered and rewarded people • EcoNomics™ – Delivering profitable sustainability • Integrity in all aspects of business • Energy and excitement • Minimum bureaucracy

• Smallest assignment to world-scale developments • Local capability with global leverage • Responsive to customer preferences • Optimum solutions customized to needs



• Rapport with all stakeholders • Open and respectful • Collaborative approach to business

• Zero harm • Results for our customers and employees • Creating wealth for our shareholders • World-class resources, capability, and experience

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Hydrocarbons Unconventional Oil and Gas capability and experience brochure | WorleyParsons  

We leverage our global capabilities and experience to help customers develop unconventional resource assets quickly, efficiently, sustainabl...

Hydrocarbons Unconventional Oil and Gas capability and experience brochure | WorleyParsons  

We leverage our global capabilities and experience to help customers develop unconventional resource assets quickly, efficiently, sustainabl...