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Corporate Overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets. Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long-term relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.

EcoNomics™ is our range of services and technologies that profitably embed environmental, social and financial sustainability into project delivery, across the asset lifecycle. It is a seamless extension of our established project delivery capability in the key areas of assessment, efficiency, and treatment & mitigation. We are committed to working with our customers to turn their sustainability objectives into good business practice.

Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety & the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision; it applies to all of our operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviors with those required to achieve our vision through a dedication to continuous improvement. The launch of our integrity management framework, OneWay™, enables us to further align and consolidate our global systems and procedures and continue to work with our personnel to reinforce a culture that underpins our drive to achieve our corporate differentiator of industry leadership in HSE performance.

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Sulphur Technology WorleyParsons provides the best value, technically robust and proven sulphur plants for all sulphur recovery efficiencies and capacity ranges.

Monrovia (USA),

London (UK)

global sulphur technology centres of excellence

600+ sulphur plants designed

WorleyParsons provides solutions to sulphur related issues in all industries and for all problems including environmental protection, sulphur removal, smelter off gas cleanin, sulphuric acid production, and safe sulphur handling and storage. Sulphur related design and technology have long been core services in which WorleyParsons is recognized as a world leader for large and small projects. Our expertise has been built up over many years providing a unique total sulphur management capability. WorleyParsons understands what it takes to create and implement a successful development and our team of global sulphur specialists provide quality expertise in technology selection, design, integration, operations and support. Acid Gas Removal Technology


BASF - Acid Gas Removal

Bulk removal of C02 and H2S from Natural Gas

Flexsorb® - Acid Gas Removal

Selective Removal of H2S from Natural Gas

Flexsorb® - Acid Gas Enrichment

Concentration of Lean Acid Gas Streams

Sulphur Recovery Technology


Modified Claus

Sulphur Recovery from Acid Gas


Sulphur Recovery from Lean Acid Gas

ER Claus

Sulphur Recovery from Acid Gas (sub dew point)


Sulphur Recovery from Acid Gas (sub dew point)


Sulphur Recovery from S02 Stream

Ammonia Destruction

Destruction of NH3 from SWS feed

Sulphur Degassing

Removal of H2S from Sulphur

SURE™ Single / Double Combustion

O2 Enriched Claus

Tail Gas Technology


BSR (Beavon Sulphur Recovery)

Hydrogeneration of S02 in Tail gas

MDEA Tail Gas Treating

Tail Gas H2S Absorption and Recycle

Flexsorb® Tail Gas Treating

Tail Gas H2S Absorption and Recycle

WorleyParsons Project Phases

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Capability Overview Sulphur Recovery Technology WorleyParsons is a world leader in sulphur recovery technology with a track record of over 60 years. Our leading edge Claus and Tail Gas Treatment technologies have been used globally to treat natural gas and refinery gases and to meet the most stringent of environmental requirements.

Large & Small Sulphur Recovery Plants We have designed the majority of the largest sulphur removal units in the world. The world’s largest operating sulphur plant was designed by WorleyParsons and has a capacity of 2,450 tonnes/day. Furthermore, our designs are implemented all the way down to plants to less than 1tonne/day - and both ends of the scale have their own specific design challenges.

Oxygen Enriched Sulphur Recovery This technology was pioneered by WorleyParsons and our partner Linde. As the leading provider of this technology we can provide cost effective debottlenecking of sulphur plants and the reduction of capital cost for new builds.

Lean Acid Gas Treatment WorleyParsons’ technology is able to directly handle sour gases with H2S concentrations as low as 1% and up to 20% using our proprietary Selectox Catalytic Process. Furthermore, we have wide experience of designing Acid Gas Enrichment (AGE) plants using highly selective Flexsorb® solvents to boost H2S concentrations before feeding to a sulphur removal plant.

Tail Gas Treating Units Use of WorleyParsons’ BSR / Amine tail gas treating technology will boost the sulphur recovery of the SRU to over 99.9% through the recycle of H2S. The design of the tail gas treatment is fully integrated with the Claus plant and use of selective solvents, such as Flexsorb®, in the TGTU to minimize capital and operating costs.

Sub-Dew Point (SDP) Processes SDP processes allow high levels of sulphur recovery at minimum capital cost. WorleyParsons offers its ER Claus™ Process to achieve up to 98.5% recovery and jointly offers SmartSulf™ technology with our partner ITS Reaktortechnik to achieve up to 99.7% recovery without the need to install a tail gas treatment unit.

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SO2 Reduction RSR® Process

RSR® is a new process developed and patented by WorleyParsons. This process treats off-gas containing SO2 from ore roasters, smelters and coal fired power plants and produces elemental sulphur. The process is characterized by low fuel consumption, high recovery rates and a high quality sulphur product.

Sulphur Bulk Handling & Transportation WorleyParsons utilizes a range of technologies to model, design and optimize sulphur handling systems. The facilities designed by the specialist team include conveying systems, terminal operation and materials handling facilities which take site specific environmental and economic criteria into account.

Operational Support and Troubleshooting WorleyParsons routinely provides assistance to customers during plant start-up and commissioning. We also have long-term relationships with many of our customers and we are able to provide ongoing assistance in the resolution of operating problems and ensure continued excellence in operation and continuous improvement.

Gas Processing and Sour Gas Treating WorleyParsons is a world leader in the design of gas processing facilities. We have successfully designed plants for operation in harsh environments and have processed extremely sour gases using our expertise which has been built over more than 60 years and incorporates more than 50 BSCFD of designed capacity.

Acid & Sour Gas Reinjection Acid and sour gas reinjection technology can be a cost effective alternative to sulphur recovery in remote locations or where enhanced oil recovery is possible. WorleyParsons has unrivalled experience of re-injection at pressures up to 820 barg, bringing together the required specialist input from within our engineering department and from external equipment suppliers.

Sulphuric Acid We are able to offer a truly independent view of sulphuric acid technology based on the experience of the Ralph M Parsons Company (a heritage founding company of WorleyParsons) which designed and built sulphuric acid plants. We can now work solely on our customers’ behalf to provide independent evaluation of options and the development of cost effective solutions. Sulphur Technology Capability & Experience | 7

Select Sulphur Technology The selection of a robust and cost effective sulphur technology concept is critical to the financial success of a project.


offices to access Sulphur Technology expertise

Identify Phase Initial development of the project requirements can be rapidly assessed by our team of experts and consultants. This phase provides direction at a high level to identify technically feasible solutions that can be integrated into the overall project. This includes recovery and emissions requirements, capacity limitation, plot space as well as power and control integration. The assessment is made to provide adequate technical input, cost, scheduling and execution planning to enable evaluation of options. Evaluate Phase A more encompassing review is required using our Select tools and team of consultants. This development of each project seeks to maximize value and deal with the complexities relating to sulphur and its removal and disposal, including integration into customer facilities.

using our EcoNomics™ delta tool a full picture of commercial drivers and project sensitivities are obtained

EcoNomics™ is used to further project developent, which assists our customers in adopting a broader view of the impacts of their operations, and incorporates financial, social and environmental risk into their project decisions to deliver optimized and profitable solutions. EcoNomics™ provides a detailed sensitivity analysis of project factors and helps to determine and optimize the main cost drivers. This initiative delivers projects that are future-proofed with improved risk management for our customers. On completion of the Select phase a single process scheme will be recommended and presented, complete with detailed cost and schedule justification, for the phase gate approval.

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Project Hannibal Sour Gas Project Customer BG Tunisia Project Location Sfax, Tunisia Phases The Miskar gas field is located offshore Tunisia and is processed at the Hannibal sour gas plant, Tunisia. Six additional infill wells are being drilled to extend the Miskar field production plateau, resulting in an increased duty on the gas plant’s processing equipment, primarily the Acid Gas Removal (AGR) and the sulphur recovery. Initial studies were undertaken to de-bottleneck or replace the existing facilities in order to process the increased quantity of H2S and convert it to a saleable by-product. The studies concluded the following stages of revamp requirements: upgrade of amine contactor columns internals, replacement of the amine stripper columns, additional inlet gas filter coalescer, new hot oil indirect amine re-boil system and new sulphuric acid plant and export facilities.

Project Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT) Customer BP Project Location United Kingdom Phases The Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT), located in the Shetland Islands, UK, has existing H2S removal facilities to treat the associated gas from the West of Shetland offshore platforms before being exported to Magnus for EOR. The gas from these WOS platforms is steadily increasing in H2S concentration and modifications to the facilities were required to be studied before upgrading. The technical solutions and EcoNomics of replacing or upgrading existing non-regenerable Puraspec units were studied in detail and it was concluded that the best value solution was to upgrade with an Ultra High Pressure (180 barg) Amine Removal Unit followed by TEG dehydration and Acid Gas disposed of via incineration of H2S to SO2 followed by sea water scrubbing of the SO2.

Project Smelter Flue Management Study Customer Vale Inco Copper Cliff Project Location Canada Phases WorleyParsons worked closely with Vale Inco to define existing gas conditions throughout the converter, MPV, and anode furnace ESP systems and to develop options to improve emissions capture, reduce air infiltration, prevent acid condensation and corrosion, and reduce stack reheat burner fuel consumption. WorleyParsons also performed a benchmarking study with Vale Inco that evaluated SO2 removal technologies used at various smelters around the world including scrubbing, acid plants and liquid SO2 plants.

Project Low-BTU Gas Utilization Study Customer Saudi Aramco Project Location Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phases WorleyParsons investigated options for producing power and desalinated water, using 900 MMSCFD of low-BTU, sour, non-associated gas, in order to meet increasing domestic energy demands and environmental regulations. The study specifically looked at post-combustion treatment options, whereby the sour gas would be burned directly, without sweetening, and the resulting sulphur dioxide recovered from the flue gas. The first study was a combined cycle configuration, in which the feed gas is burned in a gas turbine, and then the hot exhaust gas is used to generate high-pressure steam to generate power. The second was a utility boiler configuration, in which the feed gas is burned in a traditional utility-type boiler to produce high pressure steam to generate power.

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Deliver Sulphur Technology The core definition of our Technology is detailed in the Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP), but it does not stop there; the commitment and support to the Licence is maintained through the plant life cycle. Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) This core sector of WorleyParsons services is where the Technology Licence will be first implemented, in the form of a Basic Engineering Design Package. Process and Engineering design parameters are defined inclusive of process flow diagrams, heat and material balances, data sheets and P&IDs. WorleyParsons provides process guarantees as part of the Licensing Agreement as well as an engineering warranty for its services. Our Technology License provides our clients with rights to: • Design and construct the using knowhow or technology • Operate the plant using the patented technology • Use proprietary equipment and chemicals • Indemnification against infringement of third party technology patents • Access to future improvements to the technology • Process Performance Guarantees of the patented technology FEED Phase The implementation of our technology as defined in the BEDP into a FEED package is undertaken with review and approval from WorleyParsons for critical items such as P&ID HAZOPs. WorleyParsons is a top tier global engineering contractor and is able to complete the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) definition of the Process Technology providing the assurance that the Technology requirements are embedded, scheduled and budgeted. This will include the definition of items such as utilities, start-up provisions and detailed maintenance and access requirements. Execute Phase Our expertise and technology implementation is provided from the initial stages of concept through to the start-up of the plant; this means that our engineering experts will check all the critical design requirements of the plant through the FEED and EPC phases of the project. Furthermore, WorleyParsons’ capabilities extend to the provision of Sulphur Plant modular supply or the provision of full EPC services for all our Sulphur Plant Technology.

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Project Habshan 2 Customer Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) Project Location UAE Phases WorleyParsons worked closely with GASCO to develop the optimum processing scheme before producing the basic engineering design package for the sulphur recovery and acid gas treating units at Habshan. A comprehensive understanding of the technologies available for sulphur removal enabled WorleyParsons to select solutions that delivers the best operational and economic outcome for the project. In this case the project selected the highly selective Flexsorb® (EMRE) solvent, which minimized both equipment sizing and energy use. The Habshan facility comprises four trains producing a total of 5,200 tonnes of sulphur per day, making this the largest sulphur recovery plant designed by WorleyParsons.

Project Sub Dew Point Sulphur Recovery Units Customer Pemex Project Location Salamanca Refinery, Mexico Phases WorleyParsons provided a Basic Engineering Design Package for two new 80 ton/day Sub Dew Point (SDP) sulphur recovery units with a minimum sulphur recovery of 99.2%. The units can process both amine acid gas and sour water stripper acid gas. The process utilizes a combination of three specialized technologies. WorleyParsons’ ammonia burning, two-zone, Claus reaction furnace ensures the complete destruction of ammonia and hydrocarbon contaminants, Smartsulf™ sub dew point Claus catalytic reactors contain internal, thermo plate type, heat exchangers which keep the operating temperature for each reactor at its optimum and finally, D’GAASS™ sulphur degassing technology is used to reduce the concentration of H2S dissolved in the liquid sulphur product to less than 10 ppmw.

Project Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Units Customer Chevron Project Location El Segundo, California, USA Phases In order to accommodate increased refinery throughput, the Chevron El Segundo refinery required a new sour water stripper, sulphur recovery unit and tail gas unit (TGU). WorleyParsons provided the process and detailed mechanical design to minimize SO2 emissions, and maximize COS conversion in the TGU catalytic reactor, in order to meet the tightest emission limit of SO2 in the world. Since the invention of the hydrogenation amine TGU by the Ralph M. Parsons Company, circa 1970, the WorleyParsons tail gas reactor trains incorporate leading technology to maximize COS conversion. By enhancing an already robust design, WorleyParsons ensured compliance with the emissions specification for a five year continuous run.

Project SO2 Utilization Project Customer Norilsk Nickel Project Location Norilsk, Russia Phases Norilsk Nickel’s copper smelters (amongst the largest in the world) generate over 4,000 tonnes/day of sulphur dioxide of which a substantial portion is routinely emitted to the atmosphere. New solutions were needed to meet stringent emission standards, yet were difficult to achieve given the large equipment scale and indoor space constraints, typical of Arctic locations. WorleyParsons was contracted to perform a study aimed at identifying a commercially attractive means of drastically reducing SO2 emissions. Research and innovation required to meet the unique process challenges culminated in the patented SO2 Reduction (RSR®) process. The RSR® process economically converts SO2 to a saleable elemental sulphur product.

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Project Second Generation and Sour Gas Injection Projects Customer Tengizchevroil Project Location Kazakhstan Phases The objective of the Second Generation Project incorporating the Sour Gas Injection Project is to expand oil and gas handling facilities located on the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan from 12 to 22 MM tonnes/year. In conjunction with our joint venture partners, the WorleyParsons process design work has included the detailing of facilities for oil and gas separation, oil stabilization, gas treating/ conditioning/polishing, sour gas injection, LPG recovery and polishing, sulphur recovery and tail gas treating and acid gas injection. The sulphur recovery plant capacity is 2,450 tonnes/day with a recovery efficiency of 99.9%. At this capacity it is one of the largest single train plants in the world and incorporates the EMRE Flexsorb速 selective H2S absorption in the tail gas treating section.

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Improve Sulphur Technology WorleyParsons’ technology is supported from the commencement of BEDP through review and input to the detailed design and continues through plant start-up, testing and operational life.


Once the plant is mechanically complete, WorleyParsons’ commitment to the licence plant continues with the provision of start-up and performance testing, training, operations support, and updates with change in design basis. WorleyParsons is able to rapidly respond to requests for assistance ensuring issues are corrected quickly with minimal loss of operating time or efficiency.


Training WorleyParsons’ sulphur teams include operations experts who are able to run training sessions directly with panel operators and other operational staff. These programs provide an opportunity to directly understand and discuss some of the operational requirements that help ensure long and successful plant operations and provide the benefits of long experiences in plant operation.

of acid gas removal designs

years in operational support

Start-ups and Performance Testing Fast and consistent start-up can be ensured with the support of the WorleyParsons’ Sulphur team, along with a definitive performance test. Other support and advice is available for items such as catalyst loading and change out, amine condition, temperature monitoring and H2S monitoring. Trouble Shooting Ongoing support and advice is provided by WorleyParsons’ experts, either via communication with either of our centers of excellence or by direct visits to the plant for a full assessment and personal service.

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Project API Sulphur Recovery Unit Customer API Energia Project Location Italy Phases Applying the WorleyParsons/BOC SURE™ technology and WorleyParsons’ BSR tail gas treating technology, this project provided an innovative solution which met all the customers’ needs. This design incorporates two SURE™ oxygen enriched Sulphur Recovery Units using the proprietary BOC burner design and a single train tail gas treating unit using WorleyParsons’ Beavon Sulphur Removal hydrogenation process. The units are installed at API’s Falconara site and were part of the IGCC project which included a heavy oil gasification plant. The use of oxygen enriched technology allowed integration with the IGCC design and provided a minimum capital cost solution to sulphur removal.

Project SRU Oxygen Enrichment Customer Lyondell Houston Refinery Project Location Houston, Texas, USA Phases WorleyParsons developed a basic engineering design package to modify two existing sulphur recovery units with SURE™ Single Combustion oxygen enrichment technology. The SURE™ Single Combustion process is an enhancement to the conventional Claus process that allows a significant increase in processing capacity with medium-level oxygen enrichment. In this case, the capacity of each train was increased from 267 long tonnes/day to 411 long tonnes/day (54% increase) with a minimum of revamp to the plant required. WorleyParsons provided a significant amount of site support to the project due to the brownfield nature of the project and our operating experience using oxygen.

Project Citgo West Plant Clean Fuels SRU Upgrade Project Customer CITGO Project Location Corpus Christi, Texas, USA Phases The Corpus Christi Plant had a requirement to increase the capacity of its existing West Plant SRU from 55 long tonnes/day to 110 long tonnes/day (100% increase), which was achieved by employing the SURE™ Double Combustion process. WorleyParsons’ scope of work was for complete engineering, procurement and construction. This basically involved replacing the existing burner, process cooler, reaction furnace and associated controls.

Project Gas Terminal and Sulphur Recovery Customer BHP Billiton Project Location North Wales, UK Phases WorleyParsons designed a 308 MMSCF/D Gas Terminal for Hamilton Oil (now BHP Billiton) in the mid 1990’s. The terminal incorporates two, 154 MMSCF/D gas sweetening units that provide a dilute acid feed gas for a single 20 tonnes/day SRU and TGTU train. WorleyParsons operations engineers provided training for the plant operators and assistance to BHP Billiton during start up and commissioning. WorleyParsons’ engineers have continued to provide operational and engineering support to the terminals owner to the present day including troubleshooting assistance and specific support in maintaining efficient and cost effective operation.

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Hydrocarbons Capability WorleyParsons’ Sulphur Technology capability is complemented by the following Hydrocarbons sub-sectors. Arctic and Cold Climate WorleyParsons and INTECSEA are world leaders in design and construction of oil and gas production facilities located in remote, hostile environments. Innovative solutions are required to solve unique challenges associated with projects, above and below the ice. Gas Processing WorleyParsons has designed and built more than 400 gas processing plants around the world. Locations have ranged from deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of South-east Asia to the Arctic regions of Canada.

Onshore Developments With much of the world’s easy to produce oil already recovered, WorleyParsons increasingly assists customers on projects employing a range of secondary and tertiary Enhanced Recovery (ER) techniques. Pipeline Systems WorleyParsons’ dedicated Pipeline and Terminals group operates from centres of expertise in onshore pipelines, compressor and metering stations, Geomatics and SCADA systems.

Floating Production Systems From our extensive experience with 100+ floating production systems projects including , FSOs , FPSOs, TLPs, SPARs, Semi-submersibles, floating LNG Re-gas and floating LNG production we can offer our customers a truly concept neutral approach within the early selection phase.

Offshore Topsides WorleyParsons has designed offshore topsides ranging from less than 100 tonnes to large integrated topsides with float-over weights exceeding 35,000 tonnes. Our Floating Structures experience (Semi’s, Spars, TLPs, FPSOs and more recently FLNG systems) includes topside tonnages in excess of 50,000 tonnes per facility.

Heavy Oil and Oil Sands As the world’s oil resource is getting heavier, producers worldwide must find production solutions for heavy oil and in-situ bitumen production. WorleyParsons is a leader in this area with nearly 40 years of experience.

Petrochemicals With expertise gained over 600 projects in over 30 countries, our experience covers the manufacture or processing of over 65 types of chemicals and petrochemicals (from Acetic acid to Xylene crystallization).

INTECSEA INTECSEA is a global company within the WorleyParsons Group and combines all the group’s capabilities for offshore pipelines, subsea production, marine production risers and floating production systems (including all types of deepwater hulls, tendon and mooring systems).

Refining With over 55 years of experience we have completed 29 grassroots refineries including supporting utility systems, product terminals and offsite facilities ranging in capacity form 5,600 bpd to 272,000 bpd.

LNG WorleyParsons’ track record in LNG / FLNG production and LNG regas extends from opportunity evaluation studies and concept/technology selection, through front end engineering design (FEED), and detailed engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) for both greenfield and brownfield LNG developments.

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Unconventional Oil & Gas Using standardized modular designs known as “field in a box” , WorleyParsons’ is developing solutions to the unique logistical challenges associated with Tight Gas, Shale Gas and Coal Seam Methane projects across the globe.

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Overall Capability WorleyParsons Hydrocarbons capability is complemented by the following customer sector groups. Infrastructure & Environment Complete solutions for the transportation, coastal & marine, water & wastewater, resources & energy, municipal and urban infrastructure sectors..

Power Renewable energy, clean coal, nuclear and natural gas generation, transmission networks and retrofit project solutions from pre-feasibility to asset operation and maintenance.

Minerals & Metals Delivering comprehensive “mine to markets� projects and solutions in base metals, alumina, aluminium, coal, iron ore, steel and chemicals across the world.

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Our Vision

WorleyParsons will be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational support services to our customers, using the distinctive WorleyParsons’ culture to create value for them and prosperity for our people. Leadership


• Committed, empowered and rewarded people • EcoNomics™ – Delivering profitable sustainability • Integrity in all aspects of business • Energy and excitement • Minimum bureaucracy

• Smallest assignment to world-scale developments • Local capability with global leverage • Responsive to customer preferences • Optimum solutions customized to needs



• Rapport with all stakeholders • Open and respectful • Collaborative approach to business

• Zero harm • Results for our customers and employees • Creating wealth for our shareholders • World-class resources, capability, and experience

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