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Environment & Society Capability and Experience

WorleyParsons is a leading provider of environmental management and social responsibility services for the resources and energy sectors, infrastructure and complex processing industries.



Why WorleyParsons for Environment & Society Global team over 1,000 strong, throughout 30 offices in 20 countries. At WorleyParsons we recognize that environmental and social performance is critical to meeting core business objectives, such as: • Maximized access to resources/reserves and production • Certainty of project delivery • Optimization of the full value of assets • Localization • Future proofed assets • Safe guarding reputation Throughout the world, WorleyParsons’ environmental and social teams are helping our customers: • Site, develop and operate facilities, wells, mines and infrastructure with sensitivity to environmental and social values • Engage with communities to build trust and enable them to benefit from development • Gain project approvals in least time and with practical conditions of approval • Achieve leading practice during design and construction • Demonstrate compliance with international standards • Seek opportunities to continually improve the environmental performance of operations • Plan for and execute decommissioning, progressive rehabilitation and restoration projects Our services include: • Sustainability in engineering design, project delivery and operations management • Capacity and global footprint to deliver leading multi-disciplinary services • Experienced environmental project leaders and teams • A strategic approach to approvals, government affairs and stakeholder engagement • Project controls for cost, schedule, safety performance and community engagement

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Meeting our customers’ challenges WorleyParsons recognizes that our customers face an increasing number of environmental and social challenges throughout the project lifecycle.

The Challenges Social license to operate

Impact assessment

Water management

Regulatory uncertainty

Compliance management

Development in sensitive marine environments

Contingent liability



Our consultants have proven project performance and systems to help customers effectively manage their environmental and social risks and opportunities.

Our Response Stakeholder engagement and social responsibility

Global Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) team

Water strategy, studies and monitoring

Government liaison and project approvals

Compliance management systems (for construction and operations) Integrated marine sciences and coastal processes Diverless monitoring solutions Progressive rehabilitation and waste management Contaminated environment assessment services Decommissioning, remediation services, liability assessment and due diligence

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Achieve high standards of environmental and social performance We help our customers understand and manage their interfaces with the natural, physical, social, cultural, regulatory and built environments - wherever they choose to operate.



Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Our consultants help customers to anticipate and manage social impacts and expectations, and deliver real benefits.

Tasi Mane Project - local staff collecting social data



Social Performance & Stakeholder Engagement Gaining local community and other stakeholders’ acceptance of a development or operation requires an understanding of the social context, careful planning and community engagement. This ensures customers are able to anticipate and manage social impacts and expectations, as well as deliver real benefits. Building trust and remaining focused throughout development and operation is critical to sustaining a company’s social license to operate. Failure to gain and maintain a social license to operate can lead to: • Blocked access to land, shared infrastructure, and resources • Unstable operating environment • Increased financial risk and direct costs • Delayed production • Loss of project approvals • Damage to reputation • Reduced investor confidence

Services Our social performance and stakeholder engagement consultants have proven project success working with project and operations teams to effectively manage social risks and opportunities throughout the asset lifecycle.

• IFC and World Bank social management planning and systems • Local content strategy and plans • Community health, safety and security

Our services include:

• Indigenous participation planning and development

• Stakeholder engagement strategy and plans

• Cultural heritage protection

• Social baseline studies and surveys

• Accommodation strategies

• Public consultation and disclosure

• Community-based monitoring and capacity building

• Landholder liaison • Social and economic impact assessment • Resettlement action planning

• Auditing of corporate social responsibility initiatives

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Environmental Management & Approvals WorleyParsons recognizes that our customers face an increasing number of challenges arising from: • Complex and changing local, national and international legislation and standards • Increasing stakeholder and community expectations • Continued resource and energy demands bringing large developments to emerging economies and frontier areas (e.g. arctic, deepwater, unconventionals, mining below aquifers, etc.) • Increasing focus on climate change

Services WorleyParsons’ consultants provide customers with leading environmental management and project approvals expertise. Our Local/global team can assure compliance with local requirements, and corporate and international standards. Our services include: • Environmental, social and health impact assessment

• S ustainability and corporate social responsibility • Environmental sciences/engineering – atmosphere, land, water, ecology, coastal and marine • Management of air, quality and noise assessments

• Approvals and land access

• Environmental risk assessment

• C ommunity development and stakeholder engagement

• Heritage surveys and assessments

• Sustainability in design • Baseline and compliance monitoring • E nvironmental management and compliance (for construction and operations)


• E nvironmental management systems: development, implementation and audit


• Climate change and adaptation risk assessment • C arbon liability and inventory assessment • Carbon strategy and policy • Sustainability reporting

Our local/global team assures compliance with local requirements, and corporate and international standards.

Tonkolili Iron Ore Project - environmental and social management

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Our multidisciplinary team delivers outcomes for our customers in the marine environment.

Monte Bello Seahorse – Port Hedland, Western Australia. Photographer: Tony Ayling



Marine Sciences Gaining approvals and community support for developments in, and adjacent to, sensitive coastal and marine environments requires: • Rigorous and defensible monitoring and impact assessment work • Sound environmental management planning • Integrated impact assessments with engineering design and project planning • Effective stakeholder engagement • Identification of cumulative impacts and offsets

Services WorleyParsons marine sciences consultants are leaders in environmental monitoring and management for developments in coastal and marine environments. Our specialists in environmental management and approvals, marine sciences, coastal engineering and stakeholder engagement work together to deliver the following services: • Dredging and dredged material management and disposal plans

assessment) • M arine ecology surveys and assessment • Diverless monitoring solutions • Remote sensing and marine geology • S urveys and mapping of seagrass, mangrove, saltmarsh, intertidal and sub-tidal reef, and benthic infauna habitats • Coral health assessment • Marine fauna observation

• S ite selection of offshore dredged material placement areas • Plume dispersion and oil spill modeling • Oil spill response management

• U nder water noise studies for marine mammals • Fisheries surveys • B iodiversity offsets identification and negotiation

• C ontaminated sediment assessment and management • P ermitting associated with activities in the marine environment • Baseline and compliance monitoring • W ater and sediment quality assessment (including bioavailability and ecotoxicity

• M arine pest surveys and management plans • H ydrodynamic modeling and metocean data collection • M arine geomorphology and sedimentation studies

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Water Resources Water resources management is no longer a one-off activity to find a water source and to maintain its supply. The industrial water-cycle now allows a host of opportunities to be explored and requires more advanced catchment management techniques, innovative water treatment and recycling methods, footprint reduction initiatives and efficiency. Finding an optimum water supply that meets current requirements, and is sustainable over the long-term, requires a detailed understanding of hydrology, hydrogeology and catchment processes. The constraints and opportunities for water re-use and recycling alternatives must also be understood. Our consultants enable customers to make accurate, reliable and informed water resources decisions that are underpinned by expert knowledge in engineering sciences, water valuation, stakeholder and external factors and integrated technical solutions.

Services To meet global water demands, WorleyParsons provides customers with the expertise, experience and vision to create sustaining solutions for their business. Our services include: • G roundwater and surface water exploration and water source assessment • Water accounting and water trading • Water risk assessment • EcoNomics™ assessment • I ntegrated stakeholder engagement and approvals management • Regulatory risk assessment



• Sustainable water supply modeling • Climate change management • W ater resource planning and sustainable yields optimization • S urface and groundwater monitoring and modeling • Water system optimization • Compliance reporting • C umulative effects modeling, monitoring and compliance reporting • S urface water and groundwater impact assessments • S ustainable water management frameworks

We work closely with our customers to appraise, evaluate and design complete lifecycle solutions that will solve their most challenging and complex water issues.

Fortescue Metals Group – assisting FMG to manage and resolve its complex water resources issues

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Environmental Sciences Terrestrial Ecology WorleyParsons’ ecologists have assisted in the decision-making and project planning for major energy, resource, land development, community, and public agency customers.

Soil Sciences WorleyParsons’ scientists and engineers have experience in undertaking soil assessments and preparing impact assessment reports and management plans for major construction projects.

Our services • Baseline data collection for determining potential impacts and mitigation measures for environmental assessments and impact statements • Vegetation, fish and wildlife inventories, habitat assessments, and avoidance/risk assessments, including species at risk • Permitting and compliance monitoring • Ecological land classifications • Geospatial and statistical analyses of environmental data • Cumulative effects assessment



• Biodiversity offsets planning • Reclamation and restoration planning, execution and monitoring • Groundwater dependant ecosystems assessments • Weed assessment and management • Soil assessment and management • Acid sulfate soils • Identification and protection of high value cropping land

Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics The acquisition, integration, analysis and management of spatial data are fundamental to most projects; the ease with which information can be retrieved, displayed and analyzed is critical to project efficiency. Geomatics technologies integrate spatial information for projects and are becoming a standard environment in which to collect, store, manipulate, analyze and distribute spatial information.

ProjectSight ProjectSight is WorleyParsons’ web-based geographic information system (GIS), and a data visualization and integration platform with an easy-to-use, interactive mapping interface. It runs in any web browser, and integrates with many different databases and systems via a modular architecture. This allows users to create field design cases ordered within themes and projects.

Our services Data Management • Spatial database design • Data models • Project GIS standards • Data migration • Data acquisition • Data conversion • Web enabled delivery • Regulatory compliance GIS Analysis • Constraints analysis

• Site suitability selection • Route planning • Terrain modeling (DTM/DEM) • Cut/fill rations, slope analysis • Emergency response • Asset management • Alignment and automatic 3D Visualization • Site/facilities selection • Google Earth integration • 3D modeling/simulations

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


BP Oman Khazzan Project CUSTOMER: BP LOCATION: OMAN PHASE: This project is BP’s largest, with 100% BP interest. Key environmental features of the project included water abstraction and treatment, wastewater (including produced water), atmospheric emissions, solid waste disposal, drilling cuttings and mud disposal, oil and chemical spills, naturally occurring radioactive material, and fracking.

Our Services WorleyParsons provided full engineering design and long-lead engineering services, as well as full environmental services at the Select, FEED, and FEED follow-on stages. Services include: • Environmental design basis • Environmental modeling (air dispersion, noise, oil and chemical spill) • Environmental issues identification, environmental impact assessment and permitting support • Waste management facility concept design • Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions forecasting • Environmental management and monitoring plans (waste, water, emissions, chemicals, site restoration and remediation) • Best available technology studies and value improvement process (energy optimization, water conservation and waste minimization) • Environmental critical systems and equipment • Khazzan Project sustainability report • Contaminated land (site assessment) • Geotechnical and GIS services • Water studies and infrastructure design (water abstraction, treatment, distribution, and wastewater treatment and disposal)

Key Achievements • Significant cost saving through plant optimization processes, best available technology studies and value improvement processes • The delivery of high level of detailed design in many disciplines of the project



Significant cost saving through plant optimization processes, best available technology studies and value improvement processes applied during the Select and FEED phases.

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Since 2011 WorleyParsons has been coordinating and deploying 43 social management plans to address environmental and community challenges.



Social and Environmental Programs for the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Project CUSTOMER: NORTE ENERGIA S.A (INCLUDES ELETROBAS, VALE ET AL.) LOCATION: BRAZIL PHASES: The Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant has a planned installed capacity of 11,233 megawatts (MW) which makes it the second largest hydroelectric dam in Brazil, and the third largest Hydro development in the world behind the Three Gorges (China) and Itaipu (Brazil-Paraguay) Dams.

Our Services During development, the project was faced with complex environmental and community challenges, involving the coordination of 43 social and environmental mitigation programs. WorleyParsons is successfully coordinating the execution of these programs, including: • Resettlement plan • Urban and rural infrastructure recovery plan • Support for leisure and tourism activities • Environmental education program • Support program for neighboring communities and the family subsistence production • Public health plan • Social compensation • Support for commercial activities and services affected, beyond others

Results Our ongoing engagement in the Belo Monte project, including the ESHIA, is a testament to the skill and capability of our team and the value that has been provided to the customer, environment and community over the last 8 years.

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Global experience

2. Socio-Economic Baseline Assessment

3. Juruti Bauxite Aluminium Mining Complex Project

• Stakeholder and community relations strategy

Socio-Economic Baseline Assessment (SBA).

• Biological surveys

• The final SBA presented an overview of the current situation within Exploration Area Two, and an outline of the effect development may have on socioeconomic indicators

Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA); 35 Environmental and Social Programs.

1. L  iquid Niugini Gas Project Liquid Niugini Gas Ltd Papua New Guinea

Environment and Social Impact Assessment.

• Social assessment • Soil surveys and hydrological studies

5. Tonkolili Iron Ore Project

African Minerals Limited Sierra Leone

Environmental and Social Management.

Tullow Uganda Operations Ltd Uganda

6. Tasi Mane Project

Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste; Secretariat of State for Natural Resources (now Ministry for Petroleum and Mineral Resources); TIMOR GAP, E.P (national oil company) Timor-Leste

• The ESHIA and ESMP were approved by authorities, enabling the customer to obtain their license to Environmental Impact operate and maintain a robust Assessment (EIA). management system, capable of handling change throughout • EIA enabled the customer to obtain regulatory approval construction and operation



Alcoa Brazil

• All environmental licenses secured and services performed are considered the benchmark in the Amazon region

7. Apache Onshore and Offshore Programmes Apache Energy Ltd Western Australia

Environment plans and oil spill contingency plans. • Regulatory referrals • Support of ongoing operations and compliance • Prepared and completed seven environment and oil spill contingency plans for operation

4. Shymanivske Iron Ore Project Black Iron Inc Ukraine

Environment, Social and Health Impact Assessment. • H  armonized the OVNS* and ESHIA processes to meet local regulations and company standards • Enhanced EIA baseline for the OVNS submission, consistent with World Bank norms *The Ukrainian ESHIA

8. Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project Northern Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) Australia (within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area)

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). • Managed and/or executed all of the specialist environmental investigations required for the EIA and EIS


10 12




6 5 11

9. Rapid Growth Project 6 Nelson Point BHP Billiton Iron Ore Western Australia

Conformance Monitoring. • Provided a diverless solution to every aspect of monitoring required • Eliminated a key risk to BHP Billiton Iron Ore and WorleyParsons, whilst still being able to monitor impacts in real time

10. High River Flood Management Master Plan Town of High River Canada

7, 9

11. Kumba Iron Ore Water Stewardship Anglo American South Africa

Flood Management Master Plan. Feasibility and prefeasibility study. • Detailed Flood Delineation (FD) including a working river model • Engineering and costing of multiple upgrades to of flood mapping infrastructure in order • Characterized and assessed to support safe mining risk management alternatives activities, minimize water through a Flood Risk consumption and supply Management Assessment excess water to the local (FRMA) Municipality


12. Hydrological Studies for Shale Gas Development Confidential Morocco

Hydrological studies. • Multi-criteria analysis to decide the best outcomes • Preliminary ESHIA, assessment of the permitting procedures, and action plan for implementing the proposed solutions

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Innovations Complete Diverless Solutions WorleyParsons provides tailored marine monitoring systems that are reliable, and can provide data remotely with limited field presence. Our systems have been trialed and tested in the cyclone prone Pilbara region of Western Australia, the Middle East, and subzero temperatures of Canada. These provide assurance of personnel safety and cost benefits to our customers, and has resulted in the following industry awards: • Consult Australia Award for Technological Innovation - Winner (2012) • IFAP Safety Innovation Award - Finalist (2012) • Golden Gecko Environmental Excellence Award - Winner (2011) • APPEA Safety Innovation Award - Overall Winner (2011) • APPEA Safety Innovation Award - Industry Choice Winner (2011)

Oil Spill Tracking Buoy WorleyParsons has designed, developed and deployed the Oil Spill Tracking Buoy for oil spill monitoring, which can be safely deployed from oil rigs, rig support vessels and helicopters. Fitted with a unique impact-resistant satellite tracking device, each tracker is programmed to wake, locate its position, transmit its location to the dedicated project web interface operated by WorleyParsons, and then resume its sleep function.



Processes and Systems WorleyParsons’ proprietary project delivery process, Safe and Sustainable Engineering for Asset Lifecycle, integrates sustainability enhancing systems, tools and expertise into customers’ projects to improve project risk management and achieve sustainability outcomes. Using this process, WorleyParsons works with customers to deliver sustainable designs which: • Bridge the gap between customers’ commitments to stakeholders and project delivery • Identify and manage the full suite of business risks (including environmental and social risks) that may impact our customers’ projects and operations • Ensure projects are aligned to our customers’ compliance requirements and corporate sustainability goals • Support decision-making when trade-offs exist between technical, social, environmental and financial performance

EcoNomics™ EcoNomics™ is WorleyParsons’ enterprise-wide framework that ensures profitable integration of sustainability into our customers’ projects and operating assets. We work with our customers’ objectives, commitments, risks and opportunities in mind to identify and deliver both profitable and sustainable outcomes.

Compliance Management System The Compliance Management System has been designed to eliminate the need for bulky, repetitive Environmental Management Plans and unruly compliance spreadsheets. It provides transparency at all levels, and improves responsibility and accountability. Features: • Streamlines environmental audits and reporting • Enhances communication • Eliminates time-consuming and confusing spreadsheets • Reduces the risk of missing deadlines • Saves time and money • Improves transparency, responsibility, and individual accountability

Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Our differentiators Differentiator 4

Differentiator 1

Outstanding operational and corporate performance

Committed, empowered and technically capable people

Differentiator 5 Focus on long-term contracts and asset-based services Differentiator 2 Industry leadership in health, safety and environmental performance

Differentiator 6 Success in project delivery - large and small

Differentiator 3 Economics™ – delivering profitable sustainability

Differentiator 7 Comprehensive geographic presence



Corporate overview WorleyParsons is a leading global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and the complex process industries. We cover the full asset spectrum, both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets, to services that sustain and improve operating assets. Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long-term relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.


Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety and the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision and apply it to all operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviors to achieve Zero Harm in our dedication to continuous improvement. These expectations are reflected in our integrity management framework, OneWay™, and linked to our global systems and procedures.


EcoNomics™ provides our customers with the systems, technologies and expertise to optimize and balance financial, social, and environmental outcomes, improving sustainability performance while enhancing profit and long-term viability. WorleyParsons’ vision is to be a leader in sustainability by helping our customers capture new markets and business opportunities created by the new energy economy. Environment & Society Capability and Experience


Environment & Society Capability and Experience environment&society

Environment and society brochure  
Environment and society brochure  

At WorleyParsons we recognize that environmental and social performance is critical to meeting core business objectives, such as: • Maximize...