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Enhanced Field Development Solutions GAINING INVESTING WISDOM AND SUCCESS WHILE LIMITING MAJOR SETBACKS Operators and partners must make huge investments that depend on the ability of decision makers to have a solid grasp on a wide range of complexities and uncertainties that extend from deeply hidden hydrocarbon fluids through the vagaries of shifting public policies. Leaders expect teams will recognize and address the issues to generate clear path forward recommendations in ways that assure consistently rewarding realization of opportunities.

Enhanced Field Development Solutions (EFDS) Consulting brings together experienced subsurface, infrastructure, and financial professionals equipped with proven processes and tools to help your teams benefit from ready adoption of Quality Decision Making practices – the kind of practices that enable efficient application of resources and achievement of best in class performance. Bringing capable thinking to structured and disciplined evaluation of technical and nontechnical aspects of all opportunities will allow your company to high grade a global growth investment portfolio.

Legal & Regulatory Environment Market Conditions Corporate Goals

Project Success


Social License Technical Challenges

Resources Cost & Availablity

Site Specific Issues

Structured Decision Making Alignment


+ define non-technical • Clarify the decision context factors (risks / • Define objectives and alternatives uncertainties) • Understand technical risks / uncertainties Investigation

Concept Development

• Develop and screen alternatives • Preliminary design / estimates of costs, benefits and technical risks Decision Support


• Evaluate technical and commercial trade-offs • Identify robust solutions

+ produce outputs related to nontechnical factors

+ use tools that quantitatively evaluate influence of nontechnical factors

Apply Rules for decisions with Predictable overall Outcomes

Apply Routine Decision Making Methods

Structured Decision Methods Apply where outcomes are non-intuitive and high values are at stake

Interpret Guidance Best Practices may provide most effecient guidance for low vale stakes

Employing Quality Decision Making Practices and Tools to Address Your Most Complex Situations GLOBAL RESOURCES AND EXPERTISE


No matter where in the world you are, we can build a team that will support your needs from the reservoir to the Board Room.

Perth, Australia –

SUBSURFACE Geosciences as well as Reservoir and Drilling Engineering Services

INFRASTRUCTURE Planning, engineering, and delivery in all major offshore centers of the world.

FINANCIAL A globally recognized team of advisory, analytical, and commercial professionals

+61 (08) 6323 9457

REGIONAL LEADS • Houston – +12 819252232

• London – +44 1483878504

• Kuala Lumpur +60 320399799

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