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Enchanced Field Development Solutions

Advanced Multi-Criteria Analysis Multi Criteria Constraints and Vulnerability Mapping for Field Development Infrastructure Planning The best of WorleyParsons global environmental science and engineering capability is combined in the application of Advanced Multi Criteria Analysis, which takes into consideration the full spectrum of site selection social, environmental and financial constraints and opportunities. Implications of choosing an unsuitable project location or routing corridor can add complexities in the design, construction, operability, longterm performance and environmental impact of a project, making this a critical decision milestone. Our advanced Multiple Criteria Analysis (MCA) approach is a robust framework for evaluating complex decision options against multiple objectives, using innovative techniques for identifying potential sites or routing corridors and producing a ranking of the options according to their suitability against environmental, social, and technical criteria. This process enables decisions based on a thorough understanding of the site sensitivities and of the perceptions of stakeholders whilst identifying the key constraints requiring further consideration.

WorleyParsons delivers a comprehensive and unbiased consultation process that meets all regulatory requirements and can efficiently screen multiple development options to quickly derive the optimal solution. Advanced MCA is as much about the transparent and rigours process of site or route selection as it is about the final recommendation – this approach has earned a high level of respect and confidence with regulatory and long-term customers alike.

Multi Criteria Constraints and Vulnerability Mapping for Field Development Infrastructure Planning In spatial decision problems, options can be illustrated by a defined set of maps from a Geographical Information System (GIS) data base as relevant to each criterion. This can be visualized as a “table of maps” which combines layers environmental, socio-economic and engineering data to define constraints that is then transformed into a ranking of alternatives by linkage to the prioritized decision hierarchy. This unique process allows all options to be aggregated and evaluated thematically and spatially. Offshore applications have defined successful developments for multiple projects, including – •

Timor LNG Plant and Port Facilities, Woodside Energy Ltd, 2008

Wheatstone Site Selection, Chevron, 2008

Julimar (JDP), Apache Oil & Gas 2009

“Inputs into an MCA comprise baseline environmental and social data sourced from databases, which is then customised and supplemented with environmental, social and technical criteria developed in collaboration between WorleyParsons and our customer. Options are assessed by senior engineering and environmental personnel, and ultimately combined with the financial implications of each option to aid in the selection of the optimum location or route.”

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