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S E T O N L A I R O T EDI After the absolutely successful experience of the special edition of the March number of UNA magazine, in which a guide for the new volunteers coming to Reykjavik has been realized, the idea to create something similar for Eskifjordur, delightful tiny town in the East Fjords, where WF is organizing many workcamps all the year long, had to be put into practice. The four amazing vol-

unteers with whom I had the luck to work with where immediately enthusiastic about this idea, understanding the importance of such an effort: without wasting


any time, they started to look for every activity it is actually possible to do for a volunteer coming two weeks in Eskifjordur. The difficulties of writing and edit-

ing in few days a guide with the cooperation of only 4 volunteers has been overcome by their determination and hard work. What we want to show here, is how many activities and experiences can be actually done in such a small place. Thus, we

had to make a selection among those experiences and activities for review. At the end, we decided to focus on four categories: free time, history and culture, shops and facilities, local fish food and additionally, I also felt the need to write about

what WF do and has done in Eskifjordur as an opportunity to thanks all the local people who helped us to built a valuable and prolific cooperation. If you are one of the new volunteer coming in Eskifjordur, here you can find many tips, reviews and useful descriptions of the life in this amazing place: we are sure you will always know how to fill your free time here!



Chronicles of a long lasting marriage


The long lasting cooperation between Eskifjordur and Worldwide friends is one of the most interesting and prolific example of mutual help between a non governmental organization with a local community. In the last years Worldwide Friends has hosted an impressive number of workcamps, which take place regularly during the whole year. For such a remote and scarcely populated tiny town, volunteers coming from all over the world represent an exiting opportunity to keep in touch with cultural diversity and to built international relations. If summer is for sure the best period to visit Eskifjordur and enjoy its outdoor activities, in winter Worldwide Friends is extremely active as well in here: in “ aurora hunting” workcamps volunteers realize video documentary about Eskifjordur in order to promote its amazing naturalistic and cultural richness; “journalism and photography” revolves around the necessity to realize a newsletter concerning all the activities and interesting facts Eski has to offer; But it is probably with“ art and environment” that the cooperation with the local community reaches its’ peak: artistically talented volunteers are involved in the realization of beautiful artworks to be shown to the kids in the local school in order to rise awareness about environmental issues. With summer approaching it is time for volunteers to do some physical work, helping the community to keep clean its shoreline: in “Close to nature” workcamps volunteers go outside collecting trash and cleaning up the seaside in a challenging but extremely meaningful ecological operation. The feedback from the local community has always been amazing. It is impossible here to mention all the citizens of Eskifjordur and surrounding villages who helped us and were willing to cooperate

with us. We are very thank to the owners of the local swimming pool who allowed volunteers to enter it every time whenever we want, to the manager of the local fish factory who are always pleased to show us every steps of the production, to Petra who always opens the door to her impressive collection of stones, to Atli always willing to concede us some of his time to show us how he made dry fish. All of them were extremely warm and friendly with us: always willing to help with any logistic problem that could possibly rise. citizens of Eskifjorur make more valuable the reason why we are here: to promote peace, dialogue between culture, environmental values and friendship. What is probably the most amazing outcome of this cooperation is not only the extraordinary richness that volunteers bring to the local community but also to see that the same process is working on both sides: international participants in workcamps are very often amazed by the lifestyle of this peaceful and charming town, they have been


learning a lot from the sociable and always positive behavior of the local community, their humble and sincere manners, their genuine way of life. For all of them is an experience they will probably never forget and that will stay impressed for all their life. If there are no words to express our gratitude for the local community, a special thank must be given to young people and kids who uses the hang around the old school, were the camps take place, sharing ideas and opinions, showing local culture, teaching Icelandic history and culture and of course having fun with us. Good enough, more, new exiting workcamps are going to take place this and in the following years, may Eskifjordur and Worldwide Friends join forces forever!


Seafood in Eskifjördur

S om e gener al facts: The icelandic cuisine consists mainly of fish, but also mutton and potatoes. It is a simple kitchen. Unfussy,which is common in scandinavian c o u n t r i u e s Fish: Marine fish,such as "ýsa" (haddock), þorskur (cod) and steinbítur (Atlantic wolffish)are usually prepared as fillets rolled in breadcrumbs and cooked in a pan. Ot hers lik e sild (herring) are prepared in marinade and

eaten on bread and rúgbrauð, whose flavor is reminiscent of gingerbread. D r i e d f i s h "harðfískur" is also very popular for Iceland.Usually it is made out of haddock, catfish or cod. It will serve you well as energy food during a long and exhausting day. The lax (salmon), the silungur (trout) or the bleikja (char) can be enjoyed best cooked on the coals, prepared en papillote.


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Typical Icelandic disse A must -try icelandic dish is "gravlax",salmon fillets marinated in dill and served with a sauce of mustard. For very brave people, a must-try is "Hákarl" (fermented shark).It is a traditional dish consisting of a Greenland shark or sleeper shark, which has been cured with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months. There is a story saying that Icelandics urinate on the large basking shark and then bury it. This is not the case. But it does actually smell and tastelike this. ·

Plenty of fish: for example salmon, cod, herring or halibut

Focus on

Harรฐfiskur (dry fish)

In Eskifjรถrdur there is a place, where they are still producing dried fish in the old way. The fish is directly purchased from Eskja, a fish company in Eskifjordur. First they freeze the fish for a few days in a cold store. Then they take the fish and cut it into pieces. The pieces are then placed on plates and dry in a room designed for this purpose (temperature / humidity). Afterwards they

put the fish in salt for 30 minutes and finally they p a c k i t u p . Common kinds of fish are catfish, haddock, or cod fish. The production process is entirely manual and pursued with a care and love of detail that is comparable to the production of expensive wines. The curing methods have remained the same since the beginning and the company is still run by the same family local to Eskifjรถrรฐur.

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Harรฐfiskur is usually enjoyed with butter. It has a strong odor, but the taste is not unpleasant. You can buy the dried fish in nearly every grocery store and supermarket in Iceland.

W H E R E TO E AT F I SH I N E S K I FJ Ö R D U R Randulf's Sea-House Randulf’s Sea House was built by a Norwegian man named Peter Randulf in 1890 to handle the herring catches that Eskifjörður was renowed for. When large fishing trawlers began to replace smaller vessels and forced the industry to move to larger ports, the house was closed

and remained shut for the next 75 years. In 2008 the house opened again: as a restaurant and museum. Visitors have poured in to see the maritime traditions of a small fishing village while trying reindeer meatballs and fish straight from Eskifjörður. The restaurant is open every day of the summer for lunch and dinner. For winter, it is open for pre-booked groups and special events. Nicolas


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Visitors will love amazingly beautiful landscape of Eskifjörður at first sight. On the other hand, it may seem as a sequestered village to people visiting there, especially those from a big fancy city, but there are many shops that meet the requirements whatever visitors need such as pub, restaurant, supermarket, health care center, pharmacy, and swimming pool.


Opening hours: Weekdays

10:00 - 21:00


10:00 - 18:00

Fee for swimming pool:

At the entrance, you may find kind clerks at information desk. When turn to the left , you can

Age 6-17




Fee for gym and swimming pool:


find clean shower rooms for women and men. A gym at the corner provides a lot of sporting equipment. The facility is generally tidy .

Tel.(+354) 476 1218

Swimming pool Sundlaug

Viewing scenic beauty, you may enjoy several pools with different temperatures. Do not miss a chance for riding three types of slides! You may not allowed to say that you have been to Iceland

esque scene. Local people

Sauna is next to the swim-

often spend quality time

ming pools. The tempera-

here with their family and

ture inside is usually 65-70

friends. Swimming pool is

ยบc. This is very cozy place

taken to be the best place

where you may feel so re-

offering a good memory in Eskifjรถrรฐur.

laxed , which helps to re-

without experiencing outdoor swimming pool with pictur-



cover from your fatigue.


Customers can purchase all of grocery you need here such as various kinds of bread, ingredients for baking, snacks, nuts, sauces, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cheese, etc. Moreover, daily necessities are displayed as well. Products with little bit expensive price are worth to buy in this town. Second floor is Red Cross second hand store. They sell some goods, especially clothing at reduced prices.

Skry is representative yogurt in Iceland. There are several different tastes of them. Price for the yogurt (1) is 385kr.

Dry fish is one of specialty in this village. Tastes little bit savory and is crunchy. Do you want to know why dry fish is so loved by people? Then, do not hesitate to try it.

Opening hours: Mon-Friday 9:00-18:00 Saturday 10:00-14:00 Sunday closed Tel.(+354) 475 1580



Pharmacy is located next to the Health and care center. People can purchase beauty and health products here besides medicine. They include Vitamins, bath supplies, cosmetic products, perfumes, hair dye, glasses, etc.

P H A R M A C Y LY FJ A Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11:00-17:00 Tel.(+354) 476 1287

Omega-3 is 1719kr. omega-3 fatty acid is good for nervous system, protecting cells , and speeding up metabolism.



Opening hours: Monday-Friday 16:00



Price of sending post card/ stamp


A (a couple of days)


B (a couple of weeks)





To Europe

A post office clerk is very friendly . In addition to stamps and post cards, other products such as key holders, chocolate, accessory, and bookmarkers are displayed on the left side.

Not to Europe

Price of post card: Tel.(+354) 580 1200

16 16


Opening hours: Wednesday 13:00-14:30

ATM is available all the time

Tel.(+354) 410 4166 Bank is located middle of the main street in Eskifjörður and at the opposite side of the supermarket. ATM is always available inside the bank . Only króna can be withdrawn from the ATM.


PUB krá

The name of this pub kafihúsið eskifirði. During the daytime, the pub is operated as a café. Visitors also can ask for information about guesthouse by telephone. Do not miss a chance to buy a cheaper beer during the Happy hours until 11 pm! Price of a beer

(500cc) is 600kr and a beer with one free shot is 900kr. The Pub is very popular to villager, especially on Friday because of the pub quiz. Have a great time in this intimate place with good music. During Happy hour, a beer with one free shot is only 900kr ! There are totally 30

questions for the Quiz and the price for the winners are usually bottles of beer. Do not be disappointed with the result. The last will get bobby prize ! Team could be consist of maximum 3 people. Topic of the pub quiz changes every week.


Opening hours: Happy hours 22:00 -23:00 Sunday-Thursday close at 23:00 Friday, Saturday close at 03:00 Tel.(+354)476 1150

This is self-service gas station. Visitors can purchase petrol and fuel displayed on the left side and snacks, drinks, and ice-cream on the right side at the restaurant. Price of Ice-cream cone is 250kr for small and 390kr for large. Pizza is available after 4pm



Open hours: Open hours: summer Monday-Saturday


summerMonday-Saturday Monday-Saturday Winter

8-23 8-22

Winter Monday-Saturday Tel.(+354) 476 1383


Tel.(+354) 476 1383


19 19




Gódan daggin! Welcome to the East of Iceland. You chose well, because you are in a typical icelandic town now! You are 692km away from the capital Reykjavík. Geologically, you are in the oldest part of Iceland (but still you are in the youngest country in the world). The population is a little bit more than 1000 inhabitants. Eskifjörður town, named after the fjord on which it is

situated, is built on a small sand spit and up the slopes of the mountain on the fjord´s northern shore. Its main industries are fishing and smallscale farming. Take a walk around town and note all the historical builings and piers. Also don´t miss the chance to visit the museums, which will give you more insight about the culture and history of this town. Looking back, Eskifjörður has the second oldest tra-

This sculpture commemorates the mariners who drounded at the sea.

dition as a trading post in East Iceland (after Djúpivogur), having received its certification at the same time as Reykjavík, when the Danish monopoly in Iceland was relaxed in 1786. It´s the seat of the district magistrate since 1853. There is an old mine Helgustaðir farther along the shore east of the village. It´s one of the globe´s most famous spar mines, where some of the world´s largest spar crystals have been excavated. Did you know that this area is the only part of Iceland inhabited by Reindeer? Maybe you get to see some up the mountains!

A mural by the artist Balthasar on the wall of the freezing plant, which is one of Iceland’s leading fish-processing firms, shows the village’s main industry, which has long been connected to fish.

Also watch out for whales, they sometimes get lost in the fjord! And don´t miss to visit the typical icelandic horses. A white witch is watching over this town. She saved it both from a raid by North African marauders in the 17th century and from a German bombing plane in World War II, making it crash at the fjord’s entrance. Look for a pile of rocks next to a picknick table, here rests the white witch and she will protect this fjord from invasion as long as her bones are undecayed. Oh and by the way... the school is haunted as well! So better be careful and behave well.



Sรถren and Sigurborg's rock and mineral collection

One of the "must sees" in Eskifjรถrdur is the rock an mineral collection of Sรถren and Sigurborg. They have been collecting minerals and stones for over 25 years now, and have a collection of over 3000 pieces. A lot of them are really impressive and Sigur-

borg is happy to answer any question you have about it. In the collection you can find corals, granite, opal, black rock and many many more. Most of them are from this area, found at the beach or just next to the road.

Since it is a private exhibition, you need to make an appointment to visit: Tel.: (+354) 476 1177


The oldest one is over 14 million years old. So go and check it out and keep your eyes peeled in this area: Some stones can look very inconsiderable from the outside but they could keep something beautiful inside.

The Maritime Museum of East Iceland

The museum is housed in the oldest building of Eskifjördur. It was built in 1816 originally as a shop. During the past it had many uses: a warehouse, a fish processing house, and a storage house for fishing-tackle. The house was renovated in 1968, and since 1983 it is used as a musem. There are various artefacts connected with life on the sea and the processing of seafood kept in the museum. Foodboilers and liverrendering pots from whaling stations, the propeller of a ship which stranded in

Open: 13:00 - 17:00 seven days a week from 1. June to 31. August or by arrangement: Tel.: (+354) 470 9063

Why do locals call the house "Gamlabúð"? During the years 1860 to 1903 the shop owner was a Dane called Carl D. Tulinius and the shop called "Tuliniusverzlun". When the shopkeeper moved into newly-built premises, the house became known as

23 23

the East-fjords in 1909, the mast of wooden Swedish ship which was built in 1943, and a 200300 year old anchor. When you climb up the stairs, you will find a lot of practical things used by the early settlers to make a living in Eskifjördur: Domestic tools , cameras, dental equipm en t and much more... It really has a huge variety to offer and everything you see is from this area. It´s worth a visit! Alexandra


INTRODUCTION Welcome to Eskifijöröur. How was the minibus trip? Eskifijöröur is a small town, but there are many interesting things to do when you finish your daily work.Most daily work ends around/or before 3 PM. Except for the ‘journalism and photography’ work camp. There is no fixed schedule. This information is about how to spend your free time, and I hope it will be helpful for you.


Kim Jaeyoung


King’s Game Bored of just drinking in the evening? Then you should try this game! First, put a cup of beer on the table, spread the cards around the cup. And, pick one card at one time. Then just follow the rules. Enjoy your drinking!

PUB Have you ever been in a pub before? This pub is special because we can enjoy a pub quiz every Friday. Unfortunately, the quiz has a high level of difficulty. However, do not be disappointed! There is a prize not only for the winner, but also for the miserable bottom.

HIKING Eskifijorsarhaidi It is a name of mountain that is situated in the west of this town. Before you start hiking, be sure to take your towels and another pair of socks maybe, because you are going to cross several streams there. It takes about 3 and a half hour to reach the top

of the mountain, so make sure you prepare some lunch before. Have fun!

25 25

Are you sick and tired of learning languages from unfriendly teachers?


Meet the most friendly teacher ever! Teach your country’s language to your friend in this fantastic workcamp, and learn his or her language. It is the cheapest and funniest way to learn a language.


DRAWING Do you have a sketchbook?

Do you want to play something more Icelandic? Then meet Dalton and his friends. This town’s kids are very friendly to you, and they will not hesitate to be one of your friends.

Then grab your pencil or ball-pen and go outside to draw something! Try to use your hand instead of just pushing the button on your camera.

You can meet Dalton in the swimming pool, and just ask him “Dalton, are you going fishing tonight?”, “Can I join?”. For sure he will say “OK”. You can get the youngest friends you ever had, and also, you will be surprised by their fishing competence.

26 26

CREDITS All articles written by Alessandro Zabban, Nicolas Raspiengeas , Alexandra Humpert, Hyunjung Jo and Kim Jaeyoung Cover, Index and back pictures by Nicolas Raspiengeas ( pages/chekmydream/174016882801785)

Nicolas Kim Jaeyoung


Hyunjung Jo 27




Kim Jaeyoung

Hyunjung Jo


Alessandro 28 28

All articles written by Alessandro Zabban, Nicolas Raspiengeas , Alexandra Humpert, Hyunjung Jo and Kim Jaeyoung Cover, Index , Credits and Back pictures by Nicolas Raspiengeas ( pages/chekmydream/174016882801785)



UNA may 2014  

Una magazine may 2014 May number of UNA, official magazine of Wordlwide Friends, is a special edition: a volunteer's guide of Eskifjordur wh...

UNA may 2014  

Una magazine may 2014 May number of UNA, official magazine of Wordlwide Friends, is a special edition: a volunteer's guide of Eskifjordur wh...