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NATPE Europe Exhibitor Directory 03 Productions/MBC Group 108 Media Corp. 20th Century Fox Television Distribution 3DD Entertainment A+E Networks Aardman Animations ABS-CBN International Distribution Absolutely Independent Alfred Haber Distribution all3media international Antenna International Enterprises Armoza Formats Artist View Entertainment ATM Grupa Atresmedia Azteca Banijay International Barrandov Televizni Studio BBC Worldwide Berserk Media Beyond Distribution BRB Internacional Broadcasting Board of Governors CAKE Caracol Television Carsey-Werner Television Distribution CBS Studios International China International TV Corporation Cineflix Rights Cisneros Media Distribution CJ E&M Comercial TV Daydreamers Worldwide Entertainment DCD Rights Deutsche Welle Discovery Communications Disney Media Distribution DOC Only/Only Lifestyle Dori Media Distribution DreamWorks Animation DRG DSI by Inverleigh Eastern Space Systems Eccho Rights Endemol Group Entertainment One Television EuroArts Music International EveryShow Fighting Spirit Flame Distribution France Televisions Distribution Free Dolphin International FremantleMedia Global Agency Global Screen Globo GMA Worldwide GoQuest Media Ventures Hasbro Studios Hat Trick International Imagina International Sales Imira Entertainment Indiacast Media Distribution ISG Media ITN Distribution ITN Source ITV-Inter Medya ITV Studios Global Entertainment IZYM Jetpack Distribution

VB-26 M6a 1099 VB-41 1007 M7 VB-23 M17a 1001 1107 VB-19 VB-2 VB-13 S0 VB-53 1002 VB-12 S3 1045/1047 VB-6 M3 VB-52 VB-40 M8 1106 VB-17 8080 1100 M11 1037 S5 VB-60 M20a M24b VB-4 VB-5 M24a VB-57 1064/1065 1021a VB-8 M1 VB-7 1023b 1101/1103 1035 M14b S5 VB-58 VB-11 VB-39 M26b M4 S1 1012 1033 VB-3 VB-31 M2 VB-20 VB-61 VB-54 VB-45 VB-38 M26a M20b S2 1019 VB-21 M17b

KBS Media Keshet International KOCCA KSM Lionsgate MarVista Entertainment MBC Médiamétrie Mediaset España Mediatoon Distribution MGM Millimages Mondo TV Monolith Films MTVA Hungarian Public Media National Film Board of Canada NBCUniversal International TV Distribution New Films International Novovision NPO-Sales NTV Broadcasting Octapixx Worldwide Off the Fence Optomen Television ORF-Enterprise Passion Distribution Peacock Alley Entertainment Play On Cast Power Prior Entertainment RAI Red Arrow International Red Bull Media House Rive Gauche Television Samanyolu Broadcasting SBS Contents Hub Screen Media Secuoya Content Distribution Shine International Shoreline Entertainment Sky Vision Sony Pictures Television Star India Star Media Starz Worldwide Studio 100 Media Studio Hamburg Talpa International Tandem Communications Telefe Telemundo Internacional Televisa Internacional TF1 International Tokyo Business Consultant Turner Broadcasting System TV Asahi TV3 Televisió de Catalunya TVN Twofour Rights Veria Living Viacom International Media Networks Visual Unity Global Vivicast Media Warner Bros. International TV World Media Pictures World Wide Entertainment Writers Guild of America, West WWE ZDF Enterprises Zee TV Zodiak Rights

S5 1023a S5 M12 1039/1040 VB-9 S5 VB-59 VB-52 VB-51 1059/1061 VB-49 VB-44 S0 VB-27 M15 8064/8069 VB-34 VB-56 VB-10 VB-1 VB-33 M18 M16 1017 M9b M5a S5 1105 M6b 1021b 1003 VB-18 M13 S7 S5 M14a VB-62 1008/1009 VB-28 VB-15 1029/1031 VB-36 M5b VB-25 1005 1015 VB-24 VB-37 VB-22 1043/1044 1049 VB-50 VB-14 M21 VB-16 VB-55 S0 VB-32 S4 M19 S6 VB-35 8/Fl. M22a S1 M10 M9a 1014 VB-42 VB-29/VB-30

Source: Information correct as of 6/9/2014

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In This Issue 3


A+E Networks all3media International

Lawless Entertainment MarVista Entertainment Mondo TV S.p.A. Multicom Entertainment Group

4 Armoza Formats Atresmedia Audiovisual from Spain

5 Azteca Beyond Distribution Breakthrough Entertainment Caracol Television

6 Cisneros Media Distribution Construir TV Cyber Group Studios Daewon Media

7 Dori Media Group Entertainment One Television Intl. GMA Worldwide ITV Studios Global Entertainment

8 ITV-Inter Medya Jetpack Distribution Keshet International

10 Power Red Arrow International Red Bull Media House Rive Gauche Television

235 East 45th St. New York, NY 10017, U.S.A. Tel: (1-212) 210-1400 e-mail: website:

NATPE Europe Suite: 1007 Contact: Dean Possenniskie, mng. dir., Europe; Jo Lovell, snr. dir., intl. content sales, EMEA; Samuel Bayman, coord., intl. content sales, EMEA. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The World Wars (Conflict, 6x60 min./3x120 min.) Looks at the world wars through the eyes of the soldiers from WWI who became the leaders of WWII, including Churchill, DeGaulle, Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini. Flowers in the Attic (Movies, 1x120 min.) Based on the book about four siblings forced to live in an attic and the forbidden relationship that develops between two of them. Big History (History, 16x30 min. & 1x120 min.) Science and history merge to reveal an unexpected twist on historical events. Kim of Queens (Ent., 12x60 min.) Dance Moms meets My Fair Lady in this reallife series starring Georgia’s most outrageous pageant coach, Kim Gravel.

12 Televisa Internacional TV Film International ZDF Enterprises


Hotel & Restaurant Directory for Prague

Ricardo Seguin Guise Publisher Mansha Daswani Editor Kristin Brzoznowski Managing Editor Joanna Padovano Associate Editor Joel Marino Assistant Editor Simon Weaver Online Director Victor L. Cuevas Production Director

11 SPI International/ FilmBox Studio 100 Media Tandem Communications Telefe

NATPE Europe Suite: 1107 Contact: Stephen Driscoll, SVP, intl. sales; Nadia Mykhaylyuk, sales exec.; Natalia Sterlikova, format sales exec. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Chrisley Knows Best (Factual & factual ent./reality, 8x30 min.) Move in with Atlanta’s first family of fabulous, multimillionaire Todd Chrisley and his pictureperfect Southern clan, as they launch a new multimillion-dollar fashion empire. Step Dave (Comedy drama, 13x60 min./format) What happens when 24year-old Dave finds that the love of his life comes complete with three kids and a whole host of responsibility that he has spent his life successfully avoiding? Love Child (Drama, 8x60 min.) Take a poignant trip to the swinging 60s, led by

Phyllis Q. Busell Art Director Cesar Suero Sales & Marketing Director Faustyna Hariasz Sales & Marketing Coordinator

A+E Networks’ The World Wars

The Universe (Science & nature, 78x60 min.) Brings the mysteries of space to life with stunning CGI imagery and dramatic footage. Storage Wars (Real-life: character, 113x30 min. & 2x60 min.) In this characterdriven treasure hunt about storage unit auctions, opportunistic individuals bid on unclaimed properties hoping to strike gold, whether for fast cash or fun.

ALL3MEDIA INTERNATIONAL Berkshire House 168-173 High Holborn London WC1V 7AA, U.K. Tel: (44-20) 7845-4350 e-mail: website:

Terry Acunzo Business Affairs Manager

Ricardo Seguin Guise President Anna Carugati Executive VP & Group Editorial Director Mansha Daswani Associate Publisher & VP of Strategic Development TV Listings © 2014 WSN INC. 1123 Broadway, #1207 New York, NY 10010 Phone: (212) 924-7620 Fax: (212) 924-6940 Website:


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the young heroines, midwives and rock stars pulling the world through a cultural revolution. Hinterland (Drama, 4x120 min.) This detective thriller captures the zeitgeist for challenging, atmospheric mystery drama, uncovering dark secrets amidst the brooding landscape of rural Wales.

celebrities to go head-to-head and perform new and impressive acts each week! Can they do... that? Who’s Asking? (Game show, 30-60 min. eps.) Contestants must select an “asker” from the spinning screen of faces and follow their intuition to the grand prize. Runway in My Closet (Daily strip styling, 40x60 min.) Up-and-coming designers are challenged to turn shabby items into chic outfits. Using old clothes from their “model’s” closet, they must create three completely new looks! That’s My House! (Competitive factual ent., 30 min. eps.) Three contestants aim to convince one participant that “That’s My House!”

NATPE Europe Stand: VB-53 Contact: Diana Borbón Cuchi, acq. & sales exec. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS No Identity (Sin Identidad) (Drama, 9x90 min.) A young lawyer discovers she was a victim of an illegal adoption network and will take revenge on those responsible for stealing her biological identity.

all3media’s Hinterland

ANZAC Girls (Drama, 6x60 min.) Follow the true stories of five Australian and New Zealand Army nurses who put their lives on the line for King and Country during World War I. Rocket’s Island (Children’s drama, 13x30 min.) Welcome to the Isle of Dirgelmor, a place where magic and adventure abound. Led by the plucky Rocket, the island’s kids discover the true meaning of friendship and magic. Sexy Beasts (Ent. format, 8x30 min.) The dating show that uses Hollywood prosthetics to transform people into monsters, aliens, or downright-weird purple things, before going on a first date. Are You Normal? (Ent. format, 60 min. eps.) Is it normal to go skinny dipping? Is it unusual to cry at work? In this entertaining game-show format, contestants can win big money in their quest to learn—are you normal? Be My Guest (Factual ent. format, 30-60 min. eps.) Goes under the covers to look at the houses, habits and tastes of guesthouse owners whose home is their business—and business is highly personal. Neighbours Secrets (Constructed reality, 80x30 min.) This constructed reality format reveals amazing events of neighbourhood dramas that change the lives of everyday people forever.

ARMOZA FORMATS 6 Ha’Arba’a St., 3/Fl. Tel Aviv 64739, Israel Tel: (972-3) 540-8333 e-mail: website:

Atresmedia’s Old Bridge’s Secret Armoza Formats’ The Killer Inside

The Final Cut-Down (Styling, 30 min. daily strip) Three hairdressers will compete to transform lucky passers-by—chosen by their rivals—in just three hours. Which hairdresser will make the final cut? The Gran Plan (Factual ent., 60 min. eps.) Three strong-willed grannies use their age-old wisdom to bridge the generation gap in their own hilarious way and help young people in need. Still Standing (Studio game show, 45 min. eps.) Contestants fight to be the last one still standing and win $1 million by out-guessing ten opponents in fastpaced and dramatic trivia battles. The Package (Factual, 30 min. eps.) A surprise package makes its journey across the country, forming a chain of givers and receivers and bringing laughter, tears, romance and unforgettable memories. Hostages (Suspense/drama, 10x60 min.) Psychological crime thriller following a renowned surgeon who is ordered to sabotage a routine operation on the president—or her family will die. The Killer Inside (Suspense/drama, 10x60 min.) An interrogation specialist investigates murders in her own, unpredictable way.

ATRESMEDIA Avenida Isla Graciosa, 13 28703 San Sebastián De Los Reyes Madrid, Spain

NATPE Europe Stand: VB-2 Contact: Avi Armoza, fndr. & CEO; Anat Lewinsky, sales mgr., European & CIS territories. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS I Can Do That! (Prime-time ent., 13x90120 min. eps.) Format challenges eight

Old Bridge’s Secret (El Secreto de Puente Viejo) (Telenovela, S1-13: 65x50 min. each; total 845x50 min.) A midwife crosses paths with the rich stepmother of her ex-lover and father of her son, who was ripped from her at birth. She will fight to regain what is hers. Bandit (Bandolera) (Telenovela, S1: 66x50 min., S2-7: 65x50 min., S8: 78x50 min.; total 534x50 min.) A student from a wealthy family runs away. Like Robin Hood, she will become a bandit in order to help the most disadvantaged. The Time in Between (El Tiempo Entre Costuras) (Drama, 11x70 min./8x90 min./17x60 min.) Based on the international best-selling book of the same name. A seamstress is involved in a spy plot during the years prior to World War II. Sing Along (Vive Cantando) (Dramedy, S1: 14x70 min., S2: Coming soon) A dramedy whose tone is remarkably uplifting, as a karaoke pub can make people smile while they struggle to overcome hard times.


Contact: Nuria Queipo, sales exec., BRB Intl. (VB-52); Silvia Cotino, sales dept., Mediaset España Comunicación (VB-52); Barbora Susterova, sales mgr., Imagina Intl. Sales (VB-61); Teresa Guitart, head, intl. relations & sales, TV3 Televisió de Catalunya; Victor Carrera, intl. relations & sales, TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (VB-55); Santiago Gimeno de Priede, CEO, Comercial TV; Paloma García Cuesta, sales exec., Comercial TV (VB-60); Diana Borbón Cuchi, sales exec., Atresmedia (VB-53); Ana Estevez, sales mgr., Secuoya Content Distribution (VB-62); Begoña Esteban, sales mgr., Central Europe, Imira Ent. (VB-54). PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Lucky Fred 2 (Animated comedy adventure, 104x12 min.) Lucky Fred is a comedy featuring Fred, Friday and Brains. Together they will save the world and have a lot of fun along the way! (Imira Entertainment) El Principe (Drama, 13x70 min.) Set in the dangerous real-life neighborhood of El Príncipe, in Ceuta, a Spanish town on the North African coast surrounded by Moroccan territory. (Mediaset España) The Shower (Talent show format) Anybody can sing in the shower but only few do it really well. This show puts that talent to the test. (Secuoya) Talking Tom and Friends (Comedy adventure animation, 52x11 min. HD) Millions of users have pet, played and laughed along with Talking Tom and his friends inside their apps. Now it’s time for fans to see the world of their favorite app stars. (BRB Internacional) Bandolera (Drama, 116x30 min.) A young English woman returns to the place where she was raised, the mines of Rio Tinti in Andalusia, in this story filled with adventure, villains and romance in Southern Spain in 1882. (Comercial TV) B&B (Series, 13x70 min.) A professional drama with doses of comedy, the series is about the staff at a weekly magazine that covers current affairs and fashion in a cosmopolitan and modern city. (Imagina International Sales) Old Bridge’s Secret (Drama/telenovela, 65x50 min.) Set in rural Spain in the early 20th century, the story of the midwife Pepa, who fights to find the child that was stolen from her and freely live out a love considered forbidden in the eyes of society in her time. (Atresmedia) La Riera (Drama/series, 130x30 min.) From Televisió de Catalunya (TV3).

Tel: (34-91) 349-6479 / (34-91) 512-1660 e-mail: / websites: /

e-mail: website:

NATPE Europe Stands: VB-52, 53, 54, 55, 60, 61, 62

Secuoya’s The Shower (Audiovisual from Spain)


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5 3

AZTECA Periferico Sur #4121 Col. Fuentes del Pedregal Cp 14141, Mexico City, Mexico Tel: (5255) 5251-1410 e-mail: website:

happiness, which will require them to put their past behind them. La Otra Cara del Alma (The Other Side of the Soul) (Drama/telenovela, 124x60 min.) Alma is obsessed with regaining what is rightfully hers; she won’t stop until she makes Aunt Josefina and her cousin Daniela pay.

BEYOND DISTRIBUTION 41/42 Berners St. London W1T 3NB, U.K. Tel: (44-20) 7323-3444 NATPE Europe Suite: 1002 Contact: Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO, Comarex; Adela Velasco, sales, Europe & Africa. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Siempre Tuya… Acapulco (A Love to Remember) (Drama/telenovela, 130x60 min.) A story of a love unfettered by the past that struggles to survive the coldblooded ambition of the present. Los Rey (The Kings) (Drama, 125x60 min.) There is an empire, a very wealthy place everyone is very interested in. It is a place ruled by a group who is equally loved and hated.

Azteca’s Siempre Tuya... Acapulco

Corazon en Condominio (Lucky Me) (Drama, 140x60 min.) Everything changes for Oscar Leal, a charismatic taxi driver with no worries in life, when he wins the lottery and meets Tatiana, an educated young woman who is way out of his league. La Academia Kids (Reality, 17 weeks) A reality show that seeks to discover the child artists of tomorrow and develop their musical talents. Prohibido Amar (Forbidden Love) (Drama/ telenovela, 90x60 min.) Inside the Consorcio Aguilera textile emporium there is a passionate triangle between Gabriela Ramirez, a successful fashion designer, Ignacio Aguilera, the owner of the company and Rafael Hernandez Cosio. Hombre Tenias Que Ser (The Agency) (Drama, 105x60 min.) In a very prestigious advertising agency, a woman is willing to stand out in a man’s world. Destino (Destiny) (Drama/telenovela, 105x60 min.) Valeria could never imagine that the woman she will fight for the love of Sebastian is the same woman she has been looking for all these years—her birth mother. Vivir a Destiempo (Timeless Love) (Drama/telenovela, 150x60 min.) Paula and Alejandro will have to overcome obstacles and intrigue in their search for

e-mail: website:

footage and exclusive access, provides an insider’s perspective on some of America’s most iconic and closely guarded subcultures. Fatal Vows—Series 2 (Crime & investigation, 13x60 min. HD) Divorce can bring out the worst in people, shocking things they never imagined they were capable of doing—including murder. Income Property—Series 8 (Lifestyle, 13x60 min. HD) Scott McGillivray leads buyers through the house hunt and renovation of their first income-generating property. MythBusters—Series 8 (Science & factual, 30x60 min. HD) This latest series is the best, now with more explosives, carnage and celebrity cameos.

BREAKTHROUGH ENTERTAINMENT NATPE Europe Stand: M3 Contact: Zoe Wilson, sales exec., Southeast Europe, Baltic States, Israel, inflight. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Airshow (Factual reality, 8x60 min. HD) This is the most dangerous part-time profession on the planet. Every year pilots push too hard and pay the ultimate price. Hillbilly Preppers—Atlanta (Factual reality, 6x30 min. HD) Barry and his boys are here to train you, arm you and build you anything you can dream up to protect yourself, even if it is against invading aliens. 3 Chefs, 1 City (Factual, 13x30 min. HD) Explores the world’s greatest foodie destinations with the guidance of three culinary leaders in each city, including Heinz Beck, Wolfgang Puck and Alvin Leung. Anh Does Scandinavia & Iceland (Travel & factual, 2x60 min. HD) Comedian Anh Do travels to the top of the world to reveal the diverse cultural traditions and history that have shaped the happiest people on Earth.

Beyond’s MythBusters

Myth or Science: The Quest for Perfection (Science, 1x60 min. HD) Dr Jennifer Gardy puts health and science claims to the test to discover whether they’re myth or science, in order to aid our quest for the perfect human being. Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom (Children & family, 10x30 min. HD) From Archimedes to Faraday, Dick and Dom explore the work of the most important inventors and scientists in history, and experiment with their own genius ideas. Hidden in America—Series 2 (People & society, 6x60 min. HD) Using unseen

35 Britain St., Toronto ON, M5A 1R7, Canada Tel: (1-416) 366-6588 e-mail: website:

attempts at parenthood of a disgraced former music exec (voiced by Eva Longoria), as she transitions from the towers of Manhattan to the carpool line of suburbia.

Breakthrough’s Rustic Adventures: Argentina

The True Heroines (Web series, 9x5 min. HD) Original sci-fi dramedy produced for the web explores the lives of three seemingly “normal” suburban 1950s housewives who happen to have superpowers.


PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Brojects (Lifestyle, 13x30 min. HD) These goofy brothers devise weekend projects aimed at turning their cottage into the ultimate weekend getaway. Boundless Season 2 (Lifestyle, 10x60 min. HD) Simon and Turbo travel to the four corners of the globe to take on some of the toughest endurance events. Rustic Adventures: Argentina (Lifestyle, 8x30 min. HD) Young chefs and restaurant owners Rob Rossi and Craig Harding head for the mountain ranges and rugged countryside of Argentina. The Chef’s Bar (Lifestyle, 10x30 min. HD) In each episode, three guests will drink, socialize and banter with chefs Craig Harding and Rob Rossi while feasting on dishes created right before their eyes. Hard Rock Medical (Prime-time drama, 13x30 min. HD) Instructed by a charismatic medical faculty, eight students are initiated into the medical profession in the most unusual school in the world deep in the woods of Northern Ontario. Stand (Factual, 1x60 min. HD) A proposed Gateway pipeline and tanker route threatens a coastline of immense beauty, pristine ecosystems and a way of life rich in culture and history. The Motherload (Factual, 1x60 min. HD) Takes an in-depth look at the daily struggle of working mothers—the current issues, challenges and triumphs that they all face. The Adventures of Napkin Man (Kids animation, 26x12 min. HD) Preschool series about a brand new kind of superhero, one who helps children better understand and manage their feelings. Mother Up! (Prime-time animation, 13x30 min. HD) Chronicles the misguided

150 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1250 Miami, FL 33134, U.S.A. Tel: (1-305) 960-2018 website:

NATPE Europe Suite: 1106 Contact: Estefania Arteaga, sales exec., Eastern Europe & Asia. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Fugitives (Fugitivos) (Series, 40x60 min.) A happily married father who was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit escapes in order to prove his innocence.

Caracol’s The Sweetest Love

Men Cry Too (Los hombres también lloran) (Series, 40x60 min.) Javier receives a unexpected call from his wife just as he is due to meet her in Miami, telling him to stay behind. Shot of Grace (Tiro de Gracia) (Series, 60x60 min.) Salvador Chaparro, an actor who aspires to star in movies, is forced to serve as the double of a powerful drug lord.



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6 4


Football Dreams: A World of Passion 2 (La Selección 2) (Series, 60x60 min.) Portrays the lives of four emblematic players from the Colombian national football team: Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita and Faustino Asprilla. The Dark Widow (La Viuda Negra) (Series, 80x60 min.) After a troubled childhood, the beautiful Griselda Blanco becomes known as the Godmother as she builds her drug trafficking empire. The Sweetest Love (Dulce Amor) (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) Circumstances force Martin Guerrero to become a chauffeur to Natalia Toledo. Her countless demands and his tendency to break the rules will end up bringing the two closer. The Voice of Freedom, Helenita Vargas (La Ronca de Oro) (Series, 60x60 min.) The story of a woman who found in Mexican music a way to express her deep desire for freedom, overcoming obstacles in a prejudiced society and attaining success and fulfilling her childhood dream. The Mother in Law (La Suegra) (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) A talk show host leaves the U.S. and returns to her home country, where she discovers that her children have ruined her wedding gown company and her best friend is dating her eternal love. The Dance Floor (La Pista) (Format, 60x60 min.) Talent competition where 16 dance groups led by 16 experienced Colombian singers will make the audience move to well-known choreographies belonging to everyone’s favorite songs. The Challenge (El Desafio) (Reality, 80x60 min.) Participants compete for a big cash prize. One group spends its day in a beach house with servants and exquisite delicacies, another suffers from a complete lack of accommodation and food.

CISNEROS MEDIA DISTRIBUTION 121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1400 Coral Gables, FL 33134, U.S.A. Tel: (1-305) 442-3411 e-mail: website:

NATPE Europe Suite: 1037 Contact: Cesar Diaz, VP; Cristobal Ponte, exclusive independent rep., EMEA. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Criminal MasterMind (DeMente Criminal) (Series, 60x60 min.) After her young daughter is murdered, Veronica Garcia’s suspicions target a renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Raimundo Acosta Sandoval. Sweet Thing (Cosita Linda) (Tele novela, 140x60 min.) Fate, and the love between Diego Lujan and Ana Rincon, will lead two very different families to cross paths, uniting them forever. Emerald Heart (Corazón Esmeralda) (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) A young ecologist battles Valle Bonito’s most powerful

industrialist, unaware of her true identity as heir to the capitalist’s fortune. Inside Football (Futbología) (Sports, 34x30 min.) Newsmagazine on the world of international football, presenting indepth and insightful stories about players, teams, leagues and stadiums.

Cisneros’s Sweet Thing

Hacienda Heights (Series, 26x30 min./13x60 min.) The corrupt mayor of Hacienda Heights is a powerful figure. To stay on top of his lifestyle, he must learn to balance his duties as mayor, family man, and head of a criminal operation. My Life in Sayulita (Mi Vida en Sayulita) (Series, 17x30 min.) Centered on seven teenagers living it up in the coastal village of Sayulita during a summer break, forever altering their perspective and outlook on life. Latin Angels Special (Variety, 52x30 min.) Travel and beauty show that takes viewers to exotic locations around the world following top bikini models, actresses, celebrities and famous Latinas posing for photo shoots. Animal Atlas (Reino Animal) (Edutainment, 234x30 min.) Entertaining adventure through the animal world that is informative and culturally relevant as it promotes a better understanding of how various animal species live and survive. Lucia’s Secrets (Los Secretos de Lucía) (Series, 75x60min.) Lucia must first bury her horrid past before it destroys her promising future. Rosario (Telenovela, 107x60 min.) Rosario discovers that Alejandro is the same man her mother was to marry 21 years earlier.

Construir TV’s The Man and His Work

sports, pastimes or means of transport such as balls, bicycles, skates... In Detail (Detallistas) (Doc., 13x26 min.) Portrays those workers who understand their role as a means to achieve the maximum manpower. The Man and His Work (El hombre y su obra) (Doc., 13x26 min.) Stories of those artists who created great public works, the most important buildings of a city or just played a leading role in the construction of a house. Work to the Rescue (Obra al rescate) (Reality, 13x26 min.) Shows the different issues that should be taken into account when remodeling. Architects at Work (Arq. en obra) (Doc., 13x26 min.) Tells us about the processes undergone by the different trades. Family of Words (Familia de palabras) (Factual, 13x26 min.) Explores how words are used in different disciplines and the links found between the lunfardo (Argentinean slang) and the Spanish language. Women in Overalls (Mujeres de Overol) (Non-scripted, 13x26 min.) Introduces us to women who work in unusual sectors, in those places reserved until very recently only for men. Daily Mechanisms (Mecanismos cotidianos) (Factual, 13x26 min.) Discovers links among different mechanisms that are redone, adapted or used in a range of trades. The Yellow Table (La mesa amarilla) (Factual, 26x13 min.) A multi-purpose space where kids build funny and useful objects together with the host of the program.

the most famous masked hero in his quest for justice. Mia (2-6 CGI, 39x11 min. HD) Follows Mia, a 6-year-old inquisitive, daring and fearless mouse and her friends: from a tiny little world to big adventure! Mademoiselle Zazie (5-8 CGI, 78x7 min. HD) A series for boys and girls, packed with comedy, with all of the kids’ crazy ideas, their silliness and quirkiness. Adam’s Bakery (4-8 CGI adventure, 52x13 min. HD) Have fun with Adam preparing some very special recipes with the Magic Baking Machine, helping his dinosaur friends get out of trouble in their adventures. Pom Pom and Friends (2-5 CGI, 78x7 min. HD) Meet Pom Pom, a 5-year-old hero with a big heart who is very enthusiastic and still learning and figuring out how the world works. Cloud Bread (2-6 CGI, 156x7 min. HD) One rainy morning, two curious children find a small piece of cloud snagged on a twig. They take it to their mom and she bakes it into bread. When they eat it, they begin to float like clouds. My Goldfish is Evil (6-12 CGI adventure, 26x24 min. HD) Chronicles the hilarious adventures of Beanie and his little pet, a talking Goldfish who wants to conquer the world. Tales of Tatonka (4-8 CGI/live-action adventure/doc., 52x13 min. HD) Share laughs and adventures with wolf cubs who learn about life outside the family in the plains and the forests of North America.

CYBER GROUP STUDIOS 44B Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris, France Tel: (33-1) 555-63-232 e-mail: website:

Cyber Group’s Mia



Virrey Cevallos 520, CP1077 Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: (54-11) 4124-4970

9-12 Hangang-Daero 15-Gil Yongsan-Gu, Seoul 140-880 Republic of Korea Tel: (82-2) 6373-3000

e-mail: website:

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Work in Play (Obra en juego) (Doc., 13x26 min.) Shows the manufacturing process and parts used in sectors such as

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Zou (3-6 CGI, 104x11 min. HD) Featuring a completely lovable 5-year-old Zebra Zou and his extended family: Mum, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma and Great Grandma. Mini Ninjas (6-12 CGI animation/ action, 52x11 min. HD) Stories about a new generation of 12-year-olds ninjas, whose mission is to defend the Land Below the Clouds from the warlord Ashida. Zorro the Chronicles (6-12 CGI adventure, 26x22 min. HD) Series introduces

e-mail: website:

Licensing Expo Booth: J141 Contact: Young Choi, CEO; Donghoon Jung, VP. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT GON (Kids action comedy, S1: 90x11 min., S2: 26x11 min. in prod.) An action-


*LIST_0614_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 6/10/14 3:12 PM Page 602


7 3

packed comedy for boys and girls, this series illustrates the adventures of GON, a small yet super-strong mysterious dinosaur-looking creature, and its unique friends.

their way out of them, which only embroils them and other people in more trouble. Mission is Possible (Game show) Candidcamera game show that can be played in various environments (train, supermarket, gym, etc.) where a player needs to reveal the undercover person.

Daewon’s GON

DORI MEDIA GROUP Seefeldstrasse 113 CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland Tel: (41-43) 817-7050 e-mail: websites:,

NATPE Europe Suite: 1064/1065 Contact: Elena Antonini, VP, sales, Dori Media Distribution Argentina; Sivan Menashe, sales mgr., Dori Media Group. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Power Couple (Reality format) Puts love to the test like you’ve never seen before as eight couples face extreme challenges that will test how well they really know each other. Billy the Board (Street game show) Enables people to have fun and earn money while waiting in a bus/train station by playing with Billy, the station billboard that is turned into a living, speaking entity. Taste of Love (Dating cooking show) A prime-time studio show that combines two of the greatest human passions: the passion for good food and the passion for love. Will they match? The Surfers (Tween, 50x23 min.) New daily tween series about a group of adolescent surfers dealing with the decision to be evacuated from their beach club, which is their second home. AHA! Experience (Studio game show) New entertainment quiz show that wants to find out not what you know but what you see. Selfies (Docu-reality) Reveals the world of teenagers in their last dramatic year in high school, constantly using cellphones to communicate with the social networks. So Where Were We? (Comedy, 8x30 min.) The characters find themselves in situations where things don’t go as planned and they try to cut corners, avoid or scheme

Dori Media’s AHA! Experience

Win the Crowd (Outdoor talent show) A new game show where the street is the talent stage and all the contestant has to do is to “win the crowd.” Galis 2 (Tween, 116x30 min.) A second season of the hit daily drama about three lucky foster home kids who join an elite summer camp in a faraway forest. A third season is in post-production.

Cars That Rock With Brian Johnson (Factual ent., 6x60 min.) Legendary rock star Brian Johnson takes viewers on a full throttle adventure revealing the most iconic and expensive cars in history. 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover (True crime, 8x60 min.) A look at what happens when lovers’ tiffs reach the breaking point and push really comes to shove. Cook Your Ass Off (Food competition, 13x60 min.) Three talented chefs flex their muscle in the kitchen converting popular high-fat foods into lean and delicious dishes. Carnival Eats (Travel/food, 13x30 min.) The show that celebrates the largerthan-life characters who create outrageous, super-sized culinary concoctions found at midways and carnivals. One Night Stand (Travel/food, 6x30 min.) International foodie Annie Sibonney travels the world uncovering the best late night/early morning treats. Shannon and Sophie (Reality, 8x30 min.) One is an actress and model, the other a singer and student, but Shannon and Sophie have one thing in common—they’re related to KISS front man Gene Simmons.

ENTERTAINMENT ONE TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL 145 King St. East, 3/Fl. Toronto, ON M5C 2Y7, Canada Tel: (1-416) 309-4200 e-mail: website:

eOne’s Halt and Catch Fire

GMA WORLDWIDE 10/Fl., GMA Network Center EDSA corner Timog Avenue Diliman, Quezon City 1103, Philippines Tel: (632) 333-7572 NATPE Europe Suite: 1035 Contact: Tess Charman, sales dir., CEE, Middle East & Africa. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Matador (Action, 13x60 min.) In a game of life and death, a DEA agent is recruited to investigate a mysterious mogul who owns one of the greatest soccer teams. Halt and Catch Fire (Drama, 10x60 min.) A dynamic illustration of the American dream in the 1980s with three underdogs who overthrow corporate empires during the personal computer boom. Turn (Drama, 10x60 min.) A farmer and a group of his friends become unlikely spies and turn the tide in America’s fight for independence. Welcome to Sweden (Comedy, 10x30 min.) Bruce is an accountant ready to start a new life with his smart and sexy Swedish girlfriend Emma, but moving from NYC to Sweden isn’t as easy as he thought.

e-mail: website:

GMA’s The Half Sisters

The Half Sisters (Contemporary drama, 35x45 min.) Diana and Ashley are very special non-identical twins—born of the same mother, they have different fathers. Carmela (Melodrama, 35x45 min.) When Carmela falls in love with a man who despises her mother, she is forced to make heart-wrenching decisions. Rhodora X (Mystery-suspense melodrama, 35x45 min.) Abused as a child, Rhodora develops dissociative identity disorder and an alter ego emerges: one who is confident, smart, manipulative and intent on stealing her sister’s lover. The Borrowed Wife (Mystery contemporary drama, 35x45 min.) Story revolves around the intertwined lives of Maricar, Rico, Earl and Tessa and how one secret sets their destinies in a shared trajectory towards love and redemption. My Paradise (Contemporary drama, 35x45 min.) Tupe and Josephine are raised on a remote island where they will discover everything about life and love without the interference of the rest of the world at a very young age. Footsteps of a Mermaid (Fantasy romance drama, 35x45 min.) The story of twins, Alona, who is a mermaid, and Perlas, a human with gills, who grew up in different worlds and both fell in love with the same man. Innamorata (Fantasy romance drama, 35x45 min.) A story that will reassure every woman that in spite of all her struggles, fears and insecurities, there is a kind of love so powerful it makes all things beautiful. Villa Quintana (Contemporary drama, 35x45 min.) Modern-day Romeo and Juliet love story with family tensions pitted against the brewing romance.

ITV STUDIOS GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT NATPE Europe Stand: VB-3 Contact: Jocelyn D. Go, asst. VP; Reineer O. Reyes, pgm. admin. specialist. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The Other Mrs. Real (Contemporary drama, 45x45 min.) The story of two women and their struggle to possess the one man they have both chosen to marry. Niño (Family fantasy drama, 35x45 min.) The story of a simple boy, who, through divine guidance, can inspire anyone around him to stay hopeful.

LTVC Upper Ground London, SE1 9LT, U.K. Tel: (44-20) 7491-1441 website:


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8 4


NATPE Europe Suite: 1019 Contact: Jennifer Ebell, VP, sales, EMEA South & East; Maria Cantalapiedra, sales exec., intl. home ent.; Paris Spence, sales coord., EMEA South & East. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The Great Fire (Drama, 4x60 min.) As the Great Fire tears London apart, this brand-new epic drama details the heartwrenching stories of a city and its people in crisis. Game of Chefs (Prime-time reality format) A cookery battle of epic proportions. Three culinary icons assemble their teams of chefs for the ultimate game. The Guess List (Ent., 6x45 min. & format) Hosted by comedian Rob Brydon, two contestants compete in a comedy quiz with the help of a panel of famous celebrities.

ITV-INTER MEDYA Valikonagi Caddesi 26/3 Nisantasi, 34367 Istanbul, Turkey Tel: (90-212) 231-0102 e-mail:, website:

JETPACK DISTRIBUTION 8 Hereford Rd. London W5 4SE, U.K. Tel: (44-7825) 006924

KESHET INTERNATIONAL 12 Raul Valenberg St. P.O.B. 58151 61580 Tel Aviv, Israel Tel: (972-3) 767-6412 e-mail: website:


NATPE Europe Stand: S2 Contact: Can Okan, pres. & CEO; Ahmet Ziyalar, mng. dir.; Beatriz Cea Esteruelas, sales exec. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Black Rose (Karagül) (Drama, S1: 27x42 min., S2: TBA HD) The series that takes place in Halfeti Sanliurfa is the story of two brothers at war, as well as the story of rebirth of a woman in distant lands. Stolen Life (O Hayat Benim) (Drama, HD) Bahar, who grew up in the slums, discovers that she is the only heir to a fortune that she could only dream of.

ITVS GE’s Rectify

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills (Ent., 15x30 min.) Follows the personal lives and professional careers of the town’s top cosmetic doctors. Come Dine with Me Couples (Ent., 30x60 min. & format) Dinner parties are given the Come Dine with Me treatment as couples are invited to take on the challenge of hosting the perfect night. Mr Selfridge (Drama, S3: Coming soon, S2: 10x60 min., S1: 1x90 min. & 9x60 min.) Lavish period drama that drew big audiences all over the world with its gripping stories and intriguing characters. Rectify (Drama, S2: 10x60 min., S1: 6x60 min.) From the award-winning producers behind Breaking Bad, the drama returns for a second season following the life of Daniel Holden upon his release from prison. Big Star’s Little Star (Ent., S2: 8x60 min., S1: 6x60 min. & format) See famous personalities through their children’s eyes as parent/child duos are put to the test in a warm, prime-time game show for all the family. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… (Doc., 3x60 min.) Reveals the truth behind the controversial deaths of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Anna Nicole Smith. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (Ent., S13: 9x60 min. & 11x90 min., & format) A hugely successful reality show where celebrities are dropped into a remote part of Australia and compete to be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.

Red Scarf (Al Yazmalim) (Drama, 88x45 min. HD) The beautiful Asiye meets the cheeky Ilyas when he has a small accident while practicing with his motorbike.

ITV-Inter Medya’s Black Rose

In Between (Fatih Harbiye) (Drama, HD) Neriman, who lost her mother as a little girl, is a traditional young woman who lives with her father and her aunt in the suburbs. Although she grew up in a modest environment, her dreams are very big. The Butterfly’s Dream (Kelebegin Rüyasi) (Drama, 5x42 min. HD) In 1941, Zonguldak, Turkey, two young poets vie for the affection of the daughter of a rich businessman. Law of the Land (Adini Kalbime Yazdim) (Drama, HD) Will the law of love or of the land be the winner? The Cost of Love (Askin Bedeli) (Daily drama, HD) Seeking revenge, Taner kidnaps Sedef, the wife of Poyraz, and sends an imposter back to wreak havoc on the family. 20 Minutes (20 Dakika) (Drama, 59x45 min. HD) It took him four years to marry the woman he loved, nine years to get the job he wanted, ten years to buy his own home, 12 years to raise two kids, and 20 minutes to lose everything.

NATPE Europe Stand: M17b Contact: Dominic Gardiner, CEO. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Jamie’s Got Tentacles! (Comedy, 52x11 min.) Jamie, Prince of Blarb, flees to Earth in order to escape the villainous Vloks who want to eat him alive! I.N.K. (Invisible Network of Kids) (Comedy adventure, 26x24 min.) The Invisible Network of Kids have sworn to protect the coolest school on Earth from the nastiest teacher in the world! Endangered Species (Comedy, 26x30 min./52x11 min.) A bunny, a squirrel and a gull find themselves in ridiculously dangerous—and hilarious!—situations whenever they try to go about their daily life. Slugterra: Return of the Elementals (Action, 1x70 min./3x22 min.) The Shane Gang and their new member, Junjie, race to protect the Elemental Slugs from an evil alliance set on using them to destroy Slugterra. Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond (Action, 1x44 min./2x22 min.) Eli faces a new threat from beyond Slugterra’s 99 caverns: a slug that can do something no one has ever seen—or heard—a slug do before! Slugterra (Action, 39x30 min.) Eli Shane and his friends must protect the underground world of Slugterra by collecting and dueling with magic-transforming critters called slugs. Rated A for Awesome (Comedy, 26x30 min./52x11 min.) Les and his friends are on a mission: to fight back against “blah” using all their powers of awesomization! League of Super Evil (Comedy, 39x30 min./78x11 min.) Armed with a new approach to badness, four super villains set their sights on nothing less than total neighborhood domination!

NATPE Europe Suite: 1023a Contact: Cynthia Kennedy, sales dir. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS BOOM (Studio game show) A television game that fuses the drama, intensity and thrill of a blockbuster action movie with the laughter and fun of a new, colorful prime-time show. Rising Star (Talent show, format & 10 eps. U.S. version) The trailblazing interactive talent format, marking the first real-time voting by viewers via an innovative free app. The Baker and the Beauty (She’s With Me) (Romantic comedy, format & 10x30 min. finished show) Follows the impossible love story between a simple baker and an international supermodel. Easy Money (Comedy) When a broke claims adjuster wins a $70 million lottery jackpot, you’d think he was the happiest man alive. But he’s got a major problem—keeping it from his wife! Dear Neighbors (Docu-comedy) A romantic docu-comedy format where the daughter of a small town comes home to find the entire community involved in a matchmaking process for her.

Keshet’s BOOM

Jetpack’s Slugterra: Return of the Elementals

Storm Hawks (Action, 52x30 min.) Five mismatched teens take on the mission of the famous Sky Knights to defend the sky-high world of Atmos from Master Cyclonis.

Sure or Insure (Game show) The shinyfloor game show that hands one contestant $200,000 with the potential to win $1 million—but then inserts his family between him and the cash! Master Class (Talent show format) The musical talent show where children sing all-time classics with only positive reviews and no eliminations. Girlfri3nds (Dating format, U.K. version S1: 8x60 min. & S2: 8x60 min. & format) Host Emma Willis joins three single ladies who will live together, laugh

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9 3

together and date together, as they begin their search for Mr. Right. Marathon (Docu-reality) Five ordinary people with no athletic background come together with one common goal: in eight months they will run a marathon. Traffic Light (Comedy) International Emmy Award-winning comedy about three guys in their 30s and their enduring friendship as life deals them very different cards.

MARVISTA ENTERTAINMENT 10277 West Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90067, U.S.A. Tel: (1-424) 274-3000 e-mail: website:


LAWLESS ENTERTAINMENT 11279 Dona Lisa Drive Studio City, CA 91604, U.S.A. Tel: (1-323) 201-2678 e-mail: website:

Licensing Expo Booth: E75 Contact: Cathy Malatesta, pres.; Bryan Taw, VP; Sondra Contino, VP, sales & mktg. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Suzy’s Zoo (2-5 children’s animation, 26x2 min.) Each episode follows the adorable and playful characters of Little Suzy’s Zoo as they embark on adventures with their friends. Bug Rangers (4-9 adventure, 5x3542 min.) Join three bug friends, Squiggz, Cosmo and Flutter, as they learn about friendship and trust, honor and family, loss, forgiveness, repentance and love. Dino Babies (2-5 children’s animation, 26x30 min./52x11 min.) Follow the adventures of five baby dinosaurs and their pterodactyl pals—each with a distinctive and memorable personality—as they act out classic fairytales in their own interpretations. Nutri Ventures (Adventure/comic, 102x23 min.) A group of little heroes discovers the power of the foods and embark on the quest for the seven kingdoms to restore the food diversity.

Lawless’s Suzy’s Zoo

Sexy Evil Genius (Dark comedy, 1x90 min.) Drop dead sexy and certifiably insane, vengeful Nikki invites four of her ex-lovers to an L.A. bar for a meeting that will drastically alter the course of their lives—or at least what’s left of them. Thinspiration (Drama, 1x90 min.) Hannah stumbles upon an online community devoted to anorexia and becomes an obsessive follower of the site’s founder.

NATPE Europe Suite: VB-9 Contact: Laura Hoffman, exec. dir., dist. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS 10,000 Days (Action, 1x90 min.) 10,000 days in the future, Earth is locked in a new ice age, and the survivors of this cataclysmic shift engage in an epic struggle of life or death. Betrayed (Thriller, 1x90 min.) While vacationing in Cape Cod, Julie and her boyfriend Trent get caught up in a scandal when Trent is kidnapped by a mysterious man. Dance-Off (Family/teen, 1x90 min.) A broke but talented dancer must compete against his wealthy rival and former dance partner at a national dance competition for money to save his studio and a second chance at love.

Via Brenta, 11 00198 Rome, Italy Tel: (39-06) 8632-3293 e-mail: website:


NATPE Europe Stand: VB-44 Contact: Alessandro Venturi, sales mgr. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Treasure Island (Animation, 26x26 min.) Born from the R. L. Stevenson masterpiece, blends the classic story with a wider and complex tale that takes us far beyond the island, the treasure and Stevenson. Sissi (Animation, 26x26 min.) Inspired by a real Empress of Austria named Princess Sissi, focusing on the relationship with her large family and, above all, with her lover Franz. Cat Leopold (Animation, 78x5 min./26x13 min.) This cute comedy series is about the adventures of a very kind cat, Leopold, and two mischievous mice.

MarVista’s Sexy Evil Genius

A Fairytale Christmas (Holiday, 1x90 min.) Auctioneer Belle heads up to finalize Hunter’s estate sale. As they work together, the temperamental Hunter begins to soften, putting both the estate sale and Belle’s heart in jeopardy. Fatal Acquittal (Thriller, 1x90 min.) After being acquitted for the murder of her husband, Cassidy Miller vows to find the true killer. If I Had Wings (Drama, 1x90 min.) Alex Taylor, who is blind, dreams of running for his school’s cross-country team. He finds an unlikely running partner in a man who spends most of his time running from the law. Kristin’s Christmas Past (Holiday, 1x90 min.) A woman in New York finds herself magically transported in time and face-to-face with her 17-year-old self, realizing that this is the Christmas that changed her life forever. Monkey in the Middle (Family, 1x90 min.) After helping a monkey escape from a greedy fair operator, 11-year-old Chris and his neighbor Mara try to keep their new friend a secret.

they’re assigned to a child, and in the real world, where children in need of friends are matched with pets. Playtime Buddies (Preschool animation, 26x13 min.) Each story encourages the development of positive social interaction and cognitive skills. Angel’s Friends: The Secret World Around You (Kids/tween animation, S1: 52x13 min., S2: 52x13 min. in prod., TV movie) Gabi, Urié, Raf, Dolce and Ang-Li are sent to live among humans before they can become 100-percent angels. Virus Attack (7-13 animation, 52x13 min.) A scientist’s discovery allows five guys to become antiviruses that can combat the viruses planted on Earth by an evil being.

1575 Westwood Blvd. Suite 300, Los Angeles CA 90024, U.S.A. Tel: (1-310) 445-0700 e-mail: website:

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The Secret Life of John Paul II (Drama, 1x98 min.) The true story of a great friendship born on the white mountain peaks in northern Italy between Pope John Paul II and a private ski instructor. Golden Age of Television Series (Drama, 700+ hrs.) Collection includes: Peter Gunn (114x30 min.), Mr. Lucky (34x30 min.), The Invisible Man (26x30 min.), Decoy (39x30 min.) Two Wall to Wall Action Films (Action/crime/drama, 2x75-95 min. HD) Send No Flowers starring Sean Young, Tony Lo Bianco, Russ Camarda. The Night Never Sleeps with Eric Roberts, Armand Assante, Dan Brennan.

Mondo’s The Drakers

Gormiti—The New Adventure (Animation, 52x26 min.) The new Princes of Gorm are called to action when an ancient evil rears its head and the legendary Magmion returns. The Drakers (Animation, 26x26 min.) A coproduction with Ferrari about two young Formula X drivers who compete in the kids’ championship for the Drakers team. Dinofroz (Animation, 26x26 min.) Four childhood buddies find a way of accessing a parallel time dimension, where they find themselves as dinosaurs, in the middle of a never-ending war with dragons. Puppy in My Pocket (Animation, 52x13 min.) The adventures take place both in Pocketville, where pets live before

Multicom’s The Secret Life of John Paul II

Factual, History, Biographies, Documentaries Package (Doc., 3,000+x60 min.) Over 3,000 hours of history, music, biographies, documentaries and multiepisode series. International Family Classics (Animation, 15x90 min. HD) Animated classics: Alice


*LIST_0614_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 6/10/14 3:12 PM Page 605


Through the Looking Glass, The Charles Dickens Collection, Sherlock Holmes. Religions of the World (Doc., 13x60 min.) Narrated by Ben Kingsley, an insightful collection of programs that explore the differences and similarities among many major world religions. Network Mini-Series (Action/drama, 3-88x60 min.) GUN, JFK—Reckless Youth, Harts of the West, Family Pictures. Phenomenon Archives (Drama, 14x60 min.) Dean Stockwell hosts this exploration of some of the most startling mysteries and conspiracies of our time. Cult Classic Films (Action/horror/suspense/comedy) Cult classics such as The House on Sorority Row, Freeway, Mutant, Grizzly, Oblivion, Girl. Kushner Locke Library of Films & Network Series (1,000+ titles) Comedy, drama, horror, action and adventure.

POWER 34 Gresse St. London W1T 1QX, U.K. Tel: (44-207) 323-0070

Scarecrow (Horror, 2x60 min.) Surviving the night becomes a distant prayer for a motley group of students when a local legend is revealed to be a terrifying reality. Air Force One is Down (Action/thriller, 2x120 min.) A fearless rogue soldier, a former general and the U.S. President become pawns in a deadly contest of wills on a global scale. Exploding Sun (End of the world drama, 2x120 min.) A historic space launch triggers a solar-storm event that could have cataclysmic repercussions for the planet if it isn’t stopped in time. Ring of Fire (End of the world drama, 2x120 min.) A localized volcanic eruption triggers an effect called the “Ring of Fire” that threatens to destroy life on Earth. Birdman Chronicles (Sports & adventure doc., 1x60 min.) A look at the adrenaline-fueled world of wingsuiting, “the most dangerous sport in the world.” The Kalahari Meerkats (Wildlife & conservation doc., 6x30 min.) Meet the Gosa gang, a loveable family of meerkats struggling to survive in Africa’s Kalahari Desert.


e-mail: website:

Medienallee 7 85774 Unterfoehring, Germany Tel: (49-89) 9507-2320 NATPE Europe Suite: 1105 Contact: Steve Turney, VP, sales & acq. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS New Worlds (Period drama, 4x60 min.) Four young men and women in America and England struggle against tyranny and oppression in the turbulent 1680s. Tiger Eyes (Drama, 1x120 min.) An uplifting coming-of-age drama based on the best-selling novel by Judy Blume. Felix (Family drama, 1x120 min.) The inspiring story of a young boy from a poor background who strives against adversity to follow his dream.

Power’s The Kalahari Meerkats

The Hot Potato (Crime comedy, 1x120 min.) Bizarre capers ensue after two friends unwittingly find themselves in possession of a lump of weapons-grade uranium.

e-mail: website: NATPE Europe Suite: 1003 Contact: Shakira Hoffmann, snr. sales mgr., CEE; Esteban Rodriguez, sales mgr.; Nicole Offergeld, jnr. sales mgr. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Bosch (Crime series, 10x45 min.) Based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling book franchise, stars Titus Welliver as homicide detective Harry Bosch. Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot (Family ent., 1x90 min.) Retired bachelor Mr. Hoppy harbors a secret passion for his neighbor, Mrs. Silver. Unfortunately she lavishes all her affection on another— Alfie, her pet tortoise. Remedy (Drama, 10x45 min.) Medical series that looks at the life of a hospital through the eyes of charismatic Griffin Conner and his eccentric family of overachieving medical professionals. Safety First (Comedy format) New hit comedy from the creator of Benidorm Bastards about four totally incompetent security guards. Married at First Sight (Reality format) Six singles, who have failed to find love, take their most radical step yet: they marry a complete stranger! 100 Code (Crime series, 12x45 min.) After young women turn up dead in Stockholm and New York, an NYPD detective travels to Stockholm and is paired with a Swedish cop. The Taste (Cooking competition) By judging every dish blind in the ABC series, our celebrity mentors, headed by Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, focus purely on “the taste.”

McConkey (Sport, 1x105 min.) A heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports. Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate (Sport, 1x52 min.) This documentary follows Danny and his team through the process as they try and create his most ambitious riding film to date.

Red Arrow’s 100 Code

The One That Got Away (Reality format) We meet a stranger at a bar, on the commute to work or on holiday. We instantly connect. We share a moment. Then we never see them again… But what if that person was “The One”? Midnight Feast (Reality format) With exclusive after-hours access to a deli department or a food hall, three home cooks use their chosen ingredients and a field kitchen on the street outside to prepare the three-course dinner of their dreams in just three hours.

RED BULL MEDIA HOUSE Oberst-Lepperdinger-Strasse 11-15 5071 Wals, Austria Tel: (43-662) 2240-28740 e-mail: website:

Red Bull Media’s Mission to the Edge of Space

Neymar The Documentary (Sport, 1x20 min.) Get to know Neymar and the daily life behind the football star.

RIVE GAUCHE TELEVISION 15300 Ventura Blvd. Suite 507, Sherman Oaks CA 91403, U.S.A. Tel: (1-818) 784-9912

NATPE Europe Stand: VB-18 Contact: Martin Auinger, sales mgr., Terra Mater/Servus TV; Sahil Oberoi, sales mgr., Africa, CEE, India & Middle East. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Explorers—Adventures of the Century (Sport, 12x24 min.) Profiles the wild dozen of the most extraordinary people—both men and women—in their quest for the ultimate adventure. Ultimate Rush Season 2 (Sport, 20x24 min.) Why do athletes risk everything to achieve something? Break’n Reality Season 2 (Sport, 8x24 min.) Details the lives of some of the world’s best breakdancers as they chase fame and success. Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014 (Sport, 8x52 min.) The world’s most intense motor racing series is ready to take to the skies again. Mission to the Edge of Space (Sport, 2x52 min.) The inside story of Red Bull Stratos. McMorris & McMorris (Sport, 8x25 min.) Competitors, brothers and friends: meet Mark and Craig McMorris. Free My Way (Culture & lifestyle, 6x25 min.) Three freerunners, one mission: to unearth a forbidden world.

e-mail: website:

NATPE Europe Stand: M13 Contact: Bryan Gabourie, VP, intl. dist. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS APB with Troy Dunn (6x60 min.) A new investigation series featuring Troy Dunn, a foremost expert in locating and reuniting long-lost persons. The Super (26x30 min.) Dave Palladino is “The Super.” With over 1,700 units under his care, repairs and maintenance only begin to scratch the surface of his everyday duties. Buying… (66x30 min.) Takes us to extraordinary and unusual locations to help buyers pick the home of their dreams! The Illegal Eater (13x30 min.) Steven Page uncovers elusive restaurants in this series, searching for the greatest underground food a city has to offer. Who Let the Dogs Out (26x30 min.) An animal loving series featuring Tillman the Skateboarding Dog and Norman the


*LIST_0614_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 6/10/14 3:12 PM Page 606


Scooter Dog in the quest to find the most incredible dogs. Born to Explore (26x60 min.) Scientist, adventurer and real-life Indiana Jones, Richard Wiese takes viewers on unforgettable journeys across seven continents.

SPI’s 360 TuneBox HD

FilmBox Arthouse (TV channel) Makes independent and art films more widely available to the public. 360 TuneBox HD (TV channel) Music channel featuring 24 hours of nonstop videos, mixed and organized into genre clusters: rock, indie, pop, electro, dance and hip-hop.

Rive Gauche’s The Super

Mountain Movers (8x60 min.) Follows Chris Gunnarson and the Snow Park Technologies team as they build some of the most impressive winter sports projects across the nation. Elder Skelter (3x60 min.) Unravels the shocking and bizarre stories of senior citizens who committed cold, calculating murders and other heinous crimes. Sea Rescue (39x30 min.) Hosted by environmental journalist Sam Champion, features the rescue, rehabilitation and, in many instances, return of wildlife back into the ocean. Girl’s Guide to Depravity (26x30 min.) A scripted adult comedy about two best friends who have come up with their own set of rules that are designed for maximum pleasure and minimal heartbreak.

SPI INTERNATIONAL / FILMBOX 55 White St., New York NY 10013, U.S.A. e-mail: website:

Contact: Berk Uziyel, exec. dir., FilmBox Intl.; Stacey Sobel, EVP, SPI Intl. HIGHLIGHTS FightBox HD (TV channel) Offers the best selection of martial arts from over 30 different disciplines with HD coverage of popular international competitions and live events. Fast&Fun HD (TV channel) Offers an action-packed, adrenaline-inducing medley of extreme sports from car racing and motocross to snowboarding and skateboarding.

STUDIO 100 MEDIA Sapporobogen 6-8 80637 Munich, Germany Tel: (49-89) 960-8550 e-mail: website:

Trains (CGI/3D animation, S1: 46x5 min., S2: 46x5 min. in prod.) Tishka and his train friends drink hot fuel for breakfast but live and feel like human beings and are always keen to learn more about the world. Knietzsche (2D animated edutainment, 30x3 min.) Knietzsche, the world’s smallest philosopher, provides children with answers to the major questions in life. The Eggsperts (CGI edutainment, 39x7 min.) The Eggsperts teach children to expand their vocabulary and inspire word play using phonemic awareness, rhyming and tongue-twisting fun. Maya the Bee (CGI/3D animation, 78x12 min.) With a curious demeanor and a lust for discovery, Maya always goes her own way and takes her friends on various adventures in the meadow. Vic the Viking (CGI/3D animation, 78x12 min.) Little Vic is much smarter than the strong grown-up Vikings and proves that brainpower is the key to untangle the most complicated situations.



Sonnenstrasse 14 80331 Munich, Germany Tel: (49-89) 9622-8300

Sex, Lies & Handwriting (Crime, 12x60 min.) Katie Bold, an accomplished artist and handwriting expert—with her own newspaper column on the subject—is drawn into the world of crime-solving because of her extraordinary skills. Problem is, she faints at the sight of blood. Crossing Lines—Season 1 & 2 (Action thriller, 22x45 min.) Action/crime series about a special unit functioning as a European-based FBI that investigates crimes crossing over European borders and brings criminals to justice. Pirate’s Passage (Animated movie, 1x90 min.) In Grey Rocks, a town on the south shore of Nova Scotia that was famous 250 years ago as a favored port of pirates, Jim Hawkins and his widowed mother struggle to keep their livelihood, the Admiral Anson Inn, from falling into the pernicious hands of Roy Moehner.

TELEFE Prilidiano Pueyrredón 2989 2/Fl., (B1640ILA) Martinez Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: (54-11) 4102-5810 e-mail: website:

e-mail: website:

NATPE Europe Suite: 1005 Contact: Martin Krieger, head, intl. TV sales; Dorian Bühr, jnr. sales exec. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Heidi (CGI/3D animation, 39x22 min.) Orphaned Heidi discovers life in the nature of the Swiss Alps. Being a true ray of sunshine she wins the hearts of everyone around her. Tashi (CGI & 2D, 52x11 min.) Tashi, Jack and Lotus Blossom are swept up in a series of wild adventures exploring a fantastical kingdom where they have to face mythical creatures.

NATPE Europe Stand: VB-37 Contact: Rola Bauer, pres. & partner; Patrick Phelan, snr. sales mgr.; Mitch Zamarin, press & P.R. mgr. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Spotless (Drama, 10x45 min.) Sexy crime drama set in London tells the story of a troubled man whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.

Studio 100’s Heidi

K3 (2D animation, 52x13 min.) Three teen pop singers on a global tour try to make it to their next concert and to save the world along the way.

Tandem’s Crossing Lines

NATPE Europe Stand: VB-22 Contact: Claudio Ipolitti, intl. business dir.; Daniel Otaola, content dist. mgr.; Maria Eugenia Costa, intl. business exec. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Love Road (Camino al Amor) (Tele novela, 150x60 min. HD) Sebastián Estevanez and Carina Zampini star in this new series from Enrique “Quique” Estevanez about a man who returns to Argentina after his estranged father suffers a heart attack and encounters his former love. Dear Daddies (Sres. Papis) (Dramatic comedy, 150x60 min. HD) Four modern and attractive fathers become friends over daily conversations at the door of the kindergarten their kids attend. We Are Family (Somos Familia) (Family comedy, 180x60 min. HD) From the creator of Candy Love, the story of a coveted bachelor who, due to a tragedy, becomes the legal guardian of four orphans. Taxxi, Crossed Hearts (Taxxi, Amores Cruzados) (Telenovela, 66x60 min. HD) The story of Martín Montana, a doctor who, after suffering the death of his wife, hides behind the wheel of a taxi, escaping from a memory that has been tormenting him for 15 years. Allies (Aliados) (Teen telenovela, 40x60 min. HD) Cris Morena, the creator of huge hits such as Rebels’ Way and Flinderella, returns to TV with a 360-


*LIST_0614_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 6/10/14 3:12 PM Page 607


degree project about seven lost youngsters chosen to save the world. Candy Love (Dulce Amor) (Telenovela, 120x60 min., HD) The love story of four couples, four generations and four kinds of love that are completely different but equally intense.

Echoes of the Desert (Miniseries, 4x60 min.) Highlights the military coup led by Augusto Pinochet in Chile to overthrow the Allende government in 1973. This is War (Esto es Guerra) (Reality competition format, 5 seasons) Two mixed teams of five or more contestants are each led by a captain who at the same time represents a house in this versatile and easily adaptable format.

Televisa’s The Dark Widow

Telefe’s Taxxi, Crossed Hearts

TELEVISA INTERNACIONAL 6355 NW 36th St. Miami, FL 33166, U.S.A. Tel: (1-786) 265-2500 website:

show that captures the amazement of real shopping mall customers with TV’s top practical jokes. The Wacky Old Games (Quiz format, 6070 min. eps.) The set and the environment reflect the spirit of these crazy games from all over the world, which are adapted and modified for the TV stage. Dancing for a Dream (Reality, 8x210 min.) Twelve celebrities and twelve talented participants from all around the country get together to show their best dance moves and make their dreams come true, with the audience having the final say. The Dark Widow (Series, 8x45 min.) Being raped as a child unleashes a fury in Griselda Blanco, one that will carry her through her dangerous life as a drug trafficker. She will always try to outwit the difficulties in her life, but can she escape death?

TV FILM INTERNATIONAL NATPE Europe Suite: 1049 Contact: Ricardo Ehrsam, general dir., Europe & Asia; Claudia Sahab, dir., Europe; Manola Martin, business mgr., Eastern Europe & Nordic region; Beatriz Rodriguez, business mgr., Eastern Europe; Patricia Porto, business mgr., Western Europe; Hugo Treviño, logistic & events. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The Stray Cat (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Esmeralda, who has lived a life of hardship, falls in love with her best friend Pablo, despite the fact that they come from different worlds. Their love will survive time and distance, but it will be wounded and put to the test by lies and betrayal. Mad Mall (Hidden-camera format, 3050 min. eps.) A hidden-camera comedy

1401 SW 22nd St., Suite 1105 Miami, FL 33145, U.S.A. Tel: (1-786) 401-5926 e-mail: website:

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The 2 Carolinas (Telenovela, 80x60 min.) Due to a case of mistaken identity, Carolina Salazar is accidentally hired to work at an exclusive boutique. Rather than confess her true identity, she lives a double life.

TV Film’s The 2 Carolinas

ZDF ENTERPRISES Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1 55127 Mainz, Germany Tel: (49) 6131-9910 e-mail: website:

NATPE Europe Suite: 1014 Contact: Sarah Eichenlaub, mgr., ZDFE.drama; Anna-Lena Funk, exec., ZDFE.drama; Peter Lang, VP, ZDFE.junior; Jan-Frederik Maul, mgr., ZDFE.junior. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Nature’s Greatest Secret—The Coral Triangle (Wildlife/nature, 3x50 min. HD) A region of unrivalled richness, beauty and biological importance, the Coral Triangle has the greatest concentration of marine life worldwide. Women Who Made History (History/bio, 6x50 min. HD) This dramatized series portrays these remarkable women in unprecedented detail, and examines their lives both in a contemporary context as well as from a historical perspective. Infestation (Science/knowledge, 4x50 min. HD) A scientific journey of how bug and animal infestations, agricultural

blights and weed mutations, reptile invasions, water-borne scourges, and pestilence outbreaks could affect humanity’s future. Thicker Than Water (Crime/suspense, 10x60 min. HD) Before dying, the owner of a popular B&B stipulates that her quarrelsome children run the place together for a year, or there’s no inheritance. Cecelia Ahern (Love/romance TV movies, 2x90 min. HD) Two romantic films based on books by best-selling author Cecelia Ahern that have been produced for ZDF’s Herzkino (romantic film specials) on Sunday night. The Team (Crime/suspense, 8x60 min. HD) Portrays a group of European police officers fighting international crime throughout the region. Knight Rusty (Kids animation, 52x13 min. HD/3D) The series’ characters have been put together from various recycled household utensils. They devote their unique talents to getting the cocky but lovable ex-cash register Knight Rusty out of trouble. Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (Kids live action, 26x26 min. HD) Chronicles the endless chain of unbelievable things that happen to an ordinary teenage boy. Dalli Dalli (Quiz format, 60/90 min. eps.) This timeless quiz show brings celebrities together to play against the clock in competitions full of laughter and suspense. Your Song (Music format, 16x25 min. & 1x100 min.) Youngsters present their original songs to a TV audience in the hope of winning the coveted Songwriter of the Year Award.

ZDFE’s Cecelia Ahern

*LIST_0614_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 6/10/14 3:12 PM Page 608


Prague Restaurant & Hotel Directory HOTELS


Alchymist Prague Castle Suites Snemovni 8 Tel: (420) 25728-6960

Aldente Vezenska 911/4 Tel: (420) 22231-3185 Italian

Aparthotel City 5 Vltavska 11/667 Tel: (420) 60249-5529

Ambiente Pasta Fresca Celetna 11 Tel: (420) 22423-0244 Italian/pasta

Design Hotel Josef Prague Rybna 20 Tel: (420) 22170-0111

Four Seasons Hotel Prague Veleslavinova 2a/1098 Tel: (420) 22142-7000

Golden Well U Zlate Studne 166/4 Tel: (420) 25701-1213

Hilton Prague Pobrezni 1 Tel: (420) 22484-1111

Hotel Pod Vezi Mostecka 58/2 Tel: (420) 25753-2041

Hotel Residence Agnes Hastalska 19 Tel: (420) 22231-2417

Mandarin Oriental Prague Nebovidska 459 Tel: (420) 23308-8888

Maximilian Hotel Hastalska 14 Tel: (420) 22530-3118

Romantik Hotel U Raka Cerninska 10/93 Tel: (420) 22051-1100

Bellevue Smetanovo Nabrezi 18 Tel: (420) 22222-1443 International Bisos U Rajske Zahrady 639/16 Tel: (420) 60855-0970 Mediterranean Chagall’s Club Restaurant Kozi 5 Tel: (420) 73900-2347 International Cantina Ujezd 38 Tel: (420) 25731-7173 Mexican CottoCrudo Veleslavinova 2a Tel: (420) 22142-6880 Italian/Mediterranean Celesta Restaurant Rasinovo Nabrezi 80 Tel: (420) 22198-4160 French Erawan Prague Stupartska 6 Tel: (420) 22231-8327 Thai

Essence Stitneho 202/35 Tel: (420) 77310-6832 International Estrella Opatovicka 17 Tel: (420) 77743-1344 Vegetarian George Prime Steak Opatovicka 17 Tel: (420) 77743-1344 Vegetarian Hanabi Sushi House Petrska 11 Tel: (420) 22232-4634 Sushi/Japanese Indian Jewel Tyn 6 Tel: (420) 22231-0156 Indian Jewel Cafe Bar Rytirska 3 Tel: (420) 72536-5302 Contemporary

Mlejnice Kozna 488/14 Tel: (420) 22422-8635 Eastern European

U Kroka Vratislavova 12 Tel: (420) 775905022 Czech

Mlynec Novotneho lavka 9 Tel: (420) 27700-0777 Czech Palanda Zlatnicka 11 Tel: (420) 77770-0422 American

U Modre Kachnicky Michalska 16 Tel: (420) 22421-3418 Czech U Semika Vratislavova 36 Tel: (420) 22196-5637 Czech

Pizzeria Ristorante Giovanni Kozna 11 Tel: (420) 22163-2605 Italian/pizza/seafood

Vidlicky A Noze Vodni 11 Tel: (420) 72576-0125 Czech

Rainer Maria Rilke Karoliny Svetle 25 Tel: (420) 22222-1414 Czech

Zdenek's Oyster Bar Mala Stupartska 5 Tel: (420) 72594-6250 Seafood

Sapori Americka 20 Tel: (420) 22252-3533 Mediterranean

Zinc V Celnici 7 Tel: (420) 22182-2300 Asian/European

Kafe Afrika Vojtesska 241/9 Tel: (420) 77466-2130 African

Renomm Na struze 1 Tel: (420) 22493-4109 Central European

Kmotra V Jircharich 12 Tel: (420) 22493-4100 Pizza/pasta

Tempo Allegro Karoliny Svetle 283/24 Tel: (420) 77803-1889 Tapas

Locanda Marino Ovocny trh 6 Tel: (420) 22424-2507 Pizza/Italian

Trattoria Cicala Zitna 43 Tel: (420) 22221-0375 Italian

Michal Restaurant Naprstkova 8 Tel: (420) 22222-2630 Czech

U Bulinu Budecska 803/2 Tel: (420) 22425-4676 Czech

Zlata Praha Parizska 30 Tel: (420) 29663-0914 Eastern European Zly Casy Cestmirova 390/5 Tel: (420) 72333-9995 Eastern European Zvonice Jindrisska Vez Tel: (420) 22422-0009 Czech

*LIST_0614_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 6/10/14 3:14 PM Page 609


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