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A Note from the Editor Kristin Brzoznowski

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes: a child who can barely identify their own nose grabs a tablet and swipes with ease for instant access to their favorite show. I’ve looked on in awe as a preschooler taps away at their parent’s smartphone to watch a video (often on repeat) and been shocked by a 6-year-old’s ability to navigate an ondemand menu using a remote. Either kids today are becoming highly sophisticated or the technology is getting more convenient—I’d say it’s a bit of both. Indeed, children love to watch content on-demand (as do their parents), but that doesn’t mean they’re abandoning the traditional TV set—much to the contrary. According to research from Ampere Analysis, households with young children (under 10) are more likely to have traditional pay TV than homes with older kids (ages 10 to 18) or couples (married or unmarried) with no children; though the likelihood of having SVOD is roughly equal across all segments. Nevertheless, the shift to nonlinear viewing in homes with younger kids remains quite significant, and these households are far more likely to be substituting SVOD as a main form of TV, the report finds. And there’s no shortage of services popping up around the world that have either dedicated a portion of their lineup to serving kids or are targeted exclusively to the younger set. While digital on-demand and OTT services have certainly created more opportunities for producers in terms of original kids’ content, these platforms are still heavily skewed to acquisitions over commissions for children’s programming. Linear broadcasters, meanwhile, are increasingly hungry for shows that will help them stand out and bring little ones to the television for appointment viewing. What all of this means is that there are more buyers and commissioners for kids’ content in the marketplace than ever before—and they want quality. This is all welcome news to the producers and distributors featured in this edition of the TV Kids Guide. Certainly, rights negotiations have become more complicated and windowing quite the headache, but the upsides of having this plethora of platforms for children’s content seem to outweigh the challenges. 10

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Claude Schmit CEO Super RTL TV KIDS: What’s driven Super RTL’s dominance in the German market? SCHMIT: Our in-house productions, our magazines, are working very well. That’s not surprising because they distinguish us from the American channels. We do invest heavily in our own shows. We have Super Toy Club, which we first had on air [more than] 15 years ago. Boys compete against girls and the winning team gets three minutes to run through the aisles of a toy store collecting whatever they want in a shopping cart. We are producing the second season and there are more seasons to come. We have Woozle Goozle, a science and knowledge magazine that is very funny. The classic Warner Bros. titles are doing very well. The DreamWorks shows are doing fine. Angelo! is doing terrifically. PAW Patrol, a Nickelodeon production, airs on Super RTL and the ratings are going through the roof. It has a huge market share among younger kids. It’s our best-performing preschool format. We are also the merchandising agent on PAW Patrol. That’s a very interesting blueprint. We did a similar deal with Peppa Pig, which was part of German public television’s Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Show with the Mouse). That is working well as well. That might be a blueprint for future cooperation. TV KIDS: How is your SVOD platform, kividoo, performing? SCHMIT: We launched it three years ago. When launching a TV show, it has to be perfect because there is no second chance. In digital, it’s different. We said, we’re launching kividoo and it’s not perfect, but we’ll launch it and see how it works. It will turn profitable next year, which, in the digital world, is a hell of an achievement. We increased our initial business plan. We even changed it to a better [forecast]. In addition, on kividoo we now have content from Viacom and many other content producers; it’s not just Super RTL only. 12

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Stephen Davis Executive VP & Chief Content Officer Hasbro TV KIDS: What’s the process for constructing a brand blueprint on each property? DAVIS: If you think about the brand blueprint as a wheel, at the center of the wheel we place storytelling and consumer insights. We adapt our storytelling and how we activate our brand blueprint based on consumer insights. We do a lot of social listening, a lot of social scraping. We talk to our consumer base daily in lots of forms and formats: in person through focus-group testing and social media. We study the ways kids are consuming our content in a theatrical environment, television environment and digital environment. Storytelling and consumer insights activate our brand blueprint across toys, games, consumer products, lifestyle licensing, digital gaming, immersive entertainment experiences, television and film. And although the basic tenets of what I just described in a brand blueprint don’t change, it’s about activating all those areas in an immersive way. Obviously, we evolve the strategy based on insights. It’s a dynamic process. Although we’re a large company, we’re very nimble and have a process that allows us to move at a rapid pace and to be proactive as well as reactive to changes in consumer tastes based on insights and feedback. It’s kind of our secret sauce! TV KIDS: What’s the key to keeping long-running brands fresh? DAVIS: We have an amazing creative group—both in the studio as well as in our brand and design teams. They work closely to ensure that we are telling innovative and fresh stories, building worlds around interesting characters that continue to inspire consumers, and traveling across the multiple touchpoints of engagement. We can innovate in lots of different areas. You have to recognize that every few years we get a new audience, so we have to be sure that we are listening to that consumer, to that mom, to that dad, about things that are important to them. We are being proactive and disruptive in the way that we present our brands to the consumer in a more immersive way. 13

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Clément Calvet Co-Founder, President & Producer Superprod TV KIDS: When you set up the company, what gaps did you want to fill in the marketplace? CALVET: I created the company with my associate Jérémie [Fajner, managing director] in October 2010. I thought it was time for me to start [my own] adventure. I also wanted to be able to tell stories, of course in animation but also in live action. We’ve been doing several things, including live action and stage plays. It was a way for me to diversify. We also decided to produce everything from France. Our model before was only to develop and sell our products, and we would sub-contract the production. It’s been three years now since we have created our own studio, and we produce 100 percent in-house. TV KIDS: Why was it essential for you to establish the distribution company Superights? CALVET: Having your own distribution company gives you the ability to have a clear vision of the market in general. We often get our inspiration from the sales team, who relay back to us the needs of the buyers. When we go and create our own shows, we often rely on that analysis. TV KIDS: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for you as a French producer and distributor? CALVET: These are not the worst days. We’ve been experimenting with all the opportunities with the new platforms— Netflix, Amazon, etc. There’s good competition in the market. Everybody wants to get the best projects, and we have decided to position ourselves at the high-quality end of the market. Of course for a French producer, everything starts with a sale to a French network. The first element of our business is to get the projects commissioned. Then it’s to make sure we can deliver the best quality, and that’s why we’re doing everything in-house, ensuring we have better control over what we do. 14

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Jeffrey Dunn President & CEO Sesame Workshop TV KIDS: Tell us about the transformation plan you put in place at Sesame Workshop when you joined in 2014. DUNN: The biggest change I’ve made is to make us relentlessly mission-focused. We were a TV show with a mission. Now we’re a mission-driven organization with a TV show. I had two major goals when I arrived: the first was to get the workshop on a firm financial footing. We needed to acknowledge the financial reality of our situation, given the changing media landscape. The second was to take a TV-centric organization and make it more diversified. When we evolved our mission to “helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder,” we asked ourselves how we could best achieve that mission. We decided the best way was to be great makers of content for all platforms, great researchers of kids’ and family educational media behavior, and instigators of others who share our mission and with whom we can partner for greater impact. TV KIDS: What do you see as Sesame Workshop’s biggest challenges? DUNN: Right now, three things keep me up at night: ramping up our project in the Syrian response region, the toxic environment that today’s politics have created for kids, and the ever-changing media landscape. We are a small, independent nonprofit organization and we have to compete in a rapidly consolidating and evolving industry landscape, where others have far more scale and resources. So, we fight as the underdog. We have to stay focused, but also be nimble and urgent. I firmly believe that we are at a moment in history. Technology, demographics and politics have changed the landscape so much. Years from now, I think historians will reflect on the first quarter of the 21st century as a pivotal time for mankind. As William Wordsworth memorably wrote, “The child is father of the man.” In other words, if you want to see what a society is going to look like 20 or 30 years from now, see how it is treating its children today. There is so much at stake. We intend to lead and be a positive force for change. 15

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Hans Ulrich Stoef CEO Studio 100 Media & m4e TV KIDS: What opportunities are you exploring globally? STOEF: We’d like to extend our footprint into Asia. We are looking to become more successful in China; [we are] working with great Chinese companies and understanding each other and also helping some Chinese content to travel outside of China. That’s number one. Number two: we’d like to get better in the U.S. market. By acquiring Little Airplane, we have a home base there. We have certain activities in mind on top of that in the U.S. In the future, Latin America is also an important market where we’d like to have a greater presence. And we’d like to become better in the digital landscape and develop formats for the future habits of entertainment consumption. TV KIDS: How do you strike a balance between expanding your scale and investing in IP while also running a fiscally responsible business? STOEF: We still believe in the IP business. If you have a really good IP, you can generate a lot of money. Our mission is to create the next $100-million-plus IP. That’s why we have to produce and develop a lot. It’s more about managing the risk rather than not expanding. Because of our partnerships and our own platform business, we are able to limit the risk but continue to grow in terms of creativity, output, our studio business and development. We can manage risk in the portfolio by distributing to some of our own platforms and [through] our existing partnerships. We have to adapt our business models, create new formats, be more creative. It’s no longer only about getting access to tax credits and subsidies to make a producer’s profit. It’s about creating IPs. Studio 100 as a group has a very solid basis because the revenues are not dependent on animation content only. We have three revenue streams. One is the Belgian core business, with live-action studio and leisure entertainment facilities. The second column is the theme-park business. And there’s the international business, the animation part. 16

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Tom van Waveren CEO & Creative Director CAKE TV KIDS: Tell us about CAKE’s model for aligning with third-party producers and investing in co-productions. VAN WAVEREN: Five years ago, our involvement in development was the exception. Today, while we still take on finished product when we find it, we have many more development roles and give editorial input on most of the series we get involved in. To get to this point, we made a conscious decision several years ago to roll up our sleeves and build our development and production slate through partnerships with independent producers from around the world. This was motivated by the observation that projects that benefit from several cultural or creative perspectives tend to be much better adapted to the international market and perform better commercially for CAKE. Our slate is a mix of…different models. We can help develop and package the financing and production. And then once the production starts, if there is a role to be fulfilled in production, we will look at that, but it’s not an obligation. We’re happy to take on production services when that makes sense. But we always want to have editorial input, so we can make sure that the concept is optimized through production, and we always want to make the international sales on completion. TV KIDS: When you’re working with a producer who has only made local productions, is there a steep learning curve for them when making a show that is tailored more to the global market? VAN WAVEREN: From the Greeks to Shakespeare to Hollywood, it’s the three-act play. That’s the clearest way to tell a story. We want to know whose story it is and why you are rooting for this character. That needs to be made sufficiently explicit. It helps elevate a property from the local to the international. It’s also the level of execution. Not every market has experienced writing talent. So sometimes it’s just bringing in proven talent who can coach and guide less experienced local writers. There is a craft to writing a good script that is not necessarily present in each market. 17

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Nicolas Atlan President, Animation & Family Gaumont TV KIDS: What’s been the strategy for growing Gaumont’s kids’ business over the last year? ATLAN: Our goal is to create a whole range of compelling and engaging children’s projects that will become part of the Gaumont heritage. We look for great partners and creative talent, from writers to designers to directors. Over the last year, we have added ten new projects, for a total of 25 currently in development between our Los Angeles and Paris offices, each at different stages of production. These are a mix of original content that we create in-house, original ideas that are presented to us and properties that are based on books or comic books, for example. TV KIDS: What are some of the issues impacting the animation marketplace at present? ATLAN: With the continued growth of SVOD platforms, we are seeing a trend for more globalized properties; animation has always been global, but now it’s even more so. These new players push producers and creators to be more creative and find projects that will be appealing to audiences worldwide. I’d also say that finding the right talent to come on board a project is getting harder because there are so many more projects being made now. However, this means that it’s a great time to be an animator, writer or storyboard artist. There are so many opportunities for them, and we’ll see new stars breaking out in these areas as the demand for talent grows. TV KIDS: What goes into crafting the ideal development slate? ATLAN: We are always searching for great ideas, of course, seeking out new and creative writers and animators, and at the same time, connecting with program buyers all over the world to keep abreast of what they are looking for, what has been working for them and what hasn’t. If an IP already has recognition, that can really help us in the development process, and it also helps when we start to look for partners. 18

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Raphaelle Mathieu Senior VP, Sales, Acquisitions & New Media Cyber Group Studios TV KIDS: How has Cyber Group Studios approached having a diversified catalog, both in terms of animation styles and target audience? MATHIEU: We started with preschool, 3D. We launched the company with Ozie Boo! and then we had a big hit with Zou, which has been sold in more than 170 territories. We had an expertise and knew that people would rely on us in this genre. It was very clear and important that we needed to reach a bigger audience to [satisfy] all of our clients, not only preschool buyers but also buyers of kids’ programming. We were inspired to get into other genres of production. We started to distribute a number of programs that were 2D and were addressing kids of other ages. We went into kids’ programming in a big way, acquiring the Zorro brand. For us, Zorro the Chronicles was a huge challenge both in terms of production and distribution; on both fronts, we have achieved extremely good results. Our next step is trying to achieve global programs such as Gigantosaurus, which we are doing with Disney Junior Worldwide. We are also doing our first 2D cartoon series with Boomerang, Taffy. It’s a new genre for us and a new challenge. Last but not least, we are also launching the kids’ series Sadie Sparks, a magical comedy where the human world in 3D will meet the magical world in 2D. Our approach is about going both global and regional. On the one hand, there are more and more global buyers and we need to address this specific demand; on the other hand, we want to strengthen our relationships with regional public and private broadcasters. TV KIDS: How is Cyber Group expanding in the digital space? MATHIEU: Our aim is to be more present in the different digital environments. We are looking forward to optimizing the amount of views and revenues on YouTube with our brands and channels, and we want to explore more digital exposure. On the interactive front, our aim is to adapt our existing IP as video games. The first responses we have from that are really promising. 19

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Frank Falcone President & Executive Creative Director Guru Studio TV KIDS: Tell us how the idea for Guru Studio first came about. FALCONE: Guru started as an accidental comment at dinner. [Laughs] I felt like there was no place for me in Toronto to properly thrive as a creative person. I didn’t think there were places focusing on character animation and narratives that would come from good characters. I was debating moving abroad; I was basically debating what studios I could go to and the struggles of having to be a forced immigrant [since I felt I was] not able to do what I wanted to do in the city. I sort of jokingly said, “Let’s just start a studio” to a producer friend of mine, and she said, “We should!” And then I was like, I guess I’ve got to put my money where my mouth is—maybe I should do it. So we went ahead and did it. TV KIDS: What trends have you noticed in the animation industry? FALCONE: The trend is producing a volume of originals. The danger is when you are focused on originals, you really can generate a catalog very quickly now. Whether you will be able to control that catalog or participate in the long tail of it is debatable as the landscape changes. But I think the danger in just generating a lot of original content for the sake of feeding the demand is that you just become, for lack of a better comparison, yet another app in the App Store. As we know, there are 2 million apps in the App Store, there are over 26 million songs on iTunes, and just releasing a song isn’t enough. You have to have a great song, first of all—that helps a lot—and you have to know how to launch originals in the market. So, I think it’s increasingly important for us to understand not just the shows and the content that we’re producing, and understand their DNA, but [also to] understand who our audience is, reach out to our audience, appeal to our audience and our demographics, and do what we need to do in marketing to succeed. No one should rely on any of the emerging services to make their show a success. They need to do the deep soul-searching and heavy lifting required to find their audience. 20

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Nick Walters Founder & CEO Hopster TV KIDS: Tell us about the Hopster journey so far. WALTERS: We launched in December 2013. Before starting Hopster, I worked in TV; I was at Viacom and spent a lot of time working at Nickelodeon. Back in 2012, you could begin to see kids turning off the TV and moving into a world of digital products. Our now 9-year-old was just beginning to discover that world herself. As that shift played out, it felt like there were opportunities to do better things, to take the essentials of a kids’ TV channel and turn it into a much more interactive and stimulating experience, [and] something that is completely safe, ad-free. A digital world that parents would feel as good about as kids. That’s what we set out to do. TV KIDS: What’s the Hopster programming ethos? What sorts of content do you look for? WALTERS: There are a couple of big things. One, our mission as a platform is to help kids learn through the stories they love. All of our content has strong stories and great IPs at the core, so they are fun to watch. But we also want kids to learn something new every day. So the second big thing we’re looking for is learning opportunities. We have an early learning curriculum that drives most of our content decisions, so before we license a piece, we evaluate whether it fits into that. Sometimes it can be teaching kids about relationships in a family or managing emotions, which a show like Peppa Pig does really well, but it might be something more explicitly educational such as Sid the Science Kid. Lastly, we’re always on the lookout for what you might call socially conscious content. We’re a gender-neutral platform and are committed to encouraging diversity. One of our favorite shows is Punky, a beautiful Irish animation of a little girl who has Down syndrome. It does a nice job of showing kids that we’re all different and it’s great. It’s really important to us that diversity is celebrated across our content. 21

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Xand van Tulleken Co-Presenter Operation Ouch! TV KIDS: As doctors, what made you and your brother/co-host Chris decide to enter the world of children’s television? VAN TULLEKEN: We wanted to make the show that we wished we could have watched when we were kids. We loved science shows, but there was nothing really about the human body. Maverick had an incredible track record with Bizarre ER and Embarrassing Bodies, two iconic medical shows of the last couple of decades in the U.K. [featuring] amazing bits of public health with incredible access. So, we knew Maverick would do a very good job. And there’s something quite fun about [the fact that] if you’re siblings, you can mess around on children’s telly in a way that you can’t on adult telly. TV KIDS: How does Operation Ouch! manage to achieve the right balance between being both educational and entertaining? VAN TULLEKEN: We start with the idea that we can take something fascinating that people don’t know and the material is engaging. It’s just so interesting to understand your body. And then because it’s fun explaining it, it’s not too hard. The body up close is just full of poo and pus and blood and guts—all of this disgusting stuff that’s intriguing as well, so that ties it all along. The material of what makes us human is just so fascinating, particularly to children. There’s a limitless supply of it. You make it as fun as possible. TV KIDS: Is it challenging to keep the show fresh every season? VAN TULLEKEN: Medicine is just endless; every patient is different, every human body is different, every condition is fascinating. Medical stories, particularly in which people are getting ill or injured, have a beginning, middle and end; they’re just such perfect natural stories. I felt that after six years of medical school, we’d barely scratched the surface. I’m still learning things now when we do Ouch! And then science is always evolving. It’s just the gift that keeps on giving. We haven’t even covered all the organs in the body yet. 22

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Raven-Symoné Star & Executive Producer Raven ’s Home TV KIDS: How did the idea for Raven’s Home come about? RAVEN: While I was on [the ABC talk show] The View, I was in conversations with people at Disney Channel about how I would love to work with them again in some capacity. They presented the idea of doing a show where Raven Baxter has kids, and I said, I am down for that all the way through and through. So, it came about organically, it came about with the need for me to be back in television in a different type of capacity [other] than live, and it all worked itself out for me in a great manner. TV KIDS: What is it like to be working with Disney Channel again? RAVEN: I worked with Disney Channel from ages 13 to 21, and then I took a break, and then I came back. So I worked with the channel during the years of life when everything is going on, every emotion, every change is happening. [Laughs] I had such a fantastic time that I wanted to go back to a place where I knew I felt safe. I tried my best to be a good girl during that time away. [Laughs] I feel that my brand and Disney’s brand go hand in hand. We all felt that, so Gary Marsh [president and chief creative officer at Disney Channels Worldwide] and Adam Bonnett [executive VP of original programming at Disney Channels Worldwide] really embraced me as an adult and who I am now and they created this journey for us to all take together. I’m an executive producer, and this is a family here at Disney Channel. So, I’m learning, I’m being mentored, I’m being taken care of. TV KIDS: Why do you think That’s So Raven and Raven’s Home have both resonated so well with viewers? RAVEN: I think Raven’s Home and That’s So Raven resonate with viewers because we are a genuine family. It’s about love, it’s about kindness, it’s about fun and excitement. It’s working through challenges. It’s all of the above. 23

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Caitlin Friedman VP & General Manager Scholastic Entertainment TV KIDS: How did the new Clifford the Big Red Dog series come about? FRIEDMAN: Clifford has continued to be a favorite character of kids and caregivers everywhere. While we haven’t been airing new shows, we have continued to hear from viewers asking if we’re going to make more episodes and if Clifford still lives on the island. Happily, we know Clifford fans are still engaged, and with the first book having been released in 1963, we also know they are multigenerational. We have always thought about bringing him back, and after speaking with both PBS and Amazon about it, they saw our vision and Scholastic Entertainment is now in production on the new series. TV KIDS: How are you mining your library for content? FRIEDMAN: The exciting thing for us is we have lots of legacy brands. We were just going through our library and found properties from 15 and 20 years ago, one of them a series with ten books with ten stories to tell. The amount of great content and stories we have is amazing! We are also in an exciting time with so many different platforms on which to tell these stories. And since we have and are always coming out with such great content, we can build off of things that readers have loved or recently discovered. TV KIDS: When you’re rebooting a classic property, how do you retain the charm of the original while still engaging with a new set of audiences? FRIEDMAN: With Clifford, we took a step back and looked at what people originally fell in love with, which was his heart, his loyalty and his humor. There are aspects of Clifford’s personality that are core to the viewing experience, so we made sure that they were all incorporated into the new series. And we added on layers, including original music, a stronger Emily Elizabeth and a fresher world that appeals to kids. But with children, it doesn’t matter when they were born—they respond to love, friendship and family. Those core values are universal. 24

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41 Entertainment ADDRESS: 400 W. Putnam Ave., 4/Fl., Greenwich, CT 06830, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-203) 717-1120 WEBSITE: www.41e.tv MANAGING DIRECTOR: Allen Bohbot VP, SALES & MARKETING: Nancy Koff CONTACT: nancy.koff@41ent.com PROGRAMS: Skylanders Academy: 1x44 min. & 37x22 min., CG/HD, action/comedy, 6-11; Super Monsters: 64x11 min., CG/HD, comedy, 3-6; Kong—King of the Apes: 26x22 min., CG/HD, action/adventure, 6-11; Tarzan and Jane: 13x22 min., CG/HD, action/adventure, 6-11; The Mini Musketeers: 26x11 min., CG/HD, adventure/comedy, 3-6; Superhero Summer Camp: 26x11 min., CG/HD, adventure/comedy, 3-6; Superhero Pets: 26x11 min., CG/HD, adventure/comedy, 3-6. “41 Entertainment focuses on worldwide animation development, production, distribution (linear and nonlinear), and licensing and merchandising. Operating globally in the creation and distribution of children’s original proprietary characters and intellectual properties, we invest in each production and manage rights, including for Skylanders Academy, Super Monsters, The Mini Musketeers, Kong—King of the Apes, Tarzan and Jane, Superhero Summer Camp and Superhero Pets. Not only do we secure the best exposure through our network of major broadcasters and distributors worldwide, including linear and nonlinear, but we also look for the best licensing and merchandising partners for our brands through an in-house licensing and merchandising division. Managed by experienced individuals with extensive knowledge in animation production, distribution, sales, marketing, legal and business affairs, copyright and trademark protection, 41 Entertainment believes that market success is not based on quantity of projects, but rather in the careful exploitation of a few high-quality intellectual-property projects for global consumption.” —Allen Bohbot, Managing Director


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Skylanders Academy: Follow the heroic adventures of Spyro, Eruptor, Stealth Elf, Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz and their team of young warriors as they travel the vast Skylands universe protecting it from evil-doers. Based on the popular Skylanders video game series, the action-comedy centers on the band of heroes as they train under the watchful eye of Master Eon. Super Monsters: Welcome to Pitchfork Pines Preschool, where the children of the world’s famous (and not-so-famous) monsters come to learn how to be the best people—and the best monsters—they can be. Drac, Cleo, Lobo, Katya, Zoe and Frankie are preschoolers with dual identities: they’re humans in the day and monsters after dark. That’s why this preschool starts at the end of the day. The Mini Musketeers: Join the big and small adventures of Remi, Leo, Pierre and Aimee, the four young nieces and nephews of their famous uncles The Three Musketeers. These mini Musketeers live together in the royal palace, where they are training to serve and protect 5-year-old King Louis and his kingdom. Kong—King of the Apes: Surviving the fall into a fiery volcano, Kong, Lukas, Danny, Panchi and Richard find themselves in a prehistoric world teeming with real dinosaurs. Little does the team know that while they have been underground, Botila has been organizing an A.I. Revolution from her Kong Island HQ and reinforcing her destructive abilities. Tarzan and Jane: In the midst of celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Tarzan and Jane are alarmed to find many wild and exotic animals throughout the city. Worried that these exotic animals are not in their natural habitat, Tarzan and Jane set off on a mission to uncover the story. Superhero Summer Camp: Welcome to Superhero Summer Camp, a one-of-a-kind sleepaway camp where the children of legendary superheroes are spending the summer learning how to call up and control their familial superpowers. Superhero Pets: This preschool series features a group of seemingly ordinary pets—four dogs and two cats—who enjoy playing together and going for walks with their devoted pet walker, Charlie. But when there’s trouble in town, these furry friends transform into the Superhero Pets: Houdini, Crystal, Felicity, Magellan, Yukon and André.


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9 Story Media Group ADDRESS: 23 Fraser Ave., Toronto, ON M6K 1Y7, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 530-9900 WEBSITE: www.9story.com PRESIDENT & CEO: Vince Commisso VP, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & ACQUISITIONS: Alix Wiseman CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER: Natalie Osborne CONTACT: distribution@9story.com PROGRAMS: Clifford the Big Red Dog: 78x11 min., 2D, 2-5; Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum (working title): 75x11 min. & 1x55 min., 2D, adventure/comedy, 4-7; Dr. Panda: 39x7 min., 3D, 3-6; The Magic School Bus: Rides Again: 26x22 min., 2D, adventure, 4-8; Let’s Go Luna!: 76x11 min. & 1x44 min., 2D, adventure, 4-7; Anne of Green Gables Collection: 3x88 min., live action, family movies; The Diary of Bita and Cora: 26x5 min., stop motion, adventure, 3-5; Garfield and Friends (remastered in HD): 121x22 min., 2D, comedy, 6-11; Luo Bao Bei: 52x11 min., 2D, 4-7; Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood: 170x11 min. & 36x11 min., 2D, 2-5. “From development right through to consumer products, 9 Story Media Group is one of the world’s leading kids’ and family content companies. Our award-winning animation studio, Brown Bag Films, is 100 percent creatively driven with a focus on producing the highest quality cross-platform animation with strong stories and engaging characters. The company’s international distribution arm, 9 Story Distribution International, represents over 3,500 half-hours of animated and live-action programming, provided to major international broadcasters and digital platforms. With facilities in Toronto, New York, Dublin and Manchester, 9 Story Media Group employs almost 700 creative and corporate staff worldwide.” —Natalie Osborne, Chief Strategy Officer


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Animasia Studio ADDRESS: No. 2 & 4, Jalan Sri Jati 2, Taman Sri Jati, Off Jalan Puchong, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TELEPHONE: (603) 7784-6987 WEBSITE: www.animasia-studio.com MANAGING DIRECTOR: Edmund Chan EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Raye Lee CONTACTS: edmund@animasia-studio.com; raye@animasia-studio.com; Joann Lee, joanne@animasia-studio.com PROGRAMS: Harry and Bunnie: 78x7 min., 2D/flash/HD, slapstick comedy/non-dialogue, 7-11; Chuck Chicken: S1 52x11 min., 2D/flash/HD, action/comedy, 7-11; Chuck Chicken: S2 52x11 min. in dvpmt., 2D/flash/HD, action/comedy, 7-11; Bola Kampung: 78x22 min., 2D/HD, sports/action/comedy, 7-11; Bola Kampung Movie: 1x95 min., CGI, sports/action/ comedy/adventure, 7+; Supa Strikas: 65x22 min., 2D/HD, sports/action/comedy, 7-11; ABC Monsters: 26x22 min., 2D/HD, edutainment/adventure, 4-7; Magiki: 52x11 min., 2D/HD, edutainment/adventure, 4-7; Mighty Mechs: 52x11 min., CGI/HD, adventure, 4-7; Balla Bowl: 2x70 min., 2D/HD, sports/action/comedy, 7-11. “Animasia has a stable brand of intellectual properties (IPs) that are targeting various markets and audiences. Our yearly aim is to be able to identify and develop at least two brand-new IPs that will complement our existing brands. With our recent growth internationally with partnerships set up in the U.S.A., China, Australia and across Southeast Asia, Animasia will be an ideal value-adding partner for international producers seeking partnerships for production services, financing, distribution and co-producing projects. One of the core strengths that Animasia possesses is the ability to create and bridge concepts that will work in Asia (especially China) and the West (North America and Europe).” —Edmund Chan, Managing Director


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Atlantyca Entertainment ADDRESS: Via Leopardi, 8, 20123 Milan, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-02) 430-0101 WEBSITE: www.atlantyca.com HEAD, PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Caterina Vacchi DISTRIBUTION MANAGER: Alessandra Dematteis CONTACT: alessandradematteis@atlantyca.com PROGRAMS: Geronimo Stilton: 78x23 min., 2D/HD, adventure, 6+; Bat Pat: 52x11 min., S2 in prod., 2D/HD, adventure/comedy, 5-9; Nutri Ventures: 52x23 min., 2D/HD, action, 6+; Jurassic Cubs: 52x13 min., 3D/CGI, adventure, 4-8; Dive Olly Dive: 104x11 min., 3D/CGI; ZDF Junior catalog.

“Atlantyca Entertainment maintains production and distribution, licensing, publishing, foreign-rights sales and live stage events divisions. The company manages the IP rights for the Geronimo Stilton brand and all of its franchises. Atlantyca is the producer of Geronimo Stilton, the animated series featuring the adventures of the famous mouse journalist. The three seasons have been sold all over the world, from China to the U.S., from Russia to India, passing by Europe. The company is currently producing the second season of Bat Pat with Mondo TV Producciones Canarias. Bat Pat is a spooky animated adventure-comedy that proves the supernatural isn’t always evil, just misunderstood. Atlantyca’s distribution arm represents a growing library of properties for children that includes the Junior catalog of ZDF Enterprises for Italy, with properties such as School of Roars, Scream Street, H2O: Just Add Water and Dance Academy.” —Corporate Communications


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Beyond Kids ADDRESS: 167-169 Wardour St., London W1F 8WP, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7323-3444 WEBSITE: www.beyonddistribution.com GENERAL MANAGER: Michael Murphy HEAD, SALES: Munia Kanna-Konsek CONTACT: Sam Partner, sam@beyonddistribution.com PROGRAMS: Mythbusters Jr.: 10x60 min., live action, factual entertainment, 6-12; Wow, That’s Amazing: 26x30 min., live action, factual entertainment, 6-12; Gym Stars: 20x30 min., live action, documentary, 6-12; Beat Bugs: 52x15 min./26x30 min., animation, entertainment, 4-7. “Beyond Kids is the new kids’ division of Beyond Distribution. Beyond Kids has over 950 hours of content, featuring internationally renowned kids’ programming from the last 25 years. This includes the BAFTA Awardwinning Ocean Girl, CBBC’s Numberjacks, The Dengineers and Junior Vets. Our aim is to further strengthen the company’s role in the production and distribution of global children’s content.” —Munia Kanna-Konsek, Head, Sales


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Boat Rocker Rights ADDRESS: 595 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, ON M5V 1N8, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 591-0065 WEBSITE: www.boatrocker.com PRESIDENT: Jon Rutherford VP, GLOBAL SALES, KIDS & FAMILY: Gia DeLaney CONTACT: gia@boatrocker.com PROGRAMS: The Strange Chores: 26x11 min., 2D, comedy/ adventure, 6-11; The Polos: 26x11 min., 3D/live action, adventure/ educational, 2-5; Bitz & Bob: 42x11 min. & 44x4 min. & 1x22 min., 3D, educational/adventure, 2-5; Danger Mouse: 94x11 min. & 5x30 min., 2D, action/comedy, 6-11; The Next Step: 180x30 min., live action, drama/comedy, tweens/teens; Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers: 52x11 min., 3D, comedy/adventure, 6-11; Kate & Mim Mim: 96x11 min. & 1x30 min., 3D, adventure, 2-5; Gudrun the Viking Princess: 20x5 min., live action, adventure/ educational, 4-7; Tree Fu Tom: 72x30 min., 3D, action/ adventure, 2-5; You’re Called What?: 13x30 min., live action, educational, 6-11. “Boat Rocker (BR) Rights is the global content distribution, sales and licensing division of Boat Rocker Media. We are committed to partnerfriendly interaction, absolute transparency and building long-lasting alliances with clients all over the world. BR Rights develops strategies and executes global marketing and monetization plans for high-potential entertainment brands, including Radical Sheep (The Next Step, Stella and Sam), Industrial Brothers (Dot., Yup Yups) and our animation services arm, Jam Filled Entertainment. The recent acquisition of FremantleMedia Kids & Family in early 2018 brings a distinctive portfolio containing 45 brands, 150 series and over 800 hours of active programming into the BR Rights catalog, including Bitz & Bob, Danger Mouse, Tree Fu Tom and more. Through in-house expertise, audience analysis and a network of corporate partnerships, BR Rights expands intellectual properties into revenue streams that extend beyond traditional content monetization. BR Rights is built to be a leader in multichannel sales and partnerships in an ever-changing kids’ and family media landscape.” —Jon Rutherford, President


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CAKE ADDRESS: 76 Charlotte St., 5/Fl., London W1T 4QS, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-207) 307-3230 WEBSITE: www.cakeentertainment.com CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER & MANAGING DIRECTOR: Ed Galton HEAD, SALES: Bianca Rodriguez CONTACT: brodriguez@cakeentertainment.com PROGRAMS: Mighty Mike: 78x7 min., animation, 6-12; Space Chickens in Space: 52x11 min., animation, 6-12; Total Dramarama: 52x11 min., animation, 6-12; Kiri and Lou: 52x5 min., animation, preschool; Kiddets: 52x11 min., animation, preschool; Kally’s MashUp: 75x60 min., live action, 7-14; Pablo: 52x11 min., animation, preschool; Olobob Top: 52x5 min., animation, 2-5; Piggy Tales: 4th Street: 30x1.25 min., animation, 4+; Bottersnikes & Gumbles: 52x11 min., animation, 6-9. “CAKE is one of the world’s leading independent entertainment companies specializing in the production, distribution, development, financing and brand development of kids’ and family properties. CAKE works with renowned producers of animation and live-action content, including Rovio Entertainment, Channel X, Fresh TV, Komixx and Scholastic, on the worldwide rollout of their brands. In addition, CAKE partners with production companies such as TeamTO, Thuristar, Paper Owl, Cheeky Little Media, Mighty Nice and Kickstart Productions, coproducing exciting new entertainment properties and turning them into aspiring brands. CAKE is based in London and is headed up by Ed Galton and Tom van Waveren.” —Corporate Communications


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Cyber Group Studios ADDRESS: 44B Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 5556-3232 WEBSITE: www.cybergroupstudios.com CHAIRMAN & CEO: Pierre Sissmann SENIOR VP, SALES, ACQUISITIONS & NEW MEDIA: Raphaelle Mathieu CONTACT: rmathieu@cybergroupstudios.com PROGRAMS: Gigantosaurus: 52x11 min., CGI/2D/HD, adventure/ comedy, 4-6; Taffy: 78x7 min., 2D/HD, comedy, 6-12; Sadie Sparks: 52x11 min., CGI/2D/HD, comedy, 6-11; Mini Ninjas 2: 104x11 min., CGI/2D/HD, adventure/comedy, 6-12; Ernest and Rebecca: 52x13 min., 2D/HD, comedy, 6-10; Zak Jinks: 52x13 min., 2D/HD, adventure/comedy, 6-10; Tom Sawyer: 26x22 min., CGI/HD, adventure, 6-12; Zou 3: 156x11 min., HD/CGI, comedy, 3-6; The Pirates Next Door: 52x11 min., CGI/2D/HD, comedy, 6-10; Nefertine: 52x11 min., 2D/HD, comedy/discovery, 4-7. “Cyber Group Studios is a multi-awarded French independent producer and distributor specialized in top-quality kids’ programming with strong international appeal. Our rich and varied library boasts 1,000 half-hours of programming targeted at kids and families. To bring the highest quality entertainment, the company collaborates with the best creative talents around the world and develops breakthrough technology to enhance its productions. Cyber Group Studios is proud to continue the development of partnerships with top producers by bringing them high-value access to key players on the international market. After opening new offices in Los Angeles, Cyber Group Studios has decided to extend its international exposure on digital platforms thanks to key partnerships and new digital specialists. Cyber Group Studios opened its new interactive division that is aimed at developing games and interactive experiences on digital platforms, on traditional console platforms and PCs.” —Raphaelle Mathieu, Senior VP, Sales, Acquisitions & New Media


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DHX Media ADDRESS: 207 Queens Quay W., Suite 550, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 363-8034 WEBSITE: www.dhxmedia.com PRESIDENT: Josh Scherba VP, DISTRIBUTION: Jerry Diaz CONTACT: sales@dhxmedia.com PROGRAMS: Rev & Roll: 52x11 min., 3D, preschool; Polly Pocket: 26x22 min., 2D, 6-9; Mega Man: Fully Charged: 52x11 min., 3D, 6-11; Bajillionaires: 20x22 min., live action, kids; Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapeña: 26x11 min., 2D, kids; Fireman Sam: Set for Action: 1x60 min., 3D, preschool. “MIPCOM is one of our most important and busiest markets of the year, and we will be showcasing a strong, diverse lineup of shows with something for all age groups. Buyers come to us for all their programming needs, from classic brands refreshed for new audiences to strong preschool, brand-new animated series for older kids as well as standout original live action. We have something for everyone—from recognizable, much-loved fan favorites like the perennial Fireman Sam, toy-inspired animation Polly Pocket and the all-new, ampedup Mega Man to brand-new animated Rev & Roll for preschoolers and comedy Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapeña for older kids. The laugh-out-loud, single-camera Bajillionaires continues our offering of distinctive live-action series and complements our existing library of smart, engaging shows for the 6-to-12 age group.” —Jerry Diaz, VP, Distribution


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Distribution360 ADDRESS: 74 Fraser Ave., Toronto, ON M6K 3E1, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 646-2711 WEBSITE: www.distribution360.com SENIOR VP, INTERNATIONAL: Diane Rankin DIRECTOR, SALES: Smiljka Baljozovic SENIOR MANAGER, ACQUISITIONS & OPERATIONS: Jordan Cavallo CONTACT: sales@distribution360.com PROGRAMS: It’s My Party: 13x30 min., live action, factual, 6-10; Super Mighty Makers: 13x30 min./26x11 min., live action, crafting, 6-10; Yaya & Zouk: 146x5 min. & 2x22 min., animation, fiction, 2-5; George & Paul: 26x5 min., stop motion, fiction, 2-5; Holy Baloney: 10x3 min., animation, factual, 6-9; Are You Ready?: 40x3 min., live action, factual, 2-5; The Super Simple Show: 32x11 min., animation, fiction, 4-7; Mr Monkey, Monkey Mechanic: 12x6 min., animation, fiction, 4-7; Treasure Champs: 30x15 min., live action/animation, factual, 2-5; The Bumble Nums: 13x5 min., animation, fiction, 2-5. “Distribution360 loves kids’ content so much we are bringing 22 new kids’ series to their first-ever MIPCOM! This new content spans animation to live action, scripted to unscripted and preschool to teens. Having this variety in our catalog gives us greater opportunities to meet buyers’ (and audiences’) needs and to navigate the changing media landscape more effectively. Finding projects with purpose or that feel part of a movement is important to our company’s values. Live-action series like Super Mighty Makers and It’s My Party follow that approach by showcasing kids giving back to their community and crossing cultural divides—concepts we can stand behind and be proud to pitch. Animation is also really important to us. Over the past year we successfully launched the Dutch animated series George & Paul, securing deals in the U.K., Israel, China, South Korea, Slovenia, Sweden and Finland so far, and this MIPJunior we are launching season two of Yaya & Zouk and 15 animated titles from new content partner Skyship Entertainment. And we are further expanding our kids’ and family formats business with the titles Just Like Mom & Dad and It’s My Party, two series that stand up equally as finished programs or as locally produced original shows. Give us a call or better yet, come see us; we’d love to chat about how we could work together.” —Diane Rankin, Senior VP, International


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Escapade Media ADDRESS: Level 2, Building 61, Fox Studios Australia, 38 Driver Ave., Moore Park, NSW 2021, Australia TELEPHONE: (61) 411-035317 WEBSITE: www.escapademedia.com.au MANAGING DIRECTOR: Natalie Lawley CONTACT: natalie@escapademedia.com.au PROGRAMS: The Fo-Fo Figgily Show: 25x15 min., 2D/3D/live action, 2-6; Crunch Time: S1-2 67x30 min., live action, 10-14; Jay’s Jungle: S1-3 65x30 min., live action, 2-6; Kitchen Whiz: S1-7 65x30 min., live action, 8-12. “Escapade is excited to present four very diverse shows at MIPJunior and MIPCOM. The Fo-Fo Figgily Show arrives at the market with a raft of sales concluded. This show has also conquered new territory in how it was produced. The show’s post-production team, The Empire Post (Australia) VFX team, borrowed from the gaming industry, using Unreal Engine 4 technology from Epic Games, which has received growing attention amongst the VFX community for its unparalleled render speeds. The show’s producer/director Ian Kenny said, ‘With 900 of the 3,000 VFX shots from The Fo-Fo Figgily Show created in Unreal, the production saved approximately 800 hours of render time; we were able to integrate complex live-action and animation seamlessly. The potential for us to use this technology for children’s gaming brand extensions in the future is absolutely limitless.’ We are also presenting subsequent seasons of established brands: Jay’s Jungle is now in its third season, Crunch Time has completed its second season, and Kitchen Whiz offers seven seasons, all produced by Ambience Entertainment.” —Natalie Lawley, Managing Director


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Federation Kids & Family ADDRESS: 10 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 8425-0270 WEBSITE: fedent.com/kids-and-family MANAGING DIRECTOR: David Michel VP, INTERNATIONAL SALES: Monica Levy CONTACT: monica@cottonwood.tv PROGRAMS: Find Me in Paris: 52x30 min., live action, daily drama, tweens; The Ollie & Moon Show: 104x11 min., 2D/live action, comedy/edutainment, upper preschool; Squish: 52x11 min., digital 2D, comedy, 6-11; Love, Divina: 60x45 min., daily drama, teens. “A subsidiary of Federation Entertainment, Cottonwood Media was founded by David Michel, Zoé Carrera and Cécile Lauritano. With offices in Los Angeles and Paris, the company creates, produces and invests in premium, talent-driven content with a focus on bringing together North American and European audiences, on both linear and nonlinear platforms. Cottonwood Media’s widely sold shows include the animated preschool hit The Ollie & Moon Show, sold in 150 countries and recipient of the Common Sense Media Seal; the tween, live-action time-traveling ballet series Find Me in Paris, debuting in the U.S., U.K. and France, co-produced with ZDF and ZDF Enterprises; Squish, an animated comedy for 6- to 11-yearolds based on the New York Times best-selling books by Jennifer and Matthew Holm; and the teen music drama Love, Divina, an international co-production with Televisa and Pol-ka Producciones starring international pop star Laura Esquivel.” —Corporate Communications


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FUN Union ADDRESS: 37/F, 41 Heung Yip Rd., Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong TELEPHONE: (852) 2239-5312 WEBSITE: www.fununion.net CEO: Christine Brendle HEAD, INTERNATIONAL CONTENT DISTRIBUTION: Gushi Sethi CONTACT: gushi.sethi@fununion.net PROGRAMS: BabyRiki: S1-2 104x5 min. total, S3 52x5 min. in prod., 3D/CGI/live action, edutainment/musical, preschool; KikoRiki: S1-2 216x6.5 min. total, 2D, S3 52x11 min., 3D/CG, comedy/adventure, primary-school children; PinCode: S1-2 104x13 min. total, 3D/CGI/2D, edutainment/science, preschool; Panda and Krash: 52x11 min. in prod., 3D/CGI, adventure/ comedy, primary-school children. “BabyRiki is immensely popular in markets where it has launched, and recently, we added the U.K. (ITV) and North America (Kabillion). We expect Panda and Krash to spark renewed interest in KikoRiki, the iconic series originally launched in Russia 15 years ago. FUN Union engaged a New York-based dubbing studio to create a new, refreshed dubbed version in English for all three seasons of KikoRiki. This involved script adaptation to more accurately capture the comedic tone of the series and a new cast. The same studio also produced the new English version of PinCode, the series associated with KikoRiki focusing on science. Launching Panda and Krash (co-produced with CCTV Animation, Riki Group and FUN Union) represents a significant development in the long-term cooperation between the parties, and we are excited to take this series globally. For the other series, we will continue to strengthen our presence in the U.K., U.S. and Latin America, while setting our [sights] on Western and Central Europe, the Nordics and the Asia Pacific.” —Christine Brendle, CEO


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Gaumont ADDRESS: 750 N. San Vicente Blvd., #1550, West Hollywood, CA 90069, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-424) 281-5200 WEBSITE: www.gaumonttelevision.com VICE CEO: Christophe Riandee PRESIDENT, ANIMATION & FAMILY: Nicolas Atlan PRESIDENT, WORLDWIDE TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION & CO-PRODUCTION: Vanessa Shapiro CONTACT: sales@gaumont.com PROGRAMS: Bionic Max: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy/adventure, 6-11; Furiki Wheels: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy, 6-11; Belle & Sebastian: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy/adventure, 5-9; Trulli Tales: 52x11 min. & 13x1 min., 2D, adventure/comedy, upper preschool; Atomic Puppet: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy, 6-11; Calimero: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy, preschool; Hetty Feather: 40x22 min., live action, drama, 6-11; Noddy: Toyland Detective: 52x11 min., CG, comedy, preschool; Santa’s Apprentice: 48x13 min. & 2x26 min., 2D, comedy/ adventure, preschool; Galactik Football: 78x26 min., 2D, adventure/comedy, 6-11. “Our goal is to create a whole range of compelling and engaging children’s projects that will become part of the Gaumont heritage. Current productions include Do, Re & Mi, an Amazon original animated musical for preschoolers, featuring original tracks performed by Kristen Bell (Frozen) and Jackie Tohn (Glow, American Idol); and Noddy: Toyland Detective (season two) co-produced with DreamWorks. The Gaumont original IP Bionic Max, about a malfunctioning bionic guinea pig and his goldfish buddy, has also recently been greenlit by Gulli. Among the projects in development, we have a preschool series based on the books Touch the Earth and Heal the Earth from Julian Lennon and Bart Davis; for the 6- to 11-year-old audience is Usagi Yojimbo, based on the comic book series from creator, writer and illustrator Stan Sakai; and The Star Shards Chronicles, an animated epic for teens and tweens based on the YA novels by Neal Shusterman. In addition, Molly and the Cryptos is in development with France Télévisions.” —Vanessa Shapiro, President, Worldwide Television Distribution & Co-Production


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Genius Brands International ADDRESS: 131 S. Rodeo Dr., Suite 250, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-310) 273-4222 WEBSITE: www.gnusbrands.com CHAIRMAN & CEO: Andy Heyward SENIOR VP, GLOBAL CONTENT DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING; PRESIDENT, KID GENIUS CARTOON CHANNEL: Deb Pierson CONTACT: dpierson@geniusbrands.com PROGRAMS: Rainbow Rangers: 26x30 min./52x11 min., CGI, adventure, preschool; Llama Llama: 15x30 min., 2D, adventure, preschool; Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab: 26x30 min., 2D, comedy/adventure, 6-11.

“2018 is shaping up to be a significant year for Genius Brands International with the premiere of our two new preschool series. Based on the best-selling children’s book series, Llama Llama season one, starring Jennifer Garner, debuted globally in over 20 different languages on Netflix in January, and season two has been greenlit by Netflix and is currently in development. We also have the upcoming fall premiere of our original series Rainbow Rangers on Nick Jr. The series delivers positive messaging and empowerment to preschool girls. Additionally, we are continuing to grow our Genius Brands Network, which is comprised of the Kid Genius Cartoon Channel and Baby Genius TV and is distributed across multiple platforms, including AVOD, SVOD and OTT, collectively reaching 80 million households and growing. We plan to accelerate that reach significantly with launches on major platforms planned, as well as international growth.” —Deb Pierson, Senior VP, Global Content Distribution & Marketing; President, Kid Genius Cartoon Channel


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Gloob/Gloobinho ADDRESS: Avenida das Américas, 1650-Bloco 3-1º andar, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro 22640-101, Brazil TELEPHONE: (55-21) 2145-8802 WEBSITE: www.gloobcontent.com HEAD, CONTENT & PROGRAMMING: Paula Taborda dos Guaranys SALES EXECUTIVE: Beatriz Tompson CONTACT: tompson@globosat.com.br PROGRAMS: S.O.S. Fairy Manu: S1-2 26x11 min., S3 13x15 min. in prod., 2D, 5-11; Time to Rock: S1 26x11 min., S2 26x11 min. in prod., 2D, 5-11; Click: 52x13 min., live action, 5-11; Gaby Star: 124x26 min., live action, 5-11; Guess Who’s Cooking: 130x13 min., live action, 5-11; Blue Building Detectives: S1 26x13 min., S2 13x13 min., S3-6 26x13 min., S7-10 26x26 min., S11 26x26 min. in prod., live action, 5-11; Valentins: 52x26 min., live action, 5-11; Brainiacs: S1-2 26x26 min., S3-4 26x26 min. in prod., live action, 5-11; Gigablaster: S1 26x11 min., S2 26x11 min. in prod., 2D, 5-11; Anittinha’s Club: S1 10x5 min., S2 26x5 min. (2019), S3 26x5 min. (2020), 2D, 2-6.

“Gloob and Gloobinho are Globo Group’s kids’ content hubs. Both channels belong to Globosat, the largest pay-TV content provider in Latin America. For the fourth consecutive year, Gloob lands in Cannes offering a catalog with outstanding IP with worldwide appeal. The channel has inked deals with prestigious clients such as National Geographic, SVT, SH Channel 8 and SIC. This year, Gloob launches two new animations during MIPJunior: Gigablaster, geared to kids from 6 to 10 years old, following the crazy adventures of blue rhinoceros Giga, whose family runs the coolest karaoke bar in the city of Corner Pocket; and Anittinha’s Club, a preschool animation created by Anitta, Brazil’s biggest popstar. The series presents Anitta as a young and cute little girl, Anittinha, who realizes that being with loved ones is the funnest part of any adventure—besides singing, of course!” —Corporate Communications


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Green Gold Animation ADDRESS: The Platina, 11/Fl., A-Block, Kondapur Main Road, Andhra Pradesh Housing Board, Gachibowli, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032, India TELEPHONE: (91-40) 4436-1990 WEBSITE: www.greengold.tv FOUNDER & CEO: Rajiv Chilaka VP, CONTENT SALES: Bharath Laxmipati GENERAL MANAGER, CONTENT SALES: Desmond Aram CONTACTS: rajiv@greengold.tv, bharath@greengold.tv, desmond@greengold.tv PROGRAMS: Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka: 1x90-120 min., 3D/stereoscopic HD, action/adventure, 6-12; Dragon Kingdom: 10x22 min., 3D/HD, action/adventure, 6-12; I Am Number 1: 104x7 min., 2D/HD, comedy, 6-11; Jungle Trouble: 104x7 min., 2D/HD, comedy, 4-11; Kalari Kids: 60x11 min., 2D/HD, action/adventure, 4-8; Duchess: 26x22 min., 2D/HD, action/adventure, 6-14. “Green Gold Animation is a leading animation company engaged in creating wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages across all nationalities. With over 1,200 artists working out of our India and U.S. offices, we have produced several kids’ IPs that are running successfully on many major kids’ TV channels and new-media platforms, including Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Over the years, the popularity of our animated characters has transcended television, and it has helped the company establish itself as a leading player in L&M, movie production, digital business, retail and more.” —Rajiv Chilaka, Founder & CEO


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Guru Studio ADDRESS: 110 Spadina Ave., Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M5V 2K4, Canada TELEPHONE: (1-416) 599-4878 WEBSITE: www.gurustudio.com PRESIDENT & EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Frank Falcone SENIOR DIRECTOR, SALES & NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Jonathan Abraham CONTACT: jonathan.abraham@gurustudio.com PROGRAMS: True and the Rainbow Kingdom: 30x22 min., 3D, preschool; Pikwik: 52x11 min., 2D, preschool; Big Blue: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy, 5-9; Justin Time: 74x11 min. & 2x22 min., 2D, 3-6. “It’s been a year of tremendous growth at Guru as we continue to expand our roster of originals. We’re thrilled to be bringing several original series to MIPCOM, including our flagship preschool series True and the Rainbow Kingdom, which was recently greenlit for a fourth season by Netflix. Available to linear free- and pay-TV worldwide for the first time in 2019, the series empowers both boys and girls to be mindful, courageous and respectful of all living things. Big Blue is a new 2D animated series with the CBC in Canada that’s filled with comedy and high-stakes adventure. The show follows sibling underwater adventurers Lettie and Lemo, who lead a quirky submarine crew with a magical ocean fairy stowaway named Bacon Berry as they explore and protect the denizens of a vast, ocean-covered planet. Pikwik, acquired by Disney U.S., follows thoughtful Suki the Hedgehog, who leads her team to help deliver surprisefilled parcels to the colorful residents of Pikwik. The stories are packed with silly hijinks, big adventure and heartfelt charm that will entertain preschoolers while underscoring the value of teamwork, responsibility and critical thinking.” —Jonathan Abraham, Senior Director, Sales & New Business Development


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Hasbro Studios ADDRESS: 4 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1ET, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-208) 569-1234 WEBSITE: www.hasbrostudios.com EXECUTIVE VP & CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER, HASBRO: Stephen Davis SENIOR VP, INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION & DEVELOPMENT: Finn Arnesen CONTACT: internationalsales@hasbro.com PROGRAMS: Saban’s Power Rangers (S26 Power Rangers Beast Morphers): 929x22 min., live action, action, 2-11; My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: 221x22 min., 2D, 4-7; Littlest Pet Shop A World of Our Own: 52x11 min., 2D, 6-9; My Little Pony Equestria Girls: 2x44 min., 2D, 6-11; Transformers Cyberverse: 18x11 min., 3D, 6-11; Transformers Rescue Bots Academy: 52x11 min., 2D, 3-5. “Hasbro Studios, the award-winning Los Angeles-based entertainment production division of Hasbro, develops and produces high-impact, branded children’s content based on the tremendous portfolio of Hasbro’s brands. The international division is based in London and distributes Hasbro Studios’ content exclusively on a global basis across all media platforms.” —Corporate Communications


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Jetpack Distribution ADDRESS: 8 Hereford Rd., London W5 4SE, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-78) 2500-6924 WEBSITE: www.jetpackdistribution.tv CEO: Dominic Gardiner HEAD, SALES: Gillian Calvert Ridge CONTACTS: dominic.gardiner@jetpackdistribution.tv, gillian.calvertridge@jetpackdistribution.tv PROGRAMS: Boj: 50x11 min. & 1x22 min., 2D, 3-5; The Cul de Sac: S1-3 6x22 min., live action, drama, 9-16; Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed: 52x11 min., 3D, comedy, 6-11; Daisy & Ollie: 52x7 min. & 1x22 min. & 22x1.5 min., 2D, 4-6; Yoko: S1 52x11 min., S2 14x12 min. in prod., 2D, 4-6; Talking Tom & Friends: S1 52x11 min., S2 28x11 min., S3 28x11 min. in dvpmt., 3D, 6+; Kitty is Not a Cat: 52x12 min., 2D, 6-10; The Sisters: 52x12 min., 2D, 6-11; Wolf: S1-2 156x7 min. total, 2D, 4-6; Kazoops: 78x7 min. & 1x22 min., 3D, 3-7.

“Blasting the best kids’ content across the planet! At Jetpack, we find homes for highquality and enduringly appealing kids’ TV shows worldwide. We work directly with producers, creators, broadcasters and VOD platforms to deliver great value and experiences. We’re delighted to announce 108 percent year-on-year sales growth and are now working with 26 producers and a burgeoning library of 800 halfhours of fantastic character-driven shows featuring timeless themes for kids of all ages. We are particularly thrilled to bring Greenstone TV’s The Cul de Sac, our first live-action drama, to the market this year. Drawing on the global appetite for dystopian thrillers, this critically acclaimed drama captures the zeitgeist and is truly intriguing. We also welcome the recent additions of CHF Entertainment’s Daisy & Ollie and Pip Ahoy, alongside BBC preschool edutainment shows Time for School, Our Family and My Petsaurus. These new acquisitions join a stellar lineup of returning global hits such as Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed, Yoko, Talking Tom & Friends, Wolf, The Sisters and many more. Our approach is to partner with producers, nurture their shows and together we ‘Jetpack’ for the stars. For our platform partners, we curate some of the best content in the market and provide a quality of service and speed of negotiation and delivery—always with humor and a smile.” —Dominic Gardiner, CEO


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Mediatoon Distribution ADDRESS: 57 rue Gaston Tessier, CS 50061, 75166 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 5326-3100 WEBSITE: www.mediatoon-distribution.com MANAGING DIRECTOR: Jérôme Alby CONTACT: jerome.alby@mediatoon.com PROGRAMS: The Fox-Badger Family: 52x12 min., 3D, adventure/comedy, preschool; Lucas etc.: 25x7 min., live action, comedy, kids/family; The Minimighty Kids + The Minimighty Squad: 234x7 min., 3D, action/comedy, young kids/kids; Teen Crumpets: 52x13 min., 2D, comedy, kids/teens; Little Furry: 78x7 min., 2D, adventure/educational, preschool; Martin Morning: 52x13 min., 3D, adventure, young kids; MaXi: 26x11 min., 2D, adventure/action/comedy, kids; Miru Miru: 50x5 min., 2D, educational/entertainment, preschool; Bobby & Bill: 104x12 min., 3D, adventure/comedy, kids; Yakari: 156x13 min., 3D, adventure, young kids.

“We are thrilled by the imminent release of some exciting new programs in the near future. The Fox-Badger Family is a brand-new series, which will be released in Q4 this year. It is a vibrant watercolor series aimed at preschool children. We will also be releasing the new CGI season of Martin Morning. Martin is back with more extraordinary transformations! We are looking forward to this new season as it is a revamp of a classic and already worldwide successful series. Titles such as The Fox-Badger Family and the live-action comedy series Lucas etc. address, in a fresh and humorous way, the important themes of the blended family and accepting change, which are essential [lessons] for young children to learn. We have been overwhelmed by the success of The Minimighty Kids series. The program has achieved very high audience viewership for seasons one and two. It tackles the important themes of accepting your flaws and differences in order to turn them into a benefit. We are looking forward to the fast-approaching completion of a third season. Lots of our titles also serve an educational purpose, in a comedic way, so that children can be both educated and entertained while watching their favorite shows. For example, Little Furry is a preschool comedy that has been recommended by the French Ministry of Education. Lots of Mediatoon’s programs also address important themes such as friendship, family and helping children discover and enrich their secret talents.” —Jérôme Alby, Managing Director


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MISTCO ADDRESS: Murat Reis Mah, Yeni Ocak Sok, No: 45 34664 Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey TELEPHONE: (90-216) 695-1300 WEBSITE: www.mistco.tv VP, SALES & MARKETING: Aysegul Tuzun SALES & MARKETING MANAGER: Beyza Nur Torun CONTACT: info@mistco.tv PROGRAMS: Aslan: 39x11 min., 3D, adventure, 2-6; Momo: 39x13 min., 3D, adventure, 2-6; Ege and Gaga: 62x7 min., 2D, adventure, 2-6; Jade: 39x10 min., 3D, adventure, 2-6; Erdem: Little Treasures Bookstore: 24x13 min., 3D, adventure, 2-6; Little Lamb: 52x13 min. w/dialogue, 71x5 min. non-dialogue, 3D, adventure, 2-6; Team Square: 36x11 min., 2D, adventure, 2-6; Atishoo: 23x10 min., 3D, adventure, 2-6; Doru: 27x13 min., 3D, adventure, 6-11; Mint & Lemon: 130x10 min., 3D, adventure, 6-11. “TRT has a kids’ channel named TRT Çocuk and it is the biggest investor in animation production in Turkey. The animated series produced for TRT Çocuk are both for preschool and school-age kids and they are very international. During their production process, the animated series go through the controls of very successful editors and competent pedagogues. This year, we are launching two new titles at MIPCOM. One of them is Aslan. It tells the story of a young boy who causes some trouble while inventing new stuff but always takes valuable lessons after each trial. It is for the preschool age group and is very appealing among children. The other series is Momo, about a bunny with a special ability for finding lost items. Momo is a hit on TRT Çocuk. We truly believe in TRT’s animated series as they are very appealing among children in Turkey and they become instantly popular among children in every country they are broadcast in.” —Aysegul Tuzun, VP, Sales & Marketing


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Mondo TV ADDRESS: Via Brenta, 11, 00198 Rome, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-06) 8632-3293 WEBSITE: www.mondotvgroup.com CEO: Matteo Corradi HEAD, ACQUISITIONS & TV SALES: Micheline Azoury CONTACT: Silvia D’Archivio, silvia.darchivio@mondotvgroup.com PROGRAMS: Adventures in Duckport: 52x11 min., 2D/HD, comedy/adventure, 3-6; Cuby Zoo: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 2-5; Heidi Bienvenida a Casa: 60x45 min./ 120x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-12; Heidi Bienvenida al Show: 60x45 min./120x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-12; Invention Story: 104x11 min., 3D/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 5-9; MeteoHeroes: 52x7 min., 2D/HD, comedy/adventure, 4-7; Robot Trains 2: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 3-5; Sissi the Young Empress 3D: 2x11 min., 3D/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 4-8; The Treasure Island: 26x26 min., 3D/HD, classic adventure, 5-10; YooHoo to the Rescue: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI/HD, comedy/adventure, 4-7. “Beginning in the 1960s as a distributor of popular Japanese animated content, Mondo TV moved into production in the 1990s and co-production in the early 2000s, first with Italy’s public broadcaster RAI and then with partners from other countries. Mondo has also developed a successful licensing arm and a growing IP-development business (notably from popular toy brands). Today, our properties—co-produced and in-house—range from animated action adventures like Robot Trains and magic and romance tales like Sissi the Young Empress to science-themed comedies like Invention Story and thrilling series with strong environmental themes like YooHoo to the Rescue. We have even moved into liveaction pre-teen comedy/drama with the highly successful series Heidi Bienvenida. We also offer a third-party content distribution arm that has immense reach in a number of specific territories. Today, Mondo TV is one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content.” —Matteo Corradi, CEO


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Rai Com ADDRESS: Via Umberto Novaro 18, 00195 Rome, Italy TELEPHONE: (39-06) 3317-8244 WEBSITE: www.raicom.rai.it CEO: Gian Paolo Tagliavia HEAD, INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: David Bogi SALES MANAGER: Federica Pazzano CONTACT: federica.pazzano@rai.it PROGRAMS: Dixiland: 52x5 min., 2D, preschool; Dixi Simple Songs: 13x3 min., 2D, preschool; Miró the Cat: 26x7 min., cut-out, preschool; The Star of Andra & Tati: 1x26 min., 2D, drama/edutainment, kids/tweens; Marco Polo: 26x11 min., cut-out, adventure, kids; The Recipes of Arthur & Kiwi: 52x5 min., 2D, comedy/cooking show, kids; Alex & Co: 51x22 min., live action, comedy/drama/coming-of-age, kids/tweens.

“Rai Com is Rai Group’s commercial branch. Its international sales department is a major provider of audiovisual content to the global market, managing the rights of a catalog of more than 4,000 titles and about 50 brand-new programs each year, including TV series, movies, documentaries, performing arts, and kids’ and family entertainment.” —Corporate Communications


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Rainbow ADDRESS: Via Le Brecce, 60025 Loreto (AN), Italy TELEPHONE: (39-071) 7506-7500 WEBSITE: www.rbw.it FOUNDER & CEO: Iginio Straffi COO: Joanne Lee SENIOR VP, LICENSING & ACQUISITIONS: Cristiana Buzzelli HEAD, SALES & CO-PRODUCTION: Andrea Graciotti HEAD, SALES, TV: Luana Perrero CONTACT: info@rbw.it PROGRAMS: 44 Cats: 52x13 min., 3D/CGI, comedy, 4-7; Winx Club 8: 26x30 min., 2D/HD, action/adventure/comedy, 5-10; Shark4: 52x11 min., 2D/HD, comedy, 5-10; 2 Happy Farmers: 78x7 min., 2D/HD, comedy/edutainment, 3-6; Dancing Horses: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI, comedy/musical/adventure, 4-7; Pinocchio: 26x30 min., CGI, adventure/comedy, 6-12; Regal Academy: S1-2 52x30 min., 2D/HD/toon-shade, comedy, 5-10; Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends: S1-3 78x30 min., live action, comedy, 8-12; Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends: 2x50 min. TV movies, live action, comedy, 8-12; World of Winx: 26x30 min. (2 seasons), 2D/HD, action/mystery, 5-10. “Rainbow Group was founded in 1995 by Iginio Straffi, president and CEO. The group operates in the children’s and teen entertainment industry, ranking among the main international companies for the creation, development and licensing of animated and live-action content for TV and cinema productions, as well as for the production of animated content for third parties integrated with the acquisition of Canadian studio Bardel Entertainment in 2015. The group also broadened its offer of TV and movie products dedicated to adults and families with the acquisition of Iven Group in 2017. With 20 years of history behind it, today the group can boast a wide product portfolio aired in over 100 countries through different broadcasting platforms. In the consumer-products industry, the group ranks in the top positions on the annual Top 150 Global Licensors list and is first in Europe, with more than 500 licensees worldwide.” —Corporate Communications


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Serious Lunch ADDRESS: 17 Gresse St., London W1T 1QL, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-20) 8771-7310 WEBSITE: www.seriouslunch.co.uk CEO: Genevieve Dexter CONTACT: gdexter@seriouslunch.co.uk PROGRAMS: Art Ninja: 50x26 min., entertainment, 6-9; Horrible Science: 10x26 min., comedy/drama, 7-9; Gigglebug: 52x5 min., animation, comedy, 3-5; Operation Ouch!: 84x26 min., factual entertainment, 7-11; Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter: 26x26 min., animation, 8-12/family. “We continue to be a brand-focused company in 2018. Operation Ouch! is now in production with its seventh season and is regularly the number one show on CBBC, while the German version, Operation Autsch!, has just aired on KiKA. Art Ninja has been commissioned for a fifth season and also tops the charts at CBBC and will be available in spring 2019. We have acquired a new series, Gigglebug, which has just completed production of all 52 episodes of a brand-new English version created by Milkshake! The property comes from our coproducers on Best & Bester, which is a nice alignment for our two companies. GKids will be releasing Studio Ghibli’s Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter in the U.S. this winter, and it is also arriving in China this year via our deal with UYoung.” —Genevieve Dexter, CEO


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Sesame Workshop ADDRESS: 1900 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-212) 595-3456 WEBSITE: www.sesameworkshop.org SENIOR VP & HEAD, INTERNATIONAL MEDIA & EDUCATION: Ed Wells DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL MEDIA DISTRIBUTION: Celia Musikant CONTACT: celia.musikant@sesame.org PROGRAMS: Abby’s Amazing Adventures: 13x5 min., animation, 2-5; Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck: 26x5 min., live action, 2-5; When You Wish Upon a Pickle: 1x50 min., live action, 2-5; Elmo’s World: 52x5 min., live action, 2-5; Sesame Street: S49 35x30 min., live action, 2-5; Sésamo: 52x26 min., live action, 2-5. “As we celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2019, we continue our legacy of innovation, with more content in production and development than ever before. We continue evolving and strengthening our flagship Sesame Street program with the all-new animated segment Abby’s Amazing Adventures, debuting this fall. We are developing multiple spin-off series that explore the different worlds of our iconic characters Elmo, Abby and Cookie, while delivering the laughter and learning of Sesame Street. With five programs in production, we are focused on expanding our offerings through new IP. We recently launched Esme & Roy, co-produced with Nelvana, on HBO in the U.S. and on Treehouse in Canada. In partnership with Apple, we are developing and producing new live-action, animated and puppet series. Sesame Studios continues to be a powerful incubator for new program concepts, and we are now commissioning original Sesame character short-form content for digital and linear platforms.” —Ed Wells, Senior VP & Head, International Media & Education


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Sonar Entertainment ADDRESS: 2121 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2150, Los Angeles, CA 90067, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-424) 230-7140 WEBSITE: sonarent.com CEO: Tom Lesinski PRESIDENT, KIDS, FAMILY & FACTUAL: Andrea Gorfolova VP, KIDS & FAMILY: Ashley Rite CONTACT: arite@sonarent.com PROGRAMS: Go Away, Unicorn!: 52x11 min. & 10x1 min., 2D, comedy, 5-9; Bear & Salmon: 104x3 min., mixed media, 2-5; Counterfeit Cat: 52x11 min., 2D, comedy, 6-11; RIFT: live action, sci-fi, teens; Watchdog: CGI, sci-fi/adventure, 6-12; Utopia Falls: 10x1 min., live action, sci-fi, teens/family; Tuff Pom: mixed media, comedy, 8-12.

“Sonar Entertainment is moving forward with kids’ and family programming for all ages and across a wide range of genres and styles, from live action to CGI animation to mixed media. We are also thrilled to be working with some of the most talented and original creatives in the business as well as with companies such as Disney, The Jim Henson Company, Wildseed and Corus. With a combination of outstanding source material and originally developed concepts and ideas, Sonar has a range of dynamic kids’ content that will delight, entertain, educate, amaze and enthrall young audiences worldwide.” —Andrea Gorfolova, President, Kids, Family & Factual


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Studio 100 Media /m4e ADDRESS: Neumarkter Str. 18-20, 81673 Munich, Germany TELEPHONE: (49-89) 960-8550 WEBSITE: www.studio100.m4e.de CEO: Ulli Stoef SENIOR SALES EXECUTIVE: Dorian Buehr CONTACT: dorian.buehr@studio100media.com PROGRAMS: Wissper: 104x7 min., CGI, comedy/adventure, 3-5; Arthur and the Minimoys: 26x26 min., CGI, adventure/fantasy, boys 5-9; Tip the Mouse: 78x7 min., CGI, adventure/comedy, 2-6; Mia and me: 78x23 min., CGI/live action, fantasy/adventure, girls 6-12; Nils Holgersson: 52x13 min., CGI, 6-11; The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill: 52x12 min., CGI, adventure/comedy, 6-9; Maya the Bee: 130x12 min., CGI, adventure/comedy, 4-7; Ghost Rockers: 209x12 min. & 1x92 min., live action, mystery, 8-12; Drop Dead Weird: 26x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-12; Random & Whacky: 15x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-12.

“We are constantly pursuing our mission to create brands that are content-driven and entertain kids and families, on every platform and wherever they are. This vision is firmly anchored in the hearts of Studio 100 and m4e and has brought to life successful and popular brands such as Maya the Bee, Mia and me and Heidi. Now Studio 100 Media and m4e— being in an ongoing process of bundling their forces on all their business activities—are forming one of the largest European kids’ and family entertainment companies. We are coming to MIPJunior and MIPCOM with a new season of the preschool series Wissper, with the first 26 episodes ready for delivery this fall. Our extensive catalog offers more than 17,500 episodes of high-quality content for kids and families, and we are currently developing many new exciting projects, which will be produced over the next five years. These will not only be attractive programs for broadcasters and other platforms but can be transformed into valuable licensing properties as well.” —Dorian Buehr, Senior Sales Executive


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SUNRIGHTS ADDRESS: 515 W. 20th St., Suite 6E, New York, NY 10011, U.S.A. TELEPHONE: (1-646) 284-9801 WEBSITE: www.sunrights-inc.com PRESIDENT: Daizo Suzuki DIRECTOR, TV SALES & LICENSING: Natasha Gross CONTACT: Mia Yamashiro, mia.yamashiro@sunrights-inc.com PROGRAMS: Beyblade Burst: 51x22 min., 2D, action, boys 6-12; Beyblade Burst Evolution: 51x22 min., 2D, action, boys 6-12; Beyblade Burst Turbo: 51x22 min., 2D, boys 6-12.

“As SUNRIGHTS prepares for BLE and MIPCOM, we’re thrilled to continue expanding the distribution of the Beyblade Burst animated TV series with key partners, giving the brand cross-platform, global penetration. Streaming giant Netflix has licensed season one for its subscribers, an enormous reach representing more than 190 countries. Mexico’s Televisa also recently premiered season one for its viewers. New season two deals include France’s Gulli, Spain’s Boing, Germany’s Nickelodeon, Ukraine’s Plus Plus, the Netherlands’ RTL-BOZ, Belgium’s Kadet-Medialaan and Latin America’s Cartoon Network. And this fall marks the global debut of the Beyblade Burst Rivals app for iOS and Android. The fast-paced mobile game is based on the hit series. Finally, excitement is building as 24 countries prepare to send National Championship Bladers to the 2018 Beyblade Burst World Championship in Paris, France. The young competitors will battle on a global stage November 3 at Kidexpo, which is expected to attract some 90,000 families.” —Natasha Gross, Director, TV Sales & Licensing


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Superights ADDRESS: 107 Ave. Parmentier, 75011 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33) 516-500-016 WEBSITE: www.superights.net DEPUTY MANAGING DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL SALES & ACQUISITIONS: Nathalie Pinguet SALES MANAGER: Safaa Benazzouz SALES COORDINATOR: Jérômine Ader CONTACT: sales@superights.net PROGRAMS: Pat the Dog: 78x7 min., S2 in prod., 3D/CGI, comedy, kids; Story Time: 26x13 min., 2D, tales, preschool/ family; Puffin Rock: 78x7 min., 2D, comedy, preschool; Bo Bear: 26x5 min., live action, comedy, preschool; Helen’s Little School: 52x11 min., 3D/CGI, social development/ comedy, preschool; The Horn Quartet: 1x26 min., 2D, road movie, kids/family; Clay Time: 30x3 min., animation, 30x1.5 min., live action, edutainment, preschool; Will: 52x2 min., 2D, shortcom, kids; Boyster: 52x13 min., 2D, adventure/ comedy, kids.

“Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Superights distributes kids’ programs from first-class producers covering all genres and demographics. Superights is a key youth-content provider for the global market with well-established partnerships on all continents, from traditional TV to digital and VOD platforms, L&M, theatrical and home video. Our three highlights for MIPCOM 2018—Pat the Dog, Bo Bear and Clay Time—strengthen our strategy to offer a diversified selection of top-quality programming available on all media platforms. These three series cover all topics a buyer could look for to complete its programming grid: action, comedy, edutainment, creativity, tenderness and friendship.” —Nathalie Pinguet, Deputy Managing Director, International Sales & Acquisitions


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UYoung Culture & Media ADDRESS: 10/F, One Indigo, 20 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100016 TELEPHONE: (86-10) 8430-7177 WEBSITE: www.uyoung.com.cn VP, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Clara Yang ACQUISITION & DISTRIBUTION MANAGER: Patricia Chu HEAD, ANIMATION, UYOUNG ENTERTAINMENT: James Gu Chen CONTACT: patricia_chu@uyoung.com.cn PROGRAM: P. King Duckling: 52x1.5 min., 2D, comedy, 3-6. “UYoung is China’s leading buyer, distributor and licensing agent for Western kids’ animated properties. We partner with leading production companies to create crossover shows with strong engagement and universal appeal. P. King Duckling is the result of our first partnership; it is the first-ever Chinese cartoon to appear on Disney Junior in the U.S. and has gone on to air worldwide on Disney Junior (Southeast Asia, Korea, Latin America, India, Central and Eastern Europe), YLE (Finland), SVT (Sweden), Hop! (Israel), Canal Panda (Spain), E-Vision (UAE) and Knowledge Network (Canada). We have a number of other projects in development and have ambitious plans to expand our portfolio of co-produced content.” —James Gu Chen, Head, Animation, UYoung Entertainment


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WeKids ADDRESS: Galaxy SOHO, Tower B Rm20217, No.2 Nan Zhu Gan Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, 100020 TELEPHONE: (86-10) 6520-6920 WEBSITE: www.wekids.com FOUNDER & CEO: Sean Chu FOUNDING PARTNER & VP, DISTRIBUTION: Yuan Tian CONTACT: ask@wekids.com “WeKids is China’s market leader in providing the best-in-class animation from around the world to kids and families in Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. With more than 6,000 episodes of outstanding kids’ animation, WeKids works with digital distribution partners to be the premier on-demand destination for millions of Chinese kids who are eager to view great animated programs from across the globe, available on multiple new-media platforms in both Chinese and English. In addition, WeKids oversees the merchandising, publishing and ancillary exploitation of key properties throughout Greater China, including all aspects of brand management. WeKids is actively looking for opportunities to work on kids’ properties with either toys or STEAM elements.” —Sean Chu, Founder & CEO


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Xilam Animation ADDRESS: 57 Boulevard de la Villette, 75010 Paris, France TELEPHONE: (33-1) 4018-7200 WEBSITE: www.xilam.com CHAIRMAN & CEO: Marc du Pontavice EXECUTIVE VP, DEVELOPMENT & GLOBAL SALES: Morgann Favennec CONTACT: mfavennec@xilam.com PROGRAMS: Coach Me If You Can: 52x13 min., 2D, comedy, 6-10; Zig & Sharko: S1-2 156x7 min. total, S3 78x7 min. in prod., 2D, non-dialogue/comedy, 6-10; Mr Magoo: 78x7 min., 2D, slapstick comedy, 6-10; Oggy & The Cockroaches: 350x7 min. & 1x80 min., S5-7 4K, slapstick comedy, 6-10; A New Kind of Magic: S1 26x26 min., S2 52x13 min., 2D, comedy, 6-10; Paprika: 78x7 min., 2D, comedy, preschool.

“Xilam is one of Europe’s leading animation companies, producing and distributing original children’s and family entertainment content across TV, film and digital media platforms. Founded in 1995 by Marc du Pontavice, Xilam owns a catalog of more than 2,000 animated episodes and three feature films, including strong brands such as Oggy & The Cockroaches, Zig & Sharko, The Daltons and its first preschool series, Paprika. Broadcast in over 190 countries on all the major TV networks and digital platforms, including YouTube with over 300 million video views monthly, Xilam’s program catalog makes the company one of the top global content providers in animation. Xilam employs 400 people, including 300 artists who are based across its four studios, located in Paris, Lyon and Angoulême [in France,] and Ho-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam.” —Corporate Communications


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ZDF Enterprises ADDRESS: Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1, 55127 Mainz, Germany TELEPHONE: (49) 6131-9910 WEBSITE: www.zdf-enterprises.de PRESIDENT & CEO: Fred Burcksen VP, ZDFE.JUNIOR: Peter Lang VP, ZDFE.DRAMA: Robert Franke VP, ZDFE.UNSCRIPTED: Ralf Rueckauer VP, MARKETING & CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS: Christine Denilauler CONTACT: info@zdf-enterprises.de PROGRAMS: The Athena: 26x26 min., live action, 10+; Worst Witch: S1-3 13x28 min., live action, 6-10; Find Me in Paris: S1-2 26x26 min., live action, 6-12; Zoom—The White Dolphin: 104x12 min., animation, 6-10; Marco Polo: 26x25 min., animation, 6-10; Lassie: 52x22 min., animation, 6-10; The Bureau of Magical Things: 20x25 min., live action, 10+; Mister Twister: 24x26 min. & 1x75 min., live action, 8-12; School of Roars: 52x7 min., animation, preschool; INUI: 52x7 min., animation, preschool. “In our offer for this MIPCOM there is something for every taste, be it the latest additions to our catalog of the “best of live-action” programs or adorable and adventurous animation series. We are also very proud to see our longstanding partner Jonathan M. Shiff, creator of H2O: Just Add Water, be honored with a World Screen Kids Trendsetter Award at MIPJunior as a creative who has driven innovation in children’s programming. Our four main ZDFE.junior highlights for this MIPCOM are The Athena, which follows the journey of Nyela Malik, a young model who wins a place at London’s most prestigious art school. The Bureau of Magical Things, from Shiff and his team, is an extraordinary original series about the adventures of Kyra, a regular teenage girl with magical powers. She uncovers a threat to both the magical and human worlds and must unite fairies, elves and humans to save them all. Zoom the White Dolphin, the hero of the 1970s cult series created by Vladimir Tartakovsky and Marc Bonnet and the most famous cetacean in the history of cartoons, makes his big comeback in the animated series Zoom—The White Dolphin. And last but not least, we have the brand-new animation series Marco Polo for a target group of 6- to 10-year-old children.” —Peter Lang, VP, ZDFE.junior


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Zodiak Kids ADDRESS: Gloucester Building, Kensington Village, Avonmore Rd., London W14 8RF, U.K. TELEPHONE: (44-207) 013-4000 WEBSITE: www.zodiakkids.com CEO: Benoit di Sabatino SENIOR VP, SALES, ACQUISITIONS & CO-PRODUCTION: Delphine Dumont PROGRAMS: Tumble Leaf: 51x30 min., animation, preschool; If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: 45x30 min., animation, preschool; The Stinky and Dirty Show!: 38x30 min., animation, preschool; Wishenpoof: 39x30 min., animation, preschool; Lilybuds: 52x11 min., animation, preschool; Tee and Mo: 50x7 min., animation, preschool; Kody Kapow: 52x11 min., animation, kids; Lost in Oz: 23x30 min., animation, kids; Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street: 39x30 min., live action, preteens; The Kicks: 10x30 min., live action, teens.

“Zodiak Kids is a global independent leader in kids’ entertainment, combining Banijay Group’s dedicated kids’ production company, consumer products, digital and TV sales divisions. The company’s production arm is Zodiak Kids Studios—with offices in Paris and London—which produces animation and live-action programming for a wide range of international broadcasters for audiences worldwide.” —Corporate Communications


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